The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal took one look at the list and found a mish mash of confusing and strange names, varying from foreign to downright alien.
"Well...It's better then just randomly jumping students. You got this passed onto the others?" He asked as he enjoyed the oriental treat Teri had poofed in, offering some to the others see how they too avoided much of the "Lunch" here.
"...What the hell kinda name is "Retsbew Nerrad?"..." He pondered as he looked at the list and tried to pick one that stood out.


David cringed when he looked at this timetable: Dance Class with...Ton Ton and Cadolblog!?
"...Wut?..." He let out as he went looking for the pair, wanting to ask just what they had in mind for this class.
It was then he noticed that Teri and Devon were gone.
"....Teri?....Devon?....Huh...." He pondered out loud, unaware that they were talking to Mark at the moment.
Still, finding the duo he asked "Hey guys...umm...So Dancing Class....What kind of Dance?..."
don't be ballroom, don't be ballroom...


"If its ballroom im gonna be pissed." Shadow said blankly as he listened to the conversation.


"...What the hell kinda name is "Retsbew Nerrad?"..." He pondered as he looked at the list and tried to pick one that stood out.

Caim snorted at the comparison, and quipped, "It's better than Retia Vagreel. I haven't heard of such a strange joining of letters...."

"Hmn... If we could break this list down further, that could aid us as well. By gender, or some denominator...."

Dance Class, with Instructors Ton Ton and Cadolbolg Presiding!

"You'll see soon enough, Friend David West."

As the group entered the class, and the Authors inexplicably appeared again, they saw that their familiar friends, and somewhat presiding guardians, flew to the front of the room, and sat on a podium and waited for the group to file in.

After a few moments, The Tonberry spoke up, "Alright ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dance 101. Here, we will cover a multitude of styles and ways to dance. Whether it is to pirouette, or to do a simple dip; we'll attempt to cover it in some way shape or form."

Cadolbolg did a little imitation of the moves midair as Ton Ton spoke, inducing Dawws from the students with a softer heart for cute things. After this, the turtle returned to his pact partner's side, and spoke up as well,

"Today, we're going to be covering some salsa and ballet movements, in that order. Now, Mr. De-, er, Mr. Hauxwell, could you please come to the front and demonstrate the Tempo Espana for the class today? I'll be acting as your partner for this movement."



Slindis pointed out one name herself. "Echidna Dinkelberg? That's probably the oddest one I've seen..." The list had also let her seen what names were common (Surprisingly, there were very few Smiths), but at this point she felt they had gotten all they could.

Dance Class, with Instructors Ton Ton and Cadolbolg Presiding!

"You'll see soon enough, Friend David West."

Devon walked in wearing his normal outfit, glancing over at Ella and Aftan for a moment before heading over to Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg. "Sounds like a fantastic idea. These two have been teaching me, so I can let you know that they are some of the best teachers I've been taught by. Instructor Ton-Ton, would it be alright if I assisted you with the others here after the first bits?" For the purposes of the dance, he had Ton-Ton take the lead.

Meanwhile, Melethia looked over at Teri with a bit of boredom. "Really? Dancing? There couldn't be something else like bladework or archery? Maybe even applied wand use?" One disturbing thing that stood out was that all of these classes had very clear combat applications.


"Mmmm...Maybe if we go to the intercom in the front office and ask for them to be summoned here? Then we can interview them for whomever might be our target." Rugal suggested as he printed off a list of the names.
"It'd also be the safest way to get at them, what with the "Security" here..." He added before finishing up the little meal Teri had sent him.

Dance Class

David looked on in horror at what he might need to do next.
"Oh god why?...Okay, calm down, At least it's not Irish Dancing, god, I hate Irish Dancing." He said to himself as Melethia voiced her boredom.
"I agree but more for reasons of public dignity then anything else..."


Dance Class


"Im just waiting for the part where one of the dance partners pulls out a knife and tries to stab the other....." Shadow thought out loud as he looked on.

Dance class

Meanwhile, Melethia looked over at Teri with a bit of boredom. "Really? Dancing? There couldn't be something else like bladework or archery? Maybe even applied wand use?"

Teri looked at Melethia with a bit of confusion, and asked her sister, "I understand wanting to keep your skills sharp, Mel, but there's more to life than combat training.... Erm... How old are you again? Certainly there was something fun you like to do growing up, right? Don't you have any hobbies, or things you do in the lull? I used to draw a lot, or read a novel when I was younger. Mind you, my duties have kept me a bit busy, but I still like a good book if I can get my hands on one. You understand what I'm saying?

And Shadow, I don't think this is THAT kind of dance class...."

As the demonstration continued, and finished, Cadolbolg whispered to Devon as Ton Ton addressed the class,

"That sounds like a great idea, Friend Devon! After all, me and Friend Ton Ton have helped you in your dancing training far longer than these other students...."

"Alright! Hopefully, you've been paying attention Time to pair up, students! Find a partner, any will do, and myself, Cadolbolg and Devon will wander around to provide additional instruction. And if you have an issue with a step, or anything else, DO NOT be afraid to ask. You're just beginning to learn how to do these steps, so some trial and error is to be expected. Now, let us mingle and dance!"

For a little guy who sounded like he hadn't hit puberty yet, Ton Ton certainly knew how to play the part of instructor. Maybe his hanging around the Bard had helped him pick up a little in public speaking?

Avatar Adventure
Location: Nurse's Office | Avatar Adventure Highschool

C.C. | Lucieon | Miku | Sean

C.C.'s hand stirred Lucieon a little bit from his sleep. The strain of chronology had afflicted him again with another dream. His face was ruined by a deep scowl and his eyes were shut tight. The lightness of his hair seemed only to outline the wrinkles in his skin. Strangely, he did seem old. In a strange, abstract sort of way. He wore the same expression as does a dying soul, whose eyes seemed fixed on the events of the past. He was dreaming. But of what?

Location: Red River | White Drift Municipality | Kingdom of Candor | Central Human Kingdoms
Time: 1003 A.D.

Red River was a small trading town on the very tip of Candor's influence. It sat at the base of a small mountain range that separates the inhospitable Northlands and the soft temperance of the Central Riverlands. The sky seemed to bloom a deeper blue than it had in the winter past, and the clouds seemed altogether less violent in their shape and movements. It was nearly noontime and Lucieon sat near the titular Red River, which was overflowing with the run off from the snowy Northland peaks. The spring wind was amiable against his skin as his eyes watched the seasonal fish ripple through the coursing waters. The river was not small nor large. It was just enough for a merchant ship to use to cross deeper into the heartland of the human lands. It was maybe a kilometer and a half in width, Lucieon wasn't really the best at estimating distances. His eyes were used to the closeness that his textbooks and medical records demanded of him. He shook his head and brushed the fallen petals of a nearby cherry tree off of his cloak. The thick winter wool he wore was terribly out of place in the blooming flowers and rustling leaves of the new spring. However, he didn't have much of a choice. The winds still blew a chill through his summer clothes, and he had almost nothing since his mother had convinced his father to disown him.

