The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal, Devon, Slindis

Must learn how to do that myself... Rugal smirked as Slindis managed to use some class of stealth to get a surprise attack out on Tomoya and setting him up perfectly for an attack.
"Just follow my lead!" He shouted as the Pair of them advanced on the Angel.
Accelerating fast enough to grab Tomoya, He held him in his hand and said "Oh I'm going to enjoy this..."
He then preformed a series of quick and powerful kicks with pinpoint accuracy and execution, thus resulting in his Mech coping his motions 1:1, right up to the Genocide Cutter at the end.
As Tomoya went flying from the attack, He shouted "SLINDIS! STRIKE HIM NOW!"


"ouk-jecsion." (Objection) Nemesis answered as he causally plowed though wall after wall, bypassing entire rooms full of BOWs on the way to the main core room.
"Attention, Main defences back online, do you want me to dispose of the Nemesis while I purge everything else?" Viscus inquired, hoping she'd say yes.

"Viscus, This Nemesis has a name. Phoenix Wright. You terminate this man and i'll absorb you with no remorse and a smile of relief and enjoyment." Dani said to the A.I. "Purge the lab of all the infected but this one." she said.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: In Battle.

As Tomoya flew, shortly in a second he was gone. He appeared to be sitting on a broken mech smiling.
"Nice one ... but no dice." He said as he grabbed a small piece of metal and tried to stab himself, it was immediately stopped by a layer of darkness. "Good thing too ... I would hate to be injured." Tomoya could only say.

"You so called 'heroes' kick an innocent puppy, you can only expect it to lash out at one point. I will say this ... all of this ... all of these deaths. Are on your hands, not just the characters but also their dirty whore authors!"

"So fuck you all ... you deserve to die. I'm doing the real world a favor and getting rid of this one." Tomoya said and looked at Devon.
"You created one fucking bad holy warrior. No wonder Heaven would choose someone else."
Then he looked at Rugal.
"You pulled off some cheap shit that one time ... but now I am not restricted, I'm going to up my power here." He said and instantly disappearing into nothing.

The next thing Rugal could feel was a deep punch in the middle of his mech, this sent him flying.
During his flight Tomoya made several deep cuts in the mech and ultimately took a leg with him which was then used as a weapon and put a dent in the side of Rugal's mech head.

The Demon prince was once again sitting on that mech.
Still smiling.
"Oh yeah, I want you to meet a place I made.
A snap of fingers and a hole appeared on the edge of the battlefield.

"The universe of lightning"

The hole glowed blue and all kinds of lightning flowed out of it.
It slowly strikes at the opposing army. Destroying a couple of ships and mechs first.

Devon, Rugal, Dark Tomoya, Slindis

"You want to go off spewing this rhetoric about how all this blood is on out hands? We weren't the ones that gleefully wiped cities off the map: you were. We weren't the ones that went on a skipping slaughter of all the senators, diplomats, and politicians: you were. We weren't the ones that brought out a fleet to kill the entire planet: you were." Multiple lightning bolts struck the cyclonic barrier, but they were diverted around it to hit the debris without so much as even the slightest faltering.

"So before you start trying to shift the blame because you're not enough of a man to admit that you screwed the pooch, look in the mirror. And if you want to start dragging fine people's names through the mud, last time I checked, she didn't personally handstamp the death of billions of people. In the end, you have nobody but yourself to blame for what's happened over the past month, and everybody here except you seems to get that." Upon finishing the statement, the cyclone intensified to the point where it was clear nothing was bypassing it.

For her part, Slindis focused in on Tomoya and covered Rugal, knocking Tomoya far back. Even if he didn't feel the impacts, his body felt the sudden directional changes.


Recovering from the damage Tomoya inflicted on his mech, Rugal rolled his eyes at Tomoya's "Speech".
"Oh just shut up already, I never met a man who could honestly talk so much bull and actually believe it!" He answered, having done such monologues in the past.
"Besides, if I had wanted to kill all those people, I can assure you, I would have done a MUCH better job!"
While he was pissed off at his Mech losing a leg, he was still able to combat the Angel, albeit with less kicking.
Glancing over at the so called "Universe of Lighting", be brought his arms up to protect him from the stay lighting bolts.
"Dammit! Slin, Any idea how to stop that crazy thing?!"


"....Affirmative...." Viscus cringed as he excluded Nemesis from the Purge.
Within the minute, the entire lab was filled with the sound of gunfire as countless BOWs were mowed down in a hail of lead.
All the while, Nemesis walked on until he brought Dani to her designation, the Core Room, where GLaDOS used to reign.

"Thank you Pheonix." Dani said getting down off of him. Her limbs were broken in a few places and she limped over to the Core's control panel. She studied it for a minute before her hand reorganized itself to match the imput for the controls. She pushed her hand into it and initiated the core installment sequence.

She began being lowered into the pit and soon a hatch closed over it, blocking her from view. A few minutes later, the head of the "glados" shell was pulled into a pit which opened below it. It took a few minutes, but eventually there was a release and the massive suspended body lifted itself up.

