The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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As Kala moved to reinforce their protection, Jenny heard the warning from Melethia.
"...Melethia just put on a Mask?..." She asked herself out loud as she cleared her throat slightly before rubbing her arm.
"...What th-..." she asked as she found it harder and harder to breathe, coughing slightly.

Then it hit her.
"GAS! She's using G-*Cough*" she managed to get out as her skin began to sting, causing her focus to break and her Reflect barriers to fade.
"Get us out of here!" she said as she tried to get them back up before they were hit by something.


Kalastryn's eyes and throat began to burn, spreading to wrenching sting in her lungs as she, unfortunately for Jenny, put flew her back to the vent, throwing her in the side she came from and following in behind her as well, closing off the side they came from with the disks she had made. A lot of coughing ensued one of which almost caused her to throw up... but she cast prestidigitation in an attempt to clean the gas off her skin, to good effect, and did the same for Jenny. Still, it didn't substitute for what she breathed in, and while it was lessened she definitely felt pain... a lot of it. "So... I-*Cough* think we're going to have to find another point of entry... or at least wait until it clears out the other side of the vent." She said, the pain beginning to stop.

Jenny, Kalastryn, and the hunt for Green October (Melethia)

As the cries of the two were heard, Melethia began moving over to them as they were assaulted by more spikes and even a few repurposed pistons as they moved out of the fire Jet area. Although Kalastryn's shields provided protection, they were being sorely tested by the relentless assault.

Also, how had they entered this area in the first place? The room was so complex it was almost mazelike. More importantly, if this kind of gas was in here, why wouldn't it affect other areas of the ship through the ventilation?


Jenny gasped in huge breaths of clean air as they escaped from the gas threatening to eat though their skin and bones.
"*Gasp Gasp* Where did she get that stuff!?" she asked as she thought about their situation.
"Wait...How....The gas. It's only in this room, otherwise it would have gone though the vents and everyone on board would be a risk..." she mused, wondering how the hell she did it.
She also attempted to reach out to the elf, saying "Melethia, please stop this. We only want to talk and you know that I have no intention of hurting you. Hell, I don't even think I could if I tried!"

She then peered back into the room, hoping to find the source of this gas.



Kalastryn also cast the "message" spell and with the revelation that the gas doesn't enter the ventilation shaft, dropped the disks down to form a sort of makeshift elevator should Mele decide to come up. Mouthing the words, which due to the spell were audible to Mele as though Kalastryn was whispering in her ear, she spoke to Mele with.

"Mele... I'm sorry. For what I said and how it made you feel that is. To be honest I don't even understand why I said what I did... I'm not angry, and while I may have been truthful in my seeing it as a tragedy that our world forced you into being so strong... I'm also proud of you that you've mastered the trades you have at such an age. If your still angry with me, I understand. You have every right to be. However your mother is very worried about you since you ran out. Sometimes I feel like I might no miss our home as much as most... but that might be on my long list of opinions due to the fact that you and Slindis, the only precious friends I had, are here with me. So... can you come up and help us get back out of here, and back to your mother?" She apologized. one of the disks facing out into the room making a sort of motion of swinging open a door, to let her in should her words have made enough impact.

Jenny, Kalastryn, and the hunt for Green October (Melethia)

She sounded bit sullen as she responded to the two, not being all that surprised at the mental contact. "Just stay in the vents. The gas won't get at you there, Miss Jenny, but I really don't want to be lectured about how I live. It's the life I've made, and I'm still functioning rather well." Of course, the two that had followed her knew at this point that she wasn't that well off considering the amount of traps she'd put through those areas. She must have learned early on that these kinds of defenses were needed, and what safe home does that?

Melethia made her way over the gas cloud through the higher levels of the room, knowing the vents she'd installed in the floor that she activated would clear out the gas. As she did the last climb into the vents, she hit a few small areas before calling back to the two that had searched for her. "Follow me, don't head anywhere else that I don't give the okay. I don't want you to hit the freezing jets in here." Considering she had set it up on her own, she used the small backdoors she put in to make the way through much safer.

Jenny, Kalastryn, and the hunt for Green October (Melethia)

"Thank you." Jenny sent back as she followed the Elf though the passages she made though the constant barrage of traps.
"I just wanted to make sure you were okay. This ship can be confusing at times and your mother was worried sick about you. I mean, you just took off so suddenly and if you wanted to be alone, that's okay too, but in the lower levels of the ship?" She added as she followed every instruction to the letter, not wanting to be hit by an ice beam.
"Still, that's behind us now. I'm just glad you were okay. Kala here is too, isn't that right?"



"Of course Jenny, why wouldn't I be? Listen Mele, I'm sorry I said what I did..." she said as she followed Mele with exact footsteps through the gauntlet of traps she set up. "I had no right to go off on you like I did. I guess I was a bit troubled on the loss of our world still, and I kinda lashed out. I'm sorry... for the first time in a long time I truly felt like a monster for what I said to you. I also realize now I had no right to lecture or criticize you for anything." She said with a sigh.

Jenny, Kalastryn, and Melethia

Mel finally led them through the vents, having made a very exacting path with little room for error. "I think I know my way around my own traps, Miss Jenny, and I did set this up rather well.It's a good thing ya two got out when ya did, since that mist would have torn your lungs apart if ya'd been in there any longer."

Upon the mention of the homeworld being blown up, Mel laughed. "Hey, it's no problem! Just get a break an' we can put this behind us." However, Jenny could feel the slight twinge of guilt in the girl's voice.

Jenny, Kalastryn, and Melethia

Jenny let out a nervous laugh at the idea of the gas "Tearing her lungs apart" as they managed to hook back up with one of the main hallways.
"Well, it's a good thing we did then!! Hahahah!" She said unconvincingly as she dusted herself off, a thin layer of soot coating parts of her body after bypassing those flamers on her way over.
She then noticed that Melethia looked like she was feeling bad about all this, thus wrapped an arm around her and said "Boy, I could use a Aprijuice right about now. Want one too?"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Standard Noontime


Teri listened to Slindis' story, and got feedback from Dimitri that a large heat signature had been found in some of the interior of the ship.

