The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Melethia, Akane, Hadrian, Aftan, Gabrielle, Jake, Slindis

Aftan and Akane glanced at each other. "Mele, what are you going on about? We missed everything. Last we remember was being on the Hagane, we'd all just teleported here. You'll have to explain everything..."

The Two women were joined by a somewhat redfaced Gabs, who had two bottles of sake and glasses for three. "Comeon, let's find a table and listen to what we missed, yeah?"

Meanwhile, at the bar, Jake simply gave a vacant stare to Slindis before locking onto Lupito. His eyes returned to Slindis as he downed the rest of his rum in one shot.

"What job?" he flatly stated. "I was not here. Last I remember, was arriving on the Blue Dragoon, and being given the Hagane. Other than that, 5 minutes ago I arrived in the hallway. Now, that is a mighty fine Dire Wolf you've found. Is he a new friend, or an old friend?"

Getting up off his stool, Jake did something odd. He walked up to the Dire Wolf and offered his hand. "G'day. My name is Jake, I am an Author of the Avatar Adventures, this universe and setting. Pleasure to meet you Mr?"


"Ah well sure Sweetie! I'm the best shrink in The Big Apple for a reason!" Jenny giggled as she finished her shot with a slight "*Hic!*" while Teri went to look for Rugal.
Once she was gone, the Resident psychia-"*HIC*!" went looking for her patient, bringing a bottle with her just in case he or she wanted a drink.
Managing to stumble over to Devon's Room, she scanned the room and found him sleeping.
Mmmm....maybe if I use Dream Eater... She thought, breaking her code of "No Mind Reading without Permission" as she sat on the floor next to the door and attempted to enter Devon's dreams.


Teri found Rugal, now decked in one of his spare suits, where did he get it? Shut up!.
He was carefully wrapping bandages around his head, mostly to cover up his wound rather then stopping bleeding or infection.
He stopped as Teri entered his "Sense" range.
"Teri? Mm, Thought you young teens never turned down the chance for a drink?...Is something the matter?" He asked, showing that his perception hadn't faded with his blinding.

Garm | Rugal | Teri

"Teri? Mm, Thought you young teens never turned down the chance for a drink?...Is something the matter?" He asked, showing that his perception hadn't faded with his blinding.

The Cleric gave a soft sigh of relief to see the King of Fighters still up and kicking; even if his medical attentiveness could have used a bit of work. Rugal could practically hear the Cleric's eyes roll when she said,

"Let me take care of that."

And before Rugal could object, Teri had already descended upon him, checking for infections and working on whatever other minute healing was needed. As she did so, she spoke again,

"To answer your question sir, it's two fold. First, I don't really drink. I mean, I like to nurse a glass of wine; but that's about it. The second... Well, if that conversation with Slindis gave anything away, I've got a few things on my plate calling my attention... Not really the state of mind to want to party, you know? Besides, I wanted to make sure you were doing alright. An exploding eye is no laughing matter!"

As she said all this, Rugal could already tell that the exploding mech incident, as well as that little moment with Dillon probably put Teri a bit more on edge about his safety than normal. She hadn't been this fussy about his health since they first met on the Rising Dawn.

Garm | Rugal | Teri

While he was thankful for her concern, Rugal was also worried about her constant worrying.
"...Listen, I understand that it's in your nature to fret over others, you need to un-wind. We just won one of the largest conflicts in the history of our realm. If we can do that, not much else can so much as touch us." He said as his bandages were redone, covering most of his damaged face.
Still, Teri wasn't having any of it, causing him to sigh in a annoyance.

Then an idea.
"....Tell me, I've see your style and fighting, mostly zoning and attacking at range while you tend to the wounded. And I think I have a technique that might aid you in battle...If you are interested in being trained in it's use, that is..." He offered, hoping to take her mind off her troubles.

Jenny, Devon

Jenny found that trying to enter the dream was flat out impossible at this range, even though his defenses should have completely been down when he was asleep. She hadn't seen much of him from past experience, but there'd been nothing to indicate that he'd be immune.

