The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Shop Class


Thats what Shadow thought of this class. No killing. no slaughtering. No doing his favorite things.

He sighed as he leaned back in his chair. After being bored for a bit he stood up and walked over to David to ask "what times does this class end?"


"I dunno, could be until the end of the year for all I know..." David answered, not really in the mood to talk to the man who massively upstaged him at a subject he thought himself to be good at.

Shop Class

Devon called over to David, clearly having a lot of trouble with the project. "David, want to work with us here? Me and Teri aren't too good with this, and and I thought that with us all together we could make some progress here. How about it? I'd like to learn from a guy that could actually show us step by step here, you know"


Melethia nodded. "Well, I could. It's more of finding the right kind of material to make the visor transparent, you know. It'd be a good idea, but the stuff has to be really durable. Not glass, for obvious reasons. But if we could get some way to make crystal really durable, that would be perfect."

On the mention of modern technology, she nodded. "It's more of seeing what I can pick up from thee new stuff. Still, have I shown you all of my blades? I made them all myself, and that's just when I was starting out."


Shop Class

"OR! We could try to make a gun!" Shadow said as he butted in on the conversation. "I mean we dont have all the necessary parts at the moment... but im sure we could find the parts we need.... and we could make a lot of the gun from the iron lying around."

"Or I can just take a whole bunch of the iron with me in case I wanna try to build one from scrap later...." he said in a less enthusiastic voice.

Shop Class

David shrugged as he went over, stating "For the record, I was just good with Metalwork in school, not making armor, just to clear that up."
Still, he sat down next to the pair, noting how calm Teri was now thanks to Devon's magic.
"Right, just need to measure out the pieces and then we can start getting shit done. You have a design in mind or..."

Rugal meanwhile just shook his head at Shadow's idea of making a gun.
"You really think its that simple?...I've actually made guns, there is a lot more to it then just duct taping some iron together!" He said rather defensively, the topic of weapon making being a somewhat sore one for him.
Getting back on topic, he the said to Melethia "I'm thinking, we have an external layer of hard glass on the outside, Then we could have a internal layer of SmartGlass or something for a heads up display."
Armor on the other hand...

Shop Class

Devon nodded. "I can assure you you'll be better at this than any of us are at making whatever we will be making, and I really appreciate the help! I mean, Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg are nice with the helmet they're making, but having the teachers make the item for you is basically cheating... Anyhow, don't mind the smell. It's something that's supposed to help us focus more, and it's really helpful. I know it's a bit complex, but how about this?"

"I know it's a bit complicated, but with all of us here, I think we can get it done. Final veto's on you, since you're the man with the experience here." When it came to the others at the table, Ella almost seemed a bit bored by the class, while Teri was still a bit antsy around the equipment. The Cutie Bruisers, on the other hand, seemed extremely enthusiastic to help out here. There was still plenty of time, so maybe they could show the others what a bit of cooperation can accomplish.


Melethia looked over at Shadow, not really disagreeing with him but wanting to give advice. "Well, a gun really does have a lot of things that need a bit more time put in. Like the spiral grooves down the barrel, for example. Get it wrong, and the bullet's a lot more unstable. It's also got to be reinforced somehow so it doesn't have problems from the stress of the bullets heating then cooling it throughout its lifetime..."

After that well-thought statement, she began sketching out the plan Rugal brought up while she continued to converse with him, showing the thought process she went through to him in the process. "That's nice and all, but the problem with glass is that it's really brittle. Even with a shock absorbing layer in between, a good blow would just send cracks through the viewing area and ruin the vision. Maybe if there was a way to reliably make a liquid crystal sheet so you could refine it to the shape of the screen on both sides, then sandwich the internal Heads-up display thingie with some shock absorbing material? It could be a liquid, but you'd have to find one that wouldn't distort your vision."

