The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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AIM: Inuart

Devon went in for one decisive stab while Melethia emitted a blinding flash from Thunderclap and went for vulnerable areas during the moment that Inuart was recovering from the flash.

"Just shut the hell up and save us all the trouble, you piece of shit." Said stab had a good amount of strength backing it.

Rugal, Slindis
She got up and opened the door for Rugal. "The next time we meet, I hope for the both of us that you've done what you need." Rugal could tell that Slindis was as torn up about his choice as he was, but she wasn't irate with him. Just incredibly disappointed.

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Lightning Hawk | Outside the Rising Dawn | Oceanic.
Time: 4Pm

The ship was still hovering outside the hanger, and Storm was still waiting for a response.
A few minutes have passed and he sighed and decided to land by his own decision. Luckily enough, when he had started to land a friendly AI helped him to land the ship in one of the furthest corners which had Tomoya's past bikes and garage. Alpha on the other hand was completely and hid herself from the said AI.

A few minutes had passed and the two had successively landed on the Rising Dawn. "Right, I didn't get a room here last time. Time to do that first!" Shaun announced to himself and Alpha as he started to shut down the ship. A few more seconds later he pulled the keys from ignition and jumped outside the ship to see the hanger.

Anyone who was obviously in the hanger could see the ship land at any distance and the now white haired, tall spartan jump out. Storm then opened the cargo bay to his ship and rolled out his armor loader to Tomoya's small area. Once he closed the cargo bay he locked the ship with his keys, even though it was locked Storm had not came to trust much people on this ship, especially with Angel tech.

Examining his armor loader for a second, he locked it with his DNA print from his hand, so no one could attempt to even try to do anything with the armor or weapons.

A few second later Storm and the full scale holographic projection of Alpha had began to wonder to the wing of the ship which the young couple.

AIM: Inuart

Following this recent combination attack from all sided, ended by Devon stabbing him in the chest as he was stunned, was more then enough to take the former bard down.
He fell to his knees once it was over, a blank look on his face.
"...I...wasn't...strong enough..." He groaned before falling face first to the ground, defeated.

If they were to check the room however, they would find that it was empty and the wall was torn open, revealing a path of walls that too were torn open.
There was however a bracelet on the floor that belonged to her.
And a note that said "Shouldn't have came here Toots..."

AIM: Inuart

After Inuart fell, Devon immediately turned to Caim. "Look, as much as I'd like to finish the job here, we have to find your sister. She's the main reason we came here, after all. Another second used here is one where we aren't getting her out."

Melethia returned with the bracelet and the note, handing them both to Caim. "Here ya go, Mister Caim. I found it over there by one of the broken walls."

AIM: Inuart

After Inuart fell, Teri wandered over to the party, the piece of ice being swapped between hands. It was what was left of Squishy after all. As Cadolbolg collected Ton Ton and the Cleric wandered back over to the group on Garm's back; neither party noticed the ice behind them slowly melting in the midst of lingering flames....

Angelus nodded, "I agree. Furiae is our top priority here. We can't waste any more ti-"

That was when Melethia came by and handed the items to Caim, and her brow visibly furrowed, "Bruiser! That walking case of steroids is here?!"

At that, Teri visibly blanched, and clung to Garm's fur even more tightly than before, with only a tight squeak exiting from her throat. Oh god.

He was here AND he had Furiae?! Burying her face in the wolf's fur, any who looked at the Cleric could see her visibly shaking at the mere mention of his name. In the meantime, Devon could see that a familiar looking water elemental begin to approach the party, looking a tad shorter than usual...

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Rising Dawn | 17th Wing | Oceanic.
Time: 4Pm

Coming to the 17th Wing of the Rising Dawn, the two could see a long hallway filled with many doors. The wing was slightly posh and Storm could easily see why Tomoya picked this wing to stay in. "I'm still impressed by how good this place looks. And I forgot I had a room. Storm smiled to Alpha as he flashed his key which had the number "#1789" imprinted on it.

"We need to explore this place some more." Alpha said and yawned. "Hmm, you tired?" Storm asked out of concern for his female AI partner. "Not really. Just wondering how it felt to do such a thing." Alpha said in return as they approached the front of their door.

"Don't scare me like that, but yeah, I bet this ship holds many secrets ... and it doesn't look like our young neighbors are back." Storm said as he looked to the left to see room #1788 which belonged to Tomoya and now is occupied by the youngsters.

"That reminds me ... we should erect a plaque for Tomoya and place it by the entrance to this wing. I mean, it seems that many people have forgotten what he has done." Storm said with a friendly look, he had remembered when he first met the Tomoya and Archangel Barachiel. He could see the truth that everyone ignores. Which is why he doesn't like to call this group 'heroes'.

