The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

Mark rolls a 5 for detecting traps

Feeling that it was it was reasonably safe to take a step forward, the Dramatist did so... and got his face melted off by an acid arrow for all his efforts.

"I should have let Kurumu do this" Mark thought to himself as he re-rez'd his face sans damage by said acid arrow. Time to play it smart... let's play it smart.


Yeah! Way to play it smart!

Puce nodded at that plan. It sounded good on paper... but of course... everything sounded good on paper until they actually got into the thick of things.

"Agreed on the we can't fail part. We'll need a quick exit from the temple as soon as we get the stone though. Elena would be good for that... if she even gets here." Puce said as he started piecing the puzzle pieces that were team members together.

"There's still the matter of the Rugal Factor..."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #1: | Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Jake | Ton Ton
Kokoa felt Jake sit up a bit and wrap his arms around her, seemingly cradling her as he shifted his position to make it comfortable for both of them as Kokoa finished injecting Jake and started sucking, quite greedily. She hadn't fed in some days, aside from the small snack Kala had given to her so she could heal up.

Jake whispered into her ear, "Oh wow holy crap that feels ...different... But I ain't gonna complain. heh, do you think we should have perhaps had a little chat about how close I do seem to be getting to your little threesome? Heh heh...regardless, you should at least speak to the pair about it, even if to say, 'not now.'"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

The area shifted slightly to become much more aged with flaking paintings, frayed rugs, and rats scuttling around the area. As he tried to continue on, the silence was pierced with a young voice booming out with one word.


Upon that one word, a multitude of elves brandishing scimitars poured out of the rooms and went to surround the author.

Tajuh nodded. "Puce, they'll get here. Call me optimistic, but they've got what it takes. Rugal's a good point, but he's a prideful man. He won't want that power because it would mean admitting that he needs that to make his position secure, and bowing down to that again would be repulsive to him as a self-made man. I do realize this plan is still in the works, but no plan survives first contact with the enemy."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #1: | Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Jake | Ton Ton

"Why's this always harder than it needs to be?" Mark thought to himself and to Melethia consequently as he took in the sight of the Scimitar brandishing elves... all were well armed... well armored and if this was the real world... they'd all make mincemeat out of Mark in under one second flat.

But this was not the real world... this was a representation of Melethia's mind... made real in Mark's head...

"Warning: Safety Protocols have been remotely activated." A.I. Vermilion's placid voice chimed in.

"What... what?"

"Warning: Safety Protocols have been remotely activated." A.I. Vermilion's placid voice repeated.

"Crap." The Dramatist muttered as he drew his dual custom flintlocks and fired into the cluster of elves, hoping that the hallway would make it next to impossible to dodge the MAC Pistol projectiles.

Mark rolls an 18 on dominant hand attack and 11 on offhand attack

init firewall Mark said as he tried to deflect as much damage as possible, knowing that if he died inside Melethia's mind... he'd die out there.

Again Puce nodded at Tajuh's rather positive outlook on things. He was a serious man and didn't appear to be one to joke. So when he said that Rugal would probably not turn coat on them... that meant that he truly believed that Rugal would not turn coat on them.

Puce... however... had other expectations of Rugal based on first impressions... and what he had seen so far had been far from reassuring that the man had changed his ways in so little a time.

"Just in case... I'll be keeping my eyes on him. His history as boss of a crime syndicate should not be discounted. However... for the sake of team work... I'm willing to look past it. Any other members of the team that you hesitate to bring inside with us?" Puce asked curiously. If anything there should be a few members left behind to guard the entrance and to allow the team unrestricted movements through out the narrow temple halls. The larger the group, the easier it would be to get bottlenecked.

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

Kokoa had finished supping for the time being and unhinged her fangs from Jake's throat, giving him enough to go on until they reached the other group, smiling as she was given a hand up by Aftan.

"Now that this is over... would you mind explaining why you brought him into the Shadow Realm?" Aftan asked curiously as the group began moving towards the main Rising Dawn encampment.

