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Dani smiled. "Ok, you'll come to consciousness in your new home." She said and walked up to him. "Sleep well." Dani said placing her hand atop his forehead and absorbing him into herself. She didn't completely fuse him into herself, but none the less, she took all of his memories with her as well, leaving copies there. She then cloned his A.I.; putting it back into the system dazed and confused.

Then, Dani dropped the barriers and left the computer open to be worked on by the technicians. She pulled herself out of the computer and into her own body. The girl stood up and looked at the technicians. "You're free to do what you want with him." she said then began walking away, confident in her new plan..

Rugal ("Okay, Fine Mark! If It'll shut you up!")

Slindis watched as Rugal walked in shortly after Lucifer's episode.
"He deserves to suffer for what he's done... Now... not when he's fated to die... NOW!!!"
"That won't be necessary..." He said with a calm voice, gaining the attention of both him and Teri.
"Mr. Bernstein?...How lon-"
He raised his hand to silence her.
"...Not while we have..."Other" Options..." He added before pulling out his PDA and typing in a message with one hand, not taking his eyes off the pair for a second.
Then he hit send.
"It's Over. He won't be a problem anymore..."
He then turned and left the Training Room, leaving Bruiser's unknown fate to speculation.
Slindis noted he suppressed a little chuckle as he walked off.


After Dani logged out, the Technicians began to brutally rip out the AI's core and began to violate it.
Viscus, even with no emotions, was grateful that wasn't him.
As for him, he began to examine his new surroundings within Dani's files.

Wesker meanwhile was back on his feet and looking for her, hearing a awful amount of screaming from Mizune's lab.
Eh, wasn't his problem.
Thus he re-grouped with Dani in the hallway, now urge and shakes free.
"Still don't understand why we didn't finalize that product..." He thought out loud.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Hallway
Rugal | Slindis

After that fight Slindis followed Rugal, slightly drained from the attacks but otherwise fine. "Go ahead and say what you will, but that was eliminated with no real issue. We should be fine now."

Airship Rising Dawn - Med Bay
Devon | Ella

Devon felt that something was off about the way that she talked, as it completely clashed with what he'd known about her, but he just kept one hand on her shoulder as he got in one last statement. "Say what you will, Ella, but just know that no matter what, you'll have someone to come back to." He kept a sad smile on his face as he took the hand off Ella's shoulder, letting her go off to do whatever it was she had to do.

After all, he loved her. And if you love someone, sometimes you have to just be a support for them.

"Wesker... we need to talk about some things. In private." She said and walked down to her quarters with him. Closing the door when they got there, she sat down on her bunk and looked at him. "Wesker, i know you don't want to be supervising a bunch of drones of people sending out weapons to guys who will wind up dead in a few years anyway. Right? you want more. Right?" she asked him, looking up at the guy.

Rugal | Slindis

Forcing the evil chuckles out of his system in time to talk to Slindis, Rugal said "Good to hear, but it's merely a small part of a bigger problem: Anyone can just walk in and do whatever they want. While we can repel them easily, this is still a issue that has to be addressed. Further more, Training is Cancelled for the day until I find out how the hell that thing got on board..."


"And you think that I'd get any further to my goals if I just went and leave? You don't understand, It's not just weapons. It's Tech. It's Money. It's Power. I can achieve more here then then out there. Oh, I've tried to go solo, Even got by own lab, Aperture Science it was called. I came close to a achieving my goal, but until the chance to do so again comes up, I shall remain here....
Is that all?..."


"yes, but you didn't have atleast 20 other lives inside of someone else backing you. As well as another entity from this corporation. You failed last time because stella killed you. Now i have her soul, as well as the souls of people who have beaten everyone in this company behind me. I'm going to make this request once, help me. please." she begged him.


Rugal was surprised by the new face and said to Slindis "See, this is what I'm talking about."
Still, when Aftan spoke her piece, his opinion began to change.
"A Quatermaster, eh? Hm...Yes, that could be useful....Tell me, Mr. Lucieon. How much experience do you have around technology?" He asked as he pulled out his PDA.
"As in can you use one of these? From what I gather, this ship has several sub systems related to supplies. Having a Knowledge of such things would aid you greatly."


