The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal, Slin, Caim, Kalastryn, Lucieon

Caim said nothing regarding the armor protectiveness of the limo, but the expression on his face was enough to show that he was having a hard time believing that. In his experience, metal things twisted very easily under the influence of dragon fire. This vehicle was probably the same...

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg gave a wide grin and said, "Food sounds good to me, regardless of where it came from! Hmn... But I'm a little confused. Ms. Ella, why would people give us weird looks? Does anyone know? Maybe I burped to loudly..."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Teri rolled her eyes at Melethia's assessment, and said, "Speaking of said gangs... Mum just told me two big street colors round here are green and purple. Lemme poof you a hat... Don't want people firing shots at you for all the wrong reasons..."

After taking a look around to see no one was watching, Teri scribbled onto her tablet and a light grey baseball cap appeared on Melethia's head, perfectly sized.

With a smile she said, "There we go... You could probably enchant that later. Devon covers the magic stuff. But hey, it keeps the sun out of your eyes!"

After that, Teri answered Sadei, "You broke into her room? How'd you pull that off? I know Mel is one for traps..."

In the meantime, Ton Ton hopped off of Garm and wandered a little of the ways ahead to check on the area, especially after hearing some shouting in the distance. As he wandered, he saw David in a standoff with a man in a bright blue shirt... And that's when the gun fired. With a suppressed gasp of surprise, Ton Ton tapped his ring and contacted the girls, "Guys, I'd hate to be the bringer of bad news, but it looks like trouble came looking for us! Not to mention that said trouble involves Mr. West being IN it!"

Back with Teri and Mel, when the gun went off and Ton Ton's message coming in, Teri pulled Sadei and a bit of parchment out of her pocket and began chanting a spell, tapping Mel's shoulder when the incantation was complete,

Teri casts Shield of Faith on Melethia! This gives Melethia a +3 deflection bonus to her AC, making things bounce off of her and thus, harder to hit! 18 seconds till the next level 1 Spell!

"So much for staying out of trouble..."

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Kalastryn, Lucieon

As they traveled, she addressed the slender merchant traveling with them. "I know I've not addressed you much, but I'd like to thank you for ensuring we've been supplied. It has been a great help so far, and I only see it getting better as you establish contacts here."

Still, even though Rugal said it should be safe at this contact point, she collected herself and meditated to get her focus up. If this was anything like Stormreach or even that incident in Chicago, it would be better to be prepared. Part of these preparations was ensuring the wraps were firmly strapped on.

"This is one last notification for those wearing purple or green: you may be caught up in some gang violence. It's advised to get different clothing if possible. Those that can't change, conceal it." She ensured that everyone having the rings got the message, hoping to see that the others don't get attacked.

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Devon noted the warning from Slin as he looked at the others. "Well, let's check the boardwalk and see if they've got anything good. Maybe I could get a different suit, although the chain shirt should be a decent enough protection from any people trying to attack me." He led the way as Ella saw more than a few people's eyes follow the man and chatted to Cadolbolg as they began getting into the city.

"It could be, but then again they might be wondering how you got so cute, Cadolbolg. You're still a really good fighter, but I know more than a few little girls would like to cuddle with you."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Sadei seemed nostalgic as she responded, if one could even be nostalgic as a sentient pen/weapon. I think it was because I was so short. I mean, I wasn't even 2 years old then, so I think I got a weak point? Anyway, I still got some stuff to work with there, so I really liked it.

Melgave a nod of thanks as she drew her small throwing dagger and concealed it as she got closer. "What's the problem, guys? The guy with the weird shirt seems like he just didn't want anyone steppin' on his area, especially with that gun he had. Unless he was supposed to let the greenhorn take his stuff. Sides, don'tcha gotta get him within a certain amount of time?" To no real surprise of Teri, Mel seemed to be right in her element here even with the drawn weapons.

Officer David West

"Tommy Vercetti, You are under arrest for Murder, Racketeering, Drug Trafficking and Grand Theft Auto. Dead or Alive, you are coming with me."

Great, I'm being arrested by Peter Weller.....

Tommy rolled his eyes at this, he gets a gun held to his head, and HE's the one being arrested? "I'm guessing it's your first day on the force, right? Can I ask if you have a warrant for my arrest? Or any evidence for those accusations? You know I was proven innocent for all those charges right? Or do you think that blatant compensation of a gun lets you pick and choose which parts of the law to enforce?"

Withing a blink of David's eyes, two M4s appeared in Tommy's hands. "Listen son, I've been having to deal with crap like this for far longer than you. If you drop this Clint Eastwood crap and do your actual job, that'll be the end of it. Or, I'll show you what happens to people who watch too many bad buddy cop movies and try to uphold the peace." Tommy had one rifle pointed right between David's eyes, and the other pointed at his right hand.

Officer David West

David's eyes widened as Tommy managed to get 2 M4's out and pointing at him within the place of a single second.
"What?! How-!?" He was only able to say as he was showed up yet again by someone who didn't even have super powers!
How the hell did he do that!? Why is he so damn fast?!
"....Grrrrrr-GAH!" He shouted before he threw his gun on the ground in frustration.
"Every stinking time! I getting sick of it at this point!" He cursed as Melethia and Teri came into view, adding to his embarresment.
"Oh Perfect...Just perfect, just in time.... The SECOND you step out of line Vercetti, I will find you and I won't throw the book at you, I'LL SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!" He raged before returning to his cruiser, swooping to pick up his gun on the way, before making his way to another dispatch.
Great! The one time I get TOMMY FUCKING VERCETTI and I can't do shit! Great!... He cursed to himself as he tore off, leaving the gang behind him as he did.

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg wondered to himself what would happen if Devon didn't change suits and gave a little gasp, "Friend Devon, if green's a bad color here, then shouldn't we get you different clothes? I don't want you getting in trouble... That'd be bad."

However, Cadolbolg's worry was changed when he heard Ella talk about himself being the point of attention and gasped, "Oh boy! I don't know what'd I do if lots of people swarmed me! Maybe I'd blow fire to make them leave me alone?"

Indeed, Cadolbolg hadn't quite reached that age to where he was completely enamored with the thought of romance....

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

"If things get crazy, turn into a staff immediately Sadei. I don't want to start a fight, but this guy looks like he's got some serious stuff hidden away..."

Teri kept the Sadei-pen at ease in one of her hands, the other being left free in case a Reppuken might have been required (which Teri was very much hoping was NOT the case), and called out to the gangster packing heat, "Like my sister here asked, is there a reason you and that cop were fighting? We're not here to cause trouble, just a little inquisitive about what's going on. I mean, when a flaming car lands in the middle of a beach, kinda sparks some curiosity, you know?"

After asking the question, she used the ring to communicate to Melethia, "How did you know that, Mel? Had to deal with unreasonable lawmakers in your world... Kinda wondering what David was doing here too.... With wanting to leave the Dawn, you'd think he'd get away as much as possible..."

