The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Call me Dea.(Day-uh, it's pronounced)" she said and looked at the train then looked at the mech. "This thing is a bit larger and no doubt thicker than the train in terms of metal use. Remind me why we are't using this to help feed and repair the ship?" She asked in her tone of voice that sounded like she was dead.

Esia looked at the me h and pointed her wand at it. "I'm not letting you take these people's money! They've worked hard for it!" She shouted at Matt.

"This mech is mostly made of lightweight metals so it can be easier to transport and we're looking for iron or steel," Matt said to Dea. Just then he heard the magic girl yell something about stealing money and facepalmed at his own ignorance. He forgot that other people would think they were stealing money instead of the locomotive. He flipped a switch and a loudspeaker appeared overhead while a microphone appeared in front of him. He pushed the button to talk and said, "We are not here to steal money, we are here for the locomotive and nothing else. Let us take it and we will leave in peace."

Caim, Angelus

It was nigh instantaneous on the reactions of both to attack their assailants, Angelus spewing fire from her mouth as Caim brought his blade in a sweeping arc to sever the bony hands from the limbs of the skeletons. However, unlike the dragoness, who found her way out; Caim was still slipping and falling to the skeletons about him. With a panicked look in his eye, Caim continued flailing as Angelus desperately tried to throw fire at the skeletons pulling him under.


Throwing caution to the wind, Angleus lit her hands aflame and dove back into the ongoing pile of skeletons, not caring so long as she could get her pact partner out of there alive. The moments that passed seemed to extend forever as the sand began covering their heads, making it harder and harder to breathe....

THUMP! The duo found themselves back on the ground of the room they thought they were going to die in. Looking around in surprise, the two found their gazes lock for a moment and quickly embraced in relief. A few moments passed as they stayed rooted to that spot, the comfort of the hug slowly taking the edge away from their near death experience moments ago.

As they adrenaline began to fade away, Angelus looked around in the dark, thankful that her senses were still sharper than a humans in this form; but decided that her human partner would benefit from some proper lighting. Setting a couple fireballs alight and letting them float in the air, in order for Caim's vision to be enhanced as well, Angelus searched the floor for any more pressure plates or sandy spots, lest they be downed again. She then motioned for Caim to follow after her steps, and tapped her forehead with a finger, "Let us stick to our pact voices for now. Who knows if there are sound based traps afoot..."

A curt nod was all she needed from Caim, and the two began further exploration of the room they landed in....

Devon, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg listened intently to Devon's advice as they wandered to their destination in this place, and repeated a general idea of what he got out of the conversation, "So hang around friend Ton Ton more, and be myself; even if it's a bit different from what Mother and Father do? Well, I do understand that they are, Well, different in terms of how pact partners generally work, as far as I've learned. Their pact is far more... Ah, what was the word I heard... 'Intimate'! Yes, that one. It is something I am not supposed to be old enough to understand, I think. There are lots of those kinds of things...."

The turtle dragon seemed to slump at that phrasing, showing the common frustrations of a child. Wanting to learn so much, but being limited by age barriers placed. However, before this could be questioned further, the two came upon the mirror and it's riddle. However, before Cadolbolg could get a good look, Devon placed himself in the way; lest harm came to the baby turtle dragon.

Teri, Melethia, Jenny, Sadei, Garm

Teri's brow furrowed as they went further and further into the mine, noticing how all the ores seemed lined up with one another, "Thanks for the help, Sadei. And you're right, something really weird is up around here.... I wonder if magic has something to do with it. It wouldn't be the first time I heard about a magic mine..."

As she said this, she continued her focus upon the spell, looking hard to find the root of this strange occurrence in metals.

Boss slapped his head. "Oh damn it. No. No, no, no, no, no. We're not here to take anyone's money. We need the actual train. Not the people on it, not anything else, just...the train." Boss gestured to where he was pretty sure the ship was. "We've got an airship, y'see, but it's broken, and we need metal to fix it. This?" Boss knocked the engine with his foot. "Exactly what we need."

