The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

After a few more well placed strikes from both Him and Slindis, Rugal held back on the last touch to give an order.
"Jenny, when we are inside, put up a barrier on this entrance, no one in or out. Slin, the second this thing opens, blast them with fog or grease to disrupt their aim. Teri, watch for stray bullets. On 3..."

Meanwhile on the inside, two nervous cadets pointed their M4's at the door, ready to shoot what the hell ever was knocking on the Blast Door.
Their hands shook just a little as they braced for the worst.

"1...2...3!" Rugal said before using a massive back kick to bash down the door before retreating to the side as the guards blindly fired out the opening.
The group could hear alarm bells ringing as Pint's guards were alerted.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

Tomoya was still going crazy as his arms of dark lightning swung around crazy. "Power... need more... POWER!" Tomoya screamed as all the tentacles of Darkness punched through the ceiling. As the bullet from Shadow managed to hit Tomoya, his arm was blown off. Dark Tomoya only smirked as suddenly the ceiling was torn off from the building, exposing the room to the weather.


As black lightning descended down to repair the arm and protect it's master.

Riki & Kud.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

The young couple were behind the open doors of the room where the Dark Archangel ran berserk and started to ruin the whole building. Both Riki and Kud examined the stone of Light which was on the floor. "Hmm, it was obvious the stone did something to Tomoya when it let out that light." Riki said as he held the stone close to him. "it seems that the Stone re-charges... but I don't know how hum~" Kud started to think as she remembered Tomoya's own stone of darkness.

"That hole... it may be possible... " Kud said once more as she recollected her memories when everyone met Tomoya in that room. "Did you find something?" Riki asked his lover, Kud looked uncertain. "Hehe, maybe... but we need to help everyone now." Said Kud as she looked back at the fight where Tomoya just ripped off the roof.

"Death... SO MuCH blood!" He yelled from the room. It was uncertain now if he could talk or have a peaceful way of getting out of here. "We do need to-huh!?" Riki yelped out as he noticed the glowing stone. Riki nodded to his younger lover as he ran out in the open, Tomoya noticed him but it was too late, the stone exploded and let out a burst of light in the room. "Ha... ha... you think that... FUCK!" He said as he looked down and saw that his arm was not repairing itself and his dark tentacles were missing.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

"You fucks!" He yelled out to everyone as his power was diminished even though he was exposed to lightning. The light burst had created a small blocking shield around him from gaining more power. Dark Tomoya just snarled as he held his hand which was missing.


"ummmm just.... holy shit...." Shadow muttered as he was a bit taken back but what had just happened. "Can I kill him? Or do we have to keep him alive" he asked as he aimed his sniper at Toyoma.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

"I'm not done yet, damn it!" Dark Tomoya yelled at them as he pulled out a single weapon from his side.

The shadow lightning sword he had created has faded away due from having his powers removed for a short time, giving everyone time for everyone to take him down. "Bring it!" Dark Tomoya said as he shot the side of Shadow's sniper which pinged off to the side of Shadow and left a small scratch which didn't do much damage.

Soon Tomoya jumped over the bench at the end of the room.


Shadow looked at his gun for a second in silent horror. He had shot his gun....

Toyoma had shot his gun..... HIS gun.



He set down his gun and grabbed Taytum. Taytum was slowly ingulfed in a blood red color that started from his hand and eventually completely engulfed her.

He then ducked behind a counter table (or whatever you call it) and shot at Toyoma. He then proceeded to leap over the counter and ducked behind the next one. Still firing at Toyoma the whole time.

Taytum seemed to have more kick as the explosions seemed to be bigger than when he was firing before.

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

"Avoid bullets? No problem, but you should really speak for yourself, sir!"

Pulling out a scarp of parchment, the girl chanted, the parchment disintegrated and filled the girl's hand with a shimmering glow. Slapping the King of Fighters on the back, the glow faded to a shimmer and covered the Fighter's body.

Following right after that, the door burst open, and the girl took cover with the rest of em, Garm pushing her as close to the wall as the wolf could manage, a deep growl emitting from it's throat. The Cleric struggled to reach a water bottle in her satchel, due to being partially smooshed, but managed to start pouring out a water bottle, the floor getting a little wet in the process. However, the Water Elemental was able to spawn in front of the wolf, to which Teri yelled in Aquan, "Squishy, take out the guys shooting at us!"

