The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Kud | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Riki | Tajuh |

Melethia went and hugged the wooden Kurumu. "Kurumu, don't ever do that again..." The young girl's hug was surprisingly fierce, but the succubus quickly slipped out before any real damage was done.

Giving Kyre space to do what it was that she was going to do, he gave a relieved laugh before addressing Kurumu. "Kurumu, was it? Your mother wanted me to tell you that she still cares about you and wishes the best for you no matter what path you choose." Sure, he may have modified the wording a bit, but what parent wouldn't wish the best for their child?

Hearing the situation, Tajuh turned to the group. "We've got a nuclear warhead inbound. All those that don't have the ability to move with speed, get on those pods. I'm going to retrieve the others that haven't heard about the situation." He ran off, moving faster than normal to cover the distance.

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House
Garm | Jenny | Lupito | Slindis | Teri

Lupito communicated the situation to Garm as Slindis helped Teri up. "Teri, we need to get out of here. There's something called a Nuclear warhead inbound, and the information on it from the room shows the whole area being wiped out!"


The Sniper eyed up the bottle as Cadolbog asked for some.
"...Sorry, just aside from the Legal Age issue, I'm going to need a lot of this to sleep tonight..."
Thus he parted from the group and began to make his way back to the airship, uncorking the bottle as he did.
WHOA!...THIS SHIT IS HOT! He thought as he nearly scalded himself, aside from that it was pretty good.
Thus he kept drinking and walked until it came to mind that maybe taking a drink from a total stranger wasn't a good idea.
Prove of this was when he started tripping balls and saw Elena standing right in front of him.
"E-Elena?...Is that really you?..." He asked.
As he was away from the group, the Nuke Warning missed him.


Jenny was on hand when Teri came to, regretting not being able to do more to help her earlier.
"Oh thank heavens, thought we lost you there for a moment. Just stay calm, everything will be okay!" She said with a brave face on as she held one of Teri's hands.
She was clearly worried about the Nuclear Strike but she attempted to stay calm for her sake.
"Come on, Let's just get out of here and everything will be fine!"


As the minutes counted down to T-minus 5 minutes, Rugal was clearly on the brink trying to stop it.
It wasn't like fighting to the death, something he actually knew.
Ironically, the one thing he knew that could help him now, Viscus, was now digitally lobotomised and unable to do a damn.
Heh...Guess he always got the job done... He smirked, wondering if the AI thought this far ahead.
When Vermilion brought up the President, He lit up.
"Teri can talk to the dead...You two stand by, I'm going to get that code!"
He then ran off to find Teri.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House

Garm | Jenny | Lupito | Slindis | Teri

Teri's eyes widened at the notion of a nuclear warhead, "Do WHAT?! A NUKE?!"

However, before she could do much else, her support disappeared, and the Cleric found herself falling back with surprise. But before she could protest, Garm was already gone, running back into the building.


As the King of Fighters wandered the building in desperation for the Cleric, he heard a familiar sounding bark; and found himself face to face with the black wolf. Holding up his hands, Rugal quietly asked,

"Not the suit, alright? Now, do you know where Teri is?"

The wolf barked again, and sped off, to which Rugal could only assume was a yes, and followed outwards...

Garm | Jenny | Lupito | Slindis | Teri

To find the person he was looking for right there in front of him, looking a tad bit tired; but otherwise alright. Upon hearing Garm rush out, the group looked to Rugal (Slindis in particular being very confused, especially with what he told her moments ago.)

Not wasting any time, Rugal pointed at Jenkins' corpse and said, "Talk to him. He has the code to the missiles."

The Cleric, deflated a bit at this statement, but then her face scrunched with a thought. Forcing herself up quickly, she grabbed her Tablet and tapped a few buttons on the screen, mummering something none around could hear properly. In a moment, an area arose around the Cleric and the indisposed Jenkins. It was strange, and seemed to distort things within it; for it looked like the Cleric had a fast forward button pressed on her inside the bubble; and in moments, it disipatted again, leaving the Cleric shaking and with sweat building on her brow. Turning to Rugal, she held up her tablet, and the code was displayed:


Dark Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

Tomoya looked upon the Earth, he had called all of his fleet to re-group which included the Earth invasion force. They had only accomplished half their objective. "Get ready... they will come soon. it also seems my friend has joined the." DP.Tomoya sighed as he learnt his comrade's fate, now he wanted to get revenge against that group.
His new powers were settling in as tentacles of darkness swarmed around his body, fixing most damages.

>Corrupted File.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

The young boy was peering into his older brothers room on board the Blackhawke, he was sleeping but he knew he had changed. Enraged by this fact the boy's screwed up into anger and marched off once more.

Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

" Resting mind, mending body... 20 percent health. Need immediate medical attention. Waking shock activating... " Alpha said as a charging buzz sound came from the helmet and zapped the whole spartan's body. A loud groan was heard, "What... the hell... happened... " he groaned as he looked around him and was shocked. "Where the... fuuuuuuck?" The Spartan slowly remembered where he is judging by the monument and building.

"Okay... will someone explain... what happened?" Storm said as he slowly rose from the ground with the help of the kids and approached the group "Thanks kids... " Storm smiled at them. It had seemed that the Spartan had forgotten what he had done during his corruption time, maybe this might lead the group to find out that corruption and evil had did this to the world.

Riki & Kud..
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

The two were pleased with themselves to get compliments from Tajuh, but this had only made them more determined to become more of use to the group. Though now they were occupied with how the stone works, if it wasn't for the hooded man (Michael) they might be somewhere else. With that event passed they had figured out that the stone recharges, how... they don't know.

The two smiled but quickly took note of the incoming nuke, of course they couldn't stop this and it would take a load of everyone's mind if they were gone from the scene. "Thanks for the compliment, and than you even more for protecting us multiple times... we want to work to become stronger." Riki said with Tajuh with Kud in the background smiling. "We'll enter a pod and get back to the ship... as soon as we get the big guy in a pod too." Riki said to Tajuh as he ran off.

