The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Doc Shawn.
Location: Fallen Tree Roads to San Fierro.
Time: Give me an actual time and I'll give up.

Walking off the beach, Shawn needed to be able to move in citizen zones without being suspected.
Wearing armor, both the police and his target knows that he wears it. So to avoid being shot or captured, Shawn went behind a tree on decided to change. Putting on his lucky shades and his Doctor coat he had received from The Followers in New Vegas, one of Shawn's biggest hobbies is the medicine industry and thanks to Shaun's medicine gathering and medical skills he was accepted into the follows. They still though of him as an idol of course.

Placing his weapons inside his invisible inventory Shawn was ready to roll out, though he always made sure to keep some weapons on his hotkeys. Getting back onto the road Shawn used his charisma and Doctor look to hitchhike a ride into San Fierro, luckily enough (The shades!) a old lady passed by in her small car and gave the makeshift Doctor into the city, right at the Hospital no less. "Thanks!" He waved back and then started to make his way to the docks.

Unity Station:

Angelus' eyes opened in confusion as the pain that had been overloading suddenly disappeared, as well as a decent chunk of the last few minutes or so of her memory. Lifting her enormous head, the dragon scanned the scene to see the Rising Dawn crew gathered around her, engaging in varying tasks.

"Why are we here agai- AKANE!"

The dragon forced herself up from the uncomfortable position she was in (how did she get there anyway?) and she looked around to see Caim and Jake passed out on the ground and Akane stowed away in a car, looking worse for wear. As Teri got out of the helicopter, Angelus inclined her head to the car carrying the fox woman and moved out of the way as the Cleric took her tools out of her satchel and began her work.

In the meantime, Cadolbolg fluttered to Angelus' side and clung to her enormous head with a voice that sounded close to tears, "Mother~! I thought you were dead! Father fell the moment that lightning stick struck you!"

The dragon's eyes narrowed, still not recalling what had ocurred after she air-lifted Akane from the building, "Did he now? Well, my consciousness means one thing. He's not dead yet. Now, what happened here? And why is Jake on the ground too? The helicopter didn't crash, that much I can see.
For that matter, I feel as good as when I first started today's flight..."

Ton Ton had silently wandered in on wolf-back, but hopped off when Garm went to inspect Caim and Jake's comatose bodies, wet nose pressing and tongue licking in an attempt to wake them up. The Tonberry wandered over to Tommy's side and looked up inquisitively as he asked, "You were here the whole time this series of events went down, correct? Could you please explain what's happened? Today's been very chaotic, you see."

Garm's efforts worked for Caim, at the very least, who woke up with a groan (that sounded more like hard breathing, due to his non functioning voicebox) and forced himself up from the ground. After placing the sword he had equipped back in the Wheel, he looked at Garm with a snort and said, "You act as the Medic's mount, right dog? Hope you're ready to act as another's for the moment."

Garm looked at Caim with confusion, and then gave a light whine as Jake's body was put on his back without any warning. Following that, Caim gave a light tug of the wolf's collar to indicate they were going to Slindis, the only other main doctor on call of the group.

Only saw the part about the missiles now, Sorry.

Unity Station: Rugal

Rugal was reeling from the crash as Deadshot managed to get away, his first move to check his passengers before getting out of the pickup truck.
It was around this time that Jake managed to launch a pair of missiles into the tunnel.
"WAIT! STOP!" He shouted before the Twin Missiles exploded and brought down the entrance after the Train, sealing the now disabled train within along with the assassin.
That wasn't the issue, the issue was that this made their goal of tracking the attacker harder now that the path was blocked, by the time they clear it, he'd be long gone...

Before he could object, Jake managed to heal Angelus, leaving him staring at the collapsed tunnel.
"...This railway goes straight to San Fierro. Why else would he take the train?..." He said to himself as he tried to think of his next move.


David was in utter shock at how this day was going thus far, A Zombie outbreak, now some kind of imposter posing as him.
As he processed this, he was bombarded with questions by Devon and Ella.
"Well how the hell am I supposed to know!? I have literally no fucking idea what the hell just happened!" He shouted rather defensively as he hopped out and examined the area.
"...Why does this have to happen to me?...I fucking quit this shit!" He whined as he kicked the rumble that covered the area.


Jenny had the usual reaction to seeing her friends nearly die and instantly ran towards the Dragon, witnessing the sudden revival caused by Jake.
So much for a nice break... she sighed, resigned to the fact that they needed to stop whomever that was.
On her mind also was David, that couldn't have been him to attack Akane, the appearance of a Doppelganger confirmed that, just who the hell was it.

Minor Retcon

Deadshot, C.R.A.S.H.

"...So?....I bust his ass, cops show up, find the Terrorist blown up with his own weapons. Now leave me alone...Wow that was ti-*YAAAAWWWNNNN* Tiring...." Deadshot yawned as he came down from his "Action Hero" Buzz.
Right in time to see the missiles racing towards his escape.
"...urg...knew I shoulda aimed for those instead..." He merely stated before picking himself up, sprinting up the length of the carriages and leaping in time to avoid becoming red mist.
The Missile hit the rear of the train, blasting it and the tunnel to hell and grinding his escape to a halt.
Deadshot himself landed on the ground of the tunnel, his ears ringing like hell as he picked himself up.
"...HEY!....YOU TWO DEAD?!"
"Ya Man..." His goons winced as they crawled from the wreckage.
"So....Now what the hell do we do!?"
"Walk....Got a meeting to get too..." The killer answered as he wobbled away from the train crash, this whole "Super Villain" routine could be going a lot better in his mind...
Still, At least Shawn would be out of his hair by the time he reached the city...

I'm not calling him Doc Shawn.
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.
Time: Nah, hard enough to keep track of everything without having to be accurate about what time it is

Shawn waited and waited and waited at the docks, namely near the large shipping crane, but there was no sign of the Assassin, This was looking more and more like a trap...Or that he was just running late, one or the other
Maybe if he looked around, he could find some insight into Deadshot's plans...