He closed his eyes and listened to the running water. It was a strong continuous current. Powerful, but not angry. It lapped against the wooden beams of the dock and made no splash. Lucieon couldn't remember why he was here. He was waiting for someone, but who, or why, was foggy. The days without food and sleep must have had a detrimental affect on his memory. He had made the journey north to Red River by foot from Merizidan's central headquarters in Candor. He had little to eat in the cold winter nights, and he had little rest. And what he could manage was always by the dirt road to the north, perpetually covered with a layer of wet mud. It was a miracle that he didn't come down with pneumonia in the two month journey.

As his mind wandered into those grey memories, a warm softness brushed up against his cheek. It felt like silk, but it was firmer than cloth and definitely supported by something muscular and flexible. Too thin to be an arm. He wondered without opening his eyes, the effort to do so seemed far too much for his current state. Then he decided to forego the thought and get some rest while sitting on the dock in the warm spring sun.

"Oi! Don't tell me you're dead! 'specially after I came all this way to get ya!"

Lucieon opened his eyes and found a girl standing over him. She was wearing a tunic woven with bright reds and blues in the square stripes of Merizidan. Her hair was long and red, and her eyes were quivering in the light like liquid gold. Her skin was smooth and pale, so much so that it cast an eerie light to her figure. The girl was no more than five foot tall, maybe even less, and her canines fell over her lip. Then Lucieon noticed the tail sweep across his face again before falling back behind her legs. So that's what it was, he thought to himself lazily before rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The girl stood over him. Her eyes were narrow and her mouth was locked into a disapproving scowl.

"No, I'm not dead," Lucieon replied half-heartedly as he tried to stand. His legs refused the action, "close to it though." He looked over the warg girl in front of him. She seemed to take up a lot of space for being such a small creature, "are you Azquotal's assistant or something?"

Suddenly the world around him exploded into light, and a great shooting pain flooded out from his ribs. Lucieon doubled over onto the floor, very much awake now. "What the fuck was that for!" he gasped after regaining some of his breath. It felt like his ribs had cracked. His breaths were labored and stained with pain and his vision was still blurry.

"I am Azquotal Nariqi," the warg replied angrily. Her golden eyes didn't seem so beautiful anymore. Now they seemed to be the same gold as in the eyes of an eagle. A fierce, killing light that mirrored the sun.

Lucieon coughed and straightened himself out, still holding his right ribs with his arm. The dirty cloak fell around him as he stumbled to his feet. "They paired me with a beast-kin? How lowly the company must thin-"

Suddenly he found himself on the ground again, kneeling over and coughing furiously. He couldn't seem to catch his breath and he couldn't understand why. Azquotal knelt down beside him and placed her hand at his throat. Her skin was soft and smooth, but her nails, almost as sharp and long as claws, dug into the fragile skin on his neck. "And what's so very wrong about my being a Warg? she snarled, placing her foot on Lucieon's back. "trust me, I'm not very happy about working with some silver-eating Candorian pretty boy."

Through some impeccable means, Lucieon decided that the best course of action was to shut his mouth and listen to what she had to say. Anything else might have ended in his drowning in the coursing Red River below the old wood of the docks. Azquotal pulled Lucieon to his feet by the nape of his neck and looked him over. She was unreasonably strong for her size. That much Lucieon concluded, was completely and utterly true.

She pressed her hands against his chest, running them down toward his ribs and feeling into his body. When her small hands fell into the crack between the bones, he winced. The pain, though no longer the same pulsating type. It was a dull, unspecific pain that was often the result of bruises. Azquotal gave a small huff, "None of your bones are broken. It's little more than a bit of hurt flesh." She straightened out his muddy tunic and cloak,tightened his belt and fixed his Merizidan badge before turning to leave, her tail flicking out behind her.

Lucieon stood straight, letting out a sigh of relief as the Warg stepped away from him. He was utterly confused on the reception. What right did a lower creature like her have to trample over him? Granted he was a castaway, but his blood was still that of the pure Candorian plutocracy. He wanted to turn and complain to Azquotal, but he couldn't find it in his heart to use the little energy he had left to argue. Especially not with the numbing pain still tender in his breast.


Lucieon turned around to face Azquotal. She was standing with her hands to her hips, her legs perfectly shoulder width. Her tail swept slowly from one side ot the other, and her long red hair flowed gently in the passing breeze. Aside from her Merizidan issue clothing, she wore a deep crimson mantle that draped down to the swell of her breasts and a small woolen scarf around her slender neck. The fact that she was a best-kin, or a Warg, was irrelevant, she was very beautiful. Her posture gave her a strange sense of authority but the gentleness of her figure seemed to soothe the eyes and calm the heart. Lucieon replied, somewhat confused, "What?"

She rolled her eyes and walked back, grabbing Lucieon by the arm, "We are partners, like it or not. And I doubt that you have a place to stay when you're looking like that." she pulled on him, "You'll be staying at my place while we work up the money to get you your own. I'll take you shopping for clothes tomorrow, since I doubt that your little ratty luggage bag has anything actually in it." She flashed him a brief smile and a cock of her head as she beckoned for him to follow. "And call me 'Az' from now on. I don't want to look like I've gotten myself a servant boy."

Lucieon nodded, and swallowed solemnly. When she had reached over to him, he saw down the wrap of her scarf. Her neck was scarred with a ring of geometric tattoos, like a collar. She was a freed slave.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Nurse's Office | Avatar Adventure Highschool

C.C. | Lucieon | Miku | Sean

Lucieon stirred completely from his sleep, and a word danced on his lips, "Az... Az..." he mumbled unconsciously as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes with his free hand. He looked up as his eyes focused and found C.C. staring back at him. He smiled, content with the knowledge that she was alive and well. Her injury had frightened him. He couldn't place a finger on why, but it struck something in his heart awry to see blood on her skin.

"How are you feeling See See?" he asked gently, his voice still hoarse from dehydration. The image of that girl... Az stilled danced at the back of his eyelids, and at the same time, the cold slime of that dragon-beast nibbled at the back of his mind. Years and years of repression had long hidden them from his conscious, so why were they resurfacing now?

Dance class

David gave a half hearted "Yay..." after the demonstration was finished, still unbelieving that this was actually happening.
"Is there really no way to get out of this class? I'm a 20 something Irish man. We don't dance unless we are up to the gills on booze!" He complained, clearly against the idea of Ballroom Dancing with his teammates.

<There should be more here, but there isn't.>


Slindis nodded in agreement, but there was still a bit of apprehension in her voice. "It's not the ideal option, but it is the best one. We'd also need to escort these students, although there is the issue of how to proceed when we do find what we need." She nodded in appreciation to him shating the food then went to Caim and Angelus to get their input.

