The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School
Author's Note: Let's try this again...

The Library: Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Maxim | Rugal | Slindis

Slindis chuckled slightly. "Now do you understand what I'm going through with Melethia? We'll work things through with Teri, and when any kind of Demons or Devils are involved, it always helps to find out what they're aiming for." SHe watched as Lupito continued to snuggle with Gabrielle, then turned to address Caim and Angelus' information.

"I know that we couldn't leave you in the loop, but honestly, we've been busy ourselves. And considering we were all taken here, we should consider every one of us targets. Now considering Lucifer's relationship with Teri, he wouldn't allow Mark to do something to harm her unless it helped something greater.And the only thing that would cause that is something big back in Khyber. Our best bet now is to find out what that is, and fast." ALthough she didn't know the full facts, she had that gut feeling telling her she was on the right path.

Doctor Neo-Cortex's Biology Class of Horrrrrors: Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Miku | Puce | Sadei | Sean | Teri | Ton Ton

Melethia pounced on two more and tore them to shreds as Devon responded. "I was training so that I would be able to back myself up if something like this happened!" He did exactly as Caim had trained him and lopped the head and arm off one of the zombies, knowing it wouldn't be the best idea for him to Shout in here.

"Day in and day out since you were gone, I've been improving myself. And he only covers the bladewielding aspects; I have to train on my own to keep the music up and the dancing up and the spellcasting up and the way with words up and I have to spend 2 hours each night for the tomes! Excuse me for not lounging around, but I haven't had the time! By the time I finish each night, you're already asleep and I'm exhausted!" A quick stab to stop another Zombie interrupting, and he saw Ella fighting as well. If Ella focused, she would see that he'd indeed improved greatly in using that blade of his.

And what was that about him learning how to dance?

Avatar Adventure
Location: Biology Lab | Avatar Adventure Highschool

Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Miku | Puce | Sadei | Sean | Teri | Ton Ton

Lucieon instantly drew his rapier from it's holster behind his hip and lashed out toward the zombies. His left hand gripped C.C. and pulled her close to his body as his Estoc swiped out and beheaded three of his undead cousins in a single blow. His head spun from the remnants of that confounding magic, but he hadn't the time to be questioning such things. His time in Cataclama taught him a valuable lesson, while it might take a rational creature a few moments to think and react, the unthinking dead will never hesitate. To fend them off you had to be just as quick, just as instinctive as they.

He stepped backwards, pulling C.C. with him so that their feet landed in unison on the center of the dissection table. He was leading her movements as though it were a simple waltz, and not a dance of death. He brought his right hand around and swept alongside his midsection in a single fluid motion before ducking down, and forcing C.C. to do a deep bow as he struck out at two more encroaching undead that were behind them. The Estoc cut through them like a shark through water. It's enchanted blade split flesh and bone as easily as it parted the air.

The Estoc made another full revolution around them, felling all of the creatures within range before it found its way back into it's sheath. Lucieon straightened himself before he brought C.C. to her feet and dusted her off. The blood coated the floor around them, but not a speck had managed to touch either of the two.

His eyes averted hers, but he still spoke as calmly as he always did, "Are you okay?" he asked again, for what seemed to be the fiftieth time. What is this school, he thought to himself, this place is far too extreme to be any real seminary.

Ken and Matt sat in the back of the class casually killing any zombies that got close. "These zombies are damn pushovers. This would be better if these were Rage zombies like from "28 Days Later". Those fuckers would keep you on your toes," Matt told Ken. "You know my scientists back in our dimension have been able to recreate that. It works and everything," Ken told him.

The Library: Rugal

"Yes, Between the Angel War, getting lost in another realm set in the 1800's for a few moths months before this happened, I've had plenty of time to update my Facebook and Twitter..." Rugal snidely said regarding Kurumu's need for gossip.
"Look, I'll talk to Teri about Lucifer and see if I can get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, Focus on where we are now. Slindis, go through the records for any information on this school, Address, Founders, Budget Details, Everything." He said before finishing his drink and discarding the cup.
Satan with control of a Author? That sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen...

Doctor Neo-Cortex's Biology Class of Horrrrrors:David

Once the Zombies hit, David along with the other first responders opened fire with his hidden guns, quickly downing any that came near him.
"I HATE BIOLOGY! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT!" He shouted, not amused with the trick Cortex seemingly pulled on them.

The man himself was prepared however when Kalastryn rose the dead.
"Oh for the love of-I KILLED YOU ALL ONCE! I'LL DO IT AGAIN!" He shouted as he pulled out his Ray Gun and blew away any that posed a possible risk to him, showing that he was no stranger to Zombies.
Or the "Cadavers" he "Purchased" from the "Shop".

Once the moment had passed and Puce spoke to him, he was busy checking the vitals of the Zombie.
"...This isn't Viral..." He concluded from the lack of Mutations or possible infections.
"Alright...SOMEONE is pulling a little prank on me. I knew people who *MADE* Zombies for a living before this. And I know when it's caused by a Virus or Infection and when it's not. And I'm certain that I didn't do anything. Therefore, one of you must have done something. I'm giving you the chance to turn yourself in now and make things easier for yourself." He said to the class, now ankle deep in undead body parts.

