The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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David, Melethia, Teri

David was about to go on with his rant before the hallway started to shake again
"....Fuck my life...-WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" He cried as he began to tumble down into the water below, bouncing as he did, making his fall FAR more painful then the others.
Had Teri not summoned her Water Elemental, he would have been covered in bruises by the time he reached the bottom.
But fortunately, she did and David landed on the dry ground, a little bit sore but no worse for wear, though a little mind fucked as to how she managed to do that.
"..ooohhh...Hey! Teri! Even told me you were a Water-bender!...." He said as he fixed up his M500 and followed.

Rugal, Slindis
"...Just had to open my mouth..." Rugal groaned as he stopped and sighed.
"....It was around a year ago. I....Upset some powerful beings..." He started, conviently leaving out the part about Time Travel, Angel Power and having the Heroes be sent to hell.
...Now THOSE where some wild times...
"As a result...I was..."Exiled" for lack of a better"
Rugal took a deep breath as he recalled the day he was sent to hell.
"....*Ahem* On top of that...They gave me a form...."Suitable"....For that...Realm..."
"....You were a Pony?..."
"...I don't like to talk about it. Shall we move on? We have a lot of ground to cover."

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico | Airport | Airstrip.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

Tomoya cruised across the Mexican desert, throwing out the odd missile and spray of gunfire from his Helicopter onto anything that appeared to be living and having a rather fun time doing it.
He raced across the open expanses and over the towering mesas.

That's when he saw him.

A Man was standing atop one of the Mesas, watching him as he flew over.
"Ah, good. More target practise." The Dark Angel laughed with glee as he rubbed his hands in excitement.
A quick Target lock later, 2 missiles were racing towards him, followed by Tomoya opening fire with the Helicopter's guns because there was no kill like overkill.
"DOMINATED! HAHAHAHAHA!....Oh I shouldn't enjoy this so much...but I do! Hahaheh." He laughed as the smoke cleared.

There was nothing there.

Then something landed on the front of the helicopter, giving him a fright.
"What the!?"
"It doesn't pay to betray your principles..." Strider Hiryu said before disappearing as quickly as he appeared.
Tomoya looked around for where the Ninja went, intending on actually hitting him this time.

It was then he noticed as he left, he was kind enough to cut clean though the Helicopter propellers with his sword.
"...Oh..." Tomoya said before his helicopter went to crash into one of the Mesas.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Devon looked around as he moved the shortsword with light gleaming from its tip, brightening the area. "Hey, it looks like the water here might lead to somewhere else. You guys want to check it with me?" He looked at the group, wanting to move forward in the temple.

For her part, Melethia was happy with Kud's condition. Sure, the silver-haired girl was scared, but she'd be fine. "Silverhair, cheer up! We're right here for you, an' we'll beat up anythin' that comes to attack us!"

Rugal, Slindis

She nodded, and it felt a bit odd for her to feel so empty after having let all of those bottled emotions out. However, for the first time in years, she felt free. Free from all the lies she'd had to weave, free from the prying eyes of everyone around her, and free from those that only saw her as a tool. "I'll leave it alone then, and we do have a lot of ground to cover."

The paladin's energy after letting all of those emotions out was rising, and it showed: although they weren't reckless, she moved with much more enthusiasm than ever before, and the change might be a bit jarring to those that had known the paladin for a good deal of time.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

"Eh, Why not? Sure as shit ain't getting back up the way the came..." David said as he noted the steepness of the slope they just fell down.
It was the realised he was most likely the only one without some form of light source.
"Devon! Thank you. You got a glowing Knife? Might strap one on to my not-so-little friend here, forgot to bring a flashlight see..." He asked, pointing to his M500 as the group pressed on though the dark water-works of whatever they were

Rugal, Slindis

Good, I hated that damn place... Rugal thought as they marched on though the dark, relieved he didn't have to go into detail.
As they passed a few more littered pressure plates and pit-falls, He noticed how much more fluid she was without all emotional baggage, Realising how much his slap actually helped.
Oh the Irony... He smirked as they began to pick up speed though the passage.

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.

Post contains Temple details.

Time: Midnight | January 2nd.

