The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Look at me, I'm on a Motherf**king Boat.

Melethia shook her head. "Sis, to be fair, it was that blue hunk of stupid that caused the place to blow up. We barely killed anyone there, remember? Oh, Miss Furiae, could ya please hand me a bit more of that food? I came with ya, I'll help ya out with this." She gave her sister a hug, letting Teri know that the elf would have her back.

Meanwhile, Devon laughed as he shook his head. "Hey, you guys deserve just as much credit here. I may have come up with the plan, but if it wasn't for everyone here, this wouldn't have happened. Caim, ANgelus, thanks for listening to me at the start and believing what I saw. Cadolbolg, you did quite a bit to help out your dad here. Melethia, if it hadn't been for you, we would have had a lot more problems with all those traps you got us past."

He took another breath as he addressed Ton-Ton and Teri. "Ton-Ton, you've shown me time and again that the best things sometimes come in the smallest packages with how brave and selfless you've been. And Teri, there's a great deal that I have to thank you for, especially ensuring that I could focus on keeping Furiae out of harm's way in that last fight with Bruiser. Everyone, enjoy the meal while it's still warm."

The Pizza guy shrugged as he took a drink of the booze he had on-board. The group could have the celebration, but when he got back to land, he could sell all that gold to help with his student loans! And the others at the store had said he was crazy for doing this delivery... But didn't his boss say he was getting overtime for this delivery as well?

Yup, this was a very good day for him.

The Location formerly known as AIM

Garm, Melethia, Rugal, Teri

Teri, How long have you been standing there?.......Wait...You...Did this?.....Why?...."

The Cleric shuffled slightly as she was being accused. Even with Melethia and Garm at her side, she felt nervous about confronting Rugal about the recent events at AIM, and began to speak,

"Well, Da- erm, sir, we didn't blow it up ourselves. I killed the man who did that, or in this case, the Pokemon. Bruiser attacked us with a mech, and he fell through a wall, igniting some ammunition and... I better back up a few steps before that'll make sense."

She took another breath, not being used to actually talking after allowing a machine to do so for so long, and began again, "We were rescuing someone from the confines of that facility. We were doing pretty well to keep the colateral damage low at first, but with what I mentioned... Well, it didn't stay that way for long. Really, sir, we didn't intend for all this,"

She gestured to the flaming mess that was formerly AIM,

"To happen at all. If it pleases you sir, I'll take the full blame. Please, just don't be mad at them. They've been through so much already, I don't want to give them any more hardships..."

It seems that the Cleric might be a little TOO good at her duties as the eldest sister. It's one thing to take the blame for stolen cookies, but this is ridiculous!


The redhead stumbled down to the edge of the woods, wondering quietly if Caim's party had already made off with Furiae. As he made his way down, he could see a hulking blonde man talking to a pair of familiar looking young girls and their equally familiar looking wolf. Feeling bloodlust rise in his chest, Inuart reached for his blade, before he saw something else glint in the light. It was a boat, along with the said group of interlopers he was thinking about and...


There she was, smiling and eating with the rest of her group, the sunlight accentuating her features and making her look all the more beautiful. And that was when it struck him. She looked happy, genuinely happy at what was going on around her. When had he seen her smile like that in the facilities? When had he brought such joy to her heart?

Simply put, he hadn't. This chord striking him dead in the chest, Inuart felt his grip on his blade loosten, and he quietly sheathed it back in it's place.

He had never made her happy. He, the man who pledged his life and service to her, was not able to do the simple thing love was supposed to. What was the point in fighting for her, when she did not want him as well? What was he to do now?

Well, the first thing that could be done was to wander out of the jungle. Inuart shuffled down the beach, and past the quartet, not even bothering to acknowledge the group talking among each other (as well as the surprised glances from either young woman and the accompanying growl from the wolf) as he continued walking. There was no point in fighting them. There wasn't a point in most of the actions that he had committed. Furiae never loved him, the world never wanted him, and his former pact partner had not needed him. Inuart was the parasite here; constantly siphoning things from those around him.

So what was the point? Was there ever a point? The bard did not know, and continued walking, silently hoping that he could find his former comrades, if only for something to distract him for a little while.

The sex robots hadn't been able to build the rocket in time for the fiery explosion, so they formed a protective sphere around Mizune as well as her shield. She cut open the sphere of girls around her and coughed from the smoke clearing. Making her way up to the top, she and her entire outfit were covered in soot and other things that left her darkened and dirty.

Looking around the ruins, she heard the bickering of the cartel crew. Approaching them, she coughed a few more times. "HEY! Doom! Wesker! Bison! Dr. Midget!" she called out to them.

The Location formerly known as AIM

Garm, Melethia, Rugal, Teri

"....So that's what you really sound like.....It suits you...." Rugal sighed, another disaster he was responsible for.
These pangs of guilt were really starting to annoy him, he never had any issues with his actions up until recently.
"......Did you at least let Rodem survive?...."
Teri tried to think back to who had that name again.
"....Guess not...Fine.....Can I at least get a ride back to the Airship? Just UNIT will be here any moment an-"
A large black creature pounced on him much to Teri's horror and it seemingly began clawing at him.