If she was to see the condition he was in, she'd have to try again at closer range to try and slip through a crack in the defenses. The fact that he already had these defenses was more than enough to tell Jenny that Teri's suspicions were spot-on.

Melethia, Akane, Hadrian, Aftan, Gabrielle, Jake, Slindis

Slindis turned back to Jake after finishing her tea. "He's Lupito, and he's an old friend of mine. One of the best companions I've ever had. And although you may not have been there, the fact still stands that you were willing and ready to stand up and take charge." Lupito rubbed up against Jake while trying to get at some of his alcohol, and Slindis quickly moved them a small distance from him.

Melethia looked up at them as she took a seat. "Well, there was a really big space fight out there! Good thing I spent the day before it findin' out the basics of how it worked, 'cause it made the fight really easy! Shows those kinslayers! Tore a hole right through 'em, we did. I'm really sorry ya guys couldn't punch 'em in the face afterwards, but I left a small present for them in that Black Hole Gun thingamajigger of theirs." She gave that impish grin again which made the young elf look a lot like a young Akane.

Jenny, Devon

Jenny was rather confused by the reaction she got from her attempts to pry, but she had a duty to her patie-"*HIC!*.
Getting up and attempting to open the door, being locked naturally, she began to try and find another way in...
Looking at a air vent, She thought ...Well...I am TECHNICALLY a Ninja...
Undoing the screws with her telekinesis, she then climbed in, bringing the bottle of Sake with her.

As Devon slept, the sounds of her attempted breaking and entering rang out as she crawled though the Air Vents above him.
She came to an opening and began to undo the screws while she was still sitting on it.
Needless to say, gravity took over and she fell on the floor at the foot of Devon's bed.
"WAHHHHHHHHHH! OOOF!...ow...." she groaned, least the bottle wasn't cracked...

Jenny, Devon

She got up to see that Devon was still in a dead sleep, and he hadn't even bothered to remove any of his equipment before heading to sleep. Still, since she was so close it only took a few minutes to find the single crack in the wall for her to slip in, but the feelings she could glean off of that small crack were far from what she expected from any member of the Rising Dawn: malice, hatred, loathing and a host of other feelings along the same line.

She could use said crack to get in further, but this struck her as very odd. Dreams were where people usually got away from what was troubling them. if this man's dreams were filled with such hatred, how was he feeling when he was awake?

Teri's concern for the Bard had been very well founded.

Jenny, Devon

Once she felt just the surface of Devon's dark thoughts, her mood changed instantly to one of concern.
Leaving her drink on the side cabinet, she sat next to the sleeping Author, his feelings starting to get clearer and clearer as she neared him.
"...I had no idea..." she whispered to him as she laid a hand on his forehead, hoping the direct physical contact would help her access his mind better. knock first... She thought as she gently prodded into his mindscape, wondering what was worrying him.

The Rising Dawn
The Escape pod eventually reached the Rising Dawn, Opening the hanger with his Golden iPod wasn't easy but he managed it. Once inside he decided this was too good an opportunity to pass up, besides any possible security had likely alerted everyone someone had entered the ship.
"Activate announcement system" he said allowed and a brass microphone came out a hidden panel.
"Attention passengers, this is you old captain speaking."
His voice carried throughout the rising dawn many looked up form what they were doing, some recognized the voice others were confused.
"I'm back bitches."
He got out and felt dizzy, he was still missing blood from the fight, and he needed the medical bay.
"Activate and charge healing array in medical bay." he said aloud, and far off the machine began to charge.
"Humble or grand as it may be, there's no place like home."

Jenny, Devon

Surprisingly, she got in incredibly easily to a room that was completely grey. Said characteristic even transferred over to Jenny as she looked down and saw that all the color was gone from her as well.

Well, what do ya know, shitstain! Someone actually bothered to come in here! Guess that she thinks that she can Pokeheal your dumb ass, but I don't know if that makes you dumber or her dumber. Still, since the Pokewhorelet decided to drop in, how about we have some fun here.