Dance Class

As Devon finished the very minor warm-up, he began walking around the class. Some of those that had been forced into the class or only went in for an easy grade muttered the phrase 'kiss-ass' or 'brownnoser,' but that only meant that Devon paid extra attention to them. Unfortunately for David, he had gotten on that 'Extra Attention' list. "I know you helped me out earlier, but that doesn't mean you get a free pass. You're registered in this class, and you're no special snowflake. Will you be taking the lead?"

As he got in closer, Devon whispered in David's ear. "You think this class sucks? Believe me, man, there's no better way to a gal's heart than through some good dancing and music playing. Just give it a chance."

The look Devon gave Shadow was a clear indication that he was next on the list.

Melethia halfheartedly danced with Teri as she talked to her sister, leaving her lunch for after the class in one of her pouches. "I'm twelve, Sis. What, did ya think I was eight or somethin? Still, that stuff is fun. Knowing how to make your gear custom-made for your enemies, finding out how somethin' works... I mean, I do read from time to time, but it's better to experience it yourself... Why are half of the people here so lazy? I mean, I get what ya mean, but there's nothin like that rush of when a plan comes together..."

Yup, Teri's sister and her teacher's daughter hadn't had a childhood at all. Was it because of Slin's actions, or in spite of them?

Sean & Miku.
Location: Infirmary.
Time: 4/5th Period.


After everyone split up, Sean decided to quickly grab food from the canteen.
The lunch ladies offered him a large option of food since he told him it was for his sick friend.
Using the word 'friend' was awkward with Sean now.
"I really should ask her ... when she wakes up of course." Sean said with worry but let out a short chuckle at the end.

Grabbing two Japanese bento boxes and ran back to the medical room.

Back to the medical room.

Opening the door with a quiet sound and entering the room, Sean gave a nod to the two other occupants.
The room was large and fitted with many beds, Miku occupied the bed besides the window. She had already woken up and she smiled but quickly returned to a frown due to embarrassment. "Yo, I got lunch." He stuck his tongue out and smiled.

Sitting down in a chair beside the sick bed, Sean pulled out his chopsticks.
"Well ... it took you long enough! Where were yo-MMMn" She began to sulk but a piece of fried chicken was shoved in her mouth. The person who held the chop sticks wore a heavy blush as if it were an accessory. "Just keep quiet and let me feed you." He said in a half embarrassed tone, looking away from her.
Miku felt embarrassed at the same time but faintly smiled. "Aaaaaah~" She opened her mouth.

The two started to enjoy lunch together.
But Sean couldn't help but give a thought to his brothers.

Shaun & Shorn.
Location: Grand Cave | Portal Room.
Time: Evening.

Shaun the Author and Shorn the Grandmaster looked up towards the cave ceiling.
It was fully illuminated by natural plants.
The ground was full of candles, shaped into two specific shapes. Lightning bolts.
It surrounded the two, Shaun could feel a power similar to the one time he met the Archangels.
It wasn't holy but it just felt overwhelming, like a person facing a giant for the first time.

The two were alone in the cave, it was a secret they had made.
A secret base, the two's child selves spoke to them.
"I always wanted a secret hideout."
"You too?" Shorn said in response and Shaun nodded.

This was something like a ritual but something more. Shaun held a bloody dagger in his hand and his other hand was held over Shorn's cupped hands, dripping like a tap.
"I'm glad that I turned up my pain resistance for this."
"So ... what IS happening?"
"I have many characters based after me, but this links us ... I'm giving you a portion of my soul just like I did with Storm. I'm doing this so you may help many lives and your own."

Each blood drop was absorbed into Shorn's skin, just a sponge or a leech.
"And why are you doing this. Giving us a bit of your own soul?"
"I want to help that world where Storm is at ... I have helped it for a while due to Tomoya ..." Shaun said but his other looked just as confused.
"You will gain a connection to us. You can do things like access our memories which we allow. You'll know everything soon." Shaun said, to him this was like creating a real life character sheet, except with more passion, life and soul.

"It should be done ... don't worry, it's nothing grand or anything." He smiled.
In Shorn's head he could see a few words. "Accept, Y or N?" it was not just a contract, but more.
Accepting this new power, Shorn began to see many, many things. Information swirled around in his head as if he was the plug to a bath ... no and ocean.

After a couple seconds of shock Shorn got up from his knees.
"Okay ... now I see what you mean. That world is definitely that needs protection."
"See ... soon I shall pull you into that world, until then relax with your family."
Shorn turned around and walked back to camp as he saw his other half fade from the world.

Location: Capital Wasteland | Overlook of a raiding camp.
Time: Midday.

"A barren waste was laid in front of him, the blood was in all of this Earth's soil.
A figure smiled on top of a hill, not a friendly kind of smile, but the smile that you would seen from the Angel of Death. Down below this 'Angel' was a camp of raiders and the angel was known as Shawn. He had many names, "Messiah", "Courier" and "Lone Wanderer". In his mind he liked all of his names, just something that evil mutters before dying."

"Hmm, now then ... what rating would you give to my poetic intro?"
"Fuck ... you!" A raider was on the floor, his head being almost crushed by the mutated human. The guy was in one piece ... for now.
"Tsk, tssk. Why don't you say something nicer?" Shawn smiled as he pulled out his flaming sword called "Soul" and shoved it into the Raider's left leg. A nice yell was let out shortly and an alarm rang. "Atta boy ... just like I planned."
"You sick son of a bitch, you will-" The Raider's voice was cut out by a loud gunfire.

"Oh sorry, were you talking?" Shawn smiled and faced down at the camp, holding both his flaming sword and gun.
A rather large party had appeared.
"Hey you rapist assholes, I hear that you can't shoot for shit!" He yelled at them and took on step back onto the overlook. An upwards rain of lead went straight passed his head.
"Hmm ... looks like I was right." One last smile before the killing began.

Yu Narukami.
Location: Tokyo.
Time: Midnight.

An ordinary clean room was in view.
The outside was cold but stormy.
Yu Narukami was watching a Japanese horror movie.
"This is pretty scary" He said with his usual deadpan face as he faced the TV, Popcorn in hand.

Suddenly the TV turned into a static like state.
Yu's face turned pale.
Darkened figures littered the picture.
It was a large group ...
"What the ..."


Dance Class

Shadow quickly began looking for an exit strategy. He looked and looked but couldn't see a way out of it. Thats when he spotted his escape plan.

He just had to wait for Devon to try to get him to dance...


"I'll get this down to the front office office then. I'll just say it's library cards need signing or something..." Rugal said before Faxing the List down to the office, from CC to Retsbew Nerrad.
"And now, we wait..." He said before getting to the Rice portion of his Bento Box.

