The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Time for your class


"Well, whatever the case is, whoever put us in this place clearly wanted us to act out being in this strange school, I mean, why else would he put us here?" Rugal said as he thought of a plan of action.
"If that thing is capable of doing something like that on a whim, then we should give it what it wants..." He said before pulling out the time table and checking to see what class was next.
"Right, Music Class. Here's the plan: We both go for making the portal out, BUT we also attend the classes as set out. Angering a god never ends well and hopefully we'll avoid anymore nasty occurrences like what just happened there. So Storm, Guess you have a job to do..." He said before looking at the former spartan, finding him a lot less impressive without his armour.


And the next class was about to start...

The Girl nodded to rugal, acknowledging his thanks. "He's a good pet, loyal and friendly, keep him well." Shwe said then used the instant transmission jutsu and pretty much popped up in the labs. "Ok jenny, we're out of the room." she said and began to look around the labs, seeing what sort of tech was available.

School Science Lab : Jenny, Kura

Jenny finally unzipped the bag and peeked out to find herself in some strange machine lab.


"Whoa....THIS is their Science Lab!?" She said in believe as she eyed up the place while Kura looked around.
"Man, this looks like something the Striders would have. Hell, better then that even! Where did they get it all?" She asked, followed by several more questions that could only be answered with "Who Knows?"
"And they hold classes in here? Huh...."

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Hallway.
Time: Second class.

Once the bell rang Sean knew what was happening next.
His music class was on.
A low groan came from his heart and a push came from his mind.
"Do it, prove your genius."
The thought came in and his heart made him remember everything.

"No ..." The former Spartan said as he started to walk on without any emotion.
Silent, not saying a whisper to anyone. The person who knew what was actually going on was his AI partner, Miku.
Turning towards everyone she decided to talk. "Um, please forgive him ... he has bad memories surrounding music. Everyone that has music should gather their things and come immediately." She said with her robotic but natural sounding voice. Miku bowed as she went to chase Sean down.

Further down the Hallway

The AI in the physical body easily managed to chase up to the white haired (suppressed) spartan.
He stood outside of a room labelled "Music Hall". The music hall was closer to a concert hall then anything, it remind Sean of the many halls he visited and played in as a child prodigy.
Miku followed him when he entered, worrying about the closest person to her.


A single light was lit on the stage.
Removing the Violin case from his shoulder, the former musical genius opened the case in the center of the light and placed the violin in position.

Miku quickly grabbed a seat in one of the front rows. In his mind Sean couldn't see her, but a full (Imaginary) crowd.

Air on the G string flooded the hall. Sean had to conquer his fear of music, he needed to.
Though his hands struggled but somehow it produced a multitude of sounds.
This song was dedicated to his parents and the people who killed his parents. (Which he killed)

After five minutes of blissful music and the song ended, the Violin fell.
It hit the ground lightly, not a single bit of damage. Sean was on his knees.
Silence filled the hall, the silence that filled his last performance as a child. The silence that ended his young career.

A soft clapping filled the hall. Only a sound which can come from one person.
Sean slowly raise his lowered head, seeing a light teal haired girl.
"It sounded beautiful." Miku said softly to him. Sean remembered all the critics, all the people who frowned and looked down on him. She did the exactly same thing his mother did. She defended him, she clapped for him when everyone left, and she praised him.

She held out her hand, and the white haired boy grabbed it. Tears began to slowly flow, like the start of a storm.
After Miku helped Sean up, she wiped his tears away. "You have to be strong for everyone ... for me." Another soft whisper intruded his ear. Sean nodded, wiped away the few tears that showed up and gave his usual smile.

"Right ... Right! We should set up right now." He began to rush around, setting up a circle of seats and arranged the instruments. They would talk about this later.


"And they hold classes in here? Huh...."

??? "Perhaps they do... you would be?"

A voice unknown to Jenny asked from somewhere... not really in any specific direction, but from... straight up?

Then a rather young woman, looking like this

The stranger asked as she descended slowly from the ceiling, apparently having been held there by two devices on her hips, sort of a combination of sword sheathes, a grappling hook, and a propulsion system on both sides.

