The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal, Slindis, Garm, Teri, Lupito, Dillon, Storm, Very Important Jerk

Upon hearing Dillon's request, she shook her head as she dodged another swing of the blade. "Call it what you will, but I have absolutely no reason to allow you into my mind!" Upon that statement being finished, she channeled a spell into her fist and struck the VIJ with it, tearing away at the invisibility the person had.

Slindis uses 15 casts Dispel Magic and channels it through her strike! It removes ongoing spells that have been cast on a target with a DC15 to resist the dispelling. (d20 + Caster Level check, capped at a bonus of 10)

SP left: 161/266

Dillon could see from the way she was moving that she could sense the blade as well after the initial surprise, although it wasn't quite clear why. Perhaps that strong Aura of Good meant something? He could feel that his focus was improving, and being within it was increasing his reflexes and fortitude. Unfortunately for him, though, she was being incredibly stubborn with not allowing him in her mind for the Resonation.

If Rugal took a second to glance at this, he would find it slightly amusing as he knew from their talks that if Slindis didn't want someone in her mind, they didn't get in.


The Angel group and Melethia were actually proving to work fairly well together, and they could feel that she wasn't going to drop her backing up of them the moment it got easy.

Very Important Jerk

Shaun: It was either this or we would be locked all damn night again.
Details will be edited at request

The VIJ looked on with a Smug look as Dillon and Slin tried to Dispel his cloak, least until she landed a lucky hit on time during one of his attempted attacks.

VIJ rolled a 14 on his Resist Roll (d20 + 10)

Much to his suprise, he found his invisibility fading fast all of a sudden.
WHAT?! Gah....Grrr.... He thought as his lower body became visible, revealing a casual Teenage Shirt and Jeans get up though it had a "Dark" sort of color pallet.
Before his face could be revealed, he managed to bring in a pure black Spartan Helmet into being from Darkness, much like Tomoya could, and quickly covered his head with it.
"Not Bad at all. But I have already won! STORM! GET OVER HERE!" He shouted as Storm charged to aid his slave master, throwing Rugal aside with his enhanced strength thanks to Rugal falling for his Rope a Dope.
Now aided by the Elite soldier, the VIJ liked his odds a lot better.
All he had to do was keep them busy and Tomoya would do the rest for him.

Rugal, Slindis, Garm, Teri, Lupito, Dillon, Storm, Very Important Jerk



Suddenly the Angel Elite came but Dillon wasn't going to have his time wasted. He kept attacking the VIJ,
"Fine if you want to go it alone then keep that Spartan off my back while I handle this one."
Dillon being able to see the VIJ made the match seemingly fair But Dillon was still unnaturally faster, what's more this angel had foolishly neglected to wear any real armour.
The fight was intense with Excalibur glowing brightly as the two resonated their souls.
"You think you can beat me with that black butter knife? I'm the wielder of the holy sword-"
The VIJ cut him off with a lunging attack; Dillon had to counter it to avoid getting skewered.
"Not bad, but try this on for size." he used Excalibur to stab but as the counter came he twisted his sword and used it to open the Jerk's guard he then slashed him across his torso with Red Fear.
The Jerk stumbled back from the deep gash that stretched across his torso golden ichor spilled from it.
Dillon, didn't stop he kept attacking making little nicks and cuts all over his enemies body, his eyes were intense he had dropped his attitude and was now intent on defeating this opponent.

Rugal, Slindis, Garm, Teri, Lupito, Dillon, Storm, Very Important Jerk

Slindis immediately moved to intercept Storm and began fighting defensively, thinking of a way to break the control as she ducked, weaves, and darted around the blade slices. The punches she was throwing out may not have left much of a dent in the armoring, but but she was sure that the man inside was feeling the impacts of each punch as she took in the quirks of how Storm fought.

There had to be some small weakness she could pick up on here. After all, no prson was without weakness.

Rugal, Slindis, Garm, Teri, Lupito, Dillon, Storm, Very Important Jerk

Teri shivered when she sensed something wrong in the air around Storm, particularly near his hands. Looking down at the blade, Teri gulped, not needing to be think or be told what Negative Energy was when she saw it, or in this case, felt it. Wobbling a little at the concentration of the stuff in her vincity; Teri forced herself to hold firm, and focused upon maintaining her aura, as well as motioning to cast a spell. After the spell was released, a spectral longsword appeared next to Dillon, and the VIJ, a blade that Dillon was uncomfortably familiar with. However, this time, it was acting in tandem with him instead of against him; and began attacking the masked boy with Dillon.

