The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"I was shooting things. No one ever said you were useless. And no we don't just waltz in here and get the job done. You killed more soldiers than me. Besides if you don't like the fact that you don't have "powers" then change it.... I did...."

Shadow retorted clearly not affected by anything David had just said.





David was about to rant and rave some more, but Shadow had a point, why couldn't he?
"...And....Where would I go about getting this kind of performance enhancer?..." He asked, clearly intrigued by his offer.


"We'll in my blood is a prototype virus that enhances reflexes strength and speed.... BUT oh have to take a certain how should I put it... another sirum that keeps the virus from completely destroying your body. I suppose we could make another injection from my blood...

If you don't like that option you could ask some of the other "heroes to help you i guess..." Shadow explained as he leaned back in his chair.


"Why do I feel like I'm talking to a Drug Dealer?..." David mused as he talked with Shadow.
"....Well....I guess that could work...Just I ain't getting any side effects from it, am I? I mean, I take your shit and start pissing blood, I'm coming after you..." He threatened as he thought of being able to zoom around as fast as half of these.

"We'll sort this out once we get to the rising dawn then" Shadow said as he stood up and went to find his sniper.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

After Pint smashed the button, he was suddenly grabbed by the Drow fading back into the substantial world. "Do you realize what you've done? Millions of people, including your own men and those you're sworn to defend will be killed, and for what? Your delusions of being the hero?" The man tried to escape, but the Drow used a free elbow to jab the man in the gut and winded him while she took his sidearm and threw it well out of reach.

Lupito continued tearing out the guts of the men there, and some of the remaining soldiers had a twinge of doubt cross their minds. After all, when they'd signed up for the military, they hadn't signed up to fight wolves that were bigger than lions.

David, Tajuh

Tajuh slashed the shadow a few times, tearing through it while avoiding the corrupting essence. "Riki, Kud! Get the Stone here and blast the Shadow that came from the Spartan!" It was clear to everyone from the context that the man was not talking about the man that was currently arguing with David.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

Rugal was finishing up his side went Dimitri contacted him with the News of the Nuke.
"That son of bitch! Get into whatever equipment you can and stop that Missile!" He ordered as Slindis got to work on the Midget General.
Pint finally came to from his brainwashing, when it entered it, he was in his ranch, now he was here.
"Ohhhhh...Where am I?...The Comma-DC IS UNDER ATTACK!? Where is the President!?...No...." He exclaimed as the Missile's Path came up on the main screen, it was coming straight for them.
"But...HOW!? I WOULD NEVER LAUNCH A NUKE ON AMERICAN SOIL!" He shouted, clearly confused by the state of affairs.
It was clear to Slindis that he was unaware of what was going on.

As Rugal made his way to the short man, he was harassed by Jenkins who grabbed him and started shouting things like "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! YOU HAVE TO GET ME OUT OF HERE! I HAVE A FAMILY!"
Clearly not in the mood to deal with him, he merely shoved him aside as he ran off, pegging him to be a low level official.
Thus the Angel Spy slipped away and made his way towards the exit and Teri.
Rugal then began to check the computers for any fail safe systems.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

Neptune's Core - Daemon Fleet
Lucifer | Teri

The Morning Star's trip between the National Mall and the Cerberus didn't take too long, traveling in the darkness was much much faster than Traveling at the speed of light, a fact that those who were able to travel through the Shadows were quite aware of.

However the speed of thought did lag behind as Lucifer materialized in his sparse office, the realization that the Rising Dawn had yet another opposing force arrayed against them didn't register until he had finished reforming himself.

"By the Nine Rings... This is going to get a bit more complicated." The Eternal Adversary thought to himself as he remembered the face of his killer, the very same face that one of the Writers had bargained their soul to save.

Knowing that he wasn't particularly welcome in her head, Lucifer knew that he still needed to send out a warning to his Dear Little Cleric.

"Teri... We have a problem. There's a new threat on the field. Elena Volkov's employers.... Das Feenreich... have determined that The Rising Dawn is culpable for the Deaths of the millions in New York, the slaughter of thr Villagers in South America and all the Deaths that have taken place only to be reset away. Elena... She just killed the girl that I was possessing." The Fallen One "said" sending his words to the one person who could hear his warning.

"I'm going to talk to their leaders but until then... Consider Elena and Ha Long... The guy who calls himself Charlie a threat."

His message completed, The Beast of the Pit opened up a comms channel to Der Erl Konig... Das Feen's Mothership.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

Slindis scowled at the general. "I saw you hit the button! If you want to fix this now before the city's completely wiped out, work with me to try to stop it!" The paladin kept a tight grip onthe General as she looked at the weapons systems with the General.

"Rugal, he was being controlled. Tell me, did any of the people in here look odd for a soldier? From the look in his eyes, it had been a long-term control, and that needs constant reasserting of the control." Lupito bared his teeth at the remaining soldiers, and they began dropping their weapons in hopes that the wolf would stop its attacks.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

Pint was now frozen still at had he was forced to do.
"No...Not like this..." He said to himself as he checked his overrides.
"I can't stop it..."
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T STOP IT?!" Rugal shouted, putting the fear of God into him.
"T-t-t-the Launch Codes, I don't know them!" He answered, leaving the question as to did know the codes.
"...Well...If I was to cut you up piece by piece and feed it to our not so little friend here, would you remember?" He threatened, hoping Luptio would work with him on this.

