The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"so he's without any doubt a dangerous man? Damn, guess I have my hands full with this one, at least I might not have to get into a direct combat situation with him. Because I'll be honest, the most unpleasant individuals I came across were the heads of 2 criminal organizations...but they had animals do their fighting for them. scratch that, the MOST unpleasant individual I've come across is who used to use this body. Anyway... I take it he'll be good with guns, I'm not a terrible marksman myself, but It doesn't sound like getting in a gunfight with him is a good idea." Then she yawns... her itching sensation of finding trouble went away... for now... mainly because she seems to have found it. "And I was hoping for a peaceful vacation... *sigh*

Gunsmoke: Sheriff's Office/Lightbringer Base

West flicked through the files, seeing the names and faces of at least 40 badasses that made Clint Eastwood look soft.
"...Quite the bodycount...Eh, I guess we're not doing anything. We could check him out." He said as Melethia checked out the Skullmasher Sniper.
He then stared at Pandora after her statement and Jokingly asked "What is this "Vacation" you speak of?..."
"Well...seeing how you're not arresting us, I say we're in."

Jenny had a turn though the files as well, some of these people were very skilled.
"...Well...I guess if I can get close, I can check his mind for any mention of this plot you suspect, Then it's just a matter of ending it." She said, hoping this would be a simple job.

As the young man walked past the butcher shop incident he decided not to stop and watch. The town of Gunsmoke was nice and quiet give or take three or four months ago, but recently not so much. But after being hard boiled from past exploits and adventures, he really didn't even flinch or look over his shoulder when shots rang out.

After getting the equipment he needed from town the young man, decided to go to the in for a drink, leaving the heavy plow blade and box of miscellaneous trinkets on the street, any goon who saw the young man carrying that box wasn't going to touch it, the scarecrow on his farm didn't just scare crows. Upon entering the bar the young man noticed a women outside the bar, whom didn't look like she was from a round here.

Walking into the smokey bar of the inn, the young man noticed new faces, and one unusually familiar face among them... Paying no heed to his instincts the young man signaled the barkeep.

"Aye, the finest scum you can poor into a glass" the young man smiled as the barkeep gave him the usual.

"Shoodn't ye be headin hume tu yer missus thar Justin?"

"I kennit I should... But you set your watch and warrant on it I'll be getting hell when I get home but not before I get a drink!" Sucking back the fowl brew he looked around the saloon turning on the hcair to look at the entirety of the hall, pushing the brim of his hat up to reveal his face.

Esia saw the man and walked into the bar after him. Something struck her as odd about him, she couldn't put her tongue on it. As he turned around to look around, he came face to face with the girl. She was staring at him, rather rudely, but she really didn't know any social norms to not do this.

"You seem familiar... Like i've seen you somewhere else..." she said and thought back. She though back to rummaging through the offices at aperture when her master... no... her former master let her have a few minutes of free time. Thats when it struck her.

"THAT'S IT! I saw your face on a picture frame back at the base! Millardo mentioned something about your name.... but i can't remember what it was..." she said, digging through her mind once again.

Justin raised his eyebrow as the girl in front of him began to stammer and rant about knowing his face.

"THAT'S IT! I saw your face on a picture frame back at the base! Millardo mentioned something about your name.... but i can't remember what it was..." After she exclaimed Justin knew it was now time to have her tone it down, other patrons were beginning to look, and it was the one's he didn't know that made his skin almost literally crawl.

"Missy, I may just have one of those faces!" he said putting his arm on the girls shoulder and steering her to sit down on the bar stool next to him. "Aye now were ye be from milady?" he said in a quiet tone, hoping the young women would follow suit.

"well, from some guy's card, but i work for aperture." She said in a lower tone. "In some of my free time, i managed to get digging around the offices and found a picture frame with a picture of you and a woman standing there. You looked like a couple. I've seen that picture and i know it's you. I just can't remember your name for the life of me..." she said and appeared rather sad at the idea.

"I remember you and that woman used to be the CEO's." Esia said in an extremely hushed tone, only lou enough so he could just hear it.

