The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Melethia looked over David's equipment and nodded. Certainly not up to her (incredibly high) standards, but it would certainly keep someone safe. "You're talking more like you needed to tell yourself that, but okay. Your stuff's certainly flashy, although I don't know why you need multiple throwing knives. After all, if your family has money, couldn't they pay for someone to make the knives return to you?"

She casually tossed her own knife a good distance away, but it returned back to her hand shortly after hitting a lizard's tail. "I mean, it's not that hard to get it done. The tricky bit is finding the right metal for it, and byeshk's certainly done right by me." Byeshk? It was hard to remember if David had seen that word in one of his books, but he'd rarely seen a blade that naturally had a purple hue.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

"You're talking more like you needed to tell yourself that, but okay. Your stuff's certainly flashy, although I don't know why you need multiple throwing knives. After all, if your family has money, couldn't they pay for someone to make the knives return to you?"

David was snapped out of his reverie, and looked to the side nervously, toying with his amulet. "Those knives have been with us for many generations and... Well... I have my own reasons for keeping them."
Back in his home dimension, psychics aren't exactly the most loved people. They are very rare, but most of those that are around believe themselves to be above human, or were at the very least, incredibly vain. The stigma grew even further due to a particular incident with one particularly powerful psychic. Said psychic had gone on a killing spree. By the time he was put down, half a town was decimated, along with it's people. David's parents pretended that the incident never happened and had continued to push him, trying to get his powers to surface.

Those knives, gifts from his father, were made out of a special metal, one that was attuned with those with mental powers. They would vibrate at an extremely high speed, increasing their cutting ability. Coupled with the ability to manipulate them with their mind, they are that much more potent. But in David's hands as he is now, they are nothing but plain throwing knives.

She casually tossed her own knife a good distance away, but it returned back to her hand shortly after hitting a lizard's tail. "I mean, it's not that hard to get it done. The tricky bit is finding the right metal for it, and byeshk's certainly done right by me."

David stared at her, eerily silent. "You... You're a psychic?" He eventually spoke, in a near-whisper.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Meletia nodded in understanding. "Family heirlooms? Good enough reason to keep 'em, an' I guess they've got some stuff on 'em I've not seen, and I'd love to touch 'em up if ya think they need it. Not really sure what a psychic is, though. I never gave this blade to anyone else, but if ya wanna try it out an' give it a toss, go ahead. Ya won't mess up the blade, I promise." Surprisinglt enough, she didn't seem too worried about David's reaction. Perhaps it was because she didn't care about the implications, ot maybe she didn't know?

She handed over the blade handle-first to David so he could give it a toss. It fit pretty well in David's hand, although it was probably due to Melethia making the handle a bit longer like she did with all of her blades. Still, it didn't take David too long to find out that this wasn't made specifically for psychics.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

David felt a surge of relief, both from Mel's dismissal of being a psychic, and when he examined the blade. There was indeed no sign of it being made from that special metal. Well, it was made out of some unique material, just not the one he was thinking of.
He flipped the knife around. He weighed it, and noted that it was lighter than what he was used to. He carefully poked the tip of the knife through his fingertip, producing a small droplet of blood. He nodded approvingly, and settled the blade of the knife into his fingers.

He looked around for a suitable target, and spotted a bark scorpion crawling about in the distance. With a flick of the arm and wrist, the knife cut through the air, and cleanly sliced the scorpion's stinger off. Within seconds, the knife came back into his hand, handle-first. He cleaned off the bit of scorpion venom and blood from the blade, wearing a small smile on his face, before returning the blade to Melethia.

"That is quite a blade! It is a bit light for me, so I had had to put more force into my throw, but the craftsmanship is immaculate! What's even more amazing is it being able to return it's the thrower," David was practically gushing praise. "You said you'd like to touch up my knives? I just might take you up on your offer. I'm quite interested to see what you'd do with them."

"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal

"1. It's Deadshot. Deathstroke mostly works for Corporations. 2. Slindis made my point for me. I'd rather just stop the man rather then deal with the hassle of holding onto him." Rugal explained to Dillon as he checked out the Ghost Town, recalling all the "Business" he used to do here, no one ever thinks to look around here.
I REALLY hope no one dug up the graves here... He thought as he checked out the old Sheriff's office.

"On top of that, I've know the guy, You don't want to give him the opening man. Find him, Take him down. No more Risks. We lose him here, we mightn't find him again. So don't hold back." David West warned as he checked the old town hall.
"...Guys...Think I found something..." He said as he found some old bloody bandages in the building.
"He's Close! Stay Alert!" He warned as he picked him up, they were dirty from the ground, but the blood on them was still fresh.