"It's nothing... just... a clone of me pulled him in and I had to fight her. I had to make the clone understand that she was not in control there. I was... that's my realm..." Kokoa said as she looked straight ahead... not mentioning the truths that were revealed inside the Land of Eternal Darkness.

"Are you sure that is all?"

"Yes... I'm sure. Jeez... will you lay off?" The Little Vampire said as she placed her earring back on... and returned to the familiar form of Gabrielle.

"You seemed rather chummy with Jake as well... as did Kokoa seem with Mark back in the other dimension." There was a hint of something in Aftan's voice... not jealousy... but... uncertainty.

"Look... I saved his life... he needed to get moving before we ran into more of those clones, okay? Drop it."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

The author was panicked, causing the shots from his dominant hand to go astray, but his offhand shots got a good number of the elves which fell, some of them rising back up back up as undead. The large group continued to surround the author, almost getting close enough to attack him with the extremely keen blades.

"get out."

As the author backed up while firing on the elves, he felt the floor shift underneath him. But could he react in time to whatever was going to happen?

Mark has to roll against a 9 to avoid whatever he just set off

Tajuh rubbed his chin, thinking for a second. "We should leave those who would work better in wide areas to guard the rear. Having them inside the tunnels would do more harm than good, and if they hold in the entrance, they could only have to focus on what was in front of them. You know more than I do about the team's combat styles, so which ones would work best for that scenario?"

He could understand Puce's distrust of Rugal, but a man that had built up a crime syndicate like he had, especially if he wasn't afraid to dirty his own hands, had to have immense pride in their skills. It may have been a hunch, but it felt pretty obvious to him that taking those powers for himself would mean that the so-called King of Fighters would have to swallow an immense amount of pride. Taking that into consideration, it was fairly clear to him.

Devon sat underneath the tree with Teri and looked up at the sky. "You know, if it weren't for the stuff that was going on here, it would be pretty nice here. Don't you think?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

"oh...crap" Mark said to himself as he realized he was in deep shit... and was hit with... something hard and hurtful. If he had bothered to open his eyes, he probably would have seen it... but if there was one thing that he was sure it... it was not a pillow full of fluffy lambs. Rather it was a rather hard impact on his ass as he lost the feeling of gravity for a moment.

"ow." The Dramatist said once again as he impacted on the hard...hard floor.

"DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO TRAP THE HALLWAY?" Mark yelled as he suddenly had an idea.

>>summon plasma.whip


A flexible arm of plasma lanced out from the Writer's wrist and impacted upon the ceiling, allowing him to reel himself out of the hole that he had been trapped in... and now... back to the elves. Mark kept himself on the other side of the pit trap relative to the elves... and aimed for the live ones... hoping that the undead ones would be dumb enough to just drop into the pit.

Puce remained silent as he listened to Tajuh.

"I'll have to reserve judgement for when I see what we have to work with. Elena will be good for escape. Melethia would be good if she wakes up. Kurumu would be good if we have to deal with tech-high traps... or even sending her Phantasms to scout out an area. Caim and Angelus... they would be good against masses of enemy ... Slindis and Teri would be good for emergency healing. Kyre would be good for magical traps." That was Puce's chosen roster... mostly the old crew that he was familiar with. People that he could trust.


Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

The shots from his dominant hand veered off-course, only managing to graze some of the undead. His offhand shots had a bit more accuracy though, killing some of the elves with some in their number rising as undead again. In addition, Mark's plan worked somewhat: some of the undead fell into the pit, but the undead that saw this made sure to move around the pit as the first of the elves went in and slashed at the author with their blades.

You see, there was one thing Melethia never really mentioned to people on the Rising Dawn about the undead in the Black Loch which was quickly becoming relevant here: they were intelligent.

"i don't want help. go away."

Mark has to beat a 11 to avoid the first attack.

Tajuh nodded. "I'll keep that in mind, but we'll have to see what happens when we get there. We might need everyone in there for this operation, but I've got the feeling one of those illusions could help act as a watch when we're inside."

