The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Da Nang Ship: Ella/Devon

Dillon looked around, he found his senses were much higher than he had anticipated, he suddenly heard something like a bow being drawn and he had the feeling he was being watched. he relaxed and golden wings of light appeared on his back he began to ascend. he was emitting a strong aura, nothing threatening or even intimidating just potent.
"Who's there? I'd appreciate you to come out where I can see you." he announced quite clearly his eyes were searching he focused and used his ability of soul perception, the technique of hiding ones soul was known by few.

The hyperlinks is for the look of their outfits, and Ella's also has her general appearance.

Da Nang Ship: Ella/Devon

Devon approached with Ella holding her companion up. Devon clearly looked a bit worse for wear, having been grazed by a few shots, and Orinon could see the faint black glint of a well-made chainmail shirt underneath.

"Before we start getting inquisitive here, There's a question I think we all want to know the answer to. So, would you mind me asking who you are and what brought you here?" The human holding one of Caim's blades seemed to have a good deal of conviction, and the soul perception revealed a rather genuine man that was more concerned with doing the right thing, and one that felt that words were a great ally in themselves. The woman alongside him seemed a bit more mischievous, although he hardly needed the perception to see that the two were rather close.

Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Garica Streets.

After hearing the story and getting in the car, Shawn just nodded along with David.
"Thought it was something like that. The thing is that we all have to remember that shot happens to all of us, good, bad ... these kind of events happens to us. I already labelled it as one of life's unknown rule." Shawn said and there was a pause that could only be described as "depressing".

"With that said, it wasn't anything bad that happened to me. I became a radioactive human to save DC and got shot in the head as I was a Courier ... and I cannot forget about ... killing all those people." Shawn grasped his head and saw many, many bodies in his imagination. He has killing many people, monsters and worse. From other races, factions and reasons.

"Instead of me dusting up my own scars, point is ... you have to fight so these events do not happen, that is one of the reasons why I am here." The Wanderer said, hoping to cheer the cop up.


Da Nang Ship:

Dillon looked at the couple.
"Hmm that's an interesting sword you have, I know the owner of that blade I know you also couldn't have stolen it. Now then as for Who I am, I was called Dillon I am a legendary Hero, Pure of Heart who was displayed among the stars. hy am I here? perhaps the world needs my help again." he shrugged and descended down to ground level, he had a sort of energy to him being close you felt a warmth, and You'd swear he was glowing.

Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

'Hmm...' David hummed internally.

After getting over his momentary scare from Caim and the sudden appearance of the newcomer, the boy listened to the ongoing conversations and tried to make sense of this whole mess. However, his efforts were fruitless, as they were before.

The young Ashworth felt drained. Not from the act of rationalizing the current situation, but rather, he felt physically drained. While his outer wounds were mostly healed from Teri's aura, internally, there was still much pain. He felt his bones ache, and his head pound with greater intensity. The inside of his mouth tasted like copper, and he could barely stand on his two feet. With a grunt, he fell against the side of a crate, leaning to prevent himself from collapsing onto the ground.

San Francisco: Viscus, Fionn

"I would go myself, but the building as countermeasures to both my Hacking and Infiltration skills. The second I enter the building, EMPs will deploy. As a Biological Being, you have no such issue."

Providing he's telling the truth, he has a point about the EMPs. Not to mention having to only deal with one of him in the future would be better than dozens. This had better be worth it. "Give me the location, I'll go right now. I doubt they'll be expecting many magic users." He was aware the arcane tended to stick to The Rising Dawn like an electric flytrap. With that, he started walking in the direction of the shopping district, "Oh, one more thing." He turned back, "if this is a setup, I'll put you AND Rugal in a body bag and send you off to the authorities. Not that there would be much left to identify you. My work can be, messy, sometimes." His warning given, he walked off to prepare.

Da Nang Ship: Rugal

Rugal rolled his eyes at his former enemy's "Heroism" speech, it reminded him of Tomoya, though he felt the Former Arch Angel did it better.
"Oh Spare Me..." He murmured under his breath as the Soul Perception waved over him.
Dillon would find that his soul was a FAR cry from his former self: Gone was the bloodsoaked Rugal and in was a....well...Slightly-Less bloodsoaked Rugal.
He would also find more references to Slindis, Melethia and Teri and no trace of his urges for world domination.
...Why couldn't you just stay dead?... He thought as went to leave the Teenager, not really wanting another fight.

Da Nang Ship: Jenny

Jenny led Melethia towards where Dillon was, instantly recognizing the Former Rising Dawn Captain.
"Dillon! How are you? God, it's been so long! How have you've been!?" She asked, motioning for Melethia to lower her bow, feeling no threat from him.

Leaving San Fierro: David

"Yeah, yeah...I know the pep talks..." David said as he commandeered the civilian car.
"...Hey man...This is a nice car. I'll try to get it back to you." He said to the guy he took the car off before they set off.
"Only thing is now, Where the hell would he go now?..." He asked as he fiddled with the Sat-Nav.
Once he was done with this, he sent over the Rings "Yo, this is West. Me Shawn and Ton Ton lost Deadshot, we're going to see if we can't pick up the trail again. We'll keep in touch, West out."

