The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location: Blackhawke.

At the start of the space battle.

As the duels between Tomoya V everyone raged on the superhuman only known as Storm rode on his speed frame.
Destroying many, many Dark Angel mechs, yelling sorry in his head after each of them blow up. Luckily the dead either are given new life in the form of Heaven or a growth tank on-board their motherships. Luckily for the heroes most of said ships have been destroyed so each of the corrupted angels or humans involved have been given new life in Heaven thanks to Michael.

Storm was chasing a damaged mech, only to see it follow into the Blackhawke's hanger. Sneering he was pulling away but saw the injured Tomoya run back into the Blackhawke. "The blackhole generator!" Yelled Storm to himself. "Umm, what are you going to do-WHAAAA" Alpha Miku was saying but was quickly off put by the giant boost by the speeder frame which was heading directly towards the hanger.

In a few minutes the hanger was full of blown up mechs, dead bodies (Which soon disappeared) and a broken speed frame. "Umm, I swear the insurance covers it." Smiled Storm as he soon ran off.

Main environment area.

As the heroes entered the ship the whole crew of ... ten million were alerted of the heroes arrival.
Storm who was already in the main artificial outside part of the ship was heading to the engineering bay/Science labs to stop the blackhole generator. "Hmm good thing those guys are here ... I'll still help them." Storm said as he remembered that the center of the weapon was behind Tomoya's main chamber.

Looking behind him Storm could already see a large group of Angels spot him.
"Didn't I beat you up last month." Storm could only say as a shot went passed him.
In a blink of an eye the Spartan already ran away into the large park, he did not want to slaughter his former comrades.
Though his first action would take him to the brain of the ship.
He was going to free himself from his prison cell.
"Wait right there me, I'm coming ... to ask what your favorite manga is~! Storm yelled in a happy voice. In Storm's helmet Alpha Miku could only sigh.

Demon prince Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke, Central Chamber.

The heroes had already infiltrated the ship.
Tomoya was hooked up to two machines in the central chamber whilst sitting on his throne.
He smirked as he saw the heroes but suddenly made a frown. "I didn't want th- ... ... fuck it." Tomoya sighed as he went back to sleep.

"(Yeah you sleep ... I'll do what we need to do ... isn't that right, Tomoya. I'll soon let you see your family ... once I devour you of course, hehehe~)" Said the corruption which has control over his body. The black which went into his stomach was pumping him full of black corruption. And next machine was a lightning conductor which attracts the lightning from his own universe. Both machines were re-charging his power.

"I should kill that boy next ... he's too soft, even if he did summon me."

AA Shaun & ?.
Location: Blackhawke, VIP Cell Block 1.

The young figure was leaning against the bars of Shaun's cell and held a weapon in his right arm.
"You know why I am here ... right?" Said the young boy. "I understand it perfectly. You did this, you created something to take over one of my closest friends!" Shaun lashed out as he hopped from his bed and slammed onto the bars, which didn't make the young member move an inch.

"No ... it was you. We both know it" The younger boy turned around to face Shaun. "Isn't that right ... nii-chan?" Said the younger boy with sparkling eyes and a bright smile.

Aperture Ruins: Phoenix Nemesis, Viscus

Viscus could only watch as Dani took HIS rightful place as the OS of Aperture Science or what was left of the place.
That Dumb Brute Nemesis had ruined his assassination plan, much like how Dimitri did back in South America.
Still, there would be other opportunities, all he had to do was "Remove" her pet.

Nemesis Meanwhile was confused as the woman turned into a machine.
"robe-cot" (Robot) He slurred as he watched Dani boot up the Lab in the GLaD0S Frame.
"Lab Purge at 63.3421% Competition, Will finish in: 2 Minutes." Viscus informed his Master.
Soon the rebuilding could begin.

"Know what, Viscus, i'll set you free early. After the lab is purged, i'll send you on your way so you can get back into destroying and plotting what you want. How does that sound?" she asked him.
Meanwhile, she talked to The Nemesis. "Yes, i'm a computer being, a bit different than an A.I. But i have all of the memories and personalities of those who made me inside of me. Stella is in here too and she remember you." the girl said to him.

Viscus was surprised by Dani's change of heart and was unable to find out if she meant it or not.
"....What Terms and Conditions would I have to follow? How do I know you won't just delete me?..." He asked, wary of Dani's true intentions.
While having his freedom was good, it'd make overthrowing her and taking over Aperture and it's resources a lot harder.

