The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Melethia, Jenny, Teri, Sadei

Melethia fished a small paper off the man which was most likely the deed before she started making her way out with the rest of the group. "We've got plenty here, guys! Now let's get outta this place and get bck to that blacksmith!"

After a short amount of time, the group was nearly out thanks to the sabotage the Imps had inflicted on the ranged weaponry. This sabotage extended to some minute warping of the insides of the chain gun.

Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Kalastryn

He laughed and walked with the two on his shoulders, not feeling too burdened at all by the two up there. "It's no problem, guys! Honestly, it could be a lot heavier. Any time you two want, you only have to ask." The rather large shift in the man compared to how he'd been in the Mindscape was something that wouldn't easily go unnoticed by those that had been in there.

Rugal, Slindis

As they made their way down the last tunnel, Rugal noticed that Slindis hadn't been deterred by the scent at all, even though it smelled like an open sewer. Perhaps she'd spent a lot of time in them in her past? After all, it was almost a given that any adventurer had started their career in the sewers.

"Lupito's on his way. I'm still not sure what that smoke was, but it had to be strong to affect you so badly." Slindis could feel the slight amount of warmth that indicated they weren't too far away, and she urged Rugal on as well.

Attention: We are returning to the Origin Plains in AA. Sorry for the amount of confusion and delays that have occurred in the last few arcs.

Rising Dawn: Everyone

Once all the parts were gathered and brought back to the ship, the repairs proceeded extremely quickly, everyone helping everyone in a united goal of getting back home.
And in the end, when the mighty Rising Dawn took to the skies again, it's warp drive tearing a hole in the fabric of space and time, It all paid off...

Origin Plains

Soon, the ship returned back to it's home world and to a location that a few of the people on it recognised: Origin Plains, a grassy untouched meadow, far from the madness of the AA World.

Storm-178 (And Alpha)
Location: Desert.
Time: 12pm.

Rising Dawn: Everyone

As soon as the group arrived inside the Rising Dawn, Storm immediately went to his little corner inside of the hanger.
He walked up to his armor loader and soon he was free of his metal suit, but before leaving he activated the repair module so the loader would repair his armor for him, though he would always check it if he has time and if not Alpha can check it quickly.

A loud yawn came from the spartan as he came out of his 'garage' and took a look around at the hanger to check if everything was in place. "Lightning hawk ... check. Bikes, check ... etc, check." He lifted his hand to his mouth to block the in-coming yawn. "We need some sleep." Said the Spartan as he had began to walk to his own chambers with the lovely AI Alpha projected next to him.

(Note: Will do something tomorrow. I do sleep now)

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Origin Plain | American Midwest
Time: 12:00 PM GMT


A darkness deeper than blackest pitch. Indeed, this was something that was not too unfamiliar to the mercantile Darkwraith. This was home, where his soul would be bound if he were every devoured by the burning fires that he so desperately clung to. The Abyss, the darkness wrought by humankind, the evil heart of every man made corporeal. It was a cold, dark, lonesome place where even the ghosts of his kin wandered in solitude, unaware of the presence of each other.

A flare in the distance. A burning flame. A roar of the crackling fire. Yet again, his time had come, the world would receive him. So he wandered close and fell into the kindle, wreathed in the fire of life and light he fell. Further and further through a realm of dark existence, punctuated by the ashes of those whose bones have become the source of this vibrant flame. And soon, Luke found himself whole again.

The fire sputtered and expanded, filling the entire room with eerie mist, and then Lucieon fell out of the bonfire. His body once again attuned with the world. A terrible ritual, but one that has been necessary for sustaining his longevity.

The merchant rose and stared at his hands, his heart dropped into his stomach. The cloth hung to burnt flesh, wrinkled and dried. Coarse and rough. They held none of their previous fairness and softness, rather they were the skin of a long-dead man. Lucieon quieted the scream he had in his heart. He was out of humanity, and this was his last revival unless he could procure more.