Of course, to any around, the command only sounded like blubbering gibberish, thus not alerting the soldiers of the danger coming to them. By the time the bullets subsided for reloading, it was already too late. From what the first cadet could see, a pile of water slammed into him, stopping any screams from coming from the poor sap; and pinning him down. The last thing the other Cadet saw (before Rugal and Slindis got to him) was a shivering, human sized pile of water lifting up from his downed comrade and turning slowly to him; blubbering in that same gibberish the Cadets had heard a moment ago.

David, Richardson

"...What the fuck took you so damn long?..."

"Sheer Attrition, West." His wings dissipated as he approached the ensuing fight. "After turning the tide the war while you were all off looking for a magic stone, we thought you could use a bit of a hand." He offered his hand to the injured agent, helping him back up onto his feet. "I thought you could use this." He reached out with two speed loaders, each with anti-Angel ammunition. "What we used in Japan, if they move, they won't."

As David reloaded, the two overlooked The Emo Git's challenge. "Well then, we'll soon fix him. Agent West!" David lifted his Handcannon "Yeah Ritchie?" Richardson pointed subtly over to the other side of the room. "Chap with the wings there, Five Rounds Rapid."

David, Richardson

"...Yeah...Not like I nee-*Cough*...Medical attention..." David snarked before he did as he was told, blasting an entire clip of the special Ammo at Tomoya, managing to hit him with all of them.
On impact, the bullets seemed to act like Blast rounds, only these ones seemed to actually do something against the Arch Angel, this added with the fact he wasn't regenerating as well as he should made a world of difference.
Once he done, David fell at a knee held his side for a minute as he felt a large amount of pain.
"...Sorry...One of these days, I'mma-*Cough* gonna get of them...superpowers...oyyyy...You got this?" He asked as he wiped his mouth.

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

The Cadets were soon downed by Squishy's attack, bullets being ineffective against water.
Thanks to the protection Teri gave him, Rugal was able to waltz in while the Water Elemental returned to its master.
"Jenny, The entrance, you need support, contact us." He said as he led the way into the White House.
It was much different to how it was portrayed in the News and on TV, It was more akin to a Military outpost then anything else which given the situation was understandable.

Jenny meanwhile did as she was told and set up rather tough glass like Reflect Barrier where the blast door used to be.
You all go on ahead, I'll watch the rear. Now move! she stated while he attempted to get any mental readings off the soldiers in the building.


As the men unloaded into the bench Tomoya was unloaded upon and his body was riddled of bullets. Blood had begun to pour out of the holes, well not blood but black liquid. The burst from the stone of light had blocked all of his powers, from angel to lightning. "CLArrg... I... I will not... di-... e." Dark Tomoya said to the sky as he reached for it but was shot once in the hand.

"Nag... isa... ugh." Tomoya said with all of his intent as the sky began to rain upon his corpse.

"Give me control... I can save you." A voice muttered in his head. Tomoya smiled as he recognized it.

>Corrupted File.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

The hooded figure was once more looking onto the screen and frowned.
His main man still retained some of his humanity and free will... but did not want to die.
So as Dark Tomoya bled on the floor he proposed a deal.
"Give me control... I can save you." He smirked evilly.
The Dark Angel could only respond back with a smile and a small nod.

The boy smiled once more as he input enter on the console.
>Operation:Demon Commencing. It clearly said on the screen.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

Everyone could see the black liquid spilling everywhere near the table.
The stone in Tomoya's chest was absorbed into his body, it left a stone sized gap.
Once the man-made stone of darkness was absorbed, the black liquid stopped dead in it's track like if it had turned into ice.

The liquid started to return to it's owner and the body of Dark Tomoya was lifted into the air as the liquid re-entered the body. A sharp piercing tentacle replaced the exploded arm which Shadow had caused and the fake eye had melted away and been replaced by an eye patch.

The new look of Tomoya was nothing much different, except the fact that he had giant demons wings hang on the back of him instead of angel wings.

He was now a Demon Prince, not of Hell... but of evil.

A smirk appeared on the face of the now demon Tomoya but quickly returned to a frown.
His human hand gathered a dark liquid on it and soon an RPG had formed from the liquid.

"pff... humans... " He said as he fired a rocket at everyone as the hand returned to normal.

David, Richardson

"You got this?"

"Don't I always?" He produced a first aid kit, and set about patching West up. As he worked, the two missiles intend for the pair approached. He sighed, and pulled out his pistol to shoot both out of the air. If anyone was paying attention to him, it looked jarring, as if there was no movement between stances. Gun out, firing, and holstered within a second.

