The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Jake then mentioned the idea of making a base of operations, prompting David to ask "Meta Knowledge?...As in you know this place?..."
While he waited for an answer, David got out and began to order the civilians in the area back, shouting random police jargon at them.

Jake joined David in keeping the Civilians back. Though his camouflage was wrong (AUSCAM pattern, used exclusively by the Australian Defence Force), his hat wrong (doubtful that US forces wore Akubra's) and his rifle the old M1 Garand otherwise he looked semi-official in a military capacity. The civilians bought it, considering a somewhat beat up looking cop and a soldier were securing a blast zone fairly normal. 9/11 changed everything, even years on. Once the civilian's were far enough back and not trying to get close anymore, Jake replied to David.

"Yeah mate, I know San Fierro. I know all of San Andreas actually. Back in my home dimension, it's a game. Grand Theft Auto Three: San Andreas. Play as a gangster, Carl "CJ" Johnson of the Grove Street, get betrayed, blow things up, murderhobo like no tommorrow, fuck you Tenpenny and Pulaski, you too Ryder and Big Smoke, oh and of course, commit mass Grand Theft Auto. I dropped hundreds of hours on it. Why do you think I knew where to fly? I didn't have a map up in the cockpit that's for sure. Hmm, local gangs... Triads. Dammit, we could try helping the Mountain Cloud Boys and their leader, Wu Zi Mu, known as Woozie by his mates. Dude's the most honourable gangster in this town, more of a businessman. As for a place to stay, opposite the train station just over the hill is an old servo.. Sorry service/gas station that in game you buy as a safehouse. It's big enough we could base out of it, I can DIY/author us some crap, or just lots of money and we let the girls go shopping. Anything else you want to know?"


StuffStuffStuffStuffStuffStuffStuffStuffStuffStuffStuffStuff Anything else you want to know?"

"...I kinda forgot that you were one of those..."Writer"....Things..." David said, mildly un-nerved of the idea that this entire city was a videogame.
"...So you know this entire region then? Well riddle me this: Anyone in this..."Game" that remind you of the asshole trying to frame me? I mean, I'm not letting that go easy....
And he ruined my first day on the force by unleashing a zombie hoard. That too..." He mumbled, clearly way out of his league as always.

First contact subject, Lone Wanderer Shawn.
Location: The somewhat destroyed Easter Basin Docks.
Time: "I don't need this sh*t"

The dragon swooped overhead of the floating, heavily armored body. Inside the helmet a wide eyes Shawn laid still, scared of the dragon, something he has never seen before. "I don't want to confirm that it is a dragon but ... " Shawn sighed as his curiosity got the better of him and he started to do a backstroke back towards the now loosing flame docks.

Halfway during his swim he also saw the Black Hawk helicopter. "More people ... well, may as make myself public." Shawn smiled once more underneath his helmet, wiggling a tiny bit from the bullets that littered inside of him and on his armor. Before extracting himself from the water and into the docks he decided to inject himself with one Stimpak and count the bullets on his armor as they fell out.

"Legs 5, arms 2, chest and main body 4. Not bad that Deadshot. Least I got his ... face?" He asked himself and wondered about his Prey's fate as he dragged himself out of the water and onto the docks where the group roamed. From the group's point of view they could see this man approach them with a rather large anti-material rifle on his back.


As he talked with Jake, David then saw Shawn (Or what looked like some kind of heavily armed soldier) start making his way towards the group.
"Hey...Buddy!...This is a Resit....Son of a Bitch. IT'S YOU!? ISN'T IT!?" He shouted in a clear case of mistaken identity as he drew his M500 and took aim at the Wanderer.
"Why are you doing this!? Why are you trying to frame me?! TELL ME OR SO HELP ME GOD I'LL BLOW YOUR DAMN SKULL OFF!" He threatened, clearly having a bad day.
His appearance was also exactly like Deadshot's (Before his "Face" melted off).

Got dealt the wrong hand ... again, Courier Shawn.
Location: The somewhat destroyed Easter Basin Docks.

Looking at David like he was some kind of caveman, Shawn removed his helmet as he fiddled with his Pip-Boy.
Just a single look at David and he already knew that wasn't his prey, he was more intelligent then the average human ... especially this guy. This guy was the real David face, because there was no way Deadshot could have a second mask/face, but then again Shawn will act cautious around him anyway.

A voice started to play as Shawn held his Pip-Boy into the air.

"Holy shit, someone in this city can actually follow basic instructions! That's a finding a Unicorn.
Also, Props for using a payphone in 2013. And here I had all this fancy ass Cellar tracking shit to follow you with, but now I can just go old school. Cheers...Whoever the fuck you are. Tell me, You like killing people?"

"That was a man named David West, codename Deadshot. He hired me when I first stepped off your ship ... sure I may be a stowaway, but that is complicated. I worked for this guy, I knew he was working on something and ... all of this happened. Basically, all I'm saying is that I'm hunter who is after the impostor, and now that I have met the real David West ..." Shawn paused as he looked around at the mostly destroyed dock.

"We battled here, we fought, I doused the area in fire and radiation and he escaped ... I think, and those police officers escaped with a massive pile of weapons to deliver to all of the gangs in this place." Shawn said as he held up his hands, away from his rifle on his back. He just gave them evidence that he isn't the impostor and the plan that the impostor has. This should give him some credit at the very least.

"All I like to do is kill or justify evil things and people ... but mostly it's kill." He looked at the rest of the group with a smile. "Most never give me a choice."

David | Jake | ???
"Nope, nobody in the game is that off, maybe the CIA spook, but he is so paranoid and not really a face to face guy." Jake replied.

Then the Lone Wanderer Appeared. And David started shouting. Jake grabbed David's pistol and forced it down, or at least away from the new arrival.

"OI DAVID STAND DOWN! That man is not the imposter, not by a long shot! OI YOU! LONE WANDERER! YOU FROM THE DC WASTELAND OR THE NEVADA WASTELAND? Another videogame character, he's the player controlled guy from Fallout. Post apocalypse, World war 3 against China went thermonuclear."

Glad someone knows him, Courier Shawn.
Location: The somewhat destroyed Easter Basin Docks.

Putting his hands down, Shawn addressed the person directly.
"Born in DC, travelled to Nevada. I do believe I have no met you yet sir, and I find it highly weird and suspicious that you know one of my titles and places of interest. If you carry the symbol of the Bull I don't know what I'd do." The memories of many kills came back to him.