"I bet Jenny found her...Good...."

After another moment, and more angry message sending, Teri turned to her mother again, "You're only saying she knew older Elvan? But she's scared of Elves... Mum, you're not telling me something in all this. Look, if anything, there's the rings. If you don't want to say it out loud, at least tell me there?"

Devon, Ton-Ton

Ton Ton listened carefully to Devon's words and perked up a little, and approached Devon's arm, giving it a little hug, "Okay. That's all I needed to know."

Curled up in the crook of Devon's arm, the Tonberry continued, "For a moment there, I was worried you were a bad guy pretending to be our friend. I'm glad I was mistaken. Still, even if you can't fix your past mistakes, that doesn't mean you can't keep trying, right? I mean, I kinda understand. I'm no closer to finding the Mistress, but I keep trying..."

Caim | Rugal

Caim let out a gasp as he was struck in the chest by the blow, and thrown backwards a good 30 feet before tumbling on the ground. Looking down he saw a small dent in his armor and grimaced. It took Melethia some time to repair that... no matter, he could fix it up himself later.

Standing up, Caim pointed the staff at Rugal again and began firing off volleys of the runes at the King of Fighters till the staff ran dry and then swapped to Ozymandias's Might, something Rugal thought could be along the lines of an oversized paddle, and charged in....


Both men stared each other down, huffing for breath and covered with cuts, bruises and various other signs of injury. But true to their stubborn nature, neither man backed down. Both had seen the worst that either could unleash, as the blows on Caim's armor and the various scorch marks (and bits of wind torn clothing) on Rugal's body could illustrate to an viewer; and yet still they stood. But both looked ready to instigate another charge; before the door to their room opened, and Angelus wandered in, Cadolbolg on her shoulder.

"Father! Are you okay?"

The dragoness shook her head with an irritated noise in the back of her throat and said, "They're fine, Cadolbolg. Just a pair of fools seeing the extent of their limits. Now, I thought you were sparring, not having some kind of gladiatorial bout? It's been 12 hours! Get to the medbay and check yourselves out with Teri. I'm sure she'd be wanting to know either of your conditions."

Caim looked ready to shoot Angelus a curse regarding his contempt for the Author in question, but held his tongue when he was sharply reminded with a glare by dragonness, "Remember who you speak around. Kindly change that thought before you make your circumstance worse... Like her or not, you know of whom she is connected to now."

With a growl, Caim rolled his eyes, and 'said', "I don't need the Medic's approval to know I'm fine. I can go on for longer if I need to."

After 'saying' this, Caim wobbled slightly, and used his polearm, Windsinger to balance himself again.


12 hours!? That long? Felt more like 5 minutes!
Yep, Still got it"...
Rugal thought, letting out a little grin to himself as he could confirm that he had not gone soft since joining the Rising Dawn.
Least, he thought he was grinning.
"As Could I. But for purpose?..." He said as he eased up, letting his guard down slowly to show that he was finished for the time being.
He then looked up at the damage they had done to the place, Dents in the walls, pieces of torn metal used as blunt objects, a perfect arm sized impression from a missed backhand from himself.
"Besides...We can go on, but this room can't. Another thing that'll need doing..." He sighed as he picked up his jacket, the one thing in the room that wasn't torn to shreds at this point and put it on in a fruitless attempt to clean himself up.
"No one is forcing you to go the Medbay, though we are heavily implying it. Still, it's good to just cut loose and really just tear it up. Good show, very good show." He added before offering his hand to shake in a spot of good sportsmanship.


As Teri and Slindis talked, Jenny and Kalastryn walked in with Melethia in tow.
"It's okay! We found her!" she let out gladly, as if returning from some god awful ordeal.
Her appearance gave away her attempts to downplay this though, her being looking slightly charred from having to crawl though several meters lined with flamethrowers.
"Right! Aprijuice! Go!" she said, short of breath, before letting herself collapse on one of the chairs.

Arc Start: GTAA

After several days of travel, the Rising Dawn reached it's destination, The Santa Maria Beach in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas.

Perfect Summer weather, mostly clean waters and tons of people hoping to get a nice relaxing break from the madness of their lives.
Sounds of music from the nearby Pier Fair and of children playing filled the warm sea air as the Airship docked some distance offshore, well out of range of any one of the ground ("Hey, it's a rough neighbourhood!" Rugal defended his choice of parking).
A minute long boat ride later and the crew was now on the sandy beach of the Santa Maria.


David let out a sigh of relief that their trip went off without a hitch (A hitch being some cosmic BS) as he walked out onto the creamy coloured sand of Los Santos.
"Well...Guess I best be getting a move on. Thanks for the Lift guys! Keep in touch Guys, Later!" He happily said as he grabbed his Duffel Bag full of his belongings.
"Hope you do well in your new job, David!" Jenny said as David waved goodbye before going to get a cab, giving out a metric ton of silent prayers that this wasn't going to end badly like it usually does.


Rugal meanwhile was glancing over the whole beach, unlike nearly everyone else, he knew what this region was really like: A hotbed of crime and corruption where you could get mugged/carjacked/shot/blown up/ran over/kidnapped in a heartbeat.
And that wasn't even the full list!

Once David had gone his way, He said "Alright, we'll be staying here for a while. I having some new equipment brought in for the Rising Dawn, just a few extra precautions for someone waiting to pluck us up and dump us in a another world.
Do whatever until then, but watch out. I've been here before and while it looks alright now, believe me.

This is not a town you want to be caught out after dark in. Understood?"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Santa Maria Beach | Los Santos | San Andreas County | California (?) | USA
Time: Day


The soft wind of the beach blew from the west and gently ruffled his velvet cloak, and the salted air sifted through his airy golden hair. His eyes looked forward into the horizon, into the thing line where the azure of the ocean evaporated into the soft powder blue of the summer sky. The same glittering sunlight reflected off his own sapphire eyes. It was brilliant, had he breath he would have lost it.