"Just for once I'd like to a threat that didn't have multiple super forms....." He quickly patched West up, he wasn't 100%, but he'd last for the rest of the battle.

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

Teri grinned, having been key to taking out the skirmish for combat, a fact that Sadei noticed calmed her mind a little. If anything, battle made her stop thinking of the things that worried her. Whether or not this was a good thing, the staff could not tell...

Regardless, Teri gave the elemental a pat on the... Side? and said, "Good job, Squishy, but you're not going to last long. Follow Mr. Bernstein and follow any commands he gives you. It's okay if you don't return to the bottle."

To Rugal, he did not remember Teri's elemental being taller then HE was, and his bulk was enough to tower over the Cleric. Even in comparison to himself, the creature was a monster...

As they advanced, he asked, "Was he always that big? And how in the name of god can that thing fit in a bottle?"

The Cleric shrugged, "The change was fairly recent. He was like this when the mob attacked us. I'm pretty sure he gets bigger when I get stronger. As for your last question... You answered it yourself! Oh Lord, grant us your gift, and quench our thirst!"

She waved her hands and covered the floors ahead with more water; although slightly uncomfortable to those with boots, there was a distinct increase in Squishy's speed when it's body touched the water, and it was now able to keep pace with the King of Fighters. This proved to be quite fruitful, as the beast had then slammed into the next guard ahead of them, knocking down the poor bastard as it did so.

David, Richardson

After Richardson force fed him some pain pills and gave him a shot of Healing Potion (Or UNIT's version of it anyway), David was back on his feet in time to watch Tomoya Transform.
"Richards! I swear to God if this is because of your "Special Ammo"!" He cursed, more just the stress and anger of the situation then resentment for the UNIT Commander.
Thus he fired the second clip of Angel-be-gone at the new Demon Prince, aiming for his RPG, hoping to disable it and/or blow up an incoming missile for Massive Damage.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis

Rugal was nervous at first, he had no idea how to control the water elemental and time was ticking before he ran out.
It was then he noticed a Metal Detector across the hallway, not doubt a security measure.
"Wait....Muehheheheheh. Squishy, hold still for a sec..." He chuckled evilly as he punched in part of the machine and pulled out some sparking wires.
"Everyone back, keep off the water..." He said, ignoring his own advice.
"CLEAR!" He shouted, mimicking a ER Surgeon before thrusting the wires into Squishy, turning him into a light-show as well as shocking himself in the process.
Once the water elemental was fully charged, he let up on the shocking, steam rising from his skin before breathlessly saying "Squishy...Clear the way..."

On cue, the Water/Electric type shaped himself into a wall and began to storm surge his way though the halls, wiping the floor with all in his way and taking out every guard and automatic security measure between the group and Pint's Bunker before he lost his composure and became a huge puddle, losing his charge as he did.
Rugal then said "I was about to say some god awful one liner about shocking people, but I won't subject you to it..."
as he caught his breath.

Demon Prince Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

It was obvious that the anti-angel bullets would do nothing to a demon and especially a demon prince. The bullets hit Tomoya and dropped instantly to the ground from which his crushed them. "[/color=crimson]Maybe I should turn all of my men into demons now... then this crap won't work.[/color]" Tomoya said with another smile as he looked at the two soldiers in front of them.

"Pretty quick baldy... " DP.Tomoya commented on Richardson's technique. Faster then anyone could notice, all the furniture in the room had broken in pieces and Tomoya hasn't even moved. Though everyone's direction looked at the hardened tentacle on his missing arm... it had splinters and pieces of wood in it.

"Hmm... not bad for demon power." He smiled once more but cringed and fell to a knee. The process to turn physically into a demon was not easy for Tomoya's body. "Ha... ha... like millions of hands ripping apart my wings." He said to everyone.

In a couple of seconds once more, heavy armored soldiers came from the top of the building and hit the ground. The units could be easily recognized as superhuman due to the armor they wore. It was just like their Commander's, who was last to jump down into the hall. The Blackhawke was not just made up of angels but also dead/revived humans.

"Make it rain upon them as I help our Lord." The re-outfitted Spartan said to his unit. Soon bullets hailed in the direction of everyone to make them head to cover.