Shawn only hopes that this kid isn't apart of the Bull army, whom he killed many of and it's leaders.
Or the Enclave, that would be even worse.
Actually, if it was any faction he eliminated it would be bad.
That includes Caesar's Legion, The Enclave, DC slavers, Nevada Slavers, aliens, Southern folk from point Lookout, some of the Brotherhood Outcasts, Pittsburgh slavers, super-mutants, the Great Khans, the fiends, Mr. House, the Silver Rush, those prison assholes and many different variations of wasteland monsters and animals.

David, Shawn, Jake

David was puzzled at first when the voice played, but when he listened...
"-That's a finding a Unicorn-"
"-now I can just go old school-"
"-Tell me, You like killing people?"

All anger left his system as a completely vacant look washed over his face, he went rigid as a board.
It took Jake pushing his arm down to reanimate him and even then he looked completely lost.
"...Yeah....Alright then...." He mused as he returned the Helicopter and supported himself on the side of it.
"...So what do I call you then? Mr Mad Max? (Shawn)" He jived to cover up his minor mindfuck.

The man of many names and titles, Shawn.
Location: The somewhat destroyed Easter Basin Docks.

Looking at David once more, he spoke.
"Unfortunately I won't give my full name for now, and I am a man of many names and titles. Just call me the one most know me by, Lone Wanderer. That was the first title bestowed upon me, for navigating and overcoming a horrible world all by myself."

He walked up to the helicopter and sat on the edge of it. Shawn had never seen a helicopter before, he has only seen a VertiBird, basically a more armored helicopter. "Gee this is different." He muttered as he gotten in. "Other then that, we should get going and chase after these vehicles with the weapon shipments. I would hate to see gangsters killing gangsters everywhere! He yelled to everyone.

He looked towards David. "Seeing how you are connected to him the most, let me tell you everything that has happened in my adventure." Shawn smiled and began to tell David everything about Deadshot and his little adventure.

David, Shawn, Jake

David sat and listened as Shawn detailed the missions he did for Deadshot, all while having a strangely distant look on his face.
Even for major bombshells like how he used a Los Santos Drug Baron to move his Bio-Bombs, he merely nodded and said things like "Yep...I getcha...Uh-huh..."
Once he was briefed on Deadshot's intentions, He then asked "So he wants to have the Triads and Dang Nang Boyz kill each other off?...Clever. Makes a mess and all the blame goes to the gangs and not him...well, me, but..."Him-Me".
Leaning back towards Jake, he asked "Hey, don't you know one of these guys? Wee Zee Moo? (Wu Zi Mu)...Or something?"

Easter Basin Docks (Or what's left of it): Rugal, Melethia

Melethia shrugged as she thought it out, using some of the conversation she overheard from the guy in the weird armor to help give some context. "Hmm, maybe that Deadshot guy was looking to make some cash? Or maybe hand it to some nutual enemies, thin them out, then repeat what happened in Los Santos? Kinda hard to say, really..."

David, Slin, Wanderer, Jake

Slindis thought about it for a moment before responding, taking in all the information while she tried to keep an ear out for Vercetti's decision. "We'll need to possibly find both sides here so we can try something in this. It'll be hard, but if we can convince both gangs there's someone that each wants them dead, we could have something to work with here. Wanderer, are you prepared to get moving?"


Ella grinned and shook her hand. "Go ahead and call me Ella. I'm currently staying with Devon here, but I'll help you out if I can. This talk about Authors sounds a bit odd, considering the ones here should be the only ones." She gave a god deal of respect to Akane as she offered a hand to the Kitsune. She'd heard plenty from her Daddy how they were notoriously powerful, and it wouldn't be a good idea to make even a weakened one mad.

Devon got ready to head out as an IMP poofed in and chatted to Devon in its native language. "Jenny, we might be able to have some more backup here. The Grove Street Boys sent Ignis and his boys off after the help patching up the holes in the streets. Looks like they want to make it clear it was them that defended their hone, and I can't blame them. We just have to be careful with whatever Deadshot's planning."

Easter Basin Docks (Or what's left of it): Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Jenny, Devon

Teri gave a nod of confirmation to her worried friends, gave another short cough, and then hit a couple buttons on her Tablet before tapping it to her forehead, a motion that would look familiar to the participants of the Angelic Wars. With a faint smile, a mechanized voice shot from the Tablet, "Well, if my voice is going to be a problem, this will have to be a solution for the moment. I'd hate to be a liability just because I was doing my job."

She waved a hand gently to emphasize what she said next, "You guys should worry more about yourselves. I'll just do the normal squishy mage thing, and stay in the back away from the guns and cast the buffs. Yippee."

"Me thinks that sounded a little bitter, Madam."

Hacking up another small bit of phlegm to the ground, Teri glared at her Tablet, "Did I ask your opinion?"

"No, but you cannot deny that in my attempts to fulfill my programming of watching for your well being, which you so graciously ignored with your obviously better judgement, that this predicament is far from ideal, hmn?"

The Cleric covered her face with a palm and wondered 'aloud', "When did you come with a sense of sarcasm..?"

"I believe I inherited it from my creator."

Teri shook her head again, and turned to Jenny, looking very exasperated at the encounter with her AI, "So, like I said. I'll just use this and rest my throat. No big deal."

Now, if Teri wasn't leaning over Garm as she was, that statement may have been a positive one. In her state now, it just looked like the Cleric was trying to save face.

Angelus, Caim, Rugal

Angelus gave a heavy chuckle at Rugal's command, and said, "If you wish to ask something of me, Rugal, you need only say so. It is not as if Caim speaks for me. In fact, I do recall it being the other way around...."

With that, the dragon stretched her long neck to get a decent look about the place. Caim, on the other hand, shook his head at the prideful dragon's words, and picked about the rubble with his shoe, not entirely sure what they were supposed to be looking for.

Cadolbolg, Akane

With the arrival of the new stranger diverting most of the attention of the group, Cadolbolg fluttered over to Akane and landed on her shoulder, giving a happy little wave, "Hullo! I'm pretty sure we've met before. You're Mother and Father's foxy friend, right?"

David, Wanderer, Ton Ton

As his pact partner investigated Akane, Ton Ton too disembarked from his usual perch of Devon's shoulder, and wandered to the conversation between David and the Lone Wanderer, "So, if I am to understand this correctly, Mr. Wanderer sir, our friend David West has been impersonated for the purposes of stirring gang warfare?! That's horrible! Is there anything we can do?"

Now, despite the small creature's appearance, (in fact, The Lone Wanderer hadn't seen anything like a Tonberry before, except for possibly a baby Deathclaw), The Lone Wanderer could hear a small childlike voice from the creature, far belaying the initial impression of a hooded, lantern bearing, knife wielding lizard.

David, Slin, Ton Ton, Wanderer (Shawn), Jake
Location: The now not radioactive Easter Basin Docks.

