The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

Teri's mood seemed to perk up at the sound of the music, the drawing and the music helping to ease her from her panic earlier,

"Well, this is nice. A bit more raw and angry than your song, Devon; no offense, of course! Hmn, I wonder what inspired it..."

"That there kids was a song dedicated to the bastards who killed my parents ... well it depends if they can hear it from Hell."

"Oh..." And like that, the Cleric seemed to deflate again. "So much for a distraction... Wait, so you're offering to help me train? That might not be a bad idea, since Mum and Dad are busy a lot... So what all has Caim written down for you? I didn't know he even wrote books.

Not to mention Mel deserves some time with them. I hogged them a lot during the war with Tomoya.... She needs to be around them more than I do. I'm 19 now. Lots of people start getting independence from their parents by this age anyways, right?"

As she said this, Ton Ton did the best a Tonberry could to smile and patted the side of Devon's head,

"He's been an astute student! You could easily learn from Mr. Devon, Ms. Teri."

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

Melethia cheered him on. "I love the music, Mister! Keep it up!" She had been enjoying the playing while trying to find some way she could weasel some of her expertise on the stage - unfortunately, it kept getting shot down by Kalastryn worrying more about trivial things like 'the safety of the other students' or 'drawing far too much attention because those are explosives and this is a school'. Killjoy

As Matt played played his song, Devon continued to chat with Teri. If it's any consolation for Sean, his Parent's killers are probably in the circle of Greed - nasty little one, rife with endless fighting and gold that doesn't mean a darn thing. The stuff Caim wrote's pretty basic - a book to help with physical training, a book on eating better, and one on having more influence. Still, they're very thorough in these topics, and he wants me to be sure that I've fully understood the books. Man's a hard teacher. And if you need the help, I'll be willing too help you train. I don't know how well I can help you with an actual fight, but Caim's been doing some crazy stuff. I mean, he actually wants me to fight in medium armor!" He let Ton-Ton jump on his smaller shoulder as he opened one of the books which was far more like a tome than a light reading kind of thing.

Meanwhile, Sadei tried talking to Teri again. Teri, I know everything recently has been hard on you, but why are you taking this all on at once by yourself? There's a lot of other people here willing to help you out, and it would be a lot better for you to focus on one problem at a time. I mean, I'm more than willing to help you. So please, trust that I'll be here for you.

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Library | Avatar Adventure High School

Lucieon | C.C.

A lesser being would be enraged at the amount of ignorance heaped upon his existence by the other members of the Rising Dawn. However, years upon years of solitude had told him to think little of being passed over. A thousand times out of a thousand, it was bound to be more of a blessing than a curse.

The Undead Merchant lowered his staff and started through the archives, which were now conveniently neutralized by the elf youngling. The rows up[on rows of books told him very little about the situation he was in. regardless of the time he had spent travelling the realm, this plane was still very foreign to him. And it pained him to admit, but he was rather homesick for his mountainside villa south of Candor. Still he kept C.C. by his side, she was something special now. Something he wanted to protect. He had spent only a short time with this amnesiac young woman, but the more time he spent with her, the more intrigued he was, and the more reluctant he was to neglect her.

Lucieon walked ever onward through the rows and rows of bookshelves, observing each of the bound tomes with great interest and curiosity. His right hand trailed behind him, constantly tugging on C.C. to keep her close despite her protests. It was almost like he was a child again, wandering the store rooms of Merizidan Trading Company. The filter of sunlight through the windows, and the dusty air filled with the soft musk of aged paper and leather. Though he was aware many of the books were bound in synthetics, he still was very conscious about the smell of the old kind. The old knowledge bound within millions of books locked deep in the royal archives of the great city.

Location: Royal Archives | Candor | Midas
Time: December 31st, 1000 A.D.

It was the end of the year, and Lucieon was more than ecstatic about being allowed into the Royal Archives with the rest of his class. The last fifteen years of his life had been spent studying medical tomes to near obsessiveness. Memorizing procedures and medicines, the anatomy of humans, wargs, elves and orcs. It had filled his mind with enough meaningless knowledge that he had managed to trick himself into believing that he loved the medical sciences, and that he had always loved the medical sciences.

At age fifteen, he was not very impressive. He had blonde hair like spun gold, weaved into a dignified braid behind him. Velvet robes and belts hung to his thin body, and his cold sapphire eyes seemed glassy and dead. However, inside he was feeling a great deal of excitement. He, with seventeen others, mostly older boys of eighteen or nineteen were being allowed into the king's private archives deep in Castle Goldhollow. They stood before a great stone gate, carved with mysterious arcana known only to the Arcmagus of the king's court. Those doors were left open for their little group, led by one of the College of Medicine's oldest professors to access.

It was an agonizing wait, but soon the professor, an old doddery man with a beard nearly as tall as his person, entered the royal archive and bid them to follow. Each of the boys bowed their heads as they passed through the thin slip between the stone doors. As Lucieon passed through himself, his heart stopped and the breath caught in his throat.

The library was awesome. It struck him down into oblivion, it told him that he was insignificant. It destroyed his mind, soul and body and reformed it into a smaller creature, more timid and humble. And that was just from it's sight alone. The library could easily span the entirety of Candor, and it most likely did. The library was not so much a structured building as it was a huge cavern, thousands of feet high and thousands of feet deep. The gate itself was only a two dimensional protrusion in the rows and rows of stone bookshelves, each holding thousands of old leather tomes. The group was on a small pedestal in the dark abyss of the library, suspended over a great gaping darkness of bookshelf after bookshelf, or ledge after ledge, of walkway after walkway. When Lucieon turned back to look at the entrance, he found the door there, and only the door there. The hallway beyond that did not exist. It dawned on him that the Archive did not merely exist in forward momentum, but rather it stretched infinitely backwards as well. They were standing in the middle of a cavern, so huge that there were no ends to be seen by the human eye, either up, down or to each direction. The only illumination were small blue orbs that cast an ambient glow to each of the walkways and bookshelves, and they shone like tiny stars in the distant darkness, giving the impression that they were in another world, floating in some aetherial home to demons and angels.

He was overwhelmed, completely and fully overwhelmed. So much so that he did not realize his feet were following the footsteps of the professor and his peers, and he was so overwhelmed that he did not notice their steps becoming fainter and fainter until they vanished. When he came to realize his great folly, he had already been alone for a sizable portion of time. Lucieon looked around him, blue orbs of light suspended themselves in the air to light the walkway before him. It was straight, with no divergent paths. It was strange then, that he should be separated from the group on a perfectly linear path. He looked back, and the gate was gone, swallowed by the distant black sky filled with twinkling stars. Thinking nothing of his situation he started to walk forward, hopefully toward the group at quite a fast pace. He continued this for an hour.

