The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"...Okay....Just...You don't think...he could "Raise the dead"..." Jenny asked, fearing she was asking a silly question.
"I mean, it's the only explanation that works. He was on the ship at the time and I was told no one else was ever in the morgue with me..." She asked, praying to god that she was barking up the right tree.

AIM: Labs

Melethia strafed over to get to Cortex with a nocked arrow on her bow and got a good angle on the man, and she fired a warning shot right under the Doctor's groin. "Really? Ya thought ya'd be able to run?" SHe quickly nocked another arrow, ready and able to counter.

Meanwhile, Devon hummed an extremely rousing little ditty, Inspiring Courage in the group as he went off to the opposite side to get a good angle of attack on Dingodile.

Devon used up a Bardic Song to Inspire Courage in the group! Lasting for 5 minutes and 36 seconds thanks to the enhancements, it gives a +5 morale bonus to attack rolls, +6 morale bonus to damage rolls, and a +5 morale saving throws versus fear. Basically, the group's braver and they hit a decent bit harder.

Bardic songs left: 12 11

AIM: Labs

A bead of sweat rolled down Cortex's head as Melethia aimed another arrow at him.
However, his unsure look turned into a half smile.
"...No...But I'm able to ride..." He said as his Hoverboard came racing in to it's master's rescue, striking her in the back of the head in the process.
Climbing up and laying down on it, he then went to make his way out.
At least until he saw Squishy blocking his path.
"...Arcane enhanced Hydrogen IS NOTHING TO ME!" He shouted before piloting his Hoverboard clean though the water elemental, getting past the creature and getting soaked in the process.
The little doctor that could then escaped the lab shouting "SCIENCE!", clearly overjoyed at the fact he was still alive.
He then raced off to raise the alarm.

Dingodile was unable to turn and fire at Caim and Devon thanks to Angelus's pressure, leaving him wide open.
That massive fuel tank on his back was a pretty easy target to hit.


After getting the full story from Slindis, Rugal shook his head.
"Barely a week out of a war and she wades into another one...Still, have to admire her drive..." He said as he sat next to her.
"Though, I'm certain that there was no malice to her not telling you. You basically taught her everything she knows about being a cleric. I doubt one would accept teachings from someone they didn't trust." He added, hoping to calm her down.

"...Okay....Just...You don't think...he could "Raise the dead"..."

"Well, I've seen him do crazier things......." He looked at Jenny, then grinned. He always liked to make sure there was a happy ending. "I'm not him, so I can't exactly speak for him. But, " Fionn stood up as he finished his point. "I wouldn't worry about returning the favor. He'd do what he did since he saw it as the right thing to do. Nothing more, nothing less." Regardless of Jenny's reaction to the revelation, he began to stroll off, wondering what to do at this point.

AIM: Labs

Devon did a running jump and hacked at Dingodile's side, proving to be a decent bit comfortable with the fairly light bastard sword. He would have done the running charge, but the movements for that yesterday had proved to be extremely difficult.

Meanwhile, Melethia went by Angelus to aid her in the fight. Although she didn't have control over fire, she'd gained a large amount of experience around it and had made her armor specifically to resist it and ice. "Redscale, I've gotcha covered!" She exchanged her bow for Risia and Siegebreaker to aid Angelus, and she got ready to counter the attack when Dingodile got back up.


Slindis shook her head. "It still doesn't explain why Melethia had to go along... those two are a handfull. They know that I could've went there for them on this. Those two deserve time to rest! Life on the battlefield is not a glamorous one, and it's one I don't want for either of them. Is that so much to ask for?"

AIM: Labs

Squishy shivered with pain as Cortex burst through him, but reformed himself, and returned to his mistress' side, enjoying the soothing feeling of positive energy when he approached.

In the meantime, Caim was able to finish his charge by the time Devon moved out of the way; and thrust his blade forwards, sending a sonic shockwave into Dingodile's already damaged side; as well as hitting the fuel tank in the process. The flames on his end stopped almost immediately, and Angelus found that her flames were no longer necessary as Dingodile fell over and began to flail, his pack glowing a sickly green. Teri blanched, poured out a water bottle, and commanded Squishy into the thing, crying out, "HE'S GONNA BLOW!"

Garm made no waste of time after that, and made haste to speed out of the room with Pup in tow; the other party members following behind as a loud explosion shook the room they exited from. Unfortunately, in their time fighting the Dingodile, an alarm had been raised as well... But, they knew where Furiae lay:

"To the Living Quarters!"