Upon hearing the name of his hold company Justin's body began to crawl and an old hunger came rising to the surface.

"Aperture is still standing hmm?" knowing he no longer needed the accent he threw out the window his 'kennit, ya, and aye' "Why is an agent of Aperture here? What does Aperture Science want with Gunsmoke?" his questions quickly were turning into an interrogation on the poor girl, and the intensity in his voice was clearly heard. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a silver disk with a blue button, pressing it it changed to red, and he casually slipped it back in its pocket.

The device was like a dog whistle for AI's sending out a pulse that had one message.


"Well my master... former master worked for aperture and by default i worked for him. I plan on sticking with the company because the one running it seems nice enough. In the end, i was dragged here and don't really know what's going on. If you'd like to know more about the current version of Aperture, i'll gladly fill you in." she said and took a deep breath, thinking back, past the pain to try and remember the place.

"But i'm not really here for anything or in this place, "gunsmoke" for any reason. the entire ship was sucked through a portal and crashed here. I think it was called the Rising Dawn or something." she said, trying to just be truthful.

Gunsmoke: Sheriff's Office/Lightbringer Base

Angelus nodded grimly as the dossiers were looked over, "Hmn.. Almost reminds an Empire I dealt with... This should be doable."

As she continued listening to their job description and various other bits of information, Angelus continued her communique to Caim,

However, I'd rather our little ones stay out of this, Caim... Perhaps we could have one of Authors look after them? If Devon is swamped, then Teri certainly could..."

"...Devon's done enough for us. Well, perhaps I can ask Ton Ton and Cadolbolg to train with him? That might keep them in check while we're gone..."

"That's actually quite brilliant. Ton Ton could keep the both of them under pressure in a training situation... I trust your judgement."

Gunsmoke: Outskirts

Teri gave a nod in Devon's direction, and reached out a hand for Lucifer's, "You got a good point there. Mum is always one to be prepared. Garm, up and at em!"

The wolf didn't need telling twice as the party made their way into town again and took up the duty of scouting ahead. His black fur made him blend rather well in the night, and were it not for the white patch of fur on his chest, he'd be almost invisible.

As they wandered, Dimitri's voice arose quietly from the Tablet, "Madam, I hate to interrupt, but I am receiving a distress signal from the Tavern, which I find very strange, as I do not recall User: Storm from using this signal at all... Shall I investigate?"

Teri frowned, "Keep an eye on that, but make sure to keep your power use low. I don't think chargers are around here. If anything, I might have to start Authoring you charges. And I don't know how well that'll go over..."

As she pondered this, Dimitri had already begun his task of homing in on the signal, beginning to pinpoint the person in question with the offending signal...

Meanwhile back at the Ranch

Glados halfway through eating baked beans, bacon and potatoes dropped her spoon and stood up in shock. "Danger?! In Gunsmoke?" The Quantum AI took a few considerations. Justin doesn't give two shits about that little town, and wouldn't send her warning if the town itself was in danger. Justin had more than enough fire power built into him to take out bandits or desperadoes and she and the scarecrow would hear the gunshots. There weren't a lot of internal threats that could really oppose the trio of outsiders.

Then it's other outsiders... Glados snapped her fingers and the scarecrow materialized by her side, the seven foot tall sentinel of spikes, blades, and fear. "We've got outsiders" she said to it, the scarecrow neither moved, and its only reaction were in the dark pits where eye sockets would be two blood red lights began to shine.

At Ye' Old Gunsmoke Saloon

Justin's body tensed as he heard the young girl to his left talk about the Rising Dawn. That was the heroes ship, Ryan's ship. Heroes were here.

Justin lowered the brim of his hat again and turned around to stand up "Nah missy I needin't any thin else outta ya, but if ye excuse me missy I best be on my way." He dropped a small amount of cash on the bar and began to head to the door, hoping that the girl won't follow him. The little disk in his jacket pocket still sending out its warning.

