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"I'd just like to say that whatever happened here, we didn't do it. May we please go to the cafeteria now, my poor friend here is as hungry as Oliver Twist," Ken said, hamming up that last part a little bit. Matt then got on his knees and in an Oliver Twist accent said, "Please sir, may I have some more?"


"Heh, the killer will need to be worried about me." She said then nodded to his comment about taking care of Rodem. "Yeah yeah, i'll watch out for him. He's a great animal and friend. After whatever this is, is over, i'll need to talk to you and him about a summoning contract." she said before running off into the match. She joined the side of the blue team and immediately began going matrix on the group, her sharingan providing her such an unfair advantage.

This became obvious when she pulled an amazing move...

It Nailed the kid next to David in the face with enough force to send him off his feet. She caught the next ball that was thrown at her. This one began to spark electrically. She tossed it up into the air and spun around, pullng a backflip into the air and her foot connecting with the ball at the peak of its toss and the fasted art of her kick. It became covered in electricity as it was on a railroad track at a blinding speed at David.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways: Devon | Gronk | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Natalia

Devon detected the heavy magic enchantments on the book and it was clear that it would stifle this investigation. Kalastryn could probably also handle this, bit from what he heard of Slindis' voice, she was probably one of the only ones that had kept her age. One of them had to be able to tell her everything they saw, otherwise the killer would be free to rum rampant through the school.

And with that reasoning, he cast Glibness on himself to ensure his bullshit he was about to spew would be believed.. "Trust me, there's no need for the oath to secrecy. We wouldn't spread this around the school because we'd be seen as the freaky dead body guys and because they'd think we did that. And again, we're new students here with no way to contact any of our parents or the outside world. The oath isn't really needed."

Melethia looked over at the two fellow pranksters, impressed with their act. I like the cut of their jib. They were certainly persuasive in their own way. "Yeah, I'm really hungry as well, an' you're gettin' mad at us because we saw this? We're just poor students that came here to learn, an' you're treating us like the bad guys..." She started to sniffle up, hoping the tears would do something.

Gym: David

"JESUS CHRIST! WHAT THE FUCK!?" David exclaimed as Kura started using her more superhuman skills on their team.
"HEY! NO SUPERS!" He protested as she charged a ball she was just handed with Electricity before Bicycle kicking it towards him.
"...Why me?" He asked before he was struck in the face with a high speed electric dodgeball.
To any watching, it was like a car crash in slow motion as David was knocked back with a spray of blood coming from his nose before slamming back on the floor in a rather painful fashion.
It looked more like he was punched in the face by Rugal then hit with a ball as he tried in vain to get back up after that.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Baseball Field | Avatar Adventure Highschool


At first, Lucieon was sluggish and slow to realize what was happening. But as soon as the beer can found itself airborne, and hurtling toward Lucieon's face, his body flew into action. His left hands swept across his body and slammed into the aluminum of the can, obliterating the structural integrity f the object and turning it into little more than scrap metal before flinging it away from his main body. His right hand had slipped away from his staff and found it's way to the Estoc, a large wide-bladed rapier, and thrust it into the boy's stomach.

Before he could even realize what happened, Lucieon was standing against the bleacher, his left hand against the cool metal and his right hand on the leather handle of the rapier. When his actions finally registered in his mind, Lucieon was suddenly struck by disbelief, his right hand shook as he tried to pull the sword out of gary's abdomen,but his strength had already left him. He could do nothing but stand, locked in his crime. He had killed a human being, a living creature. Something that did not exist at all in Cataclama. Too used to killing the undead visages of lost humans that he had become ignorant of any aggressors, casually writing them off as hollowed or insane. So now, with his sword imbedded within a reasonable creature, he shuddered in disbelief as the crimson blood ran down the Estoc is small rivulets.

"I'm sorry," he muttered under his breath, his chilling blue eyes open in terror, and his airy blonde hair draping lightly over his forehead. His silk cloak blew outward in a coming wind, and Lucieon glared at the other two students, "I'm so sorry."

He was at a lost, what could he do. For a moment, a thought flashed across his mind, and he slowly accepted it as fact. He could kill the others. Again the words found themselves on his soft lips, "I'm so, so sorry." But why was he so guilty? He never knew these children, and he would never meet them again. Yet his heart seemed to be a wretched mess. In fact, his heart was silent and still. He couldn't control himself any longer, he realized. He didn't want to see the look on their faces, he didn't want to see the fear, the terror, the mortality of such beautiful creatures.