Sorry about how long it took.

Unity Station: Slindis

She responded to Rugal's musing with a thought of her own. "These trains can only go one at a time, right? Those streets are still choked with people and vehicles, so it should the quickest way. He's got something to do there, I think." Slindis would have thought it out a bit more, but there was still Akane's injuries to deal with. Caim was more than willing to remind her of this, and she made her way over to the injured Kitsune.

"I can see why you called me instead of Gravel, Caim. I need to remove the projectiles first, but I should be able to get her back up. I don't quite know what to do about the tails, though..." She went to her Bag of Holding to withdraw the tools she would need and worked at removing all of the rounds. It took her about as long as it would have taken Teri to do so, and after finishing up, she placed her hands over Akane's torso.

"Hrm, this is a lot more than I expected... Not to mention what her reaction will be when she wakes up." Channeling an incredible amount of positive energy through her palms, the drow proceeded to heal the majority of the injuries that Akane had suffered. Although the damage to the tails would need more precision care at a later time, Akane would be otherwise fine. Indeed, she was already starting to wake up.

"I'm sorry, but the damage to the tails will take another treatment or two to fully heal."

Lay on Hands was used twice to heal all of the major injuries that Akane suffered!

Uses left: 2.

Ella, Devon

Ella half shouted back at David in annoyance and stress. "We were just asking a simple question, not asking you to untangle a Gordian knot! Don't snap at us because everything's gone to shit, and stop whining like a five year old!" She failed to mention that a good chunk of that frustration was from having her day ruined as well.

The part-succubus was about to go on further when Devon interceded. "Ella, yelling at everyone isn't going to fix anything. Right now we need to do something to try and help fix this situation, and that needs cooler heads.

David, even though you quit, you still joined the police force. Didn't you do that because you wanted to help people on a smaller scale with your weapons? There's still time for that, but we need to move fast to make it happen. What do you say?" He extended a hand out to David, wondering what the response would be.


Melethia looked over at her sis after they got out of the chopper and gave her an offhanded question. "Wow, what did ya do to make him refuse ya so blunt-like? I mean, somethin' happen between him and ya?" She could see Tommy out of the corner of her eyes, although whatever it was he was doing was a mystery to her.

Unity Station: Slindis

Tommy, watching Slindis healing Akane and her general demeanor, decided that is anyone's going to act like an adult, let alone a professional, it would be her. As she finished patching up Akane, he got out of the car, and walked over to her. "So I'm guessing you're in charge of this madhouse? I could do with someone explaining just what the hell is going on, and so far I haven't met the most rational people to have a conversation with." Who are these pricks anyway? Dragon Pricks, Robe-Wearing Pricks, I'm surrounded by pricks! Slindis could see the man's indignant tone more stemmed from annoyances than anything.

Akane groaned as she woke up. "Aftan... Gabrielle..." Sitting up slowly, she blinked before shivering all over, looking around.

"S-Slindis? Y-you healed me? Thank you... I'm sorry, I was expecting Aftan... ugh, I have the worst hangover and I feel cold.... Wait! That bastard David, where is he?" Akane said groggily. Despite being healed she still felt the aftereffects of the mass doze of tranquilizer she had been hit with.

But before she could stand, she found Slindis' hand upon her shoulder, enough to keep her in her sitting position. That was when she noticed the landed Helicopter, Angelus standing tall above everyone, the crashed van and finally, Caim leading Garm to Teri... With Jake upon his back, slumped over like a dead rider, his arms around the Dire Wolf's neck.

"JAKE!?! JAKE! What happened to him!" she screamed, tears in her eyes.

A voice, clearly mechanical in nature radiated from the tablet in the pouch on Jake's leg. "Master Jake used his Author Powers to heal Angelus. I believe he did not expect the outcome to take such a toll on his body. I cannot perform a diagnostics report on him as I do not have the tools. This is a tablet PC and lacks many functions I would prefer whilst acting as an Adjutant AI."

Angelus, Caim

Angelus turned her head and spoke softly to the frazzled Kitsune, "Calm yourself, Akane. He is not dead yet. We have more than one medic present here, remember? Now, try to keep yourself relaxed. Even with Slindis' healing, you are probably not to your peak just yet..."

Caim, almost on cue, brought the wolf before the Cleric, and gave Teri a single glare before letting the wolf go; the gesture being more than enough to let Teri know what he wanted her to do at that present moment. And with that, he kept a vigil as Jake was being doctored up.

Teri, Mel, Caim, Jake, Garm

A few moments prior

"Wow, what did ya do to make him refuse ya so blunt-like? I mean, somethin' happen between him and ya?"

Teri sighed and gave a light shake of her head, letting Mel know that she didn't really want to talk about it at the present time; especially when the warrior in question was approaching with Jake in tow on her wolf. After taking one quick look at Jake, Teri scribbled on her tablet, causing a blanket for the Author to be deposited on to appear. With the man placed properly on the ground, the Cleric looked him over, healing Aura still up and running, but not really exuding any effect she could see right away. After a much closer examination, Teri found that Jake seemed to be severely sleep deprived, dehydrated and generally exhausted. (Jakeman's words, not mine!)

With a few thoughts, Teri realized that conventional methods of healing would not work here, and flexed her fingers before beginning to type up a new command in Dimitri. As she began her query, Dimitri's voice chimed in, "Is that really wise, Your Ladyship? I can already see what you're doing and-"

"It'll be fine, Dimitri. Don't try to stop this command going through."

