The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Dillon was concerned over Dani who was using vast amount of his energy to create this shelter.
"Are you sure your OK." he asked the young author.
He looked up at the moon.
"Perhaps we should find our own ways of controlling this void." Dillon looked at the house of glass.
"Lets get inside."

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Outside the town of Gunsmoke.
Time: ?

Captcha: "patch of grass"
Storm: "None here bro"

The walk from the bottom of the cliff was a fairly long one.
The blazing sun and the heat floated in and above the air surrounding the Spartan.
The worst part was ... the cooling system of Storm's suit was busted.

The front panel of Storm's helmet was misted up, so the Spartan took his helmet off a while ago so he wouldn't faint.
"So Alpha ... when will the suit cooling system be fixed. It feels like I'm walking in a suit full of water." Storm complained about the sweat which was made from the heat. The worst thing is that he cannot take of his armor.

"Hmm, it looks like I can fix in in a few hours."
"How man-"
"Around 6 to 8 hours." Said the companion AI, though after she had said that Storm emitted a loud groan.

Luckily for the two, the town of Gunsmoke was right in front of them, but the superhuman hesitated to move.
"uuuh, this town doesn't look friendly ... especially if we're in the Wild West era" Storm commented on the Western town which could easily fit into a cowboy movie. A short sigh was heard next as the large armored, futuristic and armed superhuman started his first footsteps into this old town.

"By God I hope they are friendly."
"I wonder if they have invented trains yet?"

Avatar Adventure: Fionn's Realm
Location: Outside of Gunsmoke | Rising Dawn Crash Site
Time: Distorted


The Undead Merchant landed next to Lucretia and looked out at the town of Gunsmoke. The land was utterly bland, beige dust and sand stretched onward onto the horizon, where the mountains dotted the blue skies. Yet it was a refreshing change, as this world was nearly absent of the white, orange, gold, and red runes that usually adorned the places that he traversed. Of course, a few white signs still filtered through, as they followed his signature through dimensions, through time, and through space.

"I can't say I've had experience in a town like this," he said aloud, "I don't suppose you know how to navigate your way through a landscape like this? The heat actually makes me quite uncomfortable."

Indeed, he had not seen anything like it before in his life. Too accustomed to the towering black spires of Cataclama, or the limestone walls of Candor, and the vibrant greenery of the elven lands, he had never before ventured forth into badland deserts. He intended to make the most out of this trip, and had decided to stick by this troublesome little girl to make sure she did not manage to kill David. At least not without letting him drain the Irish sniper of humanity first.

Airship Rising Dawn Canteen (Before Leaving the Ship): Cadolbolg, David, Lucieon, Lucretia, Ton Ton

The duo looked to one another with confusion as Lucretia left and Ton Ton wondered aloud, "Protector of children? Sounds like something I'd do... I wonder if I ever found the Mistress?"

Cadolbolg shrugged and took another nibble of his food, "I dunno, Friend Ton Ton. I certainly hope you do, she seems really important to you... But what will you do if you DO find her? Will you stay there..?"

Ton Ton did not immediately answer that question, as he started to wonder that for himself. What would he do? He had a pact partner to take into account now; and he couldn't just force him to live the life he used to... However, that thought was cut short when Cadolbolg poked his side with a claw and scooped up a bit of food with the other,

"We can discuss it later. Right now, I just got a message from Mother. They're leaving. If you want to keep eating, you better grab it."

Airship Rising Dawn - Outside:

Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

"Well, Yes. Sorry to be a burden, but I really wasn't prepared for this. Gah! I don't know how you manage in this heat! Closest I came to a desert was in Hoenn and even then I always took the long way around to avoid going through it. If you even have a spare set of shoes or something, just to take the sting of the heat off..."

Angelus shook her head gently as she lifted up Jenny piggy back style; the Gardevior's weight meaning little to the dragon,

"I am afraid I have no extras at the moment. Now, were I not worried for frightening the locals, I'd be in my true form, and take to the sky. This sort of weather would be perfect for flight. The thermals around us would make flapping my wings an almost menial task..."

Giving a soft sigh, Angelus focused upon the process of carrying their friend around in an attempt to stop focusing upon the things that made her draconic soul scream for freedom. Jenny could tell very clearly that the woman before her very much preferred her other side to a human form; which made her wonder why the dragon endured being one for so long.

Caim shot a sympathetic smile Angelus' way, and waved Devon over as he approached,

"Ah, good to see you in one piece, Devon. Holding up well enough in the heat?"

As he said this, Jenny heard a familiar pair of voices in her mind,

"Hello Ms. Jenny! It's okay, I don't like the heat either. Makes me feel all weak."
"Speak for yourself, Sword. I find it very soothing..."
"Of course you do, you're a fire type!"
"Hence the saying... On the other paw, greetings, Jenny. It's been too long. How are you?"

