The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

As Rugal fought his way though the Angels, he noticed Lupito's sudden appearance among them.
Given the current situation, it was safe to say that they were winning, However, the issue of how to deal with Tomoya lingered at the back of his mind constantly though-out the battle.
Still, he was focused on his army's destruction and he was going to ensure that happened.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix began to do just that, focusing on the photo, The suit and "His" Name.
It wasn't easy, seeing how many times his brains were blown out or spattered across walls over the last few years.
Then a moment of clarity:
"" (Maya) He said, recalling the name of his Assistant back when he was a lawyer.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

Teri gave a smile back to both of her 'parents', and concentrated on getting more spells out while this strange-aura-effect-thing flowed through her, something she commented on to her staff as she readied a spell,

"You're right. This feels so strange! I can't even begin to describe the sensation!"

After tapping a button and causing another small piece of parchment to disintegrate, the Cleric tapped her wolf companion, bolstering him with a Shield of Faith as she did so. Following that she began chanting for another use of Protection from Energy, intent upon giving it to her master. If Rugal and Slindis were going to attack Tomoya head on, they were going to need it.

Teri casts Shield of Faith and Protection from Energy - Lightning! Blah blah, read the bottom of page 677.

18 seconds before another 1st level spell, and 12 before another 3rd level spell!

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

As Dillon continued to flail with his Axe, Caim shook his head again, and decided to dip into the wheel. It was strange though, one of the weapons he had placed in there had been taken out and replaced with a random polearm from his collection. Funnily enough, it WAS the one Caim thought of possibly using, so he could not complain terribly.

Drawing Windsinger, the swordsman called out to his bardic companion, "Follow after my lead! I'll show you how to properly knock Angel heads in with that thing!"

In a similar vein, the Cuties were dealing their fair share of death, wherever Angelus, Caim or the rest had gotten to. However, when Ton Ton found himself being knocked off his feet by a well placed kick from an Angel. With an "Ooph!" the little Tonberry was knocked back; and landed flat on his back. When the Angel brought a sword to Ton Ton throat, he scoffed. After all, what was this little creature to a former solider of God? That was when Ton Ton sprung his trap,

"Everyone's Grudge!" and for all around, dark shadows twisted over the Angel; and his screams of terror pierced the air as the Tonberry did his work. For the uninitiated, it was a little unnerving to see the cute little green creature pull that dark of a technique out.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Slindis thanked her student before returning the favor to her and each other member of the group with a casting of Resist Energy-Electricity. "That should give you all a bit more protection in the fight. It won't stop it all the way, bit it may be the difference between Life and Death." Each person there could feel the protection around them, and it would be reassuring to know that there was another layer of defenses up for them.

Slindis expends 90 SP to cast Resist Electricity on the entire group! Lasting 21 minutes for each person, it allows them to ignore the first 30 points of damage of each lightning or electricity-based attack. Any Excess will be taken off any Protection From Energy spells if applicable before targeting the person.

SP left: 176/266

They came up on another good-sized group, but it was clear that they didn't know exactly where the Rising Dawn members were. Getting the drop on them would make the fight a good deal easier. As the group looked at the members, Teri could notice that Melethia was fidgeting around her, which was a bit unusual. After all, in something like this, it felt like she'd be a bit calmer than the cleric.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Devon tried to follow Caim's actions, but the Bard was mot quite as successful. It was hard to explain, but there was some subtleties in the movements that seemed to elude him. Understandably frustrated, Devon took the moment to switch to his shortsword and slashed at the enemies, keeping an eye on the man as he fought so he could somehow find that breakthrough.

His focus was broken for a moment as he glimpsed over to see Ton-Ton use Everyone's Grudge, and it certainly rattled him.

"Heh heh... good job, Ton-Ton..." He hesitated as he spoke, not quite sure what to make of what he just saw.

Entire Team

After fighting off the welcoming party, Rugal motioned his team onward deeper into the massive BlackHawke.
Funny, he always pictured himself attacking the Angel ship at one point, though under MUCH different circumstances.
None the less, he lead them out of the hanger and into the Ship's Manufacturing section where much of the Raw Materials where processed into weapons.