After the extremely harsh statement was finished, the room began to feel increasingly oppressive. If Jenny was going to back out, now would be the best time.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Unfazed by Devon's cruel words, I mean, she'd dealt with worse over the years.
She was however like the Monochrome effect, it was like being a Noir Film.
Well...Hello to you too...If you think I've leaving you like this, you're wrong. I'm not letting you going to suffer like this. So how about you just make this easy, All I want to do is help... She retorted as she set up a Reflect Barrier behind her and sat on it, not letting his hostility get to her.
So tell me, what is the meaning behind this room supposed to be?

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Last time I checked, this wasn't your mindscape, Pokemon. Still, A Gardevoir. Psychic type, weaker defense, moderately fast... I think this will do. The Reflect barrier that Jenny was sitting on was shattered by something ramming through it, and the oppressive effect in the area was making it harder for her to access her psychic abilities.


The Houndoom was the only thing in the entire room that had any sort of color to it, and it gave a bloodthirsty howl as it stared Jenny down.

[Does he ring any bells, Whorelet? He's been specially made to take you down. Bruiser, bite her and don't let go until your teeth touch again.

The Houndoom leapt at the Gardevoir, and the Dark typing allowed it to ignore any Psychic type blasts sent its way as it sent a Will-o-wisp blazing towards her. The rumors about the burns from a Houndoom never healing had been widespread throughout the Kanto and Johto regions. Now it wasn't quite sure what would happen due to her being in his mind, but the huge risk didn't make it something many people would want to test.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Jenny let out a slight gulp as the sight of the Hounddoom, hoping that the whole "Your mind makes it real" Thing wasn't in effect while she was in here.
Watching the Will'o Wisp come closer and closer, shaking from side to side.
Need to time this just right... she thought as she let it get at close as she could before jumping to the side, avoiding the burning blast it would cause.

Then the next problem: the Hounddoom itself.
While she was unable to do much against it, she could avoid getting hit long enough, she might be able to talk the cruel side of Devon down.
Remembering her training from Hiryu and Blade, she used Double Team to make herself harder to hit.
Devon, Stop this. You don't want to hurt anyone who hasn't wronged you. And you don't want to start with me.

David: Party

Wheeling around on his chair after his close call with Zombie-ism, David enjoyed a straw linked to a keg behind his chair as he wheeled around, everyone else might as well doing the same with the amount of booze going around.
Then he saw a face he wanted to meet.
"Fionn? The fucking Grim Reaper of Angels? Christ man, how the hell are ya!?" He shouted as he made his way towards the man.
"Heard something about you punching a Arch Angel in the gut, You actually that badass?"

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

...Jenny, please. Get out, I don't want to see him hurt you...

As Jenny avoided the burning embers, the Houndoom known as Bruiser went in for the Crunch, using its scent and familiarity with the mindscape to close in on her. Still, that faint voice she just heard was a lot closer to what a normal person acted like, and although it was very faint, it was much warmer.

Bitch, do I look like that sack of shit! Well, you can't actually see me, but the point still stands. And unfortunately for you, Bruiser here's ready to shatter the definitions of the Egg Groups! Shame for your little stoner boy-toy there, but I've got the feeling he's used to sloppy seconds.

Fionn was sitting to the side with a glass of whiskey in hand, having spent the past while swirling it. He wasn't exactly in the mood for celebrating now, he doubted that drinking would bring back the dead innocents back. It's Lexington all over again, he necked the glass and turned to get another when he heard a familiar voice.

"Fionn? The fucking Grim Reaper of Angels? Christ man, how the hell are ya!?"

"Heard something about you punching a Arch Angel in the gut, You actually that badass?"