Dance Class

"....*Sigh*....Fine, but you better poof me in some beer or something after this!" David whined before letting Devon take the lead in their dance.
"I'M KNEECAPPING THE FIRST PERSON WHO LAUGHS!" He shouted to the class before they got underway.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Dmitri's World (The Tablet): A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri's shoulders sagged a fraction when Vermilion's form changed, but was pleased to find that her mind and personality remained intact. That was the important parts of her, after all, even if this new form of hers was... Well, it wasn't the most gorgeous thing of all, but Dimitri supposed he would become used to it in time. Bending down to embrace the Mole rat, he gave a soft sigh,

"The nature of science is trial and error, Ms. Vermilion. That, and Her Ladyship's style of programming is... Well, simpler than your former master's. It will be a small matter of time before we can get the two to mesh properly... In the meantime,"

He waved a hand and created a pile of cushions that Dimitri supposed would be comfortable for his partner in cybernetic crime, and gestured to the table next to the cushions,


The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

When the displacer beast collapsed into building material and meat, as well as Mark killing his underling(?), Teri scrunched her nose in disgust. But, that disgust was doubled when Mark attempted to exhort his 'authority' over the two authors, as well as his control over his creations. But, the moment he decided to single out Ella, Teri saw RED. The half-demon pseudo-stepdaughter of her's may not have been her kin, but she was finally starting to get to know the girl, and knew how important she was to Lucifer. Mark threatening Ella's safety had called out an integral part of any nurturing young woman: The Mama Bear. The water bottle looked dangerously close to being ready to empty it's contents on the floor, and Teri would be ready to call Squishy if things went sour. However, her anger channeled into her words. Knowing bullshit when she smelled it, Teri pointed an accusing finger in Mark's direction, and called her former friend out,

"You leave Ella alone! I don't want to hurt you, Mark, but if you lay a hand on her.... Besides, your threat on being able to do anything Author-y to your characters is empty as that mask of your's! I know damn well you disconnected your characters from yourself before going out to fight Red Mage! On top of that, the only reason Vermi had any semblance of connection to you was because she was interfaced in your skin! And before you ask, Dimitri told me. Unlike you, I give my AI free will, and he repays me in kind."

Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

As the lesson continued, Ton Ton began to make his way through the group of students, and began to throw out various bits of praise and calls for improvement to the class, hoping he could simultaneously encourage his students, as well as teach them. Cadolbolg, on the other hand, was flying about, and helping walking students through the steps of the dance.

"Very good! You guys are doing splendidly! Now, Ms. Aftan, please keep your hands a bit higher up. I know you're a bit tall, but that might make your partner uncomfortable. Ms. Kalastryn, nice work with the forward step! Remember everyone, a mistake is only such if you do not learn from it! Keep trying!"

"Now, Friend Student, you need to move towards you partner, then away, just like this!"

Teri frowned at the explanation Melethia gave her, and from what she remembered with her last big talk with Slindis, knew that the Paladin didn't want her daughter to be this way. She wanted Melethia to have the life of an ordinary little girl, rather like any in the room before them... Well, Teri hoped that no one else had to go through with anything as what Melethia was unintentionally implying here. As she continued working through the lesson with Melethia, she tried to keep her words carefully formed as she spoke, "Well, Melethia, knowing how to do those things is good and all, but perhaps they are not always applicable? That is to say, if you're in a situation like this one, say, you need to go to some fancy party and get a choice tidbit of information from a lord as well as work out a business deal, knowing how best to gut an undead isn't going to help you. Not that I'm saying that gutting an undead ISN'T helpful, but it just doesn't apply."

There was another moment of silence as they went through the steps again for Ton Ton's inspection, and she continued, "My point being Mel, is that maybe your perception of the other people here being lazy is off. Maybe they're just good at other things, like diplomacy, or making paintings, or preforming for a play. And even if you don't find those skills useful, that doesn't mean that others don't as well."

She tried cracking a smile her sister's way after the mini lecture, to lighten the mood, "Now, wanna try to have a little fun before something crazy happens?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito (aka Loopy's Day Out)

Lupito continued to clamp down, although there were few ways he could get the human's attention. Most of them involved stopping the bite, however, and that simply wasn't an option. That left one, and it wasn't pleasant for her...

And unfortunately for Gabrielle, she found herself the target of puppy piddle all over her shirt and some in her hair. The smell alone would be noticeable, and hopefully she would focus.

The Halls: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Melethia | Puce

Melethia shook her head as she walked into the class with Puce. The knightly girl had rubbed her the wrong way, but it wouldn't do any good to do anything reckless... "C'mon, Mister Puce, let's just head to dance..."

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

Before he made any statements himself, Devon immediately did a direct communication to Teri. "Teri, calm down. If we get into a fight now, we might lose our only chance for some proper information. Let me talk to him, alright?"

Devon was about to hear Mark out, but Mark had slipped up in three major ways: first, he assumed that Devon would just forget about the terms to the contract. He hadn't. Second, he'd assumed that Devon didn't know that Ageha was now in control and aimed to manipulate him that way. Fat chance. Finally, he'd threatened Ella. With all of that, the manipulations Mark's master was trying to pull were clear as day.

And Devon was going to not have a part of it, even though the tone he had with Mark was actually fairly pleasant.. "Mark, as your old friend, I'll be frank with you: I will follow my conscience and deal with the consequences at that time. However, since we do want to keep this civil here, threats like the ones you are making will not aid the cause of you or your master. Is there anything else you wanted to say as a friend?"

Dance Class: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Devon Had taken the time to stretch himself earlier, and David found the blond correcting him in multiple small ways that would help him. However, after a short amount of time, it was time for Devon to move on to Shadow.

Mel shrugged as she continued talking. "How much does it help them when they're killed by those that do take the time to focus on those skills? I'd just let that other person handle it, because honestly, I'd be casing the area in case things went south. And they can always go south. Say what you want, people like me will always be needed."

Still, she smiled back at her sister. "Okay, take the lead sis. Maybe the footwork could be used elsewhere..."

Shadow, (and everyone else... seriously people how do you remember all these names?!

Dance Class

Shadow saw Devon coming and set his plan into motion. Which his entire plan was consisted of jumping behind Taytum and trying to hide.....

When Devon had reached them Taytum was standing in his way, all she said was a simple "no".

Shadow shortly poked out from behind Taytum pointed and said "HA!" before ducking down behind her again.


With his 10 minutes of humiliation done for the day, David quickly slinked back into the student body, praying to god that he wasn't going to get called up again.
"God...that was worse then that night in Carrick!" He mumbled under his breath.
The Dancing was actually rather good, it was more the damage to his Ego he was worried about.

Matt and Ken sat in the back of the class quietly waiting for it to end. "I really hope there's a fun class after this like Demolition 101 or something. This is just boring as hell and totally useless to me," Matt said to Ken. "I agree. I say we just walk out of the class and head to our dorm. Nobody here would want to stop us anyway," Ken told Matt. Matt agreed and they both got up to leave.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito (aka Loopy's Day Out)

Lupito got only a small whiff of the acrid cloud heading his way and immediately stopped biting, scampering away from the cloud and to Gabrielle. He had the strong feeling that the girl was mad at him after what he'd done, though, and he gave the redhead some space.

