The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

Rugal was a little startled by the Alien, he just thought that was a really mangled body.
"...I...See...But I don't know if we have time for that. Judging by that alarm, this place is going to turn into a warzone at any minute..." He said, wary of this creature in front of them.
The Alien gratefully entered the pillar and sighed deeply as he let the cold water soak in, standing upright at least 6'3 feet tall.
"...Those Humans...Took my vessel after I crashed...Regulates Body Temperature...This planet is too warm..." He coldly (PUN!) explained as he looked at the Cleric, glowing green eyes glaring at her.
"I crashed...They stuck...I lost. When I find my suit, I will bring them the same pain they brought me..."
He added as he "Drank" all the water Teri had made, his skin becoming transparent as a result.
The Alien then "Melted" into a puddle, body and all for a moment before quickly re-assembling himself again.
"...Still not cold enough...." He said as he glared at the others.
"...Do they understand what I am saying?...".
"...What-....are you?..." Jenny rather rudely asked.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

Teri gave a slow shake of her head, "No, I'm the only one who knows this language. As for your plan....."
She took a shaky breath and asked, "You don't intend on killing everyone on this planet, do you?! Look, I know what they did to you was wrong, and I can't say sorry enough for my race, but I'm trying to help, okay? People get scared when they encounter what they don't know or understand. It's not right, by any means, but two wrongs don't make a right either. Just gimme a sec, and we'll try to find your suit and get you back home after we get out of this place. I know some magic, and we have a quite a few tech heads on hand. Just... Please?"

The Cleric shook her head at Rugal and Jenny's assessments, "He needs his suit to live, because the planet's too hot. It'd be like leaving us without skin... As for your question, Jenny, I really don't know. I'm guessing he's an alien or something. But, if we can get him his suit, he might help us out. And... He's scared, and very angry. I can't just leave this creature to die a painful death, especially after being tortured by those scientists.... Aside from all that, are you feeling okay, Jenny? You can ride on Garm if you feel weak from that tank."

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

"...Why does every planet's population keep asking that?..." The Alien said as he walked around, testing how solid his new form was.
"No. I am not going to decimate your planet. The surface is too hot, The Oxygen here tastes of Burnt Carbon and the Ice Caps are tiny, it is of no value to me. Hence why I want my ship and suit, in order to leave this cesspit of a planet!" He explained in an annoyed tone.
Rugal meanwhile still wasn't convinced.
"...Tell him to watch his tone. We aren't afraid of it's kind." He said as he walked over to the being, the pair of them engaging in a tense stare off as a result.
"I'm fine, just break it up you two!" Jenny said as she stepped in-between them and motioned for Rugal to back off.
"His only crime is being the wrong place at the wrong time! Now, where would they be keeping his ship?"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

"His only crime is being the wrong place at the wrong time! Now, where would they be keeping his ship?"

Teri nodded and added, "Jenny's right. Like I said, Dad, he just wants to go home. Now, if Dimitri finds something-"

And on cue, the butler pinged in, "Madam! I bring news! In the lower levels of this sector, reports have come in with a suit as how you described; as being 'made of ice' or something along those lines, as well as an unidentified aircraft. You'd better hurry, the security is getting nastier as we speak. I'll try to divert attention away from your party by messing with the security, but I cannot guarantee anything. I'll also keep you informed of any updates I can get. Godspeed."

The Cleric gave a sigh of relief to that and addressed the Water-Alien, "Okay, so one of my friends reported in. We need to get to the lower levels of the base so we can get your suit and your ship. Just try to get along with everyone, remember, they don't know you what you're saying; and we'll you outta here, okay?"

Unknowingly wants the jetpack. Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Mafia.
Location: Area 69: MIB Sector: Prison Bay

As the weapon in Shawn's hands were firing up, the Wanderer decided to access the radio system both in his Pip-Boy and the Prison, soon enough the whole facility speakers were rocking a loud tune which many people could probably recognize. Shawn shrugged hearing this world's music, but he liked it's attitude. "Unfortunately this broadcast is interrupted by a nice dose of death." Shawn spoke and smiled sadistically as he decided to fire. There was a big reason why the weapon he is holding is called a "Grenade machinegun" unfortunately the Riot Squad which just came in is going to find out.

