The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Shadow, David

"Details, DETAILS! Just gimme, gimme, gimme!" David barked as he rolled up his shelve and and began to try and locate a vein.
"Hold up a second..." He said as he undid his belt before wrapping it around his arm like some kind of addict.
Tightening it up and getting a vessel in his elbow, he nodded and said "When you are ready you fuck Russian prick!"

AIM: Hallway

Following behind the duo, Bruiser had his hands full tearing apart all the Mutants that thought to strike them from behind, using a large blade he picked off one to cleave up the incoming beasts.
"Cortex! I SWEAR TO GOD I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THIS!" He shouted as he drop-kicked a larger mutant, knocking the others down like dominoes.
As the group moved on, Gun shots could be heard.
"Hehehehe...Worthless Chaff..." Said a familiar voice as Wesker made an appearance, Dual Wielding both his Samurai Edge and his Hydra Shotgun, back in his prime after a year of hard drinking.
"HEY! Got one on your tail!" He shouted as he took aim at Furiae...

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

Rugal's thoughts did make sense to Slindis, so she spoke up. "True. More often than not, when someone gets that kind of power, it's far too easy to become infatuated with the rush it gives. Another large issue is the misuse of those powers, and they also give a crippling dependency on them."

Turning to her pupil, she began the lecturing. "In any case, I'd like to know why you thought it would be a good idea to bargain with powers that you don't know a single thing about, Teri. They may have been linked to you, but what if they had chosen to instead use those bonds against you? What then?Your intentions may have been good, but meaning well doesn't stop you from getting painful results like the ones you've got to deal with now! I wanted you to be able and go home after this so you could finish your schooling! Because of that reckless decision, now you've got to live with the knowledge that everyone and everything you know isn't there any more. Believe me, this is going to be incredibly painful. Please, tell me exactly what you told them when you made the bargain."

After Teri explained it, Slindis went over to Teri and held her in a comforting hug. "Teri, I'm so sorry. I should have taught you better than that, but because of my limited focus, now you've got to go through life with that burden. Please, forgive me for my failings if you can bring yourself to..."

Devon, Caim, Angelus

Devon tried to keep the split focus going as he talked to Caim. "There's some kind of attack by abominations, the tool is fighting with the blue skinned dude - no, Machoke, -, Furiae's continuing that screech while she...oh god, tentacles aren't supposed to work like that! ANd constantly with the damned screeching and those crescents!... no, I've got to focus... Well, I don't know what's causing the attack, but those bracers she had earlier are off too."

The screeching that Devon was talking about was an ear-splitting one that never really left the minds of anyone unfortunate enough to hear it, and it was nearly as bad as fighting the Goddess Furiae herself. Still, he worked hard at keeping that focus on the scene.

Shadow, David

Shadow ignored David's last comment and brought the needle close to his arm. Taking careful aim he stabbed the needle into David's arm penetrating the vain. He then injected the virus into his blood stream and waited to see what would happen to him.

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

Rugal watched as Slindis comforted the Dear Little Cleric, 2 women who's world was literally turned upside down by the madness of this world.
It was actually kinda sad, causing him to sniffle a tad bit.
"....Eh? *Sniff* Oh for the love of..." He said as blood ran down from his eye socket, causing him to start looking for a tissue to control the bleeding before either of them noticed he was "Crying".

Shadow, David

Seconds passed...
".....Well?...." Shadow asked as he checked the needle, completely empty.
"...I don't....Feel any different....I look any different?...God dammit! Must have been a du-"
Before David could finish, a huge piercing pain shot up his arm and all the way to his head.
"GAHHHH! AHHHH! DAAAHHH FUCK! OH GOD! MY FUCKING HEAD!" he screamed as he trashed though the hallway as his DNA was re-written from the inside out.
Every vein in his arm and all over his face glowed red as the reaction took place.
Soon in order to drown out the pain, he began to smash his head against the floor, his new strength putting a large dent in the metal floor as he did.

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

Teri sniffled as she began to explain, her head resting on her master's shoulder as her Tablet went on, "It's because of those damned bonds I made the deal to begin with. I've done some terrible things to my chara- no.. Those I used to Write about. Caim and Angelus just happen to by my 'masterpiece' of misery. They were characters in a video game I played in my universe; one that had different and terrible endings. When I decided what would happen to them, I combined three of them, each of them terrible and apocalyptic, and then set them loose here. Before the first reset, Angelus died! And that's just when I started!

Oh no, all the things they endured after that; all the torture, mind breaking, battle scars, all of that? I allowed it! I wrote it, and took pleasure in it! And that's just the start. I eventually brought in their worst enemy, as well the corpse of Caim's slaughtered sister that the enemy intended to revive; just to egg them on further... And don't you remember, Mr. Bernstein? You've gone toe to toe with Caim and Angie... I wrote that! And you know Bruiser? The one who has a vendetta against those two? It's because of me he's alive and kicking! Even so, the many times he should have died, I TOLD HIS WRITER NO! I begged him to keep him alive, because it he was 'interesting' and 'wonderfully sadistic'.

