The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Airship Rising Dawn: Bridge Rugal, Melethia, Fionn, Soul, Dark Magician Girl
Authors Note: Hehehee, I can't read

After helping Fionn up, Rugal picked up on the desperate pleas for help from the strange woman that had now appeared.
...Christ, getting harder and harder to keep track of the entire crew... He thought before making his way over to assist her.
"Calm down, we'll take good care of him. MELETHIA! Get that Wand over here!" He shouted as he picked up his jacket and laid it on the ground before having Soul put on it rather than the dirt covered floor.

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger | Breecher's Pass, clifftop?
Time: 4Pm

As Storm walked through the ruins of the ship, something kept setting off his motion sensor, a red light and beep signaling that he wasn't alone.
"...Hello?!....Anyone there?!" He shouted, not getting a response, putting him slightly on edge.
He walked on, stopping to check his rear every few seconds as the beeping got louder and the movements of the dot got extremely erratic.
"....Hey!....Who is that!?....Show yours-AHHHHH!" He cried as the object did as he was told and leapt down from the vents above him, causing him to fall down from shock.
Once he picked himself up, he saw what it was: Rodem, Rugal's panther.
He stared at the Spartan expectantly.

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger | Breecher's Pass, clifftop?
Time: 4Pm

Noticing the panther, Storm was startled but managed to calm down, though a bad thought lingered inside of his head. "Nice kitty, nice ki-" Storm said but then saw the Panther's face.

The Panther did not look like it was in a good mood after the storm, and another unlucky moment has arrived for Storm. Looking at his shoulder his code-name was marked upon it "Storm-178". (It doesn't think I caused the Storm ... right?) Storm looked back towards it once more.

"Alpha ... it looks pissed off. Heeeelp The Spartan tried to whisper to his AI comrade, but she was not there. Then another though popped up inside Storm's head, he began to wonder what powers or weapons this thing had, and included the note that it might be an assassin hired by someone on the ship.

Storm shook the though and decided the intimidation method against it.

After standing still for a number of seconds, the panther still looked the same as it had before.

Though in Storm's eyes it looked more like this.
Not very friendly.

Storm had already began running down the hallway.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" He screamed, and eventually a large metallic noise came from the same hallway. Except at the very end of the hallway was a large hole in a shape of a running man.
Then next thing Storm noticed was a very, very large canyon below him.


(Captcha: "come on down!" Very funny. T_T)

"No, it's not your fault..." She said before trying to look at the kids she was holding. "But Dillon, love, you're a Daddy. You need to name your Son." She said, now crying tears of happiness because Dillon can finally see his children. "Our Daughter is named Athenus, because i know we'll raise her to be a great warrior. What she we name our son?" she asked him, just managing to speak through the tears.

The Dark Magician Girl picked up her master and followed the directions Melethia gave her to the medical bay.
she completely blew past those in the hallways outside the med bay, such as Lucifer, Lupito, Slindis, Teri, T-X-D and David.

"Move please!" she said rushing into the room and setting Soul down on one of the beds. Looking at the equipment, she tried to make sense of it, but fell to her knees hopelessly lost with it. Anyone that looked at them would have figured the girl would have been the one needed that needed medical attention for how badly she was hurt. Not the passed out emo laying on the bed.

Airship Rising Dawn: Outside Med Bay Lucifer, Lupito, Slindis, Garm, Teri, T-X-D, David

Although Teri would have enjoyed holding her embrace with Lucifer a little longer, the incoming flux of patients meant that she had a job to attend to. It was bad enough that Slindis was left hanging on Lucifer's arrival; but with this critical patient coming in, she had to put her wants aside for the moment. With an apologetic smile to the Devil, she charged a healing spell in her hands, and said to the mage, "You don't look like you're in good shape yourself. Please, let me help you, I'm a doctor...."

Placing her hands on the strange new magician, the girl felt a soothing feeling fall over her as the healing spell did it's work. Even after the spell ran it's course, the Magician could feel a similar, but lower key feeling fall over her as the self proclaimed docter stood by her. Some kind of aura perhaps?