Storm looked different as explained before, the weapon on his arm was actually a sword mixed with guns. Looking at Tomoya he smiled. "You look different... but you need to get out of here." Storm said to Tomoya as he helped them up. Tomoya shook his head quickly to indicated his direction of thought, "No... I can take them!" He yelled at Storm whom sighed. "You can't... go heal. I'll deal with them." Storm said in his coldest voice.

Tomoya looked back at him and slowly nodded, but rage entered his mind again as he new wings lifted him off the ground with great speed. Soon Tomoya was already in space heading to the Blackhawk, knowing what would happen to Storm.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis

The Cleric's jaw dropped upon seeing the display with her water elemental, but was brought out of her reverie when she smelt burnt flesh. Clapping her hands together, and speaking a quick prayer, the girl held up her hands, and said, "Sir, I would not recommend doing that again, despite how cool that was. In fact, were it not for the shield on you, I'm pretty sure that might have knocked you out... Now stand still."

Teri casts Cure Moderate Wounds, healing 14 points of damage! She now has to wait 36 seconds before using another second level spell...

Feeling a wave of curative Magic wash away some of the shock, it was still a bit weaker than her usual work, no doubt this being noticed by the Cleric. With a little frown, she mumered, "Apologies sir... One moment.."

As they continued their advance, Teri began a chanting a familiar sounding enchantment, and pulled out another piece of parchment, this time using Shield of Faith on her wolf, the shimmer covering the creature as it did for Rugal moments ago..

"That way you don't have to worry about Bullet wounds, buddy..."

Teri casts Shield of Faith on Garm! He now has a +3 deflection bonus to his Ac, bringing it to a total of 21! Teri now has to wait 24 seconds before casting another 1st level spell...


"GET BACK HERE YOU MASS MURDERING PSYCHO!" David shouted as he fired at the fleeing Demon Prince before Storm and his men forced him into cover.
Helmet's armor has to be thinner... He thought as he went to test his theory on a few of the heavy troopers, using Acid Rounds on them to at the very least weaken the outside of it before following up with a more powerful shot.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis

"Tsh, Ever fight a Brazilian Beast man? Who learned the trick behind electric eels? Now THAT was rough..." Rugal said as Teri treated his Electric Burns.
"Besides, It was worthwhile, though watch out for corners and other blind spots, it cleared the path to the Bunker entrance and nothing else." He warned as they proceeded though the building, passing by a soaked communications room that was set up in the former press room.
Rugal then began to try and suppress laughter as they entered.
"Sir...What's so funny?" Teri asked as Slindis checked on ahead.
"That." He snickered as he pointed to a painting of the Former President Burt Reynolds, hidden behind a Radio machine.
"....And?..." She asked as Rugal slowly began to push the machine to the side until half of the painting was visable.

"...Oh..." she said as she realized what the other half was.
"That's right...Burt Reynolds put a nude painting of himself in the Presidential Press Room...Hehehehahhahahah! I'm sorry, I just love the idea of him just standing there answering questions while that was hung up on the wall! That took Balls! Totally one of the better Presidents in my book!" He smirked as he went on, chucking as he did.

David, Tajuh

Tajuh moved between Storm and the two schoolchildren, fighting with more conserved movements to keep him from directly engaging them. "David's boss, I'm guessing? We've got to keep that man away from the two kids." After acknowledging Richardson, he threw out a few stabs as Shadow had his way with the others there.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis

Slindis looked at the rather bold picture, more than a bit confused. "And this was the leader of the nation? He must have been difficult to work with..." Lupito finally caught up with the group and escorted them, and the wolf made it a point to get between Slindis and Rugal.

David, Tajuh

"Alright kids, We can visit the place in better times, GET THE FUCK OUT!" David shouted at the pair as he escorted them out of the building, freeing up Tajuh to get more aggressive.
David then returned and shouted "Aim for the helmets, they've got to be thinner!" before firing another few acid shots to weaken them

Rugal, Teri, Slindis

"Quite the opposite actually, first President to be elected outside of the main two parties. Be hard to find someone who hated him." Rugal explained as he examined the Radio Machine:
{Attention all units! Eagle Nest has been breached. All Unit's respond, Repeat Nest has been breached}
"...I guess they mean us. Teri, get behind something. Slindis, consider this your introduction to Engaging foes with Fire-arms. You have to react before they can fire. Strike, Grab, Ki Blast, just so long as you get in first." He explained as the sounds of 6 pairs of military boots sprinting towards the group got louder and louder.
They quickly busted in and went to unload on the group...

