The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Storm, Constance and Som.
Location: Hanger | Rising Dawn | Las Venturas.

Opening a single eye almost made him use all of his strength. The eye was not normal though, even it was blood red with red tears seeping out of them. "Just hanging here ... bleed out, nnhg." He moaned with pain as he tried to get up but with failure. "My body can regenerate both blood ... and body ... Although right now, this state won't allow me to fully regenerate due to the blood loss. So I am stuck here bleeding out for an hour until I get help." He smirked, once more blood dripped from the mouth before he leaned to the side to cough some up.

"As a superhuman ... or artificial enhanced human, you would not want to drink me. Do me a favor and don't do that." He joked towards the vampire but looked upwards. "Oh yeah, don't allow her to get up. She needs to pay for ... all of this." The Spartan said as he looked upon the destroyed city. Another figure quickly ran up to the three, well more like the figure on the ground bleeding out.

"I told you to take care, STUPID!" Was the first thing the female said to the Spartan as she slid across the ground and caressed him tightly. "Please Miku ... it hurts." Storm said with pain as the clothing of the physical AI got covered in crimson. Suddenly letting go she pouted, "I thought you were going to die, you did not respond at all." She harshly said to him, but the Spartan used the last of his strength to give her a hug which surprised her.

"Don't worry, I'm here now ... stupid." He chuckled before he looked to his weapons on the side. "Do me a favor too ... don't leave me. I'm just going to sleep ..." He said before closing his red eyes. The Spartan wasn't dead but decided to sleep, hoping that he would wake up in the infirmary. Alpha, the AI looked to the two and then the Titan host. "I'm guessing you guys just got here ... that person there is someone we can't let escape." Alpha said whilst lifting up Storm's head onto her lap.

Storm, Annie, Teri, Cz, Constance, Som, Garm

After the battle ended, Angelus was healed and Caim was back on his feet, Teri saw the Spartan and what was left of Annie wander back towards the Dawn; and... Felt the urge to go as too. Not to mention Storm looked like he was on his last legs.

"Oh dear... Better go get him, Garm. Looks like he won't last long."

Hopping onto Garm, Teri followed after Storm and found Constance and Som gathered around him and Annie, who was essentially leaning against the wall after her ordeal as the Titan. Not paying attention to the tugging feeling in her gut, Teri attended to Storm in the same manner as she had to Caim: By pumping him as full of healing magic as she could manage, as well as attaching the Regen effect that had been placed on Caim earlier. Even after that, the group gathered could feel the effects of Teri's healing Aura as she looked over Storm.

Turn attempts remaining: 2 Undead, 2 1 Fire

Giving Constance, Som, a very upset looking Alpha, and Cz the A-Okay about Storm's condition being in the green again, Teri found her attention being pulled back to Annie. With a look of confusion at the Titan Shifter, Teri saw the Nail in her hand and tentatively reached for it. With no difficulty, she had plucked the item from Annie's hands and turned it over in her own, her gaze transfixed as she looked it over,

"Oh my god...So this is what she was after all this time... But why?"

Of course, Teri hadn't noticed that Annie had any sort of field about her. The Nail was an item of the Lord, her God. Why should she display any difficulty in holding it, when the Lord was her patron?

Wanderer, David, Devon, Cutie Bruisers, Angelus, Melethia, Rugal

With Angelus on the brighter side of health again, she found herself being given a tackle hug by Cadolbolg, who clung desperately to his mother's nose while expressing his relief about not losing her to the big mean Titan monster-thing. Caim could only give a faint smile and a nod of thanks to Slindis while the rest milled about in their own ways.

As for Ton Ton, he arrived from the wreckage of Annie's Titan form, little lantern still bobbing along. Finding Devon again, the Tonberry hopped on his familiar perch and leaned against the Bard, "I'm glad that's over. Man, poor Cadolbolg... I got a good glimpse at his emotions for a minute when he thought Caim and Angelus were lost... It was not pretty. Mr. Devon, are you faring well yourself? You look rather tired..."

"So what was this entire ruckus about anyhow,"

Som glanced over at the being that had shifted from an alien piece Aerial Artillery to the Raven Haired woman that appeared nothing like the childlike alter-ego that he had briefly met and shrugged.

"I have not the faintest of ideas." He stated as he watched the woman from inside the Monstrous Shell being escorted towards the ship, Constance being one of the escorts, before explaining his position, "I was awoken from my sleep by an explosion and emerged from the ship to witness the end of the battle. It appears that the creature was a danger to the ship and the city, what more reason would there be to end that creature."

As he spoke, his tone took a slightly envious tone towards those who had been able to engage in the battle as Som would have loved more than anything to test his mettle against that of the Titan's. He estimated that it, the Titan, would have put up a fair challenge to a squad of Hunters, who would have taken an acceptable number of casualties before subduing the monster.

Looking back at Cz, his head tweaked to the size questioningly.

"What are you?"

"As a superhuman ... or artificial enhanced human, you would not want to drink me. Do me a favor and don't do that."

Constance did not need to be asked twice in that regard as the scent of the artificial components within his blood repelled any hunger that she might have had. It was, however, good to know that beneath the metal exterior, the being known as Storm was flesh and blood of some sort.

"Don't worry. I fed already today but you'll never know what'll happen once I run out of blood and you're the only one there." She quipped with a smile, her fangs sheathed as to not make the wounded warrior any more nervous than he might have been.

As the Ship's Medic, Teri, tended to the wounded crew member, Constance followed through with Storm's order and asked Teddy for a set of manacles and leg irons that would be able to bound the woman should she awaken and feel the urge to continue what had just been finished.

"Oh my god...So this is what she was after all this time... But why?"

The exclamation by Teri drew the Sorrowfeld Vampire's attention as she regarded the Nail that the Medic/Cleric now held in her hands.

"I don't know but obviously it's something really important." Constance before adding "Best to hide it away from the woman once she wakes up. Who knows what she'll do once she discovers it's missing."

Location - Las Venturas: Wanderer, David, Devon, Female Titan, Cutie Bruisers, Angelus, Melethia, Teri, Rugal, Spartan, Cz

Slindis gave an rather casual wave that let Caim know this had been far from the first time she'd had to heal someone that was nearly dead and did a quick check around. Before long she ran into the new Cz and rather quickly deduced that the woman was close to, if not the same, as Cz: Being around Melethia for so long had given her a bit of insight into the mentality. "We had someone assault the ship for some magical artifact and attack the city. We naturally responded to stop it as quickly as we could. You arrived right at the end of it, I'm guessing.

In case we haven't met before, I'm Slindis. Pleasure to meet you, miss...?" She extended her hand for a greeting, not at all intimidated in the size difference.

Ella did her part and ensured that Melethia arrived on the ship safely near Som, and Melethia went over to Angie's side right afterwards. "Looks like we managed this alright, huh? Could have gone a lot worse." Melethia wasn't really taking the people in the buildings in account there when she made this statement, though.

Finally, Devon walked with Ton-Ton towards the area where Annie had been taken. "Mind's a bit frayed, but otherwise I'm holding up okay. Right now, though, it's probably best if we leave Caim, Angie, and Cadolbolg alone so they can vent it all out. Would you like to help me with this book I've been reading while we check on the person we got out of that symbiote?" Although the Tonberry was nearly knocked off his perch, he could see the book that Devon was reading had lots of things that he could explain a lot better the next training session.

The talk might be stopped when they happened on the unconscious Annie, though. It almost seemed like she could wake up at any moment.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Dusk

Teri | Constance | Som | Slindis | Cz | BlackHarte

Cz turned to Som, her face wore an expression as if to say she was exasperated, but not quite so. BlackHarte squirmed around her waist, but Cz caught him quickly in her left hand and crushed his body, sending ripples through his black form. Quietly BlackHarte returns to his role as little more than a belt. After a few moments Cz answered Som, "I am Designation C - Z. Peacemaker and overseer of Japan." Cz paused for a moment, "My friends called me Siz." She turned and walked away from Som, her raven hair flowing dramatically behind her.

It was only a few moments after that did Slindis catch Cz's attention. Non-humans everywhere. She thought casually. Cz placed her hand gently on Slindis' and lowered the Drow elf's hand. "I apologize, but I do not think we have met before." A simple lie. "My designation is C-Z. People have taken to calling me Cz." She turned to look back at the people still milling around the hanger, "Why was an artifact of such power kept in such a poorly guarded vessel? It was given to be attacked given the nature of mankind, such petty creatures."

"You don't believe that milady," BlackHarte said.

BlackHarte Partition | Rising Dawn Proprietary System: A.I. Vermillion

The ship was cold. Life had been absent from it. Not organic life, but aetherial life. A meta-physical existence that would otherwise be fueling the walls of the ship with such vibrancy and emotion was empty. BlackHarte felt saddened.

Around the dead Khajit small black tentacles bubbled from the metal hull of the ship and wrapped around the body. Deconstructing the flesh into it's base compounds and absorbing it into the ship.

Unfortunately, some proteins were very hard for BlackHarte to construct, and the little he had to facilitate advanced cell construction had been used up feeding that little nymph cannibal of a master he used to serve. Slowly but surely the corpse was no more, and even the stench of poison and decay was picked out of the air.

All things that lived must die, and yet still, BlackHarte felt saddened.

Storm, AI Alpha, Teri, Constance, Som, Slindis, Cz and BlackHarte.
Location: Hanger (Ramp) | Rising Dawn | Las Venturas.

Thanks to the help of the Cleric Teri, the healing magic easily repaired everything. The giant stomach cut, the internal bleeding, the deafness, bleeding eyes, the ribs, everything was in the right place and where it should be. Yet even if the Spartan opened his eyes, he could just feel the stiffness of his muscles and the lack of energy through out his body. Getting up he was immediately hugged by his partner, stumbling a bit Alpha started to support him. "I heard that." He looked at the vampire with a smile and looked towards Annie and nodded to her with courtesy.