After an hour had passed his pace quickened, he did not understand why he had not caught up to the group yet. Soon his heart began to beat quickly and his feet hit the stone walkway hard and fast as he sprinted forward toward the starry abyss. Perhaps they were just a few more meters ahead, maybe they were behind the next bookshelf, by the next set of staircases downward and upwards. But it was useless. After another two hours Lucieon fell to his knees against he cool stone. His breath came fast and shallow and sweat stung his sapphire eyes. He was lost. Lost on a linear pathway into oblivion. Though he couldn't see much around him, he could feel it on his skin. The dampness of the air, the pressure of it against the hairs on his neck. Somehow, while running straight forward he had made a descent of several thousand meters. And now he was panting maybe a thousand floors below the gate he had entered through. Briefly panic crossed him mind as he toyed with the notion that he might perish here, lacking in water, food and proper oxygen. But it seemed that the cave itself was quite finite, and he had reached somewhere near the end of one of its walls. It was an assumption of course, made by the faint sound of running water below him. And reduction in the density of glowing blue light in front of him. He would need to make the journey back up, but he needed water, lest he fall to dehydration and die on his way home. It was a straight path after all, it had to lead back to the gate at some point or other. Lucieon willed himself to his feet again and wrapped his silk cloak tighter around himself. The air here seemed suddenly cooler than usual. And he pressed onward, hoping to find this source of water he felt was near.

In the current world Lucieon was frozen, unable to move. Almost as if he was reliving some old memory. His hand tightened around C.C.'s almost to the point of hurting her. His brilliant blue eyes just stared blankly forward.

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

The Tonberry stretched after being let onto the shoulder, and gave a happy "Thanks!" as Cadolbolg found a perch on the other one, listening intently to Devon's story.

Cadolbolg on the other hand, was far more interested in the music, and was enjoying the sounds being played by those on stage.

Teri grimaced at Devon's description of a circle of Hell, and thought to herself, "I suppose Lucifer told you all about that, huh?

After that snide thought, she answered Devon's light hearted talk of his training, Well, I wouldn't expect anything less from Caim. I remember he gave Jake a tough time, but I don't think he was as intensive... You're lucky! If he's working you this hard, he must see some promise! That or he really wants you to do well. Either way, it's certainly progress!

I've been mainly studying up on magic or doing work in the Med Bay on my own. Sometimes I get some staff training in with Mel or Mum, but I imagine they have to worry about keeping their skills sharp too. So, mine is mostly quiet work. Not that I can really complain. My main strength lies in spells anyway, so I need to get better at those... But, I've always loved a good book! I'll be happy to read them when you've finished. After all YOU are Caim's student, not me. Which makes me wonder if Mum has any good texts on stuff like that too. It would certainly be something nice in the down time instead of standing around in the Med Bay doing nothing... Does that count as down time?"

As she waited for a response, and the Cuties began to chatter away with Devon as he read the book and the Cleric turned inward to heed Sadei's call,

"I... I guess I'm still used to shouldering burdens quietly. I've been called a doormat on more than one occasion... It's a habit, you know? If anything, I guess I'm afraid to talk to people about my problems. I mean, we're dealing with world hopping, murders and the like! It feels kinda petty by comparison to talk about having nightmares or worrying your boyfriend's become the Big Bad. At least, that's how I feel when I think about talking about it.

But I'm glad you're here. Really! You and Garm both help out so much... You don't even know. Some days I think I'd go crazy without you two. Not to talk crap about Dimitri, but he's busy doing his computing thing; and I made him! In the end, it'd probably be like talking to myself.

As for your advice, I don't know where to start! I suppose focusing on Lucifer possibly being the one responsible for these murders is a big concern right now, especially since we're vulnerable."

After watching the children get along just fine for now, and decided to take an investigation of their own. Stepping outside the class, the duo decided to wander towards the scene of the last murder, and see if they could scrounge up any clues. With Angelus' better sense of smell and sight, It could provide a better perspective than any mere mortal could.

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

"Just try to be careful, okay? I'd rather not lose the book."

Devon responded back to Teri as the two got comfy on his hair. "Well, I think he never thought I would get this far, but I didn't want to give up. Still the training's been good even if he really doesn't like us using magic as well. It kind of goes into a question I wanted to ask you: would you want to work together with me on some of this? Ella doesn't help me all too much with the spells, but I think I could help teach you ways to defend yourself. It's up to you, of course, but I also need a bit of practice on now to use my spells effectively.

As for the Tomes? Well, I'll be happy yo hand you the one on influencing others, but Slindis might have one to help you pick up on things better. It's worth a shot." Hopefully his reading a rather large tome in class with two of the new teachers wouldn't draw too much attention his way.

Sadei tsk-ed as she responded. I'm glad I could talk to you, too. Honestly, you were the first person I could really talk to for the longest time! Your stuff should be important to you, and it doesn't make you weak to ask for help.

If you ask me, though, I'd handle the things that we can. Simple as that, Teri.


David watched on as even Aftan, a Knight of a medieval fantasy order managed to put up a better performance.
"...How...Can you even do that?...." He asked, not expecting an answer but more to voice his puzzlement.
It was then he pulled out his timetable and began to check and see what class was next on the agenda...


Meanwhile, back in the Lab, Jenny managed to get the HAM radio working and lugged it with her as she came out of her hiding.
(Though she kept it between her and the others)
"Kura! I got it working. Just how does this help us? I can't think of any possible organisations that would use this kind of radio..." She said, wiping the sweat from her brow, things were far heavier when you were only 2 feet tall.

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Music Hall.
Time: Second class.

"Just try to be careful, okay? I'd rather not lose the book."

Ton Ton gave a light laugh, and motioned his lantern towards Cadolbolg "That means look away if you need to sneeze, Cadolbolg. We don't want to set anyone on fire..."

"That was ONE time!"

"Which means it can happen again..."

"I don't know what you're talking abou- Ah... ah....AHCHOOO! 'Scuse me..."

The turtle turned his head away anyways, and sure enough, a jet of flame shot out of the turtle dragon's mouth.

"Bless you. And that's why you need to turn your head when you sneeze. Its polite."


Laughing at the small spectacle, Teri graciously accepted the tome from Devon with a bright "Thank you very much!"