The Butler stayed quiet after that, and silently registered Teri's prompting to summon a potion of Restoration, and a bottle of Lemon-Lime Gatorade in her bag. Teri reeled from the effort and gave a hacking cough, having to use a combination of clinging to Sadei and holding herself up with her other hand to keep from falling over. The Tablet fell from her hands as a result with a noisy clatter, and the HUD containing Dimtiri looked very distressed from the event. As Teri continued coughing, she covered her mouth with a sleeve and gestured to her bag, to which Dimitri called out, "There are two potions for User: Jake in the bag. One of them, with a golden liquid contained in it, the other with a lime green. Feed a bit of the green one to User: Jake, and then give him the golden one. After that, give him the rest of the green one to drink. He is dehydrated."

Caim wasted no time in wandering over and fishing the item out of the satchel, and wandered to the comatose author, and gave him a bit of the green drink, and wondered quietly what kind of potion a Gatorade was as he administered the drinks. And, happy day, Jake seemed to respond to the potions! Teri, however, still looked worse for it, even if her coughing was starting to subside a little.

Akane | Angelus | Slindis | Teri & Garm | Caim | Jake
Akane nodded and dried her tears on her sleeve. There was nothing she could do for Jake now, but Teri had that covered. "Thanks. He's... I couldn't bear to lose him. And he's the only one who can help bring my Knights back...

Jake coughed a little as something forced it's way down his throat. But it felt good. He greedily drank it down as he realized his throat was very dry... And he felt weak. But life began to flow through his body as he drank more. He opened his eyes to see Caim of all people attending to him. With a struggle and some help from the eternal warrior Jake managed to get into a sitting position. Under a prompt, Jake continued to drink the pro-offered fluids. Finishing the bottle of Gatorade he finally scanned around, taking in the scene. He hung his head and coughed again, unable to look at Caim, Teri or even Angelus. He tried to speak but no sound came out, so he downed the other drink being forced into his hand. Both drinks consumed, he felt like nothing at all had happened, thanks to Teri.

"I- I... I'm sorry Caim. I should have been in the skies helping, not playing taxi. I couldn't nail that bastard before he got Angelus. I saw you drop... I saw her crash... When I got to the ground, I did the first thing that came to me. Looks like it worked... Teri? Teri are you okay? I'm not cut out for this healing shit, I'm sorry Teri, shoulda left Angelus for you to save... I call dibs on David West... I'm gonna make him pay..."

Akane | Angelus | Slindis | Teri & Garm | Caim | Jake | Tommy

Slindis started with addressing Akane and Jake the moment she could. "Before we go on a lynching spree, there's an imposter David West running around. I know it sounds odd, but you should know about Illusion spells changing appearances. I saw the both of them at the same time, and our David West has been corroborated on not encountering you. You may not like him right now, but give it some thought before going off and attacking him."

With that, she propped up Teri as she addressed Tommy. "Somehow, someone got their hands on a biological agent that's turned the people into the undead. We're trying to do what we can to mitigate the damage via finding and defusing these bombs that are being used to spread the infection, seeing how the local law enforcement is neutral to this disaster at best. I won't ask you to aid us, but we will appreciate any help you wish to lend."

Unity Station: Rugal

As the group tended to their wounded, Rugal managed to pry himself away from his thoughts.
He was so busy attempting to figure out where the next attack would be that he forgot everyone else was even there.
Snapping himself back to attention, He then said "Alright, what's our Status? When can we be mobile again?"
He also checked up on Teri after her healing of Jake.
"You Alright? You haven't over exerted yourself again, have you?" He asked, concerned for his daughter's well being.


"Naw, I'm just going to let this madman fuck over the entire state. OF COURSE I'M HELPING!" David shouted at Devon to answer his question just as Jake and Akane were revived.
"Listen to the Redhead (Slindis), I already owe the Revenue enough as it is." The Irish Sniper answered Jake once he came to, starting to get annoyed with all the claims and accusations he was getting thanks to this imposter.
"Besides, The "Me" that was shooting at you wasn't wearing a bloody police uniform, was he!? urg...I really should change out of this..." He added, still mindfucked that this was even happening.
"So...Did anyone get a decent look at him?...Anyone?..." He asked, hoping someone knew more than he did.


All the while, Jenny was just sitting in the back of the crashed truck, awaiting their next move.

*Shakes Magic 8 Ball of Writers Block*

Jake got to his feet, feeling as right as rain thanks to the Cleric. "Hey. Teri. I owe you one. Thank you. Lemme check the chopper Rugal, and we'll see. Oi David, I believe I owe you an apology. Your luck is shit enough as is. I'm sorry." Jake said, even as he put his aviators back on, the glass hiding his eyes. A quick inspection of the front of the helicopter revealed that aside from the radar being damaged and some cracks in the glass, the Black Hawk was fine.

Akane meanwhile shakily got to her feet, getting steadier as she found her balance. She turned to face David, bowing to him. "David, I am sorry to have thought it was you attacking me. Now that I remember and am thinking clearer, he did not fight like you, nor did he speak so much like you. He had an odd wrist attachment, used tranquilizer guns, and had some weird red device that covered his right eye."

She straightened up and looked the sniper turned cop in the eyes, holding for a moment before heading over to Teri. "Miss Teri, are you alright? You healed Jake... But at cost to yourself. If you don't have any healing aids for yourself, you can sit next to me and let my tails at least make you feel a bit better. Are? M-my tails...!" Akane grabbed a bushy tail in fright.

They were drooping down in the dirt, dragging behind the Kitsune. "...Right, Slindis did tell me that it would take time for them to heal up. Well, I guess they just won't flick around then Miss Teri. And I can't fly for the while either."

"Alright everybody, Chopper's good to go! She'll take 16 Passengers, plus someone responsible in the co-pilots seat who won't touch anything! Now, if me memory serves, that train line runs as a subway all the way to San Fierro, our enemy should be on foot, and we've got air superiority, so let's mount up and catch this bastard imposter!" Jake shouted out. He got in the pilot's seat and hit the starter switches.