Meanwhile, Jenkins was able to get past Squishy and Garm by crawling up in the fetal position and sobbing about their impending nuclear Doom.
Second they were fooled into thinking he wasn't a threat, he instantly stopped and began to make his way towards the stairs.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Dimitri, Garm, Lupito

"Plug me into that terminal, and will do!"

After Rugal complied with the action, and saw the butler appear on a screen. Dimitri then made a zipping motion with his hands, and several programs appeared, alongside a NINE_IRON in his hands. Following that, the screen became a wall of code, with green battling a pale blue. Rugal could only surmise that this was the AI at work.


After getting Lucifer's message, Teri sat quietly outside the stairs; mulling over what she had just heard. A panicked looking man appeared, and she instinctively reached for a water bottle. Upon doing so, she heard, "Please for the love of God, don't hurt me! I don't want to die here! I have a family!"

The Cleric relaxed slightly, and moved aside, assured that her comrades were done with their work. She began making the motions of creating an ice construct to watch the door, when she heard the click of a gun against her head,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, little Cleric. Now put down the Tablet and the staff, don't make a peep, and don't send out any distress signals. Otherwise, your frontal lobe will be painting the walls."

The Cleric stopped her gestures with a gasp, and slowly complied, putting her water bottle back in the satchel and began unfastening her Tablet from the strap she kept it on. As she did so, she quietly initiated two protocols with the mental link in the Tablet:

Codeword: Abort
Codeword: Silent Feed

The former was a safety measure for Dimitri. If anything approached the Tablet's sensors that resembled violent force, Dimitri was to be sent immediately to Rugal's PDA or the Rising Dawn, whichever proved to be closer.

The later, was exactly as it sounded. The webcam in her Tablet came on, allowing any to get a view of what was happening. However, that also depended upon whether the alert to nearby computer systems was heeded. Placing her only means of communication down quietly, and began to walk away with her kidnapper.

Angelus, Caim, Cadolbolg, David, Shadow, Ton Ton

Caim gave a nod of approval at Shadow's words, "You've got a good head on your shoulders. Don't have strength, and you get it through whatever means possible. I don't know if I like the sound of this virus thing though... It sounds like more trouble than it's worth, if you have to take another serum to combat it."

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Garm, Lupito

After some time with the code, she turned to Rugal. "Rugal, Cam you please work on the code? I'm a bit concerned that Teri's not communicated with us at all, and you've probably got more experience with this kind of technology than I do." Lupito bared his teeth as he told Slindis that he'd be keeping a very keen eye on everyone in the room - Rugal included.

Slindis went back up the hallway, noting that it was oddly quiet for the attack as she began backtracking. Where was her student? She searched around the area for signs of Teri. The sight of her student's Tablet and staff on the ground was an immediate red flag, and she picked them up as she started sneaking to avoid raising suspicion. As she stalked through the area, she felt some energy returning to her, and she happened upon a slightly panicked Garm.

By sneaking, Slindis triggered the Monk ability One With Shadow! While sneaking, she naturally regenerates Ki.

Current Ki: 17

Lupito, Teri's left her equipment here. Go and search through the area for her, and stay unnoticed.

Back in the Command Center, Rugal noticed Lupito exiting through the left side.


"Very well, Take Teri, warn the others and head for the Underground Metro. It'd be your best chance..." Rugal replied, clearly concerned for their lives as the timer hit T-Minus 10 minutes.
"And you?...."
All he said was "...It's been an honor..."
Thus he began searching for anything that could help stop the Missile as Slindis took off.

Jenkins, Teri

"Good Girl, Now start walking, Turn left once we enter the main building, No tricks..." Jenkins commanded.
He had to get to the roof in order to get an evac out of the city before it became a massive smoking hole.
"Teri? Are you ther-"
The second he heard the drow, the spy grabbed Teri in a choke-hold and pressed his gun to the side of her head before turning around to put Teri between him and Slindis.
"DON'T COME ANY CLOSER! You stay put or I'm going to have to blow her brains out!" He warned as he kept backing up to the staircase, keeping a vice grip on Teri to prevent Slindis from getting a clear shot at anything.

Jenkins, Slindis, Teri

Teri let out an audible gasp of pain when Jenkins pulled her into the hold, short breaths escaping her silent throat as the gun was pressed against her head. The Tablet seemed to respond in kind, sending out random noises as it saw fit, the mental link messing with the apparatus' ability to properly process sounds.


Teri gave a choking cough, unable to say otherwise.


At the sound of the gasp, Garm's hackles raised and an ugly growl began escaping it's maw. The Pup! Someone had the Pup! Turning to Rugal, the wolf gave angry barks at the King of Fighters, and grabbed a bit of the man's coattails, seeing fit to attempt dragging him towards the stairs.