Ella, Garm, Lucifer, Melethia, Teri,

"What do you make of that, my dearest?" The Devil asked as he pondered what it meant.

Teri thought for a moment, and then spoke up, "Well, I'm not sure how Angelic and Infernal genetics work in comparison to humans, but my guess would be that your genes as an Angel are more dominant in Ella's makeup, hence the feathers. I have heard of throwbacks of genes, but that usually happens at birth... But again, these are normal genetics I'm thinking of here. Celestial and Infernal stuff just throws the whole thing for a loop!"

She laughed a little and with a teasing shove of Lucifer's arm, said, "How about I ask the Boss if I ever see Him..? Her? Whatever gender God feels like being at the moment!"

Still, regardless of what caused the change, Teri was happy to see Ella taking a kinder disposition towards her. Even unintentionally, the Cleric did not want to cause a rift between father and daughter.

"Sis, you guys okay here? Ya kinda look miserable right now when it's not all too bad out here!"

Teri waved her sister over as she approached, "Hi Mel! Yeah, I'll admit it's a bit hot here, but Garm's got the worst of it. Poor thing, he's built for forests and Tundra... Aren't you buddy?"

Garm continued to pant at the observation, black fur looking a bit droopy in the hot sun.

Airship Rising Dawn - Outside:

Slindis, Fionn

Slindis noticed the slight instability in the man's control of his magic, but that could either be from his grief or something else that he hadn't brought up with anyone else there. "You think anyone's happy about what happened on the Rising Dawn? The first week I was on that ship, I nearly had my mind shattered by millions of souls being shoved into one small dice due to the machinations of one Red Mage. I know I can't exactly be the same as the Preacher was for you, but should you need someone to talk to, I'll be an ear for you."

As they neared the small town, she turned to him again as the sweating wolf got another drink from the flask Slindis had after she muttered the same word to it again. "At times, it's almost sickening how little some of the angelic host care about those not on their level. After all, they can call a rewind on their mistakes so nobody has to see them and that removes any reason for them to even try to actively try and work at nipping these situations in the bud. Let's not even bring up the blatant hypocrisy in that stone only being able to be used by those that haven't killed." The scorn in her voice made it very clear to Fionn that Slindis was not happy with the things revealed by what had happened as well.

Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Jenny felt a pair of boots form on her feet as the Bard approached, and although the boots had a decent bit of metal, they weren't too bulky. In addition, there was a little bit extra that made the head a bit more bearable to her. ALthough highly unusual, the relief was very welcome.

"Actually, I'm holding up pretty well here. Don't really know why, but the heat isn't getting to me all that much. The peaks in the area are oddly comforting as well, but again, it doesn't really make much sense." The Bard rubbed his head, a bit confused but still fairly comfortable in the heat. Considering that it was hot enough to scorch Jenny's feet, that was incredibly surprising considering the suit he was wearing.

Ella, Garm, Lucifer, Melethia, Teri,

Melethia patted Garm with a bit of sympathy and gave the grin that told Teri that her sister had gotten an idea. "Hey, didya think about maybe thinning his fur out a bit or maybe makin' some water for him? It'd probably help a bit, ya know." She looked at Teri chatting up Firebrand and Miss Ella, immediately noticing the difference in the succubus/angel hybrid.

"Miss Ella, what's with the change? It's not bad, but ya really do look a lot different." She eyed up the wings, curious as to how they'd shifted so much.


Gunsmoke Outskirts

Slindis, Fionn

"At times, it's almost sickening how little some of the angelic host care about those not on their level. After all, they can call a rewind on their mistakes so nobody has to see them and that removes any reason for them to even try to actively try and work at nipping these situations in the bud. Let's not even bring up the blatant hypocrisy in that stone only being able to be used by those that haven't killed."

"I wouldn't worry about it anymore Slindis." The energy around his gauntlet intensified as he focused on the events of that debacle. "If they try anything like that again..." Slindis could swear she was beginning to sense something similar to negative energy, "I'll make to sure to instruct them about personal responsbility. Now." The energy vanished as Fionn turned around, a smile on his face, "Slindis, welcome to Gunsmoke."

And it was one hell of a welcome for them.

The Town of Gunsmoke

The town looked normal enough at an immediate glance, everything looked fairly standard for what the heroes would expect from their knowledge of the Wild West. the "corpse" that Lucretia saw picked himself up, looking extremely hungover before shambling back into town. Storm's pondering on the level of technology the land posessed was interrupted by the noise of the incoming 10:15 from Blackwater.


However, as everyone made their way into town, the more weird aspects of the town presented themselves. On their left was an open fronted blacksmiths, run by of all things, a Red Dragon. He was baffled at how one of his customers had successfully caused the barrels of his shotgun to blow out like a flower. "Tell me, what ammunition were you using again?" "Bought it from a wandering merchant, said it was dragon's breath" The Dragon pondered this for all of a few seconds before shrugging and then biting the barrel off before handing back to the customer "Here, now its a sawn-off."

