The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Devon looked the packet over and took it, getting close to accidentally knocking off Cadolbolg as he nodded in gratitude. "I'll have to try it out sometime. Not too sure when we can do that shopping, but I'm sure we can make something happen."

A quick adjustment ensured that Cadolbolg didn't lose his delicious hot and spicy sammich as he responded to Boss. "Rugal's his own man, and even with him backing us up, I still wouldn't want to make him mad. Anyways, I'm Devon. Pleasure to meet you..."

He stopped for a second as he watched the woman in the Akatsuki outfit walk out and ate a bit of his sammich to ensure he wouldn't mouth off in that first moment. So, Sakura went and finally got with Sasuke, and the daughter joined the Akatsuki?! I've seen weirder things, but it's certainly up there... Probably better to not make her mad. Even after she explained her family, the fact that he didn't know many of the names was enough to cause him to be careful with how he spoke.

The bard in the bloodied white shirt took a drink from his glass after finishing his bite before greeting her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Kurakumo. I know the ship here isn't as ornate as you may have expected, but if you need something to eat, it can be arranged." He whistled, and one of the imps poofed over to him wearing a oversized chef hat and an apron saying Don't Kick The Chef.

The reverse psychology kicked in and Kura got the worst urge to punt the little fucker clear across the room.

2 seconds later

The little imp was clear across the room. "Lady Kurakumo? i'm no-...." she began but her head clicked ideas together. "...not surprised to see the ship in this state of affairs. Order one of the servants to get things tidy around here. And bring me the largest slab of cooked meat in this excuse of an airship." the girl ordered with an evil smirk.


Devon shook his head, more than a bit displeased that she'd kicked one of the imps working for him. "Calm your jets. I was trying to be polite, and you respond with kicking one of my men? Sure, they may be a bit short, but that was unwarranted. Not to mention that on this ship, what you may have been previously may not mean much.. My little buddies cook for the ship right now, but they are not indentured servants and I will not tolerate you treating them as such."

He put his glass down as he stood eye to eye with Kura. "Now then, if you want something to eat, you can make it. After all, it shouldn't be too difficult, and I doubt they'll cook for you again after that show." The whole time through, he kept a polite tone even if his words were a bit pointed.

Said imp had gone back to the kitchen and chittered to the others in there as the sounds of cooking there stopped.

"I...didn't think we had servants." Boss said. "I thought the newest person on the ship did chores. That's what they made me do..."

"He means they made ME do chores." Edge said. He had sat down, and had thrown his feet up on the table in front of him.

"Hey!" Boss said. "It's your own fault, slowpoke."

"Says the guy who could take care of everything in five minutes." Edge scoffed. "What Boss is saying, Ms. Kura is that YOU'RE the servant here." Edge clapped his hands. "SERVANT! Tidy up and bring me the largest slab of meat in this lazy excuse for an airship."

"He comes out and stands before someone who clearly doesn't look like they're too friendly while wearing a shirt that tells me not to kick him. he's gunna get kicked. And worst comes to worst, i'd love to see what impish steak tastes like." she said and turned to walk to the other side of the canteen, past boss and edge.

"And my definition of servant is anything or one that i deem below myself. You are not among that group, but i do demand respect." she said and ball tapped Edge, hitting his junk with a backhand that would be hard enough to put him on the ground. Then, she walked off to a table in the corner and put her legs up.


Devon finished up his food and drink as he responded to her. "He was going to see what you wanted to eat, but that ship's sailed so to speak. Besides, I'd rather that you didn't cook those working with me. Despite their stature and appearances, they are in every way a member of this ship." He was doing his best to not provoke her as he voiced his opinion, but he clearly wasn't up for her noise.

"I will give you the same amount of respect that anyone else on this ship would get. To put it in terms that would work a bit better, a Kage has the same position as a Genin here. If you would like me to explain it better for you, I'm sure we can make it a bit more clear."

