The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The screaming was what woke up the Cuties on Devon's shoulder, surprise overtaking the two as Kura yelled curses and death threats against Bison. The effect was immediate, Ton Ton awakening and hopping to the nearby table, blade and lantern at the ready. Cadolbolg's eyes snapped open and the little creature's pushed himself off Devon's head, taking flight to support Ton Ton

"I heard screams, what's going on?!"
"Is everything alright?!"

Caim and Angelus took to a similar, if somewhat less drastic approach. Waving a calming hand at the two, Caim 'sent' a general explanation to the duo, and they relaxed, if only slightly; Cadolbolg landing calmly on Devon's head again, and Ton Ton lowering his weaponry.

Angelus on the other hand, wandered to the girl in question, and calmly spoke to the young ninja; "And you would not be the first to think that. Calm yourself. Getting angry, although a natural reaction, will do you no good here. Now, take a few deep breaths, and explain to us what's going on..."

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Teri wasn't willing to give up the chase yet, and directed Garm to block the door, "I'm getting to the bottom of this, Sadei. Something isn't right here... Mom, please. Tell me what's going on. I can already tell something about Sadei's upset you. But hiding that pain isn't going to you help you! I know you really don't want to talk about it. Your actions alone have told me that. But if you keep bottling this up, it'll just keep hurting! Please talk to me!"

She quieted for a moment, and continued softly, "I never wouldn't have gotten through the shadow if you didn't do the same to me. Besides, isn't this sort of thing what we're supposed to help each other out about?"

"That... asshole... Bison..." she began, trying to calm herself, her fist stopping the light display. "Left my mother before i was born, and left her to raise me on my own. Abandoning her..." she said trying to control the anger boiling inside of her. "The first second i can, i am going to let my blade bathe in his blood and feel the enjoyment of tearing the very life from his corpse..." she said, a crazed look in her eyes.

Canteen: Devon

As the two calmed down slightly, Devon went over to Caim so Angelus could handle the conversation. "If you don't mind me asking, how's Furiae holding up? I know that she means a lot to you, so I just wanted to see if she's somewhere that she feels safe."

Any thoughts of butting in were stopped when the Uchiha started venting more, and Devon was going to let the others handle it for now since it was clear his input was neither wanted nor needed.

Training Room: David

She was doing as David instructed, but the improvements there were slight. There was something there, even if it was hard to see. "I'm doing that but there's something I must be missing. What is it? Still, for those traps, you just have to think outside the box. Heck, why do you think I've got so many flasks on me? Small flask brokenn above a group sends the contents raining on them, and even an empty bottle can be broken and have shards of glass going towards their face."

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Slindis looked down at the ground for a moment. "What would you have me do, acknowledge that I'm a horrible parent again? For Tira's sake, look at Melethia! You think I'm proud that the things the girl I'm supposed to be taking care of knows best are war and sabotage? The other child that I was supposed to take care of was shoved into a sack and neglected because I wasn't paying attention?! Honestly, the only thing I seem to be good for is fighting!" She tried to work her way around Garm so she could get out, but the Dire Wolf held fast.

"Whah, woah, woah..." Boss said, getting up. "Hold right the hell on there. If you're talking about who I think you're talking about, it's not gonna be that easy. I threw The Empire State Building at him, and it didn't phase him. This is not a man you simply cut."

"Wait, what?" Edge asked.

" was after the spaceship, you weren't there."

"Oh." Edge said, hopping back into his chair.

Boss walked up to Kura, remaining a respectable distance. "And have you met him? I'm going to assume you haven't. I fought Hell once, and I can tell you with complete honesty, I fear that man more than I fear Hell. He consumes evil like some people consume water, and uses it like intelligent people use words. He is not -- not -- a man to be taken lightly. You're going to need as much help as you can possibly get."

"When did you fight hell?" Edge asked. "And how?"

"It was...on the submarine, you weren't there."

Edge shrugged. "If you say so."

Canteen: Rugal

Rugal's eye-less sockets seemed to narrow as Kura explained the situation surrounding her conception.
"...Something isn't adding up. Bison is your father, though I doubt that your mother could bear to be in the same room as him. This would mean your conception was forced, something that is also untrue as, from my experience fighting both, Without some form of handicap, Bison would most certainly lose out against her. There is something missing..." He said, trying to think of that something was...
"Wait...Empire state building, "Boss"?"