Jenkins, Slindis, Teri

Slindis stayed still as she communicated mentally to Lupito. Head by the staircase, wrap around and flank, strike when you have the chance. Meanwhile, she examined every nuance of the man to see if there were some tells.


As the wolf got the message, he moved through the bunker to see if there was a secondary way to get to the staircase.

Jenkins, Slindis, Teri

"That's right. You might have won this battle, but the war goes on!" Jenkins said as he choked Teri even harder as he dragged her up the stairs.
Luptio meanwhile followed some of the fleeing survivors and General Pint as they took a different route out.
It lead though the rear of the White House and into the garden behind it.
He remembered Jenny was watching the front for Angels.


With the stress of impending Nuclear Death on his head, Rugal ignored the barks for help from Garm and berated him for choosing now of all times to start biting at him.
"For the love of-Sit! Lay Down! Heel! Gah! This is so much easier with Rodem!" He said before he managed to pull the wolf off him, ruining his jacket in the process.
"Wonderful...Go on, Shoo!" He ordered as he checked the timer.
"...Dimitri, You have those codes yet?"
"Negative, Sir."
He sighed upon hearing that, it began to sink in, much like back at the Temple, he could actually die here.
"...You can switch between computers wirelessly, right?"
"Indeed I can, Sir"
He looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was listening in on him, Pint and his men were fleeing up other exits from the one they came in on.
"...If this nuke hits-"
"But, Sir-"
"Shut the fuck up, I'm not done. If it hits, I want you to pass on a message."
"...To Whom?"
"...Slindis...Tell her...Tell her...that I...I...Thank her for that time in Everfree...with the take care of Melethia...And that...Well...
...I loved her..."
"...And if it doesn't hit?"
"Then speak a word of this outside of this room and I'm having you compressed into a floppy disk and given to pre-schoolers!"
Thus, he resumed his search for anything that could stop it.

Riki & Kud..
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

As the Shadow was unable to die, Riki tried to flash the stone once more but it didn't work.
The Shadow kept moving forward and talking about eternal hunger and human emotions.
"Kud take the stone and wait for it to re-charge, I'll help him!" Riki said as he tried to drag the Spartan off to somewhere space, funnily enough he could actually carry him.

Suddenly though a snap from a pair of fingers was heard and the Shadow was engulfed into flames and eventually died.
Anyone of magic origin could tell it was holy fire, for normal humans it was a warmer fire then normal.

Riki looked behind to see a hooded finger smiling and putting his single finger up to his mouth, "Shh" He whisper floated on the wind as he left the building.
Riki sighed as he sat down on a chair.
He immediately saw the bodies and left with Kud and partly dragged the Spartan outside where David and Shadow was.

Demon Prince Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Fleet | Moon.
Time: 11 Am.
Weather: N/A.

Tomoya came into the Blackhawke limping and weak.
As he sat on his thrown/Commander's chair he sighed as he looked up and saw the same hooded figure as always.
"Like the new look?" The figure said.
"Hehe... it isn't bad." He smiled but coughed some more.

"We need to prepare soon... to fight... for their destruction!" Tomoya said quietly and in a uncertain tone. The hooded figure smiled but quickly left and DP.Tomoya sighed.

Archangel Michael.
Location: Outside of Capitol Building | DC, America.

Archangel Michael stepped out into the blazing sun of DC still in his disguise.
He noticed the human called David talk to the man known as Shadow.
Leaning on a pillar he looked towards the monument.
"This view was even better when they were building this city." Michael said towards David.

Jenkins, Slindis, Teri

She backed off until she was out of sight and used the last chunk of her Ki to make herself invisible again before sneaking after the man again. Lupito, we'll only have one chance for this. Use it well.

The wolf made his way around to the entrance again, passing by Jenny. We'll have an injured pup to take care of elsewhere, so be ready to leave when I come out next. He stalked down the stairway, getting close enough so he could get the drop on Jenkins when he had the chance.


As he talked with Caim and Shadow, David looked back and saw the hooded man.
"Guess you can get a view while their rebuilding..." He sighed as he sat back down on the steps, The blood on him was beginning to dry, but he honestly stopped caring ages ago.
"...When this is all over, I'm becoming a Atheist just to fuck with the assholes who caused all this..." He said, clearly unaware of who he was talking to.
"I mean, All this fucking death and no one has lifted a fucking finger to help us! It was their guy! Their army! If I ever see the one responsible for letting this happen, i'm putting one right in his arse so he shits blood for the rest of his life. THEN I kill him."

Jenkins, Slindis, Teri, Lupito, Jenny
Lupito?! But where'd you- Jenny began to ask before the wolf raced off again down the path they took to enter the bunker in the first place.
Jenkins was just coming out of the stairs with Teri in hand and nearly passed out from his clokehold.
The sound of Luptio's dashing tipped him off to the wolf.
"What th-DAMMIT!" He cried he turned to face Teri towards the wolf and fired at him, leaving his read exposed for Slindis to strike!

