The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Matt slowly woke up to find himself on a bench outside. He did a quick to make sure everything was there and was relieved to find out everything was. He even had a signal here. He saw some teenager next to him asleep and decided to wake him up. Hey kid, wake up. Can you tell where we are?" Matt asked him, noticing that his voice had changed. He took out a small mirror he kept on himself for counter sniping and saw his 16 year old self looking back at him. "Well this just great. I've been turned into a 16 year old," Matt said as he slumped back into the bench. He saw teenager next him wake up and decided to introduce himself. The name's Matt Hargreave. What's yours?" Matt asked a little dejectedly.

This made the teenager look at him questioningly. "Why do you call yourself Matt Hargreave and yet look like a teenager?" he asked Matt. Matt's eyes widen at the prospect of meeting someone who knew what he originally looked like. He began giving the teenager information about himself to verify who he was. "Well if your really Matt Hargreave, why do you not recognize me? It's me Kenneth Black," the teenager said.

Kura was about to answer rugal, when the flashes hit her. She found herself much younger, roughly 16, and still rather well developed in terms of her body. Ontop of it all, she was rather bitchy. "Great... i'm back in highschool..." she said and began to wander the halls.

Lost and Found: Devon, Jenny, now Kura
"Is that a gameboy?" She asked rhetorically, snatching it out of Devon's hands and looking through his playing file. "Your team fucking sucks. But atleast you play." She said snapping the thing shut and tossing it back to him. "So, What's your name?" Kura asked.

Staff Room: Rugal, Slin, Storm, Kurumu, Caim, Angelus

Rugal just kept looking at himself, unbelieving of what happened, He didn't even have his trademark Mustache anymore.
"Tch, Easy for you to say! Ugh, this is why I don't like being forced into an form that isn't my own!" He sighed before he tuned into what Slindis changed into.
"...Still, could say the same for you. Didn't think I'd ever see you in a suit." He remarked before he began looking at the timetable.
"Gym Class. Oh, someone is just taking the piss now...Okay, first priority: What the hell was that flash?...Anyone?" He then asked, wondering if this warp was completely deliberate.

Welcoming Committee: David West, Lucretia, Melethia, Matt, Kenneth

David calmed down slightly as he got to process the situation.
"Okay...Secondary School. Weird...but manageable." He said, recalling his time in Castlerea Community School before joining the Army.
"Right, Shit, Ummmm...did they give us our timetables yet?" He asked before looking in his school bag, not finding any personal effects or more importantly his guns.
"Dammit! Where is my gear!?" He shouted as he teared though the schoolbag.

Lost and Found: Jenny, Devon, Kura, Rodem

After Kura showed up, Jenny managed to get the nerve to leave the Lost and Found, peeking around corners before stepping out, now in the form of a Kirila, a few dozen levels younger than she was.
"Oh, god, this is so humiliating..." she cringed as she did her best to hide herself in the hallway.
"Devon, Kura. What on earth happened to us!?" she asked, her small size reminding them more of a doll then a Pokemon.

Kura then looked behind her and saw a small black Panther Cub making his way towards her.
Like everyone else, little Rodem was just as confused by what happened.

Staff Room: Rugal, Slin, , Kurumu, Caim, Angelus

Slindis looked down at her outfit and recognized the slight tingle that indicated an illusion and responded to Rugal. "I don't feel like I've gotten any younger at all, but for now I say we try to lay low while keeping an eye out for someone that's a friend here. the fact that so many new teachers happened all at once with no problems is troubling, to say the least."

She took the time to check up on Caim and Angelus after hearing of their classes. "Interesting classes. I'd keep an eye out just in case for anything that strikes you as odd."

Welcoming Committee: David West, Lucretia, Melethia, Matt, Kenneth, Teri

Melethia responded as she led the way to the Dorm area that was outlined in the pamphlet handed to her by one of the lesser guides. "Maybe it's already in your new room? Just check in the guys' rooms. Why not follow those guys?"

She also took the time to look up to Teri as she beamed at her sister. "Well, it's nice to see ya a bit closer to my age, sis. Want to check our room?"

Sadei also responded to Teri. Ooh, I like the new appearance of me, Teri. I don't know why or how it happened, but you'll be able to have me around a lot more here.

Lost and Found: Jenny, Devon, Kura, Rodem

"Small tip for the future: Don't do that again. I've been looking for this for ages, and there won't be a third time."