Training Room: David

"...True...Though they never did go though it much back in training..." David mused, recalling his early days in the Irish Army Rangers.
"Mmmm...Perhaps a stock might be useful. It'll allow you to hold it better and thus be able to aim better and handle the recoil. At the very least, you also have a decent club to whack people with." He said before going into the weapon storage and grabbing a Old looking German pistol.
"Ahhhh...the Mauser C96. Try it, might suit you better."

Boss nodded. "Yeah. Threw it at 'im. The whole thing. He just swatted it away. Granted he was in a giant machine at the time...but he could have done it on his own if he really wanted to."


"...As his former employer, I highly doubt that." Rugal said, dismissing Boss's claim.
"Bison is all talk, He'd make sure that the odds were stacked as much as possible in his favor before doing anything. That being said, if he makes another Psycho Drive..." He added, referring to the means from where Bison was able to do that crazy badass feat of power.
"...Still, You Threw the Empire State Building at him?...Wow...First I've heard of it..."

Canteen: Devon

"If you don't mind me asking, how's Furiae holding up? I know that she means a lot to you, so I just wanted to see if she's somewhere that she feels safe."

Caim perked up at the mention of his sister, and Devon could already tell by the man's expression that things, whatever they were, seemed to be going well. Lifting up Ton Ton onto his shoulder, and Cadolbolg happily landing on his favored perch, Caim turned back to Devon and the PDA spoke up:

"It was a great fit. Jenny here, really did a great job in finding a place for Furiae to spread her wings, er... Metaphorically that is!"

He gave a nod to the Pokemon with a smile,

"From what I've gathered, she's working under Hiryu; an old comrade of mine, and is doing some kind of work on the Blue Dragon. She didn't give too many details, but she seems to be really happy to do something with herself. And that, I cannot help but be pleased."

Meanwhile, Angelus pondered with Rugal, "You're right. Akasumi was a handlefull and a half to deal with. What could Bison have done to have a child..? Perhaps being borne of technology? We have met creatures of science before..."

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

With Garm holding firm to the door, Teri continued her talk with Slindis, determined to help her mother come to terms with the past, "No, that's not what I have in mind at all! If anything, you need to come to terms with what has happened! Yes, Melethia is skilled in war. Yes, Sadei is somehow in this quarterstaff and you didn't know about it. But that doesn't meant I'm trying to act as some kind of judge when I bring this up for you to see! The only person who needs to absolve you is yourself! What good is guilt tripping yourself going to do?! Really?! Do you think Sadei and Meltheia want you to do that to yourself? Come on, I know you're better than this!"

She slumped against her bed, cradling her staff in her hands, "And for your information, Sadei doesn't think less of you for putting her in that bag. She's a little indignant, yes, but otherwise, she's just a little scared and confused. Right now even, she wants to know why you don't like her..."

"You've probably never met any of my family then "boss"." she said, picking up on what everyone called him. "We have a bit of a badass syndrome." the girl said, calming down a good bit. "My mother took out an entire space fleet when she was younger. Gave pretty much anyone who stepped up a beating. Goddess the amount of people i would kill to be as strong as her, to be able to wield enough power to slice through a battlecruiser without breaking a sweat..." she said daydreaming.

Then she caught onto what angelus was saying. "My mother has raised me well, so i'm going to follow her. I doubt that she would do something like that."

"Yeah, I'm sure there's talk involved, but..." Boss stopped to think for a moment. "There's...there's this world under the regular world, something only certain kinds of people can see. And I can tell you that...that thing I fought is pure evil. Literally pure evil. No hyperbole, no kidding, no shenannagins. I could feel the evil coming from him, and it felt like I was [b]drowning[/i]."

Boss looked back to Kura. "In any case, this is a man to be taken very seriously. I assure you."


"Which is why none of this makes sense! Why would she degrade herself like that? It just doesn't seem to fit..." Rugal added, hell, her old relationship with Dillon was a ruse to control him.
"And even if she did consent, why didn't she just kill him? She's not really the merciful type, is she?"

[quote="Diablo1099" post="540.101127.16927603"]

"Tell me 'Boss', have you felt hatred before? the absolute worst and most volatile feeling that courses through my veins, i WILL kill him, no matter the stakes." the girl said.