Esia's eyes began to twitch. "So you need metal..." She began and pointed at Matt. "You're schitzofrenic," then pointed at Boss. "...And you're just an idiot. HELLO? LITTLE MISS MAGE HERE?!?" She shouted and took a second to recompose herself. "Ok, let me walk you through what's going to happen here. You're going to help me push the train, THE ENTIRE TRAIN, engine included into the station at town. Then, you're going to leave everything there and bring me back to the ship. When I get there, I'll learn to use a bit of alchemy to transmute piles of sand into iron for you guys... Ok?"

"Moving a 5 car train isn't a problem." Boss said. Looking to Matt, he said, "I'll come back and get you."

Smoothly, the train began moving again, at a steady 30 miles an hour. "Now...Eisa, was it? Are you sure you can transmute 50 tons of sand? And will it stay that way?"

Storm-178 (And Alpha)
Location: Desert.
Time: 12pm.

Storm, People of the Land of Clouds

A sigh came from Storm as he saw the moment surround him.
He also had the feeling which he felt a long time ago.
It was when he was overlooking the spartan transformation in his training years.
In the facility he trained at he saw over thousands of people being injected more then 40 vials of unknown drugs.

It was the feelings of sympathy.
With these feelings Storm sighed, he started to burn ALL of the ivy so they may do this never again.
To stop this the superhuman also grabbed a giant sack of salt near on of the houses and poured it all over the ground where the embers burned.

The last feat he had performed was to throw all of the tribe's weapons over a nearby cliff, so that their weird drugged up nature could not turn violent. The spartan was not at the entrance of the village, "Well no more drugs for them ... and no weapons so that they can't harm anyone. Can you still find those two Alpha?"
"Not anymore ... we can go towards the location where I tracked them last?"
"Better then staying him in this hippie ville."

Storm said lastly as he began walking into the desert once more.

Storm, People of the Land of Clouds

As Storm went to each tribal and took his or her weapon and threw it off the side of the Mesa, they began to wake up from their latest "Vision", all of them looking happy and content after their high.
One by one, they got up off the ground and made their way towards the produce hol-
"HEY!...THE BOTTOM-DWELLER STOLE ALL OUR WEAPONS!?" one of them shouted as he pointed to Storm throwing all the weapons off the cliff.
"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" Veteran Child shouted, drool running down his chest and clearly not pleased with this.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Now that there was a Break, Melethia immediately got to work at getting some of the ores that she recognized and some of the ones she didn't, using the labor from the imps there to expedite the process. "Make sure to get the best grade Iron here, 'cause this'll be the only time here!"

A core group of the skilled Imps went off to warp the barrels of the chain gun while it wasn't being used, implementing small changes to the shape of the barrels that would cause the barrels to jam almost instantly.

Devon, Cadolbolg

He looked over at Cadolbolg and patted him on the head. "Yeah, that's the basic principle of it. If you need help with this kind of thing, you can ask me for a bit of help."

Another look at the borders of the mirror reminded Devon of the Mirror of Erised from the Harry Potter series. He'd read the series quite a few times, so it was something that stuck. However, said glimpse may have activated the mirror...

Rugal, Slindis

The Elemental that Rugal Slammed into the stalactite would have normally just fused with the stone, but the Ki involved with the slam ensured it felt the slam as if it were a humanoid, and thus went back to the Plane of Earth. Meanwhile, Slindis worked through the elementals to get straight to the Mages in the back delivered strikes that tore through a small group of them.

One thing to note that taking out the mages also took out the Elementals.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Jenny watched as the imps cleared out entire sections of the mine-walls hunting for the massive amounts of Ore, grabbing a large supply of several different mined materials.
As they did, she heard something: someone talking.
"-See? I told you this place was going to pay off. And to think you doubted me."
"What was that?....Mmmm..." she asked herself before wandering off, following the source of the voices.

A small walk later brought her over a large chamber with tons of Ores of different kinds all in the same place
"Still can't believe this is actually working to be honest, Steve, I mean, I understand fencing, sure, but this is something else..." The Outlaw said as he handed a small bag of gold coins to the one known as Steve.
"Just takes some alchemy and a few greased palms..." Steve said as he took the coins over to his his Alchemy Table along with a few big rocks.
Jenny watched from afar as Steve reverted the Gold back into Gold Ore before dumping it in a Minecart next to several other pieces of rare Ore.
"And Boom. Like that Armed Robbery never happened...Talk with Notch in the office about your payment, You know the way out." He said as Jenny pieced this together: Steve was in league with some Robbers who stole Metal, Gold and other mineable goods, Which he was then process back into Ore before selling them to businesses in his "Wonder Mine".
" actually kind of clever..." She said as she went to back track to the others.

