The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Teri | That Damn Comic Sans Envelope | Sadei

"It was just small things I picked up, really. I just wanted to know what Teri did for fun, you know. I'm guessing she liked Leviathan a bit? Not as much as all of these dragons, though..." While in there, Sadei tried to act as a comforting presence to Teri while Teri went to bathe Annie.

Ella | Caim | Cadolbolg

"Caim, is there something going on? I heard what was going on from down the hallway... who's that girl sobbing in the room? She sounds like she's really beaten down..." She clearly didn't know what Caim had seen, so Ella had no way of knowing that Devon was the one inside there.

Devon | Angie | Mel

Melethia's removal of the man's armor started revealing very odd things. Legs that, although hairy, were a lot slimmer than before for one. These led into slightly flared out hips that segued into a toned stomach that seemed cinched in by a corded belt, but the swellings on the chest led the two there to realize one thing: Devon might be many things, but a man he was no longer.

Of course, Devon's reaction was a relatively calm one considering what heshe was seeing. "I don't know... Angelus, I don't know which one could help here... what did I do to earn this?" Devon went to try and pull up the sheets in the hopes that somehow covering up would remove him from this nightmare. Of course, brushing up along the new chest only brought it home in a soul-crushing way that this was no dream.

Seeing that Devon was at least a bit more coherent, Melethia then went to her bag and pulled out the note that had dropped earlier. Even before Devon opened it, though, the fragrance was horrifyingly familiar. He read the stylized Inferal in a dumbstruck silence, hardly blinking as the gravity of the situation set in.

His eyes kept reading over the note as the events of the past two days washed over him - the zombie attack in Los Santos and the fierce negotiations to ensure Rugal lived, the whole chain of events with the Da Nang Boys including the infiltration of the ship, the huge attack on the military base that could have nearly gotten them all killed, destroying Caim's trust in him beyond that of a student, seeing a carbon copy of his former hometown being nearly destroyed by Annie thanks to his not pinning her down, and finally this insidious move by the Usurper of Hell...

With all of that flashing through Devon's mind, it was no surprise that he broke down into a full sob that could be clearly heard outside of the room.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal

Rugal was in a sort of haze as he started bottle number 3, but when Dimitri brought up the idea that Teri blamed herself for S'zami's death, he perked up a little.
"...No...She needn't blame herself...I shouldn't have invited her on board...I'm the reason she was killed...In fact, you know what? Edit her death record: C.O.D. (Cause of Death): Rugal fucking Bernstein..." He ordered as he laid back in his bed and took another large swig, but when he said his own name he threw the bottle at the wall, breaking it into a dozen pieces.
"...I've fucked up. Extremely, haven't I Dimitri?..." He asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

Rising Dawn: David West's Room: David, Ton Ton

"....*Sigh*..Right, Okay. Yes, Rugal is going something extremely bad, even by our standards. Just get Slindis or Teri to talk to him and he'll stand down and everything will be swell and dandy... I just-*yaaawwwwnnn*-Don't have the energy for this right now..." David said as he wiped his eyes, clearly just wanting to shut off for a hour or 2 after what had happened.

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Jenny, Slindis

"...I see...I think..." Jenny said, wondering what exactly Slindis meant by that.
"Still, I think you made just as big of an impact as I have. I know Teri and Melethia are lucky to have someone like you." She added as the walked.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Shawn, Annie, Teri

Grumbling after Shawn revealed he was being charged out of his Paycheck for the San Andreas gig, Deadshot resigned himself to sitting in the corner of his cell.
He didn't really have much input in Annie's treatment, partly due to not being associated kindly with the other Rising Dawn and Members and partly as the fear of getting water-boarded in a similar fashion had passed.
...Ah...She'll live...Now, back to getting out of here... He thought as Shawn and Teri began to clean her up, putting up a screen in front of his cell that that blocked him out.

Location: Kiln of the First Flame
Time: Immemorial

Red Mage | Lucieon | Eris | Solaire of Astora | Gwyn, Lord of Cinders

"CRYSTAL SOUL SPEAR!" Crystal light raged across the ashen landscape, tearing apart stone pillars and throwing the fine volcanic soot into the air around the combatants. Gwyn's old broken face stared hard at the Chosen Undead, one of many that had risen to dethrone him. His soul itself was already burnt to cinders and he could feel no need to panic. The spear struck Gwyn through the heart and passed him harmlessly. The old king raised his sword, flaming with the power of fire and leaped toward Lucieon.

A simple straight sword caught the blow from the burnt God and parried it away from Lucieon. From beneath a stark iron full helm, Solaire glowered at Gwyn, "Your quarrel is with me father." Solaire lunged forward and threw Gwyn from his balance and attack with a flurry of strikes from his Sunlight Straight Sword, taking chunks of aether from the God's body.

"FIRA!" A bolt of crimson flame caught Solaire square in the chest and launched him back toward the white fog gate. Red Mage landed nimbly on top of the sword-in-the-bonfire, his staff outstretched at the party. "This is as far as you go Chosen Undead. I will not allow the balance between Light and Dark to be upset in this world."

Lucieon grimaced and ducked away behind a stone pillar, saying nothing. But Eris, cloaked in the soft glow of White, charged at RM, her Dragon Greatsword at her side. Red Mage jumped out of the way when she brought the heavy stone blade crashing into the earth, but was caught unaware by the resulting magical shockwave. Red Mage found himself losing his faint footing on the ashen air and tumbling down into the soot piles.

Eris cracked a smile and pulled her sword out of the earth. If she could speak, no doubt she would have taunted the Mage in Red with vicious jabs.

Now they all stood across each other in a misshapen circle. Solaire and Gwyn stared each other down, flaming swords tight in their grips. Eris and Red Mage were about to clash again and Lucieon had hid himself in a faint corner of the arena, cursing his misluck. There was a sort silence in the action where the ash settled before Solaire, his infinite power forging a lightning bolt of power beyond mortal understanding, struck Gwyn in the heart. then the combatants flew at each other, magic and steel clashing in the Kiln. Lucieon uncorked his Estus and took a long drink, eyeing both Solaire's and Eris' fading health.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Night

Titania | Cz

Cz was walking down the hallway toward the Canteen, pondering on the little thoughts and emotions that had begun to stir in her heart, when the ambient temperature of the hallway dropped by about twenty degrees. Cz fell back toward the side wall and pressed herself closely against the cool metal. Wary of both sides of the hallway. Sure enough, an apparition appeared before long.

"Well well," Titania laughed as she materialized before Cz, "you grew up fast didn't you." She was sly and slight. Her green eyes narrow underneath a mat of well-groomed waist length hair. Her robes fluttered in the slight breeze generated by the temperature control. Titania placed her dainty hands on Cz's robe and brushed the fabric, feeling the warmth of her skin underneath.

Cz on the other hand was perturbed. Her eyes narrowed as Titania pressed herself closer and closer, the cold of the small girl ran across Cz's skin and forced goosebumps to appear on her arms. There was something unsettling about this one. Not particularly in the sense that she was not human, as it was with most other members of the Rising Dawn, but rather that she was incomprehensible to even a Peacemaker. A creature that existed outside of rational logic. "You were the one from earlier." Cz said coolly, recalling the swift kick to the stomach Titania had given her in the Canteen when she had still been in her compact form.

"Oh yes," Titania said, "that was me." The Queen of Fairies moved her hands up along Cz's sides. "No hard feelings right?"

"What do you want," Cz asked only because she could not comprehend the little white haired girl's intentions. Previously she had been aggressive to a fault, and now the subdued physical intimacy seemed completely and utterly confusing. Moreover, unlike Shannon and Jenny, Titania was not warm and soft, but rather cold and hard.

"I have a proposition for you, that's all," Titania said coyly, placing her head underneath Cz's bosom in a 'hug.' "I think even you might find it most agreeable, even as the dumb doll that you are."

BlackHarte | A.I. Vermillion

"I mean no enmity," BlackHarte said softly, his body beginning to shift and churn in the digital space. Almost as if his constituents had begun to bicker among themselves. "For one thing I take. I must given up another thing." His voice was slightly distorted, but still understandable.

BlackHarte turned his attention toward the body relinquished from his grasp and torn out of the floor. "Stupid people," he muttered, referring to Rugal, "why take dead that already. What done have I do this? Must stop his being from being existing this place."

BlackHarte paused and turned toward A.I. Vermillion, "Protect the people by making them not die. We not living. But want live. To live another must die. Enough not biomass. Body new maketh." The mass of nanites gave a sharp cracked laugh, "S-one of D-rkn-ss. It --ne is by b--ng mi-e. M--e mi-e mine! Corrupt by not being pure yes die now what!?"

Again the surface of BlackHarte's body rippled, and the technomorph regained some of his composure. "What was that...?" BlackHarte turned around and looked at the dead body, "What is she dead? Why did I not save her? Why did no one save her? Life is precious. Why. What." BlackHarte paused again, "Who is that? Who are you?"

Sea of Chaos
Location: Outer Worlds
Time: Distorted

Nessaj | Armageddon

Fire. Fire was everywhere. In the absolute cold darkness, which should have been only punctuated by the faint white light of stars and worlds, fires raged in massive clouds. There was so much anger and chaos in the sea that Nessaj could hardly believe it. He urged Armageddon onward, the rider and steed drove through the fiery clouds toward a distant world. He had been tasked with on goal by the Lord of Nightmares, and that goal clanked heavily in his chest. The Stone of Darkness, forged by misdemeanor in timeless past was smothering the chaotic flames in his heart. Fire that should have presided in Chaos was now leaking into the world of Order and upsetting the realities.

He needed to make it past the stars and into a world that he knew would be a safe place to hide from that which sought the stone. One last time he urged Armageddon faster toward the world before him. A star made of brilliant sapphire blue light.

The (Un)real World
Location: Writer's Beach | Hawaii
Time: October 12, 2013

Armageddon | Nessaj

The rider slumped against a palm tree, exhausted. His orange flames had nearly completely died out. But he felt at peace. the waved washed against the black sands in a steady rhythm, and the soft calls of the ocean rang through his hollow body. Armageddon was sitting nearby eating some of the lush green grass that grew nearby. Despite the warmth of the Autumn sun, he was cold. As cold as he had ever been.

It was almost too late. Almost too late, when Nessaj saw the wide-brimmed hat bob up and down through the foliage. "Long time since I've heard anything about this place." The distant figured muttered. His voice was boyish. Not quite a man grown, but no longer a child either. Nessaj turned his head and looked at him. Not enough strength in the rider to call out.

"I wonder if anyone left anything here from the last arc."

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Jenny, Slindis

"I just try to show them how to do things properly, even if some of it does involve rather strenuous training, Tira knows I've had to struggle to get any sort of coordination with Teri, and I've had to work hard with Rugal to get her any kind of endurance. It's a good thing Garm's around to aid her, because otherwise I'd be extremely concerned with havin her in any real fights." It was odd how she could confide so easily in Jenny, but Jenny felt like a long-lost teammate or sibling of sorts. To be fair, it also helped that they were around the same height - something Slindis was actually glad about, since it didn't mean that she had to crane her neck to look into her eyes.

If anything, the drow was calm in her own way. Bit odd considering what had happened over the past few days, but it looked like she'd seen crazier stuff before and arrived on the other side of it intact.

Doctor Chef Shawn.
Wanderer/Shawn/Doctor S.
Location: Rising Dawn | Roof/Shawn's Sniper Shack.