And then I got bored, and my ideas turned elsewhere.... I made a Tonberry who's sole purpose was to love and defend someone precious, and ripped him from all that! Just because I thought it was a compelling story! All he wants, and desires is to go back home...."

She was crying again by this point, and she shimmied away from her master's hug, covering her face in her hands, "And when Red Mage appeared, threatening to kill us all? You know what they had to do? They had to DEFEND us, or else their lives would have been forfeit! You know perfectly well how that feels, Slindis, to be so angry at Devon. You lost your home too. I did those things to Caim, Angie, and all the rest under my thumb... When I brokered that deal, it was to save them from being bound to a sadistic and cruel girl; not having to depend upon her weak flesh to survive... I did them a favor. I told the Fates 'I have bound several individuals to my fate, and I would like them to have the freedom to make fate their own. In return, I shall do as you request of me.' And now they're free...."

Burring her face in her knees, her arms drawing them closer still, "After all I've done to them, I suppose it's only fair that I suffered some of what they did... Losing my home, facing Bruiser.... And I can't believe that my black heart has the gal to think I deserve to be loved by an Angel, or to look to you two, strong, wonderful people as parents... I don't deserve it. I don't deserve any of this... If anything, I should be asking for forgiveness..."

Devon, Caim, Angelus

The pact partners looked to each other and then to Devon in horror when they realized who was with the demonic version of Caim's sister, as well as the red-haired git who revived her, Bruiser. But what was HE doing there?! All the pact partners could do was futilely listen as Devon began telling them more and more about the situation; helpless to solve any of it.

AIM: Hallway

Inuart forced himself in front of Furiae and screamed, "WESKER NO! THIS IS FURIAE! SHE'S HELPING US! PUT THE GUN DOWN OR SHE'LL ATTACK!"

The Demoness in question, although seeing a weapon drawn her way, stopped her advance after Inuart blocked her way; and looked curiously at the doctor before her. Was she to eat him next?

AIM: Hallway

"...A B.O.W.?...Fine, just keep "Her" on a leash and follow my head. Try to decapitate them, they stay down then." Wesker said as his SWAT training came into play and he made hand motions for the group to follow him.
Bruiser followed suit as he broke down an archway to block the way back, holding the Mutants back for a little while.
"Second this is over, I'm fucking retiring! I've had enough of this Bullshit!" He shouted as he dashed after the others.

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

Slindis went back over to Teri's side as she began speaking to the cleric in a tender voice. "Teri, please. I know that you've erred greatly. It would be easy to just ignore you and leave you to suffer with this situation, and I knew all too many that would take that path without a second thought. I saw a bit of that guilt lurking in your eyes when I first met you. However, in my long life and all the places I've seen, it's when situation get truly difficult where you truly find out about a person. And do you want to know what I've found out?"

She kneeled down and put her left hand on Teri's shoulder. "I've seen that you're a person that's surprised me at every turn, succeeded where I thought you would give in, and managed to get back up after every misstep and failure you've had. If you expected me to turn around and force you away, you were sorely mistaken. And no matter what, I will always take pride in knowing you and having taken part in helping you grow as you have. Teri, take pride in who you are, and you can always count on me to be right at your side. I may not have a surname, but you can always count me as family."

Devon, Caim, Angelus

He sat down in a chair to chair to further his focus. "The fuck? Wesker? As in Albert Wesker? From the Resident Evil series? That's just great... For all that redheaded tool claims to care for Furiae, he's all to willing to use her as an attack dog. If he really cared about her, he'd be protecting her!"

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

It was getting harder and harder to cover up the bleeding/crying on Rugal's end as Teri made a inventory of her Woes and Sins.
It was clear that, unlike him for the most part, she had no idea of what she was doing and who she was harming.
But what he didn't expect was the comment about being parents, THAT was unexpected.
Parents?....She means....What?!.... He thought at first, but after seeing Slindis's reaction.
".....She's right, you know. Quite frankly, I had my doubts at first, Then again, that was before I blinded by someone half your age. But given what you endured and...What I...let happen...You've stood your ground. Sure, you've fallen a few times but..." He added before laying a hand on her other shoulder.

"We fall so we can pick ourselves up again..." He finished, Slindis noting it being the exact same words he said to her back in her darkest moment.
"Still doesn't mean we don't need a hand every once and while..." He finished before offering his hand to help her up, giving her a gentle smile.
.....I should more annoyed with this...but I'm not....weird...

David, Shadow

Shadow sighed watching David going into a frenzy.