When Tommy got a good look at the speaker in question, he saw that it was a young woman who was... Dressed in robes? In this heat? (Close approximation of said clothing. Doesn't show the rest of Teri's gear)

In fact, both of the girls talking to Tommy looked like they walked straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie; but there were a few anachronisms here and there, such the Tablet strapped to the older speaker's side or the baseball cap on the younger girl's head.

Regardless, even with the giant dog(?) that followed in after them, the girls looked civil enough. Or, at least as civil as Lord of the Rings character look alikes could.

Ton Ton, on the other hand, took the moment of distraction to keep to hide under Garm's bulk, pulling up his little hood to hide the green scales that were his flesh. If they were supposed to lay low, a Tonberry was no way to keep any sort of privacy.

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Devon nodded. That's what I was worried about, too. Why do you think I'm looking for a clothing store now? Ella, you can pick it out, but nothing that would work back home, okay? You know what I mean."

Ella looked around and found a store after a bit of looking and pulled out an outfit for him. "Try this one on, okay? I'll see if there's a few others that I like on you. Cadolbolg, you mind looking for one that he might find nice with me?" She lifted the turtle dragon off Devon as he went to the changing room, keeping a hold on the bag while looking around.

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Sadei gave an affirming sound before speaking up again. I'll be ready.

Mel smiled as she responded to Teri. Well, the gun on the dead moron is a smaller gun, probably meaning that was the best he had. He's also really lanky, so he was probably full of bluster. Meanwhile, the shot that was fired was a lot louder than that gun would make, so he misunderestimated Mister Vercetti here.

After taking a moment to eye up the older man that had aged rather well, she nodded. "Sorry to butt in on your break, but does that sound about right? The cop there's probably trying to make a name for himself, and it's not too hard to find out how to work around that type."

Avatar Adventure
Location: In Transit | Los Santos
Time: Day

Lucieon | Rugal | Slin | Caim | Kalastryn

The Undead merchant opened his eyes when addressed. He was silent for the most part, lost in his thoughts and the darkness that lived within his heart, but the voice of the living had disrupted the veil that had covered his eyes. He looked over to Slindis, his eyes a cold sapphire blue and regarded the dark elf with a small nod. "I will not be making contacts in this land as it were," he answered Slindis cooly, "I see no point in consorting with the newly rich and young upstarts, they have fragile pride and even poorer judgement."

He turned his head to stare outside of the limousine, those eyes of his seemed to be made out of glass, or crystal. "Although I do appreciate your sentiment. It is always a good feeling to be needed. To fit in." However, I do not know if it is here that I will truly hold myself forevermore, he added to himself.

Rugal's Group

Another few minutes and the group was at their destination, The large Docklands of Los Santos.
Leaving the safety of his bulletproof haven, Rugal made his way towards one of the more isolated warehouses.
"Alright, just let me do the talking if you don't mind. My Contact is rather jumpy. He's had a few attempts on his life-..." He trailed off as he neared the door finding it unlocked and slightly open.
"....He never leaves this door unlocked...." He realized as he rushed inside, pushing the large sliding doors wide open.

And when he did, he realized that the entire warehouse was empty save for several dead bodies with pinpoint bullet wounds on their skulls.
"...Oh crap..." He stated as he began to look for any sign of who did this.
This is bad, this is bad. Shit, knew I should have just called Omni Consumer Products... He thought as he gravity of the situation set in.


As the gang talking with Tommy Vercetti...Talked with Tommy Vercetti, Jenny then came into view, having jogged after them from the beach.
Once she was reunited with them, she said "*Pant Pant* What part of *Gasp* Wait up didn't you get?", clearly not one for track and field.
Once she had caught her breath, she looked at Tommy and asked "...Who are you?"

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton, Tommy

"Like my sister here asked, is there a reason you and that cop were fighting? We're not here to cause trouble, just a little inquisitive about what's going on. I mean, when a flaming car lands in the middle of a beach, kinda sparks some curiosity, you know?"

The guns in Tommy's hands disappeared as he turned to the two, looking at them for a moment as he came up with a response that could get him away as soon as possible. Christ, LARPers...... He walked over to the two, about to respond to Melethia's question. "Your....." My god, she actually is dressed as an elf! Well, I'll give them credit, their costumes are good, but I have to wonder about their parents. "......sister, has it right, guy thought he could rob me, didn't end well for him. I'll warn you two, its a bad neighborhood around here. " This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder, get jumped by gangbanger with a death wish, then Irish Dirty Harry, now these. Then again, could be worse.

"*Pant Pant* What part of *Gasp* Wait up didn't you get?"...Who are you?"

.....That's it, I'm done. "Well lady, or whatever you're supposed to be, I'm leaving before I lose what remains of my sanity. Have a good one!" He turned and walked off, slightly faster than normal. Why can't I meet someone normal for once!

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

As they entered, Slindis immediately got suspicious and motioned for Caim to cover the entrance while she looked around for the ambushers she felt were still coming. In particular, she checked the dark corners.

"Caim, we're likely going to have some guests soon. If you have any ranged attacks ready, I'd prepare them. Lucieon, get ready to take some cover if you don't think you can fight.

It's about to get real messy in here."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

As Tommy walked away, Mel began to follow him. After all, even if the man was weirded out by her, the fact that he'd lived for so long on these streets meant she could learn something from him. "Ya comin', sis?" She was able to ghost Tommy, although with how long the man in the Hawaiian shirt had lived on the streets, it was fairly likely that he'd be able to pick up on him.

However, to Jenny, all it looked like was Mel running off... again. The girl had energy, if nothing else.

Angelus, In the skies

The mighty dragon took in a deep breath as the air around her seemed to shift away from the salty scent of the ocean, and settled into a more musky, smoky scent. She was now flying over the main city of San Andreas, and as she had noted before when flying over other large human cities, the air was not quite as pure as the area towards the oceans. Perhaps it was the dwellings being here that caused that? Or perhaps it was the larger factory buildings she could see? Regardless, it was something the dragon had noticed was a common denominator as humanity progressed in technologies. Perhaps the same would have happened in her world too? Humans grow larger castles and the ideas of magic and dragons fading with it. Was that to be her fate eventually? She had spent so long in a human's form, it was almost as if she was becoming mortal herself.

"Bah. A foolish thought. I shall not fade as a dragon. I... I am still myself, am I not? Even if- even if I have experienced things as mortals do, so long as my heart remains as a dragon. I am still one. Right?"

Contemplating these things, the dragon continued her flight over the city and observed what she could of the environs below.

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon, Kalastryn

Caim gave a snort at the mention of range, and held up his sword to emphasize the point that he had no such thing as range (aside from his magic). However, that sword quickly changed in his hands into a different weapon, A long and twisted looking Glaive taking place of the familial blade. If there was to be trouble indeed, then Caim was now ready for it...