San Francisco: Viscus

"if this is a setup, I'll put you AND Rugal in a body bag and send you off to the authorities. Not that there would be much left to identify you. My work can be, messy, sometimes."

"Believe me Mage, if I had any desire to kill you, I would just fulfil it here and be done with it." Viscus warned as opened up one of his compartments and handed Fionn a old AIM-Brand PDA.
"OCP Plaza, by the waterfront. Directions are on that PDA as well as a means to contact me." he explained as the GPS came on.
"In order to divert attention, I will running Data Raids on one of OCP's Server Banks. To combat my efforts, they will re-route their automated security systems, creating holes in their defense. Now move." He said as he flew off, towards the San Francisco branch of OCP.
He also left Fionn behind to get there himself.

San Francisco: Viscus

As the android flew towards the OCP San Francisco building, a bolt of crimson lightning struck exactly half a meter away from him. Viscus's sensors would have been overloaded at that range, though given his displays of power, he probably saw it coming. A few seconds later, a message came in.

It appears we can both kill each other in one shot, despite your advanced weaponry. I'm aware of the limits of my capabilities, perhaps you should remind yourself of yours.

A San Francisco toy shop: Fionn?

The Mage Knight laughed to himself as he put away the PDA, turning to a shop assistant. "Hello, I'm looking for one of those toy guns that shoot the fake bullets." A plan had sprung in his head for getting in without killing any guards.

"Uhh......" The assistant was, unnerved at the man's appearance. to say the least. First the chaos in Los Santos, now this madman shows up in the shop. The occasional spark around the his left hand didn't help the mage's image. "Airsoft guns are in the sports shop, across the street." The mage just walked off towards the sports shop, and after five minutes and a few fleeing customers, he walked out with a Airsoft pistol with a silencer attached.

He then set off for the OCP building, taking a casual stroll, there was no need to rush. The city was used to weirdness at this point, especially given the chaos in San Andreas. One guy dressed like a Mage having lost The Alamo? Compared to the other goings on, he was invisible.

San Francisco: Viscus

Fionn watched as Viscus was nearly stuck down by his lighting as he kept flying towards the target.
A Message came in on his PDA:

...Point Taken.

OCP Plaza: Fionn/Viscus

Fionn soon arrived outside the building, his PDA leading him to the front door before another message came up.

Look up and West

Following the instructions, he saw Viscus standing ontop of one of the other buildings near OCP.

I'm starting my Cyber Attack, Head to 60th Floor. Begin mission now

Viscus then sent before he began his end of the mission, starting a massive DDOS attack on the Company's website and all accounts related to it.
He couldn't hack the building, but he could hack everywhere else.
The Lobby was rather plain and lifeless, barring the odd camera and guard.
It was up to Fionn how he would get up there.


Da Nang Ship: Rugal Jenny

Dillon smiled at seeing jenny. His wings dissipated
"Well after my home was destroyed well I Kind of disappeared then I became one with the stars and as we can see the result has given me a new body." he slowly flexed his arms feeling the energy he had inside of him.
He then looked around.
Hey umm odd question do you guys know someone who looks a lot like a cartel lord called Rugal? I'm sensing something close to his energy, but I'm not sensing his soul, or at least it doesn't seem like it." he said quite confused.
"hey are you just messing us up?" he asked the golden sword strapped to his back
"Oh boy here we go again." he sighed

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Da Nang Ship: Ella/Devon

Devon mentally held his tongue at the objections to the man's speech (And there were a few, most of them having to do with the hubris he felt was inherent in it) and introduced himself. "Name's Devon. If you know the man that usually has the blade, I can just keep it short and sweet and say I'm on the same ship. I'm the resident illusionist, and well-met. Just keep a cool head, and youy'll be fine my me."

He paused for a moment after Dillon drought up the sensing souls bit and responded with a bit of apprehension. "Mind explaining what you mean by that? Pardon me for seemong wary, but last I checked, souls were supposed to be private places." He sheathed the blade loaned by Caim and went to hes messenger bag, pulling out a smallblade of his own that was pretty clearly imbued with a holy aura.

Ella seemed a lot more cautious, still remembering all the troubles she'd gone through due to people on the outer planes. ALthough she didn't admit it outright, she was glad to be out of all of those politics if only for a time. Just because someone was aligned as good would automatically mean they'd overlook her heritage. Daddy, why'd you have to get me caught up in all of this again? Ugh...

Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

Slindis noticed the dazed man and knelt down, withdrawing a amall skin of warer from a pouch just about the same size. "Here, drink up. You need some liquid in you. We'll work on getting you more blood when we can, but some water should help." David would find that there would be a good amount of water in the sack, about a Gatorade bottle's worth. Slin vaguely felt the scan brush over her, with Dillon clearly getting the feeling of someone that greatly cared about the well-being of all humans. It did feel a bit alien to him, though, and there had been a bit of resistance before it had let him through. Finally, there was extremely close bonds to Rugal, Teri, and Melethia present as well.

As the scan washed over, Dilon additionally felt a rather young-feeling soul in the area, although it had the clear indicators that it was a soul attached to a weapon. Hey, back off buddy! I've already got my hands full as-is! A young girl had become a weapon's soul?

