The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Team Wrecking Ball

With Dimitri on duty for navigation, finding the way to the Weapons Control Room was a breeze. Readying their weapons/equipment/whatever, the group was not surprised to find another group of Tomoya's forces inside upon arrival. After all, this WAS where the black hole gun was being kept.

Caim and Angelus gave each other a quick smirk, and the pair charged in, fire and blade at the ready.

The Cuties took a similar route, with Cadolbolg flying high into the air for Ton Ton to leap from (and hopefully, get a drop on someone.)

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm

With Shaun's condition restored to normal, Teri gave a thankful nod to Storm's request; "Thank you, Storm. But please, do not hesitate to call to attention being sore, stiff, tired or any of the like. I am here for just that reason."

Cleaning off her hands with a water bottle and some cloth (to which she refilled said bottles with a quick Create Water spell) the girl got up and looked to her Master and Melethia; "Sorry for running off like that. If the Real Shaun were to die off... Well, I don't know if he released Tomoya from his life like I did for those under me, but I doubt it would be pretty, death or no..."

After Slindis shouted her command, Teri nodded grimly, scaling Garm again and looked to Storm; giving a clear indicator she expected him and Shaun to ride the wolf with her.


Dillon looked at Teri, knowing the good Shaun was going to survive he wasn't in any emotional distress.
"You told me Tomoya turned evil, and not my kind of evil the real actual evil."
Slindis and the other five looked at him.
"Teri.... what is he talking about?"
Dillon sighed.
"Look being human I have selfish needs and desires, it's amplified into making my Id an entity within my brain and occasionally he'd hijack my mind and make me a jerk. It's easy to spot because my body physically changes.
So if you want to take umbrage with the fact that I have inner demons to fight, then well who here doesn't?"
He flared his wings and became airborne.
"I'm pissed now so can we find something to break?"


Team Wrecking Ball

When they entered the room, they saw the Dark Angel Tomoya Enter the room with a silent flash of lightning with the element radiating from him. It wasn't quite clear why it was not affecting the various electronics in the room, but perhaps the flickering lights in the room were from him draining the electricity in there. Not seeming to really care about Caim and Angelus killing off the primary defenders, he hovered over to those at the panels and gave them a withering glare, and the lightning flashing around him punctuated exactly what this failure would mean for them.

Just to make sure the others with a ring knew what was going on, Devon whispered into his ring, and everyone else with a ring heard the message clearly in their head.

"That Tomoya's one of my illusions. Don't attack it, but try to act like it's him. I can't give it sound, though, so keep that in mind." After that statement, he kept an eye on the room from near the entrance as he focused on keeping the illusion up.

Devon casts Silent Image! DC15 for the angels to disbelieve the illusion, and 12 seconds before another spell.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm

Slindis turned to Teri as she got back on Lupito with her daughter. "I don't fault you for your judgement, but get someone else to head with you next time. I understand Garm defending you, but neither of you have any real defenses. For better or for worse, you aren't built for any sustained combat." With that, she she led up the rear with Melethia turned around to fire off arrows at those trying to sneak up on them. Luckily for them, the group of Angels Devon had helped see sense were spreading word to the other freed angels, making their path a good bit clearer.

Team Wrecking Ball

Angels rolled a 1 and are unable to tell Tomoya from the fake in the room

Rugal made a bee-line for the weapon's controls the second the team breached the room, hoping to disable it before they could fire.
He was nearly there when Devon released his Silent Image of Tomoya and used it to instill fear and panic in his men as they tired to get the gun online, allowing them to be picked off easier.
Then another Brilliant idea formed.
"TOMOYA!....IT'S OVER! SURRENDER WHILE YOU STILL CAN!" He shouted with the hammiest acting he could muster at the Image as he systematically smashed every computer and console he went past.
"YOUR WEAPON IS IN RUINS! YOUR ARMY IS DEFEATED! WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT, EVIL DOER?!" He shouted while reaching into his pocket and typing a message to Dimitri:
"Get all screens broadcasting this over the ship."