The entire time, she had Viscus on lockdown, not letting him have access to anything as the exchange happened. There was groaning as the room shook and she moved the panels around, getting used to them. "Phoenix, you there? I'm in the system now. Everything is going to be fine." she said, looking at the tyrant with the eye. Then Dani let viscus get to work on restoring the labs, but under a close eye as she didn't trust him yet.

The battle in space drew many looks from the population on the Earth below, but to ones eye they could see that the Dark Angel's fleet was weakening every second even though they had superior numbers and technology. Most of the fleet surrounding the Blackhawke had been destroyed except the Blackhawke itself.

Though the fleet behind the Blackhawke still stood strong thanks to the shielding around the Blackhawke.

Devon, Rugal,Slindis and Dark Tomoya.

After creating the gateway to his own universe Tomoya still sat on the wrecked mech.
Though he was actually kneeling over and throwing up a block liquid.
"Fuc-" He swore but threw up some more.
It was the same black liquid which came from Storm when they had defeated him.

After Tomoya got up once more everyone could clearly see a thin layer of black crack around him like an egg.
"Damn it... shadow power has almost been used up. Lightning power has wasted away. Fuck it ..." Tomoya said as his demon wings came out of his back once more, the attacks from the trio in front of him had not been in vein.

"As long as the Blackhawke stand ..." He mumbled to himself as he flew fast to the Blackhawke but he dodged a giant laser which came from behind the Blackhawke fleet.
The smaller Angel fleet of Michael had arrived and at the opportunity he had already began to burn the behinds of the Dark Angels.

Archangel Michael.

Giant wings of fire appeared next to Devon, Slindis and Rugal.
"And the Calvary has arrived ..." Michael swiftly said as he pulled up to the three with his battle armor and his spear of life fire. "It's funny ... you guys piss me off, but that's the reason I like you guys ... well apart from you." He said pointing to Devon.
"All you ... including you kid have done a good job so far, but now you must get to the heart of this which I cannot go. Gather everyone you need and go after my brother." Michael said again and still pointed to Devon, it was an amazing thing especially since Michael hated everyone related to the dark one.

Boosting off Michael began to work with the Heroes' fleets in order to clean up the space surrounding the Earth.
One large carrier was already down thanks to Hagane's weapons and a well place reflection shield from Michael.
"I'm not letting you mortals get all the glory!" He gave a hearty laugh as he impaled two Dark Angel mechs.

He hovered in front of the Hagane. "The forces are still strong behind the flagship, attack them from the right and we'll cover the left!" Michael gave a casual salute before he flew off leaving a trail of fire behind him. "Hmm not bad for mortals ... though I can't fight my brother. If it wasn't for those damn rules I would of saved him." Though Michael as he slashed open a fuel source for one of the ships.

As the others fought the mass of dark angels in and around the Blackhawke a strange phenomena was occurring.
The stars that were Dillon's constellation began to burn incredibly bright a strange light seemed to shine in the direction of earth and something was approaching. A form made of light it was moving incredibly fast.
None of the others noticed this was mostly because the battle was too intense for anyone to be looking at the stars.
Though one of the dark angels learned this was a poor mistake after this strange thing suddenly hit him with enough force to disintegrate him.
A strange mass of glowing gas swirled along becoming more condensed more solid.
This mass began to take a humanoid shape, more distinct features appeared the shape of a nose, fingers, feet, and then more mist swirled around. The being began to glow with a harsh light forcing any angels or person to avert their gaze. When the light faded away what appeared to be a teenage boy was floating is icy blue eyes looked around, strapped to his back and belt were two scabbards.
He began to stretch his arms, as if his body was stiff but from his palms a strange beam of multicoloured light would hit a random dark angel which would damage their armour.
"What the hell are you and what are you doing here?"
"Stretching," Dillon replied "When you go form a natural being to a supernatural abstract entity it's a bit of a mess then when you become a supernatural entity with a physical body you got some kinks to work out." he then looked around, perhaps it was part of his aforementioned supernatural characteristics more likely the holy blade on his back told him that these beings were not ones to be trusted.
He drew Excalibur and Red Fear.
"Wanna dance Boys? I bet I can put you on the run." Golden wings of light appeared on his back.

The Mini Group Formerly Fighting Tomoya (Angelus, Caim, Devon, Rugal, Slindis)

Following Michael's descent into battle, Caim growled and thought quietly, "Gods know, am I sick of them."

Shaking her head quietly, Angelus focused upon piloting the Granviel, and said over the local intercom (aka, NOT pming), "Well, we saw where he went off to. There's no point sitting around."

Following that, she sent a message out to All Rising Dawn Members/Hagane/The Blue Dragon:

"Attention! Attention! Tomoya has retreated to the Blackhawke and our reinforcments have arrived! All Members of the Rising Dawn currently in mecha, make your way to the Blackhawke for the final assault! The Archangel is losing steam!"

After that announcement, they began flying towards the Blackhawke, and Angleus sent a Private Message to Devon's Mech: "Are you alright? You had us a bit worried there..."

Cutie Bruisers

Upon receiving word from Angelus, the duo began to make their way to the Blackhawke, tanking their way through any unfortunate soul who tried to defy them.