"Word travels fast doesn't it? I did nothing you wouldn't have." He grinned at seeing David again, he was one of the few people on the ship he saw eye-to-eye with. "What about the World's most Insane Sniper?" David could see that while his personality was no different beyond the circumstances, there was something now different about the Magus.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Oh wow, more Rape Jokes. So Original... Jenny snarked as she strained to use Reflect, setting up a barrier in time to half the damage of Crunch, though seeing how it did double damage to her already, it still hurt like hell as the Houndoom bit down on her arm.
AHHHHHHHHH.....Get off me! She cried in pain as she tried to get the demonic wolf off of her by using Struggle

Jenny, Devon: Reality

Jenny bit her lip as she felt the pain of Houndoom's attack in her arm, confirming her fears of "Your mind makes it real".
Come on me out here...


David's moods somewhat dimmed for a second as Fionn asked for his exploits.
"....I took some performance enhancers before the battle...Went rabid, nearly turned into a Zombie and chewed a Angel's face off... literally...Spent the rest of the battle laid out in the Medical bay....Yeeeaahhhh..." He confessed while also explaining why he was in a wheelchair.
"...Still, Fair play. I'm certain with you around, they weren't missing my firepower all that much." He said as he raised his straw like a glass before taking another long sip.
"So basically, I'm retiring from Soldiering once I'm back on the ground, Might take a long vacation..."

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

You know, that is a bit trite... Thanks for giving me another idea, you psychotic bitch. Bruiser, burn her. Before the Houndoom let go of the Gardevoir, it let out a slow Will-o-wisp, aiming specifically for its arms.

Jenny, over here... Please, take this and leave. I don't want to see this happen to you.
A small floating orb was in the distance, ans she felt that brush of kindness again, though there was a good deal of sadness in the voice.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

The Will'o Wisp hit it's mark and soon her entire arm was covered in the Houndoom's flames, clearly putting Jenny in extreme pain as she rolled on the ground in a attempt to put it out.
NOOO! NOT LIKE THIS! She cried as the burning pain started to overwhelm her, reducing her movements to a meek crawl, Wishing for the strength to go on.

Jenny, Devon: Reality

The burning her avatar in Devon's mind had spread to her in reality as she felt the biting pain be replaced with a flame-less burning flared up the arm she was using for the physical link.
Panting from the pain of it, she took Devon's hand in her other and squeezed it.
Come on, You can do it, Please. I won't last much longer! she begged, using the situation tactically to force Devon to fight the darkness within him.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

The other one now, Bruiser. Show this naive airhead what it means to be alone. The Houndoom walked up with pure menace in its eyes, and even if Jenny had Synchronize, the Houndoom was immune to its own burns.

However, Jenny's meek crawl was responded with the Orb flying to Jenny at a rapid pace, honing unerringly on the real Jenny As the Orb touched her, she felt a new power settling in her.

This is the most that I can scrounge up... I hope that helps at least.

Garm | Rugal | Teri

"....Tell me, I've see your style and fighting, mostly zoning and attacking at range while you tend to the wounded. And I think I have a technique that might aid you in battle...If you are interested in being trained in it's use, that is..."

The Cleric tilted her head in curiosity, and nodded quietly, "Sure. I don't know what you could teach me though. I don't use Ki; nor do I have much physical oomph... But you got me interested, if anything! Now, I just need to do this and.... Done!"

Backing away from her handiwork, the Cleric gave a satisfied smile and took a few moments for cleanup; giving Rugal more than enough time to get himself back on his feet. Garm was already on the case; knowing full well that his Pup held this 'Mr. Bernstein' in high esteem; and was willing to aid in helping Rugal walk around. Whether or not Rugal would accept the help was up in the air.

The Slaughter-Burn Family

As Caim, Angelus and Cadolbolg slumbered in a spare bedroom, a Tonberry stirred, and rose from the tangle of blankets, limbs and snores. Looking to his new-found foster family for a moment, Ton Ton could not help but be reminded of a Mistress he used to guard when she slept. Heaving a heavy sigh, Ton Ton crawled out of the bed, noticing his equipment was missing as he wandered the room.