The Wanderer was sitting on the side of the Helicopter. A smile fell onto his face as he heard Slindis speak. "I'm always ready to move, more accurately speaking I'm always on the move." Shawn pressed a button on his Pip-Boy and his weapon changed from Anti-Material Rifle into his Ranger Pistols. "In my own opinion I think we both convince the gangs not to kill each other and also go after the shipments ... but they might already be there. Whatever the plan is, I'm up for it, I have both a specialty for speaking and killing." Shawn said as he began to think about Deadshot's plan in general. "(He must have an overall goal.)" Shawn's face turned cold.

Then the other uniquely looking creature talked to him (Ton Ton). "Yes he is, and all we need to do is stop these shipments and the mastermind, if not .. well we have a bit of a detour with saving those gangster's asses. Now that I think about it, I have no idea who you people are. I mean, I saw a dragon today, then her (Slindis) and now you." He pointed at Angelus, then Slindis and finally Ton Ton. "Well, each day is a new experience, and I have no problem accepting other intelligent lifeforms." Shawn said out loud. He liked meeting new people, especially people who are different to humanity, since each race could have a whole entirely different way of thinking intelligently.

"Man, this gets my scientist side pumped up." Shawn said as he fiddled with his Pip-Boy once more and changed his clothing completely in a second.

"It's good to get out of that armor." He waved some air into his direction.

David, Slin, Wanderer, Jake, Ton Ton
"I know of Woozie, I don't know him. I agree, we need to play both sides really. Carefully. Otherwise, I vote we just start blasting the city with the Dawn until something happens or the Gangs turn over this bastard. They'll try to save their city before sheltering a demon of sorts it seems. This imposter stood up to a mini nuke launcher, colour me impressed." Jake added in, remaining standing, stretching his legs a bit.

Jenny, Ella, Cadolbolg, Akane
Akane shook hands with the Succubus, her smile blooming into a full one as she spoke, quickly explaining the Author situation. "It... It is not an experience I want to relive and the voice was explicit in that it was an Author above even ours... But this is much more interesting, a succubus working with a man, not sucking him dry? Ella-san, after we catch this imposter, I would love to have a chat... OH! Hello little dragon, I have not seen you in forever! Yes, I am Akane the Kitsune, friend to Angelus and Caim. I think you have grown bigger since last time, little Cadolbolg! Certainly stronger judging by your aura. Somethings change whilst others stay the same. You still use others as a perch but I see you have stopped landing on heads, ha ha ha!"

Easter Basin Docks (Or what's left of it): Rugal Notice: For the sake of convenience, I'm going with Shawn having filled everyone in on what happened at the docks

Rugal was surprised by Angelus's sudden response, thinking she was still airborne.
"Oh...Well, just...keep an eye out." He mumbled as Melethia gave her thoughts.
"Maybe...what I'm trying to figure out is how the hell he managed to move all these weapons on a ship this big under everyone's noses..."

Once Shawn brought them up to speed on the two gangs that Deadshot armed, he began to see what was going to happen.
"Oh great...Those 2 gangs have been going at it since the 90s. The Triads are in the "Chinatown" District while last I checked The Dang Nang operate out of one of the large cargo ships in the bay. We either need to talk them down or wipe them out before get a chance to use those weapons." He said to the group as he tried to think of their next course of action.
"Oh, before I forget: Angelus, limit your flight plans if possible. No doubt there will be lots of men itching for Target Practice." He warned the Dragon, recalling how many destroyed Rocket Launchers he found in the rubble.


David then added "Jake here said that the Head of the Triad is a man called "Woozie" and said he's more of the "Business" type criminal. We should check him out first and at the very least we can get them on our side to help limit the number of bystanders in the possible cross fire."
Doing a much of pointless pre-flight checks in an attempt to look like he knew what he was doing, he then asked "Unless we should split up? 2 groups, one for each gang?"


Jenny nodded as she bowed her head in thought.
"Maybe they could look for that Van that Shawn said left during his fight? He said that it had more weapons in it and we need to get as many of them out of the city as possible before someone starts a riot with them." She said, seeming a tad bit concerned about this talk of Woozie.
Oh no...Please don't let it be "Our" Woozie... She visibly cringed.

Easter Basin Docks (Or what's left of it): Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Jenny, Devon

Devon looked a bit annoyed at Teri's statement. "I was trying to look out for you, Teri. Did I say anything like what you implied? Heck no! All I wanted to do was ensure that you didn't overreach and really hurt yourself, and not in some 'stay back and let the real fighters go on' kind of hogwash. If that means I have to be a bit blunt to avoid something like you losing use of an arm or worse, then that's what I'll do."

Angelus, Caim, Rugal, Melethia

Melethia motioned over to Caim. "Look for something like the casing of a bomb or a piece of metal that has a charring that seems odd. WHeathair could probably help you make it out a bit more,but just trust your gut. After all, I don't know how much usable stuff we'll find.

Redscale, could you let us know if ya see anything off?"

Cadolbolg, Akane, Ella

Ella let oout a small laugh as she watched the scene with Akane. "I'll let you keep that to yourself, then, but my stuff with Devon's a bit complicated... We both owe each other a lot, let's just keep it at that. Only thing you need to watch out for with our little trickster here is the hair. I don't know so much about yours now, but he just loves to nest in my hair. Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have someone that can fix that up with a little spell?"

David, Wanderer, Ton Ton, Slin, Jake

Slindis bemusedly shook her head as she introduced herself to the Wanderer. "THe way you act, it would be easy to think that you've only seen humans! It's no large matter, though. Just call me Slindis, and I'd rather run interference between the two groups. Jake's plan, although I can see why it would appeal to some, can easily backfire in horrible ways."

A small pause , then the Drow's attention focused on the Austrailian. "After all, what happens if they don't stop in time? What happens if we gave thpose that would use the image of the Rising Dawn razing a city to the ground real reasons to hate us? The potential for civlians to be get needlessly caught up in this is far too great for me to sign off on, and there has to be a better option. Khyber, I'll make one myself if I have to!"

Cadolbolg, Akane, Ella
Akane laughed. "Well, that is very interesting. Good luck to you both then, hah hah hah! Cadolbolg is welcome to hang around me anytime! It is his calling card, is that the phrase? And he hasn't yet tried to tweak my ears so I think he is fine wherever he lands."

David, Wanderer, Ton Ton, Slin, Jake
Jake merely shrugged at Slindis' words. He stood awkwardly tense as he met her points. "I'm an Author. My ideas never really used to have to worry about collateral damage. We could simply perform a reset. Yes, using the Dawn is the worst possible thing we could do. It would work, but at horrible cost. Then again, and I'll be the first to admit this, I lost my sanity a long time ago. Still got most of my morals, but loyalty to my friends comes first. If I have to damn a city to Hell and destroy it to find this imposter bastard... Then I fuckin' will. He took down a fuckin' Dragon and a Kitsune, Slindis. He's turned a city of millions into zombies. He's just given the gangs of this city enough weaponry to start and win a medium sized war.