??? "Forgive the criticism... but that skirt... how or why does a school allow you to wear something like that?" She asked with what was perhaps the first time she's laughed in years.

"I'm not exactly supposed to be in here myself, as you could guess by the vacant classroom, but I figured there might be something in here that I could use back home at the walls." She said, referring to a place they, in all likeliness, haven't heard of.

David West

After his brief episode after what happened in the library, David made his way over to the next class on his timetable: Music.
He shuddered as he remembered the last time he did music, it was in elementary school.
Turns out giving kids under 10 Tin Whistles wasn't a good idea.
Still, at the very least it killed time until lunch so he got up from the canteen and made his way to the room.

The moment between Sean and Miku was broken as David entered the music hall.
"....What the hell you looking at?!" He said after defensively when they looked at him.
Picking a few back row seats, he hoped he could get out of doing basically anything.
It was then he found a seat with a sign on it labelled "David West."

With a Tin Whistle on it.
...At least it ain't something hard to play... He thought, trying to remember all the 3 songs he could actually do in elementary school.


Jenny then hid behind Kura's leg, colorful language pouring out of her mouth under her breaths.
"Out of all the fucking times for something to fucking see me!
It's....Kinda part of by body. Though not by choice..."
She explained as she hid, trying to push down her "Skirt" with little success.
"I, Errr, don't think we met. I'm Jenny and this is Kura. Who are you if you don't mind me asking?" She added, eyeing up the Schoolbag, hoping to make a break for it.

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

The two briefly coughed in embarrassment and faced away from each other.

Soon enough, the music hall's lights suddenly turned on. Light was everywhere.
Sean had bought a large rack of every musical instrument you can find.
Excluding the triangle or cowbell.
Sean hated them.

Sean looked towards David at the back of the room, with his tin whistle.
"Hey, come down here. You can't make music up there. You might find a more interesting instrument." Sean pointed towards the circle of chairs he made on the large stage. A couple more students began to file in. Taking seats on the rows instead on the stage.

Sean sighed, feeling sorry that both Rugal and himself have to go through this.
Though Sean is the head professor in this class.
And Miku was his assistant.

This was going to be annoying for the former idol and musical prodigy.

EDIT: sorry, double post.


"My name would be Misaka Ackerman. Might I say also, that's... unfortunate." She said as she took off her jacket and slid it across the floor to stop at the kirlia's feet. "That should help you cover up a little... not that it will more than likely fit. Still, I take it I'm one of the first people who saw your... skirt..." she said with a sigh. That truly was unfortunate that she was stuck... like... well THAT... of all states to be in.


Kalastryn was among the first to enter the music hall, summoning two clones with a long iron chain in their hands. Then saying to the "teachers" "Forgive me when I say I don't play many instruments, I typically prefer an... alternative... type of music, and I can sing fairly well, that is what I'd prefer instead if we get individual pieces of performance on the first day." She asked politely.

"Yeah, As jenny said, i'm Kura. I can only assume you're good with technology and science stuff." she said to the girl. "Good to meet you Misaka. We're stuck here and are trying to get back home. You don't seem like the other students, the others are just drones. I assume you are in the same situation as we are?" the kunoichi asked.

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

Sean shrugged as he looked at Kalastryn.
They would allow them to perform.
Sean was interested in every instrument on this world/other worlds. (Except the triangle/cowbell)

Pointing towards the stage the male teacher spoke.
"No problem. You can use the stage. Sean said pointing towards and empty spot.
Nudging Miku he spoke up for her. "My partner here is quite the singer. I'm sure she is interested too." Sean said whilst nudging his female AI partner.

Miku growled at Sean, but he grabbed her to sit down and let the girl and two clones take the stage.
"The stage is yours" He said whilst fiddling with his Violin.


Kalastryn smiled for a moment and took the stage tapping on the microphone twice to see if it worked, and well enough it did.

"I hope you like this one, it's by... some surprisingly little known performers, but they have a lot of talent anyway!"

She said as she cleared her throat and started to sing the following

The rhythm was surprisingly well provided despite having no instruments, simply well timed stomping and jingling of the chain by the clones in the background.


