The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location - Canteen: Rugal, Slindis

"A new member on the ship? I'll see her in a bit; just let me finish this page. I'd rather finish this while the down time's here." She was nearly complete with the page, and if she'd fully written on each page of the notebook up to her midway point, it would take a day to finish whatever she was writing even with reasonable breaks.

Location - Devon's Room: Devon, Angie

He knew the cat was out of the bag, and it would be better to let it out now rather than when it was too late. "Hrm. I has intended to keep it under wraps longer, but the key word in your statement would be was. I don't really know how it happened, but he lost that seat to Ageha. I've talked with a few of the newcomers, and they're apparently coming in because they're not fond of Hell being ruled by a Succubus. And honestly? I see someone with such a talent for influencing others to be far more dangerous. After all, look at what happened on that Cargo Ship. Imagine what would happen with someone that has that talent but with a lot more ability behind that; to me, it brings the old adage of how the greatest battle is the one not fought. Hell, a number of succubi and incubi in key places could do huge damage, and they wouldn't have to lift a finger.

The main reason we haven't seen anything like that yet is because she hasn't secured her position yet."

Med-Bay: Teri, Dean, Rusty

Teri's jaw dropped at Rusty's nonchalance towards his son being in a hospital bed and was simply taking money out of the boy's pocket like nothing serious happened. Her hands balled at her sides, shaking as her Shadow begged for her to hit the man upside the head like the idiot deserved. Teri repressed the urge, but felt her blood boil none the less as she shouted,

"What the ever-loving FUCK is wrong with you?! Do you realize how close to death your son was not five minutes ago?! HOW HE WAS BEATEN TO A PULP FOR YOUR SORRY ASS? And you're just going to sit there and act like it's not a big deal? My God, I'm going to start praying a lot more for your son, because he's under some shitty as hell guardianship."

Taking a step back, the Cleric tried to calm herself, but it wasn't working very well. Still shaking, she turned to Dean, "I'm sorry I raised my voice like that, Dean. Also, please don't grow up to be like this asshat. Just call out if you need me, I need to get some fresh air. Garm, come on. The new patient is obviously alright."

Following that, Teri stormed out of the Med-Bay, still balking at how uncaring Dean's father was in light of what happened not too long ago as she was followed by her faithful wolf.

Location - Devon's Room: Devon, Angelus

Angelus blinked slowly as she processed this new information, and stood in the room for a solid minute before asking, "So.... What is this going to mean for later on? I highly doubt this won't have repercussions for the rest of the world. Not to mention those Angels have to be losing their minds about a new ruler of Hell..."

Med-Bay: Teri, Dean, Rusty

"...I guess OSI then..." Rusty said before going back to counting Deans money as his son watched, sighing as he did.
"So, Dean. Did you call Brock?"
"Yeah, Still busy."
"Oh for the love of-What the hell is taking him so long!?" Rusty bemoaned as looked around the Medical Bay, noting how much more modern and well equiped it was compared to the one back at the Venture Compound that was still stuck with Tech from the 50s.
"...Huh...Fully stocked...Lots of stuff here...Dean, get me a bag..."

Canteen: Rugal, S'Zami, Melethia, Teri, Garm

After leaving Rusty alone in a room with countless pieces of hi-tech medical equipment and prescription drugs, she went back to the Canteen to see Rugal and Melethia talking with some strange Cat Woman (S'Zami).
"Ahhh...Teri, we were just talking about you. This is S'Zami, we picked her up along the..." He trailed off when she saw she was in a foul mood.
"...Is something the matter?"

Canteen: Rugal, S'Zami, Melethia, Teri, Garm

"...Is something the matter?"

Teri took a deep breath and tried to calm herself and the Shadow down; but it was not really working as well as she would have liked. With a heavy sigh, she slumped into a chair and went into an explanation about Rusty and Dean in the Med Bay, finishing her venting with, "I know Devon's book said to try to not use violence in situations like that, but the fact that man was so uncaring about Dean almost pushed me over the edge! I'm so angry, I could hit something, especially that man's face! Sure, I'd pray for repentance later, but for the moment, I could almost give into the Shadow and show him what for."

She buried her face in an arm, extending the other to pet her wolf as she said, "I've no idea how you or Mom do it, Dad. I feel like every fiber of my being is ready to rip something in two and I can barely contain it. How you two manage to keep your composure I've no idea."

In her current state, Teri didn't realize she let slip about the Shadow, and then perked up when she realized S'Zami was still there and awaiting introduction. Giving a weak wave, Teri continued, "Hello Ma'am. Name's Teri Gravel, Cleric of the Christian God. I work in the Med Bay when I'm not being irritated by my belligerent patients. Sorry you had to hear all that."

In the meantime, with Teri's hand not petting him, Garm sniffed S'Zami for a moment, and then looked at Rugal, Melethia and Slindis before putting his head back in Teri's lap; seeming okay with the cat-person so long as his pack was.

Location - Canteen: Rugal, S'zami, Melethia, Teri, Garm

"Just rough him up a bit. Ya want somethin' that won't bruise? Look around for some oranges an' stuff em' in a sack - they'll still get the point across." For once, Melethia wasn't going with a lethal solution to something like that. It was a bit odd to those that knew her, but perhaps it was a good first step?

Location - Devon's Room: Devon, Angie

"We'll probably be dealing with a sneakier kind of asshole, or those types will be a bit more prominent? It's what comes to mind when I think Ageha, and the top directly influences the bottom there in my opinion." It was a bit oddd to be tossing this all out based on conjecture, but he knew Ageha wasn't the safest woman to be around here. Perhaps in a different universe where she hadn't been saturated in hell's environment, it could have gone better for her, but that might never happen.

Canteen: Rugal, Teri, Melethia, Z'sami

Rugal was rather surprised by what Teri had told him, that screaming man was a dirt-bag to his own son?
What was slightly more confusing for him was talk of this "Shadow", but he was to busy wanting to beat the ever loving shit out of this "Rusty" to follow up on it just now.
"...I see...I think we would do well to show him off the ship, Hm?" He said before Melethia brought up the topic of Oranges in a bag.
"...Huh...Never thought of that...Then again, I usually just used my hands..." He mused as Teri seemed rather pent up after her encounter with Dr. Venture.
"Temper yourself Teri, From what I'm hearing, he'll get what is coming to him...
...Or if you do insist on lashing out at him, why don't I take you to the Training Room and at least show you how to do it right?"

Location - Hallway: Jenny, Stranger

Jenny was confused as the Cloaked Figure ran off.
"Blade! Come Back here!" She protested before the Gardevoir took off after the Figure, If that was Blade, why was he here? She thought he was off doing some work for Master Hiryu and the Striders.
"Wait up!" She cried though the halls as she followed whoever the hell that was.