And ran straight into a pair of Miners.
"....Oh.....Hi?....." She nervously laughed as they advanced on her.
Guys, There is a slig-OOOF!.... she managed to send before getting punched in the face.

"I'll show you schizophrenic when I split your head open like a melon," Matt mumbled to himself as the train left. He brought up solitaire on the main screen and started playing. "So tell me Dea, why do you haunt this mortal world?" Matt asked her without looking away from the screen.

Devon, Cadolbolg

The Mirror glowed as it reacted to Devon's thoughts.
The glow then faded before revealing Devon reading a copy of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."
The reflection then looked at Devon before smirking and throwing the book though the mirror at his feet.
Just by looking at the mirror, He made it give him what he wanted.
Thus the reflection folded his arms and stared at the Bard, a coy smile on his face.

Rugal, Slindis

On Rugal's end of the fight, he managed to get up close and personal with one of the attacking Gnolls, grabbing it by the head before plunging a Slashing Aura fist though it's chest.
Without checking to see if it was dead, he then lifted the body up and threw it at the nearest enemy he could sense,
Once he was done, he brought up another "Dark Barrier!" and braced himself for any incoming arrows.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Fortunately for Jenny, the Imps that Devon had sent there to help the group had been told to keep Jenny safe. Judging by the 4 small hooked spears through the gut of each one, the Imps hadn't forgotten that order. The others should be on their way, but as it was requested, we will keep you safe.

Meanwhile, Melethia got the message as the last of the considerable stock was placed in her bags, making her much more able to craft items now. "Weapons free, sis. If it's not one of the shorties or Miss Jenny, take 'em out. They won't be as nice to ya." She pulled out the Screaming Hammers, well suited to the somewhat close quarters combat down here.

Sadei chatted to Teri, more than ready to fight with her partner. Just let me help in any way I can, Teri. I'm sure I can find a way! Even if Teri didn't actually swing her in the combat, she'd try to provide a magical support to her.

Devon, Cadolbolg

He picked up the book, realizing what the mirror had done. It probably couldn't help Cadolbolg with his insecurities or helping him start making more things better...

Rugal, Slindis

The scent of the completely charred Ivy Weed and the other things up top could actually be smelled from here, which was a bad sign considering how deep they were in. The gnolls wereat once panicked at the losses and sedated by the scent. It was a testament to the pair's fortitude and will that they were able to ignore the intoxicating effects, and the lack of focuscaused the elementals to dissipate as well.

"Rugal, wasn't there the possibility of the ingredient being deeper in here? If we're going to check for it, we'd better do so quickly."


Alpha's check told her that the pair was somewhere deep in the mesa, although it was odd for her to find this information about them considering there shouldn't be any trackers on them. The only thing the two shared was a ring on the ring finger, although the fact that Slin's ring was on her right hand made it clear they weren't a married couple.

"Because you can see me." Dea said rather simply and coldly, a bit oddly vauge and non descriptive.

"Well, sure it'll stay that way. Transmutation is the reconfiguring the electrons, protons and neutrons to form new elements and compounds. It cannot reconfigure itself as it is stable in its natural state. But yes, my name is Esia."

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Just let me help in any way I can, Teri. I'm sure I can find a way!

"I bet you can, buddy! But first, we need to fortify Garm and Mel! They're going to be on the frontline, after all!"

Teri already begun to chant up Shield of Faith, a piece of parchment appearing and disappearing quickly before Teri tapped her younger sister's shoulder, a familiar shimmer of protection washing over the elf,

Teri casts Shield of Faith on Melethia! Melethia gets a +3 Deflection modifier to AC; which appears as a shimmery field of force around her, making attacks having a harder time connecting! It will last for 7 minutes!

24 seconds till another level 1 spell can be cast.