The fire rounds were fired and easily landed in the middle of the squad. The force easily blew them away to death or unconsciousness, deciding that it isn't enough Shawn began walk forward in a fast pace. The weapon was still firing and was creating Hell in the passages ahead of the group. "We move forward!" Shawn ordered once more as he moved into the next room, explosions heard in every direction.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

The Creature's eyes never left Rugal's, even with Jenny and Teri acting as mediators, the two of them looked ready to kill each other.
"...That male is your father?"
"Yes, Yes he is."
"...I see...A lot of anger and fury in his eyes, yet tamed somehow...An interesting subject.
...He is aware that he is covered in blood?"

"...Yeah, I, uh, I think he does." Teri stammered a little, hoping this wouldn't damage her case for humanity as a whole.
"Come on, The sooner we find this suit, the sooner we can get back on track." Rugal said as he walked off, leading the way into the lower levels.
"...I pity your mother." The Alien said as he soon followed, mimicking Rugal's stride as they went into the depths of the lab.

Jenny meanwhile let out a sigh at it all.
"...I wonder how many clinical psychologists can say they talked to an Alien?..." She asked rhetorically as she followed suit.

No Grenades indoors! Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Mafia.
Location: Area 69: MIB Sector: Prison Bay

While Mercy was tearing through the incoming attacks like a knife though butter, it was also starting to have a effect on the walls of the Prison.
They were underground, the exact distance was uncertain, but they were there, So the only thing stopping them from eating dirt was the walls that Shawn was pounding.
It came to a head when the roof over the bodies he just blew up flat out fell on top of them, giving them a crude burial under steel and dirt.
And the cracks were spreading over to where he was.
He would want to get out before he took a dirt nap...

Grand Escape! Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Mafia.
Location: Area 69: MIB Sector: Prison Bay

As the walls start collapsing behind the group, Shawn un-equipped his giant gun and simply yelled ... "RUUUUUUN!". Everyone simply looked behind and immediately started running, even Rusty and Kent popped out of the cell to see what was going on and then started to run like the headless chickens they are. The walls and dirt was collapsing behind them but a few hundred meters, so the whole group had a long distance to run from it.

As he was running ahead of the group, Shawn came upon a clear door which could be only labelled as "Janitor's Closest". Even if it was a second, Shawn stopped and saw the amazement that was inside. To Shawn it looked like a backpack with the thrusters of a Vertibird on it. "Run on, get to the elevator up there and get out of here." Shawn said back to them. The group shrugged and ran for their lives, they knew that the Wanderer would live in any situation.

Entering the room, Shawn could hear the falling rubble approach. He grabbed the object, placed it on his back and ran out of the room, unfortunately the rubble was right behind the tired Courier. Not knowing how to control this new technology, Shawn was feeling all of his back and accidentally hit the "On" button. The thrusters extended and the jetpack was starting to burn fuel with a blue flame, taking note of the hot temperature behind him Shawn jumped and unexpectedly started to fly. "Oh my God, I can fl-AAAHHHHHHHH!" His cheer turned into a scream as he started to fly across the floor, his armor grinding and making sparks upon the ground.

Somehow making his leg kick off the ground, the Wanderer went upwards. Just before he could cheer, once again he was starting to grind upon the ceiling. Shawn was still thanking his God that he has a helmet on. A few seconds later he was at the elevator shaft which was empty due to the group taking the elevator up. Sighing, Shawn flew upwards but managed to turn off the jetpack just before he was about to hit the bottom of the elevator. Climbing out of the shaft ... the Wanderer could help but have a sigh of relief.


"I don't care what these hunter guys are. If he's one of them, they gotta be a bunch of jerks, like those Angel guys we dealt with. Why don't you stick around with us and the Rising Dawn? We're much nicer to people like you than people like him. If I remember correctly, we've had a couple vampires before...."

Standing atop the [DOMINATED!] Hunter, Constance briefly considered the offer that she had been presented, leave Som to his fate with the "scientists" that occupied this "Area 69" and join this Rising Dawn or stick with Som, put up with the mistreatment that the Cat-Eared Vampire had, up to this point, put up with and make their own way in the world. The miniature dragon's offer was tempting but a memory tugged at the back of her mind:

Middle World : Sorrowfeld Manor:
The normally quiet and peaceful night air had been pierced by screams of the dying, the laughs of the murderous and the shouts of those still locked in battles that ultimately resulted in the death of one of the combatants and standing in the middle of the chaos was a creature so corrupt that it absorbed the light around it, a creature that walked from corpse to corpse and feasted, a creature known simply as Mal.

"Kill them all!" The creature commanded as it goaded its minions to kill all of the residents of Sorrowfeld Manor.