Canteen: Rugal

Rugal merely shook his head as the "Children" got to know each other.
Lord above, would it kill them to get some alerts at least?... He though, he never had a problem with unknown people showing up at any of his properties back in the day.
He couldn't say the same thing for here.

As things got more and more out of hand, he felt the need to step in just in case someone got the urge to try and kill each other.
"Okay, settle down, all of you. Don't know who started it, don't care. It's over now." He said, getting to a position in between the crew and the newcomer, just in case.
"Well...Miss Kurakumo Uchiha, if you are starting here, whether you like it or not you will" He trailed off at the last second as he stared at the woman.
He seemed confused as he stared more intensely at her, sensing something unnervingly familiar about her.
"...Have we met before?..." He asked, becoming visibly uneasy.

Canteen: Jenny

"Oh yes! My partner Blade. Work kinda gets in the way, but I know that if I ever need help, he won't be long before "Saving the Day"." Jenny answered, recalling all he did for her after her treatment by Bruiser.
"That and the fact I can read minds also helps." she teased, almost begging for a challenge from Storm to guess what number was in his head or something.

Med Bay: David

"...Look, I know you mean thanks..." David said, not really keen on admitting that he needed the training from a 13 year old girl.
"I know that I have what it takes, I just need...Focus...Clarity...I'm not sure, but the SECOND I find it? You'll see what David West is truly capable of..." He added, giving the sketch of the weapon another look, focusing more on the man using it.
"....Still, you want to learn how to shoot straight? I think I can help out there..."

Edge shot into a fetal position, falling off of his chair and onto the floor with a grunt. " babies..."

Boss laughed out loud, he couldn't help himself. Immediately he teleported into the chair Edge had just been in, throwing his feet up. "You so had that coming, and you know it."

Edge could manage little more than a grunt in defiance.

"I apologize on his behalf, he had too much to drink last night. He might still be a little tipsy." A can of beer appeared in Boss's hand. "Speaking of which...would anyone like one? Plenty to go around."

"Oh bugger off boy." she said and turned her attention to rugal. "I know for a fact you know my mother, Akasumi. Odds are that's where you're getting that from." she said and thought back while staring at that face rugal was making. She let loose an extremely feminine version of this laugh:

"Yeah, my mom was scary back then. Though, from what she told me, you threw quite a punch."

Canteen: Rugal

Rugal wasn't buying it for a second, but he couldn't let her know that so he instead said "I see...Perhaps that was it then..."
He advanced over towards her and glared at her, attempting to intimidate her.
"...Tell your mother that she was a..."Disappointing" fight, for a self proclaimed ruler of Egypt..." He added as a red herring, if she was who she said she was, she'd correct his error.
If not, then his fears would be confirmed...

"...I'll take another bottle of water, "Boss". And you Miss Uchiha?..."

"HEY!" the girl said sitting up as fast as she could. "She called herself the snake princess and ruled over japan before being decapitated by her own sister, my aunt. keep your facts straight!" she said then realized he had asked her what she wanted. "A bottle of sake and that slab of meat would be nice..."

Canteen: Rugal

Devon just shook his head at the arrogant woman and called to Boss. "Maybe a few waters for me and the two riders over here?" He motioned to Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg, both perched on Devon and happily munching away at the delicious sammiches.

Watching Rugal's statement gave the man an idea for a new style of bluff, although it'd take some commitment to get that kind of bluff to work properly. In the meantime, he pulled a guitar from a messenger bag style backpack and atarted going through some improvisation. Rugal had heard him in the bar, but those that hadn't heard him there would be in for a surprise.

Med Bay: David

She nodded. "Shouldn't be too bad. Any time ya wanna get started on that, I'll be good to go. Who knows? Maybe we can both pick somethin' up in that, ya know?"

Canteen: Rugal

"...My Mistake..." Rugal merely answered, still not convinced she was who she said she was as he took a seat down at the table she was at.
Bison, if you are in my head, know that you don't fool me... He thought as he awaited Boss to "Poof" in their orders as Devon played the gutiar.

