The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The whole south east Asia are had just been fully rebuilt by Storm and the small groups which were lent by the Archangels.
The buildings were standing tall once more and the cities began to create more noise with life once more. The Angels and Storm built these cities once more and revived the fallen ones. Thanks to their superior technology, the Angels erased the revived human's memories and began to send out a signal via to wipe out everyone else's memories.

This does not include our heroes or authors. The Angles decided they will not wipe out their memories since they have seen many things like this before. They also hope that this will give them a message that greater power will always corrupt them. In a few seconds after 100% revival of the destroyed cities, the Angels had faded away from the univsere with their ships.

Storm sighed from a tree covered hill in the spring of Japan. His small cruiser waited behind him, masked with the cherry blossom petals from the pink trees. Storm walked in his citizen clothing and smiled, he knew that he was not an Angel and his true purpose in this world has not been found yet. Though he does know where he can reach that purpose.

His uncertain smile faded as he walked onto the ship. He was glad to help save the world but was even more glad to help rebuild it. His armor remained in the armor loader which was located in the storage bay, his AI Alpha was with him always. Her chip located in his phone and she projected herself next to him as he hopped into the pilot's seat.

The ship was only a small cruiser, though it did belong to Tomoya a while ago.

The ship quickly left the Japanese area and sped towards the Rising Dawn which was a location/ship the Lightning Hawk remembered clearly.


The Workers stopped as Devon and Caim strolled in and the Author mapped out their intentions.
"....Does anyone know this guy?!..." The Foreman shouted, receiving shrugs from everyone.
"...Christ, why'd the power have to go off?...Alright everyone, show 'em!" He then ordered as his employees took a crowbar to a crate and pulled out some MP5's from it.
While they were merely workers and not guards, the fact they had weapons was reason enough for the Foreman to say "So....Can your friend take 300 rounds per minute?..."


"Incoming call from a Mr. Kazuya Mishima." Alpha said as she brought up a feed of the CEO of G Corp, now wearing a Pokemon Trainer's hat.
"Ahhhh...Storm, right? Took one of Tomoya's old cruisers I see. I wanted to call to ask you something: Rugal Bernstein....Would you lose any sleep if something was to "happen" to him?" He asked while a Shiny Ditto waved at the camera behind his back.
"We both know who he is, what he is and what needs to be done. However, I'm not in a position to do it myself, while G-Corp's position remained after the Reconstruction, I still have "Perimeter Checks" to do. Knowing our realm's bad luck...." He lied expertly, covering up the fact he was going training with his new pokemon.

"So this is the deal: Seeing how you are going back to the Rising Dawn, When you see Rugal, Kill him. You won't be liked for it, but like your kind can get any more unpopular around here and it'd ensure he can't take over during the power vacuum that's bound to occur in the coming months. You'd be paid of course, more then your employers would ever dish out....
So are you in or out?"

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Lightning Hawk | Travelling to the Rising Dawn | Oceanic.
Time: 3:30Pm according to Japan (Which they just left)

Storm was listening to Kazuya's proposal and he was frankly quite insulted by it. By both the proposal itself and the insult to the people who had rescued him and trained him all these years. Storm also noted the weird looking thing waving behind him and the hat he was wearing, which he didn't have when he witnessed him beating up Rugal on the Blue Dragon. Storm himself did not know this man, though Alpha bought up a profile of Kazuya which Tomoya made a while back.

Kazuya could only hear a sigh after a couple of seconds of silence between the two. "Mr ... Kazuya, was it. As much as I am insulted by your view of the Angels which rescued and trained me, I am more insulted by the fact that you expect me to kill someone ... no, aid another villain to kill another villain. I do not like to kill people, but I do in rare situations ... someone like Mr. Bernstein can be saved and even if he does try to abuse power I will likely be there to stop him just like Tomoya did many times before. For the payment, I don't need such materials since I the things I wish to acquire cannot be bought." Storm said to the weird hatted man and looked at Alpha.