As the temple changed, curved and warped, the defenses and traps were only getting even more lethal. It was luck which led the group to fall into a pipe leading to water but only more danger. Meanwhile the Corrupted Temple Guardian was gearing up for the fight he was going to be led into. The armor was polished and cleaned, his guns were mounted on his arms and reloaded. "Load-out completed, weapons activated, radar online, computer mode activated. MAY THE HUNT BEGIN!" It screamed out as it bursted out of it's shackles and smashed through a near by wall, walking towards the nearest life forms.

Riki & Kud (Plus Slindis, Rugal, Teri, Melethia and David).
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.
Weather: Dark clouds.

The fall came to a surprised to the couple, Riki & Kud were worried during the fall mostly saying each others name loudly. Once they fell directly on the water they were surprised they were alive. "I know I should not be surprised by now... but how are we alive?" Riki said but quickly noticed the water elemental's hiss and yelled in surprised and swam a couple of meters ahead of them. "What the hell is that!?" Riki said, to him it looked like something from a RPG.

The one thing he didn't notice was his gun was wet.

Kud from the other hand was still silent and sad from everything. When Melethia tried to cheer up Kud it worked indeed, she surpassed her fears for now so she can support everyone and the group for the better good. "Uhm!" She nodded, "Thank you Melethia-san." Kud smiled as she began to doggy paddle.

The water was actually a river leading deeper into the catacombs. This river was leading to the baths of the temple.

Location: Blackhawke Hanger | Storm Universe.

Two small carrier ships were rocked and ready to go as Storm came down in his green yet still scorched armor. The groups of soldiers were waiting behind the ships getting ready, when they noticed the Commander they all saluted. "At ease... I'm not HIM." Storm said in a kind tone. Everyone calmed down and began to listen to him. "Okay everyone... we have received a message telling us that the heroes are in the Temple attempting to retrieve the stone of light. We need to stop them!" He informed all of them.

"Why the fuck should we care?" One soldier said in a pissed off tone. "Because Lord Tomoya will kill us all if we fail!" Storm said but a voice lashed out in his head, ("KILL... KILL!") It screamed within Storm's head, it was the corruption. ("NO... I will not... obey... you!") Storm yelled back, but when he came to his senses he had already shot the soldier with his pistol.

Silently sighing he looked to everyone else who were quite shocked. "Any... questions..." He said in a tired tone, everyone shook their head. "Okay then... move out!" Storm ordered and everyone started to hope onto the ships. As Storm got onboard with the last soldiers he have the order to launch. The ships launched from the ship and into a portal to Earth.

Rugal, Slindis.
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.

As the two travelled in the hallway they came across many paintings and carvings expressing the history of the temple, for some reason it even included the history about Tomoya and how he claimed the stone before. The temple was a huge mystery.

Beside Tomoya's history and next to an image of the stone itself, there were The Ten commandments straight from the bible.

"And God spoke all these words, saying: 'I am the LORD your God...

ONE: 'You shall have no other gods before Me.'

TWO: 'You shall not make for yourself a carved image--any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.'

THREE: 'You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.'

FOUR: 'Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.'

FIVE: 'Honor your father and your mother.'

SIX: 'You shall not murder.'

SEVEN: 'You shall not commit adultery.'

EIGHT: 'You shall not steal.'

NINE: 'You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.'

TEN: 'You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.'

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

The flight was going well, Tomoya was drinking as he shot shit up, everything was well. As soon as the strider appeared, Tomoya knew who it was. "Strider..." He briefly said as Hiryu disappeared and sliced the propellers. As the helicopter began to fall, Tomoya simply threw his bottle of whisky out of the window. "Well fuck... that is the last time I'm going to drink and-" *BOOM* The helicopter smacked straight into the mesas before Tomoya could finish talking.

The helicopter simply smashed into the mesas and exploded. The wreckage fell off it and slammed straight into the ground. Tomoya crawled out of the wreckage and sighed, he had a piece of glass sticking out of his head which he removed and the blood flowed. "Really... I guess more blood never hurts." He said as he spotted something similar stuck in the side of the mesas.

It was his dark katana.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" He said as he raised his hand to call it back to him.

Tomoya simply sighed as he looked at his bloody sword, which still danced with black lightning. The beam of lightning shot out to the sky and blackened the clouds. "You love me too much..." He smiled at his sword. It called for more blood.

Dark Tomoya Strider Hiryu
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Stormy.