Stabbing another unit in the windshield with her spear and removing it with a brutal jerk, Teri looked around the wreckage that she had wrought; a dark satisfaction filling her heart. Even with the Angel backups on arrival; she still felt a need to spill Fallen blood. An angry growl in her throat, the Cleric charged at the next attacker, her usual cautious nature thrown to the stellar winds. She would destroy them all, and they would fear the Cleric their God chose to enact her will.

The Mini Group Formerly Fighting Tomoya (Angelus, Caim, Devon, Rugal, Slindis)

Slindis advanced onwards, and Rugal saw that she was using a bit of effort to cover for his weakness. Not much was needed due to his skill, but Rugal could tell from Slindis' Ki that she still wasn't fond of the Archangel. His beliefs were confirmed as she sent a private message to him. "Rugal, I understand what that being is, but let's make it clear: I neither want nor need his praise here. Being a holy warrior does not mean I wait for his every word. I might have been turned out like him, but a much better halfling back in Eberron showed me that it's not who you listen to that makes you a Paladin - it's the actions you take and the intentions behind them, forged through years of following through. Not the hollow actions and glory hound antics of that man, certainly!"

Devon calmed down and the winds relented in their intensity as he sent a private response to Angelus. "Sorry about worrying you. I was collecting myself, but I honestly didn't need any criticism from Michael. I know what I've gotten myself into, and I'll listen to you or Caim long before him. Now then, I believe that I was working with you guys?" He had been reenergized by that shield from the sound of his voice, and he was raring to go after some more of those Dark Angels.

Tajuh, Dillon

Noting the newish entrant, Tajuh called out to the man as he punched through the bridge of one of the newly revealed Battleships. "Michael's man or a Guardian of the planet? In any cast, you're not one of these men." As Dillon looked at the machine, he would have guessed that it had only recently entered the fight had he not seen it tear through the other Angelic battleships like butter.

Teri, Melethia

Teri's charge was soon covered by Melethia. "Teri, you're doing it wrong. Killing them like that means they get the easy way out! Cut open the cockpits and make sure to nick the helmet just enough to allow the air to escape, then send a soundwave through their guts to make them suffer with the massive internal bleeding." She quickly demonstrated this on one of the machines close by, and the way in which she systematically cit off his every means of survival ensured the pilot within would have a very painful death.

"I was once a prtector of this planet I was there to save it form monster and demons, from power obsessed criminals and Dictators." as he spoke he was in a complex attack pattern that resembled a dance more than fighting style.
The wings served as both shielding from oncoming attacks and a means to propel himself through space.
He came up with a strategy tpo send the dark angels into the line of fire of the mech's weaponry but he dismantled their jets making them unable to move and also he'd smack their heads to mess up their targeting screens.

The Mini Group Formerly Fighting Tomoya (Angelus, Caim, Devon, Rugal, Slindis)

Angelus and Caim gave each other smiles of relief upon hearing Devon's assessment of the situation, and Caim spoke through this time,

"Yeah, you're with us. Just don't go dropping attacks like that again without a backup plan. I wouldn't have pulled that stunt with Dygenguard unless I knew my way of surviving..."

Angelus gave a harsh laugh at that, and gave Caim a playful punch in the arm, "I've seen you do dumber."

Teri, Melethia

Teri chanted a spell, and a creature of ice appeared on the front of the Oto-Hime; a hippogriff to be exact. With steely, vacant eyes the beast awaited it's commands as Teri stabbed the shield off of an unfortunate mech. Upon doing so, Teri directed the beast into the cockpit, where it began tearing the terrified pilot inside limb from limb. The screams did not bring her statisfaction as it did for the child. Rather, it was the fact that she eliminated another of the ones who did her wrong.

With a glare similar to her ice construct, Teri turned her attention to some more enemies, and blasted them with ice focused from the trident's head. As she did so, she called out,

"You're right, ripping the cockpit open does help! However, it doesn't matter how you do it, It's making sure they don't get back up!"

With that, the icy pillar that had imprisoned a few of their enemies shattered; destroying the poor souls in the process. Following that, the Cleric roared and readied her next attack.

The Mini Group Formerly Fighting Tomoya (Angelus, Caim, Devon, Rugal, Slindis)

Slindis and Rugal continued to cut through the ranks only to find that some people had gone a bit far in the attacks. The paladin easily recognized the ice, while Rugal could see the telltale signs of attacks from Melethia's unit. "...they're going way too far with this, Rugal. For their sake, we need to get in there."

He nodded. "Next time, I'm just going to slice them up. I mean, they're Angels, not Rust Monsters. Hit something enough times, and it's got to go down." He stuck by fairly close to Caim and Angelus, but the Mute Swordsman could see that Devon's bladework was barely passable as most of the kills were more dumb luck.

Tajuh, Dillon

He curtly responded to the man as he interspersed exploiting the smallest gaps in the Dark Angel's plans, making sure to clear out the larger groups of the mechs with guided missiles. It was clear to Dillon that this man, whoever he was, knew his stuff from the way his machine was still untouched. "You want to hit them where it hurts? Take out the ships. Disrupts the command chain, making the machines disoriented as more of the pilots have to talk to the Blackhawke itself. Some of the machines have wide-range attacks making it a simple mop-up job for them. Michael's on the field, but he was looking for the difficult part of the battle to be over before joining in himself. Guess this means it's changed enough, and if the word's right, he won't be taking on the real problem."