Devon put his game in his suit jacket's inner pocket and mentally readied a Dimension Door to go in case Kura tried something to him or his game again. Sure, it was a bit childish, but he wasn't willing to lose it again to her whims. Not 500+ hours and more high level Pokemon than you could shake a stick at, including a level 100 Ditto that had started as a level 15 Ditto when it first entered the Day Care. SHe'd only caught some of the low level members at the start of their raising, explaining the mediocre line up.

Looking at Jenny again (Still with said prepared spell) Devon responded to her. "I don't really know what happened, but I think we'll find out in a bit. Sorry about how you look, though..." He made a note in his mind to not show her the save file that had a high level Gardevoir in it somewhere in the many filled boxes, since it probably wouldn't help her much.

In addition, he tried to think of how Jenny would find a place to stay. After all, he had the feeling someone of her stature would be an easy target for assholes.

Staff Room: Rugal, Slin, Kurumu, Caim, Angelus

"Strikes us as Odd? That's just par for the course at this point..." Rugal said before looking around the staff room.
"We need to regroup with the others, See how this teleportation affected them. You aren't an "Official" Teacher per-se but you are still a member of staff. So you might be more free to move about then we would." He said to Slindis before double-checking his timetable.
"I'm going to the Gym, keeping up appearances. You need anything, I've got my Ring." He said before setting off.
Well...I have 20 years of working out to catch up on... He thought, hoping the place had some weights he could use during class.

Welcoming Committee: David West, Lucretia, Melethia, Matt, Kenneth, Teri, Puce

Discarding his school bag, not intending to attend any of this classes, David said "Right, Guess we might as well check out the digs. Come on gang, I ain't going through puberty again because some asshole thought it'd be funny to put us in school!"
Thus, he followed Melethia to the Dorms, sighing "I need a drink..." on the way over.

Lost and Found: Jenny, Devon, Kura, Rodem

Jenny was not keen on moving around much in her new form, once she realized she was de-evolved, she almost wished she'd stayed in the lost and found.
"Oh god, What did I do to deserve....oh...right...." She muttered before going silent, pegging her misfortune as Karma for not stopping that Strider Assassin attack back on the Airship.
"I wonder what happened to the others?..."

Rodem meanwhile just stuck close to Kura, with his Master nowhere to be found, he didn't want to be left alone in this state.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Welcoming Committee: Aftan | David | Dmitri | Ella | Garm | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Puce | Teri


*Bing - BING - BING!*

Melethia heard this comment from the girls as she walked along the way to the class, taking in everything for the area. She definitely observed the ones that looked stronger, but another thing she paid attention to was all of the nooks and crannies of the school. It would be well worth her time to case the area when she had the chance to later that day so she could find her way around this storied school.

The moment she got into her locker area (First before anyone else) and got the information that she'd have to change into something else, she immediately went to work setting up the inside of her locker with a good amount of quick to set up traps that she would be satisfied with and thus rather difficult to dismantle, especially when she had dismantling some set off others there.

Was it overkill? Yes.
Was it cruel and unusual? Most certainly.
Did the defenses put a Kundarak vault to shame? You bet.

However, if she would have to leave her pouches in there, she was going to make damn sure that nobody but her could access it without losing a body part or twenty. There was even special traps set in so the bags could not be warped out through technology or magic, nor could someone become incorporeal to gain access to it.

Lost and Found: Devon | Jenny | Kura | Rodem


*Bing - BING - BING!*

Devon looked to see that he had P.E. and grudgingly made his way to the Gym area. He hadn't liked it the first time around, and he wasn't about to change his mind the second time either. Seeing how he saw more than a few people heading the same way that had just as much muscle as Rugal did, he had good reason to dread this.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton


*Bing - BING - BING!*

Slindis noted the meeting that was about to start, and she made a note to herself to keep a low profile. After all, she was a librarian here. Not exactly something that everyone would see as important, and she would use that to her benefit.

"Don't go too hard on them, Captain. After all, it is the first day here for a good number of them."

It was after that where Slindis observed the various teachers there. She could feel a tension in the air, although she'd have to keep an eye out for when she could use what she learned in the meeting that was just starting. From what it looked like, there was a good number of people not showing up. Also, although she had not been a teacher in the scholarly sense, she knew from her home and anywhere else she'd spent a good deal of time that there wasn't a high turnover rate.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Locker Room: Melethia

Melethia calmly checked the Hall Monitor over, more than a bit curious. SHe'd overheard from a few others that this school was for talented types, so someone that looked that ordinary... Well, she had to have a good mind at least. "Nope, just gettin' used to things here. I was home schooled before coming here, but my parents had to do a lot more work. Kinda why I'm here." She motioned for the Hall monitor to look away for a moment as she concealed a few tools of her trade on her - some lockpicks, a few slim files, and a rather thin prying pick that could be used for self-defense if she needed it.