(Disguised) Archangel Michael.
Location: Outside of Capitol Building | DC, America.

The disguised Michael laughed heartily, "Ha-ha, indeed my good man. Soon this place will okay... well depending on the ending at least." Michael returned to his serious side and walked down and sat down on the steps, a meter away from David so he couldn't feel the holy warmth coming off from him. "If you have to blame anyone you should blame the one who made all this evil and darkness crap. This is what happens when someone is captured by darkness and corruption." Michael said as he made a fist of fire in his hands, he had not and will not forgive his fallen brother... not Tomoya... but the first fallen angel which created evil in the Garden of Eden.

David could see the fire in his hand and Michael smiled.
"Fear not David... one does not need powers to save the world. Look at Abe Lincoln over there, he did it with words and with the people of this fair land. I remember those days just like the beginning." Michael said as he got up and bowed to David and the others.
Seeing everyone else he walked up to them and whispered, "Take care of him... he will need support of his friends."
"It was nice meeting you all, now excuse me... I have to prepare my forces to rescue my electric brother." The stranger said and vanished in an instant, leaving a large char below where he stood in the shape of wings.

Besides David there was a bottle of alcohol with a note.
"Here is a small present from us. I warn you, it's the good stuff and it will try to leave a hole."
Said the note which ended in a smiley face.
The bottle was made of crystal and had a old fashioned cork in the top. The bottle was full of a red liquid and some clear letters where imprinted on the side of the bottle.

Dimitri, Rugal

Rugal could see a flicker in the display showing Dimitri's face, and then the AI spoke,

"The arrangements have been made. The message currently lays in the Tablet; where a voice activated lock is required to access it, as well as authorization from yours truly to even view the file."

"WHAT?! You weren't supposed to send that anywhere! I'll have your head!"

The butler gave a soft laugh as he continued scanning the Bunker's database, "You misunderstand my intentions, sir. I do not intend to leave this bunker until you do. You are an important piece to Her Ladyship's happiness, as well as key figures around her. As a result, even if I don't entirely like you, I shall stay here to provide your escape, even if things look grim for me... And if it comes to that, please give this to Ms. Vermilion."

A file appeared on Rugal's PDA, but it seemed to be incompatible with whatever applications he had on it. The AI only smiled at that point,

"She'll know what to do with that, trust me."

Angelus, Caim, David

Angelus took a look at the bottle, and scoffed, "Hmph! As if the very essence of a dragon could be captured in an alcohol. Preposterous."

Caim only snickered at the dragon's sentiment, and looked back to David, "I see where you're coming from. I've never really put my stock in gods either. Of course, it helps when you've killed a few that claim to wear that title..."

David, Tajuh, and everyone at that building.

Tajuh exited the building to where Riki, kud, and the others were and put a hand on the young man's shoulder. "You did good in there, Riki and Kud. It takes a lot for anyone to not turn tail and flee in that kind of situation." His left arm was recovering from the lightning earlier, and he took note of all the people assembled at the building, even Ella and the bard accompanying her.

Jenkins, Slindis, Teri, Lupito, Jenny
Lupito went for an attack, but it was simply a bluff as the wolf could smell his master nearby. Slindis, go for it! Unfortunately for Jenkins, the woman that had backed off had snuck up behind him. Detecting that the Spy had an Evil alignment, she seized the opportunity to deliver an Exalted Smite at the man's throat, shattering his throat and severing the spinal cord in one single blow.

Slindis used Paladin Exalted Smite II! Using this attack, you call on the paladin's ability to strike down evil creatures, gaining twice your Charisma bonus to your attack roll, 43 extra points of damage, and +1 to your weapon's critical threat range and damage multiplier. Uses smites per day.

Added with a damage roll of 15, she deals 58 damage to the man! An extra 1 point of Sneak Attack damage is added as the man is unaware of the Paladin's attack.

After the man falls, she checks up on her student's status. She'd lost consciousness, but she would live.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

Airship Rising Dawn - The Bridge
A.I. Vermilion | Jake | Mark

"Sirs, damage on the rear anti-gravity generators is near critical load. One more direct hit will disable enough of the generators that the aft end of the ship will no longer be able to be held aloft." Vermilion reported as she attempted to route power to the remaining Anti-Gravity Generators.

"Bloody fucking hell." The Dramatist cursed as he redoubled his efforts to keep the F-35 Lightnings at bay.

"Alert! Missile barrage inbound. Impact in T minus 5...4...3..."

The Asian writer looked towards his Australian companion and nodded as the missiles exploded... a 60 feet from their intended target.


"Battlefield update. Enemy Squadron is standing down on the orders of General Pint. Repeat: Battlefield update. Enemy Squadron is standing down on the orders of General Pint.

"Thank F**KING GOD!"

"Battlefield Update. Nuclear Warhead inbound on the D.C. Area."


D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Kud | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Riki | Tajuh |

As the group celebrated their victory over Tomoya, Ella looked over towards her companion, relieved that both of them had survived the encounter unscathed.

"Hey good lookin'. This is probably the first time I've ever been so happy to see a human!" She said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around the Bard in a celebratory hug.

