The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Time Skip: A day later!


Having fully rested up, He went over to the Hangar. Tajuh had pulled him aside to show him his machine. Although it was supposed to amplify some of the uses of his magic, he was still unsure if he could fully pilot this machine. Still, as the machine booted up, he saw that the machine was more than capable of fighting.

The trick would be how those side bits would be piloted, then he remembered the imps.

"Ignis, Flagrun! Mind helping me out in this one? There's a few things that this Cybuster that would be perfect for you two!" The first ones he'd found in Hell nodded and jumped into the small side pods, and a nervous confidence filled him. He wasn't quite sure how he'd make it through this, but he wasn't going to die before he saw Ella again.

As he boarded the machine, a song began to play within his head.

Lt. Cmdr Browning, Hiryu

Hiryu's messages were responded to by the same man that had initiated contact. "Strider Hiryu, in the event of an emergency, we are prepared to take your Striders on board. If you wish to coordinate the attacks, consult Captain Jake. Just take note that Commander Tajuh has already assigned a detachment of machines to aid in the defense of your station."


After being fully rested from the previous day's excellent sparring match in which the two fought until both of them had been too tired to move and they were both dragged out of the room by Lupito, she found the machine that Tajuh had assigned. Although she didn't know too much on how to pilot, he had told her that it would be just like fighting normally.

"The name's a mouthful, though. Ialdabaoth? What sane person names their equipment that?"

As she got in the machine, she felt her Ki mix in with the machine, and putting on the lightweight gloves and boots allowed her movement to directly control the machine's movements. Upon booting up, it showed a small video of what it was capable of.

"I think I can work with this. It's a good thing that match yesterday gave me a lot of endurance training."


As he sat in the cockpit, the machine began to boot up. As he saw the various weapons systems, he thought that they would be fairly effective. Maybe he could live through the fight with a semblance of dignity.

Then an image of the machine flashed on the screen as the OS fully booted up before it clipped to a readout of the weapons systems, and judging by the image, the machine was called the Fairlion G Type.

If he could stomach the appearance, the Fairlion was supposed to be a fairly agile machine. The mentioning of this W-I3nk system was a bit odd, but it didn't sound too bad. But who would be piloting the S type?


The bald headed man went over the radio to contact the Striders and came in contact with Kazuya. "Heheh... guess they shoved you aside as well, huh?"

On the other end, Kazuya felt that something was up with this man being there: every man he'd seen for both the Striders and the Hagane seemed far more confident and capable than the person he was talking to. Was this some kind of joke?


As he saw the others head into their machines, he walked over to his pride and joy. He'd fought with this machine for many years, and he knew the machine's ins and outs, every single one of its quirks. The Typhoon may look fairly plain, but that was a mistake many made once.

The resulting aftermath didn't allow any room for them to think of anything much more.

"Typhoon, it's about time we showed those men outside who they've angered." He jumped into the cockpit, immediately feeling at home.


As she looked around the hangar, she jumped into the machine that Tajuh had pulled her aside and shown her the other day. Shortly after, she'd spent a large amount of time in the simulator to find out the intricacies of how the machine responded, and she clearly enjoyed the large amount of versatility that the machine afforded. Sure, it looked a bit off, but when she took a look at what it could do, it was worth getting laughed at a few times. After all, they wouldn't get a second chance.

"So, this is the S type, huh? I'll show those Kinslayers exactly what I can do!" She ran over the information from the other day, having gone through a grueling amount of combat training to make sure she knew how this machine worked. After all, if the person in the G type was a bit bad, she'd have to take control for them as well.


It was only he saw the on-screen specs that Rugal realized just what he just got into.
"....What?....This is a Joke....Jesus christ...." He sighed as he brought up the built in AI.
"Okay....Now....I just have one request....I might get squeamish out there....and in the case of me getting...."Nervous"...I would like you to filter out the screams....Can you do that?..." He asked as the time came up for him to blast off, dreading the seconds as they passed.

Slindis and Melethia saw one of the radios turn on.
"-What? No! not the radio, for the love of god, I said I wanted to see the ESCAPE PROTOCOLS! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM COMMUNICATING TO YOU!?.....Wait...We're live?...What?....Blasted Intercoms..."


Kazuya stared at Krillin as he assumed he was stuffed aside for everyone else.
"....You ever assume anything like that, you will not wake up the following morning..." He flatly threatened before returning his attention to the main screen.
Krillin could tell from the scars on his face and his Power Level that he could blow him away in a heartbeat.


Tajuh was the first to launch as he took a look at the large fleet inbound. "Those of you defending the Striders, don't let even one of them through! Everyone else, work together in small teams to pick them apart! Tomoya's fleet may have numbers, but we have the technology and experience to tear a hole through them!" After the launch, he started the attack by shooting out the radar systems of one of the ships as the Hagane put up his barriers, then he zigzagged in an extremely erractic pattern to close in on the fleet at high speeds. One thing he knew from hundreds of years of experience is that no matter what the defense systems of a battleship were, its options plummeted at close range.

That was unfortunate for the first Angel ship, as Tajuh punched straight through to the bridge and tore a hole in it, sending a massive blast of electricity to destroy the weapons systems as well as killing the command structure of the ship.

