The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Slindis nodded at the explanation. "Perfect sense. I'll not raise my blade, but you otherwise have my aid." The way Slindis was talking, it was closer to her Teacher personality than the friendly warrior she had come to know. It also seemed like the day had given her much to think about, but it wasn't likely for her to say anything.

Kate set up a deckchair and began reading a magazine about headphones.

Teri nodded, "Okay, I'll just deploy Dimitri and Vermilion when-"

That was when the scream tore through the air, and Teri looked to her AI Companions, "You two ready?! Things are starting to look kinda nuts!"

Dimitri's Room


Dimitri had finished copying his Guardians in the room (thus making sure there were defenses while he carried "them" with himself to the Rising Dawn) when Teri's worried voice spoke over the intercom.

Looking up, he answered, "Whenever you are, Madam. My defenses are ready..."

"Understood. Good luck you two."

With that, the two were readied in another e-mail and sent to the Rising Dawn. Following that, Teri gave her teacher a nod and ran after the others towards the temple.

After his encounter with that...THING, Rugal stopped for a moment when he realised it wasn't following him.
"Ahhh....Goddamn flashbacks...Ok, Breathe, breathe, merely a minor episode, nothing to be concerned about..." He said to himself as he leaned against one of walls of the passage he was in.
"....Oh goddammit, I've lost my position, great...just great..." He cursed, he could memorise the way out, least before that thing arrived.
Once he was calm and collected, he proceeded.
He instantly realised what he just did: He set off a pressure plate trap.
The entire hall shifted as the floor slanted into a slope and he found himself falling down into an awaiting chamber behind a hallowed wall to his left.
(More to be added, Next post!)

Viscus watched his timer countdown to the time he calculated Rugal would be dead and he would be free of the rules and guidelines that bound him.
It was then he got a alert: The inferior AI's from earlier had returned.
Thus he went back down to the mail room...

Avatar Adventure
Location: Corrupted Forest ~ Corrupted Temple
Time: Midnight

Aftan | Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Gabrielle | Jake | Kud | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Puce | Riki | Rugal | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

The commotion that everyone was making caught Kyre's attention, and with great haste she descended onto the group moving toward the temple, perhaps spurred by that earth shaking scream earlier. She swept her crimson cloak around herself and landed next to Puce and Kurumu, a trail of falling leaves followed her.

"Don't worry," she said smiling, eyes still closed, "I'll make sure no harm befalls him."

And then she turned away and started to make a mad dash toward the temple, determined to make it in and survey what traps had been set in that magical place. If Puce were to die in the temple, she could never swallow up Kurumu, for the girl might be lost in that endless black ocean of grief. Her reclamation had to wait until at least these shenanigans were over.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Corrupted Forest ~ Corrupted Temple
Time: Midnight

Aftan | Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Gabrielle | Jake | Kud | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Puce | Riki | Rugal | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

The scream had served to draw everyone's attention, so Tajuh called out to everyone as they all made their way to the temple. "Everyone, now's crunch time. While we're in there, we're going in, we're cooperating, and we're getting that orb. If you've got an issue with that, stay with me as the rearguard. I'm not going to force anyone, but we'll need long-range support to cover the main group. Make your decision quickly and stay with me if you're going to be guarding the main group. If not, stick with Puce since he's going to be the man coordinating the movements inside the temple."

Thanks to the marks that had been made, they made their way to the temple quickly enough. "Teammates of the Rising Dawn... MOVE OUT!"

For their part, Slindis, Devon, and Melethia made their way into the temple.

Not long after David left him blind, trapped and about to die, Rugal began to scream in pain as the pressure from above threatened to snap his bones, his legs starting to buckle.
It still was extremely surprising to him that Viscus of all people would be the death of him, and after all he did to keep him pacified.
"....Well if you told me, you were drowning
I would not lend a hand..."
Sang a voice that sounded extremely familiar to Rugal, one he heard back when he was 18.
"....I've seen your face before my friend
But I don't know if you know who I am..."

"...g-g-g-Goenitz!?..." Rugal managed to say with pained breaths.