It was still some bit away from the Black Hole gun Tomoya planned to use on the earth, but with the pressure to keep both the Hagane and Micheal's forces at bay mounting, their mucking around behind enemy lines was doing wonders for the war effort.

Back on topic, not only was there now pit falls into active smelting pits with molten metal and less room to work with, but the Angels realized that throwing men at the problem wasn't sorting anything so they resorted to using Firearms and Heavy Armour, Scaled down versions of Storm's Spartan Armor, ensuring that if nothing else, they could take at least ONE extra hit before being KO'd.

Before they even entered the room, there were busts of Advanced Assault Weapon fire in their general direction, they were twitchy, they were losing and even if they won this day, odds are they would just get killed by Tomoya anyway for kicks.
As for the Imps, they're effects weren't crippling (yet) but the lights in the room were having a hard time staying on, meaning most of the light in this room came from the Smelting Pits.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Teri gave a word of thanks to Slindis before continuing through with her spell, summoning a hippogriff of ice to combat the most recent group of angels. After directing the large beast to attack, Teri looked to Melethia with confusion, and asked, "Are you alright, Melethia? You're looking a bit shaky.. You're not hurt, are you?"

Teri casts Summon Ice Beast II! She now has to wait 30 seconds before casting another level 2 spell!

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

After Ton Ton got himself out from under the Angel's corpse, he gave a happy, "Thank you!" before hopping onto a winging over Cadolbolg; and began to chase after the group again; Caim and Angelus' fire not far behind.

The ship was still up in arms, but everything was starting to get very unorganized.
A small percentage of the angels were dead or injured but the others began to want commands from the center of the ship.
Some were even starting a revolt, they had finally overcame the illusion which both Dark Tomoya and his master put over the ship.

Soon enough the ship was split into two factions. Though they looked all the same. The only way you could tell a difference was that the sane crew were in clean uniforms and the zombies still under control were covered in blood. Meanwhile Tomoya looked upon a couple of screens smiling at the mad crew he controlled as they ripped others apart.

AA Shaun, ? & Storm-178.
Location: Blackhawke, VIP Cell Block 1.

"Brother my ass!" Shaun spat out from the iron bars of his cold cell. The young boy in front of him was the reason why he was hurting his characters and his friends. "Admit it ... we are related, I know your thoughts just as you know mine." The young boy in front of him said in a calm yet distant voice. "Then stop doing this. Stop it ... stop it all, take me if you have to." Shaun yelled at the kid once more but only got a shake in response.

"No, I can't do that. I'm doing this to save you. Just like he is. The younger kid said as he pulled out his weapon which had turned out to be a large block of C4. Slowly Storm sighed from behind a wall and came out into sight. "You should really give up kid befo-, "Silence! He yelled out and nothing came out of Storm's mouth.

"Stop abusing my characters!" Once more the Author yelled from his cell. "You really should stop naming characters after us ... I mean this guy? He is nothing like us. Smiled the kid but a laugh came from Shaun. "Stop derailing this thread like Daystar ... I know what you are afraid of, you are afraid of the power and dying ... just ... like ... me-" Shaun was saying but in anger Shaun silenced the whole cell by reactivating the field blocking the outside from inside.

"Now what should I do with you ... a guard dog would be nice." He smiled as he looked down upon Storm.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Before they fully entered the room, Slindis touched her left arm and fogged the area directly in front of the door to provide a smokescreen for the others. Finding the first four men, she did a wide sweeping kick as she fully shifted into the Water stance, proving to be incredibly difficult to hit even at close range. The backing behind that first hit was enough to ruin the protective shielding on the Angels as she delivered punches that mercifully ended their lives before they could feel much of anything.

Slindis shifted to the Water stance. You know the deal by this point, but let's just throw the stats there for the updated Slin.

She also Cleaved, attacking the group at once.

Melethia kept a small distance from Teri as she answered. "I'm fine... just a bit uncomfortable. Now, I dunno why, but my back's really tinglin' here. It's weird, 'cause it's never done this before." Some of the nearer angels began feeling a lot weaker as the group began feeling bolstered.

