The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Area 69: MIB Sector: Main Room Main Group

"Alright, just keep it low key, we're entering the base." David West sent over the Rings as the "Guards" and "Prisoners" went into the depths of the hidden base.
Once past the Blast Doors, they entered a lift with 2 keyholes, one labelled "Military" for the Army and one Labelled "Classified" For everything else.
"....Fuck, Anyone get a key?" He asked somewhat panickedly as he realized that they needed one in order to access the lower levels.
"HOLD THE LIFT!" He heard someone shout behind him, nearly causing him to draw his gun.
Instead, it was the men that were processing Jenny, her Gardevoir body working well as an "Alien".
The Pokemon herself was on a trolley they were wheeling in, completely out of it from their knockout gas.
"Phew, thought we'd missed it!" The Scientist said as he used his key to activate the lift and sending it down to the Classified level.
A minute later, they were in and the doors opened to a huge Command Center with hallways leading in several different directions, one for "Weapons Research", One for "Mess Hall", One for "Prison Bay" and one for "Research Lab".
"Thanks for that. I'll buy a beer after we finish with this one." The Scientist cheerfully said as he brought Jenny down a hallway labelled "Research Lab".

Rugal meanwhile was playing his Prisoner role as best he could.
"Right...Now where is our "Friend"..." He mused, wondering which one of these sectors Deadshot was hiding out in.
He was a little concerned when Jenny was wheeled off like some cadaver and asked "We're in, Think we could go loud and proud yet?"

Location: RETRACTED (Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab)

"No Please! They'll just kill us both! They don't care about us Scientists!" Shawn's Hostage stammered as one of the Agents went into the microphone for the Decontamination Chamber.
"Attention Intruder, Surrender yourself or we be forced to purge the Chamber. We don't mind taking you back Alive or Dead and we have the controls for the Chamber, think about this." He warned as Shawn remembered the options he just used to get in here.
Then an idea! The Vents! he might be able to get out that way!

As he thought about this, he noticed a pair of shocked looking scientists with that weird creature from the Rising Dawn (Jenny) on a tolley.

Constance, Som, Hadrian

After the Trio had freed themselves and gotten their equipment back-
"Did you hear that?"
"Take a look, I'll cover you"
They heard 2 voices say before the door to their prison was opened and a pair of Men in Black Suits and Sunglasses entered, each holding a Strange Pistol.
"...They aren't in their cages." One pointed out as they took their safety's off and their guns began to hum slightly as they searched the room.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Main Room Main Group

Melethia finally came to a calm state as they were led further down into the basement, and they were contacted by Slin as well. "I've made my way down in time, but what happened to Jenny?"

Devon decided to speak up. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd rather not have Jenny get sliced up here... Anyone going to come along with me to try and get her out?"

Location: RETRACTED (Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab)

Seeing Jenny being rolled out beside the people outside the chamber, Shawn cursed himself for this situation.
"(Damn it, I can't help)" Shawn yelled inside his mind, he knew he had to act quickly or both him and his hostage friend will end up being "Purged", and for one Shawn does not want to feel that. "Sorry gotta scoot!" He yelled towards his audience as he kicked in a vent and went inside whilst dragging his "Scientist buddy" along behind him.

"You did piss me off with that yelling, but I am correct when I say "They are going to kill you anyway". I mean you did let me in and I apologize, I needed my stuff. It would be safer for you to remain with me as I tear this place asunder, then you can leave and work for a better organisation ... or me. What the hell is your name anyway?" Shawn asked as he pulled out his pistol in case his "buddy" fought back, this was for his well being too.

The two were crawling inside the vents, Shawn was going to unleash the prisoners and give them weapons. Well only the good ones. "Stay close, when you are with me you will not die ... I think"

Location: RETRACTED (Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab)

"HE'S GOING INTO THE VENT! STOP HIM!" The "Negotiator" of the Agents shouted as they raced inside the chamber, firing blue blots of energy at Shawn as he got away.
"GET ME THE LAYOUT OF THOSE VENTS! AND FIND THAT MAN! We can't risk a possible leak. MOVE!" He ordered as the group began to run around urgently trying to find where those Vents led.

Inside the large Vent, the Scientist was squirming and trying to get away, least before Shawn pulled a pistol.
"Unhand me! I spent my entire life getting to this point and I'm not about to let you ruin it for me!" He shouted, clearly annoyed at the whole "Hostage" thing.
"If my employers think I gave you classified information, they'll kill me in an instant. I'm not telling you anything!" He protested as he was dragged along.

Location: RETRACTED (Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab)

Shawn palmed his forehead as his new friend spoke. "They will probably already assume you gave me information, heck you let me in the chamber in the first place, they probably think your with me already and will kill you on site with me." He said whilst still pulling him along in the vents, checking the entrances for the location of them as they tried to reach the Prison Bay. The Wanderer was hoping that his friends were coming here, but if they came here it only could mean Deadshot is here again. Once Shawn starts a riot he will also start to look with him.

Turning around Shawn spoke again. "You may as work with me to get you to safety, Hell you should work for the organisation I have a temporary position in, you could improve that airship." Shawn said to him and decided to give him the truth. "Enough about that job position. This place is going to Hell already, if my friends are coming here, that could only mean that this place is done for and something bad is going to happen. Trust me, I treat my allies well and protect them with every fiber of my body." Shawn stopped and place his heart on his chest and took his helmet off.

"Give me your name and I will ensure you live." He said as he held his hand out to him.
Shawn would only hope that he will earn an ally out of this.

