The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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As Pandora struggled to get her footing in the boxcar of a moving train she seems to have teleported onto she slides the door open and sees a town in the distance. It was odd really, some old senses told her something was going to happen sometime there... and unfortunately for her, trouble attracts Absols like honey attracts flies. She jumps, tucks, and... would have rolled if her horn didn't get jammed in the dirt. "SON OF A B***" she says as she pries her head from the ground. "Sometimes I wonder why I don't just saw this bloody thing off! Oh... of course, it'd hurt like hell and then I would seem even more of a freak with it broken I suppose" She says as she can't help but notice the unbearable heat. She decides to find a place to drink and cool off and starts walking to the Saloon.

Gunsmoke: Saloon

Rugal, West, Fionn, Slindis, Lucretia, David.

"So what is so "Unstoppable" about them? Sheer numbers or some god awful magical power?"

Shara paused as she tried to answer Rugal's question, nothing specific had been said about the bandit's abilities beyond wild rumors. To her knowledge, no one had fought the towns attackers yet and lived. "I wish I could tell you, but all I hear is talk of the devil walking amongst the bandits, one conjuring the power of the dead, that sort of stuff." She looked over to a group of bards in the corner of the saloon, having been put to shame by Devon's performance. "You all know what the story of what happened to that town, right?"

The group lit up, seeing a chance to redeem themselves. They all sprang up and darted onto the stage, prepping their instruments. They then began to perform, creating a vivid image for the heroes.

With the exposition delivered in the from of an obvious reference (wait, are the bards covering the choir's song?), Shara turned back to Rugal and Slindis "And that's all anyone knows for sure. See, this would be simple if a few bounty hunters teamed up to deal with it, but there's one small issue with that."

"And that issue is?"

"They've all been dealt with. Most of the best gunslingers are either with them, too scared to do anything, dead, or worse. Forgive the cliche, but that town needs a miracle if the folks there want to keep their homes and live." Fionn just stood there as the conversation went on, predicting the outcome. He walked over to West "You finished mate? Lets get everyone together, looks like we got our holiday after all. The two then stood up left the Saloon, spotting Jenny in the street...



"...Well, No. No I don't...What happens to them when they are old enough?"

"We sell them! That's what most breeders do!" He shook his head at wha the thought was obvious and continued on his way.

Back in the Saloon......

A man at the bar was put off his lunch as he tasted it "Hey barkeep, you sure this is chicken?"

Gunsmoke: Saloon


"....That's all?..." Rugal said, prompting a stare from the bartender.
"Doesn't really sound too bad, considering what we've dealt with in the past." He added, not really fazed in the slightest at the threat of dozens of people with guns, seeing how they just beat Millions of Angels with superpowers and guns.
However, it soon became clear that he didn't care too much for this town, this wasn't their world and, in his mind, not their problem.


Kid's got nerve... David thought as he smirked and raised his glass of Water, having decided that the stuff here wasn't for him.
"Cheers." He said as he took a long drink of his water and watched Lucretia's grin fade.
It was then that Fionn pulled him away, foiling his wicked scheme to ruin Lucretia's fun.
"So tell me why we are leaving the bar?..." He said as Jenny began to raise a fuss.


"...Sell them into what?..." Jenny asked as she paled slightly, keeping up with the rider as they went down the alleyway, jogging almost to keep up.
As she walked, she came into Pandora's view as she entered the Saloon, A Gardevoir? Here?
"I mean is it for Racing...or pulling coaches...or..." She trailed off as the realized what it most likely really was.


As jenny passed through Pandora's view she made a heard turn left around them and out of sight. By the way it looked, with her following a human, it looked as though he was her trainer. To be honest since the accidental switch was made she had wondered if getting hit in the face with a poke-ball would actually be able to catch her... but she wasn't about to find out. After weaseling past the two of them she lets out a deep sigh. "I really hope this isn't like Hoenn, I mean for the love of god if I have to run into any more people who would consider me or other Pokemon their... "pets" I think I'm going to hurl." She says as she enters the Saloon a couple minutes after the bard's song was over. She gets a few glances from around the place but ultimately just asks the barkeep for a glass of water. Then puts a gold nugget on the table to pay, she presses it to her lips, but after seeing the bartender "spit-shine" the inside of a glass... she takes the nugget back and hands him the drink, with a disgusted look on her face, much to his dismay...