From the balcony built high above the manor's central courtyard, a pair of crimson eyes watched the destruction of her family's ancestral home, the disbelief of the night's bloodshed causing her to retreat into her room and hide herself from the awful sights. Constance Sorrowfeld, daughter of Maximilian and Harlow Sorrowfeld, Princess of the Sorrowfeld Clan, was afraid. She was afraid that her parents had been destroyed by this new faction, she was afraid that the rest of her family was going to be destroyed by the foul creature that feasted on their corpses and finally, she was afraid that she was next. The fear that afflicted her mind had affected her to such a degree that she could only think to hide under her bed whilst the sounds of intruders kicking in door after door resounded down the hallway.

Laying under her bed, she was even more quiet than a mouse, though that was still not quiet enough.


The door to her room was shattered by a kick that sent shards of wood clear across the room, allowing two of the intruders to enter the darkened bedroom. Even in the pitch dark, the hidden vampire could see each of the "men" in exquisite detail from the ebony fist that was emblazoned on the helmets that topped their heads, to the respirators each of the intruders wore that covered their facades, to the uniforms and weapons that both carried.

"Sorrowfeld's daughter should be here." Whispered a sibilant that appeared to seep from the full-faced respirator that lead creature wore.

"Room seems empty. Scanning." Whispered the other as a puff of gas erupted from a pressure release valve mounted on both sides of a breathing tube and was soon followed by a blue glow that was emitted from the creatures hands, a glow that also came from Constance's body!

"Fool. Just a Cat-Girl." The first stated, pointing at Constance.

"No. It's her." The second responded, its scan having directly sought the Daughter of Maximilian Sorrowfeld.

"Commencing purge." The lead said as, yet again, another blast of gas was released by the respirator, this time causing the intruder's hands to ignite into a gout of flame.

Constance, petrified by what appeared to be her eminent demise did not react at the sight of a silver spearhead erupting from the uniformed chest of the first intruder, the sound of escaping vapors coming from the punctured uniform. She did not react when the second of the intruders was decapitated by the very same weapon that now appeared to be a silver sword nor did she react when the corpses burst into a conflagration that consumed both bodies.

The only point in time when the cat-ear wearing Vampire did react was when Som grabbed her hand and stole her away from her family's former home.

Blinking the "dust" out of her eyes, Constance's mind returned to her, fleeing from re-tapped memories. Shaking her head, she peered over to the turtle-dragon hybrid that was perched on the human's shoulders.

"Thank you for the offer but I need to stay with Som. If I can convince him to tone his beliefs down, would it be alright if we traveled with you, at least until we've gotten far enough away from here?" Constance asked as she looked down at Som, her crimson eyes glowing as her mind reasserted itself over Som's

[DOMINATE!]"Som, I think you should apologize to these people. They only want to help." The Vampire commanded as she removed herself from the downed Hunter's back and allowed him to stand and brush the accumulated grime from the warehouse floor from his body.

"I apologize." The Hunter said simply after Constance released him from her hold.

"So, do you think we could travel with -"


"They know we have escaped from our cells." Som said as he unsheathed the long blade from his thigh, the weapon's blade extending as the knife metamorphosed into a saber.

"What's all this bloody damn racket?" A third voice filled with annoyance asked as Teddy woke up from a nice nap.

"No time to explain, Teddy. We should get out of here." The Cat-Eared Vampire responded as she looked towards the others, her eyes pleading as her voice did the same. "Please, can we come with you?"

Blast Off To Titan:
"Please, can we come with you?"


Devon nodded, glad that he could get some peace between the two for now even if it seemed a bit off for it to happen so suddenly. "Just keep the peace and you'll be fine. THis will sound crazy, but I need all of you to touch my mody somewhere. Cadolbolg, either you can climb in my bag or get in the side pack, although you might like the shirt more."

Cadolbolg seemed a bit confused at the request, but he obviously went for the approach that hept him closer to Devon by clinging onto his back in the shirt, causing a few rips in the shirt in the process. Ella was more than happy to oblige, and her approach of putting a hand on Devon's cheek was a rrather effective way of establishing that Devon and her were more than just a companion. It didn't take that long for the others to do so, and with that Devon strained to reach the magic - he attributed it to the amount of people, but the bulk of it was from Som's Necklace interfering.

Devon casts Dimension Door to get the group out of the holding area! Due to Som's Necklace, though, it will take a full 36 seconds for Devon to cast another level 4 spell.