RETRACTED Shawn, Rusty
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab)

The Scientist let out a loud groan.
"....Gah! Fine. If you care so much about it..." He sighed as he took off his helmet, revealing his face.
"Doctor Thaddeus S. Venture...But my friends call me Rusty..." Rusty said as he introduced himself to his kidnapper.
He pulled out a can of Diet Pills and sighed "Well, not like my life was going to pick up anyway. The one place that doesn't have my father's name plastered over it..." as he took a couple of dozen of them.
"Go Team Venture my ass...Look, Can I go now?"

Unknown Location: Constance, Som, Hadrian

Hadrian clicked his tongue, thinking of a way to describe the organization. "Well, simply put, the Guardians are a large organization dedicated to the eradication of malevolent forces, ranging from your typical man who wishes to have the world burnt to cinders, or creatures from beyond the nether wh-"

"Did you hear that?"
"Take a look, I'll cover you!" A voice came from the entrance, coupled with the sound of rapid footsteps, interrupting the werewolf.

"...Well, shit." Hadrian dashed forward, grabbing Som and Constance, bringing them atop a vacant cage placed near the entrance. The moment the three were on top of the cages, two men in black and white suits came in, and armed with alien-looking guns.

"They aren't in there cages," One of them noted in alarm, causing them both to ready their weapons and search the area for the missing prisoners. Hadrian let out an irritated low growl, which their two supposed captors, thankfully, didn't hear.

"So, what do you two think we should do? Hadrian asked the hunter and vampire quietly. "Want to slip out while they aren't looking, or would you rather we grab one of them, so we can find out where we are?

Area 69: MIB Sector: Main Room Main Group

"I could come along." The Ashworth scion spoke up, pushing up his glasses. "Maybe we can try "negotiating" for her release."

Daft Sikes:
"So, what do you two think we should do? Hadrian asked the hunter and vampire quietly. "Want to slip out while they aren't looking, or would you rather we grab one of them, so we can find out where we are?

Hadrian's question was met with an unsure look from Constance, a girl who was not accustomed to combat and appeared to go green around the cat ears with just the thought about the possibility of being drawn into a fight. Though she had training and her parents had spared no expense in finding the best instructors on the topic of her blood magic, she had never used them in a live situation until very recently, when her family had been wiped out.

Som, aware of what the Pseudo-Feline Bloodsucker was capable of, answered the simplest way he could, by drawing the blade that had made Hadrian nervous recently. Holding the blade in front of him, Hadrian witnessed the silver knife's hand extend, transforming the weapon from a long knife to a spear.

"Capture one. Dispose of the other." The Hunter said, causing an immediate reaction from Constance.

"But what if they're the good guys? What if this is all a big misunderstanding." Constance whispered as she grabbed Som's arm.

"If they were friendly, they would not be drawing their weapons while looking for us, nor would they have placed us in cages while we were unconscious." Hunter Waterford responded, shaking the girl's hand from his arm.

Seeing that the two guards were about to be attacked and most likely killed, she tried to reached back behind her where Teddy had the girl's Silver and Black shotgun ready and loaded with beanbag rounds before Som could start his attack. Her actions, were too slow as Som jumped from the top of the cage with his spear out in front of him, ready to impale the first guard.

"LOOK OUT!!!" Constance called out from her perch on top of the cage, causing the guard to turn and see Som's diving attack.

*CRACK!!* The sound of the guard hitting Som in the face with his pistol resounded throughout the abandoned warehouse. A hum from behind Constance and Hadrian warned the two that they were in eminent danger as the second guard unleashed an explosive bolt of energy towards them.

"Look out Miss Constance!"

Since Devon and Ella were leading the back, they heard the commotion first. "Davids, me and Ella are gonna check on what happened back there. Anything goes wrong, we can get back here rather easily."

"Besides, I want out of this stuffy uniform, so the sooner the better. You guys can take care of things here, can't you?" Ella dispeled the rather weak illusion of her guard outfit to change back into her normal outfit as she went down the hallway.

Seeing the last guard attacking, Devon drew his blade from the sheath on his belt and stabbed him in the neck. "Any of you seen a fellow by the name of Kent Paul?" Hoping to stop the hostilities before they started, he dispeled the illusion he'd put on himself of the guard outfit to get in his streetwear, with the glimpse of some kind of black chain shirt underneath. Although he wasn't sure who they were, it wouldn't hurt to start off on the right foot.

Caim's training's really helped expand what I learned way back when... Never thought I'd be breaking into Area 51 a year ago.

The werewolf grabbed Constance, leaping from the cage and narrowly avoiding the projectile. The moment the bolt of energy came into contact with the cage, part of it disintegrated into nothing, leaving a large smoldering hole. He set down the girl gently, and turned to face the agent, only to see him on the ground, bleeding profusely from his neck, and two new faces standing behind his fallen body. Hadrian paid them little mind at the moment, as Som was currently pinned below an agent who was trying to blow his head into nothing.

"HEAD'S UP!" Hadrian cried out while running towards them, and wearing a manic grin. The agent looked toward Hadrian, eyes widening in that split second before he received a dropkick, knocking him off of the hunter, and his shades off of his face.

The agent skidded across the floor, with Hadrian's feet still planted firmly on his face, before coming to a halt at the end of the room. He ground his shoe on the man's face, before casually stepping off of the agent's head, which currently looked like a horribly mangled mess. "Y'know, with weapons that could destroy matter in the blink of an eye, I expected him to be a little more competent than that," Hadrian said out loud in mock disappointment. "Such a shame."

"Any of you seen a fellow by the name of Kent Paul?"

Daft Sikes:
"Such a shame."

Two guards down in the blink of an eye, a feat that seemed remarkable given how well armed they were and the fact that the trio that defeated them had only met moments ago.