Gunsmoke: Stables

Melethia, Ton Ton

After Ton Ton admired the chocobo replica for a moment, he looked up at Melethia with an equally confused expression. Or, as well as an expressionless Tonberry could muster, "But that's the point. The games are all fake, hence them being 'games'! We don't have monsters in our world like others do, aside from the Dream Daemons. But I don't think many people are aware of them; if they are at all... My point is, the games are just that. Games! They serve no purpose otherwise. Sure, they're not very realistic, but in a world where such things are fantasy, that's where the appeal lies, at least to children. Don't get me wrong, Ms. Melethia; having to fight for a long time in your life is nothing glamorous. But you do know how normal it is to romanticize such things when people know nothing about them? Look at the tales of dragonslayers, for example! We don't know how the dragon feels about being killed, nor is the gravity of the situation truly grasped! Rather, the stories focus upon the bravery of the knight or his cunning! The labor that would be killing a dragon is glossed over with a few words, when in actuality, it's a long and arduous ordeal! Do you understand..?"

He gave a soft sigh, and patted the feather under his robe with a small 'grin' (which was more like his eyes squinting faintly), and continued, "As for adapting and overcoming in combat, I know exactly what you mean. From the moment I was 'born', I've had to fight to keep my Mistress safe from the Daemons. From then on, I had to refine the techniques I use now or I wouldn't have survived. I wonder if she would have made a new Guardian after that...? Mind you, my creation was accidental. The Mistress doesn't even know I'm alive, which was something I intended. A moving doll would be pretty creepy!"

Gunsmoke: Outskirts

Teri shook her head as Devon gave his spiel, and leaned a little into Lucifer's side, the Archangel proving to be far warmer than she was, "There's always room for improvement, Devon; but that's not what we mean when we say you're 'good'. It means you're a decent human being! You're much better than Tomoya or Shaun in the fact that you ARE taking responsibility for your actions, and constantly working to fix any mistakes you've made to the best of your ability. Now just because you have that task ahead of you doesn't mean you have to constantly put yourself down. That's just as destructive to your health as poison..."

Speak for yourself, Cleric. As Teri relaxed against the former Prince of Darkness (a rare sight for any who knew her) she continued, "But I can agree with you on one thing; I never thought I'd be here a year ago! Especially in my career choices! I mean, who decides to be a Cleric in our world? Really? Stuff like that hasn't happened since the dark ages!"


As Caim and Cadolbolg wandered down the street, Cadolbolg finding a happy perch on his father's head, the two saw their Gardevoir friend talking with a man riding a.. Bird? With a shrug, the two walked over and Caim gave a little wave to Jenny, his PDA speaking well enough for him,

"Greetings, Jenny. How do you fare at the moment?"

Cadolbolg lifted his head up, and yawned. As strange as it was, Caim's skull seemed to be his favorite napping spot, especially with the heat warming his scales so nicely. After blinking a few times, he waved to the Pokemon as well,

"Hello, Friend Jenny! What kind of bird is that there? It looks funny!"


Esia saw a curious woman walk in, not looking entirely human to her. Being Curious, the Dark Magician Girl got up and walked over to the bar. Standing next to the odd human, she leaned on the bar. "Um.... Hi, You're Different..." She said, not looking up.
The woman would be able to tell that the girl lives the kind of life she once did, probably even worse at that. "I know a place where you could get clean water. It's a bit of a walk through the desert and i would burn up out there..." she said quietly.

Gunsmoke: Saloon

Matt was sitting at the bar with a bottle of whiskey but was turned to face a beam. There Matt was casually throwing knives in a straight line up and down the beam while drinking. People eyed him nervously in case he started throwing badly but with each sip of the whiskey his aim and form remained superb. "This town is a little too boring for my taste," he said as he got up to retrieve his knives.


Pandora says to the rather young looking "magician" "That's fine, I wasn't really that thirsty anyway, but it's pretty hot out there huh? Last time I was in such a humid climate I was buryi- you know what never mind. she says with a chuckle. "Also, while I understand I look a bit... strange, to you, it's a bit rude to point out a person's "flaws" don't you think?" she says as she begins to ask the crowd "Anyone else ever get that sense of impending doom? Because right now, I feel like sh** is going to hit the fan soon." she says in a manner as though she was seeking an answer to why, rather than giving a warning... hell, people here don't seem to know about an Absol's sixth sense of danger, so not revealing it and being called a bad omen in TWO worlds would probably be a step in the right direction.

"I don't get out much... sorry..." She said and hung her head low in shame. "But, from what i've learned, bad news follows the group i'm with." she explained to the other woman. "May i ask what your name is please? It would be nice to have someone to talk to." the girl asked, hopefully.