C.J. Had gotten bored of the War Room and went to find Shadow.

He eventually rounded a corner spotted Shadow just staring at David going into a frenzy. He opened his mouth as if to say something but then closed it, turned around and headed back towards the War Room not saying a word.

Shadow only had one idea as to calm David down. He approached David pulled out a sirum and when David went to bang his head against the ground again held him down and injected the sirum.

Shadow hoped it would work....

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

The Cleric weakly smiled as she was helped up from the floor again, face still streaming with tears as she stood on her feet. Trying to wipe them away with another tissue proved to be a futile effort, and she giggled, "They won't stop! Oh geez, I think I sprung a leak!"

Her laughter continued for another minute, the bittersweet sound filling the air as she tried to wipe away the moisture from her face, finally making some progress after a minutes time. At this point, her eyes were red and puffy, but finally dry. Looking up to her comforters, she gave a small, "Thank you, both of you...

However, she paused for a moment when she saw blood dripping down Rugal's face, and whispered a little in Celestial, her hand taking in a small glow, "Oh, Mr. Bernstein, you're bleeding again..."

Reaching a hand towards the eye socket, the Cleric vainly tried to heal the tear duct again... But was thwarted by height, her one true weakness!

Devon, Caim, Angelus

"An attack dog?! He's doing WHAT with my sister's aggravated self?! Oh, when I find that bastard I'm going to rip him limb from limb!"

Caim gave a deep growl in the back of his throat, and punched at the wall, wincing a little at punching steel, but allowed his mind to focus on the pain rather than his anger.

Angelus had taken up a different course of action. Rather, she paced as she listened to what the Bard-somewhat-seer had to say, each of his 'visions' proving to be more distressing than the last.

AIM: Hallway

As Inuart ran after Wesker, The Goddess not being far behind, he shouted out, "She has a name, you know! Fu-ri-ae! Remember it! It might save your life!"

As he said this another mutant fell to the ice magic of his blade, and The Goddess happily shattered the beast with another crescent blade; giving a high pitched laugh as she did so. While Inuart had become somewhat used to the harpy his love occasionally became, that laugh alone was enough to make him shiver; knowing how far from the real thing the Demoness had become.

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

"Ahhh...Don't worry about it, it looks worse then it really is..." Rugal answered as he wiped away his "tears" with a Tissue.
"Beside's, You'd just waste your spell on me...Well...Now that is over, You'd best get some rest while Tajuh arranges our "Reinforcements"..." He added, keen to get this on a more lighter note.

David, Shadow

"AHHHH!...Ahhhh!....aahhhh...ahhhhhhhhh...." David let out as he soon calmed himself down again, though holding his head after banging it so much.
"....oooohhhhhh my" He groaned as he picked himself up and leaned against one of the walls in the hallway.
" that's why you take the Serum....Hey, on second thought, get me a few of those, yeah...." He sighed as he caught his breath.
"So when does the super powers kick in?"

AIM: Hallway

Wesker was more focused on scoring hits on the Mutants rather then Inuart's complaints and quickly motioned for him and Bruiser to move as he calmly strafed, firing both his weapons with great skill to cover their movements.
Bruiser on the other hand was literally beating them up with a stick, namely a limb he tore from one of them, bashing in skulls as they went along.

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

Slindis kept a comforting hand on Teri's shoulder. "Still, you see us as your parents? Very well... I've never been the best parent, but as your surrogate mother, I do believe you need to get some rest." She laughed warmly, knowing all those emotions could wear out even the best person.

Devon, Caim, Angelus

Devon kept focusing on the scene, and his fear at what the relatively kind woman had become was matched by an anger in his voice. "That tool's fucking threatening others with her? What the fuck!? You don't do that with people you claim to love, you dimwitted motherfucker! Honestly, you just want her as arm candy! I don't know how long it will take, but when I see you, don't expect any sympathy from me!" His hand twitched, and it was clear to Angelus that Inuart had made an enemy before the two had even met each other.

David, Shadow

"Well guessing from the dents you made just banging your head against the floor I think you already have them... though dont go crazy... the first time I tried to how should I say... speed run.... I ended up face first into a wall..."

Shadow said standing up and pulling out 5 more sirums from one of his pockets. '21 left....' Shadow mentally noted as he handed David the sirums. "Take this every one or two days.... Ill try to make more later.. for now we need to get you used to your new powers... to the training room" Shadow said as he began to walk off telling David to follow him.

David, Shadow

"Alright...David West is back in the game!" The Sniper said to himself as he began to think of the possibilities with his new powers.
Dodging Bullets, Laughing off Gunfire, he was a total Badass now!
And to think, they said winners never used drugs... He thought as he took the serums and stashed them in his pocket for save keeping before following the Russian.