Following the bequeathing, Teri added, "That idea sounds like a great one. I have figured out a thing or two when it comes to spells. You think that idea to use that Create/Control Water combo with Squishy came off the top of my head? Nuh uh! I've had to practice that for a while to get it just right. Hey, maybe my constructs could help you out too? They don't last very long, but they could really help in dealing with heavy hitters!"

With that, she turned inward and answered her staff-turned-pen again, "And I'm glad to have you. Again, you really do help me out. Thank you.

So... Dealing with the murders then? That seems to be the first priority at the moment."

As Devon handed the Cleric the Tome on being more charismatic, he could see that his friend was slowly but surely being pulled out of her funk. Hey, maybe he had learned something after all!

But the silliness did not last long, as the bell rang and it signified the next class to be had.

Next Class is Biology with Dr. Neo Cortex


As the bell rang, David got up from his seat and began packing up, the events of the class helping out his funk a little.
Still, after hearing what Vermillion said and all the other stuff, he just couldn't believe that he was still going along with this High School thing.
He concluded that he was either going insane or he just was too jaded by the events in his life to really care anymore.
Either way, he pulled out his timetable as he walked over to the others.
"Alright gang, next class is Biology with..."Dr. Neo Cortex?" Heh, that's a fake name if I ever heard one!" He joked, unaware if anyone in the class actually knew the mad doctor.


Rugal stirred slightly in his bed, somewhat surprised that he dozed off to begin with.
He suppressed a yawn as he was quickly reminded of the events that transpired in this room.
Looking over to see Slindis was still asleep, he managed to pry himself from her arms and sat up, cracking his neck in a bid to wake himself up a little.
He then made his way to the shower, keen to get back to business after pleasure.


Being startled slightly by the bell going off, Jenny quickly calmed down again afterwards.
It was then that it caught her eye, a strange metal spider racing across the side of the room.
"Huh?..." She let out before following after it though the "Staff only" Side of the lab.


Misaka tried to tell Jenny not to go through to the staff only area. "Now hold it little... Lady? Whatever, it'd probably be best not to go over there, you might set off an... alarm." but, off she went.

she then turned to Kura

"Well, just in case we get caught, I got handed a time card that said this was my next class, what's your alibi?" She asked Kura with a rather amused look.

Next Class is Biology with Dr. Neo Cortex


He walked into the room with Teri and nodded, still reading the tome that would help him be more healthy. "I'll work with you, just tell me what time you want to do it. There's only so much time in a day, you know." As he got in the class, he noted the unusual appearance of the new professor as Ella sat down next to him as well.


When she got in, she sat near David as she waited for the lecture to start and looked around at all the kids in there


She responded to Teri. Yeah, that's a good start. You might also want to see who you'll team up with, since there's only so much I can do if those machines come back.


She woke up after Rugal finished with his shower and cleaned off herself. After all, there was still a lot that she had to look into here, and the library would be a good place to start.

Next Class is Biology with Dr. Neo Cortex


"Got it!"

Giving a nod to her friend, Teri sat down behind Devon, and began to flip through the book she was loaned before class began, sending a thought to Sadei as she did so,

"You're right... Who should I team up with? Devon sticks to Ella a lot, and Ton Ton and Cadolbolg practically count as their own unit. I suppose I could stick with Melethia, if she hasn't already found someone to work with herself."

As she pondered this, she looked up for a brief moment, and took a look at the professor, her face blanching as she did so, "So I didn't misread that memo! If he's here... Ah shit, we could really be in for it now, Sadei!"

Cutie Bruisers!

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg detached themselves from Devon, seeing as class was about to start. However, Ton Ton paused with interest as Cadolbolg fluttered the two to the back of class, "Wait a minute.... Cadolbolg, didn't we meet this man before? He looks familiar. What was that name on the memo?"

"He looks like the funny man who helped Mother and Father in the Twisted Metal tournament... Core-Tex? Something like that. But didn't we fight him to free Auntie Furiae from the mean man?"

"I think we did! Hmn... If he tries anything, we know what to do."

Doctor Neo Cortex/David West

"Hello Students~!" a loud happy voice said as the door to the Biology Lab swung open and he appeared.
"I am Doctor Neo Periwinkle Cortex. And I am proud to be the one to ENLIGHTEN you on the wonders of-"
He started as he pulled out a remote and hit a button.
On Cue, a Banner burst open over the Blackboard with "BIOLOGY! <3 " Written on it.
"...GET ON WITH IT!" David heckled with perfect timing.

"...Ummm, Sure. *Ahem* Tell me, How many of you truly know the wonders of the Human Body? The oxygen rich blood? The pulsing brain? The vital organs working tirelessly to do simple tasks 24/7?...
...Well, don't all start at once. Well, I thought I'd arrange a little treat for all of you. Alright, Hands up.

Who here has ever done a dissection before?"
"Oh, this should be interesting..." David mused as he leaned back in his seat.


Rugal and Slindis made their way back to the trapped library, finding Gabrielle, Lupito and Maxim still there.
"....That is just a sad display..." He mused as he watched Maxim struggle with a piece of chalk with a small mountain of broken pieces next to him.

"sorry, i tend to use nicknames." Kura said then looked at Jenny. "JENNY, NO!" she shouted, going after her, grabbing her by the arm. "sorry, i can't let you go back there. We don't know what is in this damn building.
"Guys, look around for a telescope as well. We'll need to broadcast to the moon if we want to get back to our world. There should be a base there with a dumb A.I. maintaining it." she explained to jenny, then went over to the ham radio. "WE'll modify the telescope so we can aim it at the moon, then fire the signal through it, like a radio cannon." Jura said with the other two looking at her like she was crazy. "No clue how we'll actually get it to work i don't know. but we'll do it."

"i have my hands and jutsu's to "convince anyone" need be." she said to Misa. "I couldn't care less if i'm skipping or not. I'm getting back to my real body."


Jenny stopped dead when Kura grabbed her, quickly letting her sense of reason return to her.
"Sorry, just I thought I saw something...Strange..." she said before the Ninja went over her game plan.
"...Ummm...Excuse me, just who is this "Dumb AI" you speak of?" she asked while she glanced around for a telescope.



Misaka had a look of being utterly puzzled and confused. Whoever Kura was, could she be for real with sending a message to the moon? Not to mention having no idea what an A.I. was. She decided to let who she assumed was crazy be crazy. However insane it seemed to her, she would have to have someone to team up with if trouble came their way, so she ultimately decided, "What parts do you think you'll need?" and sighed, getting to work sifting through the different technologies trying to identify whatever she was told to dig through.


