The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

A hush fell over the room as David gave his apology to Slindis, which hopefully, the paladin would accept. Angelus, however, remained silent, even when the event regarding Teri's Tablet came up. Swirling her water, she took a sip and waited to see the results, not in the least surprised by Slindis' reaction to what David said. If it were one of her own insulted, the dragon would have done the same.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, on the other hand, made certain to eat their sandwiches much more quietly than before, now afraid to make too much noise.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Caim shook his head and held the armor in front of Devon insistently, not wanting to give in on the matter, "The fact that I can pick this suit of armor up so easily, and yet still feel as solid as it is very telling about it's quality. Trust me, I can teach you how to move properly in it. Just try it on, Devon."

Rising Dawn: Mainframe: Dimitri, Alpha

Dimitri shrugged, "You'd have to ask Ms. Vermilion. She handles the weapon systems far more than I do. I typically take care of Environmental controls, laundry and food preparation for the chefs. In short, minutia for the Users while they relax here. None the less, I'm sure if you spoke with her, she could give you a very through rundown of those systems. Now, do you have any other questions?"

The Butler had a very relaxed, if somewhat blank expression as he asked this; somewhat hoping he could calm the nervous AI down a little. At the very least, Alpha could sense a calm, patient aura from the AI. He was only trying to help her, after all.

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

Finally working her way to the wolf's rear section, Garm being a very good boy throughout this whole procedure, and heard her Shadow's rebuttal to the staff, "Aquarium? Kid, you seriously cannot talk. I get a small pond in this headspace! You get to roam around, while I'm confined. Besides, I'm trying to help out our collective communicator here."

Teri snorted at the notion, not believing what the Shadow had to say for a second, before said Shadow cut in again, "Don't believe me? Hear me out for a moment. Now, riddle me this. Why do you think you're having such a hard time not keeping yourself alive out there. At least, alive enough to where you have to rely on a spell to keep from falling over from a paper cut?"

The Cleric paused from washing her wolf at that thought, inciting a confused noise from Garm before she continued, and asked back cautiously, "Because I'm not used to fighting people?"
"It's cause you're scared. You're scared of turning into a bloodthristy maniac like your Dad was. Like Caim is. You don't want to be something you've come to hate, which is why you hide behind the technical kills of your elementals and your magic. It's so you don't have to do it up close and personal. But at the same time, that fear is only holding you back. It's because of that fear you're such a shit for brains using Sadei to beat the daylight out of things. And, since I know everything you do, don't you realize that by mastering how to use Sadei, you could just knock out people with her instead of outright killing them with Squishy or a spell? In a sense, you've been doing the thing you've hated doing this whole time. Ever thought 'bout that?"

Teri looked down at her hands with horror, mentally kicking herself for not realizing this sooner, "Oh god.... Sadei, after this and a shower of my own, I'm gonna need you to turn back into a staff again..."

The Cleric worked to finish the rest of Garm's bath quickly, feeling a sense of urgency in improving her skills before her ignorance killed someone else.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Angelus, Ella, Hadrian

David's apology would have been accepted, but it was horribly undercut by following statement. "...I think there's been a small error in your guessing here. It seems like you think I could have just monitored her all the time and done it like a 'proper' parent, right? Because I had all of the time in the world to dedicate solely to that, right? Because I wasn't needed constantly for issues that demanded my attention such as Mindflayers attempting to change the city's inhabitants into monstrosities begging for the release of death, right? Because passing on the threat stopping of Devil invasions to someone else because I didn't feel like it, right?

I mean, it's not like I had major power blocks of the planet that wouldn't have hesitated to Soul Bind me the moment they heard of me falling so I wouldn't be around to be a thorn in their sides. It's not like Melethia came to me with the majority of her lock skills and I couldn't hold her in any place without having an arcane caster set a forcecage in her room and thus make her a prisoner out of no fault of her own. It's not like the masssive attempts with certain groups to have Melethia get captured for something she had no control of also kept me busy for months on end.

No, it was all sunshine, rainbows, and cherubs for us where everything was laid out for us instead of having to fight tooth and nail for a semblance of sanity. Because every place is the same as the other, and of course I had all of the time in the world to ensure Melethia had a peaceful childhood where she never had to worry about killing, but I was just too lazy to try and dissuade her.

Thanks for enlightening me on how my former homeworld worked, West." After she was done, she got out of her seat and left the Canteen with a reverberating silence.

"...So, about that Las Venturas..." Ella spoke up to try and lower the awkward tension in the air tht was left in the room.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

She did her best to block the attacks then activated the Everbright flash to temporarily blind the machine then went in for some more stabs with her longsword if she could. This fight had to be ended quickly, and hitting it in seemingly unrelated areas might be enough to cascade into a weapons or mobility failure.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Seeing a losing discussion with Caim when he saw it, Devon sighed. "Okay, okay... Just give me a bit to put this on, will you?" When he came back to Caim, though, it seemed clear that Devon only had his clothing on...yet it was also in his arms as well. Something was definitely up here.

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

Sadei fired back with a rather harsh snipped to Teri's Shadow. "You do have a point, but you could at least try to word it better, Sashimi."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David West

David just stood there slack jawed at the massive verbal beating he received and just how little he really knew about the drow.
"" He said as he stood red faced in front of everyone, including a extremely displeased Rugal.
"...So, about that Las Venturas..."
"...I......I' you there..." He said before making his way out of the canteen, every ounce of his party mood driven right out of him.
"Christ...Ohhhhh...West, you fucking moron...." He cursed to himself, realizing how much he just fucked up.

Rugal meanwhile was more pro-active in trying to fix the damage.
"I'll have the AI's land the ship nearby and everyone can opt for shore-leave in the city if they so desire. And I'm sorry you all had to see all that. Her many years were "unpleasant" to say the very least. Now if you would excuse me..." He said as he quickly followed after Slindis.
I'll force feed that man wet cement, let it set, then crack his throat like fine china. Maybe then he can keep his damn mouth shut... He thought in relation to the Sniper, already working on how to get away with it.
Pushing though the thoughts of horrible torture, he refocused on finding where she went to.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

The EverBright flash didn't seem to affect Viscus's sensors, allowing the machine to advance, parrying the elf's sword with his own Energy Blade, quickly turning the tables and becoming the aggressor.
"You Biological Meat Sack! Did you really think you could win! I am the most advanced thing on this planet! You can even so much as touch my superiority" He gloated as he kept forcing Melethia to back up, focusing on breaking her guard if possible.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Angelus, Ella, Hadrian

Angelus took in this scenario quietly, and sipped her water some more before saying to Ella (once all offended parties were well out of earshot), "Fools get their just reward; especially when they misuse their tongue. I'm surprised she didn't kick him into the next room."