Da Nang Ship: Jenny, Melethia

Melethia relented and lowered her bow, instead keeping an eye out for any wiseguys trying anything funny to those on the ship. "I'm gonna make sure nobody gets cute, Jenny." Dillon's soul perception found a child that was intensely loyal, although to what it was hard to tell. There was also a bit of a cutthroat streak as well remiscent of Caim, although the girl seemed to be one of the same ones close to Rugal and Slindis' souls.

Da Nang Ship: Jenny

Jenny seemed to get a little nervous at Dillon's question.
"...Ummm..Well...You see...Rugal is....kinda a member of the Rising Dawn now..." She said, clearly worried about he would react.
"Okay, I know how this sounds, but he's really reformed and making amends. I'm certain, I've been there and he's helped me a lot back when Tomoya-...Oh...Right, you weren't around for that...Ummm..." she stammered as the Scan showed she was still the same Jenny as ever.
"Anyway...Maybe we could get back to the mainland?...Just to let Wu Zi Mu know how things went." The pokemon suggested to the others.

Da Nang Ship: Rugal

Meanwhile, Rugal was avoiding Dillon's return and instead opted to instead look over the bay while the others met him.
"Uhhhh...Deadshot is still out there, Dillon's back....How can this get any worse?..." He asked himself, clearly worried about how this would change their attempts to track down the assassin.


Da Nang Ship: Jenny

Dillon raised an Eyebrow at Jenny's explanation, he didn't say a word, he was just listening.
"I suspect a lot has changed, well then I guess I'm not fit to serve as a captain then, The Dawn hasn't been destroyed has it? I could swear My patron gave that thing Plot Armour."

He looked around he didn't find hostility, which was encouraging.
"Speaking of the Dawn, do we have a next location? hope I didn't scorch anything important when you've been an abstract entity fine control isn't something you have at the start."

Da Nang Ship: Jenny

"No! No! Nothing like that. Just...Umm...We've been busy." Jenny sighed, figuring that she would need to bring Dillon up to speed.
"So, We were picking up some parts for the Dawn, but something came up. This Terrorist, goes by the Name of Deadshot, showed up and he's been raising hell around here. We just stopped one of his plans, but the trail's gone cold..." She explained as Rugal re-entered the picture.

Da Nang Ship: Rugal

"Alright everyone, The Da Nang are finished here now. Wu Zi Mu held his end of bargain, San Fierro is now clear of these weapons. However...We have no idea where Deadshot is gone. I've been talking to David West, him and few others are following a lead but aside from that, we're back at square one." Rugal explained as he stepped over a few of the bodies left on the ship.

"Dillon...All I'm going to say is, what happened between us? It can wait. I'm NOT letting his bastard get away from me again!
Everyone back to the boat, No point staying here any longer..." He then ordered the rest of the group as he walked through the ruins.

"As Jenny has told you, things have changed, I've changed. If you don't believe me, stick around and you'll find out. But whatever you do, Please leave all the fighting until later-*Wince*...Or at least give me 20 minutes." He explained to his mortal enemy as he mingled with the rest of the crew.

"Devon, great work on the Snakehead, both before and after the deal. I never saw a man pull that much shit out of his ass before in all my life. And that's saying something."
A tinge of pain though reminded him of something, actually around 43 things.
"Melethia, First, great work on the Rudder, but I need another favor. Can I borrow a set of pliers? Clean ones? Got hit a few more times than I'm willing to admit." He asked the elf as they made their way to the boat they "Borrowed" for this raid.
On the way over, he then asked Slindis and Teri "Ahhh, There you are. How did the rescue operation go?" as he began taking off his top, showing several dozen bullets lodged in his upper body, focused around the chest and gut.
"...It looks worse then it really is." he explained as he awaited those pliers.


Dillon, not wanting to take up unnecessary space on the boat was flying a few feet overhead, he was using his golden iPod, searching around with what clues he had for tips or leads.
"So this deadshot guy, have we seen his face or any other clues hang on could he be... nope that's Deathstroke, nix that idea." he browsed through things hoping for contact.
"and as for a truce... I'll accept. My family is fine by the way in case you wondered. Oh and you may recall my wife Amaya wasn't in the fray, that's because she was in a special vault, see she was pregnant, with our children."
Dillon was a bit closer to Rugal when he informed him of those last tidbits, thinking of how long ago Rugal had implied Dillon 'wasn't man enough' to have his own kids. Dillon wouldn't say it aloud but he had a picture of them all together, him, his wife and his twin children.
His Golden iPod was unlike any other device highly advanced with any luck he'd get a lead.

Da Nang Ship: Caim/Cadolbolg/Angelus

Caim put his blade back into the sheath, his expression softening when recognition filled him. From Dillon's scan, it could be said that indeed, Caim was as inclined for violence as usual, but it did not dominate him as it did before. Images of Cadolbolg, who was now of flesh and blood, a small green lizard like creature, the man who identified as Devon, a young girl with brown hair (Caim's sister) and finally, Angelus filled his mind; the connections between them filling his soul with something more than his want for revenge against a derelict empire. With a small nod to what Jenny had to say, he added, "Essentially, nothing new has changed, as far as our lives go. However, it would be nice if a shopping trip could go without causing a zombie outbreak and destroying a ship...Even if that last part WAS fun."