Shop Class

David looked on at the rather advanced looking helmet and sighed.
"...Ah....Right....ummmm...oh....Like I said, I'm good at metalwork in the Grease Monkey Sense. Not in the...Super-Uber-Advanced-Technology Sense...." He said as he looked at the helmet design.
"Still...if it's just hollow and hasn't got that "Opening Face" thingy....this could work...Gonna need some machining though..." He said as he mounted all their ingots together and began sizing them up.
"Ah yea~...I made some parts for my friends car once, I can do this."

Rugal meanwhile was pondering the logistics of what Melethia was proposing.
While he was never a lead designer or something back in his arms dealing days, he knew a bit about this sort of thing.
"I do believe back in AIM Labs, there was something that fitted that description. A special form of custom Putty we used for the undersea windows. Completely transparent. And if I remember correctly, the water pressure was massive so it'd have the strenght alright. Shame we couldn't get more Tech out of the ruins, we actually had some pretty good ideas outside of killing people in overtly fancier ways..."

Shop Class

Devon laughed with a carefree tone. "Man, I don't even know if we could make that technology-wise if we had ages with what we have here. I was just going for the look of it, you know? You saw exactly what I was going for, though, so let's start on this." The slight humming in the air stopped for a moment, but David could hear Devon cast two spells in succession to maintain the current smell in the air.

"Need me to get any materials or equipment?"


Melethia nodded, taking a look around at the quickly whipped up and rather mediocre helmets the clas had made as a whole. It seems making them faster didn't give much a chance to get it done right. "If I could see some of that, it'd make it a lot easier for that idea. All I'd need is the way to make the durable shielding and we'd be set for that. We'd also need to make sure it couldn't fog up too easily. I mean, the crystal would stop the scratches, and if it was treated right, rain or any other liquid wouldn't bee too bad either. Still, Wheathair, I think we could get down there if it's only a matter of breathing underwater. Just need to make a ring that allows underwater breathing. Saw it plenty while working with the Banshee, and it's one of those things that you find invaluable in the right situations."

Shop Class

Grabbing the Ingots, David began to get to work, taking them over to one of the several "Safe" machines that Doom was supposed to tell the students not to touch.
Still, he actually did some safety checks before chucking the ingots into some kind of industrial microwave as Devon asked if he needed anything.
"Just time, Devon, just time..." He answered as he fired it up and watched like a child would watch popcorn.
As the metal melted into a bowl designed to collect it, David glanced over at Ella.
"...So how long you two been together? Think I saw her once or twice during the Angel war..."

Rugal meanwhile was chuckling at the idea of checking out the ruined lab.
"And while you are at it, can you make a ring that'll clear the idea of UNIT? Second they got involved, the whole area was blockaded a mile in each direction. You'd have better luck trying to find the formula on the Internet or something..." He said, reminding himself of the fate of his former stronghold.
"...Tell me, you plan to be a blacksmith when you are older? I mean, the whole wide world could learn a thing or two from you..."


Shop Class

"OK two things..." Shadow said as he sat down by by Melethia.

"First I've already stated. Shit ton of iron. Second. We. Are. SURROUNDED. By people who use MAGIC. Or shit like it. Now I'm not gonna pretend I have a clue to how it works. Cause I don't. But can't we just used "magic to get the parts we need?"

Then he went on "and since we have mister gun expert over here" pointing at Rugal.

"We could easily build one. And if we don't have the right equipment to shape the parts into the right shape, again, "magic" will work right?"

Shop Class

Devon responded as Ella collected the needed items to help with the next stage. "We met up as my original training ended. You know, right during that forest. Man, talk about your Training From Hell! She had to leave to handle some of her own stuff, but she came back a little bit ago. Kinda got in trouble because I was doing a lot else, but either you bust your ass to keep up or you get left in the Dust. Even then, it's still not easy... 16 hour days of nothing but keeping up."

Melethia sighed. "There's no ring that could do that... I'd have to find another way. Still, when I'm older, I dunno what I'd really be doing. I mean, making and dismantling stuff is really fun, but there's also being able to handle yourself in a fight. I mean, we both know Sis can't handle herself well up close, but that's something I'd like to change."