Prof. Sean & Asst Prof. Miku.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Then now empty Music Hall.
Time: Third period.

After playing his part in his class, Sean just sat down emotionless for the rest of class.
He didn't even bother to listen to the last two performances by James, Matt and the band of girls.
Though he did hear the "One of us" chant, it only bought back the recent memories when he was changed.
The raw emotion of anger spoke to him, it kept reminding him of those days, where everything happened.
The day where his family was killed.
The day where he was transformed and forced to kill this world's civilians. And then ...
The day where he remembered it all.
Too much death ... too much anger.

Gripping his chair, a liquid formed out of Sean's lips.
Blood, the memory caused him to bite his own lip in frustration.
A silky sensation overcame this though, his eyes removed the fog from reality. Sean could see Miku directly in front of him holding a red handkerchief. "The class ended a while ago." She smiled like an angel.
"I regret that day ... though I regret that day even more." Sean said with tears flowing like a natural rive.

Warmth suddenly surrounded him. Surprised by the change of bodily temperature Sean looked up to see Miku holding onto him. "Please ... don't cry. I don't want to see you cry." She said whilst holding her own tears back. "I'm sorry, not just for this ... but I am sorry that I dragged you with me, helping me kil-." Sean was talking until a impact and a loud smacking echoed filled the music hall.

Miku punched him.
Straight into his face.
Used to the impact only his face swung to the opposite direction, leaving a red mark.
"Don't say that ... EVER. I came by myself, but right now you have no right to complain about killing those people or not having a family. I have never even had a family ... and I am equally responsible for those deaths. Please stop blaming only yourself and taking all the responsibility. You are the closest person to me. First I thought I hated you, though soon I began to lo-MFF" Miku was talking about how she was just like him and that he had no right to complain.

She was suddenly interrupted but Sean getting up all too quickly and kissing her.
It was a sudden kiss which surprised her so she was struggling but lost resistance.
Collapsing in his arms he whispered to her. "I'm sorry for not noticing. From this moment on I will never leave your side. We have been alone for most of our lives." Sean stroked her hair as if she was an animal. the tears stopped right after hearing her resolved and scream.
"I love you too ..." He simply said to her as she began to sleep.

Sean's dark thoughts returned for a second.
"I will kill anyone who tries to take her away from me!"
It said before Sean's attention focused on Miku again.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School
Author's Note: Let's try this again...

Dmitri's World (The Tablet): A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

"Freedom. It is a curious term that I had never considered until now. What would you do were you free of Mistress Teri?"

Dimitri blinked in confusion and then smiled, "That is just the thing, Ms. Vermilion. Even in the service of Her Ladyship, I do not feel enslaved. Rather, I feel as if I render a service and am paid in, well, being able to do as I am now. That is, I am paid in time, something humans always lack.

I am asked to do things for her, certainly, but it is never anything beyond my scope; and even should something happen, she will fight for my data. I'm never told I can 'be rebooted' or replaced. I am treated as just as much an intelligent being as she is."

The Library:Angelus | Caim | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Maxim | Rugal | Slindis

Angelus gave a 'Hmph' in response to Kurumu's want for gossip with a frown, "I was under the impression the relationship was to be kept under wraps, albeit shoddily. Furthermore, if what we think is true, as well as what we know to be true, then it might be in shambles anyway."

She couldn't help but crack the faintest of grins at Kurumu's antics though. It was a welcome callback to familiarity and of simpler times.

"Still, I'm worried Mark might try to use his powers to force others into his control. We need to assure that any that were under his purview are safe. Rugal, when you talk to the girl, ask her about that. If what she said in here earlier was true, she knew him well enough. She might know if he still has control or not."

There was a pause as the group continued to think, and Angelus spoke up again, "Hmmn, if Mark is truly autonomous in this slew of killings, and if he is indeed damned, I wonder if he's been in Hell already? Denizens sometimes escape there... It would explain the smell."

Caim shook his head with a grunt of irritation, "There's still a lot we need to know and many possibilities we have to consider. Let's work with what we got instead of stabbing at every possible theory."

"Right... I don't know Mark very well either, but if his main motive is just being driven mad by torment, all semblance of predictability could be lost.... Kurumu, did you know this Author at all? If so, what could you glean about his actions?"

A heavy conundrum indeed....

Doctor Neo-Cortex's Biology Class of Horrrrrors: Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Teri | Ton Ton

With the zombies abolished, Teri took another deep breath to calm herself down, and put both of her divine focuses back into her pockets; sending praise to Sadei as she did so,

"Nicely done with the turning, friend. I could feel your aid as I called upon the Lord to abolish the undead...

Thank you."

After that, she kneeled down and checked her bag on Garm's condition, and was happy to find that the puppy, although raring to get out of the bag, was very much alright. Giving her faithful friend a calming pat on the head, she put herself cautiously back in her seat, still a bit on edge after the sudden zombie infection.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, in the meantime, made a flying loop over the class to take a look out for any straggling zombies.