But then another nagging voiced chirped in his head. A reasonable noise that told him to take a step back. However, because these two voices, of savagery and reason, of humanity and desolation, he stumbled and took a step back. The razor edge of the Estoc ran alongside Gary's abdomen and split open the flesh and muscle, spilling the boy's entrails into the air. Lucieon looked on in shock as he continued to back up, bloody rapier in hand. He looked at the other two students again, "I'm so sorry." he gasped out yet again before taking a step toward them, motivated by a darkness that seemed elementally human.

"Please forgive me..." he said as he raised the Estoc in his right hand and prepared to strike out at the other two.

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Baseball Diamond | Avatar Adventure Highschool


The Undead Merchant took a few deep breaths as he tightened his grip on Estoc, whose might blade was now stained with the rust of blood. This girl before him... she was warm. So warm, so beautiful. Though his eyes only saw her human shell, how her uniform hung from her limp body, how her hair fell over her face, those closed eyes that seemed to struggle to open. Yet his soul saw something different.

It was a swirling mass of humanity, a thousand black sprites collected into one human being, squirming and swirling, reproducing and devouring. Lucieon was in disbelief, even in Cataclama he had never seen such a person like this. He felt so warm in her presence, his limbs seemed to melt away from his body, and his cold dead heart seemed to beat with the song of the flood of blackness. He bit his lip in disbelief, it couldn't be he thought. A firekeeper? He shook his head, blonde hair falling gently from side to side. Firekeepers were just a myth, something the Undead told each other when they were gathered around a bonfire and exchanging stories.

A covenant of beautiful women, who hold the endless essence of humanity within their breast, within their heart. A mas so strong that it was said that they pushed against the skin above her heart, and if you looked carefully, you could see the millions of sprites teeming inside of her body. It was myth, it had to be. yet, if it were, what was this girl that lay before him, whose body was about to awaken.

Lucieon needed to be sure, if it was indeed a firekeeper, her soul would be an invaluable asset to him. If kept alive, she was an infinite source of humanity. He gently placed the blade of the Estoc against the top of her blouse and drew the blade downward, cutting open the cloth and exposing her bare skin. He held his breath, waiting, hoping, to see the indicative scar that all Firekeepers were born with. He continued to run his blade slowly, making sure not to pierce her skin at all.

But it was very unfortunate that she awoke right before he had confirmed it. He stood over her, a leg on each side of her torso, silk cloak flapping in the wind and blood staining the earth, his clothes, and his sword. A sword whose blood stained blade was pointed directly down at her, cutting through her uniform. lucieon's chilling blue eyes seemed to express shock at her inconvenient awakening, especially since his hand stopped moving and the blade stopped.

Dumbstruck for an explanation, the Undead Merchant simply asked the girl, "Are you alright?"

Matt and Ken silently congratulated each other over their victory before Ken turned towards Maya. "I have a question for you. How are we 16 years old? My friend and I were adults before we woke up at this place. And don't say something like its probably just a dream because when I was actually 16, I was deep underground in a secret base being trained to become a weapon for United States," Ken told her.

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The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Gronk | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Natalia

Devon and Melethia heard the story from Maya as Melethia returned back fully changed and with the 5 pouches around her hips and stopped for a moment. "So you're saying this is some kind of Charles Xavier academy and there's someone strong enough here to do these kinds of killings? Are you sure the head of this school isn't Albus Dumbledore?"

The statement got an odd look from Melethia as she raised an eyebrow and talked to Devon. "Who the heck is that?"

"A headmaster for a school of wizardry that constantly puts his students in danger and somehow gets the parents to send their kids back year after year even though there's an alarmingly high chance that the kids could die."

She grinned and held back a laugh. "Sounds like a fun kinda school, but it's not for everyone."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Slindis | Ton Ton

Slindis thought for a second then smacked herself on the head. Gabrielle was so attached to Akane's tails that being without them for so long was a form of torture to her. Well, that and the rather close relationship they had made the separation all the much worse. "We'll try to find Akane for you, Gabrielle. I'm certain she's somewhere here, but for now, would you be fine with Lupito?" The puppy's fur, while nowhere near as soft as Akane's, was still comforting in its own right.