As she waited for the recharge to finish, Teri took her stance with Sadei, and began charging a Reppuken in case an angry miner appeared, the medium blue energy beginning to crackle in her hand as the girls began edging their way around the cave. Garm kept his vigil in the cave as well, nose sniffing heavily for anything that wasn't already a part of this mini-pack.

Devon, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg tapped a nose against the mirror in curiosity, wondering how it made a book appear for Devon. "I wonder if there was something special about Friend Devon's book..? Or is it a mirror of books?"

Flapping his wings a little, Cadolbolg hovered in front of the inscription for the mirror and then looked back at the thing blocking their way out. Going back to the mirror, he thought to himself, "What would let us go forward?"

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Jenny was nursing her nose after being stuck like that, starting to get annoyed with how jumpy everyone on his realm seemed to be.
"What the hell are you doing here!? This here is private property!" One yelled as he brought up his Pickaxe, The other mimicking him.
"'Ol Steve don't like nosey bitches!" He said as he went to attack.
Before Jenny could process this, the Imps flocked in to her rescue, gutting them while the others arrived.
"Hey, Larry, what's goin-....LARRY! GET THEM!" Shouted some re-enforcements.

Garm took down one while Melethia dispatched the other while Teri took down another hapless Miner rushing to the scene with her Reppuken.
Jenny picked herself up, blood dripping from her nose.
"Ughhh...Thanks. Listen, I found out why this place has so many ores..."

As she explained, Steve was about to make Sliver Ore until the sounds of a fight (Namely the Screaming Hammers) reached him.
"HEY! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OVER THERE?!" He shouted, convinced his men were just arguing over something meaningless again.
Still, for the sake of safety, he pulled out his Diamond Sword as well as his Revolver and went to check it out.

On top of that, it also alerted other nearby Miners, though most of them were still fighting over guns topside.

Devon, Cadolbolg

The second Cadolbolg thought that, a mirror image of him holding a key appeared.
Giving a smile and a wink, he threw the key to the ground underneath the little dragon.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal smelt the strange smell of burning leaves first, reminding him slightly of tobacco.
When the Gnolls retreated, he taunted "That's right! Run!".
The smell seemed to get stronger as Slindis asked her question.
"...Yes...But...I smell burning...and grass..." He said, feeling his heart rate slow down a lot faster then it normally did after a fight.
"Go on...Before those things come back..." He said, starting to feel relaxed somewhat by the smell of this burning grass.

"Not gonna push that subject then. Alright I got a different question for you. If somebody used telepathy or some such bullshit on me, do you think they would be able to see you through my eyes?" Matt asked her this time.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

The eight imps chittered once, and the others in the mine placed tools haphazardly throughout the mine's tunnels, having them in just the right positions to thin out the numbers. In addition, they had ensured that the ammunition had been removed from any person they'd disarmed and rearmed.

Melethia heard the shout in the distance and replaced the larger hammer for her kukri, slicing through the nearby miners like butter. "Get the boss!" She took the moment of surprise of those having guns not having any ammo to take them out instantly.

Devon, Cadolbolg

Devon patted Cadolbolg on the shoulder. "Good thinking, Little Dragon! That key might get us through the door down that way, so would you like to give it a try?" He walked alongside Cadolbolg to the oddly plain door, not wanting to be tempted by the mirror.

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis smelled the smoke and walked, more than a bit pertubed at Rugal's reaction. The most it could really do to her was increase her focus slightly from her slightly more calm state, but it was nothing detrimental. "Focus, Rugal! We need to find that Ivy, and if that scent's right, the stock up top's been burned down!"

"I don't know. I exist because you can see me. It might be in your mind, or only to your soul." She responded to him. Then the girl poked him again. "Can we go play DDR?" she asked coldly with her monotone voice.

Storm-178 (And Alpha)
Location: Desert.
Time: 12pm.

Storm, People of the Land of Clouds

"Do me a favor and get off that stuff. Then you can go get your weapons." Storm turned around suddenly and pointed at him with one of the ivy plants. "I'll be holding onto this BUT ... Drugs are bad, m'kay." He smiled to himself inside his helmet as he made a reference. "We should get out of here now." Alpha said as Storm placed said Ivy inside his pouch.

"I'm going to jump."
"You forgot?"
"About what?"
"Ugh, why do you do things the hard way."