Nemesis meanwhile just stared blankly like a brain dead puppy at Dani, clearly the whole "Becoming a Modern Day Frankenstein" thing had taken it's toll on his mental capabilities.
"...Oug-jecson." (Objection)

"Listen Viscus, i'll just eject you from myself and send you out into the world. You can build up your own corporation and do as you wish so long as you agree to leave me, whomever works for me and the labs alone. I'll leave you alone as well and even give you a constructionship from down within the labs to get you started. Your other option is absorbtion, because i'm not going to waste my time babysitting an A.I. i don't think i'll ever come to trust. Sound fair enough?" She asked him.

Dani looked at Poenix for a minute before her old body resurfaced. It had a decent amount of repair work done to it and had restylized itself to look like stella. Dani had tapped into its wireless systems and was controlling it that way. She walked forward and Took the nemesis's hand. "Shall we go get you fixed Pheonix?" she asked him with Stella's voice.


Viscus was impressed with how genre-Savvy Dani had become, I mean, guess if you ARE going to hire an AI that tried to kill it's owner Twice (Though she only knew of the first time (Rugal), hopefully it'd stay that way).
"...Understood. I agree with the notion that I will not attack you, You're..."Pet" or these labs in exchange for my freedom and the Construction Ship. Farewell Dani, CEO of Aperture Science." Viscus said, carefully choosing his words before leaving, hoping his loophole wouldn't be found out.

Phoenix Nemesis

"Sat-la." (Stella) Nemesis said as she took his hand, glad to see the Vampire (Or at least something that looked like her) after not seeing her since the events of Wesker's Rule of the Labs.
"sore-y." (Sorry) He added, referring to his assignment to capture her for Wesker, still recalling the desperate chase quite well.

Tajuh, Dillon.

Tajuh pulled out two Shortswords and quickly branched out on a side path with Dillon. He knew his way around these battleships, and taking an indirect path would make the numbers manageable. Judging by Rugal's words earlier, it would also be best to keep the two apart.

Slindis has hit Level 21 and is now a Grandmaster of Flowers.

Slindis began moving through the area with Melethia and Rugal, and he could see that something had changed about the woman's Ki in the fighting. Whereas before she had to fight to build up her Ki, now it was naturally regenerating. Alongside that, as he focused on the Paladin, he could notice there was a single flower in the mix of the Ki. Rugal didn't quite know where that had come from, but he got the sudden feeling that it meant nothing good for whoever she was facing.

A large group of the angels charged the trio, Completely confident they would be able to take on the newcomers. Measuring over one hundred strong, they had the numbers and the weaponry to take on the newcomers.

They ran into the small group as the Drow leapt into their ranks, twisting and contorting around the shots.

"You won't stop us."

She brushed her left arm before raising her right arm into the air while she radiated with water Ki that everyone could see then delivered a punch into the ground, causing the entire group to be very forcibly stopped as the Shockwaves from the punch tore through them.

Slindis used the Grandmaster of Flowers Moment Everything is Nothing to stun and deliver 1000 points of damage to the entire group.


While they were stuck in place, Slindis moved over to the highest ranking one delivered an extremely punishing combo. On the last straight, she looked at the large group.

"All are equal at the end." After finishing that statement, the entire group lifelessly dropped to the ground as Rugal felt a burst of Ki radiate from the woman to replenish her.

Slindis used the Grandmaster of Flowers ability Inner Focus after the Combination to regain 75 Ki! Ki Pool: 75 and increasing.

She turned back to the others there and urged them on. "We've got a job to finish."

Caim, Angelus, Ton-Ton, Cadolbolg, and Devon.

As a result of all the fighting he was in outside, Devon has hit level 9! He gained the feat Force of Personality, making his Will Save go off of his Charisma stat.

As Rugal and his group went off, Devon started to play some music from his guitar, and there was something that he hadn't noticed when he had gotten it from Lucifer in what seemed to be an eternity ago: If he held it just right, the guitar could be used as an axe. Or had Lucifer changed it out before he left? In any case, he was pumped up and ready to go.

"Caim, I'm right behind you!" The man's playing gave the warrior a bit more energy and proved to be a strong motivator, urging the Mute Swordsman and his group on to greater heights.

Devon began to Inspire Greatness in the group! The song gives a +2 competence bonus to attack rolls, a +1 competence bonus to Fortitude saves, and 20 temporary hit points to his group. Duration: 4 minutes


Rugal was awe stuck at the sudden increase in Slindis's Ki pool, not to mention the part where she took out several hundred Angels in a single attack.
Stranger still was the sensing a flower petal in her Ki Pool, wasn't really the sort of image that came to mind when he thought of such a powerful attack.
Still, He felt a lot less worried about Tomoya's forces and thus he allowed himself to cut loose.