Gunsmoke: Sheriff's Office/Lightbringer Base

"Well...seeing how you're not arresting us, I say we're in."

"Well then, he is currently in Blackwater City to open a new rail line and to lobby for assistance to Rock Ridge. Gentlemen, good luck." With the mission outlined, Orlandu stood up and began walking back to the Front office to see to his Deputies. "One more thing, keep this to yourselves. If anyone else outside of you five know about this, you'll be putting you and them at risk and stand to lose your main edge against Solitaire."

Gunsmoke: Sheriff's Office/Lightbringer Base

West, Jenny

West nodded after receiving his orders and motioned for the rest of this team to move out.
Once topside again, He said to the others "Okay, I say we all set out tomorrow. Everyone get a good night's sleep and we'll meet by the train station, might catch a train or at least follow the tracks. Now, I think Slin got a few rooms at the Inn for us. Night"
West then made his way towards the Inn.

Jenny meanwhile petted the newly christened Cid before following him.

Gunsmoke: Sheriff's Office/Lightbringer Base

Melethia nodded. "I won't tell anyone about this, Mister Cid! Ya might wanna talk to my Mom about some stuff if ya need help with other stuff here, 'cause she an' Wheathair are really strong!" The little girl gave the Sheriff a high-five before heading over to Jennny and the Chocobo, petting its feathers while she rode Lupito out of the Base.

The gun was left there with quite a few notes on how to improve the rifling on the Barrel to stabilze the round better, and there was an alternative idea of multiple barrels for the weapon as well, although she marked that idea off due to using up too much ammunition.

Before long, Melethia arrived back in the room with Rugal in it, and she sat on the bed next to Rugal with a grin as she thought out what she'd do next. Of course, Slindis was informed of this change by Lupito's mental link with her, allowing her to keep an eye on David Ashford.

Gunsmoke: Outskirts

Devon nodded as he thought of something on the way back. "Teri, if you need to, Dimitri can hang out on my Laptop. It's not quite as light as your tablet, of course, but I don't think it's ever needed a charge since... Well, since I first met up with you guys. Would that be a problem?"

Although it was a decent walk, when they eventually got on the outskirts of the town, Devon cleaned up the entire group in a few minutes through a few Prestidigations. "I know it's not much, but I thought you might want to be freshened up since I don't know how easily we'll be able to get a shower here." Although their skin tingled, they had a nice crisp scent and every part of their bodies and clothing was clean.

Devon took a bit of time to drop off Ella in a room that had been paid for by Slindis before he walked over to Teri again. "Teri, Go ahead and get some rest. I know it's probably not your first choice, but it might be a good idea if you slept with Rugal tonight."

Gunsmoke: Inn Room

Rugal was still training his sense as Melethia came in, having watched her field walk into the building, up the stairs before finally entering the room.
He was able to see through walls, but not the wall itself, a mental note was made.
"Melethia. Your mother had informed me of a spot of bother with the local guards. Care to explain?" He asked as he held his head slightly, starting to get light headed from all the straining he was doing.

Gunsmoke: Inn Room

She kept petting Lupito as she sat on the rather large wolf. "Well, Miss Jenny was gonna get attacked, so she asked for help. There was about 14 in there, but we got the suckers before they knew what hit 'em. Seems the Guard Guy wasn't too mad with that since he'd been having problems with 'em as well, an' he asked us to do somethin' for him. Can't really say much more 'cause we gotta keep it under wraps, but it's a fun one."

Gunsmoke: Inn Room

"So that gunfight earlier was you then? We all just seem to be walking disasters aren't we?" Rugal joked as he sat at the edge of his bed, nursing his self inflicted headache.
"Still...I guess as long as one of our own wasn't harmed, though I'd prefer to not get into a fight in every town we visit." He said as he wiped his glasses, more for appearance sakes rather than actually seeing though them.
"So what is this "Somethin'" that the Guards want you, And by extension, us to do?"