Slindis, Melethia

As the two launched, Melethia contacted Rugal through a video feed. "Wheathair, you're in the G unit? I think we'll both be workin' together to tear through those kinslayers! Don't worry, I've got ya covered!" She began firing Salvos from the Rolling Launcher to give some breathing room for the others to head out.

Slindis heard the transmittion to Rugal and opened a Comm Link after a bit of fumbling around. "Look, Rugal, I'm expecting an answer for that question after we finish." After heading out, she went into the Water Stance to allow her to keep completely focused on the battle as she punched through a few of the Angel Units that got too close to the Hagane.

On Rugal's part, the AI silently acknowledged his request as it brought him to the launch pad.

Kazuya, Krillin

Krillin laughed at Kazuya with a bit of nervousness. "Hah, joke's on you! The Little Green from Namek made me immortal right before I came here!"

Slindis, Melethia, Rugal

"Ok, Launch. Here we go. Just stick the...The Mech on auto and...We'll get back safely...I mean, how bad can i-"
Rugal's audio cut out as the on board AI heeded his wishes of not letting his fear be shown in such a matter.
While most Mecha's blasted off, Rugal's....Just sorta fell toward off the launch pad due to him not starting the trusters and started spinning head over heels, all while the Mecha kept a perfectly rigid action figure like pose.
Thus the Mighty King of Fighters spun towards the battle zone until he actually managed to get the Thrusters online.
The feed came back about a minute to a red faced Rugal who just spent his entire time screaming in fear off-screen.
"-AAAAHHHH! OKAY! I THINK I GOT IT! OH MY JESUS! WHY DIDN'T WE JUST FIRE UP SOME NUKES!?" He said over the radio as he attempted to get used to the flight controls, a expression of sheer terror on his face the whole while.
Thus his machine began to use it's Rolling Cannon on the incoming Enemies.

Kazuya, Krillin

Kazuya merely glared at the small man.
"If that is truly the case, then perhaps you wouldn't mind me stuffing you in a punching bag and having a nice course of anger management then?!" He threatened as Tajuh took out one of the Battleships.
"Devil to Tajuh, Ignore that ship, We're sending over a Strider to finish off the survivors, Over." He commanded as he watched as Blade stood ready to lead the charge, hoping he wasn't going to be sent into the wall of the ship.


"Understood. Kazuya will mark out our targets for our Teleport Raids, they will disable the ships from the inside so please abstain from attacking the ones we call out. May fortune favor us." Hiryu said to Browning as Kazuya sent the first team.

Time Skip: A Day Later!


Teri awoke in her room, thankful she had no dreams the night before. Perhaps the lengthy discussion between her and Rugal regarding spells tired her out more than she thought. Following her morning prayers; for spells, keeping a cool head in battle and the like, the Cleric walked to the Hangar, Staff in hand and wolf at her side.

Mounting up in the newly christened Oto-hime, Garm going to his designated combat place, Teri overheard a transmission from Rugal coming from... What? That machine?

"-What? No! not the radio, for the love of god, I said I wanted to see the ESCAPE PROTOCOLS! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM COMMUNICATING TO YOU!?.....Wait...We're live?...What?....Blasted Intercoms..."

Suppressing a laugh, Teri hit her intercom to Rugal's machine, "Just take a minute to let your AI explain the basic systems. Work WITH it, don't try to dominate it. Besides, you've got us to help out too! There's no need to worry, sir."

After releasing the button, she placed a water bottle in the other support pod, and smiled, knowing full well what she had in mind for the empty place. Following that, she had Dimitri run a systems check over the machine, to which she recieved,

"Systems are a go, Madam. I am synchronized with Oto-Hime, and ready to take commands."

"Good. Sadei, hope you're ready, because we've some spells to be casting..."

With that, Oto-Hime advanced to Space, and began making careful motions to ready a spell....

Teri casts Entropic Shield! It will be 24 seconds before she can cast another 1st level spell...

As she was casting this, she called out to Rugal again, "Stay close for a few moments, I'll drop a Shield of Faith on you a bit after I recover from this one. That'll make you harder to hit, remember?"

Slaughter-Burn Family - Caim, Angelus, Cutie Bruisers

After the little family woke from their shared quarters, they found themselves directed to the Hangar, and placed in various mechs, apparently handpicked for the lot of them. Before each member went their seperate ways, the pact partners (Caim and Angelus) touched foreheads for the briefest of moments, and then went off to their various assignments.


Getting into the cockpit and situating himself was easy enough for the mute, but what amused him about his mech was the fact that it too had a proclivity for weaponry. In this case, an enormous blade. With a dark grin, the warrior looked to the battlefield before him, and his PDA rang, "Time to show those Angels why pact partners are feared. Are you ready, Angelus?"


The Dragoness smiled in the cockpit of her mech, taking in the fire motif about her with a swelled chest. Obviously, Tajuh knew how to appeal to her better sensibilities.

"A draconic machine for a dragon. I like it. Yes, Caim, I shall lift off in a moment..."

With the machine coming online, and the AI inside readying itself, the dragoness couldn't help but give a dark laugh herself. This proved to be far more interesting than she had previously thought. In fact... Was that excitement she felt?

"Caim's getting to me more than I thought... Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, how are things on your end?"