Tomoya walked away from the wreckage, katana in hand ready to bring about the bloodiest of bloody brutal battles.
But despite having it all, The Setting, The Enemy, The Weapon, The lust for ultra-violence, nothing happened.
He wandered off into the nearby as entire minutes passed without confrontation, looking for the S-Rank Strider.
"....What?....You think you can crash someone's ride then not even have the common decency to fight to the death?! Come on! SHOW YOURSELF!" He shouted, hungering for blood.
"Unless you're a target of mine, you will never see me. If you do see me, then it's already too late." The Strider spoke into his ear.

Tomoya turned and swung his blade, hitting nothing but thin air.
Then as a final insult, he looked down and found 2 sets of footprints.
He was walking right behind him the whole time.
"...Freaking Ninjas...." He said as he kept searching for the Strider.

Dark Tomoya
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Stormy.

Noticing his game, Tomoya's face quickly screwed up, he didn't give a shit and a half for play time after he just left a crash site. Looking around the desert, Tomoya started to look south. "Well fine! I'll go look for some other village to murder." He pouted and started to shuffle away from the crash sight. "Fucking ninjas.... fucking stealth... fucking rocks." Tomoya said as he kicked a boulder in half.

"Nope... I'm ignoring him... even though he is probably directly behind me." He yelled out loud still walking south. The heat and lack of drinks disturbed him greatly. "God damn it... WHY CRASH ME IN THE MIDDLE OF A DESERT! Come out and fight me like a man!" He finally stopped and yelled out.

He checked his computer watch quickly and smirked. "Well... shit is going on." Tomoya said as he took out his flask and took a quick swig as he waited for the ninja. The wounds from his impalement were already healed.
"If you don't come out I'm going to blow up yo HQ!"

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Devon laughed. "I don't have a glowing knife, but I can do you one better. Here, let me see the bayonet for a second." He touched it and the tip of the bayonet started glowing at about the intensity of a strong flashlight (or torch, for you Europeans) as he started swimming down the river. It was a bit different, much like if he were back in that training with Lucifer. "Guys, this water feels kinda familiar to me, so be careful."

Melethia grinned at the Dog Paddle Kud was doing as she easily kept up with the group. "C'mon, it's not that hard to swim here! It tingles a bit, sure, but not like you were swimmin in acid. Now that hurts a ton!" The energy of the young girl was infectious as they swam down the river.

Rugal, Slindis

She looked at the stone for a few minutes, focusing on the commandment about not killing. "...So you're telling me that I'm not worthy of this stone because I had to shed blood to protect others? Really, Would it have been better to just sit there and let those people die? Or was this god so far removed from the reality of the home world I lived in that it felt the need to disqualify every person I've ever worked with? If having to shed blood to protect everyone I care about makes me damned in this god's eyes, then I don't need to have that stone! This was clearly written by some person that was so detached from reality that they could only see the world in a white-and-black tone."

Dark Tomoya Hiryu was here, MvC 4-Evar!
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Stormy.

Things were going as planned, The Explosion, the Teasing, the Denial of Combat, The Heat.
All Hiyru had to do was prod him along until they confirmation that the Stone was in the hands of the Rising Dawn.
As he watched the former angel get enraged, he felt saddened by Tomoya's current state.
A Almighty Arch-Angel, Reduced to merely those he fought.

As D.T. Drank from his flask, he heard movement from behind him.
Gotcha! He thought as he leapt up and brought his sword down on-
A vulture which was now stuck on his sword like a kabob.
"...Grrrr...." He merely growled as he went for his flask.
But no matter where he looked, it wasn't on him, The Ninja had stolen it during his failed attack.
From where-ever he was, Hiryu was enjoying a nice cold drink of water.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Teri laughed and shook her head at David's observation, "Not quite. I can summon water elementals to help out and use some degree of water based magic. That's a little different from bending. What Squishy,"

She indicated the cheerful water elemental, "Did was use his vortex. I heard water, so I assumed that Squishy would be submerged, thus enabling him to do so. Thus, I was able to slow our descent using his abilities. He's such a good little boy, aren't you Squishy?"

David noticed that Teri's tablet had begun to spout out a burbling language to the Elemental; which confused the man a tad bit, and left him unsure about what to say about the affair...

Fuck you. - Signed Dark Tomoya
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Stormy.

"Ahhh fuck... I'm thirsty!" D.T yelled out in disbelief, he looks like he now hated the ninja. Unfortunately on the strider's there was a reason the flask was called the "flask of mystery". The water poured into the ninja's mouth but it tasted like miso soup... boiling hot miso soup.