I'm no hero, but I have my honour and morals still. As it's the right thing to do, I'll help you stop a gang war. Lead the way, I'm not meant to be a leader, ain't got the brains or charisma for it. What I have got is plenty of meta knowledge on this world."

Easter Basin Docks (Or what's left of it): Rugal

Keen to avoid a confrontation between the Drow and the Author, Rugal stepped in and said "Enough, Lets just get over to the Triad Leader, Talk him down and/or kill him, Alright?"
Turning back to Caim and Co. he said "We're going to Chinatown. Hold down the fort here and watch out for any possible leads."
He then sat in the Helicopter and motioned for them to take off.
"And I promise you two, he isn't getting away with this and We WILL stop him, Okay?" He said to Jake and Slindis


"...So....We're letting the Insane Guy fly the Helicopter?...Freaking A..." David Whined, starting to question just how good Jake was behind the wheel of an aircraft.
"Right, Chinatown Ho..." He sighed as he attempted to take off...
"...I was wondering which was one of these was the AC..."


A Short Helicopter ride later, they were in Chinatown, greeted with the exotic smells of Asia and the locals clamoring over their landing.
Several Dozen men in black suits watched them land, keeping an eye out for any possible violence...
"...Why do I feel like I'm in one of those bad Steven Segal Movies?..." He quipped as he got out, wondering if his police uniform would make things harder or easier.


Jenny was noticeably worried as they landed, though it wasn't the fact that they were going to talk with a possibly murderous gang of heavily armed Triads.
"...Um...I-....I'll stay here the Helicopter...If that's okay?..." She stammered, hoping that she wouldn't need to follow them in.

"...So....We're letting the Insane Guy fly the Helicopter?...Freaking A..." David Whined, starting to question just how good Jake was behind the wheel of an aircraft.
"Right, Chinatown Ho..." He sighed as he attempted to take off...
"...I was wondering which was one of these was the AC..."
"Stupidity and honesty are two of my core values. And what part of 'don't touch anything' did you miss in my pre-flight briefing? I don't tell you how to shoot, so let me fly. It's one of the FEW things on this Earth I am good at, also including pissing off women I'm trying to score with and putting my foot down my throat." Jake said dryly, going through the chopper's pre-flight checks, again.


A Short Helicopter ride later, they were in Chinatown, greeted with the exotic smells of Asia and the locals clamoring over their landing.
Several Dozen men in black suits watched them land, keeping an eye out for any possible violence...
"...Why do I feel like I'm in one of those bad Steven Segal Movies?..." He quipped as he got out, wondering if his police uniform would make things harder or not.
Jenny was noticeably worried as they landed, though it wasn't the fact that they were going to talk with a possibly murderous gang of heavily armed Triads.
"...Um...I-....I'll stay here the Helicopter...If that's okay?..." She stammered, hoping that she wouldn't need to follow them in.

Jake got out of the chopper and stood around as well, his rifle slung across his back but his hand on his sword. "It's all cool Jenny, I'll stick around and guard me chopper too, the help is very much appreciated. If I go in, I will say the wrong thing for sure. For sure..."

Patting down his pockets, Jake pulled out his lighter and flask, smiling at the fact he was only missing cigarettes. He took a swig before putting both away. A smoke would do his nerves good but it was probably a good thing to be on edge right now. "So Jenny, how've ya been whilst I've been gone? You holding up alright?"


Letting out a sigh of relief that she wasn't about to get another rant from Hiryu, Jenny then answered Jake. "Well, After the Blue Dragon, things got..."Weird" for a while. First, we ended up getting thrown into another realm, Think of those old Western Movies, but with Dragons and Magic. After that, it happened again when we were dragged into some kind of "High School" universe. Grrr, Hated that one..." She said, getting a little angry when she recalled the high school and getting "Re-verted" into a Kirlia.
"Still...I've been okay, Just...Kinda miss home...And Blade. God, Feels like forever since I last saw him. Just between his work for Hiryu and the whole "Inter-dimensional ping-pong" And now this..." She moped, clearly missing him.

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Easter Basin Docks (Or what's left of it): Rugal, SLin, Jake

Slindls kept it rather brief as she ushered Teri and Garm on the chopper. "Very well, then. We'll go from the landing point and handle this problem however we can."


Upon landing, Slindis whispered to Jake. "Since you do have some knowledge of the area, could you tell me the relevant intel? It woould help a lot."


Ella grinned as Devon went off the Helicoptor. "Well, it's probably better if I help you two. I mean, if they somehow get close, there could be some problems. After all, Akane doesn't look the best either." With that, she stretched in case she'd have to fight off these suits with the three onboard here.


Melethia raised an eyebrow as she heard David's statement and whispered to him. "Keeneye, what's a movie? Some kind of new trap?"

Oh, Mel. WHen will you learn that not everything's about traps and violence?


As he finished telling Ella to help out Jake with the ship, he eyed up the suits. "Okay, one of these people has to be a bit higher than the others... So, which one are they all looking to for their direction?" Although it may have been somewhat discreet, Devon's scannong of the Triads there could have easily have made some of them uncomfortable.

Chinatown: Rugal

Rugal glared back at the Suits that were watching them, somewhat nervously as he did.
Anyone of them could be packing a Pistol that could take down a whole building/shoot lighting/act as a flamethrower or all of the above!
"Well...Least they haven't shot us on sight...Thank god for small miracles..." He said as he got out and walked out, his eyes never leaving their mark as he did.


David merely looked over his shoulder slowly as Melethia asked what seemed like the dumbest question ever.
"...No...It's not a new trap. It's a...umm....Imagine...a Video....uhhh...How to say this to a kid?...It's basically a long Video that tells a story, Like a Book that reads itself to you..." He explained, recalling the time he had to explain to Elena what a Movie was.
Oyyyy...I need to make new friends... He thought before saying "Tell you what. Because this asshole is making your life hell because he wants to get to me, I'm paying for a massive trip to the movies once this is all over."
"...David, what's a Movie?" Slindis then asked, causing David to Twitch slightly.
"...You know what, just look it up." He sighed, starting to wonder if he was the only film-goer in the group.

Chinatown: Rugal, Slin

After that puzzling statement from David, Slindis Went back to eyeing up the group. "True, but they could be waiting for instructions from their leader. So, which person would that be?" Having had a bit more experience at picking out the head in this kind of situation, Slindis thought she'd have an easier time at this.