Wesker was curious as to what exactly Dani was on about.
"Help you? With what? I know the Cartel does to those who betray it and I've seen who Rugal reacts...." He said, recalling the time he stormed this base, killed everything and handed the current management's asses to them on a plate, including Viscus and himself.
Then again...
"...At least tell me what you have in mind first...."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn - Hallway
Time: Evening

Aftan | Akane | Lucieon | Rugal

Luke blinked at Rugal and then shook his head, "I don't have any." To be honest, Luke was more concerned with the presence the beast of a man held. Too tall to be an unfettered human, and too strongly built to be a Elfling. Perhaps this man was a half-giant or something of that nature. Then he realized something about Rugal, the man had the same heart as he did, if only much more blatantly displayed upon his breast. And so next he spoke, Luke spoke in the merchant's riddle.

"I don't do much with technology, captain. But I am do work well with personal barter," (I'm not afraid to extort my way through business), "and at times I really do bet my success on the trust of others, my friends and my good customers. And I do hate to lose both," (I'm not afraid to kill anyone who could turn profit for the cause) "so even though I have never worked with any of this... technology, because I come from a kingdom that is sustained almost entirely by magic, I think I can procure whatever it is that would be required. I can learn quickly the ways of this world after all." (there won't be anything I cannot achieve by one means or another.)


Mmmm...He is a good business man... Rugal thought as he read in-between the lines what Luke said.
"...Well enough. Now, I'm not certain where exactly we get our supplies from, I took over this ship a few weeks back from some twit with bottomless pockets. Before he left, this was all his domain. Still, perhaps you'll know something I don't. Consider yourself hired." He said as he offered his hand to shake.
Luke took the bait and he squeezed his hand in his own, enough for it to be painful.
"Betray me and I will find you." He flatly threatened before letting him go.
"Now, do you have any questions for me?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Training Room
Garm | Lucifer | Rodem | Teri <-- Well, after being fed, I'd imagine.

"Now you how accursed my life is... I'll understand if you want me to leave you alone for a while. I... I shouldn't have dragged up those memories so soon. They were more than anyone should have to remember." He said as he started preparing to leave the cleric the instant she said yes.

The cleric, although admittedly a bit frightened by the display, but upon seeing Lucifer return to normal, she slowly crawled towards him, and called Garm over. Having the wolf lower himself, the girl slowly helped Lucifer onto the wolf, and then collected herself from the floor, using Sadei as a support from falling over. She looked him dead in the face, and gently smoothed back some messy hair before casting a few healing spells on the Devil; looking to remove any fatigue from him.

"You didn't know. You couldn't have known. And... Well, after that Shadow thingy, I really don't want to be alone right now. However, I'll have to ask Mr. Bernstein how much he heard later... For now, I'll either take you to a room to rest in, or the infirmary, whichever you'd prefer."

She smoothed back more messy hair (seriously the stuff was incorrigable), and gave a weak smile, "You know, aside from Mr. Bernstein listening in, you're the first person I really let know about everything... Thank you."

Giving the Devil a small kiss on the forehead, she waited patiently for his preferred destination.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Training Room
Garm | Lucifer | Rodem | Teri <-- Very true, wouldn't be much to a panther, now would it?

"If we could go to the infirmary... I think my hand could use a bit of work"

The Cleric gave a small nod, "Of course... Wouldn't want your hand to stay like that. Garm, come on."

And so, the trio quietly wandered to the infirmary, a calm silence falling over them as they went.

"To rebuild Aperture science. they have countless facilities there and since i took Viscus, we have all the data on the cartel. We know how to build up and do what you want. I know you can lead others to great things. You deserve more than to just be a floor manager, and i want my own thing, but i lack the skills to lead it. Thats why i'm asking you to join me." she said to him.


"....Is that right?..." Wesker said, somewhat shocked at Dani's brashness in taking on the Cartel.
Even if she had Viscus on her side, the matter remained of the Cartel's current power, Viscus's attack on other leading Defense Contractors was prove of that.
"....While the offer is tempting, I must decline...." He said, shattering Dani's hopes.
"...I mustn't also tell you that the Aperture Science Reboot Code, to have the lab repair itself, is 1099, the Moon Base Teleport Code is 1994, that there is a spare Mainframe full of un-recorded Biological Weapons in the CEO's office behind the fish-tank and I most CERTAINLY mustn't tell you that the contact number of yours truly is 555-G0DT13R. I mean, that would lead to all kinds of nasty leaks of information of this facility..." He then added with a smirk on his face as he pushed up his glasses.
"While I might not be able to leave right now, I assure you, there is nothing I can do to assist your mad scheme..."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn - Hallway
Time: Evening

Lucieon | Rugal

Luke smiled, his teeth were white and straight, and the twinkle in his blue eyes intensified, "Find me, and I'll drag you into the depths of hell with me." Then before Rugal could say anything more, Luke pulled his hand from that captain's grip and turned to return to his room, "but hopefully we won't have any trouble, Sir Captain. And, one last thing," he raised his hand into the air to how him his orange tattoo, "do well not to think too lowly of me. Murder, cannibalism, grand theft, political corruption, I've seen just as much as you have."