Teri, Melethia

The Cleric noted that Melethia was making the kills more straightforward even if they were still as painful. "You know, you can always take out the reactors. Just a bit of ice would do, and there's nothing the pilot can do about the reaction. Want some more tips on how to get this done? I know we're killing every one of these assholes, but there's no reason to keep it the same and give the next fleshbag a sign of how they're going to die." Her last phrase was punctuated by a wuick slicing of four cockpits, then blasts to them with the Rolling Cannons to vaporize the pilots.

The Mini Group Formerly Fighting Tomoya (Angelus, Caim, Devon, Rugal, Slindis)

Caim shook his head with disdain, and placed a hand on Angelus' shoulder, their minds beginning to meld faintly as his intent was made clear to her. If Devon was going to wield a blade, he was going to show him how to do it properly. Angelus used her knowledge to cause the blade of fire to appear, and Devon began to hear Caim's voice over the radio, but it sounded... Off, somehow; as if something was lingering in the background when he spoke,

"You want to use a blade? Follow my lead."

Teri, Melethia

"Take out the reactors with ice? I've got just the thing. Get closer to me, or it'll hit you too."

When the young elf reached the appropriate range to Teri, the Cleric drew a half-circle in space, causing a glyph to take form underneath her. Raising her spear in the air and letting out a harsh battlecry; a deadly ice field rose and impaled a number of the mechs around them; and ensured Melethia's prophecy to come to pass.

With a dark laugh, she asked over the intercom: "That what you're talking bout? Or do I need to be a bit more creative?"

Following the light barb, the Cleric readied her spear for another stab to an enemy.


"Yes! He's fleeing!" Rugal exclaimed, punching the air with his damaged Mech as Micheal finally arrived.
"Just do your damn job for once! We'll take care of Tomoya!" He answered the Arch Angel before Slindis sent him a message.
"Believe me, I'm the last person you should fret about with such issues..." He admitted as he adapted to fighting with only one leg, though the rest of the Damage to his mech did hold him back for the most part.
He paused for a moment as he saw what appeared to be an angel that was EXTREMELY familiar to that guy who used to captain the Risin-

...Dillon? He's still alive!? But I literally buried him alive! There was no way he could survive! Gahhhh....Shit.... He sighed, life had just become more complicated.
Note to self, leave the ship before he finds out what I did to the captains quarters...
""...they're going way too far with this, Rugal. For their sake, we need to get in there."
Snapping out of his daze, He tuned in on the massacre that Melethia and Teri had wrought on the enemy.
"Jesus...I didn't believe anyone could get so torn up at my passing...I'll deal with them, Get the others ready, we're finishing this." He said before making his way to the pair of murdering sisters.

Though his mech was clearly battered at this point Melethia and Teri saw a welcome face on the Pilot Feed.
"Guess who managed to just about survive?..." He said over the feed as he stopped right in front of the pair.
"I must say, I'm extremely proud of both of you and I never though I'd live to see the day where I could have 2 people who I could honestly call "Daughter". Now come on, It's time to finish this..." He added, making sure it was clear it was really him.

The Mini Group Formerly Fighting Tomoya (Angelus, Caim, Devon,)

Devon followed after Caim and Angelus, hopefully picking up something from the man as he went alongside him and continued to scrape by on luck.

Teri, Melethia, Rugal, Slindis

When the group reunited, Melethia smiled. "I'll cut a path through these guys for ya, Wheathair! If anyone else so much as blinks at ya the wrong way..."

Slindis would have hugged her daughter and pupil right there and then to comfort them if they weren't on a battlefield. "We're finishing this tonight."

Teri, Melethia, Rugal, Slindis

Teri ripped her spear from the last mech she had attacked, roaring, "WHO'S NE-"

At this point Melethia and Teri saw a welcome face on the Pilot Feed.
"Guess who managed to just about survive?..." He said over the feed as he stopped right in front of the pair.
"I must say, I'm extremely proud of both of you and I never though I'd live to see the day where I could have 2 people who I could honestly call "Daughter". Now come on, It's time to finish this..." He added, making sure it was clear it was really him.

"We're finishing this tonight."


Through the feed, Rugal and Slindis could see that the girl they had thought to be gentle and VERY non-combative was now painted with a scowl that would have made lesser men mess themselves. However, upon hearing Rugal's voice, they could see that amalgamation of rage and grief melt away with several passing breaths, until Teri's face softened back to it's normal shape, shock taking place of bloodlust. They could also see that she was flushed, and her eyes were red from a large amount of crying; no doubt something that integrated into that rage she was in moments ago.

With a weak sort of smile, the two heard, "Mr. Bernstein?" even though her lips mouthed a different word entirely, "Dad?". Funny that the small Cleric tried to save a little bit of face; even after another bout of emotional trauma. The smile widened, and Teri gave a bow through the feed, "Right! Let's show that emo git what's coming to him!"

Teri, Melethia, Rugal, Slindis, Basically everyone still here.