She and Garm were about to jump into action before they realized it was Rugal's pet panther Rodem, who was now licking his master's face.
"Hey-Down boy, Down. Christ, never misses a cue this one!" He laughed, the rage starting to fade at the sight of his old friend.
After a few minutes of playful petting, He asked "Right...where were we?..."
"....A Ride back to the airship?..." She asked, hoping he'd calmed down by now.
"....Very well, Though your mother may not be happy to see me...Lead the way..." He said as he followed with Rodem in tow.

Bruiser felt his life slip away for the 2nd time, certain he wasn't getting out of this.
All his strength and power, all the work he put in to develop himself, everyone he swashed to get where he was.
For this?
Last time he died, he died knowing he could return, but after being humiliated like that, defeated by a 19 year old human? He didn't want to.

Smoke and flames were clear as day now, a weak grunt escaped his body as a large slab of near molten metal fell on top of him, causing the earth that the lab was built under to fall, at least he was getting a burial.
.....wonder if Giovanni will be there....mightn't be too bad then... he thought as he went into the light.

The next thing he knew he was on some kind of platform being moved, all while being yelled at by strange humanoid Demons, fire and explosions filling his vision as the blinded him with some strange light.
"xliezyl. pof uai wyol ty? es'z qyznyl, qy'ly ryssefr uai ais ab wyly. mizs wadk af. palsyg, qwos oly wez jesodz deny?
wy'z dazs o das ab xdaak, fyyk sa rys wet sahzeky oz zaaf oz hazzexdy.
kaat'z ras wet, rys swy wajylxaolk, xezaf, rys swos kaal ahyf.
raefr sa slu ofk qolh iz, mizs wadk af serws."

...So this is hell....yay.....wait...wha- He thought as the lot of them entered a purple portal and...sunlight?

"Xliezyl! Xriuzel! Xrueuer, Bruiser! Guys, he's awake, Doom, get that first aid kit from the boat, Bison, need that cloak of yours to lay him down on."
He began to piece together what happened, they actually came back for him this time?
.....I....don't even...
"Gah! He's crashing again! DOOM! MOVE YOUR METAL ASS! Come on you ugly bastard, fucked if cancelling all the weekly experiments on you! THEN WHAT WILL I KILL TIME WITH!?"
"So....Will he pull thou-"
It wasn't long before Bruiser passed out again as they went in ER style to try and fix him up.


Inuart was about to head on by himself when-
"Hey! Guitar Hero Guy!" Doom shouted from behind him, bringing his attention to the group and their wounded comrade as they too moved though the jungle.
"...Uh, Doom knows a guy in San Montia, just in California...and you look like you could use a lift to the, want to come with?..." He asked as the others stopped expectantly, awaiting his answer.
"....We have our own boat..."
"....Sure, why not?..." the Bard answered before joining them.

As they went for the Liftboat, another member of their crew joined them.
"TRANSFORMER LADY!" Doom squeed, recalling their first meeting.
"...I'm not a midget..." Cortex pouted as they all boarded their escape route and set sail in the direction opposite the heroes: Next Stop: Santa Monica!

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Lunch

Lucieon | David | Matt | Lucretia | Fionn

Luke shook Fionn's hand and smiled back "Good to meet you Fionn, I am Lucieon di Candor. No surname given, for I have long forgotten it." When their hands parted, Luke took notice to his aura of energy. It seemed far too much like the Dark that he had just recently escaped to make Luke all that comfortable. But he shrugged it off, another member of the Darkwraiths, or at least, this world's equivalent might prove useful. Luke returned Fionn's sincerity with sincerity of his own. A merchant was a merchant to heart.

Putting the gun-mage aside for the moment, he turned back to David and looked down at the poor girl, "Yet, is she not your daughter? I hardly think that anyone could be so contrived as trying to murder you with such ferocity were the fact not true." He frowned, "I don't believe that continuing to sit on her is the proper course of action. At the very least we can prop up her body so that her young frame does not distort."

David West

David looked rather confused when Luke brought up the one detail he missed out on during Lucretia's attempt on his life.
"....Wait....Wha-No....I'm not her father. What the hell gave you that idea?....
.....Why are you all looking at me?..." He asked, clearly missing out on the details that she shouted while trying to stab him in the throat.
"....I think I'm missing out on something...." He sighed confused as he let up on her restrainment and asked "What the hell is going on?..."

On a boat, but not for long

The Caerleon Family, The d'Tarkanan-Bernstein Family, associated pets and Devon

The ride for the rest of the way to the Rising Dawn could be summarized in two words, Quiet and Awkward. Food supplies were never an issue, nor the means of travel; but the elephant very clearly sitting in the middle of the boat made things extremely uncomfortable for all involved. It came as a silent blessing when the group was finally able to locate the airship in question and board, each going to their individual pursuits with glee as they could stretch their legs in peace, as opposed to being confined in a delivery boat.

Well, the peace lasting as long as those on the ship were willing to allow.


