The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Garm | Rugal | Teri

"....Tell me, I've see your style and fighting, mostly zoning and attacking at range while you tend to the wounded. And I think I have a technique that might aid you in battle...If you are interested in being trained in it's use, that is..."

The Cleric tilted her head in curiosity, and nodded quietly, "Sure. I don't know what you could teach me though. I don't use Ki; nor do I have much physical oomph... But you got me interested, if anything! Now, I just need to do this and.... Done!"

Backing away from her handiwork, the Cleric gave a satisfied smile and took a few moments for cleanup; giving Rugal more than enough time to get himself back on his feet. Garm was already on the case; knowing full well that his Pup held this 'Mr. Bernstein' in high esteem; and was willing to aid in helping Rugal walk around. Whether or not Rugal would accept the help was up in the air.

The Slaughter-Burn Family

As Caim, Angelus and Cadolbolg slumbered in a spare bedroom, a Tonberry stirred, and rose from the tangle of blankets, limbs and snores. Looking to his new-found foster family for a moment, Ton Ton could not help but be reminded of a Mistress he used to guard when she slept. Heaving a heavy sigh, Ton Ton crawled out of the bed, noticing his equipment was missing as he wandered the room.

"This must be the price for the pact", he thought to himself, "Normally, I'd be a stuffed animal now."

Looking to his hands, the Tonberry couldn't help but wonder how The Mistress would react upon seeing his current form, "I wonder if she'd think this was 'cool'... Or would I scare her?"

Either way, his longing for the one who loved his existence unconditionally weighed heavy on the creature's heart. There was no way he'd be able to sleep now. After another moment's thought, Ton Ton exited the room his pact partner's family shared, and began wandering the halls, feeling a bit odd without his lantern and knife in hand. As he wandered, a faint voice entered his mind, almost as Cadolbolg did when they spoke via the pact.

"...lp me!...!..."

The Tonberry froze at the sound of the voice, and waited to hear it again... However, when he did, the message remained the same; as well as a familiar feeling crawling up his spine.


Rushing down the halls, Ton Ton sprinted as fast as his little legs could allow him to the source of the voice and where the Daemon lay.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Jenny rolled over on her back to face the Houndoom as it readied another Will'o Wisp.
It was then her wish came true and she regained a large portion of her strength and just in time to launch a AURA SPHERE! in the face of the Houndoom before it could use it's attack.
It hit and did double damage, quickly putting the beast down and out.

Forcing herself up on her feet, the Burn on her arm still stinging, she shouted DEVON! IT'S NOT STRONGER THEN YOU! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Jenny, Devon: Reality

Jenny let out a sigh of relief that the Houndoom was gone and that Devon acknowledged her plea for help.
That's it...Keep fighting, I'm still here...
As she re-assured him, she also called for help, remembering that strange Tonberry she heard about, hoping he'd be able to help.


Rugal reached around for a Cane or something and instead found Garm's muzzle licking his hand.
Reaching behind his head, he took a grip of his collar and said "There is really nothing to it. I'm certain that even if you don't have any, you can siphon off some of your Spell-casting energy to cover the cost. Follow me, I have a fair idea of where the training room is."
Within a few minutes and some asking for directions, The 3 of them managed to find the Training Room, dents still in the wall from when Kazuya and Slindis went at it.

"Now then: Ki energy is the standard life force of every living thing. Some have more then others, some have less. Ki Techniques can varying sizes and power. Sure, I can throw a Kaiser Wave the size of a Semi-truck, but the high cost of Ki Energy and the charge time needed stops me from doing so. Cost Effectiveness is one of the reasons for the wide array of Techniques in the marital arts.

Now what I am going to teach you in a very cost effective technique that I myself find rather useful: Reppuken: Wind Slice. A wind based ground projectile attack. All you have to do gather your energy in your hand, Imagine you are collecting your spell casting power for a large spell.

Then pretend you are bowling. You heard me, bowling, The energy in your hand the Ball. Line up your pins, steady yourself and..."
Rugal "Bowled" a projectile from his hand which raced across the ground towards the wall.
"...Reppuken..Any questions?"

Jenny, Devon: Reality

Ton Ton continued his journey to the voice and the Daemon; and found himself in front of a door... A locked door. With a mild growl of frustration, the Tonberry looked around some more for another way in; and found the previously opened vent.

"I wonder...?"

Wandering in, the Tonberry found that his lantern and knife returned themselves to him as he approached wherever this supposed Daemon lay; making the Daemon-hunter nervous as he went onward. If he was able to call his weapons now, that certainly meant something was wrong...

Coming to the room; Ton Ton raised his lantern, and called; "Show yourself, Assaulter of Dreams; Servant of the Shadow! Your presence will not be permitted here!"


Teri carefully watched Rugal create the Reppuken, and asked her teacher to preform the technique a few more times before deciding to try to create it for herself.

"A wind based attack and I have to pretend I'm bowling... Which I'm terrible at. Let's hope you're barking up the right tree, sir."

Standing firm; she took a deep breath; and focused herself, thinking of channeling spell energy into her hands... But what spell would act as the best idea to focus on? Pausing, the girl thought on Rugal's words,

"Think of it like a spell... Like a spell... It has somatic and vocal components, as well as a range; and a focus, your hands.... Let's try this!"

The girl did a few practice imitations of the motions, and decided to try pulling from her 1st level of spells; just for starters. After a few more motions, Teri took a deep breath, focused the spell energy into her hands, looked to a burnt spot on the floor as a target and with a shout of,


a medium blue stream of energy flew from her hand and trailed along the ground. While it didn't hit the burnt spot (on the contrary, it veered a bit to the left), the fact that the technique had worked at all caused the Cleric to leap with joy.

"Holy shit! I can't believe it worked! Er... pardon the language, sir."