"Hold tight, everyone. This is going to be a bumpy one!" THe strain continued to the actual spell, but they were able to teleport into the main hall area. Now that they were out of the frying pan, Devon made contact over the rings. "ANy leads on Deadshot?"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Weapons Research: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Deadshot

Melethia responded rather bluntly. "Of course. Go after the joints, aim to disrupt the servos, and of course use plenty of electricity and ice. Sonic works as well if you have it." She immediately replaced her weapons with a purple longsword cloked in a cool fog and a slightly shimmering light mace that let off a small sound then went in with a few attacks to test the machine's armoring.

It would be rather hard for her to find the kinks in the armor, but when she could, she would exploit them.

Slindis, on the other hand, heard the response from Devon and 'ringed' him back. "In the armory of tyhe base, slthough it's we;ll-defended. Deadshot should be somewhere around there, so search there!"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Weapons Research: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

While he was planning to do some badass speech about how he found this hulking machine, the eagerness of the group forced Deadshot to get inside before he was hit by something.
Thus, he quickly got inside the Cockpit of his shiny new Mecha, just as Devon and his new friends appeared.
[W-w-What!? EXCELSUS IS ONLINE?! WHO THE HELL IS PILOTING IT?! "LAUNCH IN PROGRESS"?! ATTENTION ALL BASE PERSONNEL, A ROUGE AGENT IS IN CONTROL OF THE EXCELSUS! REPEAT! EXCELSUS IS IN ENEMY CONTROL! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!] The Speaker on the PA Panicked, clearly the idea of someone other than a US Army Member controlling their mech was frightening him.
"Right...Where's the On Button...THERE WE GO!" The Assassin Mused as EXCELSUS roared to life, a feral roar marking it's activation.
"PREPARE FOR 10 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF PURE PAIN!...Jesus Christ...THIS. IS. AWESOME!" He shouted though the Mechs intercom as a pair of huge red hot blades unfolded as the Bipedal Deathmobile began to march forward on it's spider-like legs.

As the mech advanced, the entire warehouse began to move, ascending as the Launch Platform for the weapon was brought up to the surface, The Ceiling opening up to reveal the Desert Sky above them as they climbed through the rioting base.

EXCELSUS: ONLINE Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Mafia.
Location: Area 69: Surface Elevator

[ATTENTION ALL BASE PERSONNEL, A ROUGE AGENT IS IN CONTROL OF THE EXCELSUS! REPEAT! EXCELSUS IS IN ENEMY CONTROL! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!] Shouted the Intercom, The sound of that message having instant effect among the remaining forces.
Aliens? No Problem.
Superheroes? Bring it on!
A Large Bipedal Tank with enough firepower to level an entire city? ...
Once word got out, the Base's guards and operatives dropped everything and focused on getting the hell out of there.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Weapons Research: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Devon recovered from the Teleport spell and took a good look, jumping back to get breathing room. "Okay, okay.... This isn't as bad as it looks... Just need to find out what I need to do here..." His eyes began to glow in a golden color as he focused intently on the machine, hoping he'd get an accurate reading from it.

Devon casts Know Vulnerabilities! It may be resisted, but if it connects, Devon will know all the weaknesses and resistances of the machine.

Level 2 spell Cooldown: 18 seconds
Level 4 spell Cooldown: 30 seconds

Upon seeing the machine, Ella let go of Devon and went up into the sky, pulling out the Kama from the Wheel and began firing some reddish energy blasts. THey were a decent strength, but they were more to test the armor of the machine. She didn't really expect any solid impacts from the first few attacks.

Melethia rolled under the blade, thanking her forethought in making sure her armor protected against heat based damage. With the size of those blades, though, she couldn't really afford to take any solid hits. The joints on this thing are well-made... I'll have to find a better way to hit this! She continued with a slice of her blade and a swing of her mace, trying to see how well she could do.

And finally, Slindis was a good bit more mobile here as she leaped over the slash and used the energy from the jump to try and slam one of the legs with a falling kick. "Rugal, tell me if you can see any good spots to hit here!"


"Adel, I'm going to let you leave. But just wait a minute." Dani said to him as a giant projector screen lowered down behind her. The room darkened and a film began to play on the screen. I know this probably won't have much significance to you, but it means the world to me." She said.

On the screen, a cloudy sky began come to light. There were obvious footsteps on gravel as adel saw his own face. It was bruised and battered and he could tell that whoever he was carrying was in a great deal of pain. That's when the person spoke. It was the Same voice that was speaking to him just a minute prior. The conversation seemed well, but after a while of walking and talking, she abrubtly ended the video just as their attentions were jerked to something. (On my phone, no way in hell finding the actual posts to quote from)
"You saved me but something I don't want to remember happened. I'll let you go on the condition that you let me go with you, I don't care where or for what, but I want to make it up to you. I want a chance to jog your memory. That's all I ask, the. You're free to go and do as you please, with all the assets of aperture to back you up in however you please." She said, her face full of hope.