As Caim, Angelus and Tajuh routed the last of the guards in the room, Rugal made his intentions clear to Devon, to send out a live surrender of Tomoya all over the ship, causing the last of his men to flee and leave him defenseless.
Soon, a live feed of this was all over every single screen in the ship for everyone to see.
Brian Blessed would be proud.

Ship's Bridge (Tomoya, Dark Shaun)

All the while, the REAL Dark Tomoya watched, his eye starting to twitch at how badly everything was going.
"SHUT IT DOWN! NOW!" He shouted, not keen to loose the last of his forces to such a ruse.
"I'm trying, I'm trying!" Dark Shaun said as he was unable to override Dimitri's hacking, seeing how he didn't know how to counter act such cyber attacks, he was a Mass Communication Student, not a Computer Programmer!

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Misc. Angels

As they went to leave the Prison, the "Surrender" went live, causing anyone who was still hostile to freak out, their leader was surrendering!?
Some stood awe-stuck, others broke down and wept and the lucky ones to change to the Heroes's side cheered.
For the sake of convenience, lets just say Dimitri brought them up to speed on the plan as it happened.


Dillon watched Rugals over the Top performance and gave the most epic of facepalms one so great those around him were compelled to facepalm with him.
"SUBTLETY, YOU NEED SUBTLETY, You can;t just screamn how screwed he is you need to slowly, savor the moment. Like this needs some serious work, your acting is AWFUL"
Dillon sighed.
"Whatever lets just get this thing over with, then we can move on."

Team Wrecking Ball

The Dark Tomoya in the command room glowered at Rugal before taking a knee before Rugal. He was clearly furious at what had happened, but the lightning was sputtering out, making it clear to those that believed the Illusion that he'd lost a majority of his strength in the battle before.

Holy shit, that actually worked...

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Misc. Angels

Slindis turned to Dillon as she was clearly annoyed. "Look, it's working. is that so hard to admit?"

"It... it... realy is you!" She said and took a few stops forward. "But how am i alive? last i remember was being killed by some nazi..." she asked, not bothering to notice the fact that her shredded clothing was only just covering herself.

Dani answered that one. "Your soul is apart of me now. Well, the shattered fragments of it anyway. But i put your memories and recreated your personality based on your memories into an android body. You're not the original, but you're still Stella none the less. The only unfortunate thing is that you're not considered a person, you're considered property under law and Pheonix here owns you." The female explained.

Meanwhile, Soul was pulling out his deck and shuffling it. "One does not simply ignore my challenge..." he said, his personality becoming darker and more twisted with a look of insanity appearing on his face.

Team Wrecking Ball

Angelus, taking notice that the forces around them had stopped attacking, halted Caim, who was about to stab some poor bastard in throat, "Caim... They're done. Keep at the ready for stragglers, but nothing else needs done with them...."

Hearing these words, Caim's blade fell away from his (almost) victim's throat, but that didn't stop the warrior from giving him an intimidating grin:


"Don't move too much. If you know what's good for you."

Taking a similar cue from their parents, the Cuties gave intimidating looks of their own; which wouldn't have worked most of the time, were it not for the fact that the duo were covered in blood.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Misc. Angels

Teri, on the other hand, had a hoot about the hamming acting over the Tablet, "Oh my god, it's so hammy it could be served for Christmas dinner! I LOVE IT! A shame it's already over... Hamming it up is fun..."

Team Wrecking Ball

"AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! HE HAS SURRENDERED! YOUR BATTLE! IS LOST! YOUR WAR! IS OVER!" Rugal shouted while off screen prompting his "Supporting Cast" to cheer in time with his Speech as the camera panned over them, covered in Angel blood.



"...And CUT! That's a wrap people!" Dimitri said, getting into the fun as his avatar sat in a directors chair as he cut the feed.

