The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Ghost Town": David (West), Teri, Rugal, Slindis, Dillon, Angelus, Caim, Melethia, David (Ashford)
((Angelus used with permission))

Within a few minutes, Angelus swooped in overhead as Dillon kept drawing the fire of the guns away from the much larger Dragon
Feeling the annoying pricks of sniper rounds, Angelus began to let loose with the fireballs into the surrounding mesa's, frying any turret she found as her flames only could.

A quick helping of "Kill it with Fire" later and Deadshot's gun's fell silent.

"WOOOOO! YEAH! THANK THE LORD FOR AIR SUPPORT!" David West gleefully shouted as the RC Snipers were burned to a crisp.
"Alright people, If he could set this up, then he must be at the Base by now! Let's Move out and NAIL this bastard!" He shouted with zest as he quickly got up, the Healing that Teri and Slindis did working wonders.
As he went to the truck they used to drive here, He ran into David Ashford and Melethia.
"AND WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU!? DAMMIT MAN, GIVE ME SOME HEADS UP BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE OPERATION AREA! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!" He ranted at the student as he walked past him, the rage in his system will being vented as he did.

Rugal meanwhile was Ironically the more level headed one as he stood up from cover.
"Strange...There were no Remote Snipers in that shipment he stole...where did he get them?..." He mused, wondering if someone was supplying Deadshot.
Glancing up, he gave a Wave of Thanks to Angelus and Dillon, hoping to get out of publicly thanking his former enemy for basically saving his life.

Area 69: Deadshot

"Oh, come on! Where are my Guns at?!" Deadshot moaned as he attempted to access his turrets remotely and having no success, seeing how most of them were burning plastic at this point.
Shit, They'll be on their way here now...Alright, just keep your cover up and everything will be fine... He told himself as he resumed his patrol of the base as part of his disguise, just waiting for an opening to access the underground lab right underneath it.

Arco del Oeste: Jenny, Ella, Devon, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, MACCER!, ???

"America!? Oh, Wait until I tell my Ma about this!" Maccer stated, only now remembering that he was in fact IN America, a night of substance abuse that bad tends to mess with your memory.
"'Eh, give me a phone and I'll call for a cab. I think I have a gig later..." He asked, starting to bore of the current situation, seeing how Devon was keen to stop him from having any fun whatsoever.

Jenny meanwhile was a little startled when Ella scooped her up but quickly calmed.
"Whoa!...Alright, errr, fly low, just in case you lose your grip." She asked as the pair of them flew off, The pokemon worried about being dropped a few dozen feet onto the unforgiving ground.
"Well...At least he's okay, That'd be a load off the Truth's mind at the very least."

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul

"...Bleeding Hell, why can't I get shacked up with someone normal?...Paul. Kent Paul." The Brit explained as he returned to his Bunk.
"This place is where they lock up people snooping about, so I'm told. I have no idea how I got here, I just..."Woke up" here with a Killer Hangover! As for killing, It's a Mug's Game, but I wouldn't know where to start." He explained, still wondering how the hell he ended up here in the first place.
Bet Maccer was involved...Fucking Northerner... He thought as Shawn noticed the Wise Guys were in the cell across from him.
"So Tell me, 'Guv. What'd you do to end up here?..." He asked, hoping his answer would help him better understand why he was stuck here too.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/David A.

Melethia bottled up the mixture and nodded in approval. "Yeah, ya do have a point. We've gotta get movin' if we wanna get him. Just try to relax a bit, will ya? We got out fine."

With that, she and David quickly made their way back to the rest of the group.

"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal/Slin/Angie/Caim/Mel/David (A.}/Teri

Slindis took one look at the guns before realizing she'd be hard pressed find out anything new with her knowledge. West might know more about these, though... I almost wish that we were dealing with something a bit more sane like the Emerald Claw. If it weren't for the specifics, she'd almost think she was back at home; a thought she quickly pushed out of her head as she went to thank Caim.

"THat was excellent timing on your part. Was there anything you found about this base as you were flying? I can understand if your search was fruitless, considering the area."

Seeing that David wasn't happy in any sense of the word, Melethia decidedd to butt in. "Well, he was comin' after me, an' we did find some pretty nasty stuff to use against people that try to fight us when we get in that base area. It's one of the strongest non-magic fires I've seen."

Sadei contacted back, definitely a bit more upbeat. "I know it takes a lot out of you, but I'm always happy to help out! It's better than being used by somme overzealous person that preaches on... That was the worst thing! It's like ramming into a brick wall repeatedly."