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton, Jenny

With a sigh Teri looked over to Jenny and said, "I'm gonna go after her. You're welcome to ride on Garm if the heat is too much for your feet. Ton Ton, if you'd like, I'll stick you in the satchel. Or you could ride with Jenny?"

Ton Ton crawled out from under Garm and hopped onto the wolf, pulling up his hood as he did so, "Well, with Ms. Jenny being seen, I suppose I won't be too out of place either. Better hide the green with my hood though. Don't want to get into trouble and all that..."

With a smile, and waiting for a moment or two for Jenny to mount up, Teri and the wolf (with his passengers) ran after the elfin girl, calling after her, "Mel! Wait up! Not all of us run like cheetahs!"

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg tilted his head in confusion, "But you already look pretty, Friend Ella. Friend Devon tells me this many times. However, I can try?"

If anything else, the tiny turtle dragon baby was honest, but he did as he was asked. Fluttering around the store, Cadolbolg wondered what would go well with the red headed lady that accompanied his frequent roosting spot of a friend.... Perhaps this would do? Cadolbolg grabbed something off of a rack and handed it to Ella.

"Does this work?"


As Caim and Slindis scouted for enemies, Rugal managed to find out what was taken: Everything.
"Shit! Whomever this was managed to clear out the whole Cache, Weapons, Activation Codes, Viruses. That asshole is now running around with enough high powered arms and B.O.W.s to wipe out an entire cityA" He shouted in frustration, this was only supposed to be a 3 hour trip, A 3 HOUR TRIP!
"Okay, New plan. Whoever did this can't be far, Blood is still fresh...He was expecting us..." He then recounted as he began to figure out what his next move would be.
"...So what happens now?..."

Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter flying in above them filled the building followed by a loudspeaker that shouted:
Soon the sounds of sirens rushing to meet them began to arrive, They had gotten a tip that a group of international terrorists were robbing a military depot.
And after that one time where a street gang robbed it, they were eager not to let that happen again.

Wanted Level: 4 Star: Helicopters and SWAT Units


"Nah, You go on ahead. I tracked her down last time!" Jenny joked as she watched Teri and Ton Ton race off after the elf, not wanting to get caught up in that nonsense again.

*Shakes Magic 8 Ball of Writers Block*


Meanwhile, back on the ship, Shawn was going about his business after firing off a few hundred rounds on the flight deck, unaware that everyone had dismounted a few hours ago.
As he looked for his crew members, his Pip-Boy managed to pick up a strange Radio frequency labelled "Deadshot FM".
"Hey, You! Yeah! You. Guy with the Radio. I know you can hear me...Okay, That was a lie, I have no idea, This thing is only one way. Just call this number when you get the chance, I wish to talk with you. 555-1099, don't keep me waiting."

Location: Rising Dawn roof.

When the airship ported into the grand city which thefts more then one thing, the air was still crisp when Shawn smelled the unusual scent of sea salt. Getting up from the air walkway after the smelling the fresh surroundings the now officially Lone (Once again) Wanderer checking out his surroundings. They were at a beach ... A BEACH. This man has never been to one in his long career as a destroyer of bad stuff. "This is definitely a beach ... but I don't know where this city is?" He wondered for a while, keeping a lookout for any of the crew he had been spying on.

Until he heard the radio broadcast. "Well this could obviously be a trap for anyone with a radio ... " Sighing he knew what he had to do. "But I can't let anyone be caught up in this." Shawn tensed his hand into a fist. The next thing he did was jump off the Rising Dawn and dive into the sea below him, not bothered to re-equip his Rebreather just yet.

Shortly afterwards the now soaked armored man walked out of the ocean and to the nearest street, which luckily had a payphone. Walking next to it, the survivor pulled out a bottle cap. "Ugh ... how do you work this thing? And does it take caps?" He examined the machine and figured out it took old world money. "Crap" he said inside his full head. Luckily enough, a gang or people wearing mostly purple clothes walked passed him. "Excuse me can you len-" Shawn said but surprisingly everyone was looking at the thing he held in his empty hand.

"Oh Jesus!"
"Fuckin' crazy, take it all!"
"Please don't kill me."
"This is almost worse then that time I saw Boku no Pico!"

Were the words they yelled as they threw coins and notes at Shawn and ran away.
Looking down he could still see his anti-material rifle in his left hand. "Hmm, it seems open weaponry isn't suitable for this ... world." He said to himself as he un-equipped his weapon and inserted all of the coins ,and typed in the number. A threw rings later and someone picked up.

Luckily enough Shawn was smart enough to recognize how the phone worked.
"Hello whoever is on this~" He said in a happy tune.

Location: Los Santos Payphone.

"Holy shit, someone in this city can actually follow basic instructions! That's a finding a Unicorn." The voice snarked as Shawn called him.
"Also, Props for using a payphone in 2013. And here I had all this fancy ass Cellar tracking shit to follow you with, but now I can just go old school. Cheers...Whoever the fuck you are. Tell me, You like killing people?" He then rather bluntly asked as the voice on the other end could be heard typing in something onto a computer.

"So I just transferred some cash to a contact of mine, but see, I'm greedy as fuck so if you could go and whack them and send that money back to me, I'd really like that.
Any Questions or shall I just forward you the details?"

Location: Los Santos Payphone.

After hearing the details of this contract, Shawn didn't like one bit of it. He disliked working for bad people and usually in the end he ended up killing them instead of the actual contract. "Well ... I'm not from here. I just come from a place where most of this technology either doesn't exist or doesn't work." Shawn was adding time to the clock, thinking about what can happen.

"And now for your question. 'Do I like killing people' ... in all honesty, I don't like killing people ..." A break was left for Shawn to say, "But I need to kill certain people and things to make a certain place better for everyone else." Shawn said to the phone in a firm tone. HE had no idea who he was, who he wanted to kill and why did he choose Shawn.

A breath flowed into the transmitter of the phone. "I'll hear what you have to say about 'my reward' and 'who' I have to kill ... but I'll still probably hang up." Shawn said, he could feel the very familiar feeling he had felt much before. It was the feeling of a hunt.

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton, Tommy

Continuing his attempts to clear his head of the insanity he was seeing, Tommy walked over to a cafe, pulling out his phone as he waited to be served. He asked over one of the waiters "Hey pal! Can I get some caffeine around here please?, Pure Black", once again trying to lean back and relax. He looked up from the phone for a second, ...and spotted Melethia watching him from the other side of the street. He didn't give any tells that he saw her, just looked around and back to his phone, looking busy with other things.

Once his drink was delivered to him, he dropped a hundred bill on the table and grabbing the large mug, walked down the street and disappeared round a corner. However as Melethia attempted to follow him and as the others caught up, Tommy appeared behind them, having sprinted around the block. Coffee in one hand, 44. Magnum in the other, he wanted answers. "Alright, lets drop the pretend crap now shall we? Who Sent you? Cipriani? Yakuza? I have all day here."

Location: Los Santos Payphone.

