The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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L-2 region of space, just outside of the Blue Dragon's effective attack range

The slightly mechanical voice responded. "Proceeding to dock. Until Tajuh arrives and assigns pilots, movements aboard the Hagane are highly restricted, and any attempts to undermine this ship's capabilities will be responded with in force." The ship made a textbook docking in the Blue Dragon's hangar, and the inspecting members of the Striders were met by an imposing man with a sidearm at his hip.


"I am Lieutenant Commander Browning of the Hagane, and I will be coordinating with your forces within my parameters. Consider the crew of the Rising Dawn under my protection as well, and hostile actions against them will be seen as an attack on my crew." The grey haired man delivered an impeccable salute, and the inspecting Striders could see countless others wearing the same uniform on board.

Hanger of the Blue Dragon

Hien and other Striders looked at the ship, for it's strange design, it had firepower to spare.
They were all wearing the standard Blue and Red uniform while Hein wore white.
"Super A Rank Strider Hien. Know that you are being watched constantly. As you stated with yours, any attempts to undermine this Station will be met with force also." He explained, this entire operation was going to be a massive stand off from start to finish and Hien certainly wasn't helping.
It was then they moved aside to bring the Commander though the base to the Grandmaster.

Tajuh's Room - Tajuh, Jenny, Caim, Angelus, Devon

Caim and Angelus listened carefully and nodded along with Tajuh's words, Angelus speaking up, "So, with these AIs in place, we don't have to worry too much about anything aside from the actual fighting? That certainly sounds pleasing enough, doesn't it Caim?"

The warrior nodded, his familiar battle grin appearing as his PDA rattled off, "Hey, he's lending us weapons to combat the Angels! Where do I sign up and when can I start training with it?"

The Crew of the Rising Dawn are moving to the Strider Space Station: The Blue Dragon, to set up the Space Battle. Sorry for railroading, but as Co-GM, the plot must go on!


After receiving confirmation from Tajuh, Jenny then made her way towards the bridge and namely the intercom.
"Attention all! Please report to the Bridge. We have gotten in touch with some allies and we are about to travel to them. Bring whatever belongings you need for the battle ahead and meet up there....Right, now how in the name of all that is holy do I turn this thing off?...Is this it?"
"No, that's just for the Coffee machine."
.....Why would he pu-"
"You know for a matter of fact that I have no idea. Try the Red One."


David was confident enough in his skills to move on, but it was clear to Shadow that was just the power going to his head.
"Alright, time to kick that bastards ass!" He cried as he made his way out.
As he left, Shadow noticed that the veins on his neck were discolored, a possible side effect of the Serum?

Entire Crew Yes, even you!

Once the Entire Crew was gathered, Jenny began to arrange for their teleportation.
"Okay everyone. Now the process is painless and side-effect free, though some of you might experience some sickness just like Car or Air Sickness. Okay then, On 3.

Thus the crew were engulfed by a bright orange light....

Strider HQ: Blue Dragon Space Station

...And reappeared in some kind of airlock.
"Ohhh...See? That wasn't so bad...I'll get the door."
Punching in a code and having her hand scanned, Jenny cleared the group to enter, the first thing they saw was the earth below.
"Welcome to the Blue Dragon!"

Tajuh, Lt. Cmd Browning, Rugal

Upon arriving, the imposing silver haired man from earlier approached and saluted Tajuh. "Tajuh, the full contingent has arrived. Keeping the Striders away from our machines did have its difficulties, but you can rest assured that we kept the hangar and TBC under strict lockdown."

Tajuh nodded his approval, and Rugal could see that Tajuh must have some impressive connections to have gotten this military man as an ally, and this TBC seemed particularly interesting...

"Very well. You've had the non-Strider members of the Rising Dawn declared as part of the Hagane, correct? That should help stop the greater deal of the politics here, and under absolutely no circumstances are anyone other than the men, women, and creatures I arrived with to head to any restricted areas while we are here." As the man in the coat went off, Tajuh turned to the others there.

"As I'm sure you all have guessed, the politics of the current situation are quite delicate. Until further notice, it is safe to assume that the Striders are waiting for even the slightest slip or excuse to throw us to the dogs. Now, I will not impose any kind of extreme discipline, but realize: we are all out in space, and this is their carrier. Taking any actions to anger them will harm all of us, and the attack against Tomoya could be shattered due to the ensuing conflict."

If it hadn't been clear before, Tajuh was showing it quite well now that he knew how to take the reins when the time called for it.


He was disoriented by the floating of the lessened gravity, and he laughed nervously. "So, this is what space feels like!"


She gripped jenny's left hand in a handshake, thanking her for the transport. "This was quite nice of you to do, Jenny, and I'm sure we all appreciate it."

Lupito licked the Gardevoir on the face, happily communicating to her through his mind. Never in all my life did I think I would experience this, Jenny... Thank you.