Meeting of the minds, Shawn, Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Shawn was starting to get tired, it wasn't even a trap or anything, it was just boring.
He sighed and went to leave before he saw a strange purple glow from one of the nearby warehouses followed by a voice: Deadshot.
"Thanks B, I know I kinda dropped the ball there, but we are still on target...The weapons are on the ship, the buyers are ready, this whole city is going to burn...Anyway, best get moving, got a meeting here, we still on for the Election?...Cool, I got cha number if I need anymore help, Thanks for the lift, Congressman Bison!"
The strange purple glow left soon after as Deadshot, Tenpenny and Pulaski exited the building, but how did they get here? He would have seen them arrive.

Before he could think anymore about this, he was spotted.
"Ahhhh...There he is! Shawn, Mah Man! Fuck, I though Catalina would be a Suicide Mission for sure. Oh, where are my manners? David West, at your service." He introduced himself, keeping up the act of framing David West as the mastermind.
"And these are my partners Tenpenny and Pulaski of Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums. C.R.A.S.H.. Don't let the uniform fool you, They've been paid off, rather well, like you in a few minutes So...Shall we?..." He asked as his police goons merely nodded before he began to lead the way towards the ship.
"So...Was she hard to kill? Catalina I mean?"

More like "Meeting of the splattered Brain matter!", Shawn, Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

As he was listening to his target speak, he made imaginary notes inside his head to write down into his Pip-Boy later.
- Purple glow?
- Weapons.
- City going to burn.
- Election/Congressman Bison.
- Two other (Bribed) members.
- Real name?

Shawn's mind was already made up as he heard "City" and "Burn" in the same sentence. Looking at the uniforms the other members wore, they were the same as the 'police' that chased him earlier. "(Corrupt, huh? I had my experience with corrupt authority.)" He had his fair share with people and their abuse of power. It ended with them dead or put away.

Still in his citizen uniform, he had to wait until the right moment to change into battle armor from his Pip-Boy. Looking at Deadshot, he was already in his stuff ... very prepared. "Yes and no. I met her slash put a gun to my head, she demanded me to rob places with her and then I ... eradicated a car with her inside." Shawn said as he was looking through his Pip-Boy, but only the glasses disappeared from his face.

"First thing I saw in her eyes was a complete psychopath, and I like to put them down. So it was entirely natural. Shawn said whilst playing along, he had no idea what this guy can do.

I conur, Shawn, Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

"...Wow...You stone cold son...I like that..." Deadshot said, giving Shawn a slow sarcastic clap for killing one of the few people who could rat him out.
"Yeah, a lot of the people in this city are pure crazy. It's why we do what we do. San Andreas had it's chance." He added for Tenpenny to continue.
"I spent some of the best years of my life trying to clean up this city, but you can't wash away human nature. When you've tried, you'll know for certain it's pointless. So we start over, Clean the slate and make sure that this doesn't happen again." He spoke like a true madman, but he was getting paid to it was so shit off his ass.
"So How do we do it? In Los Santos, we tried Bio-Weapons, while the damage was minimized, we still wiped out one of the major gangs in the process so there is Progress. But here? It's harder, the Criminals are smarter, less likely to kill each other without knowing that they'd win." The Assassin explained as they reached the bow of the ship and he motioned for Pulaski to crack open a shipping container.

"So...We give them the means..." Deadshot said as a Red Weapons Chest was pulled out and opened, revealing a weapon that looked more advanced than anything even the Enclave could make.

"THIS...Is the Vladof Britva Droog Full Automatic Incinerating Sniper Rifle Weapons System with an extra pointy blade for stabbing people after you burn them. So I'm going to get all these guns here, Give them to the Triads, the Bikers, the Loco Syndicate, Give everyone guns and let them sort themselves out for us..." He chuckled evilly as he showed off his new weapon.
Shaun then noticed that the entire dock was full of shipping crates which were full of these weapons, 100s of them, enough to supply an army.
And he was just giving them away...
"...So...What do you think?..."

, Shawn, Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Once more, noting everything that was laid out in front of his eyes. Shawn looked at the mass produced shipment of weapons, in honesty he preferred unique weapons over mass production. After all their talking Shawn could only remember his world, most of the world got nuked in World War III and where did that get them? It got them to the point where they had to use bottle caps as currency, CURRENCY.

Even though Shawn has a whole lot of bottle caps on his possession (Once more, thanks the my non-cannon explanation of the Vault Tec dimension.), the world was nuked and there were even more criminals then now. The pattern The Lone Wanderer can see is this.

Weapon -> 'Criminals'.
Armed Criminals -> War.
War -> Death.
Death -> Alliance.
Alliance -> WW3 -> Apocalypse.

Looking up at Deadshot and his gang, he shook his head. "I am from another world, in this world we had World War 3 which lead to the nuclear apocalypse which pretty much almost destroyed the world. I can see the people you target with these to team up and make an army of their own ... I mean there is no evidence that they may do this eventually. One person from one side hates your guts and another from another hates your guts as well ... these two will work incredibly well together." Shawn said using his time as a hostage/abandoned casino robber where he had to team up with a Super Mutant, which he usually kills most of the time.

Shawn turned back to them.
"Still ... I don't like this plan, one way or another." He said whilst examining a box of weapons, secretly adding his gear to his hotkeys to switch them faster.

1. Soul. (Shishkebab)
2. Switch ammo. (as usual)
3. Elite Riot Armor body.
4. Elite Riot Armor helmet.
5. Ranger Sequoia X2. <.45-70 Gov't, hollow point>
6. Automatic rifle. <.308 round, hollow point>
7. Plasma Grenade.
8. Esther. (Fat Man) <Tiny Tots Mini Nuke Rounds>

Shawn knew his guns.