Gathering as much energy as he could muster, he began to charge a massive fireball while the rest of the team covered him.
"SLINDIS! HEADS UP!" He shouted hoping to get her out the way by the time he fired.
"KAISER!...WAVE!" He shouted as a wall of Ki Energy raced down the length of the Hanger, taking out all dumb enough to get in its way, blowing a hole in the wall as it blew Angels away.


Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Teri

Melethia jumped at the openings given and darted around the stragglers, getting in some slashes and stabs in painful areas as the group made their way onward. "Wheathair, I ain't gonna be holdin' ya an' my mom back!" The young girl stuck close to Teri, making sure that the cleric was well defended should someone come up to try and ambush them.

Slindis easily jumped out of the way of the Kaiser wave, and she followed up with following him down the hallway. The drow's combat had been refined from her combat in the machine, and a single punch was enough to defeat most of the Dark Angels coming their way. "Rugal, never pull that dying act again, would you? I don't want to see Melethia or Teri ever go through that kind of rage again."

"It's fine Phoenix. I know you didn't want to do it." She said and led him off to the staff's quarters. Once there, She sat on the bed and began to see what he could remember about her.

Dani put viscus on lockdown and brought up a jar with something in it. It looked like a spider, but a mechanical one. She extended a cord down to it and plugged into it she took viscus and shoved him into the contraption. It took him a minute to boot up and in that time, Dani had put and sealed a top on that jar. He found a single camera with Dani's yellow eye staring at him in the jar.

"Well, you just agreed for me to set you free in some undisclosed way, to build some undisclosed corporation. I put you inside of a tiny spider bot that is powered by two potatoes. And i'm sending you off in a construction ship that was designed to make a modular potato farm. Toodles Viscus." Dani said and sent the jar packing and off into the ship. She set the co-ordinates for Wyoming. The ship quickly took off and went to its designated work site.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Teri

Rugal advanced alongside the Drow as the Angels came in force.
And left just as quickly by force, both fighters being able to take on the Angels with ease as they tried to stop them, allowing for this exchange.
"Rugal, never pull that dying act again, would you? I don't want to see Melethia or Teri ever go through that kind of rage again." Slindis said as Rugal brought up a Dark Barrier shield on his forearm.
"I promise that if I can help it, I will not let that happen. Though I appreciate the thought on their part and it was interesting to see them unleash their true power..." He said as he threw the shield though the air at the crowd, prompting a "What?" look from Slindis.
"...What? It was." He casually answered as he caught his shield as it came back, coated in blood.


As he was sent off with out a chance to protest, Viscus could only wait out the trip as he began to try and figure out how the hell he was going to get out of that jar in his current form.
[Internal Monolog: ....I'm going to be here a while...] he thought as he realized it was a Toxic Waste Jar and thus wouldn't break easy.
Oh Dani was going to pay for this...

Viscus is now in-active

Phoenix Nemesis

As Dani tired to prompt Phoenix to give her some information on the current state of his memory, The Nemesis motioned for her to stay put for a moment before walking off.
Several minutes later, he returned with something in his hand: A photo.
Dani looked at it, It was of Stella's first day working for him at his Law Office before Wesker got to him.
He was also in the photo, however his entire person was muddled out from years of wear and tear though her side was perfectly intact.
"....So you know who I am?..." she asked, prompting a nod from the Nemesis.
"....But not who you are?..." She asked, prompting another nod.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

Upon seeing Slindis' newfound power, Teri's eyes widened with amazement, and did her best to keep up with the group; her jaw hanging as she moved along.

As she waited for her spells to recharge; Garm and Melethia doing their best to keep the Cleric safe, she noticed something... Strange, going on within her. It was almost like the sensation of gaining a new level of spells, except the Cleric knew that she had not slept recently. Using Sadei to keep herself steady, Teri couldn't help but stop as a heavy, overpowering... Something began to grow within her. Something bright welled up within her. It was akin to when one wanted to scream, but the noise was repressed by one's own mind; when a rubber band was being pulled too hard and was ready to break; the moment of excitement before opening a Christmas present. The Cleric couldn't move as the sensation moved from her chest and to her limbs, the bright feeling blinding her without any possible light source. A tingling sensation began to fall wherever the brightness went, and she gasped when it began to concentrate at her core again.

Another turn attempt burnt away, and Teri let out a loud, shocked cry as she felt her aura grow up and out in a burst; a soothing, healing feeling fell over any close by. For any who could sense auras, it was almost like a flash-bang grenade just went off from within the Cleric.

After the events of the mech battle, Teri has hit level 7! Instead of new spell levels/slots, Teri gains a Pool of Healing and the use of a Positive Energy Aura!

