The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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David drabbed Shadows hand and pulled it down of the sight.
"Not Here, you moron! You can explain all the causes and catches later. For now, just shut it."
He then returned to his pointless staring out the window, pondering how he was going to kill Tomoya with his new power.


After discovering that just doing bad shit for shits and giggles wasn't very profitable. With permission from the company heads, she opened up the company into a portion of the market previously unexplored in the fashion she did.

The part of the labs she worked in was completely autonomous save for the assembly supervisor, which was her. She sat there all day, watching these robotic pieces come together infront of her, and eventually form an android, looking exactly like a female human. Bot after bot, she observed being created with the same relatively ok A.I. system to server their partners.

"Ok, you're done... Head over to the line of bots over there, wait for packaging and processing." She said to the, sipping on a soda. The bot nodded and went to stand in line with her sisters, no emotions or anything besides the nod.

She hit a button and began to assemble the next one.

Meanwhile, the radar monitoring center picked up an incoming signal. According to readings fro energy scanners, it was powerful.

AIM Bunker: Bison

During the battles between Tomoya and the Rising Dawn, Rugal's Cartel and their Stronghold at the Advanced Idea Mechanics Bunker kept chugging away with Bison heading the operation as Viscus suffered for his attempt on Rugal's life.
He sat in the main operations room, watching over key battle zones and Army Depots on both sides.
As a result, he was the first to know about the incoming energy reading.
"Sir...We have a high reading nearing our location. I think it might be...You know...Tomoya?"
"Hm, thinks he can just stroll in, eh? Bring Interior Defenses up and power up the Power Suppressors. The Dark Angel has no power here..."
"Yes sir."

Thus the AIM Brand Power Suppression field came into effect.


Mizune began to feel tired as the field came into effect, it was harmless, but it did cut her off from her magic while it was active.
The door opened as Doom waddled in, grunting as per usual as he did.
"Huh!?...Doom's never been in this room before...." He said as he entered the newly set up production lab with all the awe of a fat metal puppy.
"Hey, Lady Transformer, When'd we get this?"
It was clear he didn't get the memo, what wasn't clear is that this was on purpose more often then not.

"Doom..." Mizune said annoyed at the field. "Its my section of the business, a product line that while not released yet, has already monopolized the sex toy industry." she said as the next bot was finished.
A bra and panties were put on her. "Doom. This is a "Babedroid". An android specialized to please males and females, serve as a wife essentially. You can have this one, please try not to break her. She'll follow your orders, speaks every known language and can clean up after you. Name her what you want." she said and pulled up a phone.

"Do these idots not know that my work requires a delicate hand?" the combined witch complained and called up the main operations room. "Bison? why is the field up?" she asked.

He answered the call on the comms.
"WELL Little witch. Its tomoy-" He began but was cut off.

"Why am i the only one with any sort of long term memory... It's Rose you imbecile!" Mizune said. "Remember! the Saiyan Girl who still technically owns this company? Daniel's daughter?" she remarked, resisting the urge to break her nose with a facepalm.

The bot approached doom. "Hello, i am a Babedroid, what is my name?" she asked him. she had a white bra and white panties on, a short dark brown bob haircut as well.


Doom was surprised to say the least by Mizune's new product for AIM.
"Name accepted, I now answer to: What?" The Babedroid answered, much to his dismay.
"Yes master?"
"...Wait, What master?"
"{Invalid Command}"
"Yes Master?"
"...Doom is confused..." he said as he and the Robot kept going around in circles over and over again.


"Rose? Saiyan Girl? Owns the Company? Why was I not informed of this? Gah! Nevermind, The field will remain up until I deem it safe to put it back down. I'm sorry if it's interfering with your work, but it's not MY fault the moron's at Security haven't sent your Field Pass yet!" Bison answered back as he tried to get an visual on Rose's approach.
"Besides, Like Rugal would sell us to a little girl..." He said as he put Interior Gun Turrets on Stand-by.

"He lost to her in a fight you moron. Check Viscus's databanks if you don't believe me. I know you keep copies of his memories even if he did fail you. She is to have access to all facilities and personnel. Just throw down the shield before she gets pissed. Trust me... you don't want someone who can bench a tractor trailer without any sort of power pissed at you. And i'll send up my report on my product line by the end of the day." She said and hung up the phone.