"Well Wesker, it's the easiest way to smuggle something like that." She replied to Wesker, but was drawn to cortex on the computer as he plugged in the sphere via a cord that came in the case. He began to explore all the files unrestricted. However, there was a series of files that he couldn't pin down, they kept moving around and evading attempts to access them.[/spoiler]


The beginning of a man-made Gehenna (Apocalypse). Shawn, Rusty, Kent Paul & The Mafia.
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Once getting foot upon the surface's sandy ground, Shawn and CO heard the broadcast. Then a nearby hatch opened, which the group checked due to curiosity, since it could scare the pants off everyone in the base. Looking down in the lifted shaft, they could see something un-describable but it was almost too dark to see it. Luckily the Wanderer's helmet saw exactly what it was, plus it was playing some kind of loud music. "Once more ... it would be better if you guys left." Shawn said as he turned back to the rising machine.

"GO!" He yelled back to them, insisting they would leave or something really bad would happen. The Suits once more knew what to do as they spotted a number of unmanned tanks, cars, APCs and other military vehicles. Kent and Rusty were scared out of their minds but they felt reluctant to leave their savior ... but ultimately left as they saw his piercing gaze. Sighing, Shawn tapped the "On" button for his Jetpack, leaped back and pulled out his Shishkebab called Soul.

"Today you might live up to your full name." He chucked as the dust danced around him.


The instantaneous and sudden transportation of the group to the exterior of the facility was more than a little unnerving to both the Vampire and the Hunter as they viewed the world outside the Prison Level for the first time. It was not the massive bipedal machine that caused the reluctant partners to pale, it was the fact that the blue heavens above the field of battle were clear. There was no sign of Overworld, a massive ring of rocky satellites that surrounded Middleworld and Underworld, nor was there sign of the crystalline spires that had been built upon the constellation of islands. Instead there a single solitary sun that shined through a few lazy clouds that floated aimlessly through the azure horizon.

"Okay, okay.... This isn't as bad as it looks... Just need to find out what I need to do here..."

It was Devon's voice that broke Constance and Som from their stupor and brought the two back to the reality of the giant mechanical monstrocity that stood before them.

"Not a friend?" Som questioned the remainder of the group as he simultaneously drew Aureus from its holster. He was quite aware that his small arms fire would do little to the machine's armor except draw its attention, which was the principal intent of his actions.

"Doubt it!" The Cat-Eared Vampire responded in kind, her Shotgun already in her hands as she reached back to Teddy in order to retrieve a bundle of 12 gauge pulse ammunition.

[BLOOD MAGIC - Celerity] The Sorrowfeld Princess felt her hunger build as the blood in her veins left her body as she cast the spell that enhanced the quickness of her actions. Pumping the fore-end of her weapon, Constance ensured that it was empty before she swiftly loaded seven Pulse shells into the 12 Gauge.

As large as the metal beast before her was, Constance was sure that her attacks would do little in the way of permanent damage but her attacks should, theoretically, cause the Massive Nightmare to some problems as its systems recovered from her planned assault.


Constance's first attack against the beast cause a purple hued electrical discharge as the round found its mark.

Area 69: MIB Sector: Weapons Research: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

The young Ashford stared at the towering mecha, or rather the Metal Gear, as it swiped it's giant bladed "arms" at the group and blasted it's "theme song" out of it's built-in speakers. David recognized very well where it was from, but he felt that it was... wrong for it to be here. Being in the world of Grand Theft Auto, specifically San Andreas? Sure, he could deal with it. A group of characters from different "fictitious" universes? Okay, not so bad. But a comic book villain riding a Metal Gear? That caused the Ashworth to snap, for some reason or another, despite this situation being somewhat similar to the others.

"Are you serious?" David said in a quiet, monotone voice. His eyes twitched, as did his hand, which was reaching for his pistol, forgetting that Ton Ton was on his shoulder, and disregarding the new faces in the group. "Are you serious?" He repeated once more, before pulling out his pistol, and fired at Excelsus's cockpit with a rage-filled cry of "NO!" every time he pulled the trigger, despite it doing practically nothing but bouncing off it's extremely durable exterior.