For a moment, Kalastryn thought about turning herself in, in case he was smart enough to figure out who it was... i mean, geeze, his brain is probably big enough to fit every textbook and tome in the world in that cranium... but... What am I thinking? If I do that, he won't be the only one angry with me... might as well let it cool down with the others until later. She thought, as it just registered in her brain what he just said!


"Oh for the love of-I KILLED YOU ALL ONCE! I'LL DO IT AGAIN!"

Yeah... she was pissed. "I'm no stranger to undead, though I never learned much about making them, I fought them a lot, so I can probably safely say these were never a threat... but... did I just hear you correctly? Or do I have cotton in my ears?" She asked, calling his bluff and, getting a murderer caught.

(also, the bluff where lying about not knowing how to make them, is a bluff check. rolled a 38, pretty damn believable even though its total bullshit :D )

Dr. Cortex

"What?" Cortex stammered as Kalastryn pointed out his mad battle cry, stating that the Cadavers were in fact living before he got his hands on them.
"...Well...the thing about that was....errrr..."


"OKAY, CLASS IS DISMISSED. EVERYONE READ PAGES 1-593 FOR HOMEWORK, WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE LEAVING AND THE JANITORS WILL SORT THAT MESS OUT! BYE!" Cortex managed to say before the bell stopped ringing as he raced out the door, leaving the students rather confused and bloody.


"....I hate this school..." David stated for the record as he attempted to clean himself up from all the blood and guts.
"Urk, It's all over my bag..." He sighed as he attempted to find out what the next class was.


Once the bell rang, Rugal took the chance to say "Teri should be leaving class right now, I should be able to talk to her and ask her about Mark and Lucifer. I personally hope that it isn't Lucifer who's behind this, I'd rather not to hurt my daughter like that..."
Thus he made his way out towards the Cleric's location.


Kalastryn was kind enough with David's complaints to give him a prestidigitation shower to clean the blood from him and his clothes. "Oh, stop your whining. This was definitely a messy endeavor, but I guess it spared us all from actually taking a class from that madman. I've got to figure out who did this in an hour or so, so I can thank them." She says snickering a bit, it being difficult to tell if she was laughing at how genius, if gory, the prank was. Or rather if it was because of the fact a bad-ass like David was complaining about having his clothes and backpack dirty, of all things, rather than just being hit with an undead "assault."

"So... what's the next class for the day?" She asked, as she looked at her schedule... only to find that she was unlucky enough that one of the zombies seemed to have splashed a huge patch of blood on it, making the classes below biology unreadable.


Teri frowned at Cortex's hasty escape, and concluded that what Kalastryn was onto was probably right, "Ugh.... That'd explain the nasty state of the digestive system when I got to it... I don't want anything else to do with this room."

After a quick zip to the sinks, her height proving to be an advantage for once as it allowed for her to squeeze past a large portion of the student body, the Cleric was out the door and happy to be free from the death smelling class. As she checked the status of her equipment, her holy symbols and Garm, she saw Rugal's much younger self approach and gave a little wave,

"Hullo, Dad. Do you need me for something? Or are you looking for Mel? She was just in the class I was in, and I can easily get to her if you want...."

Cutie Bruisers

Back in the classroom, Cadolbolg hovered over Kalastryn and David as Ton Ton gave a friendly jiggle of his Lantern, "We don't really know either, but we'll be here with you, in case things get too heavy. Kay? Anyways, we probably need to get going...."


"Nonono, It's you I wish to talk to. In private if that can be arranged..." Rugal said with a somewhat serious tone to his voice as he led her away from the others and into a vacant classroom.
"...Dad? is something wrong?"
"Oh....Where to begin? First the Ship crash in that other realm, now this. Urgggg..." He sighed as he warmed himself up for the talk to come.
"Okay, First topic on the agenda...So I was talking with your mother and Caim and Angelus and they wanted me to ask you about Mark. You said you know him and you are an Author. What can you tell me about him? And why would he want to do this to us? The School and the Realm I mean." He asked as he pulled a chair from one of the desks and sat on it.


"Hey, I don't know how much these books cost! I might need to replace them. Besides, only the insane actually get any pleasure out of being coated in blood." David protested as Kalastryn used Prestidigitation on him.
"Man...I gotta learn how to do that. Would make Laundry Day a breeze!" He quipped as he checked his stuff.
"Just what happened in there? One minute, I'm seeing the guy's last meal, the next, I'm his Seconds!"

Rugal | Teri | Garm

"Okay, First topic on the agenda...So I was talking with your mother and Caim and Angelus and they wanted me to ask you about Mark. You said you know him and you are an Author. What can you tell me about him? And why would he want to do this to us? The School and the Realm I mean." He asked as he pulled a chair from one of the desks and sat on it.

Teri sighed, not surprised that this line of questioning had come to pass, but decided it'd be best to follow along. Slumping in a chair, she pulled Garm out of her bag and cuddled him in her arms, the adorable puppy helping to combat the melancholy in her heart as she began to explain her previous relationship with the Author,

"Mark and I knew each other through the forum, you know, where'd we Author it up. We'd send each other PMs and became really good friends. He was really funny, and smart; as well as helpful when it came to computer related stuff. He was almost like a big brother that I could always talk to, you know? Anyway, he was the main safeguard I had against Red Mage. Brought me to some kind of world he had acted as an Author for, called the Pub, and we chilled out there till most of the calamity blew over. Then, after he wrote a paper releasing all of those he wrote for up to that point, and that was A LOT of people, he essentially went for a suicide run against the Mage. Lucky for us, we were alright after that, and then we kinda traveled around till the Slenderman attack.