"A-Okay, Ms. Angelus! Me and Ton Ton are sharing this one! We'll kick twice as much booty, right Cadolbolg?"

"Yes! Friend Ton Ton and I shall show Mother and Father how much we've grown as pact partners!" the small dragon exclaimed, his little paws adjusting to the console as much as he could.

For whatever reason, this Machine, which easily towered over the rest of the machines, was being piloted by two of the smallest members of the Rising Dawn. Perhaps Tajuh had a sense of humor after all? Whatever the reason, the family found themselves outside the Hangar without any issues, and into the vastness of space; ready to take on whatever the Angels had to dish out.

Slindis, Melethia, Rugal

Melethia stifled some laughter as she started to take over the controls for Rugal's machine, handling the major flight problems. "Calm down, Wheathair! I'm gonna be helpin' ya through this also, so pull yaself together. Anyways, we can go poke some holes in those ships if ya want." If Rugal could see past his fear, he could see that the amount of freedom here was something the girl took to very well.

As Slindis began getting more comfortable with the fighting, she responded to Rugal's statement. You need to focus unlss you want to get killed! Or is actual combat of this scale something you hadn't prepared for?"

Kazuya, Krillin

Krillin stammered. "Well, there's no need to go that far, you jerk!" Krillin did his best to keep the Blue Dragon up to date on what was happening, and so far, the battlefield seemed extremely chaotic.

Hiryu, Tajuh

Tajuh called back in on that same channel. "Understood. I'll start working on some more of their ships." He advanced to the gap in between some of the massive ships, then darted between the two. Unless they eanted to get the others caught in the crossfire, they couldn't afford to launch any serious attacks.

Utiliziung the opportunity, he delivered attacks to the hangar areas of the ships, delivering surgical strikes to their combat capacity and causing even more havoc from the machines detonating onboard. "Caim, Angelus, you've been on battlefields before. Pick your targets and take them out! Teri, provide support where you can, and be careful of any openings that you see: it could be a setup. Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg, you either hold the line or get directly in the center of their forces and fire away. The Ganduro can handle the beating, but use your best judgements."

As he started fighting, he called out to one of the other fire imps. "Frank, could you make sure that Angelus has a familiar for her machine? it feels like hers is much like mine is, so she might be limiting herself without one. If she doesn't, back her up, and anything she says goes unless I say otherwise." The imp grumbled before appearing in the spare Familiar seat of Angie's machine and roughly communicated to her in her native language.

Slindis, Melethia, Rugal

"Yes, because it's a well known fact that every Dojo in the world is actually a training school for the usage of Mechs to be used in Outer Space!" Rugal quipped back to Slindis as Melethia assisted him in using his mech.
Soon, he was able to actually aim and train his weapons fire, However, the fact that a single hit could kill him and leave him lifeless in space lingered in his mind.
"...Okay...Let's try this again..."Assault. Blade"..." He said to the computer as the Chainsaw Blade unfolded.
"...I can work with that...Right...Focus...Focus..." He said as he slapped the sides of his face, his hair messed from sweat.
Thus, he locked onto a smaller ship and went for the kill, Slicing it cleanly with his blade and watching the soldiers within race out into the vacuum of space.
That was the first time he felt squeamish about killing people.

"Don't keep your circuits charged." Dani said as the ak bullets were deflected around of herself. When they all charged in, Dani pulled out two sticks. she held out her pointer and middle finger on each hand, making invisible connection points. Then the entire shield bubble took on a blue hue.

Crossing her arms and spinning; the invisible shield blades took to work and she passed inbetween two of the infected. There were red hot and glowing slices in them before they fell to the floor.

With the two behind her in pieces, Dani in a crouched position with her arms crossed across her chest, ready to continue; The girl looked up. "Ready to die?" she asked them all.


These being mostly mindless Zombies, they paid little heed to her taunts and charged forward.
From what she could gather, there was 3 main kinds, Melee attackers that used Stun Rods and Knifes, Snipers with Machine Guns and the Brutes that were picking up rubble and throwing it at her.
Still, this was going to be a one sided battle...

Deep in the heart of the complex, another more powerful force was awakening...

Teri, Cutie Bruisers

"Sir, Yes sir! Oh, and he's gone already... Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, get over here! I got something nice for ya!"

The enormous mech drifted towards Oto-Hime, and Teri channeled her spell, Sadei's promise of being a conduit holding true and helping to supress some of the strain as she did so. Upon doing so, she gently tapped the enormous mech, a shimmering light spreading over it after she did.

Teri casts Shield of Faith - really, do I have to rehash this? Oh fine. This spell creates a shimmering, magical field around the touched creature that averts attacks. The spell grants the subject a +2 deflection bonus to AC, with an additional +1 to the bonus for every six levels you have (maximum +5 deflection bonus at 18th level). As Teri is a level 7 Cleric, the Giganscuro Duro now has a +3 Deflection bonus against attacks ! 12 seconds before another 1st level spell.

After the effect took hold, she pointed Oto-Hime's trident at the forces, "Go get em, boys!"

"Gotcha! Let's do this thing, buddy! Now... What can this monster do..?"
"The AI says to fly forward and hit this button!"
"Fine by me!"