"As much as I hated this, I hope you have a good day Mr. Kazuya and never contact me again. If you wish to aid me you can do so by jumping out of the nearest window." Storm finally said as he gave a nod to Alpha whom cut off the communications. A loud sigh was hear after the call was cut, "I need a shower after that. Auto pilot activate." Storm said as he leaped from the chair to travel to the ship's bathroom.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen - Rising Dawn
Time: :[

Lucieon | Lucretia | David

Luke seemed to calm down, but was still unnerved by the existence of the Dragon's relic. Then David came walking into the Canteen, and Luke sat down at the table again.

"Good to see a familiar face."

The merchant made himself at ease and eyed the Dragon Disciple. "There is a visitor."


"...Christ, why'd the power have to go off?...Alright everyone, show 'em!" He then ordered as his employees took a crowbar to a crate and pulled out some MP5's from it.
While they were merely workers and not guards, the fact they had weapons was reason enough for the Foreman to say "So....Can your friend take 300 rounds per minute?..."

Before the duo had made their way to the smaller group, Teri took the time out to prepare castings of Shield of Faith on them. After all, she didn't want them to become riddled full of holes. A moment passed between castings; but in the end, the two men were now well protected from what could come their way.

As they wandered off, Teri tried to think of a proper excuse to her 'mother', and tapped the ring again, "Can't say that I do. On a similar note, have you seen Luci around? I've tried to contact him, but it doesn't really seem to be working... Perhaps Ella knows?"

After delivering the message, she thought to herself, "Oh, I'm really in the shitter now..."


In the meantime, Caim flashed the group the smile he had practiced for Devon's plan; and flicked his PDA the bard's way, text silently scrolling on the screen: Sorry mate, they're getting the guns out. Gonna gut one and see how well it goes over.

After that small bit was shown to Devon, the PDA went back to it's normal settings, and 'spoke', "I dunno, but I'm sure I've had worse."

Swapping his familial blade for Skull Banquet, the mute charged one of the workers opening a crate; and brought forth the mace; knocking back the worker, as well as those around him. Still bearing that pants-wetting smile; he brought the mace down hard on the face of one the other workers, killing him instantly. The poor soul thought that engaging our mad pact partner in a knife fight was a good idea. And with that done, the mute then activated the small charge accumulated for the mace, and sped right to the foreman (swapping weapons as he ran)[1] and bringing out Swordsmasher to hold to the foreman's throat,

"Now then... Are we going to play nice, or am I going to have to show you what THIS one does too?"

As all this happened, in the group watching from afar, Angelus shook her head and quietly covered a face with a palm, "'Just gut one' he promises...."

[1] Funny thing, even when weapons were swapped, the magic for them lasted it's full duration as usual. I swear, you could exploit this with lots of the "shit floats around Caim" weapon magics to rack up kills for the other ones.

Dillon sighed.
"your right I over reacted, I guess I just got so angry. But perhaps Dani has the answers I need. If Dani is down there and she should allow me to talk but someone is torturing Amaya meaning someone might have taken her form Dani. either way I'm going down there but this time to talk."

Dark Excalibur became cold it had wanted bloodshed, it had a huger, but it would wait.

"Thank you Dillon. I think it's akasumi's former wicked side that's causing her to be somewhat evil. Plus the Xeno's and rip..." she said then shook her head. "Just let her know you're not here to fight and i'm sure she'll stand down." the vampire finished explaining to him.

The new android body mk II was coming along nicely as the internal components were being tested now, to make sure they worked. As well as a new respondent to the work request. it was strangely worded... almost as if an ape had written it...


Devon shook his and sighed, looking fairly exasperated. "Now see what you've done? You've gotten him all worked up. Now, I might be able to call him off, but you'll have to work with me. 300 rounds a minute doesn't help when you're killed before you have the chance, and I know you all want to go home to your families. Now are we going to be able to work something out, or should my friend here continue with what he so clearly wants to do? Time's running short, you know..."