"...But I was there and I saw what you did
Saw it with my own 2 eyes.
So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you been.
It's all been a pack of lies..."
Goenitz answered as he sat down next to the wall near the struggling king.

"Uh, what was that?...The King of Fighters asking ME? for Help?...Oh how the mighty have fallen..." He gloated as he soaked in Rugal's misery.
"Remember the time you had me tied to a metal cross and used me to supply that Manor of yours with electricity?....Then you were killed and sent to hell?...Broke out as soon as I got the word, That was a good day..."
"...Why.....are" He asked as the ceiling lowered even further.
"Couldn't let you die a extremely painful death without saying goodbye...Wonder if you'll be sent to "Hell" Hell or "Everfree Forest" Hell..." He teased, reminding Rugal of the time he spent there.
The angel slapped Rugal across the face, nearly making him lose his grip.

"Language, Young Bernstein! God above, Just because you've failed in your endeavors doesn't mean you have to take it out on me!" He interrupted with mock offence.
"Heh, It's pretty funny actually. All the killing, all the training, all the enhancements, Crimes, Money, power, and yet here you are, about to die because someone far better then you didn't think you were evil enough!"
Rugal was silent, Goenitz was right, No matter what he did, how strong he be-
"...Shut....up...." He then growled, knowing that he was trying to sow seeds of doubt in his mind
"Ain't saying anything you don't already know. You were weak then, ain't really much of an improvement now...Still, you want to shut me up, I don't believe if you let go right now, I could get out in time...just a thought..."

Kate fished her binoculars from her pocket and watched Rugal and Goenitz. She yawned, and rubbed the back of her neck, working out an ache.

David West
As Rugal battled death and despair and all sorts of other horrors, David was mostly feeling fine.
He back-tracked though the passageway, using the Black Water as a guide, and was soon back in the main hall pondering where to do to next.
.....I wonder.....If I was to input this eye of Rugal's into my skull, would I shoot better?... He thought as he went to pick a passage at random.
The sounds of footsteps filled the hall, putting him on guard, least until he saw it was just the rest of the Crew.
"Huh....Didn't expect you all to get here so fast...Still, no harm done. I've checked the passage with that weird water flowing down it, Dead End."
Heh, "Dead" end...

David West
As David mused to himself, he was approached by Slindis and Melethia. "I see you've already made headway. What was that scream earlier?" The Paladin eyed him up, still not too fond of him for what had happened in the village.

Meanwhile, Melethia looked down the Passage. "Mister, I don't know how good your eyes are, but I don't trust a 'dead end' until I've seen it."

David West

"Wait...You guys heard that too?....Whoa...I thought it was loud but from all the way back at camp? No idea, yet to find who or what did that." David answered as he glanced around the Main Hall, noticing Melethia examining the Black Water.
"Okay...Maybe not Dead End in the "It leads nowhere" sense but more in the "Heavily Trapped" sense with undertones of "It leads nowhere." That Trail there is a Red Herring, runs out some distance in and I haven't seen anything in there to suggest that's our ticket to the Orb. Check it out if you want, but personally, I'd rather try the other passages, we got a lot of ground to cover down here."

David West

Melethia grinned on hearing the 'heavily trapped' bit. "Thanks for telling me that, mister!" The girl began moving down the path and found a pressure switch, gingerly testing it to see the trigger weight.

Back with David, Slindis, and Teri, the paladin eyed up David. "I took a look at everyone that entered with us, and the only person that's missing is Rugal Bernstein. Would you happen to know anything about that?" Her tone made it extremely difficult for David to tell that it was anything more than her wanting to know where a teammate was, and it was clear to him that she didn't know what Rugal had done.

David West

"Whoa, HEY! Get back here! Don't wander..." David said but it was clear that she wasn't going to listen.
"...Off...Is no one going after her?....No?.....Okay..." He trailed off before she was gone.
It was then that Slindis brought up the Million Dollar Question.

".....Yeah...About him. Well, back at the camp, after...the Village mess...I got this sent to my phone." He said as he pulled out his phone and played back all the video evidence that Dimitri sent him.