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

He thought about it for a bit then responded while helping dust Maccer off with a well-placed breeze. "Well, if it's like you say it is, then we should at least find that manager of yours. He'd probably want to keep a man of your skill around, so return the favor and he'll owe you big time.

Still, lay off Ella. I had to go through Hell and back to get her, and you wouldn't want somme othr bloke doing that to your gal." He let the British musician think it was an exaggeration, but it was far from one.

Ella grinned. "So, you don't want me to do this?"She then proceeded to perform a small loop through the air for a small laugh and to make Jenny jump a bit, but she kept a firm grip throughout.

Giving Jenny a moment to finish venting and cursing Ella's name if she so wished, she tsked at Jenny's statement. "Yeah, he's okay, even if he is a bit skeezy. He could be worse, but that doesn't really make it any better."

Sorry for the late post.

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul

"I was searching the desert for a target, when I saw a speck of light being reflected in the distance I thought it was him ... it wasn't, it was those "Men In Black"." Shawn said whilst reflecting upon his mistakes. "Honestly I probably could of killed them ... I just wasn't bothered." He shrugged as he shoulders lowered. "I just want my stuff back." Shawn sighed as he noticed the Wise Guys across from his cell.

"Although, I have no idea why I am actually here. Maybe I was too close to their base, meaning here, or they might of been attracted to my 'weird' armor." He smiled back at Kent and looked towards the Wise Guys again. "I thought you guys ran ... I mean I told you to." Shawn said to the opposite cell.

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys

Kent was deeply worried by Shawn's story.
"Base?...In the Desert?...Oh FUCK ME! We're not there, are we?! God dammit Maccer..." He cursed, regretting so much as meeting that foul man.
"...Me and a band I manage were in the Desert, see. Some hippy uncle was our guide on a Peyote trip or some shit. I remember we made a camp, but nuthing after that. Bet Maccer put something in my drink...again..." He explained, wondering what he did to get stuck in a Military Base.
"Here's hoping it was just some Ten-a-penny gig like pissing on the fence or something..." he hoped as Shawn began to talk to the men he was holding at gunpoint less than an hour earlier.

"Oh shut it! We're stuck here because of you! It was a simple job and we would have got it done if you didn't bring the fucking Suits!" the one known as Frankie only to be shushed by his more level headed friend.
"We did. Didn't matter in the end. Strange...Coulda killed us easily if they wanted to. Why didn't they?..." He sighed as he paced around his cell.
"...Well, Water under the bridge, or the Desert rather. So...Any ideas how to get out of here? They let us live, but I'd rather spring this joint before they change their minds..."

"Ghost Town": David (W.)/Rugal/Slin/Angie/Caim/Mel/David (A.)/Teri

After they dealt with Deadshot's trap, the group made their way towards the Desert Base
Look, I'm tired, I've spent 4 hours on a bus and another 2 in a car today and I have writer's block, Okay!? >.<

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

"Alright! Alright! Just gimme a damn mobile!" Maccer demanded after hearing Devon's warning.
The bard finally went to pull out his phone, only to find he had a text message labelled "We have a Mutual Problem...".
Strange, he didn't give his number to anyone.
Opening it up, he found it contained a picture of a man with a scarred face standing over the body of a dead soldier while taking his uniform along with the name of the attacker: Deadshot.
The body of the message said:

"Resourceful, ain't he? He's already in the base. Get a move on and Ditch the brit, don't have all damn day!"

"'Ey! What are you waiting for!? Gimme that!" Maccer protested as he took the phone and called for a cab to pick him up.
Once he was done, he said "Alright, if you see Pablo, tell him I'll be Fort Carson. See ya, jobbo." before he made his way to the roadside and waited to be picked up.
Unless Devon wanted an escort mission on top of everything else...

Jenny meanwhile let out a high pitched scream as Ella did her loop-de-loop in the air.
"PLEASE! DON'T! DO THAT!" She screamed as they met up with the others.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Once the group was back together, they looked out at their target.


"Right...Got some SAM Sites...What appear like Motion Detectors...Sentries, Snipers. Couple of Dozen armed guards and more under the surface...It seems only nigh impossible..." David West groaned as he scoped out the base with a scope he took off one of the turrets.
"Compared to what we usually go up against?" Rugal joked as he took a turn to look.
"This doesn't look like some normal base, they don't have this much security or stationed troops...So...Ideas?" He asked the group, wondering how they were going to pull this off.