Picking himself off of the floor, the normally calm Hunter appeared to be seething inwardly as he looked for the cause of his near demise as he pulled out a flask from underneath the long jacket that he wore. Unscrewing the cap, the scent of cinnamon, cloves and alcohol filled the air for a moment before Som put the drinking vessel to his lips. Walking towards the guard that Hadrian had severely wounded, the bladed head of the spear pierced the guard's chest, Som leaning on the shaft of the spear until he felt the blade meet the cement of the floor.

"The guard is no good to us if he cannot speak." The tall man, though not as tall as Hadrian, said coolly before allowing the shaft to retract, returning the weapon into its original form.

*BOOMBOOM!* The thunderous report of a shotgun being fired rapidly caught Som and Hadrian's attention before they could meet the newcomers that had slain the first of the guards.

In the distance, the two saw a third guard that had been drawn towards the warehouse by the racket caused by the short fight as well as a blur that moved quickly around the guard. The first two shots that echoed in the warehouse had taken the legs out from under the hapless guard.

*BOOM!* A third beanbag round was first from below the guard, causing his body bend unnaturally from the force of the impact and the force of gravity.

*BOOM!* A fourth round hit the guard from above, the non-lethal projectile striking the man in the shoulder, causing him to corkscrew in the air until he landed with an audible thud, down and out but still alive.

"HEY GUYS! I GOT ONE!!!" Constance exclaimed as she blinked into view next to where Som was standing, cradling her still smoking Silver and Black shotgun.

"Who're those two?" The Catty Vampire asked as she spotted the two newcomers, her eyes seeing that while one was human, the other was obviously not.

"I do not know. But obviously they are not with the people that had us imprisoned." Som said as he pointed towards the body with the sword wound to the neck. Sensing that the female of the two was not human, Som kept himself alert. Even if she had assisted them against the guards, her motives were still unknown.

"Hey that guard's coming around!" The Vampirette said as pointing towards the third guard.

[DOMINANCE!]"Hey you! Come here!" Constance ordered, causing the guard to walk, albeit mechanically, towards the gathering group.

"Anyone want to ask this guy some questions?"

Unknown Location: Som, Constance, Hadrian, Devon, Ella

"Sure," Hadrian spoke up, scratching his chin and stepping in front of the guard. "So, where are we now, exactly, and why did you keep us in those cages? "

He sniffed the air, detecting hints of anesthetics and blood in the air, but at the same time, gunpowder and sweat. Throw in the fact that they were imprisoned, and Hadrian could probably guess what their intent was.

"Fuck yoRETRACTED". Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Suits.
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69: MIB Sector: Prison Bay)

The Wanderer shrugged in annoyance as they moved once more in the cold military vents. Both the material and small vent was chafing Shawn since he was wearing his Elite Riot Armor. Stopping for a second to place his helmet back on, the Wanderer looked down for a second and saw a very familiar hallway with a very familiar person in it. It was the the Prison Control Room and look who it was patrolling it's halls.

"It's that bastard I yelled out ... oh well Shawn muttered to himself in a angry yet carefree tone. The hands of Shawn wrapped carefully around his backup combat knife, pulling it out carefully to not make any noise at all. Breathing in a few times the Level Something Courier punched the vent entrance down. It fell from the ceiling with such grace that the CO looked up almost tearing.

Time came back to the present as Shawn fell behind the vent and landed on top of the CO. Unfortunately the blade of his knife was falling in-front of him so that struck first. Pulling a weight attached to the knife, Shawn easily pulled on it and in a surprise it came out of something. Looking down, Shawn could his knife covered in blood and had an eyeball attached to it. Sighing in his mind, he pushed it off with a elegant movement as if it was a animal's fecal matter.

Once more looking down, he could see the dead CO which he had both crushed and stabbed at the same time. "Sorry for that. I only wanted to cut a finger off." Shawn offered a prayer before looking up for his new Partner to get down. Though he was in quite a bit of shock. After that he talked to Rusty "Don't worry you will get out soon, just give me enough time to start a riot." Shawn tried to calm the shock down, but he had to focus on his objective.

"Now I have to free everyone."

Area 69: MIB Sector: Main Room: David, Rugal

David watched as Devon and Ella went off to investigate the sounds coming from Hadrian's, Constance's and Som's location, leaving him with the main body of the group.
"Alright then...I think it's about time we got to work." He said as he pulled out his M500.
"Find Deadshot by Any Means Necessary. If this place is as Hi-Tech as it seems, they are bound to have some big guns. Move out, Search the area. If you get spotted, go nuts. Odds are they were going to try and arrest-slash-shoot us anyway. Let's do this people." He said as he went around and unlocked all the handcuffs of the "Prisoners" before sneaking off towards "Weapons Research".

Rugal was easily able to break his own cuffs with little effort, but with his appearance (A tattered red suit and covered in dust) he stuck out like a sore thumb.
"Okay, I'm going to make a break for Jenny. I'll meet up with the rest of you in a few minutes. This won't take long..." He said to his family before waltzing towards the "Research Lab".
A lot of men of science were about to die...

Area 69: MIB Sector: Containment: Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian

The Guard robotically marched forward, a expression of fear on his face as he did so against his will.
Then Hadrian asked him confidential information, the nature of such was a matter of national security and swore never to tel-
"United States Army Research Base Area 69: Alien and Other Unknowns. You were most likely captured for research purposes, given the fact that you are either Aliens or Meta-Humans due to either Biological or Arcane means...
WHY THE HELL DID I SAY THAT?!" He pleaded, already starting to count the number of court martials he would receive for this.
He then began to strain to bring up his weapon to defend himself.