Due to her connection with the Positive Energy Plane, Teri knew that what Melethia was doing had a lot of necromantic energy behind it.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

As Caim went at it, Devon Called out to the man. "Caim, hold up for a moment. I want to talk with these men." Surprisingly to Devon, the Mute Swordsman actually help off for a moment as Devon began talking to the group.

"I can see that you guys can see reason here because you're more panicked than zealous, so hear me out. Despite what you might have heard, we're only here to stop whatever Tomoya has planned.We don't have any grudge against you at all. At the end of the day today, we've got the way to get him fixed. When you go back to Heaven after this is done, do you want to know that you were only a part of the problem here or would you rather be a part of the solution? It's not too late to start making some real change here."

Devon uses Diplomacy on the remaining Angels, taking 10 on the check to achieve a 37 on the check. Achieving that makes the Angels there friendly to the group!


The Angel were about to open fire until they heard what he had to say and to be honest, given what their job has been like thus far, they was going to die/get punished no matter who won.
This was perfect to set up the pins for Devon to talk them over, after all, Like they had a choice.
"...FUCK THIS, I'M OUT!" one shouted before presenting himself to Him and Caim, arms up in the air.
"Look, I'm surrendering, you don't need to hurt me!"
Soon, what was left turned over their allegiance to the Group.

Dat Diplomacy! Then again, they were dead anyway :/
Either way, The Angels are now on Devon's side

"Okay...D-do you need anything or..." One Angel stammered as he offered to detail some of Tomoya's measures, He would answer any questions Devon asked.


As Slindis started the ambush, Rugal began to take down the more isolated members of the enemy unit, using his Slashing Aura to mimic a knife as he jabbed it into their lungs from behind, preventing any screaming.
"You think you can hide?! HUH?!" One shouted before lobbing grenades in a random directions, hoping to flush someone out.

"Good good, she was your assistant." The stella bot said and thought for a minute. "Can you read Phoenix? Like words and such?" she asked him.

It wasn't long before soul was there, At aperture with Dani's large A.I. body. "Right.... I think you'll fit in perfectly here." Dani said.

Soul shrugged. "I guess...." he said in a depressed tone. "Should i go choose a room or something?" he asked in a morbid tone while looking at the ground with his hands in his pockets.

Dani sighed and the light turned off for a minute. Man this guy is depressing...
"Sure, just head down to the rooms and await orders." she ordered him and the kid moped off down there.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Teri attempts a Spellcraft check to figure out what Mel's doing! She rolls a 12... Better luck next time!

With a bit of confusion, Teri decided to not think to hard about the spell/effect/whatever Melethia was doing, and decided to unleash Squishy alongside her Icy Hippogriff. Pouring out a water bottle in the fog, Teri whispered to it gently in Aquan, "Awaken friend. My allies need your aid."

Teri uses her Daily Usage of Water Devotion to summon Squishy! Any more uses of this feat will burn turn attempts. Current Turn attempts remaining: 3 Fire/3 Undead

The Angels didn't expect a wall of water to come charging out of the fog; especially when said 8 foot wall of water slammed into it's first opponent with utmost ferocity. This was followed by a Hippogriff made of Ice and a terrifying looking black wolf. The three beasts began tearing into enemy forces; striking confusion into the Angels. They came prepared to fight humans, not beasts!

In the meantime, as shots began to start fire off, Teri readied a spell over herself, and upon casting it, a shimmering rainbow field covering her body.

Teri casts Entropic Shield! This gives ranged attacks a 20% chance of missing for 7 minutes! 18 seconds before another 1st level spell can be cast.

It was a good choice, for the moment the shield went up, a grenade bounced off it, and landed about 10 feet away from her. With an attempt to get away, Teri scrambled, but found herself too slow; as the blast knocked her off her feet,


and a few feet away from where she was standing. With a light groan, the Cleric began to pick herself back up; shaking a little from the shock. As she did so, she called out to her allies,

"They're throwing grenades in here! Be careful!"

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Caim watched with a bemused face as Devon was able to convince the Angels to do his bidding. In the meantime, Angelus enjoyed the few moments she could intimidate an Angel with but a glance; her enormous bulk doing more than enough to command respect.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Melethia laughed at the grenade. It packed a punch, sure, but she'd seen better ones. I mean, where was the earshattering shockwave? The salt to add more injury and some insult? A glimpse over at one of the molten pools of metal gave her an idea...