Teri converts the Level 2 Spell: Brumal Stiffening into a Cure Moderate Wounds spell. Teri heals the Dark Magician Girl 34 points of damage. 18 Seconds before another 2nd Level Spell is available.

Airship Rising Dawn: Bridge Rugal, Melethia, Fionn

"Dimitri! Vermilion! You still functional?! Damage Report!" He asked while he helped Fionn up[/quote]

A screen turned on, and Rugal could see that Dimitri too was pulling himself out of a pile of digital rubble. After a moment of straightening himself out, he gave a small bow and spoke,

"Well, Mr. Bernstein, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that we have not suffered any severe causality, and the basic life support systems are intact. The bad news... Well, the Dawn isn't flying any time soon. She has suffered severe damages to her flight systems; and with the damage sustained in her fall, we may be stuck here for some time."


After watching the strange armored man fall out of the hanger and down the cliff below, Rodem went about his business, not really affected by the ship crashing in the slightest.


Rugal sighed when he heard the news that they were stranded in god only knows where and the ship was damaged beyond repair.
"Okay...First, check the status on the power grid and get onto mobile devices if you need to, the crash might cause the system to go offline and leave you both useless. Second, find out where "Here" is in relation to our realm. Then see what you can do about repairing the ship. Dismissed" He said to the AI's as he felt the hot desert air creep in from broken windows.
"Great....just great..."

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Breecher's Pass, clifftop bottom.
Time: ?

At the bottom of the cliff.

As you would imagine it, it was a loooooooooooooooong fall to the bottom of the cliff.
It actually gave enough time to the scared Spartan to remember that he should of activated his jets.
Now the giant suit of future armor stuck out from the ground like a blade, his head was deep inside the ground and his boots were sticking out of the dirt/sand.

"You kidding me?" He said as he wiggled his feet in the air.
"WHHHYYYYYYY!" He cursed gravity once more.
"You mind, I'm trying to sleep here." Alpha responded to Storm as she re-appeared in the bottom right of his HUD.

Storm smiled and his feet wiggled with joy. "I thought you were gone!" He yelled with surprise.
"I managed to come back in time for your fall from grace." She laughed directly in his face.
"Okay enough of the laughing, we need to get out of here ... activate the jets in reverse." Storm ordered and Alpha only obliged.

The jets from Storm's suit worked weirdly enough. The thrust from the multiple boosts sources flung Storm out of the ground, though they were not fully operational. The jets were actually set to 150 percent, which sent the Spartan into the cliff behind. A soft groan emitted from the suit as it flopped to the ground but emerged once more on his feet.

"Okay ... but before we get our surroundings ..." Storm said as he made a single sidestep and a large piece of scrap metal stabbed into the ground to his side. A sigh came from him as he noticed that he was lucky enough to actually avoid not having to buy a robotic arm. "Shaun I have already scanned the surroundings and it seems that there is a watering hole near here, but an unknown town much more further from here." Alpha said once more to the large armored figure.

Storm nodded but looked upwards towards the ship on the cliff. "Damn it, I wanted to at least check that no one was hurt!" He kicked the ground angrily and knew that he could not get up there due to the steep climb and the fact that his jets would send him into the atmosphere. "Hopefully they can follow me. Storm sighed as he began to walk.

Once more he turned back and yelled to the ship.
Storm could only pray that they will hear him or come to the town after they get ready.

Rugal, Fionn

"Great....just great..."

Fionn was now coming to, though with a massive pain in his head. "Yep, going to feel this tomorrow....." He noticed Rugal was helping him walk, so he gestured to be let down. "I have it from here mate, thanks", he turned and walked back over the bridge. "I'll try to get the location of the nearest town, see if we can get some supplies or help." He leaned over to the computer again, Dimitri once more popping up. "Dimitri, could you scan the area to get us a map of the surrounding area? See where the nearest town is."

"Certainly Mr.Fandango, scan in progress."

Fionn observed the map being drawn, noticing a few familiar locations....