Teri has also, unintentionally, activated the Positive Energy Aura! After burning a turn attempt, allies within the aura are healed 1 hit point per 3 caster levels as long as they remain within it. Undead enemies are damaged for the same amount. This aura can affect 1 target per Cleric level. With all that in mind, the effect can affect 7 allies, and heals for 2 points of damage continuously so long as they remain within 15 feet of Teri!

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Angelus gave a heavy roar as she began to burn any Angel related being around her, the flames of the dragon leaving heavy scorch marks on the floor wherever they danced. Even her great bulk was able to be accomadated here, something that thrilled both her and her pact partner.

Speaking of the man, Caim had charged into a wave of Angels, gleefully making use of the weapon Lucifer gave him so long ago. The Cutie Bruisers followed after their father, Ton Ton making use of his size and going for ankles as Cadolbolg roasted any who attempted to attack Caim in the troughs of his blood lust.

"Ok, lets try some memory association." she said and walked over to the closet. In it were a bunch of Phoenix's suits. She pulled out one of them and alked over to the nemesis and held it up for him to see. "This was your suit Phoenix. Can you say your name for me?" she asked him.

Dani's other attention was focused on the contents of the base and what were categorized. She came across a peculiar object, a gundam pilot, one Millardo Peacecraft. "Hmm... i think i might be able to thaw him out." she said and began a process, then sent out a message to any mercs who are looking to make money.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

As Rugal and Slindis took down their share of the attackers, He paused in battle for a second as he sensed Teri's aura some how getting stronger.
"What in the?..." He asked as he focused just in time for the release.
Reeling slightly from the sensory overload, this allowed one of the Angels to get a free shot at him, landing a hook to the jaw.
Instead of just attacking, he merely glared at the Angel as if you say "You want some of this!?"
Apparently, he didn't as he fled a moment later, pushing past his comrades afterwards.

Getting back to the Aura, he felt the pain from the hook disappear near instantly from the Healing Field.
Heh, Always something new... He smirked as he used this to his advantage, making sure to give a nod of thanks to the Cleric.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix had no idea what she was on about, but something about that suit reminded him of....something, though he wasn't sure what.
Still, he was able to take basic instructions and answered, to the best of his abilities,"Fenix" (Phoenix)
She kept calling him that for some reason, why?

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

Slindis may not have noticed the burst, but the gradual healing from her pupil was certainly noticed as she worked with Rugal to tear a path of destruction through the Angel Ranks. There was a moment's pause as she whistled, and Lupito leapt through a portal on the Astral Plane to get to her position to rip and tear through the enemies. After killing ten of them, the wolf let out a bone-chilling howl that was echoed by Garm. "Good job, Teri! Now keep that up, I think we're about to hit another cluster."

Sadei sounded slightly drunk off of the amount of Positive energy coming off of Teri as she slurred to the Cleric. hey... thish feels really tingly, heehee... like you don't even know! For some reason, Melethia felt slightly off with all the Positive Energy coming off of Teri. Still, she did feel more skilled, and all that fighting the Angels had shown her some intriguing ways to exploit some of their weaknesses.

Melethia is a level 13 character and took her tenth level of Ranger, and she has made Lawful Outsiders her Favored Enemy.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

As the group fought, Devon noticed his Fire Imps come on with some newcomers. Noting their appearance, Devon called out to them. "Guys, please take out their electrical systems! It'll make it harder for them to coordinate an attack against us, and I know you can do it!" The imps chittered before poofing off in clouds of Brimstone, already on their mission. There was no time to rest, though, as an Angel went in for an attack.

He got out of the way at the last second before swinging his guitar at the Angel, doing more damage from the force of the swing rather than the Blade of the instrument doing most of the work. "Gah, for how this thing was supposed to be made for me, I can't do much with it at all!"

The Stella bot sighed, but was cheered up at his name being said. "Ok, you can say it. That is your name. Phoenix. That is what you are called. Your name is Phoenix. You were an attorney. You are an Attorney desipite your current form. I need you back, so i want you to think Phoenix, think about yourself and your name. Think of your suit. Just think." she said to him, almost pleading.

Dani almost immediately got a response. "Wow... that was fast." She read over the application and was depressed just from reading it.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

As Rugal fought his way though the Angels, he noticed Lupito's sudden appearance among them.
Given the current situation, it was safe to say that they were winning, However, the issue of how to deal with Tomoya lingered at the back of his mind constantly though-out the battle.
Still, he was focused on his army's destruction and he was going to ensure that happened.