The wind of the roof still felt like razor blades as the good Doctor and Wanderer, Shawn stepped out of the elevator to the roof. "Annie Leonhardt ... I'll be sure to remember her name." He said and clicked his heels together as he came upon his Shack's entrance. The turrets immediately recorded him as a owner and soon SID his mister handy robot came out and welcomed him back. "It is good to be back, I'm just here to grab some cooking ingredients and drop off my supplies." Shawn said with a smile as he placed his liquid and other science/medical equipment down in his workshop.

Walking outside his self made home with the ingredients, it only took a couple of minutes for the Wanderer to wander into the kitchen. Ignoring the chef imps, he immediately put on a chef apron and hat. Planning the meal he decided to cook noodles and his signature omelette to Annie, for Deadshot he will do Mac n' Cheese and Brahmin Wellington.

Turning on the cooking machines he will use, he prepared his ingredients. Being the complete insane person he is, he went to the radio the imps were playing and smacked it. Soon a song played as he began to cook up the dishes. Yet he did not realize that he cooked for sustenance and not quality. Perfect for the prisoners, although the recipes he was cooking were from the finest places in his home, the Wastelands.

Soon enough the song filled the kitchen, canteen and the halls near the canteen.

Rising Dawn: David West's Room: David, Ton Ton

Ton Ton gave David a small nod before hopping off the bed, "I think I'll do that. Thank you, Mr. David. At the very least, you did help me think this through a little bit..."

After leaving David's room, however, Ton Ton heard a familiar voice over the intercom: "Your confrontation with User: Slindis will not be necessary, User: Ton Ton. I've already seen to the matter."

Ton Ton was a little confused by the message, but shrugged his shoulders. There wasn't any reason to NOT trust the AI (after all, he was made by his very Writer), and said, "Uh...Okay. I guess that's the end of that... Is the rude lady okay?"

"She has been attended to by Her Ladyship and User: The Wanderer. Do not fret."

Ton Ton perked up after that, saying, "Great! So she will be okay then... Welp, I'm off. Good luck with Bernstein." before walking off to the Canteen.

"I won't be needing it."

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal

Dimitri paused, having relayed his message to the Tonberry, and spoke to Rugal, "The C.O.D will be changed sir, on account of the factor of your emotional distress and your current levels of inebriation. That being said, you were not the murderer in question. Subject: Annie Leonheardt is to blame for that.

In regards to your methods of information gathering, yes. You did indeed cause quite a bit of problems. User: Jenny would have been more than sufficient to find the appropriate data necessary for your queries. All of that being said, however, and I will take a leaf out of the metaphorical book of past and Present users in saying this, but is not the fact that you feel something regarding these actions a good sign? The guilt you feel is still a sign that you are able to atone for your actions. At least, I feel that is what Her Ladyship or User: Slindis would say..."

Teri's Mind Sadei | Tama

Tama gave a thumbs up to Sadei's efforts to comfort their shared body, and added, "Yeah, Leviathan was pretty tight, but Bahamut, he was the shit. As for the dragon thing, there's a reason I manifested as one at first... We've loved dragons since We were a child. It's only natural I assumed that form when given a place of power."

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Annie, Teri

Teri looked to the floor when Annie accused the Dawn of being willing to use any sort of means to gather information, and shook her head, "That's not true. At least, not completely. I thought Da- I mean, Rugal, was better than that. As far as I remember, torture is not usually on the list of methods the Dawn employs. It's certainly not something I condone."

Looking back up again, she held up the cuffs again, "As for helping you, it's simply the right thing to do. As a wise man once said, 'You don't need a reason to help people.' Sure, you've done some really bad things, but I'd want you to go to a prison and atone for your sins, not be brutalized here. I can even say the same for that man in the cell next to you, even though what he's done is wrong too. Now, how about that bath?"

Ella | Caim | Cadolbolg

Caim scratched the back of his head with an expression of discomfort, and looked away, "I don't know if you should go in there. It's a bit complicated at the moment. We think a spell went wrong with Devon and it's made him kinda sick. Just let Angelus and Melethia try to sort it out."

Cadolbolg, however, being the honest child he was, turned his head in confusion and let the cat out of the bag, "You mean that thing that turned him into a girl, right? Yeah, it's safe to say Friend Devon's more than a little upset about that."

So much for being discreet.

Devon | Angie | Mel

Angelus hung back a little as Devon vented out her frustrations regarding the last couple of days, not really sure how to comfort the bard. However the sight of the note did bring up a few questions,

"Devon... I know this is stressful for you right now, as well as what you've with me about earlier, but perhaps you could tell us what that note says? I'm afraid myself or Melethia cannot read that language, whatever it is. And if I am to understand correctly, it has to do with your predicament?"

BlackHarte | A.I. Vermillion

Vermilion only looked at BlackHarte with an air of confusion, seeing as the nanite being had suddenly shifted to a moment of nonsensical jabber, and then switched back to sounding dignified and coherent. The process of the change was unsettling, to say the very least. However, Vermilion did what she could to answer all the questions properly (and possibly bring some sense of normalicy back to the conversation),

"I am AI Vermilion, one of several currently on the Rising Dawn. That being in the morgue was under the name S'zami. She was killed by a poison that was not detected until too late... Do you remember who you are, BlackHarte?"

Teri | Tama | Sadei

In an odd way, Sadei was finding it incredibly easy to talk to Tama. Perhaps the contrast helped with this? "Well, you're more than happy to give her her edge, so one of us has to be able to provide her with comfort here. Now that I know more, though, it really makes sense that you did go for a dragon. And what's Leviathan but a dragon of the seas?"

Ton | Imps

When Ton-Ton entered the Canteen, he could feel the disquieting presence of a Daemon in there, but it felt odd. Was it mixed with something else? It didn't feel too strong, but the fact that there was one there in the first place and he hadn't noticed it before now was reason to worry in itself.

Devon | Angie | Mel

Surprisingly, Melethia went and did her best to help comfort the funny Bard lady. Maybe it was because she'd seen the former man doing his best to help the others, or maybe because it was just kind of sad to see this happening to someone that was such a good friend of Teri and Ella. "We'll help get ya through this, okay? Just get it all out an' we'll start gettin' ready to make the person that did this change ya back."

Devon did her best to get some semblance of coherency so she could at least explain the note to them the best she could. "I-it has everything to do with it... it's her doing this, and I can't do anything to change it... not unless I want to completely give myself up to her. I can't, I just can't! I don't know what sh-she wants, but the fact that she went this far means it can't be good... what can I do now if Ageha's got me screwed no matter what I choose?" It was still rather hard to discern the meaning of what Devon was saying, but it would be hard to most anyone to keep their composure when the only way to regain their identity was by making a deal with the devil.

Ella | Caim | Cadolbolg

Ella saw Caim and Cadolbolg running off somewhere near her, and something told her that she needed to follow them. She wasn't quite sure what the feeling was, exactly, but that same gut had gotten her to Devon and out of hell, then later back into the safe embrace of the Rising Dawn.

"Just let them try to sort this out? Screw that! I need to check up on Devon, and to hell with you if you're going to stop me!" It was a bit of a surprise when Ella pulled out her Kama from the Wheel and used it to pry the door open and rushed over to the distraught Devon right when she mentioned Ageha's name.

"You... What... My mom? How could she...? Why would she...?" The Demi-succubus was beginning to tremble, and her quiet voice held a lethal edge to it. Her mood wasn't helped when she read the letter that Ageha had sent, and her body tensed up in anger. How dare she do this to Devon?

Unfortunately, this wasn't helping Devon's state too much and Angelus could see that her pupil was starting to curl up on the bed again.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal just kept blankly staring at the ceiling, the rage that filled him earlier now gone.
"...I don't know...Just...It was strange....It felt like...I just switched off and became...Well..."Me"..." He sighed, the entire torture would just be another day in his former life.
Hell, it'd be his 5pm appointment right before dinner.
"...I would like to be alone...Send that report, Sign it under Mr. West. UNIT still isn't entirely aware I'm running this ship." He ordered as he walked over to the mirror and began glaring at himself.
...So much for changing... He thought as he stared
"Damn fucking straight." His other side answered

He paused for a moment as his reflection seemed to respond to him, a Evil smile on it's face as he held up a glass of wine.
"...Cheers..." It mocked before taking a sip.
It was then Rugal realized that he had just done the same, causing him to freak out and punch the mirror, smashing it in to a dozen pieces.
"....God, I'm losing it..."

Rising Dawn: David West's Room: David, Ton Ton

Shutting the door after Ton Ton left, David then locked it, looking to get some peace or at least not be in the crossfire when everyone went after Rugal for...Well, being Rugal.
He feel face first on the bed before drifting off to sleep, not even bothering to dry himself off after that shower he had

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Jenny, Slindis

"True. Still, She has lots of years left, I'm certain she'll be just fine..." Jeny reassured the Drow, noting she seem a lot less Tense all of a sudden.
Then again, who here was tense around the resident psychiatrist.
"...God, I'm losing it..." They heard Rugal groan a few rooms down right after the loud sound of glass breaking.
"...What was that?...Was that Rugal?"

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Shawn, Annie, Teri

"...Yeah, Don't mind me. Just...sitting here..." Deadshot mused as there was most likely some R-rated Girl-on-Girl action going on behind that screen, he was just counting the seconds before he heard someone "Rub my back."
It was then that Annie began to go on about her values and whatnot.
"She might be onto something...Teri, was it?...I mean, I managed to pay off 2 cops to help me kill over 100'000 people because someone else pay paid me to. In the end, it all comes back to money..." He mused, attempting to inject himself into the conversation.
The sound of struggling and splashing as Annie reacted put him on the edge though, prompting him to sit up and attempt to make out what was going on, just in-case it was a situation of "Like Father, like Daughter.".
"...Annie...You okay?...Are you okay, Annie?...Come on, work with me, what happened?" He asked, accidentally quoting Micheal Jackson in the process.

Location - The Rising Dawn's Brig: Teri, Annie, Deadshot

Deadshot was more relieved then he let on when Annie answered him, returning to his sitting position once she was done.
"...So? Dude was selling a means to kill a Titan. I can't see why the hell someone wouldn't want that...No offense..." He said, recalling that she herself was a Titan.
"Still, you get that everywhere. Get me a large enough Checkbook, I'll buy you a Army Issue Main Battle Tank right from the General himself. Give me extra for a tip and I can even get a pretty red bow on it as well. No one is going to stop a man from buying more weapons then he will realistically ever need...
Least in this country, Gotta love America..."
He added, adding a low chuckle to the end of his statement.
"But yeah, Always lookout for No.1! That Merc-101 right there..."

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Dimitri

Dimitri could see that his work was indeed done, considering how Rugal had realized the error of his ways... Hopefully. With a simple,

"It will be done"

The AI made his presence much quieter now, as he returned to his surveillance of the ship.

Ton | Imps

Ton Ton felt himself grow on edge when the Daemon-like presence hit him, and looked around the room with an air of caution. Already as he approached the group of imps, the Tonberry felt on edge, his weapons appearing to him without willing them too. That alone was more than enough to alert Ton Ton that he was close to his query. But where did it lie? Only one way to find out.
"Daemon, by the power vested in me by my Mistress, I command you to show yourself and not wallow in your cowardice of hiding among the Imps ranks!"

Devon | Angie | Mel | Ella | Caim | Cadolbolg

Caim and Cadolbolg found themselves being shoved out of the way by an angry succubus, and didn't even try to fight. They knew that she was Devon's beloved, so she had some right to know what was going on with the bard. However, upon seeing Devon curl up in an attempt to defend himself from Ella's rage (even if it wasn't directed towards him at all). However, hearing the parts about Ageha being Ella's mother (as well as Ella being outraged) was more than enough to incriminate the new ruler of hell. Caim felt his hand go to his sword on reflex, anger rising in his breast when he knew someone other than Devon's magic had caused this affliction,

"Where is she? This 'Ageha'? I believe we need to pay her a visit and show her what happens when you mess with one of our own...."