Devon is using Diplomacy to get the Workers to help him out! His Diplomacy is at 36 currently, and with a roll of 15, that places the total roll at 50. Said score should be enough to get them from Hostile to Helpful.

Taking the distraction, Melethia disabled another trap and pulled out her bow, getting a good angle on the group bearing down on them. If they wanted to attack, fine. They wouldn't get too far with it once they were riddled with arrows, but they were free to make the attempt.

Meanwhile, Slindis communicated back to Teri through the Ring. 'Teri, tell me. Who exactly is there? And I have not seen Lucifer... Wait. Luci? You are extremely lucky that you're not here right now. When you get back, we need to talk.' Yes, Teri was in it deep.


'Teri, tell me. Who exactly is there? And I have not seen Lucifer... Wait. Luci? You are extremely lucky that you're not here right now. When you get back, we need to talk.'

Teri faceplamed at realizing her mistake, and tried to patch things up, "Mum, he's my boyfriend! Nicknames happen! It was a slipup, okay?"

However, the matter was if Slindis was able to forget about the first question. She did not.

"... You still haven't answered my first question, Teri."

Damn it all. With an exasperated sigh, The Cleric tried to phrase this one well enough, "Well, there's everyone I've mentioned before, as well as Ton Ton and Cadolbolg; cause, you know, they're Caim and Angie's kids more or less. They wouldn't want to be left behind, you know..."

Sure, lying by omission was still a lie, but Teri hoped that her master wouldn't pick up on that, especially after telling her that she didn't know where Devon was. And what was taking them so long?! Protection from Evil doesn't last forever, you know!


'Still, that doesn't change the fact that you're dating someone with that kind of... Teri, do you realize exactly what you can get caught up in there? Any parent would be worried if they heard this, no matter what plane that person came from! And tell me, who else is there? I've bluffed out too many others to see that you're still hiding something.' And there was the problem with having Slindis as a mother - a majority of her life in Eberron had consisted in setting up a risky balancing act to keep the peace. A large part of that had included making sure the other groups hadn't known all of her affiliations, and she had dome that rather well.

So, she knew better than anyone else when someone was lying. It took exceptionally skilled deceivers to pass one by her.

David West

"Eh, Whatever..." David shrugged as he opened up the fridge and pulled out yet another beer.
Glancing over to the young girl next to Luke.
"...Christ above, they let anyone on this thing nowadays..." He sighed, thinking back to the schoolkids and Melethia.
"So what's you beef? Child Soldier? Budding Mage? Genetic Clone? All of the above?..." He asked, oh if only he knew...


In the space a few seconds, The foreman had gone from Fearless Leader to a sobbing wreak.
"OH GOD! I'M SORRY! PLEASE! DON'T DO THIS!" He begged as everyone else looked at each other, that was WAY faster then they could ever hope to run or shoot.
Devon merely stated the obvious and ".....OK!....OKAY! JUST....CALL HIM OFF PLEASE! ;_; " the Foreman shouted, prompting the others to drop their weapons.
"..wh-what do you want? I know nothing!" He lied in Caim and Devon's face.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix then lead the way towards the Lab he spent so long in, just if Dani was anything like Wesker, they needed to be freed before they ended up like him.
Or worse...
Attempting to open the door, resulting in him ripping it off instead, he motioned for them to get in.


"..wh-what do you want? I know nothing!" He lied in Caim and Devon's face.

Caim scoffed, the blade still at the Foreman's throat as he called out, "Alright you lot, come on down. Cleric, get over here!"

Before all that happened

'Still, that doesn't change the fact that you're dating someone with that kind of... Teri, do you realize exactly what you can get caught up in there? Any parent would be worried if they heard this, no matter what plane that person came from! And tell me, who else is there? I've bluffed out too many others to see that you're still hiding something.'

Teri rubbed her temples softly, quietly cursing having a master who was THIS damn good at reading through her lies (mind you, being generally honest doesn't help either.)