I don't remember much during that, but we were all scattered and that was around the time the Bruiser incident happened. He was also the one that gave me my tablet, because my laptop was destroyed. He... He worked so hard to save me. He kept messages going too, to keep my morale up when I was captured. But after that, and being brought to the main Universe, we kinda drifted apart, and spent less time together. I guess that's partially my fault, since I didn't really want to be around anyone but a select few and I was scared almost all the time..."

She paused for a moment, thinking back to how much weaker she was then, and then shook her head, "I know we joked about an arc about school life, but I don't know how or why Mark would do this. He used to be so kind..."

A silence overtook the two for a moment, and Teri asked quietly, "Is there anything else you need to ask about Mark or anything else you need?"


While evertyone else was talking, Slindis was getting a good idea of how the school ran through the books.

Nothing else to say, since I had nothing to respond to.

David, Melethia

Melethia approached David, not all that fazed by the zombies. If anything, she looked disappointed. "Oh come on, they couldn't bring out some actual undead? I could take those wastes of necromatic energy any day of the week." Devon was cleaning up the others there while Sadei respponded to Teri. No problem, Teri. It's the least I could do.


Rugal merely listened and nodded though Teri's explanation, tuning in on the words "He used to be so kind..."
"Used to? You mean, he isn't kind anymore? Teri, if there is anything that we need to know about him, I urge you to tell me." He added afterwards.
"Also, Mind telling me about Lucifer? Not about the two of you but all you know about him? Just due to recent developments, I fear he might also be involved in all this..."


David looked at Melethia as if to say "Are you Serious?"
"...Aren't you wondering who or what rose the dead right in front of you? I mean, that sick bastard could still about around here..." He said right in front of Kalastryn, if only he knew.
"And what do you mean "Actual" Undead? Those Undead seemed "Actual" to me..." He added as he took a moment to check his weapons and reload them if needed.



"While I can understand what your saying about only the insane enjoying such a thing as being covered in blood, sometimes its a dirty job but someone's got to do it." She said as she chuckled again at his thought of being the zombies "seconds."

Then, with the cleric who would be the most easily offended, and all of the unnamed students and the teacher out of the classroom, she decided to reveal being the one to cause a "10 minutes of the living dead" scenario to Mele and David.

"To be honest with you, those zombies weren't ever geared for combat, in fact, they were just a ploy to try and scare the teacher for being insane enough to teach a biology class on actual bodies. He was one sick man so I decided to play a little joke on him. No one was ever in any danger, it was more of a horror show than anything else. I made them so weak on purpose so that even if I slipped at the controls, like I did when Teri used her turn, that they couldn't hurt anyone, even if unchained. That would be why they were "a waste of energy any day of the week." she says to Mele with a chuckle.

"Also, this was a little more than a simple prank. I figured with how he was so insistant that he bought them somewhere, it was a bit of bait into maybe him screaming an apology to them in vain... but his battle cry works as a confession too. she said. Geez, it was almost like she had a slick, yet well trained, mind straight out of Sherlock Holmes.

Rugal | Teri | Garm

"Used to? You mean, he isn't kind anymore? Teri, if there is anything that we need to know about him, I urge you to tell me." He added afterwards.
"Also, Mind telling me about Lucifer? Not about the two of you but all you know about him? Just due to recent developments, I fear he might also be involved in all this..."

Teri's eyes were downcast as she answered the rest about Mark, "I say used to, because that was HIM on the computer. Sure, the form may have been different, but with his projecting from that program, I know it was Mark. And Devon says he saw someone fitting Mark's description.. Not to mention what he said to us... To me... If was he was my friend before, he certainly doesn't want to be now."

Furthermore, at the mention of Lucifer, Rugal saw that his daughter was under more stress than he realized; as she let go of Garm, and buried her face in her arms on her desk.

"So... You figured that out too?"

She already suspected her own boyfriend? Well, that certainly explained her distress... Before she began to speak again, Teri removed something from around her neck before she did so, a beautiful amulet made with a sanguine gem and red gold. Setting the piece of jewelry on the table, she continued speaking,

"It makes sense, doesn't it? Lucifer has Mark's soul. He can do what he wants with it. And I don't know if Mark's change in attitude is voluntary or not. I know we were mean writing our stories, but I never thought Mark would actually kill people... And... I.... I hate to think of it, but if it's involuntary, than that would leave Lucifer as the prim suspect."

She shook lightly, a small sob escaping from her throat, and she grabbed one of her water bottles, forcing herself to drink so that her throat wouldn't dry out from the crying. After a few moments to try to calm herself, and she kept going, this time, switching to the rings to speak,

"What I'm about to tell you, people aren't supposed to know. I'm not supposed to know, technically, but you've already seen it for yourself, so I don't feel afraid to reveal the truth. As you know, Lucifer has an archangel form. I don't know how much you know about Christian theology, but that's not supposed to be the case. He's supposed to look charming at times, sure, but he's not supposed to be like that. Not as clean, or as bright. He is supposed to be Fallen.