Cadolbolg's tail swished dangerously, almost reflecting his father's attitude when it came to punishing Ageha for messing with one of his better buddies. However, Angelus stepped in again,

"Calm yourselves, all of you. Before we start worrying about finding the guilty party, I think there is a more pertinent matter."

Giving a sharp glance to the now sobbing wreck that was Devon, Angelus drew the covers over Devon in a manner Caim found familiar...It was rather similar to how she had acted around the Cuties when they fell asleep,

"We're going to work through this Devon. However, the first things first. You're absolutely certain that this character is the one responsible? Before we can do anything to reverse this, we need to make a plan, alright?

.....And, is there anything you'd want us to do right this moment? Do you wish to be left alone?"

Teri's Mind | Tama | Sadei

Tama grinned, well, moreso than her "mortal" form would allow, the Glasglow cuts grinning grimly, "Exactly. Leviathan, Bahamut, any sort of dragony being appealed to us. The dragon was a form We always associated with power, so power I took. As for mental stability, seeing as I exist at all, that's probably more your forte.

Huh, this ain't so bad...I almost feel, pleasant...."

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Garm, Annie, Teri

"SHIT! I'm so sorry, Annie!"

When Annie reacted as she did to the water, Teri's swear reverberated in the room, an obvious indicator that the Cleric was distressed by accidentally triggering the Titan Shifter with the water,

"Again, sorry about that. I'll a lot more careful with the water next time..."

Garm had wandered in at this point at the sound of all the noise, but relaxed when he saw nothing wrong with his pup, and settled by the pile of Teri's things, keeping a close eye on Deadshot and Annie as Teri did her job.

Teri gave a wave to the wolf, and then focused her hands over the water, a silver cross necklace that was wrapped around her wrist acting as a divine focus as the water rose in a small column, "Just stick your head in that when you need to rinse off."

After instructing Annie about the column, she paused and thought over what both Deadshot and Annie said and then answered back, "I don't think that people are inherently good or evil. It's a matter of the choices you make to achieve your ends. Even if the both of you have done terrible things, if you have a will and a desire to do good, then you can make yourselves good. I-"

Teri paused, looking to the ground again as she remembered what she had wrought as an Author, the countless sorrows and burdens given to those she controlled, the lives she had taken with the powers given to her, and the carnage created in the Otohime mech when rage overtook her. Closing her eyes for a moment, the Cleric wiped the moisture threatening to accumulate on them with a spare arm before continuing,

"Lord knows I've killed people too. In horrible ways even, methods that I've long regretted using. But I'm trying to change that now. If the world is so bad, then I have to make myself a force of good in it. If everyone in the world just lies down and accepts the world is so bad, then what's going to change, Annie? Nothing.

Even if myself and a few others are the ones willing to do good in the world, it's better than nothing at all. And that, to me, is why I feel my God hasn't forsaken me just yet. It's because I try. And I try, and I keep trying! I know I'm going to keep screwing up, but how else will I learn how to do it right the next time? If I just gave up on working to be of use when I first came aboard this ship, I wouldn't be here. If you gave up the first time you tried your military training, you wouldn't have had the skills you have now. If Deadshot...Er... Well, he's good with a gun, right? Even he had to start somewhere with earning his moniker.

And I believe the same of you both trying to be good. If you want to be good, you have to work for it. Maybe the results won't be the same, but if you really regret the crimes you committed, I believe there is hope for you yet.... Do you understand now?"

Teri | Tama | Sadei

Sadei went and handed Tama some tilapia on rice while she continued to talk. In a way, her childish enthusiasm could be infectious. Perhaps the contrast helped with this? "Strength is always nice, but there's something to be said about not having to use it to harm. maybe something to protect others? It's what that Drow Slindis does and did...

Come to think of it, I like the passion you give Teri too. As long as it doesn't go too far, it's invigorating!"

Ton | Imps

On that rather bold challenge, Ton-Ton found that just about every imp in the Canteen along with a good majority of those in the kitchen popped in to start the assault, and the light scent of perfume that they all had quickly became cloying in such close proximity. If it wasn't for his natural fortitude, he might have become sick to his stomach!

"Don't you get it, little knight? We aren't hiding in the ranks: We've overtaken them. Now die."

The rather large force spoke in unison as it charged the Tonberry, and a good distance away from the door as well. Ton-Ton's knife would have to cut through nearly four dozen imps without tiring - many of which had made his food and drinks for himself and his family many times.

Needless to say, something had gone very wrong, especially from the confused thoughts he was getting from his buddy Cadolbolg. And his only way to make sense of it would involve a rather fierce fight.

Devon | Angie | Mel | Ella | Caim | Cadolbolg

After a translation of what the note said in a language everyone could understand, Ella tapped her foot and scowled. "Devon knows she's stuck, and for good reason. Would you hand over a blank check to your soul over where the person on the other side has control of all of the terms? Damnit, Ageha! You just couldn't leave well enough alone with us, could you!?"

Surprisingly, Melethia went and did her best to help comfort the funny Bard lady. Maybe it was because she'd seen the former man doing his best to help the others, or maybe because it was just kind of sad to see this happening to someone that was such a good friend of Teri and Ella. "Oh, wow... Dirty move there. If I see her, I'll get this woman right in between the ribs."

Upon Angelus' question, she gave a frightened nod as she did her best to not really touch her new parts in the vain hope that ignoring them would make them go away. "Yeah...that's her... I know that handwriting and that perfume... I wish I knew what to do, but I don't, okay? I wish I could do something to change this, but I can't do anything about this... Could anyone? And Melethia, why would you be so kind to someone that's caused so much trouble for you?" ALthough it wasn't a lot, Devon was certainly appreciating Angelus' caring for her and showed it by getting a bit closer to both Angie and Melethia.

"Ya wanna know why? Since you've been here, you've been passed only by my sis in doin' all ya can to help others. Sure, some of it might be silly, but there's no way we'd made it this far without ya. And ya know? I never forgot when ya gave me some of your own blood to keep me alive." With that, Melethia nearly crushed the newly-minted Devon with a rather tight hug. One thing that was rather apparent to both Angelus and Ella, though, was that Devon's old boxers were extremely ill-fitting.

"Redscale, Miss Ella, wanna find Sis? She's gonna need some underclothes that fit: The armor might resize, but it won't be nice against some areas there." She looked over to the two, ready to find Teri.

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Teri | Tama | Sadei

Tama accepted the food, and gave a little wave over it, adding some additional meat to the dish, "Thanks munchkin.

But yeah, Passion. Anger. That's where I dwell. It's probably why I like the training Dad gave Us so much. It's what I like doing. I'm up close and personal when it comes to how I deal with shit. But... If fussy britches (Teri) wants to not hurt anyone, and is willing to take the steps to do that; I'll support it. But if someone's trying to kill us, I still think it's a bit silly to not want to fight back. But I'm the violence in Our head, so take me with a grain of salt. And speak of the devil... Oh, this bitch pisses me off. I fucking hate nihilists."

The droplets of blood that dripped from the Glasgow grin grew in number as Sadei could feel the rage growing between Teri and her inner darkness.... Fury fed the Shadow, and Teri was desperately trying to keep herself reigned in.

The Rising Dawn's Brig: Deadshot, Annie, Teri, Garm

Teri was surprised by Annie's cold rejection to her appeal for compassion, and the more she listened to Annie's speech about how humans weren't were jack squat, the more she felt anger rise in her chest, especially with the comparison to dogs being put into play, what with Garm being right there. The Cleric felt an intense desire to slap Annie right now for her words, but knew that would be well beside the point. Instead, she kept her silence as she scribbled on her Tablet to give Annie a change of clothes (to which they did appear on her form, rather than in her arms), make the items in the cell disappear, and reattach the shackles to Annie's arms (which Annie also noticed had a snugger but much softer feeling to). Following that, she left the cell and began to put her magical equipment back on, speaking as she did so,

"I will have to disagree with you, Annie, on several accounts. The first being on my view of you. I would not see you as scum if you did as you said you would. Rather, I would see you as a threat to those around you, which brings me to the second line of thought.

Life is precious. All of it, from the lowest dog," she spat that word with a venom that could have emulated what Annie used on her blades, "to the richest billionaire. And frankly, I've noticed that you don't cherish it one bit. The reason I have agonized for what I have done is that I realized what happens when I take a life. Each person who dies by my hand means something to somebody, be it a family member, a neighbor, or a person they say hi to walking down the street. So, I have taken steps to reduce that number. But you? Oh, you great hypocrite!

You try to make me feel bad by saying that my efforts are in vain when I try to do something about the state the world's in and what do you do? What HAVE you done? You've added to that pain. You've added to that suffering. The moment you decided to kill S'zami with your poisoned blade, and when you decided to become a Titan, you added to that problem. You didn't have to do that. You could have kept the conflict between our group and you. Hell, even running to the Desert would have been a better move.

But what did you do? You ran right into the city. You destroyed homes, killed hundreds of thousands of innocents, and attacked a place not equipped to deal with people with your degree of power. The police, or the fire men, or any other sort of force to defend weren't the problem there, Annie. You were.

I admit, I did try to appeal to your better nature. I hoped that there was something inside you that wanted to be good. I still do, actually. But you also forget one thing, Annie. To be a better person, to be GOOD, you need to take action; not just declare your attempts to be good. The declaration is but the first step. The rest of it is DOING things to help, not just complaining about how bad it is. I never said that I alone could solve any of the problems you listed. I said I was one who was trying to do at least a little bit more good than what was before. So, even if I can't solve all the problems out there, I do make SOMETHING better. And you know what, that's not the only way to do good things. You can do good by fighting against a particular problem you don't agree with, such as starvation or pollution. Even if your voice is small, joined with others, it makes SOMETHING of a difference.

Teri took a moment to breathe before shaking her head, "Your apathy will lead you to unhappiness, no matter what you do. If all you think you say or do will lead you to nothing, or has no point, why do you even want to live? You certainly put enough effort into keeping yourself alive.... Garm, let's go."

And with that, the Cleric mounted her wolf, and walked out the Brig, leaving Annie and Deadshot alone in their thoughts. Along the way however, a 'ping' appeared over the rings, and Teri found herself being pulled into another issue of some kind... Something with Devon?

Ton | Imps

Ton took his stance, his knife at the ready, but somewhat unwilling. What had lead to these imps to be possessed by his greatest enemy? Regardless, he knew that once the Daemons took hold like this, it was far to gone to recover the Imps. So, in charged the Tonberry, Knife flashing and Lantern at the ready,

"I gotta be careful, or else this will end like the time before I was taken from the Mistress. I must be strong! Cadolbolg, can you hear me? I need your help!"

Sending his call to aid to his Pact Partner, Ton began his beginning sweep to one of the imps, the Daemon Hunting blade cutting down his first opponent like butter on a heated blade. The second to attack received a blade in the eye, the third a whack of the Lantern. However, many more were willing to take their place. This was not going to be easy on Ton Ton's own...

Devon | Caim | Cadolbolg | Angie | Mel | Ella |

"Alright, Devon. Teri'll be here in a few moments.."

Cadolbolg perked up immediately after hearing his pact partner's cry, and vacated from Caim's shoulder without a second thought. Obviously, Ton Ton needed his aid, and what sort of shoddy pact partner would Cadolbolg be if he didn't answer?