David West Vs. Tribals
David watched Elena's attempts to down one of the tribal.
"Oh goddammit, It's one of THOSE fights. GREY MATTER PEOPLE, JUST PRETEND THEY'RE ZOMBIES!" He shouted to the others as he began picking off several incoming warriors with keen shots to the face and "Though and though" shots.
He managed to keep the aggro on him for the most part, shouting insults to the tribe's finest before head-shooting them.
Despite his efforts though, he found himself being forced back by advancing tribals.
"Elena!....Little help?!" He asked as he reloaded while they got into striking distance.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

[center]Mark rolls a 15 to avoid the strikes[/color]

"Can't touch this!" The dramatist quipped as he dephased himself for a moment allowijg the enemy blades to cleace through nothing but incorporeal flesh. He could have backed up but the problem was the issue of there beig more traps in the area... and that most certainly would have sucked balls. What's more... his ass bruise, suffered from that damn pit trap was bugging the shit out of him.

"How about a little personal space? Please?" Mark asked rhetorically as he once again attacked once again, this time reversing the flintlocks so that he could cleave some faces in.

"Hey kiddo? When I wake you up, you are SOOOOOOO getting a spanking." The Asian Writer yelled, as he struck.

Even though he was scared to hell on the inside, the quips that he made kept him steady in the face of the undead

[center]Hey Guess What? I must have something wrong wih my right hand because it's asleep at the moment!! Right hand: 3 Left Hand: 13[/color]

Puce thought about it for a moment as he looked at the temple, its entrance probably being set high on top of the pyramid like structure.

"We could use some crack shot up at the top of the temple as well. Picking off enemies at range. If Angelus and Caim aren't in the group inside the temple, they would excel outside... Or even just Angelus. Gabrielle and Aftan have proven rather handy with a sniper's rifle, as has David. Akane can launch fireballs at any intruders. They'll need a couple of CQC types... Again the Knights, Akane and Rugal.."

And there it was Puce's suggestion for Rugal to keep his ass out of the temple.

Drop Group #3: David | Elena | Kud | Riki | Saya | Slindis

Elena heard David's cries and opened two additional portals, one for which shencould fire into and the other would cut down the natives from above.

[color=purple]"David! Time to move positions!" Elena yelled as she jumped into an open portal, teleporting her to the other side of thr battlefield where opened up on she opened up once again.

Drop Group #3: David | Elena | Kud | Riki | Saya | Slindis
David quickly made a break for it as lead rained down on the tribals in front of him.
He used the opening to get some distance between him and the half naked killer locals before resuming his gunfire, killing and crippling a large number of the enemy.
See how they like this... He thought evilly as he switched to Blast rounds before taking aim.
He pulled the trigger and watched as his former targets ceased to exist thanks to the wonders of explodions.
He gave Elena a wave of thanks before making his way into the village, hoping to find Kud.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

Unfortunately, the attacks from the author this time completely failed to deliver much more than glancing blows when a good number of the undead and living elves merged together to form a half-dragon lich and a drow brandishing a rapier and a scimitar. More importantly, one of the elves nearby swung wildly at Mark to try and sever an arm.

Mark has to roll higher than a 2 to avoid the disarming.

Tajuh saw the wisdom in Puce's words and nodded. "I'll discuss the arrangements when we reunite so everyone's on the same page, but your insights into the group have been quite helpful. Bernstein's ability to heal people, even if it should prove to be temporary, could aid with the rearguard, so I will bring up that point with him."

His command style out on the battlefield was certainly unusual, but it seemed to be suited for a group like the Rising Dawn's: find your men's strengths, give them an eventual goal, and find a way to have them work at their best while ensuring the target's achieved. It was clear to Puce that Tajuh had worked with similar groups before.

Drop Group #3: David | Elena | Kud | Riki | Saya | Slindis

As the main fight continued in the far side of the encampment, she saw something unusual for the area: shoeprints. It could be one of the children, so I'd better follow this trail. The fighting did much to allow her to move through the camp unhindered.