The only reason Tomoya had such a thing on him is that the flask gave him his energy back when he needed it. Usually when he was weaker and lacked in energy he used this flask. "And I was going to give it to my predecessor..." Tomoya face turned into a true sad frown but suddenly stabbed himself with his hand. "Shut the hell up!" He said whilst grabbing his head.

Truly it was a strange spectacle to behold. The katana on the other hand was now stuck in the ground, roasting the vulture kabob. "You know what... fuck it." D.T said as he sat down next to his katana and waited for the chicken to roast. "I can't die anyway... but I like the feeling of food around now."

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon
"...." was David's reaction to Teri's talking to her Elemental.
"...Just...Tell that thing to stay over there..." He said as he tried out his new mounted "Flash-Light", Compliments of Devon.
"Where'd you get that thing? I mean...Him....It....I dunno anymore.." He said, clearly despite his experiences with the crew, he was still only a normal man among a team of Demi-gods, Magic users and demons.
Then Melethia raced by, swimming like a pro.
"Kid's fitter then she looks..." He complemented as he waded though the water.

Slindis, Rugal
Rugal nodded as he looked at the 8th, He had broken it beyond what any normal man could ever do.
"And Yet, Once Tomoya had the stone, he could kill all he wanted. Guess once you are in the Holy Family, the rules don't mean as much." He added as they read the Commandments.
"You shall not make for yourself a carved image? *THAT* makes one not worthy?!...Is God really that insecure?..."

Strider Hiryu
Hiryu was taken by surprise by the contents of the Flask, but a few sips of it later, he had to admit, this was damn good miso soup.
Then D.T. Attacked himself, as if trying to silence something, Silence his good nature.
As he watched, He wondered if the Dark Angel was truly beyond saving

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #1: Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | David | Devon | Ella | Gabrielle | Jake | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kud | Kyre | Melethia | Puce | Riki | Rugal | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

Mark looked at the Kitsune and tried to smile, a task made difficult by the vampire that was busy ingesting his blood .
The sensation wasn't too bad, it would have actually felt really really good if it wasn't for the fact that it felt like Jack was looking over his shoulder the whole time he was dying via exsanguination.

On the verge of passing out, the Asian Writer stroked the red haired vampire's head a couple times, the sensation of human touch causing her to remember herself long enough to unlatch from Mark's wrist.

"Oh wow... woo... I mean... Hi Akane." He said as he unsuccessfully tried to maintain hia balance...


-and fell on his ass instead. While he sat there, his eyes adjusting to the darkness and bloodloss, he saw what could only be described as one of the most pitiful scenes in existence. Akane was in the middle of the room, holding Aftan who was as almost as white as the uniform that she wore. Kokoa, her mind restored and wounds healed was kneeling next to Akane and Aftan, her arms wrapped around te kitsune, tears of red flowing down her face.

"I... I... should have known better than to introduce a vampire into the group but it seemed like a good decision at the time. I know that it's probably of little consequence now but I've decided to come into this realm for the time being, to ensure that you three don't go through more shit because of me." The creator of the Knights stated as he ran a command that allowed him to spawn a a couple of blood transfusion bag and a transfusion kit.

Thank you for your purchase. 100 credits have been removed from your account, 9900 credits remain.

Oh great a different spawn dynamic to get used to...

Meanwhile, outside the Corrupted Temple of Light, Cadolbolg, Kurumu and Ton Ton ran patrols, ensuring the safety of the group inside when a pair of metallic glints on the horizon caught their eyes.

"Sister Kurumu! I see Angel Ships!" Cadolbolg called out as he got into formation with the Succubus.

"I see them! We'll need to stop them or at least slow them down if the other group is going to have a chance at grabbing the stone."

With those words spoken, Kurumu flapped her wings a few times and sped towards the incoming ships.

Airship Rising Dawn Network: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

The Vermilion A.I. nodded as she watched the trash pixels of A.I. Wesker's/Viscus' body get absorbed into the data stream where it would eventually be sent into the Recycle Bin.

"I believe I would enjoy patrolling the remainder of the ship with you." The A.I. said as she wrapped her cloak around her body to fend off the coldness of the environment.

As the two started their patrol, Vermilion was silent as she thought about the words that Viscus had spoken. Was he speaking the truth that Rugal Bernstein was a larger threat than the A.I. was or was he simply being a baser organism and trying to take advantage of the curent situation?