With that, the duo flew the floating wall towards the main bulk of the forces, many of the shots either bouncing off the shield, or being disregarded by the mech's armor; and the duo pushed down on a big red button, which enabled each of them to... Pilot an arm? Regardless, Ton Ton grabbed one of the controls and pulled back, releasing the control right when an enemy mech came into sight, causing an enormous fist to come into contact with the poor sap; with Cadolbolg following close after him. When the second fist slammed into the machine, the machine crumbled under the force, and resembled a crushed can of soda. Satisfied with their work, the Cutie Bruisers turned their attention to their next victims targets.


In a similar vein, Caim was having lots of fun testing out his new blade. With a grin that could cause grown men to weep openly, the Blood Knight lived up to his name as he began to cut swathes into lower level soldiers; a move that aided in cutting down the sea of fire coming their way. However, his glee was cut short when he saw a stream of fire take down the next machine in his sight, from which he saw coming from...


Getting used to the controls, as well as the new occupant of her assist, was a bit of a task for Angelus. However, after getting a general rundown by the AI, the Red Dragon noticed a strange sensation begin to overcome her. It was an itching sensation in her hands; like they usually felt when she was about to start a fire in her human form. With piqued curiosity, she said, "Computer, explain."

The AI drabbled on about how the mechs currently in use were modified so that their wielders were properly ready for fighting, and in her case, would allow her to channel her dragonfire into the machine... When that last line came up, the dragoness understood, and allowed the reservoir of draconic power within her take it's course.

Which turned out to fuel a duel set of flamethrowers in her side; incinerating a machine Caim was about to come in on. Without prompting the dragon already knew her partner was angry for the steal, but decided not to listen to his complaints. With a dark laugh, she instead turned to the enemies around her, and did as she knew best.

Slindis, Melethia, Rugal, Teri

Once he got a handle on the main systems, Rugal was in the swing of the action, the assisted movements from both the AI and Melethia showing him what he was doing wrong and what he needed to be doing.
He just zoned out everything else in order to try and forget where he was.
As the fight went on, explosions from Strider Bombing Attacks managed to do a lot more damage then Hiryu had first expected, giving Melethia a sense of pride in her judgement call.
"Alright, "Vostok Laser", Sounds like some god awful harbinger of death......" He mused on the feed as he went to try it out.
The Mecha rearranged itself, two large cannons unfolded, press and forget, one less Angel Ship in the sky.
"...Give it a resign and change the color and consider it sold!" He joked as he laid waste to all in his path.

Dani's main shield was absorbing the bullets fairly well, deflecting them off and into the now surrounding crowd. Looking around, she had a memory flash back to her. "Eight trigrams palm rotation!" She shouted and began to spin, her blades weaving their path through the flesh and bone of her assailants.

When she stopped spinning, there was a mound of corpses, well, diced corpses around herself. She had taken out a fair amount of the melee attackers. The meat shield had been protecting her from rubble. "Viscus, status report." she said to him.

"Defenses are offline, disabled by the BOWs in order to stop them from killing them, Power needs to be restored, sending a map route." Viscus answered as a Mutated Mr. X Tyrant charged at Dani, Claws outstretched and swinging, hoping to take off at least a limb and given how sharp they were, they might just be able to do just that.
Adding to the attack, several of the Pet Lickers began to drop from the ceiling in a attempt to strike from above.

Melethia, Rugal

As Rugal got over his first Kill in space with the Vostok Laser, Melethia sliced through the cockpits of an Angel hoping to kill what he saw was a machine that was piloted by a little girl. Because honestly, who else would willingly jump out into combat with that kind of machine? After a direct stab to the cockpit of the other man's wingmate, Melethia contacted Rugal as she made his machine get closer to her.

"Wheathair, this is a fight if ya haven't noticed! We gotta focus an' take them down, 'cause they won't be so nice!" It was quite clear that she had put the same level of effort into learning how to pilot as she had into learning the Sonic Boom, and it showed as she darted around, slicing through key points of the fighters and utilizing the Rolling Launchers for support fire when she could.

Slindis, Rugal

The Paladin was becoming more comfortable with the fighting as she launched two Ki blasts shaped like Dragons at the nearest battleships, and Rugal could see the dragons tearing through the battleship like it was made of Tinfoil. "Rugal, how are you holding up in there?" As she talked, Rugal could see the Ki radiating from the Drow in the monitor. He could see the woman truly tapping into something here, and she was clearly in the zone.


The man was rapidly tearing holes through the Angelic assault lines, provoking one of the Striders in the command area to say, "That guy's tearing through them like some kind of Tornado... Nothing's touching him!"

Indeed, as all the old learned traits began coming back, Tomoya's forces were quickly learning that this unassuming green machine was one of the greatest threats out in this skirmish. Within the first three minutes of the fight, Tajuh was responsible for the destruction of ten battleships and fifty of their newest fighters without even a scorch on the paint.

"This is too simple... Blue Dragon and Hagane, check your radars for any blank spots on your sensors, stat! I know you scattered out a good number of them before this to blanket the area, so any nonresponse from them should be counted as hostiles moving through the region!"


As the conflict intensified, he called out to the imps. "Flagrun, Ignis! Launch and provide some covering fire!" They launched and shot at some of those machines getting too close to Teri, and he slashed some of the other machines when he could, still feeling odd in the cockpit.