David West
As Slindis moved around the village, she ended up sneaking alongside the "Town Square" of sorts.
As a result, She managed to catch a glimpse of David cutting down the ranks of the locals, having picked up a spear to accompany his M500.
His aim was deadly and always on the mark, even seemingly random shots into the sky ended up embedded in the skulls of would be attackers.
While he was ensuring most of the attention was taken off her, there was still a larger population then any of them had predicted.
"WHADA TOOIE!" someone shouted behind her as a trio who had broken away from the main group discovered the Drow sneaking though the battlefield.

Slindis looked at the trio and unsheathed her rapiers, taking a moment to evaluate the three, trying to pick out which one in the group was the supporting member. Her experience had drilled into her that one always takes out the support first, and she had to find that out before launching any attacks.


Devon sat underneath the tree with Teri and looked up at the sky. "You know, if it weren't for the stuff that was going on here, it would be pretty nice here. Don't you think?"

Devon | Teri

Teri nodded, "Very true. I kind of like it here; aside from all the fierce fauna roaming about..."

She continued writing for a moment, and then she looked to Devon, "I suggest standing back. I've a call to make, and the Ladies do not like to be interrupted..."

Devon did as asked with confusion, and watched as three bowls of red liquid (probably wine), three red camellias, and three vials of a red powder appeared on the ground before her. Following that, Devon noticed that the smell of flowers filled the air with an unearthly perfume, and a small, warm breeze blew through the desolate forest. Another moment passed, and Three women appeared; A maiden, a middle aged woman and a crone. The three looked at the girl before them, and Teri gave a light bow, "Greetings, Ladies. I do hope this wasn't terribly inconvenient? If you recall, I had a request to make?"


As Rugal trudged through the woods, he noticed the smell of flowers fill the air... Flowers? In this place? Something wasn't quite right... Following the scent (it was a strong one), Rugal found the two Writers beseeching three women.

2 of the larger warriors charged forward with crude stone blades, slow and mostly blunted, but they tended to just end up hammering their target to death anyway.
The last one followed in tow running alongside his brothers in arms before breaking off to flank the Drow.
He was wielding a spear which gave him the distance advantage but not much else.
One of the blade holders stuck out first, aiming to bash her brains in.

*Sniff*....Flowers?....but I though Tomoya...mmmmm... Rugal thought as he followed the scent and found the writers.
"Ah good, thought something happened. While you can handle yourselves, that only works so well against a experienced predator..." He said as he looked at the ensemble.
"....I take it these are those Water Elementals....The ones you used to kill my opposite..." He observed somewhat uneasily.
"...Why do I feel like I'm not going to enjoy this?..."

Devon | Teri

Devon looked at the elementals, impressed with the magic. "Would the ladies like to hear a song? He had grabbed one of the sleeping bags from the nearby tent and sat on it while he watched his fellow Author at work.


The Paladin sidestepped the attack and stabbed the warrior with one of the rapiers and parried the spear wielder's thrust with some redirection from her offhand rapier. Where's their backup?

As Slindis pondered the back-up question-
"Hey! Jaguar Paw! Your movie sucks and you're an asshole!" David shouted moments before another large Explosive round rendered a tribal to a bloody stump.
...Oh... She quickly realised, these men weren't going to get any support.
Back to the fight, The wounded warrior doubled back as the Spear wielder and the other Blade user attempted to attack both at once to try and land a decent hit on the drown, but her armour could easily take it even if she was hit.

Realizing that there'd be no support, she quickly capitalized on it. "In the name of Tira!" The drow's blades seemed to be guided by an outside influence as she lunged forward with both blades, maiming the blade user with her Smite. The spear wielder fund that his weapon was about as useful as a club for how much damage it failed to deal to the woman's armor, though.

The second blade runner (XD) went down rather easily thanks to Slin's Smite, trashing in pain before going still and dying.
The Spear user still found it hard to believe that his spear was doing next to no damage to the drow and rather stupidly kept trying to stab her in the back, breaking it in the process.
So he decided to just attempted to grapple her and hopefully the other blade user could hit her.
The Corruption that infected them all made them stronger then most humans as shown by Elena unloading a whole .45 clip into one before he went down.

Devon | Rugal | Teri

The eldest of the trio nodded to Devon's request, "The Ladies always appreciate a calming tune. If you would be so kind as to play one; for there are heavy matters at hand."

