The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Melethia put herself in the (poorly made, in her eyes) handcuffs and pulled David down so she could whisper to him. "I'll play along for now, but if any of these morons touch my pouches, they'l have as many hands as they do heads." After that statement she went into the formation, feeling a few of her lockpicks at the ready.

Meanwhile, Devon guided Ella into a small illusion to make her look like a recruit for the base as he went over to David. "Let me handle the talking, and I'll get your bag in with you. After all, you're one of the patrolmen." Seeing that Ella's illusion was barely passable, he gave her and David a tumbs-up.

Finally, Slindis Faded out of view and talked to the group through the rings. "Give me some small openings and I'll make sure that they're taken taken care of for the most part when we're ready to leave."

Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

The Agent seemed amused by Shawn's attempts to explain himself.
"Listen, I don't judge. I once got a street hoodlum to break into a Aircraft carrier. Until you end up being pushed onto my desk, I don't care." He put it bluntly as he pulled out another file from a Briefcase with a set of Handcuffs on it. (And some blood...)
"Yes, I know about Deadshot. I know his name, his address, his paymasters, everything. I also know that he is in this very base about to unleash hell on a massive urban area for the interests of his employers." He explained as he flicked through a file with "EXCELSUS" written on it in huge red letters.
"...Oh wow...Someone's stole from the cookie jar when they made this towering monstrosity...So anyway, I've made a few calls and your "Friends" are making their way here as we speak." He said as he read through the thick booklet.

"I swear, we get more of those Anime people in R&D every year...So, What I want you to do is to break out, make some noise, show these people that you can't just blow Billions on some Doomsday Weapon and expect to get off the hook."

"Any Questions?"

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

After much rolling, Cadolbolg finally emerged from the dust and smiled at the group, "I look normal now, right?"

Being covered in dust, Cadolbolg may have been able to masquerade as a rare breed of desert tortoise, but those dratted wings certainly gave things away. Ton Ton, who was practicing his disguise as a lizard, looked up and said, "Until we break in, you do know you won't be allowed to fly around, right? Try to hide your wings. Generally, that's not considered normal by people outside of our group."

Cadolbolg noticeably drooped at the news, but tried to tuck in his wings to hide them and wandered over to David, smiling in his innocent manner as usual and said, "You look funny!"

Caim and Angelus, on the other hand, managed to fit themselves into their own uniforms, Caim picking one several sizes larger than himself so he wouldn't have to take off his armor. This lead to the normally lean looking warrior look much bulkier than usual (but not quite to the extremes of the likes of Rugal or Bruiser). Depending upon who you asked, this could either have a very intimidating or very silly look. Angelus took her opinion in the later camp, as she was trying her best not to snicker.

As for Teri and Garm, the Cleric looked down at her large wolf and patted him on the head before instructing Sadei to change to her smaller form and stuck the staff (now in pen form) in her pocket, then took off her satchel and Dimitri's apparatus with a sigh before handing both to David, "Please take good care of him, Mr. West. Dimtiri's all I got left of my old world. That and, you know, him being sentient matters."

"I appreciate the sentiment, Madam. I shall reduce power usage to the best of my abilities till we enter this base."

After doing that, she waited for her own pair of shackles and explained to her wolf, even if he wasn't able to properly able to understand human speech (or did he?); "Getting out of this robe would do me more harm than good, buddy. Too many enchantments placed on it, you know. Taking it off would be like removing a suit of armor from a knight. Besides, if anyone asks, I'm a lost LARPer and a DnD fanatic; both of which are true-ish, to a minute degree."
The Cleric snickered at her joke for a moment before wandering over to David A and playfully jibbing, "You won't be too hard on this lost LARPer, will ya?"

However, that playful attitude faded as soon as the handcuffs found there way onto the Cleric's wrists and she was loaded in the jeep with the rest of the "guards" and "prisoners", almost smelling the cold mold of a wayward basement as she sat in her seat. The clinking of chains echoed in her mind, alongside a dark laughter and the sensation of a bitter cold seeping into pallid, snow touched, skin. Teri began to involuntarily shake as she tried to return her breathing to a normal level (as Jenny and Sadei had instructed earlier on the ship after the episode with the pliers), "I'm not there anymore. I'm with friends and family. It's gonna be okay. Breathe. Breaaatthee...."

Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

"So you are hiring me to destroy Deadshot and his "Master's" plans. Hmmm" Once more Shawn was intrigued in this offer. "My only question are, how am I getting paid and am I obtaining anything for this mission. That Information sounds important to this mission and most importantly, my equipment is stored somewhere. Maybe a master key or bobby pin is needed to get out of here and towards my weapons." He said to him.

Shawn needed both the information and equipment to complete his mission. His equipment was actually his life. Though earning some money on the side isn't bad either.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

David laughed at the girl nervously, getting a little red in the face. "Heh heh... Uh, I-I'll do my best, miss." He said, as he slapped the cuffs on her wrists. The moment the cuffs locked onto her hands, he felt the girl let out a shudder. Looking up, he noticed that the girl's complexion got a lot more pale, which unsettled the student quite a bit. He was about to ask what was wrong, but decided to bite his tongue and just lead her to the jeep.

Once she got into her seat, he sat to her left and pulled out his pistol. He can't very well be unarmed when "escorting" some "trespassers" back to home base. Looking to his left, the girl was shaking uncontrollably, and muttering to herself. He gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Hey. Uh... Hang in there, miss. It's alright," David assumed that she was scared out of her wits about actually pulling off the plan, much like he was, and tried offering some encouraging words to calm her down. "From what I've seen from you guys before, we should all be able to get out of this situation just fine... Er, minus a few minor injuries."

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Rugal watched as the other prisoners were soon locked up and put in the back of the jeep with him.
"Anyone so much as touches you, They'll neither have a hand or a head." He added to the Elf's comment as the Jeep began to move.
It was then that Teri began to slightly panic, no doubt this experience was bringing back bad memories.
"Hey, it's okay. We're here." He said comfortingly as he held her hand though the handcuffs, albite awkwardly due to his own bindings.
"Everything will be alright, I promise."

David West meanwhile was driving the Jeep for his "Commanding Officer" Devon.
"Alright, just keep in mind that in any other situation, I'd be bossing you around." He reminded the bard just before Slindis requested an opening.
"West here, gimme a sec and I'll hook you up." He said over the rings before saying to his passengers "Just hang tight everyone, I know what I'm doing."
He then turned the key in the ignition despite the jeep already being on, causing a horrible screeching noise to come from the vehicle before switching it off, giving the impression that the jeep broke down.
The noise was enough to draw attention from everyone nearby, the Snipers most importantly, giving Slindis her opening, though Ton Ton and Cadolbolg could use it to close some distance too.
"Give them hell." He finally said before spending a few minutes pretending to fish out a rock or something out the underside of the jeep before getting back to driving.

Jenny was busy tending to Jenny's psyche when David West did his Ruse.
"DAVID! What did you do that for?!" She shouted, worried about what affect it'd have on Teri.
"Slindis needed an opening, I gave her one." He answered as they pulled up by the gates and waited to be let in.
Shaking her head as Ashford tried to comfort her, Jenny added "He's right, you know that we always look after our own, you know that."

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Melethia tested the sad excuse for cuffs and shrugs. "Look, we'll be fine. Anythin' goes bad, we have support. When we get in, they'll be surprised..." Once it started, all it would take is a second to break free from the cuffs and get a thermite grenade thrown.

"I'll go for the furthest ones first." WHile the attention was drawn, SLindis drew a few arrows from Melethia's bow and shot them in the necks with pinpoint accuracy. The chaos she'd draw over there would make it easier for the main group to get in, and she Faded back out to feel her reserves get a bit more tapped. She'd have to move fast to clear out enough to make ANgie's job safer, and there eas only so long it would work.

WHen they got to the gates, Devon turned to the guard. "Command sent us heere with some new acquisitions. If you hold us up here, you will be court-martialed and make Bradley Manning's sentence look like a slap on the wrist. HUA, soldier?" The pair hoped that SLin's job would keep the forces split for long enough to get this done properly.