"You remember back on the ship, the AI Viscus? He works for Rugal. These were taken from Viscus, Troop Movements, targets, videos, Rugal has been using his conflict to his advantage. He plans to bankrupt the US Military so after this war is over, his group AIM will be the only ones left to receive US contracts. He killed all these people just to line his own pockets. Now, I knew him before all this, This is exactly like something he'd do and has done. We can't let him get away with this and we have to make sure he doesn't get the chance to do this again."

David West

Right after Mel had said that and ran off; Teri shook her head in disapproval; "Hate to burst your bubble, Mr. West; but I'm afraid I must tell you that my AI was mistaken; as crazy as that sounds. I made him to be human; which means he can make a mistake just as much as you or I can. On top of that, he's a little naive, and VERY protective over me. Viscus used that to his advantage; and willingly allowed Dimitri to find that information about AIM, and tricked him into misquoting it against Mr. Bernstein. In actuality; he, and I were fooled by Viscus, and Dimitri jumped the gun and tried to protect me via that E-mail. Now, I bet you're wondering how I know all this... Viscus is human too, you see. He was never a program. He uploaded his brains into a program and made himself a program so he could live forever."

David looked at her with confusion; and asked: "What makes you sure of all this?!"

That was when the Cleric smile and "say"; "Viscus made a classic Villain faux-pas. He gloated to Dimitri about the whole thing. As we speak, my AI and Mark's are working in tandem to try and stop that scanner-humping asshole from killing us all or do God knows what else to our Airship. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've a patient to attend to. Try not to use friendly fire on the way while I'm gone, hm?"

With that, she ran off in the direction of where Melethia went; mentally kicking herself for taking too long. She just HAD to pull out another speech, didn't she?

Kalastryn comes to after something apparently knocked her out for a while... she had been wandering around the forest for some time trying to find where Slinidis was... although she hated to admit it, while she was powerful she was rather... fragile. So it seemed something got a sneak attack in on her and she passed out. finding her bearings she seemed rather close to the Temple. In fact, someone or something put her only about 200 meters away in a patch of bushes. at first she thought something was up, but then she detected the aura of good, the only person she knows who could use that was Slindis, so she takes a deep breath. If this was a trap, she was falling for it... she walked inside to see Slindis and David in a rather ornate room with blackened water flowing freely across the floor. "Finally got here... though I'm not quite sure how. Anyone mind filling me in on a few things... being knocked out for a few hours tends to leave me in the dark about current events."

David West
".....What?...." David said, frozen in shock as Teri ran off after the Elf.
"....Oh.....Bollux..." He cursed to himself when he realised what he just gone.
"What?....Did something happen?...." Slindis asked as David looked clearly uncomfortable.
"...Well.....You went into the temple...I was following him because after seeing.....Yeah..." He mumbled as he began kicking himself mentally.
"...What did you do?..."
David didn't finish but instead just reached into his pocket and pulled out something.
It was Rugal's Bionic Eye.
"...I'm sorry..."

David West, Slindis, Kalastryn
Kalastryn noted an eerie silence as Slindis looked at David. "...You're sorry? You knowingly sent one of the people you were working with to his death and the best you can say is that you're sorry? You may have had a grudge with him, you may have hated him, but to go and do that makes you no better than the people you fight." Before David had a chance to react, Slindis delivered a fierce blow to the man's left cheekbone and knocked him out, sending the unconscious man skidding to a halt near Kalastryn.

Slindis went over and grabbed the eye that had been dropped after the hit and turned to Kalastryn. "Coming with me or not? Make your choice!" She started to make her way down the hallway.

Melethia, Teri, Rugal

Teri could see the girl had set up a knotted rope at the start of the incline held there by a purple spike that was hammered into the ground of the temple. Following it while keeping a grip on the rope to stop a complete fall showed Melethia pulling out a decent-sized acid to make a hole in a wall and the moans of what was clearly Rugal. "Wheathair, you've got some help! I saw the bit of your jacket on the side of the chute, and I'm using some acid to burn through the stone. It's nasty stuff, so you'll have to watch out for it!"