In the Desert, You can Remember you name... Shawn
Location: Desert: Dump Site.

Shawn managed to Sneak over to the grave diggers until he was just about able to hear them.
"Hey, how's your woman?"
"She's a ball buster. Ever since we moved to Venturas, all she wants to do... Spend, spend, spend. For Christ sakes, I got better luck on the tables."
"Yeah, I hear you. Hey, give me a hand with this guy, will you?"
"Yeah. Sure." The bantered as the Wander watched them finish their smoking break and resumed their work: Throwing a Body Bag into a hole they made.

"I mean, why'd we whack Mickey anyhow? He was a standup guy."
"I dunno, something about money."
"Oh man. What, he was on the take?"
""Nah, he was kosher. A little too kosher. That's why he had to go. he was declaring too much money, so we gotta get a new guy in. You know, I hear the Leones are lending the bosses some money."
"The Leones?! Get the fuck outta here. We hate the Leones."
"I know. That's what I said to Johnny, but he said they needed the money. So, Mickey gets capped, so we get a new guy in, who everybody bullies. Then, when he misbehaves..."
"We dig another hole." They joked as they casually lobbed the body into the grave site.

As they went on, they sounded like members of the local mob, a fact sounding accent to the both of them, not unlike the Chairmen of the Tops, but they didn't seem to have a connection to Deadshot.
Then again, they weren't exactly "Upstanding Citizens", they were dumping a body for Chrissakes!

"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal

While David gave his warning, SLindis stuck close to Teri to see if she could notice anything else out of place for this kind of area, namely any unusual glints or movements that weren't from any wind in the area. In addition, she subtly told Teri to get ready to cast Entropic Shield in case anything went wrong. If he's anything like a bow user, he wants either the area with the best line of sight or where he's not as likely to be noticed.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Melethia nodded. "I'll do that for ya the next chance I get, and maybe I could just start with a better balanced blade. It's the most important thing I did with that one, and ya musta noticed. After all, that blade's heavier than one that'd be made of steel."

As she talked, she was noticing some more movement from the two men. Maybe she could find out about that formula?

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

As Melethia and David played with knives, their presence was finally noted by the lowlifes that set off the Thermite, just after their vision returned to them after watching the blast without eye protection.
"Golly Ya'll! That was one hellva-...Hey! Who is That?!" A far caricature of a man shouted at the pair, drawing the attention of his friends.
The "Leader" of the group shouted "Oi! This here is private property!" (No it wasn't).
This was followed by another stating "Yeh, Ya'll Trespassing!" (No they weren't).
Whatever Melethia and David Ashford did or didn't do, the 5 Backyard Demomen began to make their way over to them, more then willing to show them some Bone County Hospitality. (Despite not actually being in that part of the state...)

Outside of El Quebrados: Jenny/Ella/Devon

Jenny punched Ella in the arm for that comment as they walked along.
"Okay...Moral of the story: I need to stay away from Booze..." She sighed as they climbed up the Mesa, reaching the Top of it with little fuss.
At the top of it, they found that for a desert area, it was rather...Clean, if that makes any sense.
It was as if someone dug up the sand that was there and replaced it...Why? Who Knows?

Then, Signs of life could be heard.
"zzzzzz...ohhhh Magggiie...yor the best..." groaned someone with a fairly thick Manchester Accent, it sounded like it was coming from that old "Coop" nearby...

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Melethia looked to David then whispered to him. "Aim for the limbs. I've got a backup, so ya can go ahead an' use my throwin' knife." Since there would be a good amount of diatance, she went for her Bow in the bag and readied a few arrows, ready to aim at the feet to keep them alive if in a whole lot of pain.

Private property, huh? Well, I just wanted to see that stuff, but I won't let this Bookworm get taken out.

Outside of El Quebrados: Jenny/Ella/Devon

Ella laughed lightly. "Well, I'll try to keep you away from it even if it won't help all that much..." Still, she was trying to help the Gardevoir, even though it was a bit rude. The discussion about Ella's lack of manners would have to wait, though. After all, they'd reached the top of the Mesa.

Devon was the first one to call out. "Mates, Truth said a few friends of his needed a pickup. Are you all ready to go?" He hoped that the other members of this group were at least coherent...