The red-haired bard was happy to be able to find something to do in aiding his former comrades in carrying Bruiser onto the boat; the serum provided by Wesker making the task much easier than it would for the normal man. However, even when sitting on the transport, he couldn't help but shake that disconcerting empty feeling in his gut. Even with this place to go to; what would he do then?

Rugal, Rodem

Once he was back on the ship, the main priority on Rugal's mind was letting Slindis know in person that he was back.
He heard that she was returning to the airship anyway so he hoped he'd be able to get his 2 cents in.
However, the fact that Bruiser nearly killed Teri again (Despite his efforts to keep him in line) weighted heavy on his mind and the fact that AIM nearly killed Melethia also was a cause for concern.

On the Plus side, Rodem made himself at home right away, sniffing out his masters quarters and finding a snug place to nap while Rugal looked for the Drow.


After getting in contact with Teri, Jenny was able to pull some strings in the Striders to help Furiae out, Namely with the Serum Cortex used to keep her demonic side under-control and giving her a safe haven to stay out of the reach of any other groups that might want her power.
The whole thing was sorted before they even reached the Rising Dawn.
"Really. I can't thank you enough for this..." Caim admitted.
"I assure you, after all you and Angelus have done for me over the years, it's the least I could do." She answered as Furiae was brought aboard the Blue Dragon after good-byes were said.
While she was due to go back, she opted to stay as she wanted to check up on Devon and David.

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Rising Dawn | Random hallway passing the bridge | Oceanic.
Time: 4Pm

After thirty minutes of hot training, the spartan's fists were red from punching metal dummies. Though after this vigorous training session there were no more dummies in the dojo, only scrap and wood scraps. Thanks to that, Storm spend most of his time cleaning the dojo instead, once he left the room he only left it with sparkles. "Uh, it feels like we need a holiday after this." Storm said as he just passed the bridge, but the spartan walked backwards and smiled.

"Hmm, I have a great idea." He said as he quickly went into the bridge for the first time and had his mouth open after looking at all the buttons, and the view. "Alpha, you know what to do, enter the system and I'll look up here for something." He looked at the small holographic AI hovering above his solder, except she was pouting. "I don't wanna!" She rebelled loudly.

"Is this because you sense other AI? It'll be good if you made a few friends, you might also find something about getting that bod-" Storm stopped all of a sudden as he noticed that she had already entered the ship's system. A smile appeared on his face, pleased that she decided to do it, though at times he always thought why she had wanted a body.

The thought was quickly thrown out of Storm's head as he saw that button which was covered in dust and a few cobwebs, the spartan was fairly disgusted about the dirt on some areas of the ship. Trying to wipe the dust off the button suddenly slammed down, Storm had not pressed it ... but what had activated it? None the less a few hundred meters ahead lightning began to emerge from nothing and formed a weird blue and purple portal.

Storm thought about if he should drive the ship into it or not. "I'll feel awkwardly guilty if I didn't ask everyone fir-" Storm was talking to himself but suddenly the ship swung towards the portal by itself, slamming the superhuman into a wall, everyone should of been able to feel the change of direction and especially notice the giant portal. "Craaaaaap" The Spartan said to himself and he AI partner quickly appeared before him.

"What happened!" Alpha quickly said, but Storm was slumped to the ground, pointing to only one thing. The portal.

"I do not like the look of this."

"Did i hear santa monica? Any explanation on that?" She asked the group over the engine and crashing waves. She was trying to wipe herself clean with a towel.

The Canteen

The entire canteen seemed to become more saddened as a new figure entered it. He seemed like a guy in his late 20's, lost on the way to an emo band show. He was covered in dark clothing and had makeup on his eyes. "Hi." he said in a depressed tone.

In aperture
Dani was looking on all the cams and couldn't find the depressed one anywhere. "Ummm.... did anyone see where soul went? he's no longer on my cameras..."

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia

It wasn't too long until Rugal found Slindis, and he found that he was accompanied by Melethia.

"Rugal, I see that you've made your way back here with my daughter in tow, and I can't help but wonder about that timing. Would you like to explain it?" Rugal didn't feel anger from her, but there was a definite curiosity there.

Melethia hid behind Rugal a bit, because she had a good feeling she was in for it with her mother after what she'd heard from Teri, and a sharp glook form Slindis only confirmed her thoughts.

Jenny, Devon

After getting to the Rising Dawn, Devon approached Jenny with a bit of hesitation. Although she said that he shouldn't feel guilty, it didn't help the fact that she'd been so beaten up from what he had done. "Um... sorry about what happened, Jenny. I really didn't mean to put you through all of that..."

After an awkward silence, he thought about putting a hand on her to comfort her but ultimately decided not to. "If it helps, though, we got him in the attack. I'm pretty sure you know who I'm talking about: The Machoke that attacked east of Viridian City and the one that locked us up..." It was at point that Jenny remembered that although the memories she'd been forced to relive were hers, they'd still happened while she was in Devon's mind. It wasn't a large stretch to see that he'd probably been either a spectator or even lived those memories himself.