"Thanks for the uniform, though. I kinda lost mine earlier thanks to my Dog at home rippin' it apart. Ya can call me Melethia, okay?" The hall monitor had arrived back to see that the girl had found a way to make the oversized outfit work. What she couldn't see is the equipment that had been concealed on her thanks to the size of the uniform. "So, is there anythin' I need to wear here outside of this training class?"

Outside the Locker Room: Devon

As he thought on it more, he wondered if there wasn't some kind of way he could just avoid the class altogether. Sure, it would be risky, but worst comes to worst, he would get chewed out and sent back. Plus, he could always get the exercise later. He didn't need some washed-up college football player showing favoritism to the other sports player.

And with that, Devon looked around for an opening to Ditch the class.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton

Slindis kept listening to the troubling conversation with terms that were far too vague for her liking. The speed at which Ekou had responded felt like he had wanted the topic to be dropped, and she didn't focus in fully on Kurumu as she took a harder look at the others. "I do recall something along those lines. It was far too brief for me to get much, but I want you to be careful here. You don't have to be a genius to know something's off about this school. I'll do my part for us here, but until further notice, I'd assume that the people at the school that we don't immediately recognize as something else are neutral at best."

Sean, Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices.
Time: Start of school.

As the school bell rang, Storm/Sean and Miku quickly looked towards their timetables.
It had seem that their class was not due yet, though checking on the desk, Sean spotted a note.
"Note: First staff meeting when bell rings." Sean read, it was obviously his handwriting, though he never remembered doing this. Sighing he looked over and Miku held the same note except in her writing.

A distraction came into Sean's mind as he looked down at his suitcase.
"Umm ... what do we do with these, and where do we sleep?"
"I don't know." Miku said in a response, though she was curious if they would have the same room or not.

But on Sean's mind he wondered, he saw Rugal meeting another intimidating fellow.
Then he was remind of his superhuman abilities. When he examined Rugal (By popping his head over the row of desks) he could clearly see he wasn't as muscly as before ... and didn't have his signature facial hair. Quickly checking his body, Sean opened his red shirt, Miku easily looked away with embarrassment. Sean spat out a sigh of relief as he saw that he body looked normal, athletic and a bit muscular, though his power did not come from his body alone.

Buttoning his shirt once more the two walked out from the desks and Sean saw a nearby vending machine.
Smirking he though he had his powers and tried to lift it, he could only get it millimeters off the ground instead of picking it up like nothing. "The hell ... did they inject me with suppressors?" He muttered under his own breath.

The two quickly walked into the meeting room and held up his hand.
"Hello everyone~" He said in a happy tone with his assistant behind him, the two sat down shortly. Miku was still shy and sat closely next to Sean ... and kept her mouth shut for now. "So, what's on today?" He asked everyone why were they there.

"Why are we following this lady?" Ken whispered to Matt. "Something about P.E. class. Personally I think we should slip away and raid a vending machine. I'm hungry as hell. Want to come?" Matt asked him. "Sure but I'm mainly going to steal its money," Ken replied. They then quietly slipped down a separate hallway, constantly checking for anyone, or thing, that might stop them.


"Oh no fucking wa-URK!" Rugal said before he was dragged off towards the gym by the much larger Maxim.
No, I'm not being some roid-abusing ape's assistant... He thought as he be began plotting Maxim's downfall.
He had a load of bulk and muscle on his side, but all it would take would be some well placed strikes in order to take him down.
Still, Slindis said to keep a low profile, so he waited to see just what "Lessons" he was going to teach.


"Ah, Thanks I was looking...for..."
David trailed off as he realized who he was talking to before Yurine ran off.
The Fucking Hammer Empire!?...I swear I god I'm going to fucking go Columbine on this place at this rate. What's next? The Black and Tans?! He thought as he went through his things and pulled out his M500 and his new Wrist Mounted guns, concealing them in his uniform before making his way to the Gym.

After getting changed into his PE Gear (Keeping his hidden guns), David waited on the Floor for class to start.


When the bell went off and all the students began making their way towards their next class, Jenny panicked at the thought of all the students seeing her like this.
In an extreme case of poor judgement, she ran down the hall from Devon and Kura and started looking for someplace to hide, settling on a maintenance closet.
Closing the door behind her, she sat in the corner and waited for the horde to receed.