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

The Voice groaned as Devon called out to it.
"...Eh FUCK OFF! I'm in the middle of something...." He sleepy shouted at them, not wanting to leave his dream before he "Finished up".
"Sir?...We are friends of "The Truth". He sent us here." Jenny asked as she neared the coop an-
"I SAID FUCK OFF!" Shouted the voice as Jenny got a face full of sand thrown in her face.
"'kin 'ell. I'm fucking hanging..." Sighed a Confused looking man as he picked himself up from the sand, his clothes matted with sand and things I can't meation on this forum.
"...So who the fuck are yo-..." He started until his eye's met Ella.
Or rather 2 parts of her.
The man seemed lost the world until he said "...Anyone got a Rag?..."

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

Ella held back a laugh as she shook her head. "What, you can tell when someone's already with a musician? Really though, get the rest of them so you won't go off and die or get trapped in a burlesque or something." Besides that rather dismissive remark, she did her best to not reward the man for his leering.

Devon grimaced at the appearance of the man and gave a lot of thought about where he should touch the Brit. After all, the clothing had a lot of spots he'd rather not touch, but the only thing that would clean him up was that spell. "Also, tell me if you see any cars in the area. I'd rather not walk all the way back with all of you in tow."

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

"....Eh?....What?..." Maccer asked, seeming lost and unaware of the situation, just like anyone off a massive binge would be like.
Jenny at this moment was finished spitting out Sand and still had a lot of it in her face and hair.
"The band! Don't you remember? You were out with them and a elderly man called the Truth?" She asked, Doing her best not to sound cross despite it all.
"I dunno mate...I don't recognize this part of Manchester...Are we in Chorlton?..." He answered as he looked around and scratched his head.
"...'ey! Where is Pablo?!...Our P!..." He then started saying, searching the top of the mesa for this "Pablo".
"...I don't git it. He should be 'Ere..." He puzzled as he walked over where the sand was cleaner. Something happened here, if he only knew what...

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

David gave her a quick nod, taking the knife. He faced the advancing Demomen and called out to them, while readying himself for a throw. "Now now, we're all decent people here, there's no need fo-,"

"SHUT YER MOUTH, BOY!" Their leader shouted at the duo. "We don't take kindly ta runts like you who poke dere noses where dey don't belong!"

"Betcha that they're one of dem spies for the liberals, Cletus," One of the the now-named Cletus's said, cracking his knuckles.

"Now dat you mentioned it Billy, yer right. Look at dere fancy clothes they're wearin'!" Cletus cackled, wearing a sadistic grin, revealing terribly discolored and mishappen teeth. "Oh, I'm goin' ta have fun wit you two."

David stared at them, utterly dumbfounded that there were people this paranoid and stupid. The fact that he was sharing the air with them almost made him nauseous. Normally, David wouldn't do what he was about to do, but with what happened to him back at Gunsmoke, and these "prime specimens" of humanity threatening to beat them into a coma (or worse), well...

"AHA HA HA HA! OKAY-no." The knife left David's hand, and stabbed into his leg, causing Cletus to topple backwards, clutching at his wound and howling in pain. The blade dislodged himself from the leg, and returned to David. The act momentarily stunned the redneck, until he quickly rationalized what the boy just did. "Now, I suggest that you and your lot crawl back out of whatever swamp you crawled out of, before you really get hurt."

Cletus pushed himself back up, limping slightly, and looking incredibly pissed off. "YOU LITTLE LIBTARD BASTARD! YA THINK YOU CAN SCARE US WITH A 'LIL KNIFE ON A STRING?! GET 'EM BOYS!" He sicced the rest of his trailertrash group on the student and the elf, intending to tear them limb from limb.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Melethia turned to David for a second and apologized. "I didn't mean to make it this much of a mess, but if it's us or them, I know which group I'd rather want to walk away from this. David, do your best to make sure at least one lives." After that apology, her eyes seemed to lose their light as she smoothly pulled out a stack of forty arrows. From there, she placed three arrows in her right hand and fired them at Cletus' left foot. Another second, another three arrows, another three at his right foot.

Her next target suffered from the same targeting, getting three arrows fired at each foot while he charged. It was a lot like watching someone hunt moose, if the moose were instead somewhat drunk men.

Melethia's activated Manyshot. Having already used 6 seconds of it to attack the leader and the closest redneck, she has 14 seconds left to fire the rest of of her 28 arrows.

