The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal, Melethia

Noticing the missiles, she tried to dart around them or use the debris as cover. However, these missiles were stubborn as she fought to get them off her. "Wheathair, ya gotta get outta here! I'll get them off me, I promise!" She racked her brain for options but with how good the missiles were, there wasn't many options available.

Rugal, Melethia

Medium Range, High Impact, Heat-seeki-HEAT-SEEKING! Rugal exclaimed as he flew towards Melethia's Mech as it was being chased by the missiles.
Cruising alongside her, he then slowly slowed himself down so it appeared he was following her lead.
"Okay, I have an idea, but you need to do exactly as I say. On my mark, bank left and get as far away as possible, no If's, And's or But's. Understood?" He asked over the radio, not bothering to listen to her response.
Little by little, the gap between him and the missiles got smaller and smaller as Melethia noticed that a few of her Missile Lock alerts began to disappear.

And reappeared on Rugal's mech.
Soon, the entirety of the swarm was on him instead of her.
"NOW!" He shouted as she went left and he and the missiles went right.
Looking over, she saw every-single one of them hit their mark along with Rugal screaming at the top of his lungs over the radio on impact.
The Mech exploded and for all intents and purposes, Rugal was dead.

Dani jumped up and used her shield to form an umbrella like bottom to it. The frag grenades went off and sent a ring of death out, made of the shrapnel from the grenades. HEr shields absorbed the concussive blast and she watched as allot of the room went down with the ring of death. When she landed, there was one left standing in the room, the big fucker.

"Any Data Viscus, on him specifically, or just another larger Tyrant?" she asked, flipping through her visual range to see if there were any large glowing orange spots on him.


As Dani went to change her Vision Mode, she felt the ground shake a little.
It was to the footsteps of someone Stella used to know.

Back during Wesker's reign over this lab, he created a monster to serve him, against its will.
It was then later killed by Cypher, A Android that attacked Aperture, and left to rot in pieces.
However, little by little, the immortal beast bit itself back together, waiting months for his limbs to reattach, learning how to walk again, Fighting for survival among the other beasts and becoming a sort of boogeyman for them.
Thus, Dani came face to face with the being Formerly known as Phoenix Wright, The Nemesis.


It's one eye stared at the strange woman before he pointed his Rocket Launcher and fired.

"It's a Advanced Nemesis T Type, a specialized Tyrant model, but...these records state it was competently destroyed..." Viscus mused, not really caring for Dani's well-being.

Rugal, Melethia

The explosion of Rugal's machine woke up an anger in Melethia. Now, the Dark Tomoya fleet had already slaughtered New York, and she already had problems with them from that. Now? They'd attacked her father figure, the man that had helped her out so much in an incredible number of ways, and he'd taken hits meant for her. Coming back to it, calling our little elf's state of mind mad is like calling the inside of a volcano warm.

"That's the last mistake any of you assholes will ever make!"

In a cold rage, she focused everything she had into making sure each and every fighter that was from Tomoya's army died by slicing through cockpits, creating catastrophic failures in the reactors, and even using their own weapons against them.

Rugal could hear the girl over his radio, and the sheer amount of malice in the young girl's voice might even be enough to make him stop and think twice.

Slindis, Cutie Bruisers

Upon the loss of signal, SLindis paused in shock for a moment. It wasn't possible. Rugal couldn't be dead! A few Angel Mechs tried to take the moment to attack, but she lashed out at them with the Ki Dragons, stopping that ambush.

"Rugal Bernstein, can you read me? This is Slindis. If you're still out there, please respond!"

Angelus, Caim, Devon, Tomoya

Caim growled as he brought up the polearm to block Tomoya's twin blades, and then shoved the 'Demon Prince' back with a vengence, giving Angelus time to disconnect the Granviel from the Dygengard and allowing Caim a better range of motion in this battle. Of course, even if Tomoya had enfused himself with lightning and God knows what else into himself, Caim was still the better swordsman of the two; and that was enough to hold him off. With a dark laugh, the Blood Knight began his assault on Tomoya, trading off blows with his blade with Tomoya's rapid strikes.

Teri, Coulange

Even in the midst of being jumped by multiple mechs, our Cleric was still painfully aware of the readings that went off on Rugal's machine... Especially the one's entailing it's destruction.