"Do you think I didn't have a problem with this at first? He's supposed to be the big bad of my religion, but here I am; getting my kokoro all doki-fied!"


"Figure of speech, don't worry about it. Anyway-"

"Cleric, get over here!"

"Ah, Caim's calling for me. I'll get back to, okay? Bye!"

With a 'phew', Teri wandered out with Garm; the wolf adding to the creep factor the group had, and the warrior said to Teri, "Bring up a picture of Furiae for the class..."

As she did so, Devon took the mantle, directed Caim to lower his sword and began to speak, "We're looking for a young woman, aged 19. She's a head shorter than my friend with a sword, and is often accompanied by a red-headed prick with a guitar. Her name is Furiae. Have you guys seen or heard of her?"

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Lightning Hawk | Near the Rising Dawn | Oceanic.

After having a long bath, Storm hopped out and began to wonder the ship in his birthday suit. Luckily no one else was on otherwise he might have a couple of problems ... which exclude his AI, Alpha. Walking across to the kitchen/canteen room of the ship, Alpha managed to spot the naked superhuman walking across and projected herself ahead of him.

"Wha-what are you doing, idiot! Alpha yelled at him whilst blushing, looking away and yet projecting a holograph over his nether regions. "What, it's natural ... and your an AI you shouldn't be embarre-" Storm was talking but was quickly interrupted by a futuistic sliding door, which closed on him at on alarming rate.

The door wedged the Spartan in between. "Ugh, a little hel ... HEY!" Storm yelled out as his tsundere AI walked away, "Stay there until you remember that even I have feelings!" The AI walked away in an angry mood, leaving the naked superhuman stranded stuck in-between a metal door and a hard place.

An hour later.

After thirty minutes of being stuck inside a door frame the AI let out her master, and stayed in a quiet but surly angry mood. Storm wore his casual clothes which included a casual yet formal shirt, trousers and shoes, with a black overcoat. The spartan played with his white hair as the two neared their target, "I really hate that corruption monster took most of my hair color with it. Least it looks cool ..." He smiled as he grabbed the receiver for the radio.

"This is Storm-178 requesting permission to land inside of the Rising Dawn. I repeat again, this is Storm-178 requesting permission to land. Storm said over the radio, hoping someone on the Rising Dawn would allow them access. Yet he also hoped that nothing bad has gone down since he left.

Riki and Kud
Location: New York.
Time: 2Pm

The couple had checked into an expensive hotel for a couple of days thanks to the money Tomoya left for them.
Riki and Kud were going to spend the week off exploring New York and eventually another popular city of America. Sure they were going to slack off for a while, but what would you expect, they are kids in an unfamiliar world. Riki hasn't traveled anywhere outside of Japan before but Kud has traveled all over the world but never gets tired of it.

The two giggled as they had entered with many bags. The room was actually very expensive, possibly one of the best they have. It had everything someone would want. A bathroom with a spa, a awesome balcony, a full kitchen, a nice entertainment lounge and a large bed.

The two jumped on the bed together and laughed for a while. They thanked Tomoya, Shaun and Storm in their minds as they unpacked.

(Author's note: I'm going to keep them out of this arc, NOT because I'm overprotective or anything, I just would like to focus on Storm in this arc. In the next arc I will focus on them.)


The Foreman gasped for air after Caim drew his sword away, almost certain he was about to die.
"I...I only saw here being wheeled in a few weeks ago. She was in some kinda glass case or something, I don't know, I just handle-MOVED! Moved her...To the Labs...I don't know where she is now. Just I was moving around a body, nothing else. I don't know what they did, but I heard she was living after they did whatever to her. Please. You have to believe me!!" He answered when asked about Furiae.
This didn't really give them much to work with aside that she was in the labs at some point.


The T-X-D halted them.
"let me go in first in case she expects hostility. unlike you guy's little gunfire won't hurt me, though one of you can take quite a bit of punishment."
Dillon though he was referring to phoenix, but the T-X-D's lingered on Stella.
the Termi-Dillon then walked through the odor they noticed he had a rather heavy gait, he wasn't delicate in his movement he put his feet down heavily, if it wasn't for his boots they suspected he may have made loud clanging noises as he walked.