"Well... that's where I am afraid your wrong... I'm here, albeit not supposed to be, studying the technology in here... it's the first time I believe I've even seen... whatever a microscope is." She said... and rightfully so considering the setting in A.D for her "dimension" was the year 845 and it's about as apocalyptic as it could probably get for the time. After all, in that setting, they are up against a gigantic foe, who devours people whole, though has no need to eat. and can withstand blasts from cannons, regenerating any damage in a matter of minutes... except for one Achilles' heel... sciences were the last thing on the minds of their city.

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

After the performance ended, the hall was filled with clapping.
Since this was a proper music hall the clapping sounded very loud, even though the hall was filled by a small sum of students. Sean and Miku clapped within their seats.
Sean put up his hand so that everyone would quiet down, but they did not.

Quiet down everyone!"

Sean was left yelling, and soon all the chatter, clapping and other small noises were eliminated like a bomb.
His face was frowning as if someone threw a stone and broke Sean's mirror reflecting his smile.
Soon his usual smile emerged victorious on the spartan's face again. " *Ahem* Sorry about that. I don't know much about singing, though I thought that the jingle of the chains and timing of the stomping were quite great."

After Sean said his review of the performance he nudged Miku's arm.
"Say something ..." He whispered to her.
She returned a dark gaze. "What do you mean ... look at all these people, you know what I'm like in groups." Miku quietly whispered in a awkward tone.

Sean sighed.
"And you performed in front of millions ... " Sean commented as he leaned in and Miku whispered to him what she wanted to say.
"My assistant Miku says that the singing was above good and the timing matched the chains and such. She also thinks that she is soooooooo much better at singing then yo-AAAAAH Sean immediately stopped to respond to the pain which was located at his right ear.

Miku was biting his ear like a feral dog with no mercy.
After a couple of seconds of rolling on the floors in pain, Sean apologized to his partner, and they told Kala and her clones to sit down. Everyone awaited for the rest to arrive.

"Well, that's a bit disheartening to hear. No offence, i can understand your foreignness with modern technology and can also sympathize with you a bit. I can work allot of it, but i don't understand the intricacies of how it physically works and how its made." Kura said then lifted Jenny up onto her shoulders, letting the kirlia ride there.

"I wanna try and figure out how to make one of those old HAM radios. Think we're up for the challenge Jenny?" she asked her littl friend. "And think you might be able to assist Misa? and Mind if i call you that?"

David West

David took the stage after Kalastryn's rather great performance, not really looking forward to playing live like this, at least there wasn't much of a crowd.
Giving a half assed clap as the Trifling got off, He realized he was still holding the tin whistle.
"You know, I'm certain there is something in the storeroom you can have instead..." Miku offered, David answering "Nah, only thing I actually know how to play..."

Thus he swallowed his self esteem and played the first few notes of "Mary had a Little Lamb", Rather Badly.
Playing just enough of the song to be considered a performance, He then went back to his seat, not waiting on the feedback.


"Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Sure I can do that!" Jenny said rather quickly before hopping back down off Kura's shoulders and heading off the find one/get the hell out of Misa's FOV, feeling embarrassed enough as it is.
She managed to find said HAM Radio and began fiddling with it, out of sight and out of mind.

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

Seeing David wonder back to his seat Sean could only sigh.
He saw that David had experience, but he could see in his eyes that he didn't care about music.
"Well even if you don't have the experience of skill you can always improve. We must always remember that if a person is bad at something, they must be good and hundred of other things. Knowing you Mr. West I know you certainly have skill in many areas." Sean decided try to cheer him up.

Hoping that he may give music another try in the future.
"A harmonica seems to fit in with his personality." Sean wondered as he waited for the next student.

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

Devon walked up after retrieving one of the guitars from the room and talked to Sean. "Would it be a problem if I go next?" Seeing how the class had been astounded at the singing of Kalastryn, he was waved on to the stage. Although he'd not had much of an issue performing in a crowd before, something about performing brought on some old tension he couldn't remember. It wasn't until he closed his eyes that he could really start performing.

And perform he did, with a fairly good amount of skill.