Lieutenant Coulange, Teri

There was a few machines headed straight for everyone's favorite little cleric, but before she had a chance to respond, a plain blue machine grabbed one of them by the leg and chucked the sunuvabitch at the other two so hard it caused the other two to explode.

"Sorry about the wait, dear, but if I'm gonna head out, I'm gonna come out at my best~"

A look at her camera gave Teri a better look at the machine Coulange was in:

It had a fairly straightforward design, with a clear focus in close range combat.

Melethia, Slindis, Rugal

Barely in her teens and yet trading blows with the worst of them... Rugal thought proudly as he saw the Ki Dragons tear though several more ships.
"Wait...Slindis, you did that?!...Wow....*Ahem* Holding up well, Still, if this was in any other place, I'd be doing a lot better. And yourself?" He answered as Tajuh zoomed past, fresh off his killing spree.
Bringing back the Chainsaw Blade, he got to work on some of the ships attempting to tail Tajuh, not that he needed the help but it wasn't unwelcome.
Lieutenant Coulange's appearance also gave him something else to focus on then Space, how much he hated that wanna-be womanizer.

Melethia, Slindis, Rugal

Melethia noticed one battleship in particular and called out to Rugal. "Wheathair, Activate the W-I3NK system! I've got an idea here, but it needs ya to do that!"

Rugal thought it over for a moment then hit the button. What harm could it do? After all, he was out... here... in this machine, so it couldn't get any worse. Upon hitting the button, the two machines zoomed to the sides of the battleship. "Okay, activating RHB mode!" Hefore he had much of a chance to retaliate, the words Royal Heart Breaker flashed across the screen as the two machines danced in tandem, demolishing the battleship in the process in a process that would have been overwhelmingly cute if it didn't involve so much stabbing.

After the attack, Rugal was shocked at how so uch death could be wrought out here with him having so little control over it at all.

Lieutenant Coulange, Teri

Teri took note of this favoring towards close range combat, and began chanting up Shield of Faith once again, "Get over here, Lieutenant. If you're gonna pull those kind of stunts again, you'll need this. It's not like a certain SOMEBODY won't stop flailing and let me help them!"

Hey look, Teri's casting Shield of Faith again! Who'd a thunk it? Coulange now has a +3 Deflection bonus against attacks! 24 seconds till another 1st level spell...

Coulange was a little lost as to who the Cleric was fussing about, but did not complain when the buff fell over his armor. Following that, Teri pointed the spear at a horde, and said, "Now let's go help our comrades! But before we do, I have a simple request.. Please don't call me 'dear'. Only one person does that, and he isn't here right now."

The Cleric couldn't help but smile at the thought of her currently absent Angel, and readied her systems to test drive some of the attacking systems. There was only so much buffing a girl could do before she got a bit tired of it. With that, she revved up Oto-Hime's thrusters, and wandered towards the fringes of combat. Upon reaching the desired distance, Teri's hands focused over the channeling panel, and called out, "Garm, Squishy! Go nuts, guys!"

The support units were easily responsive, and to Teri's surprise, the Oto-Hime drew from her Domain, as well as from some of it's own power, and allowed her Elemental to form without even burning a turn attempt. Of course, this only made Garm and Squishy attack with that much more ferocity, slamming their way into unsuspecting enemies with their armored selves.

Cutie Bruisers

"Hey Cadolbolg, wanna push this one?"
"Do it! It'll probably do something cool!"

Upon doing so, the Cuties found that there was something building up in the ship, a feeling either could equate to the calm before they unleashed one of their stronger attacks. For Ton Ton, it was the calm before Everyone's Grudge was released, for Cadolbolg, that moment before he unleashed his fire. With a combined battle cry, the two began pouring their combined energies into aiding the charge of this 'thing'; and found their efforts bear fruit.

Before they knew it, a huge bluish laser (Giga Wide Blaster) tore through a chunk of soldiers, and left the duo looking at each other with confusion.

"Huh.. That was cool."
"Can we do it again?"
"Only one way to find out..."

Caim, Angelus

When Caim got the readouts about the damage Tajuh was dealing to the armies, he gritted his teeth in irritation as he tore down another victim, something his pact partner picked up on quickly. After incinerating another soldier, she called out "What's got you hot and bothered?"

"Zankantoo Daisharin!"


However, before she could get a proper answer out of her pact partner, Caim had already tapped into one of the techniques programmed into the mech, and had... thrown his sword?! His sword had changed shapes, and was thrown towards one poor pilot, the blade twirling around and tearing into the unit like it was tissue paper. When the sword returned, the duo saw.... Something that looked like two little girls dancing and destroying another unit; no doubt making the person dying feeling downright embarrassed with themselves before they perished.

The dragon only blinked for a moment, and would have commented on something... Had Caim not went at it with his blade with that much more fervor. She chuckled to herself, and decided that even her fool of her human had his pride. It also helped she could sense his emotions.

Dani looked up at the Mr. X Tyrant and pulled her left arm back and using her right to aim, she guided a thrust of extremely high temperature shielding into it's gut, raking her arm upwards and slicing most of him in half while burning the wound as well. It was an anti tank tactic, a damn simple one at that.