"That's what I'm all about. Making the world a better place! Okay, so I hired some guys to help me move some shit into San Fierro and Las Venturas. The first is in Vinewood, a Drug Dealer by the name of Big Poppa. A High ranking Latino gang member, got so big he was able to buy a mansion off some rapper that hit the bottle too hard. Go in, kill everything that moves. Guy, Kill it, Call Girl, Kill it, Puppy, Kill it. Don't care how you do it, just I want that man and everything next or near to him dead. Once you are done, grab his laptop, get this bank password and send it back to me."

The "Deadshot FM" Signal began to let out a series of beeps from Shawn's Pipboy.
"And that's the tracking Device. Does what it says on the tin. I'm watching you now. Do this for me, I'll call you again. Run along now."
The line went dead as the unknown man hung up.

???: Glen Park

After he hung up on Shawn, he then sighed at his partners as they tried to offload a canister with a Bio-Hazard Symbol on it out of the boot of their police cruiser.
They parked under the bridge in one of the few parks in the city.
"Hey! Watch the Tank, one leak of that and we'll all be dead." He shouted at Pulaski as he nearly let one drop on the ground.
"The hell are these things anyway?" The C.R.A.S.H. Officer asked as the Man set a timer on it.
"Grade A T-Virus. Zombies in a can. Second this bad boy pops, whole Residential District will become a walking graveyard."

Despite what he had first thought, Tenpenny seemed to object to this.
"What!? You going to kill all these people?! Just like that!? Hell no! I might be a lying cheating son of a bitch, but I took an Oath. To SERVE and PROTECT! My Measures might have been extreme, but god damn it they had to be. AND I'M NOT LETTING YOU TURN MY CITY INTO YOUR TWISTED DOOMSDAY FETISH!" The C.R.A.S.H. leader shouted, leaving tension hanging in the air....
"...GOTCHA!" The corrupt officer then joked, causing even their employer to chuckle.
"Fucks sake man, don't do that. I was this close to killing you!" He said, admitting that was pretty funny.
"No, but for real, fuck this city!"
"Yeah, Fuck 'em. Get a few of these in the Ganglands and I'll make it $500'000 a can."
Thus they worked on their virus bomb...

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

Slindis communicated to the others with the rings. "Rugal, find alternate exits now. Caim, if you can become invisible in some way, do so. It would help if you could get Angelus to get some aerial cover from Angelus with some heat. Otherwise, I'm going to see if I can make these foolhardy people give us an escape route."

With that, she used Shadow Fade to become invisible as she snuck out of the building to get a better layout of the people attacking them.

Slindis is invisible for one minute, and thanks to her enhancements, Slindis will naturally gain enough Ki to reuse Shadow Fade when it wears off.

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Ella looked at the outfit and giggled before shaking her head. "It's okay, but it really isn't my taste. It reminds me way too much of home." She hoped that she let her boyfriend's companion? Training partner? Brother? Well whatever it was, she hoped she declined in a way that didn't make him sad.

"Well, are you in the mood for lots of fishes? I think there's a good place not too far from here, although all these people with absolutely perfect smiles is too much like that other home..." For some reason, she was unsettled by all of the hopeful actors and actresses in this part of Los Santos.

As Devon looked around for a second outfit (Having paid for and put on the first one) he noticed Jenny entering the store. "How are you today, Jenny? You look really tired."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Melethia looked Tommy in the eyes with a hardened stare hardly fitting someone her age as she talked in a serious tone. "I sent myself, and I don't give a damn about those other names. After a bit, you know when you see quality. Takes a good bit of instincts to shake me, and you're someone I want to learn from and maybe do a bit of work with.

After all, there's a few places I'm looking to see here from the little map I saw of the area. Areas that will aid us both if I can pull it off. Now, you can pull that trigger, but you'll always have that nagging itch if you just turned around. Do you want to be forgotten in 20 years, or do you want this area to know your name for hundreds of years?"

As she finished her talk, Teri arrived on the scene to hear the end of her sister's talk, and she saw a small mace in her sister's left hand.

Somewhere in Los Santos: Mercy Clarke

A lone bicyclist roamed the streets of Los Santos, checking out her surrounding as she looked at her Data Bracelet for the location of her next delivery and the person she was supposed to deliver to. The recent arrival to the town was happy to spot a McTacoKing on the side of the road, that was until she noticed where she was.

"GREAT! JUST *BOOPING* GREAT! LOS SANTOS?! LOS *BOOPING* SANTOS?!" Mercy Clarke exclaimed and cursed and would have started shaking her fist if it wasn't for the fact that she would've crashed into the side of a randomly placed building. If MidTown was the Heart of the World that Mercy came from, Los Santos would be somewhere around the anus, perhaps the taint.

Bringing her Smart Bike, or Stupid Crappy Piece of Crap Bike as she liked to call it, to a stop, Mercy noticed the fact that people were staring at her and her exclamation to the world, each person giving her an expression of fear like any one of the could be killed or car jacked at any moment, which was why Mercy HATED Los Santos in the first place.

"Alright, whomever this Ton-Ton guy is, I hope whatever whatever I'm delivering to him is worth it." Mercy muttered as she started following the directions that would take her to the dude.

"GOD! SO HUNGRY!!!!" She exclaimed again as she turned the corner.

Location: Los Santos Payphone.

After the phone was hung up, Shawn did the same and looked around.
A sigh came through again.

> 1. [Speech 60] He lied through his teeth, something is up.
2. I should not do this.
3. Pff, fuck this.
4. I wonder if he has caps on him?

Selecting his first option, he knew that something was already up, something bad.
Shawn was glad that he poured most of his experience into his speaking skills, they usually paid out in the end.
Though with this job, since something bad was going to happen he may as play along since he was being tracked. Somehow he will end up where this mastermind is ... and will do something to stop him.

Keeping silent and thinking to himself, he had no idea if someone was hacking his Pip-Boy and was hearing on him.
"Well ... may as do it, I have nothing else to do-"
Shawn said to himself but heard a siren come behind him. "The hell?" as he saw a weird car with wheels and blue/red lights pull up beside him. "PUT YOUR WEAPONS ON THE GROUND AND HANDS UP"

"All of them ... okay, if you say so." Next thing the cops saw was a massive pile of weapons land on the ground in front of them. "Jesus" They said, distracted by not only the numerous regular weapons they saw but especially the weird weapons in the pile. The two cops felt a cold wind on their backs.

> 1. Stay still and you won't loose an arm.
2. How about you put YOUR weapons down?
3. Im'a put a bullet in yo nuts.
4. [Terrifying Presence] I HAVE THE SHINIEST MEAT BICYCLE!

"Stay still and you won't loose an arm." A voice said behind them, obviously the two suddenly looked behind but two blows struck them. Fortunately the two punches to the face they had received did not involve the [BLOODY MESS] perk. "They must have some good luck." Before he picked up his giant pile of weapons and the police cruiser keys. Getting into the driver's seat Shawn looked at the instruments.

"I swear I saw a book on one of these."