Then of course he turned his head and eyed the people on the beach. Women, Children, Men, old, young, fat, fit. There were so many polluting the natural beauty of the world. Lucieon gave a soft sigh and p[laced the Magnus Catalyst in the shifting sands and closed his eyes. He could almost see it, the Jade sea, stretching out before him on his cargo ship, a dozen other vessels flanked him from the left and right, all flying the colors of Merizidan Trading. A seaward fleet headed toward the old world.

Then Rugal's little exposition shook him out of his memories.

"Do you need assistance acquiring our supplies, Captain Rugal?" he was no Captain Bernese, but he supposed that this crazy crimelord was decent enough to follow. At least, it seemed that he respected the Undead Merchant's own ulterior motives, "I suppose that my gold pieces here are not going to buying me anything but robberies, and my frail wispy body seems very targetable. I'd be appreciative if I could follow you around."


"If you wish to follow me, I have no objections." Rugal answered the Undead Merchant as he took in the scenery.
"We are going to be meeting up with one of my old contacts from my "Career" days. Last I heard he was still active in the region. With any luck, I'll be able to pull a favor and get us hooked up. Still, just keep a means of self defence handy." He warned as he got a map of Los Santos up on his PDA.
"Hope you don't mind walking, it's in the Ocean Docks area, beyond the Airport. Still, bit of sun might do you the world of good."

Captcha: Uncharted Island: "Hardly..."

Rising Dawn Training Room

Caim could only give a small smile, and shook hands with Rugal as well; satisfied with being able to find a sparring opponent that would not break easily. Following that, he finally relented, and found himself being almost lead by his pact partner to the Med Bay...

Arc Start: GTAA

Caim | Angelus | Cutie Bruisers

"Caim, the mask, if you would?"

Unlike those who took a boat ride, Caim was content to go to shore on dragon back; a motion Angelus was also pleased with. She had been itching to stretch her wings, so to speak. It was a great feeling to have the sensation of wind on the pair's face, to taste the salt of the sea on the air and be so free. At least, that last one applied to Angelus. Having been confined in human flesh for so long, this was a welcome change she did not intend to reverse for some time. If it meant that she would not be accompanying Caim unless otherwise needed, then so be it. The skies were her domain, and she intended to drink them before some other endeavor took her from them again. Regardless, the flight delivered her mortal counterpart to the shores, and she took wing to fly over this new territory, taking in the sights and sounds as she got a good look over the city scape....

As for the mute, he was left on the beach with the rest of the party, and wondering where to wander off to next. With Rugal mentioning the deals, Caim decided that being backup muscle for something going terribly wrong could be the best course of action. Sheathing his sword, the warrior wandered to the King of Fighters, waited a moment for his 'children' to let go of himself and go elsewhere, Caim gave a nod to Rugal and the PDA rattled out, "No point in being wary of whatever consequences could come our way when I can prevent them, eh?"

Teri | Cutie Bruisers | Garm

Garm, rather than the Cleric, was the one most relieved to get off of the boat, as his scramble to get out of the loud, noisy and shaky craft proved. Were it not for his Pup gently prodding him onto the damn thing, he probably wouldn't have gotten on in the first place. After the girl and her oversized wolf got off of the boat, Teri took note of Rugal's assessment, and saw that Sadei followed suit, shifting back into that pen form she was in during the time in that alternate school. The process took about six seconds, but when she finished, no one would be the wiser. Teri grinned ear to ear, and slipped the pen in a robe pocket, and 'sent' to her staff,

"Nice job there, buddy! Now... If only I could stop looking like a LARPer for about 5 minutes, I might be able to fake being a normal human being. Then again, I guess I stopped being normal the moment I learned I was a Reality Warping Author..."

Taking a look over herself, Teri couldn't help but shake her head with an amused smile, "I'm not ungrateful for having protective equipment, Devon, but we stick out like sore thumbs. What's gonna be your excuse? Comic convention? That's gonna be mine..."

As she laughed at her jest, she and Garm looked around the area with interest, taking in the sights, smells and sounds of the beach. It had been some time since she had gone to one of those in a while....

In the meantime, Cadolbolg saw that his father was busy, and fluttered away to land on Devon's head, a content smile covering his face when he waved a greeting to Devon and Ella, "Hullo, Friends Devon and Ella! Is not the sun quite nice?"

Oh yes, it had to be nice for Cadolbolg. His scales were nice and warm from the sun's UV rays, not even close to being affected when he had a nice layer of armor like plates on his flesh. Which of course translated to the little guy being almost like a piece of asphalt sitting on Devon's head.

Ton Ton, on the other hand, found himself nearby Melethia, and gave a gentle wave of his lantern in greeting. If anything else, he didn't want the girl to think he was still mad at her.

The far side of Santa Maria Beach

As the group disembarked the Rising Dawn, a man was in a private pool on the far side of the beach, finishing a swimming lesson. He emerged from the pool and walked over to the instructor "So how am I doing?" "Well Sir, you should be fine around here anyway, planning on exploring these parts?" The man responded as he put on his shirt, a Hawaiian. "Maybe, I'm thinking on trying different things, fishing, diving, making the most of my time off" He leaned over and picked up his wallet, paying the instructor over ten times the bill. "Here, treat yourself kid, you've earned it." "Wow sir! Thanks!" The instructor sprinted off as the man sat down on a chair, leaning back and relaxing. "Yep, two solid weeks of relaxing. Should be a good change."

Arc Start: GTAA


Devon gave a grin after hearing Teri comment about the look and waggled his finger. "That's what a Glamer's all about, you know. I prefer calling them 'Armor Appearance Kits', though. It'd be a bit harder to work out, but I'd still keep it." He stretched, more than a bit uncomfortable with Cadolbolg's heat on his head but deciding to keep calm for now. After all, he would cool off in a bit.

Meanwhile, Ella responded to Teri. "I thought it'd be time for me and Devon to finally have that dinner we were talking about tonight. Maybe we could do some sushi or something like that? It would be pretty easy to fake an ID, after all."