As the pup snuggled next to her, Slindis told Kurumu the gist of what was going on. "Cold you help me look for her? I'd focus fully on finding Akane, but there's more things that I need to look into here."

She exited the room to move through the school...

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Miku | Sean

And saw the rather large brawl brewing in the hall. Although she hadn't seen much of what was going on, she knew that Storm and Miku were getting attacked. Thanks to that, she didn't need much to get in and back them up as she went in for an ambush on one of the skirmishers. Although her blows did deal a moderate amount of damage, it was the fact that they shifted to Ice and ELectricity caused the machine the most problems, and in the span of 6 seconds, the furthest attacker had been thoroughly destroyed.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia

Devon chuckled a bit, glad he relieved the tension if only for a moment. "Yeah, although the Bludger nearly took my arm off. Could you try to keep a better eye on it?" He did find that it was a bit odd that the Headmaster wasn't known, though.

Melethia checked up on Kalastryn as she looked up to Maya. "So, people gettin' hurt's common around here? Really? Thanks for the warnin', Miss Maya! I'll try to be careful, an' I really appreciate it." The Hall Monitor noticed that the young girl was a lot less worried about the fact that someone had been killed, but she knew Melethia wasn't guilty of anything thanks to her having escorted her in and out of the locker room.

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Gronk | Miku | Natalia | Sean | Slindis

Slindis could make out the fact that Miku was their main target and cast Resist Electricity on herself as she moved to assist Miku, delivering a rapid assault on one of them as she got closer and used Shadow Fade to make herself invisible to the naked eye and much harder to hit.

Ki Left= 85 (15 Ki cost, 10 Ki gained from the attacks)
SP left= 251/266 (15 SP for Resist Energy)

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Ton Ton

Lupito pushed back a little bit, making it clear that he wasn't comfortable with being squeezed quite so tightly. Still, he wasn't fully opposed to the affection, and if it got too bad, he was sure he could talk with Slindis.


Rugal sighed as Maxim did exactly what he thought he'd do.
"Of course you do..." He sighed before walking away to pretend to make a phone call, talking into his ring instead.

"Attention all, The Gym teacher insists on keeping to the class timetable regardless of what happened. If my hunch is right, this will be a recurring theme. Everyone keep together and walk in groups until we can figure out what is going on here. Rugal out."

Once he was done with his call, David ended up getting struck in the face with a ball by Kura, causing even him to wince at how painful it looked.


Aftan watched as David snapped awake after having his jaw reconstructed, him gasping awake as he pieced together what happened.
When asked if he was alright, he watche Kura and Ella take down the rest of his team and sighed "Another day, another defeat to someone with superhuman powers..."
When he saw Lucretia left, he couldn't help but shout "KID! IF YOU HAVE SOME WEIRD SUPERPOWER, NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO USE IT!", hoping to egg her onto victory or at least her catching a ball and getting one of the others in.

Sean, Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Hallway.
Time: First classes in progress.

Seeing the events unfold before his eyes, Storm noted that the enemy were not human but combat drones spewing forth their blue blood of a cold machine.
Easily enough he should easily be able to cut their body part or behead them with his energy sword.
Kicking the robot corpse which mocked him before, Storm picked up his shock baton (Which turned into a mace when they gave the order) and observed the battle, wanting to kill.

Though two choices presented themselves.
Save his girl?
Or save his helpers?
The somewhat twisted but white heart Sean paused, his partner was an AI though he harbored feeling which he never felt before ... or at least doesn't remember. Though these students are fighting for a random reason, and protected them when they needed help, Sean's vigilante side also wanted to kick in.

In the end of his mind he decided to give a giant middle finger to the choice.
Dropping the baton and sheathing the energy sword, Storm turned around to Miku.
The soldiers had yet to come to them yet. Within a second he swept Miku off her feet, she was going to make a joke about it but refused after she saw a glimpse of Sean's red eyes. Beaming with anger for the robots, but yet refusing to participate in combat, the suppressed superhuman immediately turned around for a second and he yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Everyone we must escape, they have too many numbers. Follow us and survive, MAKE THAT AND ORDER!!!" He gave the order to anyone who wanted to survive this robot and student massacre, which could easily make the newspapers if it got out into public hands. Turning around once more, Sean began to sprint to safety, hoping ... no, praying that they would follow him.