AIM: Living Quarters

With their objective in sight, The group made their way to the location of Furiae.
There was only one thing standing in their way now.
"YOU!" Inuart shouted as Caim barged in with the others in tow.
"No....not going to happen...I have not spent this long...for you to ruin our lives together..." He stated as he drew his sword, no taunting, no gushing for her affection, just the urge to kill what was in his way: Them

AIM: Command Center

Cortex raced into the command room, his wounded led bleeding and leaving a trail of blood where ever he went.
"THE RISING DAWN ARE HERE! THE'RE HERE! THE'RE HERE!" He shouted at the top of his lungs to anyone who would listen.
"...just thought you'd like to know..." He sighed before passing out from blood loss.
Bison was less then pleased with this.
"Dammit...What state is the power grid in?..."
"It still won't be up for another hour. UNIT would be here by then!" Wesker answered as he brought up some readouts on the computer.
"....Re-route remaining power to M.A.N.G.O. Prep all evacuation procedures...." Bison ordered as Everyone followed, while it was only part of the Rising Dawn, they knew where AIM was now and that alone made evacuation necessary.

All the while, Bruiser was watching replays of their entry.
"...Toots and Ms Gravel?!...How did they find me!?....Shit..." He growled as he made his way to the chamber housing AIM's most powerful weapon, already plotting to use it on Angelus.


Rugal was about to speak when an alert hit his PDA, The call for a evacuation of the Cartel's last stronghold.
"...No...No it is not." He said, electing to ignore it, it was most likely Doom hitting the panic button after getting his hand stuck in the kettle again.
"Still...Even if we can't give them a proper childhood, one without constant war and battle, I'm certain we can give them a happy one...." He said, every second making the news he was going to deliver harder and harder...

"Sup Bison." The Dark voice which had ruined aim's defenses and turned more than a quarter of the staff into necromorphs said. The man would slowly turn around, on the verge of having an aneurysm in his brain to see Alucard standing there, drinking a slurpy.
"I went to get a slurpy." he said then took another sip of it, his body and suit rather suspiciously clean and blood absent.

Mizune's fingers were flying over her keyboard, trying to get the doll's to prepare her escape along with them in a rocket.
The sex bots were busy hammering, welding and crafting the needed items out of the base around them, a few with machine guns to hold off any intruders that got near them.


"ALUCARD!!" Bison roared at the top of his lungs, lunging out to strangle the Vampire, Alucard merely phasing his body in time so Bison grabbed nothing.
He watched as Bison was literally the angriest person he'd have ever seen.
"...*Sound of slurping*..."
Then, Bison could take no more and he did the only thing he could do to that man.

He knocked the Slurpy out of his hand and onto the floor, spilling the wonderful beverage all over the floor and on Alucard's shoes.

"...You're Fired..."
He then returned to trying to salvage something out of this entire mess.

AIM: Living Quarters

"No....not going to happen...I have not spent this long...for you to ruin our lives together..."

Caim growled, his hands on his weapon tightening as he looked into the face of the man who had orchestrated his sister's imprisonment. A dark expression passed over his face as he readied his stance... Before turning invisible and charging Inuart head on.

Angelus felt herself being washed over by an immense wave of Caim's emotions; and distinctly noticed that his rage had not been this palatable since... well, since they had last faced Inuart. In charged a man who utterly hated the red head before him, and she knew damn well that Caim did not intend to leave him alive. With a sigh, she ran in as well, and began readying homing shots at the red head.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg zipped in after the partners, Ton Ton poised and ready to jump; and Cadolbolg charging lightning in his gullet.

Garm readied himself to join in the festivities as well, but Teri held her large wolf friend back, and instead chose to clap her hands and ready an ice beast. It was one she hadn't used before, but the creature was a speedy one, and that was something she needed.

Teri casts Conjure Ice Beast 2 to summon Shelob the Ice Spider! Shelob will stick around for 7 rounds, or 42 seconds! The next 2nd level spell can be cast in 24 seconds....

AIM: Living Quarters

Devon glared at Inuart. "Ruin your life with her? You've already done that yourself by using her as your attack dog when shit hit the fan! Any compassion you think she feels for you is just Stockholm Syndrome kicking in for her, and you aren't touching any of us!" As he finished his statement, the group felt an immense amount of fortitude.