The microcrack had an odd scent coming from it, though, and he couldn't quite place what it was...

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

After the bulb had shattered to Teri, Devon whispered to Teri. "If you want to meet up for some practice later, I'd be more than happy to help. Besides, I'd like to tell you a bit about just now." It was a bit poorly worded, but Devon hoped the message he was trying to get across was able to be conveyed.

Dance Class: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Devon shook his head with a small smile on his fact then talked to Taytum while she blocked SHadow. "If not him, then would you be my partner for the rest of this dance? I'll try not to step on your toes, I promise~!" With a small bow, he awaited the student's response. Perhaps on the next scene he could show Ella how he danced.

In addition, Mel noticed Matt and Kenneth slipping out of the class. If it wasn't for the fact that heading out alone would be a bad move thanks to the machines out there that picked apart weaknesses, she'd head out with them. Plus, she wanted to share the lunch her sister had made for them.

Shadow, Taytum, Devon, and everybody else. (yah everybody is invited!)

Dance Class

Taytum and Shadow were both surprised for a moment before Taytum said "sure!" She waited for Devon to stand up and lead the way.

Meanwhile Shadow was least to say shocked. He was confused by the events and just stood there confused for a bit, before his brain began kicking back into gear.

He had gotten out of dancing. Shadow internally sighed as he began to walk away, but then he realized something.

Taytum was dancing with Devon. He felt anger towards Devon? No. Something else.... He watched as they walked a little further away before dancing. Devon was dancing with Taytum. HIS Taytum.

He felt that same sensation again....

What was it? Shadow couldn't quite put his finger on it....

He sat there thinking for the longest time just staring.

And then he realized what he felt...


Shadow stood there, and became more and more jealous while he stood there. His anger was starting to build up inside. He wasn't sure exactly what he was going to do, but if he didn't do something soon he was gonna loose it.

So he stood there getting madder by the second....

Avatar Adventure
Location: Nurse's Office | Avatar Adventure High

C.C. | Lucieon | Miku | Nurse Peach | Sean

Lucieon smiled gently at C.C. before taking the strange fizzing can from her. He supposed that it was some sort of tonic water, but as he gazed at the bubbling beverage, his eyes seemed somewhat distant. Lost in a world his own, thinking about the question that C.C. had imposed upon him. Who was Az? He couldn't really remember that much. Even the dream, more nightmare really, seemed like a distant memory. Lucieon brought the drink to his lips and tilted the container, letting the soda dribble into his mouth and down his throat. It was delightfully sweet, almost like pure sugar, and the bubbles made it seem like his throat was ablaze, invigorated by the tiny bursts of gas. It was enjoyable, so much so that in very little time Lucieon had finished the entire canister and gently placed the container down on the floor beside him.

"See See, you still haven't answered my question," he stood up and placed his hands around C.C.'s frame, clutching her skin tightly in his soft leather gloves. Those sapphire eyes sparkled with light and sadness, a sort of deep remorse that you find only with abyssal aeons. The sad eyes of a widower.

"But I will tell you, she was close to me," he shook his head, "that much I can remember. A business partner, a close friend, maybe something more. Her image is seared into my memory, yet I cannot recall her completely." He ran his hands along her arms and lay them on her shoulders, they were heavy and firm, "Please, rest. And while you do perhaps you could tell me more about yourself." he took his hands off her and sat down in the bedside chair.

"You can start by explaining to me how you knew Azquotal was a woman. Az is gender neutral name," the glare in his blue eyes ran into an infinite depth, "either your skills at assumptions are quite developed, or you have been more than keen about the goings of my mind." He stopped and took a long, dramatic look out toward the window, "What are you?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito (aka Loopy's Day Out)

Lupito licked the knight on the face a few times, feeling a lot safer now that he had someone else here. Some days, it just felt good to be able to have someone you can count on. Even if said person happened to be a Shadow Knight. It was a shame that he couldn't communicate with Slindis, though...

Dance Class: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

After Devon finished with the dance, he handed Taytum back to the seething Shadow. "Shadow, if you need any help with some of the trickier steps, just go ahead and shout out and I'll work with you. You might want to stretch for the next section of the class, though: it's all about the flexibility." He then moved through the mass of people dancing, using his gut instinct of the rhythm to avoid bumping into his classmates.

Since he could finally catch a break, he went over to Ella and extended his hand. "I know, I know. I took my time getting here. I had to check up on the others here, but most importantly I wanted to save the best for last. May I take this dance?" There was a certain grace to Devon's movements, letting Ella know that all that time Devon had spent practicing was most likely time well-spent.


The dance class was going as well as it could for Melethia - she wasn't going off and attacking others, but it was clear that she was seeing this as some kind of combat training through how forceful her movements were. On one pass by Puce, she called over to him. "Name the time and place, Puce!" It wasn't an angry tone, but there was an underlying edge of seriousness in how she said it.


"....Strange....They should have gotten it by now..." Rugal remarked as he waited for the PA to summon the students on the Suspect Short List to the Library for questioning.
He was certain he sent the Fax to the front office that time.
Sighing, he then picked up the office phone and went to call said office.
"...Hello, This is Coach Bernstein, I sent a fax to your office. did you get it?"


"...Maybe I should sneak out..." David said to himself as he edged towards the class door while the practices were going on.
Once glance outside it of the Laughing Gas Elementals though quickly changed his mind.
"...I'd almost prefer that over this..." He thought as he sat back down and watched Melethia seemly get all up in Puce's grill.

Shadow, Taytum, And EVERYONE ELSE :D

Dance Class

Shadow wasn't a horrible dancer.... but he wasn't the greatest either. Of course what he lacked in skill for dancing he made up for in enhanced reflexes. Every time he would start to mess up he would quickly correct himself.

Taytum seemed to be enjoying herself which made Shadow happy, but thats when he realized something.

Devon had tricked him. 'Well damn' was all Shadow thought as he continued dancing.

At least he didn't have to lead Taytum had decided to take that job. While still dancing Shadow couldn't help but relax a bit.

He didn't know if he was gonna thank Devon later or smack him upside the head.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Nurse's Ofice | Avatar Adventure Highschool

C.C. | Lucieon | Miku | Nurse Peach | Sean

"Althia, you're a cruel God..." Lucieon turned his eyes away from C.C.'s back. He loathed to see scars on people, especially ones that told stories. Even more so he hated scars that were born out of servitude and slavery. He wanted to ask her about them, but his mind din't seem to want to linger on the subject. So instead he wondered again if she was a firekeeper. She was starting to show all the makings of one... an endless soul of humanity, fire sorcery, and now even the characteristic abuse of a firekeeper. The only incongruence was that she was very much alive and human.