David, Mel

Mel still looked rather confused at David's statement. "If they want to see a story, why not make one themselves? Seems like it'd be a lot easier if ya ask me. But what do you know, it could give me sme new ideas, so why not?"

Jenny | Jake
Jake smiled sadly. "Sounds like a holiday is in store after this arc. You've earned it from what I hear. Thank the Gods I missed out on High School land, those were the worst years of my life. Magic and Dragons in the Wild West would've been cool though. Meh, can't have it all, I'm just glad to be back. Being forgotten inbetween life and death really fuckin' sucks."

Upon landing, Slindis whispered to Jake. "Since you do have some knowledge of the area, could you tell me the relevant intel? It woould help a lot."
"Best I can give ya, is that Wu Zi Mu is blind, incredibly lucky, likes to drive in car races, gamble and play video games. He's a businessman. Also has a sense of humor if my memory serves. Offer him a deal he can't refuse, like taking down the other gang. Give him something, like the city. Good Luck and Good Hunting, Slin. Countin' on ya, mate."

Ella grinned as Devon went off the Helicoptor. "Well, it's probably better if I help you two. I mean, if they somehow get close, there could be some problems. After all, Akane doesn't look the best either." With that, she stretched in case she'd have to fight off these suits with the three onboard here.
"Oh ouch, do you think my weapons are here for show?" Jake laughed, pretending to be hurt.
"And I am merely weakened, not lame. But the thought is what counts, so thank you again." Akane added from her seat in the chopper.

Chinatown: Rugal

"Well...Guess it's time we drop in and say "Hi"..." Rugal said as he motioned for his group to follow as they made their way down the streets, past bewildered shop owners and more Suits, some with their hands in their inside jacket ready to draw their weapons if needed.
A short time later, their search for the Triad Leader brought them to the local betting shop.
Taking the chance to make his move, Rugal then asked one of the attendants in chinese "{Greetings. We've come to request a meeting with Wu Zi Mu. It's urgent and pertains to the weapons he's obtained.}"
"{...How di-....He's out at the moment, Call back}" The Clerk said before Rugal laid on the old fashioned "Death Glare".
"{....You...Are welcome to stay until he arrives?...}"
"...Gracias." The Crime Lord said as he took a program if the days races and waited.


"Christ, feeling a little exposed here..." David said as they entered the betting shop, having just walked along a street lined with more of those suited men.
On top of that, he was dressed as a cop so he was most likely the one everyone would be focusing on if the shit did hit the fan.
Once they were inside the Betting shop, he finally answered Melethia.
"Well...There was this one about a Woman who duct-taped a Flamethrower onto a Assault Rifle before killing a boat load of Aliens, so I think you might pick up something...Unless you see one of those "Don't try this at home" messages, Personal Experience as told me that when you see that message, Don't try this at home. It only ever ends in tears..."


Jenny let out a little laugh at Jake's suggestion of a holiday, but she was still reminded of her homesickness.
"Not even a holiday! Just some time away from..."This" really. Not that I don't like helping you all "Save the World" and whatnot, just miss Blade, Furiae and my work back at the Clinic. Ohhhhh...God....The amount of paperwork-" She said before a noise made her pause.
"...anyone hear that?..." She asked as he got out and looked around.
"...Is that a small plane?..." She asked as a Small Red RC Plane came into View above them.

Easter Basin Docks (Or what's left of it): Teri, Dimitri, Garm, Jenny, Devon

Teri's mouth formed a thin line, her eyes looking to the ground for a moment as her inner darkness cackled, "So, how'd that attempt to get people to stop worrying go over?"

Shaking her head at the thought, the Cleric's grip kept tight on Sadei, hoping to draw strength from the staff as she tried to come up with a proper comeback to Devon. However, that was cut short when Slin came by and directed her to the helicopter. As she and Garm waited out the ride, Teri turned inward to her silver friend and thought, "It's not easy trying to be helpful, is it buddy? God, I just feel like an idiot...."

Angelus, Caim

Heeding the advice of their peers, Caim did what he could to search the shrapnel while Angelus kept an eye out for trouble. Following that, the rest of the Dawn's crew departed with the helicopter. Without much further ado, as the helicopter took off, Caim took his usual spot on Angelus' back, and the duo took to the skies, staying back like before to avoid getting too much shot at them.

Cadolbolg, Akane, Ella

Cadolbolg gave a happy little sigh on Akane's shoulder and said, "Well, I do not always roost on people's heads, for Mother and Father say I shouldn't unless the Friend gives permission for me to do so. Friend Devon and Friend Ella have never told me otherwise, so I thought it alright to keep up with it.

Before the little turtle could continue, they were brought to sit in the helicopter again, and the turtle finished his thought,

If you would like me to, I would happily roost upon your head. I like the feeling of hair on my scales! Your ears are funny to watch too! I have never seen a person with fuzzy ears! Is it because you are a fox?"

Now, were Cadolbolg not a little turtle dragon baby, the statement may have come off as offensive, but with the expression on Cadolbolg's face, it was nothing so cruel as an insult.

David, Wanderer, Ton Ton, Slin, Jake

Ton Ton gave a little happy wave of his lantern as they wandered to the helicopter, and said, "My kind are known as Tonberrys, but you may call me Ton Ton. And I understand your initial shock, sir. Lots of weird things and interesting people show up wherever we're around. Now, I understand you go by the name of 'The Lone Wanderer', would it be beyond my bounds to ask where you got that moniker?"

If anything, The Lone Wanderer could see that the little creature was trying to be polite to him, even if he looked nothing like a mortal and sounded like a 12 year old.

Transition to Chinatown

Chinatown Angelus

After depositing Caim on the ground, Angelus took her time roosting on a rooftop of a building, waiting quietly as a group went inside of the betting house. With her height and keen vision, she was more than happy to be a glorified lookout, so long as she did not have to revert to her human form so quickly...

"Hmn. What do these louts have planned, if there are any to speak of...."

Helicopter Teri, Cadolbolg, Garm

Teri gave a melancholy smile to Jenny when she mentioned home life and her Tablet spoke up, "I know exactly what you mean. Before all this madness started, I was just a college kid. And, well, it's fairly apparent that's changed. But hey, you're lucky. You have a home to return to if you get tired of the madness here. That in of itself is a blessing."

Patting her direwolf gently, the Cleric's expression turned a little blank, as she continued, "But, it's not like it's completely terrible here, right?"

Before she could continue that thought further, the wolf's ears perked up and he gave a low whine; a sentiment shared by Cadolbolg, who said as a lock of Akane's hair fluttered over his face, "That loud noise feels bad on my ears! Can we make it stop?!"

