The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Devon, Garm, Jenny, Mercy, Teri, Ton Ton

"I'm so gonna OM NOM NOM NOM NOM right now!" came the sounds from the college girl's mouth as the giant dog, her Mercy's eternal gratefulness, allowed her to grab a couple pieces of the beef jerky. Picking the thin slice of dried beef up, she noticed a couple of dog hairs on it, and then a couple more, and then a bunch more.

"Augh!" She screamed in frustration as she looked at the Giant Wolf/Dog/Thing and looked back at the piece of hairy beef jerky that she had picked up off the floor.

"*Sigh*" The girl sighed and tossed the jerky to the Garm.

"I hope this Devon guy wakes up soon. I really need to have someone get this mutt away from me." The Courier muttered aloud.

"*COUGH COUGH COUGH* Sputtered Devon as he began waking up, his face still wet from the snow globe soaking he had received earlier.

"I hope that I get a million dollars!" The girl exclaimed loudly, looking towards the ceiling for a million dollars to suddenly appear... and nothing.

"Oh fine."

The others started waking up as well and as patient as Mercy could be, she waited for the group to wake up and get the dog away from her.

"HEY YOU GUY! HEY HEY! SOMEONE GET THIS DOG AWAY FROM ME!" She screamed when her patience had ended, 5 seconds later.

Devon, Garm, Jenny, Mercy, Teri, Ton Ton

As the others started stirring, pinched the skin directly above his nose. "I don't mean to be rude, but could you please explain what you're doing in here, Ma'am?" Garm went back over to Terias the man wiped the water off of his face.

Devon, Garm, Jenny, Mercy, Teri, Ton Ton

As everyone managed to defeat his Shadow, Devon looked and found Jenny passed out on the bed next to him, a rather nasty festering burn on her arm from where the Houndoom had burned her.
Clearly, the strain of it all, the burning, reliving captivity, everything had taken it's toll as she lay there, having somewhat pained breaths from it all.

Rugal, Slindis

Closing the door behind them as Luptio watched in the corner, Rugal sat down next to Slindis.
"Sounds like this Sadei is important to you...Tell me who she is, help me understand..." He said, offering a hand to hold.
Clearly this development had shook her to the core.

Devon, Garm, Jenny, Mercy, Teri, Ton Ton

Garm gave a happy whine to see his Pup up and running again, and lowered himself for the Cleric to ease Jenny's body onto the wolf's back. Teri crawled up on the wolf's back as well, and said to Devon, "Whoever she is, if she wanted us dead, she would have done something already. Otherwise, Garm wouldn't be this relaxed. Anyways, I'm going to take Jenny to the Med Bay and I'll see if I can work on that burn of hers."

Before leaving, she shot Devon a glance, and said quietly, "And... If you need to talk to somebody, I'm all ears. Promise."

She gave a nod to Devon and Ton Ton and then directed Garm out of the room, making sure to duck for the doorway.

After she left, Ton Ton turned to Devon and patted his leg; "Glad to see you doing better, Mr. Devon. That Daemon in your mind was one of the nastiest things I've fought to date. Are you going to be alright?"

Devon, Garm, Jenny, Mercy, Teri, Ton Ton

Devon called over to Teri before she left. "Teri, I really hate to ask this, but is there any way that you could try to treat Jenny's burn? One of then was kind of caused by a Houndoom, so it's gonna be really tough to treat, but I didn't want that to happen to her at all..."

After they left, Devon picked up Ton-Ton and sat the Tonberry down on the bed next to him. "I'd be lying if I said I know that I would be alright. There was a lot of stuff there, and lots of it that I didn't really want anybody to see. Plus, you're a tough little trooper, Ton-Ton. A hell of a lot tougher than I was, at least." He laughed before rubbing Ton-ton's head and offered a seat to the College student in the room.

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis looked at the man next to her as Lupito kept a watch on the door. "Remember how I knew people back in Eberron? Sadei... was my godchild. I was supposed to watch over her if her mother couldn't and her mother was one of my few friends back in Eberron... Some parent I am, right?"

Seeing the shifted Tajuh act completely calm at the complete gender shift, she was officially Freaked The Hell Out. Before anyone could really notice, she slipped over to where Teri was and looked a bit rattled.