And when Shadow responded back, the elf rolled her eyes. "Okay, tell me what happens if you're in an area where you can't use magic. What then? Places like that do exist, and they'd leave you stranded without a weapon with sharks circling around you. I say learn the basics first, then learn about the magic."

Shop Class

David let out a "Ahhh..." of understanding as he picked up the dish of the now molten metal before bringing it to one of the other machines.
"Man, for a bunch of "Superheroes", we have a lot of ties to hell..." He commented as he set up molds for the parts of the helmet.
"Then again, after that trouble with the Angels..."

Rugal meanwhile shared Melethia's resentment.
"That and I don't really care how much you want another Gun, I'm not the business of weapon manufacturing, not anymore..." He said to Shadow, finding something about the man to rub him up the wrong way.
Getting back on the topic of what Melethia was going to do when she was older, He added "I wouldn't worry about Teri, she can handle herself. And thats nothing some training from yours truly can't fix...."

Shop Class

Teri was in a much better place with Devon's spells getting the smell away from her, and making the thought of actually working in the class a plausible one. With a clearly gracious "Thank you" tumbling out of the girl as she looked at the group's efforts. With a look of concentration, she scribbled something on her tablet and a book appeared in her bag, making it sag a little more to the observant eye. After reeling a little from poofing something from a bookstore, she began flipping through the pages and wondered aloud,

"Maybe we can look through here to get a better reference on the construction.... What period are we looking to for the armor? Somewhere in the Renaissance, like tournament armor, or something a lot more archaic, like a Greek helmet?"

As she asked, she held up the book to the appropriate pictures; hoping that could help along in the design of their piece.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, on the other hand, were having fun taking turns banging the hammer on their melted metal monstrosity. It was... Well, helmet shaped; but it was a large piece of flat metal as opposed to a 3-dimensional object, almost like a crude drawing of a helmet instead of a replication of one.

Shop Class

David glanced over at the pictures as he went about making Molds for their helmet.
"Well, Devon came up with a good one while you were...whatever you were, D. Can you bring that up again?" David said as the bard Did just that
"We're thinking something like that, only dumbed down enough to be plausible for us to make, Still, I'm open to ideas." He explained, leaving the Molds unfinished for any possible changes in design.

Captcha: Wisdom of Inglip

Shop Class

Devon continued with the process, gathering the last few things as well as some materials for the Cutie Bruisers to use for their item.

Also, Melethia nodded. "Don't forget me or that Music man making that spell over there!" She pointed over to Devon's table which had a small hum from it.

Shop Class

David looked at Melethia and said "Fair enough, see the design?" before motioning to the image Devon had made.
"We're making a less advanced version of that. Kinda a killer robot vibe to it." He added, causing a mild humf from Rugal who actually HAD worked with Killer Robots.
"No Offense, but the kinds I knew? Wouldn't be seen dead in that.
"Oh, like a murdering kill-bot would be picky about how it looks. Could be a floating pink cube with guns and it wouldn't care."
"...You haven't met many killer robots, have you?" Rugal stated, recalling how OCD Viscus was about his armor, right down to the paint job.


Shop Class

"I can see im well liked." Shadow joked as he walked back over to his seat.

As soon as he sat down he began muttering "we can build a fucking iron man helmet but not a gun...."


"Shut up I do give a shit that much..."

Just then he felt a light tapping on his shoulder and turned around to see Taytum.

Holding a older weapon that had not been made for a long time, and it was made entirely of iron.

Shadow couldn't believe, "how the hell.... No wait never mind...." Shadow said as Taytum handed him the gun.

"Thank you" he said as he took the gun and aimed down the sights.

Then he realized something. He needed ammo....

"Son of a BI.."

Shop Class

Devon received the first major section out of the forge after it cooled down and approached David. "Is there anything we need to do like smooth the metal out or maybe polish it? Check the insides for any areas that weren't really touched up on too well?"