Tajuh, Mercy

Before the Rising Dawn was transported, Tajuh sent her over to the ship as she finished the final checks for the transport while the Hagane left. As she left, though, she left a message for Strider Hiryu that went directly to him.

Hiryu, thank you for helping us so much during all of this. I would love to help your people more, but Gilliam's calling me off to another universe. Take care, but I have the feeling I'll be back in this universe eventually.

~Tajuh Silvawind
Mabar Guard

Tajuh is now Inactive.

Villain Boat

The little Liftboat that could chugged along as Mizune asked her question, getting a spare towel to clean herself off with.
"One of Doom's friends, a "Fighting Game Expert" by the name of Max, has a place we can lay low for a while, just UNIT will be all over the ruins of that place within the hour and they'll be after us." Wesker explained while Cortex checked over Bruiser, still out from his near death experience.
"Only thing is though, we might be a while getting there but this boat has more the enough excitement to keep us sane until we reach our destination..." He said as Doom opened up the food store and pulled out a bag of Doritos.
"Yeah, all I need to do is give him his damn $20 and we got a place to stay." He said as he began nomming down.
"How long will this trip be?" Bison asked, wondering how long they'd have to put up with each other.
"Anything from a hours to 3 months...."
"Nah, more like a day to a week, tops." Wesker stepped in before everyone went mad.
In a bid to change the topic, Cortex asked "Mizune, what do you know of White Magic? You might be able to help me here."

""This will be a long while..." Mizune said. After a while, wesker stepped in. AS for Cortex, she turned to look at him. "White magic? none. i'm no white mage, i'm a witch. i focus on magic that relates to my affinity, i'm affiliated with mice and well, mice aren't known from their white magic. But they do have wiskers." she said and held up her hand, small blades of purple energy forming at her fingertimes, maybe ten centimeters long.

Jenny, Devon

"Oh, are you still going on about that? Pffff, Please, Like you're the first person to try to kill me in your mindscape..." Jenny smiled, doing her best to show she didn't hold it against him in the slightest, though there was a black and red mark on her arm, the Burn and it's curse were healed, but it clearly scarred her.
She was however somewhat frightened and saddened that Bruiser was killed.
"...Mmmm....Right....Ah, I'm sorry, just...given the history and....Deep down....I.....I pity that beast....just a little...." she admitted, more old wounds opening up slightly.
Looking back to Devon then smiling again, she added "Still...doesn't take a genius to figure out what he might have done to Furiae. You did good Devon, you helped save her life."
She was legibility proud of the Bard and glad she didn't give up despite the horrors she relived.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia

"....Short Version: Melethia and the others went out and saved someone's life, Caim's sister to be exact. However, it was one of my...Former "Associates" that had captured her. Good news is she's safe now, Your daughter helped to save her life, as well as freeing me from my obligations that threatened to take me away.
Bad News is I'm now completely broke and ruined...."
Rugal braced himself for the terrible wrath she was about to unleash, he had already hurt her with his choice and now he was going to feel the full consequences of his actions.
And Melethia thought she had it bad...

Villain Boat

"....That...Doesn't really help us at all..." Cortex said as he stared at the purple blades.
"....Is that truly all you are capable of?..." Bison couldn't help but taunt, feeling his power was far superior to Mizunes on every level, Totally forgetting that he was worried about her talking his role in the Cartel.
Though the Cartel is disbanded now so that point was moot.

"No, i could slice the boat in half with my pinkie if i wanted to, but i'd rather not. and i've really not bother with many of my other powers since i joined. And any of you know which direction Santa monica is in?" Mizune asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable now.

Villain Boat

"....Lets NOT do that...unless you want to swim for the rest of the way. Still, I've been there before, hid there back when Bison's Empir-" Wesker started until he was interrupted by "WE PROMISED NOT TO TALK ABOUT THAT IN FRONT OF THE UNDERLINGS?!"
"No, YOU promised, No "We" in that statement at all...
Anyway, I know the way, just really up to the weather and such, you know yourself."
He finished, hoping to ease her worries.
"Humf. Still, As long as we know the peaking order around here, all will be well..."

"Right.... I was asking..." she said and mid sentence poofed into smoke. There were then three sall mizune sisters who went and jumped out of the boat, hovering just off the water with their rocket like powers. Left in the boat was a fourth, a small eight yea old looking girl.

She looked around. "I need to know so we can fly there." she said as the three small mizune lifted the boat into the air and they ascended into the sky. "So if you point me there, we'll arrive in an hour or two."

Villain Boat

....Well...That Shut Bison up.
"....Huh...Guess this works. Maintain current heading and watch out for any other aircraft, if UNIT so much as gets a hint that we aren't burning back at that cesspit back there, we'll never reach the mainland alive. Also, try to keep it steady, we have wounded on board." Wesker ordered as he sat at the ship's wheel as if he was captain of their little vessel.
"TRANSFORMERS! MORE THEN MEETS THE EYE! *Bad attempt to recreate the theme song*" Doom giddily shouted as they took off while Cortex did his best to hold his lunch, the sudden switch from boating to flying affecting him the most.