He wrapped a cloak around himself to hide his now ghastly features and started a brisk walk out of the room. Hoping that he could encounter some chance of restocking his supply of humanity before he became completely devoured by the Abyss. His Catalyst clinked against the metal floors of the ship as he walked, and his cloak fluttered behind him. His clothing seemed much more shadowy than before. His hood had been pulled all the way down to his nose, and wreathed his face in darkness, he wore gloves to cover his decayed hands, and his robes seemed to hang more loosely from an emancipated body.

Lucieon made his way toward the Canteen because he had no idea what else to do.

David West

Glad to be back in the "Normal" (Term used loosly) realm, David was relaxing in the now re-built Canteen, enjoying a nice cool drink of cider and reading a newspaper to find out if they missed anything.
It was around then that Luke walked in, covered in his robes.
Without turning to face him, he said "Good to be back home, eh? Manufactured products, computer appliances, Booze made with quality control..."
He began to list a few other thinks he liked about his homeworld when he actually turned to look at the man.
"....Luke....You got a cold or something? You're certainly wrapping up well for late Spring... " He asked as he got up, wanting to see what was the deal


After they got the all clear from the ship's AI's, Rugal took a walk down from the bridge, tried after all that they did back in the Western Realm.
Then the reality of his situation settled in again: UNIT was on his case and if he ever left the ship, they would most likely find him.
Then there was the matter of all his former connections and employees and what they may have done while they were gone.

His line of thought was broken by a strange tapping sound, causing him to stop and checked behind him.
"Hey! Over here!" He heard a voice coming from the window.
"Open up and let me in." It said as he realised it was Dillons.
After a moment of hesitation, he opened it but hitting the button under it, bracing himself in case his former enemy tried anything.


Dillon flew through the window
"Well, Thanks for that, feel like I've been trying to get in forever." he closed the window he looked at Rugal's eye
"So your eye's better, that's good for you. are we alone? because we never had a chance to talk."
Dillon's tone was serious he had a lot on his mind and Rugal had a lot to answer for, now that he was alone they could settle things.

Dillon, Rugal

Rugal cleared his throat as he lowered his sunglasses, revealing that he was still infact, Eyeless and Blind.
"...Now that being said, I find that this "Disability" hasn't really slowed me down." He said as he closed the window again.
"So tell me, You managed to get your Wife back that time? I'm sorry I wasn't more help, but I was fresh off having my skull nearly blown open at the time..." He asked as he walked with Dillon down the hallway.

"yeah her and the twins are safe now"
Rugal stared
"Oh yeah Amaya had kids when you attacked my home she was pregnant. which was why you had it so easy"
"Well yeah how much harder would that heave been if Amaya was around with her Susanoo, or resonating with me, Oh wait you weren't around for that, I had acquired the holy sword that how I get those wings of light I gave up my angel powers soon after I got this sword so yeah I'm not using Tomoya's power."
It was quite a talk explaining his powers, and what he had done since Rugal had been dispatched he even explained the Termi-Dillon.
"SO essentially I can perceive souls and when I resonate I can fully understand someone, in fact it may be best if I took a look right now."
Dillon's eyes changed they seemed unearthly as if his stare was looking past Rugal's body
Dillon could see Rugal's soul, he hadn't been able to last time when they were enemies but he had known he was an arrogant fighter who cared mostly about his pride.


Dillon looked into Rugal's soul, expecting mountains of bodies and gold, but he found something else.
It was more like his own the more he looked at it, while he still had the odd lust for Blood and Power, everything else was about his new family, wanting to care for them, give Slindis someone to fully trust, to give Melethia some good memories of her childhood, to protect Teri.
He also seemed a lot less proud of his actions in the past, wanting to distance himself from them.
And a crushing fear of losing his family. And ponies. Can't forget the ponies, even if he wants to.



Dillon was rather surprised at what he found, he was guessing a change but the fact that Rugal had intentions beyond his own greed and pride.
"Interesting very interesting."He said with a smile.
"Well you may know if my darker side, it actually came from you, the old you at least, if you remember. Looking at your soul it appears the light in your heart it had it's influence from me, So I guess we changed each other a bit."
He smiled wondering how he'd react to that.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Noon


When Luke responded, his voice was scratchy and dry, as if life had long escaped his form. But he kept those robes tight around him as he spoke, his cape and mantle fluttering slightly in the current of the air conditioning. "I seem have fallen quite ill."