AS Bison tried to get a visual on the girl, they finally found the camera she was visible on. She was walking towards the camera and soon her features could be made out, along with the fact there was a bag bag slung over her shoulder along with a scythe on her back. Once there, she leaned down and her face filled up the camera. "Whoever is running this place anymore, DROP THE FUCKING FIELD!" she shouted then stood back up. The last image the camera caught was her boot impacting its lens.


As Mizune hung up, there was a loud bang.
She looked and saw a Babedroid on it's knees in front of Doom with its head blown clean off.
"Hey, I told her not to touch the Hidden Missile!"


"...Rugal lost a fight?....Heh, might be a chance for me after all..." He smirked to himself, lookin forward to regaining his Empire again.
It was around this time Rose came knocking.
"...Oh this can only end well...Lower the field. Worse comes to worse, I'll take care of her..." He ordered, even if she was powerful physically, His Psycho Power and it's effect on human minds would ensure him victory, letting his eyes glow purple to remind himself of that.

Thus, the Bunker latch opened and Rose was now in the complex.

She looked at doom and had a nose bleed from the result of leaving doom with one of the bots. "Uh.... Doom... They're meant to pleasure you... For the love of god just leave and tell bruiser to get down here." she said and stopped the production line, trying not to have another nose bleed.

Rose was soon standing infront of Bison. "I need Cortex and the lazerous pit, or whatever it was he created. then i'll be out of your hair. Ok?" she said to him. It was clear she wasn't too happy. "I want my father back so we can help end this damn crazed angel and be done with it."


"Fine!" Doom said before he picked up his small homing missiles off the ground.
"Doom will play with his Missiles by himself!" He said before leaving the room like a scorn child.
On closer examination, it appeared the bot tried to put one of them in it's mouth, hence the explosion.


"Ok, I'll call for him. Just make sure to inform your "Father" that AIM is more then prepared for any kind of shit he can pull off. The second he drops the ball, All your hard work would have been for nothing." Bison coldly warned, he clearly was not impressed with her power.
That or was really good at hiding it.
{Dr. Cortex to Lazarus Pit, Dr. Cortex to Lazarus Pit, have a "Rose" wanting to get her father revived.} He said over the intercom.
"Let me guess, This is all on The Boss's Tab?" He asked, wondering how did she beat Rugal.

Teri, Garm

Teri took a quick look to the pods, and then back to Lucifer (who was still being attacked with daughterly affection), and gave a small smile to the Devil before running to the Pod with Jenny and Rugal inside; Garm loyally following after her.

After settling in with wolf in tow, Teri looked over the two and asked cheerfully (as she was very unaware of the events that unfolded moments ago), "Any wounds or ills I should know about?"

Caim, Angelus

As the groups began piling into the pods, Caim gave a shudder of disdain, and looked at the dragon with pleading eyes, "Please tell me we're going to fly back? Those things are way to cramped for something going through the air..."

The dragon only chuckled heartily, and wandered behind some rubble as she began stripping off bits of clothing before changing back to her normal form; Caim dutifully gathering them up behind her. With red scales in view, the mute did not need prompting to mount up, and gave a sigh of relief when the dragon took to the skies. It had been too long since they had gone for a flight like this. It was relaxing after a days long slaughter.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Charlie | David | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps (x6) | Gabrielle | Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Kurumu | Melethia | Puce Rugal | Shadow | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

Melethia returned with one of the imps that had been looking for the others and sighed in relief. "Mister Tajuh, I think they're all safe!"

The other imps went over to Devon and told him the information as Tajuh began to speak. "Everyone, we need to head out. Tomoya managed to escape and the major threats here have been taken care of for mow. We couldn't fix everything, but but the various countries will be able to rebuild their leadership. In addition, they will handle the landed missiles here. Now, let's get back on the Rising Dawn and finish up the threat of the corrupted Tomoya!"


Slindis kept a very close eye on David after the scene he had made there. She hadn't seen the events that had started the fight, but the end was something she'd seen quite well. What was that man thinking? Sure, it's finished, but there's something feral about the way that he fights...

Lupito responded to Slindis. That look in his eyes... I pity him. the man's had much happen to him recently, hasn't he? However, we should leave this place now.

They made their way over to where everyone was massing and saw the escape pods.


As the others wound down, Devon did his part to make sure that everyone had gotten to the area and helped ot make sure that everyone got into the pods. There was an ominous feeling that the man was getting, and Tomoya hadn't been killed, if the onformation he was getting was true.

"Yup, and he really has no interests with you or AIM so long as you leave the video game industry alone. He's a bit strange in this younger age, but no where near as mad as he used to be in the older version of him." She said ten left down to the pit. It took a few wrong turns, but she eventually found the room and opened the door into it.