"My name is Pandora, a fitting title for someone such as myself, not that I expect you to fully understand what I mean by that. Anyway, there's my introduction, what might your name be?" she asks as she brushes some remaining sand off her horn. "Oh, and... what's with your get-up? Not the typical thing I see everyone around here wearing. Then again, I guess I'm one to talk about appearances aren't I?" she says with a chuckle. then she asks the previous question again seriously to anyone in the saloon. "Seriously though, anyone have any idea what's going on here? When I feel things going downhill fast, I hate to admit I'm usually right."

"Well, i'm not exactly a human. or real even...." The Girl began to explain. "My name is Esia and i'm known as the Dark Magician Girl. I'm essentially the spirit of a card my master wields in battle. But i am still alive and breathing when i'm like this." she explained. "You can touch me and i can think and move and interact with the environment as well. I'm real until i'm de-summonded." Esia explained.


Pandora decides to let her in on a badly kept secret, might as well have someone know how she got where she is today. "huh, that's a lot like myself actually. Except I'm real all the time. I too, used to be summoned for combat at will, being burned, bludgeoned, bitten, paralyzed, confused to the point where your a danger to yourself, put to sleep, poisoned, knocked out, frozen, the whole nine. That is until I... well keep in mind this was an accident, switched bodies with the person who caught me. she says, not sure whether to feel sorry for what happened next, or let out a wicked grin."

"I did keep a couple of the features from the real me... but then less than 5 minutes after, I wasn't switching back. It was no accident afterwards that I returned them to the ball they summoned me from and buried it in the desert known as the Orre region. It seems cruel, I know, but you'll probably understand that right?"

"The only time I wasn't stored inside a tiny, cramped ball, I was getting attacked, and forced to attack in turn, all for "sport." Tell me... have you ever desired freedom from that slip of paper?" she asks, finally finding someone she hopes she can both show sympathy for and actually be understood by.

"I... I've never known freedom... How could i desire what i've never known..." she said and stood there for a minute. Someone else had actually known something similar to what she has been going through. Not caring what the reprecussions of her were, she moved forwards, embracing the other female in a hug, letting tears run down he face. Esia just sobbed into the womans shoulder, unknowning what to say.

Rising dawn med bay.

Soul roused and was ready in a few minutes. He took a look over his deck and found DMG's card was blank. His body transformed back into that "bad ass dueler" mode and her stormed off towards the town, feeling her there.


Pandora gasped as Esia essentially lunged at her, while it was awkward for sure and got a bit of attention from a few people she simply patted her on the back and let her cry. she couldn't help but feel sorry for them. She'd definitely felt like crying on several occasions. Then when she was finished she gently pulled Esia off her shoulder and with a rather determined look, asked. "Where's this card your bound to, I've got a plan to get you out of this sick game your summoner plays."

Gunsmoke: Outside the Saloon

David, Fionn, Jenny, Ton Ton, Melethia

"So tell me why we are leaving the bar?..."

"Well David, there's a town unable to defend itself in need of help, and I'm guessing Slindis is set on doing everything she can about it, I know I am. So we're going to get everyone together and get the whole 'for great justice' thing over with and get on with the actual heroics. " As he explained, the two came across Jenny, having just seen the breeder and the chocobo disappear behind a building. Seeing Melethia and Ton Ton, he stopped to see what was going on.

"So, Super Shrink, hows it going?"


"I am afraid I am not in wont for anything material at the moment, so I will not try not to keep you and make this quick. I am looking for simple information. In my travels, I have not noted many dragon coinciding with human societies. Thus, I am curious. Is such a friendly concordance common in this realm, or is your business an outlier? Do you know of the state of dragonkind around here? Are there many? Few?"

The smith was taken aback slightly by the sheer randomness and complexity of Angelus's question. Besides the fact that dragons at this point were integrated (or at least accepted as equals) in most (if not all) societies in the world, Angelus was asking a smith/engineer for a breakdown of Draconic history as far back as the beginning of the settlement of the Americas?

"Well, um, you're asking the wrong person for this kind of thing." He found the question to be a little jarring "Where are you from anyway? You don't know that 'slay the evil dragon' crap died out years ago?"

Gunsmoke: Outside the Saloon

David, Jenny

David sighed as they were most likely going on some kind of Heroic Quest.
"...Fine, Guess we need something to kill the time while the Ship is being fixed up..." He said, hoping this wouldn't be as bad as last time.