"We are so going to have to make a stop for dinner some time tonight. I hear D.C. has some of the best Seafood. Unless of course we're outta here too soon for that. Given all we've been through, the least we could ask for a nice warm meal and a nice hot shower right? I'll even let you help me conserve water." There was a wink at the end of this which should have made Devon's face turn beet red.

However... happiness and merriment seldom last long when it comes to our particular blend of heroes does it?

A side door to the Capital Building opened slowly as it appeared that someone was struggling to open it. Someone who had his arms filled with the weight of the world. Someone who felt like they had just lost everything.

Puce... that was his name... don't ask him how he got it...

He was carrying someone in his arms... a blue haired someone... a someone that had meant the world to him... a someone that had a rather large fragment of wood sticking out of her chest where her heart would be.

"Ku... Kurumu? Kurumu?" Ella's whispers of her half sister's name became frantic as she realized who it was that Puce was carrying and what the limpness of her form meant.

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Michael | Ton Ton

Cadolbolg looked at the bottle curiously. If it essence of a Dragon could be captured... he wondered what it might taste like and if it could make him feel any more like a dragon.

"Mother... Father... might I have a taste of that Dragonfire?" The Mini-Dragon asked in a voice that was filled with curiosity.

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House
Lucifer | Teri


There was a knock on the door that lead into Teri's Mindscape.

"Hey... Kiddo? I just came to check on you. Can I come in?" Lucifer's voice came in from the other side of the door, filled with concern for the state of the unconscious Cleric.

A.I. Vermilion | Dimitri

The funny thing about being in charge of the Airship Rising Dawn's portion of communications link between Dimitri's group and the Rising Dawn was that A.I. Vermilion could hear just about everything that was going on with Dimitri. So it was only natural that she became quite concerned when talk of Dimitri staying in the bunker came up.

"So... you weren't even going to let me know?" A voice came from behind Dimitri's digital form. It was a voice that was filled with mock anger, though there was an underlying anger that tainted its sweetness. Whirling around, he saw... her... the A.I. that he had spent quite a few processing cycles getting to know.

"It would have been nice if you had give me that option." The A.I. said as she strode up towards Dimitri and planted a long and hard kiss on his lips.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Ton Ton

Angelus gave another irritated snort at the notion of the 'dragonfire' beverage, and waved a hand, "Whether or not that is true dragon-fire is a matter up in the air. However, that is Mr. West's drink you are wanting to sample. You will have to take the matter up with him."

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House

Dimitri | Rugal | Vermilion


Never really being one to fight against Vermilion's advances, Dimitri felt his willpower slowly drain as his processes were being filled with Vermilion's embrace. However, a very loud:

"DIMITRI! Do you want the nuclear warheads to kill us all?!"

from Rugal Bernstein pulled Dimitri out of his fog; and he turned a shade of red himself and coughed, "Right! Erm... I was hoping you wouldn't come here, Ms. Vermilion, as there is a sense of urgency about us on account of nuclear missiles coming down. Unfortunately, it appears the codes have been rather hard to find. Mr. Bernstein insists upon staying here to help; and I cannot convince him to leave... As you can tell, this is very distressing to me, as it goes against my protocols to aid in helping Her Ladyship; so if you can aide me in attempting to find these said codes, then that would be most helpful..."

Jenkins | Slindis | Garm | Teri | Lupito | Jenny

The smaller wolf, after seeing that Rugal would not do anything, gave a snort of anger, and followed after the scent of the Female-Alpha; determined that if his Pup would not be saved by the two-legs; the matter would have to be something to take into his own claws.

It did not take long for his query to be found; but by the time he did so, the black wolf gave a light whine upon seeing the condition of said Pup, edging close to his charge and settling around her in a protective stance, his nose barely touching the girl's cheek. Too many times had pups been lost under his watch. He would not lose this one too...

Lucifer | Teri

An ice door opened to the same landscape as Lucifer had last seen it, the Mountain Valley still looking as it did before, but with a light dusting of snow over the scene. However, the Cleric, as usual, was staring into the pool again, this time, the fish in it was staring back and talking:

"Oh, there he is... So, what was that about wanting to help us out, Mr. Morning Star? Some job you did there."

Teri gave the fish a glare that could kill, and the creature was silenced VERY quickly. Looking back, Teri gave the Devil an exasperated nod, "She never really shuts up when I'm in here. I guess, most people have to deal with that, huh?"

Twiddling her hands a bit, she stood up, and then sat back down again, looking very much indecisive about what to do with herself.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House

Dimitri | Rugal | Vermilion

The Vermilion A.I. nodded as she pulled up her own protocols, the digital runs on her arms flashing to life as she send out a series of spiders into the military networks and began running a search pattern for the missing Nuclear Disarmament codes that Dimitri had been looking for.

"This might take a moment to come up with... the Military Network is vast and there are very very many mentions of codes and ciphers related to the launching of Nuclear missiles. However, there are next to no articles discussing the cancellation of a Nuclear Detonation once it has already been launched. Suicidal Humans. Should it not be the other way around?" The A.I. thought aloud as she continued to focus on the search for the codes that they were looking for.