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys, M.T.
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

"...Well how the hell am I supposed to know! I don't work here!" The Agent stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Still, here, might as well throw you a bone. You do this, you'll be rewarded" He said as he gave Shawn a Bobby Pin from his pocket.
"Anyway, I gotta go, I'm too hip for this place. GUARDS! YOU CAN PUT HIM BACK NOW!" The Agent ordered before the soldiers returned and dragged him back to his cell as Kent Paul and the Wise Guys watched.
"Oh, Back so soon?" Frankie snarked, still unhappy with his current situation.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Teri squeezed Rugal's hand after it was offered, and felt the warmth of the support of her comrades in the jeep; which in turn reduced her shaking, if only a little. She did her best to give an appreciative smile (which may or may not have been diminished in light of the shakes still being there) and said in a small voice, "T-t-thank you. Ad-d-dmittedly, I did i-inflict this on myself, i-if only accidentally. I-I-I'll be okay."
Garm, on the other hand, quite literally, had taken to licking in an attempt to follow the example of the others on the jeep, even if he wasn't entirely sure what was going on.

With silence falling as they reached their destination, Caim and Angelus found themselves keeping darker countenances. Caim desperately wanted to feel his familial sword by his side (as it was now hiding out in the Wheel), and almost felt naked without it being in his hands. Angelus, on the other hand, pantomimed lighting and extinguishing a lighter (which in actuality was her fire magic) in her human form. In one part, it was to imitate an action she had seen humans do in passerby, and thus add to her disguise. In the other, it was a way to ease off discomfort of being packed in a jeep and being forced to wear an uncomfortable human disguise.

As for Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, the duo did their best to shimmy in the sands after their friends; Ton Ton having the most trouble, considering he was the bipedal one of the duo. For Cadolbolg, it was easy, but somewhat slow. He would prefer a flight any day instead of walking sooooooo sloooooowwwww. Funny, considering what the (former)construct used to be.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

The guardsman nodded as he waved the Jeep in following Lieutenant Devon's orders.
"Nice touch with the Manning Case." David West Whispered as he slowly drove into the base, doing his best not to scout out the soldiers, or at least not look like he was scouting out the soldiers.
"Right, time to get them offloaded." He then said as he got out of the Jeep, glancing at the Snipers above, Cringing as Slindis fired arrows though his necks unseen.
A quick look at the Fence and he saw Ton Ton and Cadolbolg finally reaching the perimeter fence.
"Keep frosty people. Second we get to the lower levels, it's party time. Prisoners, sorry in advance for being a dick." He said into his ring as he scratched his cheek.

Rugal gave her a warm smile, a contrast to his "Refugee" look.
Then the "Troops" began to pull them out of the back before bringing them inside one of the Warehouses for processing, mostly just checking for weapons or belongings.

Rugal went first, the soldier checking finding nothing but lint in his pockets, followed by Jenny who was referred over to a screened off section, seeing how she was an "Alien", causing her to instantly regret her decision to be a prisoner.
Soon came the turn of the other prisoners...

((The Soldier will check for weapons and other items, Resist, Don't Resist, up to you))

The disguised troops meanwhile were given free reign over the entire base.
Taking advantage of this, David West leaned over to David Ashford and asked "So far so good, Eh? So how did that book where you got this idea end, Anyway?"

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys, M.T.
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

"(A lead would of been nice.)" He sighed in his mind as he walked the long corridor back to his cell. Passing the CO once more, he gave me a scary evil smile before walking by. Getting back to his cell he heard one of the Gangsters talk to him. "You don't sound pleased that I'm back." Shawn had a cocky smile on his face as he looked at everyone, he stuck his tongue out and pulled out the paperclip.

A few minutes later when the guards were not near the cells, Shawn got up from his bed. "Now it's time." He stated as walked over to his door and tried to pick it.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

The next person on the search was Melethia, and she'd already managed to pick the lock of the handcuffs when one of the soldiers grabbed for one of her pouches. Within the next second, she quickly grabbed her kukri and severed the offending man's hand as if it were a sausage. For a moment, there was a bit of silence among the group - out of all the people that were expected to cause problems, the little girl wasn't on that list!

Devon had been sticking farther back from the others with Ella when he saw the attack. Oh fuck, this could have gone a lot better... Still, how was I going to get her to hand me the bags for now? His next spells were going to have to be well-picked unless he wanted this to get worse.


On the outside, SLindis finished picking off the last sniper that she could see on the outside. It's almost a bit disturbing how well this has come back to me...