Airship Rising Dawn: Outside Med Bay

Matt arrived outside the med bay to find a group of people blocking his path. "Could y'all make a path please? I really need the help of the medical equipment in there unless one of you can fix this," he said showing off the knife sticking out of him. He was in a great deal of pain.

Airship Rising Dawn: Corridors Devon, Ella, Jenny

Devon went in for one last kiss with Ella before responding to Jenny. "I'm not really sure, so how about we all find out?" It took a bit, but with the three of them clearing away enough of the debris, they managed to get to the Bridge of the ship.

Airship Rising Dawn: Outside Med Bay Lucifer, Lupito, Slindis, Teri, T-X-D, David

Slindis watched David run off to find this Lucrecia, then cleared her throat as she addressed those there. "While these reunions and healing stints are touching, we need to check on where we've landed. If you're all well enough to move, we need to head to the Bridge and take a look around before heading out. Only a fool would jump out without knowing what they're going into." Since Lupito had gotten healed a decent bit by hanging around in Teri's aura, he was able to walk alongside Slindis as she led the way to the Bridge.

Airship Rising Dawn: Bridge Rugal, Melethia, Fionn

Melethiatook a look outside as she used the wand to seal up very minor cuts and bruises in Rugal and Fionn, "Well, it looks like we're gonna need some water out there, but we can hunt the wildlife for some of that as well. Wheathair, we both know the ship got really beat up in the crash. I can rework the materials, but we need all the stuff like the coolants and other fluids for the ship if we wanna make any real progress."

Airship Rising Dawn: Bridge Rugal, Melethia, Fionn

Rugal nodded as Melethia gave him the lowdown for what she needed to fix the airs-
"...Wait...You mean...You are going to repair ALL this airship?...."
"...Yeah, Why not?..."
"...Okay..." He said, the fact that a 13 year old was about to try and repair what was most likely the most expensive and largest Airship in the history of man after it crashed from orbit.
Worst part is aside from some heavy lifting, she probably could!
And that was his favourite thing about her.
"Food and Water won't be much of an issue hopefully. We have a large stockpile of food that's yet to run out and Teri could take care of most of our water concerns. What I'm more worried about is getting back home, A lot of specialized equipment was ruined in the crash and we don't even know where we are to begin with!" He said as...

Devon, Ella, Jenny

Jenny, Ella and Devon entered the bridge from behind as Dimitri kept scanning for nearby settlements.
"By god...Where are we?..." She mused as she looked out over the open expanse of desert in front of them.

She cringed at this fact, That little Desert area in Hoenn was bad enough but this one seemed to go for 100 miles in every direction.
"Oh dear...So are we staying put or going out there?...Just if it's up for a vote, I'd like to stay..." she pointed out, the hot air of the desert making the smouldering wreck of the ship more attractive, at least parts of the ship's AC was working!


Dillon looked at his son, Red Fear warmed up and he suddenly knew what to call him.
"He shall be named Icarus, after a boy who could fly." he said, he knew the story of Icarus was one of being too reckless but he saw this as fitting for his son. He looked around at the empty void it was beautiful but he wasn't sure if this was the best place.


Airship Rising Dawn: Outside Med Bay Lucifer, Lupito, Slindis, Garm, Teri, T-X-D, David

the TXD flicked a switch and the medical bay came online.
"OK people the hospital is now open, let's tend to the most injured first. He was looking around at the crew scanning their injuries. his nano machines had spread to the other part of the ship, working to repair the ailed airship.
"Where's the captain? I want to know how damaged the ship is."

Ignore please

Airship Rising Dawn: Outside Med Bay Lucifer, Lupito, Slindis, Garm, Teri, T-X-D, David

Teri only gave a light shake of her head at the Termi-Dillon's words, given that she had been doing that very thing moments ago. Still, not one to let her ego get the best of her, the girl kept her silence as she finished tending to the magician girl and her male counterpart. As Slindis began moving on to the bridge, Teri called out,

"I'll be right behind you after tending to these wounded." and continued her work.