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Rugal, Teri, Garm

It was scary how well S'zami hit the nail on the head, if in a roundabout way. Did someone mention the existence of the Authors to this Khajit (And yes, Teri was familiar with the Elder Scrolls games)? Teri decided to focus on speaking on Garm, feeling a little apprehensive as she did so, "You're right. Garm is more than my pet. He's one of my closest friends, and incredibly loyal. He practically goes everywhere with me. As for your other question, what ever gave you that idea...?"

After she asked that question, her eyes darted to Rugal and Melethia in confusion, clearly looking less comfortable as time passed. Standing up, she nodded to Rugal, and rubbed a finger over a ring, "I think I'll take you up on that offer, Dad. I'd rather lash out in a controlled environment than taking it out on others, even if they are despicable. Dad, what is she talking about with this 'Demi-God' buisness? She doesn't know about what me and Devon are, does she?"

Location - Devon's Room: Devon, Angelus

Angelus thought more on this news and asked, "So, more internal agents may creep around, but with Lucifer not following us around, perhaps it can do us some good to have him act as the distraction. We've no business in the politics of the upper or lower realms. Or, do you fear that more of them will keep an eye trained upon us? If so, I'll roast them alive."

Her hand clenched after this exhortation; making it very clear to Devon that his master of magic was not keen on external spies. Perhaps the Cuties had more of an effect that she'd be willing to admit...

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Rugal, Teri, Garm

Rugal then instantly realized his mistake when Teri asked him.
No, she doesn't. It was merely a term I used to help put her at ease. To say that there is nothing that surprises us and that we welcome all. She was clearly not of this realm and was a long way from. That and what else could you call the likes of Tomoya, Amaya and Dillon? He sent back to her before saying "Well enough, I'll set it up when your done with your introductions."
He felt like he dodged a bullet there, though his expression and demeanor never changed the whole time.

b]Location - Flight Deck: Stranger, Jenny[/b]

Jenny soon lost the figure, cursing herself for doing so.
Dammit Hiryu, why can't you just leave these people alone!? She sighed to herself, no doubt that if that was Blade, he was only here as part of some spying non-sense.

As for the Captain's Quarters, it was an extremely post room with tons of comfortable furnishings, a King Sized Bed, An en suite and a Locked Desk.
There was also pictures of a man in a red suit with what appeared to be a teenage human girl, a younger female elf and a Drow woman who looked in her 20s.

Everyone Loves Mohammed Shawn, Eric and David.
Location: The Strip | Outside of Casino.

Surprised at their driver's sarcastic or enthusiasm, the trio got out of the car.
Shawn decided to pull them to the side of the crowd going into the Casino.
"Okay, Eric and David ... we need to go over the plan once more, but let me just warn you that once we put these masks and helmets on, we call each other by initials. Although I doubt we are in any kind of data-base here ... maybe except you David." Shawn said as he awaited for someone to say the plan again.

Storm/Sean & Alpha/Miku.
Location: Bridge and outside Hallway.

Meanwhile one of his counterparts was about to rob a casino, which he had no idea about even if he had a mind connection with his others. Storm had gotten 'Commands' from the 'Captain' of this ships to navigate a new destination for when we leave here. Rubbing his hands through his hair through annoyance, Storm was swearing intensely as he had no idea what to do. "I'm a bloody soldier, not a damn navigator. Who the hell place HIM in charge anyway, I fucking hate taking orders. It always leads to bad stuff ..." Storm muttered as he looked at the holographic charts.

"What the fuck, the charts arn't even linked to the actual world ... THEN WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!" Was the screaming incoming from the bridge, as her lover was absolutely angered by the 'captain' Rugal and the charts to this place. The entity or AI known as Alpha was within her physical body and listening to her music function. She hummed a similar song that she had sung a million times before. After the pair checked the physical ship weapons, they got the order for this. "Oh I miss Tomoya and that other kid who ran the ship with him ... Dillon was it? Who voted for the guy that was a villain and crucified a past hero!" The lover's voice boomed.

Pouting for a second, she wished that he would just ask her for help. Unfortunately she knows how stubborn he was. Suddenly a figure moved by her in a fast pace. "What the ..." She said as the song was over. Pausing the next song with the console on her shirt, she looked at the corridor the stranger turned at. Pulling up the map on one of her eyes, it was towards the Captain's room. Curiosity occurring, she was about to trail her but the crewmember known as Jenny ran past trying to catch up. Shrugging she followed the two. "It might be something bad, I don't want anyone to become hurt." She said with determination.

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Rugal, Teri, Garm

It was scary how well S'zami hit the nail on the head, if in a roundabout way. Did someone mention the existence of the Authors to this Khajit (And yes, Teri was familiar with the Elder Scrolls games)? Teri decided to focus on speaking on Garm, feeling a little apprehensive as she did so, "You're right. Garm is more than my pet. He's one of my closest friends, and incredibly loyal. He practically goes everywhere with me. As for your other question, what ever gave you that idea...?"

After she asked that question, her eyes darted to Rugal and Melethia in confusion, clearly looking less comfortable as time passed. Standing up, she nodded to Rugal, and rubbed a finger over a ring, "I think I'll take you up on that offer, Dad. I'd rather lash out in a controlled environment than taking it out on others, even if they are despicable. Dad, what is she talking about with this 'Demi-God' buisness? She doesn't know about what me and Devon are, does she?"

Mel shrugged at the questions of who Rusty is, not really knowing the middle-aged man. "Well, I don't really know who he is, but if my sis has a problem with him, same goes here 'til I see somethin' else about him. Sis, go ahead an' train with Wheathair if ya want. I was gonna see how we could make some wands, but ya do need to learn how to fight proper-like." SHe didn't really know about all of the training Teri had already gone through that day, so she thought her sister was still barely passable in close quarters.

Location - Devon's Room: Devon, Angelus

He started his response off slowly, then quickly got in a flow as he fully explained his concerns. "It's a bit of both. She'll keep a split focus, but let's face it: the people here really aren't prepared for someone good with words. Sure, the majority of them can do superbly in a fight, and anyone that tries a straight-up fight will be hurting. When you have someone manipulating the people here to leave big openings? It'd be a lot easier than you would think to do. Just get a few in the right places and trick key players, and suddenly we're in an indefensible position. For example, what would happen if the people fighting took the forms of old comrades, or illusions were placed that made teammates look like the invaders? Or on a larger scale, what would happen if Ageha manipulated people outside to make us lose all of our support?

That's the kind of thing we're so unprepared for that it isn't even humorous."

Alpha/Miku , Stranger and Jenny.
Location: Outside Captain's Room.