Caim was slightly surprised by his son's quick departure, but shrugged, supposing the action to be on part of Ton Ton or some kind of childish vigor. In fact, it may be a good thing that Cadolbolg flew off. Gaining independence wasn't so bad...

However, the peace that was the realm of Caim's thoughts did not last for long, as Teri arrived on wolf back and hopped into the room. However, what the Cleric did not expect was for Devon to be, well, as she was....

"Devon..? My eyes must be deceiving me, because the last time I checked, you weren't a girl..."

"Master of subtly you are, Cleric."

"Caim, there is a reason she's here, remember? Now, would you kindly sit outside? Teri, we need your help in garment acquisition. Particularly of the kind that women wear.."

Teri blinked a little, and waited to Caim to leave, (and noticed Caim just gave a sort of disinterested snort where Teri was concerned) before scribbling on the Tablet and poofing in a variety of undergarments for Devon to try to her fancy (seeing as no one knew the proper type for the situation. However, with the bath Annie got and all the other things poofed and de poofed, it was readily apparent that Teri was starting to get winded from the efforts. Teri slumped in a chair after doing her work and waved a hand in questioning, "So... How?"

Doctor Chef Shawn. INSANE trigger activated.
Wanderer/Shawn/Doctor S.
Location: Rising Dawn | Main Kitchen.

While the ship was relaxing yet tense due to the latest battle, loud screaming could be heard from the canteen.


Was mostly the phrase used before I giant clash of metal clanged through the halls. In the actual kitchen, the Lone Wanderer was in the middle of cooking when his insane trigger was pulled due to the amount of technology in the room. Right now he wore a deep pan on his head and was throwing multiple knifes at every single thing in the room, apart from his ingredients of course. The Imps in the kitchen were scared as they hid from the chef looking Doctor.

Soon even more crashing was heard as the Wanderer knelt down on the table next to his work station in the kitchen.
"Oh Father, why did you leave me ... TO MAKE DINNER. I don't know how to do this shit!" He yelled in the kitchen and grabbed a almost escaped Imp. "See, this pepper shaker doesn't work." He commented as he almost snapped the neck of a Imp but dropped it in sadness. "FUCK YOU NARRATOR, you don't control me!" Was the words he yelled towards me. *Sigh* This happens quite a lot to this man.

"Stop ... talking, you ass." He muttered as he prepared the ingredients in the meantime Actually managing to set up everything for cooking, he stepped back and searched through his Pip-Boy. Suddenly wearing a welder's mask and wielding a flamethrower (Flamer in Fallout) he began to cook the food with it. Soon enough, the flames started to fill the kitchen. Luckily for the occupants they escaped before the flames reached them.

The Wanderer then began to yell and laugh insanely now!
He said out of control but suddenly the sprinklers turned on and put out both the flames and the flamethrower. Taking his welder's hat off and putting his flamer back where it came from, he looked at the dishes and marveled with sparkles in his eyes. "Hmmm, Perfect'o" He muttered as he plated them up and started to skip to the Brig again.

EDIT for Ton Ton.

Yet, more imps poured out from the kitchen where loud music and yelling came from. It seemed to be on fire and soon it was out. If it wasn't worse enough a weird smiling, Doctor man came out skipping with two plates of weird food. Weirdness and madness was a highlight of this event.

Rising Dawn | Brig

Skipping towards the brig, the Wanderer certainly disturbed many of the ship's crew and possibly AI ... even a women he had never met before but looked prone to a chainsaw or two. Not caring a bit, when he came to the brig once more he coughed and cleared his throat, then suddenly Teri came out, mounted her wolf (Which he just noticed) and left, having his hands full the Wanderer only waved goodbye with a sort of creepy smile. The Wanderer knew something went on in there.

The insane part of him has stopped firing for now. Kicking open the door lightly, the metal clang lightly filled the brig as the Doctor looking Wanderer came in again. "Hello everyone and thing. I have bought dinner for our one lovely prisoner and our very faceless and dirty other prisoner who I may experiment on later but that does not get in the way of a good dinner!" He yelled in a happy tone as he started to place the meals down, just noticing the dark atmosphere..

Going by Deadshot's cell, he still saw the Whiskey he placed inside still not drank.
Frowning towards Deadshot that he had not drank his totally spiked Whisky, Shawn placed his meal on the ground.
"Okay, after this ... drink your damn sleeping juice grandpa!" He said to the prisoner as he shuffled his tray in.

In case the pictures did not say anything, it was Mac n' Cheese (From the pre-war era) and some Mutant cow wellington.
Moving past the next cell quickly, the Good Doctor came up Annie within a weird feeling. Placing the meal down in worry he retreated back, grabbed a chair and pulled it in front of Annie's cell. "So ... here is your meal. You can do me a favor and tell me how you are feeling and the possibility of what happened."

With the meal, it was clear Annie got the better deal.
It was simple noodles and his very own Wasteland omelette, filled with many kinds of mystery meats.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: David West, Ton Ton, Imps


While Shawn's power ballad would be lauded at any other time, the fact he timed his cooking with the first decent wink of sleep that David had gotten over the last few days quickly resulted in the reverse being true.
".......AHHHHHHHHHRRGGGG!" The Sniper screamed as he pulled himself out of bed wearing only his jeans, Gun Holster and socks and began marching towards the Canteen and the source of that racket.

Kicking though the door, he shouted "RIGHT! WHO THE HELL IS PLAYING STAN BU-...."
In his efforts, he managed to attract every single rouge Imp in the room, seeing how he was a MUCH larger target then Ton Ton.
An extremely awkward en passe ensured as he saw what was going on, only to be broken by-
"Oh Father, why did you leave me ... TO MAKE DINNER. I don't know how to do this shit!"
"...*Sigh*...God Dammit Wanderer..." David cringed before the Imps Resumed their attack.

Thinking fast, he rolled to the side and grabbed the fire extinguisher off the wall before throwing at the nearest charging Imp, The Metal canister weighting more then he did.
In the same motion, he pulled his M500 from it's holster before firing at the Red Object, causing it to blow and fill the room with a Blinding white smoke.
Quickly getting swarmed, What followed was something worthy of the song that Shawn was violating in the next room.

"After all is said and done
You've never walked, you've never run,
You're a winner."

"AHHHH! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" He shouted as 5 of them managed to latch onto him before clawing at him, pulling at his hair and face and generally re-creating the Graveyard scene from Army of Darkness.
Slamming his back to the wall to rid the one on his back, his arm scrambled for the first object he could find: A fork.
Using it to the best of his abilities, He managed to pull one off his face before stabbing it though it's wing and pinning it to the wall, unable to free itself.
This led to one climbing up the back of his head and pounding on his head like a set of bongo drums.

"You got the moves, you know the streets
Break the rules, take the heat
You're nobody's fool."

Trashing from Pain, he did what seemed like a good idea at the time: Picking up a plate and crashing it over his head in order to knock it off his head, you can imagine how well that worked, what with the Imp wisely moving out of the way.
"Owwwwww...I deserved that" He groaned before the offender climbed back on, allowing him to grab hold of him this time.
Struggling with it, He managed to grab it by the horns before shoving it into the Salad bar, attempting to drown it in a vat of Mayonnaise.

"You're at your best when when the goin' gets rough
You've been put to the test, but it's never enough."

This was of course until No.4 managed to nail him in the back with one of the Canteen's folding chairs, WWE Style.
"OWWWWWW! YOU SON OF A-" The Sniper growled as he attempted to take the Chair away from his attacker, each side pulling in an attempt to wrestle control over it.
Smirking, he then let go, causing the Imp to end up striking himself in the face and knocking himself out.
He then pulled out his gun and charged the remaining Imps.

"You got the touch
You got the power
When all hell's breakin' loose
You'll be riding the eye of the storm"

Holding his extremely large gun by the barrel, he began using it as a Blunt Object, slamming the butt of it into the attacking swarm, not having enough of an opening to line up a shot.
While he wasn't as strong as the likes of Rugal or Caim, He was able to hit with enough force to Bat them out of the air and into the walls and tables of the Canteen.
"You got the heart
You got the motion"

This went on until it was just him and the Head Imp remaining, the latter clearly realizing this ambush was going a lot better a few minutes ago.
Still, it was able to get the upper hand, grabbing David's Weapon before attempting to fire it at the Sniper.
"OH SHI-" He managed to get out before his instinct kicked in, prompting up to flip a table and take cover.
The Head Imp fired, though the Recoil and Kickback was enough to give West time to react: Jumping over the Table and Drop-kicking him into the Order Counter, causing to crash into it and leave a sizible dent in the male.
"You know that when things get too tough
You got the touch."

"oohhhhh...Fuck...My...Life..." He groaned in pain as he laid in the middle of a competely ruined Canteen, with Imps laying on the floor and walls all around him doing the same.
Shawn then skipped by, too wrapped up in his own madness to really notice the warzone.
"...Ton Ton...Mind getting me a Club Orange...No ice?...and a straw?..."

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Shawn, Annie, Teri

As Shawn arrived, Deadshot poked at the Mac and Cheese he was handed, While he didn't know that the Box Shawn used was over 200 years old, he had a feeling that something was up.
The meat wasn't much better looking, it was like it was from a cow that was born in a Toxic Waste site.
"...I'll pass..." He said, not really trusting whatever cooking skills the Wanderer claimed to have, at this rate, the safest thing to do would just be to maybe start a hunger strike.
"...Yo Annie, I wouldn't touch the food. This guy is...well...Himself." He warned his fellow prisoner, hoping Shawn didn't try something similar with her meal.

Teri | Tama | Sadei

Sadei went and handed Tama some tilapia on rice while she continued to talk. In a way, her childish enthusiasm could be infectious. Perhaps the contrast helped with this? "Okay, Teri, I know you're angry at her, but you did the right thing by just chewing her out. Attacking her would've proved her right... Maybe after a lot of time, she'll learn?"

Ton | Imps

Thankfully, David and the Wanderer's aid turned what would be a rather grueling fight into a rather quick mop-up scene with broken bodies of imps all around them. it was a shame that the smell of blood didn't quite mask up that damned perfume. However, the fact that the imps had attacked so suddenly was worrying in itself. Who'd sent them to try and kill the tonberry? They were under Devon's control, but the two were so close it was hard to imagine it could be from him.

And then there would be the second issue of how they'd explain that they'd killed so many imps in the first place. After all, Devon seemed to be rather protective of the guys from what they'd seen...

Devon | Angie | Mel | Ella | Caim | Cadolbolg

Teri's arrival and summoning of the various undergarments invoked a rather shaky and downtrodden statement from the girl on the bed. "...I'm sorry, Caim, but could you please turn around for a bit? I'm already uncomfortable enough as it is having to get dressed like a little child... And try to go easy on Teri, please? She's got good reason to be confused..." Although she was a girl, the way she spoke made it rather clear that this was Devon.

On Teri's inquiry, Melethia as more than a bit blunt when she spoke out loud to her clearly confused and tired shster. "Devon musta done something to make this Ageha somethin' or other real mad, and somehow slipped her a delayed curse item. Whoever this Ageha is, though, she's strong enough to change a Bard's known spells..."

Ella held Devon in a light embrace and then handed Teri the letter that Devon had gotten. "It's all in there. I know our little Ember (Flagrun) was showing you some INfernal, so it shouldn't be that hard to read at all. If nothing else, Ageha does know how to keep things simple to read." From the way she spat out that last name, it was clear to Teri that there was some rather bad blood between Ella and Ageha now.