Storm's suit began to morph, well it just seemed that some of the metal plating began to move to reveal several jets across his body.
Familiar music began to blast out of the armor.

(This was really needed for this part)

"Oh right, I forgot I had the flight ability."

Jumping off the cliff the jets were activated and Storm flew once again.
If he had remembered this it would of made the past couple of hours a whole lot easier.
Anyone in the area could see the figure start to fly.
Storm flipped off the chief as he looked back. "I am a spartan, a man who has fought all over the stars!" He yelled to himself before flying off ... but to where?

Boss nodded. "Fantastic. That solves that problem. Thank you. We...clearly we were desperate."

A few minutes later, the train skidded into the station. "Shall we go?"

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Teri has used a Class 3 Reppuken. 12 seconds before the next level 3 spell.

Calling Garm to her side again, Teri began chanting up a spell while the wolf pulled off guard duty, and called out, "Aid us, Shelob, in this time of need!"

When she pointed at a spot ahead of her, a spider of ice appeared, jaws clattering and legs shuffling in anticipation for it's Mistress' orders...

Teri casts Conjure Ice Construct 2 and summons Shelob the Medium Ice Spider! Shelob will stick around for 7 rounds, or 42 seconds!
24 seconds till the next 2nd level spell...

Teri directed the spider towards the nearest attacking miner, and the creature sped off into the dark, ready to bear down hard on the offending party.

Devon, Cadolbolg

As they wandered to the door, Cadolbolg called over his shoulder to the mirror, "Thank you!" and waited quietly to see what would happen next....

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Steve walked into a massive fight scene breaking out in the mineshaft just above his alchemy lab, his jaw nearly detracting from his skull when he saw the Imps, the Massive Wolf and now a spider made of ice.
"What...The...Fuck?..." He said as he realized he gave away his position to the lot of them.
"So...Think you're a bunch of heroes, huh?...I'll teach you to butt in!" He said before pulling out a Splash Potion of Invisibility and smashing it at his feet, causing him to seemingly disappear.
He then began throwing Splash Potions of Weakness (Debuff to Attack) and Harming (Instant Damage) at the heroes, running around as he did in a bid to make it impossible to hit him.


The Invisibility is a Alchemy Brew, non-magical
The Potions of Weakness and Harming CAN be avoided.

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

After getting past all the puzzles, the group managed to meet up again in a central hallway leading to a large open Chamber, Littered with bones and gold coins.
From the looks of things, something made the victims turn on each other at the last second as they tried to open the chest that their remains covered.
The lock was even half open!

Something wasn't right here, but it would seem that the chest held the Crystal.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal attempted to shake off what was coming over him as they reached what appeared to be the "Residence" of the Gnolls that plagued them, most of them in a strange half awake/half asleep state as white smoke filled the cave from Storm's purge of mostly-legal highs.
Nonetheless, Slindis managed to find some of the strange Ivy in their stores as Rugal kept watch over the passed out Gnolls.
Rugal however was starting to feel the effects of the drug, his senses starting to become muddled.
" that?...*Slap!*" He said to himself before hitting himself in a attempt to clear his head.


The Tribals looked on gobsmacked at the nerve of the Bottom-Dweller as he flew away, taking away the sole reason for them to be here as well as stealing all their weapons which, due to the fact that they were a isolated tribe on top of a huge Mesa, they needed to fight the local wildlife and hunt.
Veteran Child especially wasn't amused.
"....THUNDAJA!" He shouted as he cast the Spell of the same name, causing massive bolts of lighting to try and strike down Storm.
This was followed by the more skilled warriors and hunters doing the same.

While his suit was able to absorb the energy of a few lighting bolts, the sheer amount of electric rage in the sky sent his armor critical as it tried to deal with the massive influx of energy.
Eventually, a bolt from the Elder managed to hit him in the back, overload his systems and caused him to spin out of control, much to the delight of the Pro-Legalisation crowd.
At this point, it was just a question of if he'd hit the ground or the cliff face.


Storm-178 (And Alpha)
Location: Desert.
Time: 12pm.

During his fall the tribe or anyone in the area could hear a faint yelling.


Sure the impact wasn't going to be plesant, but least he destroyed drugs and nabbed something the crew needed (Even though he has NO idea they actually need it. "Well you may as turn something like this into a weapon.").