"This must be the price for the pact", he thought to himself, "Normally, I'd be a stuffed animal now."

Looking to his hands, the Tonberry couldn't help but wonder how The Mistress would react upon seeing his current form, "I wonder if she'd think this was 'cool'... Or would I scare her?"

Either way, his longing for the one who loved his existence unconditionally weighed heavy on the creature's heart. There was no way he'd be able to sleep now. After another moment's thought, Ton Ton exited the room his pact partner's family shared, and began wandering the halls, feeling a bit odd without his lantern and knife in hand. As he wandered, a faint voice entered his mind, almost as Cadolbolg did when they spoke via the pact.

"...lp me!...!..."

The Tonberry froze at the sound of the voice, and waited to hear it again... However, when he did, the message remained the same; as well as a familiar feeling crawling up his spine.


Rushing down the halls, Ton Ton sprinted as fast as his little legs could allow him to the source of the voice and where the Daemon lay.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Jenny rolled over on her back to face the Houndoom as it readied another Will'o Wisp.
It was then her wish came true and she regained a large portion of her strength and just in time to launch a AURA SPHERE! in the face of the Houndoom before it could use it's attack.
It hit and did double damage, quickly putting the beast down and out.

Forcing herself up on her feet, the Burn on her arm still stinging, she shouted DEVON! IT'S NOT STRONGER THEN YOU! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Jenny, Devon: Reality

Jenny let out a sigh of relief that the Houndoom was gone and that Devon acknowledged her plea for help.
That's it...Keep fighting, I'm still here...
As she re-assured him, she also called for help, remembering that strange Tonberry she heard about, hoping he'd be able to help.


Rugal reached around for a Cane or something and instead found Garm's muzzle licking his hand.
Reaching behind his head, he took a grip of his collar and said "There is really nothing to it. I'm certain that even if you don't have any, you can siphon off some of your Spell-casting energy to cover the cost. Follow me, I have a fair idea of where the training room is."
Within a few minutes and some asking for directions, The 3 of them managed to find the Training Room, dents still in the wall from when Kazuya and Slindis went at it.

"Now then: Ki energy is the standard life force of every living thing. Some have more then others, some have less. Ki Techniques can varying sizes and power. Sure, I can throw a Kaiser Wave the size of a Semi-truck, but the high cost of Ki Energy and the charge time needed stops me from doing so. Cost Effectiveness is one of the reasons for the wide array of Techniques in the marital arts.

Now what I am going to teach you in a very cost effective technique that I myself find rather useful: Reppuken: Wind Slice. A wind based ground projectile attack. All you have to do gather your energy in your hand, Imagine you are collecting your spell casting power for a large spell.

Then pretend you are bowling. You heard me, bowling, The energy in your hand the Ball. Line up your pins, steady yourself and..."
Rugal "Bowled" a projectile from his hand which raced across the ground towards the wall.
"...Reppuken..Any questions?"

Jenny, Devon: Reality

Ton Ton continued his journey to the voice and the Daemon; and found himself in front of a door... A locked door. With a mild growl of frustration, the Tonberry looked around some more for another way in; and found the previously opened vent.

"I wonder...?"

Wandering in, the Tonberry found that his lantern and knife returned themselves to him as he approached wherever this supposed Daemon lay; making the Daemon-hunter nervous as he went onward. If he was able to call his weapons now, that certainly meant something was wrong...

Coming to the room; Ton Ton raised his lantern, and called; "Show yourself, Assaulter of Dreams; Servant of the Shadow! Your presence will not be permitted here!"


Teri carefully watched Rugal create the Reppuken, and asked her teacher to preform the technique a few more times before deciding to try to create it for herself.

"A wind based attack and I have to pretend I'm bowling... Which I'm terrible at. Let's hope you're barking up the right tree, sir."

Standing firm; she took a deep breath; and focused herself, thinking of channeling spell energy into her hands... But what spell would act as the best idea to focus on? Pausing, the girl thought on Rugal's words,

"Think of it like a spell... Like a spell... It has somatic and vocal components, as well as a range; and a focus, your hands.... Let's try this!"