As Devon began to pluck at the strings, the youngest giggled, and pointed to the three, "A blessed soul, a damned soul and a soul that doesn't know what to do with himself~! And a sharp dresser too... We do love red, you know. What a delight, isn't it sisters?"

The eldest sneered at Rugal when he assumed they were water elementals, and mumbled something under her breath about the ungrateful and forgetful nature of men.

It was odd, to hear them speak, for it was as if they were each the same woman; but at different stages of their life. As the youngest prattled on, the middle aged woman raised a hand and pointed at Teri, "Remember, my dears; our daughter calls to us. We are here to heed her first and last request..."

The other two stopped and turned to the girl; who froze upon being acknowledged. However, after a moment, she spoke, "Ah, yes. Dear ladies, my request is not of gain or loss. Simply, a change needs to be made. Unknowingly, I have bound several individuals to my fate, and I would like them to have the freedom to make fate their own. In return, I shall do as you request of me. I humbly offer these items before you as collateral for this deal."

The three women looked at what the girl had to offer, and nodded, the eldest speaking this time; "It shall be done. My dears, the threads."

As the eldest said so, several strings appeared in many different shades of colors; a deep blue entangled with a blood-red, a silver and a indigo; A green entangled in a sapphire, an indian red with a frayed appearance, a navy blue, a sky blue and a paleish string that was wound in a blocky manner. Each string, at some point or another, had connected to a single plain string. In the end, it looked like an upside down tree; with the plain string as the main trunk and the others as branches. With a quick motion, the plain string was pulled away from the others, and the rest remained in place. Teri cried out in pain and gripped her chest as soon as their fingers touched the string; but they continued their work. There was a few more moments, and then all the strings reformed their tree; albeit without the trunk. The plain string floated on it's own; and then all disappeared.

When it was all done, the three women descended upon the girl and the two could hear whispering from the women; but nothing was legible, save for "A guardian" to which a bottle of water was exchanged. After that the young writer gave a weak bow to the ladies before they disappeared in a wisp of smoke. After a few moments, Teri coughed a little, and began to drink heavily from one of her spare water bottles; leaving the table open for whomever wanted to speak.

She turned around and thrusted the blade through the man's shoulder, pulling it out to reveal a crackling wound from the rapier as she leapt to the side and got clipped by one of the wild swings from the other Blade user. More annoyed than anything else, she chanted a defensive spell to blunt the damage from the wild swings as she prepared herself for the next attacks from the two.

Rugal watched as Teri did.....whatever it was she did.
For all the time he spent on this earth, Magic was still something that baffled him to no end.
"...I grow weary of all the magic in our world...I really do. All it seems to do is make things more complex and harder to understand. I remember the day where you could get by merely with strength and smarts, but now, seems like everyone can pull a favour from some divine power to do anything. I miss the good old days...." He sighed as he glanced at the writers.
"...So you wish to return to the group now? Just I know first hand some of the beasts here are....difficult to kill..." He warned as he looked at the pair, somehow feeling that something was off.

The would-be Grappler found himself with a large bleeding wound on his shoulder and even the blade attacker failed to do any real damage.
So for lack of any better ideas, they tried again, the Grappler now attempting to trip the drow up to allow his Teammate to attack her while she was down.

Devon | Rugal | Teri

Devon felt slightly uncomfortable when the fates mentioned a damned soul and spoke up when they left. "Teri, I don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but I ended giving up a bit for my training with Lucifer. Not much, just fiftyyearsinhellwhenIdie. Nothing too much, considering what we're up against."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #1: | Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Jake | Ton Ton
"I'm still here Aftan, and I can explain the friendship. Whilst you two went out watching sunrises, guess what the lazy pair of us did? Play video games on the Herkybird. Man, I miss that plane, it was cool." Jake piped up, hoping to dissuade the inquisitive Knight.

He was energetic yet still tired, and he trudged along behind the three steadily. He dared not to use his Author Powers to craft a pep him up.

Then he tripped. Taking a few extra quick steps, he just managed to regain his balance before hitting a tree.