Following that, Dillon hit Cadolbolg with the scan, who was pretty much as he usually was, light and carefree; if very naive. Reason being, Cadolbolg had landed happily on Devon's shoulder and rubbed his little head against the bard's cheek, "Friend Devon! I'm getting better at my lightning breath! I even helped Captain Rugal keep Da Nang forces away! However, the Captain was a bit injured... But that's why we have medics, right?"
The turtle-dragon baby wagged his sharp tail eagerly, obvious awaiting Devon's approval.

As for Angelus, the red dragon flew overhead, keeping an eye on the proceedings. Dillon's ability let him know that the dragon, although maintaining her usual proud nature, had her ideas towards humanity skewed a little in their favor. A little being the key words here.

Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A

Teri shivered when she felt the scan hit, her sentiments laying very much along the lines of her staff. Dillon could see an enduring soul, weathered many times by persisting troubles, but not to the point of quiting. There was a black goldfish that seemed to glare back at Dillon before disappearing in a swath of calming light, filled with the persons and creatures closest to the Cleric. In that light lay Slindis, Rugal, Melethia, and a wolf with black fur (obviously the one standing next to the girl).

Blinking after that unwilling view into her soul, Teri turned her attention to Rugal's wounds, and froze in horror upon seeing the pliers that were being offered for her or Slindis to use in removing the bullets in his chest.

"Fingers or toes, Ms. Gravel?"

Taking a shaky step back, and then another, Teri felt a wave of nausea hit before turning and running to the edge of the boat, bending over as what few contents of her stomach were expelled overboard. Garm wandered over to his Pup as Teri began coughing up whatever else would escape her digestive tract, a small whine escaping his throat as he couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Garica Streets.

Ton Ton thought quietly as David gave his apologies to the civilian and spoke up after they piled into the car, "He was bleeding really badly when we woke up. We all saw that blood trail. Mr. West, would there be any less than scrupulous medical practices in the area? You know this town like the back of your hand, after all.

Or, if not that, he might try to pass himself off at a hospital? With wounds like that, and no supernatural or machine based additives to his healing favor, or at least I'm guessing he doesn't, he'd need to recover before doing something else crazy, right?"

Da Nang Ship: Ella/Devon

Devon nodded to Rugal's statement as Cadolbolg nuzzled up to him, Rugal having finished pulling out the bullets from the now faded away buff. "It was a lot harder than it looked pulling that off, but that went way better than I thought it would... Still, I learned so much from that. Really, thanks for putting your trust in me. You didn't have to."

After that, he looked over to Cadolbolg. "You did real good, Cadolbolg. I know it was tough for you with the events happening to Ton-Ton, andI'm proud of you for trusting him." Devon scritched Cadolbolg in the underside of his chin, and he really felt that he'd learned a lot more that day. Still, he wondered if he'd get an answer for Dillon's justification or explanation to that soul sensing he'd mentioned earier...

"Mind explaining what you mean by that? Pardon me for seeming wary, but last I checked, souls were supposed to be private places." In the end, that lingered in his thoughts.

Devon has hit Level 12 in Bard! His bardic Songs won't replenish until the next time he rests, but he has learned three new songs in the process. In addition, his good treatment of his imps has caused more to flock to his side.

Since it was clear that Dillon wasn't too concerned with her, Ella let go of Devon and glided up to Angie. "Hey, that new guy a human? He certainly acts like one, looks like." It was certainly a relief to be able to talk with someone she could symphathize with more.

Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

Seeing that her sister wasn't doing that well, Melethia put her bow in her bag then jumped across the top of the containers over to where Teri was. "Sis, what's wrong?" She rubbed Teri's back while Slindis went to work casting a Cure Moderate Wounds on Rugal before checking up on David again.

Having a more intimate knowledge of what was going through Teri's mind, Sadei went to comfort Teri. Teri, remember that no matter what, I'll be here to back you up. That won't ever happen again, okay?

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Rugal

Once the crew was on the boat and leaving the ruined freightliner, Rugal sat there by the whell, Using those pliers to yank out the bullets in his tough flesh, as Dillon rubbed it in.
"...I get it, You were right...and... I was wrong...About...a lotofthings..." He admitted, glancing at Slindis and giving the Drow a quick smile in between pulling out bullets.
"Just...Please don't brag about it for the rest of this mission..." He honestly pleaded, Hoping that his return wasn't going to be a lifetime's worth of "I told you so!"
"If you find anything, contact David West. If you don't have one of these Communication rings, He should have a Mobile Number you can call." He said as Dillon's search for the assassin came up fruitless.
Every mention of "Deadshot" just linked him over to the Villain from DC Comics, making any attempts to track him difficult.

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Jenny

Jenny made her way back onto the boat Rugal stole as part of their ruse.
"Oh, that's good to hear. How is Luna these days? I haven't seen her in ages!" The pokemon asked Dillon, remembering his adopted daughter.
When Teri had her PTSD episode, she quickly dashed over to help her.
"Okay, Breathe. Breathe. It's okay, you are among family here." She said, rubbing the Cleric's back as she did.
Once her fit was over, she returned to Dillon and explained "Sorry about that. Poor Teri, she's...Been through a lot, still flares up every now and again...
*Ahem* so yeah, How is your Family these days?"
She repeated to him.