The ten focused her shields up above her, forcing the lickers to fall and slide off of her shields. AS they hit the ground, she began to rotate once more. "Eight trigram palm rotation!" she said spinning with the blades once more.

Lieutenant Coulange, Teri

Coulange gave that award-winning grin again before delivering a heavy kick to the cockpit of one of the fighters in the area that was aiming on targetting Teri. "Oh, a former lover that passed away? I'm sorry for your loss, Teri... I know the pain all too well." A few more machines tried to get the drop on them, but each one was met with a punch, kick, or even the remains of one of their former comrades.

"I know this isn't the best place, but after we finish up here, would you and your father like dinner? It'll be on me." The lieutenant's voice was a good deal more subdued as he fought fiercely to guard Teri.

However, Teri could see one off the various defense force machines being badly attacked. if she didn't get through soon, the man was good as dead.

Cutie Bruisers

As the two Cutie Bruisers moved deeper into the territory, they started drawing more attention. Although some of the attacks got through, the readings on the screen showed that the damage was minor at best

Caim, Angelus, Devon

As the couple fought, they were reinforced by the bard as he sliced one of the angel machines from below. "Thought I could lend a hand around here. That work good for you two?" He began playing some music over the comm channel, not too loud but certainly enough to energize them as he joined the couple in their fighting.

Devon began to Inspire Courage in Caim and Angelus! An affected ally receives a +2 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +2 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls.

As he took a look at the battlefield, he saw one carrier that was slightly away from the rest with a heavy guard. Although it wasn't the Blackhawke, his gut instincts told him it was something important. He zigzagged through the fire, punching a hole through their machines before taking out the shielding to the ship and then punching through the bridge, sending coursing electricity throughout the command area and killing everyone inside. After doing that, he tore through the scattered defenders of the ship as the Dark angel fleet racked up its twentieth carrier loss and a good chunk of their communications and resupply forces.

By this point, Tajuh and Caim combined resulted in two thirds of Dark Angel fleet losses, and the planned ambush had lost a good deal of its momentum.


She was becoming even more comfortable with the hand to hand combat as she punched a hole through the forces, making her way near the Cutie Bruisers. "Ton-Ton, Cadolbolg. I've goy you covered, so let's show them what the Rising Dawn can do!" She rushed one of the machines that had gone unnoticed by the Cutie Bruisers while glowing fiercely with Ki, delivering a mix-up combination she'd seen Kazuya use before knocking it awat, then used the remains of one of the ships to send her flying at the stunned pilot as she shouted out, "Kishin Mōgeki Ken!", destroying the machine and another behind it from the force of the kick.

Generic NPC 22:

Ahh, it followed me home!
I'm kidding.

Welcome to the Avatar Adventures, home of the crazy sh*t in the role-playing section.
To join visits this link to join the group.

You don't need an invite.
Just remember to read the rules.
Introduce yourself.
And my number one rule ... have fun.

Now that is over, welcome and have a nice visit.
Though I don't know if you can get your character in right now.

Well because we're in the middle of my ending arch. (It was an arch to retire the guy I have RP-ed ever since 2010)
Also we're in a space battle.
But we can talk about this in the chat. :P

EDIT: For you other guys, I'll post later.


Lieutenant Coulange, Teri

Teri shook her head in annoyance at Coulange's statement, "No, He's alive! He's just not here, like literally, not here up in space! Goodness, Lieutenant do you always have a flair for- Oh shit. Hold that thought, this guy's in trouble!"

She drew her spear in a half circle around herself, and found that the spearhead was now glowing blue. With a grunt, the Cleric increased power to her thrusters, and charged ahead, tearing into several mechs on her way to the ally in distress.

Cutie Bruisers, Slindis

Ton Ton gave a friendly, "Hello Ms. Slindis!" as Cadolbolg covered his partner's distraction with missiles from the Danguro's bulk. Following that, the duo pushed that button again, and began charging up the Giga Wide Blaster once again.

Caim, Angelus, Devon

As Caim began tearing at another enemy, Angelus gave Devon the thank you he deserved, and decided to try out what the weapon systems had to offer. After looking around and following what the AI had to say, she found that the imp had disappeared, and a smaller unit with the same color scheme as her own had appeared, "The assist unit, of course! Have at it!"

Location: Blue Dragon | Earth Orbit.


Looking outside from a hanger window, Storm could see the bliss of combat. The spartan was sick enough of standing by, looking around the superhuman saw a different version of a familiar friend as he walked around for another minutes or so. "Hmm, I remember these, I flew one of these with Chief in Operation: Package ... hmm Alpha, hook us up. We're leaving to protect these guys." Storm said as he hopped on.

A giggle came from Alpha as she turned on all of the systems and soon the machine started to hover with its Nuclear Fusion Primary & secondary engines. "It would be good to have a pilot who couldn't die in space." Alpha mentioned in his helmet which made Storm briefly smile. A couple of hanger personal tried to stop the spartan but it was already too late as he swiftly flew out of the hanger.

The frame could actually travel faster then most vehicles on the field. Flying after a couple of Angel Mechs and shooting them down with the dual machine guns an even faster machine flew above him. The worst part was that Storm could easily recognize the thing flying the Gundam. "God no ... they will be screwed!" Storm yelled as he tried to chase him.

Archangel Michael.
Location: Small Fire Angel fleet | Orbit of Saturn.