"Jenny, wait!" Kura shouted and followed her the best she could until she finally made it through he clogged hallways and to the closet. Kura had made sure to hold on to Rodem as to not let others get at him or have him fall off of herself.
She waited until the hallway cleared and knocked on the door.
"Come on Jenny, Come on out, you look great." she said, trying to get the kirlia to come out.


"Great?! I'm 2 feet tall! And my damn skirt covers NOTHING!" she shouted from inside the closet.
"Look, just get the others. I'll stay here and....Keep an mental eye on things!" she added before straining to put a selves in front of the door with her Telekinesis.
It was much harder than normal due to her weakened mental powers, prompting her to say "Besides, My powers were weakened when I deaged. I'm not sure if I'd be any help or not."

"You don't need to be useful to come along. I may be a complete and utter asshole to people, but not my friends. You can come with me like Mr. Kitty is. Oh, and could you ask him his name? I assume he has one." she asked the pokemon rather sincerely and meanwhile petting Rodem, scratching his chin and helping the cat feel good.

Teachers Lounge
The bathroom door opened and a red mist came out of it, along with a menacing figure appearing the doorway.

"Dafuq happened to me?" he asked then felt around in his back pocket. "The hell is this?" he said pulling out a cad and reading it. "Professor Alucard... European History Teacher... Eh, i can live with it." he said then looked around. "Who are you people?"


"I'm not going out there looking like this! End of Discussion!" Jenny shouted, realizing that her voice was just as young as she was.
"...Oh great, now I sound like I'm throwing a tantrum... she sighed before going into Rodem's head to get his name.
"Also, Mr. Kitty's name is Rodem. He's Rugal's pet. I'm sorry, just this form hasn't really served me well growing up and I ain't making that mistake twice."

Rodem perked up at the mention of his master's name, processing what she said as prove that he was also here.

"Sorry... but i refuse to leave you in there. You can get into my backpack. if you want to. pretty much empty and soft, just the perfect size to hold you." The Kunoichi said to her. Then she put Rodem into her arms, scratching the cat's belly, making sure he got attention.


"....You aren't leaving until I come out, are you?"
Kura could hear the sound of Jenny pulling back the selves and unlocking the door before the kirlia came out of the closet.[1]
"Alright, but just don't leave me alone. Last time I was around humans like this, some bullies thought I was a girls doll and tried to rip my arm off! Not letting that happen again..." she said before climbing into her backpack, think Yoda from "Empire Strikes Back".
"Right, so what class is it now, anyway?" she asked as Rodem jumped into the backpack with her.

As he was waiting, David sat in on one of the benches saved usually for the audience during a School Basketball game as Melethia showed up, the pair of them keeping an eye out for the others.


"I think it is Physical Education or some stupid shit." The Girl said, adjusting the straps on her bag to adjust for the weight. "And i promise not to leave you anywhere or let you take any shit from anyone." She said while taking her time in the hallways. She made sure that her hair fell forward over her shoulders as to not to smother her passengers.


"Thanks Kura. Just who or what brought us here? And made us all like this?..." Jenny asked herself as her rode around on Kura's back.
"Mmm...Do you remember anything about the Flash before you landed here?" She asked as Rodem clawed up a notebook.

"No Clue... only thing i remember is rugal walking in on me then the flash. And to who did, dafuq is i know." she said shrugging. "And you're welcome." she said, rather polite for being a bitch. "And rodem, please for the love of the godess above, don't tear up my school things. I like to draw in class." she said to him.


Jenny was slightly confused by what Kura said about Rugal.
"Walked in on you? Forgive me for asking, but what did he "Walk in on"?" she asked as the gang the outside of the Gym, Causing Jenny to recede into Kura's schoolbag until only her head was visible.

Rodem mewed sadly, he enjoyed clawing things...

Kalastryn had been sleeping aboard the rising dawn before the flash, she woke up a while after it in some sort of dark hole, and only waking because she smelled blood... her own blood, to make things worse she'd been shoved in one of the lockers in the girl's changing room... but how could she fit?! she felt around and braced her back against the opposite wall, and with both feet kicked the locker open. which was the locker 5 to the left and one below to mele's locker, she then saw herself in the mirror and, with blood dripping from her forehead, recognized she was a tiefling again... and only a few years older than mele. around this age she started training as a wizard rather than a sorcerer... she had learned every arcane spell below level 5, but could only use a few at a time, before she had to read her spell-book to recharge and reconfigure.