Melethia shrugged. "Ya see them in any which way, shape, or form, ya know. It wouldn't be the first time that a weird one popped up, and there'd be that surprise factor." After a bit, she looked at the gun Taytum had made. It was well-made, but in her eyes, it seemed to be missing that personal touch that only making it by hand imbued in it.

"Well, Cowl, ya think they'd be wantin' ya to make something like that here? Besides, ya wouldn't be able to make the gunpowder in this class for the ammo. I think that would be a Chemistry class. Besides, while a gun's nice, if you're goin' for self defense, not much beats a good ol' returner."

Mr. Dr. Doom's Shop Class

As the class went on, Mr. Dr. Doom kept trying to make a helmet using the crafting recipe from Minecraft instead of actual Metalworking.
Growing increasingly angry with his understandable lack of progress, he resigned to just wield the sides of his 5 ingots together in a lopsided "n" shape and call it a day.
"Okay everyone! We're about to show off the designs. Hurry and finish off whatever you were doing!" He said before putting on his "Helmet", having a hard time trying to balance it.
Rugal could only cringe at the idea that HE used to be an employee of his.

Mr. Dr. Doom's Shop Class

Teri did the best she could to aid in the process of helping Devon out with the general work after the metal came off of the heat, working with the tools available to try to smooth and polish the piece as David worked with the hotter side of things. Dimitri occasionally called out a tip or two, and pointed out spots that were missed as the Cleric did the best she could to make the piece look as good as the recreations she saw in her book. With the group collaboration going on here, the Iron man replica was shaping up to look great!

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg were faring well enough, with the both of them being somewhat resistant to heat, and thus made the shaping process a little easier. However, with the two of them compared to the group amassing at David's table, the effort, although valiant, wasn't quite the same; superpowers or not. But, Cadolbolg's fire breath certainly made the heating process easier, that much was certain. When it was all said and done, their helmet more resembled a dented bowl than a completely face covering helmet, like the ones made by the rest of the class. But hey, A for effort... Right?

After waiting for their creation to cool, the duo flew the item to the front of their desks, looking a bit sheepish in the process, but happy to be done with the assignment none the less.

"GOT IT!" Kura shouted out in triumph as she turned on the ham radio, its power being boosted significantly.
"Girls, we just need that telescope now. then i should be able to send a signal to the moon and hopefully get us a ride home. " she explained to the kirlia and other female. Then Kura set about the lab, searching for a telescope with the other two.


Shop Class

As he took his "fuck you finger" and his gun and placed it on the table he turned and replied to Melethia "I wasn't actually planning on using this.... I just wanted to make gun..."

Meanwhile Taytum put on her "Minecraft" helmet (which fit snugly for her) and took her miniature Eiffel Tower and then waited patiently at her desk.

Mr. Dr. Doom's Shop Class

After it was all said and done, the Iron Man helmet came out looking Rather good. It may have lost the ability to lift the face plate, but it was still something they could all take pride in. "Thank you so much, David. We would've been in a lot of trouble without you guiding us along the way." Devon then shook David's hand to show how much he appreciated the help, then stood next to Ella. "Go ahead, present it. I may have come up with the design, but you were the main one that made it a reality."

Melehtia nodded at Shadow's request. "I gotcha. Anywho, time to turn my thing in." She walked over to her table and put her helm on the table. It was hard to think that she'd made it on her own without using magic, but Shadow had seen her at work.

Mr. Dr. Doom's Shop Class

With some last minute changes and a few pointers from Melethia (Namely increasing the size so it could actually fit on someone's head), David, Devon's and Teri's group project was finished in time for the assessment, presenting it next to Melethia's.
While hers was much better made, they had extra points for their robotic design (Least David hoped so)
As everyone went to display their creations, Mr. Dr. Doom walked down from the teachers desk and oversaw all the offerings.
"...Ummm...What the hell are these?...." He asked as he motioned to the Eiffel Tower and Foam-ish finger that Shadow had made as well as Matt's horse.
"Guys, This isn't an Art Class! That dragon bitch runs that. Mr. Dr. Doom teaches METALWORK! Not Art!" He said to them, his "Helmet" still barely on his head.