Devon used Ironskin Chant! It grants DR 5/- to all nearby allies for 60 seconds plus 6 seconds per Caster level, or 2:42. This Damage reduction can not be bypassed, so it will blunt the damage of Inuart's attacks for its duration.

Bardic Music uses: 11 10

Before throwing his first attack, the Bard flipped a coin. "Hell, I'd wager Fortuna's on out side right now. And why wouldn't she be, when we're facing you? I think I'll be seeing you later on in Hell."

In addition, Devon casts Improvisation! For the next 54 seconds, Devon gain access to a floating "pool" of luck. This bonus pool consists of 2 points per caster level for a total of 18 points, which he can spend as he likes to improve attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks, although no single check can receive a bonus greater than one-half your caster level, or 4. He must declare any bonus point usage before the appropriate roll is made. Used points disappear from the pool, and any points remaining when the spell ends are wasted.

Time before the next level 1 spell: 24 seconds.

Melethia eyed the man up as she held the two blades, trying to mirror his movements so she could know exactly what to expect. She had a feeling that she could at least cause a decent bit of damage if she got in close, but it would be a lot easier if she let Caim get the first attack in so she could flank the redhead and cause damage while he was unaware. Man, this guy feels creepy...


Slindis looked at the ceiling as she rubbed her left arm. "I tried as much back home, and I felt that I had made some actual headway. Still, with that home gone, there's not much that can be done now. Tell me, what kind of parent are you if you can't even give your children the peace of mind that the place they're staying is safe> I don't know what it is, but it's not a good parent at all."

There was the longest sigh that anyone in the history of mankind had ever heard. It all ended with a statement from alucard."... You're going to pay for that one." The Vapire said and walked over to the main computer in the room, punching his arm into it. He tore out the hard-drives and stuffed them into his coat.

He then walked past the stunned bison, having actually seen for the first time, any sort of serious effort out of alucard, who swiped his wallet out of his pocket and disappeared into thin air.

U.N.I.T. Hq
The door to the commander's office opened and Alucard strolled in. Soon after him, the front deskman showed up panting.
"SIR! i tried to stop him, but he kept walking down the hallway and tilting every picture along the way!" the man said.

Alucard stood there, his eyes behind his sunglasses with a grin on his face.

"SIR! i tried to stop him, but he kept walking down the hallway and tilting every picture along the way!"

"That's alright Private. Return to your post, I have this well in hand." Richardson stood up behind the desk, waiting until the Private left. "Delightful as always Alucard. To what do I owe this, pleasant, visit? We haven't seen you since the Olympics fiasco." All those gymnasts...... Richardson shook his head in an attempt to clear his head. He pulled out a bottle of whiskey out from underneath the table and pulled out a glass for himself. Lets get this over and done with then.

"Well..." Alucard began. "My previous employer, previous was about five minutes ago, was an asshole. He spilled my slurpy, so i took the hardrive to the main computer in their command room." he said and pulled it out from his coat.
"I think their name was AIM, so i'll give it to you for a mountain dew slurpy, and a new pair of shoes; exactly like my current ones, save for the slurpy on them." he said looking at the piece of machinery in his hand.

"I think their name was AIM, so i'll give it to you for a mountain dew slurpy, and a new pair of shoes; exactly like my current ones, save for the slurpy on them."

".....This is surprisingly direct for you Alucard." Richardson was slightly stunned by this development; finally get AIM, and HE'S the one offering the intel?! "Well...... you can talk to Private Garmand out there about getting your payment. You can leave the hard drive with him. Go easy on him mate, its his first day here." Richardson knew it wouldn't be this simple.

Tajuh, Fionn.

Seeing no one else familiar on the Hagane, Fionn decided to walk on over to the hangar to see if he could get a lift somewhere. With nothing on the agenda for group he knew about, Fionn saw no real point in staying around. Spotting Tajuh's mech, he walked over to see how the ace pilot was doing. "Well Tajuh! How's it going?"

"Well, fine then." Alucard said and walked out of the office, the door shutting behind him and maniacle laughter following suit. Then from down the hallway, the commander heard the private's complaint.

After a 2nd session of straightening.
"I have a hard-drive here from aim and i'm going to need a Mountaindew slurpy, a new pair of shoes, exactly like the one i have, direct access to this and future popes, as well as the vatican." he said, puling out the hard-drive again.