Of all the things that had happened to Teri up to this point: losing her voice? Awful. Realizing her entire universe forgot her? Horrific. But thinking that her new 'father', RIGHT after she was accepted by him? Normally, she would have just fell down and cried. Well, she was crying. However, this time, those tears were of rage. There's only so many times a person is pushed around before they snap, David West being a prime example. This was the Cleric's moment.

Her aura flaring with a sharper shape than usual, the Cleric screamed through her Tablet (and was heard by any who tuned in): "YOU EMO, ANIME, SON OF A BITCH! I'M GONNA TEAR YOU A NEW ONE SO FUCKING WIDE IT'LL MAKE GOATSE JEALOUS!"

Spinning the spear about her, the Oto-hime; combined with the power being pumped in from the Cleric, summoned a field of ice that shot upwards and impaled all who dared attack her, leaving an area that was once crowded, empty.

"It's Pheonix Wright!" Dani said looking at him. She angled her shields and deflected the missile off behind her. She pulled her left arm back and aimed with her right. Charging forward, Dani sent a steam of plasma particles at Pheonix, hoping to cut him in half with a swing.

Rugal, Slindis

..........wh-....what happened?....Where I am?.... Rugal thought as he woke up in somekind of small white room.
...Wait....This isn't death, the Room there is black!....Then...Wh-
His train of thought was interrupted back a nearby blast that knocked the small orb like Escape Pod he was in around like a giant metal pinball across the battlefield.
He was bounced around in Zero G inside the pod as itself suffered much the same.
Then it hit him.

"OH MY GOD! NO! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING! I STILL IN SPACE, BUT NOW I'M IN A CHEAP ASS FUCKING METAL BALL!" He shouted as he began to have a major panic attack as he was sent flying from explosion to explosion.
"Rugal Bernstein, can you read me? This is Slindis. If you're still out there, please respond!"
"Who-Wha-Slindis?! Oh thank GOD! I'm in an escape pod. You have to get me out of here! I'm a sitting duck on open season where the hunters have Nucle......"
He froze as he saw a hairline crack begin to appear on the roof.
"....GET HERE NOW! THE POD IS COMING APART!" He screamed in fear as he put his helmet on and prayed.
He made a note to go to the restroom beforehand to stop him from soiling himself.


As Dani avoided the missile and went for her Plasma Stream, Nemesis brought up arm to block the incoming attack.
Needless to say, his attempts were in vain as his arm was cut cleanly off by the elbow and it fell to the ground, the tentacles inside it trashing around as they were separated from their host.
However, Nemesis stood there, seemingly unfazed as he picked up his arm and casually put it back on, quickly re-attaching itself and within a few seconds, he was as good as new.

"Interesting....The Tyrant Virus always had a minor regenerative effect on it's host, but this is the most advanced case of a Healing Mutation since records began. Proceed with caution." Viscus warned as Nemesis merely advanced, looking more annoyed then angry.

Dani aied the second pass at the Nemisis's legs, cutting him, then running in and shoving him off of the stumps. Then she began to rummage around for grenades. "Phoenix! are you in there? It's Stella!" she shouted looting the bodies.

Angelus, Caim, Devon, Tomoya

Devon kept his focus on making sure that none of the other ANgel Machines attacked Caim, and between the Imps firing away and him hacking at them, he was doing a fairly good job

Teri, Coulange

Coulange looked at the cruel ice field in shock for what felt like an eternity but was only a few seconds. "Teri, let's tear through these guys!" He was still nervous, but he wasn't going to let Teri know that.

Melethia, Slindis, Rugal

As the young girl kept coldly tearing through each Angel Machine that so much as showed signs of Life, Slindis moved over to to the area where Rugal was sending the distress signal. Thanks to him having the ring on, she was able to hone in on exactly where he was. Of course, she found it a bit odd that Teri and Melethia were reacting the way they were considering he was alive, but there was a decent number of distress signals going on due to Tomoya's counterattack. "Rugal, I'm right here! Keep calm and we'll get through this!"

Teri, Coulange

"Teri, let's tear through these guys!"

As Teri's hand's tightened on the controls, her face bent into a scowl, and in a tone that befitted the Mute she used to Write for, only said two words, "With pleasure."