Jenny meanwhile felt somewhat defeated as the Chocobo was taken away.
She was about to follow it, least until Caim and Cadolbolg arrived.
"Oh, hey you guys. I'm fine, whatever is with this boots really helped me with the heat." She said as she tried to get a glance at the creature.
Then Fionn arrived.
"Just...Let me get back you on that." She said before following the Rider, acting extremely strangely as she nervously turned the corner where the Chocobo went.

It took a minute for esia to recover herself. She wiped her eyes and looked up at Pandora, trying to get her breathing under control. "I don't know... last i saw-" she sai but was interrupted by footsteps. "He's here..."

The doors to the Bar opened with Soul entering, The Dark Magician following him in. The magician dwarfed everyone in the bar and had a commanding appearance. "Girl." Soul said simply and Standing before him was Esia. She had nervously, but quickly moved.

"Yes Mast-" Esia began to say, but was caught by a massively powerful right hook from Soul. He had hit her so hard, he cut straight through her cheek, leaving a bit of tooth visibly sticking through her cheek. "I told you to never leave my side." he said to her.

Esia was in too much pain, in the fetal position, nursing her cheek.

"Get up." he ordered and kicked her.


"Get up."

It took less than a split second for Shara, the owner of the place, to pull out a repeater from under the counter and point it at Soul's head. One look at her would let anyone know she was a crack shot.

"Boy, you have all of ten seconds to knock that shit off before I instruct you in the finer points of etiquette."

The rest of the bars patrons, Gunslingers, Bounty Hunters, Wizards, Alchemists, Ninjas and other adventurer sorts, all put their hands near their holsters and sheaths, ready to put this guy down at an instant if he tried anything.


It was at that point Pandora started having flashbacks, if her getting hit by her opponents was bad, getting hit by the person who commands you against them must be worse. She started whistling while she picked up a packet of hot sauce and started to peel it, when there was just enough of a hole to squeeze it out quickly, but so it wouldn't leak, she got up and put the hot sauce in her mouth, but didn't swallow. She then walked over to the two of them, helped Esia up, and spit in soul's eyes! While he was blinded, she used one of the pokemon moves she had learned to quickly pick his pocket of Esio's card without having to touch him, then slipped it through the saloon's floorboards.

"Look here you bastard! You've definitely got your slave there on a short leash. She has emotions you know, and the pain you inflict is as real to her as it is in your eye sockets. Let this be a lesson to you, next time, don't attack people in a public place where many people are more clever than needing to use guns, lest you quickly lose sight on what's important to you." she says as she goes to escort Esia out the door.

Gunsmoke: Stables

Melethia, Ton Ton

Melethia showed Ton-Ton the finished model and shook her head. "Nope, I really don't get it. I mean, if ya want to do somethin, it's better to just do it yourself..."

She handed the model to Ton-Ton, and if he didn't know any better, he'd say that it was a shrunken Chocobo. "Well, I know the person that made ya still misses ya a lot. I mean, who wouldn't? You're awesome, Ton-Ton! Don't let no-one tell ya otherwise."

It was around then that Fionn walked up, and Melethia waved at the man. "First off, the name's Melethia, Mister Fionn. Not that hard. I was just makin' somethin' for Ton-Ton here, and I think I did pretty good!" She gestured to the Chocobo model that was right next to Ton-TOn, and if it wasn't for the fact that it wasn't breathing, it could be easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Gunsmoke: Outskirts

Devon looked at the fire as he held Ella closely and talked to Teri. "I hear you, but I really do have to be hard on myself here. Call it childish, but I can't hold someone else to higher standards than I do myself, or else I wind up like those Archangels. And for embodiments of good, they are hypocrites. Honestly, I think it may be how I've always been, or maybe it's me hoping that I've been like that. I do appreciate the concern, though."

Gunsmoke: Saloon

Slindis got the basics of the situation and nodded. "Well, while I'm here, I'll do what I can to help your situation. If they are bringing the dead back for this attack, I've got quite a few ways to handle it, and I'll see if I can get some more help from people I know." Her calm tone was reassuring, and the drow didn't look like the typr to make promises she couldn't keep.

It was shortly after where the scene with Soul happened, and the Drow got up and confidently walked over ahd helped Esia up, and she placed a glowing hand on the woman to heal up her injury,

Slindis used a Lay on Hands to completely heal Esia's injury!

Lay ON Hands uses left: 3

The withering glare the Drow gave would intimidate most anyone that came on the wrong side of it, and it was clear that she was pissed. "You think it's amusing to abuse others weaker than you? If you or your companion lays another finger on her, I guarantee you that you will regret it." As the white-haired human handled the man, Slindis stood in between Esia and the other mage there.