"Get the flankers and stop them before they have a chance. Hands will disarm them, groin will cause massive hemmoraging and demoralizing, knees will cripple. Other areas are absolutely lethal or not worth your time." Her tome was almost robotic as she got ready to target the next two men.

Outside of El Quebrados: Jenny/Ella/Devon

Devon gave a sharp whistle in the air, and he was answered by a rather trim imp. "Flagrun, that misplaced sand looks suspicious. Get twenty-five of your finest to dig the area up, but don't be afraid to call in more if you have to. Have the rest fan out and search the area." The imp gurtly nodded and arrived in with the called-for numbers and all began digging up the area with comical toy shovels at a rapid pace. The other large group complied and worked in teams to scour the area for the people.

Ella went over to Jenny's side as the imps worked and nodded in approval. "Ah, imps. They're so small, but so, so useful. Too bad their cooking's not that spicy." Of course, the latter part of the statement did invoke some images of the poffins from earlier.

"Look, man. If you can give them just a second, I'm sure they'll be found a-okay. Just... find a way to wash off, will you?" Oddly, the warping in of the imps had brought the light fragrance of perfume with it...

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Needless to say, Cletus and his friend let out hollowing cries of pain as Melethia nailed their feet to the ground.
The sight of this, this prompted the remaining 3 men to get the hell out of dodge or at least get to cover before the Elf got them too.
The sheer amount of arrows raining from the sky resulted in one of the fleeing men becoming a pincushion as he was peppered from head to toe with arrows.
One of the slimmer members of their little gang was able to get back to the "Bunker" they made and used it to wait out the storm of arrows while his friend ran towards town, only to be stuck down himself.

"GADDAUM! That little Injun Socialist Bastard! Here is a present from Uncle Sam you still shit!" He shouted with a frightened rage as he fell back on his constitutional right to bare arms, Pulling out a small 9mm and returning fire from his cover, aiming for the Elf's chest.

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

Maccer was understandably mindfucked by the Imps showing up.
"...wot...the....fuckin' 'ell?..." He mused as his eye twitched while the Imps dug up the hole.
A few minutes later, they finished digging up the dirt, only to find nothing but the London Bus Pass of a man called Kent Paul.
It seemed like whomever dug up the sand here was keen on removing all trace of anything that happened here, Hell, from the smell of it, The Sand was...Bleached?!.

Maccer seemed a little distraught at the sight of his friend's Bus Pass.
"Our P!....Jayus....Gone....Oh 'Eck....God, Come back Pablo...I didn't...Oh Shithouse!" He said, almost to the point of sobbing, prompting Jenny to (Reluctantly) hold him as he cried.
"What happened here?..." He pondered as she looked at the pit that was now made.
"THEY TOOK HIM!...THEY TOOK PABLO THE BASTARDS!....GIVE HIM BACK!...God, Pablo..." He shouted to the sky, cursing someone.
Or something...

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

David found her change quite jarring, but quickly shook his head and got to work. "...Right."

He caught sight of two of the men attempting to come in from their right, and quickly flicked the knife in their direction, catching the armed goon in the groin as Melethia advised. This had the immediate reaction of him crumpling to the ground screaming in agony, while making his friend enraged.

"YOU BASTARD!" His friend came barreling towards the student, arms wide and rearing to grab him. This of course left him very open to attack. "I'LL RIP OFF YOUR GODDAMN HEAD, YOU LITTLE LI-"

The moment the knife returned to him, David got down low and stabbed the man in the knee, causing him to stumble over David and fall on his face. The man pushed himself up, trying to regain his senses, before David came up be and delivered a vicious right hook to the side of his head, knocking him out cold.

Before David could do anything else, a pair of hands wrapped around his neck from behind him and squeezed, lifting him up off the ground and strangling him.

"Hoo hoo hoo! I gotcha now, you 'lil socialist pig! Now squeal for me, boy!" A hoarse, drunken voice hooted from behind him, while tightening his grip. David's eyes were wide as he tried to wrench free, but was slowly getting weaker and weaker.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Melethia grit her teeth as the bullet hit her breastplate she had on underneath her tunic. If it hadn't been there, she might have been in a lot worse shape. However, that one shot gave Melethia enough time to riddle the man's arm with six arros, and one thing he noticed was that these arrows hurt about as much as that one time he'd crashed that 4 wheeler with his uncle and got stuck in the hospital for a few months.