"Could y'all make a path please? I really need the help of the medical equipment in there unless one of you can fix this,"

After that, the girl tended to the strange man with the knife in his chest muttering aloud how members of the Rising Dawn tended to have the strangest of injuries and did nothing about them. Still, things went without a hitch with the girl's medical prowess (and some divine magic), in no time, Matt had his chest cleaned, bandaged and in a stable condition. With a smile from the Cleric, she gave the man some advice about preventing the wound from reopening and took off with her wolf friend and Angelic boyfriend in tow to the bridge.

Airship Rising Dawn: The Bridge

Teri, her ensemble and the pact partners had arrived around the same time, and exchanged greetings as they advanced towards the group awaiting Dimitri's scans. As they wandered, the Cleric held up a hand and asked if there were any injured as Caim and Angelus homed in on the situation. The dragoness walked forwards and addressed the party,

"Any signs of what's going on or what realm this is? Now, while I myself do not mind a desert, I am certain that there are many who do not share that sentiment..."

Caim couldn't help but grimace faintly, remembering how the Desert was used to harbor one of the Seals that balanced his world and how badly it was guarded.

The Rising Dawn Bridge.

"Well, it looks like we're gonna need some water out there, but we can hunt the wildlife for some of that as well. "[/quote]

"That's not going to be an issue Mele." Fionn instantly retorted as the girl made plans, his smile gorwing to a full grin as he checked the map to make sure he wasn't mistaken. "We're less then a mile from the nearest town, Gunsmoke. I'll be able to bring you there so you can all get what you need to fix the ship. " He was now positively shing from his discovery, it wasn't Hawaii, but it was back in a familiar setting.

As he went to open comms on the ship, Angelus, Caim and their "offspring" entered.

"Any signs of what's going on or what realm this is? Now, while I myself do not mind a desert, I am certain that there are many who do not share that sentiment..."

Without missing a beat, Fionn turned around to answer the dragonkin. "Angelus, allow me to answer you in the simplest manner possible: I'm home." He rubbed his hands together as he switched on a microphone, looking forward to seeing the place again. He had only been away for a week, but after what the group had been put through, it felt like months, even a year. It probably wasn't homesickness, but hunting down a rogue mage or arcane gunslinger felt like a holiday in comparison to the Holocaust he had witnessed.

Rising Dawn Medbay.

As the injured were tended to, a voice cut in over the ship, breaking the news to the crew, for good and for bad.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, this is your friendly neighborhood Gun Mage speaking. I'd like to welcome you all to Earth. Well, my Earth to be exact. We're less than a mile away from the local town of Gunsmoke, we should be able to get everything we need from either there or from the next town over. If anyone would like to head out there after you get patched up, either I can guide a party there or you can get the co-ordinates from the lovely computer here. "

Back on the Bridge.

After Fionn finished his message to the crew, he pulled out Sandy to double check she was loaded. "Well children, I'm heading in to town to see what I've missed. If anyone would like to join me, feel free." He then holstered Sandy and jumped out of one the broken windshields.

Scanning the horizon, he spotted the town some distance away, but still within reasonable walikng distance. And with that, he set out into the yonder regardless if anyone actually followed. "Well! You coming or not! Drink are on me!" He laughed heartily as he made his way down the cliff and onto a dirt road leading to the Town of Gunsmoke, completely unaware of what lied in wait of them all. This was going to be an interesting holiday for our heroes.

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, Welcome to The Wild Wild Western.


Rugal's eyes(?) widened at Fionn's news and what it meant.
"...If this is Fionn's Realm...And he managed to get to ours, there might be a way back to ours." He stated as he went to follow him.
However as he stepped out from the ruins of the ship, he was forced back inside by the glare of the sun hurting his sockets.
"Ahhh...son of a...I'll be but a moment..."

He soon returned with a pair of black sunglasses over his eyeless sockets before resuming after Fionn's lead.


Sighing as it was clear that they would need to leave the ship, Jenny unwillingly followed the others out of the ship.
Right off the bat, she jumped with how hot the sand felt on her feet.
"OHhhhhhh...Always too hot or too cold, Never just right..." She whined as she followed, hoping that the pain would ease.
Spoiler warning! It didn't.