He then oversaw the actual helmets, shaking his head disapprovingly as he did.
"As for the rest of you, You managed to make the helmet, sure. didn't do it *MY* way!"
.....What did I expect?... Rugal thought as Doom proved himself to be a total moron yet again.
"Therefore! The Golden Star for this class goes to..." He said as he pulled out a gold star sticker out of his cloak and planted it on his forehead.
He then jumped on top of the display table and shouted:


What the Doctor didn't take into account was his own body weight when he jumped up on the table, causing the wooden frame to break at his end, flipping the table over and dropping him onto the floor while all the student creations were flung up into the air.
Before he could get back up, the metal foam finger smashed down on his head, knocking him out cold as the other helmets landed on the ground with no real damage.

Rugal went to check up the doctor, finding him to be knocked the fuck out.
"...Guess everyone gets a A+ then..." He deadpanned as the bell went off, after all, they DID do a better job then the teacher himself did.
The Students were free to take their creations with them if they chose to do so.


When Kura went looking for Misaka and another telescope, she tripped over something.
Looking down, it seemed like as while she was working, Jenny had dozed off, sleeping on her textbooks.
She stirred afterwards, sleepy yawning as she slowly woke up.
*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn* "Oh...Sorry...Must have...Hm, dozed off. What did I miss?" She asked, wiping some sleep from her eyes.

"sorry jenny, didn't see you there. Well, i finally figured it out. now, all we need is a telescope, then i should be able to send a message to the moon." she said and continued searching around for one. "Mind helping? the sooner we get one, the sooner we're all home." she said.

Mr. Dr. Doom's Shop Class

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg shrugged at Doom's theatrics and picked up the helmet they made. It was the first, and probably only they would ever make, but darn it, it was their's! Ton Ton was the first to try to wear it, given that Cadolbolg would have been a bit inconvenienced by it. However, with a helmet made for someone much larger than himself, that was a very hard task. None the less, Ton Ton did his best to follow the leaving party, dragging the helmet behind him.

Cadolbolg shook his head with a turtle-y smile, and flew down, picking up their creation to help his friend along, "I think this will slow you down too greatly, friend Ton Ton."

Ton Ton crossed his arms in frustration, but didn't make a protest as they wandered along. Instead, he opted to show it to Devon, "Mr. Devon, look what we were able to do! It's not as fancy as your group's helmet, but I think one of you could wear it if you tried! Also, I need to ask you something.... My and Cadobolg's class seems to be next and..."

After handing the turtle the helmet, the Tonberry jumped onto Devon's shoulder and began to whisper plans into the bard's ear. Cadolbolg, on the other hand, held their combined helmet proudly for Devon to see, his turtly chest puffed out with pride.

Teri, in the meantime, was actually quite comfortable in their circumstances, aside from Doom's shoddy excuse of a grade. With Devon's illusion up, she didn't feel a rush at all to leave the class as she would have when she first entered. Instead, she wandered over to Rugal and Melethia, and wondered aloud,

"I know Ton Ton and Cadolbolg were wandering with the classes, Dad. Did you pop in for extra protection or something? Also, how'd lunch go, Mel?"

Mr. Dr. Doom's Shop Class

Devon got ready to leave and nodded at the instructions that Ton-Ton was giving to him. "David, you can keep the helmet. You were the one that put the most work into it, after all." He hadn't expected Doom to be so unusual in the grading, but he did have a point. He also waved at Cadolbolg's item shortly after. "You two did a pretty good job there. Now all you need to do is grow into it."

Meanwhile, Mel responded to Teri as she grabbed her helmet. "Well, there's not really a lunch to speak of. I mean, if it were a choice between it and starving, I know people that would gladly choose to go without food."


