The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Slindis hesitates for a few moments before shyly speaking up. "Well, I, I like you... Of course, it's still ridiculous to have to hesitate about this... I mean, after all I've had to do, you'd think this is easy..."

Slindis was clearly showing Rugal a side she had never shown anyone else before in more than short bursts - those small caring bursts when she was showing Teri what to do, the time when she comforted Deborah while she bled out on the tarmac at JFK, And far back in the Everfree Forest when she tended to Rugal's injuries when he had that nasty encounter with the timberwolves. He'd been barely lucid for a day after the attack, and it had been a grand stroke of luck that she'd come in when she did.

Tajuh, Teri

Tajuh pulled up a screen, and it had many technical specifications of the machine. "We'll likely have a vicious fight here fairly soon with Tomoya's forces. Call it being selfish, but we're going to need everyone that we can get. Now, I'm sending Dimitri the specifications as we speak, and that wolf of yours has keen eyes. And you think that you won't be able to pilot because you've never done that before? The first time I was in combat in a machine, I'd never piloted before either. Be glad you aren't having to read through a three hundred page manual to start your machine up." He laughed, clearly it had happened to either himself or one of the people he'd piloted with.

"Yeah, that oughtta work. Viscus, send the parts to a weapons delivery pod, i'll make my way down there." Dani said, resuming control of her body and getting up. She began heading down the route they discussed. She casually walked down the hallway, as if nothing was happening.

The crimson fucker...

Alucard strolled right past Cortex's office and into the labs. In under a minute, every possible siren and alert that could have gone off in the labs had gone off. The lab was covered in gore, and any intern or technician in the lab had been turned into these... things. horrid mutations of what they once were.
Take your pic

Dani put her and Viscus's plan into action, taking off down the hallway, using every blind spot she could.

Tajuh, Teri

Teri's face fell at the sound of that, and covered her face with her hands, "They do have Gundams..? Oh Jesus help me..."

"Well, I'm not certain about his proficiency with Mechs, but I will assist you as well, Madam."

Speak of the devil (NOT THAT ONE!), the Butler spoke from the Tablet, causing Teri to look to her hip in surprise. How long had he been there?! Regardless, the Butler continued, "Hmn... The systems are not unlike the Rising Dawn, if only requiring a bit more proactive input on part of a user. However, this should not be an issue if I go in with you, Madam. I can guide you through basic processing, and the rest of the system seems to be fairly intuitive, especially where this one is concerned. I dare say, you may even be able to channel magic through this machine; but with a bit more difficulty. I will let you know about any updates, yes?"

The Cleric's head was spinning at this point, and her jaw hung agape at the notion that she would probably be piloting a mech during an upcoming battle...

"... You're that desperate for pilots, eh?"

Rubbing her temples, she thought to herself, "Mom and Dad are going to blow a gasket when they find out... Then again, if I can get away with dating the Devil; who knows what I can do next? If anything, it's better than Mel driving one, they really worry about her."

Wait. "Mom and Dad"? That wasn't right... Mom and Dad were still back in 'Reality', probably doing normal people things and worrying about normal people problems. Sure, she missed them and worried about them from time to time; but she had come to terms with the fact that they probably didn't notice her gone (at least, she was pretty sure Author BS was involved in there somewhere).

To think that she had surrogates for those roles at all... That was silly, right?

Slowly realizing this troubling train of thought, the Cleric found herself sitting down on the bed as Tajuh mentioned more things about mechas; her eyes showing the distracting idea eating away at her.

Tajuh, Teri

Tajuh shook his head. "No, they likely won't be using Gundams. Still, even with tha gundam, it dosn't matter much what the suit is if there's a substandard pilot in it. Not to say that the people here are substandard: no, with a bit of assistance, it'll prove to be quite adequate for what we're doing here.. Besides, I've worked in situations where there was far more of a disadvantage. We play this right, we'll end up surprising a lot of people."

A quick look up from the various machines on his screen showed the man that Teri Gravel was torn up inside. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but something's eating at you. Many could pass it off as being nervous about heading into combat, but that's not what it is for you, is it? No, those are eyes of guilt. Judging from the bonds you've built here, you probably thought that it's wrong for you to latch onto Bernstein and Slindis as guiding figures."

He pulled a chair up near the bed and looked at the author with calm eyes. "Trust me, everyone that's thrown in your situation goes through the same feelings at one point or another. You're fairly young and you've just made your way in life, but you still liked the safety net of your family. Since you're feeling so comfortable with the two, you start feeling guilty because it's like betraying your own family. Now, I may not be the closest man to much anyone on the ship, but believe me: I know what you're going through. I've gone through it myself." The man's voice was somewhat soothing, and he tried to show that he was concerned for her.

Tajuh, Teri

He pulled a chair up near the bed and looked at the author with calm eyes. "Now, I may not be the closest man to much anyone on the ship, but believe me: I know what you're going through. I've gone through it myself." The man's voice was somewhat soothing, and he tried to show that he was concerned for her.

The Cleric gave a wry smile, her eyes looking down at her hands, which looked as if they were trying to wring themselves to death, "As ever, sir, it seems I can't hide my feelings as much as I'd like to... But, sir, have you referred to those people in question as your parents, instead of just being reminded of them? Because right now, I thought to myself, 'Mom and Dad are going to be pissed when they find out what I'm doing' instead of 'Slindis and Mr Bernstein' yadda yadda yadda."