, Shawn, Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

"....Cool Story Bro." Deadshot nonchalantly answered as he pulled out his phone to make a call.
"...Yeah, it's me. Start sending them in. We're open for business." He said before quickly hanging up and making a note to kill that man later.
Already, black Triad cars were entering the docks and making their way towards the ship.
"Now...We load them all up, send them out into the world and light the fuse. Perfect ain't it?" He said as he picked something up from the chest and clipped it onto his belt.
"I know you don't like this plan, but you'll do it anyway for money, right? Like with Big Poppa..." He said as he leaned over the side of the ship and watched the cars come to him...

Final Countdown, Shawn, Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

"I don't think you know what currency I use, Pre-war money is useless where I come from ... now if you could get me the deed for the Nuka Cola bottle factory, I would like that." A smirk showed onto his face, he had already made his battle plan as he got closer to his prey. "(Go in with unarmed, if the distance increases change to small guns and equip armor ... if he has the upper hand or tries to run I'll have to bring out the big guns, even if it means taking this boat out in the process.)" Shawn went over the plan 100 times in his head a incredible speeds. He knew this person wasn't a simple raider or criminal, he must at least be like Ulysses.

Using his lighter clothing for more speed, when Shawn got close enough he made a short dash towards Deadshot hoping to either send him to the ground for a easy kill using the <Paralyzing Palm> perk or to engage in hand-to-hand combat, and right now he hopes that his experiences from over the years would help him.

Denied, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Shawn went for the attack and the Paralyzing Palm stopped mere inches from the back of Deadshot's head, as if he hit some kind of barrier.
"...I was really thinking you'd go for the gun..." He taunted as he turned around to face his would be backstabber.
"Always. Think ahead." He added, pointing to the item he put on his belt moments before.

"Adaptive Shield tech, pretty cool huh? Well...Maybe not from where you are standing. *Whispering* And I wouldn't advise looking behind you either." He gloated as Tenpenny and Pulaski picked up a pair of Shotguns and pointed it them at Shawn's back.
"I know you were never employed to begin with but...
You're Fired."

Time to bring out the guns, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

"Fuckin' future tech, no wonder that bitch said you have no balls!" Shawn insulted as he made a side step to avoid a first shotgun blast, at the same time he equipped both his Elite Riot Armor and Helmet. Another shotgun blast and he had just rolled, one metal shot screeching along the side of his helmet. Luckily enough Shawn managed to slide into cover where he equipped something.

It was called the Automatic rifle, and compared to an ordinary LMG it has a lower DPS (Damage Per Second) but has a higher DPA (Damage Per Attack). Coming out of cover, Shawn sprayed, hoping to hail lead .308 round, hollow points onto the three. If that wasn't enough, after emptying the clip the Lone Wanderer switched to his trusty plasma grenades and threw on out before he switched back quickly to his rifle and reloaded.

*Neck Crack*, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Tenpenny and Pulaski hid for cover when Shawn began firing back, but Deadshot just stood there and tanked the blows with his shield, laughing all the while.
"Come on, gonna need to do better then that!" He mocked as he saw the incoming grenades, his Wrist Gun being more then capable of shooting them out of the air and causing them to explode between the 2 fighters.
"Throw me a gun." He ordered as he was handed as a SMG
"Tediore Sparkling Spark SMG with the Shock effect, Nice..." He cooed as he returned fire, emptying half the clip before throwing the gun at Shawn's cover.
"It's a Gun that blows up. Ain't it Sweet?!" He said as the gun blew up and re-constructed in Deadshot's hands before repeating progress.

Tenpenny and Pulaski meanwhile broke off from the fight to sell some weapons while their boss was busy.

Time to bring out the WTF, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

"Now that ... is just cheap." Shawn said leaping out of cover to the side, hoping to get more focus shots on Deadshot, hoping that a shield can break just like any machinery. Other then that, Shawn went into more cover, thinking about using some of his toys. Either more weapons, stealth boy or some of his many chems. Then he noticed the lack of multiple fire.

Moving out from his current fire he saw the two moving towards somewhere else, to do what they were doing with the weapons.
Putting on his serious face, Shawn was going to try and do something that would usually break the rules of his world. Taking on the Rifle with his right hand, he summoned his biggest and baddest weapon he had in his whole inventory of weapons. With two weapons on him he struggled to get up but he managed to.

"I'm bringing a little slice of my world ... hmfp, to ... YOURS, RAAAAAAAAAH" Shawn yelled as he stood up all of a sudden, firing a volley of what could be only seen as mini-bombs from the big gun on his left shoulder. The volley of bombs spread over most of the docks, going to land mini-nukes in most places. Seeing that how he has multiple radiation perks, Shawn also tried his best to avoid the explosion from them but still was shooting his gun at everything. Mostly focusing on Deadshot, working to get closer hoping to slice a shield up with his sword.

Unity Station: Akane | Angelus | Slindis | Teri & Garm | Caim | Jake | Tommy

Teri felt her cheeks grow warm with embarrassment as she found herself being surrounded by people asking about her condition. Here she was trying to help out, and all she did was inspire worry. With a light nod, Teri tried to rasp a confirmation that she was alright, but found herself assaulted by another round of coughing before some phlegm hit the ground by her feet. Gripping to Sadei tightly (and after a swig of water), Teri was finally able to rasp, "I'm okay. I just didn't realize that would happen...."

Dimitri emitted a bit of static from his apparatus in indignation to that statement, "You knew very well what was to happen if you created that potion, Madam! And yes, I double checked the records on my hard drive, that potion wasn't even supposed to be created by conventional means! Keep this up and you will stretch yourself far thinner than your current coughing fit."

If looks could kill, Teri would have shattered the Tablet with her mind. With an glare, she muttered, "It was only a 4th level spell..."
((OOC: Potions come from 3rd level spells or lower))

Dimitri looked ready to shoot something back to his creator, when Caim cut in, "Regardless of how she did it, AI, the fact of the matter is that Jake is healed, and I for one think that the result was more important than the methods used. Now, Jake's announced that the helicopter is ready. Medic, how about you make yourself useful and get on that flight instead of standing here and having an argument with your computer?"