> 1. [INTELLIGENCE 8]These must be similar to the old world vehicles, left pedal is brake and the right must be accelerate.
2. I'll take some time to learn.
3. Screw it, pedal to the metal!
4. I'm sure my FACE CAN SOLVE THIS. *Smashes face into wheel*

Shawn had his intelligent thought. "Thank God my Dad was smart." Shawn was reminded of his S.P.E.C.I.A.L score and skill set. The cruiser was already on as Shawn pulled away from the curb in his first car ...

and stolen police outfit.

Luckily enough he left one of the men with his underwear still intact.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

A few minutes of driving later, Shawn managed to find himself outside the Mansion in question.
Right off the bat, it looked better guarded than any old raider camp with several gang members walking in patrols carrying 9mm pistols and in some cases MP5 SMGs along the rooftop and most of the ground entrances.
He could also see a rather beat up looking AC unit feeding cool air into the vents of the mansion on the side in the shade.
With the right know how or enough force (Repair: 75/Melee or Unarmed: 50) He could switch off/break the fan and use it to enter the building that way.

Failing that, He could either sneak in the main door (Sneak: 50) or just go guns blazing and snipe off most of the guards before they could so much as react (Perception: 7), allowing him to avoid raising an alarm.

Finally, he WAS dressed like a cop.
With the right buff (Speech: 80) He could claim to be collecting a bribe or whatever dirty cops did.

Whatever he did, he was told to leave no survivors to link back to his employer so taking a non-violent option might make things harder in the long run...

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

Taking a note out of Slindis' book, the weapon in Caim's hands changed to a strange looking blade that better resembled a comb than something that would kill a man. Following that, he began to look around the room for something to break with that strange combish blade, only a scowl on his face to answer for.

"Damn! If only there was something I could use...."

As he tried to find a way to charge the invisibility magics of the blade, he reached out to Angelus' mind....

Angelus, in the skies

As the dragon was enjoying her flight, she felt the twinge of her partner's mind reaching her's and 'opened' the channel between them, "That didn't take long... What is all this urgency I sense from you? Is something wrong..?"

The closest approximation to a mental eyeroll was 'heard' and Caim answered, "Something happened regarding Rugal's deal. All the appropriate contacts are dead and the place we're holed up in is empty. On top of that, aerial units are upon us. If you showed up, that'd make things a bit easier. If what Bernstein said is true, law enforcement is just as bad as the criminals around here... I think we've been set up for something..."

With a snort, the dragon shook her head and winged over back into the direction of the beach, "Not that we didn't predict this... Very well, I shall be there shortly. You'll know when I've arrived..."

Pumping her wings with as much force as she could manage, the red dragon began her move back towards where Caim's 'signal' lay, the wind singing much harder about her. So much for a peaceful flight...

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Jenny

Cadolbolg gave a happy loop de loop in the air at the mention of fish to eat, good food being high on his list of favorite things (Learning new ways to properly use his breath weapons being next to number one), "Good meat of any kind is always good by me! Now I don't know what you mean by all the smiling people, but Father told me that you needed to watch out for smiling people. They're always hiding something.. I think anyways? I dunno."

Oh Cadolbolg, if only you knew how many people shuddered after you said that. The mouths of babes could speak the harshest truths, even in a place like San Andreas. With a playful little shrug, Cadolbolg took back the outfit and then fluttered, landing on Jenny's slight shoulder with a waving claw, "Hello! Came to find nice outfits too? Friend Ella and Friend Devon are certainly doing that..."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton, Garm, Tommy

Teri's eyes widened when she heard the portion about Melethia trying to work together with the man, the gun wielding angry looking man, that stood before them. With a hurried chanting and cast of Entropic Shield, a shimmering field appeared around her as Teri, Garm and Ton Ton rushed onto the scene,

Teri casts Entropic Shield, which creates a chaotic multicolored field that causes a 20% chance for ranged attacks such as arrows, magical rays and the like to miss! Being as Teri is level 8, this spell lasts for 8 minutes!
30 seconds before another 1st level spell can be used!

As she looked at the standoff, Teri gripped the Sadei-Pen with one hand, sent a request for her to begin growing and began charging a Reppuken in the other as she called out,

"Melethia! What on earth are you proposing to this man? 'Be remembered for 20 or a hundred years'! Do you realize what that sounds like?! Look, talk like that and getting a gun pointed at our heads was the last thing on Mum or Dad's list when it came to visiting this place. We came to relax on the beach, not do god knows what with unknown men who have seemingly endless repositories of weaponry and ammo hidng in their rear ends! Now..."

Turning to the man with the gun, Teri gave a sigh and said, "Now, as for you, Mr Ver-Vur- uh, Tommy. I don't think I can pronounce your family name properly-"

Dimitri chimed in at that moment, answering the query with a pleasant tone (which did not reflect the situaion at ALL), "In the language of Italian, a "c' has a "ch" sound, as Fettucine, Ciucci, and Gnocci's pronunciation can attest to... Hence, I believe it is pronounced as 'Vur-Chett-e'. However, American dialects can have it be pronounced as Ver-Setti as well."

With a small eyeroll, Teri continued, "Thank you, Dimitri. Mr. Vercetti, I don't know what's exactly going on between you and my sister; but if you would be so kind as to put down the gun, perhaps we all can have a civil conversation instead of threatening to kill one another and I can possibly wrangle an explanation as to why my sister thought following you around was a good idea."

Garm would not stand for both of the Pups being threatened by some unknown person, and forced his way past Teri and Melethia, teeth exposed and hackles raised as he waited for any iota of a threatening gesture from the man with the Hawaiian shit.

Ton Ton, on the other hand, while he had his equipment readied on the back of the direwolf, noticed something shining in the distance from behind the man Melethia seemingly took an interest in. Was it a girl on a bike... (Mercy Clarke)? Hey, that girl looked kinda familiar.... Little did the Tonberry know that Ms. Clarke had intended to deliver a gift for him. He had never received mail from anyone before.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Los Santos
Time: Day

Lucieon | Rugal | Slin | Cain

Lucieon stared awkwardly at the flying helicopter and grimaced. Shit was hitting the fan, and the Dark Elf that had been beside him suddenly vanished into invisibility, as their kind was wont to do. He stuck his tongue out, thinking the even rather distasteful, but nonetheless Lucieon raised his Catalyst toward the Police Department.

"Rugal... shall I return these people to the Earth?" Lucieon muttered under his breath. His hand was quivering and the nagging voice in his head told him that he did not have enough spell charges to deal with the oncoming onslaught. It would be prodigal to use his utility sorceries to help them escape... perhaps an illusion spell or a enchantment of invisibility, like the Dark Elf had done. "Or shall we escape under the guise of the Dark?"