Without processing what happened, David sprinted back into the game, picking a ball off the ground as he did.
He knew he was no match for Kura, but she didn't know that he knew that.
Or maybe she did know and she was just pretending to not know as to find out if David knew what she knew.
Either way, he focused more on playing defensively, keeping his ball near his face to block any possible incoming attacks from Kura.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia

Devon and Melethia got the alert over the ring and immediately started moving over to the area. Hopefully some of the others would come to this alert since it was incredibly distinctive, but there was the fact that it was almost on the other side of the school.

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Gronk | Miku | Natalia | Sean | Slindis

She went to fight the first armored one, and although she was able to fight it somewhat effectively, It kept adapting for the best way to fight her, and that much was clear with the savage blows that were being delivered to her. Knowing she was in over her head from the deep gashes to her back, she sent out an APB for any assistance she could get from any ring holders. It struck her as extremely odd that none of Caim's entourage could hear the brawl at all, but that hardly mattered.

As a few more turned to attack her, she went down into survival mode. Sure, she was able to secure Miku's safety, but it was becoming apparent that she'd be needing the rescuing. Judging from a glimpse at ALucard, he was already occupied with the fight as well.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Ton Ton

Lupito whined in distress at the sounds of the attack which were clearly audible in the room, but he had no way of knowing that it was SLindis in distress. Looks like the age regression took away all of the abilities he had gained as SLindis' mount, key among them being that direct menntal link with Slindis.


Kala heard a ringing and beeping from her hand that she hadn't heard in a long time. A long time ago Slindis in her were in the same organization that equipped members of it with the rings Slindis has been using for communication.

"Huh... so this dusty old thing finally decided to work... Mele, it seems your mother is in a bit of trouble."

She turned to Maya next. "I realize you were instructed to keep us here and keep an eye on us, but I've got people who need some help, so I'll be headed off to do exactly that." she said as she waved her hands and a bluish and slightly purple floating disk appeared, she jumped on top of it and it seemed really stable under her weight.

"anyone coming along?"

"Well I don't where they're going but we're still going to the cafeteria. Besides, I think we can handle anything that tries to fuck with us," Matt said before he and Ken started to navigate their way to the cafeteria.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Baseball Diamond | Avatar Adventure Highschool


"I will not harm you..." he muttered, taking the Estoc from her chest and leaving his hunch unanswered. He backed up and stepped away from her body, Her golden eyes seemed only to further unnerve the Undead Merchant. As if he had seen something before, a creature perhaps, that shared the same eerie trait that she beheld. Lucieon sheathed Estoc and helf out a gloved hand to C.C. as his mind wondered about the girl before him. She was teeming with life and humanity yes... but something didn't seem quite right about her, and he couldn't at all place a finger on it. She seemed sickly even though she looked absolutely fine.

"I'm sorry," he muttered as he pulled her to her feet, "My name is Lucieon. They did not hurt you badly I hope?" His young voice betrayed his thoughts and feelings. Instead of the austere coolness he had tried to play up, he was flustered at heart, not only at being near a girl, but being near someone so undeniably alive. A hundred years of isolation had really chipped away his warm mercantile demeanor. He flashed a quick smile while bending over to pick up his catalyst, giving the girl another thorough look, trying to catalogue everything about her, her hair color, her eyes, her skin tone, her curves, and the was she held herself. "Please, I am lost. It would be a great help to me if you could tell me where I am." And why you are swarming with so much humanity. he added silently.

Yet again, a scratchy voice in the back of his head urged him to lean forward and strike her down, to devour her until she was empty of both humanity and soul. But this time Lucieon was much more prepared to hold back his desires and did not show any signs of physical struggle.

"well, i couldn't give two fucks less." Alucard said and walked straight through the carnage, completely untouched. He continued down the hallway then took a right. It was a short walk after that until his room, third on the right. He walked in and sat on his desk, pondering some of the deeper mysteries of life, and what the police girl with the big titties was doing now...

Kura was playing rather dodging now, she had destroyed the rest of the other team with simple catches and after a minute, dropping the ball, until they had run out of ammo. She was being rather conservative, her eyes constantly scanning for anything that might be coming at her. Her increased perception allowing her this advantage to dodge faster.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Gronk | Devon | Kalastyrn | Miku | Maya | Melethia | Natalia | Sean | Slindis

Melethia and Devon arrived on the scene with Kalastryn to see the maelstrom of a fight, and Melethia immediately jumped into the fray with her Fang of the Thunder Sea and her Siegebreaker, taking the opportunity to behead one of the machines while Devon performed an Ironskin Dance to fortify those there.