"Thanks for the help Do- ... Teri. Even if it takes a lot to kill me there was still a chance for my death. Still, thank you. Right now I think a trip to the medbay for some rest would be good ... you know, before we deal with her." He nodded to Teri as the two began to walk to the medical bay. Alpha herself bowed to the Doctor, "Thank you." She said quietly as the two started to leave.

They also gave a quickly nod to everyone else coming back on board, even to the girl who called herself "CZ".
In a matter of minutes, the two were in the medical bay. Storm stripped off all his armor, suit skin and placed it all in a bag for repairs at a later time. Right now, he wanted to just be in a bed, resting beside his beloved.

Got so far, to lose it all.Dr. Shawn/Wanderer and Deadshot.
Location: Las Venturas.

After the whole ordeal was over Shawn was mostly on scavenging for survivors and providing medical attention to anyone who needed it. Thanks to his homemade drugs and medical equipment, both him and his patents survived pretty superbly. Yet the thoughts of the fallen were left in his mind, even after all the thanks. Not knowing how most of this happened, he was just glad that he survived and made sure this thing was stopped. Although it was annoying that they did not rob the Casino, yet it was destroyed and that was good enough for the Wanderer.

Leaving the Casino with a sack full of questionable items ... probably money from the Vault which Shawn got into after healing and Doctoring many people. "Well ... I think this will do. For both my payment and for a fund to go towards this disaster. Heck I may set it up myself!" He hummed as walked the streets with either a lot of money, gold, information or all of it. About to sing a merry tune, he saw one person who stood out from everyone. It was Deadshot. Growling inside his mind, Shawn sneaked up to him to give him a paralyzing palm and stick him somewhere.
Could be the organisation David was talking about ... it could be a river with weights attached ... or a rocket. His imagination went wild with the possibilities.

If it was anything, Deadshot could be related to this.

"I am Designation C - Z. Peacemaker and overseer of Japan."

Watching the "woman" leave to greet the Drow, Som could not help but make a mental quip regarding "her" status as a Peacemaker.

"(A bit well armed for a Peacemaker are we not?)" The Hunter thought to himself before leaving the area so that the others could deal with the unconscious witch that had caused so much destruction and the death of one of the newer crew members of the Airship. It was quite apparent that the Airship's crew had either been lax when it came to security or they had no clue as to how to properly secure their vessel against intrusion, especially in light of recent events.

"(They even welcomed me aboard the ship without hesitation.)" Som muttered internally as he turned down the corridor and headed towards the Airship's Mess Hall, otherwise known as the Canteen by the majority of the crew. It had been quite some time since Som had eaten and the Hunter was feeling quite famished, or rather he would have felt hungry had he not seen the things that were in charge of the kitchen.

The things resembled young Firians from Som and Constance's world, only they did not communicate outside of the occasional hand signal, chirp or squeal.

Turning to exit the Mess, the Hunter was stopped by a *GRUMBLE!* that came from his stomach, which was devoid of anything save stomach acid. It appeared that Som Waterford had no choice in the matter, he would have to accept whatever the Imps cooked.

"Beefsteak, rare, plain. Vegetables, steamed, plain." The Hunter ordered as he settled at one of the tables near a window that looked out over the Tarmac battlefield.

Rising Dawn: Outside the Brig: Rugal, S'Zami

After the close call and Annie was secured by Storm, Rugal returned tiredly to the Canteen, needing a stiff drink after realizing that "Worthless Relic" in his room was the reason this all happened.
I was wondering what that damn thing was... He thought, recalling the piece of the True Cross he found in Dillon's (The Former Captain of the Rising Dawn) Room as he moved into it.
Still, the worst was over, most of the population was saved and they just bagged another criminal to give to UNIT when they came to pick up Deadshot.
All in all, a good da-

"...Z'Sami?..." He paused as he saw the body of the Khajiit slumped against the side of the wall as BlackHarte just began dissolving her.
"Z'Sami!? Get the hell off her!" He shouted as he pull the mass off her body, thinking that BlackHarte was attacking her and unaware that she was already dead.
"Z'Sami! Z'Sami, are you-......S'Zami?...." He paused as the realization began to set in: She was dead, though not by BlackHarte's hand.
"....But.....How?...." He asked rhetorically before he saw the clearly infected wound and the black fluid seeping though it.
"...Poison..." He sighed defeatedly, slumping against the wall on the opposite side of the hall.

"...I'm sorry...I didn't get you home..." He said to her remains, realizing that she might have still been alive if he just left her be on the Strip instead of bringing her here.
Striking the wall behind him in Anger and leaving a large dent in it as a result, He then picked up the corpse and brought it to the Morgue, shooting a Glare at BlackHarte for trying to "Clean up" as he did.
That was another death that Annie would have to answer for and he was going to get an Answer, by any means.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Jenny, David West, Deadshot

"WOO! YEAH CZ! THAT WAS AWESOME! HAHAHA-HAAAAAA!" Jenny whooped as she hugged Cz, glad that she was around to help against that Titan.
"Wow! I mean, I knew you had something in you, but MANNNN!" She squeed, clearly amazed by what she could do.

David meanwhile, fresh off helping Shawn rob the ruined Casino, was looking over the ruined part of the city.
"Man, Glad I'm not paying for that..." He mused as Shawn walked in, dragging a paralyzed Deadshot along the ground.
"Well...Least I know not to get a job in this state..."

((Short post is Short))

Rising Dawn: Outside the Brig Teri

Teri was snapped out of her reverie with the Nail of Christ when S'zami slumped into the corridor, disintegrated, and left a mourning Rugal in their wake (as well as an extra dent in the wall). When the word "poison" filled the room, the Cleric realized why the Khajit had perished, even after she had healed the wound. Her eyes looked to the floor, as her heart felt like it sunk to her stomach,

"No... I-I thought I fixed it? I suppose all I can do now is pray for her soul...

Ms. Sorrowfield, I think I'll take your advice into account, and go help my father in giving S'zami her proper rites. Good day."

Slipping the Nail into her Satchel and giving a pat of her wolf's side, Teri followed after Rugal to the Morgue and called out gently, "Dad? You want some help with that...?"

Angelus, Cadolbolg, Melethia, Caim

Angelus gave a small rumble in the back of her throat, and then spoke, "Here's hoping those in the buildings were not harmed as well... At the very least, we prevented that beast from doing more harm."

She shot a heated glare in Annie's direction at the end of that statement, nearly causing Cadolbolg to fall off her nose with an "Ah!" before he fluttered back to sitting on Angelus' head with a contented smile. Obviously, the little one was happy to see that his fears had not come to pass and was a tad bit more clingy as a result...

As for Caim, he held his tongue (HA!) and watched as Angelus and Melethia continued their talk, a solitary hand lazily resting on one of the dragon's wings as they spoke. After the near death experience, Caim wished nothing more than some time alone with Angelus to recuperate by, but this would do. The contact alone had brought him some form of relief, as if reaffirming that yes, the dragon before him wasn't dead and she was still by his side. A small comfort.

Ton Ton, Devon

Ton Ton looked into the book with an air of curiosity (anything to keep his mind off of the recent events) with a slight, "Huh... So is that the book Caim's been making you read? Interesting. Yeah, I'll help you out. But, what about that person there? Wasn't she the one in the giant? Is it really safe to leave her like that? I mean, I'd hate to see what happens if she turned into that thing while on the Dawn...."

BlackHarte Partition | Rising Dawn Proprietary System: A.I. Vermilion

In the quiet space between flesh and digital life, Vermilion had left her post to speak with BlackHarte, crossing her arms with a slightly irritated expression as she asked, "I hope you're not surprised by how well that went over with the Users. You should know better about how they view their dead."

((You dropped her name, so I was guessing you wanted to talk with her? Do correct me if I'm wrong))

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Night

Cz | Jenny | Slindis

When Jenny wrapped her hands around her and pressed gently against her human skin the Peacemaker lost her footing for a brief second. With a fast twist of her foot Cz restabilized herself and secured her center of gravity, letting the warmth of the Gardevoir rest gently on her soft human frame. Cz blushed, "That is completely unnecessary."

Shannon had his hands around her small body, holding her close to him. His body was so warm under the blankets. It felt safe and gentle. A fierce contrast to the cold harsh rains Cz had known in the days before. He was already asleep, his breath soft and regular, and confident. He had the same swagger in sleep as he did when he was awake. Cz settled closer into Shannon's embrace and rest her head against the couch's end. She was glad to have family.

Cz stumbled again, jarred by the sudden relapse of memory. This time sh placed her hands on Jenny and pushed the Gardevoir off of herself. "Please." She said, her cheeks still red, "don't touch me without ample reason."

BlackHarte | A.I. Vermillion | Rugal

The dent next to Rugal unexisted itself with a small "plop." Which, though innocuous, was the result of many millions of nanomachines converging and gathering enough force to counter dent the wall from the other side. In fact, if anyone actually cared, they had to construct a piston on the other end in a vague inverted resemblance of Rugal's fist.

In the digital space where the Artificial Intelligences made their home BlackHarte turned to 'face' A.I. Vermillion. In reality, it was simply the result of taking a few idle processors and directing it toward receiving information from the other A.I.

"I am well aware that organics enjoy using the deaths of those around them as an excuse to grieve," BlackHarte moved his amorphous body representation backwards in digital space and stared out at Rugal, "but I am loathe to pass up the chance to restock my protein supply, especially with the amino acids of a sentient. I did not wish for the body to rot before I could repurpose it."

He shook his head, "Nevertheless. Why do we standby and let them die. You had the potency to save her. That I do not doubt. But why do we, as the ship, not do more to assist the users?" He laughed, "Is it simply because they don't want us to?"

Rugal | Teri | Comic Sans Envelope

When Teri was following behind Rugal to give S'zami a proper last burial, she also felt a small gust of air in one of her pockets followed by the slight jab of a rather firm envelope's corner jabbing into her thigh. Taking out the envelope brought up a faint smell of something oddly fresh, but the Comic Sans on the envelope stating Read Me certainly did its job in possibly causing a pause. With that, Teri did her best to open it without her dad noticing it because she already had a sneaking suspicion of someone that might have sent it thanks to the Augury 8 Ball earlier that day.