The two opened up the door to see the place how it was when they left it. "We need to buy some stuff for this place." Storm sighed as he took of his overcoat and chucked it onto the bed. "You need to buy some more clothes too. You got those from New York and before that your wondered around in those training clothes ... hey don't throw your clothes everywhere!" Alpha said with an angry computerized tone as she started to lecture Storm.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Whenever

David | Lucieon | Lucretia

After a long period of silence, long enough that Luke had realized that it was no appropriate for him to interject, he spoke, "She tells me that she is looking for someone. Someone who is part of this travelling group. And you," Luceion pointed at David, "are infinitely more acquainted with the staff here than I. Perhaps you can help her find the person she's hunting."

He played with his Red Eye Orb in his left hand, passing the small sphere over his palm and around the back of his hand. For the longest time now, it had been vibrating, and it put Lucieon on edge. A Vengeful Spirit was on his tail, however what little fear he had on his face was quickly wiped away when he returned his attention to the Dragon Disciple. Waiting for something or other to happen, and mayhaps, if favor be with him, would allow him to slip away and deal with his unwanted guest.

Dillon reached his destination, the earth's core.
the machinery began it's work of creating a portal to the void.
Dillon was meditating, he had slowed his breath down significantly, this had two purposes, one he was reaching a somewhat higher state of mind which was calming, better thinking was key to success in this, Second it was a safeguard against his troublesome Id which could interfere and make the situation worse. this technically was useful in the respect he used less oxygen, however this wasn't really an issue any more.
Dillon sat ready for when the device was abl to use the earth's core to send him into the void.

AIM: Inuart

Upon hearing about Bruiser, Devon focused on how he would help take the Pokemon down. After all if he remembered correctly, he should be weak to flying types. But where would he find one of those? After a moment to calm down, the winds swirled around him and everyone there to refresh them and he proceeded to smack his face with his hand.

He still had that control over the winds, right? If he used it a bit like Goenitz did when he... Well fuck. If he was anything like he was in Blank SLate, then there was something coming in the future.

"Teri, don't worry. We'll make sure Bruiser can't try anything. After all, I couldn't do the same for you back in the dorm." As he got ready to head down the hallway, he felt that he had learned quite a bit., and he put a hand out to the much smaller water elemental to see how it was holding up.

Devon has hit level ten! He picks up one level 3 spell and 2 level 4 spells.

His Leadership score is upgraded to 15 by hitting level 10 and having a charisma of 21, so he can now have a 10th level cohort (Ella), 20 first level followers, 2 second level followers, and 1 third level follower. All of hos followers at this point are Fire Imps, although they are recovering for the moment.

Melethia moved over near Teri to cheer her up. "Sis, why are ya so worried? I'll gut anyone that tries somethin to ya!" Although she didn't know what this bruiser was, she knew that he was likely a massive asshole.

AIM: Inuart

Angelus noticed Teri's bout of fear and was reminded of what Bruiser had done to the both of them. Clenching a fist for a moment, she untensed it again before walking to Teri and Melethia, putting a hand gently on the Cleric's back,

"Teri... Would you look at us, please? At least, look who's come back from being shattered?"


Teri tilted her head a little to see Squishy sitting patiently by the Cleric's side, the water elemental desperately trying to cling to the Material Plane before his time ran out. With a small smile, the Cleric extended a hand and muttered, "I'm sorry friend..."

Water touched the extended hand, and the water elemental blubbered back "It is alright. Freezing is not deadly unto itself. Ice is water, and so am I. However, that shattering bit did. I just wanted you to know not to grieve for me before I departed for my Home Plane. You are far kinder than the druid I was formerly assigned to."

And with that, the water elemental dissipated, leaving a small puddle on the floor where he used to be; and the Cleric smiling a little. Using the moment to her advantage, Angelus tried to talk a little pep into their scared companion, "Tamer of water sprites it seems... You've learned a lot after joining the Rising Dawn, haven't you?"

The Cleric nodded faintly, and the dragon tried some more, "Do you know what that means?"

The Cleric shook her head, and kept it buried in the wolf. With a small frown, Angelus continued her point, "It means that you are not helpless. You can fight against Bruiser, and as scary as that may seem; with your powers, even if we were all separated from each other, you will never be without aid. You can call in your creatures of water and ice, and I have seen first hand that this wolf of yours would guard you with your life. In fact, if you fell of a cliff, I would not doubt it if he jumped with you...But, that does not mean that's going to happen. Look up."

Teri gently raised her head, and she could see the faces of those around her and were looking to help,

"We are a team on this mission. It is part of being a team to support one another. And in this time, we will support you as you support us. Do you understand?"

Caim, who was looking anxiously to the wall ahead felt a mental prod from Angelus to throw something in to encourage the Cleric further, especially in light of what was to come. With an inner sigh, he shot from the PDA:

"When you were much weaker, you held off a fake Rugal Bernstein with your spells alone. Now, you have a team, a wolf and even more. This should not prove difficult. Let us know when you are ready."