Coming up to the Captain's Room, it had it's occupants name labelled below the title of the room. Shrugging in her mind, Alpha had not personal grudge against Rugal, but since she had a direct link to the mind of her Master she does harbor some hatred for the guys. Starting to feeling annoyed about this, Alpha shook her mind of all thoughts of Rugal and returned to her current task of stopping the stranger.

Seeing Jenny by the door peeking in, Alpha tapped her back gently which made her look instantly back but sighed in relief. "Don't worry, I'll help you." She adjusted her voice volume to speak to her.

And now the two readied themselves to go in and find out who is this stranger and why they are here.

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Getting Rugal's answer regarding what the newcomer did and did not know put Teri at ease, the Cleric visibly relaxing before she pat Garm's side. As Garm reveled in the lazy praise, Teri answered S'zami and Melethia, "Rusty is the man I've been talking about for the past couple of minutes, and is the source of my anger because of how poorly he treats his son. The less we speak of him, the better.

And I'll follow through on that suggestion Mel. But, I'll happily help you make wands later, if you're still up for it. A wand of Cure Serious could go a long way."

Following that, she got up and gave the two a light nod of her head before walking with Rugal and Garm down the hall. Teri let out an unintentionally held breath, and (once they were out of earshot) answered back to Rugal, "Well, I'm certainly relieved no one else knows... As for your query, Respectively, a Lightning Archangel of the Lord, Ninja from a high magic setting, and an artificial angel that you unintentionally help make. None of them have divine parentage, seeing as angels are messengers of deities, and are considered Celestial beings. Milton can suck it, he didn't write in the Bible[1]. Finally, none of them have ascended to godhood after death, and none of them are worshiped. In short, none of them are demi-gods; by the proper definition. You could say they have the power of demi-gods, but that doesn't make them divine."

A small, if somewhat smug, grin appeared on the Cleric's face after rebutting Rugal's claim. If anything, the King of Fighters had a daughter who appeared to be reasonably knowledgeable about the definition of mythological terms.


However, not long after Teri, Rugal and Garm departed, a dark haired man with a breastplate, a sheathed blade and two small creatures curled up in his arms. With a small wave from a hand, Caim wandered over to Melthia and S'zami's table and sat, looking happy to allow the little ones to rest in his lap rather than his arms, a mechanical sounding voice shooting from what appeared to be his waist (at least from S'Zami's perspective)

"New arrival I take it?"

Location - Devon's Room: Devon, Angelus

Angelus took this all in quietly and gave a small nod, "You're right. When we were in that temple, Caim was paralyzed at the mere sight of his sister before him. If someone knew how to harness that sort of power, we'd be done for... But that also begs the question of if she'll have reason to watch us. As far as I understood it, your lover, Ella, has cut ties with her mother, has she not? Or you think her so paranoid that she'd watch our moves anyways?"

As she asked these questions, Devon could see concern growing on the dragon's face, plans and ideas already beginning to form in her mind as they discussed the matter.

[1] In John Milton's work, "Paradise Lost", angels are referred to as Demigods. This is a matter of biblical non!canon Teri is speaking in reference to.

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Rugal, Teri, Garm

Rugal wasn't expecting to be schooled on what a Demi-God was, or how Angels worked, or anything really, but he came up with a good counter point.
"...Hence why I said "Minor" Demi-God during my statement to S'Zami?..."
Not dwelling on the fact he was just school'd in a hard way, Rugal and Teri soon reached the Training Room.
"Now then, While your Mother favors Calm in battle, and rather wisely I might add, I find that sometimes, Aggressive Anger can be just as powerful if applied correctly. Rage does several things to the human body, it promotes physical performance in certain situations, increases the amount of abuse that the body can withstand and even offers an small increase in basic human strength." He explained as he began setting the room up and took off his jacket.

"Right, now, before we get underway, I think you'll need do some venting..." He said before he stood in the middle of the room.
"Now then...Attack me..." He ordered, letting himself be used as a punching bag.

Hallway: Jenny, Alpha

After finally catching up to the Stranger, Jenny watched from outside the room as he/she ransacked Rugal's Room.
...What the hell is it looking for? She asked, now certain that it wasn't Blade she ran into.
She thought about calling the others, but figured they were still back on the strip so she opted to just watch as the figure picked up some sort of relic from Rugal's Des-
"Don't worry, I'll help you."
Jenny nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt someone tap on her back before she realized who it was.
"...Alright, on 3...1...2...3!" She counted down before the pair of them bust into the room as the Stranger was in awe of the Nail.
"Stop right there! Who Are you!? Who Sent you!?" She demanded, ready to unleash a Psychic Beat-down on whomever this was.

What's the Plan? Shawn, Eric and David.
Location: The Strip | Outside of Casino.

"Right, Phase 1 is for me to pretend to be some big shot Gambler, get their attention while Eric rigs the Cameras. We get footage of them ripping me off, Then we meet up in a Room upstairs that you'll be booking. Then we start Phase 2." David explained as he hid his M500 and walked in, acting as much of a rich boy prat as he could.

Alpha/Miku , Stranger and Jenny.
Location: Outside Captain's Room.

As the two jumped into the room, it seemed that Jenny was on physical beat down duty. Alpha herself could take and give a beating, she is strong enough to send Storm through the ceiling when she gets real angry at him, still she had a lower strength stat then him. Being at the pack of the group, she readied not only for physical combat but thanks to the other AI she had control of the ship's weaponry.

For this situation she armed the indoor turrets of the shipped and made a target out of this stranger, she also sent a Alert to the other two AI hoping that they will send an alarm out through the ship. Alpha was determined to capture this person.

Phase 1 commence. S, E and D.
Location: The Strip | Outside of Casino.

Shawn nodded with the plan, it seemed he got one of the more easier parts in this phase. "Got it, but when I'm booking our low class room you guys should keep and eye on me. I'll be giving you signals on what room number we have. After that, you guys finish up and meet up at the room where we will go over phase two and I'll give you guys a little bit more special equipment." He smiled as he turned to the Casino.

"After all this is over, we should take the Dawn out of here. We will be over that mobster's group connections. Remember people use initials to talk to another, and if someone could grab some earphones or communicators it would be great." He said as they separated and started to walk into the casino. It way time for them to pull off their first heist.

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Caim, Cutie Bruisers

Caim stretched his arms for a moment, and then resumed fussing over the two cat-sized (HA!) creatures in his lap, both of which S'zami could see in better clarity now that they weren't bundled up in his arms. The first was a small green, lizard-like creature in a miniature brown robe, the hood pulled up over beady, unblinking, yellow eyes. The second looked like a cross between an alligator snapping turtle and a dragon, little wings sprouting from the creature's thick shell and a small set of horns from it's brown. Curled around the turtle-dragon mixture was it's distinctly metallic tail, shining like a knife and yet moving as easily as flesh or bone. However, unlike the dragons of Skyrim, this creature bore six limbs instead of four.