However, Kura didn't like the talk about her mother. "Drop the speech about my mother. Regardless of her past, i'm here now. And bison is my father. So we can bicker about this or someone can point me to the kitchen so i can get those damn walking steaks to make me some food and something to drink." she said.

Double post.

Canteen: Devon

Devon kept an ear on the conversations that Rugal, boss, and Kura were having as he nodded to Caim. "Yeah, that's really awesome to hear. I'm glad that she's able to make that kind of decision."

He still wanted to put his input in on the talk with Rugal, but again, it was an A/B conversation. He didn't really have any good way to do so without being that one guy. And judging from the rather icy reception of his playing earlier, his guitar playing impressing everyone at the saloon had been a fluke.

In the kitchen, all the imps had heard from the one that had been kicked and wholeheartedly agreed that they would refuse to cook for Kurakumo. They may be imps, but damnit, they weren't going to be abused while they worked for Devon.

Training Room: David

Melethia tested it out with the stock, having a bit better results. Still, she'd have a long way to go before any military man could sign off on Melethia being trained by them. "It's okay, but I don't know why I'm having so much trouble! I know how it works, I know how the weapon fires... Why is it so hard all of a sudden?"

She was a bit frustrated at the difficulty she was having even with her following all the instructions.

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Slindis slumped down on the ground. "You don't understand, do you? Have you ever had to deal with the pain that comes from knowing that your daughter hasn't had a childhood and it's your fault? Melethia was being hired by House Deneith to shore up their defenses, and they're one of the premier defense forces from there! She was supposed to be able to relax, not find new and improved ways to kill people... And I couldn't even notice my own goddaughter in my hands when I passed her over to you..."

She was clearly beaten down by what she'd seen in the Animus mentally as she looked to Garm, wanting a way out. "What good is it if I consistently botch taking care of those that were entrusted to me? From the beginning, fighting's all I've known... I can't even manage to provide those around me a different path."

Boss was taken aback. " I haven't. I can't imagine any reason I'd ever have any reason to, either. But my point still stands. Even if you can slice up battleships, this man's evil can take over a person and control them entirely. He'll use that hate as a tool against you, or worse, as a tool to make himself stronger."

Boss sighed. "Oh well. I've said my piece." A beer appeared in his hand, and he sat down at a nearby table. "I'm gonna chill for a bit. Beer's still up for grabs, if anyone wants it."

After another moment to process what he'd heard from Kura, he stood up and walked over to her. "Last time I checked, those imps were fine man and women working for me, not your food nor your servants. Get that thought out of your head right now, because I will not tolerate that kind of abuse. Whatever decision they make is their own, and if they don't want to cook for you, any one of them, then it looks like you'll have to learn how to use the stove." His tone made it clear that he would not have those working for him be abused like that.

Kura shrugged devon off and walked off towards the door that she had seen a few imps coming in and out of. It took her a few minutes before she got inside and saw all of the imps walking around and working in the kitchen. "Well, if it isn't the red minions. I have a proposition for you guys." She began and crouched down to their level, to be a bit closer to eye to eye level.

"You guys cook for me, and i won't come into the kitchen and cook for myself, plus i'll leave you guys alone so long as you cook for me. Fair?" she asked them.

Canteen: Rugal

As they talked, Rugal thought about what Angelus said, "Creatures of Science".
He began to process this new information as the others talked on around them, though he came to the same conclusion, it still didn't add up, how did Kura come into being?
"Just a refill please, Boss." He then said as he binned his water bottle.
"Perhaps we should speak with your mother about this? As Angelus said, she was indeed a wild one. It might shed some light on this situation..." He added before the situation with the imps arose.
"Oh, this can only end well..." He sighed, bracing himself to play peacemaker.

Training Room: David

"Well, you are picking up a new weapon. I'd imagine it'd take some time. Like if I was to take up the Bow and arrow." David quipped as he picked up and examined Melethia's bow as she reloaded.
"Just keep at it, Firearms might be seen as crude weapons in the eyes of more specialized users, but they took are an art in of itself." He said as he tried to pull the string on Melethia's bow.
"Jesus, you fucking use this thing? I can barely pull it!" He exclaimed, amazed that she could use this bow so well.