Tajuh and Fionn - Hangar

Tajuh finished looking at the information for where he was headed next as she finished up the water she walked in the room with. It's a shame that whoever caused this didn't admit it... They must of thought me irate. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be able to talk to the person later.

After closing the documents describing the massive racial tensions fueled by radicals on both sides, Tajuh looked up to see Fionn entering the Hangar. "Ah, Fionn. Is there something you wish to talk about? I would have found you earlier, but I've been busy getting intel on some where I'm headed next." If Fionn hadn't noticed the man's change at the afterparty, he certainly noticed it now.

"Ah, Fionn. Is there something you wish to talk about? I would have found you earlier, but I've been busy getting intel on some where I'm headed next."

"Uh....." Fionn was, well, slightly confused at Tajuh's change in appearances. "I was going to ask.... Yeah, I may need a lift off this station." He was already driven to the edge of insanity by events so far, but this was just confusing. "Would you know where Slindis and Melethia are as well? I'm looking to sort a few things out before we head off...." Tajuh could tell something was off with Fionn, maybe not in terms of personality, but there was a, wrongness to the area around him.


"I have a hard-drive here from aim and I'm going to need a Mountaindew slurpy, a new pair of shoes, exactly like the one i have, direct access to this and future popes, as well as the Vatican."

The private pulled out a form labelled "Papal access", "Sign here please, JIM! GET THIS WANKA WHAT HE WANTS!" Soon after, a few more operatives arrived, each holding one of the items Alucard requested.

"Thank you." Alucard said and signed the forms, put on the new shoes and began to drink his slurpy. "Ah, Dew is the best." he commented and began to walk away, but felt an idea pop into his head. "Say boy, are you a virgin?" he asked the private.

AIM: Inuart

As the team moved in, Inuart merely smirked and stood still as the Invisible Caim moved in for the kill.
Caim went for the swing and Inuart parried it?!
"Please, like I'm falling for that one!" He said, recalling the dozens of times Caim used that magic on Empire troops.
Before Caim could even think, he felt the wind get knocked out of him as Inuart countered with a palm strike to his chest, sending him flying back past the rest of the team.
"Your skill's with a weapon won't make a difference this time, Caim!" He laughed as Angelus got a look at his eyes.

Walking on-wards unafraid of Angelus's projectiles, He began to make extremely fast movements, almost as if he was teleporting.
Another round of obnoxious laughed preceded a huge lunge with his sword at Teri's Ice Spider, flash-stepping before slashing the spider several times in rapid succession before finishing with a kick that sent it flying back like Caim did.

Turning to Melethia, He fired a small ice projectile her way before laughing again.
"It's no use! Just accept our vows of affection! NOTHING BEATS THE POWER OF LOVE!"

AIM: Furiae

All the while, Furiae had her ear up against the wall, trying to make out whatever the hell was going on out there.
It sounded like a fight, but the thick steel made listening to it hard.
Then a huge bang sounded from the other end of the room as it was torn open by Bruiser.
"Hey! You. Gonna need to borrow you for a few minutes." He calmly said before punching her lights out and grabbing her and leaving out the way he entered.
Once they got into the room, the team would find Furiae gone and path of torn walls that led all the way to the Helipad.


Jenny was starting to realize what Preacher had done for her.
Then she saw Fionn walking away.
"Hey! Wait! I have so many questions!" She said before running after the man, following him into the hanger.
"Hold on! I need to ma-.....Tajuh!?" She exclaimed, checking her mind, just to make sure it was him.


Rugal shook his head.
"There are parents out there that can barely feed their children..."
...Because of me...
"Though it's no fault of their own doing. It's not like they want their children to suffer. Some might, but that's another story. You do the best that you can and despite what you think, I believe you are doing a damn good job. Sure, most mothers aren't called to save the world, but you coped brilliantly..."
Just fucking tell her your leaving her, come on, Bison is bound to have taken over after Viscus was deleted... He thought, still wondering how to say it.

[b]Tajuh, Fionn[/b

Tajuh crossed her arms as she talked to Fionn. "I can't say where SLindis is, but Melethia went off with Caim and Angelus on some business. If you're looking to talk to them, why not use the ring? I'm almost certain that you would have gotten one earlier..." A quick look at Fionn's hands revealed that he did not have the ring. Someone had screwed the pooch on that one, but it could still be fixed.