After a moment to make sure the kids weren't going to fall off, Caim looked back up, "Caim is my name. The two in my lap are my sons, but their meal from earilier has put them to sleep for the moment. They're friendly enough though."

Indicating a finger, he pointed, first to Ton Ton and then Cadolbolg, giving their names as he did so, but was interrupted by a voice over the intercom: which shouted to all members aboard the Dawn,

"Intruder alert! An unidentified being of presumably human origin has been spotted and is on sight at the Captain's Quarters of the ship! I repeat, there is an intruder in the Captain's Quarters! Please be on alert for additional intruders, or be ready should this one choose to attempt an escape!"

Naturally, this meant that the Cutie Bruisers in Caim's lap were now wide awake and kinda grumpy from the noise, Cadolbolg being the first to complain, "What was all that? Why's it so loud?"
"Dunno, but it can't be good..."

Training Room: Rugal, Teri, Garm

Teri snorted at the first point, snickering, "Still doesn't make them Demi-gods, no matter how many minors you attach to them. But whatevs-"

She paused after Rugal readied himself and gave the order to do her worst to him. Looking down at her own two hands and Sadei for a moment, Teri began to hear the familiar, hard-edged voice in the back of her mind, "What are you doing sitting there and gawking at our hands? You know our attacks can't hurt Dad."
"I dunno. He doesn't look like he's gonna fight back. It's just weird to me, is all."
"Oh geez. He's probably gonna block our attacks, dumbass. But, perhaps you could let me take reign for a few? If he wants aggression, you know I'm the one to ask..."
"...Okay. Just don't go overboard."
"Pfft. You worry too much. It's not like we could kill him. Now, stop holding me back and lemme out!"

From what Rugal could see, Teri seemed to zone out after looking at her hands and then took a deep breath, her shoulders dropped and the grip on her staff tightened. When she looked up again, the King could see something....different in Teri's eyes. Aggression, certainly, but not the barely controlled fury from the Canteen. No, when this aspect of the Cleric charged, letting a yell of unintelligible rage pour out as she brought the quarterstaff on his shoulder, Rugal could see that whatever had placed the "control" earlier was no longer there. Gone was the fear of harming, and in it's place, something distinctly unfamiliar wore the skin of his daughter; and it was readying a strike to the back of his legs.

Location - Captain's Quarters: Jenny, Alpha, Stranger

Jenny was clearly not prepared for what the hell happened, coughing and sputtering as the Figure managed to get past her.
"COUGHCOUGH-HYE-Dammit..." She cursed, unable to do much against the Stranger's escape attempt.
"Get the others. I'm going to try and keep up with her. Go!" She ordered the AI as she ran after the intruder, really regretting not being as fit as the other members of the Rising Dawn as she did.

Training Room: Rugal, Teri, Garm

Strange...Seems different...Eh, C'est la vie... Rugal thought as Teri began to strike him with the Quarterstaff.
Visual of what ended up happening.
"...Really!? That's all?! Come on! Let the Hatred Flow though you!" He said, spurring her on before Dimitri raised the alarm.
"What?! Oh...CURSE THIS DAMN SHIP!" He swore at the news.
".....I DIDN'T SAY STOP!" He then barked at Teri as he pulled out his PDA and tried to get a lock on the Intruder and what he/she stole, all while Teri kept attacking him with the Quarter staff.

Phase 1 commence. S, E and D.
Location: The Strip | Outside of Casino.

D. quickly hit the Blackjack tables in a manner befitting the role he was playing.
"Alright Kid, Time to see if daddy's making Layoffs!" He boasted as a CEO as he instantly raised to 100'000 on Casino Credit, making a big win in the process as he did his best to stir up the joint.
He glanced at W. (Wanderer) as he got the room, making a note of his actions to describe the number.
"Now then, Let's ruin the Economy again!"

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Stranger, Jenny, Slindis

"Khyber-taken... S'zami, don't worry! It won't fully heal it up, but it'll staunch it." She pulled out a small flask of a reddish liquid and handed it to S'zami before pulling out her longbow, loosing a few arrows at the fleeing figure. If they didn't connect, she'd have to try going for a better angle to hopefully corral the figure into some of her 'treats' that she'd prepared on the ship a while ago.

The alert had placed SLindis on high alert, leading her to focus and use her ki to Fade from normal sight as she tried to find where the figure had went. She was definitely brought fully into focus as the arrow her daughter had fired barely grazed her and left a drop of blood on the ground. I'll have to heal that up in a moment, but right now I need to get the drop on this person, whoever they are.

Location - Devon's Room: Devon, Angelus

He followed up with a rather curt response. "Oh, she most likely would keep an eye on us. We're one of the more potent groups here, and she'd be a fool not to-

What the hell?" The alert going off in the ship definitely drew his attention, ending the awkward topic of the specifics of him meeting Ageha rather swiftly.

Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Stranger, Jenny, Slindis

Caim sprung to the attack, drawing his blade from it's sheath and 'sending' to the Cuties as he tore after the Stranger, "Ton Ton, Cadolbolg! Ready yourselves and use your speed to distract that son of a bitch!"

"Come on, Friend Ton Ton! Let's earn our dinner from earlier!"
"Got it!"

The small Tonberry hopped on the turtle-dragon baby's back, and the Cuties sped off after the stranger, Cadolbolg opening his mouth to begin shooting lightning bolts at the obviously metal bearing attacker. Ton Ton, in the meantime, summoned his Lantern and Knife from whatever place it rested when he slumbered, and readied himself for some punishment. Perhaps this assailant had some Karma on his/her conscious that he could exploit....

Devon's Room: Devon, Angelus

Hearing Caim and the Cuties communicate over pact voices, Angelus' head jerked to the door, her concerns further increased by the Alert and Devon's interjection. Allowing one hand to alight, she opened the door and said in a hurried tone, "We'd best not tarry. If the AIs are riled up, this can't spell good for us. Prepare yourself, Devon."

Training Room: Rugal, Teri

Teri was snapped out of her Shadow-fueled high when the alarm went off, pausing only for the briefest of moments until Rugal shouted for her to continue. The Shadow chided in again, "Look at that. Not even a scratch on the brute. And you were worried! So, can I play for real now? Your restraint bores me, even if I'm allowed. Besides, there's so much we can work with~! For example, we could pretend that Bruiser's there instead... Or maybe Lucifer? You're still pissed about what he did, right? At least, that's what your feelings are telling me.."
"The less we talk about either, the better."
"Okay, so we're sticking to Lucifer. Bruiser's essentially neutered anyways; living or not. Come on, me, imagine our asshole ex and let him have it!"
"Or Dean's horrible father..."
"I don't care who it is. Just pick one and KICK. THEIR. ASS!"
"Okay, gimme a sec.. Uh...."