Once the Entire Crew was gathered, Jenny began to arrange for their teleportation.
"Okay everyone. Now the process is painless and side-effect free, though some of you might experience some sickness just like Car or Air Sickness. Okay then, On 3.

Slaugther-Burn Family (Caim, Angelus, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton)

Before the teleportation machine went off, Caim's hand instinctively went to the Red Dragon's. After dealing with so many world hops, zaps, resets and gods knows what else, the warrior didn't want to chance losing his pact partner again as he had on multiple occasions. The blonde couldn't help but give a small laugh when she saw Ton Ton and Cadolbolg do the same before the jump as well. Before they knew it, the whole lot of them were on the Strider Station; and looking at the Earth below. The warrior's eyes widened a little at the thought of being above the skies themselves, a sentiment shared by Angelus as well; but in a bit more of a negative light.

Shifting a little, the dragon realized she was far more restricted than she liked on the space station. On the Rising Dawn, if the mood assailed her, she could easily have taken wing and gone for a flight. Here, no such privilege could be granted. There was no air to cut through with her wings.

As for the Cutie Bruisers? Being the curious creatures they were, they were already excited and interested in every little thing they could explore, pointing out different things below with equal parts wonder and excitement.

Teri, Garm

However... the jump didn't do so well for our Dear Cleric. Even with Garm and her 'parents' nearby, Teri immediately felt nausea fall over her when the jump was done, and clung to Garm's side desperately with one hand and Sadei with the other. Maybe it was because Jenny mentioned car sickness, or maybe it was her lacking in constitution, but either way, her face had drained considerably of whatever color it may have gained upon rest.

Trying to calm herself by communicating with her staff, she thought quietly, "Oh God... I don't feel so good..."


Jenny laughed as the massive dog licked her.
"HEheha-Okay-your welcome!" she managed to say in-between licks as he shook Slindis's hand.
"Oh, Pffff, It was nothing, I mean, gotta save the world right?"
"Jenny?!" a voice shouted in disbelief.
Before most reacted, a Grovyle pushed though the group and made his way towards the Gardevoir, the pair of them embracing.
"Oh my god! I-i-i-got the report of New York and I tho-...Oh, I missed you!" He stammered as she tried to calm him down.
"It was true, but I'm here now..."


After witnessing the two love'Mon's reunite, David took a stare out the window.
"...Wow...Now pretty awesome...Only like a few hundred people managed to get this high outside of college! Guess it's a hundred and one now, Eh, Asswipe!?" He joked to Rugal.

Rugal's face was pale and sweating as he stared at Earth and gulped.
Down there, he was one of the most feared people in the world, but now? Up here? He was at the mercy of the merciless universe.
Deep breathes....Deep bre-
"Okay, I'm sorry, is there a place with less....Windows?..." He asked the group, clearly nervous.
"Well, there are some spare quarters to the left at the end of the hall-"
"THANK YOU! WE'LL RECONVENE LATER! Then...We'll discuss...."Fighting"...Out there...and not...inside...
....As you were..." He said before pacing off to a vacant room.
Oh my god, it's worse then in pictures! And I have to fight in that!? Awwwww...I knew I shoulda just sent up a few missiles instead!

Teri, Garm, Sadei

Sader sent out a small amount of communication to Teri. Teri, just calm down, and please don't lose your lunch on Garm. Do you want to have to bathe him all over again?

Teri, Garm, Sadei

Teri took a few shallow breaths, in an attempt to calm her stomach, and 'sent', "I'm trying... Dammit, I can't really concentrate on my Tablet right now... If there's one thing that get's me down, it's stomach issues... How have you been by the way? I haven't heard from you in a little while..."

Thankfully, Dimitri proved to be a life saver yet again, and chimed in, "Pardon me, but is there a restroom nearby? My Lady here is feeling a bit under the weather, and would benefit from a visit to such faculties."

Of course, whether the Strider Base would be tolerant of a foreign AI was up in the air...

Teri, Garm, Sadei

Sadei somewhat dejectedly to Teri. I've been busy seeing how I could get better, but there's still so many things I can't remember... I'll find them someday, right?

Dimitri noticed that none of the Striders seemed all too keen on the group's presence on their station and searched some of that AI information he'd acquired from Tajuh's computer earlier and found something about a battleship in the Friendlies data. "Mistress Teri, there seems to be some kind of Warship designated as a friendly in my flight data. Perhaps we could try to find it? I would think it safe to guess the man that arranged all of the machines there would have some way to transport and supply them. Its shape is quite distinctive, after all, and I could also get familiar with the inner workings of the machine as well."

Riki, Kud, Storm-178 & CO.
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.