However, this did bring some things into light. For one, Melethia's combat aptitude was made much clearer, a similarity to the dragon's human counterpart coming to mind immediately. As she continued thinking on this, Cadolbolg looked to Ella and tried to break the dramatic tension with her, "So, Las Venturas? That's the fun place we're going to, right? You know anything about it, Ms. Ella?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Caim blinked a little when he saw the strange appearance of Devon's clothes, especially since there should be no way the bard could have possibly made that full plate fit under his clothes so snugly. Caim took a good hard look at Devon's ensemble, and tapped a sleeve with a finger. To Caim's surprise, it felt like metal. With an amused laugh, the warrior gave a nod of approval, "That is certainly a good enchantment you have on that armor. Now, ready your blade. If you're going to use it, I might as well help you get accustomed to heavier armor."

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

The Shadow scoffed at Sadei, and in the Cleric's mind, she could hear the sound of rushing water. Teri could only assume it was the Shadow shaking her head vigorously as she shot back, "Sometimes it takes a bitch to get shit done. Some shit you can't lay down easy, and I'm just being straight up in what I say. You can't penalize me for that, Kid. Look, I already have far more results going for me."

The shadow did speak the truth in that, seeing as Teri had finally finished washing and drying the wolf; and was currently in the middle of cleaning herself off (nobody said washing a pet was clean for the owner!) Not too long after that, Teri had Sadei return to her true form (quarterstaff), and was already powerwalking to the nearest training room; Garm following close behind.

After finding an empty room, Teri sealed herself and Garm inside, and instructed to her lupine comrade, "Okay buddy, we're going to work on fighting together, instead of you just doing all the dirty work, okay?"

The wolf tilted his head in confusion for a moment, but readied himself with Teri as the first group of enemies came into view, a group of strange red things with spikes protruding from their backs. With the Cleric's current level of proficiency with her staff, this could take a while....

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian

Ella nodded nervously and responded to the small dragon. "It's a really energetic place, but there's also a lot of bad people in some areas. Maybe me and Devon can watch you to keep you safe while you're there?" She was rather intent on doing what she could to relax the area.

After that, she started on a spicy hot chocolate an imp dropped off as she responded to Angelus. "I thought she'd have done more than that, but I always thought she was some kind of ice queen. I mean, she did get Rugal..."

Rising Dawn: Hallway outside Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

After a rather quick search, Slindis was found getting ready to enter her room. "...who is he to preach to me about what's right? I know I'm not the best, but I tried my best to make it safe for her...Even then, it ended in disaster... knowing them, they might look at me like a loose cannon that can't be relied on..." It was clear she was more talking to herself as she got ready to enter her room. A glance inside showed that it was still rather empty despite the time she'd been on the ship, which could have had many reasons behind it.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

No. Not twice in the same day by some damned rust-buckets! Even on the defensive, she aimed towards getting near the grease to try and trip him up. At this point, she was getting fueled by sheer anger at how inept she was proving to be at even the slightest challenge and was hellbent on changing that.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Surprisingly, the armor was incredibly easy for Devon to move in - if it weren't for the weight, he'd hardly know he was wearing armor at all! He'd just have to get used to the extra weight... "It's really not that difficult to move in. Heck, it's almost like wearing clothes! I'm a bit more concerned about casting spells in this though."

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

Sadei did her best to aid in the fighting, even with her confidence shaken by the words of Teri's shadow.

Sea of Chaos
Location: Crossway of Worlds
Time: Distorted

Lucieon | Cz

As all things began, so has this. There was a darkness in nature. A bleakness stemming from simple oblivion. The nothingness of death. A place where souls go to die, to wander in their own self until they no longer see the world that they inhabit. Until they are of no more mind than the passing wind. Yet this darkness was punctuated by light. A swirling of fire bound to a insignificant reality. Perhaps, maybe, a beacon for lost souls. Lucieon genuinely hated this place, but it was integral for travel between bonfires. To step through reality, you had to walk through the Abyss. And each time you did, it felt as if a little bit of your humanity was left inside the dark.

This time Lucieon was bent on returning to the world he had left. His home of Candor. Getting used to the terrible travesties of that other realm, with its temptations and dangers, outweighed the terror of traveling between the bonfires. However as he was fleeing from that world, he came across a white soul. And suddenly Lucieon stopped, his cold breath caught in his chest. A beautiful woman was before him, unconscious and floating in the Abyss. She was full breasted and had a mop of beautiful raven hair that ran all the way past her hips, and her eyes held a sense of dissonant serenity. Almost a sense of innocence were it not perverted by her form. Her lips a soft rose pink, moved listlessly in the void.

"I is sorry..." she seemed to say. Tears flowing from the corners of her eyes. "I is sorry." Those tears ran up her long eyelashes and drifted into the Abyss like jewels, glistening in the light of a million bonfires framing the darkness as if they were stars.

Lucieon bit his lip and looked around. There was no companion to her it seemed, so he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled on her. The Dark made them both weightless, and the two souls drifted back toward the Rising Dawn bonfire.

"Cz is sorry," she muttered again. Her words drifted aimlessly into oblivion with her tears.

Lucieon drifted toward the fire and grabbed the ashen sword, with one great heave, he reamed the woman's body through the portal and pushed himself off the bonfire, taking the sword with him, and silencing the Dark in that world.


Avatar Adventure
Location: Red Mage's Room | Rising Dawn
Time: (Insert Time Here)

Cz | BlackHarte

The soft warm flicker of the bonfire went out, and Cz woke up from a deep dream. The ceiling above her was blurry for only a few moments before her optics came back into focus, and soon there after the rest of her body started to function again. Her heart began to beat and her lungs took in new air. Yet. Still. The mind within the body refused to awaken. And indeed, the body had returned to its compact mode while trying to rectify the lack of energy.