Then something else came nagging at his thoughts, how was she able to peer into his mind like that. He had never heard of sorcery or magic or technology that let people into the mind's eye of another. Then her apparent amnesia came up. That concussion when the older boy had slammed her head into the bleacher. It couldn't have been that bad... perhaps she was like a sprite, and had merely adapted to Lucieon in an attempt to stave off her death at the hands of the Undead Merchant. If so, it could also explain the attraction he had toward her, and the strange coincidences that she bore to Az. He dissmissed the thought entirely after a short while. Thinking was bringing forth that cold slimy figure back into his mind, and it made him shudder slightly at the thought.

He would have to keep a vigil watch over this girl. Not only for his own emotional well-being but in case she posed a danger to the community at large. Someone who didn't know who they were was an anomaly, a danger that couldn't be factored in. He had to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. While lost in his thoughts, he had accidentally called out to C.C.

"See See" he said softly but firmly, "I think we should go to the Department of Records and see if your files say anything on you. It would be in poor taste of me to leave you in such a state of historical blankness."

Charity Case:

Up to this point Kala had remained silent in focusing on the steps in the dance, but she now had a rather firm grasp on the pattern, so she was a bit more free to speak.

"Oh come now, must the three of you bicker like this?" she said in a rather serious tone

"Whether it is to your likings or not we might be stuck like this, and with each other, for quite some time. I find myself strangely patient like this, and while I'd be willing to throw myself into detention to uncover what's going on her, I can't say that I mind being younger." She said, almost seeming rather relaxed by the music and fluid motions, like some sort of weird yoga class.

"While it's pressing that we get out of this school at some point, wherever we go from there we'd still be stuck with each other... we might as well get along, no matter how grudgingly."

As they swished past again she spoke with direction more towards Aftan.

"Who says, also, that kindness cannot go a long way. A lack of it more often than not makes you cruel, not strong. If it were not for the kindness of my adoptive parents, I'd probably either be dead since the age of 9 months, or raised in cruelty under my devilish parents. Had it not been for that, you'd be my adversary, not my ally in this ever changing dance we call life."

she says, almost poetically.

"So I'll be short with you. Perhaps kindness isn't the path towards strengthening him, but fighting his allies, even if staged, may not be the best route either."

She says, speaking almost as if from experience in fighting those you care for.

"If you'd like, however, after some time I may be able to create a formidable creation for him to combat for training..." she says, hinting at making a foe of flesh and bone for him to train against, one that was actually geared to take some punishment, and possibly deal some. Certainly much tougher than the frail zombies from biology.

Location: Capital Wasteland | Overlook of a raiding camp.
Time: Midday.

Blood, blood, bodies and more bodies littered the now present blood red ground.
A battle was waged and their was only one victor. Bullet casings were covering the ground as if they were a small blanket of snow. A lone figure stood in the middle of the graveyard, a sigh came out. "Those asshats got blood on my duster! He yelled and kicked a decapitated body in anger.

Sighing once more, but in serious thought. "Why must they die? Why do I kill them ... every single thing I kill has committed a evil act. Usually a very sinister act, killing, slavery, rape and such." Shawn said to himself, then he began his daily task ... he took his loot from the bodies, but left the bodies to the mutant nature. Bullets, weapons, clothing and supplies, he usually took everything to either sell, repair or use.

After his daily collection, The Lone Wanderer walked back to the overlook and pulled out his keys.
And his steed awaited him. It was a Vault Tec bike that runs on some of the random objects he finds. "Lets go buddy! He equips a bike helmet and accelerated onto the road.

A couple of minutes humming a tune on the radio, and the road was still clear.
Shawn avoided a couple of old world cars and trash, but spotted a walking body further on.
A couple of more seconds and the bike stood meters away from the person.
Shawn pulled out a combat shotgun from out of nowhere just as usual, even he had no idea where he stores all his caps, equipment and items. He often thought it was his Pip-boy and it discovered another dimension of storage space.

"Hold it right there stranger!" He yelled whilst pointing his gun. Slowly getting off the bike he walked up to the now still walking body. "Who are you and why are you all the way out here ... you don't look that old" He judged by the person's height. "Oh great, just a few seconds and I get held up." The person sighed, removing his hood.

"Found him" Shaun said inside his own head.
"Wait ... wait, WAIT! I don't want to steal anything, I'm just wondering if you are lost or need help?" Shawn smiled at Shaun, not knowing his brother and creator. "Actually yeah, I'm not from here and I'm searching for someone." He told Shawn a bit of truth. "Aw heck I can help you with that!" Shawn smiled once more that he has another quest.

"Who you looking for?" Shawn said walking back to his bike.
"A man named Shawn, goes by many titles, mostly 'The Lone Wonderer'."
Sensing danger (Which he did) Shawn jumped out and onto the dirt along the road, pointing his shotgun at him.
"I'm not a enemy."
"Who are you then!"
"I am you."

" ... what?" Asked Shawn's confusion. Sure he had met aliens, killed future soldiers, be-friended mutants, hunted mutated creatures, been bombarded by artillery and even negotiated with his own brain ... but meeting himself?
"Well ... that's new." He decided to give this stranger a chance.
"Don't worry, I'll make good use of this chance." He smiled, then Shawn noticed something ... familiar about him.

The two decided to make camp somewhere safe.
And nowhere with bloodshed was found.

"(I might have to bring him in the AA to make him believe all of this ... well he is the last member.)"

Time to play "Find the special reference!"

Location: Capital Wasteland | Storm Manor.
Time: The next day, early morning.

Two figures were walking a short distance.
Their destination was a town with a bomb in the center, another of Shawn's achievements. After a short time in the town he managed to defuse the bomb and kill the perpetrator as he escaped and tried to kill the Sheriff. With all of this he became the town hero and earned himself a place/home in the town.

In the upper-left location of the town was a rather large house, it was like a dystopian manor.
Once entering the building a robot greeted the two. "Greetings sir, it has been some time since you came back, and I see you bought a guest back." The robot said with delight at it's returning master. The inside of the manor was decorated as if it was a wanderer's dream house, scavenged objects littered the house. From old world weapons to experimental power armor. There was even a secret basement filled with all of Shawn's weapons, armor and everything important to him, heck he even had a balcony with a BBQ.

"Did anything happen while I was gone?" Shawn asked his robot as if it were human. "Nope, nothing happened at all, I even managed to clean the place ... three times. Did you lock your bike up at the garage over in Springvale?" The robot/Mr. Handy questioned. "Yep I did, all locked up!" Shawn gave a peace sign as he unequipped his weapons, and it was true how they came out of nowhere.

"You must of collected a whole lot of stuff." Shawn looked in amazement at everything this guy went though (Even though he played him). "Hmm, yes ... a lot has happened to me." He then noticed Shaun looking at a suit of armor with a rather large sword. "Crazy story with that, I was fighting this metal man called Legate Lanius, we were having a shit-tastic battle. At the start he was winning but when he was about to finish me some crazy bastard who I later met as David ... or "Diablo" West as I called him, he came out of nowhere and shanked the guy in the back ... fuckin' crazy, he helped me get back on my feet ... but the guy ended up getting his right eye slashed ... good guy, good guy. Basically in the end I made "Soul" run right through Mr. Metal." Shawn was talking about a few months back during the Second battle of Hoover Dam which he ultimately led the NCR army and won, and Shaun was happily listening.