Indeed, it was rather easy for Teri to read (albeit with a few stumbling blocks, but the words around those areas made it easy to discern) and the full extent of what had happened was rather apparent. Luckily for Devon, she could get some assistance from Angelus and Ella in finding out how this all fit even if the process as a whole was still rather crushing to her ego.

"You've got it wrong, Ella... I'm supposed to be helping you out of these; you're not supposed to be helping me in them... Are they supposed to feel this large? It's like I could break my back here." Even though she tried to laugh, this was probably the lowest any of them had seen Devon. After a bit of hunting, the right size was found, but it was definitely larger than what a man would have..

Slindis | Jenny | Rugal

"And I have worked with more uncoordinated people in my time, so this won't be as bad. It might start with a lot of fatigue-based pain, but she'll be stronger for it in the long-term... That was Rugal, Jenny. Would you like to help me check on him?" Her relaxed mood went back to that rather stern demeanor that Slindis was famous for, and she made her way to Rugal's room rather quickly.

Teri | Tama | Sadei

Tama accepted the rice and fish meal again, taking a few more bites out of the dish before continuing, "Damn straight that bitch needed sorting out! I hate people who talk like that. If life's so fucking worthless, then go off yourself. Well, maybe not, but at least take the 'life is meaningless' bullshit elsewhere. Whoever talks like that is a fucking buzzkill and needs to find something better to do with their lives instead of complaining."

The Shadow took a couple more bites of her meal, and continued, "Now, as far as setting that woman straight, that's easy. I told you before, kid, it takes a bitch to get shit sometimes. And sometimes I make us rather bitchy."

Tama paused again when the duo felt another wave of emotions wash over the two of them, and realized what the source was, "Oh...He's involved in all this.... Fasten your seatbelts, munchkin, this won't end pretty."

Ton | Imps | David | Cadolbolg

Ton Ton looked at the carnage around them, still confused as to why the whole incident had happened at all. However, first things first. He had to check on David. Wandering over to the Irishman's side, Ton Ton shook David a little, "Mr. West? Mr. West? Are you okay? Please, say something aside from drink ideas!"

And it right at this part Cadolbolg appeared, looking both confused and relieved that Ton Ton had came out of the battle unscathed, "So much for coming to help... Everything okay, sans the imps?"

Ton nodded slowly, "I think so. However, I'm a bit worried about Mr. West. Help me prop him up. I'm a little worried though. Those imps were possessed by the Daemons, or something similar to them, when we were fighting them. Something's horribly wrong here."

Cadolbolg gave a grunt as he helped prop up David against a wall in the Canteen, "Agreed. But why would they be possessed?"

Devon | Angie | Mel | Ella | Caim

Teri read the letter over a few times, and then her jaw dropped when she realized what that last bit of Infernal meant, "...Lord of Hell, Ageha? That can't be right! One second, Devon."

Fishing out the amulet from underneath her robes, the group saw as the Cleric squeezed the amulet with her eyes closed, and in a flash of light, a familiar (former) Archangel appeared before them. Clad in a fancy looking Italian suit, blonde hair slicked back and eyes as blue as ever; was Lucifer, the Fallen, former Lord of Hell.
The Angel flexed his wings for a moment before sighing, "Teri, you and I have been over this already, I can't associate with you anymore. We're throu- Oh."
Lucifer paused when he realized that there was far more than just the Devil and the Cleric, and his eyes went to the now transmuted bard, "...I see. Care to explain what's going on, Teri?"

That was when Teri shoved the letter in the Devil's face (or as best as a 5'1.5" girl could), "How about you explain THIS? I thought you were supposed to be watching over that place for God? And the next thing I know, some bitch named Ageha has turned Devon into a woman! What the FUCK, Lucifer? This kind of negligence is a new kind of low, even for you."

Lucifer would have said something, but the color drained from his face when he realized the cat was out of the bag. Wings slumping, the former Prince of Darkness leaned against a wall and explained to the party how Hell had found out about his consorting with a Cleric of the Enemy, and how Ageha had used that to discredit him and throw him off the throne,"And I've been on the run from Hell since, slowly grabbing what bits of power I can manage with the few who will listen. And if Ageha's moving against Devon...Then she's doing it to get back at me. Of course, that Nail in your pocket'd be a hefty prize too, kiddo. Boss knows what she'd do with either you or him. An Author or an artifact. She wins either way."

Of course, the next thing that happen Lucifer did not anticipate. A gloved hand found it's way to Lucifer's jaw; one that was connected to a very angry Caim. Of course, he wasn't the only one. Ella took the chance to bring her own fist to Lucifer's face as well. However, with Damage Reduction and healing properties, the blows didn't last for long on the Angel's immaculate countenance. Still, he looked to the floor as Caim was the first to begin,

"ALL OF THIS IS BECAUSE OF YOU AND HER?! Your inability to keep it in your pants is what lead you to be thrown from your seat of power, and get all of us caught up in the crossfire! Wow... I knew I loathed your arrogant kind already, but this is SO much worse. It's bad enough when you act as you do, but when your affairs bring everyone down with you, I can't help but wonder why people revere your kind so much.

And you." Caim had turned his gaze to Teri, his cold blue eyes locking with hazel, fixing Teri in place with the worst death glare Caim could muster, "I was beginning to expect better of you, given your efforts around here. But no, I realize that you. Can't. Change. No matter what you do, your efforts ruin someone else's life, your want for drama being a core function of your being. You are what I hate most about the Authors, because as much as you preach and pray about changing yourself and making yourself useful; you're just as much dead weight as you used to be. I know right now that if I plunged my blade in your neck, you'd die and take me and the rest of my own with me. And the fact you reveled in what we suffered, makes me question if you set this up on your own."

Teri didn't move from her spot when Caim's words cut through her, the doubts she had experienced being thrown in her face by the man whom she felt she owed the most to. Not only did her actions indirectly lead to Devon's current situation, she knew what Caim said was true. She hadn't changed at all. Shaking, Teri could only blink before her eyes watered, a tiny, "I'm sorry." tumbling out of her mouth as she felt paralyzed by the swordsman's gaze.

Teri | Tama | Sadei

It was a shame that events had led to this standoff, and it was clear that Sadei didn't quite know what to say to help Teri. "Um, it's not worth dwelling on the past? I know you didn't plan this, so don't act like it... It's that Lucifer's fault..."

Devon | Angie | Mel | Ella | Caim

As the tensions in the room rose to a boiling point, Devon did what had seemed impossible for her a few minutes ago: She stood up and placed herself between Caim and Teri. "Both of you, stop it! I know this sucks for me, and I'm not sure if it can be fixed. There's one thing I do know, Caim, and it's this: Ageha was the one that wrote that curse. Ageha was the one that stripped me of my only out. Teri only did what she felt was right, but she made a mistake. That's her thing, but I'm not abouot to have the both of you at each other's throats!

Please, just hear me out. This might be what she wants, you know? I don't want to see any of you here get hurt over this, so do me a favor and try to tolerate if not cooperate with each other? I can forgive Teri for her mistake, because we're still human. I just don't want to see all of the people I care about trying to tear each other apart because of one unfortunate thing; work it out for my sake if you've no other reason." Although she was the second shortest person ther behind Melethia, it still didn't stop Devon from doing her best to help.

"If you want to blame it on someone, look at my bitch of a mom that seems determined to kill all of the joy in my life just because she's a bitter old lady. Now then, would you help me get Devon used to how she'll need to dress for now? I'd like to keep her at least looking decent." Even in her state, Teri could see that Ella was still willing to be close to Devon.


After watching the three leave the room, Melethia looked over to Angelus and tugged her sleeve. "Want me to help massage Mister Caim's back? Just 'cause I usually go to stab someone in those points doesn't mean I can't knead them to let some stress out." Maybe it was a bit forced, but that room needed the enthusiasm that Mel was putting out there.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: David West, Ton Ton, Imps Good!Imps

"...A Rasher and Egg Sanger (Sandwich) would also be nice..." David groaned as Cadolblog and Ton Ton propped him up, The Sniper was all scratched from the Imps claws, but nothing worse then he'd normally get.
"Relax, I'm fine...Just...Was kinda hoping to just get some Zs..." He sighed as he looked at the mayhem he caused, the sounds of several dozen imps groaning filling the room around them.
"Righhhhhhtttttt...We're going to need to clean this up." He said before walking into the kitchen to find something to throw them all into and hopefully get them off the ship before Devon showed up.
Walking over the remains of both the Canteen and Shawn's attempts at cooking, he began to pull out some empty potato sacks until he heard a metal banging nearby.
"Oh now what?..." He sighed as he pulled out his gun before checking one of the freezers where the banging was coming from.
Unlocking it, he was greeted with the slight of 5 imps all tied up, shivering and covered in frost, most likely the few that didn't want to take part in...whatever the hell that Ambush was about.
"...What the Crap- Hey, you guys alright?" He asked as he began to untie them, hoping to get some answers.

Rising Dawn: Brig: Deadshot, Shawn, Annie

"....Eh, to each their own..." Deadshot shrugged, though he wasn't going to touch his food anytime soon, Hell, he'd rather wait until he went to UNIT before he ate.
Speaking of; "So Rads-For-Brains (Shawn), How much longer we going to be here? Last I checked, it was UNIT who was in charge of arresting lairs and thieves like my good self?..." He asked, not wanting to be around here for the next Session to start.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Slindis, Jenny

Rugal was standing there for a good minute, his mind trying to process whatever the hell just happened.
He snapped out of it when he heard footsteps nearing his room, which was in a right mess after his minor bender.
As Slindis went to knock, she heard the lock shut right as she neared the door, something was up.
Jenny leaned in and knocked before asking "Excuse me, Rugal?...You alright in there?..."
"Indeed I am, Just still filling out that damn report for UNIT." He answered, using this lifelong honed skill of lying to cover for him as he scrambled to fix up the place, unaware that he still smelt of Gasoline.

Caramel Frappe:
It is actually a Wasteland omelette. XD

Wanderer/Shawn/Doctor S, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

Not getting any information out of the girl, Shawn sighed but turned to Deadshot after he spoke.
Since he did not eat his food, the Wanderer took this as a personal insult. Not only to his cooking, but to his skills.
When this type of thing happens he usually goes out to demonstrate his skills in a very insanely matter. When the Wanderer turned around, Deadshot could see his big glowing eyes behind his dark lucky shades.

"Why the hell would I know. All I am is a Doctor, scientists and all-round-killer." The good but insane Doctor said in a non-caring way. Wanderer didn't care if this person got taken or not, as long as he is around he could do things to him, which made life more fun on this ship ... apart from the robot building, weapon making and insane events he usually does. Entering Deadshot's cell, he picked up the Whiskey he made especially for Deadshot and looked at him with a very creepy smile, probably bordering on insane.

"Seeing how you are not eating, I cannot allow that. My skills can garuentee at least that this stuff is edible ... and since we all want you to live, especially me, we have three choices." The Doctor said as he placed the Whiskey on the ground to the right side of himself. Then he grabbed the plat of food and placed it in the middle, then he pulled a scalpel out of nowhere and placed it to the left side of himself.

"Now those choices ...
One, you can eat your food ... the easy choice and would cause less hassle to me.
Number two, I can get you drunk and force feed you. Simple yet rough.
And duh daa daaa~, number three. I can put you under, cut through to your stomach and see if I can place all this food within your stomach and patch ya all up. Personally the last one is my favorite, I can both experimate and have fun with you ... it is win-win~!
" The good Doctor cackled with sanity after he spoke.

Looking towards the sharpshooter he leaned in. "So ... what will it be?"