Gunsmoke: Inn Room

Melethia shook her head. "Sorry, can't tell ya about it. Gotta keep up the surprise there, ya know? Never know if the walls have ears, and this is some quarry we're after this time." Even though she would have loved to tell Rugal, she knew well enough that she had to keep this secret from anyone that didn't know.


Pandora walks out behind everyone else by a few minutes, wondering what exactly they were equipped with, and why their predecessors were so easily defeated if they had this much technology and definitely seemed capable. That's when she finally realized everyone else had left... she then hurries outside, and seeing the Jenny with the chocobo, and seeing no people in close proximity to herself, she figured that, like her, Jenny wasn't owned by anyone. She approaches and asks,

"So you were with the "Rising Dawn" as they called themselves correct? Might I ask how you got here? It's a lot different than the places I'm used to." Jenny, as another pokemon, might take special notice to how she has features of an absol, while looking mostly very human. "because since seeing what you're capable of, I was hoping to be of assistance, perhaps as a permanent member... if it suits their fancy of course.

Gunsmoke: Inn Room

Rugal was starting to get concerned, it'd have to be something either important or bad for Melethia not to tell him.
"...Understandable I guess. Just what can you tell me? I'd prefer not to have to worry about what trouble you are getting yourself into." He asked as he took another drink of water in an attempt to clear his headache.
"Did you at least tell your mother? If you think my interrogation is bad, Wait until you see hers. She was worried sick when you left like you did before we crashed here. I can only imagine how bad she'll be this time..." He added, hoping to guilt trip the information out of her.

Gunsmoke: Outside Inn

Jenny finally got a good look at Pandora, Namely the large Absol like horn on her head, something that deeply confused her.
"Well...We had a ship a few ways back, but someone messed around with the controls or something and we crashed here. If you want to join, I guess it'd be okay. I'm more really a "On and Off" member so I don't really know how they do it..." She answered somewhat absently as she awkwardly stared at the strange woman.
"....Are you an Absol?..."

"....Are you an Absol?..."

She wasn't exactly sure whether or not she should tell A complete stranger about her story, but... Someone might as well know "Well... you could say that i guess... I was, well, still am... I'm not exactly sure myself" she ponders "You see that's what I started off as, I got caught by a rather... abusive... trainer. After a while challenging the gym leaders and such as they do, I started losing a lot of my friends to team rocket... knowing Jenny could read her mind, she decides to simply think about the next part. But that BI*** REFUSED to care.!

To her we were disposable, and she simply replaced them, not even taking it to the authorities... Eventually, one of the professors, I forget who... Was working on a way for fast travel amongst their other studies. It was a teleporter of sorts, but I walked into the other side of it to see what happened when he asked her to assist in testing it out... Long story short, we switched bodies, and I somehow kept some of the features from my previous body... as for what happened to her... or what used to be me... I returned them to the same poke-ball they kept me in, released all the others in their PC, and buried her in the desert that is the Orre region... someone might as well know. she says, biting her lip at the thought of her old "master"

Gunsmoke: Outside Inn

Jenny's face looked like she was going to cry after hearing all that and made her even more glad that they were able to disband the group during the Rising Dawn's time in Kanto.
"Awww...You poor thing..." she said before going in to hug her.
"I know what it's like too. If you ever need to talk about anything, ANYTHING. Please, just let me know... She said, recalling the time she spent in Team Rocket's "Care".


Another hug? Really? What's with this town? she couldn't help but think to herself, as she slowly pulls away. "Other than that, there really isn't much to say, or... think about." she said scratching the back of her head. "Although I did dislike how I appeared to people as an Absol, and I'm sure you know the stereotype about that with our tendency to warn against danger... half the towns I went to steadfastly believed I don't warn... to them I caused catastrophe. Regardless of even that, I had better treatment in my old body, before being captured anyway... because let's be honest here, if you couldn't read my mind and tell I had no ill intentions... to ordinary people back home I tend to seem like a monster! She says with a weary sigh

"I mean to some people it was hard seeing an Absol because they knew it usually meant trouble, doubly so when they believed you would be the one causing the harm, but seeing some freak of one that stole their trainer's body... Jenny's ability of telepathy picks up on Pandora's wish to cry, but she just stays silent, this time using her natural resistance to psychic types to block or obstruct her from reading her mind. "To be honest, I should probably find a place to stay the night, I'm tired.

she says as she walks back to the Inn, buying her own room a few minutes later with another gold nugget her trainer had in her backpack at the time of the swap... after all it was probably the only real currency she had... considering whatever currency would work back in the Hoenn region would be like monopoly money to people here.