Med Bay: David

"Fair enough. To the Training Room." David said as he lead the way out.
A brief walk later and they were there, David setting up a basic firing range with Bow and Arrow Targets.
"Right, first things first, you know how to use a ranged weapon so lets try your aim, shall we?" He said as he sat down on a folding chair and awaited Melethia to snipe the targets with her bow.

Kura could her some doubt in his voice. "Still not convinced, eh?" she said as her eyes changed to the three tomoe sharingan.

Then the girl held up her right hand as it was cloaked in electricity. "I'm still trying to master my affinities, so i can use them together for jutsu purposes. I'm also training on one handed signing. Talk about a pain in the ass to do." she explained as her hand stopped cracking with electricity. "Anyways... you don't seem as evil as she described.

Canteen: Devon

As he continued onto another song, Devon thought on Kurakumo's statement along with the outfit she wore. If she's looking to get help, she's not going to find it all too easy with how she's acting. After all, not many want to work with someone so full of themselves. Still, since he was in the flow and partially since nobody had wanted to bother the musician fully in his craft, he decided to stay out of the conversation.

Basic Firing Range: Melethia

Melethia began loosing arrows at the targets, but David noticed that most of the arrows were in the biceps or the calves - more places that would cause a lot of pain if someone was in a fight and lower their options first. There was even a good number of shots to the groin area, a place that would mean her enemy would be unable to do much as they bled out rather fast from one of the many important veins or arteries in that area.

True to her statement earlier (And that experience with that Everbright hammer), she did not fight clean if these targets were proof.

Matt didn't catch the smirk from Gamma since he was busy taking a drink. "I know that guy, worked for him a couple times. The guy's calm but extremely brutal. Every assassin and bounty hunter that have gone after him have wound up with their head on a pike, which he then spreads around the internet," Matt told him. There was a commotion behind and they both briefly looked to see what it was before turning back. "I'm gonna get going since all this heroic stuff in one place is making me sick of it," Gamma said to Matt.

"I know what you mean. I can only handle it certain doses myself. I'll walk you back to the hangar since I want to get away from it as well," Matt before they both got up to leave. Gamma picked up the device he planted earlier and tucked away in his pocket. When they got to the hangar Gamma made another on those platforms for himself and parked his dirt bike on it. "I gotta ask before you go. Who are you really?" Matt asked him. Without hesitation Gamma took off his helmet to reveal the face of Kenneth Black. "I have more contracts for you when done with whatever you're doing here. You should also tell the heroes I was here, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it," Ken told Matt. Matt was stunned for a couple seconds before shaking hands with him. "You got some balls pulling this off. I'll also hold you to your word on those contracts," Matt told him before he flew away.

Matt was shaking his head in disbelief and quietly laughing to himself during his walk back to the canteen. "You guys will never believe who that was," Matt started as he entered and sat down. "That was Kenneth Black himself."


Rugal merely stared at Kura after she said that.
"...That was another me..." He confessed, recalling the time he'd tear her head clean off her shoulders without a moments thought.
"Just know that your mother wasn't a saint either..." He added, not really wanting to go into detail.
And with Matt's announcement, he didn't have to.
"That was Kenneth Black himself."
"...Kenneth Black?...On this ship?..." He said in a unbelieving and somewhat concerned tone.
In a quick movement, he wrapped his hand around Matt's throat and held him up a good foot or two off the ground
"Where is he? Tell me!" He demanded, knowing Kenneth's pendant for causing totally mayhem.

Basic Firing Range: Melethia

David woo'd at Melethia's skill with a bow, wincing slightly each time she nailed a target in the crotch.
"Yikes...Soooo...remind me again what you need me for? I mean..." He said as he brought over one of the furthest targets and examined the surgeon like precision that she used to disable him.
"...Not really seeing what can be improved here..." He said in a slightly annoyed tone.
Christ...Best training in the EU and all the guns I could ever want...and this 12 year old bitch can match me with a fucking bow and arrow...