She gave a harsh sounding 'laugh' (at least, as best as a Tablet could manage), and covered her face, "My real parents are a-okay. I made sure of that when Red Mage attacked. I wasn't even close to home... I shouldn't feel this way at all about other people when Mom and Dad are fine. I haven't forgotten about them, and I still remember what they look like, what they sound like, how they act... Even if there's a dimension between us, I haven't stopped loving them as my parents. And yet- and yet I think of Ms. Slindis and Mr. Bernstein almost exactly like that! The only way I can properly define this is that it's like having a crush on somebody, but instead of wanting them to be romantically involved with you, you want them to be your family?! Even that sounds really stupid! I'm sure they don't even think of me that way at all... I'm just a tag-a-long kid who got some training in being a Cleric..."

Yup, Tajuh hit the nail right on the head.

Tajuh, Teri

He sighed. "In my case, the two I was with were more of a family I had, and the only thing that stopped me from actively doing that is that I probably would have gotten my ass kicked by the two. Don't feel guilty about what you're feeling, as it's natural for this kind of situation. And before you go and write me off as crazy, have you told them what you're thinking? Give it a shot when the chance comes up: they likely won't think any less of you for it. Think of them as your second family, because I'm sure they think much the same way about you. I've seen as much from how the three of you interact on the ship"

The comment about her just being a tag-along kid brought a laugh from him. "You think being a cleric is simple? You're one of the better ones I've seen, and I have seen quite a few of them. I know what Slindis saw in you that first day in regards to your potential. Tell me, before you came here, who else do you know that would have made it through what you've been through? Sure, you needed help at the start, but you're finding your own footing. Just keep one foot in front of the other, and you'll get where you're aiming to go."

Tajuh, Teri

He sighed. "And before you go and write me off as crazy, have you told them what you're thinking? Give it a shot when the chance comes up: they likely won't think any less of you for it. Think of them as your second family, because I'm sure they think much the same way about you. I've seen as much from how the three of you interact on the ship."

"Tell them?! I JUST figured out that set of feelings out a moment ago, I don't know if I'm ready to start spreading it around until I have a complete understanding of them.. Which may be in a little while. Regardless, putting any additional pressure on them may not be the best of ideas. Ms. Slindis already has Melethia to worry about, and Mr. Bernstein has a Cartel to run. God knows, they don't need me in the mix to bug them... Besides, that'd just be awkward for the both of them! 'Oh hey, care if I refer to you two as Mom and Dad, regardless of whatever relationships you got going on, k thanks?'"

Waving a hand dismissively, the girl sighed, "I appreciate you trying to help, sir, but I don't know if telling them these things will be the best of ideas right now..."

That was when Dimitri chimmed in again, "If I may, Madam..?"

Teri nodded in curiosity, and let Dimitri have the floor, "Well, with what you said a moment ago, I couldn't help but notice this little bit of footage on the security cameras..."

The Cleric's brow furrowed in curiosity as the two watched the scene unfold between Slindis and Rugal; all the way up to the kiss and the resulting sweet talk afterwards. It was at this point that Teri forcibly stopped the video with her Author powers, which had the side effect of breaking the video link. Covering her face in her hands again (which was now red with embarrassment), "Oh geez, that was like something out of an 80s flick... I mean, I feel terrible for having peeped on that, Dimitri! Why did you show us that?!"

The Butler frowned, but continued, "I was thinking that perhaps, if you would like to continue with forming your 'secondary family', that seeing that would instill a bit of confidence? The beginning foundations are there, are they not?"

"It doesn't work that way, Dimitri! Delete that footage or something. If they found out about that..."

With a sigh, the AI continued, "It will automatically delete itself after a period of 30 days, in which the temporary memory will be wiped for new footage. There is nothing to worry about. I only do what I believe will be best for you Madam."

With that, the AI fell silent, and Teri was left alone with Tajuh again. The Cleric shook her head in dismay, "I swear, I should have been a bit more restrictive on his logistical skills..."

Tajuh, Teri

With that, the AI fell silent, and Teri was left alone with Tajuh again. The Cleric shook her head in dismay, "I swear, I should have been a bit more restrictive on his logistical skills..."

Tajuh grinned again. "Teri, you've got nothing to worry about with him, I've seen worse AIs, and I'm not including Viscus in that. It's interesting to see those two pairing off like that, but the man does have a lot resting on those shoulders. Should he stray from his current path, that's a relationship doomed to fail. Teri, you and I both know that, and he's likely going to be tempted with the life he's known all of his life."


There it is... Rugal thought, Confirmation from both parties.
"You'd think that, wouldn't you? But you'd be surprised..." He added, doing his best to make this easy for her.
"Still...Just wanted to make sure. Just in case people who were incarnated as ponies wasn't your thing!" He joked to help take the tension out of the situation.
It was then a rather viscous growl filled the air, causing Rugal to become uneasy.
"...Oh..." He merely said as a rather angry Luptio bared his teeth and was already thinking of tearing Rugal's head off.

Rugal, Slindis

Lupito was already mad at Rugal normally, but seeing him get so close to his companion made him want to tear out the man's throat. After all, the man was a deceiver, a shifty one, and someone that he didn't want around Slindis. If it weren't for the fact that Slindis were here right now, he would've attacked him right there.