It was also around that time that Mel's attention was drawn to the last flanker that was now choking Bookworm. Sparing no time, she grabbed the last six arrows and rolled to the side to get her positioning right. Once satisfied with where she was (After all, the man was solely focusing on one person) She fired all the arrows onto the man's back, with some slipping in between the ribs and others embeddong themselves firmly into the kidneys. Needless to say, the distinct difference in the aiming that time was enough to ensure that the man dropped to the ground.

"David, don't you die on me!" WIth the small break there, Melethia snatched the dagger off the ground ans went to sever the muscles to loosen the dead man's grip.

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

The imps continued to scour the area for some more clues or anything that could be of use as Devon talked in a calm voice. "Here, let me clean you up. Now, can you tell me what happened last night? I know you were high as a kite, but we're here to help you out." As he touched a moist spot on the man's arm )that he hoped was wet from sweat), the man was cleaned up rather fast. It didn't help any tearing in the clothing, but being cleaned up should help the man's mood a little bit.

Devon casted Prestidigation to clean Maccer off. It'll be 18 seconds until the next level 0 spell.

Ella did her part and flew up in the air to see if there was possibly any vehicles that they could use for travel.

The forgotten are remembered by the legend ... Shawn
Location: Desert: Dump Site.

Frowning at the chatter and topic, Shawn pulled out his second pistol and aimed at the two. Originally he obtained one pistol from the NCR as a reward, but during the final battle of Hoover Dam, he had picked this weapon from a body of a fallen comrade who was slain by the Legate of the Legion army who died shortly after due to Shawn. As known, Shawn is the one who remembers these fallen humans, both if they are on his side, or not.

"Hello lovebirds, turn around and your dead, attempt to get a weapon you will die, just listen to me and stop talking ... oh and keep digging." Shawn threatened the two in front of him, hoping they will not do anything to make him shoot them. "Also ... do anything suspicious and you will loose a leg, both of you." He threatened once more. The two could heard a cock of two triggers behind them.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

When Melethia finally released him from the dead man's grip, David sat up, coughing and rubbing his throat. He turned his head, glaring balefully at the corpse of the man who nearly killed him. He stood up on his feet, gritting his teeth and stomped on the man's corpse.


He pulled back his foot and delivered a kick into it's face. And with that, he stopped with his pointless assault on the man's corpse, breathing heavily, his hands balled into fists and shaking uncontrollably.

"...Is that all of them, Melethia?"

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

Maccer was a little surprised that he was clean again, I mean, he was wearing those pants for months.
As he thought about Devon's question, Jenny sat him down on the ground and said "It's okay, Mister?..."
"Maccer. Lead Singer of The Gurning Chimps and creator of "EXTREMELY BAGGY" Music!" The Band Leader boasted, only just remembering who he was just there.
"Okay Maccer. We'll find your friends, but we'll need your help to do that. Can you remember anything from when you last saw them?...
...Please take your hand away from my chest..."

"If yer a bird, how come you don't have any Tits?"
"FOCUS GODDAMMIT!" The Pokemon shouted, She worked as a therapist, sure, but she wasn't going to sit and take that.
"Oh Charming...Alright....ummm....errrr.....uhhhhh...." The British Pop Icon said as he tried his best to remember last night.
"...I remember...Me and the band was the Thames in the winter....Then some Men in Black with guns showed up....And the last thing I remember was wanking on some Margaret Thatcher's tits when this twat showed up!" He said, pointing to Jenny as a vein in her forehead looked ready to burst.
"...Thank you for that, Maccer..." She grit though her teeth as-
"I swear, you put your hand there again, I'm melting your fucking brain!"
"It's just for Comfort. This is a Stressful situation man!"
"...You're telling me it is..."

Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain... Shawn
Location: Desert: Dump Site.

The pair of Wise Guys froze as Shawn pulled his guns on them, the both of them instantly understanding what this meant.
They quietly picked up their shovels and started to dig, one of them sobbing as he did.
"*Sniff* Come on man...I-i-i love my wife man, I wasn't even suops-eh-eh-WAH-AH-AH!" He broke down and started to cry, he didn't want to die like this!
"Alright, come on man. We can talk about this. I work in one of the Casinos. You and me, we could make a killing...umm...Let me rephrase that..."

As the Wise Guys went on about all the reasons Shawn should let them live, he finally found some trace of his target: There was a Glint from a Sniper Scope out in the flats, 2 Scope Glints in fact!
And there was a pair of Laser Sights on his chest...