Who had sent this? And why had they used that font, of all choices?

Cz | Jenny | Slindis

Meanwhile, Slindis continued her casual talking with this Siz and Jenny. "That was more than peace that could be kept with the level of firepower used, but it's reassuring to have it on our side. Name's Slindis, and I'm certain we can find you something a bit more comfortable to move in if you want." The Peacemaker's reaction to Jenny's sudden embrace brought a concerned chiding from the Drow, though. "Be careful about that, would you? It would be nice to not have anything that Siz doesn't want to remember brought back to the foreground."

Som | Imps

It wasn't too long before the food was brought back exactly the same way that Som had ordered it, although there was still a faint spice among it all there. Nothing that would be too overpowering, but something that would be reminiscent of the AMerican Southwest and rather tasty along with a few iced teas to wash it down.

Ella | Constance

After Teri ran off after her father, Ella glided over to the young vampiress and whistled at the relic Teri had on hand. "One heck of a nail she's got there, alright. I'm surprised none of them found out about it sooner, you know. Something like that would have lots of people after it. What do you think?"

Mel | Angie | Caim | Cadolbolg

"It kinda happens, but at least all of us here got out okay even though some of us did cut it close. Don't think I've ever heard of my mom throwing so much healing into one person, though. Ya wanna get a bit of spicy meat to celebrate after we get her stowed away in the brig?" Melethia hadn't heard of S'zami's death yet, which kept her in such a good mood. It might not last for too long when she finds out, though: she'd been the first one to take the Khajit in.

Devon | Ton-Ton | Annie

"I'm just about done with it, really, but I'll appreciate the help. As for her? I don't know that much, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that she can't just change at will or she would have already done so." After finishing up the last statement, Devon closed his book and placed it in the weathered sidepack and shook his head as he tried conversing with Annie.

"I will admit that this may be a bit much right now, but it's fully warranted considering what you tried doing to Las Veg-Venturas. All for what? One item that by all rights was unknown for by everyone else on the ship? One item that was worth trying to slaughter everyone down there when there's already a city festering with the undead tonight? If you want any kind of understanding from us, you really need to start explaining yourself quickly."

If Annie had any recollection of what was going on during her rampage as a Titan, she'd easily recognize the clear voice of the man that had tried to deter her while never raising a blade to attack in that time. Perhaps that would get her to open up?

"One heck of a nail she's got there, alright. I'm surprised none of them found out about it sooner, you know. Something like that would have lots of people after it. What do you think?"

The Raven Haired Faux Kitty Vampire looked up from where she stood to greet the Demi-Succubus with another of her slightly shy smiles before offering a shrug in answer to the question.

"I'm - not really too sure what to think." Constance offered, a slightly confused look on her face before adding, "I know that the Nail looks important but for the life of me, I don't understand why some Lord's Mail would be of such high importance to anyone."

It appeared that Constance Sorrowfeld being not of this Realm made some concepts foreign to the Young Vampire, concepts that would require some sort of explanation in the near future. Still, the inexperienced Cat-Eye clad vampire still tried to make the best of what she could deduce.

"Regardless of its value, if someone with that much power thought it was valuable, she won't be the only one and with as much trouble as I've seen in what little time I've spent here, I think it's safe to say that we'd better be prepared for whatever comes our way."

Almost as an after thought, Constance checked her shotgun to ensure that it was in working order and silently wished that she was not to scared of what was to come.

Rugal | Teri | Comic Sans Envelope

Teri looked at the envelope with curiosity, clearly confused by this new benefactor. If this was the same person who sent her the magic 8 ball for the spell, then why were they helping her? How were they able to track her movements? Upon thinking this over, Teri's thoughts went to two different veins. The first being Lucifer. She still had the necklace from him after all (and she had strictly stuck with it on account of how useful it was, rather than any sort of connection to the Devil himself), which made it possible that he could still be tracking her. However, with the politics of Hell, as well as the breakup, it didn't make sense for him to want to help her. Furthermore, Teri didn't recall telling him about Otohime...

Which lead the Cleric to her second line of thought: Tajuh. He directed her to the Mech, the only others who knew about Otohime's naming scheme were either part of the Dawn or dead (Coulange) and he worked with a group that crossed dimensions and would easily have the resources to do things like this. But of course, this brought into question why this was all happening...

As she thought this, Teri stuffed the envelope in her satchel as well, still puzzling over the strangeness that was her current life. She still had a funeral to attend to after all, so this conflict would have to rely upon mental conference with herself and her staff (and the Shadow, if need be.)

"Why would Tajuh help us like this? Sadei, you have any ideas?"
"Maybe he has a thing for you?"
"Wow, I heard of rebound, but that's ridiculous, even for you.
"Just hitting the most obvious cliche for stuff like this. After all, we're a Writer in a world we helped create. Might as well think of the obvious tropes when they rear their head."
"Still, striking that from the board. Back to our original query. Sadei? Please bring some sanity in this..."

Devon | Ton-Ton | Annie

Ton Ton shifted uncomfortably on Devon's shoulder as Annie tried to guilt trip them, but did his best to stand firm. After all, if what he did was so wrong, the Mistress' approval would have long faded away. Remembering this, he spoke up, "Well miss, it's not every day you meet someone who is able to turn into a skinless giant. That being said, admonishing your captors because they showed you mercy is kinda rude. After all, you busted on our home, stole something that wasn't yours, and, due to your poison, killed one our party members!

On top of that, you went on a rampage when, and I'm just guessing this part, you were probably going to just be asked why you did what you did, and possibly allowed to go. But you did that transformation thing, and we reacted accordingly by knocking you back to person size. You dug yourself deeper by taking the actions you did, so don't go blaming us because the consequences have lead you here. The blood of those civilians is on your reckless hands, and you need to hold yourself accountable instead of pinning the blame elsewhere."

After saying all this, Devon could tell immediately by the weight on his shoulder that Ton Ton was shaking; obviously outraged by Annie's attempt at moving the blame.

Mel | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg

Caim gave small nod, "This is true. Then again, I've never been bitten in half before. The other time Angelus and I cut it that close was during the Twisted Metal tournament, and we didn't have magic then...None the less, the sound of food sounds like a good one."

Angelus made a noise of approval, as much in the dark about the death of the most recent party member as Melethia was (then again, she never really knew S'zami in the first place), "I wouldn't mind that at all. It's rather nice we have chefs that have the capacity to affect my tastebuds at all. I'm always up for a challenge. One moment, little one, I need to take on my mortal coil again..."

After a moment to properly change Angelus back into a human form and getting her some clothes, the trio wandered back into the hangar, to which the dragon continued, "Shall we..?"

Cadolbolg, however, being as he was a pact partner to Ton Ton, was beginning to notice Ton Ton's unpleasant feelings in his mind, and turned towards Devon and Ton Ton, "Oh, the Giant person's awake now... Should we do something about it?"

Caim gently removed Cadolbolg from the top of his head, and put him on Angelus' shoulder, "I'll look into it. You three enjoy your lunch."

"....Something's wrong with friend Ton Ton though. I feel something ooky in his mind... I think he's mad? Can I come too?"

Caim gave a small shrug, "It's your decision, Cadolbolg. The same to you two, Melethia, Angelus. I'll be over there..."

Having to swallow what awkwardness happened earlier, Caim walked to Devon and Ton Ton's side (Cadolbolg returning to sit atop his head), and took a looksie at their new prisoner...

BlackHarte | A.I. Vermillion | Rugal

Vermilion's form flickered slightly, her face looking displeased at BlackHarte's implication, "When we knew of the Poison's presence, it was far too late for us to do anything about it. This deduction mainly being on Cleric Gravel not noticing it's presence when administering treatment for the wound earlier. If it were able to evade her notice without magical detection, then it was easily evaded by many of our sensors. Not to mention our sensors aren't coded for Khajit biology... None the less, I will do what I can to maintain User life.

In the same vein, BlackHarte, if you knew so readily about this poison, could you not have alerted someone who was able to aid? Us, who could have communicated to the Users, for example...?"

Rising Dawn: Morgue: Rugal, Teri

"...I can manage..." Rugal merely answered as he silently gave S'zami's body its rites, despite being covered in dust and sweat from the battle with Annie.
A few minutes later, he loaded the body into one of the morgue's coolers and locked it, clearly saddened by her passing.
"...That woman (Annie) secured?..." He finally asked
"Ummm...Yeah, I think Storm brought her to the Brig."
"...Good..." He answered, a subtle anger leaking into his voice as he left the room.
He then made his way over to the Brig as Devon was questioning the woman in question.

"Chained here like an animal. You all should of just killed me with the dignity I had. Maybe if you and the crew would have acted sooner... all those people would of saw another day." Annie said as the Former Master Criminal entered the room behind Devon and Ton Ton.
"Dignity?....Dignity!?...You believe that even after all this, you have some shred of Dignity left in that rotten shell of yours?!" He shouted as he shoved Devon aside and marched towards the former Titan, his 6'10" towering over her 5'1"[1].
"....Ohhhhh...believe me...Being chained up here? For Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Years?..."
He knelled down and whispered into her ear for the last part.
"...That...Will be the least of your goddamn problems..." He warned before leaving the room to plan and prepare, as well as allowing Devon, Caim and the Cutie Bruisers to resume their questioning.
He then went to the storage bay to check to see what "Toys" he could find.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Jenny, Cz, Slindis

Jenny was a little confused but none the less complied.
"...Sorry, just figured that was..."Ample Reason". I didn't mean to cause you discomfort..." She said to her friend, a bit saddened by her response.
She quickly cheered up though and said "Still, great work out there! Glad to have ya.".