As he went to an Ice Cream Vendor not too far from there, he pulled out some dollar bills from his wallet and bought ice cream cones for the four of them. "Teri, want to ask Mel if she wants one?"


She nodded at Rugal's response, feeling the underlying tension that those words entailed. "Considering how the past you had these contacts, I had a strong feeling something was up. My outfit can manage well enough here, but if I'm hoping to blend in here, I will need to get some more details. More importantly, we need someone to keep an eye on Melethia. We both know what kind of trouble she can get into normally, after all." After Sending Teri a message advising her to keep her gear on, she mentally told Lupito to head off to the Celestial Plane to help lower her profile.


She looked down at Ton-Ton after finishing the last of the ApriJuice from earlier and grinned, not having heard Rugal's warning. "Oh man, now this is the kinda place I like! All these people here, they don't know what's lying just beneath. I can smell the traces of gunpowder from here, the groupings of people in their clans... Ton-Ton, stick with me. I'll make sure ya don't get shivved for some cash." She walked over to a food stand and pulled out some dollar bills to pay for a hotdog for the both of them, briefly wondering where she got them. After all, she had been reaching for the Platinum, but if the man was willing to take these pieces of paper, she wouldn't complain.

The far side of Santa Maria Beach

The man in the Hawaiian shirt let out a sigh of relaxation and went for a nice snooze in the warm polluted Los Santos sun...
"O.G. 4. LIFE!"

A near bucketful of water landed right on his face as a rather obnoxious member of one of the local gangs cannonballed into his pool.
The Instructor tried to stop him and get him to leave before things got ugly.
"Sir, I'm sorry, but this is a privat-"
"Man, get out of my shit, You punk-ass bitch, punk-ass busta fool! You think you hard!? Bitch, Imma GANGSTA! You got a strap?! Huh Bitch!?" The gang member shouted in a squeaky, scratchy voice at the pool boy, causing the poor kid to back down.

"You a busta fool. Luckily, your not dead 'coz I'm also a pimp! Including you, I'll pimp anything! You hear me playa?" He said to the man in the Hawaiian shirt, expecting him to agree with him.


"Well, This city is home to several street gangs who live only to kill each other what color is on their shirt. The biggest ones are the ones in Green and the ones in Purple. Their names escape me, but needless to say, if you see a man in green near one in purple, you can expect violence to flare up." Rugal explained as he watched Melethia get a hot hot, smiling a bit as she did.
Almost like a normal kid...

"They mostly hold up in the poorer sub-urban areas of the city, though they've been known to contest many places, War for the sake of War. Average member is a African American male in their 20's of varying build and they carry mostly 9mm pistols, though they can seemingly get their hands on most kinds of firearms. A single one isn't a threat, but you cross one, you cross them all." He added as brought up his map again.
"Luckily for us, my contact is nowhere near the main flash zones so we should be alright. Still shouldn't linger here, This city is rotten to the core."

Hot Dog Stand

The vendor seemed rather unnerved by Melethia for some reason, to the point he barely even noticed Ton Ton.
His hands were shaky as he handed her the Hot Dog before giving her nearly twice as much change then she had paid.
Oh god, the Kids a Grove Street Kid! Okay, Act normal, act normal... He thought as he gave a forced smile, though he was sweating buckets and it wasn't from the heat...


All the while, Jenny just sat in the sand, glad to be out in the fresh air again after the last few weeks.
...Blade would have loved this... she thought, starting to miss her other half.

As she lay in the sand, a local police car was watching.
"....Nope, no idea what the hell that thing is supposed to be..." One said to his partner as he pulled out a photo of the Gardevoir out of a pile of Rising Dawn Mugshots.
"Well, Officer Pulaski. Whatever it is, he wanted to be called if we saw it and there it is, clear as fucking day." The officer known as Frank Tenpenny of Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.) said as he picked up his cell phone and began to make a phone call before they cruised along...


As Kala was on the boat she had been doing a little reading. Not really from anything near normal. Her spell-book from being in whatever school they were in earlier was still with her... damn she scribed a lot in her younger days. She decided it best, what with the city being filled with what she assumed would be your run of the mill "normal" people, (not that she had any clue what that word meant anymore with the stuff she goes through) she decided to swap out the spell prying eyes with "seeming," a spell that could provide a disguise to any nearby who needed it. Needless to say she was sensible enough to cast it on herself almost as soon as it was prepared, not that many of the dawn noticed, but instead of having black wings and horns, she now looked like a "normal" person, albeit wearing a robe on a beach, but her profile was considerably lowered to the point where she was happy with that rather than looking like some hybrid of demonic and angelic heritage.

She then said to the rest of the group, softly enough that no one outside of their immediate vicinity could hear. "If you need to look a little "different" to blend in, I can help you with that. She said as she then took a seat on the beach since Rugal basically said they had some downtime... now there's an idea, a single moment where she wasn't included in the perils of another world, wasn't fighting for her life at home, AND was in a world that actually had sunlight all at the same time? This was as close to fun as she'd had in a while.


Caim gave a small nod to the assessment and 'sent' to Angelus, "You hear that? People are killing each other over colors... Pleasant."

He heard a rumbling chuckle in the back of his mind, and the dragon shot back with a laugh, "It's no different than your petty mortal conflicts from our world. Red and blue not mixing was a common factor in our realm..."

Caim's face was set in a heavy grimace at that sobering thought, especially in knowing that the dragon was quite right... What was it with her and the barbs when she was airborne?

After another moment Caim spoke up, just to be certain, "So if I'm getting this all correct, we watch out for punks wearing purple or green that are trying to rip one another into pieces? Sounds easy enough. But what concerns me is where they're getting a hold of their weapon supplies, if they have such easy access to them. It's a little disquieting to know petty gangs could attain military might so easily."


Teri gave a happy sigh at the mere mention of sushi, reminded of the few happy times she got a chance to enjoy the delicacy, and then blinked with surprise at what Ella had said to her,

"Wait a second... Devon never took you out?! And why do you need to fake an ID to get sushi?!"