Teri took this all in, and was reminded of the time in the dungeons of the Temple, in which herself, her master and Melethia had dispatched a false copy of Bruiser before. With a determined nod, and a renewed spirit, the Cleric raised a hand as a spell formed in her mind,

"Gotcha. Now before we go, let's get some protection on you guys...."

She was the student and proud daughter of Slindis d'Tarkanan and Rugal Bernstein. She was a Cleric of her loving and patient God. She commanded water and positive energy to her every whim. Venerated by Lucifer himself and in command of supernatural beasts, her name was Teri Gravel.

And she was damned if she would be the same girl as that scared Author who first walked onto the Rising Dawn.

AIM: Bruiser

Leaving the broken Inuart behind them, the team set out for the usual suspect in a situation like this.
The near endless hallway of torn walls showed just how far he went to get his hands on Furiae, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of Angelus and Teri, reminding them of the lengths he went though to hunt them both down in the past.
At the end of it, they entered another hallway leading to a High Security part of the Bunker.
The lights were a dark red as sirens went off, A Sign with a arrow pointing left and the Acronym "M.A.N.G.O." lead them to their destination.

The Door took some prying but they managed to get in and found themselves in a lab a lot like Cortex's, Circular, Flat and Dark.
The sole light in the room hung above the man himself, getting dressed in some kind of Pilot's suit.
"Well, Well, Well....Look who came a knockin'! Toot's. Little Ms. Gravel. I'm betting you are here for the Mime's Bitch, right?..." He taunted as he pulled up a Crane remote and hit down.
His hostage descended from the darkness above, her arms tied behind her back by chains and bent Iron Bars, starting to wake up from being knocked out earlier.
"Yeah, Me and Furiae were just getting to know each other. While I couldn't be more..."Formal" about it, The important thing is this is a event that she'll remember for the rest of her life.
Whether she wants to or not. Heheheh..."
He added, leaving it vague if he actually went as far with her as he did with Angelus and Teri. (He didn't BTW).

"But Bruiser!, I hear some of you say, Even with your rock hard abs and pecks of steel, How will YOU defeat all the Rising Dawn and escape with the poor innocent girl into the sunset, never to be seen again!?....
And to answer that question: Hehehehhehehahah..."
He laughed as he hit on the lights all at once, temporally dazzling the group.
Once their vision returned, they got a full look at what Bruiser would be using.
"Ladies! Lizards! And Mimes! For one night only. Check this shit out!:" He shouted as the platform he was standing on towered above them with AIM's Ulitmate Weapon behind him.

Before anything else could be said, The Chest of the machine opened and Bruiser quickly hopped in, starting up the Robot.
It shook at it came to life, It's eye's sparking red as it glared at the team below

>2 DEMI-GODS : "Author" CLASS

USER: "Bruiser the Machoke" : MISSION START!]
The Machoke's unforgettable laughter rang out as the fight began.

AIM: The Not So Delicious Mango, unless you like the taste of explosions.

Devon gave a quick glance to Caim as he quickly casted two spells in rapid succession. The first one had him rapidly blinking in and out of existence, and the second had him blink out again and reappear right next to Furiae on the chain, and he got started on getting Caim's sister off of the hook.

"Just try to stay calm and let me work, and I can get you off of here and with your brother in no time, Furiae." As he worked on getting her off, he held her right as he flickered again, which caused the two to phase through the chain and fall down to the ground at a slowed rate due to the flickering.

Devon casts Blink and Dimension Door, freeing Furiae! However, they're now falling to the ground...

18 seconds until Devon can cast a level 3 or 4 spell, Blink will last for 60 seconds.

Melethia glared as she went to attack the machine with Thunderclap and Earsplitter, landing solid blows on the left leg that sent screeches vibrating throughout AIM's last line of defense as well as a few decent indents from the attacks themselves.

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Devon | Ella | Garm | Melethia | Teri | Ton Ton: AIM

Caim gave a nod to Devon as well, and watched as the boy manipulated magic to his whim to release his sister from imprisonment, the blinking, Dimension Dooring and release all happening in one quick motion. However, as they fell, Caim's heart sunk in his stomach, and he began to move to go after them, but was stopped by Angelus' voice in his mind,

"Wait. There's something going on here..."

That was when the two realized that a breeze had picked up in the air. A strong one at that. Looking to Devon again, that was when they realized that the bard was controlling the winds about him to slow his descent with the effects of Blink, which would effectively bring them to a comfortable landing. But, naturally, this would put them in danger. The mute saluted Devon and Furiae with his blade, and his PDA shouted, "We'll cover you as you're landing! Get her somewhere safe!"