After his acting session, Rugal double checked the gun was unable to fire (Read: Smashed the controls a second time) before saying "All Rising Dawn to my position...I know you are all tried and beaten, but so is he. He bleeds too. Therefore, he dies too." over the rings, beckoning everyone to his location.
Taking a seat and grabbing a drink, he catched his breath after his roaring rave in front of everyone.

Hostile Angels

Broken, Battered and defeated, the Angels loyal to the Dark Demon Prince reported to the Hanger, escorted by the resistance Angels to be cured of their corruption.
Movement around the entire ship was now free as no-one dared to raise an arm against the "Victors" of this war.

Phoenix Nemesis

The Nemesis did his best to smile despite his mutant form at Stella, this must have been hard for her.
Writing down again:
"Look, if you want, I can make you a legal human being, not "Property".
Also, Dani: I will never assist you in anything, but...thank you...for everything..."

It was clear that the events here was the best thing to happen to phoenix for a long time.

Looking over to Soul he "Said" {Eh, guess that body will be a while anyway, I guess I could go for a game or 2}.
Thus, he set himself up to Duel.

"No, it's ok Pheonix. I know you'll be nice to me and will treat me well. I'm fine with it in all seriousness." she said to him then looked over to Soul and her eye began to twitch.

Souls entire body language had changed, he looked insane, yet composed and confident. The straps on his jacket had come undone and he looked like a true evil villain. His voice also sounded deeper and more evil as well. "Well, well, well. Seems the Dog finally accepts the challenge. Prepare to fight Mutant Dog!" he said and drew his seven cards.

With a smirk He placed a card into the field slot. "I play Magic Citadel of Endymion!" he said and the entire room seemed to disappear as they were now in the courtyard of a magical citadel.

Then he placed a card face-down in the Trap/spell card area before summoning a monster. "I summon Defender, The Magical Knight! in defense position." he said and with a burst of wind, the knight was standing before them, roughly the same height as Phoenix.

The knights armor clinked with the cobble stone floor as he levitated down and stood there. He seemed as real as the world they now stood in, the warm sun beading down on Stella and Phoenix. "And i end my turn."

Phoenix Nemesis

{....Now that's just rude...} Phoenix groaned as he attempted to find some cards he could play against Soul but finding none.
With a confused look on his face he asked "memesis...ned...carrs..." (Nemesis Need Cards) clear enough for Soul to understand him.
He hoped the young man would be kind enough to lend him a deck of his own.
In his search, he picked up a reasonably clean sheet from one of the other chairs and draped it over Stella to protect her modesty.

Team Wrecking Ball

After the last of them fled, Devon took a seat for a much-needed breather. Even though that illusion had paid off big-time, he knew that if he had slipped up for even a moment, the illusion would have been revealed for what it was. That kind of stress after the fact would eat at anyone, really.

"Water, coffee, tea... I don't really care what it is, I need a drink here." As he plopped down in a chair, Rugal could see that the stress from pulling off that kind of illusion had worn him down, or perhaps it had been making it so believable that wore him out.

Tajuh checked up on the others there, satisfied that the ragtag group for the most part had come so far for this. There was still the issue of Dark Tommoya, but they had the momentum on their side.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Misc. Angels

As they neared the Command Center, Slindis and Melethia asked Teri the same question at the exact time. "What's Christmas?"

"No cards you silly mutant. This is a battle." he said and drew another card. "I summon Breaker, The Magical Warrior!" he said and played the card in attack mode.

He smirked. "Attack My Warrior!" he ordered and the knight charged forward and was soon infront of Nemesis. He took his Rapier and sliced down at Phoenix's tentacle, aiming to chop it off.

Team Wrecking Ball

When the tension broke, Caim called for a glass of wine, if it was avaliable. With the first hurdles cleared, it'd be a nice post-battle victory before taking on Tomoya. Settling in a chair, the warrior held out a hand for his draconic companion to join him, to which the dragon rolled her eyes; and pulled up a chair of her own. Perhaps if they were in more private company, she would have accepted the invitation. Here, among battle compatriots and the like; the dragon still felt the need to keep up her image, however flimsy it was.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Misc. Angels

"What's Christmas?"