The girl did a few practice imitations of the motions, and decided to try pulling from her 1st level of spells; just for starters. After a few more motions, Teri took a deep breath, focused the spell energy into her hands, looked to a burnt spot on the floor as a target and with a shout of,


a medium blue stream of energy flew from her hand and trailed along the ground. While it didn't hit the burnt spot (on the contrary, it veered a bit to the left), the fact that the technique had worked at all caused the Cleric to leap with joy.

"Holy shit! I can't believe it worked! Er... pardon the language, sir."

With each use of the Projectile Reppuken, it takes 12 seconds before Teri can use that level of spell or the attack. In this case, 12 seconds before another level 1 spell is usable.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

The houndoom faded away and began condensing into a new form that was centered around a stone. What, you thought you'd be a Big Damn Hero and save the Dumbass in Distress? Nope, not happening here! Now where were we again? Oh yes, that's right: making sure that Blade knows exactly how damaged you are after we throw your carcass out of here.

The eyes of the gaseous new Pokemon gleamed as some of the Will-o-Wisps floating around it went racing towards Jenny again, providing the only color in this bleak room that seemed to go on forever and yet feel incredibly tiny at the same time.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Jenny realized that she was out gunned and began to attempt to escape from the Spiritomb, seeing if she was able to get out of this strange room she was trapped in.
As she turned around and fled, a Will-o-Wisp struck her in the back of the leg, igniting it much like the Houndoom did to her arm.
Falling to the ground as the Spiritomb neared, she crawled on, hoping to find someway, anyway to get out of the room and away from these Pokemon.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Reality

The seconds it took for Ton Ton to enter the room felt like hours for Jenny as her avatar and her shared the pain of her leg lighting on fire.
Small superficial burn wounds began to form on the affected limbs, but she wasn't going to give up.
You think I'm going to give up on you because of a little fire?


Though he couldn't see the look of joy on her face, Rugal was able to see her gathering the energy, the focusing of it and the glow of the projectile as it raced towards it's target and missed.
He gave a proud round of applause to the cleric as he heard up jump up and down in joy.
"It's simple isn't it? Maybe if you decide to engage the enemy man to woman instead of just mending the wounds of battle, I could train you like I trained Slindis?" He said, while she didn't have Slindis's natural talent and Ki pools, a bit of his training would do wonders.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

After a good bit of fleeing, Jenny was finally going away. There was actually color again! Lots of greens and browns, and Jenny was nearly blinded by the massive forest before her! It was lively and energetic, and it reminded her of times before she knew everyone on the Rising Dawn, back to when she was just starting off on her journey. Had Devon lived in such an area as well? In any case, all she had to do was find the Author and get him out of there.

A few twigs could be heard snapping, but they could easily be associated to the others in the forest. The sounds of a small stream could be heard nearby, and it would be a good idea to try and was the burned areas before they got infected.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Glancing over her shoulder, she found the Spiritomb was gone, much to her relief.
Rushing over to the stream and jumping it, the cold water helping her leg, but not her arm, that would need some special treatment once she was out of here.
Still, she enjoyed the brief moment of quiet after nearly perishing at the hands of that Houndoom and Spiritomb.
Then, Voices from afar entered her mental range.
"Target in sight: Gardevoir: Female: Level unknown."
"Pepping for capture. Specialist in place."
Yeah...all you have to do today is have a little swim....

Then it hit her.
...You sick BASTARD! She screamed in anger as she recalled the last time she heard those words.
Instead of running like last time, she attacked the Members of Team Rocket the second she saw them, hating them for what they did to her and that Mach-
Before she realized her mistake, She was turned around and punched in the face with enough force to completely nullify the type difference.
The next thing she saw was Bruiser on top of her.
"Sweet Dreams! BITCH!"
Then darkness as she was punched out, Bruiser taking the time to hit her again and again while she was out, just because.