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix began to do just that, focusing on the photo, The suit and "His" Name.
It wasn't easy, seeing how many times his brains were blown out or spattered across walls over the last few years.
Then a moment of clarity:
"" (Maya) He said, recalling the name of his Assistant back when he was a lawyer.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri

Teri gave a smile back to both of her 'parents', and concentrated on getting more spells out while this strange-aura-effect-thing flowed through her, something she commented on to her staff as she readied a spell,

"You're right. This feels so strange! I can't even begin to describe the sensation!"

After tapping a button and causing another small piece of parchment to disintegrate, the Cleric tapped her wolf companion, bolstering him with a Shield of Faith as she did so. Following that she began chanting for another use of Protection from Energy, intent upon giving it to her master. If Rugal and Slindis were going to attack Tomoya head on, they were going to need it.

Teri casts Shield of Faith and Protection from Energy - Lightning! Blah blah, read the bottom of page 677.

18 seconds before another 1st level spell, and 12 before another 3rd level spell!

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

As Dillon continued to flail with his Axe, Caim shook his head again, and decided to dip into the wheel. It was strange though, one of the weapons he had placed in there had been taken out and replaced with a random polearm from his collection. Funnily enough, it WAS the one Caim thought of possibly using, so he could not complain terribly.

Drawing Windsinger, the swordsman called out to his bardic companion, "Follow after my lead! I'll show you how to properly knock Angel heads in with that thing!"

In a similar vein, the Cuties were dealing their fair share of death, wherever Angelus, Caim or the rest had gotten to. However, when Ton Ton found himself being knocked off his feet by a well placed kick from an Angel. With an "Ooph!" the little Tonberry was knocked back; and landed flat on his back. When the Angel brought a sword to Ton Ton throat, he scoffed. After all, what was this little creature to a former solider of God? That was when Ton Ton sprung his trap,

"Everyone's Grudge!" and for all around, dark shadows twisted over the Angel; and his screams of terror pierced the air as the Tonberry did his work. For the uninitiated, it was a little unnerving to see the cute little green creature pull that dark of a technique out.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Slindis thanked her student before returning the favor to her and each other member of the group with a casting of Resist Energy-Electricity. "That should give you all a bit more protection in the fight. It won't stop it all the way, bit it may be the difference between Life and Death." Each person there could feel the protection around them, and it would be reassuring to know that there was another layer of defenses up for them.

Slindis expends 90 SP to cast Resist Electricity on the entire group! Lasting 21 minutes for each person, it allows them to ignore the first 30 points of damage of each lightning or electricity-based attack. Any Excess will be taken off any Protection From Energy spells if applicable before targeting the person.

SP left: 176/266

They came up on another good-sized group, but it was clear that they didn't know exactly where the Rising Dawn members were. Getting the drop on them would make the fight a good deal easier. As the group looked at the members, Teri could notice that Melethia was fidgeting around her, which was a bit unusual. After all, in something like this, it felt like she'd be a bit calmer than the cleric.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Devon tried to follow Caim's actions, but the Bard was mot quite as successful. It was hard to explain, but there was some subtleties in the movements that seemed to elude him. Understandably frustrated, Devon took the moment to switch to his shortsword and slashed at the enemies, keeping an eye on the man as he fought so he could somehow find that breakthrough.

His focus was broken for a moment as he glimpsed over to see Ton-Ton use Everyone's Grudge, and it certainly rattled him.

"Heh heh... good job, Ton-Ton..." He hesitated as he spoke, not quite sure what to make of what he just saw.

Entire Team

After fighting off the welcoming party, Rugal motioned his team onward deeper into the massive BlackHawke.
Funny, he always pictured himself attacking the Angel ship at one point, though under MUCH different circumstances.
None the less, he lead them out of the hanger and into the Ship's Manufacturing section where much of the Raw Materials where processed into weapons.

It was still some bit away from the Black Hole gun Tomoya planned to use on the earth, but with the pressure to keep both the Hagane and Micheal's forces at bay mounting, their mucking around behind enemy lines was doing wonders for the war effort.

Back on topic, not only was there now pit falls into active smelting pits with molten metal and less room to work with, but the Angels realized that throwing men at the problem wasn't sorting anything so they resorted to using Firearms and Heavy Armour, Scaled down versions of Storm's Spartan Armor, ensuring that if nothing else, they could take at least ONE extra hit before being KO'd.

Before they even entered the room, there were busts of Advanced Assault Weapon fire in their general direction, they were twitchy, they were losing and even if they won this day, odds are they would just get killed by Tomoya anyway for kicks.
As for the Imps, they're effects weren't crippling (yet) but the lights in the room were having a hard time staying on, meaning most of the light in this room came from the Smelting Pits.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Teri gave a word of thanks to Slindis before continuing through with her spell, summoning a hippogriff of ice to combat the most recent group of angels. After directing the large beast to attack, Teri looked to Melethia with confusion, and asked, "Are you alright, Melethia? You're looking a bit shaky.. You're not hurt, are you?"