Inside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

"Uh... Well, they were found out as they got deeper into the base, and most of the group was either gunned down on the spot, or was captured, tortured for information, and then killed," The student summarized the fictional group's horrible demise. "While the rest barely escaped with their lives... But don't worry! I'm sure that we'll fare better than th-"

A man's agonized shout came from behind him, interrupting the young Ashworth. The two Davids spun on their heel, to see one of the gate guards shrieking in pain and rolling on the ground, clutching at a gushing, bloody stump where his hand used to be. Melethia stood above him, brandishing a large blade, while the other guards stared dumbly at their dying companion, unsure of what just happened.

David, and with the elegance and grace befitting of an Ashworth, voiced his opinion of Melethia's actions. "...HOLY SHIT!"

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

"...Why didn't you tell me this sooner? That's Critical Fucking Intel, Man!" David asked Ashford right as Melethia attacked that Guard.
"...Oh fuck me..." He squealed, both in and out of Character as he tried to think.
"...Prisoner Resisting! Get Her!" He shouted in a delayed reaction before instantly regretting his choice of words, Cringing about knowing how pissed off her parents would be for him siccing a bunch of armed men on her.
Guess I'm dead either way... He sighed to himself as a bunch of men with Stun Rods flanked her.
Hopefully, this wouldn't break out into a base wide attack...

Rugal meanwhile was determined to protect his daughter, but didn't want to blow their cover just yet, they haven't gotten to access the lower levels yet!
So he did the incharacter thing and held back, using his handcuffs as a garrote on one of the stun rod soldiers rather than just flat out annihilating him.

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

The lock was an [Easy] one so it didn't take much effort to pick.
"...Stone me bloody crows..." Kent Paul said as Shawn was able to unlock the door when the guard was checking another part of the prison bay.
"How the-...Could you always do that?" Frankie asked, suddenly regretting being such an ass earlier.
Now that he was out, Shawn could free the other men, but there was a chance that the guard on patrol could come back early.

He could either free his "Friends" or find his gear first.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Melethia was slightly jolted by the stun rods, but it didn't stop her from continuing to fight back like a rabid wolf with slashes and punches towards any of the soldiers. Whatever came, she was not going to allow any of these soldiers to take her pouches unless it was from her cold, dead hands.

Devon raised his voice above the fighting. "What are you, fools? Even if she does have a blade, it won't do her a damn bit of good out here. Provoking heris only going to end with more lost body parts." Ella went near the vicious girl and tried to get in close enough to whisper, even if it wasn't really that successful.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

David watched the mayhem that was ensuing with wide-eyes and mouth agape. His mind raced as he tried thinking about a way to diffuse the situation, befire it got any worse.

As Melethia was about to bring down her kukri on another soldiers arm, the student pointed his pistol skyward and pulled the trigger. The resounding bang put the fighting to a halt and all their attention on him. The student's face wore a hard expression, and the brim of the cap covered his eyes in shadow. "ALRIGHT YOU SORRY SONS-OF-BITCHES, THAT'S ENOUGH OF THAT!" The Ashworth shouted furiously, and in a tone that demanded obedience. He holstered his pistol and pointed at the men surrounding Melethia. "The lot of you. Step back from the girl, and bring that pathetic sack to the infirmary before he bleeds out." The men were hesitant at first, but at the sound of their dying comrade, they relented and took him into the base to be treated for his loss of a limb. David Ashworth stood at his full height, glaring menacingly at the remaining soldiers. He took notice of one particularly skinny private and marched up to him, staring right into his eyes. "Now, mind explaining what that was, soldier?"
"I don't need to answer to no-" The soldier was about to say, and David promptly rammed his fist into his stomach, causing him to double over.
"I am a first-lieutenant, private." The student grabbed the man by the collar and pulled him to eye level. "And if I remember correctly, that means I am several ranks above you. AND THAT MEANS THAT WHEN I GIVE THE WORD, ANY LOWER-THAN-DIRT PRIVATES THAT DECIDE TO MOUTH OFF THEIR SUPERIOR OFFICERS WILL GET STRUNG UP, AND DRAGGED ACROSS THE DESERT, UNTIL THEIR SKULLS ARE GROUNDED INTO POWDER!"