With that, he pulled Garm's collar towards Teri to give her the wolf to support herself, then wandered over to Devon and Ella to let them know about the next course of action. After giving them the heads up, the warrior mounted up and awaited the beginning of the flight. Teri and Garm mutely passed the Cleric's benefactors, her verbal tussle with her AI quickly quenched by Caim's sobering words. Before entering, she did turn back to Akane and said quietly, "If you'd like, Ms. Akane, I could try to examine the tails while we fly to the next location?"

As for Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, the two made their way into the helicopter as well. With their size, the duo would have been hard pressed to follow after the Helicopter at full speed.

"If you'd like, Ms. Akane, I could try to examine the tails while we fly to the next location?"
"Nmm, it's okay. I think they'll heal on their own, I did take a lot of tranquilizer. Come on, let's get you seated." Akane said as she helped Teri into the chopper.

Unity Station: Rugal

Once everything was arranged, Rugal took his seat in the Author's helicopter, Stopping for a moment to say to Tommy, "If you want to find this man, you are free to come. Just remember, it's only going to get stranger from here. The Threats will be far beyond whatever you've faced thus far...And there might be a reward in it for you...just letting you know..."

Once he finished selling the idea of being a sort of Superhero to the fellow Crime Load, He sat at a window seat as per custom, letting his mind wander as the scenery went by.
"Angelus. Keep behind us in your approach, No offense but you stand out a lot more than a helicopter around here." He warned the dragon before the copper began to take off.
"...So much for a quick trip, am I right?..." He joked to his "Family", still blaming himself for how badly things here we're going.
Speaking of which, "...Melethia, Just how did you disarm that device? I know the model bomb that they were using, it's not an easy one..."


"...Ahhhh...Don't sweat it, The Police force here were assholes anyway..." David mused as he sat in the Co-pilot's seat.
"You ever fly one of these before?" Jake asked, wondering if David too was a pilot.
"...Well....It's more of a case of you don't be in the business as long as I have without learning a thing or two..." He answered rather cryptically.
"...So can fly or not?"
"I can "not" crash the chopper. Let's leave it at that."


Jenny meanwhile sat in the back beside Akane, she looked like she could do with some cheering up after what had happened.
"Well..."Another Trilling Adventure!"...Eh?..." He awkwardly joked as she say down next to the kitsune.
"...Hey, Chin up. We'll get the guy, It's what we do." She added, laying a hand on her friend's shoulder as they took off.

Mini Nuke Vs Nukem, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Deadshot instantly began using his Wrist gun in a panic to shoot down several of the Mini Nukes before they hit their marks, Causing a Nuclear firework display as a result.
The Triad's below "Ohhhhh..." and "Ahhhhh..." before Deadshot's goons shooed them off with a trailer full of advanced weaponry on each car.
With them gone, the C.R.A.S.H. Officers made another phone call, this time to the "Da Nang" Asian Gang, the sworn enemies of the Triad, it was their turn for phat loot.

Back on the Ship, While he managed to prevent Shawn from turning the place into a wasteland, Deadshot got too close to one of the blasts and lost his shield as a result.
"DAMN! You'll pay for that!" He cursed as he shot off the lock to another shipping container and pulled out another weapon.
"Time to return the favor! AHAHAHAHAH!" He laughed as he found himself this:

Needless to say, he fired the advanced RPG at Shawn, it's power rivalling that of the Mini Nukes he was just throwing around.
It even made it's own Mushroom Cloud!

Homeland advantage, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Distracted by everything, Shawn left it at the last second to pull up his Automatic rifle and shoot at rocket/rockets (?) Deadshot had ... shot at Shawn. The explosion left between them was more towards Shawn's side, the force from the explosion knocked the Lone Wanderer to the side, injuring his side, but he had a invisible smile underneath his mask. Soon a chuckling soon evolved into laughter as Shawn stood up.

"You did it now, you are on MY wasteland now ... HAHA ... BWAHA"
He said whilst pointing at the sky, it contained the remnants from the mini-nukes. Invisible killer particles called only radiation. If anyone had a Geiger counter, it would be going off now.

40 (+25 radiation for 12 seconds thanks to Tiny Tot rounds) rads per second began to not only flood the sky, but all the areas which the mini-nukes exploded, below or above. The area was pretty much a Wasteland controlled by Shawn. Radiation wasn't something that Shawn avoided because of death, but for a short time he could easily thrive inside it unlike other humans.

Radiation perks activated.
Rad Child. (Healing inside radiation)
Rad Resistance.
Atomic! (Run speed and attack speed x1.25, +2 STR, +2 DT with > 0 radiation level, bonus to AP regeneration while being irradiated)
Rad Absorption.

Deadshot could see the Lone figure, one of his helmet lights was off/broken.
"I hope you can live inside radiation." He chuckled for a second before using his new speed to jump off the steel floor below him, pulling out his Soul (Shishkebab) to strike.

Never bring a Knife to a Gunknife Fight, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Gritting his teeth at the burst of radiation he was getting, Deadshot began to stagger as he waved his goons on, the pair of them escaping in a Semi Truck with one of the deadly shipping containers on them.
Having a hard time breathing and standing upright, he saw Shawn move for the kill with what looked like a Lawn Mower Blade that was on fire.
"...No....I'm not dying until I MAKE HIM SUFFER LIKE HE MADE ME SUFFER!" He shouted as he cracked open another weapons chest and pulled out A Strange looking Assault Rifle, one that looked like it'd be better suited as a sword then a rifle.
"I will NOT be denied my revenge!" He proclaimed as he parried Shawn's attack, the pair of them getting into a sword fight in the radiation.
As the heat from the Mini-nukes began to fall, The Assassin's face seemed to...Melt?!