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

She finished gathering up the last of her unused arrows and put them back in the bag and put a hand on David's arm. "THat should be the last of them, David. Now calm down, it's a waste of time to kick a dead dog. For an fresh man, you did well. It's a shame that we can't get that compound, though, It woulda been a nice little thing to work with." She quickly took off part of her tunic to check on the damaged part of her breastplate, but the bullet hadn't done all that much to it besides a small indent.

"Hmm, I'll have to pound that out later. Good think they don't know about weapons that actually pack a punch." She pulled up her tunic again to cover up then checked on David.

"Ya gonna hold up well?"

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

Our bard put a bit more edge in his voice as he continued with the questioning. "Maccer, if you want to help us make sure your mates live, you have to focus! Look, do you remember any details on the locations? We can't do much if you keep trying to polish your knob, got it?" He was getting more than a bit annoyed with man he had to try to get important info from.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

David seemed to hesitate for a moment, before nodding his head slowly. "Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine. Just, kinda blew up a little there," He gave one last look at the dead man, and sighed, rubbing his sore neck.

He removed his bag and placed it on the ground, rummaging through it, eventually pulling out the tome. He removed it's contents, and began arming himself. He placed the bandolier across his chest, and wrapped the belt around his waist. He pulled out the large hunting knife and pistol, attaching the knife to the right side of his belt, and the pistol to his left, after loading it up. Once he was finished with the preparations, he spoke again. "So... Where to now then? Are we going to join the others in town?"

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Melethia shook her head. "These guys made some good compound, and I want to know how it's made. After all, if we're going to be going into a place we shouldn't be, I want to make sure we're ready for it. Ta did well enough, although ya still have a long way to go Bookworm." As she closed on the initial site, she found the powder again which had a strong resemblance to Thermite.

There are WAY too many people who want to hurt him ... Shawn
Location: Desert: Dump Site.

Seeing the glint, he smiled inside his helmet. "Don't worry, you did your job ... but you may want to duck down." He spoke as he noticed the two glints and the two red dots on his chest dancing happily in hopes for blood. "Shit ..." Shawn said as he quickly slid on the ledge he was on and got on the ground. The ledge he was on was at a hill like angle, so it protected him quite nicely.

Pulling out his Anti-Material rifle, he did not know how to get a shot without them spotting him ... and possibly shooting him. A sharp pain went through the Wanderer like a lightning bolt, a bullet pierced his left arm and left a nice hole. "Damn it!" He yelled and injected himself with a Stimpak, which made him only wonder how many he had left.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

David looked over Melethia's shoulder and at the powder, raising a brow, seeming to recognize the substance. "Isn't that thermite?" He wafted the smell over, before nodding his head. "Yep. That's thermite alright. It's actually pretty easy to make, if I remember correctly."

David reached into his bag and pulled out a chemistry textbook, looking for a particular page. He stopped a finger, pointing at a page outlining an experiment regarding the use of thermite. "Right, here it is: "8 grams aluminum powder, 3 grams of iron oxide," or rust, if you prefer. "Thermite requires intense heat to ignite, so a magnesium ribbon or alternatively, a sparkler containing magnesium will be provided. Once the teacher ignites the thermite, be sure to look away, as the intense light produced by the reaction can permanently damage your eyesight."

David closed the book and returned it to his bag seemingly nonchalant, before completely freezing in place. He turned his head to look at Melethia, wearing a strange smile on his face. "So let me get this straight, we just horribly injured and killed some rednecks over thermite? Thermite?"

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Melethia huffed, trying to bluff about the weakness of the attack. "Hey, are ya forgettin' that they went an' attacked us in the first place? They were the ones that came chargin' at us, they were the ones that shot at us, they were the ones that choked ya! Back where I come from, that's called covering ya arse!"

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

"You and I both know that you were completely capable of ending their lives or at least temporarily incapacitating them in no time flat. I saw what you did with your arrows. That, and they were kinda right when they said that we were spies, and we are strangely dressed," He gestured to their clothes. Somewhat ironic, because he was called out for his appearance in Gunsmoke and that he would attract unwanted attention. And as it turned out, it did and got him chased and beaten into a pulp. "They were just minding their own business, granted said business was fairly stupid, but they had no reason to trust two strange-looking people who were watching them from behind a rock. And I seem to recall that we were looking for a very dangerous person, but you ran off from the group instead to check out some yokels fooling around with some easy-to-produce, home-made explosives. I only came over because I thought it had something to do with the man we were hunting. This little foray was a pointless waste of time!"