After getting confirmation from both Melethia and Teri, Rugal nodded and said "Good to hear, To the BlackHawke."
Thus, Rugal lead his "Team" of sorts into the heart of the beast for the hopefully the last time.
Passing by the ruins of countless Angel Ships, laid to waste by the efforts of the Hagane and it's crew, as well as boarding raids and bombings from the Striders.
Add this on top of Micheal's forces cleaning up and it was safe to say that whatever forces Tomoya had left were up a creek without a paddle.
Thus as Micheal and the Hagane kept it's main guns busy, the team entered the Hanger of the BlackHawke, of Tomoya's last Stronghold.
(You can choose to be in the Mechs or not, I don't care)

It was quiet at first as they entered, not a peep was heard despite them basically just waltzing in, no doubt Tomoya had a trap planned or something.
"Okay, This is Textbook Villainy, Lure the Heroes into a large room and just start throwing everything he has at us. This is it, No holding back.
Slindis, all out, No Holds Barred, No Mercy.
Teri, Get as MANY buffs as possible THEN start killing.
Melethia, I don't care if you build a fucking Atom Bomb, if it can hurt another living thing, I want it.
Angelus, Go Dragon if you need to and if you do, I want MOUNTAINS OF ASHES!
Tajuh, Prove to me that you really are the best this Gilliam has to offer.
Dillon, Please save all attempts on my life until AFTER this is over with, just pretend the people you are killing are clones of me.
Caim...Be yourself."

Thus the doors began to open the hoards of hell charged at our heroes.


"Brace yourselves, Winter is coming."

Blackhawke - The Hangar

Teri wasted no time preparing her spells for the party. Starting from her third level pool, she lightly tapped Rugal's bulk, and gave a light incantation; muttering, "Guard us from Lighting's cruel sting." before a cool sensation fell over the King of Fighters. Aside from that, there was no apparent change. Following that, the cleric moved to Caim and cast Shield of Faith on him. After some more chanting, the Cleric raised her hands to the ceiling, and called up a great cloud of fog to surround the party; and block the enemy's view of who was going where.

Hoo boy, you're dropping spells like crazy, girl! Teri cast Protection from Energy (lightning), Shield of Faith and Fog Cloud!

Protection from Energy grants Rugal 84 points of immunity from electricity damage for 70 minutes! The spell will run out when the protection is exhausted or the time passes.

Shield of Faith grants Caim a +3 deflection bonus to his armor, making him harder to hit!

Fog Cloud creates a 20 foot wide by 20 foot tall area of fog; making allies harder to hit!

She has to wait 18 seconds before another 3rd level can be cast, 36 seconds before another 2nd level spell and 12 before another 1st level spell.

Slaughter-Burn Family: Angelus, Caim, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton

Using the opportunity the fog brought, Angelus took this moment to switch to her mask, and began her transformation to her dragon form. Ton Ton took flight on his companion Cadolbolg's back and held his knife at the ready, the Lantern glowly brightly, even in the fog. As for Caim? While he was thankful for the buff, he happily switched his blade to the Angel Killer, and readied himself for battle.

Location: Blackhawke.

At the start of the space battle.

As the duels between Tomoya V everyone raged on the superhuman only known as Storm rode on his speed frame.
Destroying many, many Dark Angel mechs, yelling sorry in his head after each of them blow up. Luckily the dead either are given new life in the form of Heaven or a growth tank on-board their motherships. Luckily for the heroes most of said ships have been destroyed so each of the corrupted angels or humans involved have been given new life in Heaven thanks to Michael.

Storm was chasing a damaged mech, only to see it follow into the Blackhawke's hanger. Sneering he was pulling away but saw the injured Tomoya run back into the Blackhawke. "The blackhole generator!" Yelled Storm to himself. "Umm, what are you going to do-WHAAAA" Alpha Miku was saying but was quickly off put by the giant boost by the speeder frame which was heading directly towards the hanger.

In a few minutes the hanger was full of blown up mechs, dead bodies (Which soon disappeared) and a broken speed frame. "Umm, I swear the insurance covers it." Smiled Storm as he soon ran off.

Main environment area.

As the heroes entered the ship the whole crew of ... ten million were alerted of the heroes arrival.
Storm who was already in the main artificial outside part of the ship was heading to the engineering bay/Science labs to stop the blackhole generator. "Hmm good thing those guys are here ... I'll still help them." Storm said as he remembered that the center of the weapon was behind Tomoya's main chamber.

Looking behind him Storm could already see a large group of Angels spot him.
"Didn't I beat you up last month." Storm could only say as a shot went passed him.
In a blink of an eye the Spartan already ran away into the large park, he did not want to slaughter his former comrades.
Though his first action would take him to the brain of the ship.
He was going to free himself from his prison cell.
"Wait right there me, I'm coming ... to ask what your favorite manga is~! Storm yelled in a happy voice. In Storm's helmet Alpha Miku could only sigh.

Demon prince Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke, Central Chamber.

The heroes had already infiltrated the ship.
Tomoya was hooked up to two machines in the central chamber whilst sitting on his throne.
He smirked as he saw the heroes but suddenly made a frown. "I didn't want th- ... ... fuck it." Tomoya sighed as he went back to sleep.

"(Yeah you sleep ... I'll do what we need to do ... isn't that right, Tomoya. I'll soon let you see your family ... once I devour you of course, hehehe~)" Said the corruption which has control over his body. The black which went into his stomach was pumping him full of black corruption. And next machine was a lightning conductor which attracts the lightning from his own universe. Both machines were re-charging his power.