The Cleric's face fell slightly upon hearing that question, but after reassuring herself that the two came from a universe where her God wasn't worshiped, began an explanation about the holiday:

"Well, generally speaking, Christmas is about gathering together family and loved ones together and celebrating that bond that all of you share. There's some religious connotations involved as well, as it's the Christian day of celebrating the birth of an avatar of the Christian God; even if there's still stuff up in the air as to whether it was really his birthday or not. But, you don't have to be Christian to enjoy it! Different people do different things; like decorating the house and cooking certain foods. There's all sorts of stuff you do! But the biggest tradition was the gift exchange on the day of. Essentially, everybody buys each others; and in my case I often made things, for one another and the presents would be wrapped up in colorful paper. They were really quite pretty to look at at times..."

As she talked about all these things, she had Dimitri bring up various images of Christmas related paraphernalia, trees, tinsel, and the like littering the screen as she talked about these things. Of course, Slindis noticed that Teri's expression edged towards the melancholy as she spoke of these things, but she continued,

"However, what I always remember the most was the stress that went into it. Getting the presents for everyone, mocking up the tree, cleaning the house before relatives arrived. I actually kind of hated it from time to time. But now... I... I feel a little petty for thinking that way; especially when-"

She stopped there, but shook her head, even when her eyes looked a little wet, "Heh heh, I'm sorry! I'm making it sound horrible! Really, it's meant to be a day to celebrate family and kinship, I promise! I guess talking about it just reminds me of home when I'm talking about it!"

Dillon shook his head; he tentatively put his hand on Teri's shoulder.
"Are you alright? Can you pull through we're almost at the end? I don't want to seem rude but," Dillon let out a sigh.
"I'd prefer if we could finish this then I can find out my fate afterwards."
That was all Dillon could admit but the others could tell he had doubts, what he didn't let on was that if these were the only heroes around then he could forget trying to be a hero, the heroes of the Rising Dawn, of HIS Rising Dawn, would cast him out in a second.
He readied his swords.
"Sometimes I don't know if the world is worth saving these days."

Dillon felt another note slip into his pocket.

There was a dark and evil laugh that filled Dillon's head when the hands retracted, leaving the note there.

Team Wrecking Ball

Unfortunately, there was no drink to be found in this room as the imps continued tearing apart the electrical systems. Thus, Devon hesitantly got up and kneeled down by Ton-Ton and taled to him with a somewhat dry voice. "Man, Ton-TOn, you're always getting dirty. LStill, that's why I'm here to clean you up." He cast the Prestidigation again, quickly cleaning up the Tonberry and leaving him with a light tingling from the magic.

Devon casts a Prestidigation, Cleaning Ton-TOn up! 18 seconds before the next level 0 spell, 6 before the next level 1 spell.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Misc. Angels

The Cleric shimmied away from Dillon's touch immediately and closer to Garm's muzzle as Slindis chatted to Teri on the last leg of the journey. "This festival sounds like it has much in common with Tirasday, so perhaps we could celebrate it next time it comes up? I'll look at the calendar for here to make sure, though."

After that statement, she turned her attention to Dillon with more than a bit of anger in her voice. "You honestly think that you and you alone can make the call on whether this world is worth saving? Really? What do you say to the billions of people when you eventually die if you say no? 'I'm sorry, but your life wasn't worth it?' Tira, the more that you talk, the more you show what kind of man you are! And to think that until recently, you were the captain of the Rising Dawn? Honestly!"


Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm,Dillon, Misc. Angels

Dillon read the note seeing that picture imagining what horrors his wife and kids were enduring something snapped he fell to his knees hands clutching his head. Slindis's words Didn;t really Reach DIllon because the note had caught his attention.
Dillon's turmoil was harsh they could see his aura flicker as if something was consuming him.
His aura changed, they couldn't tell what it was before something that they would later learn (if they looked with open eyes) was an aura of good, changed to a sadistic cruel aura of malice, his hair became Raven Black his eyes no longer blue but yellow with slits for pupils and elongated canines.
A laugh escaped his insanely grinning lips.
"He licked his lips.
"It's been a while since I was free, (giggles insanely to himself), Poor chap must really be losing his mind, can't really blame him when everyone wants a piece of you it's hard to keep it together."
He laughed like a hyena.
"But your no fun to play with perhaps there's someone else I can hurt, I'd love to watch them bleed and make them look while I cut them into little pieces.
He laughed insanely and flew down a corridor looking for prey, looking to hunt.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Misc. Angels

As soon as Dillon fled off threatening to attack others there, Slindis immediately went to the ring and communicated with the rest of the Rising Dawn. "Attention all members of the Rising Dawn: Dillon has gone rampant. Subdue if possible, but be warned: he is out for blood. If it comes down to it, keep in mind that you only get one life!"

Team Wrecking Ball

Slin's warning came in to everyone there, and Tajuh called out to everyone there. "Everyone, on guard. Dillon's likely headed here. Rugal, from your chat in the Hangar, you've dealt with him before in a fight. Should anyone else know ways to take him down, bring it up now. Remember: we're the only people stopping Dark Tomoya."

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Misc. Angels

When Dillon changed into his alternate self, Teri couldn't help but roll her eyes and mutter, "Oh for fuck's sake..." as her fingers flew over the keyboard of her tablet. Feeling some of her energy being suddenly cut from her being, she shuddered visibly as a hail of tranquilizer darts flew Dillon's way, several sinking into his skin as others clattered harmlessly on the floor. When the winged man twisted around to see who the perpetrator was, he found that his movements were far more sluggish than normal; and then... Darkness took his vision as his body slumped to the floor.

Teri patted her wolf gently on the head, and 'said', "Let's go boy. I'm pretty sure at least one of those hit. Why do I do that to myself... I hate making weaponry... Dimitri; scan ahead for signs of life, and let us know if you pick up Dillon..."

"Will do Madam.. And try not to Write in too many weapons in the future. It's not good for your health."


Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm,Dillon, Misc. Angels

Dillon fell into uncouncousness, his body began to change back, his hair very quickly became its normal dirty blonde, if one could see his teeth or eyes they would also be reverting back to normal.
The tranquelizers were low power as Teri Didn;t want anything to potent on due to her constraints, Dillon woke uo a few minutes later when he did he realized he was screwed. he slammed his fist into a wall.
"Good job DIllon now they're gonna hunt you down and possibly kill you.'
he sighed He looked at teh picture again instead of anger it brought tears to his eyes.
"Im so sorry" he curled up leaning against a wall and cried. his sobs echoed off the walls, making pinpointing him an easy task.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Misc. Angels

Slindis heard the cries and quickly led the way to the sobbing Dillon, calling to him while Melethia kept her hands on her equipment.

"Dillon. Get up. You've the energy to do that, do you not?" Although the Drow's voice was extremely stern, she hadn't gone and attacked the man yet, which was definitely a good sign for him,

"The fact that you lost control was certainly troubling, but you did not shed any blood from that near rampage. So tighten your bootstraps, get yourself together, and focus, for Tira's sake! We don't have time to keep wasting on you here, and we still have to get rid of the corrupted Tomoya."

Melethia called to her mom. "Mom, why the heck aren't we attacking him here? He's tried to attack us multiple times!"

Slindis turned back to her daughter. "There's the key word: tried. Although he has a disturbing lack of control over his emotions, the fact remains that we shouldn't be attacking allies. Defending yourself is perfectly fine, but that's as far as it goes. Assaulting them for no other reason than you not liking them is extremely shortsighted, and it quickly winds up with having absolutely nobody at your side. I'm sure Captain Cage told you about that while you were on the Banshee, didn't he?"

The girl glowered at Dillon, but she didn't go and attack the man for now. If he decided to lash out at them again, though, she wouldn't be holding back.