Devon, Garm, Jenny, Mercy, Teri, Ton Ton

Jenny was soon dropped off at the Medical Bay, The Authors convincing the staff there not to tell Blade for fear of a violent reaction, settling on the story of it being a minor burn caused by a mix of Sake and a hot stove.
She would need something to remove the pain of the Houndoom's curse, but her burn was easily treated otherwise.
As they conversed, Devon's head began to hurt slightly.


Reeling from the yelling, he heard Dr. Doom then say "-And bring it to these Coordinates, you got a pen and paper?"
He then suddenly grabbed a pen and paper and took down the location of AIM's base, a island in the Gulf of Mexico.
Before he could process this, another voice spoke.
Go get them...and it's okay. I don't blame you, we all have our dark times...Now go...and please don't slam the door on the way out, I'm trying to sleep here...
After hearing those words, he looked back and saw that Jenny had a little smile all of a sudden as she slept.


"Yes, Yes you are a good parent and don't tell yourself otherwise." Rugal said as he turned her face towards him.
"You can't keep blaming yourself. Now...We'll ask and if it really is the same Sadei you spoke of, then that's okay, She's alive. And if it isn't, Move on. No friend or relative of yours would want to see you suffering like this."

Devon, Garm, Jenny, Mercy, Teri, Ton Ton

Devon's Room - Before the Vision

"I'd be lying if I said I know that I would be alright. There was a lot of stuff there, and lots of it that I didn't really want anybody to see. Plus, you're a tough little trooper, Ton-Ton. A hell of a lot tougher than I was, at least."

Ton Ton inclined his head, his eyes narrowing rather like a cat's when he received the praise. Given the context, Devon would have to guess that was his way of expressing being pleased with himself. After the well appreciated pat on the head, Ton Ton spoke, "I was born to protect, Mr. Devon. To fight and defend is in my very nature. And I made a pact with Cadolbolg, which I'm seeing the results of very clearly. Under normal circumstances, I'm pretty sure that rock would have at least broken something. However, I don't think that means you need to put yourself down like that."

The Tonberry's feet dangled off the edge of the bed as he looked blankly into space (he never did blink, now did he?) and continued, "Sure, you have your bad moments, and sometimes the nastier parts of you get out of hand, but that doesn't make your efforts anything less, right? At least, that's what I have to tell myself. If I always thought of how I was nowhere near closer to the Mistress than I am now, then I'd never get anywhere. You know what I mean?"

Fast forward to the Present, which happens to be a couple days later

Devon, Teri and Melethia wandered down the hall towards where Caim and Angelus had laid claim to a room, and began overhearing noises in said room, getting louder and louder as they approached the room:

"I said it once, and I'm saying it again. You're. Not. Coming."
"Mr. Caim!" "Father, please! Me and Ton Ton only want to help! Mother, talk some sense into him!"
*sigh* "I am sorry, little ones, but I will stand with Caim on this one. We've talked it over and.. frankly, the last couple of battles we've shared have been nerve-wracking; especially from what I've heard about the bout with Tomoya."
"But we helped out a lot! Didn't we, Mr. Caim?"
".... That you did, but-... When he shocked Cadolbolg; I was certain I had lost the both of you. I... I could not bear that thought again. Please. Stay. We'll come back for you when we've freed Furiae."

The Cleric stopped dead in her tracks when she heard that name, and unintentionally shouted, "What?! She's... Alive?!"

That was when conversation stopped, and the door to the little family's room opened, showing a mildly displeased pair of pact partners.

"It's considered rude to eavesdrop, you know..."

Devon, Garm, Jenny, Mercy, Teri, Ton Ton

Devon's Room - Before the Vision

Devon patted the Tonberry on his head, still fairly worn out. "Thanks again for helping me out. I don't mean to kick you out, but I really do need to talk with the other ggal here and see what she needs before I get some real sleep."

After that, he started the talk with Mercy, and eventually got whatever it was after some awkward explanations as to how he got up in a space carrier.

Fast forward to the Present, which happens to be a couple days later

Devon turned around as Caim opened the door to the Cleric and Melethia, slightly annoyed. "Of course she's alive! I've been seeing her with that redheaded tool for a few days now, and I WAS just about to tell him some very pertinent information. I had intended to allow them to have this privacy in information, especially since it's family business. Caim, Angelus, it's your call, although I get the feeling these two will be a lot harder to convince than Ton-Ton and your son."