With that, the chanted a spell over her spear, and hit an oncoming soldier with the butt of it, speaking in that same dark tone as she did so: "So far from the Lord's embrace, Angel! May the shadow take you and drag you where you belong!"

Teri casts Bestow Curse! The Angel needs to make a DC 15 Will Save, or he/she will fall under the curse! 12 seconds till the next Level 3 spell.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: In Battle.

Hearing the scream of Rugal only alerted Tomoya more.
"Don't worry ... if you are really dead I'll drag you out of hell for your torture!" Tomoya said once more as he returned to trade blows with Caim, though it felt more like Tomoya was going crazy and the strikes became more powerful and faster as each blade landed on Caim's blade. If Tomoya fought like this in a machine it only could leave to the imagination what he can do without a machine's limitations.

"Someone insane as you should already be dead, like me!" Tomoya yelled over the public communications channel as the two locked blades. When the two blades came in contact, massive sparks flew but Tomoya's blade the black lightning lashed out and tried to get to the mech of the insane dragon warrior.

More Angel soldiers only arrived on the field thanks to the Blackhawke's massive population.
The Blackhawke also fired it's railgun again and managed to shred three ships of the heroes.

Angelus, Caim, Devon, Tomoya

Caim's battle grinTM remained plastered on his face, even when the blood-lust was fading ever so slightly. As the blows were being traded, Caim growled back at the Fallen Angel, "Pot calling the kettle black, don't you think?! Besides, I actually remember a time being compared to you would have been a compliment. Now it's a step down! You Angels are all too easy, especially when you fall!"

Cutting the communique between them after this, Caim made a sweep with his blade, only to find more blows to parry in exchange.

That was when the lightning started acting up again, and Caim was slowly realizing that his usual tactics weren't exactly going to work here.

Unfortunately, Tomoya was acting just like he was in battle: Crazed and ready to fight to the death. Upon coming to this realization, Caim decided that instead of parrying the blades as he did before, he took the moment to thrust the enormous blade right into Tomoya's mech's chest; allowing the dark lightning to begin snaking it's way to the Dygengard. This action bound the two together, and Caim sent (making sure the Fallen one couldn't hear it) to Angelus and Devon, "I'll get out with the escape pod, hit these machines with everything you got in the meantime! The idiot can't move while I got him like this!"

With that command in place, Angelus had already begun to power up her mech's super; fire gathering around her as she did so.

Coulange, Teri

With a 15 DC to break free of the curse, the Angel rolls... A 20. Better luck next time, kiddo!

The Angel shook off the curse, and redoubled it's efforts to attack the Cleric.. Which was met with a spear in the face. Pulling it free from the mech, Teri began charging up a beam of ice from Oto-Hime, which discharged and froze the unsuspecting, and most likely gasping for air, soldier in the meantime. Funny what a little rage can do to a nice girl.

Angelus, Caim, Devon, Tomoya

Devon began looking through the weapons systems on the machine. "Hmm, Cyflash? Nah. Familiars? No, they'd just be ignored. How about this Akashic Buster?"

After choosing that, he began following the instructions on-screen as a huge rune began to form underneath him. After stabbing said rune pattern with the longsword, a large bird made of fire started charging towards Caim's machine. Following through, he shifted into a hybrid flight form and joined with the bird made of fire as he hurtled towards the two fighting. Oh god I hope this works!

Coulange, Teri

Coulange took the opening, grabbing the Angel machine by the torso and tossing it into some wreckage before charging and stomping the cockpit multiple times. "Teri, are you sure that you don't want me to make a meal for you again?" The cleric had only touched a little bit of it the other day, not really getting the chance to try it out fully.

As the man continued to fight alongside Teri, he saw one of the Angel machines heading in to attack Teri from a blind spot and rushed to cover the Dear Little Cleric.


At this point, the amount of damage this one machine was dealing to the fleet was hard to comprehend. A good deal of that was due to the man picking and eliminating the battleships off, which served to cripple the command structure while having a much-liked side benefit of leaving the Angel machines increasingly disoriented.

"Your fleet grew complacent in their technological supremacy, but you never bothered to train for what would happen in a case like today.In the end, Dark Angel fleet, your arrogance has proved to be your downfall." He took a moment to see where the next ideal target would be before launching away at them.