"Rugal, I'm so sorry about this. You're the only person that Lupito acts like this around... come to think of it, wolves didn't like you much when we first met. Maybe it's sommething about how you act?" She shifted back over to her normal everyday demeanor, putting an end to the moment. Still, the two had managed to do their talk.

Deceiver, you got lucky this time... The wolf both thought this in his head and transmitted it to SLindis, and Rugal could easily see the wolf being defensive of Slindis much like Lupito was of him. The main thing is that this wolf was dangerous, as the events in DC had shown.

Tajuh, Teri

Tajuh grinned again. "Teri, you've got nothing to worry about with him, I've seen worse AIs, and I'm not including Viscus in that. It's interesting to see those two pairing off like that, but the man does have a lot resting on those shoulders. Should he stray from his current path, that's a relationship doomed to fail. Teri, you and I both know that, and he's likely going to be tempted with the life he's known all of his life."

The Cleric nodded, "So, essentially, keep doing my God-given job."

She laughed, "Dunno how well God thinks I'm doing, but boy do I try!"

Tajuh was pleased to see that she had lightened up from moments ago, and she continued, "I still find it kind of odd that it just happened after I said that... It couldn't be my Author powers though, I'm not connected to AA like that anymore..."

Shaun's note:

Well since everyone is busy and stuff I'm going to have to make this a fast forward post to the point where Michael can talk to everyone and such. So any business that needs to be done before the meeting can be done in a flashback post and such.
Well all I want is everyone to enjoy this giant spaceship finale! :D

~ Shaun

Archangel Michael & Everyone.
Location: Rising Dawn, War Room | DC, America.
Time: 11:30 am.
Weather: Clear.

The war room started to fill up with the numerous amounts of people which were on board and lived in the Rising Dawn. All they could see is the giant yet athletic (super)human leaning against the wall next to the most weirdest thing in the room, the man leaning is Storm but it had seemed that most people have not met him yet and only a few knew of his identity.

The other things that was out of place in the room was the spirit in the room. The spirit was made from fire which made a human form except it had two giant flaming wings hanging from the side of him. It was no surprise but this was Archangel Michael, one of Tomoya's previous brothers and the man who controls all of the element of fire. The good side about this is that the room wasn't on fire at all.

The spirit got up and looked at everyone.
"Good to see everyone here, you probably already know who I am and I already know who all of you are so there are probably no need for introductions... but I'll do one anyway.... "

"I am Archangel Michael, one of the original Archangels of God and the master of fire!"

Michael said as his smirk and body let off a burst of heat but all sources of heat seemed to follow his will.

"We are here to stop brother Tomoya... or now known as Demon Prince Tomoya. He has retreated and gathered all of his fleet around the moon after he was weakened by the stone he once protected. I do believe that stone is important in this battle and maybe our key. There may be a couple of mysteries or rumors in Heaven I have ignored... but everything will be solved after this battle and we shall cross many bridges." Michael said ignoring the many looks he was getting from many people.

Of course David knew that this was the man who gave him the bottle of "Dragonfire" (If he is there).
David got a breath of air and continued to talk. "To begin this battle we need many, many ships. I have my own army but that is only a small portion due to the battle in both Heaven and Hell. My forces are behind Tomoya's ships and will take them by surprise." Michael said to everyone but gasped once more.

"I am sorry for all the loses that have happened. If I was in this world I might of been able to stop him... " Michael frowned remembering the feelings he could feel coming off from Tomoya many years ago. "But please aid me and help me to take him down!" Michael said with the confidence and charisma as a world leader.


After failing to find Shadow before the meeting, David spent much of the meeting looking for the Russian in order to grab his Injection.
It was then that he realized who Micheal really was and began to worry about what the hell was in that drink he gave him?!
While he was tempted to blow his head off at first (Or at least try) until he said he had an army to assist them.
"...You have a army, he has an army, we have one ship. What the fuck are we going to do, say no?" he answered the Angel, taking a drink of one of stash liquors.
"Just can I just say one thing?...If I ever...and I mean EVER see another Angel after this is all over, Just so you know, I'm going fucking open season on them, Blood and Halos everywhere, Got it!?"
Only a hungover David would have the balls to say that to a Arch-Angel.


While he was surprised he was talking to one of the other Arch Angels, Rugal had reckoned SOMEBODY in Heaven was going to be called in at some-point.
However, he was a little concerned about him saying Tomoya was based by the Moon.
"...So....We have to go into space?....As in Outer Space?...." He asked, seemingly a little nervous at the idea, I mean, he'd lived though worse but still, Outer Space?
Slindis noticed he became a little tense at the idea.


Sitting down on one of the tables at the War Room, Jenny tuned in keenly to the part of the Space Battle.
There was a way she could help the group get to Tomoya, however...
....mmmm....I doubt Hiryu would like that... She thought to herself, Still, This was a chance to get the Striders to do some real good in the world outside of the shadows.
Still, they were set in their ways, she would need help to bring them on side.
Glancing at Caim and Angelus, both of which worked with Hiryu, She believed that with them there, she might be able to arrange something...