He smiled to himself, after all, I'm just as human as everyone else.


Jenny was resting in one of the bed after her attack when Teri and Lucifer came in.
She sensed them enter and woke herself up to greet them.
"Hmmmm...Hey, you two...I just can never seem to get out of this room..." She teased as she sat herself up and wiped her eye a little.
"So is it gone?..."


"Best get my spot warmed up when we get there then. And that's "Sir Captain Bernstein" to you!" Rugal responded with a grin, clearly Lucieon made a good impression on the King of Fighters.
When he showed off his tattoo, he scratched the side of his face to bring attention to his Bionic eye.
"This eye has seen a lot indeed, but there'll be time your eye test soon enough. I'll enjoy working with you, Mr. Lucieon..."
Compared to the usual gang on this ship, it was nice to meet another of his kind to break the mold.

"That is a real shame." she said catching on quickly. "I mean, now i most certainly won't be able to create a power suit to use, that was only possible with your help. I mean can't make use of titanium, nano muscle cloth or any sort of compact high output power core if i got a hold of them somehow. I mean, access to the microscopic labs would be pointless since you're not getting involved. I also wouldn't bother drawing any plans for machines to be made for me if i passed them along to someone. I'm right buggered." she said smiling at him. Things were going to be good.

"Yeah...Not like Viscus could assist you with those, He's basically me but a AI. And it's not like my Motivated Staff get names wrong on delivery forms, send orders to the wrong place. But you know what's REALLY unlikely? someone getting out of the base using the Delivery Pods..." Wesker added, not telling Dani how to hotwire a pod and not telling her which guards to get past and NOT telling her about the blind spot in Camera Surveillance next to the Stairs in the Storage Room.
"...Just be clever about your moves and actions, if you start your own organisation, Rugal will be watching..." He finally warned, Dani having plenty of Memories of him of all people.

"Yes, i understand the risks. You should head back, i'll discuss plans with viscus about things." she said and laid back on her bunk.

She closed her eyes and entered a state that looked like sleeping. Meanwhile, inside of her, she appeared before viscus in a tiny interrogation like room. "Well Viscus. You're going to be locked in here until we get to aperture. But, i would like to make some ties on you. Just a few safety precautions." She said. "You ok with this? Or are we going to have to do this the hard way?"


The AI shook his head at Dani's idea of "Safety's"
"In case your memory units are corrupted, that was exactly the reason why I seeked your help in escaping! And if I was going to attack you from the inside, I would have done it already..." He explained as he glared at Dani.
"...Look, even with Wesker help, even before Rugal, AIM was one of the most dangerous forces on the planet, I should know, I built it. But with Rugal at the helm, it's not a matter of if, but when. All my calculations show that."

"This room isn't the idea of safety i have Viscus, this is." She said as chains came up and bound him. Walking forward, the girl looked over him. "This won't hurt, it will just give me a few extra bindings to you." she said and stabbed her hand into his body. Fro where she stabbed into, his colorings changed and expanded to look like aperture's colors and symbols. "It ties me to you and grants me rights over you. Long story short, i can yank on your leash at any time." She said and released him.


Viscus was...Less then pleased by this arrangement, but like he had a choice in the matter.
"...I have no choice but to comply, but once you get your organisation off the ground, I will push for a re-negotiation of this deal. By then, I'm certain you will have mined my data banks and found several other AI Cores in the remains. Like you, I have my own goals and being in here isn't one of them." He said as he glared at her, the last few days were a massive fall for him, first getting beaten by those low level AI's on the Rising Dawn, now this.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Hallway outside Med Bay
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Devon

Devon exited the room to watch Ella run off when he saw the three Knights walk near him looking like they'd been through a war zone. Still in that same uniform, he approached the three. "Mind if I help you three clean up? It'll only take a second." Before they could really get a word in edgewise, he casted the Prestidigation on the three. It felt a bit like a brisk scrubbing, but the end results were clear - the three had been cleaned off without too much difficulty. Any damage to their clothes hadn't changed, but they were certainly clean!