The two helped the Spartan up as he walked to the group.
Riki only hoped that saving him wasn't going to end badly.


"4675636B20596F75. Got it, Might still have time to stop it!" Rugal shouted as he doubled back the way he came, jumping over bodies and doing his best not to slip on blood pools, Literally throwing himself down the stairs in his haste.
He was soon back in the burning control room, shouting "4675636B20596F75! The Code is 4675636B20596F75!"
He then watched as the countdown was counting down from the last 1 minute.
Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on! He thought to himself as the AI's worked as fast as they could.
{Access Code : Accepted. Nuclear Strike: Averted}
He nearly cried when those words came up on screen.
"Oh thank god...Uhh...Pass the news on to the others...And if you can, have a bottle of champagne ready in my room upon my return..,"
With waves of relief flowing over him, he fell back into a chair and caught his breath.
"...Heh...How does Jack Bauer do it non-stop?..." He joked to himself as he waited for the others.


As Rugal took off, Jenny monitored his thoughts every step of the way and thus was the first to rejoice when she realized she wasn't about to die. Again.
"YES! YOU DID IT, TERI! HAHAHAAHHA!" She screamed in joy as she hugged the cleric in victory.


"....You have GOT! To be KIDDING me!" David said in total disbelief as he sized up the group.
"...Elena...Please...don't do this...You know better! You know it wasn't us! YOU WERE THERE!" He begged as his hand went for his gun, though against all these...
Half of him was telling him to let her kill him, the other half was telling him to fight.
It was official: This was the worst day of David's life.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building

Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia

Devon Kept fairly close, although he made sure to allow the two to have some space. "Kurumu, Ella, I don't mean to be rude, but there is the whole nuclear missile being inbound thing that does kinda make us staying here right now something along the lines of a suicidal idea... So either we could try to see where the others are or we could continue this talk on the Rising Dawn." Kurumu could clearly see that Devon cared deeply for Ella from the way he kept close to her, yet his eyes didn't have the glazed-over look of an Allure.

Melethia became curious when she heard about this nuclear weapon, but hearing the concerned tones that some of the others talked about it made her concerned and she went up to Aftan to ask her a question. "Excuse me, Miss, but is that nuclear missile what was used in that other city that was attacked?"

David, Elena + a Hurtload of Das Feenreich, Tajuh

As he ran to scour the area for others, he happened upon David and the group Elena had arrived with. Making a move to back up the man, he casually stood next to him. "Elena Volkov, you're here for what? Last I heard, you were going to leave." When the Russian told him what they were there for again, he kept up a disaffected tone.

"Amusing, that. You want to judge the crew of that ship for its failings? Perhaps your people should actually try something to stop the much larger threat of the Angel Fleet massacring millions rather than choosing an opportune target to vent the impotent frustrations that you must be feeling."

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House

Garm | Jenny | Lupito | Slindis | Teri

Slindis turned to Teri. "I'm going to check on the current positions of the others here. Even though we avoided one strike, there's no telling if that Tomoya has a backup one inbound." She whistled to Lupito, and the pair paused for a second in case Jenny decided that she wanted to head along with them before departing at a rapid speed.

Rugal | AIs Vermilion and Dimitri

As the programming ran it's course, Dimitri couldn't help but smile at Rugal's reverie, "Nicely done, Rugal Bernstein. You helped save a city from a nuclear strike, and will live to see another day. The request you have made for your private quarters has been noted; and I only have this to say: The discussion you and I had... Tell them yourself. You've the capacity to do so."

Following that, Dimitri allowed his inhibitions to be thrown to the digital winds; and returned in kind the kiss Vermilion gave him upon arrival, celebrating the joy of the most recent middle finger to death itself.

Jenny | Lupito | Slindis | Garm | Teri

Teri didn't even flinch when she was embraced by Jenny. In fact, she looked appreciative of the gesture, if anything else. Her face looked worn after that effort she pulled with the stored time bubble; and after Jenny finally let go, the Cleric reached for her staff, and gave a silent apology for being so distant. With that, her legs wobbled, and she slumped against Garm. Patting the wolf, her Tablet meekly called out, "Good boy... Very good boy."

Closing her eyes for a moment, Teri went back into her mind to let her friend know about what she had done...

Lucifer | Teri

Upon entering her mind, she saw that Lucifer was talking with her shadow as well, and watched with silent curiosity as she heard the following:

"I mean... he IS able to be around her more than I am... you know? And well... since he can be there, I guess she would look to him for ... whatever... more than she would me. I mean look at me. I'm everything that she's been raised to despise and be wary of. How can I compete against someone who's changing his stripes to save the world. I can't even change that about myself."
"And now... I'm talking to a fish that was trying to take over Teri's mind. Blood hell... the other Archangels would be rolling if they could see how far the mighty have fallen."

"... But seriously... I should have been there to save her, shouldn't I have."

Teri was shocked by that. Lucifer... Jealous of Rugal?! What was the world coming too? That was when her shadow, the cruel thing, spoke,

"Mr. Bernstein..?! Like that?! Man, if that doesn't scream Electra Complex, I don't know what will! Man, you're sick, you know that? Geez... He reminds me of my Dad, if anything else. Same stupid cocky attitude, tall as hell... Hell, he's even got facial hair! Just slap a ZZ Top beard on the guy, and he might as well be him. Now, I'll admit to liking blondies, but Mr. Bernstein would just be weird...

And to answer your question, yeah, you should have. I was scared! I... I was hoping you would come for me. I really did... With a flap of those wings, you could have swept me away from that bad man and-"

The Cleric paused again, noting that despite the wicked tongue that her Shadow may have possessed, it was still the Truth; albeit in the form of a crueler messenger. However, once it mentioned her capture, Teri decided to step in,

"That'll be enough, Me. You got the point across..."