"Cz is sorry Shannon," Cz mumbled as she sat up. Her eyes were wide and filled with tears, and her small arms and legs barely had the energy to prop themselves up. A mane of thick unkempt hair rand down her back. Cz was lost. Where was she? Hadn't she died? Most definitely she had felt the searing heat of SHannon's beam weapon tear through her body. Yet here she was breathing. Breathing? Why was she breathing? Why was she in her Stasis Body? Questions that Cz did not think raced through her subconscious. Eventually the subroutines ended and little Cz came into control.

She looked around at the ash on the floor, the tousled sheets and the faintly flowery smell of the room. "Where is I?" she asked innocently.

Of course another sentient mechanical life form was nearby to answer her. "Hello," BlackHarte said with utmost courtesy, at least, with what the three trillion nanounits within his body had reached consensus was the socially acceptable thing to do, "welcome tot he Rising Dawn."

Or course Cz's next question was simple, "Where is Shannon?"

To which BlackHarte replied "I don't know." But BlackHarte did know, it was just that none of the three trillion nanounits that comprised his body could figure out how exactly to tell their new 5 year old master that her most beloved was separated from her by magnitudes of dimensions, and for all intents and purposes was probably dead of old age by now. BlackHarte shook his little blobby head, "You must be hungry," he stated simply, "please follow me."

Cz nodded, because she was hungry. And simply put, Cz followed BlackHarte all the way to the Canteen.

But of course, no one else could hear BlackHarte speak, since he spoke in binary code transmissions. But that fact was only true if everyone else was not a technopath and also a biological creature. Which, of course, BlackHarte new, was no longer the case. There were now Dmitri and A.I. Vermillion both to contend with. Resolved then, BlackHarte decided, he was going to be the bestest Artificial Companion in the whole Rising Dawn. And he would start by feeding little Cz the nutrients she needed to start nuclear fusion in her main generator again.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Jenny

After the most awkward silence in the history of the Rising Dawn, Jenny soon walked in, completely unaware of the events that just transpired.
"Evening all~!" She said cheerfully as she went over to the cooler and pulled out a bottle of water.
"So I heard that we were going on a little vacation in Las Venturas. Everyone as excited as I am?" She asked, clearly looking forward to the trip.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

The attacks and parries began to speed up as Melethia was just able to avoid having her head taken of by Viscus's energy blade.
During an opening however, he pressed his palm into her chest before blasting her back with his repulsor, her armor taking most of the sting out of it.
"If your plan is to bore me to death, it is failing: Machines don't tire of anything." He said as he walked over to where she now was.
And right over the grease patch...

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

Deciding against just plain following her inside, Rugal merely stepped in and got the door before it closed before tapping his fist against it to knock.
"Figured I'd find you here. May I come in?" He asked, watching his words and tone around the Drow.

((There should be more here, but there isn't <_> ))

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz

Cadolbolg tilted his head in curiosity, wiping his mouth after finishing his sandwich and fluttering to land on Angelus' shoulder before answering, "So long as Mother is alright with it, that sounds like loads of fun! Father probably wouldn't care very much, would he, Mother?"

Angelus' face crinkled into a smile as she scratched Cadolbolg on the head, "I see no reason why he or I should object. Devon and Ella have proven to be more than capable in looking after you."

Cadolbolg gave a whoop and did a sort of hop onto the table and scampered to Ella's side, wide smile on his face, "It's a date, whatever dates are!"

Angelus couldn't help but relax a little in light of Cadolbolg's youthful antics, and decided to allow the matter of Slindis and Rugal to drop from conversation while the turtle dragon unintentionally lite up the scene with his energy. It was also at this point Jenny's question permeated the air, and Ton Ton, who was sitting back and watching his partner get fired up about going out and about answered the Pokemon, "It certainly sounds nice that we will be able to relax after a hard battle like that. But I think Cadolbolg would share your spirit far more than I do. The rest of the world is still very new to me; seeing as most of what I know is either from the Mistress' room, or from our travels; and inter-dimensional ones at that. I will admit to a small degree of anxiety about this new place! And- Oh. Who might you be?"

Ton Ton's focus turned to the new young woman who also walked in with Jenny (Cz), very clearly not a normal member of the Dawn.

As this all went on, Angelus retreated into her thoughts, wondering quietly about the new matters that had revealed themselves, alongside what the dragon knew already about the Paladin and thought to herself, "Perhaps I need to speak with her after the others disembark. I don't like how this is all adding up..."

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Caim gave an approving nod, feeling pleased that his choice was working for the best. Taking his stance, he said, "Well, if you're so worried, we need to get practicing. Take out Injustice. I'll get you used to that armor yet."

Without waiting around much for Devon, Caim charged at the bard with his familial blade at the ready.

Rising Dawn: Different Training Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei, Hedgehog Pies

Teri grunted in pain when two of the creatures slammed into her, a good portion of the forces taking the initiative to try and separate the Cleric from Garm as she had begun whacking the offending monster with Sadei. Even with her Healing Aura running full force, it didn't alleviate the pain of the attacks or the occasional fire spell that was thrown her way. An irritated growl in the back of her throat before shouting to her wolf companion, "Don't let them separate us! FLANK!

Just keep calm! Gotta remember what Mom told us and focus on these guys' weak points. Let's see, there's a bunch of em, so I bet spells would be the best way to take them out... But I'm working with Sadei, so I need to pretend I don't have spells... Think, Teri, THINK!"

As all this went on, the spat between Shadow and Staff continued, the Shadow tesasing, "You know, Kid, maybe you should worry more bout our collective conscious instead of feeling sorry that I beat you with a bit of simple logic? What happened to that bit of spunk earlier, Ms. Sashimi? Or are you too scared to stand up to me now that I've proven to have a few good ideas?"

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz

She nodded and gave the small dragon a thumbs-up. "Now, let's not get into too much trouble, okay?" She was glad that the mood in the area had been lightened up, but er attention was also drawn to the five-year old that just appeared in the ship. "Jenny, is there something you forgot to tell us? I mean, it's no problem if you have a child..."

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

Slindis nodded. "Go ahead... although I really should have controlled myself more. After all, I don't really think I can snap at people calling out the truth." She shifted around on the rather bland bed to try and get comfortable, although that seemed more like she wanted to be comfortable with where she was in general.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

Glad that the machine had gotten on the grease, she slashed her blade across the ground while using her mace to block the next blow. It nearly caused her knees to buckle, but her slash across the asphalt provided the needed spark to light the grease ablaze as she followed up with another stab to the area she'd nailed earlier but at a different entry angle. Hopefully she could hit something more important this time, because she was not going to take a knee here.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

He drew Injustice from its makeshift sheathe and went for the first parry, jabbing at Caim's gut with his open hand as well. After all, he had to be familiar with how to fight in this, and that involved using both arms.