Airship Rising Dawn - Main Hallway
Lupito | Slindis | Lucieon | Rugal <-- I doubt well fed if Bruiser was only castrated!!

Slindis walked with Lupito and overheard the tail end of the conversation, feeling an odd, tainted presence on the ship. As she approached Rugal and the new undead merchant, she became fairly cautious. After all, she'd just fought the odd shadow creature.

She came closer to the two, and both merchants could feel the Aura of Good emanating from the Paladin. "Excuse me for asking, but who is this? Someone that claims to be a new member of the ship?" A low growl started to come from the rather large wolf at the drow's side, and he clearly didn't feel comfortable with either merchant for differing reasons.


Rugal turned to Slindis after his talk with Luke.
"Oh him? Lucieon, just waltzed in like everything else around here. A Merchant by trade, One of Red Mage's old friends, the ones that didn't want to kill the Gods, seemed to have cleared him. I'll be watching him, that's for sure..." He explained as Lutipo Growled.
"...Seems like your friend isn't keen of him. Still, I know his kind, He'll keep to himself figuring out how the hell everything works. Still kinda surprising we don't get more Tech-savvy visitors these days..."


"Viscus, i'm not an unforgiving asshole. Earn my trust and i'll let you off the leash. You'll have all the freedoms you wish from the start as limiting you only hampers any abilities you could offer me. You'll have enough rope to hang yourself so to speak. But only once we get you installed in the aperture systems. You'll be running the facility, with my ties to you allow me to control it as well." Dani said to him. "So it also lets me do things i otherwise couldn't while in this body. You can do whatever you please, so long as you follow orders and work for the goal of us, you can have a very long leash." she finished on and began to work on designs infront of him.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn - Hallway
Time: Evening

Lupito | Slindis | Lucieon | Rugal

Luke stopped when Slindis addressed him... it was strange, but he could feel the aura of a paladin, something he had very bad experiences with. There was a undead paladin back in Cataclama, who used to invade him at every twist and turn, trying to steal back the humanity that Luke had supposedly stole from him. It always ended badly for one of them, and the last encounter ended with both of them plummeting off castle battlements back into the lower city.

The wolf also unnerved him, legends spoke of a great Grey Wolf that protected the forests outside of the city, one such he had slain, and ensured the smell of wolf-blood still stained his armor even after a hundred or so years. So Luke answered very tentatively to the Drow Paladin's question, "Eh..."

At which point Rugal kindly answered for him, and Luke was greatly relieved. yet he still felt obligated to defend his character and answer the holy warrior's question, after all, with this many soft humanities stored inside his body, not even the best passive detection could have pegged him as undead, "My name is Lucieon, but I go by Luke, Luke of Great Fortune is my preferred title... but everyone calls me Lucieon of Surplus Gold. I'll be procuring repair material and funding for this adventuring party in absence of it's original proprietor. And don't worry, I'm definitely not evil."

Luke backed up sheepishly before disappearing around a corner.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Medical Bay
Charlie | Jenny | Lucifer | Melethia | Teri

Having heard the commotion from earlier, a young elven girl entered the Medical Bay from the ventilation shaft. "Hmm, the stuff I looked at said the stuff in here was supposta be be really good, but there's not really all that much to be wowed with... I mean, they've got chemicals, but what's that supposta do? None of it's got the kinda punch for what I need it for." A quick look around the room showed her a man that she hadn't seen here before, and something about him felt... well, it was hard to place for the young elf, but it was normal for her, which told her that the man decidedly wasn't normal. She also saw Firebrand in one of those odd chambers and looked the chamber over from where she was.

Airship Rising Dawn - Medical Bay Corridor
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Devon

Devon sighed. "Well, Aftan, she's trying to push me away for some reason. I tried asking her what the issue was, but I couldn't get much of anything. And Gabrielle, sorry about interrupting the recreation time. I didn't mean to ruin anything for you." The man looked a bit dejected in the Yokai Academy uniform and more than a bit lost as well.

"Other than that, the day's been a normal one for me since I joined the ship here. Right now, I'm just looking for something to do."