Teri casts Spiritual Weapon! A Spectral Longsword will aid Dillon in attacking the VIJ for 7 rounds, or 42 seconds! 12 seconds before the next level 2 spell can be cast.

As it did so, the Cleric shouted out, "Watch out for Storm's blade! That thing is dripping in Negative Energy and will REALLY hurt if you so much as bump that thing!"

Garm maintained his guard over his pup, in case the one with the tainted blade drew too close.

Storm, Very Important Jerk

Storm made the most of the fact few could get past his armor, not willingly of course.
This allowed him to be far more reckless with his lunging as his slave driver dictated, trying to skewer the drow on the Energy Sword.
With every swing, it cut clean though the walls of the prison wing.
Then it hit her, if that can cut though walls that thick then surely it could cut though his armor.

The VIJ meanwhile had his hands full with Dillon, starting to struggle with the wound he cut across his chest.
So he decided to fight dirty, touching his hand on the ground, he laid a thick pool of darkness that coated the floor around them.
As it spread, he snapped his fingers and tendrils began to climb up from it, hoping to immobilize and bind Dillon for a free stab.
"I'm starting to think you under-estimate me!" He mocked as he then focused on stopping Teri's Spectral Longsword with Dark Excalibur while his tendril trap kept Dillon Busy.

Dillon began to slice through the tendrils his wings spread out to keep them away from his body the glowing wings appeared to weaken these dark tendrils. The long sword kept the VIJ busy long enough for Dillon to slice enough tendrils to be free.
"Actually I was expecting you to pull a stunt like that." he said he used his wings to propel himself forward ending it with a (somewhat crude) roundhouse kick. The VIJ fell over, Dillon readied his blades. Being more clever this time he used his wings to stay floating a foot off the ground this meant he was tacking form a higher point meaning the Jerk had to raise his guard a bit too high to easily block an incoming low strike, and prevented any tendril tricks or being knocked over my a trip.

Storm, Very Important Jerk

As Slindis moved around Storm's attacks, the both of them were surprised to see two long shimmering strips of cloth wrap themselves around Slindis' hands. Said wraps were a light sky blue, matching the color of Slindis' outfit.

She felt the various chaotic energies intertwined within the wraps, but unlike before, they felt more refined. A few punches to Storm surprised her as the Spartan was able to feel them much more easily, and a few areas of frost clearly outlined where she had attacked.

The Girl led him back to the core room where Millardo Peacecraft was sitting witha towel around his shoulders and a cup of tea in his hands. Seeing the large beast, he set the tea down and quickly drew his fencing style saber, pointing at Phoenix from across the room. "What is that vile creature?" he demanded.

Dani quickly responded. "Millardo, calm down. I know you've been frozen for a long time, but everything has changed. I'm going to help him look human again, like he once was. He is not a threat to us, i just want to help him. Please sheathe your weapon." she asked him.

Begrudgingly, the man put his weapon back into its sheathe before finally sitting down once more and picking up the tea again. "I shall not let my guard fall, but i'll take your word Ma'am." The Gundam Pilot said then took a sip of his tea.

The stella bot then led Phoenix over to a chair that rose up out of the panels. "Please sit, i need to get measurements and scan your body."


Storm was still trying to get a decent hit on Slindis when the Handwraps came into play.
While he was protected from the blows for the most part, it was less then usual and sudden ice effect slowly made it harder and harder to move with every strike she got in, up until the stage the armor's Hydrostatic Gel and Reactive Metal Liquid Crystal Layer began to seize up, making it extremely hard to move.

Rugal was finally up and about, his fists bleeding from his earlier attempts to break though the Spartan's armor, and saw he was neutralized.
Walking up behind the frozen soldier, he undid the lock for his helmet, much to the delight of Alpha.
"Oh Thank you! I knew you'd all find a way to sav-"
As the AI talked, Rugal then spun the Spartan around and punched him in the face, knocking him out cold.
"...Him..." She finished as Rugal nursed his fist, that Armor was a lot stronger then anything else he punched.
"God, I HATE the ones with the really thick armor. Ahhh...This is going to scar..." He sighed as he examined his fist, now nearly cut to the bone.