Don't make me Neuralizer you! Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Suits.
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69: MIB Sector: Prison Bay)

"...Oyyyy...Least he has better people skills then Brock..." Rusty sighed as he went to get down from the vent in the only way he knew how: Face first.
Aside from that, Shawn was easily able to pick the locks and free the prisoners (Why Prison Cells had [Very Easy] locks is beyond me).
Within an instant, one of the mafia members the Wanderer held at gunpoint less than an hour ago picked up the rifle the CO had dropped, seeing how he didn't have any need for it anymore.
"...Now what?..." Kent Paul asked, while he talked a hard game and acted like "The" Criminal Mastermind around his friends, he wasn't exactly known for actually living up to his act.
"Now, we find these bastards and kill them!" Frankie said as he went into the Prison Bay with his rifle and began to fire it up in the air, keen on inciting violence.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Main Room: David, Rugal

With a happy sigh of relief from the cuffs being removed, Teri grabbed her Tablet from David's bag with shaky hands, and then mounted up on Garm, saying, "I'm going with Dad. If you need medical assistance, hit me up on the rings, and I'll be there shortly!" before the reunited trio dashed off after Rugal.
Finally being free from the cuffs did the Cleric an obvious world of good, a fact both Dimitri and Sadei (who was being extracted from Teri's pocket and turning into a staff again) noticed, the AI being the first to mention it,
"Feeling better, Madam? Now, if you find an appropriate apparatus for me to enter, do let me know. I have a feeling these security systems will be easier than Viscus...."

Teri gave a small nod and tapped something on her Tablet's surface, causing a piece of parchment to appear and then disappate after some chanting on the Cleric's part; causing a familiar glow to appear on her hand. Teri then reached the hand to Rugal's side, and tapped him just barely with an extended finger, calling out with a hint of jest, "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!"

Teri casts Shield of Faith, giving a shimmering, magical field around Rugal that grants a +3 Deflection bonus against being hit! Essentially, makes stuff bounce off him a bit more.
30 Seconds till Teri can cast another level 1 spell.

Following that, Rugal could feel that Teri had deployed her healing aura for the three of them, and the Cleric began chanting up something again, her hands moving in strange motions with Sadei in hand....

After the Cleric took off, Caim helped Ton Ton get his robe and feather back before looking to David (West) and saying, "It'd be more helpful to your path if I can be there to distract... You're a ranged fighter, so this should work to your benefit."

After taking off the stuffy uniform and unsheathing his family blade, the warrior gave his usual battle grin to the Irish officer before following after David (West) to parts unknown in the facility. Whether David took comfort with the (former) Prince as his companion, was anyone's guess.

Ton Ton gave a nod of thanks before Caim disappeared, and then leaped, taking to David A.'s shoulder after being properly robed. Giving a happy shake of his lantern, "I'll help keep you safe, David! Just like in the Western realms, right?"

Cadolbolg gave a happy grin to finally being allowed to fly again, and said to the group, "I'm gonna check up on Friend Devon. He says I'm a big help to him, so I big help I'll be!"
Following that, the turtle dragon baby barreled off in Devon and Ella's direction; doing his best to fly as fast as he could when he heard more gunshots.

As the little family split apart, Angelus stripped out of the suit as well (wearing her usual garb underneath) and shot a smile at Melethia and Slindis before quipping, "How very predictable, leaving us with the children. No matter, I hardly think we've anything to worry about. So, which direction should we take?"

Unknown Location: Som, Constance, Hadrian, Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg

Doing the best he could to reach Devon and Ella on time, Cadolbolg didn't know that he was going to meet another group of strangers with his query. Slowing to a halt before landing on Devon's shoulder, the little turtle-dragon-baby said to the bard, "Friends of your's?"

No more Mercy. Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Suits.
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69: MIB Sector: Prison Bay)

Hearing Kent Paul, Shawn was about to answer him but was interrupted by Frankie with his "Now, we find these bastards and kill them!". Shawn nodded right besides him as he decided to check his Pip-Boy to pull out one of his better and bigger weapons. "Okay everyone, as we progress through this place we need more weapons and allies. I shall lead us and you stay behind me either fighting back or hiding until you gain a weapon. Our second priority is to release any and all Prisoners this place holds. Third priority, only aim for enemies, the Scientists don't deserve our wrath!" Shawn's mechanical voice said harshly.

The Wanderer bought out the weapon he was going to destroy this place with.

It was a Grenade Launcher but much, much faster. "Okay, lets move!" The Wanderer ordered before telling them of his friends and enemy. "Also if you see another group of people who arn't in black suits, don't fire ... you see a man in armor and possibly without a face, shoot his arms and leg. Other then that, let's start a riot!" Shawn laughed out in a dark tone.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Main Room: David, Rugal

Melethia grinned as she pulled out her offhand handaxe, completely ready to fight. "I'll do what I can, but they won't be gettin' up if they attack me." She looked around the area before heading over to David. After all, he was the weakest link here. It might help if he got some cover, after all, and she always appreciated someone watching out for her as well. (The fact that Ton-Ton had joined Ashworth as well didn't have anything to do with it, or so she told herself.)

Slindis turned to David West after ending the Shadow Fade, having caught up with him quickly enough. "We should be as clear as we can be up top, so it's just a matter of being careful here. Caim, did you run into any issues getting down here? I tried keeping the count of attacked people down here to lower the profile..." A few curses in an odd mix of German, Japanese, and English could be heard as SLindis placed the bow she had been borrowing from Melethia in her sole Bag of holding, but otherwise the Drow looked fine for someone that had just snuck into a heavily guarded base.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Containment: Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian

Ella chuckled as she pulled out a sickle from the wheel. "Okay, let's make this a bit simpler. Scarred up guy, gun nut, he's here. You'll tell us where he is if you're hoping to have kids, mmkay?" A small motion of slicing the red kama's edge across are in front of her index finger sent the rather painful message across to make Devon wince.