The superhuman Spartan easily stepped out of the airlock and began to look down upon the Earth.
It has also seemed that the teleportation had little effect on him due to his training with futuristic gadgets and all.
"Space ... the final frontier." Storm said in a tough voice and he touched his helmet, "That's what they told humanity ... RIGHT before aliens attacked us. Well it looks like they were wrong." Storm laughed to himself as he was reminded of his original world.

" ... That wasn't funny." Said Alpha which immediately put down Storm's mood but returned him to a thought he just had. "I wonder if they will allow me to go outside?" Storm said as he looked around and decided to move but saw Rugal. "Hah, so much for being strong." Storm said as he passed the arms dealer known as Rugal, "Did someone like that really beat ... no kidnap Tomoya?" Rugal could briefly hear from Storm as he walked away.

It was obvious the two were not going to have a good relation.
Unless the two dislike aliens.
Then they can talk.

Riki & Kud

The two young lovers stepped out of the teleportation worse for wear.
They had zero experience with abilities or magic like that.
The boy Riki had a feeling of nausea overcome him which made him grab him stomach. "I don't think we are used to things like this." Kud said whilst making a pained face, Riki could only think how strong girls really are.

The two tried to walk the sickness off.

Dark Tomoya & >Corrupted File.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

The grand central chamber of the Blackhawke was based in a large room.
The room was covered in medieval decorations and at the very end contained a throne made from hard angelic metal which had the power of dark lightning infused into it.

The two figures in the room were simply looking through a glass panel at the back of the room.
They could see the science department's hard work come into play.
A ball made from complete darkness was spinning in a room with no gravity.
Black lightning also lingered around the ball.

"So this is it? The thing to kill everything and everyone at once?" The Demon Prince sneered once he saw it, and he was not impressed. "Calm down Tomoya. This thing will get us my revenge and all the death you want." The cloaked figure could only say to the angry Prince. The boy needed these corrupted souls to help him get the revenge he wants.

That is why he forced it upon him.
He had been planning this for a long time.

Yet on the outside of the Blackhawke, the Angel Armada was preparing for a battle.
Most of the ships were readying their troops, making plans and even some had hostages for unknown reasons.
The Blackhawke was the jewel of the fleet as it was not just the biggest ship, but it had began to have a mysterious glow to it because of it's Black hole super weapon which laid inside of it.

Teri, Garm, Sadei

Teri concentrated on 'sending' out a message to Dimitri; and 'said' "If we need to get there, then we'd best make haste... Dimitri, send an Email to Mr. Bernstein. There's no good in us getting separated. Mr. Tajuh, if you would lead us to this 'friendly'?"

Still clinging to Garm's side, Teri found that walking with the wolf in tow did help stave off some of the sickness assailing her; and continued her conversation with Sadei; "I'm sure you'll get your memories back, Sadei; and I'll make sure to work with you to help. I've neglected you too much already..."

Rugal's Quarters

As the King of Fighters attempted to fight off the shakes from his Astrophobia, his PDA vibrated in his pocket, a new Email ready in it's inbox....

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Sadei sounded filled with gratitude. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! You don't know how much this means to me, Teri! It was clear that the staff didn't know what her past had held, but she was eager to find out what it was. As Tajuh led the way to what should be the hangar, they were greeted by a dark skinned man that delivered a salute which was returned by Tajuh.


"We're gathering the stray members of the Rising Dawn and beginning their transfer over to the Hagane for safety. Anything else we need to handle here?" After dropping the salute, the man gave a charming smile and offered a hand to Teri.

"I'm Second Lieutenant Coulange, and I'll go over those technical details on the Goddess when we're on board with you. That work for you, Miss Gravel, or would you prefer something a bit more private?"

Tajuh laughed. "Lieutenant, I think you should focus a bit more on your job and a bit less on the women. Honestly, priorities!"

Coulange dejectedly shook his head and gave an overly dramatic sigh. "Oh come on! I'm not even allowed a little bit of fun?"

Tajuh sternly shook his head. "No, Lieutenant. Now take us to the ship."

Rugal, Maj. Radcliffe

As Rugal made his way over to the rooms, he was intercepted by a fairly trim man with long dark blue hair.


"Rugal, if you wish to head somewhere safer for your mental state, follow me. I'm Major Radcliffe, and staying out here like this isn't good for your mental health." The man was unaffected by the environment, and he led the way towards the Hagane.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

The Cleric, after having walked a ways with the crew, finally felt the effects of the transporter fall away, and finally found her 'voice' again. Using a professional but friendly tone, she responded to the 2nd Lt, her 'voice' clearly coming from the Tablet on her hip,

"Going over the Schematics of the Goddess sounds like a great idea, sir. Now, before we do so, I will need to introduce you to someone key to the operations. Dimitri?"