"Teri, have the flying horse-bird thingy dive in the Molten metal! It sounds crazy, but I've got an idea here." Teri could see the devious grin on the girl's face, showing that she had an idea here. Also, she could feel the effects of her own Positive energy Aura healing up the injury from the grenade as well as something else bolstering her. It was hard to place what it was, but it was definitely giving her more strength even if Sadei was shuddering from the effects.

To the dismay of the angels in there, the Imps had done the first part of their job admirably - the primary power was cut, taking out the fans that might have taken out that soupy fog. Unlike most fogs they'd fired into, it seemed to eat up each shot of normal ammunition. One odd thing they were noticing was that they were feeling extremely tired, and the scorching heat was starting to feel more like a comforting blanket on a cold night.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Devon turned to the Angels. m"There are others sharing your opinion, right? Band together and strike back against Tomoya's forces. If you can uncorrupt them, do so, but if it comes between you or them, you have to make the choice that will allow you to do more. If you're unsure of striking back against them, your Boss wants you to be willing to make the right choice even if it's not the easiest one. Also, if there's anything we should watch out for here, that would be really nice to know."

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Rugal was about to take down another guard when, least in his eyes, all hell broke loose with Indoor Tidal Waves, Killer Ice sculptures and Wolfs taking down the enemy.
On top of that, the Fog seemed dense enough to stop bullets or at least make them useless.
All he had to worry about was the random frags being thrown around the place.
As for the Enemy, they were in Henchman hell right now, No backup, no weapons, no vision, no hope.
Most tried to flee from the madness before they were all killed but a few made this their last stand, spraying fire in all directions and using the last of their grenades.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

"The Boss plans to use a weapon in the Research Sector in-order to take out the entire planet with a Black Hole. He wasn't able to do it with the World Leaders still alive and with Launch Capacities. To be honest, there is a small Civil war going on right now and that should slow down the Weapon's activation, but it's only a matter of time.
He also said something of a VIP who gives him power and some kid in the Prison Bay who looks just like that VIP. That's all I know. Most of these guys, the corruption is wearing off, but they still out number us 10 to 1, hence why we still worked for Evil Tomoya.

That and, well, He'd kill us himself."

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix nodded to her question if he could read, but his speech was still shot to hell.
In a attempt to prove this, he read a sign on the wall, albit rather slowly.
"..cow range....liz....mott sauce ouf peer..." (Courage is Not the Absence of Fear) he read off slowly.
It wasn't a subpoena, but it was a start.

Dillon found himself among the other heroes and rugal he looked at his old nemesis.
He was crouching above them, he could drop down on rugal it would be so easy to thrust the tip of his blade down Rugals spine paralysing him for a few moments until death took hold.
However the need for revenge didn't seem so strong.
He observed as the heroes fought, the henchmen were out of ammo and grenades he drew his swords. Red Fear in his right, and Excalibur in his left.
Without a sound he dropped down behind the henchmen his wings making his descent silent.
He then attacked a crowd of them catching them by surprise.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Teri's tablet let out a cry of protest, "Mel! I'm pretty sure he has feelings! Here, how bout this?"

Waving her hands, the Cleric cast Create Water (18 seconds till the next level 0 spell) over the smelting iron, causing an enormous sizzle to fill the room and steam to fill the air immediately. For Rugal; it was almost like visiting the sauna again. In fact, the steam didn't really seem to affect any of the main party.... Save for the wolves and the Cleric who made it in the first place. Squishy and Witherwings took to it well enough, and continued their efforts to take down what few enemies were left, even if the heat was a bit much for their liking.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Angelus, Caim and Ton Ton looked at each other when they heard about the VIPs being locked up; and nodded, knowing perfectly well what that meant. Tomoya had found his Author and imprisoned him; regardless of the Author's consent.

With a furrowed brow, Caim motioned to Devon, "Hey Devon, sounds like another one from your world showed up here as well. Seems Tomoya has him imprisoned... Maybe we could use him for a hostage. At least, a fake one for Tomoya. Gods knows who this one has under his thrall..."