As she stepped towards the two, Lucifer noticed that the scenery changed again, this time to a sunset sort of time of day; painting the landscape with orange and yellow. The young girl certainly looked tired, but a tad bit on the confident side, if anything else. Hell, saving DC with a fit of ingenuity tended to do that. However, a hint of anticipation waited on the edge, as she waited to see what Lucifer had to say about what her Shadow just revealed...


"...You know that, That's it! You, Me, OVER!" David shouted as he leap towards cover, firing lead at the Minotaur first as he did.
Once he was in cover, he switched it up to Freeze rounds and began to aim for the Drow Twins, if they were anything like Slindis, He'd want them out of the way.
At this point, anger at Elena's sheer fucking stupidity in thinking he was somehow working with Tomoya, on top of everything else, was his man driving force in this battle.


After sitting down and calming down for a Moment, Rugal left the Command Center a burnt smoldering wreak as he made his way back topside.
He then saw a relived Jenny and a resting Teri with her pet Garm.
"Jenny, call up the others and get a transport back to the ship, Key it low key, I'm not popular around those UNIT people. Garm...You owe me one suit jacket." He said as he went up to the balcony of the White House and watched the city ruins, at least they won right.
He then saw the deactivated missile splash down harmlessly into the pond of the National Mall.
"...Thank god it wasn't one of mine..."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Ella | Devon | Storm | Riki | Kud

Seeing the two teens trying to help the man in full armor get to one of the pods, Devon took a moment to split off from Ella and approached him. " Here, let me lend you a hand." The Cure Serious Wounds spell healed the injuries the man had taken and gave him a bit more energy to move around.

"You look kind of familiar, but that's not the point. We've got to start getting out of here now since that Hot Topic Angel Tomoya's planning to nuke this place like he did New York City." He offered a hand to the two teens if they needed some help getting the man to a better place to recover.


Melethia looked up at the sky. "Miss, that's not how it's gonna end for us! I don't care what ya say, but we won't be wiped off the map because that freak in leather britches likes pushing the button way too much."

David | Elena + a Hurtload of Das Feenreich | Tajuh

Tajuh scoffed and easily sidestepped the attack, making sure to turn to the side to avoid a predictable teleport to where the boomerang would fly to and a return throw or hack. "Charlie, wasn't it? I saw the Dragon in New York City, how it rescued those two children. At the same time, I'm sure that the dragon saw the massive fleet attacking the city as well. And honestly? Me, associating with the Angels? Your commanding officer's addled in the head if she thinks that's true for a second."

In the distance, Charlie could see a crimson-haired drow riding swiftly towards the melee on a very large wolf. It wasn't one of their men, but all indications from Das Feenreich had said that the only Drow aboard the Rising Dawn was always fully armored, fought with twin blades, and there was no mention of any dire wolves. It could be one of the new recruits foe Das Feenreich, although the difference in arrivals was odd for starters.

As the fight fully began, Tajuh drew his single shortsword and began to back up David. "Honestly. I don't know what you're made of, but I'm damn sure that you can't withstand the nuclear missiles that are inbound at this very moment! Get your priorities straight, Volkov! This fight is just what Tomoya wants, and it'll only serve to aid his plans if we're here when that hits! You may be able to warp away, but what of your allies?!"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
A.I.s Vermilion and Dimitri | Rugal

Dimitri gave a low chuckle, but parted from Vermilion's embrace. Face still red, and said, "Now, Ms. Vermilion, don't take this the wrong way; but it appears that the Users are leaving this place... Perhaps this can continue once we re-group on the Dawn? You know they can barely stand to be without us for one moment..."

Lucifer | Teri
"So ... why did you run away from me when I revealed myself to you back there? I was assuming that it had to do with Rugal but I guess it might have to do with me being who I am... but if it's something that DOES truly bother you... I'll step away from it... all of it." The Dark Prince said... his voice genuine as he added:

"I'd even cut these wings off for you."

Teri's heart pounded as the Fallen presented his case to her, his voice oozing with charm and his intent clear. Yup, there was no denying it. He was just as enthralled as she. However, this did not quell the conflict brewing in her heart. The scenery changed again, this time, her fears being made very clear with that same raining field of grass. Water poured from the sky, and soaked the duo to the bone as the girl shook her head in denial,

"Stop saying that! I don't want you to get rid of your wings for me! That- that would-"

"That would make me sad beyond comprehension. Your wings are one of my favorite features, just like your eyes. By the way, did anyone ever tell you that suits are a killer look for you? Unf!"

It was the Cleric's turn to look horrified; as she realized that her Shadow, in Teri's neglect to keep it in check, had grown, it's head now above and out of the pool. However, it's lower half remained in, the fish tail remaining. A cruel siren of the truth it had become! Resting a human head on a human hand, the Shadow waved her other hand, the Glasgow Grin wide and smiling, "Oh, don't mind me. I just would like to watch... Can't sue me for a little commentary though."

Teri looked back to the Dark Prince, and gulped, realizing that her own Shadow, for good or ill, had taken to Lucifer's side; and was probably what most people would call "Screwed."

Garm | Jenny | Rugal | Teri

Rugal only heard happy sounding panting from Garm, and found the beast lick his hand when he approached. It was nice to see one of the wolves take a bit more kindly to him than the other, but Rugal suspected that had more to do with Garm's master than the wolf itself. After all, did it not try to drag him here for her sake?

Whatever it was, the girl wasn't saying anything. No, she was cuddled up in the wolf's fur, face a complete mask for what was happening inside her mind.

David | Caim | Angelus | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg

Upon seeing the new force take charge against David, Caim swapped to a Grecian Blade and gave a dark grin, "I've been meaning to test this out... Angelus, I say we've deserved a good drink when we're done here, don't you think?"

The dragon gave a hearty scoff, and lit her hands aflame, "I do say we have, and then some. We never had that discussion we mentioned before, remember?"