The Butler took over from there, "But of course, Madam. Greetings, 2nd Lt. Coulange, my name is Dimitri. I am a low clearance AI, and personal assistant to User and Creator: Teri Gravel, 6th Level Cleric. I organize files, take messages and whatever other task is presented to me with the best of my abilities. As such, I shall take the role of 'supplemental AI' whenever her Ladyship needs to pilot the 'Goddess'. User: Tajuh has already forwarded me the technical aspects of this machine, and I will be happy to 'talk turkey' as it were, regarding the mech. Do you have any questions?"

Garm sniffed the air near the Coulange and sneezed, no doubt from the light cologne being worn. With a light growl, the wolf positioned himself between his Pup and the Lieutenant. This was not the one who claimed to be his Pup's Mate. He did not need to speak to her with such similar tones.

Teri giggled at Dimitri's lengthy introduction and Garm's overprotective streak, giving the wolf a pat on the side,

"Calm down, you big fuzzball. He's fine for now."

As Dimitri continued speaking with the Lieutenant, she continued speaking with Sadei, "Just let me know how I can help, friend. You've certainly done a lot for me."

As Bison wove his way through the labs, searching for the crimson fucker. He eventually found the vampiric asshole sitting atop a throne of nercomorph corpses with a wineglass that had something rather red inside it. "Soooooo. HOW CAN I HELP YOU TODAY?" He asked.

Dani made her way into the weapons pod lab and followed Viscus's instructions to the weapons delivery pod. She took off her clothing and slipped into the nano muscle suit. Then she began to assemble the components of her suit.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

The joy in Sadei almost radiated to Teri as she spoke to Teri again. Well, I don't really know what we can do, but perhaps we could try training in your mind? If we could get closer like that, it couldn't really hurt...

Coulange ran his fingers through his dreadlocks as he led the group to the massive carrier. "Hmm. I heard from the boss that you had an AI on that tablet of yours, but he didn't say how advanced it was. The wolf wasn't on the list, but there's space in the machine for the overgrown pup. There's not too much I can say about it here with the ears and all, but I'll show you and your friend Dimitri when we get in the Hagane's hangar."

THe group got to the main hangar of the Blue Dragon, and the battleship in front of Teri was massive. At 650 meters, this was easily larger than any plane Teri had ever seen, and the ruddy red paint scheme gleamed.


Tajuh looked at the carrier with a bit of nostalgic pride. "There she is, Teri. The Hagane. One of the finest ships you'll ever see, and one with a long history behind it. The others should be coming soon enough."

Coulange gave a suave smile as he bowed and motioned towards the ship's open boarding door. "After you, my dear little cleric."

Caim, Devon, and anyone else with the two <---- Teri, it's your choice as to how many others are there.

As Devon went along with Caim and Angelus while describing what what was going on at the AIM base, Caim felt something very odd in the area - the presence of someone not much stronger than a normal human on the Blue Dragon.

Noting the man pausing, Devon stopped the description of the scene and turned to Caim in curiosity. "Caim, is something up?"

Right when the two paused, they could both swear they heard the quacking of a duck.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Teri looked at the ship in a mixture of awe and surprise. Not that she had really been flying before (save for the Rising Dawn and Angelus), but the ship looked massive in comparison to others planes she had seen before. Following that, and the comments on Coulange's part, the Cleric merely shook her head and corrected him with, "Tajuh did inform me that there would be room for Garm and Dimitri. Great news, really, I don't like the thought of being to far away from them... And no titles, please. My name is more than enough!"

Ah, that one flew over the Cleric's head! Proceeding inside, Teri sent back to Sadei, "Whenever I can get into a room for some moment's respite, I will be more than happy to start. It seems my mind may be the weakest part of me after all...."

Caim, Devon, and anyone else with the two <---- Teri, it's your choice as to how many others are there.

Caim looked around with curiosity, trying to pinpoint exactly where he had heard the 'quacking', when Angelus pointed in a direction and said, "I smell fear coming from there... Or is it human urine? I was always get the two confused..."

Akane rested on her knees as she held her stomach. Funnily enough, her Author was beside her, clutching his guts as well.

"Looks like both of us don't like teleports... Serves me right I guess... Why the fuck does my head hurt and everything feel blank..." Jake groaned.

Akane just kept staring at the floor, hoping it would stop moving soon.

Teri, Garm, Sadei, Tajuh, 2nd Lt. Coulange

Tajuh looked around the clean interior of the ship then looked at the three. "Lieutenant, if you're planning on taking her there, now would be the time. I've got plenty to handle myself, and there's a few things you're going to have to be aware of with that machine. Dismissed!"

As Tajuh made his way to the bridge, Coulange confidently guided Teri to the hangar of the Hagane. It would appear much larger if it weren't for the myriad machines that were encased within. after a short while, he guided her to the machine that had been shown in the video.

"There she is. The boss went and told the tech crews about your magic, and they worked a bit out so you could cast your spells while in it. THere's going to be a bit more strain on you, but you'd still have those on board weapons systems. Even without that, I'm gonna be out there to watch your back! Lucky, eh?"