Once the steam had disposed of the enemies Dillon silently snuck up on Rugal.
Rugal found a red edged blade pressed against his throat.
"Give me just one good reason to not separate that treacherous head from your overly broad shoulders. Just one."
The others saw this scene unfold, however they were in surprise these people hadn't known Dillon or the Pain Rugal had sadistically caused him.
Rugal meanwhile would have to be as calm and diplomatic as he could or dillon would give him a very close shave.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Slindis turned and gave Dillon a bone-chilling glare. "There's five reasons in this very room. Let me warn you right now: one drop of Rugal's blood is a gallon of your own." Dillon could see that the woman was someone that was likely Rugal's equal in fighting skill, and the young girl pulled out blades from her bag to get ready to attack the man. Not to mention the huge wolf that was giving off a low growl.

"Get your filthy blade off of Wheathair right now." The young elven girl was eyeing the man up and looking for the best place to strike the man.

The Stella bot smirked. "Hang on, i have something that should jog your memory." she said and quickly created some of the horridly and outlandishly drawn up court documents that ever existed. She printed the abominations out and held up a hand, signaling for him to wait here.

She quickly ran down to the printer and back to the room with the papers in hand. "Can i get your opinions on these papers Phoenix?" she asked him, handing Phoenix the monstrosities. They were bound to make him puke if nothing else.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Teri's aura, although kind and soothing to those involved in the slaughter of the Angelic forces, felt distinctly cold to the boy with the golden wings. With the wave of her hands, and some chanting in the language of Celestials, a longsword of force found itself pointing at the small of Dillon's back, the tip very faintly touching his skin through the material of his shirt:

Teri casts Spiritual Weapon! A weapon made of pure force springs into existence and attacks opponents at a distance, as you direct it, dealing 1d8 force damage per hit, +1 point per three caster levels (maximum +5 at 15th level). In this case, if it hits, the longsword will do 1d8+2 points of damage! 30 seconds before the next casting of 2nd level spells are avaliable.

With a slightly mechanical voice ringing from a Tablet on the girl's side, Dillon heard, "Ditto for the both of them. And one more thing... Garm, to me."

From there, another large wolf appeared, wandering to the girl's side with a look that could kill.

The air hung tensely in the air as the standoff between the women and the boy held out.

Dillon backed off.
"Filthy? This blade is a blade of nobility, something you likely wouldn't understand if you side with a power lusting monster like him." Dillon sheathed his blade, he body was different but the same bitterness was there.
he looked at what he guessed were henchmen or Rugal sizing them up.
He stared at slindis theyre eyes locked into each other, she could see a strong spirit in those eyes, and pain much pain and sorrow.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Slindis coldly walked over to the man, and the woman had a definite presence as she kept a withering glare on the man. "I do not care what your history with this man was, but a drop of his blood is a gallon of your own. Do not test me." There was no panic or stuttering in the woman's statement: only the cold finality of the executioner. If Dillon could sense Auras, he could see that hers was overwhelming, with an Aura of Good mixed in with vast reserves of Ki.

It was clear that the woman didn't a weapon to take the man down. In addition, he felt an odd void within her. Although he didn't know who she was, it was clear that she was someone that you did not want to be on the bad side of.

Melethia continued to eye up the man, ready to attack should he try anything funny. Surprisingly to Rugal, the wolf went by his side to back him up.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Teri moved the Spiritual Weapon away from Dillon's back, but her eyes remained steely as the weapon remained at the ready. If Dillon could sense Aura, he would have noticed that like Slindis, she too had an Aura of Good that radiated about her. However, it was different in the fact that Positive Energy melded and meshed with it; giving those around a light bit of healing; as well as making her aura much easier to detect. Even now, he could see a small cut on Melethia being mended. On the flipside, Dillon only felt a cold chill when he was near to the Cleric; no doubt something that was in the girl's control.

The black wolf by her side only growled as her gaze remained, and anger fueled her distaste as her Tablet continued speaking for her, "Well, Dillon, it seems that your brash nature hasn't changed. But as my Master says, don't do anything stupid; or it'll be your head."

Wait, how the hell did this girl know who Dillon was, much less his name?!