Rugal, Teri, Slindis

Teri could only gape at the painting in a mixture of shock, laughter and surprise, but tore her eyes away with a jerk, her face red with embarrassment, "Even in AA, the Presidents are crazy...."

Patting Garm lightly on the side, the Cleric continued her walk, waving her hands over her water bottles with a light incantation of Create Water to fill them again. Aside from Garm, Squishy was the easily best defense the girl had on her at the moment, and she wanted to keep him at the ready....

Which was probably now. Grabbing the re-filled water bottle, Teri poured it out again, Squishy coming forth triumphantly. Teri grinned at Rugal's words, and said, "Garm, Squishy? Let's show him why I love Shields of Faith!"

Teri now has 2 Fire Subtype and 3 Undead turning attempts left. These are what enables her to summon Water Elementals, bolster their strength and grant Healing Devotion's benefits to herself and those around her.

The two charged in after the main defense force, Garm following after his Alpha in tearing into one soldier, and attempting to yank down the offending officer. If any bullets had surpassed the Shield of Faith, Garm certainly didn't notice, his bulk being more than enough to tough them out.

Garm is initiating a trip attempt! He has rolled a 19, and can be opposed to prevent the soldier from being brought down to the ground.

Squishy, on the other hand, found that the thicker barreled guns were not nearly as easy to resist as the rapid fire guns, and recoiled slightly upon being impacted. However, that did not stop him from slamming into the offending soldier.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

Lupito took a look at the group and picked out the ones with the conical blasts to be the most dangerous and tore at the closest one's calf with a vicious bite to trip it up. A few of the shots hit the Dire Wolf directly, but he could take a good deal more.

Lupito is trying to Trip one of the shotgun soldiers! The man has to roll against a DC16 to avoid being knocked on the ground.

Meanwhile, Slindis focused as her and the group began to shimmer. "Hold strong, everyone!" The group around Slindis felt Shields of Faith forming around them, and those that had the Shield of Faith cast on them by Teri found that they were slightly stronger as they were renewed, andshe moved with Rugal to aid him in his attack.

Slindis expended one of her Turn Undead attempst to activate her Defender of Siberys II ability: Mass Shield of Faith! This casts Shield of Faith on you and any allies within the area of effect. This spell helps you to avert attacks, giving a +4 deflection bonus to AC for 12 minutes at Caster Level 12.

Turn Undead attempts left: 11

In capital building?


Shadow swore under his as helmet as his right shoulder was riddled with bullets. He ducked behind cover and heard someone say aim for the head.

He moved as fast as he could firing at the enemy soldiers. To them Shadow looked like a blur moving superhuman speeds. To him they looked like they were moving at a snails pace.

He kept firing and tried shooting at there main leader first. If he could get there leader he thought he might be able to set in some degree of panic.

While he was running across the room his vision suddenly blurred and he fell to the ground behind a counter.

He moved his hand to his belt and pulled out a needle with a strange liquid. Pain was shooting through his body as he injected himself with the needle.

The pain slowly subsided as he began to shoot at the demon soldier again.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

Thanks to the efforts of Teri, Slindis and their mounts, what should have been a total kill zone ended up being the exact opposite.
Least for them anyway.

Lupito and Garm managed to take down the two soldiers, each getting their jaws around their necks and that was that.
Squishy, while damaged, was still able to take down the last shotgun wielder.
As for the SMG soldiers, The stacked bonuses of Shields of Fate from both Teri and Slindis made them nearly painless, Rugal quickly slitting the throat of one while back kicking another into the wall.
With Slindis finishing off the last, the attempted raid was over.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

After the attack, Slindis began checking up on the injuries of those around her and started examining the bullets Lupito had taken. The wound path was highly unusual for her, but the charring marks at each point meant that the bullets were hot enough to kill off the chance of infection, meaning that she'd be able to skip that step when she went to pull the bullets out.. "Lupito, it's gonna hurt a bit. Just be strong, boy!" She motioned to Teri and then Garm, and the meaning was quite clear.