Once the cylinder was empty, he tossed the gun to the side, and drew his hunting knife, pointing it menacingly at the titanic automaton. "YOU SON OF A BITCH! WHAT DO YOU FUCKING THINK YOU'RE DOING?! HUH?! WHERE DO YOU GET THE GALL?!" David shouted in absolute fury. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU! I'M GOING TO RIP OPEN THAT FUCKING OVERSIZED TIN-CAN, AND I'LL STAB SO MANY KNIVES INTO YOU, THAT YOU'LL LOOK LIKE A FUCKING CENOBITE REJECT!"

Hadrian certainly heard the young man's ranting, but he was too busy trying to find a way to damage the thing. He leapt up and gripped onto an oncoming leg, trying to climb onto it's main body. His teeth rattled when it came down, nearly bucking him off. "Oho! You're a tough one, whatever you are! But I've dealt with worse than you!"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Weapons Research: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Devon responded back to Som in a rather blunt tone. "Not at all. It may seem a bit terse, but more important things were important, like the massive list of weaknesses.

Weaknesses like sushi bars, long walks on ocean beaches, baby birds crying for food, All of the known digits of the letter pi... In short, most of the weaknesses he was seeing were utterly useless. "The fuck is shillelagh oil supposed to be?!" He continued the search with added vigor so he could get something usable to pass to the rest of the group.

Ella did her part by blasting the areas that Constance was targeting to help chip away at the armoring. After all, there was no way she wanted to get anywhere near the legs of that machine, and she would have a lot more mobility in the air. Plus, the ground combat was already rather crowded.

Melethia rolled back and handed David the throwing knife she had lent him earlier again. "It's well-made, but I'll tell you if I can find the chink in its armor. Could someone stop with the sound, though?" Apparently she hadn't heard much of speakers...

Finally, Slindis continued chipping away at the leg that was nearest, keeping the knowledge that it could easily step on her in her head the whole time. Since she was farthest from Hadrian, it would help split the focus.


Area 69: MIB Sector: Weapons Research: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg


As David A. began his ranting against the Metal Gear, Ton Ton found himself a bit unbalanced on the young Ashford's shoulder, almost looking to fall over.

Cadolbolg climbed out of Devon's shirt and took to the air as the bard began searching the mech for weaknesses, and sensed his pact partner's panic on David's shoulder. Looking around, he saw the Tonberry, and swooped in, finally catching Ton Ton as the fell from David (who was still very distracted by Melethia and the mech).

"Nice catch! But what are you doing here? Weren't you with Devon? And who are some of these people?"
"It's a long story. I'll catch you up with them when it's all over, okay?"
"Very well. Now lets try to take out those speakers, everyone says it's driving them crazy."

With a small nod, the reunited Cutie Bruisers began whirling around the mech, the turtle dragon baby shooting fire and lightning at it's body while they looked for the speakers.

Angelus, on the other hand, noticed very quickly that they were now in open air, and ran to her pact partner 'sending', "Caim, my mask!"
"Dragon, I am in the middle of trying to get this damn thing to charge it's magic, I'm a little busy right now!"

Indeed, Caim was chopping away at one of the mech's legs, trying to build a charge in Slaughterism (and try to follow Constance's lead in shooting some lightning magic of his own) when the dragon-turned-human had arrived; and looked particularly irritated that the blade was not having as much of an effect as he would have liked. The Dragon rolled her eyes and said, "Just give me the damn mask, and I'll get you up top it?"

Caim paused for a moment at the thought, before being yanked out the way by Angelus, as the mech moved to try and crush him and the warrior gave a nod, reaching into the Armory and procuring what the dragon wanted, "Make it quick."

The next thing anyone could see, a brilliant red dragon with a mortal rider appeared, and the fully restored Angelus let out a great roar before shouting, "I believe a rematch between the two of us is due!"

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

Teri gave Jenny a small nod and whispered in a mildly jovial, "Very true. What bugs me though is that no matter what cool thing or place we get into, it tries to kill us! It'd be nice if we could go somewhere and not cause, or be part of, a disaster, you know?"

The Cleric's mild bit of meta humor was cut short when Dimitri took over the Intercom again and shouted, "Ah, I found the room you are questing for, Madam! When you come to another intersection, turn right! The pathway will lead you to a holding area! And make haste! Something called the METAL GEAR: EXCELUS has launched! The troops have made motion to take care of it, but in their panicked state, you may very well get caught in the crossfire!"

Were the Cleric not holding onto a running direwolf, she would have stopped in her tracks do the sheer weight of that statement. Her mouth hung slack for a moment before shouting, "You gotta be kidding me. THEY HAVE A FUCKING METAL GEAR?!"
"Language, Madam, your father is right over there-"
"I don't think he cares right now!"
"Regardless, you should let your 'Alien' friend know, right..?'"