"Hit. Nuclear codes are located on the President and his Cabinet. Like the launch sequence, it requires a two part authentication to cancel a launch. Additionally the code must be entered into the 'football,' a leather briefcase that is carried by one of the President's Marine Escorts at all times." V reported as she started doing a query for living members of the President's cabinet.

Lucifer | Teri

The Fallen One frowned at the fish as he remembered what he had to go through the last time he saw it and briefly wondered if fish sticks would taste like fish sticks in Teri's mind. However... he let the thought go as he sat down next to the Cleric, his head nodding in agreement with her assessment that most people's self doubt never really shut up.

"I guess most people do have to deal with it, though from the looks of things in here... she's still trying to get you to bring up your walls again." The Prince of Lies observed as he looked about the snowscape.

"Of course... most people rarely have the people that... erm... ca... are concerned about their friend's welfare enough to dive into their minds and bring down those walls."

"I sensed that you were knocked out... and ... well... since we're waiting for you to be brought back to the land of the waking... I... erm... thought... I would... uh... visit... since I'm in... the neighborhood... ya know?" The Devil said as he mentally slammed his face into a nearby rock for being so not smooth around the Cleric once again.

"So... you want to tell... me... um... what's on your mind... that's got you... so... errrr... worked up?"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Washington D.C.
Time: Drama

Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Kud | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Riki | Tajuh |

The young anti-mage had stumbled into the group after a hard alnding, and the first thing she saw, nay the first thing she felt disturbed her greatly. An absence in the magical maelstrom that comprised the divine-aftermath of the battle she missed. A warmth torn early from the world entire.

Time had stopped for young Kyre, and the shadows of her black heart churned. Ancient arcana long sealed within oblivion ebbed into reality, and out of it. It came unto her that Kurumu had passed. That her daemon heart had been seized by that cruel God who imparted destruction upon this plane. Her movement to Puce's side was so unimaginably swift, it was as if she had not moved at all.

The Anti-Mage appeared in a flash of blue and black light, and soft magic showered the impact zone. Kyre stared at Kurumu, her pale skin and soft blue hair, those emerald eyes filled with hate, "You promised you'd never leave me."

Laurus' hand on hers, and the leather tore itself apart from her grip. Blackness swallowed those green eyes that were akin to hers, and silence swallowed that kindly voice, that warm beauty that had learned her through childhood.

Sheplaced a gloved hand on the stake and held it until her knuckles turned white, "you lied to me."

His smiling face burned under the Prybatian sun. White hair that shone like moonlight, and eyes redder than crimson blood. His arms wrapped around her, and coddled her from danger. He was her thorns, her beauty. He was the rose that made her sweet.

Belrose hoisted her up onto his shoulders and started down the market road. Red lanterns floated gently in the breeze admist the perpetual falling of leaves and soft blowing of wind. If only life could go on forever as that. Such peaceful life in the trees. Before the ash and the soot stained the obsidian bark of Veim.

What were tears, if not pained and stained with blood? Kyre wore those crimosn gems down her face with angry grace. Her eyes unblinking, unfocused, but still burning with hate and passion. She was crying perhaps, mourning the loss of another friend. But had she not vowed to cry no more when Eden touched her heart? These were not watery eyes that held place upon her face, but rather two wounds that had been opened to her heart.

Music and singing had filled this tavern with mirth, and for the first time in many years, Kyre laughed. That brown haired princess from the ruined kingdom, Miranda, sat beside her, both hands upon a tankard of mead. Her eyes were beautifully soft, and her smile enchanted the Anti-Mage. The others beside her filled her with warmth as well, the twins from the north, with white hair and slate gray eyes. The goliath in golden armor, the changeling who latched herself to a Blood Mage with only one arm. An archmage of ice held herself close to an older man from the southern human states, and a final cloaked figure stood watching the group from the dark corners of the room

As the fire crackled between the group, smiling faces and happy words flew in unison. Never had the Anti-Mage been in such immersed happiness as with this group of magicians and cutthroats and deviants, and monsters.

And had not she tried to find the same warmth in this limp body before her? Had not these terrible things eaten away at her insides since the day she had been sealed?

Kyre suddenly stiffened and let go of the stake, her eyes watched Kurumu with sad mournful tension. But she said nothing more that could be hear over the tearing of her own black heart. "Why do I remember," Kyre paused and placed a hand on Kurumu's face and brushed a lock of hair from her eyes, "why do I remember now of all times, why I loved you so much."

Perhaps had Kyre been luckier, she could have slain death before death could have taken all of her allies and friends. Perhaps if she was lucky she could kill war, pestilence, and famine as well. Perhaps if she were lucky, Avarice, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust, and Envy would at once vanish from the hearts of men.

But she had not been lucky, not Anti-Mage had. And certainly not the princess of some long charred kingdom hidden away in a burning homeland, farther still from the plane she stood within. Why was it that friends could so easily find their way into her heart, which should have been as cold and hard as the obsidian bark of Veim.