Caim, Devon, and Angelus

Devon could only nod his head at Angelus' statement. "Wow, you can really smell that well? Must be a dragon thing, but there's lots of areas where that sense of smell must suck."

Right after that statement was finished, almost all of them could hear a fairly average man's voice shouting. "Oh my god, that chick's a dragon! I mean, QUACK!" The group immediately closed on the voice and saw a short man wearing a orange martial arts outfit.

Devon looked down at the fairly short man in amazement. "How the hell did you get here?"

Jake, Akane, Lt. Cmd Browning

The dazed and nauseous pair were approached soon enough by a tall man with gray hair in an officer's jacket. "You two may be feeling ill, but you need to follow me to the Hagane. There are already enough issues here as-is without more being stirred up. Besides, Akane, there was word of the two known as Aftan and Gabrielle looking for you, and Jake needs to go over some technical information. In case you weren't paying attention earlier, I am Lieutenant Commander Browning, the acting captain of the Hagane. However, my commander advised that the command of the ship's actions was to shift over to you." The man knelt down and lifted the two up, and Jake had the gut feeling that this was one of Gilliam's men.

Jake, Akane, Lt. Cmd Browning
As the Lt Cmdr helped the pair up, Jake sighed. "News to me that I'm taking command of a ship, sir. Last I remember, I was acting Captain of the Airship Rising Dawn, we were in an air battle over Washington and that's about it. I need to find Mark, he was on the bridge. Or Miss Vermillion, I do wonder if she came with Mark or saved herself to my PC. Akane, do you know anything?" He steadied himself, feeling that his weapons were all still there, and his things as well. He was still in his AUSCAM's and webbing belt. He probably looked a bit odd on the spaceship, and not someone you would willingly hand your ship over to.

"N-no... I feel the same way Jake. But finding my Knights would be a good idea. I... I should be okay now Lieutenant Commander Browning, thank you."

Jake, Akane, Lt. Cmd Browning
The imposing man made his way to the bridge, undeterred by the odd appearance of Jake. "Understood, Akane. Take your time, and do not assume the Striders are automatically friendly." As the Kitsune made her way to find them, Browning addressed Jake again.

"Captain Jake, The Commander made the change in your assignment after your quick decisions in the Washington skirmish. He's proven to be an excelltnt judge of character and skill, and we will stand at the ready for any of your orders in the skirmish. Your word holds the same weight as Tajuh's in said conflict."

Jake, Akane, Lt. Cmd Browning

"Captain... That still feels odd to be called that. I was an Air Force Cadet, so any rank but Air Force feels odd, hah. I am honoured of your opinions, but calling the upcoming battle a skirmish is very wrong. I do not know if you have been informed, but I am an Author. I helped to create this world, and cause the destruction in it. I know Shaun, the Author of our enemy, Tomoya. Going by memory, the Dark Angel Fleet will be large and powerful. When we get to the bridge I'll need a full rundown of the Hagane's specs and crew, what I can and can't do. I may need to hurt myself and write into existence additional ships of battleship firepower and above. Any and all means to defeat Tomoya, we will need to use." Jake said as he followed the Lt Cmdr.

Akane meanwhile found her way to the hanger of the Hagane and started looking around for the Knights. Gathered with the others was her first thought, her second thought was a canteen or mess hall, probably where they could get food and alcohol. Standing in the hanger she looked lost. The Kitsune clutched a tail and put on her best lost and lonely look.

A crewman would walk past her and she would spring her trap, pumping him for information.

Akane, Blade, Jenny

As Akane wandered around, she got several disapproving looks from the Striders in the viewing platforms overseeing the now Off-limited (Least to them) Hanger, it was clear that the only friendly face the Rising Dawn had in the group was Hiryu and-
"HEY! AKANE!" shouted Blade as he and Jenny flagged her down, though the expression of their watchers only seemed to sour even more with their arrival.
"Was wondering where you ran off to. So, What you think? Pretty Awesome huh?" The Grovyle gushed with pride.
"Oh, please don't get him started on the Blue Dragon, say he knows more about here then Kanto..."


David meanwhile remained still, gazing out of the Station at the earth below, still awestruck at the sight.
Wish Elena could see this....Oh, who am I kidding, she has....probably... He thought as he sat down by the window and kept staring at the world thousands of feet below him.
Glancing over to Riki and Kud, he said "Soak it in kids, You're part of history now..."

Rugal, Kazuya, Major Radcliffe

Rugal's mind was still a mess after seeing himself so far away from solid ground, the fact he had Astrophobia (Fear of Space) wasn't a well known fact.
Just the feeling on being on a flimsy metal rig in a black expanse trillions of billions of millions of miles big left him far more vulnerable then he ever would have been back on earth.
As he followed Radcliffe, his PDA then alerted him to an email from Teri, thus he went to op-
Before he knew what was going on, his face was driven into a metal wall.
Recovering quickly with a back kick to the attacker's mid section, he shouted "Alright, Who the Hell Wa-.....You?!"
"Don't act as if I didn't warn you...Lord Rugal." Kazuya spat back spitefully before resuming his attack.