Gunsmoke: Streets

Slindis, David A.

David shrugged. "Well, I don't find that to be particularly odd. Kids love to get away from their parents and be left to their own devices. I should know. I did whatever I could to get away from them so I could explore the family library." They both stopped in front of the Sheriff's office, the Inn standing right next door. David scratched his cheek and let out a loud yawn. "...I'm guessing you have business with the sheriff, then?"

Gunsmoke: Streets

Slindis, David A.

She nodded. "True, but she has a knack for finding trouble, I've found. Tell the inn owner you're with Slindis: she'll find you a room." She made her way to the Sheriff's office, leaving David to make the short walk to the Inn where he heard some relaxing guitar playing drifting through the air.

Gunsmoke: Sheriff's Office/Lightbringer Base

As Slindis entered, she saw one of the deputies and curtly addressed him. "Hello. If I may, I'd like to talk to the Captain of the watch concerning the actions of a Melethia earlier." She kept a calm tone to show that she didn't want to open any hostilities.

Gunsmoke: Inn Room

Melethia shook her head. "Sorry, Wheathair. If a client tells me it's got to be kept secret, it stays secret. 'Sides, I got some help, an' if I need ya or Mom, I'll call on ya through the ring. I know it sounds rude, but what we need here is a knife, not a sledgehammer." Melethia was proving to be as stubborn as her mother.

Gunsmoke: Inn Lobby

Drawn by the guitar playing, David saw a blond haired man wearing a suit that he would most certainly if he'd watched Rosario+Vampire keeping his eyes closed as he fully got into the playing of his guitar. As the man took a moment to pause, he noticed David enter and almost chuckle to himself.

"You're definitely an unique sight. What brings you here tonight, my good sir? It's pretty clear you're not familiar to the area." David could see a weathered side pack by the man's side contrasting the fairly well-kept suit.

Gunsmoke: Inn Lobby

David A., Devon

David did indeed recognize the suit, having seen Rosario + Vampire. Of course, this was only his friend kept on urging him to read it. David isn't particularly interested in the whole "manga and anime" thing, but relented, reading a couple of volumes. He didn't bother continuing after that.

"God, I've been asked this question so many times today. What gave it away?" David put his arms out, but not frustratedly so, and showed off his current appearance. "Was it the fact that I hardly have any dirt on me, or the fact that I'm not a fantasy character or dressed up like one? I can already see that you're wearing the uniform of a fictional high school, Rosa and Vampire, or something like that."

Gunsmoke: Inn Lobby

David A., Devon

Devon took a moment to put down the guitar and responded to the irritated man. "Hey, it's not my fault my old clothing was just about destroyed, but I'd like to say Kurumu did a pretty good job with this. It's a bit odd that I haven't seen her or her lover around, though. And before you go off and start complaining about people looking like Fantasy characters, I haven't seen anyone here looking like they were designed by Tetsuya Nomura."

He extended a hand to David and gave a pleasant smile as he introduced himself. "Anyway, the name's Devon. Good to meet you, man! If you want to take a moment to relax here before you go off and head to sleep, I was wondering how you got here, especially after that scene you made a bit after my performance in the saloon."

Gunsmoke: Inn Lobby

David A., Devon

David looked at the man's offered hand in silence. After a few uncomfortable seconds, he eventually took it and shook. "David Ashworth, likewise. Anyway, I truly have no idea how I got here. I was simply reading one of my books in the middle of a class, then I found myself being called a pervert and had various beauty products tossed at my head. Then I fell on a table."