"Okay...Well...I guess a Gun is a good fallback option..." He said, trying to shake off his resentment before changing the settings to that of a Gun Range with a wide selection of weapons, from pistols to extremely large energy weapons.
"So....Take your pick..." he offered, letting her pick out whatever guns she wanted.

Basic Firing Range: Melethia

Melethia heard the annoyance and looked at him. "What do you mean, there's nothing to be improved on? You think I can't see how you fight and pick up some things? It's how I picked up my stuff, after all. Just focusing on how you fight only gets someone so far." She picked up a few handguns, testing them for balance and to find out which one would sit right in her hand. After a while, she found a revolver to test out.

A bit at the range with the gun showed she was more than a bit unfamiliar with it, and there was so many holes in how she shot that it would be hard to choose a starting point. There would be a lot of training in a lot of different areas if she wanted a firearm as a backup. It would also help her with redesigns of the wristgun more, so it would definitely be worth looking into.

With her sharingan active, everything went slowly. Kura saw rugal get up and beginning to reach for Matt's throat. At the same time he began to do this, she had activated her chidori and was already moving. By the time Rugal had finished his sentence, she already had a hand on the front of his massive throat and a chidori sitting mere milimeters off of the base of his neck, all the while perched atop the man's broad shoulders.

All of it happened in essentially a flash. Kura pushed herself from her seat and kicked off the table, using her non electrified hand to anchor herself down and spin her around with momentum to land on his shoulders. Anyone in the canteen who didn't have a form of advanced perception would have missed the details and only saw the three people change positions.

"Holding a man in a chokehold at the mention of a mere name. You're not the same person you were before eh? Bull-fucking-shit. This rugal fits the description perfectly." she said and adjusted her position. "Now, release the man before i put this through your neck, paralyzing you and killing every nerve in your body as well." Kura demanded.

"He just left you fucking asshole. Now let me down, there's a bottle of vodka with my name on it," Matt said, annoyed at the whole situation.

Basic Firing Range: Melethia

"Look, You saw how fucking spot on you were! Hell, I'd have trouble making some of those shots! I don't even think you need a gun!" David said as Melethia picked a revolver and began to fire it at a few targets, the kick-back affecting her like it did for him back in the training room.
"...You're holding it wrong. Two hands, Right on the butt, left to secure it." He sighed before showing her how to properly hold it.
He then watched her take aim at the targets again.
"...Tell me...when you aim your bow at someone, what do you do? Pretend they are someone you hate? Block everything else out?"


"And you didn't try to stop him!?" Rugal shouted before he realized that Kura had landed on his shoulders and had him in a position she could easily kill him in.
"Grrrrr...." He growled before dropping Matt and sitting back down, unhappy that her of all people pointed this out.
"...In my defense, Even I know that Kenneth Black is bad news. That's it, I don't care what anyone says, we need to get some kind of security set up on this ship. If he can get on board, anyone can." He added, the irony of the fact that was how he got on the ship in the first place not being lost on him.

Canteen: Devon

He finished playing as the scene finished. "How about we all calm down and think about this for a second? It won't do us any good to get all worked up if this Kenneth Black really is that bad. A bit of time to think about it now might save a lot of trouble later on." By this point, the two riding on Devon were fast asleep, with crumbs falling from them onto his shirt.

Basic Firing Range: Melethia

Melethia shook her head, "Well, I usually try to read their patterns, stuff like that. After a bit, ya notice people fall into patterns in fights. Call it part of their training or whatever, but every person falls back to a few things. pick that kind of stuff apart, you'll make them miserable. Kinda like with you in the exercise earlier." She did the hold as David suggested, but even with it, her aim was still nowhere near something that David would be satisfied with signing off on.