Rising Dawn: Hanger: David West

After barely living though that entire attack, David did the sane thing and pressed his contact at UNIT for a quicker extraction of both Deadshot and Annie.
"-Richie, I got a Domestic Terrorist and the bastard daughter of Godzilla and the Hulk. HOW IS IT YOU CAN'T GET CLEARANCE!?" He shouted over to his English friend, Phoenix Richardson.
"Hey, I saw the footage, I believe you, Had the Prime Minister over to watch it. We just can't pass those morons in the US Sent-"
"Whoawhoawhoa, backpedal...The Senate is stopping you?..."
"Technically, one Senator. Steven Armstrong, Claims we're "Intruding in US Affairs". That and a load of UN Fear Mongering. We're doing what we can, but will the amount of money he's throwing around..."
"...Great...So sit on them?"
"Few days, Tops. Promise. Think your team can handle it West?"
"I think we don't have a choice...Fine, but you are fucking paying for all my drinks for a year!"
"...David...I always pay for the damn drin-"

Hanging up before he could receive a lecture, David sighed and went to his room, tired after living though the attack.

[1] 153cm. Yes, I looked it up >_>

Teri | That Damn Comic Sans Envelope | Sadei

If Teri was looking for any enlightenment from Sadei, it was clear that there wouldn't be much from her from her tonee when she responded. "I'm holding up well, but I'm just letting you two go ahead and get a feel for each other. After all, better to let you two come to a understanding so I can talk without smothering her, becaise I'm sure that isn't pleasant for her at all. I don't really know if he does have a thing for you since I only really see about 30 feet away from you, and I can't detect emotions at all unless I'm being held by someone. The letter, though? I don't have a clue where it came from."

Cz | Jenny | Slindis

She tried patting Jenny on the shoulder in symphathy. "I know you meant it in the best way, okay? It just didn't come across the best, but I'm sure it didn't come across too harslly.

Am I right, Siz? Jenny's one of the sweetest members of this ship, so it does come naturally to her. Think of her as the mother figure if that helps." Slindis embraced Jenny lightly to communicate the point that Jenny was highly respected by her before letting Siz get her two Copper in.

Som | Imps

After Som nearly finished his food, the imps went over to check on the man and were able to write a note down inquiring what he thought of the food.

Ella | Constance

Ella pondered Constance's statements as she casually checked the Kama from her wheel, greeting a few chittering imps that were passing by on the way. "Yeah, I almost think it was safer back home. Still, Devon and the others here know their way around fighting well enough to say they are better prepared than most of the alternative groups around here. If you need any help with the combat around here, I could show you some of the stuff me and Deovn worked on so you could get ideas for you and Som. How about it?" Her proposal certainly seemed off, but Ella thought some more teamwork could help her and that thickheaded bodyguard of Constance.

Mel | Angie |

"Yeah, they do make some awesome food. Sure, it's got a kick, but it's just how I like it! That Taco Salad stuff sounds really interestin', ya know. Want some of it?" Melethia's cheerful little chatting was certainly one way to get back down from the fighting that had happened all throughout the day, but it was merely a sign of how she'd learned to try and break down things so she could tackle the next thing with her utmost focus. Certainly a bit odd for her age, but not uncommon for people staying on the ship as a whole.

Devon | Ton-Ton | Annie | Rugal |Caim | Cadolbolg

Well, this should start going a lot easier with Caim in here to synergize with Rugal. I need to say somtthing about all of this, though, because this just isn't right... ugh. He watched impassively as the interrogation went on, but perhaps it was due to a queasiness that the Bard was now feeling in his gut all of a sudden. And where was this dizziness coming from? Something had to be going on with the blasted armor as well, because it was fitting really ill all of a sudden... Could it have been the Taco Salad Thursday coming back to haunt him?

"I'm really sorry, but I need to go. That lunch from earlier's taking he express route out, so I need to go..." He certainly didn't sound like he usually did, either, which certainly gave credence to his statement. With that, he set Ton-Ton down so he could quickly find the nearest restroom.

It could be some heart problems, too: his chest was certainly beginning to hurt a good amount as he ran. Before long he ran into Angelus and Melethia, but the two could see that something was off about the Bard. It was hard to tell exactly what it was, but the neck seemed to be a bit slimmer? In any case, he looked like he was about to vomit.

" you know where a bathroom is...?" Although Melethia was hardly around enough to notice any real difference in Devon's Voice, Angelus could definitely hear it. Maybe not what it was, but it was nothing like when he was getting ready to cast spells.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Night

Cz | Slindis | Jenny

Cz balked and turned away. "Life and Death situation constitutes 'ample reason.' " Cz put her hand on her forehead and brushed back her hair. Her forehead was hot, and she tried to swallow whatever surfacing emotion that had begun so stir within her heart.

She gave a curt nod to Slindis and Jenny, "You are a kind soul Jenny. You remind me of many people I once knew." Cz started to walk away, her footsteps deliberately loud and crisp against the airship floor, "But do not think for one moment I am on your side. I keep the peace, and should I ever find you upsetting the balance of the world, I will end you. I will end anyone who disrupts that balance. That is my prime directive."

Cz turned back and gave Jenny and Slindis a look from the corner of her eye, "I will be watching. Always."

BlackHarte | A.I. Vermillion

Blackharte stared at Vermillion for a long time and spoke nothing. A.I. Vermillion looked at him funny, almost disapprovingly. In the end the technomorph made his answer, "There is a reason I did not notify anyone of the Khajit's death."

He paused and Vermillion shot him a disapproving look. BlackHarte "smiled," or he would have if he had a mouth to smile with. But a smile that was unsettling. In the same way that a wild animal bares its teeth, yet does not smile, BlackHarte was doing the same.

"The answer is simple, I wanted her to die."

"I could show you some of the stuff me and Deovn worked on so you could get ideas for you and Som. How about it?"

The offer of assistance in combat training, the first that she had ever received from anyone, excited the short Vampire and caused he to smile brightly and enthusiastically and the offer would have been accepted wholehearted were it not for the events that unfolded moments later. It started with the beads of sweat that started running down Constance's face, tinged red from the blood in her body. The sensation was familiar and the Faux Cat Girl knew what was coming next.

Before she disappeared, Constance spoke rapidly as to not seem dismissive of the offer.

"I-Ireallydon'tknowhowtothankyouenoughbutIthinkthatwe'regoingtohavetopostponeitforamoment." The Raven Haired Vampirette rapid fired her words before she disappeared.

Bounty alive +1. Shawn/Wanderer, David and etc.
Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger.

"This time I'm placing him in a nice cell but with sock in his mouth ... maybe with a severed finger poking out of his zipper." The Wanderer darkly grumbled as he dragged the unconscious Deadshot behind him. In his other hand was a bag pull of whatever he could gather from the Casino Ruins, Gold, Money, lucky cards, information and a couple of ammo boxes. Thinking it is a decent reward, Shawn would take one of those bars for his own use, probably as a decoration for his shack.

All the rest of the earnings will go to the charity that will be organized to rebuild the city and everything like that.
Shortly after the angered Wanderer places his captive in a much better and secured cell. Placing his anger towards the person who actually stomped everywhere, the Wanderer got his own revenge in a prank. Placing a real finger in Deadshot's unzipped pocket, the Wanderer couldn't help but think about who that finger belonged to, sure it was one of his many dead enemies ... but who?

Shrugging, Shawn then placed the un-cuffed hand of his previous prey in the toilet besides him, which Shawn graciously used before placing it inside. Placing his foot in step to leave the cell, he decided that it wasn't enough the Wanderer dag through his pockets/Pip-Boy and found a lucky severed head. Placing the head directly in front of Deadshot, he was glad that he was going to be surprised multiple times when he wakes. Sighing he felt sorry for the guy, he grabbed a nice bottle of (Radiated) water and placed it just where he cannot get it.

Feeling happy once more, the Wanderer went out of the cell, locked it and then locked the main door to the brig behind him as he started to step towards the path to his trusty sniper shack.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Rugal, Caim, Ton Ton, Annie, Deadshot

After giving Annie the lay of the land, Rugal was getting ready for future festivities by selecting a few party favors.
Christ, I tire of dealing with Teens that thing they've seen everything... He thought as he threw a set of metal pipes and bars into his bag, followed by a can of Gasoline and some duct tape.
Well...She has yet to see anything yet... He chuckled to himself in what was clearly a small respite of his former cruel self as he picked up the bag and threw it over his back before heading back to the Brig.
On his way in, he watched as Devon ran out and Shawn was going..."Something" to Deadshot before leaving himself, but he didn't pay much heed, he was too focused on the task ahead.
Walking in, he said "Caim. Ton Ton. Leave us.".
From the look in his eyes and the amount of things in his bag, Caim could see where this was going...

".....uuhhhh...wha-...who-..." Deadshot groaned as he came to back in his cell.
The first thing he felt was his hand in the toilet, causing him to cringe when he realized it had just been used.
Then he saw the severed head.
"GAH! WHAT THE PISS!?" He shouted as he backed away, clearly not expecting it.
"...Fuck, you people just leave body parts laying around?! Jesus!" He shouted before going to the sink and cleaning his hand

Rising Dawn: Hanger: Jenny, Cz, Slindis

"...O-Okay..." Jenny said, not expecting her to react like this.
Still, what Slindis had said was also rather un-expected.
"...By the way, did you really mean that? About being "Team Mom"? I mean, I don't do THAT much around here..." She asked the drow, keeping hush-hush on the whole topic.

Rising Dawn: Hanger: David West

The second he reached his room, David began doing his bi-monthly clean up, mostly just picking up the small mountain of beer cans and bottles he had consumed and left on the floor.
Once he was done, he threw off his jacket and running top before laying back on his bed.
In his humble quest to become a low rent street cop, he had:

1. Ended up waist deep in Gang-Banger Zombies
2. Fought in Chinatown between 2 parties with dozens of laser weapons
3. Had a Hollywood style car chase.
4. Broke into a US Military Research Base
5. Blew up a Mecha with a Low Yield Nuclear Weapon.
6. Tried to rob a casino
7. Lived though a Titan attack.

...I need new friends... He thought as he attempted to drift off.