[Awaiting reaction from Lucretia]

Rising Dawn - just outside

Before anyone got ready to head out, Devon cleared his throat. "Sounds pretty good. I'll just have Flagrun head up the defenses with the rest of them here while we head out." The Rust-colored Imp popped into existence and the Bard talked to the imp in a harsh, guttural language that Teri and SLindis recognized as Infernal.

"The rest of who?" Slindis was immediately wary, but a Detect Evil from her told SLindis that the imp wasn't evil, which was certainly surprising. What was even more surprising was the 22 other imps that poofed into the room with the slight smell of brimstone and.. perfume? That was a bit odd, considering they were from hell.

While the head Imp talked to the others, Devon told Ella to go ahead as he approached Rugal. "Excuse me, Mister Bernstein, do you mind if I talk to you for a minute? There's something I need to get out of the way now..." Rugal could tell that the man was incredibly nervous, and it had to take a lot of determination to not back away.

Meanwhile, Melethia nodded to Fionn. "Sure! Maybe I can see if they've got the stuff there as well, and that town's giving me good feelings."

Rising Dawn: just outside: Rugal

Rugal paused as Devon asked for his attention, having a funny feeling what it was about.
"Well enough. You have my attention. Speak" He said as he stared at the Bard, towering over him and his shadow being large enough to shade him from the sun.

The Dark magician girl sat there next to soul's bed. He was still unconscious as she looked around. The girl debated on going, but finally decided she'd join him.

The girl turned to the boy (T-X-D) and asked him "Can you tell my master where i am if wakes up before i get back? I'm going out to the town." she said and left the room, jogging off quickly. She caught up to rugal and Devon quickly an walked with him, the girls scars showing in the light. To say she stuck out like a sore thumb would be an understatement of the greatest magnitude.

Seeing the two were about to have a conversation, she gave them some room, so now she was following at about 20 ft away.

Rising Dawn: just outside: Rugal

He took a moment to collect himself before beginning the talk. "Mister Bernstein, the events in the Gulf of Mexico was the fault of nobody else other than myself. I'd been seeing Furiae there for some time with Iuart, and I wanted to get her free of that man that was doing all the things that someone that loves another shouldn't do. It didn't help that the massive outbreak from those beasts that was set off by Alucard took out the power, but when I finally found out where it was, I'd made the promise to ensure that Furiae'd get out of there.

I mean, I really didn't plan on what Bruiser did at all, and I promise that we only raised a blade to Bruiser and Inuart. If I'd taken Bruiser into account in the first place there..."

As hard as it was to believe, Rugal could tell that Devon was not lying at all.

Rising Dawn: just outside: Rugal

Rugal's expression didn't change as he confessed to effectively destroying his legacy.
"...Look...I understand, but You and Me? It can wait until we get the hell out of here and I really don't have it in me to get as brutally enraged about that at this moment in time. Still, After a lifetime of hard work, I'd like at least to have SOMETHING to show about it..." He sighed as he noticed another presence nearby.
Glancing over to whom he believed was the woman from earlier (DMG), he flagged her down and shouted "Come along! We have a lot of ground to cover."
He then marched on with the pair of them in tow, trying not to think about the billions of dollars he lost.

Rising Dawn: Rodem

As the others set out, Rodem remained at the ship, intending on guarding it until they returned.
Besides, it was too hot to follow master today...

DMG walked up to them and hung her head for some reason Unknown to Devon and Rugal. She was looking down and seemed to be drawn into herself, keeping her limbs close to her and not taking up much space in general.
"Thanks..." she said sheepishly to them.

It was not normal behavior in anyway, and it wasn't cold out, so it gave her no reason to be so drawn in. The way her walk was, was one of no self esteem or backbone, she looked broken and the scars showed it as well. she didn't speak much as she felt it wasn't her place to unless it involved her master.


".....So when did you arrive?..." Rugal asked without turning to face the Magician.
"Haven't seen you before the ship crashed, so either you joined up while we were gone or you were beamed in during the warp. Which one?..." He followed up, attempting to make light conversation.
He then took the jacket he was holding over his shoulder and draped it around her.
"Keep that on, in this sun, you'll get burnt alive in a outfit like that..." he added, fully revealing his pecs and overly muscular body.