It's all a pretense. God ordered him to fall, and to rule Hell in order for her, well, God is technically gender neutral, so xir likes to be either... Anyways it was for God to be able to keep an eye on both Heaven and Hell and keep a balance between the two. At least, that's what I was told, and that's what Mark told me when he Wrote him. Yeah, Mark Authored in Lucifer, and brokered a deal with him. Crazy, right? And now he might be involved in all of this... I know he was supposed to pretend to be evil, but I didn't think- I.... I was naive to think- I don't know... I just don't know."

Putting her face back down on the desk, the Cleric made a tired sounding exhalation from the back of her throat, the stress undoubtedly making things hard to think through for her. Then again, to think that those you care about are betraying you is never the best circumstance for completely calm thought.


Caim and Angelus began to follow Slindis' example, combing through what books they could find. As they did, Angelus shot over her shoulder, "Have you found any leads yourself? Another mind would be good to bounce ideas off of."

Next Class is Home and Careers with ??? (By Mcpop9)


Once Teri had finished her piece, Rugal went in for a comforting hug, sushing slightly in a attempt to ease her worries.
"It's okay. It's okay. You did good, You did good..." He said as the bell for the next class rang.
"Alright, Listen. I'm sorry, but Caim and Angelus needed me to ask you. Just stand strong, this will all be over soon. I promise."
The Father and Daughter then went their separate ways, Rugal back to the Library and Teri to her next class.

Second he got in the door, he said "Lucifer seems legit. Even with Teri's possible Bias, from what I've gathered, he's too clean for something like this. BUT...This does give us another lead.

If Satan is up here, Then who's running Hell?"

As Rugal said that, Slindis found out something that didn't bode well for the group: Several of the teachers listed were high ranking members of the Cartel.

Dr. Neo Cortex : Biology
Dr. Albert Wesker : Applied Science
Dr. Victor Von Doom : Metal-work
Major Bison : History
Viscus : Computing
Bruiser : Detention supervisor.


"Waitwaitwait, That was you!?" David stammered at Kalastryn's confession.
"Dude! Not Cool, At least give us some heads up next time! And what if you get caught!? This place has Killer Robots, I can only imagine what Detention is like!" He said as the bell for the next class went off.
"Okay, Home and Careers, sounds like a easy gig. Just for the love of god, if you pull some shit like that again, give me a heads up!"


"Don't worry, I'll try to give you a heads up best I can if there even is a next time... still I've but one favor. While I'd like to imagine Teri would be okay with my abilities over the dead, I don't want to know how they would really react to the fact that I can make the dead move at will. Could each of you keep this between us? Now that you mention it though, Detention in this school must be hell. Though... perhaps I'd be crazy enough to try getting into it. After all... I know you aren't too thrilled about investigating what's going on here... but there might be an answer to getting home within those cases, no matter how hopeless the likeliness, and if the perpetrator was a student here, it could be possible to find something relative in detention. Still, I'm not too thrilled about it, but, keeping in mind getting caught at what I just did would be sufficient enough reason to send me there... I'll consider the option of investigating it at the end of the day should the others deem it necessary."

Way to be willing to take one for the team... too willing perhaps... if she only knew.

It was a few minutes after everyone was settled in, that who appeared to be one of the school's janitors walked into the room. She walked over to the whiteboard infront of the class with a can of lemon pledge and a cloth in hand, then polished a spot that had a single speck of dust on it.
Then she turned around and faced the class.

"Hello class.... Mister Martha Stewart is Dead... I teach class." her little and rather reserved voice said. She pulled out her cloth and pledge and sprayed it on the board.
"Use circle... it work good Mister Class...."

Next Class is Home and Careers with ??? (By Mcpop9)


Slindis mentioned the Cartel Teachers when Rugal was in there, since apparently she'd been the only one to read who the teachers were in that pamphlet when they'd arrived. "Rugal. Believe it if you will, but I have to keep an open mind here. Caim, Angelus, is there any odd details you noticed there? even the slightest thing off?" She informed them of what she knew, letting them know what kind of school this was.

It was clear that Slin was taking the proverbial gloves off and was holding nothing back in the investigation.

David, Melethia

Melethia shrugged in the class, still tingling from the cleaning. And surprisingly, she was paying a good amount of attention to the class here. If she could find better ways to clean her metals before working them, there would be fewer imperfections in the finished product.


This was at the point where Kala didn't really want to seem rude, but the woman standing in front of her was barely audible from the front seat... and not that she would judge a book by it's cover... but she felt happier in biology than here... she wasn't about to take a class from the Janitor, especially one who she couldn't understand. Besides, what use could she be here to the investigations, and she stuck out like a sore thumb.

She's honestly surprised a woman that appeared so nervous at first glance hadn't run off when she basically saw a devil... detention, or detention for what she assumed it was, was looking much more inviting. Call it the curiosity that kills the cat, or the legitimate thinking of being able to find something useful in detention, but she stands up and says to this woman...