"What's Sushi? Sounds nummy!"

But before she could wrangle an answer out of either of the two, Devon had already thrust the cone in her hand and sent her along her way to her sister. To Teri's pleasant surprise, it was cookies and cream that she had taken a nibble out of. How in the hell did the bard know?

As Teri and her very shaggy direwolf (Teri swore, that wolf was getting hairier the more she kept him around. Was he getting bigger?) made their way to Melethia's way, Cadolbolg gave Devon a happy and heartwarming, "Thank you, Friend Devon~!" and took a big bite of the mint chocolate chip without realizing he was on his buddy's head.... And spilled some ice cream all over Devon's head. Oh dear, he forgot the rule again didn't he?


Ton Ton took the hotdog with a contented sigh, and gave Melethia a happy little, "Thank you!" before taking a liberal 'bite' (to any looking, it just appeared as if the hotdog went into some black hole to oblivion), a good portion of the treat disappearing in that nom. Thankfully for that hotdog dealer, Teri appeared with the ice cream cone in hand and Garm following after with hopes he could get a snack or lick of some kind. (Teri, having had a dog or two in her lifetime, knew better than this.) With a wave, the Cleric called out, "Hey there, you two! Enjoying the sights and sounds?"

Ton Ton gave a happy little nod, and after finishing his ice cream, noticed that Teri was holding something he remembered his Mistress holding in high esteem... A waffle cone.

"Oh? They have ice cream too?"

Teri gave a nod and looked to Melethia, "Yeah, they do. Devon told me to ask if Mel wanted some. But if you asked real nicely, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you wanted any either.... Oh, that reminds me. You haven't ever had ice cream, have you Mel? Here, one sec, I'll get you a spoon and you can try mine. Just hold the cone for a sec and...."

Handing the treat to Melethia, Teri scribbled a little on her tablet, and a spoon with a tiny dragon's head at the end of the handle appeared in the cone before Melethia's eyes. After finishing with that bit of poofing, Teri gave Melethia a gentle smile and indicated to the cone, "Go on ahead and try it. I promise it's safe. If it wasn't, I'd be dead now."

Avatar Adventure
Location: In Transit | Los Santos | California
Time: Day

Lucieon | Rugal

The Undead Merchant pulled his velvet hood over his head and stuck close to Rugal. Estoc hung lightly to his side as he walked, and secretly Lucioen hoped the sword would not draw attention to him. Despite the fact that he was wearing medieval styled clothing, though not as garish as robes he was wearing when transplanted back into his teenage body, and that he stood next to a seven foot tall bruiser of a man with an eyepatch and a 1942 mustache. It must have been a strange sight, the massive man with his proud straight back and broad shoulders walking abreast with a small unassuming man wreathed in a dark brown cloak.

"The rich here walk alongside the poor, upon the same roads," he spoke softly, "It cannot be so rotten as you say, can it?" He had very little respect toward civil authority, since the King in Candor was about as moral as a black compass, and his lonesome solitude afterwards had instilled a thick sense of individualism within him. In short, he regarded the police as a non-issue. "Do these... gangs... have any sense of honor and brotherhood? Or are they children merely pleasured by the power of a small firearm?"

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Kalastryn, Lucieon

Slindis sighed as she spoke. "As Kalastryn can attest to, there's no real way to fully prevent these weapons once they've had even a small taste, since preventing it only really serves to open up a thriving black market. Depending on how the local law enforcement sees it, they could either be overly zealous in fighting it or take some compensation to ignore it from some sides. No matter what it is, if there's profit to be made in it, you can find someone selling it.

Now I'm not too sure what a African American is, but from how you describe it, you're looking at the disenfranchised taking on this role as a way to survive. We'll need to see this unsavory contact of yours soon, Rugal, and get out of here quickly. Melethia has a knack for finding trouble in this kind of area, again something Kalastryn can attest to."

Ella, Devon, Teri, Cadolbolg

Ella patted Devon on the arm of his green suit, amused at how he stuck out in the formal attire. She'd have to get him to be a bit more casual soon since her sister had stayed at that school with Puce. "It's been the first time, and I am in the mood for something different. Besides, it sounds really fun~! It's too bad that you're single now, but there are other really lonely guys out there in the sea. Maybe you'll catch one of them? By the way, stay away from the other angels. Any of them with power are real assholes. Still, take a bit to relax, see that 'sister' of yours."

He responded to Teri's questions. "The thing is, most of those sushi bars are also bars, you know. I know she's old enough, and I'm certainly old enough, but we don't look it. Hence the need for the faked IDs or maybe some bribery. Nothing too bad, just so we can get in the door without any problems. Besides, cheap sushi is something you pay for later on while you're on the porcelain throne."

He was about to kiss Ella again, but the Ice Cream landing on his nose stopped that. "Cadolbolg, what did I tell you about eating on my head? Just because I can clean it up easily doesn't give you the okay to be so messy..." He Tried to mot sound too mad; after all, he had given him the ice cream in the first place.

Ella took the chance to pick Cadolbolg up off her Bard's head while he casted the cleaning spell and whispered into his ear. "Next time, could you aim for the suit? I want to get him to wear something different, something that's not so loud. I like the color on him, but it's way too stuffy for here."

Hot Dog Stand (Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton)

Melethia handed back the excess change back to the man and smiled. "Come on, mister, ya gotta keep a close eye on your money! How are ya gonna keep this tasty food comin' otherwise?" She waved as her sister approached her in that rather long dresslike robe.

"Okay, although I dunno.... Hmm, this tastes kinda good! But who's that Devon you're talkin' about? Some guy on the ship?" She seemed to enjoy it as she shared the ice cream with her sister, with her eyes slowly being drawn to the commotion farther down.

"Could ya get one for me in a bit? I wanna take a look around, an' ya know how to catch me." With that, Melethia began making her way through the beach and giving anyone looking the beach over quite a few glimpses of something green moving through.

On her way, she passed by the running poolboy and knew this was something she had to be a part of.