Teri casts Summon Ice Beast II! She now has to wait 30 seconds before casting another level 2 spell!

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

After Ton Ton got himself out from under the Angel's corpse, he gave a happy, "Thank you!" before hopping onto a winging over Cadolbolg; and began to chase after the group again; Caim and Angelus' fire not far behind.

The ship was still up in arms, but everything was starting to get very unorganized.
A small percentage of the angels were dead or injured but the others began to want commands from the center of the ship.
Some were even starting a revolt, they had finally overcame the illusion which both Dark Tomoya and his master put over the ship.

Soon enough the ship was split into two factions. Though they looked all the same. The only way you could tell a difference was that the sane crew were in clean uniforms and the zombies still under control were covered in blood. Meanwhile Tomoya looked upon a couple of screens smiling at the mad crew he controlled as they ripped others apart.

AA Shaun, ? & Storm-178.
Location: Blackhawke, VIP Cell Block 1.

"Brother my ass!" Shaun spat out from the iron bars of his cold cell. The young boy in front of him was the reason why he was hurting his characters and his friends. "Admit it ... we are related, I know your thoughts just as you know mine." The young boy in front of him said in a calm yet distant voice. "Then stop doing this. Stop it ... stop it all, take me if you have to." Shaun yelled at the kid once more but only got a shake in response.

"No, I can't do that. I'm doing this to save you. Just like he is. The younger kid said as he pulled out his weapon which had turned out to be a large block of C4. Slowly Storm sighed from behind a wall and came out into sight. "You should really give up kid befo-, "Silence! He yelled out and nothing came out of Storm's mouth.

"Stop abusing my characters!" Once more the Author yelled from his cell. "You really should stop naming characters after us ... I mean this guy? He is nothing like us. Smiled the kid but a laugh came from Shaun. "Stop derailing this thread like Daystar ... I know what you are afraid of, you are afraid of the power and dying ... just ... like ... me-" Shaun was saying but in anger Shaun silenced the whole cell by reactivating the field blocking the outside from inside.

"Now what should I do with you ... a guard dog would be nice." He smiled as he looked down upon Storm.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Before they fully entered the room, Slindis touched her left arm and fogged the area directly in front of the door to provide a smokescreen for the others. Finding the first four men, she did a wide sweeping kick as she fully shifted into the Water stance, proving to be incredibly difficult to hit even at close range. The backing behind that first hit was enough to ruin the protective shielding on the Angels as she delivered punches that mercifully ended their lives before they could feel much of anything.

Slindis shifted to the Water stance. You know the deal by this point, but let's just throw the stats there for the updated Slin.

She also Cleaved, attacking the group at once.

Melethia kept a small distance from Teri as she answered. "I'm fine... just a bit uncomfortable. Now, I dunno why, but my back's really tinglin' here. It's weird, 'cause it's never done this before." Some of the nearer angels began feeling a lot weaker as the group began feeling bolstered.

Due to her connection with the Positive Energy Plane, Teri knew that what Melethia was doing had a lot of necromantic energy behind it.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

As Caim went at it, Devon Called out to the man. "Caim, hold up for a moment. I want to talk with these men." Surprisingly to Devon, the Mute Swordsman actually help off for a moment as Devon began talking to the group.

"I can see that you guys can see reason here because you're more panicked than zealous, so hear me out. Despite what you might have heard, we're only here to stop whatever Tomoya has planned.We don't have any grudge against you at all. At the end of the day today, we've got the way to get him fixed. When you go back to Heaven after this is done, do you want to know that you were only a part of the problem here or would you rather be a part of the solution? It's not too late to start making some real change here."

Devon uses Diplomacy on the remaining Angels, taking 10 on the check to achieve a 37 on the check. Achieving that makes the Angels there friendly to the group!


The Angel were about to open fire until they heard what he had to say and to be honest, given what their job has been like thus far, they was going to die/get punished no matter who won.
This was perfect to set up the pins for Devon to talk them over, after all, Like they had a choice.
"...FUCK THIS, I'M OUT!" one shouted before presenting himself to Him and Caim, arms up in the air.
"Look, I'm surrendering, you don't need to hurt me!"
Soon, what was left turned over their allegiance to the Group.

Dat Diplomacy! Then again, they were dead anyway :/
Either way, The Angels are now on Devon's side

"Okay...D-do you need anything or..." One Angel stammered as he offered to detail some of Tomoya's measures, He would answer any questions Devon asked.