Most Wanted with Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Downtown San Fierro.

"Know this place like the back of my hand? Dude, I just did a 5 minute Police training course in another city! I don't know shit!" David Joked to Ton Ton as he drove towards the hospital (Or at least where he thought it was).
"I'll check it out, but if I was him, I'd do my best to treat it myself rather than seek help, Seeing how we are looking for him." He said as he attempted to find any traces of blood that might have spilled from Deadshot's car.
"...Shawn, did you find anything on where he was heading next? Or some sort of clue as to his future plans?"

???: Deadshot

"-Owowowowowowwoowwwwwww-OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!...ow..." Deadshot groaned as he cleaned up his damaged knee in the backseat of his stolen Taxi, rather surprised just how sharp Ton Ton's knife really was.
Okay...Recap...Operation "Give Everybody Guns!" was a failure, Tenpenny and that white guy are dead or going to be and I'm cleaning a stab wound with a $5 bottle of Vodka and a grease covered First Aid kit I found in the trunk...
Man, this job seemed like such a better idea a few hours ago...
He thought to himself as he applied the bandage to his wound, wincing as he did.
...."No-Fly Zone"...If Tenpenny was right about that Military base... He mused as he managed to stop the bleeding and climb back into the driver's seat.
"Then I've got my Big Guns to go to town on Las Venturas...." He chuckled to himself as he got back on the road, Heading for the desert, his boss wanted a horrible atrocity? He sure as shit was going to get one...

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Los Santos
Time: Whenever

Lucieon | A.I. Vermillion Partition

Lucieon shook his head and looked for a 'face' to speak to. However when he couldn't find one, he resigned himself to speaking out to no one in particular, "I think I will sit out of this conflict. I have no doubt that I would not be useful in this state." He turned toward the door that led into the ship proper, "I have personal matters to look into."

Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

David's eys widened as Dillon's scan passed him. The sensation felt similar to his father's mind-reading exercises allowing him to detect it's presence, but at the same time, somehow different. It wasn't looking into his thoughts, but something that was more whole. When Dillon peered into the young Ashworth's soul, he could detect kindness buried beneath strong feelings of inferiority and a desire to prove himself and be accepted. As soon as the sensation left him, David shoved the lip of the skin into his mouth, and chugged down as much water as he could. In the end, left about a quarter of the waterskin full.

Slindis, having finished with Rugal's little bullet dilemma, something that disgusted David as well, but thankfully he was able to hold in his lunch, came up to the student. He handed the nearly empty skin to her, and bowed his head.

"Thanks for that, Miss Slindis. It would seem that I am in an even greater debt to you." Feeling a little rejuvenated, David turned, leaning his back on the crate, before sliding into a sitting position. He looked up at Slindis, wearing a seemingly composed expression on his face. "Now, if it's an appropriate time to ask, where in these series of alternate dimensions am I now?


Da Nang Ship: Ella/Devon

Dillon sighed,
"I'm not reading your thoughts I can just see your soul, It'd be me getting upset if someone noticed a detail about my eyes that isn't obvious at first. It's just a matter of observation.
I can see a person's soul because I fight with Excalibur, we resonate our souls together and I was once able to resonate with a few of my closest friends as well. Being so in-tuned to my own soul and it's condition is it really a surprise I can see others? the only reason most cannot see them is they don't know how to look.
It's not some manner of trickery or magic it's simple observation, noticing a detail that many believe is invisible because they themselves don't know how to see.
Also you seem to be confusing soul perception with mind reading, the two methods are completely different it's like saying being persuasive is basically like hypnosis, one is clearly more invasive than the other. Not only that but in terms of souls to know ones thoughts and feelings is only possible by resonance, which can't be done to an unwilling participant.
Have I made myself clear? I'm not sneaking into you minds and finding your secrets, I can see your soul as easily as you can see my eyes. I just know where to look."

From your post (And the previous one), David kind of said Shawn's name. Don't worry, it's just a little screw up.

Going to fly in a "No fly-zone". Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Downtown San Fierro.

Remembering the raid, Shawn nodded. "Yup, before I raided the room I was overhearing them talking about a "No-Fly Zone". I have no idea what this is but ... hopefully you will." Shawn shrugged as the car took off. The Lone Wanderer was still glad that his identity was not known. If they did know they might know his connection to the Author Shaun and that he is forming his own group of his own characters. "(Everyone would be in danger if they knew about us and my special connection with the others.)" Shawn said before he suddenly closed his eyes, there was a meeting. To everyone else in the car it would only look like that Shawn was closing his eyes for a second.

The Storm group.
Location: Cerebral hub | Shaun's mind.
Time: No time.

The mind of a Author was big, not just any kind of big, but infinitely big.
In Shaun's mind it copied the Lightning Dimension that Tomoya created when he went crazy.
Everyone was standing, sitting or doing whatever until the time was right.

"Everyone here?"

"Status update from every would be nice. The Moon base is complete but ..."
"Badly made and empty?"
"Hey, I'm still learning this damn power. Can't expect me to be perfect!"
"It would be good if you could get a teacher."
"Ugh, could we get back on topic?"