Taking a face to a palm, Teri gave a nod, and shouted, "Take the next right! Your ship is there!"

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Known Vulnerabilities for MG EXCELSUS: Weak against Ninjas, Weak against EMP, Armor around joints can be broken to reveal weak spots in the armor, Removing the legs will hinder movement, It's a Giant Enemy Crab, Attack it's Weak Point for Massive Damage

The Pulse rounds from Constance caused the OS inside the Mech to flicker slightly, much to Deadshot's annoyance.
"OI! CUT THAT SHIT OUT! THIS IS A RENTAL!" He shouted at the Vampire before attempted to swipe her with the large blades, the Catgirl's speed making it more than a challenge.
"STAND STILL AND LET ME KILL YOU! Come on! I'm in a good mood right now, don't ruin it!" He shouted as Melethia and Slindis attacked the legs of the Mech, not really having much effect.
It was then that they noticed the protective armor near the joints where the leg connected to the body and how fragile the metal behind it was.
It would take some climbing, but if they could break one of those armor plates...

It was then that Shawn made his appearance, using his stolen jetpack to fly around in the air with Ella.
"Well, Well, Well. Didn't get the hint back in San Fierro, did ya? Hahahah! Going to need a LOT more than a Lawn Mower Blade to get through this badboy!" He taunted the Wanderer as Ella's Projectiles barely made a dent in the armor around the cockpit.
He kept up his laughter until Angelus came into View, the Dragon from the Train Station that came within inches of killing him.
"...Oh...Thought I took care of you. Ah Well, It's doesn't matter. 2 Words: Plasma. Cannon. Mother. FUCKER!" He stated as he resumed his laughter while 2 large cannons unfolded above the Cockpit and started to Charge for a big attack next turn.

"MUAHAHAHAH-...Eh? HEY, GET OFF MY MECH, FURBALL!" They then heard as one of the front legs began to rise and fall, smashing into the ground in an attempt to shake Hadrian off like a flea in the wolf's fur.
Hearing the ranting from David Ashford, he retorted "Oh look, A cockroach. Better Smush it!" before trying to bring down the leg Hadrian was on right down on top of the student!

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

Rugal paused dead in his tracks when he heard Metal Gear.
"Metal Gear!?....Those unbelievable fucking Hypocrites! And after pushing so hard to outlaw them internationally, they keep making their own!? "Ohhh, We can't allow Nuclear Platforms to be constructed. It's not moral, But it's okay when we do it!" Tch! Goddamn Politicians..." He shouted, recalling how hard selling those things was back during his Arms Dealing days, thanks to US Efforts.
"Rugal! Nevermind that! If that madman has...Whatever that thing is, that can't be good." Jenny said, drilling the gravity of the situation into him.
"You're right. Dimitri, Path to the nearest Surface Elevator, ASAP!" He ordered as the Alien seemed confused by what was going on.
"I owe you a great deal. If we meet again, I will greatly repay you for your kindness." He said to the Cleric before running off as they made their way back topside.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

"That's four words!"

With a growl, Angelus' jaws began to fill with flame as she aimed a heavy fireball for one of the cannons. In the meantime, Caim lept from the Dragon's back, and swapped out Hymir's Finger on the mech, a resounding Clang filling the air as the heavy hunk of iron hit the mech.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, on the other hand, finally managed to find the speakers, and in a flurry of well placed KNIFEing and fireballs, managed to get the loud music out of the party members' heads, most likely boosting morale for all!

Area 69: MIB Sector: Research Lab: Rugal, Jenny, Teri, "Alien"

"Get out of this hallway and go straight, then you'll find your elevator! Hurry! D:"

Teri gave a nod to the Alien, and with her Direwolf in tow, shouted back, "Best of luck on your journey!", before running off with Jenny and Rugal to the surface

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

"Finally, something relevant! Everyone, use EMPs if you have them, and attack the joints if you can't to expose the armor. Also, if any of you took a level in Ninja, that might be able to help. Ella, Ashworth, Som, Constance, Hadrian, follow up with the others." After shouting that out, he tried calling to his best imps in the hopes that they would come soon, but there wasn't all that much of a hope of them getting there in time.

Ella grinned on seeing the cannon and started launching some blasts around the barrel area in the hopes that she could get something there, although it was a slim chance of succeeding. "Of COURSE they invest everything they have in their weapons. Forget the schools and infrastructure."