"W-we were just searching them, sir! That's all!" One of the other soldiers piped up in defense of his fellow soldier. David promptly let the soldier in his hands go and turned to face the other, looking expectant. "Then that girl just came out with a sword an-"
"FIRSTLY," David interrupted the soldier mid-explanation, putting up a finger to shush him. "That is a knife. A kukri to be specific. And second, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SEARCHING CIVILIANS? DID THE SUN BURN UP ALL THE BRAIN CELLS YOU HAD LEFT IN THAT TINY HEAD OF YOURS? WHAT'S SOMEONE LIKE YOU DOING IN THE GODDAMN MILITARY?"
"B-but she-"
"LOOK AT THEM," David piped up again, leaving the soldier no chance to give a proper retort. He pointed at the "prisoners'" extremely disheveled appearance. "It's obvious that they've been through hell. I'd be panicking too if I was stranded out in that desert, and then taken to some military compound in the ass-end of nowhere."
"W-well yeah, but she ha-"

At the mention of their commanding officer, all of the soldiers began hustling back into position, and let Melethia pass into the base, untouched. The moment that they all looked away, David deflated, looking very exhausted. He nearly tripped on himself as he went to lean against a wall. He let out a hoarse series of coughs from all the shouting he did. '...Oh god... I can't believe that actually worked.' That was the first time he went and emulated a book persona in public before, and with how he felt at the moment, he didn't feel like doing it again anytime soon... Or ever again for that matter.

RETRACTED Shawn, Kent Paul, Wise Guys
Location: RETRACTED (Area 69?)

"Only with a bobby pin." Shawn smirked in a cocky way before he closed the door behind him. "I'm going to get my stuff and cause some Hell. Don't worry I'll come back for you all ... it's apart of the plan. If the guard comes, can you cover up for me? Oh, and Kent can you make it look like I'm in my bed. " Shawn said to both cells as he started to sneak away to look for the evidence locker.

If the system was right, when he retrieves his Pip-Boy he will gain everything of his back. Though he wondered how they removed it, but he was more worried about the stuff within it, hopefully no one had tried to wear it.
"Should of put a password on it." He sighed before he went to the opposite direction of the guard, carefully marking his steps so he would not upset the silent air.

The Wanderer could only rely on his soon to be bloodied fists because when he punches, he punches hard.
Though the mutated man could only hope that he will not have to do that and punch someone's head off.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Caim and Angelus did their parts by escorting the rest of the 'prisoners' along for processing. As Caim led Dillon along, (as well as giving a small nod of approval to David A) Angelus joined along with Ella to try to calm Melethia down; very faintly whispering in the elf's ear as they went along, "Calm yourself. Ashford has already paved our way in here quietly, so keep it low key till we get in."

As for Teri, it was her turn for processing. Being led up to the various checks and searches, the guards found.... well, they found quite a few strange things on the gal. The first being a silver looking gemstone, alongside a Silver Flame holy symbol Slindis gave to the Cleric when Teri started her training (even if the Cleric didn't care to use it) and a... Pen?(Sadei) That was just what was in her pockets. The guards continued to search and found the young Cleric hiding several items of armor (bracers, gloves, etc) under her voluminous robes, to which the young girl sputtered (seeing as no one likes a search, especially after being patted down and going through a mild mental breakdown on the way to said search),

"I-i-i'm just a LARPer. Li-i-i-ve action roleplay. It's al-l-l-l just a costume...."

Now, this would have been a feasible excuse... Were it not for the fact that one of the guards got a bit too close to the amulet Teri had around her neck. Grasping the amulet for a moment, the guard only had a brief glimpse before his hand felt like it was on fire. Letting it go with a pained cry, the Cleric was put through a magic detector and lite up like a Christmas tree on the display. Garm would have bitten a number of the guards by that point, but a careful restraint (more of respect than strength itself) by David was the only thing keeping the wolf from going to town.

Meanwhile, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg had made their wait to the perimeter fence. The Tonberry summoned his equipment to his side again, before beginning to cut the iron of the fence; and Cadolbolg supplemented the effort by gnawing on the fence. In no time, (and quick disappiration of the Knife), and the two "animals" were inside the base's outer perimeter.
Ton Ton tapped his ring and called to David, "We're in! Now, where's the next place we gotta go to?"