Gunsmoke: Saloon


As Soul cleaned the hot sauce from his eyes, Rugal walked behind him opposite to Slindis.
"I can vouch for my partner's threat, It is far from idle..." He started, glaring at the young man as he towered over him, his height on par with the Dark Magician.
"...And she can Vow for my "Violent Deposition". On top of that, I'm certain the rest of the patrons here agree with us..." He added, motioning to the power keg of a crowd about to blow.
"...Do us all a favour. Leave. And if I ever see you within a mile of that woman again, You'll wish you had to deal with this crowd and not me..." He boasted before staring at the Dark Magician, bracing himself for an attack.
"...It's not worth it..." The blind man said to the Magician who would most likely be bearing the brunt of the pain for his master.

"Swords of revealing light." Soul played and everyone in the bar soon found their weapons weren't working, including the bar owner. Thats just when he had hot sauce spit into his eyes. "FUCK, YOU HARPY!" He shouted, wiping them clean. Barely being able to see, he managed to play "Dian Keto, The cure master" and was fully healed, his eyes becoming better. Walking out of the bar, following the DMG outside. "This isn't the end."
HE turned around and began walking back towards the ship. he said, summoning a "Defender, the magical knight".

Leaving him flanked by the dark magician and the new knight.

Gunsmoke: Saloon


David watched the current situation with wide eyes, worried for the prospect of violence that may occur, and dumbfounded over the fact that monsters from a trading card game popped out of nowhere. He had been sitting quietly up to this point, but now, he decided it would be better for his health if he didn't get dragged into this whole mess. He promptly shoved the books that were sitting at the table into his bag, and made a beeline for the exit, offering quick apologies to the patrons that he bumped into.

Gunsmoke: Saloon


As the Spell Card Came down, Slindis felt the light tingling of the spell failing to affect her Due to two key things:

1. She didn't need a weapon to fight.
2. There was the funny thing about Drow having a natural resistance to spells. She hadn't needed it in some time, but it was more than enough to brush this spell off.

And as such, she was able to walk towards the woman and Esia. "If that boy goes to attack you again, you let me know. Also, has this kind of incident happened before? It's rare that one does this once." The drow was clearly concerned about her, and there was an edge in how she referred to Soul. While they continued walking to wherever they were headedd, Slindis did a quick once over to see if there was any evidence of previous abuse.


Pandora takes Esio back into the bar and knowing Soul is now out of earshot she decides to let her know why she's not in her slip of paper at the moment. "whew, now that that's over, there is a little good that came from this. Now I don't often do things like this for anybody, but you and me are kindred spirits in a way. We've both been through the Wringer of fighting other people's battles for them, so you don't owe me anything.

Check the floorboards where you fell. Ever see the magic trick where the magician tells you to pick a card, makes it disappear, and then it appears in his hand again?" she asks with a sly grin "You'll not have to worry about him enslaving you again.


Rugal watched as Soul fled with his minions alongside him, the situation quickly being disarmed.
Yeah....Never do it in a public place...Or at least have a bigger stick... He thought, recalling a time where he wouldn't have thought twice of doing the same to one of his servants.
Turning back to the trio in the bar, he said "He won't be a issue anymore. Are you okay, Esia?"

Gunsmoke: Stables

Melethia, Ton Ton

"Thank you very much, Ms. Melethia! I'll take good care of it! Now... Where am I going to put it? I don't want to crush it..."

As he pondered this, he overheard Melethia giving her greetings to Fionn, to which Ton Ton waved a hand, "Hello sir. I don't know if we've met formerly, but my name is Ton Ton. Pleasure to make your acquaintance!"

It was an interesting contrast, to see such a deadly little creature that constantly carried a blade speak in such a polite tone with such a childlike voice.

Gunsmoke: Outskirts

Teri yawned faintly, the comfort of their gathering making her a bit on the tired side and said, "That they are... Just don't be too hard on yourself at once. There's only so much you can take, you know? When you do something right, you should acknowledge that instead of filing it away as 'not good enough' or, 'I can do better'...."

Gunsmoke: Blacksmith

"Well, um, you're asking the wrong person for this kind of thing." He found the question to be a little jarring "Where are you from anyway? You don't know that 'slay the evil dragon' crap died out years ago?"

Angelus gave a light chuckle, and quickly formulated an alibi; one not entirely full of falsehood, but with enough truth to be passable; "I've come down from a very isolated place. Easily accessible by air, not by foot. As you can imagine, humans were not present. My mother told me of many stories of humankind and their wanton violence towards our own. However, coming down from there, it is good to see things have changed. Thank you though. I shall leave you be."