"Hello?" she asked.


Rugal smiled and said "Nothing on my end, Though I will say this..."
His voice became hushed as he said "David snapped in battle and personally, I don't think he's coming out of it any time soon. Keep your distance..."
Once he was done with his warning, they both looked over to the shaken Irishman staring out the window, the blood starting to cake in on him as he twitched slightly.
"Combat stress reaction. Shell Shock, Too much war for him to handle basically. There is only so much the human mind can take before it breaks. You needn't worry about him, I'll start getting him treated for it when we get back on board the ship, for now, we should just wait this episode out. He seems to have become docile and I don't want him to start a fight in here..." Jenny explained to the two as they readied for take off.
"...Well...on a lighter note, Thank you again for helping out on that Nuclear situation. Between you and me, I was starting to get genuinely concerned for out well being." He then said, hoping to change the topic to something else.



Inuart was going about his duties when he walked past Dr. Cortex on his hoverboard who was on his way for Daniel's reconstruction.
"Ah, just the man I was looking to find. Walk with me, I have good news." He said as he held up a wrist bracer.
"Now, finding a cure for Furiae's Mutation will take some time, even for me, but I have developed a means to keep it in check. These Metal Bracers contain a injection system for that Serum we used to treat her earlier. As long as she wears that, she won't be able to Mutate and thus is free to go about the Base, where she's allowed of course. Just keep it topped up every 72 hours and she'll be just fine." He explained as he gave it to him.

"Hello?" Rose asked as Cortex and Inuart turned a corner.
"Ah, you must be Rose, Correct? Dr. Cortex, I'll be the one bringing your father to life today. So....Got a body for me?" He bluntly asked as he prepped the Pit, starting up the Generators for the electrical charge.


At the mention of what happened to David, Teri frowned a little, and shot a sympathetic glance towards the Irishman; her mouth drawn in a thin line,

"Oh dear... No magic of mine could fix that wound. A shame I don't know any arcane spells, I could at least clean him up a little then."

Her head bowed a little in David's way, and she was silent for a moment, no doubt giving a small prayer for his sake. Upon finishing, and hearing what Rugal had to say about the nuclear situation, the Author brightened considerably, and a smile appeared again. Rugal didn't need to sense the Cleric's aura to know that she was practically glowing from the praise given; and found a pleasant distraction in the girl's response,

"Thank you sir, but please know that the pleasure is all mine! Any way I can help here is a joy! It's far better than just sitting on the sidelines, and praying that I don't get hurt..."

Her gaze seemed to darken for a moment, and Jenny was able to sense a twinge of discomfort from... Something. It was too far buried to really get the gist of it, aside that it evoked anger and fear within the Cleric for the briefest of moments. Whatever it was, it was gone as quickly as it came, and Teri looked up at the King of Fighters again,

"I'm just surprised that Speak With Dead became such a big key to our operation! I mean, I figured it'd be good for some recon or information gathering, but not stopping nuclear missiles! Hmn... Also, I had no idea Squishy could hold a charge. A reckless move, but certainly thinking outside of the box."

She giggled a little at the memory and in a semi-joking tone, said, "Maybe I should have you go over my Spell Lists and see what you can come up with! Who knows?"


Inuart blinked at the invention for a moment, but nodded, "Thank you, sir. I'm sure she'll be happy to be out of that hospital bed. I'll deliver these as soon as I am able."

He was about to go about the rest of his duties, but paused when he saw Cortex ready the Lazarus Pit for a new victim; and wondered aloud, "I wonder what he had to do to earn a revival..?"

"Yes i do." She said and pulled out her father's tablet. Rose pressed a number of buttons and looked around. "Give her a minute." she said.

There was a pentagon that appeared on the floor, then hellfire burst up from it. Out of the Hellfire rose Danielle, the Chancellor of hell. "Is it time?"

Rose nodded as lily popped into her human form.
"Okies." Lily said and walked over to Cortex. "So Mr. Cortex, has the machine been modified capture soul fragments; or will i need to help you do that now?" she asked.

"Cortex, you have a few, i need to gather the others of his creation." Rose explained and began sending out calls on the pad.

Attention: Team is now back on the Rising Dawn

Once everyone was on board, the Pods and Transports returned back to the Rising Dawn to regroup and unwind after yet another horrible battle.