Melethia grinned on seeing the armor around the joints-it was too well made. whoever designed this didn't want anything getting past it. This naturally meant that this was exactly where she wanted to focus, and she jumped on the leg to chop at the metal with her handaxe. Although the armor was well-made, the handaxe was able to slowly but surely able to make a gash that grew into a hole...

Slindis, on the other hand, jumped up on another leg and began punching through the metal near one of the joints. ALone, she wouldn't have been able to have much of an effect. The handwraps she had on, though, were able to enhance her blows enough to make short work of her set-out goal. "And the Flame said investigating the Saltire District was a fruitless task." For a moment, her thoughts drifted to the mysterious disappearances in that middle class district which had altogether too many acid-breathing hounds and aberrations of nature there before looking at where she could focus next.

I did not receive a quote.

The Wanderer temporary loses his "Lone". Shawn & everyone else Vs.
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Looking at his former pray turned hunter, Shawn looked at the machine from the air, not eager to get into combat at all ... yet. Seeing the giant group below him, Shawn seems to be glad to have this new flying contraption that he will examine later. Pausing his flight for now he flew back down to the main group and turned his pack off with one flick. "Need to find David." Shawn muttered as he made his way through the group and found the cop.

"Give me a sit-rep and quick ... possible weaknesses too." Shawn's voice was calm but very demanding. "It looks like he is going to get the finale he wants." Shawn also said in a soft voice, but pulled out the Tesla-Beaton prototype in his inventory, but also hot keyed the Fat-Man called "Esther" to the number one slot.

Area 69: Surface Base: David (West), Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Melethia, Slindis, David (Ashford), Devon, Ella, Constance, Som, Hadrian, Cadolbolg
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS

Time seemed to slow for David, as EXCELSUS's gigantic leg came down upon him. It's looming shadow enveloped the young Ashworth, seeming to freeze him in place. Any irrational anger that he had left was replaced with awe as he stood there, staring.

'Is... this it?' The young Ashworth lifted his hand, reaching out to touch the approaching metallic appendage. 'Am I... going to die?' The moment he touched it, time sped back up, and within seconds, the Ashworth was crushed, a sickening squelch and a splash of blood punctuating his demise.

His parents never found out where their only child disappeared off to, and some of the members of the Rising Dawn offered short prayers to his passing, while others simply didn't care much, and moved on there never-ending journey.
And so ends the life of David Scryer Ashworth, forgotten in both his homeworld, and by the people he met...



David's breathing was becoming more haggard, and his eyes had become increasingly dilated as these thoughts raced through his head. However, unbeknownst to him, the leg had come to a halt, the tip of it a scant few inches from his comparatively tiny noggin.

"But I can't die... Not now..." He said quietly. His head felt like something was trying to get out, gnawing at his brain, and clawing at it. He fell on one knee, grasping at his head in agony. "I REFUSE TO DIE LIKE THIS!"

As he cried out, the pain vanished, and the amulet's shuddering stopped abruptly. EXCELSUS' leg, having been frozen in the air, creaked as it's intended trajectory was altered unwillingly, and resumed it's movement, splitting the ground, as opposed to the student.

Non-EXCELSUS Post! Shawn & everyone else Vs.
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS
Location: Area 69: Surface.

"I think the situation speaks for itself!" David West shouted from his cover over the battle as Shawn asked for what was going on.
"Devon says it's weak to EMP and that the Joints are it's weak spot, but we ain't getting a crack at them with those Armor Plates in the way!" He explained as he opened fire on the Cockpit with just as much effect as he thought it would: Nothing.
"Dammit! I can't do shit against this thing!" He shouted in anger, not liking the fact that once again he would be sitting on the sidelines for this fight.

Sighing defeated, he then glanced out over the desert and remembered something.
"...The SAM Sites...Wanderer, I have a REALLY bad idea...Follow me!" He said as he sprinted towards one of the bases 4 Surface to Air Missile Batteries.

Bad idea commence. Shawn & everyone else Vs.
Deadshot /W. MG EXCELSUS
Location: Area 69: Surface.

Noting the weaknesses, Shawn thought about using his Pulse Grenades to slow it down whilst destroying or at least trying to destroy the legs. "I have my own attack plan, but usually bad plans tend to end well in my world." Shawn commented as he sprinted alongside with David. The Wanderer did not like leaving the group behind, but at least they will be a good distraction whilst they try to do something that will affect the bloody robot.

"But man that thing is big ... and I thought Liberty Prime was big." Shawn spoke as he still ran, not gaining a sweat or losing any stamina. "I wonder if I can attach some things to these things." Shawn said as the two approached the SAM sites. Unfortunately Shawn did not know anything about modern military devices.

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