Viscus let out a dull electronic sigh, out of one prison and into another.
"....Very well. Just know that this is not a permanent arrangement, Though I will comply..." He answered defeatedly, Already starting to work on a way out of here, if he could arrange for Rugal to be killed, he could get out of this.
"....Also, you dropped a "0" in the Blueprint layouts for the Office Room East Wall."

"Oh go blow it out your electrons." Dani said checking the designs.

"Everything is fine, i didn't forget." She said then looked at him. "I don't understand why you're not happy with the arrangements. You can do whatever you want in a laboratoy facility larger than aim's bunker. I only care if you help me out with my goals every once in a while. If you're truly not happy with this, then i'll let you go after you restart all the systems in the place." She said rather calmly and sincerely. "i'm not a control freak."


"That will have to do." Viscus coldly answered, Dani learning the downsides of dealing with a Killer AI with no emotions like her.
"Even if the Lab is larger then AIM's and completely self-sufficient, The Cartel still Controls over 60% of the global Firearms Market. Admittedly, I was responsible for that..." He explained as he showed some footage of Strike Teams he sent out to attack Defense Contractors during the opening stages of the War with Tomoya, leaving AIM the sole remaining seller to the US Army.

"That's why i'd like to have you on my team. I don't necessarily plan on taking over the worlds economy, but rather crush it with a new one of my own." She said, moving onto designing her suit.
"And Viscus, how easily can you slip in past their detection programs? I mean the ones in this bunker." she asked him.

Chapter 5 Intro: The Game of Battleship and The Five Kings.

Archangel Michael.
Location: Jupiter | Small Fire Angel Fleet.

The Archangel of Fire had readied his small fleet, although he knows that this simple and small army is not enough ot defeat the much larger and evil fleet. Michael knows that his army has superior technology, but he doesn't have the numbers to overcome the battle. Clenching his fist the Archangel knows that many other people will be sacrificed so that the Earth... no, so that life may be saved.

"So be it... I will ask. No I have to tell them!" Michael says to himself as he let the embers of hope and power consume him and take him to where the heroes roam in his spiritual form.

Some space travel later. Rising Dawn. (I'm doing this so we can advance the plot)

The spirit of the Archangel of Fire formed like a raging inferno in the Rising Dawn hangers, the spirit emerged from it's hiding spot and boldly headed towards the war room (We have that right?) of the Rising Dawn. The groups or people who saw the spirit could only see a human figure made of a raging fire, the figure also had wings which spread across the hallway.

Surely those curious enough would find themselves before the Archangel either yelling or asking or something else. The Archangel had already made his way into the war room and grabbed the intercom.

"Umm... ahem. Good morning everyone, we need to have a meeting in the war room ASAP. We need to end this business with Tomoya...

An unknown voice announced itself over the speakers of the ship. The Archangel sat down on the couch and began to wait for most or all of the crew to come in. Then he would tell them that they must form an army to rival Tomoya's fleet so they can end this once and for all.

"I wonder if I should time them... " The Archangel Michael smiled as he was glad he came in his spirit form instead of his actual form. Then the first tall man entered the room.

"You... but arn't you-"

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.
Weather: Black lightning.

The Dark Archangel now Demon Prince had retired to his chambers, he had already made his plan. Take out the whole world with a black hole generator (This is so we can make things exciting, but don't worry it won't do anything practical) which he had his science (Deus Ex) team make when he was away in Alaska.

Demon Prince Tomoya looked over the Earth once more and sighed.
Right now he just despised the place.
He wanted it gone.
He wanted his goal.
But that puny planet is all that stood in his way.

"They need to die." The Demon Prince simply said as he relaxed and meditated for a few more hours until he would ready for combat.

His armor would be polished with blood.
His shadows lusted for evil.
And his wings slashed the air like butter.

All of him waits patiently to kill again.
That's what it said to him.

Storm-178 (Un-armored).
Location: Rising Dawn, War Room | DC, America.
Time: 11 Am.

Storm smiled as he leaned against the wall next to the archangel. "Yeah I know... bodyguard to an evil archangel. Hopefully I got that smell off." Huffed Storm as decided to look outside and waited for the rest of the crew to come in. Hopefully no one would recognize him and that the smell from the short shower he just took eradicated all scent of evil, angel, dark angel and Tomoya on him.