"Dmitri. Were we correct in stopping A.I. Viscus? While he may have eventually posed a threat to the rest of our charges, he was only a treat to User Rugal Bernstein." A.I. Vermilion asked as she looked for sins of additional infection as they entered the sensors control node.

"Even if he did not pose a threat at the moment, he has in the past. Humans are very cyclical in their behavior and User Rugal Bernstein is still human regardless of how advanced he believes himself to be."

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon
The swim through the water certainly felt odd, but the only difficult part was keeping a hold of the shortsword as he swam. "Look, it's got to lead somewhere. Are you going to keep hanging around here?"

Melethia treaded water as she waited for the rest of the people. "C'mon... if you were on the Banshee, you'd be laughed at! How do ya not know how to swim?"

Slindis, Rugal
Slindis laughed. "I'd hope not. The only thing that's really disappointing about this is that it seems the Angels are held to looser standards. At least back when Eberron was still there, such blatant hyppocrisy wasn't rewarded..."

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon, Riki, Kud
David was swimming with his firing hand gripping his M500 above the water as Melethia called the team out on their swimming skills.
"Hey! I know how to swim, just I need to be able to shoot. Aside from me and Ricky over there, No one else has guns. Magic is awesome and all, but bullets are faster." He said as he kept moving forward though the water.
"Christ, where does this even go?!"

Slindis, Rugal
"You'd be surprised, here ain't much better..." Rugal said, he was living embodiment of that fact.
"Still, if they are listing requirements for the Stone, we must be getting close. With any luck, we might meet up with the others there." He added before he began walking again, avoiding a pressure plate in the process.

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Corrupted Temple
Time: Night


The Anti-Mage followed the path of the contracting halls down to the catacombs, swiftly making note of the change in energy flowing throughout the temple. Yet something seemed off about the currents of mana here. It wasn't completely natural, that is, the energy itself felt different. Not corrupted or twisted, but different overall.

Trying to put that thought at the back of her mind, the young Anti-Mage dropped down the path and into the Catacombs.


Ella | Puce

"You love her that much," Ella whispered before pushing herself away from Puce, "Can't you even share a little bit of that." She backed up from Puce and looked away from him. She put on her best face of dejected jealously.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon, Riki, Kud

Devon continued to swim, feeling a bit uneasy with the water. "Can we focus a bit more on what we're all here for? Seriously, there's no need for us to chew each other out, and racing ahead isn't going to help anyone out." He hoped talking calmly would stop a fight between the two before it broke out.

Melethia rolled her eyes, annoyed with David. "We'll find that out when we get there, kay? Stop whinin and pick it up!"

Slindis, Rugal

"True, but in that case, where are the defenses? There's luck, and then there's lulling someone into a false sense of security. Especially considering what's stored here, Rugal." As they made their way, they could hear two sets of plodding footsteps if they focused intently. Upon the next turn, they saw two eight-foot tall creatures made of an unknown metal. Considering the condition of them, they wouldn't be fun to defeat.

"I guess I spoke too soon..."

Slindis, Rugal

"....Yes, Yes you did..." Rugal said as he watched the pair make their approach, the ground shaking with each step.
"You take the one with the Axe, I'll take the blue one." He said in a hushed tone as he sized them up, clearly the blue armour with the whip was the bigger threat thanks to the range it's weapon gave him and the defence the shield gave it.
To start things off, he fired off a "Shakunetsu Hadoken!" (The flaming kind) at his target, testing it's resistance to fire.

Slindis, Rugal

It wasn't quite clear what effect Rugal expected for his attack, but having it char the shield likely wasn't on that list. It used the chain to try to trip up the man by flicking the chain at his legs, and even if it didn't succeed in tripping him, the metal would definitely slice into the man's leg if it connected.

Having heard Rugal's plan, Slindis looked the construct over. It was fairly clear to her that trying to tire it out wouldn't work, and the stance it took showed that it would be hard to trip up, so she started with some stabs at the behemoth while ducking under the swing of the massive axe that used to be one of its hands.