Caim's face brightened at that thought, immediately charging into whatever poor sap was to face a Steel-Cutting blade. Ton Ton and Cadolbolg found their way onto the field without difficulty; and were no doubt following in Cadolbolg's Father's steps towards domination of the enemy forces.


"Wait...Did you say Nuclear Missiles?" David asked before a portalling boomerang forced him out of cover, resulting in him firing several Freeze at the masked Gorgon and the pair of Centaurs.
When he saw re-enforcements, he shouted "You want a fight, Bitch!? Well bring it the fuck on!"
It was humorous to Caim to see David bickering with his other half like all couples.


As the rest of the group went into Battle, Rugal was busy setting up a Transport to the ship from the White House Roof, Least until Jenny chimed in.
"Um, Excuse me, but I think you should know that the rest of the team are engaging what appear to be a kill squad lead by...Elena?..." She blurted, not really getting the full picture from back here, That and she wasn't inside any of the crew's minds, merely sensing their emotions.
"...Guess that bottle will have to wait. Stay with Teri, tell her she can either join us or return to the ship, No pressure either way. Dismissed." He said before leaping down from the top of the building and nearing the fight while it was still going.

Jenny meanwhile did as she was told and watched as Teri seemingly slept, unaware of what was going on in her mind.

Location: Outside Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

"Ahh thanks for thanks, I feel better already." Storm thanked Devon as he gave him a description of what happened. About Tomoya turning evil , nuking New York and above all... looking like a emo! "Fuckin' impossible... as much as I would like to see him like that... no... I don-" Storm was talking how he didn't know or see any of this... until a brief vision of New York came to him.

"No... I won't believe it is him!" Storm yelled with the intent that his best friend and Commander is still good somewhere inside of him, then a sudden pain hit him. "Ugh... okay... enough of that for now friend. The time for that will come another time... for now I must go back to the ship and get myself checked out so I won't turn back again... I'll take the kids too and protect them for now." He spoke to Devon as he jumped inside a pod with the couple's help again.

Riki & Kud..
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

Riki & Kud bowed to Devon, "We'll get out of everyone's way now." Riki said with a confident smirk as they started walked to their pod so they can get back to the ship. As the two arrived at the pod Riki looked at his younger lover, "So... are we going to sh-" Riki was blushing as he was interrupted by Kud grabbing his arm. "You did well today Riki... " She smiled brightly towards him, Riki ruffled her hair as the two stepped into the pod.

In a few seconds the two pods got lifted back up to the ship. The pod bay was a branch next to the hanger, the spartan fell out of his pod and the couple had to help him to the Medical bay.


Shadow was baffled by what just happened but happy. He got to kill more things.

He just shot at anything that moved and slowly made his way over to David and asked "what's going on?"


David bluntly answered "My girlfriend is trying to kill me. Shoot my Girlfriend."
It was clear he didn't care anymore, the first step to being as much as psycho as Shadow himself.



It was clear he didn't care anymore, the first step to being as much as psycho as Shadow himself.

Thats just not possible


"If you say!" Shadow said with a cheery voice as he leaned out of cover for a second and began firing at his girlfriend and everyone around her.

"YOU ARE A TERRIBLE GIRLFRIEND!" he shouted laughing afterwards.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Washington D.C.
Time: Afternoon (Can we get a proper time table!? XC)

Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia

Location: Tower of the Magi | Althia | Principle Wood Elf Lands
Time: 1137 A.D.

Kyre stood in shadows, swirling emptiness swept her feelings away into that which is forever dark. Demons of the void feasted on her happiness, and the angels that resided high above relished in her misery. God himself had devoured her hate, and there was no pity to be had for the girl.

But one man, a balding man with no good eyes, cloaked in golden-black armor and wielding a great green sword shaped akin to that of a fairy's wing. Balwen, the Hundred's Year king, and Varren, the tiny dragon sat across from her. Home in chaos.

"It was a cruel joke," he said. That voice in which he spoke carried age, wisdom, as well as an abstract sternness that commanded both respect, honor, and at times awe, "that I do not deny." He placed both hands on Dreamslayer and shifted his sitting position so that he was more comfortable. Varren slid dwon from his balding head and onto his golden armor.

"But throwing yourself into oblivion is no way to deal with your emotions."

Kyre answered, but she answered with great disrespect and contempt, "you speak of naughts old fool."

Balwen sat up and shifted around again before speaking, his old hands pruned with age still held steady even in the turmoil of a young girl's heart. "You are a friend of a friend, Lady Cwanuld. I am but here to help you."

"Lady Cwanuld was my mother."

"And now Lady Cwanuld is you," Balwen replied immediately, "your mother has long passed from this world, and you are the heir to all of Prybat. As termed in your people's customs." He leaned back and smiled, "Should you be so brash as to remove that title from yourself and pas it onto your elder brother, than that is your choice. But I still deem you as a Lady by the power of the Kingdom of Candor."

The kindness in the old king's blind eyes was not fake nor forced, and his smile brought genuine radiance to the darkness that Kyre did inhabit. However, the Anti-Mage's eyes could no longer perceive, they had been blinded and eaten away by hate and despair. In that respect, Kyre was silent.

King Balwen continued, "It is fine if you do not wish to speak with a human such as me. That I understand. My son has enslaved your people and ruined what little chance you had for happiness."

"He di-"

"Ah, ah, ah," Balwen interrupted her while stroking Varren's slender scaly neck, "do not jump toward terrible conclusions Lady Cwanuld. Did you not find great mirth and warmth as Emerald? Even my old ears have heard of the songs and praises sung of the heroes of Eden. You were seen smiling, and without your mask. That," the old king smiled and stood up, walking over to Kyre and setting his large hands upon her bare shoulders, "could not have been, if not for your suffering. Nothing in this world is completely bad or completely good, Kyre, Miracle and Calamity are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without invoking the other."

"You tell me this to further anguish me? To remind me of what once was?"