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

Devon was more than a bit disturbed at the message, but he did his best to bluff like he was okay as he waved Maccer off. "I'll make sure to do that, and maybe I'll be at your next gig. Take care, mate." For right now, he'd have to hide the thoughts on that message.

Ella finished by landing rather gently to try to soothe Jenny a bit. "Okay, okay. I just wanted to show you that at least I'm a good flyer...Sorry?" Seeing how they were the first ones there, it was a short wait for all the others.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Slindis thought it over. "Well, we can't just walk in there. We'll have too many people firing on us for that option." It would be a lot more helpful if she actually had a good longbow to use, but as she'd found out since her shift to unarmed fighting, she didn't have one any more.

Devon nodded in agreement. "When we get in, we could try what we did earlier. THe main problem with that would be getting there. Angie, your flying up might make a big target of yourself, and I don't want to even think about what would happen if Cadolbolg tried the same."

Melethia pulled out her bow as she eyed how far the shots would be. "Well, I might be able to hit a few, but that's a lot of range for me to cover..."

Ella finally stretched as she eyed the area. "Well, we need to get in there somehow, right? Pick a way and just go for it!" Apparently she hadn't heard about what'd happened in the ghost town...

Not so RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

Hearing the Suits out, he looked back to Kent Paul. "That is only a speculation though, if we can get a view of the outside world we can confirm our position. Though getting a view of the outside is the hard part." Shawn said to him as he looked back across the cell to the two suits. "Also I heard of a guy called Tenpenny, he was an asshole ... but unfortunately I can't attend his funeral." He smirked as he responded to the Suits.

"You, I didn't bring the suits. They were probably overlooking you guys or all of us, in-case we got too close to their home. For getting out of here ... we have to make a riot, not any riot ... but a riot that can destroy this base. If I can reach my stuff and whatever they have, I'm sure we can get out of here." The Wanderer said, but could only think if his friends know he is here ... or his enemies.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

David coughed into his hand to get everyone's attention, but then he faltered when all of their eyes were staring right at him. "U-uh... How about w-we try stealing some soldiers uniforms?" He suggested in a shaky voice while nervously wringing his hands. "W-e could try... Er, luring, some of those guards that are patrolling the perimeter of the base away from the sniper's line of sight?"

David grit his teeth and stopped to compose himself. He took several deep breaths before he continued on. "...Once that is done, we could knock them out, or kill them if you have to, and take their uniforms. Of course, we'll have to be quick, otherwise they could alert everyone at the base of our presence with their radios. Some of us could disguise ourselves as guards, while others play the role of hostages. But for that to work, we need to keep the numbers small. If they see a mere few guards come back to headquarters with a group of competent fighters, that could easily dispatch swathes of them if they wanted to, all strung up, they may find that a tad bit suspicious.

"If the plan manages to get far enough so that some of us are inside, we could attempt to sabotage their security equipment from within so that the others can get inside with minimal fuss."

Once he finished going over his plan, he looked at the group expectantly. But after a few seconds, he began sweating profusely, his face becoming a tomato red, and shrinked into himself. "A-also... I kinda got this plan from a book I read... s-so I'm not sure how much of this will actually be successful."

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Teri lite up at David (A.)'s idea, and threw in her two cents as well, "I think that it's a great idea, Er.... Don't think I caught your name, so you're gonna be 'Sir' till I do. Anyways, I think there's one little problem, there's a lot of us, and probably not that many uniforms that could fit each and every one of us. So, if we do go with this plan, why not a good lot of us pretend to be prisoners? This place is like Roswell, that being a sketchy as hell base in the middle of desert, and a bunch of 'weirdoes' get dragged in... And let's face it, most people think we're kinda funny looking, and then we could pretend that said 'weirdoes' could be arrested on grounds of being suspicious. With the way you described the cops around here, Dad, that couldn't be completely off base, right?"

Caim shrugged, (having dismounted to join in on the discussion), and 'said', "I don't see why we can't just charge in as usual? We're all together now, as opposed to that ship. I think our force could easily overturn theirs."

The dragon snorted, once for being called 'Angie', and the second at Caim's 'tactics', (Cadolbolg deflating visibly at that) "Not all of us are as hardy as you, Caim. But, I can suggest a happier medium, perhaps. Sneaking in certainly has merit. But, we can easily disorient our opponents by taking out their centers of command whilst inside. After that, we could do something large, flashy, attention grabbing. Draw them away from our destination in this base and throw them into Chaos. Something our smaller members could help in setting up...?."
The dragon indicated her large head down to the younger, and more stealth inclined members of their group.