AIM Labs (Unconnected to the Meeting in the Airship)

Viscus instantly got to work as the entire base flared up again in alarms.
"Oh for the love of-Everyone remain calm, this is just another miscommunca-....What the-...What the hell are those!?...Oh no, ALL PERSONAL TO THE COMMAND ROOM! ASAP! THIS IS NOT A DRILL, REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" Bison shouted over the intercom.
Alucard skipped lively along as horrible mutants attacked much of the Lab's staff.
Head researcher Neo Cortex was the first to flee, running into his office, I mean, he made most of these creatures since Wesker was drowning his sorrows so often so it'd be understandable for him to be concerned for his well-being.
Going to his bookshelf, he pulled out a copy of "Frankenstein", causing it to reveal a hidden Panic Room.
Locking himself in, he then opened a large wall safe and locked himself inside it, his small frame allowing it.
He would spend the rest of this outbreak in there sobbing to himself.

AIM Medical Bay (Unconnected to the Meeting in the Airship)

"....What the fuck does he mean "Not a Drill?" Bruiser asked out loud before Inuart and Furiae heard a lot of banging and scraping at the Door of the Medical Bay.
A large bladed arm ripped though the steel door and entered the room.

"....Perfect, first my nads get eaten by a panther, now this..." The Machoke sighed as he attempted to get up, the fact he was largely sedated made that mere task a trial.

Archangel Michael & Everyone.
Location: Rising Dawn, War Room | DC, America.
Time: 11:30 am.
Weather: Clear.

Michael could only laugh as he heard David.
"Good to see you again David. And for your information, I have only got a small portion of my army, only five ships out of the five hundred and something million I have. Also I hope you got my present... " Michael hummed as a bottle appeared into his hand, it looked exactly the same as the bottle he had given to David. "Dragonfire whiskey... it is made from the essence of the dragons... but of course we don't kill, hunt or capture those noble creatures to get it, we actually create the essence and bottle it immediately. You could say it's my own brand, it's hot... maybe a little too hot for you humans, but it's damn good." Michael said as he took a swig and smiled.

"Also it would be nice if you didn't do that to any other innocent angels, the things we face now are fallen but can be redeemed... but if you do kill any angels they will just be re-born in Heaven again... I would hate it if some would go after you. " Michael laughed some more and turned to David again. "Hey if you want to kill anyone go after the fallen angels or any of that bastard's demon spawn... I mean the devil and his kind are purely evil... and I enjoy killing them... since they did screw you humans over " Michael frowned as he remembered that day when his brother fell.

His frown turned into a smirk.
"Also it would be terrible if someone spiked all the alcohol with laxative... " Michael smiled as he noted Rugal.
"Hmm... is there a problem with space combat. Didn't you guys defeat that Ken guy before?" Michael said but thought up of a way to pump up Rugal.
"Hey I'm sure space is no challenge for a man who lived in that pony village for a year... I mean I went there once and I had to check that it WASN'T a layer of Hell. I thought it was with all those cupcakes... and especially hated being in that pony form!" Michael said to Rugal, hopefully getting him pumped but also allowing them to share a common hatred.

Archangel Michael & Slindis.
Location: Rising Dawn, War Room | DC, America.
Time: 11:30 am.
Weather: Clear.

Slindis looked at the Archangel with more than a bit of skepticism. Although the speech was grand, she saw the truth behind the words. Said truth was that the Rising Dawn was expected to be a decoy against the bulk of Tomoya's forces. It hardly needs to be stated, but the Drow was not amused.

"Tell me, Michael. What is the plans for your reset should this fail? After all, you are betting quite a bit on this lone ship holding the line while the bulk of your forces lay in wait." Even if the Archangel didn't know much about Slindis outside of her name, the Aura of Good that Michael could feel from her was indicative of a very well-seasoned holy knight. With that knowledge in mind, it was extremely odd to see the distrust from her.

Tajuh, Teri

Tajuh took a moment to think things out before his next words to the Cleric. "Teri. I need you to sit down for a moment and listen to what I'm about to say."

Although Teri had been about to head out to the meeting, the somber tone in the man's voice was one that commanded attention and she took a seat on the bed. "Now, over the years, I've seen plenty of things. But the one thing that will never go away is that pang of complete loneliness that one feels when they cut themselves out of the regular flow. The soul needs that companionship even if the mind doesn't quite know that it's been severed from everyone they once knew, and they immediately start to go near the closest people in the new area they're at. For me, that person was Curtis. We'd both been shunted from our normal lives, and we both became blood brothers in order to survive."

"The inner knowledge that you've been cut off from everyone you'd once known is incredibly painful, and there's many different ways I've seen to cope. One is getting close bonds with the new people you meet, and those bonds are the kinds that will last decades. Another option is cutting people off from you while pretending everything is perfectly fine, but that usually ends in a lot of pain as you can find yourself isolated no matter how many people are close to you. I've seen both major paths, but the hardest part is being the person that helps the person through those first painful steps.


David only glared at the Angel though-out his speech.
"Hey, you bastards want to come after me, I'll kill you all you damn well please, I ain't running out of ammo anytime soon..." He said before snatching the bottle of Dragonfire out of Micheal's hands and taking a large swig.
"Also it would be terrible if someone spiked all the alcohol with laxative... "
David nearly choked at that message and quickly handed over the bottle before running off, unsure of just how much tainted booze he just drank.


Rugal thought back to that time Tiberus attacked the entire planet once, he didn't really aid the group much and it was the first time he met Tomoya.
"Well...I wasn't...really...There....*Ahem*...." He stammered, a first for him in front of the group
"Hey I'm sure space is no challenge for a man who lived in that pony village for a year..."
Rugal looked like he was going to strangle him right then and there at the mention of that "Hell".
"Do use both a favor. Change. The. Topic." He growled before Slindis gave her 2 cents.