Duration= 2:48, provides an unbypassable Damage Reduction to all of Devon's allies to help them shrug off physical damage. 13 Bardic Song uses left.

Slindis' hands glowed as she produced a Lay on Hands use on herself, and it was a testament to the strength of those machines that she was only partially healed. "I've had worse... Your group came in the nick of time. Still, let's turn this around!" Slindis let out a Mass Shield of Faith to further fortify her saviors.

188 HP healed from Lay on Hands, bringing Slin to 357 HP from 169/566 HP. Yeah, she was at 30% health from the assault.
Lay on Hands uses left=3
+5 deflection bonus to Armor Class making them harder to hit. Duration= 21 minutes.
Turn Undead uses left=11

With that, she began working with her backup for aid. She only recognized Melethia at the moment, since she was more focused on how she was going to survive. She also had the feeling that Rugal would be there rather soon in her gut as she began throwing out a flurry of blows on one of the machines that aimed at taking down this Hall Monitor that had aided her. "Don't forget about Sean! We need to aid him however we can, even if that means drawing their attention over here."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Ton Ton

Lupito anxiously tried to hint Gabrielle to the door, even though a part of him did enjoy the affection he was getting from Gabrielle.


Rugal was waiting on a response from the rings as he watched David, Kura and Lucretia play dodgeball below.
Then he got it as cries of pain and the drone of the machines attacking them reached them.
"SHIT!" he shouted to himself as he began to sprint out of the building and back into the main school building, while he didn't have the superhuman muscles and strength, he still had his Slashing Aura.
Firing it up, he raced towards the scene of the battle.
"Slindis. It's Rugal. Where are you? I'm en route, just hang on."


"....Wow....You...You go girl..." David mused, somewhat impressed and confused at the same time.
He kept throwing the balls into the portals while hanging back, worried about a possible Kura counter.

Kura was having a damn hard time with this new challenge. She had taken one dodge ball in each hand, deflecting them and dodging them. Kura began to run forward, eventually going up onto the wall, moving fast and running along it. She got as close to David as she could before dropping down. With a single handsign, there was a puff of smoke and when it cleared, david was standing in the middle of the vortex of portals, now having dodgeballs flying at him. Kura was now where david was, having used the Body replacement technique to switch places with david.

Now Kura had an open chance to fire at her opponent. She bicycle wheel kicked two balls at Lucretia. One was coming from a flat path at her, and the other, directly from above. Each of the balls would converge on the girl at the same time and were each traveling four times faster than any throw.

Charity Case:

Kalastryn couldn't help but at least for a moment feel a little intimidated by the scene. However, then she remembered the spells she had learned from this age... every one of them below level 5... of course she could only use a couple at a time. She thought for a moment to focus on what she had memorized... some rather good ones, but very few spells for attack. She focused on the blade type dummy that had been attacking Slindis and used telekinesis to throw it out of a nearby window.

She then cast mirror image, capable of creating clones of Kala, although the maximum number of them would increase every once in a while when she mastered it better.

(rolls 1d4+3 to determine number of clones, gets a 7) suddenly the odds seem a little more even as there are now 8 casters in this group. each of them casts shout into the crowd.

The results... were pretty damn good. The sound waves were so forceful, and there were so many, that the training dummy's armors and weapons start to crumple and beat apart from vibration. they also takes a combined score of 147 damage each.

"that should make it a little easier." she gloated, before only one of them cast fireball, and another one of them cast magic missile.

(magic missile total, 13 to one target.)

(fireball total, 29 to all enemy targets.)

(side note... fear the wizard, for they have the thunder and the lightning)

Avatar Adventure
Location: Baseball Diamond | Avatar Adventure Highschool

Lucieon | C.C

"See see," Lucieon said cooly, "I have never heard a name like that before. And I have heard a great many, many names in the years of my travels." He stepped over to C.C. so they were almost touching before he bent up and helped her to her feet, and then steadied her. Her warmth was very attractive, the same feeling that a moth would have when dancing near an open flame. A wondrous emotion of insignificance, almost like being swallowed by a greater universe to his own. Yet unlike the power of the bonfires, her warmth never seemed to burn the closer he got, only increase in intensity. Wish her close in his arms he answered her next question, "I do not believe I am part of this school, my uniform is much different from your own."