Without talking to anyone, David walked past everyone and went straight for the bar.
When he learned it was blown up in the attack, he then went to his room instead to use his own stash to get wasted and hopefully forget about his troubles.
Setting an alarm on his phone for 11PM, the time he said he would meet Shadow for his "Injection", He then began a several hour long drinking session.


"Mmm...Guess if some free time arises..." Rugal said at Teri's idea of looking through her spells.
"But for now, I'm just going to unwind for a while. If you are looking for me, I'll be in my quarters, then into the Sauna-"
"Hold on, this place has a Sauna?" Jenny piped up, she'd spent an entire summer on this ship, but no mention of a Sauna.
"One thing I know about Dillon aside from the fact he was a thorn in my side: He never skimped on the extras." He chuckled before he began to walk off.
He stopped for a moment before turning back and saying "By the way, Slindis! When you get a moment, I'll like to talk to you in private before something else crazy happens..."
Then he resumed his march towards his room.

Jenny meanwhile got up from the Transport and said "If anyone is looking for me, I'll be in the room opposite David's. I want to make sure I'm around in case he does something he might regret. But first, something about nearly being nuked makes you hungry. Anyone want to join me?"


Cortex was surprised to say the least at the sudden appearance of Lily and Danielle.
"...Ummmm...No, I'm sorry, I thought it was just a basic re-animation...We have something that might do the trick, I'll have it brought up." He said before sending a request to R&D.
"....So you all his offspring?...must have been a busy man..." He nervously stated, I mean, one of them was a actual weapon and the other just came straight out of hell!

A few minutes passed and soon enough, there were about 7 females in the room, living, the. About 10 more in coffins or just corpses laying around. "Sisters, I'd just like to say thank you for this. We're all fragments of Daniels soul. He really doesn't sit as a male, but even so, were all daughters of him, her, whatever you wish to call our creator. Despite how different we all are, we're all just him divided." She said standing above the gathered females.

"But now an angel has fallen and our father is gone. We must unite to revive him and help save this universe. We're all prepared to bring him back, not matter the cost. So we await Dr. Cortex and his machine." She said and every female laid their eyes upon him I the room, including Luna, the closest to him. Even the dead seemed to turn to him.

Location: Rising Dawn Medical Bay | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

When the pods arrived back, the Spartan thanked the kids for helping him out of the pod and set a course for the medical bay. Thankfully Alpha (His AI) had crafted a map from Tomoya's date, the ship was definitely large, it had reminded him when he first awoke in the Blackhawke Science labs, then he met Tomoya. After that event Storm had gained his respect and friendship every time he re-visited the Blackhawke after a mission with the RD crew.

Reached the medical bay Storm was surprised to see it fitted with a armor equipping/remover machine. Smiling to himself the Spartan removed the helmet and placed it to the side and walked inside the machine. The machine took a while unlike the machine on the BH but it still was good.

Once the armor was off Storm was in his skins but took them off to put in the wash. So he grabbed a medical patient outfit to put on and laid on the bed and he choose to put the machine in advance scan mode to check if he will be okay. "I hope nothing else is in me... " He sighed as he looked up at the ceiling.

Riki & Kud..
Location: Rising Dawn | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

After the couple left their pod in a romantic mood, the two helped Storm to get out of his pod. The two looked at the tall, giant spartan. "Thanks for the help... what's ya name?" Storm said still tired from everything that had happen to him. "Umm... I'm Kud." The girl squeaked, "Riki... who are you?" Riki said as he stretched his hand out.

"Call me Storm... my real name shouldn't mean anything..." He smiled in his helmet and accepted the handshake. The spartan soon left to the medical bay. "Hmm... I wonder if he knows where it is?" Riki wondered as the two left the hanger to go to their room.

Archangel Michael.
Location: Firehawk | Jupiter.

The Archangel of Fire looked out from behind of Jupiter with a small fraction of his ships. The Archangel was in his battle armor and had both his spear and sword of true fire.

Sitting on his Commander's chair he was greeting and thanking the angels in the Command Center, most of the angels were visiting loved ones in the last place of the good. Heaven. The truth is that part of his fleet was resting and rejuvenating but because of Tomoya they were called back to action.

This applies to most in the universe.
Some wanted justice.
Some wanted revenge.
The truth hasn't been found out yet about Tomoya.
Only Michael has a small hunch about him... but he is the one who wants his brother back.

"Okay everyone... we will wait here until the battle. Then we shall come and attack these dark angels from behind. We aim to take them down, non-lethally... they still have a chance to be good." He said to all of the ships in his fleet.