Ton Ton thought hard for a moment and spoke up as well, "If we were to get sneaking, me and Cadolbolg could easily pose as toys? I mean, I used to be a stuffed animal! I know how to stay still for a while!" The Tonberry gave a small giggle after that, reminded of happier times in the service of the Mistress.

As the members of the group began to debate their plan, the Cleric addressed the sentient staff, "A zealot was your last wielder? That does sound like a pain. Did they not hear you, hence the brick wall metaphor?"

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Rugal was considering the Uniform idea as David Ashford and Teri pitched the idea.
"True...From what I've heard back in the day, the Army here takes anyone with a pulse, seeing how it's the "Least" dangerous job in the region." He said as he watched the patrols from afar with the broken scope.
"...Just where can we get them?..." He asked, wondering if he'd even be able to fit in one.
"...Dillon, what size chest are you? Could pass you off as a recruit."

David West meanwhile was a little amused by Ashford's idea.
"Heh...And just how did that book end? Good guys winning, right? Because I get pissed off at bad endings." He joked as Melethia expressed her doubts about being able to snipe them with her bow.
"I could make those shots, but M500's aren't known for being suppressible...Hang on..." He paused as he looked though the scope again.
"...Got a light scout unit heading north from the base, over to the old airstrip in a Jeep...
That was strangely well timed..." He said confused as their infiltration plan was handed to them on a platter.
Right as he said that, Devon got another Text:

"Ask and ye shall receive."

Finally, Jenny was glad to be on solid ground again after her flight with Ella.
"Just...If it's ever the other way around, you'll know what I mean..." She said to Ella as the plan was being discussed.
"Guess I'll be one of the hostages then. I doubt I'd pass as a human..." She sighed as Ton Ton talked about sneaking in.
"...You know, if you took off the cloak and crawled, you could pass for a Lizard. Same with Cadolbolg if we dirty him up a little."

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys, ???
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

"A Riot? Yeah right. Listen Bozo, This is the US Army we are on about. Shoot first, ask Questions later!" Frankie interrupted Shawn as Kent grew more and more worried.
"Oh 'rrific...Death by firing squad...Well, Least I don't have to clean up Man-Seed anymore..." He sighed, one of the perks of being as far away from Maccer as humanly possible.
Then an Alarm sounded as a trio of M4 wielding soldiers walked in front of Shawn's Cell.
"Prisoner 101, You have been called for Interviewing. So much as Blink out of line and we'll pump enough lead in you, they'll be wiping you off the walls for weeks." The CO ordered, this starting to look like that time in Goodsprings.

In the corner of his eye, Shawn could barely make out a man in a suit, though a different one to the Men in Black.

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Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Dillon shook his head
"I got another idea," he looked around he considered which one would fit he smiled as he formed a plan.
"Hey Teri, You put on a uniform and put handcuffs on me then take my swords," he suspected he'd need an explanation.
"I'm not army material, my hair is long and messy I have poor posture I'm a smart-ass, and lastly I fight with swords.
But if they think I'm a prisoner then It's plausible. This also gives us more of a surprise element, Slindis you could do the same," He realized he was on his own train of thought.
"It's a human army if a Dark elf happened to be around as a recruit they'd remember that, I Melethia would have to do the same, and if we do have to fight Teri can just use My Xiphos (If curious He pronounced it: Zif-foe-ss) Which will easily cut through the cuffs."
He hoped the others would see his plan was an improvement not to mention it required less uniforms.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Slindis shook her head at the implication of her being a prisoner for this task. "Your plan assumes that they have to see me, though. Who says they will? It will be a stretch, but if I follow you, it should work out well. I can't be handcuffed for this, though." She focused a bit, feeling the potential energy waiting for her. Worst came to worst, she could take a decent number of attacks before needing aid.

Melethia seemed a lot more nonchalant about it. "Go ahead and try, but I won't be needing any blade to get rid of those sad excuses for restraints. You think I really needed that?" She was certainly ready, even if it wasn't that pleasant to her.

Devon led Ella over to the area with the patrol and quickly got the guiards knocked out. Ella drove back haphazardly, but Devon's attention was drawn to the next message. Who the hell is that M.T. person? If it's one of Ageha's people, this could be a trap...

As she waited for the response from the others, SLindis turned to Melethia. "I'll need to borrow your bow here, and a decent stack of arrows would be great as well." recognizing that her mom was going to stir up some problems for the defenders there, she gladly handed the items over.