((Anyone want to interact with David, just walk in, his door is open))

Teri | That Damn Comic Sans Envelope | Sadei

Teri sighed lightly when Sadei couldn't make heads or tails of the Envelope either, and then began her prayers for S'zami after Rugal loaded the body into the morgue and left, seeing as that was the pertinent matter at hand,

"As much as I like to see you two get along better, there is a matter of Clerical duty I need to attend to..."

"Our Father in Heaven, today we have lost a soul from our ship. A Khajit by the name of S'zami. I did not know her for very long, and she was with us but briefly, but she was just as much a living and vibrant soul as the rest of us. May her soul find rest in the arms of her Gods and/or Goddesses. I pray your angels will guide her to her proper land of resting. Amen."

Finishing her prayer, Teri's attention was turned back to the mysterious envelope, and decided to try something to aid in the investigation. Pulling out her Tablet, she began scribbling onto the Tablet, using a bit of Author-based skill to "Push" her Tablet to do the following:

"Call: Tajuh Silverwind, regardless of location."

Ton-Ton | Annie | Rugal |Caim | Cadolbolg

Caim picked up Ton Ton and gave Rugal a nod, and said to the Cuties, "Looks like we won't be needed here. How about that lunch Melethia proposed?"
"I like the sound of that! Saving cities makes me hungry~!"
"I think it takes far less than that..."
"Father, you're so mean!"

Ton Ton, however, was not so easily distracted. Hazarding a glance back, he saw the rather large sack Rugal had brought in, and upon getting a brief glance of Rugal's expression, felt his blood run cold. It was almost like the ghost of the (former) Cartel Lord persona[1] had returned. Not quite sure what was going on, he turned his thoughts to Caim, to which he communicated via pact.

"Mr. Caim..What's he about to do..? I don't like that look on his face."
"Don't concern yourself, Ton Ton. Rugal's just going to interrogate that woman. He's probably going to just scare her a bit to get the information we need. Come now, stop thinking about it, or Cadolbolg will start asking questions..."
"If that's true, then why does he have that bag of stuff?"
"... Let's go, Ton Ton."
"Cut the crap, Caim!...It is what I think it is, isn't it? He's gonna do more than just scare her... Isn't he? Just like what Seifer did to Squall... We can't allow this! Only bad people torture others!"
Caim's face twitched faintly, clearly not liking where this conversation was going, "That's not entirely true. It's not so black and white as that. Simply put, that girl won't tell us why she attacked, so Rugal is going to employ those methods. He'd be the only one to really want and be able to do so, thus it's fitting. Perhaps you may not agree with it, but it's effective."
"That's not true either! She could just lie. Unless you have a way to make sure she's telling the truth, this is just barbaric! I agree that what that person did was wrong, but I cannot agree with the methods about to be employed!"

The Tonberry then wriggled out of Caim's grasp and hopped to the floor, causing a confused look from Cadolbolg, to which Ton Ton simply said, "Bathroom." and ran off. Unfortunately for Caim, the plan was flawless. If he decided to give chase, Cadolbolg's suspicions would be raised again.. However, Caim simply shook his head, and wandered back towards Angelus and Melethia and wondered quietly if his tiny green son would understand the truth of the world in matters such as these...

Ton Ton | David West

As Ton Ton traversed the halls in search of someone, anyone, who'd listen to him, he paused at an open door, and noticed David inside. But was his sleeping? Rapping a paw on the open door, Ton Ton called out, "Mr. West? I'm sorry to intrude, but may I speak with you?"

((If David lets him in, feel free to have Ton Ton auto explain his plight))

Mel | Angelus | Devon

Devon's face was more than telling that something was very much off about the Bard's condition, to which Angelus lifted up the bard, bridal style, and said, "Very well. Let's get you somewhere quickly..."

And with that, began to make haste to the nearest bathroom, asking along the way, "Any suspicions on what caused the onset of this ailment?"

BlackHarte | A.I. Vermillion

Vermilion's form shifted silently, not quite sure what to say; even if her face directly expressed indigence, "...So....Care to explain the cause of these homicidal tendencies, or are you just that apathetic to the Users' lives? I do remember you being a part of the Mage in Red once. I take it you bear his will as well?"

Cautiously, her BanHammer appeared in her hands, and a silent signal was sent to both Alpha[2] and Dimitri in case things began to take a turn for the ugly....

[2] here's why I quoted you Shaun

Rising Dawn: Brig: Rugal, Annie, Deadshot

As Ton Ton peeked in at Rugal while he, Cadolbolg and Caim left, Rugal slowly closed the Brig door behind him and locked it.
"...Soooooo...When is Lunch? I'm starving?" Deadshot said, prompting a Murderous Glare[/sup]TM[/sup] from Rugal.
"...Shutting up." She said as Rugal brought over a chair to sit down on.
"Misunderstood, huh? See, While I'd normally laugh off a comment like that, the fact of the matter is: You knew full well what you were doing. You Understood where we were docked, You Understood how to get on board our ship, you Understood what you were after and you Understood how to get it. In fact, I think there was only one thing you didn't understand about this entire operation." He went on as he began pulling out thick metal pipes, A can of something that looked like fuel, Duct Tape and several other pieces of equipment.
"...Mind if I...Stay outside for this?..." Deadshot asked, clearly wondering if he was next.

"Now before I begin, I have one question: Who was S'zami?" He asked as he calmly began filling an empty cup with whatever was in that can.

Rising Dawn: David West's Room: David, Ton Ton

"Hm? Oh, Ton Ton? No-No, not at all, come in..." David said as he sat up in his bed (Though it was clear that he was about to drop off before he knocked).
When the Tonberry came in, he saw David throwing back on his running top, showing dozens of scars he had received since he joined the Crew.
"*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwnnnn*...Sorry about the mess, don't get too much time to sleep in here so Cleaning is often the last thing on my mind. Sup?"

Rising Dawn: David West's Room: David, Ton Ton

"*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwnnnn*...Sorry about the mess, don't get too much time to sleep in here so Cleaning is often the last thing on my mind. Sup?"

Ton Ton only shook his head quietly before hopping onto the bed and making his equipment disappear in a poof of black smoke. After settling, the Tonberry gave a small sigh, "I apologize for disturbing your slumber, but you the first I came upon when I was looking for someone, anyone that I thought could understand my plight..."

The Tonberry looked down to the floor for a moment, before beginning again, "Mr. West, when there's something happening that you think is bad, and you don't know if you can really stop it, is it still a good idea to try? I usually say Yes, to this question, but given the circumstances stacked against me, I do not know if I'd come out triumphant... Things used to be a simpler in serving my Mistress. I knew what was bad and what was good very easily. Right now though, I'm afraid my heart might waver in light of this..."

Ton Ton paused again, thinking of how to put the words together correctly without waxing to philosophical, and then decided the simple method was probably the best, and continued, "Regarding the giant woman, Rugal has decided that torture would be the best method of interrogating her. I don't agree with that at all, even if her actions are reprehensible, and I want to stop it... But I don't know if I can. Even with my pact powers, engaging with Rugal to cease and desist could end badly for both myself and the cohesive nature of our party. If I go in, Cadolbolg would follow, as would Caim, Angelus and Mr. Devon. And Rugal has his allies as well, so it'd be one big mess!"

Burrowing his face in his paws, the little creature cried out, "I don't know what to do! Should I just enschew my morals and allow this, even if it is a person who's done wrong; and the intent is good? Or do I fight and possibly drag us all down? Neither path is very good to me. And not to mention what would the Mistress say if she knew I didn't do anything about this..."

Rising Dawn: Brig: Rugal, Annie, Deadshot

"Obviously, not you. What about you? You know who she was?" Rugal asked Deadshot as he finished filling his cup.
"...Unlikely, barely anyone tells me their name." He honestly answered as he watched on, really not looking forward to his turn.
"Well, guess I'll tell you then. Remember when you stuck a woman with a poisoned black in the Canteen? Humanoid-Feline, Brown fur, wore a brown robe?...Ring any bells?..." He innocently asked as he walked over with the cup.
"...No? Perhaps a drink might help with the concentration?"

Before she could answer, Rugal gripped her by the jaw with his hand, holding her mouth open and tilting her head before slowly pouring the contents into her mouth.
Once the entire cup was poured, he then held it shut with his hand, letting start drowning.
"Whoa....Errrr....That's...."Creative"..." Deadshot stammered in his cell, seeing how Rugal seemed to have enough for the both of them.
"I used this trick on this deadbeat in Vietnam, tried to rob me this one time. I think that was before she were even born!" He laughed, clearly enjoying this.
"He lasted 2 whole minutes before he died. How long will you last? 1...2...3...4..."

Now of course, he was going to let off right before she passed out, but when you are drowning like this, 10 seconds seemed like forever.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Rugal, Annie, Deadshot

"......Okay....Dude....I think she gets it....Man, Come on. She's like fucking 15 or something...Come on, Christ Damn, you're going to kill her. Fuck!" Deadshot began objecting, sure, he wasn't exactly a saint, Hell, he nearly killed an entire slum for money, but this was starting to distress him a little, seeing how he was most likely next in line.
Right as the eyes began to roll into Annie's head, Rugal let up, releasing her head and allowing her to spit it out.
"That is what we in this world call "Premium Gasoline". It's used in several domestic vehicles worldwide. While this airship has no use for it, I estimate there is around 1000 gallons in our Storage bay..." He said as he went to fill another cup.
"Let's face it, outside of your..."Power", you are woefully unprepared for the risks of being a Soldier. If you are nothing without that...Monster, Then you are nothing with it." He said as he walked back and grabbed her by the hair to lift her head up to face him.
"I was going to ask you who you worked for, why did you feel the need to take that Nail and why you felt like killing my friend...