Coulange, Teri

As Teri sent out another volley via Garm and Squishy; followed by spearing some poor fellow in the face, she shouted over the intercom: "Coulange, you're a nice guy and everything, but right now the last thing on my mind is food!"

As she said this; the spear went through another enemy; and she was blissfully unaware of the mech poising itself to stab her in the back....

Coulange, Teri

Seeing that there was almost no way for Teri to get out of that on her own, Coulange charged Teri's machine, knocking it out of the way and taking the full force of the stab in the process. He let out a sharp cry of pain as he strained against the ambushing unit and used the heated blade to stab through the Angel's cockpit.

He knew from years of experience that the damage that he'd taken was irreparable, since it had torn through vital cooling areas on the machine's reactor. Even if he did escape, he wouldn't last long enough for the appropriate medical attention. In a wavering voice that tried to sound confident even though it was clear he knew he was dying, he opened a direct private channel to Teri.

"It's a shame, Teri. After all, I went so far out of the way to find out what you like... Any chance that we could have that dinner when we get back? Just Teri and Giado?... There was something I wanted to tell you there, too..."

Dark Tomoya.
Location: In Battle.

When Caim's sword busted through Tomoyas's mech chest it immediately hit the Demon Prince who sat inside.
Blood and black corruption covered every inch of the pilot seat, the sword went directly through Tomoya's body. It was even large enough to pierce his whole body all together. Even with that the body still held together with black lightning and the two halves of his body had a sinister smile.

"Hm, left already. Tomoya managed to spit out of somewhere as he could feel the heat of the fire bird come towards him. " ... so that's what they did ... dumb plan ass-" Tomoya said but was interrupted by the explosion which engulfed both mechs and created a giant explosion. Though quickly it faded away and a body vertically cut was still stand in the middle of the former explosion.

Everyone could clearly see the flesh, muscle and bone merge back together. A clear sadistic smile was the first thing they all saw. "Heaven's vault" The single whisper was said and everyone could hear it, though the more impressive feat everyone could see were the multiple portals come out from behind Tomoya.

The portals held multiple bladed weapons from every culture, time, myth and anything or where.
A single click was heard and the bladed weapons shot out of their portals in all directions just like a grenade.
Luckily all the weapons would disappear if they missed or hit something

(If you think this is bull my other idea was to use bullet hell.)


"Oh Keep Calm she says, not like I'm in the middle of A FUCKING WAR-ZONE IN SPACE!" Rugal shouted as Slindis neared his pod's location.
"OH WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON THAT LITTL-..." Rugal paused as another silo of Swords raced towards him.
"...Not again..." He said, almost about to cry as he considered his options.
"....Second this is over, I'm going to kill everything in Heaven..." He sighed as he began striking the wall where the crack had appeared in a bid to escape.
As Slindis finally neared his location, the pod broke apart and saw Rugal using a piece of it as cover from the incoming swords, several of them threatening to cut clean though it.
"ANY TIME NOW PLEASE!" He shouted as a blade stopped a inch in front of his face.


As Dani searched for some frags, she completely forgot one fact: Nemesis still had a rocket launcher.
From his prone state, he fired at Dani again as tentacles raced out of his stumps and met up with his legs, dragging them back to be reattached.
Phoenix died a long time ago...

Dani's sensors picked up the rocket and she only had time to just protect herself from it. The blast sent her flying, clutching the three grenades in her hands. She hit the floor and skid across it, coming to rest against a wall. Getting up, her armor was running hot, not burning, but still hot none the less.

She tossed the grenades into her shield's field and let them float there as she charged the nemesis once again. She closed the distance to the nemesis which was standing up again. She was moving extremely fast and had one grenade in each hand now. Each arm, she extended into a punch that was aded by bladed shields from her knuckles which allowed her to enter into his shoulders.

She recoiled, pulling the pins on the grenades as the flesh healed around them. Then she took the last one an punched into his gut, arming it and leving it there as she directed all of her shields close to her body, ready to absorb their explosion or a hit from the nemesis.

Coulange, Teri


She stabbed another interloper with her spear; but found two more where he fell. Things were getting rougher on her end, now that her wingman was downed,

"I got some spells that'll fix your mech up, just hold on! I'll be right there! Keep talking to me if you have to, just stay awake! Don't look at the light, keep your eyes open and concentrate! RAAAAGGH!!!"