The far side of Santa Maria Beach

"You a busta fool. Luckily, your not dead 'coz I'm also a pimp! Including you, I'll pimp anything! You hear me playa?"

Two Weeks off. That's all I wanted. Alright, time to deal with this prick.

The man sighed, stretched, and then stood up, walking over to the gang member. He was still mostly in a good mood and was determined to remain that way, this was time for relaxation after all. "Alright kid, here's the deal, I've been under a lot of stress recently, my counselor says I have anger management issues so she told me to go on vacation. This is the first time I've had time off in a while, so I'd appreciate you not acting like a complete jackass here and ruining my relaxation." He turned to the instructor, "Don't worry, I have this." He then looked back to the gang member, "so, you have two choices, leave now and I'll forget you and your pathetic pry for attention, or you can keep up this crap and you'll see how unpleasant I can get, understand?" He said in the same calm tone, not raising his voice once.

The far side of Santa Maria Beach

The Gang Member gave an offended look to the man before shouting "Bitch, What'd you say?! You dissing OG Loc?! YOU DISSING OG LOC!".
He then climbed back out of the pool he just cannonballed into before reaching behind his back and pulling out a handgun and pointing it to the Man's face.
"I'VE BEEN GANGBANGING SINCE I WAS 3! YOU THINK YOUR OLD WHITE ASS CAN TELL A GANGSTA WHAT TO DO!? HUH FOOL!?" He boasted as he pressed the barrel on the man's head.

Hot Dog Stand

Once Melethia looked away for a second, the Vendor was already halfway down the path sprinting in the opposite direction.
"KEEP THE CHANGE!" He shouted behind him as he jumped a fence and out of their line of sight.


"They attain them by whatever means, Black Market, Robbery, Going into a local gun store of which there are many. And even if they didn't guns, they'd willingly face each other with steel bats and whatever else they could get their hands on. Now, they do band together with others of their clan, but even then, they'd turn on each other in a heartbeat if given the right incentive." Rugal explained to the others as he began making his way off the beach with them in tow.
"Worst thing is, the Police here can be just as bad or worse, seeing how they can get away with it. Worse then that even, the other cities in this region have similar issue's, Asian gangs fighting Biker Gangs in San Fierro. Mafia Wiseguys placing hits on each other in Las Venturas. Whole region is a hotbed of crime. Rest assured though, I don't intend to stay here a second longer then we need to."

He then walked over to Kalastryn and said "We're leaving for my contact now. If you want to stay, be my guest, just make sure that if anything happens, you contact us through the rings. Understood?"
If Rugal of all people was nervous of being here, in one of the safer parts of Los Santos, what did that say for the rest of the rest of this region?

Meanwhile: David

After getting a cab out from the beach to the LSPDHQ, David was glad with how well things were going.
While this city had the highest police officer turnover in the world, He literally fought the whores of hell once, I'll be juuuuuuuuuuuust fine... He thought as he went in for his interview.

2 minutes, 42 seconds later

He was in a room with his new CO who took one look at his CV before hiring him.
He presented David with a Nightstick, stating "This end is for holding, this end is for hitting."
"Cool, so when does my training begin?"
"...It just finished..."
...Welcome to America... David thought as he put into the uniform of the LSPD, stuffed in a car and set loose on the city.
And he had just the Theme to complete the picture as he drove out on patrol.

The far side of Santa Maria Beach


Well, I gave him his chance, didn't I?

Without even moving, a Spaz-12 Shotgun appeared in the man's hand within in instant, no flash, no movement. Nothing in his hand one moment, shotgun in hand the next. He jammed the barrels right into the gang-members throat, forcing him to drop his pistol. "Now kid, allow me to instruct you on the finer points of combat etiquette, respect for your elders, and projectile physics."

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Kalastryn, Lucieon. About half a minute later.....

As the ensemble chatted about the more concerning aspects of the city, the flaming carcass of a low rider landed on the beach, about 30 meters ahead of them.

Back at far side of Santa Maria Beach

The man, now having finished getting changed, decided to go for a walk in the city, to clear his head. "I wish people would just drop this 'gangsta' crap, it wasn't threatening in the 90's, it wasn't threatening in the 00's, and it ain't threatening now."

Ella, Devon, Teri, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg gave a winced "Sorry!" as Devon began to clean himself up and then looked at Ella with confusion, "Why would I do that to Friend Devon? He'd be very upset if I made his clothes messy!"

Teri laughed and gave her friends a happy wave as she departed to speak with Melethia, Ella's words hanging on her mind as she wandered away, "Man, if only she knew.... I don't think dating is a good idea for a little while, right Sadei? I should focus more on my training and keeping up with the party... Hell, this is probably a blessing in disguise! Lord knows, I probably worried more about that dick than he deserved..."

Even if Teri did sound a bit bitter in her mind, Sadei could still tell that Teri did feel a bit down about the whole buisness, especially regarding the methods used to instigate the Cleric's newfound relationship status....

Hot Dog Stand (Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton)

Regardless, the Cleric didn't let herself stay downtrodden for long, especially in light of Melethia's enjoyment of the ice cream. As she asked about Devon, Teri smiled and pointed towards the man in the green suit with Cadolbolg and Ella in tow, Ton Ton speaking up for her "He's the guy in the green suit with the lady and Cadolbolg. He's really nice, you know... Hmn? See something, Ms. Melethia?"

Teri noticed Melethia's eyes hover towards the chaos and the flying destroyed car, "Mel, I don't think going over there is the best idea. Look, just lemme cast Augury and- MEL! Ugh.. Ton Ton, you're coming with me! Hope you like Direwolves!"

"I what-?!"

In a moment's notice, Teri had scooped up the Tonberry and climbed onto Garm's back, spurring the large wolf along to follow after her wayward sister. The wolf proved a great instrument in scaring beachgoers out of the way, especially with Teri giving fair warnings with calls of, "Scuse me, big ass wolf coming through!"

Little did Teri, Melethia or Ton Ton know they were diving into the chaos on the far end of the beach....