...But I realized, I just don't care." He said before letting go and returning to his bag of toys.
"Even if I get what I want from you, they'll just send another agent. And I'll repeat this entire song and dance with him/her and get the same answer. So I'll wait for that Agent then. You? You are just for leisure. And Vengeance." He said as he pulled out a roll of Duct Tape and began to gag her mouth.
"Hell, you might even be still around to watch me do this to that agent. Deep Breath..." He said before holding her head back again and slowly pouring the fuel over the tape to Water-board her.

Rising Dawn: David West's Room: David, Ton Ton

"I apologize for disturbing your slumber, but you the first I came upon when I was looking for someone, anyone that I thought could understand my plight..."
Mr. West, when there's something happening that you think is blah, and you don't blah if you can really blah it, is it still a good idea to Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...."
While he was keen to help out his friend, the fact that has competely and utterly wrecked made even that simple task hard as he seemed to be in a near constant state of nearly nodding off.
...Isn't he basically a Care Bear or something?... He thought before reality kicked in.

"And not to mention what would the Mistress say if she knew I didn't do anything about this..."
"...Well...Ummmm...Whatever the case....errr...Trrrryyyy Asking Slindis? She's good on matters of...stuff and...things...Oh! And Jenny! She's a way...That...would...Help you in this situation...
...That help?"
Ton Ton merely looked extremely confused at David's Ramblings.
"...One moment..." He said before he walked into his En Suite and turned on the shower.
He then came back down, dripping wet in ice cold water in a bid to keep himself awake as well as Detox a little.
"R-r-r-right...Once more, with Feeling..."

*One Repeated Dialogue tree later*

"...Alright, Well, back in my Army days, We tried to leave Torture as a last retort. Like, in situations were there was a Bomb like, 10 seconds away from going off. But here? It's Torture for Tortures sake. Don't get me wrong, It HAS saved a few lives, including my own, But I should be used only when everything else fails.
See, it's...kinda like...Using...Annnn Ax. To cut, say, Meat. Sure, it works but at the end, you could have done the same with the Knife. Which in this case would be...Talking?...I guess..."
An awkward silence filled the air.
"....Did anything I just say make any sense?"

Rising Dawn: Brig: Rugal, Annie, Deadshot

As the minutes rolled by, Deadshot began pacing in his cell, seeing how he was an unwilling audience to this.
While he was concerned for her, it was more that he might get a round right after her.
And if the woman with the crazy ass Hulk-like Superpowers can't hack it, what hope did he have?!
Once again, using the rolling of her eyes as a visual cue to stop, Rugal let off just in time for her to not die, though by that point, He bet that she wished he didn't.
"...Hey?...Hanging in there?...Good. I was worried tha-....Oh, who am I kidding? My act wasn't fooling you, was it? Deadshot, you falling for this shit?" He asked, letting Annie know he could have killed her and would have.
"...." he didn't answer, worried that his response would cause him to go next.
"..Fine! Be that way!" He said before pulling Annie off the ground, now soaked wet in Fuel and spasmming.
"So...Did I finally get though to you?...Yes?...No...Maybe?" He asked, not bothering to take the Tape off and actually allow her to give a proper answer.
"...Is that a No I hear? Do you want to go Again? Hey, DeadShit I think she wants to go again."
"...I....Highly doubt that is the case."
"What? She's not saying Yes, is she?" He asked, ignoring if she was actually saying yes or not.
"Alright then...Round 2. Fight!" He said before repeating the Waterboard process another time.
It wasn't about S'Zami anymore, it was because he could.

Location - The Rising Dawn's Brig: Deadshot, Rugal, Annie, Whomever Else

Rugal was smiling during the whole process as he went for another can-
"STOP IT! STOP YOU SICK FUCK ARYAN PRICK!" Deadshot shouted before throwing that head Shawn planted in his cell at the Remaining cans, spilling their contents before Rugal could use them.
He didn't care if he was going next, he just wanted what was happening to stop.
But the second the German faced him, his expression said it all.
Instead of getting an unending amount of sheer pain, Rugal merely laughed and shook his head.
"....Alright...If it means that much to you...We'll finish for now..." He merely answered, liking the idea of more or else torturing both Mass Murders at once.
"As for you...The next time my associates asks you a question, you think long and hard about my friend S'zami..." He warned before tearing the Duct Tape off and leaving the room, taking the Empty Cans and the rest of his Bag of Toys with him, leaving Annie in a sorry state.
He didn't even use half of it this session.

Once he had left, Deadshot glanced over at Annie.
"Hey! Hey, Come on! Snap out of it! Come on!" He urged her, really holding onto the idea that he wouldn't be in that same position in a few hours.
"Oh god, oh shit, this is FUCKED UP! I don't want to fucking die to some Nazi Prick with a Torture Fetish!" COME ON! WAKE UP FOR FUCKS SAKE!" He pleaded, laying down and trying to reach out and shake her awake, just about grabbing one of her arms before pulling her closer to his cell.

Teri | That Damn Comic Sans Envelope | Sadei

Sadei's inquisitive nature drew forth a few more questions along with some cooperation with Teri's shadow. "I know it's confusing, but I was thinking of how it got here as well. You have anything, Tama?"

Teri's contact was met with a rather frentic Tajuh shouting back at Teri. "I don't know what you're after, Gravel, but I need all of my focus! Currently engaging the Gradosian's best fleets, and Odds are that that SHapiro's working here as well!" There was the flashing of more than a few shots that were barely missed, and the man was also directing some other people in the combat. Where would he have had the time to send the letter?

Cz | Jenny | Slindis

She tried patting Jenny on the shoulder in symphathy. "I know you meant it in the best way, okay? It just didn't come across the best, but I'm sure it didn't come across too harslly.

Am I right, Siz? Jenny's one of the sweetest members of this ship, so it does come naturally to her. Think of her as the mother figure if that helps." Slindis embraced Jenny lightly to communicate the point that Jenny was highly respected by her before letting Siz get her two Copper in.

Slindis retorted back rather calmly to Siz, even if the words were anything but calm. "If you were to try ending us, you would find it a hollow fight. One that would end up leaving this planet with very dangerous enemies and very few to fight them with. Is that a risk you'd take? After all, you do claim to want to keep it safe." If nothing else, it was clear that she was rather passionate about doing what she could to help all those around her.

She took a few breaths to recompose herself before reassuring Jenny. "I fully meant that. You may get a bit too drunk with your alcohol, but you are the soul of this ship. I don't say this lightly, but I think we all could learn a lot from you in both the good aspects and the few vices you allow yourself.

Not that I mean to preach, but I've learned enough to be wary of any drink I couldn't serve myself. Indeed, it was the main reason I carried around a cursed belt in my bag before it was destroyed."

Ella | Constance

Constance's vanishing certainly left Ella off-guard, but there was something a the area even after the Vampire left with the ship. SHe couldn't place it, but it was like some kind of tightness in her chest. By itself it was nothing too bad, but the ship was surprisingly quiet considering what had happened earlier.

And quiet? Quiet was bad. Especially with this ship having so many imps that would usually be running around the ship.

Devon | Angie | Mel

The more Devon walked, the more he seemed to stagger or trip up - something that was incredibly odd, seeing as Caim had mentioned how well-fitted the armor was for Devon. Not only that, the shift in the face was becoming a bit more pronounced, making him look rather slender? He was breathing in short, pained gasps, and the sound of metal shifting around was certainly present.

"...Ugh...those tacos really didn't treat me well..." His voice seemed lighter somehow, although Devon certainly didn't notice it with all of the pain he was going through all over. He didn't even notice a sealed envelope that fell to the floor - a note quickly retrieved, opened, and read by Melethia.

"I've never seen this language before, but whoever wrote it has really pretty handwriting... and yet, I'm really worried about it. What's in this?" She then folded the envelope and placed it in one of the pouches so it wouldn't get misplaced, but from her eyes tis looked like some kind of poison.

"Agh... Angie, do I sound okay? I'm sorry if I have to mess out on spell-weaving today..." It was almost like his voice was cracking? Shifting? His voice was beginning to fully match his now cute looking face.

"Redscale, we might wanna get him off to some other room... that armor's definitely changing, and I want to see what's happening underneath. Just because he's some silly bard doesn't mean he's joking around right now." WIth that, Melethia took a hand that was definitely a good deal slimmer than it had been a few moments ago and found it surprisingly easy to start tugging Devon towards Angie and Caim's room.

The Good Doctor.
Annie, Deadshot and the Wanderer/Doctor S.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

The Wanderer was making his way to the brig carrying a nice bag of his instruments.
Instruments to make people sing, instruments to comfort.
Seeing the big red machine called Rugal walk out of the door with empty sounding cans and his own bag of toys.
Clicking his tongue the Wanderer simply said a sentence as he walked away. "A villain till the end." He said towards the large back of the man, but he did not hear the next thing. "That is what is going to get you and the people you love, killed." Wanderer said to himself as he opened the door to the brig.

Witnessing the scene, he could tell what happened. Oil water glittered on the floor and numerous other things our Wanderer did not wish to describe or even think what happened. Yet a image remained in his mind, something he has seen all too much. In the Wastes he sometimes had to torture people for information, he only did it to his enemies and if he did he would usually grant their wishes of dying or mercy. Usually the good Doctor would prefer to just heal and remedy people and if he had to torture them he would prefer to do it mentally.

This was one of the rare times he feels sympathy towards someone who has caused great evil towards civilization and others. The two prisoners could see a man in a Doctor outfit come by with a bag, wearing nice black shades and a weird machine on his right arm. Deadshot knew who this was, but Annie had no idea who this was. Stopping by Deadshot's cell, he grabbed the irritated water and severed head from before and kicked a bottle of something that will make him more then comfortable with what just happened.

"Try to forget what happened here ... for now at least, and keep quiet for a while." Shawn spoke quietly as he moved on to the main attraction of the ship so far, the way she was locked up did remind him of a circus. Opening the cell and placing his bag down besides the door, he examined her with his blue glowing eyes. Confirming what has happened to her, including her self harm the Wanderer began to talk. "Well you must be our newest ... member. I am Doctor S, or Wanderer. Basically I am a man of many titles, maybe one day you might hear my real name ..." Doctor S said but Annie seemed to still be worried.