The imps moved aside as the one with the same hat and apron from earlier walked to her. "You want that, then you'd better not attack any of us. We understand your language enough to know you see us as 'living steaks'. Are we clear?" From how he was respected, it was clear this was likely the highest-ranking one. There was also the matter that the bloodied bard was somehow in control of all the imps here.

"Water, then?" Rugal nodded. Boss closed his eyes; a plastic bottle, presumably the one Rugal had just thrown away, appeared in his hand, completely refilled. "The beers are in my room; I'm getting them from there." Boss offered the bottle to Rugal. "That came from the ship's store; I did a little purifying myself, too. If you want to, you can have Edge purge it, but it should be fine as is."

"Sure, but you'll need to get a better apron than one that makes me want to impulsively kick you." The kunoichi said to him, surpressing the twitch in her leg to extend it and send him flying once more.

Looking around, she found a white apron. She grabbed it and spun around. There was a flurry of brushes and paint, and she spun around with a new apron design for him.

"Do you like this look?" she asked him.

Kitchen: Imps, Kura

The imp nodded. "Honestly, I found the first thing in my size from hell. I'm fine with this. You leave us alone, we can work this out."

Training Room: David

Mel shook her head as David pulled it the wrong way. "Well, you should make sure you're holding it right first off. I mean, the bow starts at a pull weight of 20 pounds if you hold it right." She continued trying to fire the gun with a tiny measure of growth.


Caim gave a nod in response, "You're telling me... Now enough about my sister. Tell me, is your training going well? From what my sons are telling me, you've learned something new."

Now, with the Cuties not saying anything, Devon realized that they had told Caim the proceedings over the bonds of pact partners. Cadolbolg chimed in after Caim's statement with, "We didn't want to interrupt the conversation, you know?"

"That and sometimes it's a bit easier infodumping that way..."

Caim shook with silent laughter, the little creatures holding onto the warrior with ease after so much experience riding around on taller persons,

"So, what is this new thing you've learned? These two have kept quiet about that much..."

However, as Devon wandered to speak with the Ninja girl, Caim decided that perhaps his question would have to wait, and silently waited for Devon to finish his business... Leaving the warrior looking very silly with the two Cutie Bruisers sitting on his shoulder and head.

Angelus agreed with the Boss' sentiment of Bison's power, "A man who can command armies with a single word has power. I hate to rehash the ant metaphor, but a force of many is much to contend with; especially when the commander is worst of all... Ah, a good point Rugal. Should Akasumi not be sore about the Snake Princess business perhaps she could glean a choice piece of information regarding this situation..."

Her nose wrinkled in distaste at the mention of eating the imps, as she knew damn well of their use on the Blackhawke. Not to mention that imp meat was not something one would want to eat anyway. Too gamy.

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Teri shook her head, "No, I don't know what it's like to raise a child. But I understand you feeling guilty for something. I destroyed a universe three times over and did countless bad things to people with my writing. I still feel bad about that. It's not the same; I know, but I get what you mean when you feel like you can't do anything right; especially when trying to help or prevent something worse from happening. That being said...."

She paused for a few moments, and waved her hand over the staff, casting Detect Magic and staring intently at it as she poured over her knowledge of magic from the DnD system...

Using a combination of Detect Magic, a 22 Knowledge Arcana and a 19 Spellcraft checks, Teri figures out the base requirements for the use/activation of communicating with Sadei.

With a satisfied nod, she muttered, "Thought so...." and continued with Slindis, "There was nothing you could have done about Sadei. Her being able to communicate is on account of how her vessel, this staff, was made. Only Clerics of specific alignment and intelligence could do so. I suppose that I fulfill those requirements. The main reason you couldn't hear her is because you're not a Cleric! It's this vessel that prevented you; not you yourself!"

Getting off of the bed, she crouched down and pulled her surrogate mother into a hug, "Besides, we know that Melethia is a very headstrong girl. If she wanted to do something, it would be a hard thing to ignore. You're not a screw up, mum.... Even if you have multiple mistakes behind you; is not the point to keep trying? Only then will something good come out of the struggle. What matters isn't the past, it's the present. Dad wouldn't have changed if we only focused on his wrongdoings. I wouldn't learned anything if I only focused on what Bruiser did to me. And Mel wouldn't have been nearly this happy if she focused only on what was behind her. You need to do the same. Do you understand?"