David yawned and stretched his arms. "So yeah, Slindis said I was able to get a bed here. Is the owner of the Inn around?

Gunsmoke: Inn Lobby

David A., Devon

Devon grinned at the way David explained it. David, I've got the feeling you're telling the truth. I mean, who would lie about that kind of thing? You probably need to touch up on your communication skills there, though. Call me crazy, but I've got the feeling you could find a way out of that situation. All you need is the right touch with words, my friend, and there's not a place you can't get yourself into."

After hearing Slindis' name get dropped, he nodded and pointed to the man in the corner with the hat tipped over his eyes sitting in a comfortable looking chair. " That's the man you're looking for. I'd grab the second room on the right. If you see a blonde in there, I'd avoid taking the room. She's already spoken for, and you don't want to make her father mad."

Gunsmoke: Inn Lobby

David A., Devon

David frowned, but gave Devon a polite bow. "Noted. Have a good night, Mr. Devon." He turned and walked over to the seemingly asleep man. He was fairly nervous, as he never slept in an inn once in his entire life. "Um... Excuse me, sir? Slindis sa-"

"I heard you earlier. Just pick a room, boy."

"Oh. A-alright then. Thank you very much." He gave this man a much quicker bow and made his way to the room that Devon advised him to enter. However, upon opening it, there was a blonde woman in there, fast asleep. There were other beds available, but he didn't want to take any chances. He quietly shut the door and quickly moved to the room next to it.

This one was vacant, much to his relief. The room itself was plain-looking, and relatively clean. He took out one of his books and set the bag down at the side of the bed closest to the window. He slipped out of his shoes, placing them beside his bookbag and laid himself down. "I suppose this should be appropriate, given my current situation."

He opened the book and began reading.

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed..." [1]

[1] The Gunslinger by Stephen King, Chapter 1 opening paragraph

Storm-178 (And Alpha)
Location: Gunsmoke | On top of the town's water tower.
Time: Midnight?

The desert night was cold and crisp as a gust blew by the town. On top of the settlement's watertown laid the armored Superhuman/ Spartan called Storm-178. Storm was actually the soldier's codename in the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) after he was transformed to this person who he was now. He never gave out his true name to anyone, no human has said his name since the time he was kidnapped.

He was known as Shaun at this time.

The night of his kidnapping another event happened. His father was a famous weapon designer, he had made and designed many suits of armor for the Spartans, he was bold, strong and very father like. Shaun's mother was a famous musician or violinist to be precise, she was the kind and gentle mother whom would not hurt a fly.

A cold night at that time was just like Gunsmoke. Except the family of three had a small house in the South region of Japan, the young mother and boy were teaching and playing Violin. Shaun was only at the age of 5 and his music skills were almost professional like, one string was missed and a frown appeared on his face. His mother giggled, "No need to be sad, there will be many more chances to be successful." Her voice was like an angel.

A nod from Shaun and he had started playing again. As a boy he was quiet and usually shy. Then a loud noise came from the main area of the house. "I'll be right back honey." She smiled as she left the large lounge room leaving the child to his practices, his music covered up most of the noises which were happening. Later Shaun found out the noises were silenced gun shots.

A few minutes after a single song, boy Shaun left the lounge to get a glass of water. Though the only thing he found was a group of four armored men surrounding a bullet riddled father and a clean killed mother. "MOTHER, FATHER!" Was the only thing he could yell as the four men took him away.

Thanks to the transformation they had took away most of his memories, though after an early operation when he was a Spartan he had remembered every single detail. And because of that he killed the UNSC Japanese branch, not with a personal encounter, but by crashing an alien ship into the building. He had barely survived, but it had quenched his thirst for revenge.

Though because of that he had killed many innocent civilians and members of the UNSC. He instantly regretted his revenge and felt like ending himself there. Though thanks to being unidentified in the attack, Storm was allowed to rescue many people in the building and base. Later in the week he was already announced a hero but he still had that dark secret within him.