David West

After Storm gave his piece of advice, David was kind enough to flip him the bird when his back was turned while Devon went to perform.
Devon easily earned his stand ovation from the rest of the class, prompting David to bend his Tin Whistle and throw it away, it was less because of spite and more due to the fact that David REALLY was not having a good day.
Tsh! Lets see you arm a PGM Hécate II blindfolded!....Oh who am I kidding, he probably could... He thought before slumping down in his seat.

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

Even after Slindis tried to comfort the Cleric, she could still see that the girl was troubled by the news. However, the group was shuffled along to the next class, and Teri was forced to push the feelings of confusion to the back of her mind as her turn to play came up.

With a gulp, she wandered over to a piano, the only thing resembling familiarity in terms of music; and began to play a tune from a game she had loved since her youth.... Which didn't last very long. After about 30 seconds of misplaced notes and wrongly hit keys, the girl shook her head, "I'm sorry. I can't remember. I really need the sheet music..."

Following that moment of embarrassment, she rushed to a seat, and tried to shrink down in it to appear less visible to the rest of the class, muttering

"What else could go wrong today?"

As for the newly appointed teachers in the group, they hung around the back, and kept an eye on the proceedings, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg already fluttering to the bard after his rocking performance,

"Mr Devon, that was very nicely done!"
"Hmn... I wonder if guitars come in dragon size?"


David silently thanked Teri for sucking worse than he did, he felt bad for thinking like that, but it helped take the sting out of his own performance.
He then pulled out some pencils and began to doodle, hoping that Storm would be too busy holding his ears to notice.
Namely, he began thinking back to that picture he made that allowed Melethia to make those Wrist guns and set about improving it, focusing more on the model wielding the gun then the gun itself.

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

After Teri sat down, Devon patted her on the back. "It may have not been the best, but it does take a lot of guts to head up and perform. I mean, you could always practice an instrument if you wanted, but I've performed a lot worse. It's something that takes a lot of effort, though, and when I'm not doing something with Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg or having a good time with Ella, I'm practicing."

He then turned to Ton-TOn and Cadolbolg. "I just wanted to try something new, but I'm glad it's gone over so well! Oh, I think... Is she trying to bring up explosives to the stage?"

Yes, Melethia was trying to bring up small explosives onto the stage. "Aw come on, are ya tryin' to say that the symphony of small pops and loud bangs isn't music!?"

Rugal, Slindis

As Slindis made her way to the dorm rooms, she noted with a bit of wry humor that she and Rugal would be sharing the same room. "So much for some privacy, right?" It was in more of a humorous tone, though.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal let out a small chuckle as he examined the room.
"I don't know...Walls seem solid, built in locks, En suite, Melethia and Teri have their own rooms I imagine. I bet a lot of "Private" things could occur in this room..." He joked as he sat on the bed, testing it.
"Depending on the level of technology this realm has, we could be here either for a good while or not long at all. Might as well make the most of it while it lasts." He added as he laid back and relaxed.


"Hey, Tchaikovsky, You need Cannons for 1814 Overture, not just some firecrackers." David heckled from his seat, hoping he didn't give the elf some ideas before getting back to his doodling.
Still better than the X-Factor by miles... He thought afterwards.

Rugal, Slindis

She checked the room for unusual bits, but she was relieved to find a good shower in there. She'd grown used to them on the Rising Dawn, and a nice hot shower would help the soreness she still felt. "I could see that as well, but I really don't know about the safety of this school. Still, I do agree with you. You really do need to find what peace you can."

David, Melethia, Devon, Teri, Cutie Bruisers

Melethia laughed. "Ya want explosions? I'll show ya some explosions! Let's just head outside so we don't break the roof here."

Teri and the Cutie Bruisers could hear Devon holding his head and muttering "Please don't do that, for heaven's sake." when Melethia brought up the idea of bigger explosives.


Before Mele could thoroughly entertain the idea of setting off explosives at a school... Kala dismissed the clones and simply said... although it sounded more like a *very* strong suggestion. "Mele, I don't believe now would be a good time to show off your... fireworks. She says, almost a bit nervous. Sure Melethia was an excellent trapsmith, and good with explosives... but a school isn't really a proper place to brag about it... or show it off for that matter!