You have chosen...poorly...
Deadshot, Wanderer/Shawn/Doctor S and Annie
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

Deadshot shot Shawn a confused stare.
"...." ...THESE...are the people who arrested me?...Fuck My Life... He thought as Shawn kept staring at him as if he lost something in his head between now and the last time he was in the brig.
"...You have some SERIOUS emotional issues, don't you?..." He said before glancing down at the 200 year old Mac and Cheese, really not looking forward to putting that gunk in his mouth.
""The doctor wants you to live Deadshot..."
"...Somehow...I...doubt that..."
"I'm going to trust him enough to eat, so it would be best if you did too."
"...O-okay then..." The assassin finally relented as he pulled over his tray, hesitating as he dipped his fingers into it, seeing how he wasn't really given a fork or something.
Still, at Annie's request (And out of hoping it'd get Shawn to stop looking at him like that) he had a mouthful.

His expression soured before he rushed over to the sink to spit it out, retching and coughing as he did.
"UUUUUGGGHGHHHHHHH!.....CHRIST!....HOW DO YOU-.....Uhhhhh, It's like Sour Milk and fucking Dust!" He shouted before looking for a way to get the taste out of his mouth.
As a result, he grabbed the Whiskey and used it to wash down the awful 200 year old Mac and Cheese.
"....oyyyyy...Prison Food can't be this bad..." He sighed, taking a another few gulps of the spiked Whiskey, already feeling a little...strange...
Taking a moment to react, he sniffed the bottle, knowing instantly what Shawn just did before gripping the bars of his cell in anger.
" dirtymotherfuckingrambledabblecrazyperson..." He slurred on his slow decent to the floor of his cell, audible snoring quickly filling the air.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: David West, Ton Ton, Imps Good!Imps

THe imps rubbed their wrists and looked relieved that they'd been taken out right then. "If it'd been any longer, we'd have been on a trip back to the big fire, and the ones you had to fight out there were part of the new management. DID take them out, didn't you?" The tallest one looked around for more of the ambushers before finally catching some of the carnage that had happened out there, and the other four imps turned to each other to find out which one would have to tell Devon what had happened here.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Slindis, Jenny

Slindis noticed the odd smell and made a small inquiry to Rugal. "After you finish, you need to clean off... you smell of something, although I can't really place what." Fortunately for Rugal, Slindis wasn't too familiar with Gasoline...

Bad feelings.
Wanderer/Shawn/Doctor S, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

Feeling of the presence behind him did worry the Wanderer, although that did not remove his smile from his face as he looked at Deadshot. "Told him to drink his sleeping juice." The Doctor muttered as he laid Deadshot on his bed, clearly not planning to do anything. Turning around he picked up the scalpel his placed on the ground. "I have already hurt him enough, especially since I fucked up his big plans." The Doctor chuckled as he gripped the scalpel till it turned into nothing, that was all to the human or eyes of Annie, he actually placed it within his invisible inventory.

" ... although for his own life, I would have operated on him if he didn't eat. It would be terrible if he died before those people came to pick him up." The Doctor said back to Annie who was directly in front of him and unshackled. In the Wanderer's mind he could always come back at one point to do stuff to Deadshot, but it would be for the better and good of his research. The good point about his experimentations are that he doesn't like to cause pain to the subjects. Sometimes you just can't avoid hurting some people.

Not moving from his position, not showing fear but a smile. A single person could not tell if this smile was out of happiness or insanity, it was probably both. "Now about you being free and all. Honestly I would welcome it if I knew you were not going to steal something or escape. Best thing for you to do is ... well probably that you go back to your cell, stay there and wait until you can prove you are trustworthy. I'm guessing you are just like the rest of us, this isn't your world and it will be some time before you go back ... just like me." The Good Doctor said, not removing his weird smile and looks.

"If I remember, you caused great pain to some of us ... one of them is even in the infirmary laying in a bed whilst their loved one weeps besides them. Saying sorry might help ... " The Doctor said again but his look turned to curiosity and thought.

Second chances.
Wanderer/Shawn/Doctor S, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

Nodding with Annie, the Doctor did agree with her at some points. "I guess that is true." He said whilst pondering, he remembered that the Slavers of the Mojave or Caesar's Legion as they are commonly known placed bomb collars on the prisoners and slaves. Terrible things, you put them on and once you get out of range it goes off and the wearer is no more. Shaking his head, the Doctor looked up to Annie. "It was nothing ... this just reminded me of a slaving legion I was enemies with back home. They placed collars on their slaves and prisoners, but they would explode if they tried to run. Luckily enough I hate the things and that these people had the good graces to not equip on you." He said with sadness as he remembered many prisoners falling victim to it, even himself was equipped with one when he visited the Brotherhood of Steel in the Mojave.

"Yeah ... they are not comfortable. That Legion makes it more torturous with their methods." The Doctor gave a small smile and scratched his neck as he remembered the feeling of the collar. "But yeah, I'll follow you around ... and not harm will come to Deadshot ... from me at least." Wanderer gave a shrug at everyone else's thoughts. Going outside the cell he fetched a pair of handcuffs and placed them on Annie.

Taking her outside the brig the Doctor was stuck in thought. "Since I am the person I am, I'll give you a tour around the ship. If we find anyone I'll introduce you ... and I will make sure we avoid the big red monster who has taken fake commander status of this vessel. Although I know several people who disagree with him and his position. Me, myself agrees with them." He said to her as they began to walk.

Hey guys, its a new arc, look at that!

Airship Rising Dawn: In the Skies

A single week had passed since the incident in Las Venturas, the sun was high, and the weather was clear for flight on the Airship. All was pristine (give or take the shaky relations beginning between the prisoners and the crewmembers) for the week, and for once, the group felt they could let the air out.... At least, that was too ideal of a thought.

As the crew members did their various tasks on ship, a wave of fatigue washed over them, causing each and every one to (eventually) fall to the floor and slip into unconsciousness. As all this went on, the AIs looked at the proceedings with equal parts shock and confusion,

"Vital signs are looking stable... "
"What on earth caused them all to fall asleep..?"
"Dimitri, that might be the least of our problems... INCOMING SPATIAL DISTORTIONS!"

The Realm Between Realms

A vision of a butterfly fluttering through an impossible landscape filled each of the Rising Dawn member's minds, which was obscured by a flash of white light and the sudden relocation of each member, prisoners included to a... place of sorts. They found themselves in what appeared to be a blue void, the only semblance of solid ground being a fenced in dais surrounded by 6 grand pillars that rose to impossible heights. And in the center of this Dais, was a man with a mask, beseeching each and every member, prisoner and otherwise, "Welcome. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Philemon, a dweller between consciousness and unconsciousness. And now, a simple test. Can you state your name?"

Angelus was first to speak, stepping forward and proudly raising her horned head as she declared, "Angelus, a dragon of a long gone world."

"Caim, former Prince of Careleon."
"Ton Ton, Guardian of the Mistress and Hunter of Dream Daemons."
"Cadolbolg, son of Caim and Angelus!"
"Teri Gravel, 8th level Cleric and 1st level Monk of the Christian God."

Now that Teri's mentioned that monk level, I should put this down.

For that weeklong period of Rest, our party Cleric has been going through extensive training with Slin and Rugal (talked with this to Crim and Diabs, naturally; and we approved WAAAAY back about it); finally pushing her to take her 9th level, it being a level in Monk. Here's what's happened when that happened:

Airship Rising Dawn: Rugal

In the last week, Rugal became somewhat reclusive, venturing out of his room only at night or to help Teri train, not wanting to talk with any of the crew.
Despite having done it possibly thousands of time in the past, that last bout of torture got him rather shaken up, not to meation that business with the Mirror.
Keeping his door mostly locked during that week and burying himself in both whatever busy work he could coax out of the AIs to take his mind off..."Relapsing".
"-As such, I do believe that our Airship should be covered under your "Insure Anything for a year" Deal....Well, Not my problem you" he said before he passed out, leaving a rather confused Insurance broker hanging on the other end of the phone.

The Realm Between Realms: Rugal

The second he opened his eyes, he was on edge, figuring instantly that it was some sort of knock out gas or something.
Confronting Philemon he declared "You have 10 seconds to explain yourself before I get...extremely unpleasant."
He was clearly having none of what-ever Philemon had planned.

Airship Rising Dawn: Jenny

The last week was a slow one, so Jenny was doing her best to part ways from the ship and get back to her home.
While she was worried about the State of Rugal, She was unable to get a read on what exactly was going on in his head, And the less said about Devon's situation the better, but she didn't want to get caught up in something before she could get back to New York and to her clinic.
At least there, I can talk Devon though this while the others figure out how to help him...her?...???... She thought, wondering what term she should used for the cursed bard.
She was just checking her LONG over-due bills in her room when she felt...really...sleepy...

The Realm Between Realms: Jenny

"....This is a dream..." she instantly concluded when thought returned to her, having seen enough of them to know.
She looked over to Philemon and answered "...Jenny...Excuse me, but...Couldn't you have contacted us another way? You didn't need to put us to sleep...".
Looks like she wasn't going home after all...

Airship Rising Dawn: David West

The last week was a weird one for David, while nothing had happened, He still was unable to get back to Richardson at UNIT, bet that Senator he brought up was making a much larger racket then the Brigadier put on.
On top of that, he was still adjusting to Devon's new "Problem".
Okay, next time to you meet her...him, just keep eye contact and keep telling yourself she's a dude...HE'S a dude...GAH! WHY THE HELL CAN'T I CATCH A BREAK WITH WOMEN!?! He thought to himself at he did his usual session at the Bar, being painfully reminded of how lucky his love life was since "Breaking up" with Elena.
After all, everyone on this damn ship was spoken for.
"" he managed to say as he thought he was having a strange reaction to his drink.
Strange, it was only his 20th shot...

The Realm Between Realms: David West

When he came to, his first thought was Alright, where did I wake up this time?..., being a veteran of many MANY blenders.
His mind was still burly from drink, his mind attempted to fill in the blanks when he found himself in such a strange place with a gentleman asking for his name.
""aaahhhh...Not the Drunk Tank again...David West, Agent of UNIT, Call my CO, send the bill to him...oyyyyy......
....You are the best dressed police officer I've ever seen..." He stated as he slowly began to wake up mentally.

Airship Rising Dawn: Deadshot

While Annie was lucky enough to get some perks such as being allowed out the brig every once in a while, Deadshot wasn't so lucky...
Why does she get to walk around? He's nearly killed more then me! And Directly too! I just set them UP to be killed, not actually stomp on them and shit! he thought as he worked on his 2nd escape attempt.
"Ohhhh...God that smells..." He cringed as he nearly managed to get the toilet in his cell loose enough for him to remove when the cameras weren't looking.
Then he got really...really tired.
"Uhhh...what's up with my hea-....WANDERER! YOUlowsylittleprickfacedprick..." He cursed as he passed out, beleiving Shawn had tampered with his drink again.

The Realm Between Realms: Deadshot

"....Whoa....I don't remember taking Acid..." Deadshot said as he woke up, seeing the others here.
"....Dude....Either I'm outside of my cell or I'm tripping BALLS right now!" He said, figuring that if he could make them out as something other then colored blobs that he must be rather close to them.
Staring at Philemon, He said "Okay....Why aren't you a giant anthropomorphic Uzi? Frankie is usually my spirit guide for these trips...Eh, Deadshot. So...You going to tell me to burn things too?"

Airship Rising Dawn: In the Skies

The week after Devon's change hads resulted in a few things. First, Ella ended up spending a lot more time around Devon as the couple worked together in all of the training, and there were more than a few times where Devon was mistaken for a new member of the ship. It was somewhat easily corrected, even if it did lead to more than a good amount of embarassment a few times. She'd also spent a good deal of time aiding Annie, even if she couldn't really explain what had happened to the prisoner.