"I mean, your fighting relies on your vision. No fault of your own, but someone makes it to where you can't see and you're screwed. it's something that happens with anyone that wants to keep people at range for their business." The detached tone that the girl spoke in was close to Slindis, which was more than a bit disturbing considering her age. What happened to letting kids be kids?

She hopped down off his back and let her chidori deactivate. she landed and sat back down as she was before. "I don't doubt that you've changed, but you're as bad as me and my mother with anger control." Kura said to him, crossing her legs while she had them up.

Canteen: Devon

As the hotheaded (At least to Devon) Uchiha crossed her legs and gave the appearance that she was waiting on that food, Devon walked over to her with the instrument still in his hand and cleared his throat before talking to her again. "I know he's more than a bit hotheaded, but if Amaya told you much about the sip, she would have let you know that there's plenty of people that were not fond of the crew. Even with one of them won over, there's still more foes than friends."

"Well, it's easy to make foes. I have a longer list than most people on this ship and i'm not even in my twenties yet." Kura said to the boy. "What's your name? you never gave it to me..."

Canteen: Devon

He put the guitar to his side as he pulled a chair up. "Name's Devon. It's a bit forward for you to assume you have that many enemies, even if they could be simply inherited from family. Just take it easy and unwind for a bit here. The most you'll have to do here is probably handle your own cooking and cleaning when we're not off doing something, but then again it's a good skill to have." He made sure not to mention the Imps there, because he'd rather not have this Uchiha go after them just because they didn't want to pick up after her.

Basic Firing Range

David merely nodded, understanding how he was over-powered earlier.
"...Yeah....Just keep in mind I'm never usually that close to a target. Sniping is all about range, you set yourself up, take aim, fire, get out before anyone notices you were there." He explained as he handed her another clip of ammo.
"That and well...That angel war was something else. Nothing prepares you for something like that..." He said, remembering the Capitol Building coated in blood.


"Devon's right, you know." Rugal interjected as he took a drink of his water.
"Everyone on this ship could have killed me at any time once the war was over, but they didn't. This is a strange, strange place alright..." He added, still amazed just how easily they accepted him back then.

Kura shrugged. "You people are a strange bunch..." she commented then thought for a minute. "Rugal, you can control the energy inside your body? right?" she asked him while getting out two scrolls and paining on them with black ink. On one of them, she bit her thumb and smeared some blood across it.


"...Yes, Indeed I can." Rugal said before gathering a small around of Ki energy in his hand and then letting it fade.
"It's a basic skill in a wide array of fighting styles, for projectile attacks, Defense, Enhancing my attacks...Tell me, why do you ask?..." He asked, keeping his guard up.
Just in case.

"I'm asking because i just realized i don't have a summoning partner. I'm going to be reverse summoned the second i try to summon anything, so i'll need a way of getting back quickly." The uchiha said, tossing him the scrolls. "One will disappear, then open up the remaining one and activate the seal by putting your energy through it. OK?" she asked him.


Rugal was confused by this to say the least.
"...So, if you try to summon anything, you will be summoned away by something else? And would thus need to be summoned back?...That sounds extremely counter-productive..." He said as he felt the scrolls.
"Just where are you "Reverse Summoned" every time you use that Ninjutsu nonsense?" He then asked, he was never really fond of all the strange quirks of Ninja arts, hence why he rarely touched them.

"No, only this once. Because i don't have a sumoning contract, it will teleport me to their home and i'll need to create a contract to summon them. However, once i have this contract, they'll be summoned to myself each time i use the jutsu and i won't be going anywhere. I just need you to do this, just this once so i can get back to the ship quickly." she explained to him.


"I see...I think." He answered as he stuffed the scrolls into his jacket pocket.
"So Tell me, Akasumi. How did she survive? After being beheaded that is." He asked, wondering what ever did happen to the Snake Princess after the Wedding of Dillon and Amaya.
(He was there, but he wasn't about to tell her that)

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