Archangel Michael & CO.
Location: Rising Dawn, War Room | DC, America.
Time: 11:30 am.
Weather: Clear.

Caim nodded with Slindis' notion and added, "Taking on armies is a specialty of mine, but unless we have a better strategy than 'hold the line, we'll show up', I can't say that I'm the most keen to follow through with your plans. Not to mention, Angel, that most of us haven't dealt with Space-Based combat. You're essentially telling us to smile as we're cut down by your loonier peers."

Tajuh, Teri

Teri looked at Tajuh with confusion, and her head tilted a little as she vocalized it, "... What are you talking about? I only meant that I severed the bond that put a portion of people in jeopardy should something happen to me. I did them a favor! I brokered with The Weird Sisters in order to make sure that if something happened to me, the people of this world wouldn't be affected by it! If I die, a bunch of people don't fall with me! What I don't understand is why you're telling me this. Now, I understand that coming to this place has been stressful, and that's probably what you're getting at but... Cut off from everyone I've known?! What is that all about? Going back home would be a little difficult, but it's not impossible!"

By this point, the Cleric was already on her feet, her confusion and irritation showing clearly on her face.

Archangel Michael & CO.
Location: Rising Dawn, War Room | DC, America.
Time: 11:30 am.
Weather: Clear.

Becoming annoyed at the other two parties questioning him Michael clicked his fingers as a clone spirit left his body. The Michael David talked two smiled and sighed as David left. "I didn't do anything to it... " He sighed once more before turning back to Rugal. "Still touchy about that... like a man on a period. Also don't question me about that... I would hate for you to some how have bloody pants. " Michael joked and yet was some what serious.

The second Michael & Slindis/Caim.

"Sorry about that large conversations annoy the hell out of me." Michael said as he recalled on what the warrior said. "For an experienced holy knight I seems like you have no faith in me... " Michael sighed as he remembered the countless of people whom have disobeyed him which led them to there untimely death. "Hmm, no... that is strange for someone like you. My plan is simple. You guys form an army with mass numbers, you battle those guys, I'll attack from behind with my small fleet shortly after it begins... with this advantage both sides will advance. my power and your numbers. Also I know... I hate this plan as well... but once this is all over everyone who has died because of HIM should come back... you have my word. " Michael said sincerely.

Looking at Caim Michael sighed again. "And here I was thinking you would be the one to take death like a man... or at least like the idea of dying in battle. You heard my plan with the elf... but I'm not including you guys. I mean the battle would contain our fleets. You guys on the other hand have the important role of ending this damned thing once and for all." The clone spirit said as he faded away back into the main body.

"So it would be wise to gather any forces you have... because the backup plan is to wipe out the solar system."

Michael said lastly as he walked out of the room.

Tajuh, Teri

Tajuh put in a few choice words. "You altered your fate through the Weird Sisters. Now, something like that has its repercussions, and the fact that you've already started looking to Bernstein and Slindis is a telling factor. Now, this may be blunt, but how you've acted and how you are acting are the telltale signs of one the planar travelers. You can go back to your original home after this, of course, but the only thing it's going to bring you is pain. As far as your home plane is concerned, you don't exist. Another one of the people here's already going through the same thing, as a matter of fact. Remember the man that found where you live back in your school dormitory? You may note that the main thing he's done is try to assist others in any way he can. It's his way of filling the vast hole within himself."

Right before Teri made her way to the exit, he spoke some last words. "You may hate me for revealing this truth, but I want you to find someone, anyone to talk to about this. It will be painful, but it's better to reach out to the truth rather than deny it."

Archangel Michael & CO.
Location: Rising Dawn, War Room | DC, America.
Time: 11:30 am.
Weather: Clear.

Slindis shook her head. "Ugh... you're really going to default to the reset? Its constant implementation promotes complacency to keep your image intact. Go ahead and say what you will, but your system does nothing to correct the errors. To preempt your next statement, yes, there are many things I would love to change if I had the chance. You know why I don't? Each one of those mistakes was something I learned from."

After the archangel left, she turned to Rugal. "If I didn't know any better, it would seem that this is set for that archangel to take the majority of the credit here when his own men should have kept eyes on each other. The alternative of a systemic failure is one I don't even want to try to comprehend."

While Slindis and Rugal talked, Lupito moved over to the Spartan since it put him in a good position to keep a fierce eye on Rugal while being around someone that seemed well enough. Five feet tall at the shoulder, Lupito was easily bigger than any wolf Storm had ever seen before.


Rugal was still thinking about the fact that they'd all have to go into space as Slindis talked.
"...Well...In the end, Looks like we are going into Space...Besides, A lot of us here knew Tomoya, Thus this is a personal mission..." He said somewhat absently, still thinking that this was bigger then what he was normally used to.
Angels? Yes.
Demons? Sure.
Demi-Gods? Bring it on.

But the vast empty vacuum of space? "....I need to go to my quarters for a moment..." He said before hasting back to the Captain's chambers.
It was clear this development had disturbed him.


Teri shook her head in disbelief, "No... That can't be true! YOU'RE LYING! MOM AND DAD WOULD NEVER FORGET ME!"

And with that, the Cleric ran out of the room, Garm following after her with a clatter of concerned paws. However, the Cleric knew that Tajuh's words were in fact true. With the forces he worked with, his experience and the careless wording to the Weird Sisters; it was a VERY real possibility that she had in fact ruined her chances at going home to a proper reception. Grief tearing at her heart, the girl kept her pace of streaking down the halls... And found herself bumping into another fast moving individual; knocking the girl back with a shaky "OOF!"