"What the hell?! Why was I in that locker? and what Happened to my clothes?!" she exclaimed before examining that the clothes she had on... she wasn't wearing anything red. In this body, that's a problem!

she started digging around some of the student's bags before she found a ruby embedded locket and put it on, then she saw the hall monitor. Her bleeding had stopped but she had just been caught stealing. So she quickly tried to talk herself out of trouble.

(rolls diplomacy- 17) "Sorry for the theft ma'am, though honestly a life was at stake."

She didn't quite buy that, seeing as how she just put it around her neck.

(rolls bluff- 17, no better) "You see I detected a curse on this amulet here, I pity whoever owned it before, a trip to the nurse's office is in their future."

That wasn't easily bought either, so she decided to flip back to reality and explain the situation further.

(re-tries diplomacy- 33) "alright, my previous statements were... well one was true and one was tweaked. A life was at stake, and there is a curse... the life at stake was mine, and the curse isn't on the necklace, but on me. You see it's a curse on my family that if we don't wear red, we fall unconscious and bleed out. You may notice my clothes are blue, and gray... and smelly" she noticed she was in gym clothes, and they hadn't been cleaned in the last few... whenever. "although I don't know how I ended up in that locker, or who changed my clothes, but if it wasn't for this necklace, I'd be dying at the moment... when I find a substitute I can rightfully own I will return it I swear."

With a thorough explanation in place, and partial truth to the statements before it, and the intent of returning the stolen item... the hall monitor thought for a moment and while she couldn't condone stealing... it was more or less just borrowing, and without any other choice presented to Kala. She then remembered hearing the bell for class in her sleep... and seeing as how she's in a locker room, and in gym clothes, she assumed she should head to the gymnasium, and started off, taking note of Mele, but wanting to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Gym: Melethia, David, Kalastryn

Melethia waved David over as she saw what looked Like someone she'd known. She couldn't quite place where she knew the girl until she saw the rather tacky ruby-studded locket. Nobody wore something like that unless they were forced to, but she saw the drops of blood on the girl's head and quickly remembered who it was. "Hey, Kally! Over here!" As the overly large teacher began calling attendance, she urged the young Tiefling over to her side in between herself and David, and a younger Teri wasn't too far away.

"This is some kinda school here... I can see Wheathair there, but somethin's happened to almost everyone here! I think I'm the only one that wasn't winged by it - maybe I was too young? In any case, ya smell kinda bad. Maybe ya have some spell to clean yourself off?"

What Melethia didn't know was that all wizards did have a spell for that very purpose. It was a limited one that wasn't much more than a parlor trick, but Prestidigation would be more than able to clean off these clothes. Kalastryn may have been far too focused on making sure that she didn't die to think about it, but the option was there.

Outside the Locker Room: Devon, Matt, Ken

After a bit, Devon ran into the other two that weren't up to any good. Still, sticking with them may make it easier to move around. "New students from the Rising Dawn? I saw you in the Canteen earlier, and I just don't really see the need to head to P.E. today. SO how about we take a look around? I could probably get us a few drinks, at least."

However, he saw that the two weren't so fond of this idea and made his way back to the gym. "Never thought I'd see someone that would argue with a free soda..."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton

She started by responding to Storm and Miku as they got close to the group. "We were just finishing up a meeting here about missing students. If you want to get a feel for here, it would be a good start to check out your classroom, see what you have in there. Keep an eye our for people we know by checking for the rings, and for now it would help a lot out if you acted like a regular teacher. When it comes to the living arrangements, they may have set up a room for the both of you if you are a couple. It's unlikely, but possible."

Shortly after that, Alucard arrived in the room. "This is a transfer school for some special students, if I saw right from the pamphlet here. Some of them specialize in the sciences, while others focus in on other talents. Fairly straightforward." Although she didn't make a large commotion about it, she knew a vampire when she saw one. For one to be able to walk around in the sun with no issues, even if he had on some kind of lotion the blocked the sun's rays, meant he had to be one of the higher-ranking ones. Of course, the Aura of Good that Slindis had could be felt by Alucard as well, easily pointing her out as some kind of Paladin.