"Don't worry, I go all of that corruption out of me. I'm with you guys now... but I think I know what is behind all of this." Said Storm said he looked towards the spirit of the Archangel, the angel was now interested in what the spartan has to say. The two started to discuss everything they had learnt until the first few came.



After his shift of menial labor, fencing instruction, and general morale boosting (his throat still sore from having to sing as much as he did) was ended, Inuart wasted no time in hurrying to Furiae's side to deliver the bracers of the serum.

Upon arriving to the med-bay, breathing a little heavily from running from the performance hall, the young woman looked up from a book she was reading and gave a light gasp of surprise,

"Inuart! Goodness, you've nearly made me jump out of my skin!... Is something wrong?"

The bard shook his head, a smile still wide on his face as he approached, the bracers extended towards the young woman, "See these? They're loaded with serum to keep that 'other' side well away! We just need to refill them every so often. Now, it is a temporary measure for now, but Cortex already said he was devising a cure! Don't you see, Furiae? You can live a normal life again! No Goddess Seal, no worries about doing things for the 'better of mankind', none of that!"

He moved to gently attach the bracers to his lady-love (at least, in his eyes), the woman wincing faintly when she felt the needles inject in her skin. Afterwards, Inuart continued rambling about what could be done in the future, to which Furiae nodded silently as he went. However, what the man did not notice, that the woman did, was a large, purple, brutish looking man being wheeled, curses lacing his every sentence as he was laid on the bed.


Furiae couldn't help but wonder what had caused the man so much pain, and felt a mild pang of sympathy for him. Oh, if only you knew, princess...

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening, before Michael shows up.

Airship Rising Dawn - Medical Bay
Charlie | Jenny | Lucifer | Melethia | Teri

She looked over at the man and started rifling through the chemicals there. "Well, Mister, I'mm just lookin' for some stuff here. Nothin' too interestin' to ya. Just some reagents and acids, ya know. Stuff to try out. Used up lots of my stock there in that last fight against those cultists followin' those kinslayers."

After a search where she takes various medical chemicals which could easily be turned to more vicious means, she turns to Charlie. "So, whatcha doin' here? I haven't seen ya here before." She looked at the man, taking in all the details she could with her eyes.

Airship Rising Dawn - Medical Bay Corridor
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Devon

Devon shrugged. "For starters, just call me Devon. Honestly, you've probably done a lot more than I have, and I haven't earned anything of the sorts yet. However, I will take you up on that offer. I get the feeling there's a lot I could pick up from you two, even if it doesn't involve destroying Chrysalis at Call of Duty." Heading off to keep him busy would probably be the right idea, and that meditation later would help him keep calm.


As he and Slindis conversed, Rugal heard the call from the Intercom.
"What?...Ugh, Again? Just a few motion senors or at least some mobile alerts! Does anyone even know who that is!?...*Sigh* Come on, I bet it's going to be important..." He sighed as he led Slindis towards the Meeting.
End of the war, huh?...I best make that Supply request... He thought as he ordered another drop pod with a special request.


Jenny was once again awoken by Micheal's message and yawned as she pulled herself from her bed.
"*YYYYYYYYYYYAAAWWWWNNNN*...Well, guess I best make a appearance..." She groaned as she took a moment to steady herself before making her way to the meeting.
Ugghhhh...War is hell... she thought, her mind tired from the events of the last few days.


"zzzzzzzz-WAH! I'M AWAKE!" David panicked as he he suffered the mother of all hangovers.
"...Shit! Shadow and that Injection!" He thought as he got dressed and waded out of his room full of empty bottles to find the Merc.
He wasn't about to let himself get beaten by that Angel again!

AIM: Viscus

Viscus perked up at her mention of "Crushing" the World Economy, compared to Rugal's "Conquering!"
"I designed them and as good as that copy of me you planted is, there is only one Viscus." He said as he brought up a map of the Bunker and got to work on creating a means for Dani to escape.

AIM: Bruiser

Inuart and Furiae watched as Bruiser was forcefully sedated, enough to dull the pain and more then enough to shut him up.
He was rather badly mauled by Rodem, even his tough skin was torn up by the Panther's Claws and Teeth.
He took rapid pained breathes as he shook his head.
"He..Can't...He Can't do this to ME! Ohhhhhh...I'll show them...I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!" He shouted as held his hands over where his manhood used to be.
"...Yeah...Just like that...Heheheh..." He lingeringly laughed.
He was going to make Rugal rule this day...

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