Balwen shook his head for none but Varren to see, and he fell to a knee to look into Kyre's dull emerald eyes,"Nay, I tell you these things because I want you to see what's in front of you. Do that for me, won't you? My friend?"

When Kyre came back into consciousness, Kurumu's voice drifted in and out of her earshot. The world seem to swim underfoot, and her head ached as if she had just taken a hammer to her temples. But then she opened her eyes, which though now able to see, still were stained with blood and cold hate.

What was this... a wooden doll. A little Kurumu that hovered before her. This was the girl that she had seen so long ago in her own mind? This was the girl that freed her from the bondage imposed upon her by her brother? She kept her promise to the old king, but still, even back within this reality, she could not find it in her heart to forgive Kurumu.

And so without a word, she closed her eyes again and waved the small Succubus away, "You who have caused me pain, leave my presence."


As the battle went on, David was having a hard time adapting to each of the Members of Das Feenreich, He knew little of their kind, partially due to lack of experience fighting such...Things.
Still, he did his best, firing more Freeze rounds at the Minotaur in a attempt to demobilize it.
It was around then that Elena went for the kill, only to be stopped by Charlie mid-pounce.
This came as a total surprise to him, She told him before of how close the two of them were.
However, it didn't stop the rest of the group.


As Elena was driven into a tree, Rugal was just about to enter the battle when he saw the display.
As he watched the Russian fly, he then noticed more Dud Missiles incoming.
"...I thought he only fired one?..." he said to himself before shrugging it off and engaging the so called "Blade Dancer", using his Slashing Aura and superior skill to block and parry until an opening was made.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps (x6) | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Puce

Devon was clearly pretty relievedas the missiles weren't activated, then he remembered Melethia's innate curiosity and went over to the girl that was trying to get into one of the fallen missiles for salvage. "Melethia, stay away from that! Anything that's nuclear will mess with your body for years to come. It's hard to explain in greater detail right now, but it's something that Magic probably can't heal all too well at all, and I wouldn't want to see you get hurt."

The girl turned around and looked at the man curiously. "Really? Mister Bard, I don't see why that would happen..." Melethia calmly walked closer to the man as the missiles began to thin out.

Devon motioned for the six imps to block off the missile that Melethia'd been working on as he kneeled down to look her in the eye. "They weren't all too prevalent when and where you came from, but these weapons are ones that aren't to be taken lightly. Research is still being done to see the effects, but the aftereffects of the power source in another area after people lost control of it still has lasting effects on anyone that enter the area, and if you were exposed to the material, you'd die if you were near it for more than a few minutes. Now, I know that you don't know me all too well, but I'm just looking out for you and your mom here."

Melethia began wrapping her head around the basic information then realized that Wheathair and Slindis were still out there in this situation. "We've gotta find Wheathair and my mom before either of them open one up!"

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | David | Tajuh | Ton Ton vs. Charlie | Elena + A Hurtload of Das Feenreich

Tajuh immediately moved to provide David some cover as he sized up the group. The minotaur would be a threat here, but the dwarf supporting it was what drew the majority of his focus. "David, keep your distance and try to slow them down! If you've got ways to assault their wills, do so. It'll be one of their openings!" Until the Dragon could try to talk down the Russian teleporter or prove that negotiations were useless, he didn't want to completely ruin the talks by attacking Elena's allies too harshly.

On the way, Slindis saw the growing melee forming and quickly eyed up each group before moving to reinforce Rugal against the Drow there. Lupito, pick your target where you can. Neutralize magic users first! She let out a burst of magic again, providing the protective barriers around the group again.

Turn expended for Mass Shield of Faith again on Rugal, Lupito, and Slindis for 12 minutes.

Turns left: 9

The Large wolf immediately started eyeing up the Flame Dancer and the Cleric, both of them worthy targets.

D.C. Battle Grounds - Teri's Mindscape
Lucifer | Teri | Shadow!Teri

" You've literally turned my life upsidedown and I... i don't care. I like it."

The Cleric looked away, to where those eyes couldn't hold her to the ground, and shook her head, "But... you know we can't! Even if- even if-"

The Shadow slithered out of the pool, legs forming as it wandered over to the pair. The unmarred part of it's smile extended, as it walked behind Lucifer, and pulled him into an embrace from behind; their heights being VERY much out of place between the two. Poking her head from behind the Dark Prince, the Shadow's twisted grin expanded, "Even if you two share the same feelings, God says no? Is that what you were going to say?"

The Cleric took a shaky step back, clearly repulsed by her copy's forwardness towards the Devil, a polar opposite to her own ways of expressing affection.

"Stop that. You've no right to put your hands on anyone!"

The Shadow's grin deepened further at this, "Jealous? Mad that I can so easily touch something that you want AND know to be profane in every way you can think of? You wish you could be in my place right now, don't you? Or better yet..."

The creature's hands slipped away, and instead traveled to white feathers, gently caressing the downy texture, "These are your favorites, right?"

The Cleric was stuck in her place, unable to look away, but agonized by every second of her Shadow's display. The rain bore down harder, and intermingled with the tears running down her face.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - Teri's Mindscape
Lucifer | Teri | Shadow!Teri

Teri rolls a 22 Will save to break out of the sad little state she's in and get on with solving her problems! It's good! Hell, it's so good, she has some semblance of control over her mindscape!

Teri would have gaped onward in horror and shame as her Shadow continued to fling herself at the Dark Angel; but found herself being forced out of her state of shock when she heard Lucifer's desperate request for aid. As hard as it was to deal with the sight before her, Teri knew that if the Shadow was not dealt with, the consequences for the both of them would be dire if she did not end this now.

Blinking back her tears in the torrential rain, Teri only pointed a single finger at her shadow, and a single word was uttered; "Stop."

The Shadow shuddered under the command, and did as she was told, going rigid as the Cleric's word rang throughout the Mindscape. Lucifer, through his hazy vision, could see the fury, the sorrow and the shame on her face as she pointed at the pool and called out, "Go. Don't touch him any longer. He is not yours to play with."