First to take Rugal's place in her mind's eye was the aforementioned ex-boyfriend, with a smug grin and arms opened expectantly, almost as if expecting the Cleric to run into them without a second thought. Feeling a pang of pain in her chest from the mirage, Teri allowed it to become a mechanically augmented Machoke, and then the ignorant doctor from before; each causing equal amounts of ire in the young girl's heart. The trio then began to shift from one to another, and it was precisely what was needed. After shifting to that loose stance and bringing her quarterstaff down again, the rage far more palatable than the last strike, and Rugal might have started feeling something. Or was that just a mosquito?

Caramel Frappe:
Alpha actually is inside a physical/synthetic body at the moment. :P

Alpha/Miku and Jenny.
Location: Outside Captain's Room.

Nodding to Jenny, the AI started to run at a normal human running pace. Little did anyone know, she was contacting the other AI. "Everyone, that intruder has a relic and it seemed to be a very important relic judging by the reports my database came up with. If we have the permission to do this, we need to lockdown every single way in and out of this ship. Alpha out." She said over the Rising Dawn's AI network.

Running through the ship Alpha began to contact everyone, but her partner, master and lover was right outside the Bridge and near the corridor when suddenly the alarm went off. Then suddenly the intruder went by with a gush of steam trailing.
The Spartan pulled out his energy knife (A knife version of the energy sword) since his other weapons were in the hanger.
Breathing in slowly he walked out into the corridor and backed up to the nearest wall facing down the corridor. "Now lets see if this person can beat the fastest spartan alive."

The Spartan spoke as he heel launched off the back of the wall.
But first a bit of information.

Normal Spartans can go up to speeds of 55 km/h or 34.2 mph and exceed this.
John-117 himself has gone 105 km/h or 65.2 mph and exceeded this.
Now for being the fastest Spartan alive and owning the name of "Storm", he was able to run at 180 km/h or 111.847 mph with his power armor on. Yet he is able to exceed this just like the others, but when we take in the fact he is not inside his armor and that without that weight he is able to produce unknown km/s or mph, even the Scientists on the Blackhawke could record.

Luckily enough, the Spartan could control his speed and due to the variables of the angled hallways and other crew mates he decide to stick to a speed of 80, judging by the last look at the intruder he or she was using a machine to go at speeds of 50 or 40. Smiling, he decided to run after this person and soon shortly passed a couple of blurs and one furry blur.

The goal in terms of ability was to go faster then not just the speed of sounds, but the speed of light.
A very hard speed to attain.

Phase 1. W, E and D.
Location: The Strip | Outside of Casino.

Smiling naturally with the mission in mind, Wanderer walked up to the counter for the hotel part of the casino.
It seemed that they allowed him to use the VIP lane due to his suit and smile, maybe his lucky shades also had a effect too. Getting focused he walked up to the counter and gave a couple of bills of the Pre-War money, easily worth a luxury single room. "That should be enough to grab a room ... for someone of my caliber." He smiled to the receptionist who blushed at his charisma.

"If I can get your number later, maybe we can go get a drink." He said to her but got a innocent giggle in return. "Here is your room key, please go up the elevator to the left and go up to the top floor." She said and slide the keys with a piece of paper with a number of it. "Thank you, I'll give you a call later doll." He said as he turned around looked at the key number and gave the signal.

Then he went into the elevator and went up to the room. Surprisingly the room was well fit for a rich person.

Canteen: Devon, Angelus, S'zami

He nodded as he mentally gathered himself. "If I could find out where this person ran to, it would make it a lot quicker... [Anyone get a bead on where the intruder went? I'm going to try and head them off if I can, unless there's been any injuries that need patching up first.[/i]" THe second part of the Bard's thoughts were sent over to the people that had the rings, but his attention was drawn from a message by Melethia indicating there was someone injured in the Canteen.

"Angelus, you go on ahead. I'll meet up with you in a moment, but other things need to be done." With that, he made his wat to the canteen and saw the injured Khajit.

"Hmn, this is definitely a new one... Still, a bit of patching up should have you able to function. Did you see what way this intruder went?" Although the lack of sound seemed to confirm that he was wearing no armor, S'zami could swear that she felt the cold touch of metal instead of a regular human's skin on her injury and the familiar rush of healing magics heading to seal up the wound.

Devon casts Cure Serious Wounds to patch S'zami up! Because of the energy poured into it, though, it will be a good 30 seconds before he can use another level 3 spell.

"Are you able to move? I know you've lost a decent chunk of blood, but me and the imps can help you get to the medbay if you need it." He gave S'zami a chance to recuperate as he called out the imps in a guttural language, and the quickness in their response confirmed that they saw him as their boss.

Hallway from Canteen: Mel, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Stranger, Jenny, Slindis

Mel went up to the ceiling vents and began to crawl her way through the cramped metal highway in an attempt to get the drop on this person. After all, not many expected something from above and she still could get a good lead on where they'd fled through that blood trail. Before long, she'd made her way to one of the vent openings in the Cargo hold and made a quick glance around to see if she could glimpse this intruder from her viewpoint. Damned boxes are getting in the way... it's hard to get a clear LOS on the backstabber with all this.

And Slindis? Although she wasn't quite as fast as the two zipping around at 50+ miles per hour, it seems that having a strong training in moving unencumbered led to some sprinting speeds that allowed her to close the distance at a good clip. The extra boon from being invisible only added to the surprise factor when she slipped into the hall leading to the cargo bay.

"I'll have to be a bit more quiet here, but this is difficult terrain for the either of us here. If I can use this moving unseen to my advantage, it might help us get an edge. Until I confirm, I'll keep in contact with the rest of you this way instead of breaking my cover." This message was mainly intended for Storm's purposes, but it was sent around for all those in the pursuit (Bar Alpha, although Slindis was confident that Storm could contact her.)

Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Stranger, Jenny, Slindis

By the time Jenny reached the others, she had felt like she had just ran a Marathon trying to keep up with that Stranger.
Her sides were in agony and her legs were weak as she finally entered the canteen.
"*Pant Pant* Wait....Up...." She groaned before going "To hell with this!" and reassigning herself to helping the situation here.

Training Room: Rugal, Teri

As Teri kept trying to knock the shite of him, Rugal was tracking the Stranger's position, along with the positions of everyone else on his PDA.
"Attention all, This is Rugal. I've granted myself access to the Lock-down Protocols. I'm going to try and drive the target towards the Brig. Keep your pursuit up. Over." He sent over the rings as he remotely began to trigger blast doors around the ship, Blocking off several paths to the Stranger before it could take them.
"Right...Teri, Follow me. You don't need to stop attacking, but you WILL need to keep up!" He ordered to the Cleric before joining the chase.
While his skin was red from getting hit by the staff, it had no effect on him.