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Kalastryn, Lucieon

Caim gave a slow blink towards the car that almost made the lot of them into paste, and looked to Rugal, pointing at the wreckage of the car closeby, "I don't believe in divine intervention, but I'd take that as a decent sign that we need to get a move on. The sooner this deal is done with, the sooner we can leave. After all, if this place is as terrible as you say, Rugal, there's no point to sitting around and talking about oncoming disaster when it's already starting to come to us..."

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Kalastryn, Lucieon

Slindis nodded at the response, looking over the exploded vehicle while she talked. "Good idea. Let's find the crew here and get to a safer haven. Meanwhile, Rugal, find some of your old contacts from here and arrange transportation. There are some people here that are rather large trouble magnets..." Although she didn't exactly say who it was, both Rugal and Kalastryn knew that Slindis was referring to Melethia through experience. Then again, this was punctuated by Teri running across the beach on her Wolf looking for Melethia.

"Teri, we're trying to not be noticed here, for Tira's sake! Honestly, it would be harder to notice you if you were glowing green!" Slindis' call over the ring was more exasperated than angry, but there was a lot of worry in it as well. She did a quick glimpse over the beach for the crewmates and noticed Jenny and Devon were both rather green...

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Ella smiled as Devon continued with the cleaning. "Well, it's make me really happy, and I know just how you like your turkey legs. Maybe I could help you out with one? I'd make sure he'd relax after a night to ourselves, little Cadolbolg, so it's not as bad as it sounds. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, after all."

It was a little bit longer until Devon came back looking a bit distressed. "Is it just me, or are any of you getting funny looks? It felt like plenty of people were really anxious around me, and I don't really know why. Is it a crime to wear a nice suit around these parts?"

Unfortunately for Devon, it was with the color it was. How long would it take until the wrong people noticed the color of the suit?

Hot Dog Stand (Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton)

Sadei responded to Teri as the small trio rode on the wolf after Melethia. Look, just take a bit of time for yourself, okay? I think something's up here with that split, but if you need to talk with someone about it, I'm always here.

As the two kept chasing after Melethia, the Girl made her way closer to the mess when the shots went off.

As Melethia got near, she heard the gunshots go off and grinned. I knew there was something funny about what's goin' on there. Let's see what it is. I'll just need to be prepared, since that sounded like a pretty powerful gun. So, Flashbangs, smoke might not be as good but still there, and stunners. Sounds about right. Teri was nearly on her when she saw some odd person cleaning the scene, ready to toss a stunner if she needed to get out quickly.


Rugal recoiled the most when the car came out of nowhere and exploded on the beach nearby, thinking it was a RPG or something, though when the burnt out shell of a car came into view, he relaxed, only a little though.
"...Agreed. To hell with walking, Let me just make a phone call..." He said as he quickly dialed in a number, clearly feeling rather exposed on the streets of LS.
"...Hello, This is R, I need a ride...
No, I'm not dead...
No, I wasn't arrested by UNIT...
No, I wasn't defeated and shamed and forced into hiding by some new superhero...
...*Sigh* Does it sound like I got a sex change?...Just send someone over to Santa Maria Beach to pick me and a few others up....Mmmmm...Make it...White. Okay, I'll see you then." He said before hanging up, remarking "You disappear for a few weeks and people think the strangest things about you..."

Not long afterwards, a White Stretch Limo drove up nearby, much to his delight.
"Ahhh...somethings in his town really never change. Hop in, don't worry, it's bulletproof. My "Friend" found was cheaper than buying them in bulk." He added as he motioned for the group heading to the meeting to follow him.
On the way out, he said into the ring "Melethia, Teri, we're heading out. For all our sakes, just stay in the beach area, I don't want us getting dragged into the affairs of these murderous scumbags. That goes double for you Melethia!"


Jenny meanwhile too was disturbed by the sudden flaming car crash, plucking her from her trance as she looked and saw Teri and the others nearby.
"Oh! HEY! Wait up!" she shouted after them as she followed pursuit.

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Kalastryn, Lucieon

Caim climbed into limo with little protest, and gave Angelus a 'status' about their current objective. Following that, Caim found himself smirking at Rugal's observation and quipped, "I'll keep that in mind should I ever choose to run a Cartel."

Following that, he also tapped his ring to 'send' to his children and Pupil about the situation, "Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, I'm going with Rugal and a couple of the others to ensure this business deal of his goes without a hitch. If you can, try to stick together, or with another member of the crew. Angelus is airborne, and ready to come in if you've got a problem. I don't mind what you do, so long as you're with someone and you let me or Angelus know if you're leaving the beach.

He paused for a moment as he changed his frequency to Devon alone,

Devon, I know you were already with Cadolbolg, but if you can, please keep an eye on him. Ton Ton can keep himself out of trouble a lot easier than him, so I'm not as worried about his abilities to stay out of trouble. Either way, let Angelus know if you need some help, and I'll trust you to not get in any serious trouble, alright?"

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg listened very carefully to Ella and thought, "If Friend Ella will help Friend Devon relax, then I guess it's not such a bad thing...."

With that in mind, Cadolbolg whispered to Ella, "What should I do then? I'm not very suttle. (subtle)"

It was in that moment Caim's message reached his mind, and Cadolbolg gave a quick 'Okay' back to Caim as he answered Devon, "I haven't seen anything, Friend Devon... I've just been hanging here, eatting this nummy icy stuff and talking to Friend Ella."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Teri winced faintly as both of her parents sent messages to her mind, and shot back via the ring, "Look, Mum, it wasn't like I'm trying to draw attention to myself. Mel got wind of something and shot off like she always does. Garm was the only way I could keep track of her at a reasonable rate... Anyways, I got my eyes on her already, so don't worry. I'll try to keep her out of trouble...

Same to you, Dad. I was careful with my spell choice, and I got Dimtiri, Garm and Ton Ton with me. I'll be alright. You two be careful with your thing too..."

After cutting communications, Teri answered to Sadei, "I don't really want to think about him at the moment. Ella's right. Powerful angels are a bag of dicks... But, gotta worry bout Mel at the moment. Lord knows what's she's gotten into at the moment..."