When David approached, Lucieon stepped backwards in one smooth motion, distancing himself from David. His cloak followed about a second after he shifted backwards, "I am from an age long ago. What I can resist may prove lethal to modern humans." The shade from his hood hid his sunken eyes, now nearly blind to the world around him. Luke flexed his right hand instinctively, tempted to attack and devour the man in front of him. Then the thought hit him... what if the Darksign was actually transmittable? That would be catastrophic, for another undead epidemic to spread across the Earth.

Luke was silent for a moment before walking around David, "It is nothing of matter, I just need something to drink." He made his way toward the kitchen, desperate to separate himself from the humans in the Canteen before his thirst made him do something rash.


Rugal didn't really know how to answer that at first, but he was right, he had made a full 180 over the past few months.
All he could say was some grunts, but Dillon heard him say "...maybe a little..."
Before Dillon could say anything, he then said "But know this...I didn't change for you, I changed for them..."
"...So you are admitting I have a point?..."
Rugal then coughed rather harshly, though Dillon could just about hear a "*COUGH!COUGH!yesCOUGH!COUGH!*"


"...O...Okay...." David said, slightly weirded out by Luke's strange behaviour (Though that was par for the course by now), but he perked up when he said he needed a drink.
"Here, take mine. It's just Cidona." He said, offering his glass of Cidona to him.
He kept one hand by his gun though, just in case.

Avatar Adventure
Location:Canteen | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Noon


David had stopped the undead merchant in his tracks. Luke spun around to face the Irish sniper and looked at him disdainfully from underneath his hood. "Really," Lucieon said as courteously as possible with his damaged voice, "I much prefer if I found something to drink by myself. I can't say if I'm allergic to anything in this world." It sounded like a good excuse.

David stood before him like a beautiful slab of meat. His soul was tainted by both love and grief, his humanity stretched thin and then sewn together again. It was an enticing thought. Luke quickly turned away again, trying desperately to control the spasms of his right hand. The Catalyst purred at him, Manus was amused at his pet's little moral dilemma. However, Lucieon reconciled his thoughts and instincts in a brief moment of genius and calmed his branded hand. He could only extract humanity from females... that was part of his pact. Even if he tried it on David, the most that would happen would be minimal damage. Nothing more than a punch to the face. The next few words flowed out of Luke's mouth much more calmly, "...What is the status of the airship? As it's quartermaster, I should be notified of all the needs of the group."


"...Okay...though it's mostly just apples and sugar..." David said, leaving the glass down in case Lucieon changed his mind.
"Riiigggggghhhtt, Ship's needs. Well, we might need to top up our supplies a little, seeing how much was used or lost during the whole "Crashing into another realm" thing. That being said, I don't think we are in a dire state, so no need to overwork yourself if you are feeling..."Off"..." He added, still wondering what was up with the man.
"Oh, and get onto whoever supplies the transport ships we have on board, we could do with a few more of those. Most of them were either busted in the crash or scrapped for repairs. Again, no panic."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Noon


"Duly noted," Lucieon responded. He swept towards the Canteen kitchen and picked up a small green bottle he had stored there earlier. It was an emerald flask, carved of stone, and filled with the essence of sunlight and fire. After he had his flask in hand Luke swiftly left the Canteen, deciding fully to throw himself into his work.

Step one, take the inventory of everything on the ship. So he began is small adventure through the layers of the airship.

going offline after this


David watched as Lucieon grabbed something before heading off.
Before he left, he said "Hey Luke...Just if are feeling like crap or something, just go into the Med Bay, there should be something there to fix you up. Just talk to Slindis or one of them, fix you right up."
Once he was gone, David returned to reading the newspaper, making a note to keep an eye on that guy.

Rising Dawn: Hangar
Matt had seen where they were and thought it was more boring than watching paint dry. Looking to make a little excitement of his own, he had headed to the hangar. There he found what something that would help, an ATV in excellent condition. Strapping a parachute to the front and back, he opened the hangar to see that they were still above 1000 feet. "Oh fuck yeah," he quietly said in excitement. Turning on the ATV, he took one deep breath before driving full speed out into the open sky.