He found some deranged pleasure in observing her in that tattered uniform as he spoke. The events of causality was always somewhat enjoyable. But her amnesia did annoy the Undead Merchant somewhat. "From what I gather, you are a student at a very large and secluded school. See see, are you feeling alright at all?" Briefly he pondered the possibility of devouring her right there and then, since she might become more of a burden than an asset. But as his dark hand flared he decided against it. Something about her soft radiance warmed his heart. He felt an unnatural desire to help this girl.

"Please, if you are not feeling well, allow me to escort you to whatever medical facility this seminary has." Lucieon eyed the main complex not that far from their current position. He had already forgotten about the three students he had killed. Their lives seemed so insignificant next to the girl he held in his right arm.


David was watching Kura attempt to dodge the incoming meteor style dodgeballs when she poofed away in a cloud of smoke before he was moved somehow to where Kura was standing.
And where the dodgeballs were coming in at the speed of gravity were going to land.
"OH SHH---------"
*Bullet Time*

He said as he instinctively pointed his fists at the portals and fired his hidden wrist guns at them, shooting down and destroying the meteor balls before they could hit and most likely kill him.
In the same stroke, Kura watched as she fell bullet trails race towards the projectiles she kicked at Lucretia, blasting clean though them and causing them to erupt in a cloud of form and leather.

"----HIIIIIIIT!...." David finished as he processed what the hell just happened.
It was then that he frozen and saw the racks of dodgeballs completely empty as well as the remains of the balls used the last few attacks, there was literally no balls left to dodge.
"....Oh.....Fuck...think we went over kill......Ummmm....GG? (Good Game)" He said to Kura, seeing that it would mostly be a draw now.

Kura picked up the remains of one of the balls and walked over to david, giving him a good hard slap across the face with it.
"It's still technically a ball. You lost." she said and dropped it. Then the Kunoichi went over to her bag and sat down. "You two ok in there?" she asked Jenny and Rodem, grabbing a bottle out of the side pocket of her bag and drinking from it.


"...Frick, why didn't I think of that?..." David said as his team more or less lost.
He didn't really care though, he got to try out his new guns and once he got over the crushing pain of getting Matrix'd earlier, He was on his way back to the Dressing rooms.
Mmmm... Lucretia can use portals? just like.....I need to talk to Puce about this. He thought as he went to get changed, passing by the man in question on the way to the showers.
"Hey Puce, Never told me your sister could use portaling powers."


Jenny's head popped back out of the bag followed quickly be Rodem's.
"I'm fine, though no offence, the Closet had more leg room... she said as Rodem held a pen in his mouth.
"Just I was watching and I have to ask, how did you do all that?"

"I'm a kunoichi, or a female ninja as you would call it in english. MY mother is Akasumi Uchiha and her sister is Amaya, who i'm fairly sure you know. BAd-ass is in my blood." Kura said to Jenny. Then she turned to look at the two of them. "And my eyes are my most valued posession." she commented as her eyes transformed into the three tomoe form.
"They're my gift from my mother and the heavens."


"Ahhh...So you are Amaya's Niece? I guess that would explain it." Jenny said as Kura enjoyed her drink.
"You're kinda like Hiryu, though he'd flip out if I so much as compared you to him. He really isn't fond of your family's style of Ninja...-Ing." She said, remembering the countless times her heard Hiryu speak disapprovingly of Amaya's "Space/Magic Ninja" style.
"Just what about the eyes? You have some X-Ray vision or something?"

"No, I have increased perception, can break illusions and can copy some techniques. The main things i use them for is their advanced perception. I see time slower when i use them, giving me far more time to react." She said then offered the kirlia some of her water.
"I truly value them more than life." she said.


Jenny accepted the drink as Kura explained her eyes to her.
"I see...OH GOD, That was a pun! Urk, I am so sorry for making you hear that!" She joked after she made that awful joke.
"Yeah...I bet they are useful alright. Kinda amazed David did as well as he did now." She said, referring to the dodgeball match.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Devon | Kalastyrn | Miku | Maya | Melethia | Natalia | Sean | Slindis

Buffs and who has them.

Ironskin Dance: Duration= 2:48, provides an unbypassable Damage Reduction of 5 points to all of Devon's allies to help them shrug off physical damage. Kalastryn, SLindis, Devon, Melethia, and Maya have this.