Stella's order automatically linked her to Dani's network and showed the rising dawn. "Oh, it's just the rising dawn... better have defense up since the last time i was here with any of them, it was controlled by Umbrella." She said and came over the intercoms.
"Soul, Millardo, be on standby, soul in the base, and Millardo; Be ready in epyon." she said and the two responded to their duties.

Dani began work on a mark two of her android body to be controlled by herself for use in general.

Stella looked up and smiled, waving at the airship to try and say hi.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix kept waving to the airship, his attempts to communicate turning into feral growls the second it left his mouth.
"{SEND DOWN A SHIP! I NEED A LIFT!}" He roared as he looked extremely like the monster he was, if anything, they would be forgiven for thinking he was trying to kill Stella.
He made another note:
S. think they'll remember "Me" Me? it said, Phoenix was starting to get nervous about seeing them all again after what happened to him.

Stella looked at the note and gave a shrug. "Maybe. Hopefully i can feed off of dillon, i'm a bit hungry and your blood isn't the cleanest, no offense." She said with a smile and patted him on the back. Then she looked up at the ship with a gaze as she was thinking of things. 'It's been a while guys...'

Stella saw something was plummeting down towards them rapidly.
she looked closer she could see wings of light, at first it could have been an angel but there was something familiar about the figure.
Stella then realized she was going to be squashed by the falling thing. she backed up in time as the person hit the ground rather softly for such a long drop but then the person did have wings.
the young boy stood up looking at himself.
"Woo man, Guess this body doesn't mind a bit of g-force."
The boy was wearing a smoke grey trench coat with dark blue markings, leather gloves (that had a metal band hidden in the knuckles) he had on black combat boots with metal plates n the toes. he removed his sunglasses showing his icy blue eyes and then saw the girl close to him. The glasses would tune to whatever light level allowing, him to see perfectly even in the dark but would be tinted and reflected on the alternate side thus concealing his identity.
Dillon asked

Phoenix Nemesis: Notice: All text in { } are groans and untranslatable

"{DILLLON! OH MY GOD! I HAVE SEEN YOU IN AGES! REMEMBER ME?! PHOENIX WRIGHT!}" Phoenix roared at Dillon as he went in to shake his hand.
"{Oh you will not BELIEVE what happened to me over the past year. First I died, then I became this...Thing, Then I died again. And Again...And Again.}" He said as he approached him, forgetting the fact he was a B.O.W. Now.
For all intents and purposes, he still looked like a monstrous beast hell bent on killing everything in his path as he approached Dillon.

Devon, Garm, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Fast forward to the Present, which happens to be a couple days later

Devon turned around as Caim opened the door to the Cleric and Melethia, slightly annoyed. "Of course she's alive! I've been seeing her with that redheaded tool for a few days now, and I WAS just about to tell him some very pertinent information. I had intended to allow them to have this privacy in information, especially since it's family business. Caim, Angelus, it's your call, although I get the feeling these two will be a lot harder to convince than Ton-Ton and your son."

The Cleric looked to the group of them for another moment, and spoke up quietly, "...Caim? Angelus?"

The said duo stared at the Author in question, silently waiting for her to continue, making Teri feel even more self concious as she continued to ask, "Whatever it is you guys are going to do to find her, and from the looks of it, it's a search and rescue-"

"That is is."

"Er, exactly! Well, the point is, I'd like to help you get her out of whatever pickle she's in. I may not be on the front lines of combat, but Angelus can speak of my magical abilities and my command over Garm; the black wolf beside me. If nothing else, you'd have a medic on hand; and I can do my job pretty well, if I do say so myself! So, please... May I join your quest? If anything else, I'd like to at least try to find a solution to a problem I directly caused... Inuart's in this universe because of me, after all."

The Cleric waited for a response from the pact partners, who were obviously confering among themselves mentally. The silence that hung in the air was almost suffocating in those few moments, and then Angelus spoke up, "Caim wants me to ask you one question first... Is her being alive any of your doing? An 'unresolved plotline' you've had in mind? Anything for the expense of 'drama'?"

Teri shook her head vigorously, and said, "The last thing I ever wrote about Inuart was when his dragon broke the pact they had. Following that, Red Mage attacked us, and... Well, you know what happened there. Look, I want to make up it up to you, even a little. If she's really alive, then dammit; I want you to find her, Caim. You deserve it, after all I've put you and Angelus through."