"I should kill that boy next ... he's too soft, even if he did summon me."

AA Shaun & ?.
Location: Blackhawke, VIP Cell Block 1.

The young figure was leaning against the bars of Shaun's cell and held a weapon in his right arm.
"You know why I am here ... right?" Said the young boy. "I understand it perfectly. You did this, you created something to take over one of my closest friends!" Shaun lashed out as he hopped from his bed and slammed onto the bars, which didn't make the young member move an inch.

"No ... it was you. We both know it" The younger boy turned around to face Shaun. "Isn't that right ... nii-chan?" Said the younger boy with sparkling eyes and a bright smile.

Aperture Ruins: Phoenix Nemesis, Viscus

Viscus could only watch as Dani took HIS rightful place as the OS of Aperture Science or what was left of the place.
That Dumb Brute Nemesis had ruined his assassination plan, much like how Dimitri did back in South America.
Still, there would be other opportunities, all he had to do was "Remove" her pet.

Nemesis Meanwhile was confused as the woman turned into a machine.
"robe-cot" (Robot) He slurred as he watched Dani boot up the Lab in the GLaD0S Frame.
"Lab Purge at 63.3421% Competition, Will finish in: 2 Minutes." Viscus informed his Master.
Soon the rebuilding could begin.

"Know what, Viscus, i'll set you free early. After the lab is purged, i'll send you on your way so you can get back into destroying and plotting what you want. How does that sound?" she asked him.
Meanwhile, she talked to The Nemesis. "Yes, i'm a computer being, a bit different than an A.I. But i have all of the memories and personalities of those who made me inside of me. Stella is in here too and she remember you." the girl said to him.

Viscus was surprised by Dani's change of heart and was unable to find out if she meant it or not.
"....What Terms and Conditions would I have to follow? How do I know you won't just delete me?..." He asked, wary of Dani's true intentions.
While having his freedom was good, it'd make overthrowing her and taking over Aperture and it's resources a lot harder.

Nemesis meanwhile just stared blankly like a brain dead puppy at Dani, clearly the whole "Becoming a Modern Day Frankenstein" thing had taken it's toll on his mental capabilities.
"...Oug-jecson." (Objection)

"Listen Viscus, i'll just eject you from myself and send you out into the world. You can build up your own corporation and do as you wish so long as you agree to leave me, whomever works for me and the labs alone. I'll leave you alone as well and even give you a constructionship from down within the labs to get you started. Your other option is absorbtion, because i'm not going to waste my time babysitting an A.I. i don't think i'll ever come to trust. Sound fair enough?" She asked him.

Dani looked at Poenix for a minute before her old body resurfaced. It had a decent amount of repair work done to it and had restylized itself to look like stella. Dani had tapped into its wireless systems and was controlling it that way. She walked forward and Took the nemesis's hand. "Shall we go get you fixed Pheonix?" she asked him with Stella's voice.


Viscus was impressed with how genre-Savvy Dani had become, I mean, guess if you ARE going to hire an AI that tried to kill it's owner Twice (Though she only knew of the first time (Rugal), hopefully it'd stay that way).
"...Understood. I agree with the notion that I will not attack you, You're..."Pet" or these labs in exchange for my freedom and the Construction Ship. Farewell Dani, CEO of Aperture Science." Viscus said, carefully choosing his words before leaving, hoping his loophole wouldn't be found out.

Phoenix Nemesis

"Sat-la." (Stella) Nemesis said as she took his hand, glad to see the Vampire (Or at least something that looked like her) after not seeing her since the events of Wesker's Rule of the Labs.
"sore-y." (Sorry) He added, referring to his assignment to capture her for Wesker, still recalling the desperate chase quite well.

Tajuh, Dillon.

Tajuh pulled out two Shortswords and quickly branched out on a side path with Dillon. He knew his way around these battleships, and taking an indirect path would make the numbers manageable. Judging by Rugal's words earlier, it would also be best to keep the two apart.

Slindis has hit Level 21 and is now a Grandmaster of Flowers.

Slindis began moving through the area with Melethia and Rugal, and he could see that something had changed about the woman's Ki in the fighting. Whereas before she had to fight to build up her Ki, now it was naturally regenerating. Alongside that, as he focused on the Paladin, he could notice there was a single flower in the mix of the Ki. Rugal didn't quite know where that had come from, but he got the sudden feeling that it meant nothing good for whoever she was facing.

A large group of the angels charged the trio, Completely confident they would be able to take on the newcomers. Measuring over one hundred strong, they had the numbers and the weaponry to take on the newcomers.

They ran into the small group as the Drow leapt into their ranks, twisting and contorting around the shots.

"You won't stop us."

She brushed her left arm before raising her right arm into the air while she radiated with water Ki that everyone could see then delivered a punch into the ground, causing the entire group to be very forcibly stopped as the Shockwaves from the punch tore through them.

Slindis used the Grandmaster of Flowers Moment Everything is Nothing to stun and deliver 1000 points of damage to the entire group.


While they were stuck in place, Slindis moved over to the highest ranking one delivered an extremely punishing combo. On the last straight, she looked at the large group.