After the grounded greeted his face and the rest of his body, the Spartan was once more at the bottom of cliff.
Except there was a nice hole in the shape of his armor which he laid in.
"God damn ... hippies.

"Miku ... I'm going to take a nap now. Can you patch my armor up ... I'll give you a backrub later. Make sure we don't get tak... en." Storm said as he passed out from both the impact of the fall and the fact that the damned spell broke his armor AC ... again.

"No problem chief. I'll remind you when I get a body." She stuck her tongue out as the Spartan lost his vision.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Melethia saw the flask and instinctively rolled out of the way of the flasks before blasting the area with a brilliant flash from her light mace, greatly hurting the eyes of those hostile to her. In addition, she motioned to the weakened imps to have them scatter a good bit of dirt in the air. It wouldn't hurt, but it would help give away the man's position.

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

There was an immediate suspicion about the chest, and Devon casted a Detect Magic Spell on the chest while he motioned for the others to not touch it. After the wait, he found that there was a fairly hostile spell on the chest, and it wouldn't be a good idea if any of them handled it.

"Okay, does anyone have any ideas about how we'll get this open without setting off the magical trap here?"

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis nodded as she communicated to Lupito that they were on their way back as she urged Rugal on. "Get a hold of yourself! We've gotten what what we were after, and we'll have a long way to travel again. Follow me, and we'll be back at the ship in no time."

It was around this time that they got the notification that one of their teammates had followed them and had taken some fairly heavy damage from a fall.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

"What...The...Fuck?..." He said as he realized he gave away his position to the lot of them.
"So...Think you're a bunch of heroes, huh?...I'll teach you to butt in!" He said before pulling out a Splash Potion of Invisibility and smashing it at his feet, causing him to seemingly disappear.

Upon seeing the man appear and disappear, Teri pointed, "Garm, after him! I'll get Squishy for backup!"

The wolf understood the first half of that (as well as the word 'Squishy') and sniffed the air for the newcomer, and then charged after Steve, a terrifying sight to behold almost certainly.

As for the Cleric herself, Teri poured out a water bottle, and called her helpful water elemental to her side, the duo giving quick Aquan greetings before Squishy went after the nearest miner with Shelob.

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

Ton Ton wondered aloud, "I wonder if the contact part of the spell applies to us physically touching it, or if it's anything in our possession... The reason I ask is that perhaps one of could use a blade to pry it open."

That led Caim to think quietly to himself before his gaze grew blank, a notion that Angleus knew was him accessing the Armory. After a moment of quiet, his eyes refocused, and there was a new blade in his hand... Well, if one could call that hunk of iron a blade.

"If that's the case, this could work..."

Hymir's Finger has taken the place of Carrion Maker in the weapon wheel!

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Steve watched as the Large Wolf zeroed in on his position, but he had one thing going for him: Garm couldn't see his movements and he used that to his advantage as he slashed the wolf with his Diamond Sword, causing it to yelp in pain.
Then the Water Elemental arrived and he threw a Splash Potion of Slowness at it, reducing it's mobility and it's threat as a result.
It was around this time that Melethia blinded him and the Imps threw dirt at him, his outline starting to become visible.
"Gah! My fucking eyes!" He said as he tried to clean off the dirt before he was spotted.

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

It was touch and go for a while, but Caim's prying paid off and he managed to take off the lid of the Chest, resulting a pink glow filling the room.
It was the Power Crystal.

It was around a arms length and to does sensitive to Energy Fields, it gave out a large and sometimes overwhelming field.
Now, it was just a matter of leaving.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal nodded as he seemed to get more and more distant as his senses went haywire.
"Uggghhh...Yeah...sure...lead the way..." He sighed as he followed the Drow back out of the caves, stumbling slightly as the ground underneath him seemed to sway and bulge unrealistically.
"...Slindis...I don't mean to alarm you...But...I feel like I've....Been drugged....just a little..." He said as he leaned against a wall to see if it'd stop his perceived shaking: It didn't.
"...Unless the ground really is shaking..."
It wasn't.