Finaly, Sadei responded to Teri. Yeah, he was the worst... That's what I heard, and it felt like it too.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Teri blinked at the notion of holding a blade larger than a scalpel, and pointed at the (former) Prince of Caerleon, "You crazy? I'll cut everyone's fingers off if I use a sword. Why not have Caim handle the blades? It is HIS profession sort of thing, right Caim? Besides, I bet he could pull off a more imposing look than I ever could. On top of that, we need to get the uniforms first before we start up this disguise busine-"

And that was right around the time Devon and Ella rolled up in the car, and Caim cut in, taking Red Fear in Teri's place, "Speak of the Devil... How many did you bag there, Devon?"

Teri kept her mouth very firmly closed as Caim walked by, and focused on her staff some more, "Ah, sorry to hear that, buddy. Seriously, if I get that bullheaded, I give you permission to whack me upside the head.... If Mom's training doesn't do that first."

Dimitri piped up from the Tablet to break the silence the Cleric had taken for the moment, "Well, Madam, at the very least, the moment you get me close enough to their electrical systems, I can start opening doors that we may need. That is some form of contribution to this plan, yes?"

Teri only gave a light nod at that and muttered, "It is..."

((I think this would be Dillon's first encounter with Dimitri at this point....))

At Jenny's notion, Ton Ton gave a little nod and after his tools disappeared in a puff of black smoke, he very delicately took off his robe, and folded it before presenting it. On top of the little pile was a necklace with a familiar yellow feather, and the Tonberry said, "I'll trust you to take very good care of these while I am incognito. At least, could you try to, please?"
For a constantly staring, beady eyed little critter, the Tonberry could at least manage to be polite while naked as the day he was sewn into creation.

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, heard the phrase "dirty himself up" and immediately took to the dirt on the ground, rolling around and giggling like some reptilian mixture of a dog and a small child. Angelus could only shake her head, knowing full well that her son was not raised in the same sort of prideful environment as the dragons of her realm. That and, as much as she hated to admit it, it was kinda cute to watch. As everyone prepared themselves, the dragon gave one last inhale of hot desert air, and then wandered to Caim's side to prepare her transformation to her human form once again. At the very least, she was able to get a good workout for the time she stuck to her true form.

Sighing to himself as the guards came, he said a few last words. "Well think of something before I come back." The Wanderer said as the door opened and as he passed the CO he had to say something according to his attitude. "You know what, that would be probably the biggest dick move you could do ... not only to me, but to the fuckin' poor cleaners that mop this place. You would put them on un-paid overtime and make THEM clean up YOUR mess." Shawn decided to continue his rant at the CO.

"You would keep them from their family because you just had to shoot my blood everywhere, well I hope you would feel proud of yourself Chief because every time you look into that poor janitor's eyes you will see his crying children." Shawn wasn't done yet but he was being dragged away by the soldiers surrounding him. "I don't need you to take me away from this asswipe, I'll walk away. PATHETIC!" Shawn finally spat out before turning around to walk with the soldiers.

Yet he had a smirk on his face. "(I wonder what he is thinking now, hopefully he will have respect for the cleaners now.)" He chuckled, not at the speech but at his number. 101, where it all started.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Rugal thought about Dillon's plan for a moment before adding "I guess having a Former Arms Baron would sweeten the deal..." as Devon and Ella returned with the Jeep and Uniforms of several soldiers.
"Right...I'll be one of the Prisoners then. Just wait a moment while I..."Get into Character"..." He cryptically said before behind the now parked Jeep out of view.
Some tearing and dust kicking later, Rugal looked like he was stuck out in the desert for weeks, his hair was messed up, his face was now covered in dust and his suit was torn to ribbons.
To finish the disguise, he used his slashing aura to cut himself on his face and body, at this point, he looked like a tourist that got lost in a 3rd world country rather than the Respectable man he used to be.
"I'm going to ask everyone to refrain from taking pictures. Don't even try it, I'll know." He warned, keen on protecting his image, as he waited for the others to get into their disguises.

David West quickly hopped on one of the knocked out Soldiers and began to strip him of his uniform, just like Deadshot did hours before.
"Just a heads up to anyone cosplaying as a Prisoner, I *MIGHT* need to treat you like crap until we get inside. I'm not certain how US Soldiers treat detainees or whatever you guys would be. Nothing" He explained, hoping he wouldn't go mad with power and start pistol whipping everyone.
Then again, it might be nice to get one over on his teammates, be the dominate one for once, maybe smack them around a bit.
...What the fuck is wrong with me?!... He thought to himself, worried it had already gone to his head.
A few minutes of pulling and tugging later, he managed to squeeze into his disguise, throwing on a pair of shades he found in the chest pocket.
"Alright...Be honest now. How do I look?" He asked the others.