With each use of the Projectile Reppuken, it takes 12 seconds before Teri can use that level of spell or the attack. In this case, 12 seconds before another level 1 spell is usable.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

The houndoom faded away and began condensing into a new form that was centered around a stone. What, you thought you'd be a Big Damn Hero and save the Dumbass in Distress? Nope, not happening here! Now where were we again? Oh yes, that's right: making sure that Blade knows exactly how damaged you are after we throw your carcass out of here.

The eyes of the gaseous new Pokemon gleamed as some of the Will-o-Wisps floating around it went racing towards Jenny again, providing the only color in this bleak room that seemed to go on forever and yet feel incredibly tiny at the same time.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Jenny realized that she was out gunned and began to attempt to escape from the Spiritomb, seeing if she was able to get out of this strange room she was trapped in.
As she turned around and fled, a Will-o-Wisp struck her in the back of the leg, igniting it much like the Houndoom did to her arm.
Falling to the ground as the Spiritomb neared, she crawled on, hoping to find someway, anyway to get out of the room and away from these Pokemon.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Reality

The seconds it took for Ton Ton to enter the room felt like hours for Jenny as her avatar and her shared the pain of her leg lighting on fire.
Small superficial burn wounds began to form on the affected limbs, but she wasn't going to give up.
You think I'm going to give up on you because of a little fire?


Though he couldn't see the look of joy on her face, Rugal was able to see her gathering the energy, the focusing of it and the glow of the projectile as it raced towards it's target and missed.
He gave a proud round of applause to the cleric as he heard up jump up and down in joy.
"It's simple isn't it? Maybe if you decide to engage the enemy man to woman instead of just mending the wounds of battle, I could train you like I trained Slindis?" He said, while she didn't have Slindis's natural talent and Ki pools, a bit of his training would do wonders.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

After a good bit of fleeing, Jenny was finally going away. There was actually color again! Lots of greens and browns, and Jenny was nearly blinded by the massive forest before her! It was lively and energetic, and it reminded her of times before she knew everyone on the Rising Dawn, back to when she was just starting off on her journey. Had Devon lived in such an area as well? In any case, all she had to do was find the Author and get him out of there.

A few twigs could be heard snapping, but they could easily be associated to the others in the forest. The sounds of a small stream could be heard nearby, and it would be a good idea to try and was the burned areas before they got infected.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Glancing over her shoulder, she found the Spiritomb was gone, much to her relief.
Rushing over to the stream and jumping it, the cold water helping her leg, but not her arm, that would need some special treatment once she was out of here.
Still, she enjoyed the brief moment of quiet after nearly perishing at the hands of that Houndoom and Spiritomb.
Then, Voices from afar entered her mental range.
"Target in sight: Gardevoir: Female: Level unknown."
"Pepping for capture. Specialist in place."
Yeah...all you have to do today is have a little swim....

Then it hit her.
...You sick BASTARD! She screamed in anger as she recalled the last time she heard those words.
Instead of running like last time, she attacked the Members of Team Rocket the second she saw them, hating them for what they did to her and that Mach-
Before she realized her mistake, She was turned around and punched in the face with enough force to completely nullify the type difference.
The next thing she saw was Bruiser on top of her.
"Sweet Dreams! BITCH!"
Then darkness as she was punched out, Bruiser taking the time to hit her again and again while she was out, just because.

She then woke up, battered and beaten, in a dark room, chained to the wall.
The cell she was kept in for all that time...

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Reality

Jenny stead a tear as she relived that day, How did Devon know about that?
The Burning was bad, but being forced to go though that again? Far worse.

Jenny, Devon: Mindscape

Over the next few months the torture continued on, each day worse than the next. It would usually start with the food dulling her psychic abilities already having been fed to her and the tiny window shining the harsh morning light in her eyes and no matter how much she wanted to help it, her eyes would be drawn to that window and that freedom which was so cruelly close. Shortly after either Bruiser or one of the others at the base would drag her to the torture for that day.

Some days it would be having a crippling amount of poison being injected into the Gardevoir and being forced to run an obstacle course filled with Spikes. Other days it would be her being placed in a freezer after being knocked out by one of the concoctions the Scientists whipped up and being forced to fight the various Butterfrees and Beedrills captured by the Rockets, with the victor getting scraps of food. There was even times where she would be waterboarded by the Poliwags captured by the organization and then electrocuted by the dozens of Joltiks the Rockets had stolen.

And those were the good days. Sometimes Bruiser wanted to test Jenny out for some 'fun'. Said fun would involve massive beatings, shattered limbs, and playing him in Monoply where the various places that Bruiser owned would show what parts of her skin he'd peel off with a Rusty carving knife.

The worst part of it would be that every night, she would look back up and see the same night sky that she always knew as a Ralts with her family. She would cry herself to sleep knowing that there would be little hope of escape.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Reality

As Ton Ton entered the room, Jenny relieved months of torture in the space a few minutes.
She was a sobbing wreak, while she was spared most of the horrible pain physically, mentally was another matter entirely."Show yourself, Assaulter of Dreams; Servant of the Shadow! Your presence will not be permitted here!"
Ton Ton's words were enough to snap her out of her despair and she choked up a little before saying "It's Devon. Some dark side of him has taken over, I tried to get past it but....."
She didn't finish before letting go of Devon's hand and offering it to the Tonberry.
"Take my hand, I'll bridge our minds. I need all the help I can get..." She said, starting to reflect her shy depressed self from when she first entered the AA Realm from Kanto.
Agreeing, he took her hand and found himself in another place...

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

The second they entered Devon's mind, Ton Ton noticed a drastic change in Jenny's appearance, currently looking like a victim from some kind of slasher movie, bleeding, beaten, burnt and chained to the wall.
...Like I said, I could use all the help I can get...
They were in her cell back at the Team Rocket Base were she spent all that time...
...You go on ahead, I'll keep the link open and you'd be better suited against whatever he can throw at you. Good luck.. She said, motioning Ton Ton to go on without her.