David, Shadow

They eventually got to the training room and Shadow asked David to do a normal jog waiting to see if he would just take off or if he could at least jog without going super speed.

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

Slindis kept a comforting hand on Teri's shoulder. "Still, you see us as your parents? Very well... I've never been the best parent, but as your surrogate mother, I do believe you need to get some rest."

The Cleric turned a bit red, and looked to the floor, embarrassed, "I was gonna save that one for later... I mean, for a while, you two really reminded me of them. And then... Well, when I get the thought 'Mom and Dad are gonna be pissed' instead of 'Slindis and Rugal' or 'Master and Mr. Bernstein', welp... Yeah. I just got so emotional that it just slipped out. Sorry bout that. But, if you feel uncomfortable with the title, forget I said anything. No biggie!"

And with that, Teri gave a little bow and then quickly left, fueled by a want for a shower, proper bed-rest, and generally to save face.


Rugal couldn't help but shake his head as Teri ran off.
"Been around us for less then a few weeks and she thinks we're her parents?..." He mused, the strangeness of the situation finally starting to settle in.
"...Then again, It'd be understandable to want to cling onto something you lost..." He sighed afterwards, realizing how damaged she is going to be when this war was over...

When this war was over...
"...Right, High time we made some calls, we have a planet to save..." He said with renewed vigor before going towards the bridge to "Rally the troops".
AIM, UNIT, G-corp, didn't matter, only this mattered: He REALLY disliked losing.


As David ran into the wall for the umpteenth time, it was clear he didn't have any control over his new found speed.
Still, the fact he was still standing was proof that the Virus was working, he didn't even have a cut or a bruise.
"...That should have hurt more..."


After some calls were made, Jenny soon appeared before Caim, Angelus and Devon.
"Um, pardon me, but could you all follow me please? I think I have a way for us to get up into Space." She merely said before walking off with them in tow.
After a while, they came into Tajuh's quarters as he planning their attack.
"Hi. Sorry if I'm interrupting anything, but I have a question...

How useful would an entire space station with mounted weapon systems be in this upcoming battle?"
For those who knew Jenny, that last sentence seemed rather out of place.

Tajuh's Room - Tajuh, Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Tajuh looked at the entrants as he finished mentally working out the machine assignments, then pulled up a map on the highly advanced laptop for everyone to see.


"It would have some use here. The main factor are how mobile it is and what its defenses are like. From what I've heard, it's currently around the Lagrange point 1, safely out of view of the massive fleet stationed at Lagrange point 2, or L-2 for short. If we could get a lift up there, there could be some more coordination between everyone involved. For starters, it will make some final moves and assignments on my part far easier."

Even though he was still getting visions of the carnage at the Aim bunker, Devon held off on it to ask a question. "Excuse me for asking, but how exactly are we supposed to fight? It's space, after all. Kind of hard for us to do much."

Communications between Gilliam's Hangar and Strider HQ

While the Striders were preparing their forces for the assault, a video came up in the area where Strider Hiryu was overseeing the last preparations. As the video came into focus, Hiryu could clearly see a man with long purple hair.

"You are Strider Hiryu, correct? I realize that you're currently busy with preparations against the massive fleet of Tomoya, but a carrier will be soon arriving in your airspace. I can not say an incredible amount for a few reasons, but we have a common foe in Tomoya."

As he finished that small talk an image of the massive carrier was pulled up on the screen.


"However, I can understand you being hesitant to trust me on faith alone. Feel free to ask a few questions, and I will tell you if I can answer them."

Tajuh's Room - Tajuh, Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Jenny nodded as she looked at the map, she hadn't met with Tajuh much before now so it was surprising that he knew so much of, As Hiryu put it, "The most secure location in the realm."
Then again, he might have been over going it.
"Well...While I'm not certain of what exactly The Blue Dragon has for space combat, I mean, most of the Striders power comes from being unnoticed, these ARE Ninja's we are talking about. Still, should have something and at the very least, I can arrange for us to get up there." She explained, still worried about how they would react to her bring the Rising Dawn to their Base.

Communications between Gilliam's Hangar and Strider HQ: The Blue Dragon

Since his encounter with Tomoya in Mexico, Hiryu was entirely committed towards his downfall.
But when this Stranger managed to reach them?
"....I have only one question: How did you get this channel? There is only one man who has this frequency outside our organisat-"
"I KNEW IT!" shouted the man in question as he stormed towards the main screen:
"I knew when you broke into my office, it was for a reason. Hiryu, this man stole the Channel's Frequency from G-Corp several months ago. Now before we blindly trust this man, I have a question: Who. The. Hell. Are. You!?" Kazuya Mishima shouted at the feed.
He hadn't let that go in the slightest.

Archangel Michael.
Location: Rising Dawn | DC, America.