Slindis, Rugal
"Oh boy..." Rugal let out before he back-flipped away from the massive chain whip before it impacted, cracking the ground where it stuck.
Then a possibly rather foolish idea formed.
"Right...Let's see what you got, Big man..." Rugal said before he rushed in to grab the chain before the monster retracted it.
Once he had it grasped and grounded himself, The monster tried to pull back it's whip.
This resulted in a game of "Tug-o-war" between the two, both sides seemed matched and refused to give the other an inch.
With any luck, he'd get the upper hand and pull down the towering armour.

[quote="bluecrimson" post="540.101127.16355527"]

Slindis, Rugal
There was a massive amount of strain between the two as the metal from the behemoth groaned nearly as much as the King of Fighters did, but there was a slow shift as Rugal put one last surge of strength to unbalance it and it toppled with a resounding thud and spider line cracks spread around where the behemoth landed.

Slindis rolled back as the cold metal titan did an overhead swing, scoring it with a few jabs of her rapiers at its main attacking arm. It didn't do much damage, but the sooner she could remove the greataxe, the better.

Slindis, Rugal

Rugal let out a feral war cry the second the Armour toppled from his efforts, resulting in it landing face first into the ground.
With the monster downed, He went on the offensive, climbing up on it's back as it tried to stand up.
After a few punches, it became clear the armour plating was too hard to allow his fists to break though it and there was no time to use a stronger technique.
So instead, Rugal climbed on the beasts shoulders, grabbed it by the chin and attempted to tear it's head clean off.

The Metal titan did a few slow and easily avoided swings, nothing the Drow hadn't seen before.
It then went for another massive overhead swing with it's ax hand.
But as it raised it's chopping hand, it's other went in attempted to grab her while she was focused on his axe.

Captcha: Level playing field :P

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon
Teri smiled again and calmly placed her elemental back in his home battle, "Well, I didn't get him via being an Author; so I'll have to assume that being a Cleric has something to do with it; which would mean..."

She looked up, "The ability to command water elementals is a gift from God, and I will use it to help those in need."

She glanced back to David, and shot him a friendly smile, "However, that doesn't mean I won't treat them kindly. They're here to help too, and I'll treat them with courtesy because of that. Just make sure not to provoke them, and I'm sure you can remain on friendly terms as well."

Airship Rising Dawn Network: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri fell into thought at Vermilion's question, and answered, "I would imagine that Viscus would want us to fear our comrades. But you do bring up a good point, which I shall counter with my Lady's thoughts on trust and distrust; she believes that people should be treated based upon the 'now' of a situation. She would say that the past is the past, and that so long as one works towards a better path than the past, then the individual is not one to hold at fault. Mistakes are as they are; and people pick themselves up because of them. So, I shall hold her example: so long as Rugal Bernstein does not hold a threat to the Rising Dawn or my Lady, then I shall not retaliate. However..."

That was when a devilish smirk appeared on his face, "If he upsets her greatly again, I will not hesitate to take part in similarly petty actions. Deletion of unimportant files, minor viruses, pornography or similar unpleasantries being spammed... The works."

Slindis, Rugal

Try as he might to tear the creature's head off, it was clear that he didn't quite have the strength as the titan got back and and began to charge back into the wall. If he could limit the creature's mobility somehow, Rugal could get the upper hand on the creature. Another thing that hadn't gone unnoticed by the man was the spider-line cracks on the floor when the titan fell.

Slindis Rolled back, slicing the titan's hand in the process. Although the Angel tech had been well built, the constant shifting of the blades wreaked havoc on the construction as it searched for a weakness.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

David was still not too convinced, though Teri did open him up to the idea.
"...Just...Tell him that I need to have personal space. That thing rubs me up the wrong way. Guess I just find the idea of "Living Water" to be weird...NO OFFENCE IF YOU HEARD THAT!" He explained, shouting towards the bottle in case the Water Elemental could hear him.
"Man...All these super powers and I'm just here shooting at people...Why am I even still here?" he asked himself as they marched on though the water works.

Slindis, Rugal

Rugal quickly shifted his position from the beasts back to clinging onto it's chest before he was smushed against the wall.
Ground is hallow... He thought as he leapt up and attempted to use his body weight to bring it's head into the ground.
However, he wasn't heavy enough and instead was hanging from the helmet of the monster, giving it time to react.