Glad to be back in "Their" earth again, Jenny was looking out at the plains from the sky as the Rising Dawn hovered above it.
It was then that the image of a man on a ATV falling through the sky reached her eyes, horrifying her as Matt got closer and closer to the ground.
It was like watching a car crash, she couldn't look away as he got nearer and nearer to the ground.

Devon, Melethia, David

The two appeared in the Canteen, looking rather disoriented from the successful jump when Melethia saw David. "Hiya Keeneye! If ya didn't mind, I saw some of the stuf at that Lightbringer place. Would ay want to try some of the weapons I wanna make? It's kinda new for me, but it's worth a shot, isn't it?"

Meanwhile, Devon motioned to the imps and chatted to them, letting them know they were free to relax and have a good time. When they dispersed, he brewed a cup of coffee and sat down at one of the tables. Ella had indicated she wanted some time to rest, and he wasn't about to interrupt her sleep.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Noon

Lucieon, Slindis

When Lucieon got over to the Medical May to do an inventory of the supplies there, he saw a Drow dressed in loose clothes designed for mobility in a fight checking up on a wolf that was nearly the same size as her.

"I think I've heard of you a few times. What are you looking for?"She took a moment to eye the man up, trying to pinpoint something that she was feeling about the man.

Devon, Melethia, David

David looked up from his newspaper as she mentioned the guns from the Lightbringers.
"Funny you should that, I actually came up with something after seeing those. Got the idea while you were out "Mining"." He said as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a folded up piece of paper.
"So I was thinking about my combat style and I think something that might help me be my all." He added as he unfolded the A4 paper on the table.

It was a crude pencil drawing of a wrist mounted gun being fired by a man with a scope for an eye.

"9mm Wrist Mounted Automatic pistols with a firing mechanism built into the palm. Clench your fist, Bang!" He explained as she asked "Who is that?" as she pointed to the strange man.
He seemed at a lost for words at that question.
"...I....Don't know. He kinda..."Showed up" when I was coming up with the idea, just a model so I could figure out how it'd work. Still, whadda think?"

Boss walked into the canteen yawning. "Nothin' like a good nap." he said, sitting down next to David. "So...what's there to eat? Is there Pizza? 'cause I like pizza."


David looked over to Boss and said "Yeah, I could eat. Hold on a sec..."
Getting up and moving over to the counter, he pressed a button and said "Hey...4 Seasons Pizza when you are ready."
A few minutes later, a freshly made 4 Seasons was sent out on a plate and David returned to Boss with it.
"So..."Boss" was it?...Bet you have a story for that name." He pryed as he took a slice.

Devon, Melethia, David

Melethia took a look at the figure and played with her hair for a bit before chiming in again. "So, what are your plans for this? Close range or Long range? Where will you keep the ammunition? How much kick do you want? There's a lot that we've gotta cover if we wanna get this right, an' we'll probably have to go through a few test weapons first. Of course, I won't let you touch it without the right protective measures since I know ya don't wanna get maimed durin' testin, so there's lots that'll go into this." She went into her bag and grabbed a small pen and started making notes on the sides, clearly thinking this out. ANd with some of the stuff David had seen her make while they were on that mission for the Lightbringers, he knew that the girl could do almost anything with the gun given enough time.

She looked up at him with eyes brimming with the multiple ideas for this weapon of his. "Keeneye, are ya up for it?" She was so into her planning that she hardly noticed Boss walking up next to her at all, and it was odd to see such a young girl planning out the design of a weapon.

Devon continued to drink his coffee as he saw Boss enter. "There's not any ready right now, but I'm sure they could make some up for you. What style were you wanting? I'm sure I could arrange something." He called out in a fairly coarse language not fitting his suited appearance, and an Imp walked over to him.

"Not really." Boss said. "I guess...I've never really thought about it. It's just what Edge calls me. I mean, what he's always called me, as far back as I can remember." Boss took a slice of pizza. "I guess I never wondered why..."