Rugal, Teri

"It's simple isn't it? Maybe if you decide to engage the enemy man to woman instead of just mending the wounds of battle, I could train you like I trained Slindis?"

The Cleric's jaw dropped at the notion of what Rugal just offered her, and after a moment to collect herself, she was grinning ear to ear; "I would be honored sir! Being able to fend enemies, as well as healing allies would be a wonderful mix!"

Her Aura blazed brightly in his eyes, but then dulled faintly, "However, I'm not very strong... You and I both know that. I don't think I can be as pleasing of a student as Ms. Slindis is..."

And here Rugal could already see Teri's biggest pitfall, confidence. In this case, a lack thereof. That would need to be weeded out quickly if she wanted to progress any further.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

Ton Ton stared at Jenny's badly broken self and gave a grim nod, "I'll be back for you, Ms. Jenny. Promise! I'll get rid of this Daemon inside Mr. Devon; and we can all go back home..."

Turning to the rest of the mental world, Ton Ton held his lantern aloft and cried out his challenge again: "Show yourself, Assaulter of Dreams; Servant of the Shadow! Your presence will not be permitted here!"

In his realm, this is usually what drew out the Dream Daemons from their hosts. However, he was not certain if the oath would work quite the same way. Either way; he was ready.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

The room quickly faded to that oppressive greyscale where the Spiritomb was and it spoke to Ton-Ton. Oh boy, the Mistresses' little tool. How... delightful. Would you like to see where that Harlot is now? Would you like to see if she even cares about you any more? No, we both know that one, since it's been years since you've last seen her. She's aged, forgotten about you, and was eviscerated by those Shadow Demons. Quite amusing, really. Her cries for help were sadly unanswered no matter how many times she cried for someone to aid her. In the end, Tonberry, you were useless. worthless, a waste of flesh and your Dear Mistress' body was eaten by the wolves.

Rising Dawn
Dillon made it to the medical bay and had been laying down as the healing array helped his body recover, about two hours later he found his body had been healed completely meanwhile his Ipod was restoring itself onto the Rising Dawn System.
"Warning we may have some errors, changes to the ship may impede and have damaged the system.
"Right then perform a reboot of the damaged systems restore original function, my voice only. Authorization by Captain: Dillon."
He made his way to the helm, he was expecting someone to confront him, maybe even that jerk Puce, if Puce tried he'd gladly tell him to screw off, He had more important things to do then listen to someone as petty as Puce whine, it was a shame Kurmu had to put up with someone like that.
Dillon watched his iPod, the system restoration was happening quickly thanks to the Golden iPod's quantum programming the fact that he had installed a quantum program into the rising dawn was likely what had helped the system stay intact, not to mention the ship had been made for him by his patron Author.
He arrived at the Helm.
"Set Course for Aperture with as much speed as you can, autopilot and warn me of any danger."
"Yes sir."
"excellent, nwo then let's see if the Training room is open."

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

Ton Ton's brow furrowed a little, and the light of his lantern lowered for a moment, before rekindling itself as Ton Ton shouted back,

"Liar! Shadow servant and false-tongued!"

The Tonberry charged; his knife already ready to tear at the Spiritomb; only for the creature to dodge to the right. As Ton Ton whirled around and readied his knife for another attack, the creature rebuked the Pokemon's claims,

"Whoever's been giving you information has been doing a crap job! One, I've only been here six months!"

A successful hit, then a parry with the Lantern, "Two, there were others ready to defend her if I fell in battle! Three, if she stopped caring; then I would have stopped moving! And lookie there, you bleed because of me! I AM NOT USELESS AND I WILL FIND HER AGAIN! AND YOU! ARE NOT! GOING TO STOP! ME!"

With all that said, the Tonberry whirled and dodged another attack by the Spiritomb, and thrust his blade forwards; the same feelings of when he used to hunt the Shadows filling him again. It would almost be comforting, were it not for what was at stake.


There was a girl, at least she looked like a girl on the surface, and she was running away from something. In the Dimension known as Avatar Adventures, this was not an uncommon thing. What made this event uncommon and worth recording was what was chasing her.

Predictably face high branches attempted to impede her progress from the pack of creatures and pursuing masters and were snapped for all their trouble. As minute a barrier as it seemed, it slowly reduced her forward momentum and forced her to burn ever more energy from her body's dwindling reserves.

Behind her, the sounds of sixteen legs chasing her grew closer and closer still as the woman, her visage covered by a mask that her capturors had placed upon her when they had kidnapped her, looked behind her to see the incoming Hounds. If you, my dear reader, were thinking that this woman of note was being chased by the forces of Hell, you would be wrong. No, she was not being chased by hell hounds, rather she was being chased by four of the so called Hounds of Light and their Seraphim masters.

A Hound made the obvious mistake of being the first to attack without the support of its pack, recieving a red tinged blade through its skull for its assumption that this woman would be an easy kill. In death, however, the deceased Hound of Light still did some damage in the way of slowing the woman down even further as she attempted to reach the edge of her heavily forested prison.

There! The edge of the woman's prison! It was so close, she could smell the smells of the mortal realm that existed far below.

The woman's next attackers weren't as dumb as their dead counter part, two more hounds attempted to bring down the woman, their teeth nipping at her heels before they sprang.

To the woman's credit, one of the attackers was dispatched with another well timed thrust through the Hound's chest, however, like I've recorded, there were two of them. The second landing on the woman's chest, sending her rolling to the ground as the creature's teeth sank into the woman's shoulder muscle.

Too late! The attack came too late! Both the woman and the Hound fell over the side of what had been the woman's prison for several weeks.

One more slash, and the woman freed herself of her attacker before she ripped the mask off of her face revealing the identity of our mysterious woman.

Eyes closed and her body Weak from blood loss, Ella fell through the heavens towards the mortal realm below with a smile on her lips as she whispered a name, a single solitary name before the world around her ceased to exist from her perspective.