There was another pause, and then the mute slowly nodded, "During this operation, I expect you to listen and obey like a proper soldier. Understood? I don't want you wandering off and getting yourself killed. We all know how well that'd go over."

Teri felt tempted to mention what she had done in South America regarding that, but decided to hold her tongue; given how focused the pair were on this mission. Perhaps when the briefing was done, she could mention it. Giving a small nod of her own, Teri only said, "Yes, sir."

and began to proceed with Devon into the room. However, that still left Melethia and Garm outside the room. With a sigh, Caim asked, "I don't suppose you want in as well, kid?"

Dillon jumped backwards his wings allowed him to stay at a higher altitude, he drew Excalibur.
the beast saw this and started waving his arms and growling something.
"Something just isn't right here."
He looked at Excalibur and decided maybe this time the Soul Perception would work.
He relaxed and took a deep breath reopening his eyes he could see the giant Zombie's soul, but the soul was familiar, something about it made him think of......
"Phoenix? if that's you nod your head."
Dillon was glad he went for Excalibur, he very nearly drew Dark Excalibur which would have been a grave ending.

Devon, Garm, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Fast forward to the Present, which happens to be a couple days later

Before Melethia had the chance to answer, Devon knelt down and looked Melethia in the eyes. "Melethia, I know that you're a very talented young woman and I highly respect that. However, this is going to be very dangerous. At this point, I already know that you're going to try and find a way onto this no matter what any of us say, but I beg you: be careful. Slindis and Rugal would be crushed if you were hurt because of this."

The young elf looked at the man in confusion, not really sure how he seemed to know so much. Still, he'd helped her out a few times before, and all he was really telling her was to watch out. "Fine, Fine, mister, I'll be careful in there... is that a chain shirt made of Adamantine that you're wearing?! Khyber, where'd ya find that! The worksmanship in it is fantastic! I'm comin' along with ya just so nobody tries ta take it off of ya! Plus, I don't think any of ya know their ways around locks an' stuff like that."

Devon, Garm, Caim, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Fast forward to the Present, which happens to be a couple days later

Teri couldn't help but smile a little at Melethia's enthusiasm and added, "Well, she does bring up a good point though. I don't think any of us know a thing about traps or locks..."

Caim crossed his arms at that, and Angelus gave the slightest of chuckles, "No Caim, kicking a door down does not count as 'lockpicking'."

In the meantime, the Cuties sat despondently on the bed, trying to figure out some way that they could convince the pact partners to allow them to join in the quest.

Teri gave a light cough, and said, "I hate to be the one that brings things back to seriousness, but if I remember correctly, Devon, you said you had something important to tell Caim and Angelus?"

Devon, Garm, Caim, Cadolbolg, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Devon sat down. "Well, now's the time to strike. The base lost its electrical systems and the last insight told me exactly where they are. They're at the coordinates written down here, and they just got through some kind of big attack there." He rubbed his arms, as Caim had put the man through the wringer the past few days. There hadn't even been all that much time to see to who Mercy had left, but she had been exhausted by her ordeals as well.

"Mister Devon, how did you get these coordinated? You'd hafta be stupid to give this much info!"

"It was Doctor Doom, and he was ordering some Dominos Pizza." Any that knew Doctor Doom knew that he wasn't exactly the sharpest person.

Devon, Garm, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Once everyone was up to speed, the team set out to the Blue Dragon's Teleport bay, the main mode of transport for Striders to get to earth.
Punching in the bunker's location by memory, Devon took his place with the others as they were given the go ahead to be beamed down.
A bright orange flash engulfed them...

Tropical Island

Once they were back on solid ground, the team found itself in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico on a beautiful island untouched by the world.
Or so it seemed as they saw a sign that said "Private Property" with a Skull and Crossbones on it.
Acting out the details Doom gave him, Devon took 14 steps from the sign and 5 steps west and came across the Bunker's hatch, now propped open with a small support to keep it open and prevent the residents from being locked in until the Power was restored from Alucard's "Stroll".
Sounds of metalwork and orders being shout echoed from below as he examined the ladder going down.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix nodded repeatedly as a expression of joy seemed to appear on his face.
"{YES! OH MY GOD! I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO STAB ME OR SOMETHING! GOD I MISSED YOU!}" He groaned before giving Dillon a great big hug, prompting some giggles out of Stella and some minor internal bleeding for Dillon.
"Guess he's happy to see you..." She noted before he let go of his killer hug grip and nodded again.
"..wry....hou....tere?" (Why you here?) He managed to say in-between grunts.