The Titan recoiled slightly, not from pain, but to prevent Slin from getting the chance to do real damage.
It then looked to it's Axe hand and seemed to flex, resulting in the Axe starting to spin around quickly, almost like a circular saw.
It then started leading it's attacks with it while holding back his other hand.
Any attempt to stab or cut the saw arm would surely knock the blade from her hand as well as making his attempts to land a hit far more deadly.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Melethia's eyes opened wide as the sound of water started to change into a rushing cascade of a waterfall. "Everyone, hold tight! We're gonna have some fun here real quick and I need to find that other hook really quick!"

Devon began to panic as the glint of the water seemed to drop out of sight about 100 feet away. "...what do you mean by fun, Mele?"

She turned back. "A waterfall... Miss Teri, could you try to slow the fall?"

Slindis, Rugal

The titan thrashed around to knock Rugal off, but it wasn't having too much of an effect. It decided to swipe at him with its shield arm and get him off its head. the wild swipes served to throw the titan off balance, though, and an opportunity could be seized here if one could take a moment to look at it.

Slindis looked at the saw hand and decided to jab at the exposed limbs when she saw an opportunity, circling the titan and finished with greasing the ground below it. although it could keep guarding, it would be much harder for it to move around easily with the slick coating beneath it.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Teri burst out into a cacophony of giggles at David's observation, and decided to neither conform or deny his suspicions of the water bottle being sentient. When Melethia asked, Teri nodded, and began uncorking Squishy once again, "Very well. But know this, this does take away turning attempts the more I use him. ie, I cannot do this indefinitely. Squishy, time to come out and play again..."

The Water Elemental blubbled greetings to it's master again, and awaited instruction.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

As they got closer, Devon could see that the fall would be a large one. "Teri, it's gonna be about the same distance... want me to try and help stop the fall?" A slamm breeze formed around the group as Melethia started searching through her bag for something.

"Hmm, cloak of fire resistance, ogre strength gloves, wise and charismatic rings, but where in Khyber is that bat?"

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Teri smiled, "I already summoned him, so we might as well use what we got. Squishy, vortex us down again..."

The elemental made a noise that the party could only assume was a yes, and swam over the waterfall, enabling another vortex for the groups landing. Teri jumped down after it, and found herself pleasantly swept into the calming embrace of her element once more.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Devon followed after, finding the current of the elemental to not be all that bad, even if it did drench him. "Gah, do you always have to soak me?" He held his blade and used it to see if he could get a better view of the area.

Melethia jumped in after Devon, still rifling through her bag. " boots that increase movement speed, acidproofed boots, that little trinket I picked up with Cage..." When she finally landed, Teri saw the girl pull out a mummified bat. "Oh, that's where it was. Woulda been nice to find sooner, but I know where it is now!"

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Teri gave another laugh as she heard Melethia's fussing over her equipment, and asked, "Maybe you could sew pockets into it? That way things are a little easier to find? Or maybe pockets in a bag of holding would be a moot point..."

Following Devon's example, Teri held up Sadei to see if the group could get a better view of things...

Temple Room One of Many | Jake | Caim | Angelus |

"Oh dear Gods..." Jake breathed. It was a completely different thing to witness in real life, with his own two eyes. And it repulsed him, though it did not scare him.


The chatter of his M4 filled the room as he opened fire upon the outer demons and babies. His fire seemed to only piss off the giant infants and not even bother the demons. Dropping the now empty mag, he loaded another and focus fired upon the closest giant infant, filling it's face full of lead.

It kept advancing. Jake's rifle clicked empty again and he discarded it, standing and drawing his sword. It glowed a faint blue, sensing corruption nearby, Dark Angel corruption to be precise.

"One of these days, I'll get a bigger gun... PANZER VOR!!" He shouted as he charged.

His sword sung through the air and dealt a horrible blow to the giant infant.

Temple Room One of Many | Jake | Caim | Angelus |

"One of these days, I'll get a bigger gun... PANZER VOR!!" He shouted as he charged.

Mood Music:

When Jake's sword hit the infant's face, a childlike cry warbled out of it; and it fell to the floor, only to be replaced by another of it's kind; the maddening cooing closing in on Jake as it approached. Meanwhile, Caim and Angelus were busy dealing with another of the demons, her harpy-like shrieks filling the room and blending terribly with the cooing as she attacked at the Mute and Dragon.

However, after cutting down another baby, Jake found that the rest of the cherubs began to circle around Caim and Angelus instead; locking them in with the said demon. When he noticed that the demons wouldn't attack him, he saw what began to unfold. The shrieking demon had the face of a young woman; unblemished compared to the rest of it's hideous body. Even stranger, Jake noticed that the Blood Knight was acting uncharacteristically different than usual... He wasn't striking back. It was purely Angelus' influence that harmed the beast; or kept Caim from being hurt.