No one paid much notice to the group apart from the usual friendly hellos and such, this town was a way point for all the bounty hunters, adventurers and other strange folk in the region. At the end of the town road, opposite the station, was The Saloon. As Storm approached it, a man was flung out by the owner. "Come in here again, and I'll stick your pistol sideways up your arse!! " I was the same man as the 'corpse' that was by the watering hole.

Roll Call Bitches, everybody post your sheets!!

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Gunsmoke | Saloon.
Time: ?

Storm had walked into town before everyone else.
He had put his helmet back on to protect his face and head.
Though he still got many looks from the citizens of this town.
Walking in front of the town saloon, Storm was expecting the next event.

" As Storm approached it, a man was flung out by the owner. "Come in here again, and I'll stick your pistol sideways up your arse!! " It was the same man as the 'corpse' that was by the watering hole."

"Well ... you don't see that everyday." Storm said to himself as he opened the saloon doors and walked in. The Superhuman was about the same height as the door, the environment was lively as you expect a saloon to be ... full of cowboys, drunk cowboys, horny cowboys and the most cliche kind ... card playing cowboys. There was even a piano playing, which livened the place up even more. "Well this isn't cliche" Storm said with a sarcastic tone.

Though once everyone noticed the green armored man he had already began to walk up to the bar.
Once he got up to the bar counter everyone could clearly see that he was taller then your average human.
"Got any water barkeep?"

Location: The Town
Time: ?

Lucieon | Lucreita

The sights, sounds, and smell of this little frontier town made Luke a little unsettled. Especially when he passed the Red Dragon that served as the town's blacksmith. Even Red Dragons, much weaker than their Ancient Stone counterparts frightened him to no end. He kept his distance from that blacksmith's shop and followed the rest of the group toward The Saloon.

"Dreary little wealth deprived scumhole. No place for any mercantile designs to occur."

Gunsmoke Outskirts

Slindis, Fionn

Slindis noticed the shift and made a note to try and keep a better eye on Fionn, because it was clear that something serious was brewing there.

The Town of Gunsmoke

When they entered the town, Slindis pulled Fionn aside. "You've a good deal of experience with this town, so who would you say holds the real power here? It's something I'd rather find out sooner rather than later, since the law doesn't always hold all the cards."

Melethia immediately went over to the Red Dragon blacksmith. "Hey, mind if I use your forge for a bit? I need to rework some of my stuff to get the metal retempered. Would that be a problem, Mister?" The Blacksmith could smell the various metals on the young elf, and he could see the sharp eyes of a skilled craftsman in the child. She was at least apprentice quality, and the blades she pulled out were very well made even if they had suffered wear and tear from not being able to have proper maintenance.

Devon picked Ton-Ton up to make sure the little trooper wouldn't have to walk on the baked soil too much. "Caim, I'm going to head to that Saloon and see if I can earn some cash there. If you want, you're more than welcome to come along."

He entered the bar and approached the barkeep. "Mind if I play a bit in here? I'm looking to earn a bit of money here, and I promise you won't be disappointed." He held the electric guitar as he waited for the response.

Gunsmoke Outskirts

Ella, Garm, Lucifer, Melethia, Teri

"Well Mel, once we find a place to settle in, I'll give Garm a good brushing. In the meantime, here you go buddy boy!"

Pulling out one of her water bottles, the girl gave the wolf a much appreciated drink and patted his side. Turning to Ella, Teri couldn't help but smile at the Angelic Succubus' attitude, and said,

"It's good to see you so cheerful, Ms. Ella. If you don't mind me asking, what inspired that change?"

As she waited for a response, Teri took in the local sights, and her eyes widened at the sight of the Red Dragon-blacksmith. Even if there was one in the party 24-7, it was certainly different on account of her constant masquerading as a human...


Angelus, Caim, Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

"Have fun, Friend Ton Ton!"

The Tonberry waved back to his pact partner as he was whisked away by the Bard, and took in the sights the saloon had to offer. Many men did different things, such as playing cards, chatting idly, or laughing at various baudy tales being told. As Devon readied his instrument, the Tonberry contented himself to sit on the countertop nearby and watch the proceedings.

After Ton Ton left, Angelus put down the now boot wearing Gardevior and held out an extended hand, "Caim, the mask?"

The warrior gave a nod and produced the mask from the Armory handing it to the gleeful dragoness. Obviously, the notion of her kind living here was not lost on her.

After a moment of running behind a building, stripping and changing to her normal self, the dragon descended on the outskirts of the town, a soft rumble filling the air as landed. As she approached, a happy rumble filled her throat as she said,

"Ah, this desert sun feels good on the scales. I missed stretching my wings...."

Caim gave the dragon's nose a gentle pat, and 'sent' "Perhaps a night flight would be in order?"