Betting House Caim, Ton Ton

Ton Ton had taken to riding on Caim's shoulder as they entered the betting den, the sights and sounds leaving the little Tonberry full of curiosity as they ventured further into the Wu Zi den. After Rugal scared away the guard, he wondered aloud, "Are there many places like this? I have never seen such a place in my home..."

Caim only shrugged, and motioned to the display of horses, "It's funny. No matter how many worlds we explore, I see many similarities between them. Such as this, the waging of money over contests of chance. It is nice to see something familiar every once in a while..."

However, when the discussion of movies began, Ton Ton turned to David and Melethia and hopped over to David's shoulder, "Oh, movies! I remember those! Me and the Mistress used to watch a lot of them! However, I recall her preferences being about a... Dis-nee? Something like that. Movies about magic and princess with fairies!"

Other races and Shawn.
Location: Chinatown | Betting House.

"It's not really shock, it's just that I'm interested. I mean in my world, I would like to bring everyone together, and to do that I must learn everything about their culture just, not there race. Though in my world, it is not like this one, the ground and world was blasted with nuclear fire a long time ago, people kill for the sake of it and everything like that. You could say it's Hell, but to me it is home, and my mission is to clean up my home and lead it to a better future." Shawn looked distant but his happy-go-lucky smile returned to answer Ton Ton's question.

"Aha, now that name wasn't something I created. It was actually made by a guy named Three-Dog, a radio personality "Who fights the good fight", I fixed his radio dish ... on top of the Washington Monument and he started to tell of my adventures on his station, saying that I'm "The Lone Wanderer". So, I took it. I do have a name and many other titles though, but way too many to name off the bat. My other popular title is "Courier", I picked that up as I travelled to New Vegas, but ... that title has a burden to it." Shawn started to scratch his head as the Helicopter neared it's destination.

"Other then that, it is nice to meet you and everyone else, even if I didn't get most people's names ... I shall later. Other then that Ton Ton, we shall speak later." Shawn changed his smile to a devilish one.


As the Helicopter landed Shawn spotted the Chinatown landmark.
"Hmm, so cultures intermingled before the apocalypse." Shawn said quietly to himself.

He was writing notes into his Pip-Boy about everything in this world and the people around him. The fact that he knows an elf and a Tonberry were most amazing to him. Sure he has met aliens (well killed), ghouls and other intelligent forms of life, but this was a different world. Just that fact quizzed his mind.

Looking at the "suits" which he heard somebody call them, Shawn knew who they were. Criminals, his most hated type of person, though there are sub-sections to that. After getting off the helicopter and following one of the leaders (Rugal) of the group to the betting shop, Shawn stood behind them as he talked to the attendants but heard the word "Gracias".

"Pff" Shawn tried to hold his laughter back, and succeed.
He didn't know anything about languages but he does remember the words of those ghoul Chinese soldiers and the words of one of his friends whom spoke Spanish. "I don't mean to say anything ... but I'm sure 'Gracias' is spanish, or am I wrong in this world?" Shawn asked Rugal as he moved next to him.

To anyone in the shop, he still wore his Doctor Coat and lucky shades.

Betting Shop: Rugal

Rugal let out a smirk as Shawn pointed out his choice of words.
"It's all about delivery. Besides, I got my point across, didn't I? Some actions and emotions are understood, no matter the dialect." He said as he flicked though todays races, letting out a small chuckle at the number of innuendos in the names of the horses.
It was then that Caim brought up the idea of people universally gambling.
"Gambling and betting have a universal appeal, Getting paid off the work of the others is always desirable. Besides, if you're good at it, it's the best thing you could do. And if you aren't good at it, then the employees of the establishment get paid." He remarked, remembering the scams he used to run back in his early days and wondering if they were still used to this day.

Betting Shop: David

While not EXACTLY what he was after, David was glad that he didn't have to explain the concept of film to everyone on the ship.
"It's "Disney". They are actually still in business and making movies around here, Though their latest one wasn't too good from what I've heard..." The former officer remarked, remembering a review he read about the Lone Ranger on the trip over to Los Santos.
"Still, If you want, I could easily get you a few films on DVD or Download. Hell, might even be able to get VHS!" He joked as he waited for the Man of the hour to arrive.

Outside the Betting Shop: Wu Zi Mu, Su Zi

"{-And the deal went down alright, despite the dealer apparently getting into a gunfire half way though. All our members are now armed and ready for anything.}" Su Zi explained to her boss as their car went through the district.
"{Good to hear. The Da Nang isn't long for this earth now.}" The Triad leader smirked to himself as their car stopped outside the Betting Shop.
"{I still must wonder what would compel such a man to simply "Give" away such weapons like that.}" She then said as she held Wu Zi's arm before guiding him into the building.
"{There is a Old Saying..."Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth!}." He said as the Group noticed The Blind Man enter, guided by a Black Haired woman in Glasses with a black Business suit.
"{...*Sniff*...Why is there a smell of..."Burnt Metal" in the air?}" He asked, referring to the smell off the Ruined Docks that clung to the group.
"Can I help you....People?" Su Zi asked on her Bosses behalf.

Chinatown: Angelus

As The Dragon kept watch from one of the rooftops, soon passers by began to gather below her, examining at the sight of a real life dragon.
Children laughed with disbelief while the more elderly mumbled prayers to themselves and questioning why a Dragon would appear during the year of the Snake?
While she was getting some praise from the locals on the merit of actually existing, she was also worrying the Local Suits, some of them worried she might act out and whether their guns were big enough to take down something that big.

Helicopter: Jenny

"Oh Of Course not!...Well....Okay, that High School thing was a little iffy, least-err...least for me..." Jenny answered Teri, prompting some nervous shuffling on her end.
"I just miss some elements of my life that have been put on hold since then. That's all. Like my work, My Friends on the Blue Dragon, Blade. *Sigh* I Swear, Hiryu has him run ragged at this point..." She sighed as she sat down next to the Young Cleric.
"Don't get me wrong, I do get some enjoyment of our Zany Capers, but you want to have a break every once in a while."

The former Weapon Dealer and the current Death Dealer ,Shawn.
Location: Chinatown | Betting House.

Shawn nodded along with Rugal, a devilish smile returned to him.
"Well I think people will recognize the words "I'm going to fucking kill you" no matter what the language. I mean put on an angry face, have a tough tone and holding a chainsaw works too. People run away from me way too much, especially due to this." Shawn smiled as he pulled out a familiar item to himself.