Pointing at one of the opposing mechs, a stream of ice blasted through an enemy mech; causing it to begin to shake as it's systems began to fail.

Angelus, Caim, Devon

Caim rushed to the escape pod right after the blade sunk deep into Tomoya's mech, knowing full well Angelus and Devon were about do their worst to the winged mech in a matter or seconds. Thankfully, his timing proved correct, and he found himself laughing like the madman he was when he shot out of the pod and saw the ensuing carnage wrought by his comrades. Of course, that reverie ended shortly when Tomoya began to reform in space.

"Well done! ... Ah hell."

"Caim! I'll be right there, just keep your mind open!"

The warrior didn't need telling twice, and found himself greatly relieved when the dragon grabbed the pod. When she did so, she turned and began pouring dragonfire into the machine, in a desperate bid to stop any weapons coming her way as Caim made his way to the cockpit. Thankfully, with his brute strength, the warrior had no issue getting out and into the cockpit; but the movement available to both of them was a bit limited now....


Nemesis reeled from both the shoulder attacks and the gut punch.
Glancing over himself and seeing the grenades, he roared at the top of his lungs, not happy with having to rebuild himself after this.
Still, keen to get the last laugh in this fight, he leaped up in the air and belly flopped right on top of Dani, pinning her the the ground.
"oug-jectron!" He snarled in her face before violently exploding, sending green blood, slime and body parts everywhere.

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis pushed her machine that last bit and got to Rugal's escape pod right as it fully broke open and got the man inside the cockpit. It was definitely a tight fit, but she proved herself more than able as she swatted away the majority of the blades in the area. "Rugal, that was far too close! Now hold on tight: I'm getting you back to the Hagane." She picked open holes in the defenses of Tomoya's army as she made her way back to the ship, and before long they were back in the hangar.

"I can understand you not wanting to head back out in the fight, but I've still got some people to cover out there. We'll be back soon with a victory in hand." As she opened the cockpit, Rugal saw one large machine that had been left unused in the fight. One thing that he noticed was the size of it. At 47 meters, it towered over the machine Slindis was in, and it was much larger than the machine he'd been using alongside Melethia.

Although the King of Fighters had good reason to want to stay back in the ship, there was something about this machine that seemed to call out to him...


As the launched blades approached her as well, she redirected the attacks from them to hit the Angel machines as she continued to terrorize the Angels around her with her merciless assault. It was hard to say what was worse: being mauled by such a cute machine or having to flee from a machine that was designed with small girls in mind.+

"Get back here! I'm not done scouring your bodies with plasma yet, you pathetic sacks of flesh!" She was beginning to lose herself in the anger, but any that thought she'd get sloppier were sorely mistaken: it just meant that she'd painfully draw out the killing process.

Coulange, Teri

Even though he was as good as dead, he talked to Teri in a sincere tone. "Teri, I know I pushed you away with how I acted. You know what, though? You're an amazing woman, and I wish that I could explain everything I felt. Still, even with your magic, I'm a goner. He tore right through the protective casing on the engine and I'm pretty sure I need more than a third of my small intestine to live. Now stand back, and I'll show you that a real man chooses how he dies."

He blocked one last machine that was trying to attack Teri, taking another serious injury in the process. "All I ask is that you don't blame yourself. Could you promise me that?" With the last bits of strength in him, he pushed hard to one last enemy formation as his machine's reactor detonated, taking out a chunk of enemies along with it.

Angelus, Caim, Devon

As Angelus and Caim reunited, Devon began looking through the weapons systems again and took note of the Cyflash. "Hmm... it's gonna have to be a one shot thing with that amount of energy, but now's the time to use it."

He raised his machine's blade to collect the wind energy around it, pouring the last reserves he had into this attack as he swung the blade out to launch the shockwave. Oddly, Caim and Angelus were completely unscathed as the shockwave washed over their machine. The same couldn't be said for the swords approaching them, though.

"Cyflash!" Another attack on that scale would render the Bard unconscious, but he would do what he had to if it stopped the Hot Topic angel.

(It's the first attack in the video.)

"This is gunna hurt!" She shouted before he exploded atop of her. The remnants of him rained down around her, as her suit began to burn her flesh, bioflesh, whatever you'd like to call it. She got up and began to strip the armor off of herself, revealing burnt and charred flesh beneath.