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Melethia calmed down a bit as she whispered back to ANgie and Ella. "I had to establish that right fast. Next person to try that funny little trick will lose something even more vital - there are some things I won't ever give to any of these slobs." She kept the kukri on her, making sure to check it for any damage.

Ella was certainly a bit more concerned, but her attention was drawn to Teri going through the Magic sensor. "Oh boy. Here's hoping this goes well..." She'd go herself, but she wasn't about to head through the sensor and tip it off.

Finally, Devon congratulated David Ashworth. "I know it started off bad, but that was a pretty good amount of discipline you showed there." Meanwhile, he looked around so he could see if there was a map for the area...

ANd outside, Cadolbolg saw a body drop from a nearby watchtower with an arrow in their throat, indicating that SLindis was still out and about clearing out the people up top.

Outside of Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

David coughed a couple more times before standing up again to talk to Devon, albeit slouching a little. "I wouldn't say I was being disciplined there," He paused to wipe the spittle that formed around his mouth. "I just winged the whole thing. I was certain that I was gonna get the butt of a rifle in my face."

The student sighed and put his hands in his pockets. "So. What are we going to do n-" His query was interrupted by a blaring alarm that nearly caused him to bite his tongue in half. Looking to the source of the ringing and near-blinding lights, and saw that the girl, Teri, was currently panicking after being brought through a detector of some sort. "Oh DAMN IT! What now?!"

Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

While the standard operating procedure required a full search of all the prisoners, Teri saw the one examining her constantly glancing away, keeping an eye out for Ashford.
See, While Ashford was in no way a Army man, most of these guys were sent here only for sheer numbers rather than actual experience, hence how a Superior could frighten them so and how Deadshot and even themselves could slip in so easily.
"Oh DAMN IT! What now?!"
"NOTHING!....Ummm...She's clear to go, It was just...just a fly...Move Along" he mumbled to Ashford and the cleric before giving everyone the same half assed search, ignoring every possible beep on the scanner, scared of actually doing his job properly.
Soon, the Prisoners (Sans Jenny the "Alien") were waved ahead to be taken down to the lower levels.

Rugal was quickly smacked into place after his attempted Strangling of one of the guards in order to get the aggro off Melethia, a few stun rod blows to the back putting him in his place.
If he wanted to, he could just kill them all, but that would make getting inside difficult.
Instead, he let himself be pushed back into formation as they were led towards some thick red blast doors that were slowly being opened.

David West meanwhile was just thankful to whatever gods there were the Ashford managed to get them out of that situation.
"Now don't go telling me you learned that from a book!" He joked to the Student, surprised how well he was fitting in around here.
I wonder how long it'll be before he's kicking my ass? He thought, seeing how many "Super-Heroes" he hung out with.
That line of thought was interrupted by Ton Ton's call.
"Towards the Centre of the base, we're being led down a ramp into the lower levels. Get a move on, don't know how long they will be open. Same to you, Slindis. If you need a entry point, Ton Ton cut a hole in the fence. West, Out." He said to both the Tonberry and the Drow before getting back to his job as Prisoner Escort.
"Come on people, I don't have all day! I actually have a life!"

Jenny meanwhile didn't get out of her search by the Scientist's, seeing how she was an "Alien".
She was nervous as she stared wide eyed at a pair of equally nervous men in huge Hazmat suits, thick enough to block her Telepathic skills.
"..............So what ar-"
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" One of them shouted before jumping though the screen divider, arms flailing as he did.
"Sorry, we don't usually have Aliens Talk...or actually get live Aliens..." The other confessed as he waved a scanner over the Gardevoir.
"...Is that good?"
"Indeed. Man, those M.I.B. freaks will have a field day over this."
"...That's a Good thing, right?..."
"Depends. Could just examine ya, could lay you out on a table to slice you up. I just wave the Scanner Doohickey and spray the gas."
"Gas?!" She managed to get out before the Scientist sprayed some kind of sleeping gas in her face, knocking her out until a more secure containment unit arrived.

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

While the holding cells Shawn were just in were relics of the Cold War, less than a few dozen feet away, he began to enter a newer part of the base, looking like something the Enclave would have.
A few signs later, the Wanderer found what appeared to be a Research Centre, full of dozens of doctors in Area 69 Lab Coats and more of those Men in Black standing guard with those strange Energy Weapons.
In this lab, there were 2 subjects: A large black alien creature stuck in some sort of Water Tank with a red "K/I"[1] Symbol on it and a large Decontamination Chamber with an operating table in it.
This was important as there was a man in a Radiation Suit going through Shawn's Stuff!