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

Sadei snapped back at the shadow as Teri struggled. "The big difference is that you always have someone to talk to, and when you get stronger in there, I'm left with nobody! Go ahead and yell all you want but I will not be forgotten again!"

FYI: Sorry for derping and forgetting you posted >.>

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz

"...What? But me and Blade haven't- Huh?" Jenny let slip as she finally came across Cz.
"Oh. Hello there little one. Where did you come from?" She asked as she kneeled down eye level with the new member.
"My Name is Jenny. What is yours?" She asked, doing her best to put whatever fears Cz might have to rest.
(Though the fact that she wasn't human MIGHT work against her...)

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

"You did better than I would have, that much is certain." Rugal admitted as he sat on the end of the bed as Slindis laid down.
"Only thing is though, David wasn't speaking the truth. He was just showing off how little he knows, Not that it's anything new. The fact is that for all you've endured, all both of you went through, You did more for that girl then you will ever know. We mightn't be the best parents in the world, but I know for a fact how much it means for someone to know that there is someone willing to move mountains for them if they were in danger."

"Now...I know that this life isn't one to grow up in and I'm sorry for not really helping it much. Teri included, but as long as we are there for them, That makes a world of difference."

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

Needless to say, the spark hit it's mark and the grease under Viscusi's feet ignited, the flames licking his armor and a few electrical sparks flashing from his exposed ribs.
"...Such crude combustion..." The Simulation sighed as it stepped out with several parts of his armor on fire, though it didn't seem to slow him down much.
"Now then: You are long overdue for a Game Over." He stated as he brought out the big guns: Namely his shoulder mounted Minigun and began to spray lead towards the elf.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg gave a thumbs up (or as best as he could manage) to Ella before looking to Cz as well, intrigued by the little girl who had come into their midst. Of course, that's when the age old question from the mouth of babes came about, "You know, if she's Friend Jenny's baby, where did she come from? I don't remember seeing an egg around here...."

Ton Ton shrugged, not having been taught that answer by his Mistress.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

In Caim's charge, and being deflected by the scabbard of his own blade, the mute prince found himself wide open to Devon's palm strike, and gritted his teeth as the hit connected. Skidding back only a little, Caim continued his assault on his pupil, swinging around the familial blade till his could tell that the charge for it's magic would be ready. After all, he needed to make sure his student knew how to dodge correctly in this armor as well....

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

The Shadow grinned (even moreso than it usually did) and bore down on Sadei further, "Oh? Afraid of fading away from our mind like you did in the Western world for a while? Meh, it got boring. I had much more fun when you fought back against anything I said. So, like now! So get back up, you wimp, and FIGHT. FIGHT ME! FIGHT ME, DAMMIT! It's too boring when I'm alone!"

Teri paused for a moment when she heard the Shadow and Sadei going at it in her mind, and 'shouted' back, "Sadei...? You need me to get in there? I'm not gonna let her keep treating you like shit like that."

Of course, the Cleric's reassurance would have been better if the neverending hoard of Hedgehog Pies didn't decide to throw more fire spells her way. At the very least, Garm was getting the idea of flanking down a lot better with the mobile Cleric.

Little things of little consequence.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: (Insert time here!)

Angelus | Ella | Hadrian | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg | Cz | Titania

Cz blinked. She looked at Jenny for a long while, her eyes shimmering with a faint sheen of liquid, almost as if Cz was about to burst into tears again. But instead Cz merely said plainly, "I is Cz" Little Cz then turned toward Cadolbolg and cocked her head. She didn't really understand what these two creature were. In fact she didn't even know what BlackHarte was, barring the fact that like her, he was an artificial organism.

BlackHarte however, was understandably more well versed in the goings of the Rising Dawn. "Masters Jenny and Cadolbolg," BlackHarte said as he scooted over toward the kitchen with Cz in tow, "this is C-Z she is a Class I Doomsday Weapon developed by humanity in a parallel future." Of course it was of little consolation since neither of the biological creatures could actually understand BlackHarte. To them, he was making a soft mechanical warbling as he moved across the floor.

Titania frowned, for the longest time she had concealed herself, waiting for Red Mage to return from his "errand" but the Queen of the Fairies had begun to suspect that Red Mage would not be returning very soon at all. So indeed she made herself known in a brilliant flourish of pink petals, appearing before Cz, her waist length white hair blowing out behind her in the dramatic wind. "A young creature, but not of your kind."

Cz blinked, mainly because Cz did not understand this new lolita that stood between her and the two cute monsters that had addressed her earlier. To that affect Cz smiled spritely and said, "I is hungry!"

Titania grimaced, "Tsk," she shook her heads and placed a finger on Cz's forehead, "I love to be the bearer of bad news, so I'll tell you a little something something. This little girl can lay waste to all of humanity currently present on the planet Earth in approximately one year, given that they do not put up much resistance."

Cz bit titania's finger.

"Ow!" Titania turned around to face Cz, "Why you little..." Red Mage had told her not to hurt any people, and as far as she was concerned, Cz was a weapon, not a person. Titania delivered a swift kick to Cz' stomach and sent her frail little body flying into BlackHarte's goopy mess of a form.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz

Ella seemed a mix of confused and disappointed. "How could you deny your own daughter? That's cold..."

After seeing the assault, Ella glided over and helped Cz out of the goop that is otherwise known as Blackharte. "I'll help you, so was there anything you wanted to eat? I'm Ella, and unlike some others here, I won't hurt you."

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

She turned to the side as she continued. "Still, if I really cared enough about them, I would have found some home where they would have been safe. I mean, look at them now. They're on this ship and living a life I never wanted for them... Is it so much to want that kind of environment where they didn't have to measure their worth by how they did in a fight?"