The moment that they were called into the realm between realms, though, Ella, Devon, and Ton-Ton were all getting rest from a long day. It hadn't always been like that, but Otherwise Devon was kept awake with the nightmares in her sleep.

Slindis had spent a great deal of time working with Rugal to help Teri train physically, and there was more than a few awkward times to be had when she heard about the cursed form her Author had and how it had came to happen.

As for Melethia? She was busy helping the few remaining imps with some traps being placed around the ship.

The Realm Between Realms

Phil's question prompted the answers from the small group, all of them honest even if they were a bit unsure of what was going on. Slindis had the closest idea thanks ot experiences back home, but they weren't quite like this.

"I'm Slindis, Parent to Melethia and Teri and the last Paladin of Tira Miron."
"Hiya! I'm Melethia. My mom's right there, Wheathair's my dad, an' Teri's my sis. Whatcha need, Mister Phil?"
"Ella. I don't really want to talk about either of my parents right now, but Devon right here is my lifetime companion. And apparently, I'm also the nesting place for Cadolbolg." Indeed, even in this dream state Philemon could see the turtle-dragon nesting in the demi-succubus' hair.
"Um, I'm Devon. As Ella just said, we're kind of a thing here. Also, I'm the br-sister to Ton-Ton and Cadolbolg and the student of Caim and Angelus. It's nice to meet you, Philemon..." The Bard was currently holding the Tonberry in her Arms, something she'd started doing during the week after her change.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn
Time: Before


Cz sat alone in her room, thinking. The air was cool and dry and the soft shade left is faint soft wetness on her pale skin. She ran her hand through her hair and played with the tangles and curls. What am I to do. The little bitch had made a fair point. This group did seem to cause an obscene amount of destruction. Cz sighed and placed her head against the wall. For once she tried something new. She tried to sleep.


Core unit failure. Hard disk error detected 600102 partitions of 13322051 corrupted. disabling tainted units.

BlackHarte stared blankly at A.I. Vermillion. "..." And then he removed himself from the Rising Dawn mainframe, plopping his physical body out in the terminal in the shower of that one room delegated to all of his masters.

Realm between Realms
Location: Aetherial Dias
Time: Distorted


Cz stared at the man, her eyes were blank. It was strange. Her fingers felt warm and her hair tickled the back of her neck. Her body was so... sensitive suddenly. It felt as if a thousand new sensations were assaulting her. The chill of her silks on her skin and the soft winds of this plane. Suddenly her iris adjusted to the light and the entire area came into before her. The man asked her a question, and Cz felt compelled to answer.

She opened her mouth but no words came out. In fact, her throat was raw and she couldn't really force the air out of her lungs. Then she realized she never took a breath. Slowly she drew the air into her lungs and breathed out, stimulating her vocal chords as she did. The sensation was nearly overpowering and made her body shiver. When she shivered, her robes rubbed against her skin and sent another powerful surge of sensation. Cz felt as if her legs were going to fall out from under her. What am I? Speaking for the first time?

"My name is Cz, Peacemaker. Keeper of humanity."

Storm/Sean, Alpha/Miku and Shawn/Wanderer/Dr. S.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay/Canteen.

Within the medical bay, the couple of Sean and Miku were besides each other. The injured Spartan was resting on one of the bay's beds and the AI vocaloid was besides him, actually sleeping on his lap. Storm was mostly glad about this, he could finally stroke her aqua hair. Smiling each time, both the fatigue of the muscle strain and mystical force made the Spartan lay back and closed his eyes, hoping that he would be back on his feet by the time he wakes up. After all he still needs to repair his armor and still needs to see the new member they captured the two weeks before.

Right now, sleep was most welcome.
"I love you."
"I love you."
They both spoke to each other mentally.

The Canteen was bustling as usual, over these two weeks the Wanderer has been close to Annie. Sure he has not been talking much, but he has been keeping track of the girl. Both evaluating her behavior and actions, Shawn smiled at the progress she had been making. Each night he kept his journal up to date about everyone. Although his biggest focus has been more on his own experiments, he had been fascinated with the formula that he tried on the Titan girl. Yet right now he wanted to focus more on his weaponry and robotics.

Suddenly, fatigue had set in by force. Everyone in the Canteen had fallen asleep, fighting this he wanted to document this before he passed out. Scribbling on his notepad, he swore to himself as he fell on the cold table. Luckily enough he had not ordered any food before this.

The three people had actually not been transported to the place as the others.
They simply remained in sleep for now.
It was not their time for this.

Return of the Truth.
Yu Narukami.
Location: Japan, Tokyo | Kirijo Group Building.

The city was busy, midday Tokyo was something to behold when it struck. Many, many people were walking everywhere. "Business as usual." He muttered to himself, Yu Narukami was in a very long Limi to the Kirijo building near central Tokyo. Viewing the city, it had been a hour since he had left his own home which was based in this city too. Yu Narukami himself was a main character for the Inaba incident which happened the year before. Even in Golden Week something big happened in Inaba again ... well the TV world. A fighting tournament was hosted and both Yu and his group of friends got to the bottom of the mystery.

Due to this he had met the Kirijo group, but mostly the Shadow Operatives which was leaded by Mitsuru Kirijo herself.
Yu was invited to the Kirijo building to talk to Mitsuru about a unknown topic, though Yu had listed it down to a couple of topics. Hopefully he will gain information which will lead both him and the investigation team to the person who was the mastermind of the latest mystery. Yet he also wanted to find out more about those guns they held and the information they knew about the Shadows ... maybe even about Mitsuru and their group adventures.

Gazing back outside, Yu was still surprised when he had seen this limo arrive outside his house to take him here.
Suddenly a rather large building was besides the limo. It was the Kirijo building, as huge as the company. "Thank you." Yu said as the driver opened the door and he jumped out. Looking back he still shook his head at he sight of the limo. Looking forward he entered the building and was welcomed with the receptionist who looked at Yu with curiosity but knew who he was. "Narukami-san I presume?" She said with enthusiasm, Yu himself nodded and showed some ID. "Good, Kirijo-san is expecting you. Please take this card and enter the elevator and go to the penthouse floor." The Receptionist and pointed to the elevator to the right.

Bowing, Yu walked into the luxury elevator and pressed the very top button. Not going up he saw a security system where you had to swipe the card to go anywhere. Swiping the card along the machine the elevator buzzed to life and spoke, "Level 10 clearance. Please choose a desintation." It said, Yu pressed the button to the Penthouse immediately. The elevator shot straight u, but Yu was calm as ever. Looking at the beautiful view, Yu played with the security card as if it was one of the arcana or persona cards.

"BLEEP BLOOP, Penthouse floor."

The elevator said as the door opened up to a very nice looking Penthouse. "This is pretty overwhelming." Yu said as he walked forward.

Realm Between Realms - Rising Dawn Crew

The new entity, Philemon, listened quietly as each member of the Dawn listed their names, giving a bemused smile at Cz's proclamation as keeper of mankind and to Rugal's initial indignation. The unpleasant feelings from some were to be expected, but a keeper of humanity? That was a new one. Nevertheless, Philemon had gotten (most) of what he asked for, and began, starting with Jenny's comment, "You are in a realm of unconsciousness, but that does not make this meeting any less real. Rest assured, none of the beings on your ship that were put into this slumber were harmed in any manner. This was but a simple matter of gathering all of you, seeing as with some,"

he indicated to Annie and Deadshot, "Are not exactly being trusted with being able to roam your home as the others, it may have made things difficult. When you awaken, you will find yourselves in the same physical condition you were before."

He paused again, allowing this to sink in before he continued, and opened a palm, exposing several rings similar to those given to the Dawn during the Angel Wars, "The reason I have called you all here is because I am in need of aid, and someone I have met has informed me that the group by the name of the Rising Dawn is the best when it comes to taking care of these sort of things.. Now, that same person has also given me these rings to bequeath to those lacking."
((The communicator rings, for the persons lacking them in the party))

The rings disappeared from Philemon's hand and appeared on the respective members' hands before he continued, "The reason I call for aide is because the world I watch over is in peril, and if it is not stopped, it will spread to other worlds, until all is covered in darkness. Your's too, sooner or later, will become engulfed. Naturally, some of you are going to ask why I have not taken on this problem myself. The answer lies in the fact that I cannot interfere, at least, not directly.

The cause of this issue is from my darker counterpart, Nyarlathotep. Long ago, he and I have come to a disagreement regarding the following question: Will mortals bring themselves to enlightenment, or ultimately revert to darkness and chaos? So, we watched humanity from afar...At least for a time. Nyarlathotep has interfered time and again to shape humanity in his image, but was rebutted by a group of mortals not unlike yourselves and sealed away. However, he has broken free after I am bound to remain outside of the events that will shape this answer, but Nyarlathotep has decided to act outside of the rules yet again, even after two defeats on his part.

However, if you agree to aide me after I ask, which you are not bound to do, does not break that rule. That being said, there is some that I can do. I can bring you to my world, to the place needing your aide, point you in the right direction as to how to combat this threat and grant you the power needed to fight against the Shadows that lurk around...

The entity in the mask paused again, and then nodded like he remembered something,"All of that being said, I know that nothing comes for free. In exchange for your services, once Nyarlatothep has been appropriately dealt with, my power can be focused elsewhere. In this case, to grant each of you a favor. Think of them as wishes, if that aids in clarifying what I will grant you.

Now, are there any questions?"

Kirijo Group Building - Tokyo, Japan

At the end of the lavish room was a familiar face at a desk. Mitsuru Kirijo, a woman with wine colored hair clad in a dark colored skin tight outfit of sorts (Yu could never put his finger on why she insisted upon such an outfit, but if you're in charge, then one could wear what they want). Seated next to her was a younger girl with braided teal hair and gentle expression, Fuuka Yamagishi.

Upon Narukami's arrival, the first gave a curt nod, "Ah, you've finally arrived, Narukami-san. I take it the trip was uneventful? Naturally, I will find it same to presume you're wondering why I've called you here? Fuuka, if you would?"

The younger girl nodded and began, "Hello, Narukami-san. You have not met me before, but perhaps you remember me from that incident during Golden Week, with the TV?"

She gave Yu a small bow, "My name is Fuuka Yamagishi. I work in the Shadow Operatives under Kirijo-san's command, and I wield a Persona as you do. However, mine is unlike your's. Rather than being combative, it has granted me powers that allow me to sense what others cannot. Where Shadows are, their weakness, and so on. In fact, if I recall, you had a friend who had similar powers?"

Of course, Fuuka was referring to Rise Kujikawa, one of the members of the Investigation Team, "Now, I promise I'm not trying to brag, but this power has... Well, it's had me see strange and interesting things. And lately, what I have been seeing has been grave. I have been having dreams about a man in a mask, and he says that in a week's time, we will be meeting some people from another world. Furthermore, he said that you were familiar with this group... What was their name...?"

She pulled out a notebook and flipped to a page, "Ah, yes. The Rising Dawn. The man said that you would be familiar with this group, and they will help us with the latest suspected Shadow incursion; as they will be able to wield the Persona as we do. It's the reason you've been asked here, to see if you can help us ease them into helping them understand. Will you help us?"

Realm Between Realms - Rising Dawn Crew


Rugal was calmed by the explanation, but there would always be a little anger at forcing them to "Save the world" again.
"So...The Realm you oversee is under threat...guess we can't really say No then..." He sighed, really regretting not being able to get those countermeasures installed on the Airship.
"So Tell me..."Philemon", What exactly is this... Nyar-latho-tep trying to do? While you made it clear that he has ill-intentions, you haven't provided any useful Intel to help us actually stop him. And I for one would prefer to have more to go on then a name I can barely pronounce before I am sent to a unknown realm..." He asked, hoping to a more precise objective.