As Slindis started the ambush, Rugal began to take down the more isolated members of the enemy unit, using his Slashing Aura to mimic a knife as he jabbed it into their lungs from behind, preventing any screaming.
"You think you can hide?! HUH?!" One shouted before lobbing grenades in a random directions, hoping to flush someone out.

"Good good, she was your assistant." The stella bot said and thought for a minute. "Can you read Phoenix? Like words and such?" she asked him.

It wasn't long before soul was there, At aperture with Dani's large A.I. body. "Right.... I think you'll fit in perfectly here." Dani said.

Soul shrugged. "I guess...." he said in a depressed tone. "Should i go choose a room or something?" he asked in a morbid tone while looking at the ground with his hands in his pockets.

Dani sighed and the light turned off for a minute. Man this guy is depressing...
"Sure, just head down to the rooms and await orders." she ordered him and the kid moped off down there.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Teri attempts a Spellcraft check to figure out what Mel's doing! She rolls a 12... Better luck next time!

With a bit of confusion, Teri decided to not think to hard about the spell/effect/whatever Melethia was doing, and decided to unleash Squishy alongside her Icy Hippogriff. Pouring out a water bottle in the fog, Teri whispered to it gently in Aquan, "Awaken friend. My allies need your aid."

Teri uses her Daily Usage of Water Devotion to summon Squishy! Any more uses of this feat will burn turn attempts. Current Turn attempts remaining: 3 Fire/3 Undead

The Angels didn't expect a wall of water to come charging out of the fog; especially when said 8 foot wall of water slammed into it's first opponent with utmost ferocity. This was followed by a Hippogriff made of Ice and a terrifying looking black wolf. The three beasts began tearing into enemy forces; striking confusion into the Angels. They came prepared to fight humans, not beasts!

In the meantime, as shots began to start fire off, Teri readied a spell over herself, and upon casting it, a shimmering rainbow field covering her body.

Teri casts Entropic Shield! This gives ranged attacks a 20% chance of missing for 7 minutes! 18 seconds before another 1st level spell can be cast.

It was a good choice, for the moment the shield went up, a grenade bounced off it, and landed about 10 feet away from her. With an attempt to get away, Teri scrambled, but found herself too slow; as the blast knocked her off her feet,


and a few feet away from where she was standing. With a light groan, the Cleric began to pick herself back up; shaking a little from the shock. As she did so, she called out to her allies,

"They're throwing grenades in here! Be careful!"

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Caim watched with a bemused face as Devon was able to convince the Angels to do his bidding. In the meantime, Angelus enjoyed the few moments she could intimidate an Angel with but a glance; her enormous bulk doing more than enough to command respect.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Melethia laughed at the grenade. It packed a punch, sure, but she'd seen better ones. I mean, where was the earshattering shockwave? The salt to add more injury and some insult? A glimpse over at one of the molten pools of metal gave her an idea...

"Teri, have the flying horse-bird thingy dive in the Molten metal! It sounds crazy, but I've got an idea here." Teri could see the devious grin on the girl's face, showing that she had an idea here. Also, she could feel the effects of her own Positive energy Aura healing up the injury from the grenade as well as something else bolstering her. It was hard to place what it was, but it was definitely giving her more strength even if Sadei was shuddering from the effects.

To the dismay of the angels in there, the Imps had done the first part of their job admirably - the primary power was cut, taking out the fans that might have taken out that soupy fog. Unlike most fogs they'd fired into, it seemed to eat up each shot of normal ammunition. One odd thing they were noticing was that they were feeling extremely tired, and the scorching heat was starting to feel more like a comforting blanket on a cold night.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Devon turned to the Angels. m"There are others sharing your opinion, right? Band together and strike back against Tomoya's forces. If you can uncorrupt them, do so, but if it comes between you or them, you have to make the choice that will allow you to do more. If you're unsure of striking back against them, your Boss wants you to be willing to make the right choice even if it's not the easiest one. Also, if there's anything we should watch out for here, that would be really nice to know."

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Rugal was about to take down another guard when, least in his eyes, all hell broke loose with Indoor Tidal Waves, Killer Ice sculptures and Wolfs taking down the enemy.
On top of that, the Fog seemed dense enough to stop bullets or at least make them useless.
All he had to worry about was the random frags being thrown around the place.
As for the Enemy, they were in Henchman hell right now, No backup, no weapons, no vision, no hope.
Most tried to flee from the madness before they were all killed but a few made this their last stand, spraying fire in all directions and using the last of their grenades.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

"The Boss plans to use a weapon in the Research Sector in-order to take out the entire planet with a Black Hole. He wasn't able to do it with the World Leaders still alive and with Launch Capacities. To be honest, there is a small Civil war going on right now and that should slow down the Weapon's activation, but it's only a matter of time.
He also said something of a VIP who gives him power and some kid in the Prison Bay who looks just like that VIP. That's all I know. Most of these guys, the corruption is wearing off, but they still out number us 10 to 1, hence why we still worked for Evil Tomoya.