"I'd like that. Now, let us see what this place has to offer..."

Gunsmoke Outskirts


"That would be Rugal Bernstein, Esia. I have a feeling we'll be getting to know each other over this misadventure.
Rugal was for the most part missing out on the visual of the town and the wide array of creatures and professions, but it didn't bother him much.
As far as he saw it, this was merely just a bump in the road and the main worry on his mind was returning to their homeland.
He too entered the Saloon and took a seat at one of the tables rather than by the counter, hoping to get out of buying anything, seeing how he was broke now.
He focused and tried to pick up any high power levels, wondering if everyone here was like Fionn.
What he didn't see was that compared to most others here, he certainly looked the strongest with his size and muscles.


After spending most of the trip talking with Sword and Comet, Jenny walked around in her new boots.
There was something about them that made the heat more bearable.
"Wow, Thanks Devon!" She cooed as most of the sting of the heat was all but removed.
Once she got into town, she walked around in awe of the wide array of creatures living alongside humans.
Avoiding the Saloon, she intend went towards the stables, wondering what other kinds of creatures lived here.
Wow...Just like Kanto...

David West

Waltzing in like the protagonist of every Western movie ever made, David made a enterance in the Saloon, intent on roleplaying as a real Cowboy like he wanted to be growing up.
He took a seat at the counter before saying to the barkeep "Strongest Drink you got, mixed with the Second Strongest."
Giggy as hell, he pulled out his wallet and pulled out a 20 Euro Note.
Then it hit him, Euros most likely didn't exist then.
Turning to plan B, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a bunch of 1 and 2 Euro coins, hoping it'd be enough.

Gunsmoke: Blacksmith


"Hey, mind if I use your forge for a bit? I need to rework some of my stuff to get the metal retempered. Would that be a problem, Mister?"

The Dragon looked Melethia up and down before grinning. "Sure, so long as you don't mind some of my customers! " He laughed heartily before belching some flame into the forge, making sure it was fully heated up. "You have some materials I haven't seen in quite some time, where are you from anyway? He stood back as Mele went to work.

Gunsmoke Saloon.

Storm, Devon, David, Rugal

As Storm walked entered, a few hushed conversations flared about the marine, mainly about his strange appearance. The bartender, also the owner of the place, turned from serving a pint over to Storm as he approached the bar. "Hello, Son. Fancy armor I have to say, what can I get you?", she asked in a friendly voice.

"Got any water barkeep?"

"You'd need it after going out there in that" The barkeep shook her head as she poured a glass for Storm. "I'm guessing you're not from the Templarate huh?" She was intrigued by the new group now entering the bar, all wearing anachronistic outfits, speaking with wildly different dialects. She was used to seeing the strange adventurers at this point, but these were a little more weird.

It was at this point Devon made his modest proposal:

"Mind if I play a bit in here? I'm looking to earn a bit of money here, and I promise you won't be disappointed."

"Not at all, be my guest" He leaned over the counter to shout at the pianist. "Hey Jim, Jim!, JIM! Knock it off! Let the new guy have a crack at it alright!?" She thrn turned back to Devon "Go right ahead son." The onlookers then all sat back, curious about Devon's strange guitar and his possible talents.

Then David made his entrance, much to the 'delight' of the regulars. "Goddamn Tourists" could be heard muttered as David MOSEYED ON OVER to the counter. "Strongest Drink you got, mixed with the Second Strongest." The barkeep tried to hold back a fit of laughter, this guy was completely out of his depth! "Sure, hun! Strongest in the house! This'll have ya up the walls like a rattlesnake in a house fire!" She ad-libbed in a sarcastically hammy Texan accent as she poured him the strongest liquor she had.

Gunsmoke Outskirts

Fionn, Slindis

"You've a good deal of experience with this town, so who would you say holds the real power here? It's something I'd rather find out sooner rather than later, since the law doesn't always hold all the cards."

Fionn took his hat off to scratch his head. "Well, I'm not sure how much time has passed here, the town looks different in many ways, Though I'm guessing the Sheriff is still the same given the order. Wayne Orlandu is his name, he's a Paladin from the war, bit trigger happy, but he's still a good man. Hope he still is." With that, he walked off in the direction of the Saloon, leaving Slindis to decide where to go.


As Jenny walked over to the stables, she could hear all manner of noise and commotion. She then popped her head over a hatch to look into the nearest stable.....

Gunsmoke: Blacksmith


As Melethia quickly got to work and cycled in the metals, the Blacksmith could see the girl knew more about the trade than blacksmiths that had worked at the trade for years. After a short amount of work, the girl finished with all the blades and refining the heads of the hammers.

"Yeah, it was a quick job here. Any ideas what I coulda done to get this better? It feels like I coulda done better here..." Although the girl seemed disappointed, the worksmanship in the equipment was the best that the Blacksmith had ever seen or even heard of outside the stuff inside the ruins. And this was quality she was disappointed in?