Riki, Kud, Storm-178 & CO.
Location: Blue Dragon Space Station | Spaaaaaaace.

Storm-178 in space!

The view from the Blue Dragon was terrific, Storm was just staring outside looking at the Earth.
In his own world the Earth was covered with less garbage, but thanks to the Angel Fleet they had destroyed most of the satellites, space stations and over things which hung over the dark Earth.

Walking along to the nearest airlock the Spartan could hear heavy punches, grunts and metal coming from a near by room.
Storm quickly decided to look and peeked into the viewing room to see what looked like a stranger beating up Rugal.
The sound of one sided fighting was broke as the two looked at Storm who simply gave a thumbs up to the stranger.
"Carry on with the good work." The superhuman said with great enthusiasm as he left the room.

Shortly he arrived at a random airlock in the ship. "It may of taken a couple of minutes but here it is ... we should rescue him now. It'll only take and hour I guess to reach the Blackhawke if I mask my presence with the wreckage of metal." Storm said to himself as he looked at the door.
"Alpha ... if you will." He said in a smug attitude.
The door opened up, "I don't think this is a good idea." Said the girlish voice.

"What ... no, this is a great idea!" He said back to her as he went into the room and the door closed behind him. "Ugh, this one will take a while." Alpha said with a nervous voice, the girl AI decided to alert the proper people to make sure he doesn't eject himself into the sun ... cause he almost did that once.

Riki & Kud

Riki managed to get a hold on himself and some how looked up to David.
"Well ... I don't think it counts unless your in your original world. Also I thought you were depressed?" Riki asked out of the blue as he saw the Spartan walk passed to the airlocks. "Well it seems he is used to it." Riki said whilst examining Storm and looked to the side to only see that Kud was gone.

Looking around he saw his girlfriend looking out of the window, almost pressing her face against the window.
It looked like see was obsessed with space and intrigued by anything in the dark space.
"Oh right ... I should of knew this was going to happen." Riki said whilst scratching his head, yet he had a smile on his face.

AIM: Bison

"YOOOOOUOUUUUUU IDIOT! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?!" Bison shouted at Alucard as he stomped his way though Necromorph remains to confront the vampire.
"oohhhhh...I don't care what you fucking are. No one makes a mockery of Master Bison!" He growled as he charged at Alucard, hoping to get his hands around his neck to strangle him.

AIM: Viscus

Viscus meanwhile was setting the launch coordinates as he watched the chaos going on though out the base.
"Wiping camera feeds now. Ready to launch on your command. If needs be, I can arrange for a larger pod should you find the current one too small for you and this suit of yours..." He stated as their ticket out of here awaited.

Striders observing Blade, Akane, and Jenny, Lueutenant Watson

The moment the attack on Rugal happened, the Striders observing the hangar were approached by a tall, dark-skinned man and about sixty others. There was a small name tag that said Watson on the left side of the jacket, and the way the men all seemed to be waiting for his orders showed that the man held rank here.

"If you do not wish to end this in bloodshed, you will be leaving the Hagane with us right now." All of the men accompanying him were armed, and it was clear there was going to be no negotiations here.

Akane, Jenny, Blade, Ensign Date

As Jenny and Blade talked with the Kitsune, they were approached by a slender man with somewhat messy brown hair.

"You're Akane, aren't you? Aftan and Gabrielle were asking where you were in the mess hall. If you would please follow me? Jenny, you can have Blade escort you if you want."

Rugal, Kazuya, Major Radcliffe

Major Radcliffe moved to aid Rugal after hitting a small button on his watch, which immediately let every crew member of the Hagane know that one of their members was being attacked, and exactly where the confrontation was occurring. "Kazuya Mishima, as per the warning addressed earlier, you have attacked a member of the Hagane. Initiating combat until hostilities cease." Since he had the ring that SLindis had given him ages ago, Kazuya also knew that every member of that ship knew what was happening there, and at least ten men were closing on his immediate position. One of them in particular had just arrived.

"Kazuya, if you know what is good for you, you will back down right now." The Drow was staring Kazuya down, and the large Dire Wolf at her side growled menacingly, although Rugal couldn't tell to whom the growling was directed. As she got ready for the combat, she focused and shifted into the Wind Stance.

Slindis shifted into the Wind stance! Wind Stance grants +2 Dexterity, a 10% Enhancement bonus to melee and thrown attack speed, and grants a 5% chance to doublestrike with melee weapons, at the cost of -2 Constitution.