Mass Shield of Faith: +5 deflection bonus to Armor Class making them harder to hit. Duration= 21 minutes. Kalastryn, SLindis, Devon, Melethia, and Maya have this.

The machines were very clearly torn up from Kalastryn's attacks, and all the focus shifted straight to her and the clones. taking data from previous mages that had been at that school, they knew that she wasn't built for a close-up fight and went in for some punches and kicks to shatter the collective concentration. Still, due to being disarmed, they couldn't do quite as much damage as they'd originally planned on when the factor of the Ironskin Dance was added in. Before it could get much farther, though, Kalastryn was relieved by Mel and the still rather battered Slindis, further culling the numbers.

As Rugal got on the scene, he saw a few that hadn't been caught up in the Shouts go to attack Melethia and Slindis. The sight of Slindis would be especially shocking considering he hadn't seen her in that bad of a condition since the sparring match.

And then he sensed the distinctive lingering of a massive amount Positive Energy on her. She still looked half dead, even after that. She had likely needed the help desperately, and if assistance hadn't gotten to her when it did...

188 HP healed from Lay on Hands, bringing Slin to 357 HP from 169/566 HP. Yeah, she was at 30% health from the assault.
Lay on Hands uses left=3
+5 deflection bonus to Armor Class making them harder to hit. Duration= 21 minutes.
Turn Undead uses left=11

Hearing that there were others needing the help, Devon looked far down the hallway to see Sean and Miku were still in a bad spot. Thus, he pulled out his blade he'd gotten from Slindis to get himself ready for the comflict there. If they'd managed to put Slindis in that state, they'd cause problems for anyone fighting them alone. "Kalastryn, I'll be back soon. Right now, I'm needed somewhere else!" With that, Devon used the Dimension Door to quickly get to their side, stabbing one of them in the head.

5 rounds until the next level 4 spell.


"Slindis!" Rugal shouted as he instantly went to aid her, Using his Slashing Aura to fight his way over.
Without his strength, he was more reliant on dodging and rolling in order to land hits, but the newcomer to the battle was able to damage a few bots by cutting through their metal limbs before they could adapt to his fighting style.
Bringing up a quick "Dark Barrier!" on his forearm to aid in defense, he shouted "ALRIGHT! YOU ALL WANT A TARGET YOU MASS PRODUCED IDIOTS!? CLASS IS IN SESSION!"
His goal was to get as many focusing on him as possible, giving everyone else more time to prep spells and whatnot.
Thus he flung the shield at the first bot he saw and went to work.


With Rugal Bernstein bursting onto the scene, Kalastryn got a smug look on her face. She knew just how tough he could be... although... now that she takes a good look at him, he seems a lot less muscly than he was... and he wasn't a blind man anymore. Must have reverted in age as she did, she decided. She gave him more than a little "supportive fire" via her and the two clones that were left each casting three scorching rays at the robot who had been knocked off his feet being hit by the dark barrier.

(rolled a total of 115 damage... which come to think of it if it wasn't for the tiefling fire resistance she had in this body... had it been coming at her, she'd be burned nearly to death on the spot... ouch.)

Likewise to the above, the already damaged training dummy, did not survive in turn what with the shout, the fireball, the dark barrier to the face, and now nine scorching rays... it's body lit aflame and in a few seconds, whatever circuitry it had was melted, and it became an ooze of molten metal that burned through the floor and sunk into the ground. The clones were then dismissed, and disappeared.

(rounds before use of another level 2 spell, 5)


Rugal watched as Kala managed to finish her spell and used it to mop up the remaining robots.
"What the hell were those?..." He asked out loud before his priorities kicked in.
"Slin!" He said before jogging past Kala towards the drow as she leaned against a wall.
"Slindis, God, are you okay? I tried to get here sooner, but I was cut off."
Turning to Melethia, he let out a sigh that she was alright.
"Melethia, pass us a potion or two if you still have them. Kala, keep alert, there might be more were they came from." He said, clearly distressed by Slindis's condition.


Slindis got up, and she'd clearly seen better days. "None of you... don't head out alone, that's how they will tear you apart."

And with that she fainted. She'd taken a massive beating thanks to the majority of the machines focusing on her. Melethia rubbed in some potions where she could, but they weren't all that effective.

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