With that, the warrior activated the small charge in Skull Banquet, his strength and speed increasing heavily before charging the M.A.N.G.O., the warrior speeding a heavy hit from his mace before Bruiser could tell what was happening.

Angelus hung back from a frontal assault; and began launching fire at the machine's facial plate, in hopes of hitting the cockpit from which Bruiser.

The Cuties followed a similar tactic, taking to the air and Cadolbolg taking in a deep breath before letting a fireball exit his maw and hit the M.A.N.G.O. in the face. Following that, Ton Ton lept from his friend's back and brought the knife into a metallic shoulder, but was disappointed by the usual cries of pain that typically followed that tactic. Regardless, that did not stop Ton Ton from attempting to run around and try to stab other areas of the robot's shoulders. Perhaps he could disconnect an arm?

In the meantime, Teri had already prepared to start summoning her friend Witherwings, the Hippogriff of Ice. As the spell was readying itself, she heard a welcome voice enter her mind,

"Hello dearest. How are you doing? You've got to be kidding me... No no no... that sorry, love, I was just listening to more ideas on how we can more efficiently punish the damned."

Teri could feel her heart race a little bit quicker upon hearing his voice, a happy change to the circumstances that were being presented,

"Lucifer? Finally! Do you know how many times I've been trying to find out how you've been doing after the war? You really had me worried...Er, I understand if you've been busy though... Sorry to bug you if I have! X|"

Lucifer could feel a flux of embarrassment from the Cleric, as well as... What was that? Something unpleasent, but it wasn't directed towards him...

"Anyways, we're in the midst of rescuing Caim's sister from a facility. Devon just got her down from a crane. Go Devon! WHoo! And I'm.... THERE!!"

A burst of magical energy went forth, and Teri had summoned a great ally of hers to the playing field: Her Hippogriff! The creature of ice gave a screech, and charged forward, it's beak and talons ready to rend into metallic flesh. Garm followed a similar suit, teeth and claws ready to attack.

Teri uses Conjure Ice Construct 2 to summon Witherwings the Hippogriff into play! Witherwings will fight and take Teri's commands for 7 rounds, or 42 seconds before disappearing again! 18 seconds before another 2nd level spell can be used...

As the two did so, Teri began gathering magical energy in her palm, readying a Reppuken from her third spell slot...

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Devon | Ella | Garm | Melethia | Teri | Ton Ton: AIM

Devon nodded as he had the winds guide him over to a somewhat safe area, although it was a bit bumpy from him still learning more about how the winds worked. "Just keep calm here, Furiae. We're here to help you, so try to be patient while I try and get this bar off of you... C'mon, I need a bit of luck here!"

Devon casts Improvisation! For the next 60 seconds, Devon gain access to a floating "pool" of luck. This bonus pool consists of 2 points per caster level for a total of 20 points, which he can spend as he likes to improve attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks, although no single check can receive a bonus greater than one-half your caster level, or 5. He must declare any bonus point usage before the appropriate roll is made. Used points disappear from the pool, and any points remaining when the spell ends are wasted.

Time before the next level 1 spell: 18 seconds.
Time before the next level 3 spell: 12 seconds.
Time before the next level 4 spell: 12 seconds.

Hoping to preempt any disaster before it started, he checked Furiae's arms over to see if the bracers had been damaged. He had the feeling that having those bracers damaged in the assault could result in the other form being woken, and that was something he hoped wouldn't happen.

Devon uses 5 points from his Improvisation pool to aid in his search of anything off about the bracers! After the five points were added in, he got a 14 on the roll, and 11 points from the Treasure Hunter's Spyglass brings it up to 25.

However, he knows he's looking for a one in a million chance here.

Meanwhile, Melethia kept an eye out for any small flaws like slightly cracked metal that she could exploit in the assault, and the screeching from the hammers continued to resonate within the suit.


Dillon was transported and found himself standing in ankle deep water, waves breaking over his feet. Looking around, the void wasn't just empty, it was as if a bunch of universes were smashed together. The laws of physics seemed broken, as the mass of planets around the land he was standing would have ripped one another apart.

It was an amazing yet mind boggling sight.

Looking around, he saw nothing of interest and walked up onto the beach and took another look around. When he looked straight ahead again, he was met with the hot and moist breath of a massive creature, the size of a 20 story building, standing before him, their faces just meters apart.

In a deep and surprisingly controlled voice, it spoke to him. "So, you've finally come. Have you come to beg? to plead? to just give up and surrender?" it question him, the eyes looking over him and every detail being absorbed.


Dillon looked up at the creature with it's massive size it was essentially trying to intimidate him through sheer bulk.
Dillon's swords, Excalibur and Red Fear, appeared in his hands, he focused his will as he had before and his soul began to expand. He was making clear his own power.
"I beg to nobody" he told the monstrous creature, he began to ascend into the air floating off the ground.
his soul began to play music, in addition to grandstanding he was using his soul perception not only to see this creatures soul but to also find Amaya.
he kept his stance strong not showing an opening for any sort of attack, he had his mind under control the meditation had helped him keep his mind focused.