The Prince and master of fire walked slowly out of the war room and sighed.
The only thing he could think about is his brother and how he could save him.
"I need to confront him at one point in this middle of this battle."
Michael told himself as his breathed in and out to calm him down.

"I don't need this!" He said and his flesh and skin came to him, he was not a spirit any longer, he was his normal self. His wings busted into a flame which surrounded him and eventually melted into his skin. He decided he would stay on the Rising Dawn to see if everyone is what he knows already, Michael liked to check twice even though he knew most things about this world and life in general.

Though things clouded by darkness, corruption and evil are hard to see through since one glimpse into dark information could turn him like his brother even though it was almost impossible to corrupt a true Archangel.

Forgetting his Brother for a second he looked back onto his plan and what happened in the War Room.
"Hmm, I do agree that this plan is ... risky. Though this is Tomoya, he could make things worse ... Michael said to himself as he walked forward avoiding most obstacles even though he was in deep thinking mode.
"This crew annoyed me ... they don't show any respect for higher beings. That so called holy warrior didn't sound like one ... shouldn't she bow because I am the one leading the armies of God!?" Michael said angrily and punched the side of the ship lightly but leaving a giant dent.

Damn mortals!
Was the only thought in his head.
He had blamed multiple people for making his brother and that man corrupt.

Sighing once more Michael thought about visiting the dojo to check on the young kids and get out his frustration, but only remembered that his power could destroy most things in a touch.

"Heh, always a double edged sword."
He laughed as he decided to visit the dojo anyway.

Location: Rising Dawn | DC, America.
Time: 11 Am.

The Spartan left the room quickly, he had to decide a room before he passed out.
He counted himself lucky as barely no one knew him without his armor off, he just looked like a complete stranger.
Although anyone smart enough could tell by his physique that he is no human.
"Woo, Time to find a room!" The spartan yelled energetically as he started to wonder the ship again.

The Spartan Storm wondered around the ship for quite a while.
He had already found the dojo where he visited the kids who helped him, went back to the canteen to get more food, visited the hanger to polish his armor but remembered that Doc T needed to look at it.
After a couple of more minutes he had reached a unfamiliar wing of the ship.
"What the ... why does this place look fancy?" He shrugged, as he was about to leave he could hear pouting.

"What is it?" He sighed as he holographic girl came out of his pocket.
"Why are we leaving, this place looks cute!" She rejected the idea of leaving. "Eh, we stayed in a small cabin most of our time, why are you yelling at me!" Storm yelled back, but the holograph adjusted her size to be a similar size to a girl.

"Baka! This is the first time I have ever seen rooms this nice! I hated staying that cramped cabin with you ... " The girl AI complained with an annoyed face. Storm sighed as he walked along with her, he had already given up fighting her, he had never won a fight against her. The two pulled up to a room number of #179 (After Riki/Kud's), the AI walked through the door and Storm gently opened it.

"Waaah, I didn't know this ship had a wing this nice!?" The spartan gasped.
The AI Alpha giggled as she looked around. "It's probably because those idiots haven't explored the whole ship." The AI Miku look-a-like smiled at the spartan.
The two looked outside once more.
"It would be nice if you got a real body."
"Yeah ... it would be."

Riki & Kud.
Location: Rising Dawn, dojo | DC, America.
Time: 11 Am.

The morning light was at it's peak. The dojo was fully lit up and the sound of both gunshots and swords filled the whole place. Luckily both the armory with the gun range and the dojo were right next to each other. The couple of Riki and Kud were training, they had been training ever since the war meeting. Both the two were dedicated to fight for their goal which was to protect each with all their strength.

Of course though they had no forgotten Shaun's mission who told them to rescue Tomoya, not kill him which looked like to be the intention mostly of everyone on board the violent Rising Dawn. Meanwhile in the gun range the young ordinary boy called Riki was focusing on his accuracy, over the multiple training days he had improved his concentration.


+ 30 Blades.
+ 20 Small Guns.
+ 5 Concentration.
+ 5 Judgement.


+ 20 Blades.
+ 30 Small Guns
+ 5 Concentration.
+ 5 Judgement.

When the two took their break they slumped down together on the dojo wall. They did what they usually did, laugh and play. Though a special visitor came in, he was large and better then a normal human. The man also had a holographic hang out of his shirt pocket.

"Sup you two!" The Spartan known as Storm approached them. The two greeted him politely, "Ha, you didn't need to do that. I may be half Japanese but I appreciated it ... oh how I miss that country." The Spartan smiled as Alpha stayed silent in his pocket not daring to move a muscle.

"Good to see that you are doing well senpai." Riki greeted him in a unusual way which made the superhuman go a bit red. "What can we do for you Storm-san?" Kud said getting straight to the point. Storm decided he would go with this if his saw the two again and told him his entire story, from when this whole thing happened.