Gunsmoke Saloon.

Storm, Devon, David, Rugal

The man slowly started in the performance with some mellow playing then moved into the full performance, Managing to get the entire bar to listen to the playing. Although they hadn't quite heard the music before, one thing was for sure: it was possibly the best music they'd heard in ages, and the man poured his soul into his playing.

Before long, the entire bar was fully focused on the playing as Fionn and Slindis entered the bar, and Slindis nodded at the performance. Even if the relations between the two were still a bit strained for good reason, she had to admit that he performed excellently and already began counting the funds that would help him a good deal with his living. Lupito sat next to his master and Fionn, enjoying the cool air.

Devon took ten on his Perform (Guitar) check to achieve a 34, putting the entire bar in awe at the masterful performance.

"Would you like to hear a bit more?"


the T-X-D walked into a saloon, people looked as he came in and sat a a table he had a cold nature to him no one gave him any mind, mostly because this looked like a man who you didn't go to looking for trouble. however there was a young fool who thought he could impress someone by telling this guy off
"hey buddy your sitting in my spot."
The stranger turned to the young boy.
"Is it now?" he said he had a fluid southern accent.
"Ell then, my pardon I'll just be-" He had started to get up when the boy tried to grab him and throw him however the stranger was much heavier then he expected.
"Trying something boy?" he asked the young boy backed way before running the stranger smiled and went back to sitting down.
Rugal saw all of this, the boy dropped some money which the stranger picked up, Rugal noticed that while this stranger looked like Dillon he didn't act like him or have that odd energy signature Dillon had in fact the stranger had something nonliving to him, he didn't breath was a big giveaway.

Gunsmoke: Saloon


"WOOOOOO! YEAH! ROCK ON, MY SON! I KNOW THAT GUY!" David cheered after the song was over before picking up his drink and downing it.
The mouthful he just took felt like paintstripper for the tongue and it looked like he was going to violently puke it as he sloshed it around in his mouth.
Forcing it down his throat and coughing hard afterwards, he sighed and casually added "I'll take another, bill it to the Musician, tell him David's giving him a I.O.U."
Drinks were on Devon tonight!

Gunsmoke: Stables


Jenny awed at the strange creature, jumping slightly in her skin when it gave out a loud "Kweh!".
Laughing playfully, she said "Hello there! How are you? You're a good boy aren't you? Yes you are! Yes you are!" as she lightly petted it's long neck.
While she should know better, she was around plenty of Feral Pokemon during her life so she wasn't too worried of it acting out.

Gunsmoke Saloon.

Storm, Devon, David, Rugal. Ton Ton

Ton Ton inspected the drink David was knocking back, and couldn't help but wonder if it was like the things Mr. Caim and Ms. Angelus drank during downtime. Pointing at the glass, Ton Ton asked the Irishman in the most polite tone he could muster,

"Excuse me, Mr. West, I know you paid for that drink; but it be a bother if I sampled a sip? You certainly seem to enjoy it.... I think. Are you supposed to cough like that?"

Gunsmoke Blacksmith

Angelus sniffed the air in curiosity, and decided to wander towards the blacksmith in question. It would be a good idea to know what place dragons had in this world. One doesn't want to be hunted down for their hide and bones, after all.

As she made her way there, she noticed the Cleric in her silent rapture of watching the other dragon work. With a chuckle, she remarked, "Hpmh! You act like you've never seen a dragon before..."

Teri jumped out of her skin and laughed nervously, "Hi Angie-er, I mean,"

"It is permitted, so long as I am in a good mood, such as now."

"Oh, alright. Anyways, well... You run around as a human a lot, so I don't really see your other side. Forgive me for being just a little interested. It's not like I've had a liking towards them since I was little or anything!"

Angelus could practically taste the sarcasm in that final statement. Shaking her enormous head with a chuckle, she continued her walk towards the blacksmith.

As for Caim, he and Cadolbolg began making their way down the streets, in hopes that something of interest would occur.

Gunsmoke Saloon.

Storm, Devon, David, Rugal, Fionn Slindis

"Would you like to hear a bit more?"

The entire Saloon was stunned by Devon's performance. The Pianist's jaw had slammed through the floor, the card players had their table blown over, and one of the waitresses had passed out. Fionn himself looked stunned. The barkeep on the other hand only shake her head in silent astonishment. "Im guessing you'll be taking requests now eh?" She laughed as she threw the idea out to the crowd.

"I'll take another, bill it to the Musician, tell him David's giving him a I.O.U."

"Alright then, he won't need to worry about a tab at this point though." The Barkeep joked as she began pouring another drink, taking her eyes off the task to look at the further entrants to the bar. That was when she noticed a familiar Gun Mage.