"YOU KILLED ME!", the terrible voice shrieked, and lashed at Caim with one of it's tentacles, and the warrior had to be jerked by Angelus' hand to avoid being impaled.

"I know." Caim said as he stumbled backwards, his sword being uncharacteristically limp in his hands.


"I know. I'm sorry."

The demon flew at Caim again, a wing knocking Angelus to the crowd of cherubs; which then restricted her with arms and teeth; causing her to shriek in pain. Caim, on the other hand, was knocked to the floor, each of his limbs restrained as the beast bore down on him.

Angelus struggled against the cherubs, crying out, "CAIM! It's not her! You know this! We've come to far to stop now! Caim!"

Even as his pact partner called this, his focus was still on the demonic version of his sister, "ANY LAST WORDS FOR YOUR 'DEAR' SISTER? THE ONE WHO SUFFERED THE SEAL FOR YOUR SAKE?! THE ONE REDUCED TO A FRAIL SLIP FOR YOU?!"

Closing his eyes, his PDA softly said, "I've always loved you, sister. Even if I wasn't very good at letting you know that. Forgive me for being callous and careless with your life."

Jake knew he needed to act quickly, or else this would spell the end of the pact-partners.

Jake looked on in horror. He wouldn't be able to cut through in time to save them. No. He couldn't let it end like this for Master Caim and Angelus, his friend. His sword began to give off a bright blue glow and felt... right. Jake looked up with determination in his eyes. He would save them, he would protect them. True to his word.

The sword glowed a near neon blue as Jake lifted it to a rear heavy swing position.

"OI DEMON BITCH! I got ya last words right here! EAT SHIT AND DIE!"

Two gunshots rang out and a Demon Baby fell to the ground, it's kneecaps blasted out by Jake's pistol. He ran full pelt, holstering his pistol and properly gripping his sword as he went. The Demon Baby served as a stepping stool for Jake's stride as he launched himself skyward, the next step using a head as the final power for his leap.

His sword came slicing down with his full fury as he fell from on high at Demon!Furiae. The sword's glow had a very anime effect to it, a wide sweep of neon blue following the sword as it cut through the air towards it's target. A sickening sound erupted forth from her body as Jake's blade slit her open from throat to hips, sending a spray of blood flowing freely as he landed and pivoted, using his momentum to bring the heavy longsword around in a sweeping arc through several Demon Babies and into a final thrust...

...Clean into Demon!Furiae's exposed heart.

"Fuck. Off." Jake said coldly as he pulled his sword out of her gaping chest wound.

The dying Demon!Furiae fell to her knees, sharing one last look at Caim before falling backwards and into Death's cold embrace.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

David dropped everything at the sound of "Waterfall".
"WATERFALL?!" He shouted in sheer terror as everyone else were debating how to get down it.
"...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL DOING!? RU-....SWIM AWAY! SWIM AWAY!" He shouted as he did his best to swim against the current, not really having much success.
"Oh shit...oh shit, shit SHIT!" He said as he closed is eyes before going over the edge...
...And into the waiting embrace of Squishy.
He opened his eyes about halfway down the vortex he made and landed safely on the ground.
".....Oh.....THANK YOU MISTER SENTIENT WATER!....SIR!...Right..." He said before leading the team, the light on his M500 guiding him.

Slindis, Rugal

Rugal was grateful the beast was too stupid enough to just to grab him and slam him into the ground, That would have hurt a lot.
Instead, it gave him just what he needed to finish the job.

Rugal rolled a 36 for the 25 check, is awesome.

Jumping off the beast again with his hands firmly gripped on his head, Rugal tried again to bring it's head down into the ground, having FAR more success.
The Monster hit the ground with a wonderful crash and the spider line cracks grew away from the point of impact, ready to give way...

On Slindis's end, the grease she laid down prevented the monster from moving, least he fall and break his guard.
He still used his spinning Axe as a small shield of sorts.
Then it got an idea: Sparking the axe off the ground to ignite the grease, It then proceeded to use it's foot to sling a large amount of flaming grease at Slindis.

Slin needs to get DC15 (With mods) to avoid the attack....
Or something, I don't know shit 6_9

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