It wasn't too long before she had finished getting the armor off of herself, but she had a tank-top on and underwear now, not having been prepared to lose her armor. She picked up an assault rife one of them had, an m4 with a red dot sight. She grabbed a few mags for it and continues along the path Viscus set for her. "Damn, Viscus, i'm going to need constant reports since my suit overheated." She said, thankful for all of those before her and their experience.

Rugal, Slindis

The second he was inside the cockpit, he began to break down in a mess of "THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANK YOU!"'s before the pair of them squished inside the one person cockpit.
"I am NEVER going into space AGAIN. EVER." He said to himself as Slindis brought them away from the battlefield
"Rugal, that was far too close! Now hold on tight: I'm getting you back to the Hagane."
"Agreed, I'm sorry, but I just can't take it out there..." He admitted, actually pointing out his inability to do anything in a FIGHT of all things.
The trip back to the Hagane was a short one as he collected himself after his harrowing ordeal out there.
"I can understand you not wanting to head back out in the fight, but I've still got some people to cover out there. We'll be back soon with a victory in hand." Slindis said before dropping him off back in the Hanger, a medical crew standing by.

Once she was gone, he took off his helmet and punched a wall in anger, "Nearly 30 straight years of training and THIS is where is gets me!? Sitting out one the biggest battle of them all?!" He shouted, using his Anger to drown out his Fear.
Jenny was part of that medical team as Rugal sat down, defeated.
"Rugal, are you hurt anywhere? Where there any leaks in your suit?" she asked as Rugal stared off into the distance.
At the Blue Mech.
"....Yeah, I'm fine...and suddenly a lot less worried about Tomoya...." He said as he approached it, strangely the only question in his mind wasn't whether or not to get in, but rather:
"....Does that one come in Red?..."


"Affirmative. Update Code: 00001: That Nemesis T Type still isn't dead." Viscus snidely answered as Dani felt a huge hand grab her ankle.
Looking down, it was the decapitated arm of Nemesis, least everything below his elbow.
"Update Code: 00002: The Subject seems to have retained sentience despite being decapitated and having it's extremities disconnected from his cerebral cortex." He added before Dani noticed some of the Nemesis's larger chunks were still moving slightly.
And to top it off? A Undead like groan filled the air as Nemesis's head expressed his displeasure of being blown up.

Dani kicked the hand off of her ankle and moved forwards, making sure to avoid nemesis chunks. "I can't kill something that regenerates everything i hit it." She said then followed her previous trains of thought. "We need to get the power back up. Following your route now." She said, advancing at a steady pace, checking corners and making sure she was clear before advancing.


"Update Code: 00003: There are still 23911 BOWs in the complex. Update Code: 00004: There is a 95.2342% Chance of a fatal encounter occurring." Viscus buzzed in, clearly Trolling at this point.
The air inside the lab was humid from the amount of organic matter that formed over the years, coating the once completely sterile lab and turning it into something from a nightmare.
With the power gone the area was pitch black, while this wasn't a problem to her, it didn't help the situation in the slightest.
"Update Code: 00005: Warning "Duvalia" and ProtoTyrant inbound." Viscus warned, causing her to turn and see the pair of BOWs nearing her.

Meanwhile, Nemesis's arm crawled over to his head and began to take directions on piecing him back together.
He lamented the low intelligence of his limb and watched as it tried to re-attach his spine to his knee.
He was going to kill that woman for this...

"Don't have time for this... Viscus, how far until the power room?" She asked, aiming and taking shots at their knee's, hopefully slowing them down. She then backed up and turned down another path, hoping to rout herself around them.


"Update Code: 00006: You are currently 243.21 meters away from the Reactor." Viscus answered as he brought up the access route he picked out, noting possible hazards, namely large collections of BOWs.
"Update Code: 00007: The stairs will allow for faster access. Update Code: 00008: The Stairs host a pack of 6 "Hunters"." He stated as The Proto Tyrant shambled after her, while it was much weaker then its brothers, Dani fought the last ones in her armor and she only had so many clips...

"Viscus, mark the reactor on my eyes, let me know where it is int terms of vertical-ity. I have an idea." She said turning around and taking a few shots at its head, then focusing on its chest cavity.