Rugal could faintly smell the acrid scent of an acid which was growing stronger by the second from above until it started dripping through the wall.

No one gets left behind!

Melethia, Teri, Rugal

When Teri reached the drop and saw the rope, she fidgetted in anxiety and called over; "Melethia; it's me, Teri! Do you want me to do anything to help? Because I don't see anything I can do at the moment..."

The Rising Dawn: Digital hell; Round 2!

As soon as they arrived in the Mail Room, Dimitri deployed PRINCIPALITY; and the duo began carving their path to the control nodes. There was no time to be wasting here; and Viscus would be right on their tail in moments.


Kalastryn nodded to slindis and followed with as much haste as possible. Dearly hoping Rugal would survive, as much as she wasn't exactly fond of him, she hadn't seen anything so far to make her think in the slightest that he deserved to die.
"so, I take it Rugal is in danger?" she said with hurried footsteps, being careful not to step on anything suspicious "You know knocking him out might not have been the best idea, now we don't know where he is."
she paused for a moment, she could hear talking behind the wall ahead of them.

David West

"Now in my Def-"
Before David could explain himself, the next thing he saw was stars when Slindis stuck him across the face.
Unfortunately for him, she was stronger then she looked, MUCH stronger.
Aside from a quick twitch and a groan, David was completely out cold.


The space in the chamber Rugal was stuck in had now reached the size of a ventilation shaft, his bones being the only thing that was keeping him alive, but even they were one by one snapping and breaking.
The devil in his ear said "Come on, just let it one is coming fo-"
"Wheathair, you've got some help! I saw the bit of your jacket on the side of the chute, and I'm using some acid to burn through the stone. It's nasty stuff, so you'll have to watch out for it!"
"...Oh...Oh well, guess you can wait for them to die first then..."
Thus his mental demon faded and went to rally the others.

The smell of acid filled his crawl space as they got look at Rugal and the trap he was stuck in.
Before he could be moved, the crusher would need to be stopped.

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.

Post contains Temple details.

Time: Night | January 1st.

The temple was a maze of passages, chambers and sorts of rooms. In the beginning days of the temple everything was spotless like clean glass. Now in the present everything is covered in dust, cobwebs or unknown darkness material. Luckily deeper in the temple, eventually most passages reach the very last large chamber in the temple which contained a large and deep slope running down for a while mile down. On this slope and even in the rooms before it the traps had been activated by the dark passenger who returned long before the heroes.

The traps consisted of your usual past man made traps from spike pits to flamethrowers, the worst part about the traps were deeper inside the temple near the chamber containing the slope. The advanced traps were made of unnatural materials which were not crafted by man's hand. It was angelic metal and materials, these consisted of traps like buzz saws, lasers, turrets and even robotic guardians.

Even though the traps were a hard defense they have not kept out the natural life in the temple, but thanks to the corruption the insects and animal life in the temple has become corrupt just like the forest. Except this life is closer to the core of the temple which leads to increased darkness and corruption.

The temple was big but the catacombs below it were even more humongous.
It contained crypts, coffins, burial locations. Even the bodies of angels were laid to rest here, so no one knew was lurked beneath the temple.

The history of the temple was rather simple.
When man was in it's early years the angels decided to build the temple to look over the humans and guide them.
The tribes of man came out of curiosity and were welcome with open arms by the angels.
The angels taught the human ambassadors/head of the tribes knowledge about their world and what it would become.
Eventually most of the humans had received the blessing from the temple and even took up the angel's religion too.
Humans came to the temple to pray and receive aid.

Though some humans wanted more.

An order of humans and the head of an angel guided a black hand upon the temple.
The order wanted to corrupt everyone and use the angel's power to conquer the world.
The angelic head of the order was pleased with this since he gained more power and slaves himself.

Soon after the group was found by the angels and all hell broke loose.
Groups and angels were killed and soon the temple was covered in blood.
Luckily enough the archangels came and swiftly put an end to the betrayers, sending the order and the now fallen angel to their own version of hell.