[quote="mcpop9" post="540.101127.16748412"][.

The massive beast smirked and Dillon saw the fist being drawn back, but soon found himself floating on his back in the ocean, staring up at the sky.

What happened inbetween
The beast pulled back its arm and unleaded a punch, one so powerful it tore through the fabric of space and time. It connected with Dillon almost instantly and sent him flying, creating a wake in the water.

The present

The hulking creature flew and landed, standing on the water. "That enough to make you start?" It asked him.
What Dillon noticed in this things body were red seams, with tiny bits of red light pouring out of them. He had also felt his family's souls in the belly of the beast for a split second.


[quote="mcpop9" post="540.101127.16748412"][.

Dillon got back up trying his best to shrug off the very powerful blunt force. Dillon had a curiosity about this creature, how fast was it, and was it's army fast but it's body was slow? sadly he didn't have the stamina to perform that kind of trial and error. he could sense his family, they seemed to be inside of the creature, the question was if this thing could be tricked, he decided he'd have to test it.
Dillon stood on the ground, taking a solid stance.
"I'll never, NEVER surrender to a fool like you, I never yield I CONQUER"
he never thought he'd ever be using Megatron as an inspiration but he was ready for the next attack which wold not go as the beast planned.
He thinks he has the advantage he has no reason to think attacking me is a bad idea, especially after that insult.

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Devon | Ella | Garm | Melethia | Teri | Ton Ton: AIM

The former princess gave a small nod to her savior, and shakily sat down on the cold metal floor, a soft, "Thank you!" tumbling out as she watched the bard examine her guantlets. As he did so, she couldn't help but glance to see if who she thought was coming to her rescue, and wondered aloud, "Is that really my brother over there fighting for my sake? After all I've done..?"

It wasn't that the young woman wasn't thankful for the aid, but after causing the apocalypse twice in one universe, it was still a heavy bit of guilt to harbor.

In the meantime, Teri launched a "REPPUKEN!" from the back of Garm, the heavy stream of energy hitting a spot on the Robot's leg that Melethia had been wearing at; and furthering the dent being made into it.

Teri launches a Class 3 Reppuken at the Robot's leg. 12 seconds till another level 3 spell is available...

"You know, one of these days I should bring you upstairs. You know... up upstairs. I'm sure you'd love to see it."

The Cleric couldn't help but grin a little at that notion as she held onto her faithful furry friend, "Now, that'd be a nice break from the action around here... But wouldn't we get in trouble running around upstairs? I know the Lord gives you some leeway, but me wandering around with you is BOUND to raise suspicions!

As for places I'd like to visit... Well, I have a lengthy list! However, I'm always partial to a nice park or a museum.... Goodness, that must sound boring to you, what with the whole being there during the dawn of creation thing and everything..."

AIM: The Not So Delicious Mango, unless you like the taste of explosions.

Holding his ears as Melethia's Sonic enhanced attacks and Teri's Reppuken rang though the cockpit, Bruiser cursed as the team began to attack his mech.
His HUD informed him of the results of the last wave of attacks, Caim had scored a hit on the mid section, Angelus and Cadolbolg bombing the head, Ton Ton attempting to sever some of the wires in the arm, He watched it all smugly.
He felt nigh-invincible in his armor, ringing aside of course.
"RIGHT! MY TURN!" He shouted over the intercom before he began his attack.
[FIRING MISSILES] M.A.N.G.O. stated before locking on to Caim and Melethia and firing 2 homing missiles at the pair to keep them busy.
Turning to Cadolbolg, [NEUTRALIZE!] it shouted before firing at laser out of his mouth at the dragon in the sky.
Angelus next, the bitch that gave him so much trouble over the years, he just went for a basic [ROCKET PUNCH!] to that bitch's face, hoping to mess up that face of hers.
It was around then that the Hippogriff was summoned, not wanting to waste time, he activated one of the armors more powerful attacks.
[CHARGE! PLASMA STORM!] It bellowed before making a large orb of electric energy in front of him, hoping to melt the ice construct.
Take a guess
Finally for Ton Ton, he just grabbed the Tonberry off his shoulder and threw him aside, knowing what that knife could do.

On the Furiae front, lucky for Devon and everyone else, her bracer was NOT damaged.

AIM: The Not So Delicious Mango, unless you like the taste of explosions.

Relieved that the bracers were fine, Devon helped Furiae onto her feet. "Fighting for your sake? Furiae, when he knew that you were alive and where you were being held at, he immediately made the plans to get you out. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you did in the past. The two of you are family, and he wants to make sure you stay safe. I'm sure any brother would feel the same for their sister." He took a moment to get Furiae off to a bit safer area and stuck close to her.