Hoping it slowed down, she began to kick the wall, making dents in it before finally kicking the panel out. She let the rifle hand on it's sling as she swung to the outside and stared down at the massive void of open space below her. "Stella, thank you for your memories about this place. I think i'd be dead without you, right now." She said climbing up ontop of the corridor.


"Understood, transmitting waypoint."
Thus, a marker appeared in her FOV, much like the ones used in FPS these days.
The Reactor was several floors above her and see saw the distance meter decease with every inch she climbed.
"Update Code: 00008: "Kipepeo" BOWs inbound." Viscus stated as several flying worm creatures began to attack her as she climbed, one wrapping itself around her neck to choke her.

Holding on with one hand, Dani reached up and grabbed the creature that was wrapped around her throat. With superhuman stregnth, her hand clamped down and began to crush the part wrapped around her neck, eventually completely breaking it and putting it in two. She pulled it off of her and threw it back, quickly targeting it's wings with her rifle and shredding them. She dropped the mag out of it and slapped in a new one.

Then The android targeted the other's and tore their wings apart, watching them fall out of the air like rocks. Then she continued climbing, looking ahead of her for each foot and hand hold, making her climb incredibly quick.


The Cleric paused for a moment, dumbfounded by the fact that her comrade had just died in front of her. But, as with Rugal's 'death' a moment ago, this only bolstered the girl: rage and a want for vengeance filling her heart with the sadness. With a cry of anger, Teri felt a turn attempt burn away as she screamed,

"I'm gonna make all of you fuckers regret doing that!


Drawing a circle around herself, gigantic copies of Garm and Squishy appeared behind the Oto-Hime, and began to unleash hell onto the cluster of soldiers before her. By the time all was said and done, only ice shards remained in her wake; and the Cleric turned her spear to her next victim.

Cutie Bruisers

After Slindis cleared off to aid Rugal, the duo accessed their options... And found an interesting one. Looking to each other, the Cuties roared, pouring their energies into the machine; causing a massive shockwave to overtake a large portion of the army they were entrenched in.



To the King of Fighters' pleasant surprise, it did indeed come in red. As he accessed the controls and began basic startup; he heard some noise over his intercom. Upon tuning in, he found that he had accessed Teri's and Melethia's signals and... Needless to say, what he heard was quite unlike what he was used to from either of them:

"Get back here! I'm not done scouring your bodies with plasma yet, you pathetic sacks of flesh!"

"I'm gonna make all of you fuckers regret doing that!



"....They really care that much?...." Rugal asked himself as he heard the radio feed detailing them going out of their way to "Avenge" him, not to mention Slindis actually saving him despite the high chance of him choosing his Cartel over her.
The Fear of space still lingered, but the ang-....
...Huh, that's new... Rugal thought as his rage was replaced with something else, something he couldn't quite put his finger one...
Either way, it was enough to get him back into the game.
"Attention all, Rugal Bernstein Lives." He said on the open channel as he selected "Free-Form Control" on his control panel.
His Cockpit lowered him into a empty room full of sensors.
He cracked his neck, the mech followed his actions 1:1.
"Right...pretend you...are in the sea..." He said to himself before sprinting out of the hanger and leaping back into the fight.
"All right, who wants to die first?"


The Distance to the reactor was now less then 100 meters and there were signs pointing out what halls Dani should take.
"Update Code: Nth: Large Readings of BOWs in surrounding areas, proceed with caution." Viscus stated, looking forward to what was about to happen.
She entered the old reactor of the Complex, it was offline of course but the second she reactivated it, the entire lab would be up in arms at the noise it would make.

"Update: The controls for the reactor are in the main control room to your left. Keep in mind that I'll have to wait for the weapon systems to reboot before I can purge the lab." He warned, keeping all the data on the effect it would have on the Hoard to himself, Well within the safeguards and rules that Dani had put in place.
After all, she never asked...

All the while, The newly reconstructed Nemesis was just making the climb that Dani just made, chasing after the Woman who tried to kill him.

Dani nodded. "Got it." she said and walked over to the room. Getting inside, she went over to the console and began to look over it."Viscus, as soon as you can, shut the blast doors leading into the room. We need to buy as much time as we can until the weapons can be rebooted." She said to him, pulling the main lever and turning on the reactor.

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