Ah, this was a familiar scene. Here she was, running like her life depended upon it, and yet again, she had bumped right into one of the few people she didn't want to see. After all that she was told/realized, it was terribly embarrassing to run into Rugal Bernstein yet again. Funnier still, was that he looked just as distressed as she did. What on earth could be the matter? Poor Garm had gone sliding past the two, his claws tearing futily at the smooth tiles of the ship as he slid down the hall into a wall, letting out a yelp as he did so. After collecting himself, he wandered back to his distressed Pup, who was attempting to make proper conversation with the King of Fighters.

Forcing herself up, the Cleric gave a shaky smile and a bow, attempting (badly) to hid the tears threatening to come running down her face, "Mr. Bernstein! Goodness, this seems to be a bad habit of mine, now isn't it? I really need to stop running down these halls...."

Archangel Michael & CO.
Location: Rising Dawn, War Room | DC, America.
Time: 11:30 am.
Weather: Clear.

Caim only scoffed as Micheal faded away, and silently wished that divine forces could stop being stuck up pains in the ass.

"Forgive me for thinking strategically..."


What about a Gun?...A Really Big Gun?...Like that one Doom made? Blow it out of the sky....Yeah....That'd wor- Rugal thought before Teri ran into him yet again.
"Teri!...Well, uh-Yeah, I mean, if it's something important, do all the running you want! otherwise, er- no, don't run..." He said in rather out of character tone as he helped the cleric up.
Both parties were hiding something.
" something wrong?..."
"No! No, no, I'm okay, just..Was peeling some onions..." She lied though her teeth.
"...Are you hiding something?..."
"...No, nothing...Ummmm...Are YOU hiding something?!" He countered in a vain attempt to dodge the issue.
Which actually worked.
"...Uhhhh...Also nothing..." The once proud king sheepishly answered.

After the MOTHER of all awkward silences.
"..You....go about your business."
"Alright, I will."
The King and the Cleric then walked passed each other with no futher comment, leaving each other to their own personal issues.

As the Cleric began to hurry down the halls, her AI began speaking with her in 'silent mode', light blue text flickering over the screen:

"You should go back..."

In idignation, the Cleric's mental link to the Tablet started up, and sent text back, "Oh no... I don't want to talk to ANYONE right now, Dimitri..."

"But you NEED to. User: Tajuh had a point. Did not your Shadow grow from hiding the truth? Did you not make a promise to User: Mr. Bernstein as well? 'Drop a bag of feels' as it were? Obviously, you both need someone to talk to, and if you both hold confidence in each other; and may I remind you that he renewed his promises to you, which means a lot coming from that pride filled man; means he trusts you! And you mean anything that you said to Tajuh about your feelings regarding him and Miss Slindis, you will turn around, march to the Captains Quarters and have a, in your terms, 'feelings jam' till the both of you have puffy eyes and runny noses!"

Teri stopped in her tracks, and frowned, "That's not cool, Dimitri..."

The Butler AI chuckled, "I only want what's best for you... Now, I'll even announce your entrance. Go on."

With that, the Cleric sighed, turned around, and began running to the Captain's Quarters.


Captain's Quarters

As Rugal sat in his room and mulled over his thoughts, a light tapping came at his door, and a familiar sounding butler called out over the intercom:

"Captain, Her Ladyship, Teri Gravel, 6th Level Cleric is at the door to see you. Also, she requests that if she is permitted admittance, if her companion, Garm, could come in as well."


Rugal was decked out in his "Omega Armour", Staring at a mirror and taking long deep breaths in a attempt to calm himself.
He'd never been into space, other realms, sure, but Space was...different...
His focus was broken by Dimitri asking for Teri to be let in.
"...Come in." He said though the door without taking his eyes off the mirror.
The first thing she noticed was Rugal's change in outfit.
"...My "Power Armor" of sorts. Wore it in battle many time. It always brought a....Clarity to me....Still, what do you require of me?" He asked as he set down at his desk, still wearing the strange armor.

Teri would have laughed at the silly armor, were it not for the immense amount of stress she was under. Using Garm's fur as something to busy her hands with, (the wolf having settled himself easily on the floor, still towering over the short girl) the Cleric kept her eyes to the floor, "You misunderstand me sir, I do not require anything of you... Rather... I was worried. You looked really shaken up a moment ago, and I was making sure you were alright."

As she said this, Rugal could see that she still looked as unsteady as she did in the halls; but her words were genuine. Now, King of Fighters, will you answer?


"...Guess you'd know if I lied, right?...." Rugal sighed as he rubbed his face in his hands.
All those years of pride and doing things his way, now he was just like everyone else on this flying mad house.
"...Astrophobia..." He bluntly answered.
"...Excuse me?..."
"You heard me, Astrophobia, Fear of Outer Space!" He explained as he got up and paced over to the window and looked out over the open sea.
"....You see....This is a very small world in a massive universe. On this world, I am one of the powerful forces on it. Governments, Nations, other secret groups, Not a problem to me.
But the second I leave, Then what? Up there, I have no power. No Connections, just what little oxygen supply I go up there with. but most of all, I just don't like being vulnerable..."
The creaking of his gloves filled the air as he clenched his fists.