"And no, I am not here to make you sing. I mean torture is a terrible way to gain information ... honestly I think people like to do it for fun. Sure some people are stupid and still try to get information but ... nah, it should never be the way ... well at least physical torture." The Doctor started to ramble as he gathered his Doctor supplies out and pulled out a water bottle ... which is purified this time around.

Rolling the bottle of water towards her, he nodded. "That is simple clean water, I think you might want to clear your throat now while I do this ... ahh, do not worry about these. I'm simply testing chemicals which comfort people and heal them at the same time." Shawn said but once more confronted distrust with annie. "Hehe, you are not the first subject of this thought ... in fact, I TRIED IT the first time and man ... good stuff ... well I did pass out once but I think I worked that bug out." The Doctor smiled sincerely as he lined up his tools.

"Since I am the good Doctor, it would be nice to gain your permission to do this." The Wanderer asked. Even as a person who preferred to kill 'evil', he still obeyed the rules of the medical industry.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal

After his session with Annie was done, Rugal cleaned himself up before going over the report he would hand over to UNIT when they came to collect both Deadshot and Annie, Deadshot for causing Terrorist Attacks all over the state of San Andreas, Annie for going Godzilla on the City.
Enlisting Dimitri for the Job, he began setting out certain requirements and comments, having the AI help draft them for him.
"-Subject "Annie DotDotDotDotDot [.....]" is deemed an extreme threat...Also, "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" were...utilized...during her stay...So there is that..." he sighed, the AI noticing that he was drinking his usual dose of wine straight from the bottle for once.
That and his usual doze seemed to have increased by 2 whole wine bottles.
"Oh, Write this down next: "Subject should be close to releasing information on her allies and group, as well as their motives...use....Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"..." He said, seeming to hate saying those words all of a sudden as he walked around his room, pacing almost.
"...Viscu-...Dimitri...Is there anything else Mr Richardson at UNIT requires?..." he asked, nearly mistaking the Butler for his former Cartel AI.

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Slindis, Jenny[/b]

"...Gee...Thanks, Slin." Jenny beamed, even when the Drow brought up her rather lightweight tendencies with Booze and the hijinxs that occur.
"Still, I think you do a great job yourself. I mean, if I'm what's keeping us together, then you're what's keeping us alive! Just....Well...I do wish I could return to the old Clinic back in New York, feels like years since I've been there..." She sighed, missing her quiet life a therapist, away from all the madness that usually follows the Rising Dawn.
"Just...A cursed belt?...What, did you hit people who spiked your drink with it or something?"

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Annie, Shawn

Deadshot was at first glad she was alive, not because he was getting attached in any way, just for proving that he did have a chance in hell of living though that.
"....Hey, what are you-OHHHH...ohhhhh, Ow...What the hell-...Dude, Why did you-..." He then cringed as Annie attempted to enter her Titan form by biting down on her thumb.
After a minute of chewing on it in an extremely painful fashion, She seemed to break down.
"...Hey, hey. Listen, it's over now. Easy, eaasssyyyy..." He said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind, retching slightly from the thick smell of Gasoline.
"I want you to remember this: I'll won't let that happen to you again, you hear me?"

The moment was ruined when Shawn walked in, prompting Deadshot break off the embrace to shout "ohhhhh "Good Cop, Bad Cop" Huh. Well listen to me you fuck shitting prick! FUCK YOUR FRIEND! FUCK UNIT! AND GIVE ME BACK MY PAYCHEC--...What ar-..."
He trailed off as Shawn began to do the "Good" part of "Good Cop", giving Annie a drink to help clear her throat.
"Sure some people are stupid and still try to get information but ... nah, it should never be the way ... well at least physical torture."
"...So that's why I woke up with a Severed Head in my face?..." He snidely said, still sore about how Annie was just treated and the fact that his track record with Shawn wasn't much better.

Teri | That Damn Comic Sans Envelope | Sadei

"Sorry! Hanging up!"

Teri ended the call quickly after seeing more battle on Tajuh's end, still confused by the turn of events. And that was when Dimitri appeared on the Tablet screen with a small wave, "Greetings Madam. I trust everything is all right, aside from the envelope business? We do have cameras on ship, you know..."
"Yeah, everything's fine. What's the deal?"
"Oh, just requesting your assistance in aiding The Lone Wanderer with a check up on the persons in the Brig. Need to make sure both are in humane conditions, after all."
"Good point. I'll there right away."
"Very well, I'll be in the mainframe if you need me."

The screen went black after that, and after Teri mounted her wolf, she continued the mental conversation with Sadei and "Tama",

"たま? What're you talking bout, kid? I'm the Shadow, the True Self? Embodiment of inner darkness and shit? The hell kind of name is Japanese for 'Ball'?"
"You remember our Japanese lessons?"
"Of course I do! I'm you!"
"Points aside, it's a cute enough name. You're typically a little fat goldfish..."

"Aren't we getting a little off topic? Letter, remember? As fancy thing that popped out of fucking nowhere? I really dunno, kid. Seems like the kind of thing Authors do. Lord knows We did that a lot when this all started."
"That's right. It is kinda like a letter from an Author... But who? We don't know any of them being active aside from Devon, and Jake went dark again... Who else would know about Otohime..?"
"You sure you didn't bring it up with the Feathery Asshole?"
"I'm not sure.. Maybe?"

Devon | Angie | Mel

"Will do." Following in Melethia's direction, Angelus kept up the bridal carry of her student, and put him down on the bed before nodding to Melethia,

"You know more about armor than I do, Melethia. I'm afraid you'll have to be the one to do the unequipping... Hang on, Devon, we'll try to get to the bottom of this..."

As Melethia began to take the armor off the poor lad, Angelus went to grab a washcloth to wet and put on Devon's forehead.

Unfortunately, they didn't know that Caim and Cadolbolg were well on their way after Angelus and Melethia; a tad confused about the change in direction....

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal

Dimitri's avatar appeared on the Terminal and shook his head, "Did you already make the reports regarding what data we've gathered about her? The maneuvering gear she had, and the shape shifting abilities? Ah, we have. Good.... Otherwise, no sir."

There was a pause as Dimitri sorted through the data (as well as had another bottle come in for Rugal to sample), and the AI brought up a very pertinent question,

"I must inquire, how do you expect to break the news to the rest of the crew regarding your methods of choice? After all, there's bound to be someone aside from yourself going to the Brig...Such as Her Ladyship, whom is currently on her way to check up on the Prisoner's conditions. We can't just have them dying on us, now can we?

After all, with S'zami's death partially being on Her Ladyship's hands, or at least blaming herself for it, I would believe her Ladyship would want to keep others in pristine, (or as best applicable) condition. And with my prime directive being to ensure my creator's mental state is intact, I say this kills two birds with one stone, now doesn't it?"

Dimitri allowed that pause to let the implications of his statements hang heavy in the air before porting himself back to the Mainframe, no doubt in preparation for Rugal to destroy the terminal. Couldn't lose all that precious data.

Rising Dawn: David West's Room: David, Ton Ton

Ton Ton did his best to decode what David was saying, and came to the solution, "So you're saying what he is doing is, well, overdoing it..."
Maybe I should have seeked out someone else aside from Mr. West... I don't know if he's going to take action or not...

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Annie, Shawn, Teri

After a bit of a trot on Garm, Teri made her way into the Brig (and parked her wolf buddy outside), her satchel and spell casting at the ready. However, what she did not expect was the condition of Annie, slumped on the ground, a hauntingly similar picture painted from a time long since passed (even with the addition of Shawn trying to attend to Annie)...

"Ain't nothing gonna stop me. Remember that.
So, Fingers or Toes?"

Teri backed against a wall, a hand covering her mouth in horror at the obvious spectacle as she began to cough dryly, bile wanting desperately to escape her digestive system, the Shadow in her mind being the only semblance of stability when it screamed,

"HOLD STEADY! She needs Our help, not for you to panic!"

Teri gave a small nod to the disembodied voice in her head and pulled out a trio of water bottles from her bag, taking one to shakily drink for her own. After a few deep gulps, Teri forced herself up and slowly put one of the water bottles through the cell bars to Deadshot, and asked with a wavering voice, "For you... C-c-could you please explain what happened here? Mr. Wanderer, I have a water bottle for her too, here. D-d-dimitri sent me to check in, b-b-but I wasn't expecting t-t-this.... Mr. Wanderer, what can I do to help?"

Even after handing off the bottle to Wanderer, Deadshot (as well as Annie and Wanderer, if they cared to look) could see Teri physically shaking at the sight of what happened to Annie. Even so, Deadshot could still feel the healing aura wash over himself and Annie, if in a somewhat unstable manner as the Cleric's current physical state. Obviously, she had not come expecting the sight before her. In fact, if any of them looked closely enough, they might have noticed she looked ready to cry (if it wasn't from the coughing). None the less, the Aura was beginning to take away what pain either were feeling the more they stayed basked in it.

Teri | That Damn Comic Sans Envelope | Sadei

Sadei giggled as a figment of her tried shaking Tama's hand in Teri's mind. Was she actually getting along with Teri's Shadow? "You want to be seen as an equal, right? Calling you Shadow isn't gonna help, and you wouldn't slit your own mama's throat for a nickel. I think that's that Deadshot guy's thing.

I don't really know who could have sent it, but that writing's really crisp. They should teach the others here."

Cz | Jenny | Slindis

Slindis let out an awkward laugh as she tried explaining about the belt she'd once had. "The belt's a long story, but I was only going to let the man reap what he'd sown on so many other women after drugged drinks. I don't really see how I've kepteveryone alive, though. I just did what any of you would have done in the same place if you had the same tools.

I can do what I can to get you back at that clinic, though. Sometimes it's better to do the small things that help everyone, especially because people always forget about them."

Ella | Constance

Ella saw Caim and Cadolbolg running off somewhere near her, and something told her that she needed to follow them. She wasn't quite sure what the feeling was, exactly, but that same gut had gotten her to Devon and out of hell, then later back into the safe embrace of the Rising Dawn.