With a soft inclination of her head and wandered away, careful to mind her tail around the shop. As she did, she heard a great amount of activity coming from the Saloon, and took a small walk in that direction.

"I certainly hope Caim hasn't gotten himself into trouble..."

Caim, Cadolbolg, Jenny

Speaking of, our silent warrior followed after Jenny with a curiosity as to what had gotten her so flustered. Being a good friend and ally of his, Caim did not care for the notion of her wandering off on her own in an unknown place; Strider or no. It wasn't a good idea for anyone in a new universe.

"He'd beat me... At atleast once every 3 days..." she said and began to sob. She completely missed what Pandora said while crying. "He used me as target practice for the others... so many horrible things..." she said, releasing her breast plate and revealing permanent scars on her back and stomach. "I just can't believe he left and i'm still here..." she said trying to control herself and get her sobbing under wraps, oblivious to Rugal almost.

Slindis, Pandora, Esia, Rugal

Slindis scowled in disappointment at the story she heard and took a moment to collect herself before talking to the woman. "Just let it all out, okay? What happened to you wasn't okay, but I have the strong feeling that neither I nor this other woman here will let that scum try anything like that again as long as we have any say." She went over to Pandora and shook her hand while Esia continued to try to control herself.

"That was quite the finger work there, I have to say. If it wasn't for you, she'd still be stuck with the man. Do you mind if I get your name? You can call me Slindis." Slindis got an odd feeling about the woman, but her gut instinct told her that the human was worth putting faith in. That and the actions she had just taken.

Slindis also glimpsed over to the bar and saw the teenager getting alcohol and shook her head. It was disappointing to see to say the least, but if she had the money and the skill to pay for it, it wasn't her place to judge.

Shortly after, Slindis rubbed her ring and opened a link to Teri. "When you get the chance, I need to talk with you. Head to the tavern at the first chance you have, would you?" After closing the link, she sat down next to Rugal.

"Rugal, that man won't let this rest. He's going to try to attack her again. You're free to choose whatever you will, but I would appreciate your aid in ensuring this does not happen again." Rugal noticed the oddity in how Slindis was able to brush off the magical effect from the spell, like it didn't even permeate her Ki field. This was certainly a new thing to find out about Slindis.

Gunsmoke: Stables

Melethia, Ton Ton

Melethia began wrapping the model in some cloth before placing it in a box. "Well, that should keep it safe. Now, do ya wanna head outside with me? I'm gonna take a look at the sky."

As she laid on her back and looked up at the night sky, she could faintly hear a pair of footsteps approaching her location but decided to not focus on them too much. After all, she could keep an eye on herself, and the steps sounded more like a frantic scholar.

Gunsmoke: Outskirts

Devon was getting a bit tired as well, but he decided to not advertise it too much "Well, I know, but I don't want to let that kind of thing go to my head, because some of the things I did on my training alone... Oh boy, they were crazy. Stopping a tornado of souls, negotiating with Fortuna, talking down Lucifer's Ex-wife... No offense, Lucifer, but unless you were going for looks alone, I don't know why you didn't go for someone else. She's a handful, that's for sure!"

Gunsmoke: Outside of the Stables

David, Melethia, Ton Ton

'Screw this place! I need to find a way home.' David ran clumsily on the sandy terrain, as the weight of his bag swung him to and 'fro. Despite, this he was able to keep a decent pace. It seemed that those PE classes were starting to pay off.'Yeah, just find the nearest phone an-' David, while rambling in his head, had his foot hit something, and with the grace befitting of an Ashworth... "AAGH!" ... he promptly fell on his face.

Facedown in the dirt for a good ten or twenty seconds, he pushed himself up from the ground, sputtering and wiping off the sand from his face and glasses. "PAAAH! Damn, I got some of it in my mouth! Stupid rocks..." Unbeknownst to him, the so-called "stupid rock" was a young elven girl.

Gunsmoke Outskirts: Devon, Ella, Garm, Lucifer, Teri

Teri's mind hummed with a pleased sense of ease as she slowly felt her worries melting away under the Angel's wing; sleep slowly creeping in on her as the night was progressing. Of course, the heat of the fire, and Lucifer's reassuring touch only helped to speed the process along; her eye-lids growing heavier and heavier until -

"When you get the chance, I need to talk with you. Head to the tavern at the first chance you have, would you?"