"Fionn Fandango, where the hell have you been? You still owe me fifty dollars" She smirked as the Gun Mage approached the counter. "Well Shara, I fell through a hole into another dimension as the whole town saw, and went on a fun adventure in which millions died, then I fell through another hole, and here I am. Pretty normal month all things considered" Fionn snarked as he delivered exposition about things the players already knew. Shara, the barkeep, could only tut as Fionn told his story, "You know, I'd have thought you were just sent to over an ocean or volcano or something like that. But since it was you, it just had to be something that insane. Must have been a long month then." Shara snarked back as he poured Fionn a drink, he was aware he wasn't gone for a day or two at this point, the Barkeep had aged noticeably, she didn't look old, rather just matured.

"Well then, be straight with me, how long have I been gone?"
"Completely Blunt?"
"Ten years."
"........Huh, thought it would have been longer than that"
"Yeah, you would."

The revelation had barely phased him, the different look of the town, the changes on the map and other oddities had allowed him to connect the dots. "So, what have I missed?"

"A fair few things." The two began to discuss the circumstances of Fionn's absence.

Gunsmoke Saloon.


While having his second doseage of his poison, David was already starting to feel the effects of the extremely strong drink.
Turning to Ton Ton as he asked for a sip, he slurred slightly "Sure, I mean, your 18 right?"
Before he had a chance to answer, David had a glass half full of a foul smelling brown sludge.
"Come on, one drink won't harm yea...."

Gunsmoke: Blacksmith


"Yeah, it was a quick job here. Any ideas what I coulda done to get this better? It feels like I coulda done better here..."

The Dragon Smith was literally gobsmacked with the talents of the young elf. At her age, she cloud do THIS!?

"Well.....If you want to improve...... you could..... I don't know to be honest, these blades are flawless! I guess you could try modernising some of your methods if you have to try something different." He was baffled at the girl's insane standards.

Gunsmoke Saloon.

David, Ton Ton

"Come on, one drink won't harm yea...."

Ton Ton shrugged and took the glass in his little hands, and tilted the glass back. The sludge went down without a hitch, as the Tonberry had a fairly strong stomach and digestive system (and yet his mouth seemed to be completely hidden); and he let out a little groan when he finished, "Ooh, that didn't taste very good... No offense to the bartender if that's how its supposed to be... Anyways, sorry I drank it all, Mr. West; but I think you can stick to them. It's not really my thing... If you'll excuse me, it's a bit noisy in here."

The Tonberry hopped off the counter without a hitch, and wandered to Devon, tugging his pants leg, "I'm going to be outside, Mr. Devon. It's a bit loud for me. Otherwise, your music is very nice."

Following that, the Tonberry wandered down the streets, little lantern swinging with quiet abandon.

As he made his way down the streets, he heard a soft "Wark!" and rushed in the direction of the sound. There's no way...

But indeed it was! Inside a stable, he found Jenny petting a soft, bird-shaped animal. Ton Ton's eyes lit up at the sight of the creature, and wandered over to Jenny's side,

"A chocobo?! Wow, I thought these only existed in Mistress' games! Then again, if I can become alive and my kind only existed in games, then the same is true here? How did you find this creature, Ms. Jenny?"

Gunsmoke Stables

Jenny, Ton Ton

Laughing at how ticklish it's feathers felt, Jenny kept petting and praising the Chocobo as Ton Ton arrived.
"Heeheha, Oh! Ton Ton, didn't see you there. I...was just walking and I found it. I wonder who owns it..." She mused as it "Wark!"ed again, seeming to like the attention it was getting.
"Chocobo, Huh?...Certainly didn't have any of them in Kanto..." she said as she scratched behind it's ear.

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Gunsmoke | Saloon.
Time: ?

Storm laughed as he placed the empty glass back on the counter, the weirdest point was that he never even removed his helmet. "Not just because of that, but as you see this armor is heavy and thick ... so yeah, my body feels like a water tank." Storm said as he decided to remove his helmet to have another drink. "Alpha, activate helmet removal procedure. Storm asked his invisible companion. "Ay ay sir" She joked. Soon air hissed from around the helmet and Storm took his helmet to reveal his face.

Looking around the room he noticed the people from the Rising Dawn come in.
Storm was relieved that no one was hurt though the thoughts of distrust lingered around within his head.
One of his hopes was that he could get on everyone's good side and maybe even become friends. Though he knew it would be a while due to the Tomoya incident which they had just left.

A sigh left Storm as the music began to crank up to rock hero level.
Storm always appreciated all kinds of music, though classical was always his favorite.
Still, the spartan was nodding along with the performance, feeling every beat and string.
Once the performance was over Storm clapped slowly but loud as clapping could be.
"Hmm, that was nice. Haven't heard that kind of music for a long time ... though my favorite song was always Air on the G-string." He said out loud before turning around.