Phoenix Nemesis

While he was still not sure if this wasn't just some attempt to get his blood or something and use it for some god awful weapon, Phoenix still sat down, albeit Slowly.
He remembered the man from one of the Stasis pods and he shuddered to think what he was shoved in there for.
Thus he sat back and waited...

Shaun, Storm-178, The VIJ & everyone else.
Location: Blackhawke | VIP Cell Block 1.

Rugal, Slindis, Garm, Teri, Lupito, Dillon

The helmet the VIJ made was almost destroyed and thinking about his situation the masked man did the only thing he could with his infinite yet limited power. "Author power. Vhange!" the VIJ said in surprise, the black tendrils had turned into lightning. This lightning was not for attacking, the VIJ used the speed to move back in the hallway.

"Hm, my puppet ... no, my other brother didn't succeed. No matter ..." The VIJ pulled of his mask to reveal himself.

"I still have HIM and this ship to kill everything" D.Shaun said in a clear voice but sighed shortly after. "For you who don't know me, I am Shaun Pittman ... Author of Tomoya and these other people." He smiled in a evil yet gentle way. When he said that a muffled yell could be heard from the prison cell next to him.

"Well ... I'm at least apart of him." He said stabbing the Dark Excalibur in the ground and leaning on the blade.

Rugal, Slindis, Garm, Teri, Lupito, Dillon, Storm, Very Important Jerk

"God, I HATE the ones with the really thick armor. Ahhh...This is going to scar..." Rugal sighed as he examined his fist, now nearly cut to the bone.

As Teri maintained her concentration on the Spiritual Weapon, she waved Rugal over, calling, "Get over here and it doesn't have to. Just don't break my line of sight with that guy... I don't like where this is going..."

Her Spiritual Weapon remained poised as Teri's hand hovered over Rugal's and Positive Energy flowed into the wound, healing it completely. An interesting fact Rugal noticed, was that it did not require an incantation like her normal spells. Odd....

Teri uses 8 points of her Healing Pool to fix Rugal's hand. 32 Points remain.

However, he also noticed the Cleric stiffened upon seeing the VIJ removed his mask. Almost like her wolf, her hackles seemed to raise; and she spat at the Shadow before her, the Spectral Longsword trained at the Shadow's neck, "Where is the real Shaun? Tell me quickly, Shadow, or I will not hesitate to stick this down your throat."

Shadow? That was a familiar term for several involved. In fact, as they spoke, Our Dear Cleric's Shadow shook in anticipation, one part in excitement for a kindred spirit to come out and play, and the second curious about what the 'real Teri' would do about it...

With Dark Shaun revealed and fleeing Dillon then turned his attention to the Elite he dived down and struck at the elite angel; who's armour was stiffened, As Dillon suspected the stiffened armour was weak, as he fell down the armour was cut severely, down the back.
Dillon went to work slicing up the backside of the angels armour, as a finisher eh sliced at the shoulders this cause the angels chest armour to fall off of him completely.
"I think you can handle it from here." he told Slindis smirking.
He went over to regroup the others.
"Anyone hurt?" he saw Rugal's bloody hands.
"Ok stupid question."

Rugal, Slindis, Garm, Teri, Lupito, Dillon, Storm, Very Important Jerk

Rugal was taken back by the fact it was a Author who caused all this, Guess what Viscus said about Red Mage and how they needed to be freed from beings that would kill en mass on a whim was right after all.
"An Author?....Oh wow...You....I am so angry right now, I can't even...." He said as his face cycled though several emotions.
"Right...I am going murder you. Painfully." He bluntly said before running towards Dark Shaun, Slashing Aura ready for blood.

A large number of tentacle like wires came out and hovered over his body. They began to close in, but soon shot scanning lasers out over his body. They sat there gathering his dimensions asDani explained to the man what had happened with Phoenix.

Millardo stood up and walked over to Phoenix with pride and confidence held in his body. "I apologize for before, i was only recently thawed out from my sleep in cryo and my mind is not at its sharpest. However, i went into there because i felt i needed to protect and await my Master's return. Miss Glados and Master Justin went to sleep in there a long while ago and apparently haven't woken yet." The man explained then took another sip of his tear before setting the cup down on the plate her was holding.