"Ow. Oi Knights, wait up please. I wasn't close enough, didn't hear your footsteps going over that branch. Fucking hell, how does Rugal manage being blind?"

Akane giggled a bit. "Ara ara Jake, what are we going to do with you? Hey, does anybody have a rope?"

"I ain't no doggie! Oh wait yeah I am, nevermind... *Sigh*, collar me..." he said in mock outrage before swapping to sarcastic acceptance.

She caught herself as the man tried to trip her and lashed out with a stab to the man's kneecap, keeping the men off balance while she was fighting. I'm wasting too much time here. I've got to get going!

Her defensive tactics paid off as the pair remaining realised they weren't going to get anywhere without help so they began to hobble away, hoping to get some re-enforcements.
Lest until they walked out into the open, 2 shots from the marksman going all Rambo in the centre of town was all it took.
Kill-stealing aside, her way was now basically clear as the entire living population was too busy combating David, Elena and Saya to bother with her.
So she picked up the trail of shoe-steps again and followed them into one of the huts.

Devon | Rugal | Teri

Teri, after finishing up her bottle of water, she looked at the two with mild confusion, "Devon, you did WHAT?!"

She was about to reach for her quarterstaff to knock some sense into her Writer friend, but wobbled a little before sitting back down, "You know what... I'll beat sense into you later... Ugh, man I didn't think the Weird Sisters liked inflicting nausea... I'll be right here. You go on ahead..."

There was another pause and Teri realized that this may be her moment to get the truth out of the King of Fighters, and added, "Actually... I need to talk to Ru -Mr. Bernstein about something. Could you please go on ahead, Devon?"

Devon | Rugal | Teri
Rugal gave Devon a strange look on the topic of selling his soul, clearly he showed extremely poor judgement.
And that's why kids shouldn't be given such power.... He thought as Teri addressed him.
"Ah, well, if this is about the drop pod, I'm sorry for the rather close call. I'm certain Viscus enhanced the accuracy of the pod to make up for the static interference, but he must have over done it. Must have him checked up on, his proformance has been lagging...." He said as he awaited what Teri was going to say.

Rugal, Teri, Devon

He nodded, taking the sleeping bag to one of the tents as he started relaxing and getting ready for sleep. Sure, this wasn't like any camping trip he'd ever taken, but he needed to get some more energy for the events that were sure to happen tomorrow. "At least she didn't kill me like Courtnee would have if I had told her that... I need to get my mind off that. Dwelling on that won't do any good now, and there's no time for that drama."

As she followed the footsteps, she entered the hut and took a few breaths to calm herself. The fighting that was taking place here wasn't challenging, but getting lax wouldn't be a good idea.

Rugal | Teri

After Devon left the scene, Teri typed a few things on her Tablet, speaking as she did so, "I need to know how far you are involved with a group known as AIM. When Dimitri went to the Rising Dawn, he read the first line of your letter, so that Viscus would show up promptly. What he did not intend to find was... Well... This."

She held up the Tablet, and winced the footage and documents found by both AI were displayed; especially the clips with Bruiser involved. When it all finished, she pulled away her tablet, and looked at Rugal dead in the face, "I haven't told anybody because I wanted to give you the benefit of a doubt; but I still need to know... Are you... Are you greenlighting all of this? I know you're working with Viscus, and he's involved but... I didn't want to believe it. You wouldn't authorize such things after Tomoya ravaged New York; would you?"

Rugal | Teri
The expression on Rugal's face began to sour as Teri began talking about AIM and the Cartel.
Then she played the video....It wasn't bad enough that the Roid Monkey was now back to his former self, but the fact he felt the need to record it?
His blood began to boil and he was already thinking of how to fire him.
Then he realised just how screwed he really was.
A Massive joint offensive against key US targets, 1000% Profit, countless deaths, Viscus had stabbed him in the back.
"...Viscus... Of all people, Viscus! The truest of the true... This is the worst betrayal of all!" He shouted, lashing out at a tree and nearly felling it in the process.
"....Bison, yeah; he was always corrupt, of course. Wesker, yeah: an idealistic, unpredictable loner. All the others, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! But not Viscus. Has he gone crazy?" He raved to himself, though even as he felt the knife of betrayal cut deep, part of him was sad that he never came up with the idea.
"....Viscus has side-stepped my command, We put safeguards in place, but now...I did not authorize this..."
Then Teri remembered something, something else Rugal was extremely talented at.