Charity Case:
Sorry man, that conversation between them and Lucretia will have to be a flashback...

The Rising Dawn Bridge.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, this is your friendly neighborhood Gun Mage speaking. I'd like to welcome you all to Earth. Well, my Earth to be exact. We're less than a mile away from the local town of Gunsmoke, we should be able to get everything we need from either there or from the next town over. If anyone would like to head out there after you get patched up, either I can guide a party there or you can get the co-ordinates from the lovely computer here. "

Angelus and Caim easily hopped down from a broken window, Cadolbolg coasting down easily on the hot air with a smirk on his face and Ton Ton enjoying the breeze that came from it. As they wandered down, they saw that Jenny seemed to be having a bit of trouble with the hot sand. As the duo wandered over, Angelus reached out a hand to the Gardevior, and asked kindly, "Need some help, friend? Obviously, the desert is not a place of comfort, hmn?"

Caim, on the other hand, could feel a familiar set of voices in his mind as they approached Jenny. Sword and Comet wanted to say hello again...

Before leaving the Airship, Teri tapped a few keys on her Tablet to set the battery use to 'power-saver mode' and transferred Dimitri back into it. After a few more diagnostics were run on the machinary, Teri gave a nod of satisfaction and gently found her way down to the ground; Lucifer and Garm following after her. However, she couldn't help but give her wolf a pat of sympathy, as he was already panting from the heat.

"Sorry buddy. I don't have that spell ready at the moment... In the morning, I'll remember to prepare Endure Elements, okay? In the meantime, I can still summon up water. You let me know if you need anything."

The wolf gave a soft whine, and Teri wondered to herself if Fionn's world was completely covered in desert; or if this one was just exceptionally large...

Glancing around, Teri had half a mind to ask Devon where the imps came from, but felt it a tad redundant considering the company she was keeping at the present moment. Furthermore, with him talking to at the moment, the Cleric felt a little uneasy about approaching at all.

"I'm a card in that man's deck you saw. He was so focused on my car- me, once he summoned me for the first time, i sort of developed into a being in my own right." she said, not looking up at him as well as speaking in a sort of sad tone of voice. She walked, grateful of the coat.


Jenny continued to wince with every step until Angelus offered her assistance.
"Well, Yes. Sorry to be a burden, but I really wasn't prepared for this. Gah! I don't know how you manage in this heat!" She confessed as she rubbed one of her heels at the end of her rather thin legs.
"Closest I came to a desert was in Hoenn and even then I always took the long way around to avoid going through it. If you even have a spare set of shoes or something, just to take the sting of the heat off..."


".....That's....Not what I was expecting...." Rugal confessed, it amazed him to no end the many strange people this ship seemed to attract.
"Though that does explain a few things...Well I didn't "See" who ever's deck it was. Don't see much actually..." He added, causing the girl to realize he was blind.
"Don't dwell on it, no way you could have known..." He added, cutting out the need to apologize.
"...You have a name?..."

Rising Dawn: just outside: Rugal

Before he split off to meet up with the others, Devon left Rugal with this one statement. "I know it probably doesn't mean a damn thing to you, but I really didn't intend for it to end like it did at all. It was supposed to be a simple 'get in, talk down the fights, get Furiae, get out' type of deal. And everything you've built was destroyed due to the unintended consequences of others? It seems to be a common story lately. Now, I won't help you rebuild any empire like that again. If there is something you've got in the works to maybe help all of the people that were displaced due to the actions of that little shit that got off scott free by the heavens, I'm willing and able to provide whatever aid I can." Even if nothing else stood out there, the key bit was what Devon had described for Tomoya's consequences - more importantly, that not much had happened. And again, the way he spoke it without any hesitation made it hard to believe the Bard was weaving a tale.

With that, he began making his way to Caim's family and Jenny.

Rising Dawn: Rodem, imps

As Rodem lounged on the Airship, the Imps checked up on the rather large Panther and pulled up a bowl of water for him. Although ht wasn't in the instructions from Devon, the Panther was part of the ship's defenses from their viewpoint and thus needed to be kept in top health.