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

Dismayed that her one stunt had failed rather miserably and the rather pitiful effect her strongest blade was seeming to have, Melethia channeled the slowly festering rage of the day into one last leaping attack to try and deal as much damage as she could with her weapons - taking a good number of shots in the process. "NO! I WON'T BE HEADING DOWN TO HELL WITH A STRING OF FAILURES ON MY NAME! NOT NOW, NOT EVER!"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Devon went in for a few more basic attacks with the blade, not seeing that Caim was just about ready to launch off some magic of his own...

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

The staff spoke rather firmly back to Teri's Shadow even as she was egged on. "And feed into your nonsense to become just like you? No. I won't force that on Teri."

Still, didn't want to be seen as ignoring you X_X

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz

"...Wait-what?" Jenny rightfully asked about the part where that little girl could kill everyone on earth within a year.
Before she could ponder this, Titania was nice enough to kick her in the gut.
"Titania! What is the matter with you?!" She decried as she rushed over to help the little girl up.
"Look, Jus-...Explain to me how she could kill everyone on the planet!" She said, conflicting emotions taking root, though she was hoping that part about being a weapon was Hyperbole.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

Despite her heaviest attack, the Viscus armor still stood, albeit with a large gash across its chest, the cut nearly damaging his Arc Reactor.
Before she landed, The armor grabbed her by the leg, just like back at the Mecha fight earlier and dangled her upside down at a level where their eyes were level.
"Your foreign alloys are intriguing. I would do well to obtain them." He mused before flying up and throwing her to the ground.
"I'll collect them from your corpse!" He said as crossed his arms over his chest and began to charge his Uni-Beam and fir-
Time seemed to stop dead in it's tracks as a Pause Icon hovered over Viscus's head as he was in the middle of this attack, followed by a voice:
"-Gah! Why are these things so hard to find! Jus-...Oh, *AHEM!*
Hey, Melethia, West here...Umm...Hope I'm not catching you at a bad time, just can't really find the thing that tells you what's going on in the Simulation....Uhhh...I kinda need your help with something and if you could help me, that would be...REALLY Awesome and I'll...Buy you Ice Cream...or some C4...uhhh...Sh-should I stop the simulation or come back later?"

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz

Ton Ton, unlike Jenny, had far fewer conflicting emotions. In his eyes, he was made to protect and defend children, and to see one who had no chance of pleading her case of being a weapon being knocked into next week, it was a violation of what he considered right or just. Placing his sandwich calmly next to him and brushing off his cloak, the Tonberry moved from the table and to the floor, walking between the group helping Cz up and willed his Knife and Lantern into existence, the blue flame of the iron wrought Lantern glowing brightly as he issued his challenge to the Queen of Fae:

"I know not who you are, nor what this little girl is aside from your names. I know not why either of you are here. However, I do know that you would strike a child without giving them reason to explain themselves, and for that, I find my opinion of you lessen significantly. Until we can divine for a fact this little girl is in fact a weapon that wants to destroy us all, I ask you to leave her be, or my Knife will find itself in your flesh and the Lantern will show the world the Karma you've accumulated. Do I make myself clear?"

Cadolbolg joined his pact partner in his own stance between the Faerie Queen and Cz, wanting to stand strong with the one he bound his soul with.

Angelus blinked in surprise as the little girl was promptly introduced and then shit kicked into the nearby wall, but did not move as quickly as Ella, Ton Ton or Jenny, and merely asked, "What proof do you have? What incriminates the little one before us? I for one can understand the concerns regarding the status of a weapon, but wouldn't striking said possible weapon bring more danger instead of less? Or do the Fae have little regard for reason? Oh wait, I forgot what I was referring to."

The dragon's eyes took a mild steely turn, clearly irritated by the fact that a fairy had re-entered her midst (the sights and smells gave her away to the dragon's keen senses), remembering the last time fairies dealt with her party.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

With another pair of parries, Caim rolled out of the way and took a familiar stance, saying "Let's see how well you can dodge in that armor!"

and shot forth 3 large fireballs in the bard's direction; reminding Devon there was other dangers to fighting with Caim aside from his skill with his blade. Of course, this also reminded him of the fact that he was borrowing one of the warrior's blades as well.... Caim did mention practicing with magic after all. Was this what he had in mind?

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

The Shadow made a sort of chocking noise in surprise, obviously not anticipating this outcome; and with that, shrinking back from the authoritative staff, "The hell is your problem?! Aren't you mad at me? Don't you just want to punch me in the face?! I'm the angrier half of your host! I thought you were all about keeping me in check and shit?!"

Obviously, the Shadow was drawing at straws to get Sadei riled up, but from the looks of it, it wasn't working as well as the Shadow had planned. On the outside however, this seemed to show. Teri's attacks, although still unrefined on account of a lack of proper training, were beginning to have more power behind them. With the Shadow beginning to lessen in power again, the Cleric was able to focus on the enemies before her and started to get more hits in as well as dodging more of the monsters' attacks. With a small grin, she addressed her staff, "Forget I'm said anything, Sadei! You seem to be handling her perfectly on your own!"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: (Insert Time Here?)

Angelus | Ella | Hadrian | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg | Cz | Titania

Titania turned around with a flourish and waved off the little Tonberry, Ella, and all the rest. "She's dangerous I tell you," Titania said clearly as she left, nursing her bleeding finger, "just make sure that your wills are still your own after each day. Indoctrination seems to be a specialty of giant marauding sentient spaceships these days. Oh, and just might as well let you know. Killing her in that compact form stops her from functioning permanently." As soon as Titania stepped out of the Canteen, she vanished in a swirl of pink petals.

Cz rubbed her stomach, confused and hurt. Not physically, but mentally. Seeing the knife that Ton Ton held had brought up bad memories, from another attempt to harm her. Yet it was not physical wounds that she was remembered, but the painful separation from her temporary family. "I... I is sorry.." Cz looked at Ella and then at Cadolbolg and Ton Ton, and then at Jenny. Her eyes welled with tears. She missed her old friends.

BlackHarte wormed his way out from under Cz and reformed his squishy body into something vague representing what a three dimensional organism should look like. "What Titania says is true, unfortunately. This form of hers, and all its mannerisms is nothing more than an act, pre designed to garner sympathy in the case of danger." BlackHarte warbled to Cz. Cz looked back at him and ceased her thought of sadness. Now she was confused. Unfortunately, BlackHarte's warning floated by the fleshy organics' ears with little effect.

"What is weapon?" Cz frowned, "I is hungry."