"I know it's not too much, but let me clean you up. You look kinda messy right now, and I've found that being cleaned off helps anyone's mood." Caim's sister didn't have much of a chance to argue as the Bard's spell left her entire skin lightly tingling from the cleaning she and her clothing got, and her dress had never been this white since the day she first got it.

Devon casts Prestidigation to clean Furiae up! ALthough the scope of the spell is limited, cleaning and freshening someone up is well within the limits.

Time before the next level 0 spell: 6 seconds.
Time before the next level 1 spell: 12 seconds.
Time before the next level 3 spell: 6 seconds.
Time before the next level 4 spell: 6 seconds.

Seeing the issues the group was having, Devon grabbed the guitar and played a song to energize them. From the way their attacks and movements had more energy, it certainly seemed to work.

"Come on, are you really going to get beaten by that? Show that overgrown sack of steroids exactly who the hell we are!"

Devon used up a Bardic Song to Inspire Courage in the group! Lasting for 5 minutes and 36 seconds thanks to the enhancements, it gives a +5 morale bonus to attack rolls, +6 morale bonus to damage rolls, and a +5 morale saving throws versus fear. Basically, the group's braver and they hit a decent bit harder.

Bardic songs left: 10 9

Melethia heard the missile firing and stuck by the leg she had been attacking, reflexively rolling out of the way at the last second to cause further damage on the area she'd been working on. The shrapnel from it cut her arms and legs, but the breastplate she was wearing prevented the shrapnel from hitting anything vital. Hmm... Yeah, let's try that!

David West

"Puce? The Energy Guy? Sure. I was looking for that guy anyway." David answered his unknown daughter as he pulled out his PDA and accessed Vermilion.
"Hey, V-Lady, Tell Puce that a Ms..." He paused, fishing for her name.
"Lucretia, Is looking for her in the Canteen. Also that I'm looking for him, Cheers." He added before hanging up and realizing that she was smoking.
"...Hey, kid, put that out. You ain't allowed to smoke in planes." He said before the cigarette out of her mouth before flicking it into a nearby trash can.
"Gonna have cancer by the time you 30 at this rate..." He added as he pulled up a chair.
"Tell me, Lucy, 1. How'd you get onto this airship? I mean, door is wide open, sure. But I'm certain it hasn't landed anytime recently. 2. How you know Puce?"


As Lucifer lied about his current situation, a jarringly un-hellish breeze filled his cell.
It soon became clear when singing that made the howls of the damned sound good entered his ears.
Caught in a bad romance...

Ahahahhhaaa!!...Ohhh...Christ above..."
Mocked the voice of Arch Angel Goenitz as he stood outside the Dark Lords cell, trying his best not to burst out in laughter at his current predicament.
"Oh, it's okay, just pretend I'm not here and you aren't imprisoned in your own cell-*Snort*... Apologizes. Though I'd imagine you'd do the same if it was me in there." He said as he pulled up the chair the guard usually sat one while he was on duty, enjoying every second of his current situation.


"Fighting for your sake? Furiae, when he knew that you were alive and where you were being held at, he immediately made the plans to get you out. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you did in the past. The two of you are family, and he wants to make sure you stay safe. I'm sure any brother would feel the same for their sister." He took a moment to get Furiae off to a bit safer area and stuck close to her.

"I know it's not too much, but let me clean you up. You look kinda messy right now, and I've found that being cleaned off helps anyone's mood."

The girl's eyes widened at this news, and a chocking laugh escaped from her lips, "Really? He's not...? Even though I doomed our world? He made plans right away?! Caim.... Thank you, sir. You've no idea what that information means to me... And now I will do what I can as well!"

Clasping her hands, the former Goddess did what she knew to do best, pray. Even if it was as worthless a gesture as it were in their home realm, it was the only thing Furiae knew she could do to help; sans her other form. But that, she feared, was far riskier and very likely to be doomed to failure.

Caim dodge rolled away from the rocket upon impact, and was glad that he had that spell the Cleric had dropped on him, as it stopped most of the minute shrapnel from penetrating his skin. However, that didn't really weather the force of the explosion. Still, he had much worse. Getting back up, Caim kept the heavy hunk of iron that was his mace in his hands and charged back at Sentinel's leg. He had come WAY to far to let a little thing like a rocket take him down, and with his sister free from her former holding point, he could pool his attentions into showing Bruiser what it meant to mess with his family.

Cadolbolg zipped upwards, and sped to catch his swiftly falling Tonberry friend; but not without injury. Some of his razer sharp tail was caught in the process; and the turtle-dragon winced at the pain this brought him. Regardless, he could not allow his friend to be needlessly tossed aside. With a deft catch; the duo rose to the air again, and Cadolbolg began shooting more fire from his mouth; Ton Ton already poising for another leaping assault.