As Kala was taking her seat in the classroom, Neo Cortex burst through the door... it was all she could do for half a minute not to crack up in laughter. His head looked like a misshapen hourglass with eyeballs, and his hair, or what left of it he had, almost looked like horns. Still, after a question was asked, she had to ask one in return, her hand only half-way in the air. "Uh, that depends... dissected what to be precise?" she said in as polite a tone as she could muster.

Biology room

Devon answered, hoping being straightforward was the best option. "Well, I did dissect a frog at my last school. It wasn't too hard, after all, even if it was a bit odd."

Melethia snickered at David's quip as well while she got ready for whatever it was she'd be doing. It would be interesting, from how enthusiastic this man was. And even back at that island, he didn't really have a backbone.

Sadei responded to Teri, musing on the situation. Well, I think that she'll be happy to head with you. why not ask her?


She shook her head. "We should focus on taking a look into what's happening here first. Hopefully Teri finds someone smart to stick by." And with that, she began looking through important and relevant information for the situation at hand.

Kura shrugged her shoulders. "No clue. All i know is that they exist because my grandfather said that it did. Listen. Worst comes to worst and we try this, nothing happens." She said, reassuring the little pokemon with a soft pat on the back. "As to what i need. Definitly copper wire to act as antenna. anything that would provide power. Think of car batteries or things of the such."

"Who here has ever done a dissection before?"

Being the honest girl that she was, Teri raised her hand, thinking back on anatomy in high school, "Well, I have dissected a few things at my other school as well, but they were organs moreso than full specimens. The only complete creature we dissected was a cat. Technically, I shouldn't even be here, but the credits didn't transfer properly. Well, what can you do, right?"

Okay, so that last part wasn't entirely true, but it at least added a hint of authenticity to the truth of her experiences.

With a small smile, she thought to herself, "I also played surgeon for more than a few others. Hope that counts for something! As for your thought, Sadei, I'll ask her in the ring right away. Hopefully, she won't have a partner..."

Tapping the ring in question after putting her hand down, she 'sent', "Hey Mel, got anyone you're planning to work with in order to keep safe in the halls? If not, I thought it'd be a good idea if we worked together. After all, we're relatively familiar with each other's combat styles, and can probably synergize better that way. Garm may be shrunken down for the moment, but I'm sure Squishy and my constructs will be able to pick up the slack. Sound like a plan?"

As Cortex asked his question, Cadolbolg quietly looked at his partner and 'sent' "What's a dissection?"

Ton Ton shrugged, "I dunno. Something to do with animals, I guess..."

Dimitri - In the Tablet

Upon Vermilion's awakening and resurgence of activity, Dimitri closed the book of data he was perusing, and went to the quarter Vermilion was being held in. Upon seeing her up and about, as well as readily working to find information on the school's network, he smiled and dropped the firewalls. Walking towards his comrade, he gently reached for a red hand and kissed it,

"Ms. Vermilion... It is good to see you as yourself again. Are you feeling well? I brought you to my home so you could reassemble undisturbed. Apologies for not telling you sooner, but I fear anything I said could not reach you while you reconstructed yourself. Furthermore, I was afraid of accidentally tampering with the process if I did initiate some form of contact... Please, if there is anything you need, do let me know."

Doctor Neo Cortex/David West

Cortex nodded very enthusiastically at the feedback he was getting from the class before he got to Kala's Question.
"Well, A Dissection is an disassembling and observing something to determine its internal structure. In our case, Biological beings. Basically, anything living. Still, it's good to know that some of you have some experience to rub off on the others..." He answered before he walked over to the side storage and opened the door.
"But enough Theory, Now...PRACTICAL!" He shouted, clearly hamming it up as he wheeled out what appeared to be a dead body on a trolley.
Ta-Da! Or rather "Ca-daver!"...
...Oh that was funny and you know it! Still, best way to get an understanding of Biology is to TEAR open the subject and really get your hands dirty!"
He said, clearly a little (Or a lot) too excited by all this.
"And thanks to the....err.....Cacaver....umm..."Shop" Yeah, go with that, there is one for everyone in the class to dissect!" He said as he wheeled out another.
And another.
And another.

David merely sat there, completely mindfucked by this turn of events.
"...So much for Lunch..." He said to himself as his one was handed to him, a overweight man with a face only a mother could love.
"...Ummm...Sir, this guy is still warm."
"...Oh...Cooler must be on the fritz again. Take no heed of it!"


"Right, Power Source. Gotcha!" Jenny said before returning to the dark corners of the lab, still wondering just who or what this AI was.


"Don't worry. She's among allies, including her sister. She'll be fine." Rugal said as he slowly edged across the floor, wary of any more possible traps.
"So...where do we start to look? It's not like this place has a filing cabinet reserved for murdered students..."


Kalastryn bit her lip in a slight bit of frustration, and holding in the shouts... this was one cheerful, yet sadistic bastard...


As one of the subjects got passed to her table, the first thing she did, after hearing that the body for David was still warm, was check for a pulse... there was none.

She had a very intimate understanding of human biology, useful to know exactly where to hit someone to disable them for a moment back on Eberron.

"Uh... excuse me... Dr. Cortex was it? Uh... forgive the intrusion on your class, but this is just sick... mark me down a grade or send me to detention, whatever... I won't be doing this." She said as she picked up the scalpel and threw it to the side and to the floor, bouncing and then sliding under the heater at the side of the room. You could feel the rage behind the throw, but there was more horror on her face than anything else.

"Besides, I know plenty about biology. At least what can be learned about it by slicing something open and looking around inside..." she says... as though guiltily admitting she's done this exact scenario before, or seen it at the least.


"Copper wire, now that I can understand." She says as she takes grapples up to the ceiling and starts unscrewing and breaking open a few light bulbs for the wire inside. She then of course replaced a couple so that they wouldn't be "missed" (noticed)

"Will these do?" She asked with a jumbled mess of wire in her hand.

Location: Royal Archives | Candor |Midas
Time: January 1st, 1001 A.D.

Idiocy had driven his actions up until this point, idiocy and thoughtlessness. That was the fundamental truth he told himself as he continued onward, the sound of running water growing ever louder in the distance. The bookshelves here were much rougher than the ones nearer to the gate, here they were made of rough stone, unchiseled and unceremoniously piled into their current forms. The books that sat on their shelves were massive and desolate to the point of near rot. There were no more than three or five of these tomes to a shelf, and often the covers were bound with animal skin instead of leather, leaving the stretched faces of foxes, bulls, and other indescribable abominations on the covers. Now that he was moving forward at a slow pace he had time to gaze at each book on the self as he passed.