"What he said. From my situation we are chasing a villain known as "Deadshot", he has done multiple dark activities. Mostly infecting one city and supplying future guns to another. I am determining if I should just kill him or give him to a respectable authorities."
"Giving him to the Angels would give him ... Hell to say."
"Just do what you feel like. The Angels are hard to get in contact with from our point."

"Well you know my status. I just helped Author with the base."
"Wait, we have call-signs!?"
"Yeah, Shaun is Author, I'm Wanderer, Shorn is Wizard and you are Storm."
"Close enough I guess ... wait. What is that?"

"That sub par holy-ish presence?"
"I'll investigate it once everyone boards the RD again since I'm on stand-by."
"Okay, everyone keep doing what you are doing. Keep sending messages and we will meet later."
"And remember to keep and eyes on those two problems."

The mind meld ended with everyone fading away and opening their eyes again.

Location: Rising Dawn Hanger | Sean/Tomoya's mini garage and workshop.

Sean the Spartan opened his eyes. The meeting was called as he was repairing his armor and polishing it. Keeping habit from the UNSC kept handy for the most part. Sean sighed as he worked faster, he wanted to go back to Miku as soon as possible. Though he does have to clean his weapons and fill up some of his ammo clips in-case anything happens.

Da Nang Ship: Ella/Devon

After hearing the explanation, Devon gave a curt nod. "That makes it a lot more straightforward, although I'd appreciate not having that judgement in the first place. You can learn plenty just from working with us, so why not go with that? You seem to have a good amount of experience with the others here, so you know how it goes." At the very least, he was trying to seem more helpful even if Devon did wish that Dillon could see them as equals.

Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

Slindis placed the skin back in her pouch and gave a warm smile. "Think nothing of the aid. I've had to help out quite a few people in my time, and there's no debt to be owed. We're currently in what I would consider the new home plane for me, although there's still a bit I need to learn about it."

She sat down next to the boy in a semi-meditative stance (Being a bit shorter than him now that he could do a comparison) and began to apologize. "I apologize about not telling you earlier, but we needed to focus on surviving first. I simply didn't have the time."

San Francisco: Viscus

OCP Plaza: Fionn/Viscus

"Well, time to go to work." Fionn pulled out the Airsoft Pistol, began charging a spell in his left hand, and walked into the building. Spotting the cameras, he cast a small bolt of electricity at each, just enough to fry the cameras. He then darted over to a corner, waiting for a reaction from the guards to the supposed storm that just appeared on the ground floor. Right, no need to harm the guys just doing their jobs. He began to enchant the pistol, this time a grey aura appearing around the barrel.

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Rugal

With the last of the bullets extracted from his body, Rugal picked up the small pile of discharged bullets and threw them overboard, Slindis's healing quickly closing his wounds afterwards.
"Thank you Slindis." He said as he grabbed a towel and wiped the excess blood off his body, enjoying the sea breeze as he sailed back to the city.
"Mmmm...I wonder..." He mused before quickly ducking down into the Underside of the boat searching for something.
"......A-HA!" He exclaimed as he found one of his favourite things in the world.
"Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France...and glasses aplenty!" Rugal beamed as he poured himself a glass and took a deep sniff of the contents.
"....$15'000 a bottle...Worth every penny. Cheers." He said as he offered a drink to everyone on board (Minus Melethia of course)

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Jenny

Jenny wasn't a major social drinker, but Rugal made a compelling argument.
"...Well...This WAS supposed to be a holiday..." She decided as she picked up a glass and took a sip.
It wasn't Sake, but it was still rather nice.
"Mmmm...Not sure if I'd pay THAT much for a bottle...butttt..." She mused as they cruised across the bay.

"Shit! My Bad man!" X_X Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Downtown San Fierro.

"No Fly Zone?...Mmmm...Hold on..." David said as he flicked through the Car's Sat Nav, bringing up a map of the region.
"....Weird...Seems to be a part of the map is missing..." He said as he found a blind spot, deep in the desert of Bone County.
"...Think we might have something..." He mused as he contacted the others.
"West here, We think that got something, Deadshot might be heading into the Desert. Just look for the part of the map that's "Blacked out". We'll Meet you there, West out." He sent to the rest of the group.
"Hold on guys!" He warned as he put the pedal to the metal and raced off over the Gant Bridge.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Los Santos
Time: Whenever

Lucieon | A.I. Vermillion Partition

"Very Well. I'll let you be on your way then. If you need anything, you know where to find me." Vermillion nodded as Lucieon went about his business.

((If you want me to set something up for Lucion to do, just ask))

OCP Building: Fionn/Viscus

The Cameras were easy to fry, each one making a big enough racket to attract the guards, each one of them just a man in a guards Suit with a 9mm pistol.
2 of them checked out one of the busted cameras as Fionn enchanted his weapon.
"HQ, Please Respond."
"This is HQ."
"This is Patrol. We've got signs of an intruder, Commence Alert Formation."
"Acknowledged. Sending reinforcements, use extra Caution."

After that call was made, 3 extra guards showed up to help with the search.