After a bit of fishing around in her pocket, she pulled out a ring and gave the basic explanation for how it worked. "I am sorry I could not get to you earlier, but I do apologize for not talking with you earlier concerning the passing of the Preacher. I clearly didn't know him as you did, but he was a good man."

AIM: Inuart

"It's no use! Just accept our vows of affection! NOTHING BEATS THE POWER OF LOVE!"

Angelus scoffed at those words, and continued her assault of homing fire. As she did so, she shouted, "You mean the power of biological science! I see how your eyes have changed! Decided to be one of Wesker's little experiments have we? Suiting, for a monster masquerading as a human to fully accept his mantle! But that will not change one thing; Furiae never loved you! If anything she pitied you! Why else do you think she was so patient with your antics?"

The spider skidded against the floor, a hiss coming from it before the creature forced itself back up and skittered after Inuart again. Bits and pieces of ice were missing from it's body, but still it moved; it's eight legs creating an unnerving noise as they chattered after Inuart's monumental speed.

Teri growled at this sight as her tablet rattled off the chant for Shield of Faith, laying a hand on the wolf as her intended target, "Geez, I knew I should have kill him off the moment I wrote Legna out of the story!"

Teri casts Shield of Faith on Garm, giving him a +3 deflection bonus to his AC! Essentially, Inuart's attacks will have an even harder time hitting Garm, much less damaging him, as they will have to cut through the enchantment and all of Garm's natural armor before hurting him!

A shimmering field appeared over Garm after another second of chants, and the wolf dove into combat as well. In the meantime, Teri began shuffling through her satchel for a water bottle...

Caim got up from his assault, still angry and very irritated that Inuart had been able to pull off that move at all. Still, he had some time being left invisible; so he might as well take advantage while he could. Switching back to Skull Banquet, the warrior forced himself up and dove in tandem with the wolf and spider, hoping to catch Inuart unawares as the beasts attempted to flank him.

Cadolbolg finally took his chance, as Inuart did not seem to be paying attention to him; and decided to shoot the lightning bolt he had been charging in his maw. As he did so, he could already feel his partner's weigh shifting to ready for a leap; in case the lightning proved stunning.

Tajuh, Fionn

"I am sorry I could not get to you earlier, but I do apologize for not talking with you earlier concerning the passing of the Preacher. I clearly didn't know him as you did, but he was a good man."

Fionn sighed, he appreciated the condolences, but he was still trying to keep his mind off it. "He was, he wouldn't have regretted anything about his end other than failing to 'forgive' that murderous little twat." He pulled out Sandy and began to inspect the shotgun, busying his hands as he spoke. "I guess I should try to follow his example by trying to be more forgiving, but every time I think of the seraphic jackass and his little speech for his 'brother'...... That unpleasantness aside, Its a shame we can't end our ensemble on a higher note. Lets hope we cross paths again eh?"

AIM: Inuart

Devon rolled his eyes upon hearing Inuart's rant. "Really? You're going to claim you love her? Why the hell do you sic her on any enemies you have, then? That's not how treat those you care about, asshole!" Maybe it was the training from Caim, maybe it was the fact that the blade was suited for him, or maybe it was just dumb luck, but the man's next slash seemed to be a lot more accurate as he worked with Caim to slice Inuart.

Devon expends 4 points from the Improvisation pool to make his next attack more accurate!

Points left: 14

Time left on Improvisation: 48 Seconds.

Time left before the next level 1 spell: 18 Seconds

Melethia swerved out of the way of the ice shot, and the grazing hit was just about nullified by the enchantments on Melethia's armor underneath the tunic. She saw that Cadolbolg was going in for a blast and rapidly stabbed at Inuart with Risia to limit his options. Of course, the blade would hurt if Inuart was stabbed by it as well.

Melethia activated Rogue Haste Boost! she has a 15% "action" bonus to attack speed. Lasts 20 seconds.

Boosts left: 4.

Jenny, Fionn, Tajuh

Tajuh turned and saw Jenny and politely waved. "Correct. Has Blade recovered from the effects of that potion yet? He seemed startled by it earlier, and I was concerned about him."

The jarring thing was with how comfortable Tajuh appeared to be in the current form. She may not have had much experience with others shifting this much outside of Kanto, but the fact that he took the change without skipping a beat meant there was something Tajuh had likely kept from the group.

After hearing Fionn out, Tajuh shook his hand. "I have the feeling we'll meet again, but it won't he for some time. I must head somewhere else fairly soon, and it's somewhere that I doubt anyone on this plane can access. And from what I can tell there, I wouldn't want anyone here getting caught up in it. Honestly, take a break. Everyone here deserves it."