As Teri, Ton Ton and Garm sped across the beach after Melethia, Ton Ton pointed a little hand and called out, "I see here there! Now can we PLEASE slow this wolf down?! I know I ride around on dragonback, but it's not nearly as bouncy!"

Teri gave a small laugh at the Tonberry's observation, having thought that the first time she rode on Garm's back and Garm did indeed slow himself down after finally catching up to Melethia. Teri gave Garm a happy pat on the side, and looked to her sister, "Mel, what possessed you to run off like that? Trust me, I don't doubt your ability to take care of yourself, but if you just heard Mum and Dad like I did, they really worry when you do things like this."

With an exasperated sigh, she smiled, and finsihed with, "Could you at least wait up for me next time? Strength in numbers, you know?"

In the meantime, Ton Ton gave a happy sigh after Garm slowed down, and 'sent' back to Caim an confirmation that he got the message. After that, he looked at Melethia and asked, "I'm curious too. What's the big hoopla about this side of the beach? I thought we were here to relax?"

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Kalastryn, Lucieon

Slindis got in the car with a decent amount of apprehension and talked to Caim and Rugal. "Now I don't know much, but this doesn't feel like the most subtle form of transportation to me. From how richly decorated it is, we could have problems if ay corrupt law enforcement members see it. They'd expect money, of course, but the bribery would only make us bigger targets. Above all, I think we all know we need to avoid hostilities here, but spread word to those that don't know that." As she waited for the others, she took a look through the windows to see if there was anything off as she checked up on all those there.

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Devon nodded as he responded to the comment through the Ring. I'll keep a low profile and make sure Cadolbolg sticks with me and Ella.

Since he was focusing on Caim's conversation, he didn't hear Ella whispering back to Cadolbolg. "Well, just do something like eat really messy foods, or have a few accidents. Nothing that can hurt him, of course, but maybe he could take a swim in it. Well, after we get off the beach here. There are way too many guys eyeing up me and Devon for my comfort."

After Ella finished whispering, Devon let Cadolbolg back on his shoulder. "Well, all you have to do is be cleaner and I'm fine with it. Anyway, want to look for a better place to eat, you two?" Ella nodded and looked around the beach, sadly noting the hot dog stand was closed for the day.

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Slindis responded back to Teri. It's a full-time job, Teri, but just know we're about to head out of here. Keep an eye out for anyone wearing green or purple, since they may be in a gang.

A bit after that, Sadei chimed in with the usual pleasant jingling. Yeah, her room was filled with a lot of trap parts. Oh man, you should have seen her face when I got in there! She seemed to giggle at the thought, letting the childish nature show up a bit as Teri met up with Mel.

Mel's half grin showed Teri that her sister was a bit disappointed. "Well, I heard some stuff goin' on over here, but when I got here, it was all done... I can handle myself really well, but if you insist, I'll see if ya can keep up. Plenty of gangs here, though. I don't know how ya haven't seen them. I know you two have tricks, but I don't know how well they can do against crowds of them all wantin' somethin' ya have. If ya want, I can show the both of ya how I fight when we have the chance... Want to get outta here before somethin' happens?"


Giving a simple instruction to the driver, "Ocean Docks, you know where.", Rugal then addressed his group.
"I can understand your concerns, but my friend who runs the firm that owns this has proven time and time again that this is the safest way to travel here. There are Armoured cars less protected than this limo." He explained before they set off along the coast near the airport.


As Slindis was glancing out the window, she noticed something: A man atop one of the hangers that was passing them by was looking at the limo as it passed by, a red quint on his face making him stand out.
Once he passed from their view, his phone rang.
"Hello Officer Tenpenny...I know, I just saw them. They're heading towards the storage, Send a few dozen officers down to Ocean Docks, then meet me in Ganton. We're go for Phase 2." He said before walking off, glad that his plans was going well thus far.

Officer David West

"Attention all units, Suspect heading towards Rodeo wanted in connection with a 187 (Homicide) in Santa Maria beach. Suspect last seen on foot."
"...Wait, That's it? Not even a description?...Okay, that narrows it down to...*sigh* basically everyone on the street. Christ, at least I got the same training as everyone else." David sighed as he went towards the area, flipping on the sirens for the sake of turning them on.
Pretty soon, He was at a red light and awaited for it to turn green as the man with the Hawaiian Shirt crossed the ro-
"...Wait...Isn't that-...!!!!"

Once he realized who he was, he instantly pulled out his loudspeaker and shouted "Attention. You!...Yeah, You! Guy stuck in the 80s! Get down on the ground, hands where I can see them, NOW!"
HOLY SHIT! First day on the job and I meet him of all people! He thought to himself as he pulled his M500 out, ready for anything.

Officer David West

"Attention. You!...Yeah, You! Guy stuck in the 80s! Get down on the ground, hands where I can see them, NOW!"

"80's!? This shirt was 'outdated' by the 80s! What do you expect me to wear!? .....I like this shirt." The man shouted back at David, he then sighed and then turned to face him. "Alright Officer, what seems to be the problem?" Blow up 10 cars in a tank, no one bats an eyelid, act in self defense, and they send Dirty Harry after you. California, Ladies and Gentlemen., he pondered as he walked in the direction of David, not raising his hands up, but walking over in a non-aggressive fashion. "As the guys running that pool will tell you, I was acting in self-defense. Guy came over, pulled a gun on me, go over there and you'll see the evidence." He said in a relaxed tone. Guy's just doing his job, nothing to get angry over, keep calm.

Officer David West

"Right, and the all the other murders? Self Defence too? You think that after all the shit you pulled in Vice City that you can just waltz around like nothing can touch you? Huh!?" David jabbed as he took aim at the man.
"Tommy Vercetti, You are under arrest for Murder, Racketeering, Drug Trafficking and Grand Theft Auto. Dead or Alive, you are coming with me." He stated as he cocked back the hammer on his M500.
After beating the Hordes of Hell, countless Angels and a whole lot of other shit, one guy in his 60s with a few guns couldn't be that bad...

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