Matt and Ken introduced themselves to Devon when the girl showed up behind them and asked what they were doing. "Well we was just on our way cafeteria since we haven't had bite to eat. You would be cruel woman to deny us that," Matt said with a southern accent(think rich Civil War Confederate) just to ham it up a bit. Of course this was just a ploy to buy them a little time as they prepared their escape.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Avatar Adventure Highschool


"Where..." his voice rasped heavily in the warm air. The darkness began to fade away from him, and his eyes adjusted to the light. A landscape sprawled out before him, absent of the Rising Dawn, Blood Tanks, and Dropships he had so painstakingly acquired. His skin felt soft, and his light blonde hair fell in a soft cascade over his face, hiding his eyes in a luminescent yellow glow. He pressed his hands against the grassy earth ad pushed himself off the ground, which smelled faintly of sweet nectar.

His silk cloak was heavy around his shoulders, and stifling in the heat of the sun, and his throat was mildly aching from whatever had happened. Lucieon forced himself to his feet, which were weak and buckled under him. His right hand fell toward the Catalyst and plunged the oaken staff into the ground... and it was remarkably light.

He turned his ice blue eyes toward the staff and silently noted that it had regressed into a normal sorcerer's catalyst instead of his Manus Catalyst. The it took a few moments to realize that the clothes that hug off his skin was no longer the smooth old leathers he had discovered in Cataclama, but rather soft silks and velvets telling of a young member of the Candorian plutocracy.

Indeed, he felt a few inches shorter, and much less... old... than he had been in his permanently-21 year old body. It took a few more moments for him to notice the school complex before him, sprawling out as if it were a seminary instead of a Secondary Institute of Elementary learning. Without much thought he began to walk toward that series of buildings, disoriented, thirsty, hungry, and weak.

He raised his head and the hood from his cloak fell from his face. Though his skin was fair and impeccable, his hair loose and golden, and his eyes brilliantly blue, he had a strange quality to him, almost as if he were dead. It was something in his eyes that spoke of a broken soul. The Undead Merchant had regressed in years certainly, about a hundred and four years to be exact, placing him at a physical age of 17, but doing nothing to fix his humanity-starved soul.


Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Gym (P.E. Class): Aftan | David | Devon | Dmitri | Ella | Garm | Jenny | Kalastryn | Kura | Lucretia | Melethia | Puce | Rodem | Teri

On seeing the murder scene, Devon immediately talked to Miss Kassel. He was not about to have this pinned on him, but the engraving struck home to him. "If it's not a problem, I would like to make it absolutely clear that we only encountered this scene. Sure, some of us may have been a bit late to class, but I can assure you we have no clue how this got here." It was a bit more effort, but he pulled the energy to cast Prestidigation to clean off Maya.

Meanwhile, Mel turned to Miss Kassel. "If ya plan on takin' us anywhere, I'm gettin' my stuff out of my locker. Ya can escort me to there, but I'm taking the stuff out myself. It'll only take a second, but I'm not leaving it in there." Her tome made it quite clear to the teacher that she was adamant about this decision.

After cleaning her off, Devon went to his ring and whispered to it to talk with Slindis discreetly. "Slindis, I know you don't like me, but there's a pretty badly cut up body by the restroom area by the side entrance to the gymnasium. Will inform of more when possible."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Alucard | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton

Slindis' suspicions were only furthered, and as she took a look outside, she noted how very isolated this area was. It did make for quite the view, but she had the feeling this was a gilded cage if anything. Not to mention it wasn't clear at all for whom they were recruiting for, making even more warning bells go off in her head.

When she got the alert from Devon, that was the last thing she needed to have a talk with everyone that could communicate with the rings given to them by the Hagane.

"Killer running throughout school. Stick in groups, make yourself less open to attack, and do what you must to defend yourselves. I repeat, we have a hostile situation." Her grim tone was to the point and had the stern authority of a leader. It would be jarring to anyone that knew her, since she'd never taken up this kind of tone before.

Sean, Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices.
Time: First classes in progress.

The duo were listening to Slindis until she said about the living arrangements.
This Storm's immediate attention (Since he hasn't even had a girlfriend before.) and Miku went bright red and held her head, imagining what could happen. Though a soft karate chop to the head swiftly landed on her, Miku turned left to see a smiling Sean. "Thank you for that, we'll go look at our classrooms, maybe some information about he missing kids and then see where we live for this time." Sean announced as he grabbed Miku as the meeting started.

During the meeting, Sean was holding back his urge to laugh.
The name Charles Darwin was just all too funny to him now since he met Angels and such.
Now he regretted now asking about many questions which Charles Darwin would ask ... or spit in their face.

"Pfff~" He held back another chuckled as the meeting finished and the two left with their teaching supplies, Sean actually managed to hold the Violin case.