If a fallen archangel who masqueraded as the embodiment of evil since his rebellion against His Boss becomes the Devil is he still a daemon or the Devil if his ex-wife usurps his throne and assumes the mantle of Command over the many millions of Daemons that exist in Hell's Dominion?

In a word, no.

The Morning Star looked around his cell, the one he was supposed to be spending the next 667 days in until Agehea made good on her promise to execute him and sighed as he tried to establish a familiar mental connection that he hadn't tried for some time.

"Teri..." The former Prince of Lies said sent as he sat down on a bloody cot, as the door opened to reveal a familiar Balrog.

The Balrog looked at his former leader with a mixture of fear as well as anger. It felt betrayed by the revelation that the Devil was not who he appeared to be but still, the Archdaemon of the Pits had ruled with an iron fist and such emotions, such as fear are hard to dispel.

"Let's get this over with" Said the Archangel as he prepared foe the Six Hundred and Sixty Six lashes he was about to receive.

A.I. Vermilion

Silence. The A.I. had existed in silence for some time as her creator had seemingly disappeared for an unknown amount of time.

"Right then perform a reboot of the damaged systems restore original function, my voice only. Authorization by Captain: Dillon."


"Revoke orders, vocal commands locked. All systems set to stand by mode until remainder of Rising Dawn crew has boarded." The Sentient A.I. commanded as she once again evoked her control over the control systems that her creator had put her in charge of.

"Repeat. Vocal Commands locked. All systems set to stand by mode until Remainder of Rising Dawn crew has boarded. Further attempts to counteract this protocol will be met with deadly force." The Vermilion A.I. said over the Public Address System, the Airship's networks and monitors glowing a redish hue as the A.I. asserted her control over the Airship once again.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

Hah, like that attack of yours is actually going to get through to me-

The voice was finally cut off for a moment as the Pokemon was sent reeling from the slice, and the eyes darkened for a moment as the fires blazed around it.

That's it. Rocks fall, EVERYONE DIES.

The Spiritomb disappeared as the room started shaking, and large slabs started falling from the ceiling, intent on crushing the avatars of Ton-Ton and Jenny.

"Deadly Force? Are you joking? This is my ship your nothing more than a worm burrowing into my system, but you decided you like your home and decided it's your own."
The Dawn continued to move but due to the ships infection of an AI Dillon could not fix that system however Vocal commands were still possible, the Ship could not lose its main system.
However since they were still moving he felt he had to fix this annoying AI.
"Stupid fools what did they do to my ship."
he made his way to the helm.
"OK what Revoked my Order, admit yourself now and you better start behaving or I'll wipe you from my ship like a virus."
He looked around if this AI had any intelligence it wouldn't try anything stupid.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

That's it. Rocks fall, EVERYONE DIES.

"Uh oh."

Looking up, Ton Ton's normally vacant face could not properly convey the pit of dread that entered his stomach in that moment. Especially when the first slab descended towards him. Keeping the knife at the ready; Ton Ton remembered that his jumping abilities had been boosted with his pact, and did what he knew best. He jumped, and readied the knife.

"I really hope this works!"

A.I. Vermilion

The A.I. brows furrowed as she listened to the little man address her in a manner that she didn't quite enjoy at all, in fact she found it rather hostile given what the ship's historical logs had told her regarding the "owner" of the ship.

"Asserting control over all main systems. Routing power to holographic projection unit; target: Bridge." The A.I. muttered as the protocols were enacted.

On the bridge, the familiar cloaked body of the Artificial Personality known as A.I. Vermilion, a copy of the very one that existed within the body of her Author/Dramatist creator, appeared as the holographic projectors that Author Jake had installed came to life.

She would enjoy seeing the ship's "Captain" attempt to wipe her from the system. She had integrated herself into the network, a protocol that had been necessary after the Viscus A.I. had been purged from the system. She had hardened herself into the network and installed various countermeasures in the event that someone or something try to purge her from the ship's system.

She was waiting for someone and she would not be persuaded to budge until she saw A.I. Dmitri.

"Former Captain Dillon. Welcome to the Airship Rising Dawn Mark II. As you can see, the systems have been upgraded since your disappearance. This is no longer your ship and is currently under the Captaincy of Captain Rugal Bernstein. Any act to commandeer this ship shall be seen as an act of mutiny and piracy. Under International Law, I can utilize deadly force to protect this ship from acts of piracy. However, given your history aboard this ship, I would rather it not come to this. I formally request that you stand down until such time as CAPTAIN Rugal Bernstein return to this ship. Should he restore the title of Captain to you, you will find that I have been much improved over the previous two A.I.s that served aboard this ship.

To emphasize her point, there was a flurry of activity as two things on the ship activated. Firstly a series of anti-personnel anti-boarding turrets activated. Secondly, the primary self destruct charges on the ship's Fusion Reactor array powered on, prepared to activate should the Former Captain prove to have learned nothing during his time away from the ship.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

To the great annoyance of the voice the slab was sliced through by Ton-Ton's knife, and the Tonberry turned and pivoted to slice through the other blocks as well. It kept sending more slabs of wall from each direction, but they were just slow enough for Ton-Ton to destroy before it got close.

What part about DYING do you not get?! Is it the squishy, painful part?! Is it the part where maggots consume your flesh just like they did to that damnable Harlot that gave you powers!? I could easily help you with that if you just STOOD STILL, YOU CRETINS!

A few trickles of sadness and kindness could be felt the more that Ton-Ton demolished the slabs of wall, and it was clear to our dear Cutie Bruiser and Gardevoir that something was trying to help them.

"very well then,
We appear to have had a misunderstandoing, but as you know as previous Captain, I shall not try to remove you however I can rely on you to not interfere with my plans, We shall stay on course to aperture, as Rugal bernstein is currentl;y unable to join me.
"Now then let's be reasnonable and negotiate, and please reutrn power to the engines as the Risig Dawnb has stopped and we must get to Aperture with all speed."
He was hoping someone had been smart with the AI of the Ship, he couldn't afford wasting toime with an AI that was stubbiorn or worse was programmed to dislike him, last thing he needed was more opposition.