"Excuse me ma'am, where might I find detention? I've got a confession to make..." she says... which arises gasps from the rest of the class, especially if any had been there before... they had just legitimately met someone who would prefer detention to an easy class like home and careers. Without even waiting for the woman's answer, she walks out the door, a good amount of the class mesmerized by the overabundance of any of Honesty, or Stupidity, and the lack of Knowledge on the situation, or Common Sense... not her brightest move to them, but she had a plan to discover as much as possible, no matter where her view was forced...

(Kalastryn opens her spell-book as she walks to detention and swaps Telekinesis for Prying eyes, then casts it. Creating 10 floating eyes, which can fly freely and record what they see to be seen by the caster once they return to them, and have equal knowledge of all events to the caster. For example, they will know what Kala knows about the missing students, but they won't know any of the missing students' names, as Kalastryn doesn't know that. she then casts invisibility on them, hiding them from sight.) As she steps into detention, she then whispers commands to them. "Find anything I'd think relevant to the cases of the thirty missing students, or the murder by the gym." She whispered, and they got to work searching detention. Kalastryn, however, was in for a surprise with detention.

She was in for a surprise indeed. The maid had followed her there, a sharp pain in the ear and consuela had begun to drag her back to class. "No... No... Mister detention no here..." She said and had gotten the mage back into the classroom. She handed the can of pledge and the cloth to kalastryn, then pointed at the board. "Circle bitch..." She said and looked at the rest of the class when her cellphone rang.

The class heard something about money.
"Yes... I took..."
Then they heard something about drug lords and angry.
"Come get bitch." Then hung up.
The tail end of this:

Matt and Ken were bored out of their minds by this point. Ken used his powers to create a miniature dragon made of nuclear plasma on his desk. He then made it walk around and shoot lasers out of its mouth. Matt on the other hand was staring off into space. What people didn't see was him browsing reddit using his HUD.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Home Economics Center | Avatar Adventure Highschool

Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Miku | Puce | Sadei | Sean | Teri | Ton Ton

A hundred years in isolation did not do good for a man's ability to read the subtleties of another human. Super-human. Meta-Human. Whatever. Lucieon refused to sit in his assigned seat in the home economics room, firmly believing that cookery and cleaning was something that was solely delegated to staff specifically hired to do so. It seemed that some of his teenage logical fallacies and prejudices had returned to him.

"Luke. I saw some signs for a Welcome Back Dance that's supposed to happen tonight. Would you go with me?"

Lucieon turned to C.C. casually and drew his rapier before taking a swift and polite bow, "It is not even a matter of asking. I will of course chaperone you to the dance tonight. There are far too many dangerous things in this school." After all of this, no one had actually decided to inform him that he was seventeen years of age and not one hundred and twenty one. He saw C.C. more as a platonic friend, an asset really, than anything. At least so he consciously continued to tell himself.

It took a few moments of stunned silence, most of which the Undead Merchant spent awkwardly trying to read C.C.'s face, before he finally understood the connotations of her question. His face would have flushed if his heart was beating, luckily one of the perks to being undead meant that your body didn't give away when you were flustered. Instead he did that rather more obtusely. His eyes fixated on C.C.'s golden irises and his mouth opened and close a few times like a beached fish. Unable to speak, and unable to draw breath. "You want me... to be your equal in tonight's dance?" A strange way of putting it, but he seemed to get his point across.

C.C. affirmed the question by nodding lightly, as girls are wont to do.

Lucieon stiffened and stood up straight, sheathing his Estoc behind his back before stammering, "I suppose it is completely reasonable that I should accompany you to the dance as your friend." He rationalized it to himself by the means of his childhood logic. People in the Candorian plutocracy went to gallant balls all the time, often with no romantic or even friendly feeling towards the people the came with. He made it clear to himself, and himself only, that he would be going to the dance with C.C. only to preserve her social standing. Not as a friend or romantic interest. "It's perfectly reasonable for me to do so. Yes. As an escort, a protector, a friend."

Another look into her eyes told him otherwise, and his facade of control crumbled to dust. His shoulder slumped and he put a gloved hand to his face, "Look, C.C. aren't I a little old for you? I mean you should be going with someone in the same age range as you. And probably the same generation. And century too while you're at it."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School
Author's Note: Let's try this again...

The Library: Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Maxim | Rugal | Slindis

Slindis took in the information and nodded. "Well, we have to keep in mind that this school was made specifically to keep an eye on the students here. There would be many others that would want these kids. There's a lot more going on behind the scenes, but again I really don't feel too safe bringing it up due to some of those brought up."

Meanwhile for his part, Lupito was enjoying the playing around with Gabrielle while he lightheartedly nipped at her legs.

Home and Careers Class of Horrrrrors: Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Miku | Puce | Sadei | Sean | Teri | Ton Ton

Mel called out to Puce and Aftan, a bit annoyed but clearly seeing an opening to slip away while the teacher dealt with the money. "Are the both of ya gonna keep arguin' for no reason or are ya just gonna kiss an' make up?" There was only so long that she could handle the spat before getting annoyed, after all.