"Attention all members of the Rising Dawn: Dillon has gone rampant. Subdue if possible, but be warned: he is out for blood. If it comes down to it, keep in mind that you only get one life!"
Rugal's eye's narrowed as he heard that and he answered "I warned him...I'm en route..." before making his way towards the scene of the situation.

As Slindis defused the situation, he arrived in time to re-ignite it.
"Dillon, What the hell is this?! You've been back less then an hour and you already lashed out at us twice! Now I don't care what sob story it is this time, but it can wait until Tomoya is taken down..."
He then paused as he thought about the disabled weapon.

"....In fact, you can leave now if you want. with his Weapon offline and his army pacified, Tomoya's threat as been neutralized for the most part. Even if he somehow manages to get past us, there are plenty of men out there ready to take him down. He isn't leaving here a free man. Now either get out of our hair or falling into line. We are not dealing with this again. Understood?"

Phoenix Nemesis

Nemesis stood still as the blade stuck him, taking off a handful of his tentacles and a few fingers.
He glanced at the Warrior with a disgusted look.
{....You did not just do that...Did he just do that?!} He "said" to Soul and Stella, starting to realize what kind of game he was going to play with them.
{....Oh....You want to hurt me?....} "WAL TA HIL WIT TAT!" (WELL TO HELL WITH THAT!) He roared as the duelist as this fight got underway.

Keen to extract revenge, he reached his hand out to his side and shot out several tentacles to grab his Rocket Launcher.
He took aim and fired and Breaker, The Magical Warrior, was blown away, his helmet rolling on the ground to the feet of Defender, un-nerving him.
{....Your turn...} He growled, clearly displeased.

Dillon heard Rugal's words, some part of him wanted to agree to leave, but something about Rugal giving him orders just angered him. his wings reformed and he flared up floatuing a few inches above the ground hius eyes were intense.
"I'm not leaving until Tomoya is dealt with you seem to forget that he's an archangel no wait if he turned he's a Demonic Prince, I was a fraction of that kind of power and I threatened the world, he's too dangerous to be left alive. Now lead the way so I can meet an old friend."

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Misc. Angels

As the heroes dealt with the renegade, a voice could be heard singing along with the sounds regular gunfire and explosions. "All the Dreams we were building......." The group soon heard cries of agony from a distant hallway, each being abruptly silenced in a slight yet regular rhythm. "We never fulfilled them.......". "PLEASE! I HAVE A FAMI-"- The pleas were silenced by a burst if shotgun fire. "Could be better, Should be better......" "WE SURRENDE-" The last scream was stopped with what could be a flame grenade, they hoped anyway.

The doors slammed open, revealing a the silhouette of a man in a Wizard's Hat, shotgun at side. It was Fionn, holding a sack over his shoulder, and a foot-long sub in his left hand. He kicked the last angel to the floor before placing a shell to her head, he looked up at the ensemble. ".....What?"


About time... Rugal thought as Dillon looked like he was about to go to war.
"Good...Now stop trying kill us, plenty of time for in-fighting after Tomoya's been dealt with." He said as Fionn walked in.
"...Seeing to the Surrendered, I see..." He snarked as he stared at the man a-
"...Where did you find a Foot-long?..." He bluntly asked, quickly forgetting about Dillon.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Fionn, Rugal

Slindis looked at Fionn killing the Angels without restraint and made a note to talk to him about thins when they got out of the ship. "Fionn, I do not mean to lecture you, but you do realize that they've surrendered, right?" She was also making it a point to keep clear of Dillon, as he was still highly unstable in her eyes. Considering all the mood swings the man had gone through in the short amount of time that she'd already known him, it amazed her that the Rising Dawn had lasted as long as it had under his care.

Melethia, however, seemed a good deal happier to see Fionn. "Mister Fionn, how's that gauntlet working for you? I'm sure it's protected ya well!" The elf pointed to the silver and purple gauntlet that Fionn was wearing, and it appeared to have hardly been damaged.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Fionn, Rugal

"Fionn, I do not mean to lecture you,"

"Then don't". The Magus interrupted the Paladin-Monk, it should be clear to her at this point that he wasn't in the right mood for a discussion about the merits of giving mercy to a group who just annihilated an entire city as an after thought. Fionn set about plucking a few feathers from the Angel's wings. Opening the sack, he dropped them in.