OUtside the Rising Dawn: Slindis, Fionn

Slindis led the way with Lupito and Fionn, and the Drow pulled out a flask and muttered a word before giving a drink to the moderately panting Lupito. "So, this town is only a small distance away? It's not that bad, and as far as deserts come, this could be a lot worse."

Outside the Rising Dawn: Teri, Garm, Melethia, Lucifer

Melethia quickly caught up with her Sister and Garm, not really all too bothered by the heat due to having to work around higher temperatures in the Cove. It was certainly dry, though. "Sis, you guys okay here? Ya kinda look miserable right now when it's not all too bad out here!"

Outside the Rising Dawn: Slindis, Fionn

"So, this town is only a small distance away? It's not that bad, and as far as deserts come, this could be a lot worse."

"Yeah, Gunsmoke is in a good spot for most travelers and wayfarers. Whole town's economy is based on seeing to Bounty Hunters, Prospectors, Explorers, Outlaws, all sorts." Fionn had slowed his pace down a slight so Slindis and Lupito could keep up. She could still see Fionn wasn't a hundred percent, he had done a good job of putting on a happy-go-lucky demeanor on the ship after The Hagane, but something was still off with him....

Outside the Rising Dawn: Slindis, Fionn

As Slindis and Fionn were a good distance off from the rest of the group, it provided a bit of privacy for Slindis to talk. "Sounds a lot like my old home. Still, Fionn, something's still troubling you. Does it feel off for you to be here without the Preacher?" She looked at the subtle movements the man made, trying to find a small tell that would clue her in more as to why he was so bothered.

"No." she said rather bluntly, almost as if responding to a demand. "My Master never gave me a name, he's always calls me Dark Magician Girl, my title name." she said to Rugal. she said to him, again, never looking up at him. Her attitude did seem slave like. rugal would recognize it as similar to a servant who he'd "persuaded" into listening to him.


"If I did have something in the works, I would have used all the resources and money I don't have to do it." Rugal answered before Devon went over to Jenny and Angelus.
Hearing the Magician answer him in a tone he heard before, Albeit in a different light and context.


"If you even have a spare set of shoes or something, just to take the sting of the heat off..." Devon heard Jenny say to Angelus as she struggled with the sudden change in landscape and climate.

[quote="mcpop9" post="540.101127.16773447"]

Outside the Rising Dawn: Slindis, Fionn

"Sounds a lot like my old home. Still, Fionn, something's still troubling you. Does it feel off for you to be here without the Preacher?"

Fionn stopped for an instant at that question. "A little on the nose with that one eh?", he continued to walk, glad Slindis was talking to him anyway. "You could say that. Then again, its more closure for me at this point. Maybe I just want out of all of this." Around a Billion dead, even more irreversibly affected......

Fionn shook his head at that thought. "Even when I fled to the frontier, embarking on grand adventures, the death tolls still follow me. Guess it's my lot in life then." As he muttered under his breath, Slindis could sense something from his right hand. It was subtle, but it was there, little embers forming then dying out, small shards of ice growing then melting, static electricity generating then fizzling out.

"Though, if you must call me by a name, Esia shall suffice. Esia, the Dark Magician Girl." She said to him, lagging a step behind him on his flank. "May i ask your name?" she asked him, hot and bothered by the heat, almost wishing she'd de-summon so she could be cool again, and not burning up.

"It's a wonderful name." Amaya said, enjoying it. "Both Greek, both seem to fit them." She commented and looked around after the beast had dissolved, leaving them on the beach.

Daniel stepped in now. "It'll be a few days before i have my strength to get you back into the rising Dawn, however, i should be able to make a decent shelter." Daniel said to the couple, a house made of glass rising up behind him. The Boy's knee's gave out from the strain on his body, begining him crumpling to the ground.

"Can someone tell me what's going on right now? I think I missed something important," Matt asked out loud once he was outside. None of his receivers were picking up anything so he was on his own when acquiring information. Other than that a simple systems check revealed that all his augments were working just fine.

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