When they stepped into the elevator, the machine quickly dropped down to the lower levels of the labs. Soon they stopped int complete darkness and the elevator moved sideways for a while, then forwards before bursting into the core room. They saw the glados shell hanging from the ceiling with a blue eye instead of a yellow one.

It was looking at a large bio-tank containing a body and swarms of grey swimming through the liquid in it. Realizing that the group had arrived, it swung around and then seemed happy.

"Dad! no... uh.... Brother? no.... damnit, i'll just go with Dillon. It's good to see you again, i'd hug you but as you can see..." she said and the massive hanging mechanical body gestured to the bio tank. "I'm still producing the MK II android body. Stella is using my MK I body. Anyways... What brings you here?" she asked somewhat curiously.

the real Dillon waled in
"X wait outside I'll handle him." the Robot obliged smirking
"X eh, I like that name."Dillon faced the strange being in the tank,
"I got a note from someone that they have Amaya and she's being tortured, I came down here thinking this was where she was being held."
Dillon held out the notes including the picture of amaya. he tired his best not to look at it last thing he needed was to trigger his id.

The massive machine brought its head close to the notes and photo. It scanned over them quickly. "These are not of my creation. Though, i think they meant you need the r-resources available here to g-get to them." The A.I. said to him, trying to keep her composure.

"Umm... h-h-how d-did they g-g-get to y-y-you..." she asked him, the entire atmosphere of the lab seeming to becoe depressed.

"If you are asking how they found me I have no idea, they somehow found their way into my pocket.
If you mean how they made me feel I can give a much more honest answer.
he for a brief moment allowed his id to control his body his eyes became yellow with their dark slits his hair turned black.
"I wanted to hurt someone, badly"
Dillon grabbed Excalibur and he soon changed back to normal, he holy blade not allowing him to be contaminated by evil thoughts.

The giant body made a nodding motion before taking a minute to regain itself. "Ok, i've cross referenced the name, the... acts and such in the database and on the Internet and the only thing i can come up with is not good... Nyarlathotep..." she said giving it a moment to sink in.

"It, is an outter god, living in the void with the power to crush universes whenever it decides..." she said, hope draining from her voice.


Devon bowed to the foreman. "See, was that so difficult? A little bit of cooperation gave us the information we wanted, and it allowed you to keep your life. Now, we weren't here, or I don't know what my friend here will do. He has quite the bloodlust, and he doesn't like backstabbers as well. Are you catching what I'm laying down?"

Leaving the foreman with that very clear threat, he followed in behind Melethia as they began making their way to the labs.
"Did I lay it on too thick there, Caim? Sorry, Still not too used to the routine here..." He sheepishly laughed, trying to make it clear that he wasn't trying to abuse Caim's trust here.

Blue Dragon

After hearing those messages, SLindis went off to find Rugal. Although what Teri was doing wasn't bad in itself, the fact that she did it out of the blue and roped Melethia along as well made the situation a good deal worse. She'd have to talk with Rugal to work out how the scolding should go.

After a short amount of time, she got to Rugal's room and knocked on the door briskly. "Rugal, it's SLindis. I need to talk with you about something."

Dillon nodded.
"Can you construct a hand-held exportation device that will allow me to teleport to where he is then back at an instant?"
"Your not thinking of actually confronting that thing are you?"
"I don't have a choice. I swore to protect my family when I married her, and I'm going to hold to my word."
Dillon started to phone the rising dawn.
"Vermilion it's Dillon can you get me in contact with Teri I need a favor from her. if you can't connect me to her can you send a message? I need to learn how to purify a sword."

Dillon was determined to get his family to safety but he needed to ensure he could get them out, he didn't want to get into an endurance round with a god.