"Then would it be appropriate to requisite seared trout for your consumption? We wager that the oils present might be enough to jumpstart your internal reactor."

Cz smiled, "Cz like fish."

And so BlackHarte found his way into the kitchen and returned with some seared trout on a platter. That which Cz bit into greedily.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz

Ella grabbed a decent-sized glass of water for the small girl and placed it at her side. "Cz, just stay on the ship and we'll keep you... You know, I think you might enjoy seeing a new town. Do you want to come with us? It should be fun." She gave a smile to the young child and in general tried to make her welcome to the ship.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia

When it paused, Melethia groaned then sighed. "...Sure...I need a break, maybe even a drink or two." For the first time in a while, the young girl seemed defeated in a sense. Well, that or tired.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Out of a pummeled inlong-honed reflex, Devon dodged to the left to try and avoid the fireballs. However, he was a bit short, and he threw up his left hand in a defense move. The three spiritual blades from Injustice popping up to impale the fireballs, though, might have been a surprise to the two.

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

The staff spoke rather firmly back to Teri's Shadow even as she was egged on. "I'm not going to heed your inflammatory words, so don't even bother." Perhaps Sadei's focus bled over to Teri's fighting, but it felt like Sadei had become an extension of her arm.

Sorry for taking so long, darn assignments.

Alpha & Dimitri.
Location: Rising Dawn | Mainframe/ RD Bridge.
Time: Early morning in the world.

Nodding along with Dimitri she felt that the aura around him was calm and patient, this made the new AI feel rather calm and at home with this new system. Unfortunately it will actually take some time to integrate with the whole system due to the rather incredibly large size of the ship. Fortunately she now has two AI friends by her side, but she wants to get to know them better.

"Hmm, sounds like you do a lot around here. I would do more but ... I'm more specialized in the military industry. I would like to thank you though for showing me around even though I did not introduce myself when I had first arrived. Back in my world, most of the AI serve the military and are quite ... different from you guys.

Alpha had remembered back to her first days when they had converted her from program to AI. Those were rough on here, especially her relationship with Sean. Suddenly a physical force grabbed her from behind, mostly focusing on the *Ahem* chest area. "Kya~!" She yelped out loud before blushing and looked at Dimitri with a red face. "Haha, I'll be right back" She said as she disappeared from the mainframe for a while.

A couple of more seconds later she came back with a more annoyed face. "Sorry about that, had to deal with an ... annoyance." She said. "Now if I could see Ms. Vermilion to talk about the system, and if you have any other military related duties you can ask me. Alpha smiled as she talked to Dimitri.

Location: Rising Dawn | Outside the Bridge.
Time: Morning.

Hanging out on the floor, the white haired Spartan only looked up at the ceiling, pondering about where he went wrong in life for this to happen. Also his nose was bloodies and he laid inside a dent on the ground. "I probably deserved that." He said to himself as he waited for his body to pick up his internal phone to tell it to get up.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz

Despite the warnings from Titania, Jenny gently hugged Cz as she ate her meal.
"You think if she was a lethal weapon of mass destruction, Titania would have the decency to at least tell us what she does!" She said to the others as Ella brought up the trip to Las Venturas.
"I second that. We were all about to head anyway. You can come with us if you wish." She offered, doing her best to make Cz feel welcome, though Titania's warning still lingered.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David West

Soon, the entire battleground began to fade as Viscus began to disappear, followed by a prompt for a New Record on Melethia's files.
While her self imposed goal wasn't reached, the fact that she got 26 more victories than David West's last session might help take the sting out of it.
The man himself entered afterwards once the simulation was shut down and said "Hey, Sorry for bothering ya. Just...For lack of a better word...I kinda fucked up and I need your help to...."un-fuck" things, You hear me?"
"I hear ya. So what did you do?"
"...Well...errr..." He mumbled as he realized the flaw with this idea.

"...Okay, so...we were talking about taking some leave down in the city below us, you know, celebrate a job well done and all that...Then I said something to your mother that "Implied" that...she wasn't good at parenting, despite the fact she is. So now, she hates me and I want to fix that because...Well, I try to stay on the good side of people who can literally bitch-slap me to death...So..."
Inside, David's brain was smashing itself against his skull like one would smash their head into a wall.

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

Rugal laid a hand on the drow's shoulder in a bid to comfort her.
"I understand. Even I, someone who spent his entire adult life learning every possible way to kill a man, don't like seeing my children fight alongside us. But you mustn't blame yourself solely for the world being the way it is. And I don't think Melethia or Teri would want you to either." He said, knowing full well that his kind was the ones at fault.
All the selfishness, all the greed, all the ego.
"You haven't failed either of them and you have to stop thinking that you did, otherwise, you'll miss out on all the good in their lives. In our lives."

I would just like to remind you, this is coming from a man who used to bath people in molten metal for giggles and then display them in his living room.

No sweat man. :)

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Angelus only gave a light growl in Titania's direction as the Faerie Queen vanished, and returned to her meal, feeling any effort on her part regarding Cz would be redundant, considering that a good portion of the Canteen's current occupants had taken to watching after the girl. Furthermore, she didn't want to accidentally broadcast to Caim she had the intention to adopt another child. They already had two to take care of, as well as Caim's apprentice, they didn't need another.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, however, were a bit more sympathetic to the newcomer, Ton Ton disappirating his weaponry before approaching the small girl, "Don't worry, young miss. The mean older lady is gone now. How about yourself and... your friend?"

The Tonberry gestured to Blackharte, not quite sure what he(she? It?) was. Cadolbolg remained afloat and waved a claw at the synthetic girl, not quite understanding why she was kicked across a room. Cadolbolg had seen plenty of weapons in his and Mr. West's hands, and Cz did not look like one he was familiar with.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Caim blinked in surprise at the magic of his familial blade being negated by a somewhat weaker version of Injustice's magic; but returned to his typical battle face (read: Grinning), and 'said', "That's more like it! Now, you want to practice your magic in that right? For today's training, I'm lifting the ban on magic. Show me if I haven't been wasting my time in showing you how to survive!"

And with that, the prince charged at the bard again; very clearly not holding back nearly as much as he usually did in training. Whether that was because Devon's training master was beginning to have confidence in Devon's abilities, or because he had fun toying with the bard was anyone's guess.