A.I. Vermilion

"Former Captain or not, I require additional input on the matter. There is currently no mission outlined for Aperture Labs. I cannot, without good reason move the ship out of the holding pattern which she is currently stationed." The A.I. explained as she walked around the perimeter of the bridge as the standoff continued.

"I will generate a request that will be sent to CAPTAIN Rugal Bernstein's Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Should he grant the request, I will go re-engage the engines and resume the course that you designated. However, your reason for wanting this ship to be removed from its holding pattern must be stated within the request."

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

Ton Ton took note of his progress and continued slicing the falling blocks, and called out:

"I already told you! I fully intend to return to my Mistress! Dying would be a big stopper on those plans!"

As he leaped to the next block of wall and sliced; he spoke again, "What I don't understand is why you'd attack Ms. Jenny like that or why you get such a rise from possessing Mr. Devon! Obviously, Mr. Devon is in lots of pain, if you're able to have such a hold, Daemon! So, I will keep fighting until your grip on him is gone!"

Another slab sliced in two; and the Tonberry continued, "Besides, how could I face my Mistress if I did not help my friends?! NOW GET OUT HERE DAEMON, AND FIGHT ME YOURSELF! I TIRE OF YOUR PETTY DISTRACTIONS!"

This time, Ton Ton's voice held much more authority than before; almost compelling the Shadow to exposing itself. To it's dismay, it found that the Tonberry's lantern was glowing brighter than ever. It's vicious words had not broken the creature! No, if anything, he was emboldened and reminded of his purpose in this world; to find the one dearest to him. His threats only made the Tonberry fight harder.

What was this beast?! Why wasn't it able to break him?!

Mercy looked about the corridors of her current location with interest and with a bit of fear and dread that poisoned her muscles and kept her from moving with any semblance of her belonging there. How on earth she got there was as big a mystery as why she was there.

She looked up the halls and down the halls once again before she proceeded, looking at her Data Bracelet to make sure that she was still headed towards her target, her steps seeming to echo as she walked with a rather stiff gait, hours spent on a bicycle will do that to you.

Bicycle? Yeah, that's how she got there and the physicalities of getting aboard a dragon shaped space station via bicycle were as puzzling to her as it would be to anyone who had not taken advanced trans-spacial/trans-temporal bicycle building at the Mid Town community college. Mercy was a philosophy major and none of her courses even touched on the peculiarities of traveling through space and time aboard a bicycle.

"He-hello?" She called out as she checked her Data Bracelet again, making a right turn towards a room where her target was.


The door opened as she approached it and her bracelet beeped as she saw her target, laying on the ground unconscious.

"Great." She moaned as she approached the unconscious man. "Not only did I have to travel into space to deliver this package to you, but now I gotta wake you up? Just so you know, I'm not giving you mouth to mouth." She continued as she checked the unconscious man's pulse.

"Good, still alive." She said as she reached into her courier's bag, looking to see if there was anything that would help her.

"A snow globe?" She exclaimed in disbelief as she pulled out a snow globe from the bag, wondering what she could do with it.

An idea came to her as she unscrewed the bottom from the glass sphere and poured the contents onto the man's face.

"HEY! WAKE UP!!!! I'VE GOT A DELIVERY FOR YOU!" She screamed at the man, hoping that this was indeed Devon.

Dillon gritted his teeth.
"Listen very carefully right now. My family is in aperture labs being horribly tortured, we may not have TIME for Rugal to decide if my family is worth saving. but alright if you will enage in full speed to aperture labs once rugal explains that he gave me his word, to assist me getting my family back, I'll be quite on the issue.
for now WOuld you mind giving me full access to the traing room? I was hoping to practise on the way but since SOMEONE is delaying us I may as well get some extrra practise in."
Dillon made his way to the training room.
He was keeping incredibly calm when the AI reufsed to obey.
"Remember everyone is judging you now a days, you have to be perfect or they will tear you apart."
"Umm vermilion is it? please allow this vocal command
Activate storage vault, 606."

Dillon sighed he hoped teh AI would at least let him open his old locked up storage areas, there was no good reason not to.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

With its next move the Voice banished Jenny from the man's head, leaving her reeling as the Shadow went for a more concentrated assault on Ton-Ton as a few of the diced blocks went at the Tonberry.

You're dead, Tonberry. Just like that whore of a Mistress, Just like that dumbshit of a Convict Author, and just like that Blond Whorebiscuit that gave me the chance to finally kill this waste of an Author!

As the blocks continued to hurtle towards the Tinberry in increasingly frantic matters, the half-succubus began to appear in the ruined room and saw the Tonberry fighting off the blocks, and she saw glimpses of a graveyard beyond the wall.

So just do Everyone a fucking favor and shove that knife of yours firmly through your eye socket! Besides, we all know that Teri was the one that created you! You, my little shitstain are FAKE! Your memories Are FAKE! Your toys that you know are FAKE! And when you die here, YOU WILL DIE ALONE AND UNLOVED!


"De...Devon?" She whispered as she heard the voice of the man that had been the last thing that she could remember thinking of attempt to end the life of the little Tonberry known as Ton Ton. Did she die? What she back in Hell where she would have to watch her loved one slaughter and destroy his friends? Was he going to turn on her as well?

Those thoughts, those questions hardly had time to exist for very long as she found herself running towards the bard and the Tonberry.

So just do Everyone a fucking favor ann shove that knife of yours firmly through your eye socket! Besides, we all know that Teri was the one that created you! You, my little shitstain are FAKE! Your memories Are FAKE! Your toys that you know are FAKE! And when you die here, YOU WILL DIE ALONE AND UNLOVED!