Most of them had no labels and were merely designated by their individual bindings. The few that did have words on their cover were scrawled in dark rust-colored ink, often in large runic letters that he couldn't make out in the dim blue light. But as he scanned the bookcases along his path, a single tome caught his eye. It had a beautiful black cover, made of some dark unknown leather, and it was bound using golden threads that shone brightly even in the darkness of the cave. Lucieon stopped his walk in front of the book and stared at it entranced. It was different from the others, it's size was very normal, about what you would expect a textbook to be, and it didn't smell with the same rotting musk that the other books in this corner of the Archives seemed to emit. He reached out and picked it up, it was heavier than he expected, it seemed that the golden threads that bound the pages together weren't just a visual shorthand. The book was actually gilded with real gold. And the leather that formed the covers was rigid but soft, almost spreading apart at his touch, letting his fingers sink into its warm softness. Lucieon pulled the book off it's seat and held it gently in both hands, almost afraid that his fingers would stretch the soft leather of it's cover. Now that it was closer, he could see the cover in more detail. It was plain and black, made of some leather from a hairless animal. It was smooth, smoother than any of the fine leathers his family had every bought for him, and it was softer than the best feather down he had slept upon. Not to mention that the very essence of the book has a warmth about it. It wasn't hot, but it wasn't lukewarm. It was that untouchable temperature of pleasure. The warm heat of another person, the heat in a kiss, or in an embrace.

Lucieon was shivering now, his hands were cold. Whatever this book was it called to him, perhaps it was the reason he had made his way so far into the Royal Archives. Whatever the case it didn't really matter. He felt compelled to slip a shaking hand under the leather of the cover and flip it open to the first page.

It paper was smooth to the touch and had the same warmth and softness that the cover beheld. And the color of the paper was beautiful. It was creamy, a soft beige that did not mix completely with the white, but instead of clashing violently, they swirled around each other like ink in water, almost giving the paper the illusion of life. As if the paper had blood that flowed in those cream colored veins. The page itself was empty, except for more of the golden embroidery which seemed to trace itself across the entirety of the book. The threads were woven in a massive knot, one that you could not see the beginning, nor see the end. It just kept weaving onward through itself and through the page and through the spine of the book itself. Lucieon held his breath and places a finger on the edge of the first page and pressed down softly to flip it. His finger sank into the paper smoothly, again as if he was touching the skin of a person. The texture of the paper under his fingers seemed heavenly, so much so that it was strange that it existed within his hands. The next page had ink on the paper. A deep dark red ink that shone brilliantly in the ambient blue light from the nearby orbs. The letters were thin and sharp, as if written by a blade.

Lucieon's heart skipped a beat, and his shaking hands would have dropped the book if he had not begun to grip it so tightly that his knuckles grew white. A single sentence was scrawled in neat letters across the page. Perfectly centered, perfectly even in both pressure and stroke. The words read simply.

Book of Fate: Lucieon Shalfa di Rossacitta

Lucieon suddenly started breathing again, his breaths were irregular now, hard and labored. His heart pumped away in his chest, it's noise stirring the thoughts he tried to hold within his mind. Eventually the distraction was too much and he gave up on trying to make sense of the book he held in his hands. The book whose warmth now seemed to coincide with his own beating heart. Without thought he flipped the page and found a wall of text staring back at him. He read each line slowly and deliberately, trying to understand what was written. But the words were gibberish, yet they called up memories of his childhood.

Visions from his birth, almost as if he were a spirit watching the events of his life unfold before him. More and more he read and more and more he saw. He saw himself as a young boy, constantly under the cold tutelage of his mother. Who while shadowing him seemed to be forever distant. Lucieon stood there and continued to read, hours flew by in what seemed like only a few minutes as he watched his life fly before him in vivid memories. Then there was a break in the text. It ended with the same meaningless runes scrawled in thin red ink that it had began with, and it ended with his reading of this book. And then he knew, that the next page would continue about his life, about his future. A prophecy that was not yet cemented, and could at any time change.

He eagerly flipped the page, wishing to know more, to learn about all the people he would help with his knowledge. The people he would cure and the life he could give. But what lay waiting for him on the next session of the book was not an immediate continuation of the story, he was assaulted with visions of himself int he future. At the very least he thought it was himself. The man standing before him had long blonde hair tied into a waist length ponytail and dead cold sapphire eyes. He wore pure white robes that was tied tightly around his body and a sash filled with metallic tools and magical instruments hung from his right shoulder. A young brown haired woman hurried to his side, also wearing, holding a bundle of papers and talking hurriedly. He words were slurred and muffled by whatever magicks the grimoire beheld, obfuscating the truth of the situation from the ethereal observer. But it was apparent that his future self did not enjoy the news the young woman. Lucieon, the older one, began to walk deliberately forward into a large sterile room. It was made pure white by runic magic and a single creature lay curled on the floor in the middle of the chamber. She was a beautiful thing, large amber eyes that shone like liquid gold, long red-brown hair that seemed to shine even in the omnipresent light of the chamber. Her limbs looked thin and delicate and her naked body very soft and unspoilt. She had two ears on the top of her head, much like that of a fox and she had a single large tail that swept between her legs. When Lucieon entered the room her eyes opened wide in fear and she tried to scramble away from him. The older Lucieon picked up a crystal and waved his hand. A ball of light launched itself out of his hand and hit the warg girl squarely int he chest, raising her into the air and binding her hands and feet together. As a spectator, Lucieon couldn't make out her screams, but her face gave away her great distress. The brown haired-woman seemed to avert her eyes from the warg's exposed body, but Lucieon, the old one, walked toward the gild and drew a scalpel in his hand. It was a small smile, faint and subtle, but Lucieon felt it, he felt the happiness that radiated from this mad doctor as his blade fell onto the nubile skin of the beast-kin.

Lucieon shut the book, his face red and his breath heavy. Why was it that there was such perversion? He thought. His heart was pounding fast, his mind was trying to make sense of the scene the book had bestowed upon him. Whose soft leather still warmed his cold hands. He didn't want to become that. No. He wanted to help people. He wanted to do things that stopped pain, not inflict it. It took some time, but eventually the answered appeared to him in soft spoken words. His mother had been training him to become like that, and would in time hand him over to the crown to become an inquisitor. A torturer capable of keeping his prey alive even through the most gruesome mutilations. Someone who could inflict both humility and mortality while keeping the patient's body perfect for resale. He didn't want that. Not at all.