Canteen: S'zami, Mel, Cutie Bruisers, Caim, Stranger, Jenny, Slindis, Angelus, Devon

As Devon attend to S'zami, Angelus was already running after Caim, the Cuties, (and unknowingly Slindis and Melethia), a flame alight in one hand as she charged down the hall. It wasn't long before she caught up with Caim and the rest of the pursuers. Caim was scanning the Cargo Bay's area with little success. A small light bobbed in the room, that being the Cutie Bruisers fluttering around the room; Ton Ton holding out his pale blue lantern to get a better view on things as Cadolbolg attempted to smell out the intruder.

Upon arrival, the dragon gave a curt nod to Caim, and reverted to the Rings to communicate mentally among the party, "I can smell their blood.... They won't be missing long..."
"Your son already took that thought to mind. I don't know if his sense of smell is as keen as your's. Care to aid him?"
"First things first. Sound off, who's in the Cargo Bay? Relay your positions now; so you're not confused for the perpetrator."

As she said so, Angelus kept the flame that dance in her hand at the ready, lest the intruder show his/herself again.

Training Room: Rugal, Teri

Giving a nod to her father, Teri mounted up on Garm, and took off after Rugal after having decided to lay off the beating with the quarterstaff. At this point, it seemed moot to continue the abuse; especially since other things were occupying the teacher. As they continued on, the Shadow retreated quietly back into Teri's mind,

"Don't even say it. I know what you're thinking."
"That we can continue practice when we see the enemy in question?"
"Oh. Huh, you're being...really nice. Oi, Munchkin! Explain!"
"Hey, be nice when you speak to her!"

As this mental battle went about, Rugal started to recieve data from Dimitri and Vermilion, showing the would be assailant entering the cargo bay via footage from the Dawn's cameras.

Storm | Alpha and Jenny.
Location: Cargo Bay.

After the Intruder escaped him personally, he still spotted said person enter the large cargo bay. This was one room that took up much space on this level of the ship, if was considered a maze of what could be here. Some people would even considering to call this "Boxed Hell". Being the soldier he is, Storm-1788 carried on his mission to track this person down but decided to go at a stealthier speed. Tightening his grip on his Energy Knife, he pressed the communicator on his modded phone and spoke back to Slindis.

"Understood, you're the ace in the hole on this one. Just remember that we need to be very careful of this person, they seem to be skilled but injured. Note, they were also carrying an object, take caution of that too since they nabbed that from the Captain's room. Storm out." He said and hanged up before walking into the maze, being the person he is, grabbing the ledge of a cargo box he was able to access the high route just in case.

Alpha, Jenny and everyone else in the canteen

Walking into the canteen, Alpha sat down near Jenny. Not only was she tired from running here since she was not used to physical activity with this body, but she figured she would be better as a support personal rather then combat. "Don't worry, mostly everyone is one them. I have also told Dimtri and Vermilion to lockdown this ship so that they cannot leave. We just have to hope that they don't have their own ace up their sleeves. Other then that I am here to coordinate my plans from here." She smiled as he remembered to find out if there were any turrets or weapons in the Cargo Bay.

Location - Canteen: Alpha, Jenny, S'zami, Devon

Jenny merely flopped over into a chair, letting out a few groans of exhaustion in response.

Location - Cargo Bay: Spartan, Teri, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Slindis, Cutie Bruisers, Rugal

"That's right you little bastard..." Rugal cooed with Glee as he had the Stranger right where he wanted Him/her.
"Rugal to all points: Target is located in the Brig. Repeat, We've managed to push it back into the Brig, everyone meet up there. Over." He sent over the rings as he dashed over to the crowd gathering outside it.
"I want one team to go in and flush him out, I want the other to prevent an escape attempt, from getting back into the halls or just blasting out of the ship. Suspect is considered armed and highly dangerous until it's proven otherwise. Stay Sharp People!" He ordered as he made his way outside of the Brig.

Location - Brig: Stranger, Deadshot

The Stranger found him/herself inside the brig, starting to realize the downsides of locking yourself in a prison.
"...-hey-HEYHEYHEY! BUDDY! OVER HERE!" shouted a man in a maroon jumpsuit with a Badly scarred face who was shackled to a wall inside a cell.
"Dude, Open me up and I'm all yours man. Kill shit? I can do. Rob some shit? I can do. Gay shit?....I MOSTLY can do...COME ON MAN!" He begged as the Stranger thought about his/her next move.

Location - Canteen: Alpha, Jenny, S'zami, Devon

Devon placed that hand on S'zami's shoulder again. Once again the hard, smooth texture of metal firmly pressed on the newcomer in what was meant to be an assuring manner. "It's all about managing what's going on the best we can. So, you're theorizing that this person focuses on mobility for their maneuvers? That's definitely something to notice, and I'll pass that on."

He let out a quick whistle to call in some of the imps, and he talked to them in that hard to place language again. In response, some of them went to take care of Jenny while the others went off to a few key areas of the ship. "Hmn. Alpha, was it? Do you or Dimitri have information on some straights or curved hallways that lead from the brig area into a somewhat clear path that would look like an exit? If you can find any, we'll have to make sure they're lightly defended except for the very exit."

He gave the AI some time to check that scenario as he called out to Rugal over the rings. "Rugal, You know about giving your enemy a false sense of security, right? You've been on this ship and its halls quite a few times, so guide them to a false exit. If Slindis can head to that exit along with Melethia, we'll catch them right off guard.

To keep it short, we'll build them a golden bridge so we don't have to deal with a trapped animal. Keep me up to date if anything changes. This would be a gamble, but he was banking on the fact that this intruder didn't know about the capabilities of all those on board.

Location - Cargo Bay: Stranger, Spartan, Teri, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Slindis, Cutie Bruisers

Melethia sounded off that she was in the vents and began relocating to the Brig through the vents again, finally settling on an vent right outside the door. If the person came out again, Mel was ready to fire a few arrows at the intruder.

As for SLindis? She was getting ready to try and flank the intruder in any way that she could. "Rugal, I'm aiming at a different attack angle. I know all too well that someone's most dangerous when cornered, and take note that I'm still invisible here. DOn't forget, we still have that man from the military base in there as well."

Location Training Room: Teri, The Shadow, Sadei

Sadei finally spoke up after the training. "Well, you're not going off and shouting at everyone for once, so it's actually easy to work with you. I mean, I know there's old memories of that in here with zealots that just shouted about those 'damn dirty shifters'. not anyone I think she'd want to work with. Isn't it about focusing on one goal?"