" .....but you do realize that they've surrendered, right?"

"More or less." He closed the sack. and grabbed the sandwich. "Who knew they had a Food Court on board?" He looked over to Rugal, "About a few hundred yards that way." He pointed to the hallway he just came from, bodies of Angels scattered across the room, with the corpses frozen in various twisted and agonised expressions.

"Mister Fionn, how's that gauntlet working for you? I'm sure it's protected ya well!"

"Why yes madame! It's been great at blocking their blades, and I discovered that the electric effect works on Angel blood too! Has a great amount of applications I have to say." He took another bite out of the sub, looking over the ensemble.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Fionn, Rugal

Rugal leaned towards the hallway he just left and admired his handiwork.
Impressive...Reminds me of Caim...Almost feel sorry for them now... He thought as Slindis and Fionn conversed.
"While I understand why you feel the need to kill everyone of them, end of the day, it's not Tomoya your killing, just the Help." He stated as he eyed up one with a rifle stuck in a rather uncomfortable position.
"....Still, don't think they'd give us the same courtesy if we were surrendering and Micheal did say that they go to Heaven when killed..." He added, showing he wasn't objecting entirely to Fionn's killing spree.

Teri, Melethia, Shaun, Slindis, Storm, Dillon, Fionn, Rugal

Melethia nodded and gave Fionn a high-five. "See, I told ya that I'd do a good job with it! Ya ever need some more stuff made for ya, ya know just who to find!" As the green-haired elf looked over the gauntlet for any flaws she may not have anticipated, Dillon noted that when it didn't come to him, Melethia was downright cheery and upbeat.

Meanwhile, Slindis gave Rugal and Fionn a disapproving look that clearly showed that killing the Angels that had surrendered cic not sit well with her at all, even if she was holding her tongue on that for the time being.

" and Micheal did say that they go to Heaven when killed..."

"Pity, they could actually learn from their mistakes then." The sheer arrogance of these "guardians" was sickening to him, to just show up after the destruction caused by their own people and still claim to be able to look over the planet...... He sat on the sack, continuing to dine. "So children, what have we been getting up to?"

"See, I told ya that I'd do a good job with it! Ya ever need some more stuff made for ya, ya know just who to find!"

"I'll keep that in mind then! Would you mind me giving recommendations to a few people?" He chuckled as he pulled out a bottle of water. "I know a guy who could use a new pair of greaves......." He looked down at the ground now, the thought still on his mind as it had been. You don't need them anymore though, do you?


Smirking at Melethia's eagerness to make weapons, Rugal couldn't help but picture her in her later life, designing countless weapons for his Cartel.
Forcing the thought out of his head, he then added "Fionn, Did you hear any word from our unit's outside? Namely Micheal's Forces, The Hagane wouldn't dare fire on the ship with us inside, but I don't trust him as much..."
It was then he sensed the displeasure radiating off Slindis from this slaughter of the POWs.
"...Still, don't waste your time on them, they're finished and have their own problems. Killing them ain't going to bring Preacher back..."

"...Still, don't waste your time on them, they're finished and have their own problems. Killing them ain't going to bring Preacher back..."

"I'm being lectured about restraint from a War Profiteer....." He rolled his eyes as he finished the sub. "Its more than just revenge mate. I'm going to send these cherubic twats a clear message....." He kicked the sack to point it out to Rugal and Slindis.


Inside the sack was possibly hundreds of Angel Feathers, detailing just how many he killed.
If he went with one Feather per Angel, it'd be a lot.
"...Quite the count..." He said for lack of anything truly meaningful to respond with.
He was right, He was the last person to talk about restraint.
"...Guess doesn't matter what I say now...Hm?..."

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