Slindis laughed. "I guess you're right. I'll try to be a decent mother when Teri and Melethia get back from where they went, though, even if they don't like the disciplinary training they'll go through." The mention of that training called back memories of the dodging training in the dark room with the arrows to Rugal, and it reminded him that Slindis could be an especially hard teacher. It may have been a result of her home world requiring that kind of discipline, but her training was hard enough without her going out of her way to make it more difficult.

It was around that time that Rugal started feeling a twinge of pity for both of his adopted daughters, since their mother was going to put them through the wringer.

AIM: Inuart

Inuart glared at Devon as he managed to connect with a swipe of his sword, nicking him in the unarmored part of his arm.
"What?! I didn't force her to do anything, She only was trying to protect herself and me! I never told her to do anything!" He barked as went to punish Devon for his slander.
Angelus's retort and fire prevented this though, forcing him to do more of his teleporting antics.
"Please! Like a lizard like you would understand true love!"
Oh, if he only knew...

Either way, he didn't have much time before he met with the incoming barrage of attacks from all sides.
First Garm, The wolf pounced on him, using his weight to down him at he attempted to tear his head off.
Thanks to the strength the Serum had granted him however, he was easily able to lift the wolf over his head and throw him aside.

Next, Shelob, The ice spider raced towards the former bard and leaped on him much like the wolf did.
However, for it's speed, it was no match for Inuart's enhancements.
Phasing above the spider, he impaled Shelob's spine from above before stomping on it's head, shattering it.

Cadolbolg: The Lighting went for it's target, but his metal blade proved to be a good conductor and the inside lining of his armored glove protected him, giving him a electrified sword.

Melethia: The elf rushed in and attempted to land a hit, but using the charge that Cadolbolg had given him, He was able to channel it into the ground as she attacked, causing that part of the floor she was standing on to be electrified.
It took all the charge out of his sword, but it prevented her from attacking.
"What is this? You send Children to fight me Caim?!"

Speaking of Caim-
"OOOF!?!" He grunted as Caim took the chance to strike him in the back with Skull Banquet.
Though the pain of getting hit by a mace, he moved his sword under his right arm in a attempt to hit the attacker behind him.


Jenny did remember Blade's voice sounding rather "Feminine" a few days ago.
"Ummm...Yeah, he's okay...just...You are aware that...Well..." She said, addressing the elephant in the room.
"...Just doesn't this bother you at all?..."


"...Yeah...." Rugal meekly answered, starting to get more and more distant as the moment of truth neared.
"....Listen....I was thinking about your...."Ultimatum"...And..." He paused, clearly he'd need some prompting.

AIM: Inuart

To keep from taking damage from falling off Garm, Teri must make a DC 15 Ride check.... And rolls a 21! NAT 20 BABY! Stay on that wolf!

When Garm was thrown aside, Teri gave a shock cry and held as tightly as she could to the wolf's fur, making Garm immediately realize what was at stake. The pup! Twisting through the air; Garm stuck his landing, a growl heavy on his lips. Unfortunately, this also meant that Teri saw the cruel destruction of her spider shaped ally. With a sad expression, she took out a water bottle, and began to empty the contents onto the floor; burning a turn attempt and summoning her watery friend back to the playing field. Hopefully, he'd be far more durable than the spider.

Teri burns a turn attempt to bring Squishy the water elemental to aid combat! He will stay in battle for 1 minute before returning to his home plane... Turn attempts remaining: 4 Undead/4 Fire

Teri pointed at Inuart, gibbered in Aquan and the water elemental charged at Inuart. Following that, she patted her wolf friend and said, "Just stick to biting and clawing, okay, buddy?"

The wolf gave a huff, and charged back into the fray as well.

Caim ducked under the blade; and brought an elbow to Inuart's chest, hoping that the metal guard on his shoulder would have some impact... Which it did... Sort of. It made Inuart look at Caim funny for a moment, but then realize that the warrior was smiling. That was when the trap was sprung. A weight landed on Inuart's shoulder and a sharp pain followed quickly after it. It was Ton Ton, ready to deliver some Karma and a Knife embedded in an unprotected shoulder. Using his non-Knife hand to cling to the fabric of Inuart's shirt, the Tonberry did what he could to get more stabs in the red-head before he was thrown off.