Quite a couple of details rolled over in Sean's head as they left the room.
1. How did they know their real names. "Probably bugged our room on the RD"
2. Missing kids. "Gotta look out for information."
3. Their rings. "Mine was left on the armor and M didn't get one."
4. Living Arrangements. "LivingtogetherLivingtogetherLivingtogetherLivingtogether"

Sean sighed with embarressment but his shirt was grabbed by Miku.
He turned around to see her holding a note.
"Please see the Head Master at your earliest convenience"
"Better now then never~" He sang as the two traveled down the hallway to the Headmaster's office

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways: Devon | Gronk | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Natalia

Devon tried talking in a soothing voice to the oddly enthusiastic giant. "I know you liked it, but if I did it all the time, it wouldn't be so special. Maybe I can show you something later? I know you'd like to take a look at it, but if you wait until then, I promise you'll enjoy it~" At the same time, he'd subtly cast a Detect Magic spell while he was facing the book. It would take a second to focus, but if that book was enchanted, he'd know.

Melethia, however, took a far more direct approach as she moved to an open-ish area of the hall to avoid the trash dump. "Nope, we don't know. An' the way it looks, ya might try holdin' this over our heads if we don't do this promise. I'm young, not stupid. I ain't about to do some promise when ya go out of the way to keep it vague."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Alucard | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Rugal | Slindis | Ton Ton

Slindis had heard the suspicions from Kurumu earlier, and the alert of the murder on the campus put her on a rather high alert. "If my time back as a combat medic and field therapist in the forces taught me anything, she's suffering some kind of shellshock. I do not mean to disparage you, but I would like to help this situation. No offense to you, of course, but this school likely keeps you busy enough through tending to the students. Let me help you by handling this." She had a calm confidence in her voice, easily masking the thousands of thoughts racing through her head on what was going on here and where she would go from this point.

As she walked up to Gabrielle, her pup Lupito licked Gabs on the face to cheer her up. At least one of them was enjoying the place so far.

Charity Case:

A look of absolute disdain washed over Kalastryn's face as a person with less manners than a Half orc dumped the entirety of a trash can over her... she was about to tell him off but two things came to mind... firstly, he was a lot bigger than her with a lot more limbs, and a lot more muscle. and second, the hall monitor was right next to them and appeared to have befriended it, all things considered also they were at a murder scene and she didn't want to seem violent. she decided to just grant him that magic trick and be polite, even if manners seemed to be something he was lacking in.

"Look... Gronk I take it? I understand magic is a very interesting thing, especially to those who don't have access to it, but please don't do something like that again, I understand we're at a murder scene, but manners are still important. It tends to piss people like me off, and when I get pissed off, it's never pleasant for the other person in question. she said as she cast prestidigitation to clean herself off, the smell from her clothes disappearing and the garbage seeming to disappear in kind.

"Remember NYC? Hmm... my memory is more than a little hazy at the moment, I don't even remember how I got here... but I do feel as though I should remember something about it myself. Eh, it's no use, although I do wonder what brought about my sudden amnesia, my memory hasn't really failed me before."

then Natalia brought out the book. "what, might I ask, are you going to do with that?" she asked politely.


"Killer running throughout school. Stick in groups, make yourself less open to attack, and do what you must to defend yourselves. I repeat, we have a hostile situation."

"Of course there is...Most of the young ones are in the Gym for PE class. I'll keep an eye on things there and try to get them out. resume your search, Rugal Out." Rugal said though his ring as the class got into teams.
He walked over to Maxim and said "Sir, We have a problem. The body of a student was found in the bathrooms, Killer is still at large, We need to get these kids out of there and find who did it."
Cue rejection and "Keep calm and Carry on" in 3...2...1... He thought, if this school was like what he thought it was like, they needed to get out of there and fast!


After being picked as Team Captain of RED, David spoke to his team.
"Alright people, Name's David West, Stick with me and we'll get through this. our game plan is simple, focus on dodging until the other team are out of balls, then we strike. Catch as many balls as possible, if you do, you won't be out when the ball hits you. Communicate with each other, let your team know your intentions. We have this is the bag. LET ROCK!" he ordered his team as the game got underway.
I've played Rugby. How bad could this be? He thought as Maxim blew the whistle and the match got underway.


As the match got underway, Jenny peeked out from Kura's school bag at the proceedings, Rodem mimicking her actions.
" least the others are here..." she thought as she did her best to look like a doll to avoid unwanted attention.

Sean, Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Hallway.
Time: First classes in progress.

The calm yet childlike atmosphere busted in a imaginary bubble as the concrete exploded and shattered in front of them.