The memories of his past had hit him once more.
When this superhuman was no more then a little more his parents taught him how to play Violin, and ever since then he had respect in music, but mostly classical music. "I wonder if I can still play it? He whispered to himself as he tightened his fist.

Looking up quickly he looked at the barkeep.
"Hmm, I'll up the drink now. Got any root beer?" He smiled, though he noticed quickly that the barkeep and Fionn were talking.

Gunsmoke: Blacksmith


She finished letting her blades cool down and nodded. "Okay, I'll keep an eye out for that, see if there's somethin' I can pick up from it. Still, if ya really want my help, I'll be around here, Mister!" As she exited the area, she looked around for any trouble, but eventually got to the stables and met up with Ton-Ton and Jenny.

"Hiya Ton-Ton! What's the bird there for? Some kind of mount?" The young elf looked at the overly large bird and enjoyed the slightly spicy scent that came from the bird.

Gunsmoke Saloon.

Storm, Devon, David, Rugal

Devon patted the Tonberry on the head in the break of one of the songs before it walked off, then continued with with a upbeat guitar rock song.

After a performance that lasted for a good chunk of the night where the Bard kept the song mixup fresh, He eventually bowed before the bar as he got one last drink. That should be good for the night... Don't think I've ever played that long! The performance the man had given that night was likely to be one that would spread throughout the area within a few days, and it was one of the few nights the bar hadn't broken out into some kind of brawl.

He was surprised to see Slindis hand him the not small pouch that looked weightless, but he opened it to find a sizable amount of coins in it as well as something else. "Why would you give this to me?" The Bard was fairly confused with the generosity of the Paladin. After all, she didn't have much reason to like him still.

She finished up her drink and gave Devon a firm look. "Like it or not, you're one of us here. And unlike others, you've at least shown that you understand the consequences of what happened. It takes a lot to go up to me and Melethia and make the decision to keep an eye out for us."

An empty glass was raised in a toast. "Besides, that was one of the best performances I've ever heard." She pushed the bag over and tied it onto the man's belt in a firm knot that still provided access to the contents within.

"Thank you very much, Slindis. I'll ensure that your favor shall be returned in kind." He bowed curtly before heading outside, enjoying the desert air that felt familiar for some odd reason.

Gunsmoke: Stables

Jenny, Melethia, Ton Ton

"Chocobo, Huh?...Certainly didn't have any of them in Kanto..."
"Hiya Ton-Ton! What's the bird there for? Some kind of mount?"

Ton Ton nodded a few times, happy to be the one dispensing knowledge instead of asking for it:

"Yup, Chocobos are essentially like horses. They're very fast and can endure a lot of weight. Some say they're so fast, you can avoid most encounters with monsters! However, I'm a little scared of approaching. Tonberries were nasty enemy creatures in my Mistress's games, and even she said I'm different from most of my kind."

Looking back up at the Chocobo with melancholy eyes, Ton Ton sighed a little, "I don't know if the Chocobo can tell the difference and I'd hate to cause too much trouble, so I'll stay back. It should like you, Melethia! Give it a shot."

Gunsmoke: Saloon


Even Rugal couldn't help but give the bard a round of applause after that performance, having heard it from the back of the bar.
That child will go far back home, doesn't even need Autotune! He thought as he watched him receive his payment from the bar patrons, Slindis being among them.
Guess she finally trusts him... He thought as he watched their energy fields from afar, sighing at how annoying this was going to get in the future, having to sense where everything was.
Still, he was glad there was some reconciliation between them.


David switched to water after his second cocktail, admitting that it was far too strong for even him.
He kept to himself as the Bartender talked to Fionn, opting to instead throw out a "Howdy Partner!" to the odd passer-by.


"They use these as Horses?....Must a strange world then...but I guess I'm one to talk, What with our Surfing Buffalos..." Jenny said as Melethia and Ton Ton.
"Still, we should ask it's owner before we go riding on it, I'd hate to get into trouble..."

Gunsmoke: Saloon

Rugal, David, Fionn

"Hmm, I'll up the drink now. Got any root beer?"

"Responsible drinker, aren't we?" Shara teased playfully as she opened the bottle and placed it on the counter. She was beginning to find the soldier's naivety endearing. "You have to be a master of coincidence, we just had this stuff brought in!" Having served Storm, she turned back to Fionn to resume the conversation of exposition.

"Well, apart from the settlements on the sky continents, nothing has really changed." Shara was slightly impressed, fifteen years went by and nothing of real mention had happened. Fionn could only knock another shot back. "Nice to know I left the boring years. Knowing my luck a massive upheaval or crisis will happen with me stuck in the middle of it." Shara grinned, "Come on, you love it" ".....Well, yeah." The two laughed as she poured a shot for himself.

Gunsmoke: Stables

Jenny, Melethia, Ton Ton

"I don't know if the Chocobo can tell the difference and I'd hate to cause too much trouble, so I'll stay back. It should like you, Melethia! Give it a shot."