They now wait.


And what would be such a tender and caring moment for Daniel's Daughters without some roid filled jack off?
Bruiser, being the only one capable to carrying the Prototype Psycho Drive, was chosen to deliver the machine to the women.
"Ok, I got you piece of crap Cor.....Hello~!" The Machoke said as he entered the room, his eyes leering at each one of the fine Females before him.
"Well, well, well...Got ourselves a little party underground, Hm? What you all say we get a few drinks in here, Few party favors, end up doing some crazy shit, Hm?......" He attempted to flirt with the entire population, including the widow Amaya.
"....Been nice knowing you..." Cortex said to the Machoke before running out the room and bolting it shut.
Whatever, they were about to do to him, he didn't want any part of.

"....Do you know how they play ping pong in Thailand?...It doesn't involve a paddle..."

The entire crowd parted, revealing the only other Pokemon in the room. Luna. Yes, it was Luna standing opposite bruiser in the crowd.he had a sinking feeling in him as she had taken out almost the entire team. The one that assaulted the island, only the idiot had been able to defeat her by sheer luck of his armor. He began to back up slowly, the aura giving off of her forced him to. He soon found himself against the wall as Lily began to effortlessly move and hook up the machine to the pit.

Luna soon had her chest pressed to Bruisers's. leaning forward, she planted a kiss on his lips, kissing him passionately for a second before breaking it and staring at him. "Even assholes deserve a real kiss before they die." She said. Then, with a quick duck, she left a close combat fused with a force palm into his crotch. It rocketed him up to the ceiling, leaving his head embedded In the concrete.

Rose used the tablet to message cortex to come back in.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening

Airship Rising Dawn - Canteen:
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps (x6) | Gabrielle | Lucifer

Devon looked at Lucifer then Ella and thought for a moment before speaking to him. "Lucifer, no matter what choice Ella makes, I'll support her. I know it's probably stupid, but in the end, it is her life. I won't let her get hurt. And if I do, there's always the tail end of that contract that I'll have to deal with, but I don't ever plan on hurting her."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening

Airship Rising Dawn - Hanger
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Kurumu | Puce | Ton Ton

"I don't know either... I'm no good at this sort of thing."

The pact partners shifted uncomfortably as Puce looked away in mourning; and Caim spoke up, taking notice on how Puce's current state reminded him of when he felt lost, "... Perhaps there is still hope. My sister lives, and is human again. Perhaps the technology used for that could resurrect Kurumu's body as well?"

"Mmm...Guess if some free time arises..." Rugal said at Teri's idea of looking through her spells.
"But for now, I'm just going to unwind for a while. If you are looking for me, I'll be in my quarters, then into the Sauna."

Teri nodded, "Understood, sir. I'll be at my post, and barring that, my quarters."

With that, the Cleric dismissed herself and wandered off, Garm following close behind.

Airship Rising Dawn - Medbay/Morgue:
Charlie | Storm

When Teri finally reached the Med-Bay, she looked at Garm and pointed towards the Canteen, "Follow your nose, and you'll find food easily. Feel free to go there if you're hungry. Otherwise, I need you to stay outside, okay? No offense, but you did just come from outside. Hmn... I bet you need a bath."

The wolf, being the simple creature it was, only understood one of those words, Stay, and walked in a little circle; settling next to the entrance way to the Med-Bay, head forlornly settling on the floor as his Pup did her duties in the Med-Bay.

As soon as Teri wandered in, she was taken off guard by seeing the complete stranger in the room; and jumped a little, a noise of shock emitting from her communicating apparatus (the Tablet)

"Oh! Hello there! Sorry to bump into you like that. Hmn... I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new to the Dawn? Oh right, where are my manners! "

Giving a little laugh, Teri pointed at herself and said cheerfully, "My name is Teri, 6th level Cleric of God and Student to Slindis, the main Doctor here. However, barring that, my Master has given me authority of primary medic if she's away. Now, with that infodump out of the way, how can I help you?"

In being surprised by the new face, Teri did not notice Charlie's preparations of Elena's body; but the cheerful, mechanical tones of the voice from the Tablet certainly offset the Bone Dragon's somber mood...

Avatar Adventures Universe:

Location: Rising Dawn/Washington D.C./United States of America
Time: Evening

Medical Bay

Right after they had landed Shadow had set out towards the medical bay. He soon reached his destination and opened the door. He looked around for a bit ignoring anyone that might be around him in search of a needle. He couldnt seem to find one and figured he was just oblivious. He soon became frustrated.