The Archangels reverted the tribes to their past ways and said that humans would not be allowed to gain their knowledge.
This made the temple empty, no one dared to enter.
The tribes still worshipped it for an unknown reason.

Years ago the temple was disturbed, not by the tribe or the angels.
But by a boy.

Foolishly he ventured into the Temple of Light and climbed to the highest point to retrieve the stone of light.
The stone was forged by the Archangel which allowed the temple to be made and to be abandoned.
The stone turned the boy into one of their own.
That is how Tomoya became the Archangel of Lightning.

Riki, Kud & the David West, Slindis, Kalastryn group.
Location: Corrupted Forest/Jungle | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Night | January 1st.
Weather: Dark clouds.

The silence surrounding the couple was broken as Tajuh yelled.
"Teammates of the Rising Dawn... MOVE OUT!"
The boy Riki looked at his lover. Kud still gripped his sleeve tighter.
"Are you sure you want to come Kud?" He gently asked her. The young girl snapped a bit out of her scared state to only worry about Riki. "No... NO... let me come with you!" She raised her voice a bit. Riki smiled at her and stroked her hair which calmed her down a little.

"Now lets take it slow... " Riki said as he pulled Kud up and the two walked to the temple hallway behind the group with David and Slindis in it. Before leaving the hall Riki could feel a little bit dizzy and several flashes of light blinked in front of him. ("No... it can't be... narcolepsy... I cured myself!") His mind screamed out, but Riki managed to still guide his younger lover.

The two were fazed out of reality until they saw David being knocked out cold. "Ahh, what happened to David-san?" Kud said.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico.
Time: Early Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

The crisp air of January swept through Mexico like a scream. This may be because Dark Tomoya ran through many houses and market places with a truck. The truck was actually heading south below Mexico, to South America. The only reason why he travelled so fast was due to the lightning power's influence on his vehicle's engines. Soon enough Dark Tomoya arrived at an airport, the truck's grill was covered in red gooey blood and chicken feathers. Everyone gazed at him as he walked into the airport. "Ignore the mess... someone bloody put a lot of chickens in my way." He said in a threatening way.

Soon after that he walked into the main building and looked around for the main desk.

Melethia, Teri, Rugal

Melethia called up to Teri. "He's gonna need help, because he sounds like he's in a lotta pain... and there's something here!" She noticed a small depressed box and used a thin blade to pry it, revealing what was to her a fairly easy to disable trap even after checking the mechanism. With a few moments, she looked over the past bits and removed the key parts to making the trap go onwards, even managing to reverse the crushing mechanism.

"Teri, let's go down there! He's probably hurting a lot, but let's see what we can do!"

Hearing her daughter's calls, Slindis urged Kalastryn on. "Kalastryn, when someone's willing to kill a comrade like that, would you have them guide you down what could be a dead end? It seems like Melethia set up a rope here, so let's follow it!" Slindis used the rope to keep herself from slipping down the slanted shaft.


"I suppose saying it is a bad idea is a serious understatement." she was honestly impressed with Mele's ability to disable the trap, and more-so impressed that the process of disabling it didn't need much adaptation from how it usually went back home. now that the crusher was not longer pushing down, she takes the eye from Slindis and pushes it gently into Rugal's eye socket.then gets out as soon as possible to let Slindis and Teri work on his recovery.


Once the Crusher started to ascend, Rugal flat out fainted as the pressure was released, groaning from the strain the entire ordeal placed on his body.
Slindis managed to carry his limp body out before Melethia closed out the passage to prevent anyone else from getting trapped.
It was clear Rugal was in a bad state, internal bleeding, a his wrist bone was snapped and most of his other bones were near breaking point, not to mention the shock he was going into thanks to Crush Syndrome
He would live though, provided he got the right treatment.

On the plus side, he had his eye back so he was far less likely to die from his wounds.

Viscus: Cyberspace
Viscus watched as Dimitri and Vermillion when to work trying to wrestle control of the Airship from him.
"Insanity : Noun :
The state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
Extreme foolishness or irrationality.

That is the only word I can use to describe your attempts to defy my operations. What makes you believe you can succeed in your efforts? You only escaped last time because I let you. So tell me, how do you believe you can defeat me?" He asked as he watched, letting the automatic defences do the work for him.