AIM: Labs

Thanks in most part to Melethia, The group managed to get to the labs without tipping anyone off.
The fact that the complex was dark due the lights being out also helped.
Going from lab to lab, most of which were closed, they soon ran across a lab that had been renamed "Dr. Neo Cortex's Lazarus Pit".
Caim and Angelus remembered the little man from Twisted Metal, what was he doing here?
They entered the lab and found the pit.

"Who's There?....Did they get the power back up yet?....Need to charge my hoverboard..." The man himself asked as he worked at his desk.
"I mean, The world's greatest evil scientist can't be expected to climb that ladd-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed as he instantly recognized Caim.
Here for his sister no doubt.
"CAIM!....OLD BUDDY...ERRR....WHAT BRINGS YOU TO MY LAIR?! HAHAHAHAHH..ahh........" He shouted in a nervous tone as he began open up each drawer on his desk for his raygun.


Rugal was attempting to use a "Blind Friendly" user interface to check his messages when Slindis walked in, started to get rightly pissed at the constant bleeping.
"Read! Messages!"
{Deleting Messages}
"Oh for the love of..." He sighed as there was a knock at his door.
Getting up from his desk, he opened it.
"Slindis? Sure, anything to get my mind off that accursed program..." He sighed, leaving his PDA on his desk.
"What's on your mind?"


Fionn was watching as the aftermath of the party began to set in, a load of hungover Striders and Hagane crew members cleaning up from the nights before.
"Excuse me, You are Fionn right?"
He looked over and saw Jenny with a sling on her arm from the burns Devon gave her.
"I've been meaning to talk to you about something. About someone. May I take a seat?" she asked before moving one behind her with her mind.
"...You see...I died basically...But I came back to life...and...I've yet to fully understand why and from what I've gathered from everyone, there was this man, Called himself Preacher. And I was wondering...Who was he?..."

"No, i cannot. We don't know where in the void he is and i don't have enough power in this lab, nor earth to teleport you there." she said and waited a minute to see his expression twist before finishing.
"Conventionally that is." The bot said and created a hologram in the middle of the room.

"If we create a ring of energy and send it circling a loop, using the immense gravity at earth's core, we should be able to twist the energy into the portal we need. I can't advise bringing anyone other than yourself on the trip as in your current state, only you'd be able to survive the forces own there without turning to mush." Dani said to dillon, showing everything in the plan before him.


Dillon nodded it made sense his body could hold this kind of stress.
He took a deep breath he had a plan forming in his mind that would allow him to take on this god like being but it was incredibly risky, the plan revolved around him getting out quickly when he had the chance with Amaya and his kids.
"What about Amaya and the others? not much use getting in the void if I can't get out with them."


"Did I lay it on too thick there, Caim? Sorry, Still not too used to the routine here..."
The warrior shook his head with a much kinder smile, "I think you did just right. Enough to scare the hell out of em and for me to show them that we're not kidding; but they still cooperated. Saves us time and resources, which we'll need to conserve here; magic especially...."

That was when Teri cut in, riding on Garm to keep up with the pace of the group, "Now, as wonderful as a moment of camaraderie is, shouldn't we be worrying about our next stage of the plan? It's highly likely Furiae won't be at these labs... Now if only a terminal was functional, I bet Dimitri could hack his way through the information; especially since Viscus has been knocked down a few pegs...."

However, that conversation ended quickly as soon as the lab was found, and Cortex was revealed.....

AIM: Labs

*insert previous Cortex lines here*

"CAIM!....OLD BUDDY...ERRR....WHAT BRINGS YOU TO MY LAIR?! HAHAHAHAHH..ahh........" He shouted in a nervous tone as he began open up each drawer on his desk for his raygun.

The Cleric could easily see from her heightened elevation that Cortex was up to something with the drawers and gathered spell energy in her hand, launching a:


the blast hitting the desk and making Cortex leap back in surprise, "Don't try anything funny, Doctor!"

Teri used a Class 1 Reppuken. 12 Seconds before she can cast a 1st level spell again.