After witnessing Shadow basically warp around the room, Richardson's Phoenix like form and Tajuh messing around with time, David was about to to swear he was losing his mind.
"JESUS CHRIST! Where do you get all these powers?!" He shouted as his Acid shots on top of the gun fire and stabs from Tajuh saw one of the 5 heavy troopers down.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

As the wolfs were tended too, Rugal searched one of the fallen and got what he was looking: A keycard for the Bunker.
"Good...Second you are ready, follow me, Bunkers in places like this tend to favor stairs over elevators so they'll be onto us. Only one way up or down and they'll use it to their advantage." He warned as he wiped the blood off his hands with the vest of one of the dead.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

With her spells at the ready, Teri wandered into the remnants of the raid and pulled out her medicinal tools, and handed an empty water bottle to Rugal, "Nicely done, Squishy. Now get back in the bottle. As for you two.. Time to get those bullets out of you..."

Teri rolls a 25 to surgically remove the bullets from Garm's hide! Teri rolls a 22 to remove the bullets from Lupito!

20 minutes later

It was a simple enough procedure, but the Cleric managed to clean and seal all of the bullet wounds on the wolves; re-assuring her of the conditions of her furry companions. With a smile and a snip, the wolves were back to normal. Giving both of the wolves gentle rubs between the ears, Teri's face softened into a small smile, "Good job, both of you. You've been very brave and very patient, and I'll see to it that you both get a nice treat when we get back to the Dawn."

She stood up and cleaned herself off, and then pulled out another piece of parchment (it also helped she could just hotkey in a poofing of some) the Cleric wandered to Rugal's side and held out an open hand for the water bottle, "Wolves are ready to go, sir. Also, Poke!"

Tapping the King of Fighter's arm, Shield of Faith glimmered over Rugal's body once more, to which the Cleric said, "The wolves can take bullets a little easier than you can, sir. Now please, lead the way."

Yadah yahdah Shield of Faith, +3 deflection to AC, and 12 seconds before a 1st level spell is available again.


Shadow was suddenly beside David and said "ask me later and ill tell you... maybe we can even get you a power? I mean how hard could it be?"

He then looked at his shoulder to see that it had mostly healed but his suit had bullet holes in it. "Gonna have to get that fixed" he said to himself as he began to do the same routine he was doing before.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

"Thank you, Ms. Gravel. Move it on out people!" Rugal ordered as they left the Press Room and took the fastest route to the Basement stairs, unlocking the door with the Keycard.
However as he did, a hail of bullets cut clean though the door before embedding themselves into the wall opposite.
"Damn, They're watching the door..." He pointed out the obvious before attempting to open it again, causing another burst of concentrated fire.
"....M4A1 Assault Rifle with Rail Adapter System, vertical forward grip and ACOG sight..."
"...You can tell from hearing the sound of how they fire?"
"Hard to mistake that expensive muzzle flash..." He answered, odds are they were from his factory.
"So how do get past? They reload in shifts and we're running out of time."

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

As Slindis went further down, she shifted again to that much more focused stance as she went down the stairway, trying to listen for any signs of an ambush. "Lupito, head up the rear. It'd be easy for them to throw up an ambush." The wolf nodded and went to the back of the group, keeping an ear out for any sudden sounds as well.

The gunfire starting up caused Slindis to think out the situation. "How many would you say, and how far away?" She began thinking of what she'd do for the attack.

The cleric could hear Sadei come through with a somewhat faint voice. ...oh boy... it's crazy trying to talk to you when you've got all of that going on...

Slindis shifted to the Water Stance. Her attacks hit a bit less harder, but she's far more survivable.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

Rugal entered behind Slindis and Lupito with Teri and Garm taking the rear.
He was uneasy as they descended, this was a Textbook trap.
{Everyone Fall back to the command center, the Launch is in t-minus 5 minutes}
"Launch?...That crazy bastard is about to kill us all!" He exclaimed as they rushed down the stairs, ducking under the odd volley of hot lead from retreating soldiers.
"Teri, Garm, Cover the rear, Slin, Lupito, with me!" He ordered as they charged deeper into the bunker, nearing the main control room.


All the while, the Angel Spy was starting to get restless, their leader had fled, their forces were being cut down, Launching this nuke was their last shot at attaining any form of victory here today.
And Pint was all too willing to give him just that.
"Now...Now those murdering Bastards in the Rising Dawn will pay for what they did to my family..." He said as he unlocked the Red Button...

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

As the group was about to split off, Slindis called out to everyone as she let out the burst again. "If you fall here, I'm going to drag you back from the afterlife to train you again. Understood??" The shimmering aura covered the whole group, producing the barrier on them again.

Slindis expended one of her Turn Undead attempt to activate her Defender of Siberys II ability: Mass Shield of Faith! This casts Shield of Faith on you and any allies within the area of effect. This spell helps you to avert attacks, giving a +4 deflection bonus to AC for 12 minutes at Caster Level 12.