And again his heart jumped. Two cold hands had clasped themselves around his shoulders, and a soft feminine voice fell upon his ears, "why is it that a human tresspasses upon my domain?" He turned around slowly and found himself face to face with a girl about his age, whose skin was a deathly pale blue and skin slick with some sort of slime. Her eyes were blank and white and her hair was a light pink, almost as if her hairs were filled with the tiniest fragment of blood. She was unclothed, and her body dissolved into something terrifying below her waist. Indeed she was a perfect human from above the waist, entrancingly beautiful in fact, but below her waist her body melted into a giant mass of scales that fell off the stone walkway and curled itself across the bookshelves and suspended stone paths many dozens of times. Along that body were half a dozen pairs of clawed legs, gripping tightly onto the stone fixings.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Biology | Avatar Adventure

Lucieon came back to reality and he was sitting nonchalantly in a classroom with C.C. by his side. His eyes were filled with confusion as he tried to reconcile his flashback with the events that were occurring in his present. He lifted his left hand to his head and massaged his temples. He had a splitting headache now, and the visage of that dragon-girl still seemed to linger behind his eyelids. "What's... going on?"" he grumbled as few turned to look at C.C. Evidently this girl had enough strength to move him while his body was in a trance. She was special indeed.

He then turned his attention to the tiny yellow man going on and on about Biology and dissections. And suddenly the flashback seemed to be far too topical for his liking. Despite knowing the workings of a person intimately, he still found dissecting a human body, or indeed any humanoid to be an act that greatly upset his psyche. He stood back and decided to opt out of the hands off experience and instead helped anyone struggling by dispensing advice.

Dr. Neo Cortex

"....Oh....Strange, the student's usually love this...Well...I won't grade you down but I will have to ask you to stay. Even if you don't want to take part, This class just only started and I can't let you out just yet." Cortex said as he began to unveil his own Cacaver and pulled out a small Motorised Saw with a look of glee on his face.
"So everyone ready to begin?" He asked, unable to wait until someone said yes.


David took moment to retch slightly, he killed people with knifes and such before, but this? This was like that scene from Empire strikes back where Han Solo cut up that Wampa.
Only uglier somehow.
He worked himself up to the main incision, doing a few knicks in the dead man's arm.


He was more than a bit disgusted at what Cortex was using, but he put on the surgical mask and goggles that were placed on the table as he started cutting in. God, this is going to take a few Prestidigations to make me feel clean afterwards... Something about all this just felt wrong to him.

Well, that and the stench from the homeles person would be seared into his memory.


Sure, sis! It'd be no problem. Maybe we could have someone else help ya with that staff trainin', since ya aren't doin' the best with it.

Melethia got into the dissection with gusto, taking it as an opportunity to find weak spots any zombies would have should they start shambling around. And hell, it wouldn't be the first time she took out the undead. See, that was the fun thing about magic: Eventually some way, the undead would find a way out of the grave. It was just a fact of life, and learning how to kill them again was a valuable skill in some areas.

It was more than a bit of a contrast to the hesitance that David was showing right next to her.

Rugal, Slindis

She responded curtly. "Simple: look into the history of this country right after the branching point, which would be this second World War. Seems a bit of a misnomer, since that would seem to stir up more than twice even with how young the civilization here is."

"Perfectly. Now, do you know what a telescope looks like? Sorry if i seem like i'm insulting you, but i don't know you knowledge level exactly. I really don't know what to assume with you." she asked as jenny went about finding their powersource.

Cadolbolg | Teri | Ton Ton

Teri rolls a 14 (against a DC of 15) on her Heal check in order to determine if the person she is dissecting is alive or not. Well, as far as she knows, the person is dead. Here's hoping they are!

The Cleric took a deep breath to keep calm, and reminded herself that she had dealt with people with much more grievous injuries before, and with a precision honed after hours of training on the battlefield and the med bay, she began to create the main incision on the cadaver.

As she did so, she 'sent' to Melethia with the ring, "Sounds good, Mel. Now, let's hope this doesn't last too long. I don't really like cutting open people unless it's to fix them up."

In the meantime, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg kept their silent vigil, the Tonberry considerably more ill at ease than his turtle shaped companion,

"These people are already dead, aren't they? I don't see why they need to cut them up..."
"You think we need to do something about it?"
".... I don't know. I don't want to get anyone hurt, but at the same time, I don't want them getting hurt. If this 'Doctor' wants to do something any more out of hand than this mad science... We shall see then."

Doctor Neo-Cortex's Biology Class of Horrrrrors

"Eh, Wha-OH.....JESUS! GOD SOMEONE OPEN A WINDOW! FUCKS SAKE!" David cursed extremely loudly as the first body opened by Aftan let out a massive burst of foul smelling gas followed by several other bodies.
"Oh Suck it up! Ain't gonna kill ya!" Cortex shouted as he hit the AC, sparing most of the class the horrible smell and passing it onto the class next door, whomever they were.
Cortex himself was unfazed, you do laundry for Dr. Doom, you're set for life in regards to bad smells.
"Alright everyone. Lets get cutting!" He shouted as he revved up his little handheld motor saw and used it to open the chest of his own cadaver, the splashing of blood on his face being something they'd see in a horror movie.
"Okay everyone, once you have made the opening, VERY carefully remove the ribcage..." He said as he pulled out a small hammer and began to "Gently" break every rib in the poor souls body.


Rugal looked over his shoulder and found Kurumu pouting over her situation.
"Eh, I was already in my 40's when I was De-aged so it wasn't TOO bad...Still miss my bulk though..." He said as Slindis kept searching for any information that could help them.
"My guess it has totally random who it hit. Another thing to "Thank" whoever brought us here..."


After some looking around, Jenny came across a strange do-daa that looked like it would do the trick.
"Property of V-I-S-C-U-S?...Hm..."
Picking it up, she then made her way back to Kura and Misaka.
"Hey! I found something...Not sure...what it is, but I found it."




Misaka was slightly insulted by the comment on whether or not she knew what a telescope looked like. Though she had to admit it would be a bit hypocritical to say something about it considering she just moments ago said she had little to no knowledge on modern tech.

"Of course I know what a telescope looks like, that I do understand." and that's when Jenny picked up a bit of Viscus's property.