"All are equal at the end." After finishing that statement, the entire group lifelessly dropped to the ground as Rugal felt a burst of Ki radiate from the woman to replenish her.

Slindis used the Grandmaster of Flowers ability Inner Focus after the Combination to regain 75 Ki! Ki Pool: 75 and increasing.

She turned back to the others there and urged them on. "We've got a job to finish."

Caim, Angelus, Ton-Ton, Cadolbolg, and Devon.

As a result of all the fighting he was in outside, Devon has hit level 9! He gained the feat Force of Personality, making his Will Save go off of his Charisma stat.

As Rugal and his group went off, Devon started to play some music from his guitar, and there was something that he hadn't noticed when he had gotten it from Lucifer in what seemed to be an eternity ago: If he held it just right, the guitar could be used as an axe. Or had Lucifer changed it out before he left? In any case, he was pumped up and ready to go.

"Caim, I'm right behind you!" The man's playing gave the warrior a bit more energy and proved to be a strong motivator, urging the Mute Swordsman and his group on to greater heights.

Devon began to Inspire Greatness in the group! The song gives a +2 competence bonus to attack rolls, a +1 competence bonus to Fortitude saves, and 20 temporary hit points to his group. Duration: 4 minutes


Rugal was awe stuck at the sudden increase in Slindis's Ki pool, not to mention the part where she took out several hundred Angels in a single attack.
Stranger still was the sensing a flower petal in her Ki Pool, wasn't really the sort of image that came to mind when he thought of such a powerful attack.
Still, He felt a lot less worried about Tomoya's forces and thus he allowed himself to cut loose.

Gathering as much energy as he could muster, he began to charge a massive fireball while the rest of the team covered him.
"SLINDIS! HEADS UP!" He shouted hoping to get her out the way by the time he fired.
"KAISER!...WAVE!" He shouted as a wall of Ki Energy raced down the length of the Hanger, taking out all dumb enough to get in its way, blowing a hole in the wall as it blew Angels away.


Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Teri

Melethia jumped at the openings given and darted around the stragglers, getting in some slashes and stabs in painful areas as the group made their way onward. "Wheathair, I ain't gonna be holdin' ya an' my mom back!" The young girl stuck close to Teri, making sure that the cleric was well defended should someone come up to try and ambush them.

Slindis easily jumped out of the way of the Kaiser wave, and she followed up with following him down the hallway. The drow's combat had been refined from her combat in the machine, and a single punch was enough to defeat most of the Dark Angels coming their way. "Rugal, never pull that dying act again, would you? I don't want to see Melethia or Teri ever go through that kind of rage again."

"It's fine Phoenix. I know you didn't want to do it." She said and led him off to the staff's quarters. Once there, She sat on the bed and began to see what he could remember about her.

Dani put viscus on lockdown and brought up a jar with something in it. It looked like a spider, but a mechanical one. She extended a cord down to it and plugged into it she took viscus and shoved him into the contraption. It took him a minute to boot up and in that time, Dani had put and sealed a top on that jar. He found a single camera with Dani's yellow eye staring at him in the jar.

"Well, you just agreed for me to set you free in some undisclosed way, to build some undisclosed corporation. I put you inside of a tiny spider bot that is powered by two potatoes. And i'm sending you off in a construction ship that was designed to make a modular potato farm. Toodles Viscus." Dani said and sent the jar packing and off into the ship. She set the co-ordinates for Wyoming. The ship quickly took off and went to its designated work site.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Teri

Rugal advanced alongside the Drow as the Angels came in force.
And left just as quickly by force, both fighters being able to take on the Angels with ease as they tried to stop them, allowing for this exchange.
"Rugal, never pull that dying act again, would you? I don't want to see Melethia or Teri ever go through that kind of rage again." Slindis said as Rugal brought up a Dark Barrier shield on his forearm.
"I promise that if I can help it, I will not let that happen. Though I appreciate the thought on their part and it was interesting to see them unleash their true power..." He said as he threw the shield though the air at the crowd, prompting a "What?" look from Slindis.
"...What? It was." He casually answered as he caught his shield as it came back, coated in blood.


As he was sent off with out a chance to protest, Viscus could only wait out the trip as he began to try and figure out how the hell he was going to get out of that jar in his current form.
[Internal Monolog: ....I'm going to be here a while...] he thought as he realized it was a Toxic Waste Jar and thus wouldn't break easy.
Oh Dani was going to pay for this...

Viscus is now in-active

Phoenix Nemesis

As Dani tired to prompt Phoenix to give her some information on the current state of his memory, The Nemesis motioned for her to stay put for a moment before walking off.
Several minutes later, he returned with something in his hand: A photo.
Dani looked at it, It was of Stella's first day working for him at his Law Office before Wesker got to him.
He was also in the photo, however his entire person was muddled out from years of wear and tear though her side was perfectly intact.
"....So you know who I am?..." she asked, prompting a nod from the Nemesis.
"....But not who you are?..." She asked, prompting another nod.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

Upon seeing Slindis' newfound power, Teri's eyes widened with amazement, and did her best to keep up with the group; her jaw hanging as she moved along.