Garm | Rugal | Teri

Teri nodded with sympathy, and settled on the floor next to her wolf, her small form now obscured by the desk and Garm's bulk. So, the King of Fighters was scared of space... Well, it was better than- "Bees."


"I'm really scared of bees! I know, I have a big ass wolf right here that could bite my head off, but bees..."

She shivered, and continued, "I've never been stung by one, and my great grandfather was really allergic to them. So, I don't know if I have that gene..."

"Then again, do I really have a great-grandfather anymore?"

Forcing the light sob threatening to come up in her throat via burying her face in Garm's side, she continued, VERY glad that the tablet was the one speaking, "Although I understand your reasoning, I think you may not have to worry entirely about being helpless. I just had a chat with Tajuh, you know to get him to that meeting neither of us wen to. Anyways, he wants me to pilot a Mech! I was a little skeptical at first, but when he said supplemental AIs would be involved-"

"In this case, your's truely. As if I'd trust another AI with your life, Madam..."

Teri gave a small laugh at that, and continued, "That's beside the point, Dimitri. What I'm saying is, that maybe you can talk to him about borrowing one too? If they're anything like I've seen, it takes a lot of work to get them running right; something I could forsee you doing well."

Even in her despair, the girl did her best to bolster Rugal's ego, hoping that would pull him out of his funk. However, her cover would be blown the moment the King looked over his desk. A face buried in a wolf's side does not make for a good disguise.

Devon, Caim, Angelus

As the groups diffused, Devon went over to Caim and Angelus with a bit of a nervous confidence. "You know, when I can see exactly where they're holding Furiae, I'd be more than happy to be there to assist you. I know that you'd be more than good with the attacking the people holding her, but I've been thinking of ways to make it a lot less noisy for this. After all, beating them while fighting is good, but how much better would it be to get her in and out with almost nobody noticing?" Unlike the angel earlier, his voice seemes naturally persuasive, and the fact that he was willing to put himself in the line of fire to help the Rip And Tear specialist get his family back probably meant something as well.

Garm | Rugal | Teri

"It's not just that, just one the ground here, even if I was attacked, I could get out of it. Collapsing building? Climb out of the rubble. Nuke? I'd tough it out until I could arrange a pick up. This entire airship crashing in the sea? I can swim to shore. Falling in a Volcano? If Kazuya can do it, then certainly I can! Single pinhole letting my air supply run out? My mech getting blasted? Best I can hope for is that they collect my body after it plummets to earth!" Rugal answered, this was clearly not a easy fix for him.
He glanced over and saw Teri burying her face into Garm.
"....Then again...I recall you weren't exactly stable in that hallway either..." He said, hoping to change the topic off his own fears for fear of losing his image.
"...Go on...You can tell me...What's the issue? Is it that Angel?"

Devon, Caim, Angelus

Caim looked at the bard with a mixture of shock and confusion, barely able to 'say', "... You would do that? Even though you know damn well wherever she's being held is packed to the teeth full of guards? Hmn. I can't say I'm not impressed, Author. You've got guts."

Angelus smirked, and gave Caim a pat on the shoulder, "What he means to say is 'thank you'. Just knowing she's alive and functioning on a cognitive level is a relief enough. Now, what was this about sneaking her in and out?"

Garm | Rugal | Teri

"...Go on...You can tell me...What's the issue? Is it that Angel?"

Teri shook her head, "I'm perfectly fine! Garm's just fuzzy! I like the sensation..."

"Madam, that's your poorest lie to date... Not counting for the onions."

"That and it's rude to not look at someone when you're talking to them..."

The Cleric sighed, and forced herself to look up from her faithful companion's fur and at Rugal; the feelings she was trying to hide showing through a badly made smile, "The Angel? Oh no, he just had to go back to work...What I'm a bit upset about-

"A gross understatement for the day..."

"Can it, Dimitri... Anyways, I made a big mistake. Something I can't fix, even with Writing. Remember when I brokered the Fates in order to unbind all those I write for? I said: 'I have bound several individuals to my fate, and I would like them to have the freedom to make fate their own.' However... That worked a little too well, and it's spread to my homeworld... Do you understand what I'm getting at?"

AIM: Med Bay <- Seriously, I think this RP has a Med-Bay fetish

"What the?! Furiae, stay back!"

Drawing his blade, Inuart charged at the beast, bringing a wave of ice down on it before following up with a slash to it's face.

As this went on, Furiae found herself doing her best to get out of the bed quickly, but before she could find a proper place to hide from the monsters, a scream came from behind. Whirling around, she could already see another of the beasts had begun feasting on the other patients. Shaking in fear, she looked down to the gauntlets, and wondered if... Maybe.. Just maybe... Looking to Inuart, she shouted, "Inuart, you said my other side helped you, yes?!"

Inuart grunted as he stopped a blade from piercing his side, and threw it back at the creature. With a scowl, he answered, "She did! Now, why do you ask?"

Before he could get a proper answer out of his lady love, he heard the sound of cloth tearing, visceral... something and a crunching noise. After dealing a final blow to the creature before him, he whirled around to see her again, still growing out into her 'proper' form as crescents of light and spectral swords impaled another of the creatures as the bracers lay on the floor. With a hanging jaw, Inuart could only mutter, "Furiae..?"