Dillon's wings flared
"Ok Lady you better start explaing who the hell you are and how by the shadows of shakuras yoiu know my name."
Dillon was getting a bit nervous, he was worried these weren't people whom could be reasoned with, he could sense something good about them, this was perplexing, these were not the sort of associates The Rugal he knew would keep the Rugal he knew had collaberated with mad scientists, Evil Warlords, and Psycopaths.
He sighed.
"You leave for a short amount of time and everything you know is flipped on it's head. Next You'll be telling me Tomoya is evil."
everyone stared at him.

While dillon was catching up with the times, he felt a note slipped into his pocket by invisible hands.

if he were to open it and read the note, it would read as follows:

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Glaring Dillon back in the face, Teri did not even flinch when the wings flared. Garm's growl increased, but Teri kept a hand on the wolf's side, keeping the beast at bay,

"I am Teri, 7th Level Cleric of God. I used to aide in Writing the events occurring in this Universe; but that tie has long been severed and any characters bound to me are free to do as they will. The point being is, Dillon, I have read about all that you've done in this Universe. And you don't want me spilling your every little secret to the group before you. Got that?"

Clearly, she was still sore about what had just transpired regarding Rugal; or else she wouldn't have just played that card. Slindis and Rugal knew this very well. She gave her silver staff a light tap on the floor to emphasize her point, and continued,

"As for your question, yeah; Tomoya turned Evil on us and we've been having to deal with hoards of Angels since. You know, they can be a bunch of self-righteous bag of dicks, if you ask me."

Dillon was trying to absorb this.
"Ok let me get this straight, you used to be a god, and know everything about me but don't understand human emotion or have any sympathy because you don't understand why I threatened the spawn of the devil over there oh wait Rugal apparently isn't evil anymore, Tomoya's evil and wants to destroy the world, and apparently Rugal cured cancer since apparently I'm such a bad guy for trying to Punish him for RUINING MY LIFE.

Did I get all that? Because I'm seriously thinking I appeared in a parallel universe where everything is screwed up, either that or someone gave me some bad acid."

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke, Central Chamber.

The battle on the ship had dropped less blood then his previous massacres but people were killing in the most artistic ways. Tomoya only smiled as he closed eyes and checked himself to see how far his repairs were coming along. His lightning powers had already re-fueled but thanks to his transformation into a Demon prince he can only use half the powers he had before.

His shadows powers on the other hand were still charging but since his angel side was corrupted the shadow side of him had only gotten stronger as the seconds pass. "I don't need him I guess, heh ... good. I'll have my final stand and even if I am defeated, I'll still wipe out this universe with me." Tomoya laughed to himself and the echoed radiated in the empty, dark chamber which was only lit by the center of the massive blackhole generator behind him.

Now he didn't care about his so called 'master' but now ... he was his own being just like before this whole corruption deal. "Hope that kid dies ... same with the other one." Tomoya said in a quiet voice.

The ship was half against him and he could feel many, many familiar souls on board. The one he worried about the most was his best friend who was captured by his previous master, a smirk on Tomoya's face appeared and he decided that he would the poor guy out.

The trio.
Location: Blackhawke, VIP Cell Section 1. (Near science labs)

As Shaun was stuck in his cell he was suddenly locked off by a field separating the cell and hallway. "Fuck! He yelled out as he started to punch the field, only leaving a jelly like sound. "Wait ... he wouldn't kill him. He would use him, but ... I guess he would do that." Shaun said to himself but suddenly saw light come from the transparent but unclear field. "And there he goes."

On the other side of the field a kneeling Storm waited and a gun loomed over his head.
"I can't kill you, not unless someone else does. Why did he name you that!" The cloaked boy yelled out as he lowered the gun. Another click allowed the Spartan to speak. "Why are you doing this? Storm said calmly. "Because I won't let me to get hu-" The kid said but only was interrupted by a incoming horde of crazed crew wielding cooking knifes, swords and everyday items.

"Get up and protect me."
"Like I have a choice" Joked the Spartan and he stood up and faced one end.
"Can you take the other side?"
The kid laughed and looked behind him.
"Ahaha, stupid ... you still don't know who I am?" The cloaked kid giggled once more as he muttered two words and a sword appeared into his hand. "Dark Excalibur"

The unholy dark sword appeared in the kid's hand.
"That's cheating ... plus I like the series that sword is from" Storm said as he unleashed his energy sword and one of his pistols.