"Well, I'll make sure not to hurt any of you group." Kura said and stood up, giving him the apron. Then she walked over to the prep table in the middle of the Kitchen and pulled out a scroll. It was white and had chopsticks on the side of it. She rolled out the scroll across the table and activated the seal in the middle. There was a great poof, the. A massive slab of lighter colored meat, roughly the size of an overturned smart car was sitting on a large plate."

"Please be careful with the preparation of this meat. As it is the meat of a massive white snake and is extremely hard to find this large. Nothing else will really satiate my hunger anymore. So are we cool?" The kunoichi asked, holding her fist out to the head imp to bump fists.

Devon returned after being brushed off and responded to Caim. "Well, I just found that I could feel the rhythm to a fight, you know? I mean, you've been in them yourself, and it would be surprising if you couldn't feel that near drumbeat that you can follow. It was a bit tiring to keep tapping into that, but while I could, it felt like I could use said rhythm to my advantage."

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

She kept on the ground, obviously mentally worn down. "One of my only friends entrusted me to care for Sadei, and look at what good it did. She's stuck in there with no way out, and she hadn't even turned 2 when I last saw her in Eberron. Not to mention I was still supposed to ensure Mel wouldn't have to worry about fighting at all, Teri. And what good was that in the end? By any kind of standards, I've consistently failed to provide the life that Mel deserves... And what good is focusing on the present when all I can do is keep repeating the past?"

It was clear that Slindis held herself to higher standards than she ever would hold anyone else to. Considering what Teri knew about Slin's Mark, it may be that she saw any error to be proving those in her past that she deserved the infamous reputation the d'Tarkanan line had.


The imp nodded, still understandably a bit wary of someone that had introduced herself by kicking him. "We'll handle this well. Stay out there, and the food will be finished soon. Will that work?"


David corrected his holding of the bow and took aim at one of the targets, though the strain from pulling back the wire prevented him from getting a good shot.
"...Nah, this isn't going to work out...Mm....Hey, ever consider putting a scope on this? For longer ranged targets?" He said as he tapped where it'd be put as Melethia blew a target's head off.
"Nice! See, you're getting the hang of it. Clean up these guys and we'll get to moving targets."


After Kura finished dealing with the Imps, Rugal got up and said "Right the Kura, While I most believe it's a given that we will be encountering Bison in the future, Don't make any brash moves without the rest of us. Even if the Bison I knew was a spineless coward, he's still a dangerous spineless coward. Bit of backup wouldn't hurt"
He then turned to Devon and said "And if you find any trace of Bison like you did last time, please let me know before you take any action. I'd rather not miss out this time."
He pulled out his PDA and got told the time.
"Mmmm...Wonder if they are done yet?..." He said before leaving the Canteen to check up on Teri and Slindis.
Rugal words made Kura wonder just what was that compete and utter demonic monster M. Bison doing right now...


Caim nodded with interest at Devon's description of his new battle style, and answered, an approving expression on his face, "It seems your musical affinities are starting to show through for more than just encouraging others.... This is good. Perhaps we can expand this into more techniques as your training goes on....You'll have to show me this battle style next time you and I train; so I might start coming up with ideas."

As he said this, he gave each of his sons a pat on the head, "However, that will not be right this moment, unless you really want it to be. I understand the values of rest in training... But, do you have any other ideas on how this style could be implemented? Perhaps we could start planning ahead on what to work towards..."

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Teri continued holding her mentor in an attempt to comfort her while she spoke, "That's not true! You haven't constantly repeated the past! At least, with me and Dad you haven't... If anything, your influence is what made the both of us better people. If it weren't for you, Dad wouldn't even be 'Dad'. He'd still be the scary Cartel Lord: Rugal Bernstein. He told me on the boat back from AIM that he intended to return to us after he left. Now, at the time, I didn't even know he left at all; because I was off doing stuff myself. But; you gotta think that amounts to something that you aided in redeeming a man who was well on the path of destruction! YOU were his prime influence, Mom. I know you were. I can see it in the way he looks, er... At least used to, look at you! You are a shining example of what it means to grow and learn as a person; and you're pulling others along in that direction."