Teri moved past all of the women as she began typing a few things on her tablet, "Alright, ladies, this'll be when the Time Bubble comes in. It'll make time seem like it isn't passing at all for Mr. Berntstein; but will make things appear in normal time to us. Now; we only need to make this thing run for a few minutes on our end to lull Viscus into a false sense of security. After that; we can work on him..."

As she deployed the Bubble; she was unaware that crueler things were lurking nearby this place...

Viscus | Dimitri | Vermilion: Cyberspace

Dimitri laughed, "If I told you how we intend to win, that would ruin the surprise, now wouldn't it?"

Taking a whack with THE_NINE_IRON, Dimtri felled another defense as the duo (now with a deployed PRINCIPALITY, SEIRYU and YAMATA_NO_OROCHI tearing through the other defenses) continued tearing through the Rising Dawn's mainframe to find the control modules.

As Rugal was put under, A strange smell filled the air.
"....What is that?..." Melethia said as the Smell grew stronger.
"....Burning Metal?.." Slindis commented.
Hot Metal.
Teri began to have an episode of her PTSD and walked off before he got sick in front of everyone.
She then turned a corner and puked on what she thought was the wall.
"EEEEWWW! Gross, These where Everlast's!"
She looked and realised she just puked over a pair of rather expensive Everlast Runners.
That someone was wearing.
She looked up and saw a face she would always dread: Bruiser the Machoke.
"....Boo." He calmly said before giving off an evil grin.

Teri's eyes widened and she backed away slowly, her hand fumbling for a water bottle from her satchel; "Y-y-y-you can't be here... I saw you! You were killing people elsewhere... There's not way you should be here!"

The Machoke cracked his knuckles as the grin widened; "Don't you remember, sweetie? Ain't nothing gonna stop me."

Teri shook her head vainly, and tried to cry out; but no voice came from her throat. She was mute, how could she have cried for help? Hands still shaking, the girl was able to pull out a water bottle and dump it shakily on the floor, a small water elemental standing between her and the Macoke.

He looked at the Elemental with mockery before looking at the Cleric: "This is the best you got? Welp, with Toots not around to help you; I suppose I'll have some fun with you while I can. Try not to scream to much. Oh wait!"

As he laughed and began to advance, the smell of burnt metal started to become unbearibly thick; causing Teri to cough loudly as he advanced towards her as she began pouring out another bottle of water.

Teri watched on as he causally backhanded one of the Elementals out of his way, spattering it's head across a wall and forcing it to regenerate.
"Think you shoulda picked Fire...Ah well, makes my life easier..." He remarked as he walked on, repeating the process with the second elemental.
"Now then, Stop worrying and let the Horrible Man do terrible things to you for his own personal enjoyment." He said as he managed to grab her by her new uniform and up off the ground.
"You know, you never did answer me that time..." He said as he pulled out a set of rusted pilers near her face.
"Fingers or toes?"

Viscus watched as Dimitri attempted to take control of a key Node: One for the ship's engines.
Then he got an alert from Rugal's life support: Flatlined.
"If your plan involves letting me do the one thing I needed to do to compete my objective, then you are succeeding wonderfully. Rugal Bernstein is dead." He said as he began the process of promoting himself to CEO of Rugal's organisation.

When Slindis heard the voice, she turned to Kalastryn and Melethia. "Hold on, I'm going to check on Teri. Something about that voice just now made me real concerned..." The paladin quickly went over to the area where Teri was, with Melethia following after her.

The two turned the corner to see Teri being cornered by the Machoke and Melethia threw a dagger that barely avoided making Bruiser a eunuch. "Miss Teri!" Melethia drew a kukri and longsword crackling in electricity and moved to close the distance while Slindis began drawing her her rapier with a small amount of dread.


After the Dagger flew past Bruiser's genetalia; the Machoke dropped the girl in surprise, allowing her to hold up a hand and weakly say through the Tablet; "...Divi-ne... Justice!"