Turns left: 10

They got closer to the command center, readying herself for the fight in the likely heavily fortified command center. "When we get in there, I'm going to loosen up the group with a bit of grease. Send a Fire blast on it, but let me talk to the general here. If it doesn't work, I'm knocking him out!"

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

Rugal, Slindis and Lupito hid behind one of the large computer processors as she explained her plan.
"I can arrange that. Try to stick to cover behind the computers, they have a lot more guns this time..." he forewarned as the last checks on the launch were being done.
He counted at least 20 armed men on top of whatever the remaining 10 officials had.
Jenkins the Spy smiled as Pint get closer and closer to firing the missile.
"We mess this up, this entire city is going to end up like New York, only we won't be outside of it when it happens...
Live and let die..."

Thus the attack got underway as The King and the Drow revealed themselves.
Touching her arm and coating the ground in grease followed by him sending a flaming Shakunetsu Hadoken ensured a wall of fire lit up the entire center.
"WHAT?! THEY ARE HERE?! ALL UNITS OPEN FIRE!" Pint shouted, causing Jenkins to curse as he dropped his attention from firing the Nuke.
And so the guards with M4s opened fire on, hoping to hit someone or something.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

After putting down the grease that was set afire, Slindis used some Ki to fade out into the shadows, and she ran through the crowd over to where the General was. sure, her footsteps still made sound, but listening for them with the amount of gunfire combined with Lupito and Rugal's assault made it like finding a needle in a haystack. However, with all the bullet spray, she did get hit a few times from the hail of bullets. The blood droplets could be seen, but she was able to get fairly close to the position

Slindis used Shadow Fade! By spending 15 Ki, she can get a 25% incorporeality miss chance for one minute that stacks with her Dodge chance and the Blurry from her trinket.

Totl chance for an attack to hit after the layering of the effects: 48%
Ki left: 16

Rugal could see that Lupito was tearing at the ranks, using the protection from the Shield of Faith to shrug off most of the shots. Between Kalastryn, Melethia, Slindis, and Slindis, it seemed like everything from Eberron was tough. Were they exceptions, or was everything from that place abnormally tough?

Riki & Kud..
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

The couple waited at the entrance, they didn't want to go outside because from all Riki could see the outside of the building almost became the exact picture of Hell just like in New York. A sigh came from the boy as be noticed how useless he was compared to everyone else, especially the person whom their objective is. He could also see the same feeling coming off his lover, which is one of the reasons they were training.

"I guess this is all we can do for now... " Kud said quietly as the two sat down on a bench which Riki cleaned the blood off. As the two sat down Riki grasped the Stone Of Light tight as he remembered the effect it had on DP.Tomoya, it turned him good, the only thought he had was the hole in Tomoya's chest and the stone.

Dark Knight Storm-178.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

Storm gave off an emotionless chuckle as he witnessed the bullets hit him with no effect. Though the image around him was ugly and full of violence, something he didn't like before he turned. The worst image to him was the scene of his men dying, and they were Spartans who he trained and served with him for a while on the Blackhawke. The ones who died from acid shots were the ones he beat the crap out of.

"No one... no one kills my soldiers... not even Tomoya!" Storm yelled as he lunged forward, the armor he wore was large but light as a feather. He appeared in front of Shadow to block a few shots aimed at his men, the action he took was a weak punch to Shadow's sides. The Russian solder could hear a faint whisper come from the Dark super-soldier, "Sorry... " The super-soldier said, Shadow could also see the soldier's mouth dripping with a black liquid... corruption.

"Run... run back." He yelled back to his men whom were firing. Storm's men looked back at him with a scared look in his face. "but... sir... where will we go... he will kill us!" Most of them yelled as the spartan blocked shots from the other characters. "Run... hide on this Earth. Some day I will come back for you all... the corruption will wear... UGH-" Storm said and briefly threw up the same black liquid on the ground.

All the super-soldiers nodded at each other as they blew up another side of a wall and escaped into the wild blue yonder.
Storm jumped back into the center of the room and laughed as he saw them leave. "Good... good." He smiled like a human again as he took his attention to the group again. "As much as I hate myself right now... I still don't wish to die. I can't go against his control... but please... " He begged to all of them.