The Archangel of Fire looked onto the battlefield.
It may of looked like the heroes were winning, but that would change.
It will change in a split second when his brother charges.

The fire fleet will only strike when Tomoya starts to think that he is winning.
Until then they will hold back their surprise attack.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

The Demon Prince had enough with just waiting and seeing his men slaughtered. Disappearing in a blink in an eye he had appeared in the Blackhawke's mega hanger where most of the mechs, gundams and etc where flying out of. Luckily enough the ship held over ten million in population so they had enough soldiers to last them for a while. In a private section of the hanger, it contained everything which belonged to Tomoya.

In a corner he found a bulky figure with a cloth over it.
Throwing off the clothes and underneath was a gundam.

Jumping into the pilot's seat the machine immediately activated, and due to Tomoya's power the Gundam had everything inside of it boosted. Black lightning coiled around the whole machine with black shadows covering the metal for extra protection. Flying out of the hanger and in a second the mech was already in the heart of this dark battle, and two enemy mechs were already on him ... but it was all too late.

Before the two knew who they were facing, in the blink of an eye the two already had exploded.
Tomoya only gave a sadistic smile knowing that the two died very painfully. Looking at some of his own destroyed ships got him back into the dark mood he was always in. "Lets get rid of some of their ships." The Demon Prince laughed as he was already gone from his position.

A lightning bolt greeted one of the smaller ships in the heroes' fleet. Most of the systems went dark and as soon as they came on Tomoya's gundam was in front of them. One of the swords the Gundam had a black shadow crawling over it and expanded it to the ship width. "Too late!" Tomoya yelled as the blade came down onto the ship, cutting the front off. Tomoya in a bad mood took the other sword and struck the middle of the ship and started to fly down the ship, cutting it open like a fish.

"AHAHAHAHA~" chuckled the Demon as the end up on the end of the ship.
A second later the explosions began, Tomoya could see a familiar figure chase him down. "Hmm, I see he failed ... well he'll pay later." Tomoya only said as he waved him off and disappeared in a blink of an eye only to be replaced by a squad of Dark Angel mechs.


Once the attack was over, Rugal's face was blank as he flatly said "....What just happened?....".
Having the Mech look over it's shoulder, he saw a path of total ruin behind him.
"....Huh...." He merely said as refocused on the enemy when Tomoya's re-enforcements came in, including the man himself.
"...Oh great. ATTENTION ALL! TOMOYA HAS ENTERED THE FIELD!" He shouted over the radio as he tore though one of their ships.
How the hell are we going to kill that?... He thought as he attempted to land a hit on the Gundamn, not having any success in the slightest.

Angelus, Caim, Devon


The duo stopped their usual bits of slaughter, and turned to see the Gundam that had appeared. With a growl, Caim hit the controls that changed his weapon's size; and set his thrusters for the offensive. Angelus, using a bit of her firepower, was able to boost her thrusters do to the same. As they advanced towards the (Former) Archangel of Lightning, an attack on Caim's display caught his eye... A combination attack, eh? That could be a viable option.

Calling out to his partner, Caim sent the video an said, "You think this'll work?"

"It's worth a shot! Let's do this!"

As the two flew towards Tomoya, the duo noticed their mechs began taking on different forms. Angelus' shifted around, and resembled what she truely was (and somehow remained fitting with it's original design, go figure!); a dragon. Caim's mech took the helm, its enormous blade now resembling a polearm and the duo charged towards the (former) Lightning Archangel, a firey aura falling over both as they sped closer and closer.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

Noticing the attack from the dragon duo, Tomoya jumped off the wreckage of the carrier he had just cut directly in half and flew past Rugal but also gave him the bird as he went by. Following the insult Tomoya positioned his blades behind his mech as though he was going in for a sweep attack at the Dragon and lunatic. "You really think you can do something like that straight away?" Tomoya said on public communication as his mech gained speed whilst charging towards the two.

"YOU HAVE TO GAIN MOMENTUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!" Tomoya directly yelled at the two. the mech went fast enough that the whole thing was devoured by lightning and as he reached the two he was not only gone, but only behind them with his blades in a neutral position. The carrier which was further behind the two was cut diagonally like a giant X.

Tomoya turned around.
" Amateurs, An attack like that can't hit anything if the target sees you coming a universe away." Tomoya insulted the two and just laughed and decided to pour salt on the injury. "A fuckin' barn could avoid you."

Angelus, Caim, Devon

As the two went on their attack, Devon went at some of the new Dark Angel machines, and it was more luck than any kind of skill that got the kills. Still, as the AI drilled him, he was starting to pick up more of the basics of the machine. "Hmm, they said I can use magic with this, right? Let's see if use this!" His machine gragbbed at some of the Debris and scattered it around, creating a blinding cloud that would blind a good number of people. It also served to act as a false positive for the Dark Angel battleships.

Devon casts Glitterdust. Blinding chance, easier to see those headed through the clouds, acts as an extra target for Tomoya's ships.


The call of Tomoya's arrival drew Tajuh's attention, but the thing that was interesting was the new wave of ships. "Jackpot."

Leaving Tomoya to Caim and Angelus for now, he made taking out the battleships a priority and made a mental map of the location of the ships, their defenses, and the best way to exploit the inherent flaws in the formation. It would be an extremely tight fit, but the ships had to be taken out immediately.