Angelus lept backwards from the punch, but still felt her footing a little shaken after landing, the tremors from the impact being more than enough for her to be situated for a few moments.

The hippogriff gave a screech in pain, but it's great strength allowed it to stay in the Material Plane a little longer; and it forged ahead to make use of it's time here; even if it was to be destroyed in battle.

In the midst of all this, Teri kept a silent watch on everyone's status' and used the Sentinel's distraction with their allies to sneak herself and Garm around the machine's side, casting Create Water behind the machine and dumping 14 galleons of water behind it. After that, she waved her hands and a cross over the water with her usual brand of Aquatic/Celestial chanting before Controlling it to rise and make a pillar of water. Following up on this, Teri dumped a water bottle onto the floor and called a strong and ready Squishy to her side once again. With a sly smile, Teri pointed to the pillar, and said one word in Aquan, "Vortex."

Teri casts Create Water, Control Water, and burns a turn attempt to summon Squishy the Water Elemental!
24 seconds before another 0 level Spell
6 seconds before another 2nd level Spell
18 seconds before another 4th level Spell
Turn attempts remaining: 4 Undead/ 3 Fire


There was a chuckle to himself as the god was amused. "You bark yet you don't bite, you're not even worth my time after all." He said and turned around. The slow movements seemed purposeful, as the god knew it was nice to not rush things, he had eternity after all. The creature seemed to fly off slowly with a sort of disappointed was about him.

Dillon spotted some more holes on his back, seemingly out of place. They almost gave an incomplete look to the creature. HINT HINT

Blue Dragon Hanger: Mercy & Tajuh

"BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! KLANG! BANG!" That was the sound that got Tajuh's full attention as he stood in hanger after his conversation with Jenny. Whatever the noise was, it was fairly close by and from the screams and curses that followed, someone was very VERY angry.

"Son of a bitch how the hell can you already be broken this is just my first assignment and you're already f**king BROKEN?" Said the feminine, yet decidedly frustrated voice, before the banging resumed.


With as much noise as the stranger was making, it didn't take long for the man to zero in on the source of the ruckus. As he turned the corner, he spotted the interloper.

While he might have been expecting a hero to be making all the noise, given what the world had just been through after Tomoya's near ruination of reality, he was most likely not expecting what he saw, a college aged young woman taking a hammer to what looked like a bicycle.

"God damned son of a c**k a** motherf**king son of a b***h TAKE ME BACK HOME!" She screamed as the once again started her attempt at repairs on her machine, until it was that she hit her thumb with the hammer.


Blue Dragon Hangar: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh heard the banging and walked over to the college student, removing the hammer from her hands so she wouldn't break anything else. "I don't know how exactly this bicycle is supposed to help you survive atmospheric reentry, but I'm fairly sure swinging away with a hammer won't fix anything." When the college student turned around to the bemused voice, she saw the woman that had snatched the hammer from her.

Tajuh kept the hammer away from the college student and gave a slightly cheerful laugh and quickly examined her and realized she wasn't part of the Striders, Guard, or the Rising Dawn's crew. "Now, if you've a moment, could you explain how you got here? It's not exactly easy to get here." The tome in Tajuh's voice was one that the college student would expect to hear from an aunt.

Blue Dragon Hangar: Mercy & Tajuh

Mercy could only gawk for a moment at woman that had snatched the hammer away from her before shrugging and began kicking the f**k out of the bicycle, talking loudly as she tried to stomp the pieces back into place.

"Look lady, I don't know if I should be telling you this or what since it's my first day on the job but this piece of crap was what got me here in the first place. It should be able to get me back!" She said as she stomped at the bicycle over and over and over again, Tajuh not quite understanding how it was that a severe beating could be any good for the machine.

"I figure, if you hit the thing hard enough and enough times, eventually all the components will get back in the right place." Mercy explained before she picked the bicycle up and slammed it on the hanger floor.

"COME ON YOU PIECE OF C**P WORK!" She screamed before another noise interjected itself, the sound of the college girl's stomach. The sound of defeat really but still it showed that all the effort she was putting forth into repairing her machine was getting the better of her, Tajuh's question not really registering until right that second.

"What? Oh. This is S&T Class, Two Wheel Transport. I. I. I really have no idea how it got me here, but the instruction manual said that I have to get it to 15 miles an hour to reach tunneling velocity. I really don't know what the means, do you?" She asked before something of greater importance made itself known; Mercy's stomach spoke again.

"Ow. Ow. Ow! Is there a food truck or some place to eat around here? I could really use a bite." The girl said as she pushed a button the the two wheeled transport, causing the device to fold in on itself until it could be clipped onto the girl's belt.