"You'll get to once we get back to the ship, just be patient. I'm just waiting to see if Boss is gonna teleport us there or not." Matt told Dea.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Melethia studied the movements of the man as she went in for the first few slices with her offhand kukri. The small clods of semimoist dirt made it actually reasonable to attack him, and her mace could still blast his eyes with light a few more times. It would be a good bit harder to find him had he not slashed Garm with his blade, but the spatter and the cast off droplets of blood made it child's play.

Sadei did her part by trying to help Teri focus more on the fight and acting as a second set of eyes.

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

Devon took a look at the power crystal and thought about it for a little bit then spoke up. "So, Anyone want to get this crystal out? If nothing else, I can put this in my bag along with the book."

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis gripped Rugal's arm tightly as she led the way, putting a good deal of distance between them and the gnolls so neither them nor Rugal would do anything reckless. Honestly, that should have been a much harder fight, but that smoke burned earlier had done much to sedate the group.

"Rugal, the smoke's clearly affectingyou. Trust me here: I can handle this." The light was starting to increase, even if Rugal couldn't see it, and they were getting closer to the cliff...

And Rugal was impaired. This was going to be difficult.

Rugal, Slindis

The second he felt the wind on his face, he realised what she was planning.
"Wait...So...You are going to climb down...with me in this state?" He asked, not zoned out enough to be unable to see that this was a REALLY bad idea.
"Look, just calm dow-"
"Waitwaitwaitwait....Gnolls..." He said before breaking from Slindis's grasp before going over to one of the passed out Gnolls.
He began to examine it with his hands, getting a feel for it's biology.
" hyena...but... humanoid... Survival instincts...shelter...cave...what kind of hyena climbs this high up....for shelter?..." He asked as he sat down and thought about this.
"...No....they wouldn't climb...not on a full stomach...or with a carcass..." He said, his hands moving in motions to help him think in his fazed state.
"...So why...would they be up here...with all the disadvantages...of being up here?...Cave.....System....".
Rugal began snapping his fingers in attempt to figure out what he was walking about.
"...They could have another way up here..." The Drow finished for him
"...Just about to say that...Right...Onward..." He slurred slightly before making his way back into the cave system, attempting to find a way down.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

As Teri was indeed focusing on the fight, she gave a silent thank you to her friend in the staff; for she had proved to be extremely helpful (especially when some sap tried to get her from behind!)

Focusing upon directing the elemental and the spider, a yelp of pain called the Cleric's attention. Her head whipped in the direction of the pained sound, and she saw that Garm had backed away from wherever the man was, blood dripping down his face. Eyes widening with horror, Teri was about to rush towards Garm, and then heard a similar cry of help from her elemental friend,

"What is this sorcery?! I... Cannot move..."

The Cleric's eyes widened in horror upon seeing what was being wrought upon her friends, and rushed in, her aura extended to her fullest,

"GARM! Get over here, now!"

After rushing to Garm's side, Teri finished her incantation, and pointed to her elemental friend; causing 14 gallons of water to appear and wash over him, aiding in diluting some of the hurt of the magic; and allowing Squishy to begin moving in tandem with Melethia again.

Teri casts Create Water! 12 seconds till another 0 level spell can be used!

Hearing his pup approaching, as well as feeling her aura begin to work it's magic, Garm backed away from the invisible man in a bid to protect Teri from whatever blade he was wielding. It's sting was far greater than many things he had felt in his day, and the blood running down his snout was proof of that. He growled, his ears flat against his back; and took a stance that encircled his Pup as she tapped his side; some of her healing pool going into fixing his wounds as her spells recharged.

Teri uses 5 points of her healing pool to fix up Garm's face! 35 points remain!

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

Devon took a look at the power crystal and thought about it for a little bit then spoke up. "So, Anyone want to get this crystal out? If nothing else, I can put this in my bag along with the book."

Cadolbolg flapped his wings at the question, and fluttered over to the open chest, very carefully grabbing the Crystal with all four of his little legs before airlifting the thing in a manner similar to a rescue team in a helicopter.

"I got it, friend Devon!"

Hopefully, the darn thing wasn't bespelled too...