Garm | Rugal | Teri

Rugal was puzzled by what she said, granted, he watched the strange ceremony, right before the Viscus Business.
"...I don't understand...So you summoned those beings to assist you in ensuring your death didn't end the existence of others....But...Fate their own...." He repeated to himself as he tired to figure out what she was on about.
"W-well....It's just...They...My family..." Teri stammered as she welled up a little.
"Your family?......Oh....What did they?..."
"...I'm..."Unbound" to them..."
He was clearly shocked by the news, in attempting to defy fate, she lost those she cared most about.
"...I don't think anything I can say will help, but for what it's worth, I'm sorry..." He added as Teri was about to burst into tears.
....Killer of Angels, Ladies and Gentleman...
Bracing himself for another session of waterworks, he opened his arms out in case she needed a hug.
All the while, his PDA was vibrating on the desk...

AIM: Med Bay <- You see half the shit we deal with around here! We need them!

"...Da fuk?..." Bruiser said as he crushed a mutant's skull in his large hand while Furiae mutated.
"...For what it's worth, Kurt Cobain, you wanna do that, I ain't gonna stop you." He said as he finally managed to get himself out of bed, slipping on a pair of patient shrub pants to cover his "Wound".
"...OKAY....MS. DEMON LADY.....lead the way?..." He asked nervously as Inuart picked up the bracer.

Devon, Caim, Angelus

Devon rubbed his chin to think of it before talking. "You know there's got to be surveillance there, right? What would happen if they were to see some things on those cameras when we head in? Even without that, I think I could talk some people into getting us through. Worst comes to worst, I think I could patch you up. Probably not as good as Teri or SLindis, but it's still there."

A moment to take a breath before he concluded. "Still, Furiae's close to you, and that redheaded bard she's with looks like a tool and feels like a creeper. Besides, I told you from the start that I was going to help you out. What kind of man would I be if I backed out of the offer because it got difficult?"

Garm | Rugal | Teri

"...I don't think anything I can say will help, but for what it's worth, I'm sorry..." He added as Teri was about to burst into tears. Bracing himself for another session of waterworks, he opened his arms out in case she needed a hug.

The girl didn't need telling twice. With Garm to support her as she stood, the girls face was already shinning by the time she reached the King of Fighers' embrace; shaking heavily with each sob; and the Tablet reverbarating with the Cleric's regrets,

"I-I was so STUPID! I s-should have known better than to t-t-t-try brokering them! But's it wasn't- it wasn't fair to any of the ones I Write for!"

Similar bits of mental self flagellation came through the Tablet, and Dimitri decided that now was the time to revert to Silent Mode again, at least, until the Cleric could 'talk' properly again...

AIM: Med Bay <- You've got a point there...

After Furiae transformed completely, she looked to the two men with frenzied eyes, and did a sort of hop-flutter to Inuart's side, her form easily towering over Bruiser and Inuart. After doing so, she just stared at the red-head, as if she were-

"Waiting for orders..? Ahem, well then... Furiae, let's get out of here. You know that thing you just killed?"

He pointed at the monster in question, "Just attack those. Nothing else."

The Goddess looked over Inuart like a curious dog, but nodded, looking to the door, where more sounds of carnage waited. With a sigh, he said, "Hmn, it looks a bit big for you... Hey you!"

He looked to Bruiser, "Think you could widen up that entrance a bit? If we want her to follow along, and we do then we'll need a bigger hole in the wall..."

Devon, Caim, Angelus

Caim nodded with approval, "Sounds like a plan, Writer... Actually, now that I think about it, we might be able to get the Cleric on hand. I'm guessing she'd want to make up for all the trouble... Maybe."

Angelus shook her head in disbelief, "Only if she asks first... She's had enough, Caim. However, that does bring into the question of what else is being used for fortifications, and what kind of approach we should take... Devon, have you seen much about what place she's being kept in?"

Garm | Rugal | Teri

Standing still as a rock as Teri let it all out like she did in DC, Rugal remained stoic but caring thoughout it all.
It was sickening that people this young were forced to make these sort of choices, live this kind of life.
And to think, in a day or two, they would be in outer space fighting for the fate of humanity.
As she began to dry up her sobbing a little, he said ".....If there is anything that I can do, please let me know..."

AIM: Med Bay

"...Errrr, yeah, sure..." Bruiser sheepishly said as he stepped over the bleeding dismembered waste of Mutants towards the torn Med Bay Wall and started to pry it open, effortlessly tearing a huge chunk out of it and using it to block off a hallway full of incoming mutants.
"GET GOING! MOVE!" He shouted as he held it in place for them to clear the way to the Command Center.

AIM: Command Center

As the lucky ones reached safety, Bison began to look for Alucard, he didn't even care if he actually caused it or not, he was going to kill that son of a bitch!
"ALUCARD! YOU DICKHEAD! YOU MINDLESS FUCKTARD!" He shouted as he pushed people out his way searching for him.

Garm | Rugal | Teri | Slindis | Lupito

The Drow and her companion wolf walked into the room, with Slindis meaning to talk with Rugal about the issue he seemed to have with space. However, seeing her student sobbing into the man's abs brought up many more important questions. Lupito kept a keen eye on Rugal as Slindis asked the first main question that anyone would want to know about with this scenario.

"Rugal, what happened here?"

Devon, Caim, Angelus

Devon nodded. "Well, as far as I know, the place is underground... lots of people there, too oh god the screeching again" He quickly put his hands over his ears, but there was no change in what was going on in the area. It was pretty clear that he was getting insight into Furiae's situation as the two talked.

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