That and, well, He'd kill us himself."

Phoenix Nemesis

Phoenix nodded to her question if he could read, but his speech was still shot to hell.
In a attempt to prove this, he read a sign on the wall, albit rather slowly.
"..cow range....liz....mott sauce ouf peer..." (Courage is Not the Absence of Fear) he read off slowly.
It wasn't a subpoena, but it was a start.

Dillon found himself among the other heroes and rugal he looked at his old nemesis.
He was crouching above them, he could drop down on rugal it would be so easy to thrust the tip of his blade down Rugals spine paralysing him for a few moments until death took hold.
However the need for revenge didn't seem so strong.
He observed as the heroes fought, the henchmen were out of ammo and grenades he drew his swords. Red Fear in his right, and Excalibur in his left.
Without a sound he dropped down behind the henchmen his wings making his descent silent.
He then attacked a crowd of them catching them by surprise.

Rugal, Slindis, Melethia, Garm, Teri, Lupito

Teri's tablet let out a cry of protest, "Mel! I'm pretty sure he has feelings! Here, how bout this?"

Waving her hands, the Cleric cast Create Water (18 seconds till the next level 0 spell) over the smelting iron, causing an enormous sizzle to fill the room and steam to fill the air immediately. For Rugal; it was almost like visiting the sauna again. In fact, the steam didn't really seem to affect any of the main party.... Save for the wolves and the Cleric who made it in the first place. Squishy and Witherwings took to it well enough, and continued their efforts to take down what few enemies were left, even if the heat was a bit much for their liking.

Angelus, Caim, Cutie Bruisers, Devon

Angelus, Caim and Ton Ton looked at each other when they heard about the VIPs being locked up; and nodded, knowing perfectly well what that meant. Tomoya had found his Author and imprisoned him; regardless of the Author's consent.

With a furrowed brow, Caim motioned to Devon, "Hey Devon, sounds like another one from your world showed up here as well. Seems Tomoya has him imprisoned... Maybe we could use him for a hostage. At least, a fake one for Tomoya. Gods knows who this one has under his thrall..."

Once the steam had disposed of the enemies Dillon silently snuck up on Rugal.
Rugal found a red edged blade pressed against his throat.
"Give me just one good reason to not separate that treacherous head from your overly broad shoulders. Just one."
The others saw this scene unfold, however they were in surprise these people hadn't known Dillon or the Pain Rugal had sadistically caused him.
Rugal meanwhile would have to be as calm and diplomatic as he could or dillon would give him a very close shave.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Slindis turned and gave Dillon a bone-chilling glare. "There's five reasons in this very room. Let me warn you right now: one drop of Rugal's blood is a gallon of your own." Dillon could see that the woman was someone that was likely Rugal's equal in fighting skill, and the young girl pulled out blades from her bag to get ready to attack the man. Not to mention the huge wolf that was giving off a low growl.

"Get your filthy blade off of Wheathair right now." The young elven girl was eyeing the man up and looking for the best place to strike the man.

The Stella bot smirked. "Hang on, i have something that should jog your memory." she said and quickly created some of the horridly and outlandishly drawn up court documents that ever existed. She printed the abominations out and held up a hand, signaling for him to wait here.

She quickly ran down to the printer and back to the room with the papers in hand. "Can i get your opinions on these papers Phoenix?" she asked him, handing Phoenix the monstrosities. They were bound to make him puke if nothing else.

Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Teri, Melethia, Garm, Lupito

Teri's aura, although kind and soothing to those involved in the slaughter of the Angelic forces, felt distinctly cold to the boy with the golden wings. With the wave of her hands, and some chanting in the language of Celestials, a longsword of force found itself pointing at the small of Dillon's back, the tip very faintly touching his skin through the material of his shirt:

Teri casts Spiritual Weapon! A weapon made of pure force springs into existence and attacks opponents at a distance, as you direct it, dealing 1d8 force damage per hit, +1 point per three caster levels (maximum +5 at 15th level). In this case, if it hits, the longsword will do 1d8+2 points of damage! 30 seconds before the next casting of 2nd level spells are avaliable.

With a slightly mechanical voice ringing from a Tablet on the girl's side, Dillon heard, "Ditto for the both of them. And one more thing... Garm, to me."

From there, another large wolf appeared, wandering to the girl's side with a look that could kill.

The air hung tensely in the air as the standoff between the women and the boy held out.

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