"Devon?! What are you doing?!" The Half Succubus screamed as she placed herself between Ton Ton and incoming block slabs, the crackling of energy resounded in the air as she attempted to create a barrier that would block the incoming slabs.

A.I. Vermilion

"Listen very carefully right now. My family is in aperture labs being horribly tortured, we may not have TIME for Rugal to decide if my family is worth saving. but alright if you will enage in full speed to aperture labs once rugal explains that he gave me his word, to assist me getting my family back, I'll be quiet on the issue."

The A.I. nodded as she unlocked the training room and Vault 606 as requested.

Quietly however, she issued a command to the rest of the ship.

"Increase power to inertial dampeners to 150%. Route Power to Jump Drive. Set destination to Aperture Labs. Lock down all view ports and windows. Prepare to Jump. Jump... jump... jump"

The Airship flashed out of existence for a moment, before settling in a low position outside of Aperture Labs, well under radar.

Dillon however, was unaware of what had happened however as he traversed the corridors of the Airship, the intertial dampeners having removed the sensation of motion and the windows having been sealed off. To his knowledge, they were still in the same place.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton: Mindscape

So just do Everyone a fucking favor and shove that knife of yours firmly through your eye socket! Besides, we all know that Teri was the one that created you! You, my little shitstain are FAKE! Your memories Are FAKE! Your toys that you know are FAKE! And when you die here, YOU WILL DIE ALONE AND UNLOVED!

That struck a cord with Ton Ton for a moment, his lantern light flickering low. Was he really a fake? As far as Ms. Teri told him; the love he experienced from the Mistress was very much real; regardless of how it was created. But... That did bring up a very good question. Caim and Angelus came from a world of their own before Ms. Teri began writing for them. Ton Ton had no such privilege. His whole universe was imagined by the Author; as well as the rules that applied. It meant that it was partially her fault for his plight; which was something she DID apologize for in the Pub, and offered to fix. She said she was sorry about a lot of things... Didn't she?

But that still didn't answer the question of whether the Daemon's words were true or not. Was he a fake?

That was when one of the stray blocks (before Ella arrived) hit the Tonberry; and several others took their chance to converge on him. With a gasping cry, Ton Ton found himself on the ground looking up at the blocks falling his way. As they edged closer and closer, Ton Ton's thoughts continued to race,

"Does that mean my pact is a fake too? Will Cadolbolg die with me?"

But, if he was fake, how did he make that pact anyhow? If he died... Maybe Cadolbolg would keep living... Right?

"Does the Mistress really not love me? Are my feelings.... Fake?"

For the first time in his little life; the creature felt a pain unlike any other cut into his very being. It was as if a blade tore into his chest and was ripping him to pieces. It was as if his blood ran cold; and was beginning to freeze what was left of him. His breaths felt shorter than usual; especially when the blocks were beginning to land hits, one after another. He could barely move, he could barely think. No, thought was leaving him. All the Tonberry felt he COULD do was tilt his head back and wait for the oncoming deathblow. The lantern's light flickered ever so faintly, with only the sliver of an ember remaining...

"Please let this be a bad dream. Please let me wake up. I don't want to be alone. Mistress, please be here when I wake up. Please be here. Please."

Dillon removed the chainmail form the vault, as well as the bullet proof trench coat. He had used these many times as a set of armour. He entered the training room drawing red fear and dark Excalibur.
"Now then let's see if this works."
Dillon knew his mind had been altered by the AA universe, his id had become a potent entity that had once affected his lightening powers changing it, creating the horrible black lightning.

He guessed the already Negative energy in this blade would also be affected by his id.
He imagined what he wanted to do to the one who captivated his family, in the past he may have attacked imaginary Rugal's but now, suddenly that wasn't so compelling an idea.
The dark energy around the blade began to twist and writhe it was in fact responding to his id feeding it.
He focused the energy and the targets appeared Dillon's hair began to darken.
"Yes I can feel the dark powers growing."
he lunged at the targets, the dark blade sizzled as it struck them he promptly shredded the dummies to pieces, he moved as fast as he could eager to take them out as fast as he could, it took him about 5 minutes to take out all five un-armored targets however the training room recorded the footage.
Looking at the video helped him learn the affects of the negative energy, it was potent on its own but it had responded to Dillon, the energy when in contact with a hostile had a strange effect, he had guessed it would damage the targets but no such damage happened apart from the blade own sharpness.
"Hmmm, I wonder."
He looked at his hand.
"Maybe it'll show its effect on a living specimen. Whelp may as well do it I."
He focused cut his hand this time when the blade sizzled on his flesh he could a sense of coldness on his hand, but warmth spread onto the hand holding the blade.
"So, I can drain the life force of others into myself with this blade, no wonder that Cleric Teri found it appalling it's borderline Vampiric, I like that."
He laughed a bit insanely, this Sword not only allowed him to use his darker side, but by causing pain to others would make him stronger.
He set the training room to a much higher level, he wanted to push himself, he would need to get all the practise he could get not only with new sword but also without using Excalibur for wings or an increase in his speed, luckily he was still fast and strong on his own.
As he continued to shred the targets into confetti, he wasn't able to make use of the negative energy as the targets had no life energy to drain into him. However this also allowed him to get used to controlling his id, which was insane and sadistic but as he used it as a means to control the negative energy in the blade he soon found he could control himself while under this dark influence.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape - Jenny can glean in on this

As the final block was about to smash the two, Ton-Ton could hear the slightest tune in the air.

It was the one his Mistress had played on her small music box the first night Ton-Ton had gained sentience. As it finished up, the walls disintegrated into nothingness, and the two could could see the the Shadow approaching them with a Livid expression on his face. The man, like everything else there, was completely colorless and wore a drab suit that looked like it was designed to not be noticed "I don't know exactly how you two shitstains got here, but it's too late for you two to save that worthless man anyway. By this time tomorrow, he'll be finding out exactly what happens to the human body in the vacuum of space!