Jenny, Devon

Even with Jenny's words, the fact that Devon's eyes lingered on the burn showed he still felt a lot of guilt there. "Still, Even with all that happened there,,, How could you expect me to just forget you having to relive those horrible months again? I was there for it while you were in there, and I felt each bit of it. How can you forgive me for forcing that on you again?" He held his right arm and looked at the ground, still fairly guilty about that.

"That thing with Furiae, though. That was a promise I made to Caim. And even if I'm left with nothing else, I'll ensure my word stays intact." The Bard could hardly bring himself to look in Jenny's eyes, and it was clear that him knowing the torture they had both suffered in the mindscape had been caused by him left a fun number of smaller issues there. Although overall he was in a much better state, nobody could really say that he was fine.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia

Slindis kept a firm look on the two as she talked. "Rugal, even if the circumstances were not how either of us intended them to come about, you have come back. And if you are willing, ready, and able to work at redeeming yourself, then I can welcome you back into this family. I know that this wasn't easy for you to do, but I will accept you here. I can not speak for the others here, of course, but I'll be here to aid your change every step of the way.Now Melethia, what were you doing there on that little jaunt?"

Melethia looked up at Slindis, not really all that sorry for having done what she did. "Well, they were goin' inta some kind of base, and if it was one at some kinda island, they needed some help there with all the traps I had to disarm. Taught me lots about the stuff they work with here, too, so that was cool. Sis already wanted to go to help out Mister Caim and Redscale, and I was able to convince Mister Devon after a long time... Ya know, he was actually really good at stoppin' them from actually fightin' us. I never woulda thought of doin' it like that, but until we ran into that jerk Inuart, we didn't hafta kill more than three there, I think.

Plus, I know ya woulda told us to stay if we'd asked, so better ta apologize than get held at port."

"Tira, Melethia, you're lucky to have gotten out of there alive and intact! Please, next time you do that, tell one of us! I'll be talking to Teri in a bit here as well..." Rugal could see that Melethia running off to do what she wanted wasn't a rare event for Slindis, and it seemed that Melethia had bypassed the majority of the security at the base there. Even if for some freak reason the electrical systems were down there was still a loage number of redundant traps there that would kill the unprepared person there.

Jenny, Devon

"How can I forgive you? Simple: I forgive you!" Jenny teased before getting Devon in a friendly hug to prove that there was zero hard feelings whatsoever.
"I know that you may still be troubled, but you needed fret over me, I can take care of myself. And you worrying about that isn't going to help you in the slightest so don't worry about me then, okay?" she added, clearly showing why she was able to run a clinic with zero medical training whatsoever.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia

Rugal just stared blankly, gobsmacked at how easy that went, having spent much of the trip over worrying about what he was going to say.
"....That....was....Not what I was expecting..."
"Oh really?...And what did you expect?"
"For having no eyes to become the least gruesome injury I'd have obtained since joining this crew..." He confessed, With his Vision gone and his power boosting eye destroyed, he was far less adept at fighting now and was forced to be more mindful of what fights he picked.

Thus he sat by and listened to Melethia's account of events, namely the par about the traps.
"So you managed to walk into the complex, no layout, no idea of where to go and no backup plan?...I agree with your mother, had the power been actually on and the defenses online, you wouldn't have made it down the shaft."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Lunch

Lucieon | David | Matt | Lucretia | Fionn | Emo-Dude

Continuing his conversation with David Lucieon took note of the new figure in the doorway, and felt dreadfully offended by his dreary presence. "Mr. West," he said seriously, "she was screaming at the top of her lungs," he waved his hands for emphasis, "'Daddy, I hate you, why did you let mumsy die! I hope you die too! Asshole!' Of course, that was a coarse enactment."

He set the ropes on the table and turned to look at Lucretia, eyeing her body once over and cataloging her physique into his memory. "It seems to me that she does show several phenotype similarities with you."

When Matt heard talk about the girl probably David's daughter, he thought of something useful. "Well if you really want to know if she's your daughter, I can have my nanomachines analyze your DNA to see if it matches," he finished explaining before downing another glass of scotch.


The fake Amaya tried attacking Dillon with fire.
"This guy is sick FUCK." he swore aloud he used his wings to block the fire the then got close and thrust the blade into the fakes cheats Red fear cut smoothly into the flesh he closed his eyes at the very last second he saw the blade pushing against the clones skin then closed his eyes as the thrust continued.
"I'll find you my love." he promised he kept looking around except for the dead body beneath him he wiped off his blade and sheathed it. his soul was playing loudly hoping Amaya could hear his song.

sorry sorry please ignore

Jenny, Devon, Ella

The hug from the Gardevoir helped a decent bit, but he'd still hurt her when she had been trying to help him. "Okay, I understand. I'll still find another way to pay you back somehow, okay? It just feels wrong not to, especially after what happened in there." After he hesitantly patted her on the back, he walked off. Jenny could feel that the man really did feel a good deal of guilt for what had happened even if she had forgiven him, but it was more a manner of him being able to forgive himself.