Before he was abandoned and recovered by the Blackhawke Storm become a hero. Though he still did not trust the UNSC but mostly he would rescue anyone that would need help. At one point he rescued a planet full of civilians but in the end the spartan group he was in ultimately died. The next thing Storm knew was that he was locked inside a cyro tube and sealed off in an USNC ship. Though thanks to one of his friends (Master Chief), the ship was launched and cut in half. Though luckily the Blackhawke picked him up and trained him to a whole new level, though this time he trusted the angels, Tomoya and everyone else, they had became his family.

The oldest person ... well thing, to know Shaun was his AI. Alpha, the two trained together in the UNSC. She had became his closest friend who only knew his real name. The AI project herself in full form and the now holographic girl laid beside him. "Feeling better?" She had asked him, Storm smiled and nodded, "I just remembered many things.". "Your past?" She asked, Storm looked to her with a single tear in his eye.

"Yeah ..." He said as the tear fell from his face, fell past Alpha's holographic body and onto the cold metal of the tower. Alpha does not only want a body, she needs it.

Meanwhile in another alternative Universe/Dimension.

Author Shaun and Tomoya.
Location: A hill overlooking the town | Hikarizara (Tomoya's hometown) | Japan, Another Universe.
Time: Lunch.

Meanwhile in another universe which Tomoya belonged to. It was Japan's summer and Shaun and the Okazaki family were having a picnic on a hill. The hill was located by a brand new Hospital which both Shaun and his character knew very well. Shaun had ran away for a minute and was on the tallest place of the hill, holographic screens were all around him. "So can I actually place a barrier protecting this universe?" He said to himself, though a bulb of light was directly in front of him, which was actually an angel of this world.

The two were organizing a barrier so no one from any other world can come here except the creator. "Ah cool, I'll start making it right away ... it was good to meet you too." Shaun smiled as the bulb of light faded away. "Hm, who knew Angels looked like that here. Oh well time for work!" Shaun said to himself as the screens around him began to make the barrier for this universe.

A few seconds later and the previous Archangel, Tomoya Okazaki had finally found his author and friend. The holographic screens faded away as well as the Author had finally finished his task. "Hey what are you doing?" He asked in his calm and gentle voice. "Just some business." He giggled, "Well Ushio wants to play hide and seek with you and ..." Tomoya said but Shaun had rushed passed him. "Last one back is a rotten Lucifer!" He yelled back.

Tomoya could only sigh but retained a smile on his face as he saw both his family and friends together.

Gunsmoke: Sheriff's Office/Lightbringer Base

"Understood. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

With a turn, Angelus followed the rest of the group outside of the office, smiling faintly as Jenny continued playing with her newfound pet. Even if it was a bit of a surprise to learn what got the Pokemon into trouble, the smile on her face was more than enough for Angelus to forgive the slight. After rejoining with Caim, the duo made their way to the Inn, and from there, the warrior wandered in with the Cuties in tow as Angelus went around back and prepared for their evening plans...

Gunsmoke: Outskirts - > Inn

Devon nodded as he thought of something on the way back. "Teri, if you need to, Dimitri can hang out on my Laptop. It's not quite as light as your tablet, of course, but I don't think it's ever needed a charge since... Well, since I first met up with you guys. Would that be a problem? Teri, Go ahead and get some rest. I know it's probably not your first choice, but it might be a good idea if you slept with Rugal tonight."

Teri nodded in agreement, "Yeah, you're right. Don't want to land myself in any more hot water."

Dimitri chimed in after her, "I appreciate the offer, User: Devon, but I have also noticed that my home has not required charging either. Perhaps an influence of the Dawn? In the meantime, I will your device with ours for the Emergency Procedure: Abort, should anything happen to my home. In short, should the tablet be destroyed, I can transfer my 'self' to the nearest on my listing. Otherwise, good night, sir."

Wandering up the stairs with Garm, the wolf's ears perked when he caught the scent of his former Alpha, Lupito, as well as the other Pup (Melethia), and the Senior Caretaker (Rugal). Pausing in front of the Cleric, the wolf nosed the doorknob softly, and then looked at Teri expectantly. Teri looked at her wolf with confusion, and then shrugged, knocking on the door in question.