For a company that focused on making consumer goods, their guards acted more like soldiers.
Poorly armed, Underpaid and under trained soldiers, but soldiers nonetheless.

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

Teri shook for a few moments after being comforted by Jenny, Melethia and Sadei; coughing up a bit more phlegm before finally calming down. Taking on of her water bottles, she rinsed her mouth out a few times to get the taste out before accepting the glass with relish, "Bit of wine's not bad on an empty stomach, right?"

Sniffing, and then sipping the fine wine, the Cleric gave a small smile and looked to Melethia, telling a lie that had some grain of truth in it, "I guess I just got seasick from all the rocking by the elementals. Must have kicked in once the action dropped and the adrenaline stopped rushing in my system; you know, a delayed reaction. I've never been on a boat like this before, so I suppose I just don't have my sealegs yet. Sorry for scaring you like that!"

While having the best of a brave face, she sent to Sadei, "Thanks Sadei. Really... And, I know it's not right to lie to my sister, but I don't want her to worry about me. And she doesn't need to know about that anyways."

Caim, on the other hand, leaned against a wall as he enjoyed a sip of his drink and allowed himself to relax a little. With the knowledge that his children and apprentice in good condition and Angelus enjoying herself, he felt he earned the moment to breathe.

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Cadolbolg/Devon

Cadolbolg beamed at Devon's praise, his little tail wagging with joy and his chest puffed out in pride, "Thank you, Friend Devon! I need to practice my lightning breath some more too, so it's just as strong as my fires. However, I don't think Mother has much experience with lightning.... And as for Friend Ton Ton, I just heard from him and Mr. West that they're okay, and on that Deadshot's trail! Now, why would people have a No Fly Zone? That sounds like no fun..."

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Angelus/Ella

Angelus chuckled at Ella's observation, her mirth being a clear indication for an agreement, "I believe he was, once. However, that status has changed long ago. Getting involved in Angelic power and Ninjintsu practicing brides tends to do that. Now, I do hope he's done away with that pink ring... There was one time in which there were some irritating lasses clad in pink he associated with. They certainly didn't know the meaning of no. I had to sort a few things out for that to end quickly."

A hint of a growl edged at the end of that sentence, and... Possessiveness? Then again, with what Ella knew about Caim and Angelus' relationship, well... It was safe to say that the famed greed of a dragon did not end with gold.

"Shit! My Bad man!" X_X Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Downtown San Fierro.

Ton Ton shrugged when David said that he knew only a little about San Andreas, making the Tonberry wonder about what constituted as proper training for a cop. However, that flew out the window when David put the pedal to the metal, and the Tonberry began to cling to Shawn for dear life, burying his face in the Wanderer's chest so he didn't have to see the rushing landscape outside the car. The little Tonberry quivered on the spot, and was praying that it would be over soon.


Yup. The Tonberry didn't care for speeding cars anymore.

OCP Building: Fionn/Viscus

Hmm, why do I get the sudden urge to paint bananas on my face and start taking them in choke-holds? Fionn shrugged and took aim at the farthest guard, no one could see him in their current formation. With the right order of shots he could drop them all with no-one seeing anything. Then again, he could screw the whole thing up and decide to destroy the building.

Alright then, Fionn began firing, each pellet enchanted by Sleep Shot to knock out each guard. He managed to act fast enough to hit each one with only the last seeing the others fall, eh, no one will believe him anyway. The guards knocked out, he walked over to the now asleep reinforcements, grabbed a keycard and ID, and moved towards the lift. He pushed a button to open the lift doors, flicking his wrist to fry another camera, pressed the button for Floor 60 and stood there.

OCP Building: Fionn/Viscus

With all the guards down, Fionn was clear to take the lift up to the more "Private" levels of OCP.
The Glass lift allowed him a good view of the city as he ascended, as well as a glimpse of Viscus, still doing his best to draw as much attention as possible.
A beep from his PDA:

"The Device is located in the "Robotics Research Center" on that floor. Be careful, my efforts have drawn away most of the guards on that level but some still remain."
"What exactly did you do to draw them away?"
"The CEO's Daughter is one for Lewd Behaviour."

When the lift opened, Fionn was greeted by this:


It was large Bipedal Mech with enough firepower to turn any one who came out of that lift into a fine red mist...
Or at least it would if it wasn't a statue, a Plaque at the base of it dubbed it a Enforcement Droid Series 209, Decommissioned for quote "Various Reasons".
Still looked like it could made to function again though...

Apart from the statue was several sterile looking hallways leading deeper into the robotics labs and a Guard post that was being used by most of the Floor's guard as a screening room for the NSFW 3 hour compilation Viscus posted on the company site.

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

Her sister's statement drew a good bit of attention from Melethia. After all, she'd never heard of that, and she had a pretty strong feeling that Teri's affinity to Water would have stopped that altogether.It was lucky for Teri that Melethia heard about the no-entry zone. "No-fly zone? Back where I'm from, they call that a challenge. Ya know, I think I'll be takin' that challenge." She puled out one of her lockpicks and absentmindedly twirled it around her finger, already thinking about what kind of defenses this place might have.

Teri could feel a disappointed sigh from Sadei before she responded back. "I can't tell you what to say, but I would at least try to open up a bit. I mean, wasn't she there with you when you meat the crud out of that Machamp?"