And so there Kyre stood, and she cried.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Kud | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Riki | Tajuh |

Devon looked down at the dead Kurumu and immediately felt sympathy for Ella. After all, he'd lost his family as well, so he knew what Ella must be going through. He held the Succubus tightly, giving her a shoulder to cry on. "Damnit... I was supposed to tell you that your mom said hi..."

Te young elf popped up, having split off from Puce and Kurumu to get some of the materials that were of use to her. Upon seeing the body, she stopped dead in her tracks. "Skyhair? You're just sleeping, right? That wood where it is is a joke, right?"

A pause, then the girl ran over to Kurumu. "C'mon, Kurumu, wake up! What'll it take!? You won the bet, okay? So please... just wake up..." She started crying on the spot, quickly shifting over to a full-blown sobbing.

Even with the scene going, Tajuh contacted the Rising Dawn. "I need a status report and some extraction pods ASAP. Tomoya's escaped, and we need to keep on his tail!

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House
Slindis | Teri

The Paladin saw some injuries that she'd missed earlier. Deciding that she wasn't going to miss them, her hands glowed a soothing blue as she placed them over her student.

Slindis used Lay on Hands to heal up Teri's injuries! it recovers 132 HP, fully restoring the cleric.

Lay on Hands uses left=2

Unknown Hangar

While the Rising dawn had been fighting Tomoya all this time, Gilliam had been finishing up his preparations. Upon completion, he contacted Lucifer directly. "Lucifer, my end is complete. Expect the Guard's fleet soon."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Kud | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Riki | Tajuh |

"Status report is as follows: General Pint has been neutralized and has fled the scene. Seems that he was under some sort of brainwashing. D.C. Air defenses have also been neutralized and are no longer a threat to the Airship. As for the old girl herself. She's sustained heavy damage in the aft end and being kept aloft with all aft Anti-Gravity Generators working at 105% percent. Working on repairs right now before we burn them out. Finally... there's a salvo of Nuclear Warheads on their way towards D.C. Evac request received. I'm sending down to recovery tethers." As the report came in, a series of drop pods that were still attached to the Airship by a series of cables were launched from the ship, embedding themselves in the ground nearby, ready to reel in the crew.

"Awaiting recovery and additional orders. Airship Rising Dawn out."


As the group hovered around the body of their fallen Comrade, Puce surveyed his surrounding and spotted the one person that could banish his grief at the moment. Gently, he placed Kurumu's body, his staff and his messenger bag on the ground and looked at the people who still grieved.

"Puce... do not do it. You would dishonor her memory if did what I know you are about to do." Aftan said as she sat nearby, watching the scene unfold in front of her.

"Then what... just let these feelings linger? No... I have to do this." The Energy Conduit said as he looked at Kurumu's half sister... who looked back at him and nodded her approval.

"STOOOOORM! Look at what your FRIEND did! LOOK AT WHAT HE'S DONE!! AND YET YOU STILL WANT US TO SHOW MERCY TO HIM?" Puce yelled as his powers flared and reached out to enfold the Spartan. The first thing that Storm would have left was the sudden coldness in his body. That would be energy produced by his metabolic system leaving his body... depriving it of the ability to even stand up. The second thing that Storm would have felt was the impact of the first block of concrete against his body.


"I MIGHT HAVE PROMISED HER TO NEVER TAKE ANOTHER LIFE... BUT SHE'S DEAD... DEAD BY YOUR FRIEND'S HAND... DEAD BY THE HAND OF THE PERSON WE ONCE CALLED BROTHER AND TEAMMATE." The grieving Puce continued as this time he hefted a wooden spear... made of the very stake that had pierced the heart of his beloved Kurumu.

"A fitting weapon to kill you... don't you think?" Puce said as he raised the spear, intend on driving it through Storm's eye socket.

"JESUS CRIMINEY! Who do I have to bribe to get a nap around here?!?!" A familiar voice said... this time not coming from Kurumu's body... but from the direction of Puce's messenger bag.


As Storm looked... he saw that the spear that was meant for him had been driven into the ground next to him.

"Ku...Kurumu?" Ella whispered as she opened up Puce's messenger bag to reveal the wooden doll that had once been Kurumu's body... and now served as her body once again.

"What? You'd think I died or something the way you guys are acting."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House

Lucifer | Teri

Teri looked away from Lucifer, noting that he was, yet again, in his Archangel form in her mind. Geez, and she had enough for one day. Looking away from him, the fish took this opportunity to mock it's Creator,

"Jesus, you can't pay the man a compliment when he comes straight to see you? Even though, you know, he didn't come to your rescue as you'd have liked... Or are your brains too addled from the lack of oxygen in that choke-hold?"

Teri glared at the fish again, but relaxed faintly when she knew the embodiment of her insecurity had spoken the truth. When she was being held around like that, she was silently hoping that Lucifer would show up to get her out of that mess. After all, isn't that part of the reason he gave her the necklace? Still, burying that nasty bit of self-centered criticism down, she instead offered Lucifer a place to sit next to her, and began to speak when she did so,

"Moments ago, a man held a gun to my head and used me as a shield to get out of the White House. However, my teacher... I think anyway, I was already out by the time air was getting back in my lungs, I think she stopped him. However, I'm kind of passed out..."