As the demonic hissing from the stun batons ignited, a smart smirk appeared on Sean's face.
"Oh you have no idea who you are messing with." He said to the enemy which had started.
Miku turned to him with a shocked face as she saw him pull out a very familiar futuristic gadget out of his trench coat pocket. His smirk turned into a very aggressive one after that.

He checked out the invading team for a brief second.
Optic camo,
unknown projectile weapon." Sean said as he went into Storm mode.

Storm pushed his now physical partner back towards the lockers, behind himself and out of bad hands.
"Stay behind me at all times. Call out instructions to me like you usually would." He said with the intention that their teamwork is almost impossible to bypass, though the suppressed superhuman body may make this a hard time.
"Let's play a nice classic game of pick up 50 ... body parts that is. Don't worry though, one lucky winner shall receive the priceless item of survival, though he will be missing one of his legs." He stuck out his tongue as hi pose changed.

Suddenly the plasma extended from the energy sword handle, forming a blade which hissed louder then any of the stun batons. Without a seconds notice Storm had already charged at the man to the left, doing an impaling motion. Alpha stayed directly behind him but out of harms view. Storm's speed was that of Usain Bolt and his strength/power was that of a professional wrestler, except his whole body moved in one swift and graceful movement.

If it was anything he should be moving like a Dragon Ball Z character without his armor on.
With it on he could move as high car speeds. All of this made his movement some the fastest.
If you wondered why he had these high levels whilst suppressed by some unknown drug. In the Spartan program his body was boosted in many ways with the drugs they injected him with. Though after many years of both physical and mental training, Storm's body evolved naturally as well. So even with the suppressors, Storm is one of the finer examples of humanity with speed, strength and intelligence.

Though as you can see here and past scenarios, his luck falls WAY below average mark (It's either REALLY good luck or REALLY bad luck. 50-50 chance). In many other situations Storm has a weak mental state, for example the violin case triggered his memories of when he was a kid where his parents were murdered and he was kidnapped, then turned into the person he is today.

Gym Class
Kura walked into the gym, not changing and not putting down the backpack just yet, but activating her sharingan. "Well, i'm here. Hey rugal." she said in general, walking up the the teacher. Then she turned to the massively built teacher. "I'm not changing as i don't need to, and i'm not putting my stuff down in a locker as it's far too valuable to be left in the hands of someone else or out of my sight." She said then walked over to a corner of the gym. Kura crouched down and orientated the bag in such a way that Jeny and Rodem could look out of the zipper opening.

"You two gunna be ok overhere? I've made sure you're out of the firing line." she asked them quietly.

Teachers Lounge
"Thanks." Alucard said then began to walk out of the teachers lounge. "I think i'm going to take an enthusiastic stroll around the school." Alucard said. For anyone who had even hear the name alucard, knew the deadly strolls associated with him.

Gym Class: Rugal

"Kura, Wait up!" Rugal said before closing the distance on the ninja.
"Listen. A Dead body was found in the bathrooms. Killer is still at large. I don't think I need to tell you this, but stay alert and be careful.
It was at this point Rodem made his presence known.
"Rodem!? You're here too? Kura, Take care of him. I would hang onto him myself, but I have my own problems. Just let one of the others know if you need assistance. I'm not sure what all the students can do, but do NOT underestimate them.
Now, I got to get back to my post..."

Once Kura set down the bad, Jenny nodded.
"Out of sight, out of mind. Just how I like it. No go on, We'll be fine." She said as he played with the kitty Rodem.

Charity Case:

"Well, I may not have some magical eyes at the moment, but I know a tome when I see one. I'm not going to touch that book, as magic has ways of screwing up, even when it's an artifact or written on paper. However, I do assure you that your in no danger of having this secret pass through my lips to anyone. Besides, who have I to tell without risking my own tail, I must admit I'm not the most social of the party here, and don't know many people I can trust further than I can throw here. I won't be touching your little tome there, but I assure you that, if for nothing else than my own safety, no one will be told of this." she says...

(bluff- 35) It's actually somewhat believable under the circumstances...

"Besides, in spite of my apparent age I've been around a crime scene or two in my old city... not a very wholesome place to grow up. I'd like to help with all this if it'd be possible? I may be a new student here, however, I'm not a pushover. mentally or physically. If you think it acceptable...

I may also be interested in finding the missing students... let's be honest, if it's just a rumor, it's pretty major to lie about and ALL around. The quicker both cases get solved, the better. and I have a bit of mental alacrity when it comes to the mysterious."

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