Taking Minor control, Sorry about this mate. Hope I do them justice.

She found the door to the hut ajar and sounds of...crying?
Realising this was the right one, she drew a rapier and burst inside to find-

"HOLD IT! I HAVE A.....gun...Oh.....Sorry..." Riki threatened the drow, aiming his .44 at her before he remembered who she was and lowering it.
Somewhat confused, she looked around and found 2 dead tribals, each one taken down with a single shot to the forehead.
He holstered the gun and finished undoing the crude rope the tribals tied Kud up with.
She seemed shaken, but no worse for wear.
"Told you I'd save you..."
The loving scene was broken up by gunfire from outside and David shouted "I'd like to remind you, I'm not Racist! You are all just assholes!"
"Right...Let's get out of here."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Night


"Terminate them and get moving. Their reality has already broken off from their original thread. No point in keeping an extraneous world around after all," BlackHarte frowned and massaged his temples thoroughly, "things that aren't OC's give me a fucking headache. Maybe a little more so than dealing with an OC, but not by much. Everyone is so troublesome."

He picked up his mug and sipped some coffee before flipping through the elven book once again.


Rosario and Vampire... (?)
Location: Yokai Academy
Time: December 31st 2008


Armageddon rolls 28 with +13 base modifier for Great Chaos Firestorm.

Armageddon fell backwards from the attack, only Moka's really, as the washbins did not hurt him, and the ice melted before it could even attempt to pierce his fine black armor. He took a step back and placed his two hands together, fire spread from within his armor and consumed his arms. The warhorse whispered a quick prayer the the Witch of Izalith, the Bed of Chaos, and the Mother of Pyromancy before raising his hands up into the air and said indifferently, "Be consumed and bother me no longer. CHAOS FIRESTORM!"

Twenty Eight great pillars of magma and fire burst forth onto the school grounds, incinerating and devouring the dirt, trees, houses and nearly the entire school grounds. The lava spread outward and tore apart the scenery in great waves, cresting with winds of heated air and embers. "Sorry Director, it looks like your school did become a target for the Chaos Servants."

Her turned to leave, walking out toward the ceaseless magma flows and vanishing into the billowing ash.

"BlackHarte, when did I become your errand boy."


The (Un)Real World
Location: The Writer's Beach
Time: January 15th

Armageddon | Mark

The one rule that he had to follow, was that his power and form was restricted based on the native level of the dimension he traveled to. So naturally, as soon as the dark fire splayed forth in the realm of no magic, did Armageddon step out onto the sand nothing more than an actual armored warhorse, much to his personal or rather equestrian chagrin.

He took a gentle step forward, and his black iron horseshoe sunk deep into the sand on the beach. The weight of his armor would indeed be an issue. He could feel the sand rushing at him already. He was slowly and steadily sinking. But like any rational sentient creature, Armageddon picked himself up by the boo straps and hopped, literally, over to Mark's bungalow before banging his head on the door in lieu of actually having to find the doorbell ringing device while trying to avoid standing on the sand.


Avatar Adventure
Location: Corrupted Forest
Time: Night

Kyre | Kurumu

"I understand that you can't ever see me as anything more than as a child," she sighed sadly, as she hugged Kurumu back. The pain was going away, but her shadow did not return yet, "So all I ask is that no one ever takes you away from me... in any way." She was smiling sadly now, a fake smile that she grit her teeth to put on.

It didn't matter to her that Kurumu already had someone. Puce could be easily disposed of, the only matter was time and circumstance.

"I'll be happy if I can just hold you whenever I want."