Location: Rising Dawn | Mainframe/ RD Bridge: Alpha & Dimitri

Dimitri gave his fellow AI a calming smile and a small inclination of his head, before wondering aloud at what happened, "Are you alright? Has some blackguard attacked you?!"

Without further prompting, the BARRET and SCOUTER manifesting on Dimitri's left hand and right eye as he asked these questions. With Alpha mentioned having taking care of it, the gun disappeared, but the Butler still looked somewhat on edge, "As you wish. However, do not be afraid to mention it should this happen again. We've already had to deal with our fair share of digital nuisances here..."

Keeping a sharp vigil with the SCANNER, the Butler lead Alpha back to Vermilion's location, and resumed his usual duties on the console while Vermilion was the next to address Alpha, "It appears I am next to aid with your tour, Alpha. How may I help you?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

The Shadow backed away into it's part of Teri's mind, finally quelled for the moment; as well as surprised by the spirit of the staff. With her around, it was readily apparent that the Shadow's influence on her host would be minimal at best. Didn't mean she'd have to be peaceful about it all the time.

As for the Cleric, something must have clicked in the midst of Sadei's encounter with the Shadow, because using Sadei suddenly felt so much easier than was usual. Teri felt she could see what the monsters attacking were about to do moments before they attacked, and dodged before a spell or a body blow could connect. With a laugh of delight, Teri sent, "Dunno what you did, Sadei, but something feels.... Clearer! I can see what they're doing! What Mom said suddenly makes sense!"

Garm took note of Teri's sudden burst of confidence (or perhaps competence was the proper term), and flanked on the monsters, and begin to turn the tide with Teri in tow.

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

Slindis shifted a bit on the bed and continued. "Even so, is it so wrong to want more successes than failures when it comes to them?I'd like to be able to say that every once in a while." It wasn't much, but at least she was getting a bit better.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David

Melethia nodded. "Anything to get this mess out of my mind, West..." It was obvious to David that she needed some time to relax from how tense she was. She didn't even seem to really notice what was eating David up, but she seemed a bit open to it.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Devon casts Major Image!

Heeding Caim's words, the Bard immediately cast a spell that created a fog around the both of them and Caim heard the familiar splurt of someone being impaled on his blade. Said fog faded away to show Devonfully skewered on Caim's blade, and the bard looked up at him and wheezily spoke to the warrior. "Looks like... you'll need to find someone else to watch over Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg from now on..."

Meanwhile, our actual bard got ready to swat at Caim with the Flat of the blade from behind.

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

Sadei helped swat away some more Hedgehog Pies mmm, sounds tasty and assuredly talked back to Teri. "I'm not sure either, but I'll be here to help as well. Just tell your Shadow to not be so harsh to me?"

Rising Dawn: Slindis's Room: Rugal, Slindis

"Heh, Successes? Melethia will never become some Pawn in some Mad Cult's scheme and will live a long and healthy life. Teri has become a resounding Cleric and has found a new home after losing her own. We mightn't have given them the life they deserved, but we gave them what we could. Someplace to call home, even if it isn't the best one." Rugal added as he laid back on the bed behind her.
"If you only count your failings, That's all you'll ever see."

Rising Dawn: Simulator: David, Melethia

"Awesome! Thank you! The next time I'm at UNIT, I'll snag you some Anti-Matter Bombs! They are bombs that blow up Matter, Great fun to use!" David cooed, glad that this horrible idea of his was actually working.
"Okay, So...Ideas on how to make your mom NOT hate me. We are landing in" *Checks Watch* "About 15 minutes, going to be in the city for a few hours. What do I do/get in order to say "Sorry for being a prick"? Go." He asked, hoping that the daughter of the Drow would have some wonderful idea that would help fix everything.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn

Angelus | Ella | Hadrian | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg | Cz

Cz finished eating the grilled trout and finished the cup of water Elaa gave her in one prolonged breath. With a small dramatic "tink" she dropped the cup onto the floor beside her and stood up, brushing herself up. "Cz want go with," she muttered. Slowly her cognition was returning. Situational awareness was now here again and her inner thoughts finally became coherent. Where am I. She wondered, staring up and taking note of each of the faces looking back at her. Foreign location. Not my realm.

"Cz will go with!" she said happily, masking her actual worry. BlackHarte wrapped himself around her waist into a sort of belt. Metamaterial creature... a proxy? Perhaps. A useful weapon for engaging without activating Divine form anyhow.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

Caim's hand loosened it's grip from his blade as a look of horror overtook his face as the illusionary Devon's breath grew worse.

"No.... Not again."

But before Caim could signal anyone for help, or do anything else, the flat of a blade struck it self on Caim's head, and the warrior was knocked forward. Shock replacing the horror, Caim looked up to realize that his pupil was not, in fact, dead, but rather living. And he had tricked his master with an illusion that reminded Caim all too well of his previous failures, the death of Furiae being at the top of them. Not even grabbing his fallen blade (which was still piercing the fake Devon), Caim charged forwards and brought a clenched fist into Devon's jaw and then backed away, shaking as he picked up his blade and sheathed it. Turning back to Devon, Caim gave a hard glare and 'said', "Don't do that trick again. At least, not to me."

Moving away from the bard, Caim made his way to the door to the training room, and said in an uncharacteristically hollow tone (or as best as the PDA conveyed that), "You're mobility seems to be just fine in that armor. Go rest or something. We're done today."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

With the sight of Cz warming up to the crew was more than enough for Ton Ton, as he hopped to his table and continued nibbling his sandwich (Ton Ton being a much slower and cleaner eater than Cadolbolg) as the other attended to Czs needs. After all, the little creature didn't want to smother the new comer, especially with her just barely adjusting to this new realm.

Cadolbolg continued looking at Cz, curious about the small life form. He had seen several young ones, like the ones in the high school, or Melethia, but they were far older than the little one before them. As he contemplated this, Cadolbolg wondered aloud, "Do all humans start this little?"

As for Angelus, her head jerked up in confusion when she felt Caim's current range of emotions; walking out of the Canteen without much warning and in the direction of her pact partner and the Bard.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei

"I'll see what I can do. You lemme know if she starts harassing you behind my back, alright? But I will admit, I wouldn't have gotten this much progression if she didn't push me here. Perhaps we should try listening to her a little more, if in small doses."