Alpha, Jenny, S'zami and Devon.
Location: Canteen.

Noting the presence of the new furry crew member, Alpha quickly got up and bought back a big glass of water for Jenny, afterwards she sat down and listened to Devon. "Noted, I'll connect to the mainframe and relay that message. I'm sure a plan made by the three of us would be better then one made by just me." She said to Devon but quickly turned to S'zami. "My name is Alpha, I a AI for the ship but mainly the partner of the Spartan or superhuman known as Storm-1788. It is nice to meet you, I will gladly get to know you after this problem is over." Alpha bowed as one of her eyes started to glow.

AI Mainframe.

"I don't know if any of you guys heard that, but UA Devon came up with a good plan, he said that we should round this intruder to a lightly defended corridor so we would be able to capture both them and the object. Of course we will not leave the exit open but I think the combination of all three of us will be able to make this plan work. It would be rather nice if they surrendered." Alpha said to her two co-workers within the mainframe of this ship. Surely there will be many ways this plan can go.

Storm & Intrusion stopper group 01.
Location: Cargo Bay, heading outside of the Brig.

Being the one to see the target enter the ship's Brig, the Spartan immediately followed them but only came to a closed door. Seeing Rugal come first, he gave him a wave. "Target has locked themselves in the room, prediction, something bad is going to happen. Course of action, I could punch the door open if you gave me a minute but that would lead the target to be in a "Cornered situation" in which they might use everything in them to escape. Personal suggestion, we need a plan." He said in a quiet voice to Rugal as Storm approached him.

"Also ... I'm sure prisoner DS is in there. That ... is not good." He muttered, they needed a plan. Soon and hopefully, the AI will make a plan.

AI Mainframe

Dimitri and Vermilion were already typing away on their various terminals when Alpha arrived, Vermilion being the one to vocalize their intent, "We would have offered our aid with the turrets sooner, but there was the small matter of flesh and bullets not acting kindly together..."

Dimitri spoke up after that, "Not that the Users really need it. However, yes, Ms. Alpha, we've been keeping an eye on the proceedings. We have access to the cameras, after all. As for your request, there is an empty terminal over here you can use to aid in isolating the desired hallway."

Once Alpha got to a terminal and began computations, the duo found that their work became much faster (no doubt on the fact that another digital head made things a bit easier)....

Location - Canteen: Alpha, Jenny, S'zami, Devon

Not one minute after Devon made his request, Dimitri chimed in over the intercom, "We are currently isolating the best possibility for such a hallway close to your location."

"Please give us a few more seconds; this ship is rather large.... Ah, here we are. Ms. Alpha's processing has aided us along wonderfully. The coordinates are being forward to those possessing items such as PDAs or computers at this very moment."

To those who had access to computers/PDAs/Etc, a map appeared, with the desired pathway glowing brightly on the display.

"I trust this is up to code?

As for your question, User: S'zami, the phrase AI refers to 'Artificial Intelligence', or a program that can think or act similar to a human being. Well, I suppose myself and Vermilion defy that definition by the process of our creation, but that's a special set of circum-"

"Magic. Our Creators used magic that allowed us to act outside of an AI's usual line of programming. Now, we need to return to our surveillance. Call upon us if needed."

After that cut away, Vermilion gave Dimitri an exasperated sigh, knowing she just averted the crisis of spilling the beans about Authors. Even if the Butler possessed the capability of being able to lie, he was far from being able to do it skillfully. And in this realm, at least as far as the Red Cloaked AI was concerned, honesty did not always equate to the best policy.

Location - Cargo Bay: Stranger, Spartan, Teri, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Slindis, Cutie Bruisers

Caim and Angelus split up at this point, Caim to the flush team, and Angelus to immobilization. Caim was far more suited to the close quarters stuff, and as such, was also followed by the Cuties. The pair's combined speed and power would suit to scare the intruder out as well, if the measure was called for. Angelus simply took to hiding behind a box and keeping her flames at the ready; all of the little family waiting for the next move.

As Teri followed Rugal, she allowed her healing Aura to unfold again, and began healing the bumps that were made in her wake. Perhaps with more training, she could do something properly, and learn how to control her strikes from there... Regardless, she readied a different spell (Shivering Touch) in one hand as she followed Rugal to the Brig, tapping her ring with the unenchanted hand, "I have an immobilization spell prepared should either of them try to break out. However, it'll only hit one at a time. Where should I position myself and Garm?"

As she gave this report, the mental conversation continued, "Do you get it now, Me? If you behave, you're allowed more freedoms. Understood?"
"...Kinda like when we were fighting the Hedgehog Pies and you said I could put in my own two cents?"
"Exactly. Now, start being nice to Sadei!"
"Can we do more Rage Training? It's fun..."
"Depends on what Dad says. Now, how're you holding up, Sadei? You've been awfully quiet lately. You doing okay?"

Location - Cargo Bay: Spartan, Teri, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Slindis, Cutie Bruisers, Rugal

"Just hold position. If/when they break out, hit the fast one. Deadshot won't be much of an issue, least not without a mile or 2 between him and us." Rugal said to Teri as everyone took their positions.
"Slindis, just be careful. There is bound to be a crossfire when they try to escape, Watch for Friendly Fire. Over." He then sent to the Drow before Storm chipped in.
"I really think you are giving him too much credit. He has no weapons and no special skills. Hell, even David could beat him in a fight." He said to the Spartan before moving out from his position and standing outside of the Brig.

Going a last minute check and nodding to the others he then said "Attention, This is Rugal Bernstein of the Rising Dawn. Let's make this easy on both of us. All I want to do is Talk. We have no Ill-Intentions, I'd just like to know why you are here and what did you take. Hell, if it's something minor, I'll even let you go!"
If the Stranger was listening, Rugal would sound entirely genuine, that's because he was a master at lying.

Location - Brig: Stranger, Deadshot

Deadshot rubbed his hands with glee at the fact that he was released.
"Right...First things first..." he said before he ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.
"Ohhhhh....Muuucch Bettterrr...." The Stranger heard the assassin groan before he washed his hands and walked out....

Now holding a brick of Plastic Explosive.
"Man, I've been holding that in for AGES." He said with a smirk as he began planting some explosives on the wall, tapping on it to find the weaker sections.

Sorry this is late X_X S, E and D.
Location: Room 101 | Caligula's Palace Casino.

An Hour or 2 later, David showed up, his suit a little dirtier and missing his shirt, having been robbed at the tables and the shirt torn off his back.
"...You know what, W? (Wanderer) You had the right idea, These guys are ASSHOLES!" He sighed as he walked over and helped himself to the Minibar, knowing full well he wasn't going to be the one paying for it.
"Still, Eric should have gotten some good footage. I swear, I like to consider myself good at Blackjack, but DAMN, If I was a real CEO, I'd be in the gutter right now until the government bailed me out!" He exclaimed as they waited for Eric to arrive.
"So, what's next?"