"From what Dani has told me in the short amount of time, you've had it rough. I apologize for the unfortunate circumstances you were forced into. These sorts of things should never happen to anyone. Might i ask what has transpired in the labs during my extended leave? you seem to have been here longer than anyone else here."

In the background, The stella bot was surrounded by wire tentacles reprogramming her and changing things in her.

Post moved.

Shaun, Storm-178, Dark Shaun & everyone else.
Location: Blackhawke | VIP Cell Block 1.

Dark Shaun was surprised at the cleric's question. "... really ... really!" He said as his head wondered around looking at the environment. "This IS a prison bay." He smiled as he looked to the cells on his right. "The bad thing is ... this is MY ship." D.Shaun said as the environment's aura changed.

Smiling as Rugal charged the shadow Author waved his hand.
Was the only word he said and a shape of metal stopped in the path of Rugal.
It was a cross, yet there was blood on it. Rugal should of recognized it easily.
"I was saving this for you, something you used to caused pain to two people!" D.Shaun said as he looked ahead at the group, wondering what he can do. He knows that Tomoya already betrayed them, but what can he do.

Phoenix Nemesis Note: Speech in {} is un-translatable

Phoenix went to answer the man, but from the moment he started, it was clear he wasn't going to understand a thing from all the growls and grunts he made while speaking.
{Well, from what I gathered, this place went bust until a man named Wesker took over and...did...this to me. He lorded over the place for a while until he was blasted into space or something. Since then the place has fallen into disrepair and monsters took over it, they were only cleared out recently. Now I just want to get the hell out of here and go home if I even have a home to go to.}

Thus, Millardo just stood there with no idea what the hell he was saying.

"Right..." He said.If you work on you pronunciation, i might be able to understand you. Might i suggest Rosetta stone?" He said then had some more of his tea. "Now, i'll bid you farewell, as i must go and check up on my Gundam, Epyon. She has been in cryo as well, to prevent rust damage. I bid you farewell." he said before departing.

The Stella bot had been finished and was stood up on its own. she was still trying to gain her bearings when soul walked in.

"Oh god no..." Dani said as the wires around phoenix retracted and she sent the processing for the mask and cloak for him.

He walked into the room and looked at Phoenix and then at the newly born Stella. "Hi... I guess... If you're ok with it i think..." he said, his tone immediately making everyone in the room feel depressed.

Shaun, Storm-178, Dark Shaun & everyone else.
Location: Blackhawke | VIP Cell Block 1.

Slindis delivered one last punch to Storm, although she made sure that said punch would only make him lose consciousness. As the man slipped, she removed the weapons that she could and moved them away from the man to see the cross pop up and saw the young elf drop from the ceiling vent. "Melethia, keep calm. Rugal, you've changed We both know that!"

The young elf nodded as she went next to a deeply growling Lupito. "I'll calmly beat him into the ground, mom. It's the best you're getting."

Shaun, Storm-178, Dark Shaun & everyone else.
Location: Blackhawke | VIP Cell Block 1.


Teri had long stop thinking of the Spiritual Weapon at this point, and auto-ed to be a bother to D.Shaun until it dissipated. In the meantime, her Tablet had begun floating before her fingertips as she rapidly began to type away. If he was going to play Author Hardball; she'd be happy to serve. With a hasty hit of the 'enter' key, the cross was hit with a bucket of water and began to rapidly corrode; falling to the floor in a pile of rust. Staring D.Shaun dead in the face, Teri's words were crystal clear as they rang from her tablet:

"You're not the only Author here, Shadow. Dad, have at him! Dimitri, find the location of the REAL Shaun."

"Commencing scan now. I'll alert you when I get the first update..."

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon, Tajuh

As the group began traversing the halls, and said halls were getting smaller and smaller, Angelus had taken the down time to revert back to her human form; a change that was somewhat welcome to all. Not worrying about being crushed was a wonderful thing. As they rounded a corner, they saw as a smaller group was gathered around a passed out soldier (Storm), an angry Rugal and the Cleric... who's Tablet was floating? Of course, that's when they heard:

"You're not the only Author here, Shadow."

Caim turned to Devon with shock and pointed, "You know him? He certainly seems to know the Healer..."

"It matters not, Caim! What does is that we've a rogue Author on our hands! There's no time to waste!"

"Exterminate his ass!"

And so, with the Cuties getting ready to deliver death from above, Angelus and Caim readied themselves to begin their frontal assault.