David shook his head with a sigh, putting his hands in his pockets. "But... oddly enough, I'm not mad. Not even slightly agitated. I'd even go as far to say that this experience turned out to be rather exhilarating!" David said with a grin, before looking to the side and scratching his cheek sheepily. "...Well, minus the parts where I damaged a man's genitalia beyond any hope of repair, and nearly getting choked to death, aaaand stomping on a man's arrow-riddled corpse."

"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal

As the gang fanned out around the Ghost Town, David West realized that Ashford was gone.
"...David?...David Ashford?...Hey!....Dammit, oh christ..." He sighed as he began to worry about the student.
"Hey, Anyone see the Student? Anyone?..."
"Nope. Sorry." cooed a familiar voice before a loud BANG! filled the air, followed by a spurt of blood from David West's leg as a Sniper Round tore through it.
"Lady and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Killbox, Starring yours truly!" Boasted the Sniper from what seemed like a loudspeaker as lead came flying from the mesa's above, seemingly from all directions.
"Ahhhh...GET TO COVER!" David warned as he laid there bleeding, knowing that Deadshot was using him as bait.

Rugal didn't need to be told twice as he ducked within the old barn, leaning out from his hiding spot in a bid to get his location.
"Dammit! This guy is good. Second I get my hands on him. Dillon, Slindis, stay out of the open!" He warned as bullets
flew around the buildings, It was like a one man wild west shootout.

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

As Melethia and David Ashford walked and talked about their sudden attack, distant gunshots could be heard coming from the Ghost Town...

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

"I'm Sorry, Alright! I don't know any more than that!" Maccer protested as Jenny moved away from the sleazy rockstar.
"All I've got in me head is music and...and...Stone me bloody crows, that Bird is a bird!" He exclaimed as Ella flew overhead, unable to find a car that didn't freak out and turn around at the sight of the a flying demon.
"....'EY!...I Remembered something!....uhhhh...Before Pablo was taken....I saw....a Blue!...Light. It was bright. And cold...Like a Flashlight in a Ice Cube!" He said as he walked around the dig site.
"...Yeah....There was Ice! Lots and Lots of Ice!...Like a living Ice Sculpture!"

Ice?...In the Desert?...
"But...Unless it was a Ice-Type...That's impossible..." Jenny said as Maccer watched Ella fly about in the air.

Here come in the Men in Black Shawn
Location: Desert: Dump Site.

As Shawn injected himself, he managed to get a look at the people shooting at him.
The were Men in Black, The pair of them each wearing a identical black suit and pitch black sunglasses along with a tactical sniper rifle.
The pair of them took turns to advance, working as a team to take down the "Witnesses".
Things only got worse as Shawn saw a Black Helicopter take off from the nearby base before flying towards them.

"Oh God. I thought you said that they weren't going to change shifts for another hour!" one of the Wise Guys said, clearly worried with this development.
"Aw Shit! Shit, Shit SHIT! "...We're Dead...We are SO DEAD! Oh fuck me...We're not going to get out of here!" the other sobbed as the pair of them hid behind the truck for cover.

"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal

Although the message wasn't directed at Teri, she knew well enough to conjure up some protections with this sniper barrage the moment she could. After all, it wouldn't do any good to heve her fall so easily. It helped her resolve a bit that Sadei was backing her up, although all the shots coming from different angles at once could be a bit overwhelming.

Teri casts Entropic Shield to protect herself from the shots! For the next 8 minutes, all bullets directed at Teri will have a 20% chance of missing her.

24 seconds until her next level one spell

Slindis stuck to her Water Stance and decided to flow with the attacks, slipping through a good number of them and ensuring those few that did hit were grazes. "I don't really have to say what's going on here, do I?" SHe did her best to try and move over to David's area to carry him out of there and get him some cover. It did leave her open to taking more than a few shots, though...

Outside of El Quebrados: Melethia/BookwormDavid A.

Melethia grinned. "With that amount of gunfire over there, that has to be the men. Now, let's mix up those portions real quick and get the fuse ready..." It didn't take long to get that ix ready, although she added a bit more gunpowder into the mix.

"Ya know, sometimes to catch your target, ya have to loosen the net a little... See what we've found? We basically tripped on it, an' ya wanna keep gettin' on me about a group that opened the hostilities in a dangerous way." She rather firmly tried to tell Ashrowrh about the situation, although, for a second she thought she heard a nagging thought of guilt. Luckily, that was rather quickly quashed.