Unity Station: Rugal, Slin, Tommy, Melethia

Slindis decided to focus what was ahead rather than saying more to the man as Melethia responded. "Well, the trick about the bombs is that it's got multiple ways to pierce the gas container. Isolating that first is really the way to go, then you can just deal with the explosives like normal. The trick with that is that it goes against the instincts of most people that take care of explosives, but when you learn the trick, it's a bit simpler.

Also, one benefit we have is these look like they were made on a mass scale, so there's not any little quirks that can really change too much."

Jenny, Ella, Akane

Ella noted that Devon was spending time with his 'brothers' Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg and opted to take a seat closer to Jenny and Akane, which still wasn't too far. "I don't know if it's the place to say it, but we'll have your back here... Akine? No, that can't be it... Well, I'm sure if you really needed it, I could encourage Devon to try and help."

Devon, Ton-Ton, Teri, Cadolbolg

As the Helicoptor began making its way down there, Devon placed Ton-Ton on his lap while Cadolbolg nested in his hair. "Teri, you look wiped out. Let me help you here. Honestly, you were bending a rather big rule by making a 4th level potion..."

Not afraid to hit below the belt, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Seeing a physical difference in his opponent, Shawn began to hit downward with his flaming (makeshift) sword.
Hitting the blade of Deadshot's gun, not getting anywhere near him, Shawn wanted to break him just like many of his enemies. Shawn began to speak. "You must ... have a reason for doing this." He slammed his blade before dodging backwards.

"Revenge, love, a person you love. I know this because I fight for my Father!" Shawn said as he jumped back right into the sparks. "A father I loved very much, and I protect my world in the way he wanted to protect it. So you must be doing this for someone ..." Shawn tried to cut side wards but Deadshot was much experienced like this.

"So who is it ... Father, Mother, Brother, Son, Daughter!" Shawn yelled once more as the two clashed and the two sources of metal blended together in a clash. "Death plagues you like a curse. Not just a physical curse, but also a mental and spiritual curse. You are like me, people die around you!" The Lone Wanderer wanted to break him.

Helicopter: Rugal

"...Mass Produced...Yeah...That was my idea..." Rugal cursed, slamming the side of his fist into the side of the helicopter, leaving a large dent and a notable shake throughout the chopper.
"They just wanted to make them a once off, but no, I INSISTED. Thousands of Bombs, set a new norm for bombings worldwide, Wasn't my problem! Never was..." He added, clearly torn up by the current state of events.
Taking a deep breath to calm himself and shift the blame, he then said "I'm going to find the man who did this...Then I was murder him. Rip his damn fingers off, No, Skin him first, No! Burn, then Skin, THEN Rip them off, With my bare hands."
Clearly he needed some Anger management classes...

Honey, He got REALLY ugly, Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Deadshot was clearly not well, stumbling when he walked, his visible skin showing signs of radiation poisoning and his face...
Parts of it dripped onto the ground, grabbing his attention away from the fight.
"...My Face?...MY FACE?!" He shouted, clearly starting to panic from his "Face" melting away, prompting him to tear it and his wig?! off and throw it on the ground.
Staring down, Shawn could see that it was not flesh, but rather plastic made to look like flesh, a fake face.
"" He managed to get out before kneeling over on his hands and knees and throwing up, the background rads clearly doing more harm to him then Shawn ever could.

Then he saw Deadshot's REAL Face.
"Grrrr...I'll....Make you face....before....Urggg..." He groaned before spraying fire from his rifle into the nearby shipping containers, causing the ammo stored in them to explode, buying him some time to make a break for it before the whole ship exploded.

Ghoul Hunter Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H..
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

0-149 very nauseous
150-299 slightly fatigued
300-449 vomiting does not stop
450-599 hair is falling out
600-999 skin is falling off
1000+ intense agony

Seeing the skin fall off his enemy's face made Shawn realize that he at least did some kind of damage to him.
Though he would of liked to have done more before the guy sprayed fire into explosive shipping containers.
This made an explosion which separated the two from the middle. Shawn was near the edge of the boat facing the water.
Before he looked back towards the continuous explosions he took some Rad-away and Rad-X from his Pip-Boy before pulling out something else.

"Suck my religion you Demon scum's bitch!" Shawn insulted as he threw the grenade in the direction where Deadshot was. Shawn was hoping to cause more explosions on his side to hopefully kill him. Though Shawn had much more experience in survival and knew exactly what to do in the situation, run. Taking his helmet off for his Rebreather, Shawn walked back to the edge of the boat.

His back was to the bar, Shawn simply fell off into the water. Swimming off into the underwater distance before the whole ship blew up. Whatever happened, he was going after those weapon shipments and killing those corrupt cops. If he does run into Deadshot, he will find out if his 100 gun skill has any luck.

Shawn VS Deadshot and C.R.A.S.H.
Location: Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro.

Thanks to Shawn's last ditch effort, the entire ship detonated in a large explosion ripped right out of a Michael Bay movie, destroying both it and the rest of the weapons that Deadshot was unable to flog to the locals, as well as half of the Docks it was based in.
Even in the water, Shawn was able to feel the shock of the blast though the dirty San Fierro harbour.
Once he resurfaced, he could see the entirety of the Easter Basin Docks on fire.

There was no way Deadshot could have survived that...?

Helicopter: Rugal/David/Jenny

As he cursed the bastard that nearly killed all of Los Santos, Rugal's eyes widened when he saw the large explosion in the distance.
"...Oh shit...I think whatever that man was planning has started...Jake! Fly us there!" He shouted to the pilot.
"Waitwaitwait, You want us to go into the massive fiery wreck in the distance?..." David protested, questioning Rugal's logic.
"Relax, it's merely a standard fuel explosion, not another Bio-hazard. Besides, that's the best lead we got. Get us there!" He order.
"...Alright, um...Getting us there." David stammered as Jenny also took a look.
"...I'm not an expert, but I don't think that was a planned explosion. I mean, if he wanted to hurt people, wouldn't he want to blow it up in the city?..." The pokemon mused as they made their way to the Docks.