The King of Fighters paused when the Cross came up, recalling that time he forcefully extracted Tomoya's power.
From the looks of things, it seems like the Author was just as upset about that was Tomoya was.
"...Oh crap..." He sighed as he backed slowly up, noting the dozens of needles that has dug into Tomoya's spine and body.
Lucky, Teri removed it from play with her own Author powers.
Following some words of encouragement from Slin, he barked back "Yeah, I mean, Sure, I should have been tied in a room and slowly drained of my essence for the rest of life. And I'd totally understand why I was there. But Noooooo...You had to bring everything else, Everyone Else into this because facing me like a man was too hard for you. Well, you want this blood? Should have got it yourself rather then have some Emo knock offs get it for you!"

Thus he pounced for the kill as everyone else went in to attack.

...Huh....this went a lot better in my head... the Dark Author thought before set about trying to fight the incoming characters, failing in his task as he was stuck by Rugal with a large hook first, which sent him into Caim's Sword, Angelus's Fire, Ton-Ton's Knife, Cadolbolg's claws, Teri's Spiritual Weapon, Dillon's Sword and so on.
All of them descended on the author in a horrible flurry of attacks, none of which stopped and asked themselves:

Why would a Author let himself be imprisoned on his own ship? The Answer?
As Rugal laid the last hit on the Author, they found out why.

As a rather cruel "Fuck You", he bound a copy himself to his Good side, whatever he felt, his other-side did too.
And he watched it all on the cameras, Rugal bashing the copy's face in, Shaun reacting to it on the other.
"...More popcorn Tomoya?"
"Yes Master, Got any salt?"

This went on until Dimitri found Shaun's cell open and the writer trashing on the ground in pain and feeds from the other-side of the ship showing Dark Shaun and Dark Tomoya...
"....Oh my-MY LADY! STOP THEM RIGHT NOW! THAT IS NOT THE REAL DARK SHAUN!" He shouted as Teri as Rugal gleefully strangled the copy's life out, unaware he was also killing someone else.[/quote]

Shaun, Storm-178, Dark Shaun & everyone else.
Location: Blackhawke | VIP Cell Block 1.

Slindis immediately went to stop Rugal the second Dimitri passed the message over. "Rugal, Hold on" Tape the mouth shut if you have to, but you can't kill him! You're wasting your energy!" Seeing that he was still thoroughly into it, she lifted the man like he was a stack of books and put him to the side.

Lupito held Melethia back by blocking her, disappointing the girl.

And Devon noted as he wasn't really able to do anything that Tajuh hadn't even bothered to join the fight. Had he known the whole time?


"YEAH! WHERE IS YOUR GODHOOD NOW?! HUH!? GET OFF ME!" Rugal shouted as he was dragged off the dead Author by Slindis, something what was bound to tickle Angelus's funny bone, seeing how often she did the same.
Nearly lashing out at her before he confirmed that he was in fact dead, he calmed himself down and said "...Problem solved. Now for Tomoya..." as he fixed himself up, unaware of the situation with the real Shaun.

All the while on the feed, Shaun, while still alive, was clearly in a bad state as bones broke and blood vessles busted from being on the meta-psychical end of a massive beating.
Thus he just slumped on the ground and passed out from the pain.

Phoenix Nemesis

The Mother of all awkward silences filled the room as Soul walked in, resulting in the trio of Phoenix, Stella and Soul just staying still and glancing at each other.
"...That man in the chair is a perfect representation of my true inner pain..." Soul stated, causing Phoenix to retort {.....You think you have problems?....No...wait, you do......uhhhh....}
He then began praying that Dani would hurry up already.


The whole gang and the unlucky Dark-Shaun

Dillon stopped himself before he stabbed the copy woith his blades.
"You know I suspect someone is somehow going to turn this into saying it's my fault." he said trying to alleive the grim circumsytances with faked bitterness.
"Teri Is there any way you can heal him and the good side will be healed too?" he looked at the almost Dead Dar shuan, he felt a bit of shame he had almost let hius id take control, he was angry at himslef for almosyt letting himself handing all over all control to his insane side.
he flew over to the Good Shaun.
"Your the one I know, the friend I had so long ago." His eyes had lost their intensity.
"You have to hold on, I-I couldnt live with myself If I was responsible for your death."

Too many names...