Stella hopped down and gave dillon a hug. "It's so good to see you again!" she said, her soul missing from the picture. Sniffing his skin, the fangs in her mouth grew out a bit. "It's been forever since i... *nom*" she got out, softly puncturing his skin and sucking blood from it with a blush.

Dillon didn't mind Stella biting him a little though what did bother him was how Stella was till alive.
"How did you get free of rip?, I'm going down to aperture to save Amaya, but it's great to see you."
He didn't mention he was happy to meet an ally who was happy to see him as opposed to the ones who mistrusted him or had a neutral position even the bear hug was better than a glare from that Drow elf.
"May as well see if this works stand back guys.
Klatu Berada Nikto"

a few moments passed
suddenly a strange energy was happening something was coming
"What did you do?"
"Called in a friend."

Phoenix Nemesis

After he heard about Dillon's Family, Phoenix instantly knew.
Dani... He thought as Stella sucked up some of Dillon's blood.
"{Tell you know who....} *Ahem* bo...hou now...ho tokk lem??..." (Do you know who took them?) He asked after Dillon called for his backup.

Phoenix was torn, if he helped Dillon, he'd most likely have to kill Dani, but after helping him to be "Himself" again...

"Well, i sort of remember rip dieing and then i was here... But Dani has amaya? we just left aperture and she created me, gave Phoenix a disguise and sent us on our way after destroying the mutants left over from umbrella. As i've been filled in by her." she said to him, enjoying the meal. "It doesn't seem like she she would take amaya. How do you know aperture has her?"

Dillon showed Stella the notes that told him to look in Aperture.
"I swear when I get my hands on whoever s doing this to her I'm going to tear rthem apart!"
suddenly the energy condensed and a strange being appeared he looked a lot like Dillon but he opened his eyes to show they were green instead of Dillon;s icy blue.
"I'm Back" said the Termi-Dillon

Stella looked at the notes. "Well... these do point at aperure, but Dani is consisted of all of Daniel's creations. Luna, Akasumi, Amaya, hell, even the xenos and myself until recently." she explained to him. "But she does have a few people defending herself, some card player and a Gundam pilot. If you don't attack i see no reason for them to hurt you since she'd recognize you." Stella said rather curiously.

(I keep reading ^the titles^ in the Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time guy's voice..)

Phoenix Nemesis

....Well.....I'll just target the goons...
Phoenix let out a few skyward grunts not long before Termi-Dillon arrived.
"{Well...I'm guess I'd best help you...But only with the guards, I don't want to hurt that woman, even if she is evil...}" He said as he noticed the new man standing next to them: Termi-Dillon
"{....}.....fenix conphused...." (Phoenix Confused) He said as he looked at the two more or less identical Dillons.
He instinctively flicked the safety off his Rocket Launcher, just in case, he'd had bad run ins with robots before...

Devon, Garm, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Tropical Island

Before anyone went anywhere, Teri took the time to set up the basic precautions before going down that hatch; Status and Protection from Evil for all involved. Setting up Shields of Faith would have wasted the time taken to prepare Shield of Faith, so the Cleric skipped on that, for the moment. It took a bit of time, but in the end, she knew that the crew was well prepared for an assault.

Following that, she looked to her allies to see what would be done next. Caim held up a finger to his mouth, inciting a mass smile from the group before the warrior began to slowly climb down the ladder, followed by Angelus, and Devon. Ton Ton glided down on Cadolbolg's back, and that left Teri, Garm and Melethia on the outside. Just before Teri could begin to question sneaking the wolf in, Melethia held up a hand that said 'I got this' and climbed on the wolf's back, before directing him to the hatch below.

"Hop on down, ya big furball." she whispered, hoping her knack with animals would kick in. Garm, aware of who Melethia was in the pack as one of the Pups, did not object, and hopped down, only to be surprised when his descent was much slower than anticipated. A small noise of confusion exited his muzzle before Melethia patted the wolf on the head in an attempt to comfort him; which worked like a charm. In the meantime, Teri began working her way down the ladder, having already engaged 'silent mode' and directing a command to her AI to send a message...