Devon, Melethia, David, Boss

"Both Long and Short range and have the magazine built into the bracer." David said with a full mouth as he threw his feet up on the table while Melethia took notes.
"Still, "Boss". What's your real name? I mean, unless Mamma and Poppa Boss DID make that your real name. Not judging, Can barely pronounce half the names of the people on this ship. Just wondering, is all..." He said as he finished his slice and licked his fingers.

Boss sat for awhile, thinking. "I...don't know. I know I had a real name at some point, or I think I did. But I have no idea what it is. My earliest memory is of Edge carrying me on his back in the rain..."

Boss leaned back and ate his pizza, thoughtful.


"The Whole "Man with no Past" routine?..." David retorted as examined Boss.
"Okay....Did his "Edge" tell you why he was carrying you? Sorry if I'm prying, but there HAS to be a bit more then that in your "Origin Story" Am I right?" He asked, starting to get more and more interested in this "Boss".

Boss's eyes seemed to drift off. "I do know something...About two weeks ago, Edge and I stumbled across this tree...but it wasn't just a tree, it was a tree the size of a galaxy, and it was alive, and psychic. It said that it was constantly reading the minds of every living thing in all of creation, and that it knew me and had called me friend. And there was someone else...there was this man, this old, old man, that acted like he knew me and Edge. I mean, he was old...his skin...was like paper...But he must've killed a thousand people before bleeding out..."

Boss shook his head and sat up. "It's not important. I don't specifically remember anything, but there are times where I feel another, much stronger presence in my mind. And the old man ended up dying, but not before proving he could still beat literally everyone in a swordfight. And no, I don't know who he was, except that his name was Master and he was an asshole."


"...That.....wasssss...Not what I expecting..." David said, clearly weirded out by this story, no matter how many strange adventures he'd had with his crew, he always found something that was just a little weirder.
"...So Edge....Mindreading Galaxy Tree....Old guy with a sword...You sound like you could use a drink..." He said, already regretting pushing so hard for Boss's past.
He got up and pulled a few bottles of booze out of the cooler and handed him one.
"You know...I'm starting to think that I'm the only one here who hasn't got any ties to some REALLY weird shit. Just Primary School, Secondary School, Irish Rangers, here I am. Not complaining, but I feel so....Out of place here at times..." He said as he opened his bottle and took a long swig.

Boss snapped his fingers. Three beers appeared, one before him, one before David, and one before Melethia. "Alright, smartass, why don't you tell us your story?"


David nearly spat out his drink when Boss poofed in more beer, mostly out of surprise.
"*Glup* Ahhh...Little more heads up, though thanks. Didn't know you could do that." He said as he finished one bottle and moved onto the new one, also talking Melethia's.
"That's basically it, Born and raised in Western Ireland, wanted to be a badass, Signed up for the army, became a Marksman. Did a bit of peacekeeping until we had a sorta worldwide Godzilla attack with multiple Godzillas, Long Story so heres the short version. After a less than successful mission to contain one of the monster, I started hanging out with this crowd. And we've been dealing with worldwide threats and shit ever since." He explained as he sat back down.
"Really tough gig, it's hard being a "Super-hero" around here...
And don't even get me started on my lovelife..."

"No" Boss said. "Tell me about your love life. I want to live vicariously through you."


"vicariously?....That's a new word to me..." David said as he recalled his Love Life.
"Well...When I first started there, there this woman. She could make portals, it was pretty cool. Usual psychical attraction, great personality, even better soldier." He sighed as he recalled Elena before everything went to shit.
"...First, she ended up getting caught up in a Nuke Blast used to take down another monster. Then she was kidnapped afterwards, tortured, brainwashed, Managed to get her out of it, but she was...damaged...Then some super-powered jerk off tried to blow up the planet and her people ordered my death due to a...Massacre of a extremely hostile tribe in South America. She came for me and the others with a hit squad...I lived, she didn't...."

It was clear that is was a sore spot for David.
"...So yeah...Last time I pursue a relationship in the workplace..." He snarked before taking a longer drink of his beer.

"Oh. I'm...I'm sorry, I was joking." Boss waved his hand. Another beer appeared before David. "Drink up man. Really, I'm sorry."

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