"Thanks, though to be fair, I really only did a bit of measuring..." David said as he took his helmet from the pile on the floor, dusting it off with his sleeve before stuffing it into his bag.
"Well, there's something for the mantlepiece back home. I'm going to put this right next to that towel I stole from that Angel temple." He quipped as he stepped over the knocked out body of Doom.
"Well, that was the most successful class after Music. What's next?"


After double checking Doom, Rugal answered Teri.
"I heard this moron was running the class. And it was a room with power tools. Last time we left him alone with such things....we don't talk about it..." He answered, not trusting his former employees as far as he could throw them.
"Still, don't think the next class has a teacher AS bad as Doom. So I'm going to return to the others, they were checking out the student database last I checked. You two be good now." He then said to Teri and Melethia before leaving and returning to the library to check their progress.


Although she was tired, the chance to get out of this accursed form was more than enough reason for Jenny to get back up.
"Alright. Just May-*Yaaaawwwnnn*-Maybe we should give a progress report first before we try to contact...whoever it is you want to contact..." She said as he went looking around for a Telescope, hoping they wouldn't need to go to a different room in order to do so.


"So... what was shop class like then?" Shadow questioned as he stood up and began exiting the room. Taytum following behind him.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The library: Slin | Caim | Angie

When the class had ended, the group there had done exhaustive comparisons, and the names had been compiled into a rather small list of ten or so people that they had all found extremely odd for the school, some by being too normal and some by being cryptic even for this school, like that C.C girl.

"So, how should we proceed from here?"

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito

Lupito whimpered, not being all too comfortable with the barrier. For some reason he could hear the scritching of spiders in the background... the ones from back home that were as big as a large dog. Please, leave...

Shop Class: Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

The class was over as the students started filing out into the hallways.

Melethia lightly punched the young Puce on the arm as she walked out. "Maybe ya could try to feel the metal out next time? crazy idea, I know, but it works."

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

Devon looked at Mark, feeling that extremely distinctive feeling from him that one that's been in hell has. And knowing the current ruler of hell, one could excuse the small amount of apprehension that was held.

"It's a bit odd for you to be talking with us out of nowhere, considering your current exploits... What's your angle?" He put his right hand on his sidepack as he talked to Mark as Teri reached for her Pen in her pocket.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Dmitri's World (The Tablet): A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

"No, Ms. Vermilion! You cannot do that! Not to that cruel former Author of yours... Please, Ms. Teri was merely distracted by her mission. I will send her something now! Please... Just do not submit to that horrible Author's will again. I'd rather you keep your freedom than indulge in my own selfish desires... Please, Ms. Vermilion."

As he said this he sent the message in question to his Ladyship.

Shop Class: Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg looked pleased as punch for Devon to praise their silly handiwork, to the point that Cadolbolg placed it on Devon's head, and said in a somewhat grand voice,

"For the time being, you may wear it, Friend Devon. May it keep nasty things from hitting your head!"

Ton Ton piped in with a giggle, "It's not like we could wear it anyway. It's too big!"

Teri took the email with a frown, and began typing on the computer in an attempt to find what exactly was wrong with Vermilion, as well as a test patch for her to try and fix Vermilion with. She was very worried about trying something out on another sentient creature; but she wanted the two AIs to be happy. After all, she had seen Dimitri much brighter since his rescue of her after Mark's 'fun' in the library... As she typed away and sent a patch, one infused with a bit of pure Author-y energy, she heard Melethia's story and wondered aloud,

"Wait, you didn't eat? And I suppose that means Dad didn't either.. Here, how about...?"

She scribbled a bit into her Tablet and with a flourish of her hand, Melethia and Rugal found that a bento box appeared before them, with a pair of chopsticks and a bottle of water to go along with the meal. After that round of poofing, Teri contented herself in making a bottle of her Dew of choice appear in her bag, and fished it out of her bag, knocking it back with a smile. It was a bit much in succession, the patch, the food and drink, but she figured that if this was all she had done in this period of time, she could recover with no problem.