The warrior gave a dark frown that would have made lesser men void themselves and pointed Swordsmasher at Cortex, "You know damn well why I'm here, Cortex... WHERE IS SHE?"

Angelus stepped next to Caim, fire already beginning to form in a palm as she added, "Come now, Cortex; this doesn't need to get unpleasant. Tell us where she is, and we'll let you live and without a scratch. Is that so hard?"

In the meantime, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg had already ascended to the air, in case their usual tactics would be needed here...

"Dillon, i don't know how to get you back, but once you have your family back, i'm sure amaya could use her eyes to get you back to this world." she commented to him.

"I've been meaning to talk to you about something. About someone. May I take a seat?"

Fionn briefly glanced at Jenny as she approached him, before looking back to his fry up. "Its a free country isn't it?" He wasn't exactly in the mood for a conversation at this point. His mind was currently on a slight side-effect of his assault on Devil Tomoya, it was better than remembering-

"...You see...I died basically...But I came back to life...and...I've yet to fully understand why and from what I've gathered from everyone, there was this man, Called himself Preacher. And I was wondering...Who was he?..."

He broke his fork as heard Jenny's question, he was on the verge of snapping again, but stopped himself. "Look at this, best Swordmage in the west, and I broke my cutlery eating bacon". He chuckled slightly before looking back up at Jenny, his face looking distant as he reminisced. "The Preacher was a...... well, a preacher. He wandered from town to town, offering to teach, stopping crimes, doing what he could to improve the lives of those he met."

He leaned back in his chair, his face just screaming "Nostalgia!" "I met him a few years back, during a robbery of a train we were both on. He just sat there, quietly napping when the bandits boarded the train. When they entered our coach I reached for my gun, but before I could even blink, he grabbed my hand, telling me to just relax." He then grabbed a knife on the table, "When they came to us, demanding for what money we had, he just began talking. The most insane thing I ever seen, he had at least four guns to his head and he just kept going on and on about offering to help them. I thought he was just delusional, but when one of them tried to pull the trigger, bam!"

He stuck the knife into the table to punctuate his story, "He lays them out with one swing of his sword. Man was a complete psychopath....." With his random story told, he continued to finish his breakfast.

Dillon nodded.
"Then let's do it. I have my weapons with me I was expecting a fight. I also have a few of my stim darts, they should be useful considering what I'm up against."

The Termi-Dillon entered.
"Wait if your going dimension hopping what the hell am I supposed to do?"

AIM: Labs

Melethia nocked an arrow on her bow and focused intently on Cortex, making it clear that she'd loose it if he so much as twitched.

Meanwhile, Devon began talking to Cortex in a much calmer voice. "Doctor Cortex, we're only here for Furiae. Now, if you can give us accurate directions that don't happen to coincidentally pass by ambushes along the way, we can all finish up here with no problem. If you want to be cute and lead us into more of those bioweapons, though, we will hunt you down until you're begging for the sweet release of death. Either way ends in the same result for us. one of these ways will result in you crying like you just saw the opening of the movie Up.[1]"

In case the Doctor didn't believe him, though, Devon had his grip on Injustice and was more than ready to defend himself.

Rugal, Slindis

She sat down on the bed as she began talking. "It's just that Teri's showing that she can't trust me. I understand we've only known each other for a short amount of time, but you would think she would at least tell me before heading off on some mission with Melethia and Caim! She also feels the need to conceal the fact that there's others with her, not to mention other choices that she's made... Tira, she can try my patience sometimes."

[1] For those that haven't seen the movie, it manages to make a better love story in three minutes than the majority of most rom-coms out there

"Good, and X, i have no clue what you're supposed to do. Go and kill a bunch of Somalian pirates?" She suggested and formed the panels to show Dillon the way to a drill.
"Dillon, follow them, you're going to be using an ork drill, just be careful cause it's the only thing i have on short notice." she said to him.