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Cadolbolg/Devon/Jenny

Devon took a glass of Rugal's wine and had a small drink of it, still a bit confused why someone would pay fifteen thousand dollars for a bottle of any drink. "Well, some people don't want others getting into places. Like for example, back in my home area, there was a few bases that I'm sure are no-fly zones. One of them's really famous, despite the fact that nobody knows what goes on there. Odds are if we really went back there, we'd see a lot of it."

He decided to leave Ella to talk to Angelus as he went over to Jenny. "I know, right? If I'm going to be having a drink, I'd rather not feel like I'm lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills if you catch the drift.

Still, if this feels right, then I'd better keep an eye out for some Brits there. I don't know if I told you about them, but it seems like they got stranded out there after a bad drug trip."

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Angelus/Ella

Ella seemed a bit troubled at this news. "Wait. When you say Angelic powers, are we talking the full indoctrination thing? I really hope that's not the case... I'll agree wit you on those pink girls. Sounds way too much like mom's old friends, and if they try anything, They'll learn to back off real fast."

Hmm, looks like Ella's mistaken the girls clad in pink as succubi. Might not end too well if they show up around Devon in the future...


Slindis gently refused the wine and instead got some water from the same bar, leaving the glass there for Dillon. "I'm sorry, but me and wine aren't exactly allies. THe aid wasn't too much, though. Think nothing of it."

Leaving Da Nang Ship: Teri/Slin/Garm/David. A/Caim

David took the wine, giving it a cultured sniff. Seemingly impressed, David sipped at the wine... and the moment that Rugal wasn't looking, he promptly stuck his head over the water and spat it back out. He wiped at his lips and sat back down again with a shudder. Wine was never a favorite of his, and the same went for alcohol in general. Despite his upbringing, he'd much rather go for a can of soda, rather than a fancy glass of squished grapes. He turned to Slindis, responding to her apology.

"You don't need to apologize. I believe I was the one at fault, anyway," The young man crossed his arms with a sigh. "It was quite obvious that I was in the middle of an incredibly dangerous situation. I was just being stupid at the time..." He paused. "Well, either that, or I was still a bit dazed from tumbling out of another wormhole, all battered and bruised."

When he was left back in that Western dimension, David had a lot of trouble getting around, and as mentioned before by Melethia, Slindis, and Devon's words, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Because of that, he got lots of unwanted attention.

San Fierro: Pier 69: Rugal

"Well Enough. I'm sorry, I can just rarely resist celebrating a victory..." Rugal conceded to Slindis as he took another slip from his own glass as he returned the boat to the Nearest Pier.
"Besides, knowing our luck, we won't get another quiet moment like this until the next attack..." He sighed as David Ashford spoke up.
He then eyed up David, wondering where he came from, least before he said "Wormhole."
"Wormhole?...You're from another Realm?" He asked rather casually, Hell, his entire family was from other realms at this point.
What David would realize that they met before, though Rugal was blinded at the time.

San Fierro: Pier 69: Jenny

Jenny let out a little laugh, a warning sign that the drink was going to her head.
"Ohhhh...The Rich do such silly things..." She giggled as she took more slips of her own drink.
"...Oh yeah...The..da-.....dur TRUTH! Yeah, didn't he want us to look for some people..." She began to slur, what was with her and Alcohol?!

San Fierro: Pier 69: Rugal

Slindis nodded at that quip. "We do have some more information this time, so we should get moving while we can still seize the chance. Resting on our laurels isn't the best idea considering that we still haven't stopped the main threat here." She felt it would certainly be nice to take a break, but time was a luxury she knew couldn't be taken here.

San Fierro: Pier 69: Jenny

Devon hid a small twinge of nostalgia as he shook his head. "Whoa, maybe yo should take it a bit slower with the drink? It'll still be here when we finish our next bit, you know. Well, that and I don't think we have a Designated Therapist on-hand to help relieve you of your duties."


San Fierro: Pier 69: Rugal
Dillon was offered a wine glass but he shook his head
"Rugal I'm wielding a sentient British renaissance blade, one that gets upset if I put carrot in his makes do you think he'll keep quite if I dare touch a french wine?"
To his inconvenience, the sword transformed into its odd humanoid form

An interesting thing to note was Dillon's golden wings remained where they were.
the french are barbarians and they're wine is sour" he attempted to swat it away, his cane connected with the bottle and it actually went flying but Dillon caught it.
"Come on Cali, just let it go I'll get make you a nice early grey when we reach shore alright?"
Excalibur actually took a few moments then sat down in the boat right beside Slindis holding his can out in front of him.

Pedal to the metal 2: pedal harder.Shawn, David and Ton Ton.
Location: Downtown San Fierro.

As the car sped up, the environment around the car went by as if it was a missile, something that this Wanderer has seen a lot of. "Just get us there ... alive ... preferably." Shawn muttered as he looked outside to avoid gazing at anyone. His eyes were shot open, hoping that he would never sit inside something this fast again. Everyone has their fears and it seems speed has become Shawn's.

Shawn did not even notice that the TonTon was buried in his chest. The past Courier only thought of the things that make him comfortable, weapons.

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