"Ah, so Shaun is captured!" Kud yelped out in surprise. Storm nodded but was surprised that the two knew the Author. "You know the guy" Storm asked the two whom responded by telling Storm why they are here.
"To save Tomoya ... haha, good to see we have the same objective." Storm smiled.
The group talked some more but Storm had to leave to go get a room.

Both Riki and Kud had a bit of a longer break before they returned to training. Except this time they began to train each other in what they had learn. Riki taught Kud how to hold a gun, and Kud taught Riki had to hold a practice katana.
Whilst they were doing this the Archangel Michael looked over the two and were simply smiling before he faded away and decided to go back to his ship.

If more people like that exist I might have more faith in humanity.
The Archangel of Fire said to himself in his own mind before returning to the Firehawke and his very small fleet.

Tajuh's Room - Tajuh, Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Tajuh nodded. "So, they've likely got cloaking systems, fast movement, and lowered EM profiles... useful for a flanking attack, but not the best for a frontal assault. As for you, Devon, there's already something set up just for that issue."

The bard was still quite curious how that would happen, but he got the odd feeling that he should leave it be until later. That, and he had to focus on what was going on with that Furiae and the redheaded tool.

Communications between Gilliam's Hangar and Strider HQ: The Blue Dragon

Gilliam shook his head. "Mister Mishima, I've got more important things to do rather than steal communications links. Get the right net set out, and there's all types of information you can catch. However, the defenses at your tower were quite good for the technology available to you. Not many here could even hope to crack them, and the sensor placements were quite inventive."

He took a moment to let the two react before he introduced himself. "You may call me Gilliam. Now, you can continue to get yourself worked up later, but we've got a far more important issue looming over our heads. Can I get a guarantee that the ship headed to your location won't be attacked when it arrives? It would be best for everyone involved, unless you're fond of fighting mutual allies."

Rising Dawn Dojo - Riki, Kud, Melethia

As the two lovers continued practicing, they heard the voice of a fairly young girl tsking in disappointment. "Did nobody teach ya guys how to use a blade? Really? What kinda place did ya grow up?" Melethia approached the two, holding her kukris in a casual manner.

"I mean, sure, ya can hold it, but how can ya protect against someone trying ta knock it outta your hands?" She looked over the combat, mentally thinking of some of the myriad ways one could slip through the guard - feint with the mainhand and use the offhand to slice at the arm muscles, fake an opening of her own then sidestepping to slash the intestines open, sweep their legs out and go for the neck.

Even as she kept thinking, she chimed in cheerfully. "Still, for someone new at fightin', the both of ya aren't too bad! Want me to show ya some fun things ya can do to get the edge?"

Communications between Gilliam's Hangar and Strider HQ: The Blue Dragon

Kazuya was only slightly stated with Gilliam's response and was about to press the issue further when Hiryu stopped him.
"You have my word, both for the safety of your ship and your blood on this blade if you abuse this trust. There are not many places a Strider can't get to." He warned as he gave the all clear for the incoming Vessel.
"Hold it! Keep the Feed! I have one more question. A Drow Female by the name of Slindis asked for me to track you down. You two must have some sort of connection. Given the amount of effort I went though to try and find you, I'd like to know why..." Kazuya added, recalling a promise he made to the Drow.

Communications between Gilliam's Hangar and Strider HQ: The Blue Dragon

Gillian typed in the information as he sent the visual specs to Strider Hiryu.

Dimensions: 650 meters in length; 250 meters in height
Wingspan: 300 meters

"I can not say too much more beyond the fact that I have a vested interest in the Eberron child. Now, Strider Hiryu, you have my word that the Hagane and the forces with it will not open fire on your base. If needed, I can see to it that some of its forces will aid the defense of your base in the upcoming fight."

The man kept the comm link open, anticipating that there would be more questions.

Communications between Gilliam's Hangar and Strider HQ: The Blue Dragon

"Understandable, just know that it shall be led by our commanders and will not be allowed within more important areas of the base. Keep in mind, this is the first time that we've received aid from another party of this nature. Some of the more..."Traditional" elements of our group would be up in arms. I'm still wondering how to inform them of Hagane's the arrival.
Still, We are ready for you to dock and you have our cooperation for the remainder of this conflict. Any other questions, Mr. Mishima?" Hiryu asked the half Devil.
"....At this time, no." He said, this would not the be last time he and Gilliam would meet, no matter how hard the Purple Haired Man tried to be rid of him.

Tajuh's Room - Tajuh, Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Caim and Angelus watched this exchange go on, faces both pictures of confusion; as they hadn't dealt with space travel properly... Well, Caim did once, but he wasn't particularly happy with that memory. It was before the first reset of his and Angelus' arrival there... Well, before Angelus found herself in the arms of death/undeath/whatever and broke their pact.