"hmm, this doesn't look like any telescope I've ever seen... still, it looks like it might do the trick... still, we should check what it does before we just strap it to some wires and a battery."

meanwhile at biology with Neo Cortex

Kalastryn held her nose for a minute or so after the smell seeped out of the room. However, she felt she couldn't just let the teacher get away with making students cut open dead bodies... she understood dissection, and she understood medical study... but it should never be this bloody, or for enjoyment... so she decided to play a little prank on Cortex, which would probably scare him witless for a minute or so. He wants gruesome, he'll get something gruesome.

She started waving her hands in small motions underneath the table, as the bodies Cortex brought in that weren't cut open yet, started... moving, the one on Kala's desk sat up, scaring the daylights out of the class, then the rest of the class's cadavers lurched to life and started thrashing on the table, before getting to their feet and setting all their icy stares on Cortex. Then the one who's ribcage he just removed sat up and wailed like a banshee in his face for a good half a minute, the guts that had been held in place by the ribcage sagging down and some of them hanging out of the "incision" he made. To keep up appearances in not being the one to play the prank, while it went on Kala played scared as well, pretended to be absolutely horrified, under the table with her hands clutching her head. THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF A BIOLOGY CLASS?!?!" she shouted, then hiding a very quiet snicker under the table... the zombies she created were under her control, very weakly enchanted, but very strongly controlled. No one was in any danger, not that they knew they weren't... but if things got too hectic a quick snap of the fingers would cause them to slup to the floor again, lifeless... still... she was curious to see the reaction from the classmates as well.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Biology Lab | Avatar Adventure Highschool

Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Miku | Puce | Sadei | Sean | Teri | Ton Ton

Lucieon stared mildly at C.C's golden eyes, almost lost in those liquid pools of amber. It tickled something at the back of his mind, a little warmth, a little kindred spirit. And then it struck him down in fear and cold sweat. Her eyes seemed to intensify his discomfort, but he could not turn away from them. It took a long while before Lucieon took the medicine and swallowed the gel pills. He did not understand how such strange things could be called medicine, but he did not care to question it.

After a short pause, the Undead Merchant answered, "It's... nothing," he grumbled, massaging his temples when the thick odor of death filled the room, "just... the things happening right now. They're stirring up memories. Bad memories. If I had to say, it's a minor case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder."

He bit his lip and put his hands on C.C's shoulders, "You are a kind child, but who are you? What are you?" Now that he looked at her, really, really looked at her, she bore a remarkable resemblance to someone from his early adulthood. Although a hundred or so years in isolation had blurred her face and name from his memory, those eyes of liquid gold terrified him. His blonde hair, light like spun gold, hung loosely in front of his sapphire eyes, which stared not at C.C. but rather through her, into the middle distance.

Doctor Neo-Cortex's Biology Class of Horrrrrors

"... I know that song, but... Hmn... Sorry for musing like that, Ella, I thought- You know, nevermind. As for Luce I.... Well."

The Cleric looked down, a somber glance filling her again, and causing her to stop what she was doing a moment ago to try to form the right way to describe her situation to Ella.

"I haven't seen him in quite some time. But, I... Can we talk about this later? As for Devon, he's been training really hard with Caim and it wears him out, you know? It's not like he's purposefully ignoring you - ACK!"

Teri made a look of distaste before continuing her incision, but leap back in horror when she saw that the corpse she was formerly operating on moved from the table. Not losing her cool at all, as with the fire mephits before, Teri burned a turn attempt to cut on her Positive Energy Aura as she pulled out the Sadei pen and her silver cross necklace. Holding the two holy items up, the cleric called out in an authoritative tone,

"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I command you to begone, undead! You've no place in the realm of the living!"

Teri rolls a nat 20 on her turning check, a total of 27, which enables her to turn... Well, close to anything she wants at the moment, as it's quite literally off the chart. And with a turning damage roll of 12, she vaporizes the undead in front of her, and causes 11 around her to flee for 10 rounds (1 minute)

Turning attempts remaining: 4 Undead / 4 Water/Fire

To those who could sense such energies, they sensed an immense amount of Positive Energy flowing from the girl, as well as see the undead in front of her vaporize in a pile of dust. After that, 11 other undead took one look at the Cleric, and began to flee for their undead lives out of fear of this influential Cleric.

Meanwhile, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, who had remained quiet up to this point, had decided to step in now, with their students now at risk; and took to the air, Ton Ton leaping down and striking true in the creature's neck as Cadolbolg used his tail on another one. As Ton Ton continued wrestling with his he called,

"Everything's gonna be alright! Just keep calm and bear with us for a few seconds!"

Dmitri's World (The Tablet)

Dimitri's circuits hummed happily for a few moments after Vermilion's forward display of affection, and then brought himself back to reality, realizing Vermilion was still waiting for his response, "Oh, right! *ahem* Apologies. Right this way, I'd hate to keep you in this quarantine...."

And so, as the two wandered back to the main room of Dimitri's World, the Blue Butler began to explain the recent going ons, finishing as they sat in the sofas of the main room.

"....which you can imagine, suspecting User: Mark and User: Lucifer of these crimes has caused Her Ladyship a great amount of grief! I do not know what to do. I am a Personal Assistant, yet I cannot assist in this conundrum! Furthermore, the news you give with this is... Well, disquieting. Where is this place that our compatriots have fallen into?"

He paused for another moment, and added, "You know, if you'd like, you can make a backup here as well. Her Ladyship is a kind Mistress, and does not ask much of me when a task is not needed. In fact, I am free the Rising Dawn after Viscus was evicted! I'm certain she wouldn't mind you residing here when we're on the go, especially considering the synergy we share. Not to mention... Well... You are free of User: Mark's bonds. You are free to do as you wish now."

The Crime Scene: Angelus | Caim | Natalia

Caim waved a dismissive hand at the question, and mentally poured over what they were told, "Kurono? Isn't that Kurumu's last name?"

Angelus nodded with a solemn expression on her face, "I do believe it is... "

She shot him a knowing glance, and shifted to the speech pact partner's shared, Not to mention, I know this brimstone smell. It often accompanies occupants of the lower realms. We know several people who have visited that place, and some are accounted for already.

"Devon and the imps are accounted for, as is his paramor, Ella... Kurumu hasn't been down there in some time, as you don't complain about the brimstone smell, so that would leave"

"The Morning Star, Lucifer... Hmph, we should not have let him become so close to our group."