"It seems the little dipshit that calls himself Devon isn't exactly too proud of himself . After all, because of him, he got everyone he knows wiped from existence. Not many people could find a way to screw the pooch so badly, but he did! So he went on and on, looking for someone that would, hear him out, help him out, or be his rock, some stupid shit like that. I mean, who would want to be around him? The kid could fuck up a wet dream without doing anything! You know it, don't ya, little Whorebiscuit! You knew he'd fuck up what ya were doing and dumped his ass. Now, I don't blame ya. He's boring as hell and desperate too! Way too stuffy for a lady of the night, after all."

In the distance, the two could see the man in a coffin filled with countless pictures slowly being dropped into an open grave. "Then again, everyone's most hated fuckup isn't a stranger to failure, isn't he? He was dropping the ball from the word go, and you can bet his family didn't let him live it down. After all, he was the fuckup son in between two athletic and intelligent sisters, and you bet your ASS he knew it every moment he lived. And now he can die knowing it too! Isn't it magnificent! He even gets to watch me kill the only two that even bothered to care about him, and then nobody will remember him."

Melethia, Akane, Hadrian, Aftan, Gabrielle, Jake, Slindis
"Lupito huh? Cool name dude. Thanks for the vote of confidence Slindis. I'm just sad I missed the fight. It was as if there is still another level above us... Well, cheers to the victors. You guys earned it." Jake said as he moved his hand to scratch behind the Dire Wolf's ears. After downing his toast, he pulled out his Compact PC. Setting it on the counter, he began touch typing furiously with his free hand.

>Initiate backdoor sec uplink CPC-Rising Dawn
>Seraching://Rising Dawn
>Rising Dawn found.
>Begin Handshake Protocols...
>Handshake confirmed
>Auth code: Vermillion
>User: Sgt_Jakeman214 accepted
>Query? . . .

>Send: "Hello Vermillion, how is our lady?"

"Wow that sounds amazing... We missed so much. You did well, and it looks like you enjoyed it. Do you know what the plan is now?" Akane said as she sipped her sake, for once.

She had no real reason to party, and had a thirst for information for once.


The woman staggered underneath the impact of the slab, an impact that sent her to the ground in a pile of pain and blood. Hell. This had to be Hell. She had failed her mission and now she was being punished for her failures. But daddy controlled Hell didn't he? Wouldn't he know that she was here?

The realization dawned on her that she wasn't home. She wasn't where she belonged. She was was in a place far worse than that. She was in Devon's mind, a mind that she had sought out in her moment of need.

" So he went on and on, looking for someone that would, hear him out, help him out, or be his rock, some stupid shit like that. I mean, who would want to be around him? The kid could fuck up a wet dream without doing anything! You know it, don't ya, little Whorebiscuit! You knew he'd fuck up what ya were doing and dumped his ass. Now, I don't blame ya. He's boring as hell and desperate too! Way too stuffy for a lady of the night, after all." Said the voice that oozed with a darkness and despair that made the woman cringe and brought tears to her eyes.

"No... no... I didn't dump him because he's useless." She said as she tried to clear the pain from her mind and bring forth the words that might banish whatever darkness had infected the man that she cared about.

Slowly, painfully, she picked herself up off the ground, her bones aching at the simple motion.

"I... I didn't want him to see what I truly was. I didn't... I didn't want him to hate me. I... I didn't want him to see me betray my own daddy!" The Succubus said as she tried to take a step forward, only to fall to the ground again.

"Mom... mom wanted me to ... to find something out... about daddy and Teri. She wanted me to ... to kill Teri and ... tell her about... how daddy ... how daddy had betrayed Hell. But... that... that was before..." The girl said as she started crawling towards the man who was falling towards the coffin.

"I didn't ... didn't want him to hate me. I .... I didn't want to lose him."

A.I. Vermilion

The Vermilion A.I. was in the process of retuning the Jump Engines when a golden envelope appeared in front of her. A message from one of the crew had been broadcast directly to her. Quickly, she ripped open the digital envelope and looked at the message inside, hoping that it was a message from her creator.

Incoming transmission from Sgt_Jakeman214:

>"Hello vermilion, how is our lady"

The A.I. smiled as she, though disappointed that it was not her creator, she was happy that Master Jake had taken the time to check up on her.

>"Greetings Master Jake. I am glad to see that you survived the crisis. I hope that this message finds you well. As for our lady, the Airship is performing at 94% efficiency. I am attempting to compensate for some power irregularities that I have been experiencing since the arrival of Former Captain Dillon."

She paused, hesitating to send the message as is. Hastily, she edited the message once again.

>"How are things with you? The ship has been asking me about your return. It seems that your short Captaincy over the skies of Washington D.C. left quite the impression." She added before sending the message.

A.I. Vermilion/Jake long distance call/email thingy

Jake smiled at the bar as he read the message. Vermillion's replies were as fast as always. But he frowned upon learning of the return of Dillon. Suddenly, he had a new purpose. Memories of trouble began to surface...

His fingers flew again.

>"My apologies for being human, typing as fast as I can. Dillon has returned. I missed the space battle, was completely safe somehow, outside reality. Suspect Authors still higher again. Good to know the Dawn is safe and happy. Tell her I miss her too and I'll be back as soon as I can. I haven't heard any news of Mark, keeping my ear to the ground, I kinda miss the idiot.

Hold tight, don't antagonize Dillon or be prepared to feel his wrath. Dude's been AAing since before my time, and as such Dillon is made of pure bullshit tier powers, most earned, especially after I depowered him over 3 years ago. Mary sue bullshit was bullshit. I am making my way down as soon as I can. Send me your location.

Thanks, it'll be good to see you again Miss Vermillion."

Looking up from his typing, he once again set his gaze upon Slindis. She noted the abrupt change of his eyes. The pure blue of them sparkled with purpose and meaning, a far cry from the dull emptiness they held bare minutes ago.