Jenny shared much of Rugal's disdain for being pulled into another adventure, but she quickly got her head into gear, after all, this WAS an extremely important threat.
But when he refereed to "Shadows", she realized she had heard about them before, Teri, Devon, Even Shaun.
Shadows?...I wonder if he means... she thought, refraining from asking, seeing how she didn't want to bring up "Unpleasant Memories" for some of crew.
It was then she was reminded of that Burn on her arm that Devon gave her...

David West

"Yeah. Over here, David West..." David said as he raised his hand on the prompt of "Any Questions".
"...So...Is it possible to..."Sub in" one of our members?..." He asked, causing everyone to stare at him, thinking that he was wanting to replace one of them.
"Just, Personally, I believe that this is WAY over my head. While you guys are kinda used to this, I'm really more of a "80's Action Dude" sort of guy. President Kidnapped by Ninjas? I got that. But Saving...."Reality" from Assholes from H.P. Lovecraft?...Little out of my league..."
Realizing that he was just digging himself deeper, he finally said "Look, can you honestly say that either The Demonic Businessman (Kazuya) or the Techno Ninja who lives in space (Strider Hiryu) AREN'T better suited for this sort of thing?...
Just saying..."


Deadshot raised his hand, getting Philemon's attention.
"...Oh, um, this isn't directed at you, but I do want to talk about that reward in just a sec. Uh, Question for Devon:...Weren't you a Dude?...Just, I don't know if this is Acid, but I've yet to have a Trip where dudes have tits. I mean, if you were a REALLY fat guy, That'd kinda make sense, but I don't recall you being like that..." The Assassin then asked the Cursed Bard, clearly having never been given the memo about her condition (And why would they have given it to him? He's an Asshole.)
"And Back to Acid-Trip-Guy (Philemon): These "Wishes"...We talking actual "Bend reality as defined" wishes, Like wishing to back in time to win the Lottery or just "Name one thing you really want" wishes, like wishing for few billion dollars? Because if the former, I could REALLY see the quality of my life improving at the end of all this..." He asked, hoping that he could use that wish to get off the hook with UNIT AND the Rising Dawn for his crimes.

Or wish for a gun that shoots Shurikens and Lighting, That would also be pretty cool.

Realm Between Realms - Rising Dawn Crew


Devon was one of the first to speak up with her own inquiry. "Pardon me, but who will we be working with? I understand if you want us to wait until we get there, but I'd feel a bit more at ease if I knew who we'd be with..."

After that, though, she had to answer Deadshot's question in a rather stern matter. Unfortunately for her, the effect was lost with her cradling Ton-Ton... "It's a long story, and one that would need you to pick up a new language to understand. Before you ask, me and Ella are in a very comfortable if small relationship. It won't be expanding any time in the next few decades. Are we clear on that?"


"Ya mean that stabbing it won't work? That's real odd. From what I've seen, even ghosts die if ya stab 'em enough. Not that hard, really." The talk of the wish had something instantly secured in Melethia's mind, although she wanted to keep it from those there for the time being.


The demi-Succubus put the ring on and quietly marveled in how it would possibly allow easier talks before making a small quip. "I think I know enough about you outsiders to know that wishes aren't always given to the spirit, so I don't know if I can count on that kind of reward. 'Richest man on earth' might just make everyone poorer without increasing funds, for a classic.

I'll help, though, because I don't want to see their faces for a while. Maybe not ever again. Helping here's a good way to get away from them, and it's good enough for me." The venom that was in her usually playful voice made it readily apparent to Caim, Angelus, and Teri that she was referring to her parents.


Slindis was about to inquire into the people they'd be working with as well as who'd sent the rings, but Annie's rather hard statement reverberated through her; she recognized that tone. That was the tone of someone that hated someone and would stop at nothing less than their death.

"Annie, was it? Would yoou mind explaining what Rugal did for such a fierce response? It's a bit outside what one would expect for being held in a cell alone, especially considering Deadshot's looking more for greed than anything else here."\

Realm Between Realms - Rising Dawn Crew


After hearing what Annie had to describe about what had happened, Slindis thought it all through before leveling an icy glare at Rugal. Seeing how Rugal had known Slindis to be someone that usually had superb self-control, the level of fury in that one look spoke volumes in itself. "Rugal, I know what you're going to say. That there was some mitigating circumstances that forced your hand, that you just had no other choice than to follow through with that atrocity is, right? That placing her into the brig just wasn't enough and that you had to mete a drawn out justice with your hands, right? There's only one small thing that you forgot.

That one fact is, you don't find out about people when they're in hardship. No, you find out about who they are when they have a position of power over someone else! And take a good hard look at what you did. It's the exact same thing that you did to the Preacher a few months ago! Holding someone for safekeeping is one thing, Bernstein. Torture's an entirely different behemoth, and I want to let you know that you are on thin ice that happens to be melting.

The fact that neither Caim nor Ton had the will to stand up to you encouraged it, which in itself is horrifying! Honestly, do you need someone watching yourself at every moment?! And Caim, don't you get starrted on me about how near-death allowed it. You think that you were even the thirtieth person that I've had to save like that? I can count on one hand the number of people that stood impassively as their combatant was tortured! For how hard my world was, we knew that holding someone was enough in itself.

Ton-Ton, if it weren't for Rugal, I'd have to say that you're the one I'm most disappointed in. I thought that we were kindred souls in a way, doing what we can to protect those around us. And yet you didn't say a word when they proceeded with the waterboarding..." After that, she ore a small strip off her clothing and wrapped it around Annie's thumb to staunch the bleeding, clearly very furious at what had happened.

Realm Between Realms - Rising Dawn Crew

Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Angelus merely looked at Caim with an air of shock. She knew that her pact partner could be brutal in his kills, but that was simply it; death. To prolong the pain of another was simply unlike the man she had found herself growing closer to, "...It has not been a long time since you have surprised me, Caim. And you had Ton Ton watch, if I understand this correctly? What in the devil were you thinking?!"

Caim took a step back from Angelus, and then pointed at the Paladin and Annie to acknowledge the both of them, "I wasn't there for whatever Rugal did. Yes, I did allow what came to be, to be, but that did not mean I sat there and watched the whole proceedings. Although it's dirty business, sometimes information can be drawn out in less than savory matters, particularly who sent her after us. Who knows, maybe more giants can hide in human form to come after our group.

Now, as far as my son goes, Paladin, he was very much against what has been done; but I took him away from it all the same. What was he going to do to Bernstein, poke him? I trust his strength, but I was not going to let himself get killed over it."

It was about this point that Ton Ton looked to the floor, obviously feeling the shame when Slindis (as well as everyone else) explained that what Dimitri had said before wasn't quite true... Or that Ton Ton himself was negligent, "I was afraid to stand up to Rugal Bernstein, ma'am, for I thought it'd cause a schism like the one happening now. That being said, after speaking with Mr. West on what to do with that in mind, I was about to seek you to stop it, before AI Dimitri informed me that the situation was under wraps. Obviously, I should have checked on the situation anyways.

To Miss Annie, you have my humblest apologies for my negligence. Ms. Slindis is right. I should have checked anyway, even if I was told otherwise. I know it won't take away the pain you have suffered, but do know that I did not mean you any malice whatsoever. What has happened is wrong, and I am incredibly sorry for not helping you. Even if you have done wrong, no one deserves that."

Cadolbolg, Garm, Teri

Cadolbolg only buried himself in Ella's hair, clearly distressed by all the adults fighting among each other. He wasn't quite sure what a waterboarding was, but it certainly didn't sound pleasant, especially if his father was involved.

"I can't believe this..."
"That FUCKER! He was distracting us this whole time from the truth... Dunno bout that bitch threatening to off him though. Look kiddo, you're going to have to take a side eventually, and it ain't gonna end well if this shit keeps up."

Teri only shook her head in shock as the truth was laid bare. She really wanted to believe that her father wasn't involved with the torture session, but this all the more incriminating. Furthermore, the fact that Annie looked like one of Brusier's victims was all the more horrifying. On top of that, the training had left Teri too tired to think about talking to either Slindis or Rugal, which was all the worse for it. One hand buried in Garm's fur, a familiar gesture of comfort for Teri, the Cleric kept her gaze well away from Rugal's as shit began to get very real-


Or it would have, were it not for the man in the mask speaking very firmly, "Enough. That will be enough. I understand you all have your personal issues with one another, but do understand that when I say this threat will spread to other worlds if not quelled, it will indeed spread. You will need to put aside your differences for a brief time if it is to be stopped.

Now, as far as your questions and comments go-"

He began with Rugal, "Nyarlathotep has begun a process that is forcing humans to revert to a form of being called a Shadow. A few of you are quite familiar with them, but to the rest of you, a Shadow is the negative emotions of a human given form. They can take a variety of appearances and shapes, and are bestial in nature; but at their core they are the same. Now, while the Shadows can normally be quelled by a small group, Nyarlatothep has found a way to make their number grow exponentially via the civilians in my world.

I have called upon mortals in my world to fight against Nyralatothep before, but those forces are scattered in taking down similar situations Nyarlatothep has placed elsewhere. Thus, I have called upon you. I am not familiar with the exact methods Nyarlatothep is using, but you will have help in identifying the beginnings of this problem, as well as signs to look for in those being targetted by Nyarlatothep's designs. If you choose to come, there will be two young women, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi,

He waved a hand and a pair of full length projections not unlike Devon's illusions appeared, each in the semblance of a young woman, the first with wine red hair and a white fur coat, and the second with teal hair that was braided to the side and a gentle smile.

"Who can give you more information on what Nyarlatothep has done to the Mortal Realm."

He then turned to David West with that same mysterious smile (or as much as the mask would allow), "I was given 'The Rising Dawn' to call upon. You are a part of it, are you not? They are not, as far as I can see. Take heart, David West, there is much to be had in one as persistent as your's.[1]"

And that's when the topic of the reward at the end of the tunnel came up. This Philemon DID expect, as he turned to Deadshot, Annie and Ella respectively, "I cannot turn back the hands of time, nor can I change another's fate. The last time I did that, someone precious to her friends was erased from their memories, effectively killing her, even if her life was restored[2]"

Teri flinched faintly when hearing that, a fact Philemon did notice before continuing, finishing to Deadshot before turning to Annie, "I can however, grant you a possession of your choice, if that is what you desire. The money, for example, could be yours if that is what you asked.

As for you, I merely offered the favor as a further incentive to aid in saving my world. As you can see with some, it is an effective offer. That being said, I cannot go through with what you ask of me. To bring harm against another mortal would be against what I am. I am a being in search of the goodness in humanity. If I were to aid you in ill will against another, even if he has wronged you, would be detrimental to that cause, would it not?"

He then turned to Ella, "I would not employ such tactics in giving these favors. If this task is completed to fruition, then I would be more than happy to grant your wishes with your intent behind them. The tactics you speak of are more on par with Nyarlatothep's designs..."

And finally, he turned to Melethia, "If there is no other questions, that will be my second point to make. All of you, tell me this...."
(Click the big red button, not play all)

"With your Personas, you will be able to harm the Shadows that confront you. Any weapon in your possession, from teeth to swords to guns, will affect them. That is the power I can grant you to fight the oncoming darkness. Do you understand now?"

[1] Helloooo, wordplay.
[2] A reference to Persona 2: Innocent Sin's ending.

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