Storm, Melethia

As the Spartan got ready to jump out of the ship, he was approached by the small green-haired elven girl. "Mister, whatcha tryin' to do? I asked around, and they said nothin's around for a long ways! Somethin' like them kinslayers being on the exact opposite side of the planet, but not really all that much we can change here."

Lt. Cmd. Browning, Jake

He responded to Jake's inquiry with a book on the technical information of the battleship.

Weapon Systems:

*120mm Machinegun Cannons
"Using the mounted turrets surrounding the ship, the "Hagane" fires near-endless rounds of bullets at enemy targets within close promixity of the battleship, as a last defensive option. Limited damage renders this unsuited for any attacks against enemy battleships

*VLS Homing Missiles
A set of long-range missiles are fired from the portside of the Hagane, intended for supporting allied machines during sorties.

*Torpedo Launcher
Stored close to the Hagane's interchangeable bows, these are the primary armaments used whenever the ship is submerged.

*Sub Guns
Located on the port and starboard extremities of the "Hagane", four twin-barreled solid-firing cannons is the battleship's secondary weapons, mostly to attack targets with barriers against energy attacks.

*Impact Cannons
Located on the deck of the Hagane, these twin-barreled beam cannons are the battleship's main weapon, built to destroy multiple targets in its line of fire.

*Tronium Buster Cannon
Fitted onto the bow of the ship, this Tronium-powered beam cannon fires a massive wave of pure energy that can take out installations and cripple enemy fleets, usually as a preemptive attack. Fifteen minute recharge time between full-powered shots.

*Distortion Field
Utilizing energy from the battleship's engines, this barrier reduces the amount of damage taken from attacks. Although it is most effective against redirecting damage from energy-based weapons, it can also absorb the impact of missiles and the sort with some effect. 30% damage from energy based weaponry, 50% damage from missile impacts.

"The crew of this ship is highly trained, and if you need to achieve it, they will be able to get it done."

Lieutenant Watson

"Tsh! You act as if this is your station....Fine, we'll comply, just remember you are the "Guests" here, not us..."
It was Tense, but they stood down and surrendered more space to the "Intruding Forces".

Rugal, Kazuya, Major Radcliffe

Kazuya was surprised by the sheer reaction time of Gilliam's forces.
"What is the meaning of this?! That man is Rugal Bernstein!....THE Rugal Bernstein!!...Arms Dealer?! Madman? Crime Lord?!...Wait....Member of the Hagane?...But...if he got on with the ot-...." He processed as he realized what was going on.
"....You mean, that a member of the Rising Dawn?!..." He exclaimed as Slindis and Lupito showed up.
"....What the name of all that is holy is wrong with you people? That man is the largest threat on this station and you are protecting him?!"
"Kazuya, if you wo-"
"Can it, I took my last order from you a long time ago, My Lord.... Consider this conflict resolved, just don't come crying to me when that man dooms us all!"
The former Cartel enforcer then walked off, passing by Slindis as he did.
Before he left, he paused and added "....Also, Slindis. That man with the purple hair? His name is Gilliam...If you wish to speak with him, Talk to Hiryu..." before leaving the engagement.
So I'm trapped on a space station with HIM?!...This day just gets better and better... Rugal thought as he rubbed the side of his face, "Argh....He's been working on that Right of his..."

Lieutenant Watson

Watson got the message from Radcliffe and lowered his hand. "Thank you for agreeing to that course of action without becoming hotheaded. I must remind you again that any hostilities upon a member of the Rising Dawn is seen as an attack on the Hagane as well."

Rugal, Slindis, Major Radcliffe

Major Radcliffe rubbed his ring with his thumb twice, stopping the alert. As the members of the Hagane went back to gathering those that were spread around, he pulled out a ring from his pocket "Rugal Bernstein, take this ring. It's your size, and wearing it will allow you to know the status of all those on board the Rising Dawn or the Hagane. In case of another assault, it will also alert those members of the situation. Now then, follow me." He put the ring in Rugal's hand, and it matched the one that Slindis was wearing.

Slindis followed with Lupito in tow, and Rugal noted that although the wolf had calmed down a bit, it was still on edge. "Rugal, it seems you have a history with that Kazuya. Would you please explain it further?"

Rugal, Slindis, Major Radcliffe

Rugal sighed uncomfortably as he put the ring on, Kazuya's presence here was clearly going to make the next day or two rather awkward.

"Former employee of mine...See, while I was attempting to track down this "Snake Princess" back in around...1600s Japan, I enlisted the command of a school of Martial Artists to aid me. Kazuya was my 2nd in command. After the situation was resolved, he followed me back to the present and retained his status as my number 2 man. Then he betrayed me and was also part of the reason I ended up in Evergreen. He went freelance for a while before taking control of G-corp during another coup, this time a failed self-proclaimed "Emperor" called M. Bison. Been unofficially running the country ever since. He also took my original Bionic Eye, This one I got from some magic or something back in the Jungle, still don't know how that worked. With that, he could make a right mess of this whole station if he wanted to..."