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

The pain from the ear biting was whisked away when Devon went up and played his song.
The memories from Japan came back. After escaping the UNSC compound for the 65th time, Sean travelled and explored Tokyo.
At this moment of time Japan went back to the punk/punk rock/rock phase in music, and Sean spend a lot of time listening to street performers.

This directed his love of music to all (most) genres, not just classical.
For a few weeks Sean even managed to keep an electrical guitar in his training room for a few weeks.
He won it off a Yakuza who was trying to fool people with one of the those impossible games. Luckily Sean won with his now superior everything, luckily enough the Yakuza only had broken legs, arms and ribs before the military rolled in and captured him.

Sean went silently as long as he could keep the guitar.
Well at least until the point where he met the same team that killed his family ... this led to Sean crashing a covenant ship right on top of the Japanese UNSC base.

That was probably one of the biggest reasons he was usually locked up in a cyro tube.

At the end of Devon's performance Sean clapped.
"That was ... definitely good. Probably up to the same level as a professional Japanese street performer, and those guys are pretty good." He said as he memories flowed back to him.
Looking towards the guitar rack Sean felt like playing but resisted. If he had to have a guitar it would be the same one that he used.

As Devon left, Teri did her best to perform.
During the performance the musical duo could feel a disturbance in the girl's playing.
After she quickly finished up she quickly went back to her seat. "There was nothing bad with that performance. I could easily see that you at least care for music unlike some people." Sean looked to the edge of his eyes to see David looking down.

Sighing he turned back to the cleric.
"This is another lesson. Anything can ruin a performance and everyone has their bad days ... for example ... myself, I guess." Sean said but the color was drained from his face.

"After I saw all of that, maybe I should play something myself." He waited for a response from the students. The student separate from the group look intrigued to see what their new music teacher could do.
Though a chalk piece flew fast through the air and flew past David. "May I remind everyone that I give no mercy to people who don't give respect to music ... or myself." Sean said with a chaotic tone.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal nodded as he got up from the bed and walked behind the Drow.
"I understand your worries, but rest assured. Before we met, I didn't care about anything but myself. Just my own power and wealth. But now?..." He said, his arms slowly wrapping around Slindis from behind.
"God, if I could see myself like this back then...I want you to know, that no matter what happens, Demi-Gods, Angels, Demons. I will not let any harm come to you, to Melethia, to Teri. Not until there isn't a drop of blood or a intact bone in my body." He promised, hoping to give her a sense of trust she never knew.

"....Rugal...Can I ask you something?...."
He nodded as the Drow whispered back to him.
His eyes widened for a moment before the two of them exchanged a mutual smile followed by a long passionate kiss as they laid down in bed and-


"FUCK!" David exclaimed as he narrowly dodged the piece of chalk racing past his head sent by Sean.
"Alright, sheez, go ahead..." He said as an idea for a new doodle came to mind.
Thus he set to work as Sean prepared himself for his act.

Rugal, Slindis

After they were finished, Slin took her time to stay close next to Rugal. No matter what may come, no man can revert the feelings we just shared."

For some time afterwards, she spent the time in the bed with Rugal - the events outside of the Gym had cancelled any other gym classes for that day.


He held back a chuckle at Sean's next lesson, although he knew form how he'd learned that Sean was going to be teaching David a rather important lesson. All that needed to happen now is to see how he took it.


Misaka looked at Kura with a rather... unimpressed look. "It's Misaka, that's the name my parents gave me, that's what I'd prefer to be called. Otherwise..."

She then took a little bit of consideration to her question of being in the same situation.

"If not the same, then similar. Though I have a duty to serve to the city I grew up in, I find myself here out of very little time spent, effort made, or desire to be here. Even then, I wonder, will this new world be as close to hell as the one I come from?"

She says with a sigh, not really asking a question for an answer, but rather to ask it of herself. Admitting that her world didn't turn to being hell with the titans over a century ago... but rather, it had always been that way. In any way you try to apply it, their world was more often than not the strong devouring the weak. Even when it came to humans attacking and killing other humans, and other crimes. Also with the corrupt behavior many described as "natural," Was it really all that natural for the selfishness and cruelty that so many showed at all hours from within their walls?"