Jenny meanwhile was happy to take Ton Ton's belongings.
"Don't worry, They'll be safe with me." She reassured the Tonberry as he and his partner began to make their way towards the base.
It was then she realized her mistake: "...Now where am I going to keep these?..." She wondered out loud as she looked for a safe place to at least store them.
"Yo, J! I can hold onto those if you want." David West offered as he held out a duffle bag.
"Why Thank You, David!"
"Hey, need to confiscate all Alien Belongings."
"You heard me, ET."
The Pokemon was not amused by this, even if she did volunteer to be a so called "Alien".
"Oh Har Dee Har Har. Just don't blow our cover alright? Or else I'll have to probe you!" She teased as her handcuffs were put on.

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys, M.T.
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

The man seemed extremely entertained by Shawn's outburst as he was led into a dank interrogation room.
"-"you will see his crying children". Oh that's rich." He chuckled as the soldiers left Shawn alone with the stranger.
"So, How are you enjoying our neck of the woods? Been busy I see..." He mused as he picked up a file and began reading it.
"Ran Big Poppa out Los Santos, killed a woman with a troubled childhood out the woods, blew up a ship in San Fierro and now caught trespassing onto Government property...Most people just head to the Slots and call it a vacation." He listened as he threw pictures of Shawn doing each one of these deeds.

"Now, we only got 20 minutes before their real commander shows up So I'll cut the bullshit. I need you to do something for me..."

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

David (A.) just shrugged as he was stripping down one of the soldiers. "It looks alright, I guess." He simply said, before putting on his disguise. After a few minutes of struggling with the boots, he finally placed the patrol cap on top of his head to complete the ensemble. He managed to keep his knives hidden under the clothes, but chose to have his pistol out, placing the holster on his uniform and slipping it in.

He lifted up his bag and held it up. "...I don't suppose any of you could take care of this? I doubt I'd be able to get it inside without having it confiscated." David didn't just want to leave it out in the desert either, hidden or otherwise. He didn't want to take any chances.

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys, M.T.
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

As the fake Commander stated what Shawn has done, the Wanderer was trying to interrupt him but resulting in failure.
Coming back to the job proposal, Shawn placed his fingers on his chin. "Just so you know, back there ... talking is my paint and people are the canvas now before we get down to that job of your let me just say ..." Shawn said as he took in a large gasp of air before ...

"One, that was for the better for everyone.
Two, she was a crazy bitch and I mean CRAZY. To me, the only cure for crazy is deaht.
Three, that wasn't me ... I'll get to that in a while, long story.
Four ... I did not know that was government land. I was travelling the road and saw those two gangsters back there burying a body, so I decided to teach them a lesson ... and now here I am.

Talking about his adventure and journal, Shawn wanted to know something. "Say, you know a person called Deadshot and maybe a group after him? I'll tell you my story about the boat." Shawn said as he told his boat story quickly. " ... and after all of that, he did not even pay me for those two contracts. So I'll listen to this "Job" of yours and if I accept, I want my payment upfront with my equipment." he said and crossed his arms.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Melethia put herself in the (poorly made, in her eyes) handcuffs and pulled David down so she could whisper to him. "I'll play along for now, but if any of these morons touch my pouches, they'l have as many hands as they do heads." After that statement she went into the formation, feeling a few of her lockpicks at the ready.

Meanwhile, Devon guided Ella into a small illusion to make her look like a recruit for the base as he went over to David. "Let me handle the talking, and I'll get your bag in with you. After all, you're one of the patrolmen." Seeing that Ella's illusion was barely passable, he gave her and David a tumbs-up.

Finally, Slindis Faded out of view and talked to the group through the rings. "Give me some small openings and I'll make sure that they're taken taken care of for the most part when we're ready to leave."

Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

The Agent seemed amused by Shawn's attempts to explain himself.
"Listen, I don't judge. I once got a street hoodlum to break into a Aircraft carrier. Until you end up being pushed onto my desk, I don't care." He put it bluntly as he pulled out another file from a Briefcase with a set of Handcuffs on it. (And some blood...)
"Yes, I know about Deadshot. I know his name, his address, his paymasters, everything. I also know that he is in this very base about to unleash hell on a massive urban area for the interests of his employers." He explained as he flicked through a file with "EXCELSUS" written on it in huge red letters.
"...Oh wow...Someone's stole from the cookie jar when they made this towering monstrosity...So anyway, I've made a few calls and your "Friends" are making their way here as we speak." He said as he read through the thick booklet.