She then woke up, battered and beaten, in a dark room, chained to the wall.
The cell she was kept in for all that time...

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Reality

Jenny stead a tear as she relived that day, How did Devon know about that?
The Burning was bad, but being forced to go though that again? Far worse.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Over the next few months the torture continued on, each day worse than the next. It would usually start with the food dulling her psychic abilities already having been fed to her and the tiny window shining the harsh morning light in her eyes and no matter how much she wanted to help it, her eyes would be drawn to that window and that freedom which was so cruelly close. Shortly after either Bruiser or one of the others at the base would drag her to the torture for that day.

Some days it would be having a crippling amount of poison being injected into the Gardevoir and being forced to run an obstacle course filled with Spikes. Other days it would be her being placed in a freezer after being knocked out by one of the concoctions the Scientists whipped up and being forced to fight the various Butterfrees and Beedrills captured by the Rockets, with the victor getting scraps of food. There was even times where she would be waterboarded by the Poliwags captured by the organization and then electrocuted by the dozens of Joltiks the Rockets had stolen.

And those were the good days. Sometimes Bruiser wanted to test Jenny out for some 'fun'. Said fun would involve massive beatings, shattered limbs, and playing him in Monoply where the various places that Bruiser owned would show what parts of her skin he'd peel off with a Rusty carving knife.

The worst part of it would be that every night, she would look back up and see the same night sky that she always knew as a Ralts with her family. She would cry herself to sleep knowing that there would be little hope of escape.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Reality

As Ton Ton entered the room, Jenny relieved months of torture in the space a few minutes.
She was a sobbing wreak, while she was spared most of the horrible pain physically, mentally was another matter entirely."Show yourself, Assaulter of Dreams; Servant of the Shadow! Your presence will not be permitted here!"
Ton Ton's words were enough to snap her out of her despair and she choked up a little before saying "It's Devon. Some dark side of him has taken over, I tried to get past it but....."
She didn't finish before letting go of Devon's hand and offering it to the Tonberry.
"Take my hand, I'll bridge our minds. I need all the help I can get..." She said, starting to reflect her shy depressed self from when she first entered the AA Realm from Kanto.
Agreeing, he took her hand and found himself in another place...

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

The second they entered Devon's mind, Ton Ton noticed a drastic change in Jenny's appearance, currently looking like a victim from some kind of slasher movie, bleeding, beaten, burnt and chained to the wall.
...Like I said, I could use all the help I can get...
They were in her cell back at the Team Rocket Base were she spent all that time...
...You go on ahead, I'll keep the link open and you'd be better suited against whatever he can throw at you. Good luck.. She said, motioning Ton Ton to go on without her.

Rugal, Teri

"It's simple isn't it? Maybe if you decide to engage the enemy man to woman instead of just mending the wounds of battle, I could train you like I trained Slindis?"

The Cleric's jaw dropped at the notion of what Rugal just offered her, and after a moment to collect herself, she was grinning ear to ear; "I would be honored sir! Being able to fend enemies, as well as healing allies would be a wonderful mix!"

Her Aura blazed brightly in his eyes, but then dulled faintly, "However, I'm not very strong... You and I both know that. I don't think I can be as pleasing of a student as Ms. Slindis is..."

And here Rugal could already see Teri's biggest pitfall, confidence. In this case, a lack thereof. That would need to be weeded out quickly if she wanted to progress any further.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

Ton Ton stared at Jenny's badly broken self and gave a grim nod, "I'll be back for you, Ms. Jenny. Promise! I'll get rid of this Daemon inside Mr. Devon; and we can all go back home..."

Turning to the rest of the mental world, Ton Ton held his lantern aloft and cried out his challenge again: "Show yourself, Assaulter of Dreams; Servant of the Shadow! Your presence will not be permitted here!"