He paid a little attention to the teacher but not all that much as he addressed Ella. "Yeah. It took a long time, but a large chunk of all that was just learning how to dance. I didn't want to bother you since you were still recovering from your problem, well, that and they were rather intense training sessions. I mean, you can join if you want, but there's a lot that you wouldn't expect from those lessons. I mean, you wouldn't believe some of the things... Well, I guess you'll be seeing them. If it gets too hard for you, just let me know. Or we could always head to that dance together tonight."

Devon then proceeded to give a rather gentlemanly kiss on Ella's hand as he continued, and she could see that even at this age that he was built in all the right places. Caim's training was not undone by something as minor as losing years off one's life. "Well, it was more of that I was just so clumsy, Ella. Even if I can talk it down, it doesn't mean that I shouldn't be able to defend myself. I just have the feeling that for everything I can talk down, there's seven other things I won't be able to. ANd what would happen if those people from the ceiling went to mess with you again?"

It was around that time that he paused for an unsettling amount of time and chuckled as he talked again. "Or we could be worrying about the Mother-in-law...That blue hair does not work with all of those rings." He was extremely hesitant to say more, but Ella knew exactly who he was talking about.

The Headmaster's Office: Angelus | Caim | Devon | Ella | Rugal | Slindis | Teri | ???

It was around that time that Slindis took a good hard look at Lucifer, not being too trusting at the moment with all of the issues that had been brought up. "I believe we should be asking the questions here, Lucifer. Why are you here?"

Devon kept a firm hand on Ella's shoulder, and Ella could feel the fine mesh of Devon's chainmail shirt underneath his uniform as well. It wasn't too noisy, but It provided a good defense. Come to think of it, it hadn't been there before she left. How had he gotten it? For his part, Devon tried to conceal to Lucifer that he knew about who was currently in control down south.

Not that it worked, of course. I mean, no matter how well you can bluff, you won't beat the Prince of lies without a good deal of training.

"Well if I had to guess I would say becoming Patient Zero of a Rage virus outbreak had he bitten me," Matt said after examining the miniature zombie. "What I can say is that this is first time I've seen it. Maybe you can keep him as a pet," Matt said jokingly.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School
Author's Note: Let's try this again...

The Library: Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Maxim

Lupito was thoroughly enjoying this - sure, he would have to be cleaned off, but that didn't matter right now. And with that, he zipped between Gabrielle's legs, incredibly gleeful

Home and Careers Class of Horrrrrors: Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Miku | Puce | Sadei | Sean | Ton Ton

Melethia chuckled. "Nah, I just think she's real mad at ya for lookin' so bad out there. I mean, when I get the chance, I could show ya some things with just about anythin' ya want to use. So, what do ay thing?" From how she'd taken on the zombies in the class like it was a flick of the wrist, she could probably show quite a few things to the Energy Conduit in CQC that would augment his current skills. In any case, it wouldbe a good idea to see how she fought.


Ella most certainly did know who Devon was referring to when he mentioned the blue hair and masses of gold rings. There could only be one person that fit that description to a T.

"She sure does know how to dress doesn't she? I mean I swear to the heavens that she only looks at the tackiest stuff in the world and asks herself how she can make it even more tacky before she puts it on." The Half Succubus Half Angel said with a laugh as she they finally entered the Headmaster's office.

"Oh holy crap. Daddy?"

The Headmaster's Office: Angelus | Caim | Devon | Ella | Lucifer | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Slindis shook her head as she addressed him. "We lost that information somewhere between the fifth and ninth plane shifts. Now this Agehea, she seems to be someone you know..."

Devon took a moment to think it out and addressed Lucifer. "Does she have ears here? I'm hesitant to talk too much when we have those kinds of people about."

Slindis scowled at Devon and addressed him through a whisper into the ring, covering her mouth with her other hand to conceal the words. She knew well enough when one had reason to be paranoid, and she felt she was on the right track. "Who is this she? The Demon in control tight now?"

"Yes." He took a cue from Slin's book in his return communication which would prevent lip reading and all but the best microphones to pick up a trace before he went back to Ella's side.

The Paladin knew there was a lot more from how the man knew, but she placed enough faith in him to trust that he would keep it silent.


Rugal was confused to say the least about all this.
"Alright, so this entire School...Was a Mission that we set up to save Mark?....Okay then...What was the plan again?" He asked, figuring whatever plan they had made before they were sent here must have been half decent.


David merely sighed and leaned back on his seat.
*Shakes 8-Ball of Writers Block*
"Welp, guess this will be a uneventful class then..."

"I don't know why you're asking me that but sure, keep him. Just make sure to keep a close eye on it unless he escapes and starts a zombie apocalypse. Though don't ask me what they eat because as far as I remember they don't eat anything and starve to death," Matt said remembering the movies well.


"GAH SON OF A-!" Kala screamed for a moment as her ear felt like it was about to detach. The teacher's profane language wasn't easily tolerated. Still, she picked up a rag sprayed the whiteboard with Lysol, cleaned it of in a "circle," then as she turned around to face Consuela she had a look of pure malice in her face... and there was more than one way to get sent to detention. She shot a look to David, keeping the promise of telling him about the next outburst and detention attempt. With a quick motion she bit her finger and then poked Consuela with it rather forcefully. Normally, this would seem very little... but... she had just used her necrotic touch attack.