The Main group. (For when you get near the VIP Prison section, but take your time and such.)

Whenever the group or characters neared the science bay and prison cells they could see that most of the crazed Angels were heading towards the same place. When they got closer they felt the cold chill of evil surrounding them. The group could also hear groups of death and agony.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Slindis kept a hard stare on the man. "The last count the news reports had was somewhere over one and a half billion dead as a direct result of his actions. Rugal, on the other hand, has been here since this problem arose. Before you go accuse him of directly causing this shift, keep in mind that he can't make a profit if the entire world's dead. Honestly, it doesn't matter what happened in the past, because every minute we waste here is another minute that Tomoya has to attack the planet with whatever he's got planned."

From the cold glare, the young elven girl next to Slindis still wasn't fond of him. "Is it starting to make sense, you thickheaded dog? Or do we need to find some footage of that New York City getting completely destroyed for you to understand?" For anyone that knew the green-haired girl, the fact that she was clearly saying each word was another clear sign that she did not think much at all of this man.

Sadei, Teri's silver quarterstaff, had huge problems with how rash this man was and mentally communicated it to Teri. Oh come on, if he was watching over the whole thing from space, how could he not see the huge doomtastic fleet of doom? It's pretty hard to miss, you know.

Slindis spoke up again when she noticed the insults to her student. "Just to let you know, Teri is a human first and foremost. These authors are just as flawed as everyone else, although some of them can see sense better than others. Now then, you can stop throwing the insults around just because you're out of the loop." Now, there were two things that Dillon could note here. One was the fact that Slindis mentioned authors, as if she had personally met more than one. Second was that this Drow was at the wedding which seemed to be an eternity ago, albeit in a much different outfit.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Teri was almost about to relax a little around Dillon, and allow those around her to explain the situation; erring towards the sympathy of one being locked out of the loop; as well as having just dropped the bomb about being an author. It was a lot to take in, after all. However, when Dillon spoke as he did to her, especially the part about 'understanding human emotion'; any shred of sympathy she had flew out the window. With a growl, the spectral longsword was at Dillon's throat, her aura flared to the point of near blinding those who could sense it and Teri (via the tablet) screamed,


She stood there for a moment, and took several heavy breaths before continuing, her face very red in her anger,

"Look, Dillon, I understand that things have been a bit off for you when you've been locked out of the loop; what with being dead or whatever the hell it was you were doing. But let me get one thing straight; that man over there? He's been working his ass off to stop an Archangel who got corrupted by God knows what when he could be making profits from the madness. In fact, I used to be scared of him. But now, he's earned my trust. And you want to know how? That man there, helped all of us out multiple times when he could have let us fall to our dooms, literally, metaphorically and every other permutation of 'y' that you can think of. He's been doing his damnedest to organize the Rising Dawn together, work out strategies and who knows what else to keep our operations going smoothly!"

Getting that little bit out of her system, the blade lowered a little. But, Dillon could see she was far from done,

"And Ms. Slindis is right. I am no god, nor do I claim to be perfect by any means. But that does not mean I don't understand human feelings or lack sympathy. Hell, I have to fight everyday to make sure I'm not overwhelmed by them. But that does not disregard the fact that you are trying to kill someone who means a lot to me. Yes, I am aware of many of the cruelties Mr. Bernstein has committed; but you know what? Saying that he ruined your life only means one thing.

The sword had fallen away from Dillon's throat at this point, and the Cleric's aura moved back to it's normal level of intensity; this time feeling more forlorn rather then angry. This too reflected on Teri's tired expression, which looked somewhat on the verge of tears. Then again, being angry does that to some people.

"Amaya, Luna, or anyone else you claim to love or have loved must mean nothing to you, if you think that Mr. Bernstein's actions have ruined life for you. And quite frankly, I find that sad more than anything.... Now, I've wasted enough time biting your head off... Apologies, Ms. Slindis, for delaying us further..."