They soon reached the "No-Strider" Zone of the Hagane's Hanger.
"Still, While we have bad blood, I worry more for our enemies, Kazuya was always one to get the job done. I like our odds a bit better now..."

Rugal, Slindis, Major Radcliffe

Radcliffe went out to retrieve more members of the ship as Slindis went and asked the question that she should have asked a long time ago.

"Rugal, I know everyone has a past they're going to have issues with, but I want to know. What is it that you used to do before you joined up with the Rising Dawn? I noticed how those that were on the ship for a longer amount of time clearly distrust you, but this is the second time that you've been flat-out attacked by a person that was supposed to be an ally." She focused on the man, and Rugal could see that she was ready to pick apart even the most insignificant flaw if he were to lie.

Rugal, Slindis

Here it comes... Rugal thought, the gig was up.
"Guess that's it then...I'm everything he said I was...Arms Dealer, Crime Lord...Madman once or twice. They distrust me because they were all at some point directly affected by my schemes..."
"....World Domination...Viscus?...If it didn't involve killing me, I would have went along with his plan..."
Thus Slindis finally knew the true Rugal Bernstein, Killer, Corrupt Business Man and a liar.
"...For what it's worth, I did mean what I said. I do love you..."

David, Major Radcliffe

Rabcliffe found the Irishman staring blankly at the earth.
"You David West?" He asked, noting he was a still as a signboard.
"...Yeah...that's me..." He answered somewhat blankly back.
"...Would you like to follow me to your quarters?..." He asked, noticing several ill-colored veins sprouting from the back of his neck and going off in several different directions.
"Sure, Lead the way." He said as he hopped up and stretched, allowing a look at his strange eyes as well.
"....What you looking at?..." He asked before motioning for him to move along.

Rugal, Slindis

"But what about everything else? All that time spent together with everyone, was that a lie? Were you here just to find their weaknesses? And what about after this? Do you intend on continuing on your path?" It was easy to see that she'd been hurt by what she'd seen in the man.

David, Major Radcliffe

Radcliffe handed David a ring as he led the way.
"Wear it. If something happens to you while we're here, it will allow us to know about it. One crew member's already been attacked, and we can't do our job unless we know how everyone is doing." David noticed that the man seemed to know the way around carrier despite him clearly not being part of the Striders. Within a short amount of time, they were on the Hagane.

"After we get to the quarters, I would like to have you checked out in the medical bay. Some people can have adverse physical reactions to a low gravity environment, and you appear to be one of those men." He turned back to the Irishman, anticipating the response.

Rugal, Slindis

"No, no, no, no. See, Tomoya's intention to kill EVERYTHING. So at the end of the day, that still affects me and I have faced him before, though I will admit I was the antagonist then. Either way, I will save this planet. As for after this...I was planning to return to my life as planned...but now?...."
Rugal sighed, between everything else, this was last thing he needed.
"...I don't know..."

David, Major Radcliffe

David was baffled by Radcliffe's request.
" wait, you mean the err-ah..." He mumbled as he motioned to himself, namely his eyes.
"That Mutation, yes."
"Ooooohhhh, Nah, it's cool, just popped a performance enhancer before we beamed up. Just a few minor side effects, I'm told that it's just the serum making itself at home and will wear off in a few days....
So this place have a bar?..." He asked before walking on ahead, wondering what they served here.

sorry Internet is out, can only use family members phones to post.

"HEY BISON BURGER!" Alucard shouted, stomping the throne and ending up sending a wall of red into the air, obscuring vision. Bison got his hands around something and began to strangle the life it of it. "You missed!" Alucard said in a high tone of voice from the ceiling above of bison. Then the vampiric asshole ran off into other parts of the labs, leaving bison choking out and crushing the neck of one if their accountants that had somehow got into the lab.

Amaya finished suiting up and climbed into the small pod, her body contorting into the pod. "Thanks, but I'm not entirely human, so small spaces aren't much of an issue." She said and waited for the pod to close and launch. "Whenever you're ready and the pod is." She said.

Ouch, Sorry to hear that.

AIM: Bison

After realizing he got the wrong man and Alucard had gotten away, Bison strangled the life out of that accountant anyway, needing to vent his anger.
Once he was done, he radioed in "Attention all kill squads, scream if Alucard is nearby and try to keep him busy. You are all expendable, make use of that!
He then followed the trail of Doritos to find the Vampire.

AIM: Viscus

"Command confirmed, beginning launch....5...4...3...2...1...Engage."
With that, the pod sealed up and took flight across the Western Coast of the US towards the ruins of Aperture Laboratories, managing to avoid getting any readings from any of AIM's senors as a result.
"Launch successful, ETA 30 Minutes."

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