The room was guarded and there was little room for the base's personnel to move around, let alone for him to sneak around.
He could try to fight, he could try to come back to this room later when he had a gun, either way, this wasn't going to be easy.

[1] Killed/Incapacitated

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

Hiding in the shadows of a T-Junction corridor, Shawn turned his head as witness the splendor or horror of the facility. Checking the other way he made sure no guards were coming before looking. Bracing the cold wall which was very Enclave like, Shawn spotted many Doctors, guards but more importantly, the asshole that was going through his stuff. "(That motherfucker!)" The Wanderer said mentally as he was about to go around his protection but ...

"Hmmm ... god damn it Jenkins." Somebody was saying as he approached said T-Junction from the long hallway. It was a Doctor from the lab holding a clipboard and muttering some very mean things. Thinking about his options, Shawn wanted his stuff desperately but did not want to fight. So he did the thing that combined the two perfectly. As the Doctor turned the corner, he ran head first into a roundhouse kick by Shawn.

Knocking the poor guy out, Shawn clenched his first, hungry for more. A few seconds later and Shawn had pulled off the Doctor's outfit, stuck him in a dark corner and started to walk towards the open facility. Coming to an opening, he began to go a long way towards the Decontamination room so that no one would talk to him or see the badge on the coat. If everything went bad, he would take a Doctor hostage and go into the radioactive room for his stuff. If everything went smoothly, he could get passed everyone and try to talk that asshole to allow him into the radioactive room.

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

While his disguise was able to get him past the people working in the lab, there was another issue once he reached the actual Decontamination room: It was soundproofed and there was no way he was getting in without a suit.
As if insult to injury, the man inside was examining one of his Nuka Quantums! He even opened it and poured the contents into a glass, eyeing it up and wondering if it was safe to look at, nevermind drink.
Then he saw something next to the hatch for the Chamber: Purge Chamber.
It was a series of buttons for nearly every kind of situation, Flames for Virus, Water for Fire, Venting out all the oxygen for a Gas threat.

With the push of a button, he could suffocate that man and in the chaos that would ensure, grab his stuff (Or at least his weapons).
Are you a bad enough wanderer to take a life?

Sleep. Z_Z

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

Looking directly into the room of radiation, Shawn's stare was piercing the glass itself and into the person examining his stuff, unfortunately said asshole could no see or feel his stare upon him. Looking at the console he saw the fire, water and vent oxygen button. The Wanderer sighed as he did not want to kill the guy but ... "Water?[/color}" Shawn said as he looked upon the water button which was meant to put out fires.

"[color=orange]Well ... I think the water in this world is non-radioactive. Least its better then the fire or vent button." He muttered to himself as he switched his half insane stare for a very professional Doctor's look. The disguised Doctor (Who could be a REAL Doctor) started by knocking on the glass multiple times, of course this had no effect. Then he looked around for a speaker button. This was so he could fool the people around him.

Seeing the water button, Shawn pressed it not once but multiple times. In the chamber itself, the man could see short bursts of water coming from the ceiling. This was obviously coming from the console. The impatient Wanderer waited for the man to come out so he may get in there himself and grab his stuff.

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

The Man in the Chamber wasn't happy when Shawn sicced the sprinkler systems on him, getting soaked as he was trying to examine the Wanderer's Shishkebab.
He made an obscene gesture towards Shawn as he started to make his way out of the room, slipping thanks to the water that was pouring down on him.
Finally making it out of the Chamber, he took off his huge heavy helmet, revealing a late 40s scientist underneath.
"What the hell?! Why'd you do that for? You could have damaged the samples!" He shouted at the wanderer as he shook off the moisture off his suit.

At this point, most of the lab were at least glancing, though the MIB were watching closely, ready to step in if a fight broke out.

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

Breathing mentally, he was going through his plan, he could feel everyone's eyes on him. Suddenly the "intruder" Shawn saluted the man in the radioactive suit. "Sir sorry for the interruption of your investigation, but the interrogation team have just finished questioning Prisoner 101 and I have new information about this evidence" Shawn continued to say in a very professional and Doctor like manor.