"Either him, or some other demon, devil, whatever. And we already know the Author Mark is involved. We need to talk to the Authors and see who all he can pull for influence against us. A good thing we visited this place..."

"I do not mean to cause Kurumu grief, but we should speak to her about this Jac character, and see if a motive can be drawn."

"Agreed, let's go. We've seen enough, Miss. Thank you."

And just as quickly as the two arrived, they were now gone, and tapping their rings for any available teachers to reconvene with.


Well, this was an obstacle... after Teri zapped one of the zombies to death, and zapped the rest of them filled with fear, she was having... well trouble wouldn't be saying enough... keeping her grip on them. Granted she made them weak on purpose not really building them for combat... but there was a reason she kept them spaced apart, and not, say, putting them right next to Cortex. The zombies themselves were very weak, but the last thing they needed was for 11 zombies to snap out of it only to realize that the necromancer's hold on them was... kaput, and then have them start charging at the little direction they had been given prior, which was just to look at Cortex to scare him a bit... but they'd get hungry real quick after they were done panicking. That is, if Kala couldn't re-establish control. She decided it best to try and fit in with the rest of the class in fighting them off, but not exactly showing that she knew quite how weak they were. She cast scorching ray against one of the zombies she had created, incinerating the rotten flesh. focusing all three beams on the one was not necessary, as she had made them very weak on purpose, but it helped to fit in with "not knowing" how weak they were by appearing to assume they were stronger than in actuality.

(cooldown on scorching ray: 12 seconds)

Doctor Neo-Cortex's Biology Class of Horrrrrors

Devon was about to voice a well thought out rebuttal to Ella when the zombies rose. Goddamnit, I'm doing that so I don't look like a slouch compared to you, Ella! With that, he went to his bookbag and grabbed his blade from it as he chanted. "From the grave you came, to the grave you return!" Under the rush of positive energy, the Zombie disintegrated into a fine dust.

Devon Casts Cure Serious Wounds! With the extra 20 Spell Power from Bard Song Magic I, he deals 25 damage to the zombie and reduces it to dust.

18 seconds until the next level 3 spell.

To Teri's side, her sister quickly grabbed the Fang of the Thunder Sea and Siegebreaker from her bag, cutting down two zombies in an instant. For a moment, Teri saw the exact same ruthlessness that she'd seen with her sister in the Space battle. Compared to others she'd faced before, there was something very lacking about these zombies.


Slindis flipped through the books, finding out a great deal more about what had changed in this world. Apparently, the Americans had found quite a few metahumans and had sent them during the war before the Dillon movement had reached a critical mass. It helped that the metahumans that used weapons were all equipped with blessed silver that burst into fire and light to eliminate their corpses. This tactic, due to it's effectiveness in preventing the undead from rising again, became a common practice in this time line; and prevented countless undead related casualties. Unfortunately, it meant that Germany was further weakened and utterly crushed by the Soviet War Machine, but the Allies had been able to convince Stalin that a United Germany was best to counter any future threats.

"Rugal, it looks like they had reason to train those that had special talents. It still doesn't explain why we were sent here, but if one wanted to find the potential best of the best for any reason, they would head here."

It was right after that when Slindis got the message on the ring. "I'm getting some more information, but apparently this school would be a good spot to hold all of those that had potential. If someone wanted to exploit that..."

"I guess that can work." she said and looked at the power source, studying it. "Certainly feels and looks like it produces power." she said to the duo.
"well, we just need the telescope now." she said and took the powerource, radio and wire, setting them down on a bench. She got a out a few textbooks, and began to read up on how to wire things. "I'm going to try and rewire this thing... wish me luck. and best of luck with the telescope." Kura said to them. Then, she cracked open the HAM radio.


"So they just lumped all the Meta-Humans into one place? I have no idea how they managed that. Then again, those robots..." Rugal mused as Slindis brought up the past of this realm.
"I'm more curious as to who's running this place. He or she must have powerful friends to convince the government that this was a good idea..."
"Ah, good to see you. Slindis might have gotten a lead on why we are here. What about you?"


Jenny watched as Kura got to work on the radio, somewhat nervous as she has no idea what the hell that thing was she gave her.
"Alright, just be careful. I don't want this to blow up in your face. Literally or Figuratively." She warned, wishing she could set up Reflect Barriers to help protect them if it did blow up.


"Ah, good to see you. Slindis might have gotten a lead on why we are here. What about you?"

The duo walked in grimly, but were pleased to find that they had others they could share the news with. With a small, but respectful nod to Coach Maxim, the two began explain what they found,

"Investigating the crime scene of the murder at closer detail. Not that we really needed to do much, Angelus' nose her helped determined the main clues."

The dragoness gave a proud exhalation of air from her nostrils, the gesture losing some of it's grandeur in a mortal woman's guise, "That I did. Brimstone was heavy in the air. Smelt like someone stepped off a bloody volcano, ugh. And, Kurumu, I don't know if you were related to the poor lad, but the victim bore the same last name as you did. A Jac Kuruno. You have my apologies..."

There was a pause, and Caim continued where Angelus left off, "We've determined that because of this, and what we've encountered before, a frequent denizen of the lower realms, commonly referred to as hell, perpetrated the crime. What's more, through a process of elimination and affiliation, we have one suspect aside from the confirmed Mark."

There was another pause between the two, as the decision as to who broke the awkward news was up in the air, and then it was decided that Angelus was a tad better on such delicate subjects, and continued, taking a far more hushed tone at this point,

"... Do you know how close was your daughter to Lucifer? Because we have some bad news if she was..."

Caim cut in at this point, Angelus taking care of the humanities while he explained, "Out of all the infernal beings we know, he's suspect. Devon's imps are accounted for, as well as his paramour, Kurumu and Kalastryn. And those last two don't even have the suspecting smell. If it's someone we know, he's the only one left."

Tapping the ring, he added to the two, "And when we get the chance, we need to talk to Devon and your daughter. They're the only Authors that we have on hand, and we need to know if Mark has relinquished his control or not. If he hasn't... Well, as far as I've been told, he's had his hand in a lot of places..."


Rugal let out a sigh and a nod at Angelus's statement.
"...She is infatuated with him, as he is to her. I'm not sure how she'll react to this news..." He said grimly as he walked over to the water cooler and got himself a cup.
"Still, I'll talk to her. Just remember, Hell has a lot of denizens and they don't necessary need a reason to make our lives hell." He added before talking a drink.
"...I never thought being a parent was this hard. Then again, My thoughts weren't focused on the topic often..."

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