Thus, he kept up that unpredictable pattern as he delivered a point-blank shot to the bridge, reducing the people and the controls within to ashes before making his way to the next battleship.

Melethia, Rugal

She got close to Rugal's side, trying to stop him panicking as she fought. One thing that was noticeable was that having to pilot for the both of them in this kind of comflict was wearing at her focus, and Rugl could easily see this.

"C'mon, Wheathair, we gotta pull through this an' get that kinslayer!" Her voice was a bit strained as she covered the two with some shots from the Rollong Cannon.

Slindis, Cutie Bruisers

The Paladin continued to work in tandem with Cadolbolg and Ton-Ton, providing a significant amount of cover to the machine by picking off those machines that were trying to exploit the Ganduro's size to their advantage while clearing the field herself. In all, the two machines were learning to cover for the flaws of the other - Slin eliminating those more speedy machines aiming to chip away at the Ganduro, Cadolbolg and Ton-Ton tearing holes through those that shot at the Ialdabaoth from range.

Coulange, Teri

As Teri got closer to the machine in distress, she noticed something odd - Dimitri was indicating that the machine was false from the amount of energy coming off it.

"Don't worry, Teri, I'm coming to cover you!" The man charged through the melee combatants that had enclosed the cleric, trying to get to her in time.

Melethia, Rugal

Dammit man, Pull yourself together. If a 12 year old could do this!...
Taking back manual control of his machine, Rugal pressed on-wards towards Tomoya's machine, preparing another Vostok Laser blast.
"This time I'm finishing the job..." He said to himself, he was always annoyed by Tomoya, all his power, thinking he was better then the King of Fighters!
"Fire!" He shouted as a large beam raced off towards the Dark Angel.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

Seeing the attack coming from the opposite direction Tomoya smirked.
"Wait your turn lowlife!" Tomoya could say as he dodged the beam all to easily with his lightning as he went behind the carrier he just cut up to do some 'moving'. Soon Rugal soon found half of the destroyed carrier coming towards him and fast, he could hear Tomoya talk in his ear.

"I'm going to enjoy crucifying you on a metal cross ... but I won't kill you. I'll torture you for days on end and when I'm done I'll make you a little pony again, and send you to that God awful world. This time ... no petty tiny devil will bring you back." Tomoya said to him as the huge chuck of metal still flew at him.

Tomoya in the meanwhile found some inspiration to win this battle, and focused once more on Caim and the dragon. This time he is on the offense. Black lightning surrounded both dual blades and soon the former Archangel zipped his way across the black eternity of space and in a few seconds two blades flew at both mechs.


He isn't letting that go, is he? Rugal thought as he trusted up above the incoming wreckage, "Jumping" over it in a manner of speaking.
"Okay...Computer Fire. Everything!" He commanded his AI as he unloaded both his Rolling Cannon and his Vostok Laser, leaving everything else as they were more close quarters based.
He didn't care if it didn't hit, it would at least put him on the defensive.


Dani looked up at the Mr. X Tyrant and pulled her left arm back and using her right to aim, she guided a thrust of extremely high temperature shielding into it's gut, raking her arm upwards and slicing most of him in half while burning the wound as well. It was an anti tank tactic, a damn simple one at that.

The ten focused her shields up above her, forcing the lickers to fall and slide off of her shields. AS they hit the ground, she began to rotate once more. "Eight trigram palm rotation!" she said spinning with the blades once more.


Despite being heavily outgunned, the hoard retained their offensive, though some of them did begin to flee from the strange woman and her powers.
The Mr.X and the Lickers were reduced to shreds by her attacks as Viscus watched.
Suddenly, a extra large blip appeared on Viscus's senors.

"Attention: Large BOW approaching, Appears to be a Tyrant, though it seems to be a lot more powerful then these ones....Just so you know..." He said as several grenades were thrown at her, their owners hoping they'd work better then their guns..

Rugal, Melethia

Melethia followed in alongside Rugal with the shots, moving in tandem with him to keep the pressure on Melethia. However, being so focused on taking Tomoya down, she failed to notice the opportunistic attack headed her way. Even if she did, it would be hard to evade the large number of missiles inbound.


Tomoya's attack didn't go unnoticed, but he couldn't cast Sense Weakness so quickly. Thus he decided to make sure that Caim and Angelus didn't have as much to focus on as his slashes at the enemy machines continued, but the wild slashes were more lucky hits than anything else.

Rugal, Melethia

"Dammit...He's too fast!..." Rugal sighed to himself as he attempted to land a hit on the Dark Angel.
A alert came up on his side of the W-I3NK system, "Missile Inbound".
Panic filled him as he instantly checked his corners and rear for his impending doom.
He was confused when he noticed a lack of killer missiles.
Then it hit him.
"MELETHIA! MISSILE LOCK ON YOUR UNIT!" He shouted though the radio as he patched though W-I3NK and forced a motion on her mech, a sharp turn left all of a sudden as he attempted to move her away from the incoming missiles.
Missiles, okay, think. What kind of Missile System would he use? I know missiles, I sell them, come on, come on, come on... He thought as he tried to figure out a way to disable the missiles.

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