Slindis' voice entered her mind and exited very quickly; shattering what peace the Cleric had found herself falling into. With a groan, the Cleric straightened up again; using the amulet to let Lucifer know that she was summoned by her 'mother',

"I'd hate to keep her waiting... But I will return shortly. Keep my place warm, please?"

After getting out from the comfort of her temporary resting place, Teri gave a general summary of what she had just heard, and roused her sleepy wolf as well; the two finally making their way to the bar in a matter of minutes. When she reached the area in question, she tapped her ring, "I'm right outside the establishment in question with Garm. Do you want me to come in as well?"

Gunsome: Outside of the Stables

David, Melethia, Ton Ton

"Well, that should keep it safe. Now, do ya wanna head outside with me? I'm gonna take a look at the sky."

Ton Ton followed his brainy friend outside, and sat by her shoulder, looking up at the various constellations with Melehthia. He didn't know much about stars, but he had heard nice things about them, granting wishes and whatnot. If he were to wish now, would it be granted? In the travels the Tonberry encountered, such things seemed to be highly possible. But, before he could continue such a thing, the scholarly David tripped over Melethia. As he worked his way back to a proper alignment of limbs, Ton Ton asked, "I don't know much about customs here, but I'm fairly certain that tripping over a person, regardless of the location, warrants an apology to the person being tripped over. And you, sir, I believe owe Ms. Melethia an apology."

Slindis, Pandora, Esia, Rugal

She chuckled to herself at the teenager's snappy remark. After all, the way she responded so defensively meant that she was used to this kind of response. "I'll be right back: I need to talk with someone."

She took a seat on one of the benches outside and motioned for her student to do the same. "Teri, I've managed to calm down since I first found out what you did, but it was still extremely risky. How do you think Rugal and I would have felt if you or Melethia had been killed or worse? I know that you know there's far worse things than dying. and I do have to watch out for you. Can you understand where I'm coming from?"

Gunsmoke: Outside of the Stables

Melethia, Ton Ton, David

Now, our little elf was more than a bit annoyed that the scholar had tripped and dropped his bag with all his books on the elf in the process. Although the bag didn't hurt all that much, the fact that it had caught her off-guard meant that it had winded her. Naturally, it took a few minutes to get the books off of her, and there were a few paper cuts in the process. "Hey, I am not a rock! Why dont'cha watch where ya run next time, Library!"

Gunsmoke: Outskirts

Devon rubbed Ella's shoulder as he responded. "Well, she was a fairly strong personality, I will admit. A bit overbearing, but if you know how to talk to her, I'm sure she could be a fairly reasonable person. And when it comes to you, Ella, I'll take what I can get. As they say, relationships are all about compromise." The bard took off the suit coat to give to Ella, and he looked back at Lucifer.

Hearing the talk of going to the top brought up a question that was starting to nag at him. "Speaking of, why are you here, Lucifer? Even if you're in a relationship with Teri, I'd expect that you'd be plenty busy what with the death toll here and those angels that didn't need much of a push to join those men currently eating ramen in the Clannad universe..."

Gunsmoke: Outside of the Stables

David, Melethia, and Ton Ton

"I don't know much about customs here, but I'm fairly certain that tripping over a person, regardless of the location, warrants an apology to the person being tripped over. And you, sir, I believe owe Ms. Melethia an apology."

David spat to the side, ridding himself of the remaining sand in his mouth. "Well, you are correct in what you say," He raised his head to look at the speaker, who he assumed to be a young child. "But you have to understand that when someone is tripped, that theeeeyyooooooou're a Tonberry."

"Hey, I am not a rock! Why dont'cha watch where ya run next time, Library!"

David looked up higher, and saw a young elven girl, standing over him and scowling. He made a choking noise in his throat and fell on his back, looking up at the sky. It was the only thing that seemed to make sense to him at the moment.

"...Did I breathe in some toxic fumes or something? I think I'm going mad.

Slindis, Teri, Garm

"Teri, I've managed to calm down since I first found out what you did, but it was still extremely risky. How do you think Rugal and I would have felt if you or Melethia had been killed or worse? I know that you know there's far worse things than dying. and I do have to watch out for you. Can you understand where I'm coming from?"

As Teri made her movements to sit down on the bench with her Master, Slindis could see how on edge the girl was at that moment, as if she were about to be struck. What was she so afraid of? Still, sit she did, and she slowly pet Garm's head (which was currently nestled in his Pup's lap) as she tried to put her thoughts together properly. Well, the tone Slindis was using was better than she expected. She was fully prepared to partially lose her hearing for a few hours.