The Shadow let out a saddened whimper, and let go of the Fallen One, it's features turning back into the black goldfish it was before, "Aw... I didn't even get to the fun parts yet..."

After falling to the ground in it's sealed form, Teri slowly advanced, grabbed the goldfish and tossed it back in the pool where it belonged. When all was said and done, the rain continued, and the Cleric did not look upon the Angel that her Shadow had groped.

Her back turned, and her shoulders shaking, she cried, "I understand if you wish to leave now and never come back. I would."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - Teri's Mindscape
Lucifer | Teri | Shadow!Teri

Oh, Lord of the Dark Pit, if only you knew how that little spiel of yours tore her into two. Hmn, perhaps the increasing rain was any indication, as well as the Cleric's increasingly shaking shoulders?

She leaned her head against the Fallen One's clothing, the tears still flowing as she choked out, "I can't. I can't feel this way about you. God- God would never..."

Her sobs overtook her voice as her fists balled and gathered some of the cloth that made up the first layer of Lucifer's mantel; a white and gold tunic that felt like silk in her hands. Crying bitterly into the already wet cloth, The Morning Star realized what was the main reason the Cleric felt the reason to hide her true feelings from him. It was why she had ran from him when he revealed himself to her and her ilk. She, like many other Christians, had the fear of God within her; and to have the sort of emotional attachment to the Devil that she had, it was only fair to assume a large amount of confusion and self-flagellation (whether it was mental or physical) was bound to be involved.

D.C. Battle Grounds - Dimitri's Home
A.I. Vermilion | Dimitri

"You... almost sacrificed yourself for your Mistress' happiness today. Do you believe that it would have been worth it? I have been wondering if a copy of you would be the same as you or... would it be different?"

Dimitri frowned, but spoke, "Her Ladyship's well-being is a primary factor of my programming, Ms. Vermilion. The human I was willing to save is different from you or I. Humans are unable to reboot themselves as we do upon 'death'. Thus, it was my understanding that my sacrifice, if one was called for, would be of lesser consequence, especially with what I had given Rugal Bernstein moments ago...

The file given to Rugal Bernstein was a memory pack. It would have enabled my rebooted self to retain all the memories that I had experienced up to the point before entering the White House's security systems. That is to say, I did not want to forget... Well..."

Dimitri turned a little red at this point, to which Vermilion had an understanding of what he was speaking of. They were his cherished memories with the scarlet AI; and that answered her second question regarding reboots. Following Dimitri's logic, it was safe to assume that the Butler believed that, so long as the memories were retained upon reboot, the AI would remain the same. However, such a theory could not be tested unless one of them fell into such a state... Something Vermilion was not ready to test.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Washington D.C.


Alone again. Buried in her own pity and sorrow. Had it been any other creature, be it beautiful or hideous, it would have been more amiable than the likes of Kyre Cwanuld. She longed for home with such an aching heart, she wished to warm herself with her friends.

Even to see the kind loving face of the Wandering King. Anyone would be a comfort to her now. Anyone that she had not just lost at least.

"Have you learned your lesson yet?"

Eden had spoken. And Kyre nodded her head, the crushing loneliness of being trapped in another world was overmuch for her to bear for such periods of time.

"Are you ready to return home?"

Kyre nodded, and tearfully mumbled through her lips, "More than anything in the world."

"Then now I will grant you your one wish."

"Please, return me to where I had once arrived. Return me to my friends," Kyre dropped to her knees and looked skyward at the bleak, bleary day, "and leave me from this awful world, filled with awful people."

"As now you have willed it, it shall be. My child. Surrender your black heart, your newfound magicks and form. And return at once to me."

And so Kyre Cwanuld fell into eternal silence and sleep. She sat there kneeling, and would stay there kneeling, until circumstance made it no longer possible.


Location: Gate of Eden | Dreadlands
Time: Reconstruction

Kyre's eyes opened, and she saw the inside of her mask. That white porcelain face that held an inscription over the right eye. The mask she had thought gone. The sky above her was blue, and the clouds a blinding white. The grass was soft and wet beneath her, and the sweetness of nectar filled the air.

This was not the Midas she had left, but those people who lay to her side. The white haired twins from the Azure sea. The Changeling Ranger from the deep south. The Princess of the decaying city, the archmage clothed in ice. The Giant dwarf in golden armor, and standing over her, with kindly old eyes, hand outstretched was King Balwen and Varren.

He was smiling so warmly and knowingly when he pulled Kyre up from her prone position and embraced her. His blind eyes seemed to see more than anything anyone could have, and those old bones felt stronger than steel. Perhaps a soul as old as his had time enough to become something even more eloquent than humanity. "Welcome home, my child."

Kyre Cwanuld has now left the Avatar Adventure

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - Teri's Mindscape
Lucifer | Teri | Shadow!Teri

"Please, Teri. Just let go of the fear that you're feeling. Just let it go..."

There was a lengthy moment of silence between the two; and then the Cleric came to her decision. Small hands shakily grasping the large one on her face, and she stammered, "Pray with me."

The Devil looked at her in confusion, but followed through with the action, bowing his head with the girl as she began a wavering exhortation to God:

"Oh Father in Heaven, I have found myself in a dilemma; and I fear that an action I will soon take will cause you to become angry or to become displeased with me. As You see and know all, I do not feel the need to express what this action will be. But, I humbly ask for Your grace and forgiveness, should this decision be the one that makes You unhappy. After all, I am still learning on this path known as life, and I do what I can to make sure I do what pleases You and aids in making this confusing world any degree of better than it was before.

In Your name I pray, Lord. Amen."

The rain began to soften after this, reducing to a soft covering instead of the oppressive downpour it was moments ago, and the Cleric, tears still on her eyelashes when she said, "I have done all I can do now. The rest is up to God now..."