"This is called a Ripper, practically a mini-chainsaw. Fun to use, just mind using it on cannibals ... their blood is hard to get off." He motioned to the item in his hands, blood still remained on the blades. "Honestly, not as fun as my modified Fat-Man and I would ... oh shit." Shawn cursed as unequipped the weapon and returned it to his inventory as two people came in.

As Shawn talked about his weapon, his eyes started to glow, a mutation which he has gotten use to. His body contains many of them, this is probably the only one noticeable on him. His eyes started to glow bright blue, it changes to his mood, so Shawn had to place his shades on once more, but even then the glow remained.

Telling by the two people who just talked in he could tell that he is either a player ... or blind. Though he could not tell anything that was spoken in Chinese. "Ugh, so who is going to handle this ... and who speaks chinese!?" He whispered to Rugal.

Betting Shop: Slindis, Shawn

Slindis gave a brief nod to Shawn's description of his home. "I've heard of similar places elsewhere, although some of them are so bad that only machines can live there." She thought back to particular place back at her original homeworld for a moment before brushing it off. After all, she couldn't keep focusing on events like that, now could she? It would only make the talk more difficult.

Betting Shop: David, Mel, Ton-Ton

Mel thought about it for a moment before finally relenting. "I still don't really see the point, but I'm gonna give it a try when we have the chance." She didn't see the harm in humoring Keeneye's taste in entertainment, after all.

She yawned as she looked at Ton-Ton with an inquisitive smile on her face. "So, what's this Disney stuff like?"

Outside the Betting Shop: Wu Zi Mu, Su Zi, Slindis

Upon Su Zi's introduction, Slindis Went to briskly shake her hand. "You may. We've just arrived from Los Santos, the most likely culprit that caused the complete destruction of the population there's fled to the area here. Although his aims aren't too clear, there might be a good chance he aims to do the same here. I have a hard time believing the police here have a much better handle on things here, so I wanted to talk with the people that do before this city's razed." The drow was betting a great deal on this method of talking to the two, but with the Bard and his companion looking for a place to eat outside, it couldn't be him to talk. Besides, his was a delicate situation that needed to be acted upon quickly.

Chinatown: Devon, Ella

It may have seemed foolish, but as the scene in the betting hall unfolded, the couple was indeed looking around for a restaurant to get the crew a bite to eat. After all, this was Chinatown. There had to be some food nearby.

Helicopter: Teri, Sadei

Sadei chimed in again cheerfully. "Well, you're doing the best you can. So what if it means you end up doing some stupid things? It just shows you what your body can and can't handle, I think. Don't put yourself down because you found one of your temporary limits, okay? You just have to learn to work around it or surpass it, that's all."

Betting Shop: Wu Zi Mu

"Los Santos? You mean that non-sense about "The Dead coming to live" that WCTR were going on about? I thought that was a Hoax?" Wu Zi said to the group before Su Zi gestured to let her do the talking.
"If you request to have a meeting, then we should get off the main floor then." She stated before whispering to the Drow "And your Police Friend (David) can stay down here.", making her intent clear: No Cops.
Motioning the crew upstairs into Wu Zi's Apartment, Su Zi offered them a place to sit.
"{Furiae, Bring some Refreshments in for our guests, would you?}" She said, That Name instantly registering with Caim before the Triad Leader Spoke.
"So...Tell me more about this Person you seek. Terrorists aren't good for business." He asked.

Betting Shop: Rugal

Once he heard the Triad Leader speak English, Rugal answered "We will." Before he too was lead upstairs.
Once the moment to explain the situation arose, he said "He goes by the name of "Deadshot". We don't have a good description of him, apart from him trying to impersonate a member of our organisation. We don't know his goals or why he is targeting here. What we DO know is that he recently offloaded a large shipment of stolen advanced weapon systems onto the streets here. Extremely powerful ones..."
Wu Zi seemed to perk up at this news, seeing how he just received those weapons.
"We believe that he plans to set off some form of conflict before leaving the locals to literally blow this entire city into next week. We have no desire for that to happen so we've come to you for assistance in tracking him down." He finished, leaving the motion open for anyone else to say something.

Betting Shop: David

David was nearly about to rip Wu Zi a new one when he dismissed the outbreak in Los Santos as "A Hoax", restraining himself instead as Melethia asked about Disney.
"Well...They make many different kinds of movies. Fantasy Tales, Action Thrillers, Comedy, bit of everything really. Bound to be at least one that you'd like." He explained as he went to follow, only to be blocked by 2 large bouncers.
"...Going to let me in?..."
The pair of them pulled out Two SMGs.
"....Guess not..."

The gang (Not David) and Shawn.
Location: Wu Zi's Apartment.

Shawn stepped up to the plate to talk. He carried a small yellow box labelled "Mentats"

He placed one of the tablets in his mouth, it was something he created himself back before he came here.

+2 Intelligence for 1 minute
+2 Perception for 1 minute
+5 Charisma for 1 minute

Looking at Wu Zi, Shawn stepped forward near the blind man and held out the box. He could feel many stares on him, possibly a weapon or two. "Want one?" Shawn said before he forgot his manners.
"Ah, sorry. I go by the name of The Lone Wanderer, I met these guys after facing Deadshot by myself." Shawn paused, letting his drug get to him.

"From what I have gathered is that Deadshot has a rather disfigured face and covers it with a realistic human skin, his trademark weapons seem to wist mounted pistols and other assortments of gun weapons." Shawn placed the box inside his bottomless pockets and looked at the blind man. "I remember him also talking about his partners Tenpenny and Pulaski of Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums or C.R.A.S.H as he called it."

"My task is not only to eliminate this threat, but also to find out where he gathered these weird and futuristic weapons from." Shawn announced his goal of hopefully eliminating Deadshot of bringing him to justice, though he could not shake the thought of where he could gain these weapons.

Betting Shop: Wu Zi Mu and Co

The mute warrior shied away from the chainsaw weapon Shawn brought out for a brief moment, remembering how well that sort of thing cut though his breast plate. An experience he did not want to try again any time soon. However, once Suzi and Slindis began their negotiations, Caim stood by quietly, this sort of thing was not his forte.

However, the warrior froze when he heard his sister's name called, and looked about to see where this bearer of Furiae's name could be. As the girl walked in, her hair in a careful bun, Caim knew immediately who the young girl was. Without meaning to, the warrior found himself staring in confusion at his sister, his mind mulling over whatever reason there would be for her to be in this sort of place. However, when Ruriae's eyes met with the warrior after serving his drink, the girl's eyes widened, and she took a step back, shock coloring her face pale, "Caim..?"

Caim looked over to Wu Zi Mu and then to his sister again, his PDA rattling off, "What are you doing here?! Weren't you with Hiryu and Blade?"