She paused for a moment, and continued, her voice less spirited this time, "I can easily say the same for myself. Were it not for you; I would not have realized what purpose God had for me. It was YOU, Mom, who helped me find that! Because of you, I have a reason to live! You showed me how I can help in this world; and not just through combative skills. Because of these Clerical powers, I can do many new things; and help in several different ways! But if I never met you, I wouldn't have known that...

Furthermore, you talk about how Melethia is bent towards war; trust me, she could be so much worse. When Dad was shot by those missiles, her and I joined in rage that I thought wouldn't have ended till every last Angel pilot was dead. And it was you and Dad who calmed us down again. You keep her in check, Mom. Really. Please, I wish you could just see for yourself how much of a difference you've made to each of us! What do I have to do to make you understand that?"

She paused again, in a hope to collect her thoughts in a different approach, and ended with, "Or, if this is about that mark... It doesn't define you. It doesn't define you any more than any other dragonmark defines anyone else. If it did, then why would the Silver Flame keep with you? You're a good, wonderful, kind person; Mom. You've just made some mistakes; like anyone else has. But you've come too far to give up now; right?"

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Canteen.
Time: ???.

Storm quickly erased the look from his face by slurping up some more noodles.
It was the last batch and the bowl was empty, a couple of seconds later and Storm sighed.
"Is it me or is there no supplies on here?" He said to himself as he looked back to Jenny.

"Basically I was thinking about how Alpha my AI pal knows everything about me and can read me like a book, I don't know if it is a function or just her knowledge on me though. Also I was thinking about a ... few other things." Storm slowed down for the last words.

He decided to spill the beans.
"Thank you for the offer of help but ... one last thing. I do not believe we have met before, it might just be my memory which was effected by corruption a while back." Storm rubbed his head like it looked like he was sorry for being taken over.

Kura shrugged as she walked back. "If he's as powerful as you say he is, i'll need to start training soon. And this is my fight, not any of your's. I don't care what you people say, i will do this alone when the time comes." she said to him, and generally the entire room. Meanwhile, she sat down back a her table in the corner, waiting for the little imps to finish her snake meat.


Jenny turned red with embarresment at the fact that she never introduced herself to Storm.
"OH MY GOD! Ah, Sorry. My Name is Jenny, I'm what you can consider the ship's Therapist. Pleased to meet you." She said, faceplamming slightly.
"Well...If you ever need someone to talk to, you or Alpha, I'm always here." She said as she tried to get back on the right foot.
"As for the Supplies, there should be some more in the cargo hold, I know that we were in another realm for a while, but I don't think we are in dire need of a resupply...yet..." She said, not really sure what state their supplies were in.


Devon nodded. "I was really looking at it the wrong way before, after all. It was really all on them for helping me see. As for changes? I'd have to see in an actual fight, although it does wear someone out afterwards."

It was around this time that the imps arrived with the meat cooked just the way Kura had wanted it.

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Slindis leaned in and held Teri tightly. "Thank you... I've just seen a lot today, and even if it doesn't seem like it, what you just said means a lot to me."

Simple shooting range

Melethia thought about it for a moment as her handling of the gun gradually got a bit better. "Well, I could, but would an arrow that contained a lot of water in the head be something useful? I mean, I think it could snuff out lamps or short out electrical systems..."

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm, Rugal

It was around this time that Rugal arrived on the scene and saw Slindis and Teri hugging each other (Least their fields were).
Even without his sight, he found it a heartwarming scene, glad that after all the pain she had unearthed, she was having a good time for once.
"I take it this talk went well then?" He coyly asked as he made his arrival known.

Simple shooting range

David pondered this as he switched the targets to moving.
"Headshots are extra, but go for body-shots rather then miss. Goal is to land a hit and train your aim, taking people down with a single shot comes later." He said as he thought about her arrow ideas.
"...If you really want to make it useful, set it so it can contain water, but use some of that acid of yours instead. Or maybe some Liquid Nitrogen? Plastic explosive. Hell, even some sticks of Dynamite duct-taped onto an Arrow. The possibilities are endless..." He said, recalling his old Hawkeye and Green Arrow comics.

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm, Rugal

"Thank you... I've just seen a lot today, and even if it doesn't seem like it, what you just said means a lot to me."
"I take it this talk went well then?"