With a whirl of the staff, Teri brought Sadei down on another Hedgehog Pie; a satisfying squeak being emanated from the creature as she continued her line of thought, (and Garm hopped in on the opportunity and tore the critter to bits when Teri wasn't looking) "I wonder how Mum would feel if I told her that? 'Guess what Mom, I had an internal wrestling match that ended up with me training with Sadei! Look what I can do now!' I bet she'd take that real well. Not to mention Dad doesn't even know about her... Unless Mom mentioned something? You think Dad might know some anger management techniques? The Shadow is pretty pissy all the time."

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow

As David awaited an answer from the elf, he saw something, or rather someone, down the hall in the corner of his eye.
"...What the-...Shadow?....That you? For the love of- When the hell did you get here?! Don't go telling me you were hiding in the cargo hold this entire fucking time, you Russian prick!" He insulted in a friendly fashion as he walked over to his Russian counterpart.
"Heh, Be just like you to show up after all the damn hard work was done! How the hell ya been?" He asked, wondering what he had been up to since the last time they met.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow


"I was not sitting in a box of vodka in the cargo hold no.... ok maybe..." Shadow admitted as he pulled out vodka from seemingly nowhere. He then drank some of its contents before replying to David "I have been... fine... apart from slowly going insane..."

"Anyways.... what are we up to now? Killing god or demonic being... I always enjoy those.." Shadow asked in a nonchalant manner.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow

"Tch! I was thinking the well was starting to get dry!" David said before yanking the bottle from the Assassin's hand and taking a swig himself.
"Ahhhh...What you need to get through the day...We're actually thinking about going to Las Venturas. It's basically Vegas except....well, nothing, it's just a city that makes its living by Ripping off Vegas!" He explained as he handed the Vodka back.
"Before that though, I tried to become a police officer. Had to deal with a Zombie outbreak on my first day, then we stopped a gang war involving advanced energy weapons and ended the day with us blowing up a US Military base...Kinda tame, actually..." He explained, recalling all the crap he had just been though.

"Managed to catch the bastard behind it for once, though. He's chilling in the brig at the moment and he sure as shit ain't going anywhere!" He said in relation to Deadshot, the villain that arranged for the events he just described.
"I'd think you'd like him, Deadshot is a huge throbbing dick head, just like you!"

Shadow just looked at David before replying "oh I'm the dick hmm? try to take a look in the mirror some time." He then pulled another vodka bottle out of seemingly nowhere and opened it.

"So why are we going to this knew play and who are we going to kill? Scratch the second question it doesn't matter..." He asked as he took a few gulps of vodka.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow

A little confused as to where he got the second bottle from, David answered "Well...If we can help it, No one. I just want a nice quiet fucking day without some dumb shit happening. Besides, all that was sorted out earlier. When you were on the piss!".
Deciding to keep the bottle he "Borrowed", he then said "Look, if you want to vent, take it out on the bastard in the brig. That prick has it coming, not some Vegas Tourist who looks at you the wrong way, you get me?"

Rising Dawn: Simulator: David, Melethia, Shadow

Shadow just looked at him for a second. "Wait.... so... NO killing? Shit...." Shadow muttered as he set his bottle on the floor.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow

"Well, maybe that will teach ya to go on a blender when there is work to do!" David teased, knowing full well how hypocritical he was.
Hell, if it wasn't for that interview he had, he would have joined him.
"Hey, Look at this way. There will be bars where we're going. Where there is bars there is bar fights..." He offered, hoping to get him hooked on beating up drunks rather than shooting up a casino.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Jenny, Cz

Ella beamed as she picked the small girl's plates up. "You're more than free to! Just be close to me when we touch down so you don't end up getting too lost, and you'll be fine." She whistled and chatted a bit with one of the imps to let it know about their neew young child and things that she might not be allowed to have - basic stuff like no alcohol and all sweets. Something well balanced would be a lot better for her, and the imp agreed as it went back into the kitchen.

As she near-skipped around, she responded to Cadolbolg's question. "THey start out even smaller, even smaller than Ton-Ton!"

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

The musing continued as she really thought about the ramifications with Melethia's upbringing. "I wish I could say that for Melethia, but don't you find it odd that the only word I've heard from anyone in Eberron was Kalastryn stating that it had been dest-no, unmade is the better term. By that point, you could technically count it a victory if everyone else on Eberron was part of that cult down to the last newborn Kobold Child..."

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David, Shadow

The green-haired girl got out of the simulator and talked to the two. "Well, you'll probably find lots of gambling and prostitutes on the streets, so that's something to keep in mind. Nothing too bad, but they might have something extra on them."

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Caim, Devon

There was an awkward silence in the room as Devon returned Injustice back to Caim hilt-first. "Okay... I'll leave magic alone when I'm near you." After that, he made his way out of the room and aimlessly wandered around the ship feeling like a wall had been somehow made between him and the man that had become his teacher...

Rising Dawn: Teri's Training Room: Teri, Garm, Sadei, Delicious Hedgehog Pies (Eat that, Sonic!)

The staff casually talked to Teri as more Squeaks formed into a small chorus. "Okay, but just tell her not to overwhelm me... I don't really have anyone else to talk to here. But maybe you can talk to them both?"

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Angelus, Ella, Hadrian, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg, Cz

Jenny was happy that the so called "Weapon" was settling in, surely something that small and so human couldn't be a lethal weapon, right?....Right?!
Her train of thought was interrupted as the Engines for the ship switched off as they landed in the middle of the Las Venturas Airport.
"Ahhh...Guess it's time to go then. Come on everyone, Let's hit the town!....I mean, City-CITY!" She corrected herself as she began to make her way off the ship.

Rising Dawn: Simulator: Melethia, David West

"...Yeahhhh...What the kid said..." David mused to Shadow as the ship landed, bringing his focus back to his original goal.
"Crap! We're here! Alright, so as I was saying: Things your mother likes. Cake? Silver?...Punching Bags?..." He asked, praying to the gods of this mad, mad world that she would have some idea of what the hell he could use.

Rising Dawn: Slindis' room: Rugal, Slindis

Rugal froze when he realized his mistake: bringing up Eberron like that.
"...I'm sorry, I- didn't..." He trailed off before the sounds of the ship landing outside the city broke the ice.
"...I guess we arrived...You want to come with us?..." He then asked, hoping that he didn't cause her to shut herself in even more as a result of his words.
I swear, I'm going to kill David for this...

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