That was when the snow melted and water began to run again, to which the Cleric blinked in surprise, "Or maybe... I'm not? Hmn, according to what I'm getting here, I just got popped with a buttload of healing magic.... Let me see if I can pull myself back to normal, if at least for appearances sake..."


Garm | Jenny | Lupito | Slindis | Teri

Garm was the first to notice that his Pup had begun to move again, a light groan exiting the Tablet as she stirred from her temporary romp in unconsciousness. Whining, and giving the Cleric a small lick on the face, Garm continued guarding Teri as she forced herself up and leaned against his bulk. Blinking a few times, she looked to see her concerned teacher, Jenny, the wolves, but no-

"Mr. Bernstein..?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House
Lucifer | Teri

If it seemed that Teri was uncomfortable before, it seemed that the uncomfortablility that Teri had felt had jumped ship directly over to the Fallen One because he was the one that was fidgeting at the moment as he waited for Teri to show back up from whatever it was that she was doing. He looked at the Fishy representation of Shadow!Teri and ... well... he started talking.

"You know... I could have come if I had known about what was going on. I could have saved her you know. But I guess I was a bit too worked up after... well... I guess ... well... Rugal I guess." Lucifer admitted after a moment of stuttering towards the fish.

"I mean... he IS able to be around her more than I am... you know? And well... since he can be there, I guess she would look to him for ... whatever... more than she would me. I mean look at me. I'm everything that she's been raised to despise and be wary of. How can I compete against someone who's changing his stripes to save the world. I can't even change that about myself." He continued as he paused to respond to Gilliam's message.

"Confirmed. I'm keeping the Daemon fleet out of this unless they're needed. The last thing the Boss or the world needs is a significant reduction in the Angel Fleet. However, if it looks like Tomoya's about to gain the upper hand, expect my fleet to jump in. Lucifer out."

He paused for a moment as he regarded the Fish that was his sole company in Teri's mindscape at the moment.

"And now... I'm talking to a fish that was trying to take over Teri's mind. Blood hell... the other Archangels would be rolling if they could see how far the mighty have fallen." The Eternal Adversary quipped as silence fell over him once again.

"... But seriously... I should have been there to save her, shouldn't I have."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - The Capital Building
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Kud | Puce | Kurumu | Kyre | Melethia | Riki | Tajuh |

Melethia went and hugged the wooden Kurumu. "Kurumu, don't ever do that again..." The young girl's hug was surprisingly fierce, but the succubus quickly slipped out before any real damage was done.

Giving Kyre space to do what it was that she was going to do, he gave a relieved laugh before addressing Kurumu. "Kurumu, was it? Your mother wanted me to tell you that she still cares about you and wishes the best for you no matter what path you choose." Sure, he may have modified the wording a bit, but what parent wouldn't wish the best for their child?

Hearing the situation, Tajuh turned to the group. "We've got a nuclear warhead inbound. All those that don't have the ability to move with speed, get on those pods. I'm going to retrieve the others that haven't heard about the situation." He ran off, moving faster than normal to cover the distance.

D.C. Battle Grounds - The White House
Garm | Jenny | Lupito | Slindis | Teri

Lupito communicated the situation to Garm as Slindis helped Teri up. "Teri, we need to get out of here. There's something called a Nuclear warhead inbound, and the information on it from the room shows the whole area being wiped out!"


The Sniper eyed up the bottle as Cadolbog asked for some.
"...Sorry, just aside from the Legal Age issue, I'm going to need a lot of this to sleep tonight..."
Thus he parted from the group and began to make his way back to the airship, uncorking the bottle as he did.
WHOA!...THIS SHIT IS HOT! He thought as he nearly scalded himself, aside from that it was pretty good.
Thus he kept drinking and walked until it came to mind that maybe taking a drink from a total stranger wasn't a good idea.
Prove of this was when he started tripping balls and saw Elena standing right in front of him.
"E-Elena?...Is that really you?..." He asked.
As he was away from the group, the Nuke Warning missed him.


Jenny was on hand when Teri came to, regretting not being able to do more to help her earlier.
"Oh thank heavens, thought we lost you there for a moment. Just stay calm, everything will be okay!" She said with a brave face on as she held one of Teri's hands.
She was clearly worried about the Nuclear Strike but she attempted to stay calm for her sake.
"Come on, Let's just get out of here and everything will be fine!"


As the minutes counted down to T-minus 5 minutes, Rugal was clearly on the brink trying to stop it.
It wasn't like fighting to the death, something he actually knew.
Ironically, the one thing he knew that could help him now, Viscus, was now digitally lobotomised and unable to do a damn.
Heh...Guess he always got the job done... He smirked, wondering if the AI thought this far ahead.
When Vermilion brought up the President, He lit up.
"Teri can talk to the dead...You two stand by, I'm going to get that code!"
He then ran off to find Teri.

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