Looking at the schematics, he frowned and motioned to Tajuh and Jenny, "I have nothing against having armaments in a battle in space, but this begs the question of what WE can do ourselves. Almost all of us have not encountered space combat of any sort. Save for standing around on a ship, we'd be useless up there."

Teri's Room

Flopping on her bed after a nice shower, and by some grace of God, getting Garm a bath, the Cleric gave a small sigh. Everything that had happened in the past few days had seemed so unreal, especially where Lucifer, the Shadow Beast and Tajuh's revelations were concerned. Of course, she should have known better. Drama followed the Rising Dawn like moths to the flame. Still, that didn't make the ache hurt any less. One hand on the trinket bequeathed to her, and another to the wolf's enormous head (after he curled up right next to her resting place), Teri sniffled a little, and felt her eyes growing heavy before sleep finally arrived...

Communications between Gilliam's Hangar and Strider HQ: The Blue Dragon

Gilliam nodded. "You should know that it will be coming with its own defense forces. A man currently with the Rising Dawn named Tajuh will have the final word on any and all assignments of the pilots, and under absolutely no circumstances are any pilots to be assigned until he arrives. This is non-negotiable, and attempts to do otherwise will be seen as sabotage and countered by the full force of the crew on board." The extremely stern tone in his voice made it clear that he would not tolerate any actions of the sort.

L-2 region of space, just outside of the Blue Dragon's effective attack range

Shortly after Strider Hiryu was able to start informing the other Striders of what was to be coming, the Hagane appeared out of nowhere from a portal directly facing the Blue Dragon.

"Blue Dragon, this is Hagane. Requesting permission to dock." The slightly mechanical voice came across the Comm on a short-wave radio, preventing transmission to the forces of Tomoya or anyone not within the L-2 region.

Tajuh's Room - Tajuh, Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Devon nodded. "He does have a really good point. What the heck are we supposed to do there?"

Tajuh put the laptop down as he looked at each person. "Each machine there will have a supplementary AI on it, removing much of the technical details in its flight. The proper machine assignments have already been created, so there should be no issues using one that doesn't fit your fighting style. If you would rather act in a support function, there will be other assignments available provided that you wish to do so." He looked down at the laptop to read a message indicating an antagonistic possibility from some of the Striders and filed that away in his head.

L-2 region of space, just outside of the Blue Dragon's effective attack range

"This is Rank S Strider Hiryu, You are clear to Dock. There'll be a docking crew to assist you, Over." Hiryu ordered as the ship began to dock.

All the while, several unhappy members of the organisation were watching from a viewing platform.
One of these were Super Rank A Strider Hien.
"... Unbelievable...First those..."Pets" of his (Jenny and Blade), now Hiryu allowing a enemy ship to dock!? Might as well give them the keys to the whole station..." He sighed as him and a few others watched as the ship docked.
"Second this Angel is dealt with, I'm going to call him out on his increasing recklessness behaviour..."

David, Shadow

Shadow could only sigh as he watched David keep running into walls and shit. "David.... David! DAVID!!! Try ya know.... OH NEVERMIND just come here..." Shadow said as he waited for David to come over.

Once David was close he got behind David grabbed his shoulders and told him to keep trying to control his speed. Shadow would hold David back whenever he was going to fast and tried to at least help him get used to his new found speed.

"Is it getting a little bit easier now?" Shadow asked.

David, Shadow

After switching to this style of training, David instantly began to improve, being able to switch between his normal running speed and that of Usain Bolt's.
Getting the whole "Faster then you could blink" part was a problem, but he was improving.
"So anything I need to know about punching though walls?"

"...." Shadow looked at David like he was stupid for a moment before returning back to actually helping him. He grabbed a chair from nearby and help it up to his right away from his body.

"Punch" was all he said as he stood there waiting.

Of course once David punched the chair it instantly broke into several different pieces that all went flying across the room hitting a wall and smashing into even smaller pieces.

"That is what you need to know..." Shadow declared as he though of something else he needed training in.

"Ahhh one last thing..." Shadow pulled out his 9mm glock and fired at David.

His reflexes automatically kicking in for David time seemed to slow down a bit and the bullets slowed down. The bullets were now going the speed as if a person was walking. David easily avoided them and stood up.

"I guess you have that down..." Shadow said in an amused tone. "Theres not much else I can teach you then other than you can jump high and fall from great distances and survive... were gonna have to go sky diving sometime..... also we should spar sometime now" he told David as he went pulled up a chair and sat down.

"Just be careful not to crush someones hand when giving a handshake..." Shadow remarked as he relaxed a bit.

"So whats our next 'mission' anyways?" he asked.