"Has ANYONE seen a NEEDLE!!" Shadow shouted in frustration.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening

Airship Rising Dawn - Medbay:
| Storm | Teri | Tajuh

After landing on the ship, Tajuh's first move was to head to the Medbay. He needed to know who'd been injured in the fight, and he needed to take a look at Elena's body while he was there. Granted, he didn't know much about the woman, but the way she had acted was much like those clones in South America...

"Teri, how is the Spartan holding up?" He took a look at Storm, giving space for Teri to do her work.

| Storm | Teri | Tajuh | Shadow

Storm rose from his bed as Teri greeted him. "Nice to meet you, the name is Storm. I am Commander... well former commander of the Blackhawke." Storm waited for a second as he heard something come from his helmet which was right beside him. "Given the information Alpha here gave me... it sounded like I was corrupted for a while which is the reason I am down here. I'm here to see if I am fully purged of that black liquid and to patch myself up.

Storm said as he pointed to the armor remover which had his armor beside it in storage.
Then Tajuh came in and asked how Storm was doing.
"[color=green]Uh... yeah... I also know I was a huge asshole while corrupted and tried to kill you all to protect a friend whom is fully corrupted.
" Storm shallowly laughed to himself.

Then Shadow came in and Charlie started to talk.


Shadow took the needle and thanked Charlie. "It's good to see you again..." He said shortly after.

He then found a stool and sat down on it. It the. Dawned upon him that he was terrible with a needle. "Errr is anyone good with needles?" he asked hoping to get a yes reply.

Location: Rising Dawn, Medical Bay| DC, America.
Time: Evening.

Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

Storm laughed loudly through out the Medical Bay and from what he could see... a morgue as well. Storm looked at the person who just addressed him in a old way. "Aha, I'm not that old... I come from the year of 2553 in my world. I am a superhuman, we are just called Spartans because we never die and fight well in a unit. Excluding me of course... I'm more of a lone wolf... an agent of good, or something like that." Storm sighed.

Storm looked over to the armor machine which held his set of green armor.
"That armor saves us from things you can't imagine. Laser rifles, grenades and even falling from space. We wear the armor because it is one of the best reasons why we are hard to kill but... some times you don't get so lucky." Storm frowned whilst remembering one time where he was escorting civilians onto a ship. The ships exploded and Storm was the only one to survive.

The blood of those people are printed on his suit.
Feeling the corruption on him still, Storm felt like having a shower.
Looking to Teri the spartan smiled. "So doc, am I okay or do I need to do further examinations" The spartan said with a patent look.

A weird language came from the helmet next to Storm.
"Oh... ignore Alpha... he's my AI. Just confirmed that I have 99.9 percent of that corruption out." He smiled.

Location: Rising Dawn, Medical Bay| DC, America.
Time: Evening.

Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

Teri flailed a little when all the men converged on her with all the differing amounts of information/requests and she threw her hands up,

"One thing at a time!"

That's when she began pointing at each man, answering their questions each, "No, Commander Tajuh, I have not inspected the Spartan yet, as I just got here. Speaking of, I think you need a checkup anyways Storm. Go sit on a bed and I'll get to you in a second. Mr. Needle, as I don't know your name, I am proficient at the use of needles to administer medicines, as per part of my training...."

When she turned to Charlie, she paused for a moment, and then frowned, "... Two things. One, that needle had blood on it and needs to be cleaned, and two, you've been bad and have been hiding a wound; which now makes you top priority. If you would be so kind, please sit over there, so I can begin your treatment... Mr. Tajuh, would you be so kind as to fetch me the antiseptic from that cabinet there?"

The Cleric's face, as bright as it had been moments ago, had now taken a turn for the stern. It was interesting to see such a transition from one so young, especially with the somewhat carefree attitude displayed moments ago.

Airship Rising Dawn - Hanger
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Kurumu | Puce | Ton Ton

The dragon laughed at Kurumu's insistence at being a gossip partner, and held up a hand in mock defense, "Very well, all advice towards human emotions of affection shall be directed your way, this I promise!"

Airship Rising Dawn - Medical Bay:
Time: Evening.

Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

Tajuh shook his head at being called commander as he grabbed the antiseptic. "Teri, drop the commander. I'm not fond of the title, nor do I intend on keeping it. However, the status update is much welcomed. Storm, if you want to move around the ship for now with some freedom, it would benefit you greatly to take the examination."