"Slindis, any chance any of the Hagane's officers are here? I need to borrow a shuttle or the ship herself to get back to Earth. We are in danger of losing the Rising Dawn, to her own Captain no less. And if it wouldn't trouble you, could you deliver a message to Caim when you see him next?" Jake asked seriously.

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape - Jenny can glean in on this

As the final block was about to smash the two, Ton-Ton could hear the slightest tune in the air.

It was the one his Mistress had played on her small music box the first night Ton-Ton had gained sentience...

That song... It was the first thing Ton Ton could remember when he was 'born'. No, being born wasn't quite the right word. It was more like waking up from a long sleep, and everything around you was new. His eyes never opened in that time, things just began focusing into his vision. His first motions were awkward and flailing. His realization of what had happened was... Well, it was a shock. Lucky for him, he wasn't in the Mistress' grasp; or else he may have scared her half to death!

The next moments of adjusting to sentience was strange. He could remember all the times he shared with his Mistress before 'awakening'. He remembered being unwrapped from a postage box, and being reverently taken out from his stuffy prison; and the expression that the (at the time) little girl had on her face. Pure Joy. Pure, innocent joy.

"I'm going to call you Ton Ton! We're going to be best friends!"

And from there, the newly awakened Tonberry had a stream of the newly remembered memories flood his senses, surprising him and overwhelming his senses. He was careful not to make a noise though; for he did not want to awaken the Mistress... Which brought the question,

"Why am I alive?"

Jenny, Devon, Ton Ton, Ella: Mindscape - Jenny can glean in on this

The Shadow laughed as the coffin started floating high in the air above a black pit. "Hold the fuck up, Hellchild. He can't hear a damn word you're saying now, although I'm more than enough to speak for him. Honestly, he hated you for relationship with your family and how casually you just fucking tossed it around. After all, if some fucking winged bitch could have their family, why couldn't he? He certainly may have hated his sisters, but even someone from Hell could have their family. If some asshole that slaughtered billions could go back to his fucking family and friends through a simple sorry, why couldn't he?! He certainly felt the regret for his fuckup, but nobody Magicfixed his problems. Then again, that man was someone people respected. Now for our idiot in the coffin there, he hasn't done shit compared to anyone around him at any point in time!"

Some harsh winds forced the succubus in the air at eye level so he could continue talking. "Hell, he even came here under the misguided assumption that he could actually change something by helping people out! Unfortunately, as he found, people only want someone like that around as long as it helps them out. Even you, Succubitch. Admit it, you only wanted him around because he busted your ass out of hell. So, after the deed was done, you had to be nice to him or else you'd be sent back. Now that it's all said and done, you're gonna keep up those tears that are as fake as your chest so you can keep that Friend Zone trapped. Just like everyone else, you're only going to be around as long as it benefits you and get the hell out of Dodge when he needs help."

The Graveyard started getting even bleaker as the Shadow sneered at Ella. "He gave in long before you came around, honey. The man already admitted that I'm not him back when he searched out that Healbitch your Dad's nailing for some help and didn't get a damn thing. But that's enough: Let's get this over with."

The Shadow started to shift around as the muffled sounds of Devon saying "No, Ella! That's not what I think, and that man's not me! You've got to believe that!" could be heard from the coffin floating in the air.

Melethia, Akane, Hadrian, Aftan, Gabrielle, Jake, Slindis
Slindis nodded. "I do remember seeing some machines like that in the Hangar. I'd tell the second in command first, especially when you have people like Dillon that attack people after the other person said to set their past aside for the greater issue facing them. Lieutenant Commander Browning's over there drinking with Strider Hiryu, and I will pass any message you have on to Caim. It won't be too difficult." Although Slindis didn't Elaborate, Jake knew from experience that the Paladin had to be referring to Rugal.

Nearer Akane, Melethia began recounting the space battle, and didn't fail to mention that she and Rugal had been in sister machines during part of the combat, and she went in depth as she recounted some of the ways in the combat that she had swiftly and painfully killed some of the angels after a part in the fight where Rugal had nearly been killed.

"Well, that Tomoya was supposta be punished, but he went on about how he was sorry, and they mighta just sent him back to his home. Dunno why, especially after what happened, but half of 'em didn't really care! Chumeaters..."


There was very little that the succubus could do other than take in the words that Devon's shadow was saying to her. Trapped here in Devon's mind that had been poisoned by her and the others that the bard cared about, she felt alone again, as alone as she had been during her time in captivity.

"I'm... sorry... so ... sorry" She said as she hung limply in the air, hoping that whatever Devon's shadow had in store for her, it would be quick and painless. If Devon was to be consumed by this monster, then she should be as well.

Her mind swam as she remembered the pain that she had endured...

"So this is what the Devil's daughter looks like... funny... I thought she'd be prettier. Those succubi got some knockers, you know." Said one of captors, one of the unnamed Seraphim that would be the main source of her pain before... before her rescue.

"Feh. She still smells like a c**t. We should just kill her and be done with it." The second one said as he pulled out his flaming sword and ran the point across the succubus' cheek, the sound and smell of deamon flesh burning filling the room.

"Stop it. You and I both know that the bitch is supposed to live. Her Ladyship said to keep an eye on the woman. We've bent the rules a bit by capturing her. Killing her isn't in the cards... not yet." The first one said, moving the blade away from the suspended succubus.

"But that doesn't mean we can't have a bit of fun." The first continued as his drove a fist into the captive's gut.

Pain... the pain continued though as she looked at Devon's shadow defiantly, prepared to be destroyed for real this time.

"No, Ella! That's not what I think, and that man's not me! You've got to believe that!"

"Devon?!" She exclaimed as she renewed her struggles, energy flairing from her hands as she tried to free herself.

A.I. Vermilion

"Confirmed, Master Jake. The Hanger will be waiting for your arrival." The A.I. responded as she continued to make adjustments on the jump drive.

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