"I would like to do a quick examination of the items to confirm the results of the questioning. One item in particular the subject spoke about really intrigued me, and I would forever be in your debt if you allowed me to examine said object ..." Shawn allowed to pause and saw the man not moving an inch.

"Also I would buy you lunch directly afterwards."

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

"...With Pudding and you've got a deal. Suit up. Computer: Drain Chamber." The scientist said as the Chamber was drained of water and moisture while he got his gear back on.
Once the intern came with Shawn's Suit, The pair of them were sealed inside the Radiation Chamber, no going back now.
The scientist went back to checking out his Shishkebab.
"Man...While I'll give him points for creativity...What kind of moron fights with a Lawn Mower Blade?!" He joked to his college, unaware he was the moron that he just spoke of.
"So what object were you hoping to see?"

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

Heavily groaning inside his mind, the now mentally angry Wanderer was looking around at the table to look like he is both curious and looking for said "Object". "The subject told us about a object that he called "The Pip Boy". It was a piece of technology that housed all of his weapons, armor,. meds and everything else. It also has notes, maps and stuff like journals and watches. Basically ... it's a big hub for many things. Plus, judging by the arm of our subject, he had worn this object for quite a long time." He spoke as he went through the objects until he found it.

Picking up his Pip-Boy, his eyes opened. "Judging by the object and the words "Pip-Boy 3000", this is the object." He said as he pretended to wear the object and closed it around his whist. "This is ... quite heavy, I'm amazed someone could wear this. Could I ask how we removed the Pip-Boy?" Shawn said as he was about to make his move to grab all of his things and try to escape ... but he wandered how they got his Pip-Boy off him. Out of all the people who kidnapped him and took him captive, they were never able to remove his trusty Pip-Boy.

Location: RETRACTED (MIB Sector)

"Ahhh...The Biometric Lock, Yes..." The Scientist Cooed as Shawn managed to get his Pip-Boy back on.
"Well, we found that the device was tied to the subject's vitals, so in order to remove it for processing, we had to simulate a "Fake-Death" in the subject while he was knocked out. With all the Vitals offline, it was simple to remove. From what we've gathered, it was designed in order to be impossible to remove forcefully on a living subject and hard to remove on a dead one too!" He explained as he went back to checking out one of Shawn's other weapons.
"But, as you can clearly see, we managed it. Now, help me with this....errr..."Esther Model Fat Man Tactical Nuclear Catapult"...Where did 101 get all these strange devices?..."

Out of Character:

Hi there! Does this Role Play still have available space for another player?

Area 69: Everyone! (Yes, you too!)

Slindis mentally sent a confirmation to David as she shimmied under the hole that Ton-Ton had made. "Confirmed. Thinned out the guard outside, snipers in particular. exit will be aided due to that." A quick check to the sides to ensure she wouldn't be running into anyone along the way (after all, she could still be hit like this) preceeded her dash over to Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg.

Back inside, Melethia kept her blade within reach. She might have scared the first few off from taking her bags from her, but that was no assurance for the others that might try something. The tension in the girl wouldn't go unnoticed by those around her, although to the outsider it could easily be mistaken for fear at where she was. No, she was scared a lot more of losing those pouches. TO her, they represented the rare good memories that she had on her home plane. If she was willing to cut off hands for even coming near the bag, the consequences for actually taking it would likely be a lot worse.

Devon decided to try and help the young elf's tensions by heading with Ashworth and tallked with the guards. "You saw what happened with her earlier. None of you so much as touch her without my or the First Lieutenant's orders unless you want to lose your hand." He kept the discipline up as Ella tried talking soothingly to Melethia to calm her down.

Before too long, they were all down on the second level, thanks to SLin covering the entry of Ton-TOn and Cadolbolg.

Blast Off To Titan:

Out of Character:

Hi there! Does this Role Play still have available space for another player?


Of course there is. We usually can take many, many people.
So you are welcomed to join! :D

But we never use the actual RP thread as a chat or that. We have a group.

Just join up and introduce yourself to everyone and you can talk about what character you want to make an etc.
Oh, and I'm StormShaun one of the admins.
Haven't done that in a while.

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