D.C. Battle Grounds - Dimitri's Home
A.I. Vermilion | Dimitri

Dimitri sighed happily as he was able to spend another private moment with Vermilion, and busied a gloved hand by entrapping one of Vermilion's in it; fingers interlocking like a vice. This life he was granted by his Lady; this ability to process and learn what he had now, Dimitri couldn't help but be overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and joy to his Creator. Even if she was as flawed as he was, it was still through her that this moment was even possible. To be alongside his companion as he was now filled the AI with an indescribable joy; and the realization that a question had not been answered.... Squeezing Vermilion's hand, he only whispered, "No, I do not want to forget any of our moments together, Ms. Vermilion, but that does not mean I cannot look forward to more time like this. Each and every time we have in this way is a treasure to me. Never doubt that."


Despite his heavyweight attacks, Rugal was caught off guard by the Twin's Barrier and was sent rolling back as a result into the mud.
...I. Hate. Magic. He thought as he picked himself up, what was left of his suit was ruined.
And he didn't like that.
"...Why does no one take into account the fact that I ONLY SO FUCKING MANY OF THESE SUITS!?!" He shouted as he waded back into the fight.
Brahms attempted to take a swing at him with his weapon, but given Rugal's size already before his size was brought in, It was a uphill battle.
Because of this, Instead of properly attacking, he simply kicked him the chest like he would a football and followed it up with a needlessly brutal Curb Stomp, shattering his jaw and knocking him out.
His next target was the one in the mask with the Bow and Arrow.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps (x6) | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Melethia | Puce

Melethia's eyes opened wide as she gasped at the further explanation. "Why would ya use somethin' like that on people? Even those kinslayers don't deserve that kinda death. I mean, if you wanna kill someone, ya gotta make sure it hits who ya want it to an' no one else. Now, I'm gonna make sure that my mom isn't doin' anythin' to the cases. See ya!"

The young girl ran off past Kurumu and Puce and the Bard turned to Aftan and Ella.

"I hate to ask, but do you two mind heading along with me to help keep an eye on Melethia? It'd feel wrong if something happened to her because we let her run off alone. And little guys, I'd hold off on touching the bombs in that case unless you can directly warp them in the Atlantic ocean. I don't want that messing with you too bad or anything, after all. An I do appreciate you keeping an eye on the one Melethia was about to mess with."

Now, if Ella had been paying much attention, it might be odd for Devon to be so concerned about the young elf. There was a teammate's concern, but this was more of a family bond that he showed.

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | David | Tajuh | Ton Ton vs. Charlie | Elena + A Hurtload of Das Feenreich

Tajuh took another look at Elena, still feeling that gut feeling of something here being a bit off as he called out to David. "David, would the Elena you knew act like this at all? Try something to bring back the good memories, and maybe she'll see sense! The two of you may have had arguments, but the two of you still love each other."

After the bull charge, he lifted his still-tingling left hand to the bull and laughed. "Really? You'd try to kill two of your teammates to get at someone when you've still got someone else to worry about?"


The teleported wolf grazed the paladin as she contorted to avoid most of the blow, but the force behind the attack gave the claws enoughstrength to give cuts that were not shallow. Ack! Don't worry about me, Lupito. If we want another chance to thin the numbers, we've got to thin their numbers. Which would you say the weakest links are?

The ones in the back, but something's off about the one that's pinned. If she's the pack leader, than the whole group may be deceived. I'd say take out the archer centaurs. We can flank them just right to get them out of the fight without killing them, I think.

The paladin nodded at the communication as she strafed around with her wolf, working with him to get the opening to neutralize some of them. Seeing Caim and Angelus, she decided to motion to them to have them aid in the attack as well.


Between all that was happening, the fact the was tackled by a Dragon after a Minotaur charged at him while one of the worse criminals in the world today fought a fucking Gorgon on top of the entire city being nuked but it wasn't right after bathing the blood of the entirety of the leaders of the world after learning that Elena had dumped him after fightintangelsinahurricanafterdefeatinganighindestuctablemecha-


Charlie looked at David before he gave out a mad scream and headbutted him in the face.
Right after, he grabbed his M14 Rifle and kicked Charlie off him, taking his weapon in the process.
What happened next spoke for itself. (Listen for effect)

Near instantaneously, David rose from the ground, still coated the blood from earlier, Dual Wielding his M500 and the M14 and unloaded both into the enemy.
The Minotaur was the first to go down, taking 2 hits to the shoulder and his hind leg, Next was the Centaurs, each down with 1 shot to the midsection, where they fatal? Didn't know, cared less.
As Luptio was about to defend hims from Loupe Garuo, he took 3 to the spine before falling right in front of him.
After a bit of duck hunting with one of the Wendigos, Charlie saw one of the Drow Twins stand up after their skirmish with Rugal.
And fall right back down again.

It all took place in the space of a few seconds and before he could protest, he found the business end of his M500 right in his face.
"...I....have not....been having...A good day..." He said, twitching slightly as he said it.

"...Now...Listen closely...I am going to go home...pour myself a nice cup of tea with half a bottle of whiskey in it. You are not going to send some back-up squad, no enchanted assassin, Nothing. You so much as send me a postcard, I will find you and you know I will. But won't kill you, no....I'm going to break down, piece by piece, prop you up on a chair and make you watch as I kill Every. Single. One. of Das Feenreich right in front of you. King, Queen, Child, I don't care. Do you understand me?....Well, I don't care, HEHEH, I MIGHT JUST DO IT ANYWAY!"

He then tossed the empty M14 at him and said "The sight on that is off, everyone is still alive. Don't make me have to correct that..."

Then just like that, David walked off, no doubt to finish Elena.
But the only thing going though Charlie's mind was this: How the hell did he One-hand a M14?!

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - Teri's Mindscape
Lucifer | Teri | Shadow!Teri

"Kiddo. I think we're going to have to do something about this when we go outside."