L-2 region of space, just outside of the Blue Dragon's effective attack range

The slightly mechanical voice responded. "Proceeding to dock. Until Tajuh arrives and assigns pilots, movements aboard the Hagane are highly restricted, and any attempts to undermine this ship's capabilities will be responded with in force." The ship made a textbook docking in the Blue Dragon's hangar, and the inspecting members of the Striders were met by an imposing man with a sidearm at his hip.


"I am Lieutenant Commander Browning of the Hagane, and I will be coordinating with your forces within my parameters. Consider the crew of the Rising Dawn under my protection as well, and hostile actions against them will be seen as an attack on my crew." The grey haired man delivered an impeccable salute, and the inspecting Striders could see countless others wearing the same uniform on board.

Hanger of the Blue Dragon

Hien and other Striders looked at the ship, for it's strange design, it had firepower to spare.
They were all wearing the standard Blue and Red uniform while Hein wore white.
"Super A Rank Strider Hien. Know that you are being watched constantly. As you stated with yours, any attempts to undermine this Station will be met with force also." He explained, this entire operation was going to be a massive stand off from start to finish and Hien certainly wasn't helping.
It was then they moved aside to bring the Commander though the base to the Grandmaster.

Tajuh's Room - Tajuh, Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Caim and Angelus listened carefully and nodded along with Tajuh's words, Angelus speaking up, "So, with these AIs in place, we don't have to worry too much about anything aside from the actual fighting? That certainly sounds pleasing enough, doesn't it Caim?"

The warrior nodded, his familiar battle grin appearing as his PDA rattled off, "Hey, he's lending us weapons to combat the Angels! Where do I sign up and when can I start training with it?"

The Crew of the Rising Dawn are moving to the Strider Space Station: The Blue Dragon, to set up the Space Battle. Sorry for railroading, but as Co-GM, the plot must go on!


After receiving confirmation from Tajuh, Jenny then made her way towards the bridge and namely the intercom.
"Attention all! Please report to the Bridge. We have gotten in touch with some allies and we are about to travel to them. Bring whatever belongings you need for the battle ahead and meet up there....Right, now how in the name of all that is holy do I turn this thing off?...Is this it?"
"No, that's just for the Coffee machine."
.....Why would he pu-"
"You know for a matter of fact that I have no idea. Try the Red One."


David was confident enough in his skills to move on, but it was clear to Shadow that was just the power going to his head.
"Alright, time to kick that bastards ass!" He cried as he made his way out.
As he left, Shadow noticed that the veins on his neck were discolored, a possible side effect of the Serum?

Entire Crew Yes, even you!

Once the Entire Crew was gathered, Jenny began to arrange for their teleportation.
"Okay everyone. Now the process is painless and side-effect free, though some of you might experience some sickness just like Car or Air Sickness. Okay then, On 3.

Thus the crew were engulfed by a bright orange light....

Strider HQ: Blue Dragon Space Station

...And reappeared in some kind of airlock.
"Ohhh...See? That wasn't so bad...I'll get the door."
Punching in a code and having her hand scanned, Jenny cleared the group to enter, the first thing they saw was the earth below.
"Welcome to the Blue Dragon!"

Tajuh, Lt. Cmd Browning, Rugal

Upon arriving, the imposing silver haired man from earlier approached and saluted Tajuh. "Tajuh, the full contingent has arrived. Keeping the Striders away from our machines did have its difficulties, but you can rest assured that we kept the hangar and TBC under strict lockdown."

Tajuh nodded his approval, and Rugal could see that Tajuh must have some impressive connections to have gotten this military man as an ally, and this TBC seemed particularly interesting...

"Very well. You've had the non-Strider members of the Rising Dawn declared as part of the Hagane, correct? That should help stop the greater deal of the politics here, and under absolutely no circumstances are anyone other than the men, women, and creatures I arrived with to head to any restricted areas while we are here." As the man in the coat went off, Tajuh turned to the others there.

"As I'm sure you all have guessed, the politics of the current situation are quite delicate. Until further notice, it is safe to assume that the Striders are waiting for even the slightest slip or excuse to throw us to the dogs. Now, I will not impose any kind of extreme discipline, but realize: we are all out in space, and this is their carrier. Taking any actions to anger them will harm all of us, and the attack against Tomoya could be shattered due to the ensuing conflict."

If it hadn't been clear before, Tajuh was showing it quite well now that he knew how to take the reins when the time called for it.


He was disoriented by the floating of the lessened gravity, and he laughed nervously. "So, this is what space feels like!"


She gripped jenny's left hand in a handshake, thanking her for the transport. "This was quite nice of you to do, Jenny, and I'm sure we all appreciate it."

Lupito licked the Gardevoir on the face, happily communicating to her through his mind. Never in all my life did I think I would experience this, Jenny... Thank you.

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