Teri gave Slindis a squeeze back, "Anytime, Mum. And don't be afraid to talk to any of us, okay? That's what family's for... As for Sadei, as I mentioned before, she's only a little peeved that she was thrown in the bag. Otherwise, she's a bit curious about who you are; as well as her memories being a bit fuzzy. I'm sure you could talk to her some more, provided I held the staff. She'd like the conversation."

Her brow creased a little at the mention of Slindis' training, "However, I wish you had mention seeing some nasty stuff during training, and I would have saved this questioning for later. I really had no idea what was going on aside from Dimitri dealing with that lich. I'm really sorry about making today especially strenuous..."

And this was when she realized that her father was awaiting a response. With a little wobble, as she was still tired from the exertion of her Author powers, she gave a little wave to Rugal as Garm helped Slindis off the floor, "Yeah, I think things went well. Kinda wish I had a better sense of time though..."


Caim nodded at the assessment, a michevious smirk appearing as the PDA continued for him, "As I said, it's good to hear; and I'll be putting this style of yours to the test next time we train. I am glad my trust could be placed in my sons while I was away. Who else will whip you into shape?"

He shook with silent laughter at this; the Cuties not minding the jostling in the least.

After the conversation with Kura ended, Angelus wandered to Jenny and reclined where she was moments ago by the Pokemon's side, and added in on the conversation,

"We've two AIs already on upkeep of the ship. If we were running low on supplies, they'd be the first to let us know. Isn't that right, Dimitri?"

A kindly, but somewhat posh sounding voice entered over the intercom; "Why yes, User: Angelus. As Ms. Vermilion watches over the flight controls of the ship, I typically tend to the upkeep of this place. I assure you, User: Storm, there is no need for concern unless said otherwise."


Devon sat down and cast a Prestidigation to clean both the crumbs and the blood off of him, although the majority of the damage to his clothing was still there. "Well, we'll see how it works. It's still something I'm trying out, but I'm not about to back down from the training you've given me." From what his sons had told him, Devon wasn't using a blade like a cudgel any more, and he was growing into his fighting style. After testing how his bladesmanship was faring, it would actually be time to teach him how to implement his innate casting in his fighting. They would have done so earlier, but the Bard needed his fundamentals a good deal more.

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Slindis stood up, still a bit jarred. "I just had to talk with her, Rugal... I need a drink, something to help me unwind here. Can you understand where I'm coming from? And Teri, after a while, there's still some things that I'll keep held within. I mean, the Yaulthoon incident with the Taken was bad in itself. Those cries are ones that will stay with me." Thanks to the incident earlier, Dimitri had set a search system for that Animus data and took that as an invitation to look up those terms. It was prying into her information, but after the lich, it was better to be kept up to pace for whatever else might have popped out from her mind.

Simple shooting range

Melethia fired the shots, having a bit better time with the moving targets than she had with the stationary ones. one thing that was cringeworthy was the amount of groinshots the girl had been going for. Fighting clean definitely wasn't in her book at all. "I hear you, Keeneye. My Bow already has extra stuff on it to fight some people, but it's a good idea to keep stuff diverse so you can fight specific enemies. I mean, you can only do so much when you can't nail something's weakness, right?"

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm, Rugal

"But of course. I'm seeing to it that you remember this day for all the right reasons." Rugal warmly said as he lead her towards the bar, knowing just what she needed.
"Teri, be a dear and watch your sister for a while." He said on their way out, one less thing for Slindis to worry about.
A short walk later, they arrived, Rugal slipping behind the counter to get a few glasses as well as browse their wares.
"Ahhhh... Domaine Romanée-Conti 2003, Hand picked grapes from the French Vineyard Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. The most expensive wine in the world...Only the best for those who've earned it." He said as he dusted off a bottle of Red Wine and poured two glasses, one for him and her.

Canteen: Jenny

"See? There you go. Should be some more somewhere." Jenny answered, still a bit red from botching her introduction to Storm like that.
There should be more here, but there isn't thanks to Writers Block!TM

Advanced shooting range

"...Well, I detect a sudden drop in the fertility rates for Targets in the near future..." David said as Melethia got the hang of shooting at moving targets while talking about weaknesses.
"Yeah...I've been there, thought my different ammo types would be enough. Never have I been so wrong in all my live..." He sighed, referring to his own brew of specialized ammunition and how little they helped him.
"Still, There's a project for ya. Arrows that spray Acid. Or that Blow up. Tch, this sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship..."

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