As she waited for her spells to recharge; Garm and Melethia doing their best to keep the Cleric safe, she noticed something... Strange, going on within her. It was almost like the sensation of gaining a new level of spells, except the Cleric knew that she had not slept recently. Using Sadei to keep herself steady, Teri couldn't help but stop as a heavy, overpowering... Something began to grow within her. Something bright welled up within her. It was akin to when one wanted to scream, but the noise was repressed by one's own mind; when a rubber band was being pulled too hard and was ready to break; the moment of excitement before opening a Christmas present. The Cleric couldn't move as the sensation moved from her chest and to her limbs, the bright feeling blinding her without any possible light source. A tingling sensation began to fall wherever the brightness went, and she gasped when it began to concentrate at her core again.

Another turn attempt burnt away, and Teri let out a loud, shocked cry as she felt her aura grow up and out in a burst; a soothing, healing feeling fell over any close by. For any who could sense auras, it was almost like a flash-bang grenade just went off from within the Cleric.

After the events of the mech battle, Teri has hit level 7! Instead of new spell levels/slots, Teri gains a Pool of Healing and the use of a Positive Energy Aura!

Teri has also, unintentionally, activated the Positive Energy Aura! After burning a turn attempt, allies within the aura are healed 1 hit point per 3 caster levels as long as they remain within it. Undead enemies are damaged for the same amount. This aura can affect 1 target per Cleric level. With all that in mind, the effect can affect 7 allies, and heals for 2 points of damage continuously so long as they remain within 15 feet of Teri!

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Angelus gave a heavy roar as she began to burn any Angel related being around her, the flames of the dragon leaving heavy scorch marks on the floor wherever they danced. Even her great bulk was able to be accomadated here, something that thrilled both her and her pact partner.

Speaking of the man, Caim had charged into a wave of Angels, gleefully making use of the weapon Lucifer gave him so long ago. The Cutie Bruisers followed after their father, Ton Ton making use of his size and going for ankles as Cadolbolg roasted any who attempted to attack Caim in the troughs of his blood lust.

"Ok, lets try some memory association." she said and walked over to the closet. In it were a bunch of Phoenix's suits. She pulled out one of them and alked over to the nemesis and held it up for him to see. "This was your suit Phoenix. Can you say your name for me?" she asked him.

Dani's other attention was focused on the contents of the base and what were categorized. She came across a peculiar object, a gundam pilot, one Millardo Peacecraft. "Hmm... i think i might be able to thaw him out." she said and began a process, then sent out a message to any mercs who are looking to make money.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

As Rugal and Slindis took down their share of the attackers, He paused in battle for a second as he sensed Teri's aura some how getting stronger.
"What in the?..." He asked as he focused just in time for the release.
Reeling slightly from the sensory overload, this allowed one of the Angels to get a free shot at him, landing a hook to the jaw.
Instead of just attacking, he merely glared at the Angel as if you say "You want some of this!?"
Apparently, he didn't as he fled a moment later, pushing past his comrades afterwards.

Getting back to the Aura, he felt the pain from the hook disappear near instantly from the Healing Field.
Heh, Always something new... He smirked as he used this to his advantage, making sure to give a nod of thanks to the Cleric.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix had no idea what she was on about, but something about that suit reminded him of....something, though he wasn't sure what.
Still, he was able to take basic instructions and answered, to the best of his abilities,"Fenix" (Phoenix)
She kept calling him that for some reason, why?

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

Slindis may not have noticed the burst, but the gradual healing from her pupil was certainly noticed as she worked with Rugal to tear a path of destruction through the Angel Ranks. There was a moment's pause as she whistled, and Lupito leapt through a portal on the Astral Plane to get to her position to rip and tear through the enemies. After killing ten of them, the wolf let out a bone-chilling howl that was echoed by Garm. "Good job, Teri! Now keep that up, I think we're about to hit another cluster."

Sadei sounded slightly drunk off of the amount of Positive energy coming off of Teri as she slurred to the Cleric. hey... thish feels really tingly, heehee... like you don't even know! For some reason, Melethia felt slightly off with all the Positive Energy coming off of Teri. Still, she did feel more skilled, and all that fighting the Angels had shown her some intriguing ways to exploit some of their weaknesses.

Melethia is a level 13 character and took her tenth level of Ranger, and she has made Lawful Outsiders her Favored Enemy.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

As the group fought, Devon noticed his Fire Imps come on with some newcomers. Noting their appearance, Devon called out to them. "Guys, please take out their electrical systems! It'll make it harder for them to coordinate an attack against us, and I know you can do it!" The imps chittered before poofing off in clouds of Brimstone, already on their mission. There was no time to rest, though, as an Angel went in for an attack.

He got out of the way at the last second before swinging his guitar at the Angel, doing more damage from the force of the swing rather than the Blade of the instrument doing most of the work. "Gah, for how this thing was supposed to be made for me, I can't do much with it at all!"

The Stella bot sighed, but was cheered up at his name being said. "Ok, you can say it. That is your name. Phoenix. That is what you are called. Your name is Phoenix. You were an attorney. You are an Attorney desipite your current form. I need you back, so i want you to think Phoenix, think about yourself and your name. Think of your suit. Just think." she said to him, almost pleading.

Dani almost immediately got a response. "Wow... that was fast." She read over the application and was depressed just from reading it.

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