A good distance from the rest of the crew, Devon opened that item that Mercy had delivered to him. It was more than a bit odd that he'd gotten some kind of Nesting Doll, but that redhead had been pretty insistent on giving it to him. But what was this he was seeing inside of it?

Slindis, Rugal, Melethia

Slindis shook her head as she talked to him. "It takes a lot to actually bother to turn your back on what you've known for all these years, and it takes a strong person to do it. One of these days, I could tell you about it."

IN response to Rugal's statement, she laughed. "Oh, I saw what was there. It woulda been a lot slower, but we mighta still gotten through there. 'Sides, they knew that they had ta hit them quick before the power got back up. Kinda one of the things we knew headin' in, after all!"

This information drew Slindis' attention. "Melethia, how did you know their defenses were down? Was it a leak, someone on the inside? Or was it gain... no, this ship's personalities would be too stubborn to bother setting up a network of contacts. So, who told you?"

The young elf shrugged. "Well, Mister Devon was the one doin' most of the talkin an' stuff, so I guess he was the one that knew? Mister Caim and Redscale never did explain it to me..."

Charity Case:

Rising Dawn: Devon, Ella, Jenny

As Ella questioned if it was Devon, her question was answered by the Bard's voice calling out to her. "Yeah, it's me, Ella. Now just hang tight for a second, and I'll get that hole in your shoulder patched up." The spell washed over the wound, patching it up rather well even if it wasn't as good as a similar spell from Teri would do.

He held her closely, just happy that she was finally here again even if she was more than a bit tattered. "I'm right here, Ella. Don't worry, I won't let that happen to you again." The succubus could feel the various equipment the bard was wearing underneath his clothing, and it was clear that he had been geared for a major fight, even if he had cleaned himself up shortly before arriving with a quick Prestidigation.

"It looks like a day for reunions, huh? First we get Caim's sister out of her confinement in that gilded cage with that asshole Inuart, and now you come back. Ella, it's hard to tell you exactly how much I missed you, so I'll just let this do the talking." Before she had a chance to react, Devon went in with a kiss that conveyed exactly how deeply he had missed her during that time, and time seemed to stand still for the couple.

Eventually, though, the kiss broke and he looked into her eyes with that same kindness he'd had that first day they met within the Jungle. "Thank you, Ella."

Dillon's soul found a soul that was singing the tune back, as well as his own family's. They were close. He kept moving and rounded a corner, entering a chamber lit with red glow. On the far wall, he saw a male figure that had been absorbed into the wall.

"Hey Dillon... *cough cough* it's been a while." he said weakly, looking up at Dillon. Dillon recognized the face as Daniel's, the Author who had been lost in the past to kill his future self. "Some demon found me then abused my powers and now.... well..." he said and dropped his head, too weak to hold it up.

From the shadows emerged a large demon.

Behind him in bubbles were amaya and the two babies. With a snap of his fingers, the bubbles disappeared, yet dillon was still resonating with them.

"Dillon, he's using the stregnth of my powers. You'll need to hit him heavy and fast.." he said before the demon let out a roar and took a swipe at Dillon, his claws rending reality.

Rising Dawn: About to go on one hell of a journey.


The violent swerve of the ship sent Fionn into a wall, banging his head and splattering his sandwich, ruining it. "Who the he-" He caught a glimpse of the giant portal outside of the ship. "Uhhhh......." He could see what looked like tendrils of electricity emanating from the portal, one smacking against the ship, swerving it again, this time throwing everyone to the floor.

"Alright, that's it." Fionn stood up and brushed himself off. "Going to the bridge to find out what the hell is going on." As he walked out of the room, trying to keep his balance as the ship rumbled, Fionn grabbed the arm of the depressed man who just appeared there. "You're coming with me Mr.Sunshine, Lets leave the happy family to themselves". He attempted to make his way to the lift, a swerve of the ship throwing him to a wall every few seconds.

Outside things didn't look pleasant, the Rising Dawn was bring sucked slowly more and more into the portal, shockwaves, lightning and other unpleasantness throwing the ship around like a beach-ball. The airship was holding surprisingly well, but the crew inside weren't in for a smooth ride. Every few seconds or so, the ship would be rocked violently, turned on its side, flipped upside down, or all of the above.

The Bridge.

As Storm picked himself up, he could see the bridge doors, open, revealing a beaten up and lets say, irritated, Fionn. He glared at the Marine, walking over to him only to be flung at the wall again. "Right....." He picked himself up again for the umpteenth time, rapidly losing his patience with the situation. "Please explain to me, clearly and directly," Fionn held back the anger in his voice as he questioned Storm, "What happened here exactly?"

Storm-178 (Alpha) and Fionn.
Location: Rising Dawn | Bridge | Oceanic.
Time: 4Pm

Storm's expression changed as Fionn had entered the room, his face screwed up in resentment. It was obvious he did not like the man, but going with his moral guide and his many memories of "You can't judge a book by it's cover". He had had met many people before Fionn and the Rising Dawn crew, from silent and harsh Spartans to the overlooked covenant, the spartan looked passed many barriers and eventually learnt that most people are not what they seem.