Indeed the Dark. He had picked up a scroll detailing it's power. A simple destruction type ability with a large area of effect, it summoned a massive thick sweeping black fog that destroyed the essence of humanity, making it deadly to both living and undead while making it an unobtrusive shield for the true hollowed. He had enough humanity to survive it briefly, and he was sure that Rugal had more than enough. The Dragon Knight would not be affected, for his souls was bound to the flying fire-breathing demon lizard. It would be a powerful weapon for their escape. Ultimately he readied he spell but did not elaborate on it's properties. And so he waited for Rugal's response.


Red Mage | Titania

"...and she was absolutely furious with Black Mage after that. I mean, I've seen women get mad, but for a White Mage to cause that much destruction, unfathomable!" Red Mage laughed as he finished his story. The journey to Moscow had taken them a long time, and the plane flight to Los Santos even longer. Then the two had hiked to the Rising Dawn and bid its presence to pick them up. Titania smiled sweetly and rest her head against his shoulder, her soft small hand smoothing the red satin that made up his shirt.

"It's a good story," she said, half asleep in Red Mage's arms, "You're full of good stories RM." Her long white hair rest on his arms, and her sweet fragrance filled the air around her. They had been quite a sight when they arrived in Samara, the city that Red Mage had destroyed on his path to accumulate the souls needed to transcend space time, two figures in the distant snow, wreathed in tattered red cloaks as if they had just wandered out of some medieval european fantasy. The people had thought him Rasputin come again by the time he reached Moscow. A man who could move in the snow without tiring, who could walk over water and through ice, carrying a strange girl that seemed to look his younger kin. They had started naming Titania of all people the lost Empress Anastacia. It was a funny thought, and it made Red Mage smile as he gazed at her face. Her eyes were half-closed with beautiful green emerald eyes that glittered like the South Pacific Sea, her long black eyelashes and soft neat eyebrows endowed her with a great sense of nobility, and her soft half-smile, perched atop small ruby cupid-bow lips, warmed his heart. A heart, which he thought he did not have. It was understood that he was an illusion, a backup copy of the man who tried to kill God as it were. But at the same time, as the days passed, he seem more and more corporeal.

After the fifth or so encounter with Orthodox priests they were fed up with the interruptions and had changed their clothing. Red Mage retained his signature brilliant crimson clothes, just turned from his travelling cloak and tunic into a light thin satin. He traded his leather leggings for simple pants made of red silk, and he gave up his hat to the winds. Titania had also traded her imitation clothes for a silk knee length skirt of deep blood red and a white blouse, inset with a brilliant ruby gemstone. All the time had given them leave to talk, and talk they did. Titania spoke of the Fae courts and dealing with her husband and the humans. Sometimes she gave little snarks that gave away her quirks as a member of the Faery, a little distaste for salt here, a few gripes about debt and appreciation, and sometimes she even sneered about how frail the humans were. Red Mage mostly entertained her with stories of his former adventures, of fighting Garland as the Warriors of Light and eventually coming to terms with Sarda and destroying the Demon Chaos.

Titanis shifted her weight a little and placed her free hand on Red Mage's heart, "Do you ever miss them? Your friends, I mean."

Red Mage's answer was not immediate, but it also did not seem to pierce his cool demeanor. After a few moments he gave his response casually, "The only man displeased witht he sight of his friends is a man that has none."

Titania gave a small girlish laugh, "Well said child, well said."

When they finally came to his old room, which had recently been the Anti-Mage's room, and before her the room of a very ambitious brown haired girl with a claymore, and before her a young sickly technopath, he opened the sliding door and took a small glance at the burning bonfire before muttering a quick incantation to smother it. Titania rolled in his arms and placed her arms around his neck, smiling. "You know, The Anti-Mage left a lot of her residue in here, if you know what I mean."

Red Mage placed her gently on the bed, which had been left as it were since Kyre had last laid upon it naked, and remade by BlackHarte. Titania twisted her body around to flip herself over, and lay on her stomach, her head resting on a blossom of blankets cradled in her arms. "I will clean this place of residue soon enough." He clapped his hands together. "BlackHarte!"

There was no answer.

He clapped his hands again, "Armageddon!"

Similarly there was no answer. He put a hand on his head and brushed back his long white hair, "They must be held up somewhere in the Sea of Chaos.

"Who cares?" Titania called out from the bed, her voice muffled by the blankets that held her head, "Come, rest with me. Tell me more stories and work my back. I am tired after such a long time travelling."

Red Mage took a few steps backward toward the bed while eyeing the broken terminal in the shower, it's stone of Darkness still torn away from its receptacle.

He tried one last name, clapping his hands together and giving a sharp barking call, "A.I. Vermillion!"

Sea of Chaos
Location: Character Lounge | LoN's Cafe | Subspace
Time: N/A

BlackHarte | Armageddon | Nessaj

BlackHarte sneezed. "What the fuck!?" he grumbled angrily, wiping the hot coffee from his shirt. Armageddon gave a small smirl and popped another sugar cube into his mouth. After all this time, the fiery steed no longer bothered to keep his original form, much preferring to stay in his human body, to the delight of the female members of the cafe's staff. "I didn't even know I could sneeze. No infection or illness, no irritants in my nose. What could have caused it?"

"I suppose someone was just talking about you behind your back," Armageddon joked.

BlackHarte threw a sugar cube at Armageddon's face in response. The Warhorse caught it in his mouth and bit down on it with an audible crunch.


"Disappear into Dark. If we kill these ones, they'll just send even more next time!" Rugal commanded Lucien as he motioned him and Caim into an empty office to the side as the SWAT came in.

"Go! Go! Go!" Shouted a SWAT Unit as they stormed the building, half a dozen of them though both the front and back of the building, the 2 teams meeting in the middle as they swept the area.
The air was tense as no words were spoken as the 2 teams talked in hand signals only, through one man was nice enough to put a quick double tap into one of the already dead bodies.
This resulted in a humorous confrontation between said officer and his squad leader: All in hand signs and body gestures ending with a middle finger and a slap across the head for the underling.

Overhead, the Helicopter was trying to get a fix on the targets when-
"...What. The. FUCK!?" one shouted as Angelus began to race towards them.
The next course of action the pilot took was to throw his bag of "Medical" Weed out the window before rotating his machine to face the incoming beast.
"ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT!" Shouted the gunner as he went to test just how well gunfire from a single M4 fared against dragon flesh.


"Yeah. Just you try keeping up with you guys!" Jenny joked as she finished catching her breath, the heat of the LS sun beating down on her full time.
"That and we've had an exciting few weeks, that's for certain. Still, seems calm enough her-" she added before she was interrupted by a scream nearby before a elderly man wearing nothing but a soaking wet kimono ran out of a bathhouse across the road and right past them, clearly dazed and confused and wondering where the hell he was.
"...Never mind..."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Los Santos
Time: Day

Lucieon | Rugal | Caim

The Undead Merchant slipped into the side office with Rugal and Caim, his left hand reaching into his pocket to find the spell reagent. Soon enough he found it, a small black stone that he had picked up while traipsing around in the abyssal darkness that those people called the Dark.

He signaled Rugal and Caim, On the count of three, get out as fast as you can.