Meanwhile, Devon turned to the... cosplayer, Fangirl? Well, whatever she was, she was good with a gun. Her older brother (well, that's what it looked like) seemed a bit sternner, so he tried to greet them warmly. "Nice to meet the both of you! I'm Devon, and my companion's name is Ella. It may not be what we first came here to do, but we'll be more than happy to help you get out of here. Just try not to attack us, okay? I'd like to not have to attack either of you, since you both at least seem like decent enough people." As a gesture of good faith, he sheathed his shortsword as he went over to Hadrian.

"Hadrian, it's been too long! I'd say you missed too much, but some of the areas we went would be places you might not want to head back to. so glad I'm out of high school... Still, have you been holed up here this whole time? I'd hope not..." Almost as if he was a old friend, he greeted the man with a firm handshake.

Cadolbolg's flitting over to the group was greeted with Devon allowing the small dragon to land on his shoulder. "Well, they're not going out of their way to hurt us, so I'd like to hope they'll be friends. Hadrian's certainly a friend, for starters."

Daft Sikes:
"So, where are we now, exactly, and why did you keep us in those cages? "


"Friends of your's?"

"Well, they're not going out of their way to hurt us, so I'd like to hope they'll be friends. Hadrian's certainly a friend, for starters."

The previously empty warehouse was now a hub of activity between fighting, forced interrogations and new individuals entering the dilapidated building. Save for the gathering group of humans and non-humans, the three cages (two of which were damaged beyond immediate use), the cages' control panel, the table that had once held the equipment and weapons belonging to Constance, Hadrian and Som, and the corpses of two of the guards, the remainder of the warehouse was empty.

Constance held the guard in her gaze, sensing that he was struggling against her will and attempting to bring his weapon to bear. Even after answering Hadrian's question, the Cat-Eared Vampire was still left with more questions than answers, especially in light of a facility whose existence was dependent on the capture of Aliens and Unknowns.

"Aliens?! As in little green men?! You've got to be kidding me! Everyone knows there's no such thing as aliens!" The Vampirette responded with a disbelief in the answer being as real as her fangs.

Noting that the guard was mentally escaping his "companions" control, Som removed his pistol, Aureus, from its holster and pointed the weapon's barrel at the trapped guard.

"Som! No! Wait! Constance cried out loudly, her high pitched voice bouncing off each of the structure's walls, making her quite difficult to ignore.

"What?" The Hunter questioned in response, his firearm still pointed at the hapless guard.

"There's already been enough killing today." The girl said, this time in a softer voice that reflected a recent personal loss or tragedy.

Despite his better judgement, he allowed the monster to do with what she would with the guard. He might have to travel with her for quite some time and he thought it best to ensure that the two were not so hostile towards each other that he would have had to end her existence. Lowering Aureus, the Hunter nodded towards his prey turned captive.

[DOMINATE!]"Get in the cage and forget that we were ever here. You can return to yourself once we leave this building. If anyone asks, you accidentally locked yourself in the cell." The Bloodsucker commanded, causing the guard's eyes to fog over as she reasserted her will over him and got in the containment vessels.

Seeing that the immediate problem of the remaining guard had been resolved, Constance turned to look at the others that were gathered.

From the scent of him, there was a human who stood next to a woman that had the fragrance of both the Underworld and the Overworld on her. Perched on the human's shoulder was just about the cutest winged creature that the Vampire turned Feline had ever seen.

The two, Constance and Som, stood slightly apart from the rest of the group, not knowing who they were or what their motives for being there were. In Som's mind, the group could have been part of the reason that the Hunter and his prey had been trapped in the cages in the first place. Trust was not something that the Jacketed Human gave instantly, a habit that had kept him alive.

"No, we're not." The red-stubble faced Hunter said in response to the miniature dragon's question.

"We just met Hadrian but I owe him one for knocking me out of the way of that guard's attack." Constance said as she adjusted her ears, looking at the Turtle-Dragon hybrid with a set of googly eyes.

"Quiet." Som snapped, his ire was still present at the creature giving away their position to the guards during his initial attack, an action that had almost cost him dearly. There was nothing that he would have enjoyed more than beating some sense into the little monster, but given the company and what little he knew of them, his primary concern was ensuring that they were not a threat.

"I'm Constance Sorrowfeld and this is Som. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." The raven haired girl greeted, her etiquette classes kicking in as she went into her family lineage and her position within the Sorrowfeld family.

"I'm guessing you all know each other, but how?"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Main Room: David, Rugal

David stared as several people separated from the group, looking somewhat lost, then at the Tonberry on his shoulder, giving it a twitchy smile... If you could call it a smile. "...Right. Just like in the Western realms. Goody." The last the Ashworth heir remembered of the Western realms was getting pulled into an alley, and accosted by some thugs. Luckily, he got pulled through a portal before they went through his things... And beat him up some more, of course.

Looking to the side, he noticed Melethia running up to him, an axe in hand. "Hello, Mel." David greeted her. "Got through the search okay, I hope?" And looking behind her, he noticed the dragon woman following behind at a somewhat slower pace. David blanched, waving weakly at her. "A-ahhhh-nd hello, m-miss Angelus! I-is C-Caim w-with you?