Teri tilted her head in confusion at that statement, but shrugged, assuming that it didn't mean anything too bad; not with the subjects they had just dealt with. The rain began to stop in her mind, and instead, bits of sub shown through the clouds above, growing more and more even as they left her mind.


D.C. Battle Grounds - Roof of the White House

Teri awoke slowly, and stretched as each part of her silently got the memo about what happened in her mind. Garm had a good idea to act as a bed/pillow combination, or else Teri probably would have been sore upon getting up.

"Ms. Teri! Finally, you're awake!"

The Cleric gave a tired nod to Jenny, silently laughing to herself. Oh, if only Jenny knew what had went on in there... Regardless, the next order of business was figuring out where everyone went off too...

Teri gave her questions, and found out that the others were still ground bound, and the Cleric gave a nod, "I should go see them. I'm the party Medic for a good reason... Sorry for worrying you like that."

Getting ready to climb on top of Garm, she asked Jenny, "Do you know where they all went?"

The Fight With Das Feenreich

Caim couldn't help but nod in approval when he saw David's berserker-like rage; and then saw Slindis' wave for aid. Wait, what the hell had he been doing this whole time, just standing around?

With a dark grin, Caim gripped his sword and charged at the werewolf with Red Fear (the steel cutter) ready. If that thing looked as it did, than this blade would be more than necessary to cut the thick muscles that beast had. Angelus, however, stood further away from Caim, fire ready to provide cover from any blind spots he might leave exposed.


David looked down at her with his gun raised, ready to end her live, after all he went though to save her from hell.
His eyes were dull, clearly the man she knew wasn't home.
He took his aim away from her head, giving her hope of surviving.

Then he took it away again as he shot her legs in arms in order.

He then returned his sights to their original target, her now teary face.
Just to rub it in, he pulled out the blood covered ring she left behind for him.
He placed it on top of her head and began to take several long steps back, taking his time to let her fate settle in.

He then walked away in view of everyone towards the airship, haven gotten a fresh coat of blood on himself.


Rugal was a little chilled by the shift change in David, I mean, killing his lover like that?
He would need to sleep with one eye open in case David tried to have another go at trying to kill him.


"Well, There was a detachment of something called "Das Feenreich" going to attack them. I was going to go, but Rugal ordered me to make sure you were okay and to bring you the Airship should you want to. Still, I can bring you to them. Transport is just about to arrive."
Thus, Jenny brought Teri and Garm inside one of the Rising Dawn's transports and made their way to the battle while it was still happening.


Shadow watched as David ended who ever that was. He didnt know and he didn't care. "David... that was extremely invigorating thank you... But if you will excuse me..." Shadow said falling to the floor rather tired after the days events.

He just sat there in thought. He was gonna take a brake until someone needed him to do something.


Wait.... Evac? "Shit" Shadow muttered as he stood up and slowly made his way to the evac point.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Charlie | David | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps (x6) | Gabrielle | Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Kurumu | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Shadow | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

"Well... erm... You like?"

The Cleric gave the Fallen Archangel a small nod, a hint of a blush appearing on her cheeks as they began to walk together. However, before she was able to get closer to the Angel, Garm sniffed the blond man; getting used to the scent of one whom his Pup showed regard for. After getting a satisfactory amount of olfactory data on the Prince, the wolf snorted, and allowed Teri to approach; a keen eye trained on him as they walked in silence. To Teri, that was more than enough for the moment. After the raging confrontation in her mind, this was a pleasant reprieve. However, the calm silence did not last long...


Teri was surprised by Ella's aggressive display of affection, as well as her appearance at all, and found herself edging closer to Garm; a weary hand on the wolf's side as the Succubus displayed her affections towards Lucifer. Then of course, this is our Dear Little Cleric realized she was entering a relationship with someone's father.

"As if things couldn't get more controversial..."


If Caim had any approval for David's methods a moment ago, it was quickly replaced by distaste. Sure, he could be brutal in his methods, but when Caim fought an opponent, he never played with their lives. It was kill or be killed, as far as he was concerned; and David took that a step too far for his liking. The soldier was quickly spiraling down a path towards instability; and Caim was going to keep a VERY close watch on him, a sentiment that Angelus expressed as well in his mind.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, on the other hand, were more than happy to chat up Kurumu.

"Hello Mr. Puce, Ms. Kurumu! How are you guys doing? And why are you a doll again, Ms. Kurumu?"


Bloodied, Bruised, Beaten and Broken, David was the first one on the transport ship, getting a window seat and blankly staring out it, his mind was still mud and he wasn't about to go clearing it now.


Arriving AFTER the death of Elena, Jenny noted just how close Teri and her "Friend" really were.
While she was never one of judge, she had to admit, a man with a woman younger then his daughter?
Then again, stranger things have happened.
"...Well then, I guess Everyone all aboard!" She said to try and break some the awkwardness and tension in the air and no really doing a great job.
Her act quickly faded as she passed David, being able to sense his intense suffering and waning sanity.
The mood got even more dark as Charlie brought the body with them, for the morgue no doubt.
Shifting uncomfortably, she sat down in the Co-pilot's seat.


Once the situation with Elena was resolved, Rugal boarded the Transport and awaited the others.
Today was both a win and loss, still, today, Tomoya was the one reeling and that was good enough for him.
Second he got back on the ship, he was going to hit the sauna if it had one.


Boarding the transport ship Shadow muttered "this was a busy day" and sat down on a seat not righ next to David but relatively close to him.

He sighed and let his mind wander.


"....I want it...." David said to himself.
"Eh?...Want what?" Shadow couldn't help but ask
"...That Injection...Medical Bay, 11PM, don't be late..." He ordered, he had enough of this shit and by god he was going to make Tomoya pay for what happened this day.


"I have to warn you... after you take the initial injection you have to take this sirum every 48 hours...."

Shadow then pulled out one of his sirums and handed it to David. "You will want to make as many of these as possible..." Shadow said as he mentally made a note in his head that he had 27 sirums left.

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