He slammed his Catalyst into the ground, exploding the door in front of them as a black fog came rushing out of his staff. A black consuming miasma, borne to the screams of those who were devoured before, bearing faces of those long dead in the abyssal smoke. It rushed forward and assaulted the Los Santos Police Department, clawed at their souls and wrapped themselves about their consciousness. Life was food, food was to be eaten, and these poor souls were the main course.

Lucieon dashed forward, his brown cloak whipping around him as he ran. The Dark reached into him as well, pulling at his Darksign for the humanity they desired. Give it to us. They whispered. Give us what is rightfully ours. Lucieon swung his staff and beat back some of the more persistent phantoms and broke out of the black fog in a back alley. The Dark was already spreading throughout the building, obscuring vision and thought alike. But it would not spread into the sunlight, for the burning fire burnt those forsaken souls.

The Undead Merchant held his breath and waited for Rugal to come barreling out of the Dark, and for Caim to follow. After all, they had to be strong enough to make it out. Even he did, with what little humanity he did have on him at the moment.

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

She sidestepped the invading SWAT teams and sent the information in to Rugal and Caim. "Two teams of six, pincer attack being used. Disorient them!"

Taking advantage of the disorientation, she moved around to the furthest cop car to give the illusion that they were being attacked from all angles. Silently knocking out the two that were focusing on the spectacle in the sky and placing them back into the cruiser, she was visible for a moment before using Shadow Fade again to pick the next officers.

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Ella nodded as Devon finished purchasing the last odds and ends. "That's all too true, my little dragon. We'll make sure to get an extra-tasty 20 kilo tuna for you, so try to behave yourself until then."

Devon was about to talk more to the three but he was immediately interrupted by the man running past. "Well, does anyone want to check on that? I mean, it's so out there that something's got to be up there, and it looks like the guy's running near a convenience store. I could get you guys some drinks on the way if that would help."

Ella nodded as she looked at a few special outfits that she'd bought as well (With Devon's money, of course) while keeping them secret in the bag. "We've got some time to kill, and the others on that ship seem safe enough. Besides, if they need us, they can always find us. Just remember: We will be heading to dinner tonight."

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Melethia sighed as her sister got all worked up. "Look, you're getting all worked up when I'm just looking to expand my repertoire and his reputation. I'm not looking to steal money from casinos while their defenses are crippled, you know although it does sound fun so just relax. I've been doing this for years: I think I know the basics." Tommy was able to notice the presence that only a few good street rats had when looking at the girl, tendencies which were clearly noticed by her sister.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

Surveying the location, Shawn thought up of multiple ways to enter the compound.
It involved some of his most used skills.
Some of them were ... not his best suit even though they were still high.

1. [SPEECH 80] Going in as a Cop would allow easy access, but might endanger the contract and my chance to kill this asshole.
> 2. [REPAIR 75/UNARMED 50] I could easily remove/break the fan for a way to get inside.
3. [SNEAK 50] I may be able to sneak past them and kill the look outs.
4. I'll just leave.
5. Fuck this.

He wanted to blend in with the contract, and in this world it seemed that gangs were the raiders.
"Time to not feel sorry for these people ... though I'll just kill the bad men and no one else." Shawn said as he placed the only C4 block he had with him under the Police Cruiser car which he parked right outside.

His thoughts called him to detonate it, "I'll do that inside, less guards, these people seems to be dumbasses just like any raider." Shawn said to himself as he used his repair skill to stop and remove the fan to slide into the mansion undetected. Once inside Shawn pulled out the detonator and pulled it and then removed it for his trusty katana.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

The Car exploded, much to the surprise of the the guards outside, Shawn being able to hear the blast echo though the vents as he crawled along.
The vent went into The indoor pool, which was empty at the moment bar a single patrolling guard on his own OR he could keep going an end up in one of the mansions 26 bedrooms, but judging by"Sounds" coming from that direction, he might end up "Interrupting" something.

Whatever he did, his target was in the music room, just getting there is the problem...

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

This mansion was vast and had many things Shawn had not seen before.
It was one of the most 'Pre-war' buildings he had ever seen. Some of the things he looked at did not have any dust, dirt or scratches on them. Judging by the guards he could already tell that the leader of those people is not a kind man. "This was probably acquired by the sacrifice of other's happiness."

Shawn quietly muttered to himself, a smile came to his face. A twisted smile, the same smile that he wore when facing down Caesar in his own tent which was in the Legion Fortress. To Shawn that day was just one marvelous slaughter of slaver scum (And one jackoff Trader). The Blade Shawn wore was called "Soul" and in fact it was a flaming sword he crafted at the beginning of his journey, a 'vampire' clan leader gave him the blueprints after he saved a village and told the clan NOT to drink from humans, but from bloodpacks they would acquire within a deal with the village.

Basically he taught them.
Eating humans and then drinking = Bad.
Drinking Bloodpacks acquired from the humans = good.

That was on of the many quests he had taken part of since he escaped his home of Vault 101.
Now Shawn faces two options.

> 1. I can get information from a guard.
2. I can go where that ... sound is coming from.
3. FUCK IT AGAIN *Bang, bang*

The decision to question the guard was a good choice by Shawn.
He had broken one of the captured Legion's leaders just by talking, getting inside his head was fun by Shawn.
Sneaking up upon the guard, he wrapped his un-ignited sword closely to the guard's neck (5 CMs apart) as he came behind him.

"Move and you become toast."

He said as he clicked a switch on the sword handle and the sword lit up on fire. The guard could feel the heat coming from it, and the worst part was that there was the old splatter of blood on the blade. "Ok boy, tell me where *Ahem* Big Poppa is." He said to the hostage guard, he really hated that fucking name.
"(What a fucking joke of a name)" He thought.
Then he remembered "Papa Khan" leader of the now extinct Great Khans.

He sighed.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

While he had the whole infiltration thing down to a T, there was one factor, one twist, one obstacle that no amount of training in the Wasteland could have prepared him for: Spanish.

"Big Poppa? gringo estúpido. Vargos voy a matar! déjame ir y lucha como un hombre con enormes bolas!"

While he was playing lost in translation with the guard, he racket he was making resulted in one of his friends turning the corner.
"eh, Vincent, qué está pasan-quién demonios es este idiota?!" His friend shouted as he pulled his piece out from his pants and pointed it at the would be hostage taker.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

Unfortunately the survivor did not know an inch of Spanish other then the weird stuff that Raul spouted in New Vegas. A second was needed to think of what to do with the hostage. He had many choices but it only boiled down to three similar options. Tightening his sword, the flame roared as if calling himself to the flesh. Once more, options flashed ...

1. kill

2. KIll

> 3. KILL

The second flew by, and at the end of it the red blood spewed forth from a gushing wound. The neck of the hostage guard was cut right open, some blood flew out, some blood dripped down and some blood was engulfed by the flame. The body was falling down, Shawn decided to throw it in hoping to distract the alive guard for his next action. Quickly looking at his Pip-Boy, a body was highlighted and had 80% hovering over it.