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

However, when the shift overtook the area, Teri was instantly on high alert and grabbed the Sadei Pen, ready for any form of conflict that'd come their way.

"What? No Hello?"

Teri was surprised that Mark appeared, and right out in the open too, and was taken aback, "... Mark?! Can't say I'm entirely happy to see you right now. You trying to kill me and my friends doesn't entirely help with your brownie points, now does it?"

As she said this, she stashed the Dew away, opting for a bottle of water instead. If things got ugly, Squishy and her constructs were her only form of Defense. She could already sense that Garm had stopped moving in her bag, and Sadei's voice seemed to be a bit muffled in her mind...

The library: Slin | Caim | Angelus | Rugal

With the list of possible targets compiled, Angelus was the first to speak, "We need something inconspicuous... Calling them straight to this facility might raise a few red flags. "

It was about at this point the King of Fighters wandered in, carrying a box of some kind, and Angelus didn't move her eyes from the list as she acknowledged his prescene,

"Ah, greetings Rugal. Get over here, we have a something of a much more narrow list. Perhaps you may recognize someone..."

Caim on the other hand, was typing up a list of the names on his PDA, and sent the list to all available contacts on the Rising Dawn, sans Mark, in order to spread the information to the others in the classes. After all, what better infiltration did they have?

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Dmitri's World (The Tablet): A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri watched in helpless abandon as the AI he held very dear to his heart was suffering more technological issues, and then saw a book glowing a pale blue descend from the ceiling. It was a simple book, with black bindings and red letters stating: Fix Technical Difficulties for the AI Vermilion While Still Enabling Her To Keep Her Will and Personality.

Whatever this book was, Dimitri was hoping it would work. Leading the floating book to the AI in question, he waited quietly to see what effect his Author's "Programming" could have on his fellow cohort in hacking. Hopefully, it would resolve the issue... And hopefully, it would not require another back up....

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

Teri snorted at Mark's shoddy accusation of Lucifer, and shook her head, "Ha! As if you could trip me up with that, Mark. I'm older, more experienced and wiser now. Maybe the scardey-cat Teri you knew after the ordeal with Bruiser may have believed that load of crap, but I do not fall for such tricks so easily. Unlike you, I can say Lucifer has earned my trust; which is much more than to say what you've tried to do to us."

Her eyes did not lie against her words. Conviction stood behind them, instead of doubt or fear. Perhaps the training she had gone through had aided her? Or was it running around with a bunch of rough and tumble fighters? Whatever it was, her words had truth behind them. Mark had clearly stepped on a bad topic, and he had angered the Cleric as a result.

Teri glared at Mark, and then turned her gaze to the Displacer Beast, her eyes much more fierce than Mark remembering them ever being and: "Besides, we never gave up our powers Mark...."

She kept her gaze on the beast, and the three of them could see pieces of meat beginning to hit the ground, and...The creature fell over? As more bits of meat fell, Teri's gambit continued to work, and the creature fell crying out as it's stomach begin to engorge, and became painfully full to bursting.

"We just focused them."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito

Lupito saw the spider that had approached and immediately bit it on one of the legs. Of course he was younger, so the bite itself was weaker, but anyone that's been around a young dog knows firsthand that a puppy's teeth are sharp on their own. He was barely able to break the carapace after about 4 or 5 different bites, but hopefully the thrashing around would draw Gabrielle's attention.

The Hallways: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Melethia shrugged as she talked to Puce. "Well, I just look it over an' let the stuff speak to me, ya know. I know it sounds really weird, but after a while, you can get a feel for what the metal would be best as. That piece there, for example, feels like a sturdier one. Maybe best for a blade edge or a basic frame section that has to bear weight. Some stuff, like gold, is too soft to be much more than decoration, but no two pieces are the exact same."