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

With both Elementals out of play, Steve was able to focus on Melethia as she attacked with her Kukri and Mace, though he was confused as to how a 13 year old could wield them so well.
Following a few near hits and parries, he managed to get his suit jacket off, removing most of the dirt and blood from his upper limbs and leaving the movements of his arms unreadable.
Using this to his advantage, he locked blades with the Elf before throwing a Splash Potion of Poison at her feet before jumping back to avoid getting affects.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

She reflexively jumped out of the way of the vial, her instincts once again acting for her before the attack could connect. Shortly after, she went in for a few slashes with her Kukri, with the acid on the blades eating away at the cloth from even the grazes. THe assistance from Squishy was certainly appreciated, and she caught some of the soaked dirt with her blade and tossed it up to hopefully splatter on his chest.

However, Jenny could feel the man out and remembered the attack that she had learned in Devon's mind, She hadn't really had many chances to test it outside of the mindscape, but it was certainly worth a try. "Come on, let this work... Aura Sphere!" To Steve's Dismay, the blast seemed to be homing in on him.

Sadei did her part by trying to help Teri focus more on the fight and acting as a second set of eyes.

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

Devon opened the bag and let Cadolbolg put it in as he brushed his shoulder off for Cadolbolg. "Cadolbolg, Ton-ton. You guys want rides? I've got two shoulders open for you~!" His upbeat tone belied the fact that they still had to get out of there, and judging by the others, their path hadn't been as easy.

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis acknowledged Rugal's thoughts, although she was more than a bit unsure considering they knew nothing about the cave system. Still, there was a definite way to fond the path. "True... Rugal, we're going to be smelling around for either droppings or fresh air. If you can't smell either of those, we've gone on the wrong path." To punctuate her point, the pungent scent of gnoll droppings washed over Rugal.

"Ah, that's the scent I want to find. I know it's not the most pleasant, but at least we aren't in Stormreach's sewers or swamplands." They were making a good amount of headway, and at this pace, they'd find the way provided Rugal could withstand a second dose of the smoke.

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

After the heal up for Garm was done (and her aura closer to the her allies in the main battle), Teri emptied out another water bottle for Squishy and Mel to have back up, burning a turn attempt in the process. When the water elemental rose, Teri said, "I'm calling you 'Gyo' as in, 'get your butt in there and help them!'"

Gyo, surprised by the sudden command (as he had heard multiple tales from Squishy as to how nice of a master she was), complied simply and went the help Melethia, Squishy and a rejuvenated Garm to take down the invisible man. In the meantime, Shelob continued the assault on any extraneous attackers that seeked to come through before it's time in the material plane was gone...

Current Turn attempts remaining: 3 Undead/3 Fire

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

"Cadolbolg, Ton-ton. You guys want rides? I've got two shoulders open for you~!"

Ton Ton gave a little wiggle room on the ground before leaping up and landing perfectly on Devon's shoulder, giving a happy giggle as he did so, "Ah, so Mr. Caim wasn't kidding about the jumping thing... Thank you again, Mr. Devon. Hope my jump didn't hurt you."

As Cadolbolg landed on Devon's other shoulder, they heard Caim laugh and say, "You're mistaken, small one. I've been doing that since before my pact!"

Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Steve, like many others before him, was completely overwhelmed by the incoming barrage of attacks, finished by Jenny's Aura Sphere.
After being blasted into one of the mine's walls by the force of her attack, the Invisibility potion wore off, revealing how much of a beating he took during that final attack, skin torn, bones broken, suit now in tatters.
He groaned as he fell down face first into the mud defeated, dropping his Diamond Sword in the process.

Jenny walked up to the man, somewhat frightened by how powerful that last attack was.
"....Whoa...." She said as he looked at her hands and then Steve's broken body.
"...Lets....Not stay...." She said, looking around at the pile of bodies they made.

Rugal, Slindis

The scent of shit helped Rugal focus a bit better, but only a bit.
"Ohhhhhhh...I'm taking a shower the second I get back." He said as the smell slapped his senses with a brick.
True enough, they found a passage back down to the base of the mountain, though it wouldn't have killed the Gnolls to be a bit more discrete with where they dropped their bodily waste.
"Jesus christ...What the hell was that stuff back there? (The Smoke) I'm not one for recreational drug use, but that...was some powerful stuff." He asked, wondering how come she wasn't affected.

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