After a few minutes of stories Shaun decided to tell him. "You need my help ... brother? He found it weird saying "Brother" to someone he never met before. "Hm yes I do, that world I was talking about can be covered in evil at most times and I'm gathering people who can combat this evil. Shaun said truthfully. " Stop right there, you already know I'm signed up for this adventure, but what will happen here?" Shawn asked. "Don't worry, just like Tomoya you will have another version of yourself here and once you come back you will combine with him so it'll be no problem." Shaun explained to him.

"Tomoya?" Shawn cocked his head like a confused puppy.
"Ugh, that will make sense later, hehe." Shaun lightly chuckled.
"What now?"
"Hold out your hand."
The two were gathered around a table in the living room.
Shaun pulled out a knife and Shawn got worried.

"What are you going to-"
Shaun had already cut his palm and grasped Shawn's palm.
"Don't worry, I won't hurt you."
"No I mean ... I didn't want you to get hur-GWA!" Shawn was worried about his brother until a non-painful shock flowed through him. Once more the ritual began and soon the last member will be connected to the Storm network.

Storm/Sean & Miku.
Location: Medical Bay.
Time: ?

The two had already finished their romantic lunch, even though there was people in the same room.
Both Sean and Miku had kept quiet most of the time but fed each other their own bento box. After throwing them away in the trash Sean grasped Miku's hand and whispered in her ear, which increased her cheek temperature quite a bit. "I don't like this place, we should leave and try to find some weapons ... and I'm sure I bought my armor and weapons here in some form."

After the talk Sean unexpectedly picked the injured girl up and carried her out of the room in a knight and princess style, Sean also gave a nod to the other occupants in the room. "Let go." she whispered too, "Can't this is good cover for us leaving." He smiled gently at her which once more increased the blush, for Sean this was also a good situation to get closer to her.

After the two left the room they entered the school hallway, Sean placed Miku on the ground once more and the two talking slowly, hand-in-hand due to what happened last time in the hallway.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Barrier: Gabrielle | Lupito (aka Loopy's Day Out)

Lupito took a small sniff of the imp as it ran and also noticed something he'd noticed around a few of those imps on the Rising Dawn... perfume. And lots of it, to him at least. If only he could talk to Slindis about this.

Dance Class: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Devon continued the dance with Ella, using some of the more complex moves to finish the limbering up for the ballet portion. Some of the guys in the room were remembering about this portion and groaned, with more than a few providing rather crude insults about ballet's sexuality.

They can think whatever they want, but ballet's one of the funner dancing styles. It's so fluid, and the technical aspects were pretty useful in helping me get the Wardance down.


On the next pass with her sister, Melethia decided to chat with Kalastryn. "Well, next time ya get the chance, why don't ya make up a few undead that I can actually practice against? Ya know, somethin' that can withstand more than a Cure Moderate Wounds."

"Hey lady, you mind telling us why you're dragging us with you?" Matt yelled at Kurumu as he tried to break free of her grip.


As he waited for the front office to respond, the door to the library opened and a not so favored man walked in.
"~Everybody want to rule the-...World..." Bison the History teacher trailed off as he realized who he was talking to.
"Bison! How the hell did you get here?!" Rugal shouted, dropping everything as he braced himself to engage the Warlord.
"I could ask you the same "Coach". And here was I, minding my own business until...This happened..." He answered, fixing his hat as he examined the group, his eyes meeting Angelus's and Caim's.
"...My, My...I can see why Bruiser was always so..."Adamant" about you..." He smirked before looking at the Drow.
"And who is this? An Dark Elf?" He jabbed, Rugal looking like he was going to tear his spine out.


Overhearing Melethia's idea, David said "Hey, whatever gets me out of this class fastest. Just try not to set it up in a crowded area..."
It was then he remembered: Those Laughing Gas Elementals.
"...By the way, you guys don't have something that'd work like a gas mask or something, do ya?"


After Kura found what she was after, Jenny wandered off and into the hallways, her mind tried from her long nap and not thinking straight.
Thanks to this, she ended up bumping right into Sean and Miku.
"Oh! Sorry, didn't see you there. Wow, Alpha, you looks so...Tall!" She mused, clearly still a tad bit bitter over her forced form change.


As Dimitri pondered what Vermilion was saying, the Tablet received a incoming call not long after Viscus was mentioned.
He hesitated at first, not knowing what was going to happen if he answered.
Either way, after a long pause, he decided to open it.

"Salutations, Dimitri."

Before anything else could be done, the feed was hijacked and Viscus was in the tablet, Materializing in his Armored Form in-between the other AI's.
"I've been monitoring your transmissions and I believe that my superior Intelligence and Processing power will easily solve the problem that you inferior beings have. I will only part with the solution in exchange for something I require. Those are my terms."
All work and no play...

"Well, next time ya get the chance, why don't ya make up a few undead that I can actually practice against? Ya know, somethin' that can withstand more than a Cure Moderate Wounds."

Kala let out a lighthearted laugh to Mele, rather nonchalant about a little girl basically asking her to animate dead bodies. "I'll consider it, but for now, I don't recall exactly how strong I could make them in this form, I mean the janitor managed to withstand a necrotic touch attack... I held a lot of it back, but there's also considering she didn't react at all." she said, referring to the miracle teacher she determined must have either been undead, and therefore healed by the effect, or a non-living construct of some sort, who wouldn't be effected in either the direction of pain or healing.

"Although, for the detention matter... I just recalled something I managed to do before I was... well utterly embarrassed by the janitor pulling me back to class. I sent a few magic eyes around detention, they aren't visible, but they'll be able to see anything going on in there, so I won't require going there myself."

She said, relieved by that fact. This was one weird school. Super-powered students, evil scientist biology teachers, and training dummies that could probably kill a Shavarath general.

"Though, with even that considered, I'm not certain when I'll be available for practice with all these classes... I would skip... but I saw a very brief stint of what detention was like when I was almost there. It's definitely not appealing."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Dmitri's World (The Tablet): A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri grimaced at the idea of speaking with Viscus again, but decided to load up on the essentials, the zipped copies of all his compatriots, readied his equipment and prepared for the worst. After all, Viscus did not like to play fair, and Dimitri would be more than ready for him. After loading up, Dimtiri turned to his mole-shapped companion, SCOUTER glowing faintly over his eye, THE_NINE_IRON sticking to his back somehow, and the BARRET where his right hand should have been, and sighed, "Well, let's get this over with."