Soon, the Helicopter landed and the gang disembarked near the blast zone


"Teri, you look wiped out. Let me help you here. Honestly, you were bending a rather big rule by making a 4th level potion..."

Teri shook her head at the statement and said, after another cough, "I did what I had to do to keep Jake up and running. I'll be okay, promise."

There was a scoff coming from her Tablet, and Devon could see her Personal Assistant shaking his head with a doubting look on his face, "You'll get yourself killed, that's what. You really should hold a greater amount of care for the healing items you create."

Meanwhile, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg looked at each other in confusion, and were about to voice a question regarding differing potion strengths, when Rugal expressed his angry feelings to the helicopter's interior. The group silenced themselves for a few moments before beginning conversation again, Teri remaining quiet to rest her throat. Ton Ton, however, spoke up at Jenny's remark, "I cannot say that I am familiar with explosions, but if what you say is true, perhaps those who possess such technology are playing around with it, or testing it?"

-One Landing Later-

As the group disembarked at their new destination, Angelus landing with a large thump, Teri hopped onto her wolfy shaped stead, in light of her current condition of a light cough and feeling like she ran a 500 meter dash. With that in place, she looked to Rugal quietly for the next course of action, a question that was asked on cue by the (former) Prince of Caerleon: "So, care to explain the sudden change in flight plans? Neither Angelus or I received anything over the rings."

In the meantime, Angelus took a watch to the surrounding environs, her bulk and improved eyesight giving her a leg up on a view of the area.


-One Landing Later-

After she got off, Mel grinned. "Well, it's not one of those dirty bombs, so we can do somethin' about it that could help us later. I mean, it could be some other guys that found one of the bombs and it was standardized, ya know. Find out where they got them, we might have somethin."

Slindis nodded. "THe only problem is, we don't know the status of the law enforcement or the others that could be fighting over these streets. If we could find more helpful people here, that would be helpful."

Meanwhile, Devon took a look around the docks with the Bruisers at his side. "Well, Jenny, we can't really be sure right now, but I think we'll find out soon... ANd Teri, I just hope that you're holding up better than you look." Ella took a look to see if there were any more off glints in the immediate area before heading out. She may not be the best at it, but someone had to focus on that.

"Well..."Another Trilling Adventure!"...Eh?..." Jenny awkwardly joked as she say down next to the kitsune.
"...Hey, Chin up. We'll get the guy, It's what we do." She added, laying a hand on her friend's shoulder as they took off.
Akane nodded glumly as she fixed some of her hair back from her face. "We will Jenny. We will. And he will burn." she said softly.

It was here that Ella joined the conversation. "I don't know if it's the place to say it, but we'll have your back here... Akine? No, that can't be it... Well, I'm sure if you really needed it, I could encourage Devon to try and help."

Akane looked up and genuinely if sadly smiled at the Succubus. "Thank you ... You were not far off with my name. I can't remember your name I am sorry, being lost due to an Author above even those here has robbed me of much. It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Tomoe Akane." She said with a short bow in her seat.

After the Helicopter Lands
Jake shut down the Black Hawk and got out, readying his rifle and holding it loosely at his shoulder. "So first things first I guess we should go take a looksie at the blast, yeah? Then we'll probably need a base of operations and I think I know the perfect spot. Meta knowledge is always handy. Anyways, I can scout ahead or be the rearguard, I'm easy." As he finished speaking he couldn't but help look at Teri high up on Garm. He looked away in shame. She still wasn't right, and it was his fault.

Akane stood by Jake as the group exited the Helicopter and started to form up. "Let us move quickly to catch whoever caused this. I want to get leads on this imposter as soon as we can. If this city burns, then so be it."

Easter Basin Docks (Or what's left of it): Rugal

Rugal was rather deep in thought when Caim spoke up.
"...Oh, You didn't?...Apologizes, It was rather spur of the moment..." He said, not really acknowledging the warrior as the walked up to a piece of burning rubble and began picking through it looking for clues as to the cause of the explosion.
His eyes widened as he reached in and yanked out a burnt piece of metal.
"Tell Angelus to keep an eye out, he might still be around..." He added as he began pulling out pieces of metal to examine.
What he saw didn't bode well.
"...Son of a bitch...That asshole was moving weapons, Powerful ones." He said as he held up a broken RPG to the rest of the gang, one that looked like something ripped from some kind of Sci-Fi movie.
"...As judging from the amount of shipping containers, he was moving a lot of them...Question is, why?..."


Leaning back from the co-pilot's seat, David said to Slindis "Well, from what I've heard, the cops here aren't as bad as the ones in Los Santos. With less Gang Warfare to deal with, there is a lower turnover rate here...
Least that's what the website said back on the 'Dawn. They could be talking out of their asses for all I know."
Jake then mentioned the idea of making a base of operations, prompting him to ask "Meta Knowledge?...As in you know this place?..."
While he waited for an answer, David got out and began to order the civilians in the area back, shouting random police jargon at them.


Jenny gave Akane a small smile, especially when she lightened up to introduce herself to Ella.
"Yeah, We'll make him pay for what he did to you and those people..."
Ton Ton then asked the question of the explosion, resulting in her saying this: "I don't know, just a..."Hunch". I mean, I could be wrong..."
"Well, Jenny, we can't really be sure right now, but I think we'll find out soon... ANd Teri, I just hope that you're holding up better than you look." Devon said, bringing Jenny's attention to Teri's current state.
"I agree, I'm not that kind of doctor, but you should definitely take it easy for a while." She added as Rugal made the breakthrough on the cause of the explosion.
"Guns?...Maybe he was going to sell them?...Or...He had some kind of..."Gun Fetish"?..." She asked, prompting stares from the others.
"...What? It could happen." She said somewhat embarrassed as she began moving rubble with her mind to busy herself.


Back in the water, Shawn could see Angelus flying overhead as well as the helicopter land nearby...

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