Area 69: MIB Sector: Containment: Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian

The wolfman shook his head, vaguely recognizing Devon. "No, not at all. I've just been doing some drifting, of sorts. Just been getting sucked through random portals, traveling through new worlds, that stuff. Last I remember, I was just resting in the woodlands of a nearby village, then I woke up in a cage, alongside these two." He gestured to Som and Constance.

At Constance's query, Hadrian sighed. "Not to be rude or anything, but that is a rather long story, and I doubt that now is a good time to discuss it. Perhaps we should try getting out of here first?"

Daft Sikes:
"That is a rather long story, and I doubt that now is a good time to discuss it. Perhaps we should try getting out of here first?"

That was a sentiment that the Hunter agreed with, though most likely not in the manner that the others of the group would have agreed with. While there was a human in the group, he appeared to be rather familiar with the creature that he had arrived at the warehouse with. This fact combined with his familiarity with the werewolf and the miniature dragon gave Som the impression that this Devon was a collaborator and should not be trusted.

"Right." Som responded in agreement with Hadrian's assessment of the situation and roughly grabbed his Vampiric charge by the shoulder, leading her towards a door that was farthest from the group.

"Hey! Stop it! Ow! That hurts!" Constance yelped as she struggled against the Hunter's grip as she had before only this time she was unable to squirm free.

"Where are we going? Why aren't we sticking with the others? We should stay with them." The Cat-Eared Vampire implored as she continued to struggle against the Stern Hunter's vice-like grip.

"No." He responded in his singular word fashion. Once he was able to get back in touch with Sanctum, he would inform them of the location of his Area 69 and have the creatures and collaborators rounded up for processing, as his duty demanded him to.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Containment: Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian

Hadrian moved in front of the entrance, arms crossed, and wearing a smile, though it looked a bit forced this time, and showing a little teeth.

"And where do you think you're going, hm?" The Guardian asked the hunter. "I do believe I said that, "WE should try getting out of here," not "you two should try getting out of here by yourselves." If I'm correct, then this place is crawling with men, the ones that just tried blasting us into nothing. At least stay in a group until we get out of this "Area 69." It would be downright suicidal of you to go out on your own."

Daft Sikes:
"I do believe I said that, "WE should try getting out of here," not "you two should try getting out of here by yourselves." If I'm correct, then this place is crawling with men, the ones that just tried blasting us into nothing. At least stay in a group until we get out of this "Area 69." It would be downright suicidal of you to go out on your own."

The Hunter hesitated for a moment as he considered the options that were available to him. On the one hand, he could have attacked the werewolf. Even if he did kill Hadrian, he knew that he would have the others to contend with. Turning his head slightly, he inspected the others of the group and determined that they, unlike the rabble he had destroyed, had some combat training and experience. With the information that he needed to bring back to Sanctum and the proof that was embodied by his Vampiric "traveling companion," he understood that an attack on Hadrian would result in his death.

This only left him one other choice, compliance for the time being, until he could get out of this Area 69 and find a means of communication with his headquarters.

"Fine." Som responded, releasing his grip on Constance at the same time. "We travel with you for the time being."

Turning towards the werewolf, the vampire cat-girl smiled brightly.

"Thanks Hadrian." Constance said before she started to follow Som, who was wishing that they were outside right then. He had not seen the blue skies in sometime nor had he seen the rocky ring of Satellites and their Crystalline spires known as Overworld.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Main Room: David, Rugal, Slin, Ton-Ton

She smirked as she responded to David. "Well, the guys that came after me got off a lot worse than I did. If they'd gone further, more of 'em would have lost hands or worse. I just won't have them takin' these away, same reason you won't let anyoneone have your knives." Her eyes looked over the room in a patient manner, although the grip on her handaxe was still firm. It was a far cry from the white-knuckled grip she'd had on the kukri earlier.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Containment: Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian

Devon continued the introductions with a small wave of a hello to Constance. "We met in a pretty crazy fight, although Ella here was busy with some stuff of her own. It's her business, and it's stuff I'll let her keep to herself." He was ready to keep the talks going, but Som's rough treatment of Constance brought up a protest from Ella.

"You want to start treating her like some kinda slave? When she helped you with those agents that would be more than willing to keep you locked in here? You don't have to like us or even pretend to tolerate us, but you will treat her like more a person than a disobedient puppy!" The half-succubus gave Som a rather pointed glare, the condescending attitude of the angels she had the misfortune of running into fresh in her head. Was Devon the sole exception in males treating women as property?

Trying to head off a fight between the two, Devon went in with a rather blatant topic change. "So, do you two need any protection? Despite what you saw earlier, I have other talents than that bit with the blade. Just let me know what it is, will you?"

"So, do you two need any protection? Despite what you saw earlier, I have other talents than that bit with the blade. Just let me know what it is, will you?"

The Cat-Eared clad vampire would have responded if not for the stern glare that her captor gave her, a glare that spoke of more discomfort if she did not heed his orders. Clamping her mouth closed, Constance kept her eyes firmly planted towards towards the ground.

"To address your 'companion's' statement, the creature that I travel with is only tolerated due to the information that she has contained, she is, to put it simply, my prisoner until I can transport her back to Sanctum." The Hunter stated with a voice filled with disdain. The disdain was not just for the vampire that he was forced to travel with but for the werewolf, the she-demon, the miniature dragon and their human collaborator.

"Even if our goals overlap at the moment, do not think that I will hesitate to report you to the Hunter's Authority once we have left this 'Area 69.'" Som warned, assured that his status as a Hunter would cow these creatures.

Blast Off To Titan:
"Even if our goals overlap at the moment, do not think that I will hesitate to report you to the Hunter's Authority once we have left this 'Area 69.'"