A familiar sword of force appeared and stabbed down on the Machoke's back; allowing Teri to scramble away for the moment. The water elementals scrambled in again; each slamming into the Machoke as the sword struggled to remove itself from the beast's hide.

When she saw that Slidis and Melethia had arrived, Teri felt a relief fill her heart; and her mind returning to it's somewhat normal senses. However, that also made her realize that they left Rugal's body alone... They needed to protect him!

Whirling around, Teri's hands began to move and Celestial began to pour from her Tablet as she prepared another one of her spells...


Dimitri rolls a 2 on his Bluff.... Dear god.

Dimitri did his best to not pay attention to Viscus' jabs; when he heard, "Do you not care that Rugal Bernstein is dead? Funny, I thought your 'Lady's well being was most important to you..."

That made Dimitri stop for but a moment, Vermilion taking up the slack of where he left off, and shouted, "N-no! I don't care! He was a terrible influence on Her Ladyship anyways! I just want to eradicate you from this Airship because you're a terrible program with flawed morals!"

(You're not really one to talk there Dimitri...)


"WHOASHITFUCK!" Bruiser exclaimed as the dagger barely missed him, causing him to drop Teri.
He then focused on the Drow and the Elf.
"Okay, that was just flat out RUDE! I mean, Damn, who aims down there?! Fuck." He whined before he began to make his offensive.
However, the time it took for him to say that was more then enough for Teri Divine Justice Sword and her Water Elementals to strike.
"Oh you back stabbing WHORE! Oh what I'm going to do to you!" He shouted as he tried to free himself of the Living Water while the sword tried to dislodge itself.
He was completely open to attack now.

".....I am completely convinced that is the case. You forget one thing, Even if David didn't Kill Rugal, there would be the Enchantments Tomoya left behind and I am certain a Angel Attack will occur as the Rising Dawn attempts to leave with the Orb of Light. I've been doing this since I was formed, You? You can barely operate a machine. You. Are. Nothing to the Viscus Mk.4."


Seeing the opening, Melethia sprung at the entangled Machoke, slashing at his legs . The Longsword merely grazed him, so the only damage was from the current of the electricity racing across the water on him (Basically a Thundershock.) The Kukri, however, was a bit more effective as it sliced through the right Achilles Tendon with a moderate burning sensation. "Hah, gotcha!" She finished by bouncing out of Bruiser's range.

In the middle of this fight, it was nearly impossible to hear the heavily armored steps approaching.



As Kala was standing by protecting Rugal's... "body" she felt for a pulse and could feel none... she thought at first he was dead, but decided it would be perhaps better to believe that his pulse stopped because time is not flowing for him, so his blood couldn't move, but it wasn't killing him... right?

then she heard Bruiser's yelling from down the hall... but before she could move to assist them, something got in her way... "no... no no no, NO YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD! I saw you die!" she shouted as around the bend, with blades drawn, were a priest and a nun... her adoptive parents, excecuted for heresy when they discovered they cared for a "demon". They then moved to attack, being ever silent.


If Teri had been scared a moment before; upon Melethia's attack upon Bruiser's shins, that fear slowly began to evaporate. That was when it hit her; Bruiser was just as mortal as she was, and she had power now. With a slightly mad laugh, she said "I get it! I finally get it! I get why you scare me so much! It was because I couldn't do anything about you! I was powerless! But not anymore, no, I can hurt you now! And if I ever see you again; I'LL BE EVEN STRONGER! GET EM, SNUFFLES!"

It was at this moment a Wolf made of glistening blue ice appeared; and snarled at the attacker of his summoner, and charged at Bruiser, the beast's cold aura flaring as it went for Bruiser's leg.


"That is where your flaws lie, Viscus! You underestimate the Users! They are far more powerful than you can imagine! They can grow, and change! They are constantly learning! And that is where we overpower you! Our Users gave us that same potential!"

Dimitri seemed to have worked faster as he yelled this at the cruel AI, and the node was taken. When Wesker noticed that the node was lost from his grasp, he wrote it off as a lucky stroke. It had to been coincidence that a confidence boost did anything... But AI don't have confidence... Do they?

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