"I swear, we get more of those Anime people in R&D every year...So, What I want you to do is to break out, make some noise, show these people that you can't just blow Billions on some Doomsday Weapon and expect to get off the hook."

"Any Questions?"

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

After much rolling, Cadolbolg finally emerged from the dust and smiled at the group, "I look normal now, right?"

Being covered in dust, Cadolbolg may have been able to masquerade as a rare breed of desert tortoise, but those dratted wings certainly gave things away. Ton Ton, who was practicing his disguise as a lizard, looked up and said, "Until we break in, you do know you won't be allowed to fly around, right? Try to hide your wings. Generally, that's not considered normal by people outside of our group."

Cadolbolg noticeably drooped at the news, but tried to tuck in his wings to hide them and wandered over to David, smiling in his innocent manner as usual and said, "You look funny!"

Caim and Angelus, on the other hand, managed to fit themselves into their own uniforms, Caim picking one several sizes larger than himself so he wouldn't have to take off his armor. This lead to the normally lean looking warrior look much bulkier than usual (but not quite to the extremes of the likes of Rugal or Bruiser). Depending upon who you asked, this could either have a very intimidating or very silly look. Angelus took her opinion in the later camp, as she was trying her best not to snicker.

As for Teri and Garm, the Cleric looked down at her large wolf and patted him on the head before instructing Sadei to change to her smaller form and stuck the staff (now in pen form) in her pocket, then took off her satchel and Dimitri's apparatus with a sigh before handing both to David, "Please take good care of him, Mr. West. Dimtiri's all I got left of my old world. That and, you know, him being sentient matters."

"I appreciate the sentiment, Madam. I shall reduce power usage to the best of my abilities till we enter this base."

After doing that, she waited for her own pair of shackles and explained to her wolf, even if he wasn't able to properly able to understand human speech (or did he?); "Getting out of this robe would do me more harm than good, buddy. Too many enchantments placed on it, you know. Taking it off would be like removing a suit of armor from a knight. Besides, if anyone asks, I'm a lost LARPer and a DnD fanatic; both of which are true-ish, to a minute degree."
The Cleric snickered at her joke for a moment before wandering over to David A and playfully jibbing, "You won't be too hard on this lost LARPer, will ya?"

However, that playful attitude faded as soon as the handcuffs found there way onto the Cleric's wrists and she was loaded in the jeep with the rest of the "guards" and "prisoners", almost smelling the cold mold of a wayward basement as she sat in her seat. The clinking of chains echoed in her mind, alongside a dark laughter and the sensation of a bitter cold seeping into pallid, snow touched, skin. Teri began to involuntarily shake as she tried to return her breathing to a normal level (as Jenny and Sadei had instructed earlier on the ship after the episode with the pliers), "I'm not there anymore. I'm with friends and family. It's gonna be okay. Breathe. Breaaatthee...."

Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

"So you are hiring me to destroy Deadshot and his "Master's" plans. Hmmm" Once more Shawn was intrigued in this offer. "My only question are, how am I getting paid and am I obtaining anything for this mission. That Information sounds important to this mission and most importantly, my equipment is stored somewhere. Maybe a master key or bobby pin is needed to get out of here and towards my weapons." He said to him.

Shawn needed both the information and equipment to complete his mission. His equipment was actually his life. Though earning some money on the side isn't bad either.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

David laughed at the girl nervously, getting a little red in the face. "Heh heh... Uh, I-I'll do my best, miss." He said, as he slapped the cuffs on her wrists. The moment the cuffs locked onto her hands, he felt the girl let out a shudder. Looking up, he noticed that the girl's complexion got a lot more pale, which unsettled the student quite a bit. He was about to ask what was wrong, but decided to bite his tongue and just lead her to the jeep.

Once she got into her seat, he sat to her left and pulled out his pistol. He can't very well be unarmed when "escorting" some "trespassers" back to home base. Looking to his left, the girl was shaking uncontrollably, and muttering to herself. He gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Hey. Uh... Hang in there, miss. It's alright," David assumed that she was scared out of her wits about actually pulling off the plan, much like he was, and tried offering some encouraging words to calm her down. "From what I've seen from you guys before, we should all be able to get out of this situation just fine... Er, minus a few minor injuries."