And a faint sounds came from his mouth.
"Save me... "

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

When the fire started, Rugal took the left side of the Room while Slindis and Lupito took the Right, ensuring that the Enemy was as confused as possible and reducing the change of being hit even further.
They were really quite impressive the two of them, The Drow and her Mount, on top of being nigh untouchable, they were he mowing though their side of the Room, he counted 7 down and counting.

Still, wouldn't do for him to be out done.

Bringing up a "Dark Barrier" and making a shield on his forearm, he charged onwards, shield in front to protect himself.
He then got in striking range and that was it.
Using his Slashing Aura, he rendered limbs and heads from 5 in quick succession before returning back to cover to avoid more incoming gunfire.

As for Jenkin's, he finally lost his nerve and Smashed his fist on the button, The Nuke was now inbound and would hit in about 15 minutes.
The spy then attempted to escape though the fire and lead, attempting to leave though the Left side to avoid Lupito who would totally sniff him out.


David watched as the enemy Troopers went to escape, he would have followed, but Storm took priority.
He was coated in blood, tired, broken and most certainly going to be arrested by UNIT for letting the World Leaders die.
He wasn't about to let this pass.
Advancing forward with his gun in hand, he was about to be Judge, Jury and Executioner.
As Storm begged, he snoffed.
"Save you?...SAVE YOU! You who has killed MILLIONS!? And don't give me any of that just following orders crap! No decent living thing could do those things even if he didn't have a choice, They'd rather die first, I know. I've been there."
He then pressed the barrel against Storm's forehead
"Please...don't do this..."
"Count how many times you ignored that plea yourself you son of a bitch!" David shouted as he went to pull the trigger...

Dark Knight Storm-178.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

As David had pressed the gun against the head of the corrupted spartan, Storm already accepted his fate. "I somewhat knew this was going to happen... just forgive him." Storm talked about Tomoya. The only thing he wanted was to protect him and his men when he was corrupted. Though soon the truth would reach him, but not by a bullet.

The trigger was about to blow half of Storm's brain out.
A sigh came from the Spartan as he knew what was about to happen.
He had seen it many times in his world.
The elites butchering humanity.
Butchering his parents when he was as the academy.
Storm even took revenge with Master Chief himself at one point.
The main spartan in dark green armor even gave him his greatest goal.
"Protect everyone, with everything."

That day he was saved by John-117 and became a friend.

A loud bang was heard, but not from David's gun.
The teenager known as Riki had fired his gun which gained David's attention, giving the Spartan another chance.
"STOP! Wait a second!" Riki yelled as raised the stone into the air. It was flashing to indicate it was ready for another blast.

Another burst of light flashed out from the stone.
The next thing David could see was a puddle of black liquid come from Storm.
"Aaaarrrhhhh!" He yelled out, the black corruption was coming out of every hole in his body.
Eventually making a black puddle next to him.
Even his angel armor fell off and was carried off to the puddle.

The worst part was that every single drop gathered to the puddle with the armor.
It soon started to form a figure along the wall.

"Humans... your evil feeds us... it attracts us." It said in a dark husky voice.
"I'm hungry... so... ever hungry" It started to move slowly.
It was obvious that this was the origin of evil from Storm, and the light had effect on it.

Storm on the other hand was passed out on the floor which seemed to attract the monster.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

Teri poured out one of her water bottles, taking cover behind Garm; who was more than happy to tear chunks out of those who came to close. Squishy arose from the summons, and Teri pulled out her cross, chanting in a mixture of Celestial and Aquan: "Lord, bless your son of Water, bring him your divine might!"

Teri has made a bolster attempt to improve Squishy, burning one of her Turn Fire attempts (leaving her with 1 turn fire and 3 turn undead attempts). Teri rolls an 18! Squishy now functions like he has 8 hitdice instead of 4 (Cleric level, 6 + 2)!

Squishy rippled with divine power, and then charged in after The Cleric's allies, body ready to slam into some poor sap. Garm sniffed the air, and whined at the stench of smoke and burning metal, a sentiment that was shared by his Pup. Teri gave the wolf a nod, a pat and a "Go on ahead!" before the wolf bounded in after them, it's claws and teeth ready to rip into whomever dared attacked his Pup's pack.


Meanwhile, Rugal heard a paniced tone emitting from his PDA, a familiar posh voice crying out, "Sir, I don't mean to bring you too much alarm, but the nuclear systems have been deployed! Preventative course of action is highly recommended within the next 15 minutes, or we will not be here!"

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