The Chocobo let out another "Kweh!", completely oblivious to the conversation between the two.


The Dragon smith noticed Angelus's approach, giving her a look that acknowledged her but also conveyed his focus on his current task. He had a Winchester Rifle disassembled to inspect the parts for which was caused the rifle to send the bullet off at 60 degrees, killing a chicken. "Good afternoon madame. Do you need anything? Or want to buy something?" He maintained his friendly, almost gentle tone, but it was clear he was looking to focus on his work.

Gunsmoke: Stables

Jenny, Melethia, Ton Ton

"They use these as Horses?....Must a strange world then...but I guess I'm one to talk, What with our Surfing Buffalos..." Still, we should ask it's owner before we go riding on it, I'd hate to get into trouble..."

Ton Ton shook his head with shock, "Ride it?! Oh no, you mistake me, Ms. Jenny! I only meant pet it, like you do now! If Chocobos exist here, there's a high probability my kind might exist too; and unfriendly ones at that... I don't want to scare it."

He sighed faintly, "I would like to, it looks really fuzzy.... You can do mental stuff right? Would you be so kind as to try to ask permission for me? I really don't mean any harm; I just wanna touch a feather..."


"Good afternoon madame. Do you need anything? Or want to buy something?" He maintained his friendly, almost gentle tone, but it was clear he was looking to focus on his work.

Angelus nodded in a similar respect, and spoke, "I am afraid I am not in wont for anything material at the moment, so I will not try not to keep you and make this quick. I am looking for simple information. In my travels, I have not noted many dragon coinciding with human societies. Thus, I am curious. Is such a friendly concordance common in this realm, or is your business an outlier? Do you know of the state of dragonkind around here? Are there many? Few?"

Gunsmoke: Saloons


"What? What th-Uwaaaahh!!"

A woman's shriek was heard above in the second level of the saloon, in one of the guest rooms.
A bespectacled young man came barreling out of the room backwards, shielding his head from an onslaught of various beauty products with a large bookbag. He slammed into the wooden railing.

"I'm sorry! I didn't do anything!"

The railing began to creak as the young man leaned further and further back, until completely giving away. He crashed down on one of the tables below which was, thankfully, vacant of any bargoers. The contents of his bag spilled everywhere, with books littering the floor around him. "Urgh..."

Gunsmoke: Stables

Jenny, Melethia, Ton Ton

Jenny seemed uncertain when Ton Ton asked her to ask the Chocobo permission to pet it.
"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can. Most beings like these have less intelligence then you or I. Delving into it's mind would be a useless gesture, All I would be able to hear is "WARK!"" she said as the Chocobo looked at her.
"...Mmmm...Still...I don't think It'd mind. Go on ahead." She said as he walked to it's side and kept saying "It's okay, It's okay." in a attempt to keep it calm and prevent it from acting out.

Gunsmoke: Saloon

Rugal, Slindis

After paying Devon, Slindis was soon joined by Rugal.
"I see you and Devon have buried the Hatchet..." He started as he took a seat next to the Drow.
"From what I've gathered thus far, most places here don't even have running water, Can smell them from a mile away. I don't know how the hell we are going to get the parts to get out of here and back home. Hopefully the AI's will come up with something, they usually do." He explained their current situation before declining a drink.
"Guess we are stuck here for a while...Could be worse, Could be in Evergreen..."

David (West)

After the massive scene that the student made before falling down from the floor above, David was one of the first to help him up.
"Alright, people, Show's over!" He said, hoping to spare the guy some embarrassment as he helped him up.
"Well, That just happened, care to explain yourself, Mister?..."


The student shook the stars out of his head and looked at the man who helped him up. He gave him a weak reply. "...David. My name's David. And I don't kn-" He hissed in pain and gripped his right arm. It seemed that the landing ended up spraining it. "Ow... Ah! My stuff!"

David broke away from the man's grip, question forgotten, and knelt down on the floor. He began gathering all of his books with his good arm in a frantic pace, muttering to himself.

Gunsmoke: Stables

Jenny, Melethia, Ton Ton

"...Mmmm...Still...I don't think It'd mind. Go on ahead." She said as he walked to it's side and kept saying "It's okay, It's okay." in a attempt to keep it calm and prevent it from acting out.

"O-o-okay! Nice chocobo... Please don't kick me chocobo..."

Ton Ton slowly wandered the chocobo, the hand with the lantern extended to pet the bird's flank....


West, David

West prompted David to sit down as he picked up his things motioned for him to relax.
"David, Eh? Names the same, David West, at your service." He introduced himself as he picked up all the books and laid them on the counter next to the Student.
"Didn't expect to find a Student around here, what with the Cowboys and everything. Still didn't answer my question, any reason why you were thrown out of that lady's room and onto the ground?" He asked as took a drink of his water, starting to counteract the massively strong drink he consumed earier.

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