She continued petting Garm's face, and words slowly tumbled out, "I didn't ask for Mel to come along. She did that one on her own. Really, I didn't want her to, but you know how she is. Now, don't get me wrong, Ma'am, I'm not trying to pin the blame on her, by any means. If anything, this whole scenario should be on me; even if Devon did plan the raid. The reason the raid was even called for was on account of things I did as an Author. The person in question that was being rescued was Caim's sister, Furiae."

Her eyes remained downcast, and away from her surrogate mother's face, focusing on the wolf as a gentle reprieve from seeing the disappointment that was (in Teri's mind) painted on Slindis' face.

"As you already know, I used to write for Caim and Angelus. That writing also extended to a stint I pulled as Caim's rival turned nemesis turned madman, Inuart. I don't know if you ever met him, but he was hell bent on bringing back Furiae from the dead; even though he did it once already and she was a monster because of the methods used the first time around."

She typed a few things on her Tablet, and handed it to Slindis; showing a picture of said bard, "When I was writing for him, he never succeeded his efforts, and I left him with a broken pact and a broken spirit. I should have written him out of the story somehow. Not by killing him, necessarily, but maybe thrown in another dimension or something... Point is, Inuart was able to bring her back, and Furiae was imprisoned. So, naturally, when I got wind that she was alive, I jumped at the chance of making it up to Caim and Angelus, even if only a little. Yes, I know it was reckless, but I heard about it way into the final stages of planning, and I figured you'd say no; especially since Mel wanted to come along."

She gave a soft sigh, and smiled a little at the gentle face her furry companion made, which looked to her as if he were trying to cheer her up. Well, it worked a little. Maybe a bit of the dog in him had something to do with it? Regardless, Teri found the strength to finish her 'defense' of sorts, "Still, with Furiae rescued, Bruiser dead, my voice back and minimal casualties... I cannot say that I feel like what I did was wrong, Ma'am. Even if you and Mr. Bernstein are furious with me..."

Slindis took a further note with Teri's monikers for herself and Rugal; referring to their more formal versions instead of "Mum" or "Dad". She couldn't think that they wanted nothing to do with her, did she?

Gunsmoke: Outside of the Stables

David, Melethia, and Ton Ton

David spat to the side, ridding himself of the remaining sand in his mouth. "Well, you are correct in what you say," He raised his head to look at the speaker, assuming him to be a young child. "But you have to understand that when someone is tripped, that theeeeyyooooooou're a Tonberry."

Ton Ton backed up with alarm, his hands already readied with his equipment, "I understand I may appear threatening at this moment, but so long as you do not seek the harm of Ms. Melethia, I will not bring any to you. Who are you, stranger?"

Shooting Melethia a glance he laughed nervously, "Sorry to get all serious, Ms. Melethia, but I can't help but be a little edgy, you know? Don't want people farming me for Chef's Knifes."

Slindis, Teri

Slindis noted Teri's shift in how she addressed Rugal and herself and put a hand on her student and daughter to nip this little bad habit in the bud. "Teri, Before I go and say anything else, let me make one point clear. We are family, and you can't drop that at a whim. You can't expect us to drop it at a whim, either. So please, stop thinking that."

She lifted up Teri's chin and looked her in the eyes with the eyes Teri had seen when Teri had first discussed what happened to your family. "I will admit, I'm not happy with the choice you made, but you made a choice and followed through on it. Not only that, both you and your sister got back here safely. Sometimes the best decisions ever made are ones done on impulse, and I'm glad you made sure to keep your sister safe there. So why do you think that I wouldn't want to keep you in this family?"

Without giving her pupil a chance to respond, she embraced her in a comforting hug. "Teri, even if it's ended up like it has, we're family. Nothing you can do will change that."

Gunsmoke: Outside of the Stables

Melethia, Ton Ton, David

Melethia brushed off her legs as she looked at the student. "Library, you're very real. Here, I'll pinch ya to let ya know!" True to her word, she delivered a sharp pinch with her fingers in his leg. Although she didn't use her nails and thus drew had no risk of drawing blood, the sharp jolt of pain was enough to tell David that this was all to real.

Gunsmoke: Outskirts

He listened to Lucifer's story and raised an eyebrow after joining in on the laughter. "Still, couldn't someone from one of the other circles try to go for power with you gone? Granted, I'm not too well-versed in the politics of hell, but it does seem like a time if ever, especially with Ella up here as well." Devon played some mellow songs on the guitar, adding to the relatively good mood of the night.

While he played, he looked at Ella. "So, what do you plan on doing now that you know what your father is? Something tells me that your mom won't be too happy with that."

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