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Rugal watched as the other prisoners were soon locked up and put in the back of the jeep with him.
"Anyone so much as touches you, They'll neither have a hand or a head." He added to the Elf's comment as the Jeep began to move.
It was then that Teri began to slightly panic, no doubt this experience was bringing back bad memories.
"Hey, it's okay. We're here." He said comfortingly as he held her hand though the handcuffs, albite awkwardly due to his own bindings.
"Everything will be alright, I promise."

David West meanwhile was driving the Jeep for his "Commanding Officer" Devon.
"Alright, just keep in mind that in any other situation, I'd be bossing you around." He reminded the bard just before Slindis requested an opening.
"West here, gimme a sec and I'll hook you up." He said over the rings before saying to his passengers "Just hang tight everyone, I know what I'm doing."
He then turned the key in the ignition despite the jeep already being on, causing a horrible screeching noise to come from the vehicle before switching it off, giving the impression that the jeep broke down.
The noise was enough to draw attention from everyone nearby, the Snipers most importantly, giving Slindis her opening, though Ton Ton and Cadolbolg could use it to close some distance too.
"Give them hell." He finally said before spending a few minutes pretending to fish out a rock or something out the underside of the jeep before getting back to driving.

Jenny was busy tending to Jenny's psyche when David West did his Ruse.
"DAVID! What did you do that for?!" She shouted, worried about what affect it'd have on Teri.
"Slindis needed an opening, I gave her one." He answered as they pulled up by the gates and waited to be let in.
Shaking her head as Ashford tried to comfort her, Jenny added "He's right, you know that we always look after our own, you know that."

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Melethia tested the sad excuse for cuffs and shrugs. "Look, we'll be fine. Anythin' goes bad, we have support. When we get in, they'll be surprised..." Once it started, all it would take is a second to break free from the cuffs and get a thermite grenade thrown.

"I'll go for the furthest ones first." WHile the attention was drawn, SLindis drew a few arrows from Melethia's bow and shot them in the necks with pinpoint accuracy. The chaos she'd draw over there would make it easier for the main group to get in, and she Faded back out to feel her reserves get a bit more tapped. She'd have to move fast to clear out enough to make ANgie's job safer, and there eas only so long it would work.

WHen they got to the gates, Devon turned to the guard. "Command sent us heere with some new acquisitions. If you hold us up here, you will be court-martialed and make Bradley Manning's sentence look like a slap on the wrist. HUA, soldier?" The pair hoped that SLin's job would keep the forces split for long enough to get this done properly.

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys, M.T.
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

"...Well how the hell am I supposed to know! I don't work here!" The Agent stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Still, here, might as well throw you a bone. You do this, you'll be rewarded" He said as he gave Shawn a Bobby Pin from his pocket.
"Anyway, I gotta go, I'm too hip for this place. GUARDS! YOU CAN PUT HIM BACK NOW!" The Agent ordered before the soldiers returned and dragged him back to his cell as Kent Paul and the Wise Guys watched.
"Oh, Back so soon?" Frankie snarked, still unhappy with his current situation.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Teri squeezed Rugal's hand after it was offered, and felt the warmth of the support of her comrades in the jeep; which in turn reduced her shaking, if only a little. She did her best to give an appreciative smile (which may or may not have been diminished in light of the shakes still being there) and said in a small voice, "T-t-thank you. Ad-d-dmittedly, I did i-inflict this on myself, i-if only accidentally. I-I-I'll be okay."
Garm, on the other hand, quite literally, had taken to licking in an attempt to follow the example of the others on the jeep, even if he wasn't entirely sure what was going on.

With silence falling as they reached their destination, Caim and Angelus found themselves keeping darker countenances. Caim desperately wanted to feel his familial sword by his side (as it was now hiding out in the Wheel), and almost felt naked without it being in his hands. Angelus, on the other hand, pantomimed lighting and extinguishing a lighter (which in actuality was her fire magic) in her human form. In one part, it was to imitate an action she had seen humans do in passerby, and thus add to her disguise. In the other, it was a way to ease off discomfort of being packed in a jeep and being forced to wear an uncomfortable human disguise.

As for Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, the duo did their best to shimmy in the sands after their friends; Ton Ton having the most trouble, considering he was the bipedal one of the duo. For Cadolbolg, it was easy, but somewhat slow. He would prefer a flight any day instead of walking sooooooo sloooooowwwww. Funny, considering what the (former)construct used to be.

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