After that, she turned to Aftan and bluntly addressed the young knight. "You want to know why? Simple: it's not a waste of time. If he knows enough to ask about this, he knows enough to pick up on the intricacies of the metal in the future. Someone like you, though, you'll never see the metal outside of its refined state after a true craftsman has done their job. So stop wasting our time, greenhorn."

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

Devon decided to keep a genial tone as he conversed with Mark. "Mark, we both know when it comes to that person you know that there's no simple talks for their servants. So, what really brings you here? your boss knows that I'm not theirs, and this wouldn't be happening unless there was an angle for them. I don't want to have to do anything harsh, but we both know that neither me nor Teri will be under their thumbs. I do know the terms of my pact, and I will follow the spirit of it if not the letter."

In addition, he readied one of his spells in case he and Teri had to leave suddenly. He knew more than a few ways he could get out if needed, but if he could get Mark talking, he could get him to slip up.

He was cold, he was wet, and worst of all he was out of bullets. Pushing an ear against the door of the metal cabinet, he listened hard.
"What do we do with him now?" Came a voice, young and with an Italian accent.
"I say we kill him," came the response, deeper than the first.
"Why, though? I don't wanna have to go through the hassle of hiding a body if I don't have to."
"So we just let him go, then? Or how about we save him the trouble - we could drop him at the police station ourselves, maybe even wear handcuffs and surrender. What are you, an idiot?"
"I'm just sayin'. I'd much rather not spend my Friday night digging in the middle of the woods, thank you very much."
"Well who says we have to bury him? Just cap him now and high-tail it outta here. By the time the cops arrive we'll be long gone, three fingers deep in whiskey and warm, none of this cold crap."
Mike shivered, chilled to the bone. He'd almost made it here without incident - if he'd only seen the lake before stepping onto the ice. He could overlook that mistake, though. What he couldn't forgive was how he'd let the bullets wash away while he clambered out of the water. Note to self: keep gun loaded.
"So, what? Just boom, boom, and we're outta here?"
"Well why not? We have what we wanted. What else is there?"
If he was going to save the day, he should probably do something now. Placing a hand on the inside of the cabinet, he took a deep breath and counted to three. Slowly, he pushed the door open, just a crack.
Through the gap he could see a bloodied man, tied to a pipe on the far wall. Two men stood in long coats in front of him, talking. Tools littered the floor - pliers, wrenches, a hammer - all covered in blood. An expensive looking car took up a good deal of space, placed directly between mike and the two men - mobsters, most likely.
He gripped his revolver tightly, pushed open the door and stepped onto the floor. Crouching down, he picked up the wrench. The blood was fresh, and he had to wipe his hand on his coat to grip it properly.
"Well I'm not gonna do it. You wanted to kill him, you do it."
"What, you afraid to get your hands dirty?"
He crept around the side of the car, wrench in one hand, revolver in the other. One ...
"I'm not scared I just don't wanna get blood on my coat."
Two ...
"You've already got blood on your coat. Admit it, you're scared."
H stood up and brought the wrench down hard on the deep voice'd man's head. The man went limp and fell to the ground.
"Drop it!" He said, pointing the business end of his six-shooter at the other one. "Now."
The man was stunned as wasn't about to argue. He did as he was told, releasing his grip and letting the gun drop to the floor.
"Kick it over to me."
Again, he did as he was told. He kicked the semi-auto across the floor. Without taking his eyes - or gun - off him, detective Michael Woodhouse bent down to pick up the weapon. He holstered his own empty gun and held the loaded one pointed at the gangster.
His bluff had worked perfectly. "Where are the files?" He asked.
"What files?" The man asked shakily.
"The files. The case against Palliano. Where are they?"
He caught the man's eyes dart towards his partner's limp body. Wasting no time, he bent down, turned the man over and placed a hand inside inside his coat.
As if he had suddenly regained control of his own body, the mobster ran at Mike, tackling him and sending him backwards off the body. The detective felt an impact on his face, another, another. Struggling, he managed to pull his head out of the way just as the man's fist pounded the concrete floor of the garage.

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