Smiling once again, Shawn initiated his attack once more with his sword. Charging towards the guard with his sword pointed directly at his neck. [BLOODY MESS] and [SLAYER] were the active perks during this kill. Shawn did not want to waste his bullets and also alert the whole mansion, so he took his best bet.
Another roll of the die. After surviving WAY too much he would not let these people be the last of him.

The grinding of Shawn's bones only helped him sprint directly at the surviving guard.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

"...Mierda." the second guard let out before he was cut down to size and then some by Shawn's sword, his quick thinking ensuring that the alarm wasn't raised...Yet.
Looking up from the body of his latest kill, he found a hallway where several of the bedrooms in the mansion where located.
Down that hallway was the lounge with the voices of gang members and unknown langage filling the air.
Coming behind each of the doors, Well, thanks to the "Working girls" of Los Santos, the guards in the bar where lucky to hear themselves think, let alone the double kill Shawn just pulled off.

Then it came into his mind again, his employer wanted them ALL dead, even if they had nothing to do with the mission aside from being there.
Either way, once he was in the bar, he'd have to deal with around half a dozen crack fueled Vargos with handguns and SMGs before he could find Big Poppa.

Location: Big Poppa's Mansion.

A loud flesh like thump was the only noise Shawn could hear as the body fell to the ground, this was after Shawn immediatly pulled the sword from the body as if it was from some twisted version of Excalibur. The blood of both corpses began to flow just like the water from the pool, still and silent ... just like the original cup which held this blood. Switching off the flames on his sword, Shawn could see that some blood managed to get onto his blade though a quick skillful swipe managed to get it off.

Waiting for a few seconds to go by, the greatest habit of a survivor kicked in. The bodies were still warm as Shawn's hands ran through them, finding some ammo for a sub-machine gun and pistol ammo, both which were clearly not for his favorite weapons. "I always wondered why ammunition weights nothing ... and where it goes. Seriously I have over a hundred thousand caps, cars of ammunition and several explosives on me ... where do they go?" he asked himself one of the great mysteries surrounding him which even he didn't know about.

"(He DID say to kill them all ... though I'll probably spare woman and friendly pets.)" He had thought to himself about this blood ridden contract to find the person behind the speaker. Equally both of these sides were bad, so bringing punishment was no problem to this Lone Ranger which carried many names and titles. Equipping his two favorite pistols, Shawn started to sneak to the bar in order to plan his massacre. "I shouldn't feel sorry for this raider like group ... although they do have some style." He whispered to himself.


"A single gunman? HMPH! These humans have never heard of a dragon's strength!"

A mighty roar escaped from Angelus' mouth before fire began to fill her jaws, a hope that the roar would act as a scare tactic to the man with the gun. Sure enough, the gunfire ended, and the dragon only had a few small holes in her flesh as testament to the assault. However, this did not mean that the threat was done. With a deep breath, the dragon blew a ball of fire into the machine, and waited a moment to see how it reacted to the fire...

Rugal, Slin, Caim, Lucieon

Hearing the dragon's roar in the air, Caim smirked and thought, "That-a-girl.." before running after Rugal and Lucien out of the warehouse and into the fray. Swordsmasher still equipped, Caim charged an unsuspecting SWAT member and leapt high into the air, bringing the blade down and causing a sonic blast to explode from the impact.

If there was one thing that had not changed in his stay on the Rising Dawn, it was that battle was Caim's bread and butter; and he would show these gun toting goons how to properly fight, no ranged weaponry necessary. Of course, if Caim was not careful, he would probably end up too wrapped up in the battle instead of escaping....

Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg gave a nod, "Mother, Father and Friend Ton Ton haven't sent anything my way either. We might as well! It could be fun, right, Friend Jenny? That man in the outfit look sooooo silly."

With the little smile he gave, Jenny could see a lot of youthful innocence in the little turtle dragon baby. Was it because he was growing with Caim and Angelus as parents, and thus dismissed most strange things as nothing? Or perhaps he just did not understand the finer things around him? With a creature like Cadolbolg, it was hard to tell. Different facial structure, you know?

Mele, Teri, Ton-Ton

Teri shook her head again at Melethia's words, desperately wishing she could facepalm at the situation (but a charged Reppuken in one hand and a staff in the other kinda renders those sort of things undoable.) "What on earth are you talking about? Repertoire? Reputation? Mel, you don't know a damn thing about this guy aside from the fact that a cop tried to hold him and he's pointing a gun at us. If anything, I think he doesn't want us around and you're going to get yourself into more trouble if we don't leave him alone."


Kicking down the Door of the Fire Exit as "The Dark" consumed the poor SWAT fools, Rugal was clearly in no mood for this crap after what he had hoped to be a peaceful business meeting turned to the worst in the worst fashion possible.
Inside, The SWAT teams were beyond hope, Outside wasn't much better.
Thank god the Police here are morons He thought once he viewed the madness outside.

The Helicopter was quickly downed by Angelus's fire, the Gunner jumping out once he saw it coming, taking his chances with the pavement below, breaking nearly every bone in his body.
The Pilot meanwhile, starting to burn alive, took a wiser(?) move and instead vered his falling flying machine into the the sea, splashing into the Water and saving himself a lifetime of Forth degree burns.

"Well...Could have gone wor-"
"FREEZE!" shouted the one remaining cop as he held his handgun with shaky hands.
Less then a moment later, he was grabbed from behind before his face was driven into the ground thanks to a throw by Slindis, Her Shadow Fade...Fading just in time to show the Drow dusting off her hands as half a dozen of the City's finest laid on the ground groaning in pain behind her.
"Ahhh...You never cease to amaze..." Rugal stated lovingly before he refocused on their current goal, getting the fuck out of here.
"Caim, have Angelus keep going flybys of this area, keep them busy until we can get away. Second it's save, we'll meet up with her again." He ordered as he went into one of the police cars and threw out the officer Slindis had stuffed in the drivers seat.
"Get in. We're getting out of here!"

Crazy Old Guy

The Old Man was letting out cries of disbelief as he looked at this surrounding.
"Los Santos!? How the hell did I end up here!?....Oh Gaia, The Brits!" He shouted as he realized that his friends were else where.
"Ummm...Sir?...Can we help you?..." Jenny asked, the man staring at her as a result.
"...Whoa....I am tripping so hard right now...." He said in a manner that suggested that this wasn't uncommon for him.
"...Is there something wrong?..."
"Oh Everything, green fairy. One minute I'm talking with the Lizard King, the next I wake up in a Japanese Bath House! Oh...Man...They must be out of their domes by now..." The man side before offering a hand to shake.
"Sorry, Herbie mustn't have told me about you. Call me..."The Truth"..."
"...Are you..."High"?..."
"Whoooaaaa...My buzz is questioning my own enhanced reality....trippy...Listen...You gotta help me..."

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