The statement brought a pause from the man before a thoroughly even-toned response filled with restraint. "You threaten us, show some organization's authority even though you may not know if it even exists, treat us with general disdain, and you act as if we should respect your position. And for that, I have only one question.

Why? Why should we aid you? Why do we even want to help an arrogant man like yourself? Why don't I just get Constance and just leave here with Hadrian and Ella, leaving you to linger here until the scientists tire of you? I honestly don't have time for your self-important spiel, so it's in your best interests to produce convincing answers and fast." By the end, the bard placed a hand on the pommel of his shortsword to punctuate the point rather quickly.

Ella gave Constance a symphathetic look, showing that she was more than ready to help the vampiress. After all, being shackled to such an ass oof a man seemed horrible in itself.

" it's in your best interests to produce convincing answers and fast."

The Hunter was not one to back down from a fight nor was he one to take threats upon his life lightly, especially from someone who kept the company of filth. The Hunter's hand slid to his side to brush away his jacket, revealing the long silver blade that he kept strapped to his side, his finger unsnapping the strap that kept the blade in its sheath.

"I do not answer to the likes of -" Som started to say before he was interrupted by the sensation of what felt like a punch to his back. Falling to the ground, he realized that he had been so focus upon the human collaborator that he never noticed Constance drawing out her own weapon and pulling the trigger while that weapon was aimed at him.

Dropping to the floor face first, Som attempted to pick himself up off of the floor but felt One Hundred at Ten pounds of Vampire land on his back.

"Oh no you don't!" Constance said as the weight of her body kept her captor pinned as she pulled ripped the necklace off of the man's neck.

[DOMINATE!]"Calm down, Som." The raven haired vampire said softly, her voice causing the Hunter's body to go slack for a moment as he ceased his resistance against her.

"I'm sorry." She apologized to Devon and Ella. "He saved my life and he and the Hunter's Authority are the only ones that might be able to help me, even if it means that I die in the process."

"But you've never heard of them have you, the Hunter's Authority?"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Weapons Research: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Deadshot

David nodded as he led his group towards the Weapons Research Lab.
"Thanks. Means alot. Really app-...The hell is that?.." He trailed off as he heard what sounded like swearing coming from one of Slindis's pouches.
"...If that is what I it is...Ah, who am I kidding? Par for the course at this point..." He sighed, the image of Slindis shoving a bunch of guards into her Bag of Holding starting to take root in his mind as he-
[SECURITY ALERT! SECURITY ALERT! PRISON BAY COMPROMISED! BASE DEFCON RAISED TO 5!] Shouted a distressed sounding PA as the base began to get into a panic, Men in Black and Soldiers with Riot Gear sprinting to the scene of the disturbance.
"...Fuck it, Why not?" He mused as he took the chance to slip past.

Once they were in that sector, things quickly took a turn for the worse: at least 2 dozen bodies, all with pinpoint bullet wounds to the head, littered the hallway as it lead into a lightless warehouse.
"...Oh shit..." He said as the Intercom for that sector came on:

"-Gah! Which one of this fucking-...Wait, This thing on?....Oh Shi-*Ahem* would Mr. West please report to the Weapons Hanger. Mr. West to the Weapons Hanger...Now, don't let that discourage you if you aren't Mr. West, It's not like I'm going to blow your head off or anything....
Oh god, that sounded a lot better in my head Look, just get over here, okay!?"
It said as it invited them into the Lightless Hanger.
Once they were inside, it spoke again:
"Alright, Cool. Hang on let me just get the lights. God, this is going to be freaking AWESOME!" Deadshot[1] giggled like a child as he turned on all the lights in the area on, blinding the group as he revealed himself, Standing atop one of Area 69's Black Projects.


Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri

[SECURITY ALERT! SECURITY ALERT! PRISON BAY COMPROMISED! BASE DEFCON RAISED TO 5!] Blared the Alarm as Rugal and Teri reached the Research Lab, the heightened alert spooking the scientists who were already jumpy thanks to that standoff with Shawn mere minutes before.
"Thanks, Just stay here. This might get..."Unpleasant" to watch." He warned the cleric as he casually walked in.
"Hey! You're not supposed to be here! Security!" One shouted as the remaining guards in the room surrounded him and pointed their weapons at him.
"....Hm." He smirked as he brought up his slashing aura as Teri brought in a Fog Cloud to blind them.
The end result was everyone in the room getting the censored version of what Rugal could do to a man with his bare hands.

Once the last body had hit the ground, the King of Fighters left the smokescreen, now covered in blood, much to the horror of the staff still there.
"....Boo." He said sarcastically, that mere word being the straw the broke the camels back and resulting in everyone still in room to run out of it screaming.
Sighing contently, he then went into the Chamber that Shawn was in earlier, now holding Jenny and that Strange Black Creature in the Water Tank with K/I written on it.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Containment: Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian

That alarm made the soldier cringe, he just knew he was going to be blamed for all this.
"Wahahahaha! My Car! My Pension! MY PONY COLLECTION!" He sobbed sadly as he locked himself up as panic began to spread across the base.
As tensions between the lot of them began to grow, the stomping of guards running past the room they were in began to sound deafening.

LETS START A RIOT! Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Mafia.
Location: Area 69: MIB Sector: Prison Bay

The two Mobsters were keen to get to tearing shit up as the first group of Riot Guards began to come in.
They were wearing armor a good deal thicker then their counterparts as well as having the trademark Riot Shield.
When they began to storm the place, Kent Paul took cover in one of the cells, shutting the door behind in as a safety measure.
"Fucking 'Ell! I Swear, this is the last time I EVER go anywhere with Maccer!" He shouted as he heard sobbing coming from behind him.
A quick glance showed Rusty curled up in a ball under the bed-bunk, crying at the latest mad adventure he had gotten himself into.
No one knew this, but Dr. Venture came here to get away from all the crazy shit in his life.