In his realm, this is usually what drew out the Dream Daemons from their hosts. However, he was not certain if the oath would work quite the same way. Either way; he was ready.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

The room quickly faded to that oppressive greyscale where the Spiritomb was and it spoke to Ton-Ton. Oh boy, the Mistresses' little tool. How... delightful. Would you like to see where that Harlot is now? Would you like to see if she even cares about you any more? No, we both know that one, since it's been years since you've last seen her. She's aged, forgotten about you, and was eviscerated by those Shadow Demons. Quite amusing, really. Her cries for help were sadly unanswered no matter how many times she cried for someone to aid her. In the end, Tonberry, you were useless. worthless, a waste of flesh and your Dear Mistress' body was eaten by the wolves.

Rising Dawn
Dillon made it to the medical bay and had been laying down as the healing array helped his body recover, about two hours later he found his body had been healed completely meanwhile his Ipod was restoring itself onto the Rising Dawn System.
"Warning we may have some errors, changes to the ship may impede and have damaged the system.
"Right then perform a reboot of the damaged systems restore original function, my voice only. Authorization by Captain: Dillon."
He made his way to the helm, he was expecting someone to confront him, maybe even that jerk Puce, if Puce tried he'd gladly tell him to screw off, He had more important things to do then listen to someone as petty as Puce whine, it was a shame Kurmu had to put up with someone like that.
Dillon watched his iPod, the system restoration was happening quickly thanks to the Golden iPod's quantum programming the fact that he had installed a quantum program into the rising dawn was likely what had helped the system stay intact, not to mention the ship had been made for him by his patron Author.
He arrived at the Helm.
"Set Course for Aperture with as much speed as you can, autopilot and warn me of any danger."
"Yes sir."
"excellent, nwo then let's see if the Training room is open."

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

Ton Ton's brow furrowed a little, and the light of his lantern lowered for a moment, before rekindling itself as Ton Ton shouted back,

"Liar! Shadow servant and false-tongued!"

The Tonberry charged; his knife already ready to tear at the Spiritomb; only for the creature to dodge to the right. As Ton Ton whirled around and readied his knife for another attack, the creature rebuked the Pokemon's claims,

"Whoever's been giving you information has been doing a crap job! One, I've only been here six months!"

A successful hit, then a parry with the Lantern, "Two, there were others ready to defend her if I fell in battle! Three, if she stopped caring; then I would have stopped moving! And lookie there, you bleed because of me! I AM NOT USELESS AND I WILL FIND HER AGAIN! AND YOU! ARE NOT! GOING TO STOP! ME!"

With all that said, the Tonberry whirled and dodged another attack by the Spiritomb, and thrust his blade forwards; the same feelings of when he used to hunt the Shadows filling him again. It would almost be comforting, were it not for what was at stake.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

Hah, like that attack of yours is actually going to get through to me-

The voice was finally cut off for a moment as the Pokemon was sent reeling from the slice, and the eyes darkened for a moment as the fires blazed around it.

That's it. Rocks fall, EVERYONE DIES.

The Spiritomb disappeared as the room started shaking, and large slabs started falling from the ceiling, intent on crushing the avatars of Ton-Ton and Jenny.

"Deadly Force? Are you joking? This is my ship your nothing more than a worm burrowing into my system, but you decided you like your home and decided it's your own."
The Dawn continued to move but due to the ships infection of an AI Dillon could not fix that system however Vocal commands were still possible, the Ship could not lose its main system.
However since they were still moving he felt he had to fix this annoying AI.
"Stupid fools what did they do to my ship."
he made his way to the helm.
"OK what Revoked my Order, admit yourself now and you better start behaving or I'll wipe you from my ship like a virus."
He looked around if this AI had any intelligence it wouldn't try anything stupid.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

That's it. Rocks fall, EVERYONE DIES.

"Uh oh."

Looking up, Ton Ton's normally vacant face could not properly convey the pit of dread that entered his stomach in that moment. Especially when the first slab descended towards him. Keeping the knife at the ready; Ton Ton remembered that his jumping abilities had been boosted with his pact, and did what he knew best. He jumped, and readied the knife.

"I really hope this works!"

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