A short sigh came out of the Spartan's and turned to face Fionn. No Storm's head was a shallow cut which bled down to his chin, though Storm did not worry about this. "Hm, you don't look pleased. I'll cut the smart-ass crap and start from the beginning. I was wondering by the bridge thinking that everyone would want a vacation after all these tiring 'events', So I came in here and noticed the grand view ... but." Storm said as he pointed out to a small red button which had been pressed in.

The button was covered in dust, though the dust on the button was not disturbed. "I know what it looks like, but look at the button, the dust is undisturbed. It was 'activated' some how and that portal made came out of nowhere. It seems it is currently sucking in the ship." Storm said as he pointed to the portal to the unknown.

"I know it sounds stupid but the ships refuses to budge as well, and currently I have accepted that we are going into the portal no matter what ... like the world wants us to." Storm began to ponder. Though before this whole talk, his AI, Alpha had hid itself within Storm's phone.

Storm-178 (Alpha) and Fionn.
Location: Rising Dawn | Bridge | Oceanic.
Time: 4Pm

"I know what it looks like, but look at the button, the dust is undisturbed. It was 'activated' some how and that portal made came out of nowhere. It seems it is currently sucking in the ship."

Fionn was almost certain Storm had pressed it, he knew the people that comprised the crew of the ship and the abilities they wielded. "The instant I find out you're telekinetic....." Fionn was aware of Storm's contempt for the group, personally he found it hilarious given what they were put through at his(and his friends) hands and his blatant lack of remorse or even gratitude for what they did to save him.

Regardless, he scrambled over to the controls in a attempt to get the ship back out. Lets see, that's the parking brake, that's..... whatever that's supposed to be..... He wasn't an engineer of airship pilot, but he had heard that the ship was designed so anyone could fly it. The only question was, could he do it quick enough?......

"I know it sounds stupid but the ships refuses to budge as well, and currently I have accepted that we are going into the portal no matter what ... like the world wants us to."

"And I'm guessing the world wanted you to blow up New York City as well." Fionn venomously snarked under his breath as he attempted to understand how the ship controls worked. He wasn't in the mood for Storm rambling on about meta-philosophy while the ship was possibly being ripped apart. No wonder David's been hitting the bottle so much... The controls were still baffling to him, "Come on! I can play a piano, how difficult can this be!? "


[quote]Storm-178 (Alpha) and Fionn.
Location: Rising Dawn | Bridge | Oceanic.
Time: 4Pm

A sigh was the only reaction which came out of Storm's mouth. He did not like how Fionn suspected him of doing this, but he didn't want to care. "I don't have that power, you might want to try the other 30 hundred characters on this ship ... or the justice league." Storm joked as he wiped away the blood from his head, revealing that the shallow cut had disappeared.

"Good to see regeneration is working." Storm said to himself as he heard Fionn talk about the handling of this futuristic ship. "There is no point, it just seems this world just wants to cause chaos for us to settle. I'll be doing something until we reach wherever." Storm smirked as he headed towards the door and turned around. "Hopefully you guys can have a holiday. I wonder if I can call Japan and check on things ..." The spartan said out loud and walked out of the bridge.

Storm sighed once more when he left the bridge, he had just remembered the stories Tomoya told about himself and the band of heroes fighting epic battles against villain groups. "Where is that group? All I see on here are antagonistic ass hats, villains and even more depressed people on here." He said complaining to himself.

The Hanger

The Spartan and AI had reached the hanger, and in a minute they had reached Tomoya's mini-area of the hanger. All Storm could see were dust covered bikes, bullets and the exception of his small ship and armor-loader. "Alpha, boot up the loader, I want us to be save during this 'trip'" Storm said as he grabbed his dual pistols, shotgun and energy sword (Device). It only took a few seconds to hear the satisfying click of a loaded gun, Storm had quickly loaded his guns and equipped extra ammo. Luckily enough Tomoya kept ammo and weapon products down here as well.

"Ready go load over here!" She had said with a happy tune, the AI was glad, even though it was small, Storm's attitude was slowly changing back to his usual self. Storm nodded as he pulled out her chip out of his phone and placed it within his helmet. Shortly enough the Spartan was inside the armor-loader and soon enough the equipping progress began. The legging and feet were first to become assembled, and then the arms and hands clicked into place and soon enough the chest-piece and back fell upon him.

The armor was heavy for a normal human being, but Storm could feel how light it truly was. In a couple of more seconds the metallic noises littered around the hanger as Storm picked up his helmet from the garage table and placed it upon his head. "Loading process complete, checking for problems ... all safe. HUD fully visible. Normal Mode engaged. Ready to roll Shaun-kun." Alpha said as the helmet was locked onto the suit.

"Idiot, don't use my first name in public." Storm smiled as he check his HUD once more and winked at the small window which contained his AI partner. "Now we wait." Storm said as he picked up his weapons and placed them on his armor. "Okay, I'll be checking all ten modes and the flight system." Alpha said as she disappeared from her screen.