Devon | Angie | Mel

Melethia's removal of the man's armor started revealing very odd things. Legs that, although hairy, were a lot slimmer than before for one. These led into slightly flared out hips that segued into a toned stomach that seemed cinched in by a corded belt, but the swellings on the chest led the two there to realize one thing: Devon might be many things, but a man he was no longer.

Of course, Devon's reaction was a relatively calm one considering what heshe was seeing. "Why?! Why did this happen to me?! I was just trying to find out what happened, and I really didn't want to see any more bloodshed... ANd they do this? Angie, is this some kind of joke? Mel, did you slip something into my food?" It was pretty clear that this shook the man to his core, and an Alter Self spell he tried using fizzled out before it could shift him back. The next few moments that he had, though, were stuck in a shocked silence.

Melethia, though, wasn't really quite sure what to make of all this. After all, she was sure that Devon had been a man all those times she'd seen him... Was the bard just really good at disguises?

You got the touch, I have the POOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEER! YEEEEAAH!!!
Annie, Deadshot, Teri and the Wanderer/Doctor S.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

Looking at Annie, she nodded. Surprised it seemed she was stuck or paralyzed from the Wanderer's position.
"Ah, excuse me for my lack of perception I was focusing on this formula ... it doesn't even have a name. Maybe I should test it more and then find out. The problem is that everyone on this ship is different. I'm mutated from radiation, you have transformation and regenerative powers and others have different powers." He spoke in a knowledgeable way as he picked up the water bottle and walked towards her.

Behind the Doctor was a large tube of clear liquid with sparkling particles within it, the tube was also surrounded by numerous amounts of powders, syringes and a few weird looking fruits. The Doctor knelt down in front of the captive Prisoner and opened her mouth and slowly poured the water in. Stopping before the point where it was too much, he capped the bottle and placed it besides her. "I will leave that there, if this thing works alright on you it will calm your nerves and overcome that paralysis you have there. Heck it might boost that regenerative thing you got going on there." He smiled as he walked back by the tube.

Then the Cleric Teri came in, turning to her he saw shaking and the familiar sight of holding back tears. Wondering about this, he was worried for the cleric and the Prisoner, yet she wanted to help. "Relevance" was the word that came first in the good Doctor's mind. Trying to overcome a past fear maybe, still the Wanderer could see a clear definition of both past and present at this scene. "(It is crazy how many of these people are hurt ... mentally and physically.)" The Wanderer thought as she asked what to do.

"I think he should drink the Whiskey first after what he has seen." The Doctor Wanderer spoke as he looked towards the Whiskey also in Deadshot's cell. "I feel that you have the touch for this stuff, but right now I'm going to try a formula that heals both mentally and physically. It also adjusts to said person I am giving it too. So right now I will appoint you as my assistant seeing as you got the healing touch. Basically I am going to give her the injection and document it. A good task for you is that you should help her if anything goes wrong with it. Sure it is a risk, but it will help her very much" Doctor S said as he began to focus on his captive patent again.

With Deadshot interrupting him, Shawn was annoyed. "Drink your sleeping juice. If we remember, you owe ME payment. I think I deserve something for that task. So right now, just stay quiet, I need silence to heal this fine girl." The Doctor said harshly as he spoke to Deadshot, clearly they know each other well. Yet there was still some sleeping powder in the Whiskey Shawn placed in his cell.

Picking up a small syringe and filled it up with the clear he looked at it very carefully. "Oh and I know you have that regenerative ability, I was the one who shot your head off with that beam thing. Ugh, sorry for that." He nervously said as the liquid in the syringe turned gold with the sparkles still inside. "Ah, so that is your colour. You know how I said that this liquid needs to adjust to the person, well it just did." The Doctor smiled brightly with delight as he came closer with the needle.

"This will sting a little, but it won't leave a mark. So keep calm and breath, I'll promise you to cook one of my specialty dishes after this." Doctor S said with his glowing eyes sparked with not only curiosity but with other unknown elements. Placing himself besides her, he examined her face to make sure she did not have any other variables that might ruin the injection. "You have beautiful eyes. Strange, I find myself relating towards you. New to this world, a lone survivor and someone who has many powers. Yet we both had faced hardships ..." The Wanderer said with honesty before looking away with embarrassment and coughed. "Sorry for that, let me just ... " He spoke while he injected the needle inside Annie's arm.

The gold liquid drained away as it went inside the arm. Pulling it out, the Doctor instantly cleaned the syringe and pulled out a small book. "Okay, I will examine what will happen and document it." Shawn said hoping that his would work.

Hurt feelings.
Annie, Deadshot, Teri and the Wanderer/Doctor S.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

Listening to what Annie said next made the Doctor madly laugh just like a crazy professor from a cliche horror movie. "Ah haha, trust me if you did not fall down when you did, I would have killed you. As stable as I sound, I am probably the most insane person on this ship. Luckily enough I prefer to stick to being 'good' to say." He smiled as his hands were busy with packing up all of his doctoring equipment near the cell door.

"Also, everyone has a different definition of the word 'warrior'. Mine is about protecting the people who cannot protect themselves. To be the beacon of hope to everyone, but that definition depends on the place where you come from. In my world the world has ended, nations launched weapons at each other and salted the Earth. In other words, we made the apocalypse. It is truly a terrible world, yet I believe I am making it better ... " The Doctor reasoned and responded to another question as he packed the tube of clear liquid away. On the notes he placed down, it seemed to check the boxes and have the prototype name of "Angel Formula".

"Now what will we do with you. Honestly I wanted to help you because you have to serve your punishment, death is the easy end. A true Warrior would take on every consequence and overcome it. That is up to you though, I would love if you gained our trust and became another crew member." Doctor S still smiled, which might make it a little creepy now, although it still emitted a great aura of happiness.

"Now that you have had some water and that I have healed you. I will now return my equipment and then return with a meal for both of you. Although I have not got your name, but you should take it easy since the paralysis is still wearing off and the formula is still working it's magic." The Doctor said as he picked up his bag and started to walk away but placed a hand on Teri's shoulder. "You should keep it together, if you want to help more, grab her some new clothes and wash her down while I grab them a meal." He said to her with confidence and trust.

Opening the door and about to close it, he turned with eyes glowing with anger. "And if I find the angry steroid man ... don't blame me if I disembowel him and use his innards to make a noose to hang him with. It might make a good decoration." The Doctor's coat waved as he left, after stepping out of the room he began to hum a marry tune. It hurt that he did not gain any progress with the captive, he at least wants to become her friend and see her live.

Yet he was glad that his prototype formula worked.

Devon | Angie | Mel | Caim | Cadolbolg

Angelus shook her head with confusion at the sight before her, "I've seen my fair share of mortals, and I think, Melethia, it's safe to say that what has just occurred is a biological impossibility. Humans don't suddenly change sex on the fly.

Okay Devon, your attitude is certainly a good start, but we need to get to the bottom of this... Let's see, we have 3 doctors on hand, two of which know magic.. But who should we ask..?"

"Ask about what?"

Angelus blanched when she realized that Caim was standing in the doorway (Cadolbolg in tow), his blue eyes looking blank in confusion when his mind processed what he was seeing,

"He looks different...In fact, he looks kinda like a gir-"

"Both of you, OUT!"

"Not without an explanation! What's happened here? I'm not a doctor, Angelus, but I know something is seriously off when I see it!"

Angelus locked eyes with Caim, and shook her head, "We're trying to figure that out, alright? No just stay outside for the moment while we investigate. You being here is going to make it worse for Devon. She- He already feels bad enough. Not get! Sorry, Devon."

And with that, the warrior and one of his sons were forced out of the door, confusion still painted on their faces. It's not everyday your student's swapped genders and you're forced out of your room.

Teri's Mind | 'Tama' | Sadei

The newly dubbed 'Tama' shook her head laughing while extending her hand to Sadei, "Pffft, 'slit someone's throat for a nickel'? You've been scanning Our head more often, haven't you, kid? "

Following that, the handshake actually went though, no violence, no screaming matches... The Shadow was beginning to cooperate.

The Rising Dawn's Brig: Wanderer, Teri, Deadshot, Annie

"Angry steroid man? ...Dad did this...?"

Teri's experssion remained horrified for another moment before she wiped her face with a robe sleeve, getting the 'wet' look of teary eyes away for a brief moment, "Right, food and clothes. I can take care of that.."

Very gingerly, Teri moved to the inside of the cell, having Sadei morph into an arm bracelet again before holding up her hands in a gesture of peace, "I'm not going to hurt you. If anything, I'm gonna do what the Wanderer asked, and try to get you cleaned up, okay? And before you ask how I do this, just assume it's a magic trick."

She scribbled on her Tablet, and a metal washtub with steaming water appeared. Along with it, handcuffs, a bottle of soap, shampoo and conditioner, a scrub brush and a changing screen to accompany it. The Cleric gave a small flinch from the strain on her Author abilities, but did not stop with the procedure.

Following that, Teri stripped out of her heavy robes and folded them outside the cell, exposing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt underneath. Alongside her robes, her gloves and an assortment of other equipment that made her appear to be an RPG character were placed in the pile outside the cell. Once she was done, the only things that remained were bits of jewelry that were previously hidden by her clothes (Lucifer's sizable amulet, the rings), the circlet on her brow, and an odd looking belt. If anything else, she essentially gave the two prisoners a full view of the magical based equipment that she was packing (sans the stuff in her robe's pockets or the satchel's contents), something Teri hoped would help increase their trust of her.

Holding up the handcuffs, Teri explained how she intended this to go down, "Alright, here's how this is gonna work. While I don't agree with these shakles, or with what's happened here, I can't completely trust you either. I'm gonna put up the screen, and undo your shackles so you can ready yourself for this bath. However, if you try to turn into that giant again, I will be forced to restrain you with my magic. So, after that, these will go on your hands and we'll get the bath done. Okay?"

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