He took a seat by the examining area, ensuring he gave the cleric ample room to work. "Besides, there's something I need to discuss with you about the oddities that were noticed in Elena. I think I know what it is, but we'll need to take a look at the body to make sure."

Airship Rising Dawn - Hanger
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Kurumu | Puce | Ton Ton | Slindis

Slindis entered the hangar from her pod after having fixed up her clothing in the pod and went up to the group with the rather large wolf at her side. She'd likely used her spells to heal up the two of them from the looks of it, and the large wolf sniffed at the wooden Kurumu.

"I hate to interrupt, but do any of you happen to know where the weapons are held here? I'm going to need to train Teri here soon, and she needs to see how the quarterstaff's properly used first before she ends up hurting herself."

Airship Rising Dawn - Canteen:
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps (x6) | Gabrielle | Lucifer

Devon laughed warmly at the offer. "That sounds fantastic, actually. I'll have my steak medium rare." As the food got prepared, he tried his best to show that he was calm when he was actually fairly nervous. Not from the fact that the Canteen had a hole torn through it, but the fact that this was the first time he'd ever eaten dinner with the family of someone else that he was in a relationship in. He'd only had one or two relationships, but they'd all fizzled out due to the two not meshing up.

It probably didn't help that Ella's father was the Prince of Lies, had massive amounts of power, and had a contract for Devon's soul already. Plus, he didn't know if said contract could be rewritten at a whim.

Location: Rising Dawn, Medical Bay| DC, America.
Time: Evening.

Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

Storm followed the conversation and heard Dr. Teri order him and Tajuh give him advice... or a threat. "Doctor's orders eh... don't worry Doc, I'm ready. I might just be a little different since I'm a spartan... well I guess I might be easier judging by everyone on this ship. Storm chuckled as he remembered that this ship had a multiple weird creatures on board.

Storm still laid on the bed and took the patient shirt off and waited for Teri to examine him. He felts that someone was watching him though.
He guessed it was one of the many people on this ship.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening

Airship Rising Dawn - Hanger
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Kurumu | Puce | Ton Ton

Caim laughed, and with a jovial tone said, "Kids, pray for your father, your mother now has a gossip partner. I don't know how long I'll last..."

Ton Ton looked at Caim with genuine distress, "Oh no! That sounds terrible! Are you going to be okay, Mr. Caim?!"

The warrior did his best to look grim and nodded, "For now, I should be alright. However, I do fear for later on... Prolonged gossip has it's fatal side effects, especially to men."

When Slindis voiced her question, Caim motioned in a direction, "There should be an armory right by the training rooms. Whether you find anything familiar to your homeland is there is up in the air."

Airship Rising Dawn - Medbay/Morgue:
Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

Garm lifted his head at the smell of steak, and licked it's chops. No doubt, it's Pup would want some sustenance as well. Earlier she did point in the direction of the smell, so she must have known about something that way.. Getting up, it began to lope away towards the Canteen; silently hoping it could get appropriate food for the both of them.

As for the Cleric in question, after she treated the wound with the antiseptic, she began some light suturing of the wound, using a cure spell to cover the bones before beginning the rest of the treatment.

With a small smile, she answered, "Loud and clear, Mr. Tajuh... As for your question, sir; you really don't want me to answer that...."

Even if she said nothing about her time as a healer, her actions certainly showed a proficiency for the art; especially after that spell she had used to seal half the wound away, and the rest of it was close to being completely sutured. This strange girl, whoever she was, was certainly good at what she did. However, that only brought into question of who she was exactly. From what the dragon could glean, she smelt human; even if her aura was a little off....

Location: Rising Dawn, Medical Bay| DC, America.
Time: Evening.

Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

Storm was fooling around with his AI in the background as everyone talked, then Charlie bought up Tomoya. "Hey... that's a bit mean. The guy is my closest friend in this weird and wonderful world." Storm said outloud to everyone but Alpha said something to him in his AI language. "... what was that... Demon Prince! Well shit." He said to himself.

Shrugging to himself he looked back to his helmet.
"Okay alpha... resumed where we left." Storm instructed and soon a little holographic screen popped up in front of him playing an episode of 'Halo: Legends'.

"That thirteen, thirty seven guy is pretty crazy... yet some what useless. Yet I remember blowing up that alien planet like it was yesterday." Storm commented and Alpha just let out one 'bloop' sound.
"The blood gulch guys... give me a break about them. One day I crash in their little canyon and steal a car... and they all come after me. Damn those dirty blues and those reds can suck it!" He said to Alpha as he remembered his past adventures.