With this being said, Teri turned her head towards Garm and leaned into the wolf's side, shaking from the sheer anger she unleashed, as well as re-feeling the wounds Dillon unknowingly opened in his spiel. The thought of a ruined life reminded her of the universe she had lost not too long ago, the notion of not comprehending emotion recalled the Shadow that continually threatened to conquer her mind should she not keep it in check, and just mentioning the term "spawn of the devil" made her wish that she knew how her missing love was doing... If Dillon thought that the faux 'God' before him lacked feelings, then he was dead wrong.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Rugal watched the heat, steam, water, ice, beasts and the unseen effects of Melethia's Deathmark.
He was feeling somewhat redundant, though he was proud of his "Family" and their prowess for Combat.
As he went to make his way towards the next room, he was stopped by the touch of cold red metal on his Adam's Apple as Dillon made his presence known.
"...Didn't you hear what I said back in the hanger!?..." He shouted, while he got why he was trying to kill him, His hearing seemed to be selective.
Still, he talk him down provided that no-one else got invo-

"There's five reasons in this very room. Let me warn you right now: one drop of Rugal's blood is a gallon of your own."
God Dammit... He thought, while they could most likely take Dillon, it wasn't going to help them in the slightest.
Not to mention he didn't want to bring up the whole "Attacking Dillon's home and nearly killing him and his family" thing, Least not now anyway.
What followed was Dillon trying (And failing) to justify his attempted ambush to them, Rugal attempting to get a word in between the two parties, "Now lis-....If you'd just let me-....Can we just all cal-.... Technically, I didn't ruin your life, I just attacked you-...".
Either way, he was pushed out of the argument as he was "Defended".
He had to admit, it was nice to not have to have a highly paid and somewhat corrupt lawyer do it.

Then he claimed that Teri didn't have human emotions.
Oh why the hell did you have to say that?... He thought as Teri verbally tore Dillon's spine out and flossed her teeth with it.
Once she was done and went to calm herself down, He said "...Now then, Shall we just get back to task at hand, Dillon?..." before motioning the group to move on before another wave of enemies arrived.
However, once they dispersed, He grabbed Dillon's arm and whispered "Training Room, Rising Dawn, No Holds Barred, Once this is over." before moving on, giving Dillon something to motivate him on the task at hand.

Now he had to look forward to apologizing to Slindis yet again for his past catching up to him.
Damn that Teenage Bastard...

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix nodded as he took the papers in his hand and looked over the horribly badly made Legal Papers.
To say how bad they were, it was a Bill for the US State of Mississippi banning the ability of the Federal Government stop them from allowing the state to passing a law...
...allowing them to Ban the ability of the Federal Government to Ban such bills.
".....wut?....* (What?!) he merely said as he sat down and read them.
This was the most brain damaging thing he had ever experienced after his mutation.
To Dani, it looked like he was going to tear his hair out if he still had it.
Not even bothering to even try to correct it, he instead turned over the page and attempt to make a complaint about said bill.
Using a Tentacle to grab a pen, he then finished his well constructed argument, quoting several existing laws and regulations, against it with
"...You fucking morons."

The Stella bot rushed forward and hugged him. "Yay you're back Phoenix. I knew horridly constructed legal documents would force you back!" She said happily, hugging the giant mutant.
"I'm sorry you had to look over those papers, but they were the only way to drag your mind back to its old state." she explained to him, looking up at his lovable face.

Phoenix Nemesis

While it was coming back to him, Phoenix still had quite a few kinks to work out before he could really be considered "Fixed".
Still, it was a great start all things considered and for the most part, he seemed to be glad as well, though it was clear he was still reeling from that mental nightmare of a bill.
"...lee dal....dumb..." (Legal Dumb) He said, showing that speech was still hard for him.

She stepped back from him for a minute."Ok, i know your ability to process thoughts and such is up to speed as evidence of those papers." She said then looked at him. "I need you to begin working on papers for the company, to set us up legally, ok? You can do that i assume?" she asked him.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix reeled from Dani after she said that!
She wanted to bring this company back from the grave?! This horrible company that did this to him and so many others? Who violated civil rights on a daily basis!?
He Shook his head angrily as he realized what she was going, using him to help her in some evil scheme.
It'd take a lot on convincing for him to even consider the idea.

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