Blue Dragon: Slindis

As the Paladin sat in her room in silent repose; a small, rolled up bit of paper with a blue bow appeared and landed in her lap. With a small tag on it that read "To Slindis" she opened it, and read the following:

From the Desk of Teri Gravel, 7th Level Cleric

Just letting you know that Mel and I are off on an errand with Caim and Angie. Nothing big, but we'll be gone for a while. No need to worry, I got Garm, Dimitri, and the aforementioned Caim and Angelus with us, so there shouldn't be any trouble. I mean, anyone with half a brain would be freaked by Caim alone, let alone Garm! :)

Anyways, just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't worry bout us being missing.


Devon, Garm, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Tropical Island

Devon got down to the bottom of the Ladder as Melethia and Garm finished their descent. "They're probably still dazed from the fight a few days ago, but we've still got to be careful here. We're going to need a good bit of stamina for the larger fights, and that redheaded son of a bitch won't let Furiae go without a fight. I hate to admit it, but he can fight fairly well, too. Caim, could we try that Good Cop Bad Cop routine on some of them? It could help us a lot here."

Melethia rubbed Garm's muzzle as she jumped down. "Just 'cause thir power's out don't mean thay can't have other stuff set up. If I say stop here, it isn't 'cause I wanna draw ya."
SHe looked through the area to see if see if there was anything out of place.

Blue Dragon: Slindis

Slindis finished reading the letter and immediately rubbed the communication ring to get in contact with Teri. "Teri, what made you think this would be a good idea? At least tell me before you head off, for Tira's sake! I'll talk to you when you get back, and the same goes for Melethia."

Yup, she was mad. Teri probably had a lot more Quarterstaff training in the works, and if yesterday's training was any idea of how it would be, Teri would be extremely sore when she was done.

AIM Warehouse

Soon the team had reached the bottom of the shaft and were greeted with a 20 inch thick blast door with a Keycard, Fingerprint Scanner, Retinal Scanner, DNA Scanner and several other high tech measures...
Being held open with a mere door stopper...
AIM: Tomorrow's ideas, Today!
After a bit of walking, they soon realized just how large scale AIM's operations really were...


The Warehouse seemed to go on for miles, every inch filled with Weapons, Tech, Biological samples, it was as if they just found where ACME keeps all their stock!
They watched from a catwalk above the main floor, men walking around trying to do their work without forklifts and power.
There was also a "You are here!" Map next to the entrance, detailing several areas, namely the Canteen, The Living Quarters, The Labs, Senior Management and the Command center.
Furiae was around here somewhere...

Devon, Garm, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Tropical Island

"They're probably still dazed from the fight a few days ago, but we've still got to be careful here. We're going to need a good bit of stamina for the larger fights, and that redheaded son of a bitch won't let Furiae go without a fight. I hate to admit it, but he can fight fairly well, too. Caim, could we try that Good Cop Bad Cop routine on some of them? It could help us a lot here."

Caim gave Devon a toothy grin;


as the PDA asked quietly, "Does this work? Usually, I let my blade do the talking, but I've heard good things about my smile."

As this discussion of tactics went on Melethia made her point, and Angelus nodded quietly, "A solid thought, Melethia. Who knows what could lay in a den of vipers like this..."

As Teri finally made her way down, her thoughts went out to Slindis, visibly wincing as she did so, "Ugh.... Look, ma'am, I gave you that note so you WOULDN'T worry.. It won't take long, and they could use my help. I owe them anyways, after all I've done to them."

The end of that sentence hung on the smallest edge of melancholy, and Slindis already knew that her student did not feel that her debt would be paid, no matter what she did.

After the little conversation, Teri wandered over to the group and patted down Garm, wondering aloud, "Well, based on what you told us, Devon, we know three things. One, Furiae now has something that keeps her... Well, I'll call it the Goddess we can come up with something better,"

Caim and Angelus visibly grimaced at the name, and the dragon interrupted her, "Demon, more like. Don't mock the word 'Goddess'."

"... Okay, 'Demon'. The point is, she's able to be subdued with some kind of serum. With that in place, Furiae could be anywhere right now! But I'm getting off subject again. The second thing is that she's been seen in a Med Bay and a Lab of sorts. The final thing, is that she's always under surveillance, as she's now considered a threat. Now, with that in mind; where would you keep a docile person with a volatile side?"