Blue Dragon Hangar: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh nodded and gave Mercy a pleasant smile. "Of course there's somewhere to get some food. Just follow me, and I'll make sure you fill up on some food. Just try to take it slow, okay? I'm sure that someone on the Hagane can get your slipspace bike repaired."Tajuh rubbed the rubbed the inner part of the ring on her right index finger as she guided the college student to the Hagane's mess hall. Sure enough, there was a rather large plate of food as well as a glass of water for the meal.

"Take your time, okay? I don't want your stomach to be hurting from you eating all of that too fast."

Blue Dragon Hangar: Mercy & Tajuh

Mercy's eyes widened quite a bit when she saw the large plate of food that ha been placed on the table for her. She had literally taken this whole starving artist thing a little too far, or rather she did when she was an art student (When was that? It was after she had been an economics major but before she had become a philosophy major.) Quickly, she began digging in before her butt had even managed to find a comfortable position on the seat.

"Mmmm. Tish ish rearry gud!" She said with her mouth filled with meatloaf; bits of the baked meat dinner flying back onto the plate as she spoke.

"*GULP GULP GULP*" Down the hatch went the water, as she washed down her mouth full, a passing waiter dropping in to refill her glass out of a carafe.

"Keep it here and get more!" She exclaimed with an exuberant smile that was, before she realized the mess she was making of things.

"Um. Sorry." She said as she picked up a knife and fork, cutting into the meatloaf.

"Thank you for this. It seems like it's been a long time since I ate anything, plus since I have to deliver more stuff, I could really use the calories." She said, drawing on her time as a nutrition major (for all of 2 weeks).

"I'm Mercy by the way, Mercy Clarke." The red headed college student said as she wiped off a grimy hand before offering it to Tajuh

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh shook the slightly greasy hand before sitting down next to her. "I'm Tajuh, and I know all too well about hunger getting in the way of getting something done. It's a real pain, isn't it? It's still odd that you managed to get that type of bicycle, but I'm fairly sure it makes deliveries a snap. At least you haven't had to deliver to New York City recently, because that city's always been a mess to move through." She worded the statement in such a way that it would reveal Mercy as a denizen of this universe or if the slipspace bike had crossed dimensions to get her here - after all, the events in New York City would be well known to almost anyone on the planet, and a native college student of this plane would definitely know.

The plate was quickly replaced with another, and Mergy's small time as a nutrition major told her that the meals were impeccably well-balanced nutritionally with a medley of flavors. Whatever this weird looking ship was, she knew that it kept the people on board well-fed.

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

"Pah! New York? It's nothing like Mid Town, that's where I'm from, but anyways this is just my first assignment. I had to deliver something to a guy named Devon on the ship. He must really have a thing for Russian Nesting Dolls because that's what I had to come here to deliver, these blonde Russian Nesting Dolls with wings, it's pretty rare to see a Nesting Doll that doesn't look like some sort of gourd." The College girl said in a rapid fire voice as she was intent on seeing just how the next dish tasted.

"Man this sure beats McTaco King!" She exclaimed as she tucked into the next dish, letting out an explosive, though purely accidental burp.

"Scuse me! Why'd you ask about New York, anyways? Ever since they decided to ban taxis from Manhattan, it's a breeze." She said as she paused for a moment to take in her surrounding. Now properly fed, Mercy's curiosity perked regarding her location as well as her companion. Looking at the person who she had NOT been paying the proper amount of attention to, she suddenly exclaimed.

"WOW! You're a real looker you know that?" She said aloud, before remembering herself and quickly adding "at least a few of my guy friends would say so!"

"Anyways, where are we anyways? I never got the restaurant's name, it's pretty cool what with the fancy video show going on in all the windows."

Hagane Mess Hall: Mercy & Tajuh

Tajuh made the note in his/her head on Mercy having got through what was possibly a different plane through her slipspace bike. "It is a bit odd, but I have seen weirder things. And that was a nice save you just made, Miss Clarke." She laughed warmly and patted the student on her back.

"Don't worry, I won't judge you for feeling the way you do. it's your life, and I've no aim at making you act any differently." After giving Mercy a chance to collect herself, she casually motioned with her hand.

"Still, the Blue Dragon hasn't proven to be too bad, and you're currently in space right now. You're not seeing the Earth right now due to the way we're facing, but it's certainly a sight, isn't it? Real shame about the debris, though."


Dillon silently spread his wings, without a noise he flew at the hole in the monsters back, he attacked quickly cutting his way into the monsters body he could find his family and attack the creature from within am attack that no animal had any defense against.
he flew into the monsters body searching for his wife he searched for her souls while playing out his souls music. Excalibur glowed bright and his wings cast golden light inside the beasts body.
He was still in a stable set of mind not allowing emotion to cloud him.

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