" Honestly, take a break. Everyone here deserves it."

" I'll do my best to see they get a holiday at this point. Who knows, I may end up Team Leader! He he he." Fionn then holstered sandy before shaking Tajuh's hand. "It's been a pleasure. I'll see you in the skies." Having made his goodbye, Fionn turned to leave the hangar in search of Melethia, he had a special job for her......

He then glanced at his sabre as it sat in its sheath, he pulled it out a little to check the blade. Fire, lightning and ice continued to crackle from it, randomly conjuring and dissipating. Well, lets see what Everyone's Favorite Smith can do about this......


"Say boy, are you a virgin?"

The private froze as he heard that question, his pen dropping to the floor. "Uh....... No?" He knew the stories about Alucard, what he did to those Gymnasts......... He began rapidly pressing two button below the desk, one labelled "CODE RED" the other, "RECORD FOR TRAINING PURPOSES".

Alucard smirked. He took another sip of his slurpy and walked back to the desk. The private looked up at alucard as he removed his sunglasses and fell into a trance. "Now boy, tell me if you really are a virgin." The vampire demanded, his trance forcing the boy to tell the truth.

AIM: Inuart

He laughed at Inuart's response. "Look, I don't give a damn how you spin it! If you really wanted to keep her safe, you wouldn't have kept her here, and you certainly would have tried to keep her away from the fighting in the first place! Not to mention you had her brought back from the dead just because you wanted it!" He went in for a few more slices, more focusing in on making Inuart divert his attention than any solid strikes.

Melethia's body tingled from the strike underneath her, but her instincts kicking in saved her from the worst of the attack as she went in for some more slashes with Risia and Thunderclap, moving with Squishy to harass the man from another angle as well. He was pretty tough, but there was something about the man that made her skin crawl. The bladework that she used told Inuart that the girl was no stranger to any kind of fight, and the slight howling from the warhammer was eerie in itself.

Jenny, Fionn, Tajuh

Tajuh laughed cheerfully. "Aware of how I look? Jenny, I am well aware of that. If I wasn't slated to head out, I would explain. Since I am, though, tell the person that drugged the drinks the other day that I said thank you. It's extremely hard to explain, but someday I'll be able to." The calm attitude that Tajuh had would be a bit unsettling, but a very slight prodding from Jenny to see if anything was wrong showed that Tajuh was being genuine.

Right before Fionn left, Tajuh nodded and gave a warm smile. "If you do end up being team leader, that will be an interesting juggling act. The Rising Dawn's crew would benefit greatly from the right leader, and that would be someone that knows how to balance the multiple personalities. Take care."


Slindis sat down. "From your tone, I think I've got a feeling how this one will go. However, I could still be surprised. What is your decision, Rugal?"

"Now boy, tell me if you really are a virgin."

"No! Alright!"

Unbeknownst to the two, several battalions of operatives had taken positions at distance, ready to strike in an instant. Dozens of Plasma Snipers and Gatling Plasmas were aimed at Alucard. "Alright lads, remember steps 2-10....."

AIM: Inuart

While Weskers serum made him far hardier, it still didn't change the fact that Ton Ton's knife REALLY hurt.
"AHHH! YOU LITTLE-!" Inuart shouted before headbutting Caim and focusing all his attention on Ton Ton.
Managing to grab the Tonberry, he then pulled him off and threw him to the ground.
Ton Ton looked up and saw a rather mad looking Inuart about to bring his sword down on his head...
Then get tackled to the ground by Squishy, the water elemental pinning him to the ground.
"GET...OFFF ME!" He strained as he kicked and screamed under the elemental's weight.
In a moment of quick thinking, he plunged his sword within the Water Elemental and used his Ice Blast.

He watched as Squishy froze, Literally, as his insides were turned to Ice.
Bursting himself free from the elemental's grasp, he was quickly back on his feet again.
Parrying the joint effort of Melethia and Devon as well as rolling to avoid a charging Garm, He realized needed to thin out their ranks a little and what better way in his mind...

"...Of course...I only need to kill one of you..." He said before glaring at Angelus.
"DIE YOU FLAMING BITCH!" He roared before rushing towards her, sword drawn and a scowl on his face that'd make Caim uneasy.