Ton Ton raised a hand (paw?), and Cadolbolg spoke, "Maybe if we go through with scaring the guards, they could tell us. Sitting around here's only going to waste the spells that protect us..."

Caim gave a grunt of agreement, "I agree. We scare the hell outta these guys, get what info we can, and proceed; making sure they don't turn their backs on us the moment we leave... Sound like a plan?"

the Termi-Dillon looked at phoenix's rocket launcher.
"Nice pea shooter Frankenstein." he said sarcastically
"T-X-D be nice" Dillon told his robotic duplicate.
"My builder called me that, speaking of which how is old wesker? last I saw him he called himself viscus but I kinda went offline I think I was on the island when I powered down.

"If you guys don't want fight Dani you don't have to I'm going down there and I'm getting her back. Still it's great to see you guys again."
Dillon readied his swords and the T-X-D set his systems for battle.

Devon, Garm, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Ton Ton

Tropical Island

Devon nodded at Caim's grin. "It should work perfectly. We might have to kill the braver ones first if they act like resisting to make the group a bit more pliable, but we can't do that too much unless we want it to backfire. Worst case scenario, they don't want to cooperate with us, but they already had little reason to work with us in the first place. Now, I doubt they'd put Furiae anywhere near the Command Center or the Senior Management areas, so we should check those areas later." He tried reaching out to the imps, but it seemed like they were be recuperating in Hell for the time being. Melethia led the way, and although some of the traps in here were a good bit more inventive than what she was used to, she could still dismantle them.

"Good idea, guys. We'll roll with that. Teri, I think she'd be in some of the Personnel areas under a higher guard. Inuart would be furious if they kept her where he couldn't get to her and it would actively fuck them over." As he followed behind Melethia, he thought about those songs he'd picked up during Caim's training as well. One song in particular had proven to be especially effective, and he was anxious to see how it would help the others there.

'Teri, see me when you get back. We need to talk. And have you seen Devon? Ella was asking about him earlier.' As Slindis communicated again through the ring, she tried to impress on her student and daughter that she still wasn't too happy with what she had done.

While that chat was going on, Devon approached with Caim to one of the smaller groups of people there. "Hello, I was wondering if you could give our small group some directions. I honestly don't want to harm any of you and you all look like relatively decent people. However, I don't know if I can keep my friend here in check too well. Ever since he lost his voice, he's gotten these homicidal impulses, and if you try to do something rash, I can't promise that he won't rip your flesh apart and tear your muscles off the bomes..."

What part of snip me do you not get!?

Phoenix Nemesis

Clearly confused by the presence of the Robotic Dillon, Phoenix merely stretched the side of his head with the edge of the barrel of his rocket launcher.
"{....Well...This is weird...}... Rbot" He managed to get out as he holstered his rocket launcher on his back to show he wasn't hostile, though if he thinks that he was just some Frankenstein, he'd have another thing coming.

David West: Rising Dawn

After getting feeling back in his legs, David took the Blue Dragon Teleport back down to the Rising Dawn, growing tired of Space and wanting to get as far away from the group as possible before something really moronic happened.
With a Orange Flash, he reappeared in the bridge where they'd made the jump in the first place, a crutch in land to steady himself.
"Ughhhhh...It's like being car, sea and air sick all at once..." He groaned as he took a seat in the bridge
"....PUCE!?.....KURUMU?!...AI PERSON WHO'S NAME I'VE YET TO FULLY REMEMBER!?..ANYONE?!..COME ON GUYS! I NEED A LIFT BACK TO MY BUNGALOW BEFORE FUCKING GALACTUS SHOWS UP OR SOMETHING!" He shouted before he started making his way towards the canteen, hoping to find someone.

"Dillon, i don't think you get what i'm hinting at, i'm not fighting her and neither are you. You'll be taking out your own daughter as well, Luna. She's part of Dani, all voluntarily giving their lives so Dani could be created in an attempted to recreate Daniel." She said and Hugged Dillon.

"Plus, it said "the first step", not "Dani has your wife". so what makes you so sure Dani is torturing her own mother and sister? as weird as it is to say that..." she said resting her head on his shoulder.

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