Rugal, Slindis

Several hours later, the pair of them laid there, happy and content with each other's company.
"And no woman can." He added, cementing his commitment.
He ran his hand down her arm, over the Dragonmark that had cursed her life until now.
"...It's really not that bad you know..." he started, his hand passing over the tainted flesh, calming Slindis when she normally would have pulled away.
"It's like a black orchid. Out of place in the garden, but truly one of a kind. A real abstract beauty..." He reassured her as he held her.
"Unlike yours..."
Cheesy romance dialogue is cheesy.


As Devon and Teri watched Sean get ready, a paper airplane landed on their desk followed by the snickers of it's thrower David West.
Devon opened it up as Teri looked in.

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

Teri merely gave a nod and a soft 'thank you' when Sean acknowledged her, still feeling very embarrassed about her preformance (and not wanting to think too much about it).

Turning to Devon, she answered, "I don't know if I'd have the time, really. As much as I like the Piano, I don't know if I have the time. Between training, keeping up with Sadei and Garm, and working in the Med Bay; the only free time I really have is eating or sleeping. Not that I'm complaining, but I'm pretty busy.

But, when I was younger, I used to play a little. I wasn't very good, but if I had the sheet music to a few songs, I could do better than a regular schmo."

As she said this, her gaze seemed to pierce the wall far behind Sean or Miku; almost as if she was staring through it. Her tone was somewhat wistful, but not entirely sad; almost as if she was a little proud of what small amount of skill she had accumulated in years past.

In the mean time, Cadolbolg chuckled at Melethia's attempts to use explosives in lieu of music, "I can understand Friend Melethia's idea. The best music I could make is from burping and fireballs!"

Ton Ton paused for a moment and tapped his chin in thought, "... Does that count as music?"

As the group continued chattering among themselves, David's masterpiece landed and the two Authors (with Cuties) looked in. If the Cleric looked morose a moment ago, her face brightened a little bit, and a snicker escaped her as a hand went to cover her face.

"I shouldn't be laughing, but.... hee hee!"

"I don't get it..."

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

"And by no mercy I meant detention ... now you will see what you can do with years of practice."
Sean warned David (and saw the snickering Teri) once more before pulling a electric guitar out of the rack.
"After Devon's rather radical and skillful performance I wanted to play one of these again."
Sean said as he fiddled with the cords and pulled out the appropriate pick.

"This was the first guitar song I learnt from a wicked street performer in Japan." Sean said as he took position. His hands started to sweat, but his red eyes held a certain sparkle of creativity and anger. This was probably a song dedicated to the people who killed him family all those years back.

The performance was up to the same skill that the crazy Japanese street performer had.
It was filled with the fiery passion of a dragon and the anger of a God.
Though the end did justice.

After the last cords he struck he grabbed the microphone and said a few words filled with his younger self's emotions.
"That there kids was a song dedicated to the bastards who killed my parents ... well it depends if they can hear it from Hell." Sean's voice sounded cold and his smiled turned into an evil grin.

Moving away from the mic he sighed and started to breath slowly.

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

Devon chuckled at the image as well as Sean performed. "That's okay. If you want help with that kind of thing, Teri I'll be more than willing to help you. Matter of fact, Caim's written down a few books that I've been reading. They really are enlightening." He was enjoying the music being performed, seeing that the music teacher was trying to let out a lot of emotion that had built up over the years as he took in what Sean had done and picked up a few new things himself.


David was rather impressed by the teachers tunes, his mood somewhat lighter after that funny picture he made.
He gave a few claps to Sean's round of applause, though he was a little concerned when he said the song was to the person who killed his parents.
"Wow, Buzzkill much?" He said before working on a new doodle, starting to remember how much he enjoyed Art in school.

Matt and Ken caught Sean's evil grin and started chanting "One of us" in unison a few times. When they were done, Matt stood up and took his black Stratocaster with him up to the stage. He set up everything the way it should be and started playing. It was none other than "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix and it was played perfectly.

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