Furiae gave Caim a pleading look and then said, "Erm, I think you're mistaking me for someone else, sir. Uh, please, I have my duties to attend to. Just roll with this, alright?!"

Taking another step back and hurriedly giving everyone their drinks, Furiae did her best to powerwalk out of the room; leaving Caim looking even more confused than ever. Rubbing the ring on his finger, he shot to Jenny, "Jenny... There is a question I need you to answer for me. Why did I just see my sister in this establishment? Please tell me that I just mistook some girl and that she's still on the Blue Dragon with Hiryu?"

Caim wanted to pretend that this serving girl wasn't his sister. He really did. But there was too much already pointing to the contrary.

Betting Shop: David, Ton Ton, Melethia

Ton Ton gave would have frowned, (if Tonberrys could frown) as David was left outside of the discussion with the the Wu Zi Mu, and whispered, "Well, I guess this means we're standing guard out here then? And why do they think the zombies were faked in Los Santos? I'm fairly certain the undead is not an easy fabrication to emulate!"

Still, noticing that David was trying to distract himeslf with the talk of Disney movies, he went back to that, "It is as Mr. West said. Disney movies are about magic or fairy tales most of the time. But, they can be about all sorts of things! For example, one of my favorites to watch with the Mistress was about a mouse detective who solved a big mystery! It was really cool... I'd like to be as smart as that detective was, but I don't know nearly as much as he does about science..."

Helicopter Teri, Sadei, Jenny

Teri gave a nod to Jenny's assessment and answered, "I understand that. It would be nice if something we went to didn't end up in something crazy happening. But there's something about this ship that seems to draw trouble!"

She gave a little laugh at that, and patted her wolf on the head, "There are some things I say that turned out a bit for the better. How are Hiryu and Blade doing anyways? Aside from the training?"

After mentioning that, she sent her answer to the sentient staff, "Right... I suppose I'll have to do some more training with Mum then. Even if it was hard, I did feel a little stronger for it. Of course, having you here helps out a load too."

Chinatown: Angelus

Angelus looked down to the gathered crowd below her, and turned her head in curiosity, "What on earth? Has something gone wrong?"

However, upon seeing the few prayers being sent her way, as well as some of the suits, the dragon couldn't help but laugh to herself. "I could get used to this...."

Betting Shop: Wu Zi Mu/Rugal

Wu Zi Mu was looking a little tense after the gang revealed that Deadshot was planing to raze the city and that he was just a pawn.
"...That Motherless bastard. I knew it was too good to be true..." He sighed, bowing his head deep in thought.
"...Yes...He contacted us a week ago, said he was going to make a deal: Weapons for a Favor. But...If what you are saying is true..." He said before the scene with Caim and Furiae flared up and caught his attention.
"...What was that about?..."
"My..."Business Partner" is a little on edge, aren't you Caim?" Rugal interrupted, telling Caim in no uncertain terms to pack it in, least for now.
When Caim went off to call Jenny, he continued "This is a stressful time for all involved you see. Now, I think it goes without saying that you should Disar-"
"Disarm!? What? are you mad?! If what you say is true, then everyone has these weapons. Therefore, If we disarm, we'll be defenseless! I'm not letting some sewer rats take over just because they have guns. Not while there is a breath left in my body!" The Triad Leader shouted as he shot up on his feet, his anger at this reveal starting to show.

Right as a Laser sight appeared on his chest...

Betting Shop: David

"Wait..."Over-sized magnifying glass" Detective or "CSI" Detective?" David mused, clearly having not seen that particular film as they waited downstairs.
His ears perked as the sound of screeching tires could be heard in the distance before a series of cars raced past the Betting Shop.
"...Huh...Someone's in a hurry..." He said out load as he watched them race past though the window.
"...Ever see that one about the Emperor who get's turned into a Llama?" He then asked as 3 men enter the betting shop with strange glowing shotguns in hand right behind him...

Chinatown: Angelus

As Angelus basked in the praise and respect she was being given, she noticed a trio of cars park behind the gathering crowd before a total of 12 men stepped out. (Visual).
As well as one of them pull a Blood Crimson Light Machine Gun out from the boot before pointing it at the rear of her new fans...

Helicopter: Jenny

Jenny looked down a little embarrassed.
"...Um...I'll admit, I don't really know. Ninjas don't exactly have Facebook pages or Twitters. And that's before we factor in thei-" She said before freezing solid.
"Jenny... There is a question I need you to answer for me. Why did I just see my sister in this establishment? Please tell me that I just mistook some girl and that she's still on the Blue Dragon with Hiryu?"
"....Leeeeeeeeeet me get back to you on that." She said to Teri before running off to take this call.
"What do you mean you saw Furiae? She can't be here!....Can she?...." She sent back before-
The Pokemon quickly shielded herself as a nearby shop front was blasted to hell.
Once the smoke cleared, an overweight Asian man cosplaying as Rambo With one weird ass looking rifle.
"BONSAI!" He shouted before spraying explosive rounds all over the place, hitting buildings, cars and people alike.

Betting Shop: Wu Zi Mu, Rugal, Slin

The moment Slindis saw the sight, she calmly talked to Wu Zi. "I'm sorry, but you'll thank me in a moment." Imediately following that statement, she did a low sweeping kick and moved the leader behind some cover. "Look alive, people! We've got an ambush on our hands. Contact the others: there might be more inbound!"

Betting Shop: David, Mel, Ton-Ton

As the three men got ready to fire on David, Melethia went in her rear pouch and grabbed one of the flasks and hurled it at the three men, causing a gout of acid to erupt at their feets and burn through their lower legs at a fairly quick pace. "Where will the other ones be coming from?" She mused to herself as she pulled out a handaxe to chop away at the next chance she could take.

Chinatown: Angelus, Devon, Ella

The couple was enjoying the event when they saw the men file out of the cars, and the both of them gave an annoyed sigh at the newest development. "For fuck's sake, can't we have a half hour without things going to shit? Ella, give Angie a hand." With that, he slipped in the crowd and made his way to where he could reach the man with the machine gun for his next spell. "Do you know what killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!" Although it was a horrible reminder of a old movie, it was more than enough to start the laughter.

Devon casts Hideous Laughter! For the next minute, the only thing the man holding the machine gun can do is Roll on the floor laughing.

18 seconds until the next level 1 spell.

Ella split off to Angelus with her red chained kama in hand. "Let's send them back home in pieces!"

Helicopter (En Route to Betting Shop): Teri, Sadei

Sadei chimed in cheerfully. Hey, it's what I'm here for! I'll help as long as you ask, okay?

After the explosion, she hummed to herself to focus. If you need some help sending out those Reppukens, kust ask. I think I oculd share some of my energy with you.

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