Location - Brig: Stranger, Deadshot, Spartan, Melethia, Teri, Rugal, Caim, Angelus, Cutie Bruisers

Melethia lied in wait for the ambush, but she was getting a strong feeling that she should check the other side of the door. After all, I'd never let myself get grabbed without backup options... With that, she made her way up to the seiling so she could get a better look inside the brig.

Slindis, though, sent back a single message. "Confirmed."

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Alpha, Jenny, Devon

"The aid is much appreciated, and it gives me a good idea. in case of an escape, we could try channeling them this way through Murphy's Imps. In that case, lock down these paths here, here, here, here, and here." Although it still provided a path, there were many blind corners one would have to go through in it. The Imps were setting up along that way with some gear of their own, including some of their homemade spice bombs or paintball guns filled with balls of their strongest peppers.

After that was arranged, he murmured to himself as the plan formed out. "Well, they still seem to rely solely on their agility to give their strikes more kick. Pretty good idea. Unfortunately, agility is only as good as the terrain that you can us it in."

Alpha, Dimitri and Vermilion.
Location: AI Mainframe.

In according to Devon's information, Alpha relayed the information quickly back to Dimitri and Vermilion in the AI Mainframe, so it would quicken the information processes so they may build the plan with speed. "Honestly I was trying to disable her or his movement by shooting the arms or legs of the intruder. Killing her would be a success but not a very good one, then we could lose a source of information and why would they want said object they are carrying." Alpha said but made her wander back to her other question. "But why would such a powerful item be within the ship?" She said in confusion before working back on the plan.

Canteen: Alpha, Jenny, S'zami, Devon

"[color=nvayblue]As what those two said, but I'm a little different as you can see. I have acquired a body to say, but I do not know where I gained it from. It is on of the questions that I do not have the answer too, also I was invented with this nature. Other then that, hopefully all of us have helped you in your understanding of us.[/color]" She said to S'zami before turning to silence as she went back to work in the Mainframe.

Storm & Intrusion stopper group 01.
Location: Cargo Bay, heading outside of the Brig.

Nodding with Rugal, he agreed with his statement. "Judging by the information you are giving me I will accept that justification. Although we must always take the steps for anything, because if there is anything I have learnt, it is that anything can happen in this universe. Unit 1788 taking cover and prep-ing for assault, my primary target will mostly be on the fast target." Storm said in a more cold but military voice.

Storm then stepped to the side of the door and gripped his knife in a position that it can easily move forward. "Also we should trust the AI on this one and go with their plan. Capturing the target will be easier if they are at the end of a hallway. But we must consider the "Trapped animal" instinct that we all have." The expression on his face turned to worry.

No problem. S, E and D.
Location: Room 101 | Caligula's Palace Casino.

"We wait for Eric and confirm that he has got the footage, then we stay in here and confirm our plan for the robbery, once we have done that we will put our disguises on and rob the join and then phone the limo in for extraction. Hopefully we will pull it off, and don't worry about the cameras near here, I have already 'disabled' them." W smiled as he then pulled out a couple of extra weapons and laid them on the table. "I have multiple explosive weapons here that we may use." W said as he marveled at the weapons he has place. (Look at the Vault wiki for more, although he hasn't placed a Fatman down cause that is too much. XD)

Location - Canteen: S'zami, Devon, Alpha, Jenny

Jenny had finally caught her breath at this point as the others discussed tactics and what not.
"Okay....Okay...What were we talking about?" She asked, the lack of Oxygen not doing much for her understanding of the situation.
"Oh...I don't think we met yet. *Ahem* My name is Jenny, I'm a Gardevoir and I'm from another Realm. Might I ask what you are, Ms...S'zami was it?" She then asked as she watched the feed of the Brig.

Location - Brig: Melethia, Stranger, Deadshot, Caim, Spartan, Cutie Bruisers, Teri, Rugal, Angelus

Deadshot nodded to the Stranger's request.
"Gotcha, just know the second we get out there, it's every man for himself, got it?" He said as he got to planting his bombs on the outside wall, away from the entrance.
"...My Name is Deadshot by the way. Pleasure to be working with ya." The Assassin then introduced himself before he motioned for the Stranger to take cover.
"FIRE UP ME HOLE!" He shouted at he set them off.

The *BOOM* that occured on the other side of the door more then concerned Rugal.
"...AI'S! What the hell happened in there?! Dammit! Everyone, Move!" He ordered as the shit seemed to hit the fan, kicking down the door and bracing himself for an attack.

Alpha, Dimitri and Vermilion.
Location: AI Mainframe.

As the wall was blown, the plan that they three AI and Devon made were put into action.
"Okay the plan is now active, I repeat the plan is now active. Placing turret priority on warning mode. This will only shoot near the target so they will flee to another direction, also naming and separating friendlies. Now we just need to isolate other routes so they will go to where we want them." Alpha said to the other AI and people on communicators.

Looking at their point of view of the ship, Alpha was worried about the contents of the brig itself. After a quick scanning she needed to confirm something. "Warning, I cannot detect Prisoner DS in the brig. I need someone to crosscheck that fact, we need to confirm if we have two targets or one. If that is true, we may have to place the weapon suspect on him. I'd hate to imagine where he got that from." Alpha shutters as she looks at the rest of her AI comrades. If there was anyone she should be confident in, it was her other AI partners ... but especially her own partner.

Storm & Intrusion stopper group 01.
Location: Outside of the Brig.

The explosion was ignited and a loud boom was heard by everyone. "Damn it." Storm muttered as Rugal kicked in the door and took a combat position. Seeing the backup besides him, Storm took the opportunity. "I'm going in, they might be escaping!" Storm said as he took the risk and jumped into the room with a lack of vision, yet he still went forward with speed until he knocked something over or have vision to confirm where the targets are.

Mainframe - Alpha, Dimitri, Vermilion

Dimtiri's hands flew across his terminal as he began locking down alternate pathways, "Initiating Lockdown. Creating desired pathway. "

"Scanning Brig.....Prisoner DS, Stranger and plastic-based explosives detected. Initiating Turrets. Systems coded to prevent friendly fire. However, I cannot prevent anyone from jumping in front of one mid-fire."

Location - Cargo Bay: Stranger, Spartan, Teri, Caim, Angelus, Melethia, Slindis, Cutie Bruisers

At Rugal's exclamation, Dimitri took over the intercom: "It appears that some plastic explosives have been in use... Where they come from, all of us should think less of."

"Perhaps a cavity search for next prisoner would be in good order? I shall add that to the prisoner-protocols."

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