He looked towards Doctor Teri, "Hey Doc... I don't want to hurry you or anything. But I'm sure I smell bad since I was stuck in that suit and corrupt state for ages... " He said out to Teri and Alpha responded. "I didn't eat or drink either!? What the hell!" Storm yelled out in the med-bay.

"... Yeah... no wonder why I'm hungry."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening

Airship Rising Dawn - Canteen
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps (x6) | Gabrielle | Lucifer

Devon paused in his eating of the steak to respond to Lucifer. "It's gotten me where I am so far, and I plan on improving on what I learned there. It's a lot better than just sitting by the side and doing nothing, and we both know that's what would have ended up happening."

He takes a drink of water as he puts in a bit more. "Besides, if I hadn't taken your offer, chances are that Ella would still be in Hell." He looked over at the succubus, still finding how his life had turned out so far to be fairly interesting.

Airship Rising Dawn - Hanger
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Kurumu | Puce | Ton Ton

Slindis tested the staff. It would be workable for the training, but it would have to get improved if she wanted to use it in any actual fights. "Thank you. Not, if you'll excuse me, I need to think out my student's next wave of the training." Out of all those in the room, only Angelus knew what Slindis' training meant. And only she knew that Teri wasn't going to be getting any real rest any time soon.

Airship Rising Dawn - Medbay/Morgue:
Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

Tajuh nodded. "You see, while we were in South America, we were engaged by multiple shades of each other. Judging from how Elena acted, I think that's what we may be dealing with here as well." Before taking Ha Long out of the room, he waited for Teri to give the okay to look at Elena's corpse.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening

Airship Rising Dawn - Canteen
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps (x6) | Gabrielle | Lucifer

The wolf licked Lucifer's hand after being served the meat, and happily tucked into it's meal. Upon finishing, the wolf sniffed the air and noticed the meat on the two leg's plates smelt a tad bit differently from his. Perhaps that was their food? Thus, the bard and Devils noticed the wolf pacing around the servers, looking to grab one of the cooked haunches; but for whatever reason it wanted to do that, was a tad confusing. Didn't wolves eat raw meat?

Airship Rising Dawn - Hanger
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Kurumu | Puce | Ton Ton

Angelus gave a nod to Slindis, and then shook her head, "Best of luck, Paladin. Your student, if anything, is stubborn. That should help in the training, even if she's a bit on the frail side..."

Meanwhile, Ton Ton was still fretting between Puce and Caim, "Wait, are you saying that Ms. Kurumu and Ms. Angelus are going to end the world?! Oh no! We need to get them to stop gossiping!"

Airship Rising Dawn - Medbay/Morgue:
Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

Teri only nodded and gave small "yes sir"s to the Dragon's criticisms, noting they were as scathing as her teacher's. Perhaps she had relied too much upon her magic and was getting over-confident. She would have to study harder. After applying the last bandage, she gave a nod to Tajuh, "He's all yours."

After allowing the Bone Dragon and Tajuh go to investigate Elena's corpse, Teri immediately began prepping for Storm's checkup; beginning with a thorough cleanup of herself after Charlie's suturing. A few moments of prep passed, and the Cleric was quickly on her way to begin.

Procedure followed like any other Checkup, and Teri was surprised to find that the Spartan's skin was pretty tough, for a human looking man. This made collecting blood for testing a little difficult; but nothing too out of the ordinary otherwise. When she finished, she gave the Spartan a pat on the shoulder, "Fit as a fiddle. Now, if you're worried your armor may still be corrupted, I bet a Remove Curse could clear that up right away. However, I won't be able to do that until I get some proper rest... I wouldn't recommend putting it on until you know for a fact that the stuff is purified. Otherwise, you're looking good, Mr. Storm."

Location: Rising Dawn, Medical Bay| DC, America.
Time: Evening.

Charlie | Shadow | Storm | Tajuh | Teri

As Doctor Teri gave her results to Storm he immediately leaped off the bed and put his shirt back on. "Woo hoo, time for some drinks and grub... and a shower." He said to himself as he grabbed his helmet and put it beside his other armor and the armor machine.

Storm looked back to Teri and had a bright smile on his face.
"Thanks Doc, I'll move all this stuff to the hanger so I can prep easily in the next mission... and don't you guys worry about Alpha here, he'll keep outta your electronics and systems." He smirked once more but turned his attention to the morgue. "Umm... Who... who is that?" He got close to the Doctor and whispered to Teri.

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