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

Devon placed a hand on Maccer's shoulder to try and boost Maccer's morale.. "We'll find him, but one favor. Maybe you could give Ella a bit of space to do her work." He tried to think out the freezer Maccer was talking about, but at least one of the band mrmbers was still standing.

"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal

"Dammit...DON'T GO OUT INTO THE OPEN, YOU STUPID BITCH!" David West swore at the top of his lungs as Slindis attempted to drag him out of Deadshot's line of sight, giving the attacker exactly what he wanted: Another target. (After all, it'd be what he'd do!)
While Water Stance was able to allow Slindis to avoid most of the shots, Deadshot was one the best snipers there was and was able to score a handful of hits despite this.
"Shoulda listened to him..." Deadshot's voice boomed from the loudspeaker as he opened fire.
While picking David up, The drow took hits to her right elbow, a graze on her left shoulder and lost part of her right ear from a failed headshot.

Needless to say, this got Rugal all fired up.
"Son of a-Dark Barrier! OVER HERE! HEY! TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT!" He shouted as he brought up his shield and taunted the sniper to draw his fire.
"...Okay!" *BANG!* *BANG!* "...How was that?" Mocked the Assassin as he quickly kneecapped the King of Fighters, though his distraction bought more than enough time for Slindis to drag David back into cover.


"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal, Slindis, Dillon

As Rugal fell Dead-shot took aim for his head the shot resonated loudly Rugal tensed expecting death, instead he felt an oddly warm pleasant feeling like the sun had come out on a beautiful day.
he looked up and saw Dillon was standing in between him and Dead-shot's line of fire, his wings folded in front of him.
"Hello my name's Dillon BET YOU CAN'T HIT ME!"
he shouted and took flight the others could feel some sort of energy being given off as his wings became bright, the light was intense what they didn't know was to Dead-shot this light was blinding to look at. He glared at deadshot
"Hit me with your best shot" he said his wings ready they were very solid able to deflect most projectiles not to mention the blinding light and his speed.

"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal

Teri looked around the snipe zone in desperation, having no idea where Deadshot's shots were even coming from. Still, with her healing aura on for those in the safe zone, and Rugal being blocked from view by Dillon, the Cleric brought her oversized wolf over to Rugal's side and linked one of the man's arms around Garm (Teri grabbing the other) and began slowly pulling Rugal away, obviously much heavier than what the wolf was used to moving around. Teri clenched her teeth at the progress and clung to the cross necklace around her wrist,

"We don't have time for this! Lord, grant me your strengh!"

Teri casts Divine Power, granting her a strength of 16, instead of her usual 10, 8 temporary hit points, and the combat prowess of a warrior of her level. This effect lasts 8 rounds, or 48 seconds. 30 seconds till the next 4th level spell can be cast.

Feeling a surge of power surge through herself, Teri found herself able to lift Rugal much more comfortably with her wolf friend and progress to the safe area became much easier, The Cleric easing down the King of Fighters with a lot less effort than would be assumed of a girl her age. Following after that, she busied herself in beginning to doctor up David, Slindis, and Rugal, her Aura flaring bright with Positive Energy; which greatly helped in easing off the minor cuts and pains...

Outside of El Quebrados:Caim/Angelus

Keeping a quiet profile in the air, a Red Dragon and her mute rider searched the ground below; acting as scouts and possible aerial support to those who required/requested it.
(Shakes magic 8 ball)

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

Ton Ton, who was sitting on Devon's shoulders with Cadolbolg, wondered aloud, "A giant of ice...? Kinda reminds me of that iron giant we fought in that Western universe... I don't know if that would apply though. I've never seen a Frost Giant."

The turtle dragon wagged his tail in curiosity and said, "Mother mentioned giants in her stories once, but I don't think they were frosty either. Sorry, I have no idea what that is. Friend Devon, do you know anything about frost giants? Me and Friend Ton Ton are stumped."

"Ghost Town": David (West)/Rugal

Slindis immediately began checking up on David and Rugal, tending to their wounds with Teri's aid. After all, until they could pin down where Deadshot was making the shots from, she couldn't make the mistake of giving away her position. for another assault. But how was the man foring from multiple angles at once?

Arco del Oeste: Jenny/Ella/Devon/MACCER!

Devon shrugged. "I remember a few, but they were all from ages ago. To be honest, it's rather vague. Still, I don't think he can really remember more. Jenny, want to come along to hunt this bandmate down? WHo knows, we might trip upon where we're looking for."

Seeing nothing useful, Ella glided down. "We ready to go or what?"

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