Area 69: MIB Sector: Weapons Research: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Deadshot

"So much for looking for Deadshot..."

Seeing that a big ass mechanical thingy was on its way to stomp the hell out of the lot of our party, Caim opted to swap weapons to something a bit more inclined to destroying machinery, and charged on in, getting ready for a leap on a leg when the moment was ready.

Angelus was the first to get the news from Caim's mind, (Ton Ton being second) and her head shot in the direction of the LOUD AS FUCK EXPLOSION courtesy of Deadshot and made a sour face, "Well, he wasn't for a moment, young Ashford, but that is inclined to change in a moment's notice. Deadshot's been found. Let's move."

Hands that were once bare began to burn brightly with flame, and the dragon-turned human made her way down to where Deadshot and his new toy lay.

Ton Ton, on the other hand, shook his Lantern again and said, "There's no need to worry. We'll keep you safe, David! Promise! Now... I heard from Mr. Caim's mind that we're dealing with a machine of some kind.... Miss Melethia? You should know all about that, right?"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri

Teri grimaced at the various squelching noises made by Rugal's miniature rampage before approaching, silently glad that she followed Rugal's advice. After giving a small prayer for the freshly deceased, the Cleric and her mount quickly dodged out of the way of the ensuing stampede and took a look at the tank containing Jenny and.... A black thingy of some kind. Teri would have called it an ice elemental, were it not so black and organic looking. With furrowed eyebrows, the Cleric shot a question to Rugal as she examined the tank,
"What on earth were the scientists doing here? Why stick them in this tank?"

Looking around, Teri held up her Tablet to a panel and called to her AI, "Dimitri, I need you to hack this system and get Jenny and that black thing out of there.... Hmn, I wonder if it can hear us?"

"It's worth a shot, Madam. Now, if you'll excuse me...."

As the AI and his entorouge of digital allies and equipment disappeared into the lab's technology, Teri looked up at the Pokemon and the black creature and called out in Aquan (the language of water-based creatures and water elementals), "Hey, you! Black creature? Can you understand the words coming out of my mouth? I'm just trying to let you know now that we don't intend to hurt you! We're gonna get you and our friend there out in a few minutes, so just chill out, okay?"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Containment: Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg's tail began to sway slowly, a small growl in his throat as he listened to Som's spiel about the Hunters, as well as his general disrespect for Devon, somebody the tiny turtle dragon baby held a great deal of respect for (no doubt on part of Caim's approval and Devon's actions as a whole). However, with the vampire girl knocking him out, Cadolbolg too relaxed, if only a little, and said,

"I don't care what these hunter guys are. If he's one of them, they gotta be a bunch of jerks, like those Angel guys we dealt with. Why don't you stick around with us and the Rising Dawn? We're much nicer to people like you than people like him. If I remember correctly, we've had a couple vampires before...."

With the sudden alarm sounding and the sound of pounding boots, the turtle-dragon added to Devon, "Father found our query... That and I don't like all these noises."

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

"...Was that English?..." Rugal asked in a puzzled tone, still yet to fully understand the whole Aquan thing.
It was then that Dimitri was able to open both Tanks, releasing both Jenny and the strange creature as a flood of water (Or some special fluid that had a similar function) poured down into the chamber, both parties quickly reanimating as a result.
Jenny awoke with a gasp as her lungs began to work again.
"*COUGH COUGH COUGH* Gah....ohhhh...Please don't tell me that they treat all aliens this way..." She groaned, regretting having posed at one in the first place.

Meanwhile, the other Alien was...Less than pleased to be meeting the earth's atmosphere.
He took a moment to breath and that's when he realized he was out of his element.
"ACK-AGGGGGGGG-my-HACK-cryo-UCK!-suit......Wheeze..." he cried out as he choked like a fish out of water, his flesh and bone already drying up and cracking from the heat.
He was clearly not suited to this planet.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

Teri waved her hands in panic as she began casting two of her spells to save this creature from certain doom. The first being Create Water, which dropped 16 galleons of water on the "Alien" and then Control Water, bringing the water into a piller for the Alien to rest in while she answered Rugal's query (after breathing a sigh of relief), "Aquan. It's the language of water creatures, like my elementals, and our friend here. He said his Cryosuit is missing, and from the look of his skin, he really needs it. My spell won't last forever, even if the duration at this time would be a bit over an hour... Dimitri, if you can, can you find the location of this suit?"

Teri casts Create Water and Control Water, causing 16 galleons of water (2 galleons/Cleric level, of which Teri is 8) to land on the new Alien friend and causing it to raise in a pillar that can accommodate the creature's size. This pillar will last for 80 minutes or till Teri dismisses the spell.

18 seconds till the next 0 level spell.
42 seconds till the next 4th level spell.

There was a ping over the PA for a moment, and Dimitri's voice shot out, "I'll see what I can do. Try to keep our new friend calm."

With a nod, Teri got off of Garm and the wolf wandered to Jenny, giving the Gardevoir a lick on the face in concern while Teri continued talking to the Alien, "This measure is temporary, but at least you can breath while we find your suit. Do you have any idea where it was taken? It could help my friend over the PA find it...
Also, my name is Teri, 8th Level Cleric of the Christian God. The man in red is my dad, Rugal, the girl here Jenny, the wolf Garm and the disembodied voice is Dimitri. Could you tell me a bit about how you got here, as well as the aforementioned suit, if possible?"

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