Slindis nodded and barked out a command. "Stick close to me if you want to get out of here alive." She began making her way through the streets, making sure to touch her left arm to blanket a major street area with fog: the signal Slin had told the group about earlier.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #1: | Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Jake | Ton Ton

Angelus was struck dumb at the notion that Cadolbolg wanted to fight for her's and Caim's sake; and embraced her brave little boy, "We are always proud of you, little one; regardless of what you do... However, I do not think Caim and I will settle for quite some time. He is still full of energy to fight, and I will always be by his side. Come now, let us find him and deliver the news..."

She got up and tapped Jake on the shoulder, "Jake, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, and I are going on ahead to find Caim and Teri while you get your things sorted out. We'll see you then."

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

After the spear broke the stone hand, Caim found himself flying backwards and felt his back land into a tree; knocking the poor thing over. Now it was Ella's turn to be over Caim, a position she was not slow to notice, "Ooh~! What a gentleman, letting a lady take the lead.."

That was when Caim struck, bringing his family sword in an arc and making the Succubus jump back in surprise. When he forced himself up, she balked at his strength. Clearly, this pact thing made humans tougher than they looked. After he was up, she could see that the weapon in his hands had changed to a strange and vaguely familiar Scythe; and he charged her with it. When the first strike made the weapons bounce off each other, she heard his mechanical voice roar from the PDA; "I don't care if any women swoons over me! They aren't- They aren't the same as her! They never will be!"

What was this? Did the succubus touch another nerve? Before she could contemplate the thought further, Caim was coming at her again with the Scythe.

Teri was relieved for a moment, and then the horror of what she realized struck her. He could easily have been lying to her. He had done so to the Heroes time and time again. Why wouldn't he lie to her? She wasn't special. The realization of that hurt her far more than she could have imagined. Of course she wasn't. This was a cartel-lord, and mass criminal. Why would she influence him? Bring out the good in him? What a joke! She bit her lip to prevent the tears from coming, but like many other times before, she wasn't very good at keeping them under control when she was upset; even if she was good at saving face after a good cry. A choking sob escaped her throat, and then she grit her teeth, fury breaking through her as much as the sadness. The tablet shook as her conflicted emotions poured out of it:

"I can't believe you! Even after all this, the trouble I went to make sure that I could ask you first; because I really wanted to believe you. I show you the facts, and yet you STILL LIE TO ME! You've got some nerve, Rugal Bernstein! Of course, being self-obsessed might do that to someone. Tell me right now why I shouldn't email this to the whole camp? Because I'm really fucking tempted to start a witch hunt on your ass! And, no, don't even think about death threats, because I just brokered a deal with the Fates! No one is connected to me anymore!"

It was quite funny, on an objective scale, to see the girl had turned just as red as her (former?) friend did; even though she had no physical chance against the King of Fighters. That didn't stop her from gripping her staff in a combat ready pose. A shame no-one would see how furious the little Cleric could be if pushed.

Dmitri's Home: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri smiled again at the thought. If it were his way; he would happily return to the time where his main concern was making sure the Tablet ran properly. "That is very true, Ms. Vermilion. I wonder... I was created in a hurry; I wonder if there are other flaws in my programming I need to watch out for?"

That was when his home began to shake again, and Dimitri rose to the occasion of maintaining his home.

Rugal clenched his fist, It was clear he was being set up, she knew it, she wouldn't have waited this long otherwise.
Sheer boiling anger filled his entire being as he began an enraged growl.
Despite her resolve, she couldn't help but feel pure terror race though her system as the crime lord took a step forward.
Then he burst out into a sprint at the writer, shiftly disarming her, grabbing her by her robes and going to slit her throat right there and then.
All anger in Teri disappeared and was replaced with sheer panic and fear as she closed her eyes as her death neared
She peeked out and saw Rugal staring blankly into space, all the rage was gone, "What the hell just happened?" was written all over his face.
Right before he went for the kill, it clicked.

Viscus had won, He had lost.

He dropped the cleric and walked away, completely shocked at this outcome, without breaking a single rule or guideline set to control him, Viscus had still beaten him.
It was like he was 18 again, he had lost.
Goenitz was right.
Thus he returned to the main group, his expression remaining in a completely shocked gaze.

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