As Dimitri's voice filled the air, (as well as Garm pulling her away from the scene), Teri looked at her tablet in confusion as she had the feed playing on the screen. Almost immediately, horror filled her eyes, and the girl scrambled to climb atop her wolf; a desperate, "Garm, we need to get going!" falling out as she readied herself for the wolf's charge. After Garm was certain that his pup was ready to go; he pointed himself in the direction ordered by Teri and sped off; leaving anyone watching confused.

"I can feel my inner depths reverberating with the pain and suffering filled inside your grunts and other noises that have come from your mouth..." he said looking down the to his duel disk. "Oh... yeah... I want to fight... you... not that i want to hurt people... i just want to get it out of my system..." the depressed guy said. "So... uh.... I guess i challenge you... yeah... that works..."

Stella finally gained her surroundings and her eyes immediately focused on Pheonix. "Is that.. you Phoenix?" she asked, nervously approaching him.

Too many names...

Seeing her student head off, Slindis called to Lupito and the Mother and adopted daughter rode off after Teri. The ship still wasn't safe, and she wasn't going to leave her student alone.

Meanwhile, Devon Casted a Cure Moderate Wounds spell on Storm, bringing him awake again. "Second time in the past two weeks. You sme kind of masochist?"

Too many names...

Surprising enough, Teri found no difficulty in getting to the Real Shaun's cell. Perhaps it was the chaos that the group had caused scattered Tomoya's forces willy nilly?

"Or maybe we killed all of them..." she thought grimly as she Garm turned a corner on Dimitri's call and then,

"We've arrived..."

Hopping off the wolf with a "Good boy!", the Cleric rushed into the cell with the dying Australian, getting various tools out of her satchel as she did so. Turning the boy on his back, she gave Shaun a look over and shook her head, "This doesn't look good... Garm, fulfill your name and guard the door."

Teri is taking 10 on her Heal check, which brings her Heal check to a 21! It'll take 10 minutes, but Shaun will live! Also, he heals for 6 points of damage, on account of Teri's skill trick, Healing Hands; which gives a d6 of healing when Teri stabilizes a dying character!

Shaun, Storm-178 & everyone else.
Location: Blackhawke | VIP Cell Block 1.

The spartan sighed as he awoke once more to the sight of Devon. "How much do I have to pay this time?" He joked to Devon ass he awoke to the pain in his face. "Ah, ah ... ow. I don't like getting beat up that like, but at least now I can sympathize with puppets." Storm said as he got up and picked up to equip his helmet. A frown appeared just on his face as he placed it on his head, he didn't like it how they had to violate his suit to 'save' him.

As the systems checked to see everything was okay Alpha came up on his screen. "Feeling better." A happy voice called out to him, yet when he heard her voice a smile appeared on his face once more. "Yeah I do, but I have to check on him." Storm said as he stood up sighing as he saw the state of his armor and looked to Devon, "Thanks for the heal, I'll need to pay you back some day." He waved at the powered authors and walked away.

Storm came in time when Teri had healed Storm, the spartan loomed over another version of him wondering what to do.
He wanted to save him from this universe and send him back to his world, yet the voice of justice called out in him wanting him to go before the judgement of God or something. Shaking the feeling he concentrated on the Author's health.

"I'll carry him if you want. Wouldn't want him to run or worse ... die." Storm said grimly as he looked at the boy. "We should hurry though, their ultimate weapon is almost charged. We have to both destroy the controls and Tomoya..

Dark Tomoya & Dark Shaun.
location: Central Chamber.

The two central forces collided in the main chamber. Dark Shaun stood by the entrance and Tomoya was sitting on his throne smiling. "Why ... WHY ... you should bow down to me! The dark Author yelled at his own creation but only got a smile back. "Ah, ah, ahh ... what will I do with you. Sorry kid but I have my OWN will now, just like your whole self gave the past me a long time ago." Tomoya only smiled and drank a glass of wine. A dark frown came from the Dark Shaun, the kid decided to suddenly charge the fallen Archangel and use his author powers.

Using the replica of Excalibur again slashed at the Demon Prince. "Ah, ah, ah, you didn't say the magic word." Tomoya joked as each slash was deflected by a invisible force while Tomoya sat on his throne. Dark Shaun raised his hand and attempted to crush Tomoya with the chamber walls but as it got into Tomoya's range it stopped and returned.