Shortly after Teri left, Caim wandered in. Setting the two reptilian Cuties on the floor, The warrior smiled warmly and pointed upstairs, "Go find a room to sleep in. You two are still growing you know."

When Cadolbolg frowned openly in protest, Caim bent down and patted the turtle-dragon's head, "It's good for you. Now go, and you'll see me and your mother in the morning. Pleasant dreams little ones."

After the Cuties wandered upstairs as well, Caim turned to Devon; a somewhat pained expression on his face, "... Devon, as much as I hate to ask, do you think you could do me a little favor? And if you don't want to, the Cleric would be sufficient as well."

Before Devon could ask properly, Caim continued, "Angelus and I have been roped into something we've been told not to mention too much, sorry, and I'm worried about the kids... Sure, they're strong and tough, but the conditions of our task have been outlined as extra dangerous. I think they need more training; personally."

He paced back and forth as he said all this, and Devon could clearly see that the matter of the Cuties really seemed to bog down on him, just like it did before the AIM incident. Devon could remember the pact partners arguing with the kids for some time before that was allowed at all. Hell, if Devon didn't know better, he would have thought that Caim worried more about them than Angelus... Wonder why? As he thought this, the warrior continued,

"Anyway, I'm wondering if you could look after them while we're gone. I know you've done so much already, but... You've proven your worth as a student and a comrade. I'd trust you by their sides. And, if anything, you can keep your training up with Ton Ton and Cadolbolg. The little green one is small, but his knife work is phenomenal. You could learn a thing or two. Er... My point is, would that be alright with you?"


As David read his book, he heard the knob of his door turn, and saw as two Cuties fell in with a *THUMP*, inciting a groan from Cadolbolg, as Ton Ton had fallen atop him. Collecting themselves, he could hear the turtle-dragon mutter,

"Knew we should have knocked first. Someone might have answered the door!"

"Hey, who leaves their doors unlocked anyway?"

Gunsmoke: Inn

David A., Ton Ton, Caldolbolg

'I KNEW I forgot something. Damn it.'

David shut his book with a sigh, only part way through the first chapter. With a grumble, he sat up on the bed and put on his glasses to get a good look at his two late-night visitors. He cocked an eyebrow at the sight of the creature that looked like a cross between a turtle and a dragon.

"Hello again, Ton Ton. Came in here looking for a place to sleep, I assume? Well feel free. I'm the only one staying in this room at the moment. And who's your friend... Er, is it a Koopa or something?"

Gunsmoke: Inn

Melethia took the pause to wave to Teri as she started settling into the bed. "Hiya Sis! Didya have a nice time out there not having somebody trip on ya?" She smiled, hoping that Rugal wouldn't inquire further about the mission with her in the room.


Devon yawned and stretched as Caim walked up to him, and the hard look our bard got from Lucifer as he walked into his daughter's room was interpreted as 'Find another room, boy.'

"So you've been voluntold for something dangerous, essentially, and you want me keeping an eye on the boys while you handle your thing? You didn't even have to ask me, but thanks for checking with me. I'll be sure to keep up the training with them, and maybe I'll pick up more than a few things from them." Devon stood up straight as he shook Caim's hand, sealing the promise

Gunsmoke: Inn Room


"...Alright, just please inform either me or your mother before you take on such a Covert Operation next time..." Rugal said, admitting defeat in his interrogation.
It was then that Teri knocked.
"Come in." He said as the Cleric did just that.
"Ah, Teri. And here was me thinking you were going camping..." He said, leaving her wondering how he knew she was at a campfire.
"Either way, best get some rest. Also, Dimitri, Progress update on the ship? Got a timeline set up for the repairs?"

Gunsmoke: Inn Room


By the time Slindis arrived in the room, it seemed that everyone had fallen asleep. After thinking on it for a moment, she decided it would be better for her to just get to sleep.

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