AIM: M.A.N.G.O. Chamber

All the while, the remaining Senior management were trying their best to get enough power to their weapon.
"Central CPU: Online. Main Batteries at 100%."
"Weapons Hot. Targeting Systems: Online."
"The "ON" Button light is...."ON"."
Bison looked over their last hope of getting out of here alive.
"...Okay....All we need is a pilot..." He said before the door to the Chamber opened, causing the remaining Villains to ready for battle.
"And you got one..." Bruiser smirked as walked in, putting their minds at ease as he threw a knocked-out Furiae on the ground.
"....Doom doesn't think this is a good idea, Women dri-" Doom was about to start before being silenced in a collective:
"The chick is just bait. Get them over here, use M.A.N.G.O. to take them down and get out of here before UNIT shows up."

"And while you're fighting them, we'll make a getaway. Understood. You know how to work it?"
"Eh, can't be that bad. Just like a Video Game, right?...Right?"
Cortex and Wesker exchanged awkward glances.
"...Sure! Why not!?"
"Get a escape craft ready then. My spider sense tells me there is going to be a lot of explosions in the near future..." The Machoke said as he looked upon the tool of Angelus's destruction.
"....Still has a stupid name though..."


Sighing deeply as he sat down next to Slindis, Rugal let it out.

"....I've spent my entire life getting to where I am. Countless deals, Years of building, setting up scheme after scheme...All I ever wanted in life was to make it all mine. I was Evil, ain't no question about it. And I even admit to enjoying it. A lot even. That's what makes this so damn hard...
You see, You can never stamp out Crime, You know it from personal experience no doubt. My kind are like weeds, we just seem to keep coming back. The Key is greed and that's the problem.

I never thought of what would happen to my Cartel after I was gone. Because I was certain that nothing in my entire life would get me to let it all go. Then you came into it and suddenly, Taking over the world lost it's appeal...
However...Just because I let it go doesn't mean others will. My passing would create a surge of power hungry employees to try and take my place. Employees with far less common sense then I do. Dangerous ones. Ones that wouldn't think twice about trying to succeed where Tomoya failed. And even if they do think twice, they are certain to come after you, Melethia, Teri. If you think this life is hard, try it with dozens of assassins constantly on your trail.

....So...My only option is to return and try to slowly kill the beast I created. It's not a matter of just hitting "Self Destruct" and calling it a day. There are weapons, there are Plans, there are powerful people. I can't just make them all go away. So...I need to retake my mantle as the results of me not doing so would most certainly spell doom for us all...

....I'm sorry...But...It don't be forever, I will be able to return one day..."

AIM: Inuart

"DIE YOU FLAMING BITCH!" He roared before rushing towards her, sword drawn and a scowl on his face that'd make Caim uneasy.

Angelus knew immediately what Inuart had in mind and burst into action; rolling to the side before Inuart could do anything with that blade. Taking in a deep breath, a runic circle appeared around her neck before she shot ribbons of dragonfire infused heavily with magical energy; each homing in on the bard and ready to tear into his flesh.

In a similar vein, Cadolbolg took this chance to unleash the scarlet fireball that he had been charging in his gullet at Inuart as well; the blast knocking him back slightly after doing so.

Maybe he over charged it?

Ton Ton, after seeing his life get spared by the poor water elemental now shattered on the floor, looked to Inuart's path and growled, "I will avenge you, Mr. Squishy!"

Standing up, he grabbed his lantern again, and gathered darkness within it, "Feel the wrath of those who fell by your blade! Everyone's Grudge!"

Speaking of said shattered Water Elemental, Teri had dismounted from Garm, and numbly wandered to where her friend's remains lay, numbly picking up a piece of ice and muttering, "...Squishy..?"

Not receiving an immediate response, the Cleric's eyes widened with horror and she too turned to Inuart; who was now being held in place by flame and shadow and began channeling energy in the same hand, "You're going to pay for that..."

Still holding the piece of ice, the Cleric swung her arm and cried out:


as a large medium blue stream of energy flew at Inuart.

Teri uses Reppuken: Class 3. 12 seconds before another level 3 spell is available.

After seeing the various projectiles fly by; Caim readied the mace and called out, "Melethia, Devon! Now's our chance! Let's go!" ,and began to charge.

Alucard smirked. "Ok." he said and turned away from the private. The Vampire then proceeded to walk out of the building, enjoying his new slurpy and disappeared into an alley way.

About 10 minutes later, there were unconfirmed reports of the pope running around the vatican, filled with a bloodlust never seen before, ripping out the throats of priests and sucking their blood.

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