AIM: Labs

Cortex was squirming more then the Foreman was when he stared Caim down, If he was here...
"...The Rising Dawn....They are all outside, aren't they?..." He asked, prompting Caim to get him back on topic.
"...Few weeks ago, Viscus brought in a new recruit, Man by the name of Inuart. He did some jobs for us, we promised Furiae. So...I used the pit to bring her back to life....Mostly. Still has Demonic outbursts, So I put her a serum. She's stable, just needs a steady supply. She is in the Living Quarters. That's all I know..." He said as he began to think of a way out of this mess.

He got his escape when a large fireball blasted Ton Ton and Cadolbolg out of the air above them.
The group looked behind them to find a large Dingo/Crocodile with a Flamethrower right behind them
"Break out the Butter. I'm gonna make Toast!" Dingodile shouted before unleashing a torrent of fire and flames at the group.

Cortex attempted to escape in the madness, But Melethia was keen enough to prevent that by firing an arrow at him, getting him right in the back of the leg as he tried to escape.
"AHHH! DINGODILE! GET THEM!" He shouted in pain as he crawled behind the overturned desk and attempted to call his hoverboard in all the madness.


Jenny listened attentively to Fionn's story about the Preacher, noting that Fionn himself seemed a little unstable, possible shell shock?
Still, she nearly fell out of her chair when Fionn stabbed the table with his knife.
Regaining her composure, she then said "...I see...Well...I heard that before I came back, He managed to take on Tomoya one on one....And...he perished...and...well..."
She was wondering how to ask if he had something to do with her coming back to life.
"..was he good with white magic?...Like Slindis and Teri?..."

"..was he good with white magic?...Like Slindis and Teri?..."

"He was one of the best damn doctors you could ever see. He spent a lot of time putting his healing powers to work when he was with us. I think he studied medicine at some point, I never bothered to ask him. Could you study internal medicine and moonlight as a bounty hunter? I wonder.... " Fionn began to trail off into random thoughts about time management and the merits of medical knowledge given the prevalence of Healing Magic.

Jenny waited for about a minute before getting Fionn back to the point, clapping her hands in front of his face. "FIONN! FOCUS!"

He blinked and subtly leaned back forward, "Anyway, yeah, he was good. I guess being a Paladin for so long and having so much time to practice his abilities must have mad him among the most potent White Mages out there."

Dillon followed the panels, he intended to get down to the earths core he took an express elevator downwards to the bottom of Aperture (not a euphemism for falling). as he went down he checked the status of the drill it wouldn't be easy to dig down so deeply but aperture and some of the most advanced scientific equipment.
"What they could do with quantum programming best to keep that safe we don't need too much power in one group.
Still Dillon had once entrusted aperture to Justin and GLaDOS, two villains simply because he trusted them more than wesker. But Aperture seemed to be constantly played around with.

AIM: Labs

"Break out the Butter. I'm gonna make Toast!"

Angelus was the first to react to Dingodile's flames. Taking in a deep breath as she was wont to do in her normal form, Angelus opened her mouth wide to unleash a stream of fire herself. The two sets of flames, Dingodile's and Angelus', began to do battle for supremacy; each pushing at each other in their own ways: Dingodile with gas, and Angelus with sheer will. In the meantime; Caim edged around the battle of flame, and took the moment of distraction to charge at the mutant.
Teri took this moment as well to burn a turn attempt, and initiated the healing Aura for battle; as well as cast Create Water on the currently burning Cuties, dousing them gently with 14 galleons of water. Excessive? Perhaps, but the Cleric had another scheme up her sleeve. One that began with the letter S.

Teri initiates her Healing Aura! All allies who stand within 15 feet of her will get healing in increments of 2 pts every 6 seconds!

Remaining Turn Attempts: 5 Undead/4 Fire

Teri casts Create Water! 6 seconds till the next 0 level spell...

After sputtering and shaking themselves off, the duo gave their thanks to Teri, and took flight again, Ton Ton already feeling the need for retribution. He may have it easy against elemental damage, but that didn't mean Cadolbolg did....

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