"I'm sick of this ... you are mine now." He could only said as he made a swatting motion and invisible slashes began to tore open Dark Shaun, only leaving him kneeling. Tomoya hopped off his throne as walked in front of D.Shaun, "Serve me and I will ensure that your full self won't be harmed. Tomoya said still with a sadistic smile.

D.Shaun only frowned but bowed to the villain. "Fine ... what can I do?" he managed to spat out, Tomoya only laughed as he sent the kid to the main controls of the Blackhawke gun to make sure it fires.

What am I going to do with all these names? D:

As Slindis rode off on the wolf with Storm in hot pursuit, Devon went over to Dillon and shook his head. "Really? You're going to try and put the blame on yourself? Get a hold of yourself. Teri and Slindis went after them, and I know for a fact that Slindis can bring him back as long as he didn't permanently lose any limbs. Believe me, Shaun's in good hands to face whatever's coming up next." If Dillon were to focus, he could feel the taint of Hell on the man, but he otherwise seemed on the up and up.

Slindis, Teri, Garm, Lupito, Storm, Shaun, Melethia

Slindis entered the room right when Teri had healed Shaun. Although this man was possibly the main reason behind what had happened if the clues were correct, she knew that letting him get killed would be the greater punishment as she placed both hands on the Austrailian.

"Live, so that you may see exactly what it is you have wrought." Her hands glowed and Teri could feel the massive rush of Positive energy flow into the man, utilizing the areas that had already been set up for a full healing by Teri to restore him,

Slindis uses one Lay on Hands attempt, instantly healing the author for 186 HP! Uses left: 3

After Storm's message, Slindis put a thumb on the ring and talked into it. "The man has been healed. Everyone, we need to get to the main command area before they fire off this weapon!" This message was able to be heard by everyone that had gotten the rings earlier, including Riki and Kud. Unfortunately, since Dillon had not gotten a ring due to him not having talked to a member of the Hagane earlier, he was not able to get the message.


The second Rugal heard the order, he answered "Copy that, We'll meet you there. Okay, We're the Advance team. Dimitri, give me a route to the weapon, ASAP. EVERYONE KEEP UP!"
Stepping into his rightful captain role, he led Dillon, Devon, Caim, Angelus, the Cutie Bruisers and Tajuh out of the Prison, sprinting quickly as he did so.
Dimitri quickly gave a map to Rugal's PDA.
"Sir, I've sent a cop-"
"Relay the directions to me, can't stop to check!" He interrupted as Dimitri began to act as a sort of Sat Nav, leading them to the room housing the Black Hole Gun.
"Turn left in 100 yards"

Ship's Bridge (Tomoya, Dark Shaun)

"ALL UNITS READY!?" Dark Shaun shouted over the intercom to the firing team as Tomoya watched, ready to punish his Author for any misgivings during the firing.
"Target set, ready to fire." His underling answered, much to the duo's delight.
"Perfect...Main Screen." Tomoya ordered as a feed of the weapon came up, ready to kill all in the world.
"...Oh, this is what it was all about...READY!....AIM!.....FIR-"
Before he could give the order to seal Earth's fate, The power for that part of the ship failed, plunging both him and the Weapon Crew into pitch black darkness.
Dark Shaun panicky looked over the status of the Weapon: Offline.
"...ummmm...The....Power is out..."
" have got to be kidding me. HOW?!"
"I-i-i-i-i Don't know!...." he stammered as Tomoya pressed the tip his sword against the back of his neck.
Dark Shaun was in for it now.
"...Fix. It."
"...Yes, my Lord."

The Imps that Devon Sicced on the Ship's Power Grid had paid off in kind.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix had no idea how to react to Soul's strange...whatever it was he was getting at, He didn't want to fight, getting his limbs blown off and sliced off hurt! a Lot! Even if it couldn't kill him.
Suddenly, all that faded from his mind as Stella came back into being.

He nodded to her question of really being Phoenix and sprouted a Tentacle from his shoulder to reach a pen and paper behind him.
He wrote the following on it:

Yes, I am Phoenix Wright, though thanks to the efforts of Wesker...
Still, I am who I say I am, proof?
Your name is Stella, you used to be a vampire and are uncomfortable about having to swim.
Think. How many people where there when I asked you to help me get to the underground Ruins of Blacknoah?

A simple fact check would prove that it was infact Phoenix Wright in the shell of the Nemesis T Type.

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