Storm yawned within his suit and his arm reached for his face oblivious to the helmet. "Oh, that's right ... " Storm said as looked for somewhere to sleep, so he decided to sleep by a small corner in the hanger due to the fact his armor was comfortable and like a bed on the inside.

Airship Rising Dawn

Teri, Garm, Dimitri

As the ship rocked yet another time; Garm used his bulk to stop the girl from flying across the hallway and motioned for her to climb atop his back again when the tremors stopped for that moment. It'd be far easier to manage her safety this way, he thought to himself, as his weight he could control. Thus, when his charge her usual combat position and the wolf began their advance to... Well, whatever was far away from Slindis or Rugal. In the meantime, Teri called to her Tablet, "Dimitri, get into the Rising Dawn's systems and see if you can help Vermilion get this thing under control!"

"Understood, madam. Entering the Rising Dawn in 3...2...1..."

Dimitri felt himself immersed in the familiar systems of the Rising Dawn once again, and was pleased to sense the prescene of his other digital comrade, Vermilion. Making his way through the Rising Dawn, Dimitri found himself in the area control flight patterns, and called out to the User attempting to make use of them, User: Fionn,

"Greetings, User: Fionn. I am AI Dimitri, personal assistant and aide for User: Teri Gravel, 7th level Cleric. Aside from that, I am also an aide in the upkeep of the Rising Dawn, and I see you are attempting to make use of the flight controls. Would you like my assistance in this endeavor, or do you find manual controls sufficient?"

The Caerleon Family (Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg)

When the ship began it's rocking, the pact partners looked to one another with knowing glances. From the looks of things, they were going to be travelling to another universe. One can only experience the perils of inter-dimensional travel so many times before being able to predict the phenomena like weather. Still, with Furiae in a safe place with Jenny, Strider and Blade's associates; the group did not feel particularly anxious about this soon to be romp in space time. Knowing their luck, they'd be back soon.

Airship Rising Dawn Mk. II Canteen: David, Fionn, Lucieon, Lucretia, Matt, Soul (McPop)

David looked on, gobsmacked at what the hell just happened and the fact he had a daughter, It was impossible, how the hell did Elena give birth to a 14 year old!? She never said anything of being pregnant.
And he just went all "Police Brutality" on her ass!
He sat on the floor, bleeding from getting kicked in the face and clearly confused, all while everyone most certainly had now a bone to pick with him for trying to kill his own daughter.
.....God?.....It's me...David....If you could do something, ANYTHING, to get me out of this situation..I will build a million churches in your honor...amen......
The Whole ship began to shake as Storm's messing with the ship's Portal technology threatened to tear the ship apart.
Silently though, David was grateful as he picked himself up.
"Someone must have messed with the Portal system! You! (Lucretia) We'll settle this later!" He said before running off to see what he could do/get out of the worse family reunion in history.

???: Devon, Ella, Jenny

Jenny looked on as Devon and Ella were reunited, least until the ship began to shake.
"...That....Doesn't sound good...." She pointed out the obvious as she too went off to find out what the hell was going on.

Hallway: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis

Before he could process the idea of Devon managing to get an entire readout on AIM and it's actions, The Shaking of the Ship caught Rugal's attention.
"....I know that sound...." He said to himself, recalling a few experiments-
Then it hit him.
"...Some idiot is using a portal!" He exclaimed before running down the hall towards the bridge, stopping only to use his Energy Sense to find his way around.

???: Devon, Ella, Jenny

Devon held Ella's hand as the ship shook around, trying to keep his balance in the meantime.

Hallway: Rugal, Melethia, Slindis

Slindis and Melethia both followed after Rugal to see what was going on, with Melethia leading the way. Slindis may have more experience, after all, but Melethia had a great deal more experience moving around a ship going through a lot of turbulence.

Before long, they were at the bridge of the ship. "Okay, Mister Fionn, what's goin' on here?" the young girl examined the controls of the ship to see what they'd messed up.


"Then he shall be Punished." he said
Dillon's soul was resonating at it's peak, he had changed greatly his eyes had become solid gold orbs.
You, vile beast, think you shall stop me? I shall smite you where you stand Dillon's blades glowed and seemed hot Excalibur had it's harsh golden light, as did Dillon's grand golden wings of light. Red Fear glowed bright red and seemed even more dangerous. Dillon dodged the slash of the demons claws and struck at the beasts shoulder the demon roared in pain it saw the wound was deep and seemed to be burning it's flesh.
You shall not stand in my way, vile demon. Dillon flared his wings the harsh glow blinded the demon allowing him to slash and stab repeatedly the demon found itself mutilated barely able to stand with it's flesh charred.
Dillon dealt a final blow that vaporized it into black ash.
"Was that hard enough?" he asked Dani approaching him, he didn't find the light so harmful in fact it was just little bright.
Dillon looked for a way to cut Dani down.
"I'm getting you out of here" he managed to make a few cuts he also injected Dani with a stim-dart cocktail helped heal some of his injuries and the adrenaline gave him a boost of energy.

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