Oh, if only Viscus was so patient. Not a moment after Dimitri said those words, Viscus's message appeared, and the link was hijacked, allowing the AI into the Tablet. Naturally, this set off all the security protocols Dimitri, Teri and Vermilion had concocted in times past, and the multitude of programs appeared, all ready to get a hunk of Viscus on their wea-

Dimitri held up his unarmed hand, and the creatures all backed away, their digital master overriding the protocols. Dimitri gave the slightest inclination of his head to Viscus,

"Hmn, I find it humorous that you would find enjoyment in watching my transmissions, being that I am so much lesser compared to you."

Well, if there was one thing Dimtiri picked up from his time with His Ladyship, it seems sarcasm had started to rub off on him. However, Viscus made no inclination that he got the jest Dimitri bestowed in his direction. Still, the Butler was not incredibly rude. Another cup of tea appeared for Viscus to sample, should he desire to do so, and the Blue Butler continued, waving his hand in the direction of the programs that waited oh so patiently for a chance to rip into the grey AI, "Now, you know my friends here. You know what they've done to you. If you wish for negotiations, I would highly advise not forcing your way into my home again. That being said... I hear your offer. What do you want, Viscus?"

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

Teri looked perplexed at the fallen stage light, and looked to Devon, "Well, that was weird as hell... As for your question... Yeah. Name the time and place. Still, I'm wondering where this thing,"

She indicated the aforementioned stagelight, "Came from...."

Dance Class: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

"It's you!"

"Oh! Hello! Erm... One moment, I need to help with the next portion."

And with that, Cadolbolg fluttered over to Ton Ton's side again, where he had Devon demonstrate a very simple movement in the ballet form, and aided several class members with with the movement; several reluctant boys especially.

"trust me, gentlemen, being able to sweep the partner of your dreams off their feet with these moves will leave them more than impressed!"

The Cuties couldn't help but be proud of themselves for being able to improvise the class, and after class let out, the students were free for lunch. Cadolbolg took this time to fly back to Yurine and begin their conversation once more,

"Sorry bout that! I got to help with teaching duties, you know? It's been a while! How are you miss?"

As Cadolbolg spoke with his former dance partner at the wedding, he couldn't help but notice he felt... Lighter? Maybe he just had gas? Who knows, it was a pleasant sensation regardless.

Ton Ton on the other hand, was content to sit on Devon's shoulder as his friend chatted up the lady with silver hair, and gave his student a pat on on the back (in this case, a pat on the aforementioned shoulder) and thanked the bard for helping him with class.

Teri, well, she kinda stayed in back as Melethia began engaging with Kalastryn, worry for her younger sister beginning to creep into her heart. It was readily apparent that her sister dedicated nearly everything in her life to the art of fighting; with nothing really to buffer that side of her. The Cleric had to admit, a large chunk of her lifestyle had become that way as well, but she also admitted she wasn't quite as devoted to it in spirit. To Teri, combat was a necessary evil that arose when negotiations were not available, and sometimes you had to kill to survive. It was not something she LIKED, certainly, her nightmares were more than evident of that. It was still something the Cleric questioned as she prayed, whether the violence was something God wanted her to do with her life. And if there was any indication, her powers were still strong, and growing. But... Where did that leave Melethia in all of this? Teri didn't want the young elf to think like a solider 24/7, but she wasn't quite sure as to what caused that mentality, or what could be done to let Mel know she could cut loose when she needed to.

Taking all of this in mind, Teri kept quiet as class ended, and turned inward, as she was want to, holding Sadei and projecting her worry to the staff; hoping she could get a second opinion on the matter.

Library: Angelus | Bison | Caim | Rugal | Slindis

At the mention of Bruiser, a low growl that shouldn't have been able to be produced by human means emanated from Angelus's throat, "You forget that which you speak to, mortal. I'd more respect if I were you..."

Flickers of flame danced around her hands, and from what Caim could gather in their link, Bison stepped on something that hadn't been called into question since their re arrival on the Rising Dawn; the dragon's pride. Still, being that Angelus was someone he held in... *Ahem* 'high regard', he did not take kindly to Bison's words as well. For the briefest moment, those who could sense the 'oddities' in things, such as Rugal's Aura Vision, there was the briefest flash behind Caim as a Wheel appeared, and following the Wheel's disappearance, Caim's familial blade was in his hands.

Pointing the blade in Bison's direction, the warrior's blue eyes could convey just as much as the dragon had a moment ago with her statement. But that silence was pierced by a PDA sounding Caim's thoughts, even if he was as angry as he felt,

"Is there any reason for you being here aside from antagonizing us?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Halls: Time Pocket: Devon | Mark | Teri

Devon was a bit less confused as he responded, "Maybe during or a bit after lunch? I'll get a bite to eat if I can, but it won't be life-threatening to skip the food this once."

He sidestepped the broken stagelight, getting into the class as Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg started up.

Dance Class: On the Way to Dance Class Aftan | Cadolbolg | David | Devon | Ella | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Lucretia | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Puce | Sadei | Shadow | Teri | Ton Ton

Devon gave a small high-five to the Tonberry as he got ready to go to lunch. "Oh, it was no problem. I got a bit of practice in as well, and I even got to help the others have a good time. Want to get a bite to eat?"

Melethia gave an impish smirk as she responded. "Well, Kala, you make the assumption that this detention can hold me. Here's a small tip: it can't. So, if ya do get in trouble, let me know. I'll break ya out. Smart idea about the eyes, though." It was around that time that Kala saw the bit on the Imp inside the spider and the stagelight in the hallway...

Sadei responded, feeling a bit more sure of herself. Well, I do have memories of her giving me a puzzle that zapped me if I got it wrong... I don't think I ever saw her really smile when she was at that base. Seeing how she watched over me for a bit, I dunno... she was always real odd, like expecting an attack at any time...

Library: Angelus | Bison | Caim | Rugal | Slindis

Slindis noted the hostility being incited in the others and decided to respond with a calmer disposition. After all, she didn't know if there would be any more of those machines from earlier, and it didn't take a Paladin to detect that he wasn't all too good. "We're acquaintances, if you must know. Now, what is your purpose in heading here? I thought History teachers would be busier, if only for grading their student's work and ensuring they were properly versed in their subject matter." Since she was paying more attention to Bison, she didn't give much notice to the Wheel. Still, she focused and entered the Water Stance, feeling a sense of serenity as she anticipated the next move.

Slindis entered Water Stance. Hits a little bit weaker, but is much better prepared to resist or brush off mental attacks, poisons, or blasts from Bison. Also more dodgy, but that's besides the point.


Bison let out a grunt after the Rising Dawn reacted.
"Me and my people are here for the same reason you are I suspect. We want to get out of this moronic situation and were making good headway I believe..." He answered both the Pact Partners and the Drow.
"Still risking your life by coming here..." Rugal growled as he glared at his former second in command.
"No more of a risk then you are making. Besides, as if you could hurt me..." He boasted, something he never would have done in front of Rugal.
"...You all seem so..."Tense". Do I really Frighten you that much?..."

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