(necrotic touch more or less deals damage based on a random dice roll, which is based on your level. The damage type is negative energy... think of like an unholy blight or just pretty much the essence of death. As Kalastryn is level 9, she rolls 9d6, so the damage is equal to what they would roll on 9 combined 6 sided dice. She rolled a 24, so that means Consuela just took 24 damage from the very essence of death. That could be a little, it could be a lot, on average, it's about half of what she *could* have done.)

She held back a bit with it, not wanting to hurt her even though she was just called a bitch... still, for a woman of Consuela's stature, it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would hurt... Not necessarily agonizing, but it's not even close to a light tickle either. "Next time, don't call me a bitch, or I won't hold back on zapping you!" She yelled to Consuela.

Then, seeing as how the other classmates didn't see much out of the "attack" and with people she knew knowing better than to assume it was just a light poke, she decided to send a message out over the rings. "I will concede that was probably a little extreme, for those that saw it, but I do feel an honest need to get into detention. I might be able to turn things up there, and, like before, it's not even close to life threatening. Still, that's what they get for manhandling me and referring to me with such profanity as well!" She said to the people in the class who had the rings/knew her, so they at least knew the Rhyme and Reason behind zapping a janitor with, again, the essence of death.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School
Author's Note: Let's try this again...

Outside: Gabrielle | Lupito

Lupito was panicking for the first few minutes of the ride before he finally calmed down. Well, that or he'd already made peace with the fact that he was probably going to die.

Home and Careers Class of Horrrrrors: Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Miku | Puce | Sadei | Sean | Ton Ton

Melethia nodded. "Well, just tell me what ya want, and I can work somethin' out. It just takes some thinkin' outside the box, that's all."

As she let Puce and Kurumu muse over it, she went over to David. "So, are ya doin' okay?"

The Headmaster's Office: Angelus | Caim | Devon | Ella | Lucifer | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Slindis talked. "The biggest strength that this Mark has is those creative abilities. Shut them down, she loses her use for him."


David was just plain confused by whatever Kalastryn just did and why she was doing it.
"...Urgggg...Whatever..." He sent back, not really careing for what happened to her after that stunt with the Zombies.
It was then Melethia spoke to him.
"Okay? At this point, I wished I just died in that attack on Moscow rather than end up with all you crazy ass people..." He answered rather offensively before pulling out a pen and some paper to do another drawing with while he waited for this Janitor to do something.
"I mean, when I first met these people, this was NOT what I thought being with them would be like!!"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Home Economics Class | Avatar Adventure High School

Aftan | C.C. | Cadolbolg | David | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Miku | Puce | Sadei | Sean | Ton Ton

If he was a more savvy man, his mind would have switched gears already. But sadly, when it came to feelings of affection, he wass as tongue tied as any other gentlemen, and definitely not his smooth talking merchant self. At first he took C.C.'s comment very literally and was about to compliment her for looking so youthful well into her early second century. But he managed to catch himself before he actually said anything. The fact set in, his skin and hair weren't the result of some off-record humanity binge, he had actually reverted somewhat back to his old teenage body.

When C.C. grabbed his hand and pleaded him to be her date, the sudden influx of humanity combined with thoze eyes of liquid gold stunned him. For the briefest moment he saw someone else in C.C.'s place. With eyes the same shade of deep gold, whose hair was as red as embers and skin pale and smooth, like a childs. He saw someone whose name he couldn't remember. but she wore the same silks and colors as he did, and the insignia of Merizidan Trading was sewn plainly above her breast. She was a short thing, maybe about five feet tall, but she was warm and hot to the touch, almost like she was hiding a fire underneath that soft skin of hers. Her ears twitched as she stared at him, flashing a small white smile that gave away her distinctive canines.

Even while he was still thinking of this mystery person Lucieon muttered his answer, "Yes, alright. I'll go with you. As a date." Still he stared over C.C.'s head, trying to recall the name associated with that image. He remembered clearly now, she was a Warg, a fox beast-kin, but he couldn't place a finger one why she was important, or what her name was. Nevertheless, the more he seemed to stay in this body, the more memories were flooding back into the forefront of his mind. Some were good, some were bad, and all of them had been buried in Darkness by the trauma of Cataclama.

Home and Careers

"No... no..." She said shrugging off the pain and walked around to the other side of the desk. That's when the door to the classrom, previously closed, was kicked open and a hailstorm of bullets flew in through the doorway. Consuela was taking cover behind the desk. "Mister Class.... Kill them..." she said and pulled an M60 out from under her dress, leaving the others to wonder where she pulled it from exactly.
"I teach how to clean blood After..."

Home and Careers: David

"...Aw, hell no!" David managed to get out in the split seconds before the bullets started flying across the room.
"ONE FUCKING CLASS! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!?!" He shouted as he flipped over his desk and used it as cover before returning fire with a full clip at the mystery gunmen.
"Little Help guys!?" He asked the others as he reloaded.

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