The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Realm Between Realms - Rising Dawn Crew


Rugal stood still and silent, looking down and away from their, as he took the entire brunt of everyone's (Justified) anger and wrath.
In allowing his anger to take root like that, in that one moment of weakness following the death of a woman he barely knew, he felt he had managed to destroy everything he had gained, his family, the trust of the ship, and judging by...whatever was going on in his mind, his sanity wasn't long behind.
"...What?...Not even going to try and say "I'm Sorry?"..."Sorry I enjoyed teaching that bitch a lesson?"...Well come on! Aren't you a changed man?..."
"...I'm so-OOF!" He attempted to say before he was slapped across the face by an unseen hand.
He then realized it wasn't Slindis, but rather Jenny, someone who was competely unaware that this had even occurred for the most part and a former victim of such torture.
"Don't. Even. Speak. To Me." the "Team Mom" of the Rising Dawn spat in a EXTREMELY out of character manner, if you even remotely managed to piss Jenny off, you KNOW you've fucked up.
"...I'm starting to think we've over stayed our welcome...Wouldn't you agree?..."

Even with Philemon managing to break up the scene, he remained nearly motionless, clenching his fists even as his question was answered.

David West

"...Whoa, J..." David said after Jenny's sudden outburst, it was a first for him.
He also shyed away from the group meeting as his name was mentioned, suddenly feeling that his explanation to Ton Ton mightn't have been the best.
While he knew Torture was used as a means of interrogation, he didn't know Rugal was going it for kicks.
Getting back to Philemon's Q&A session, he merely mumbled "...Awesometastic..." at the notion he wasn't going to be allowed to have someone else take his place.
Great...Fate of the entire Universe and all I got is a gun and a bad hair dye job...


Rugal's crime reminded her so much of her former tormentor, Jenny just had to act in anger, using her psychic powers for a rarely done offensive action, slapping him across the face as hard as she could.
"Don't. Even. Speak. To Me." she spat before Philemon stepped in to calm everyone and get them back on track.
She listened to the part about "Shadows", realizing that whomever this Nyralatothep was, his plan was already affecting both Teri and Devon.
"Understood. I'm not letting that thing get to our realm..."


...So recap: Guy who busted me is a chick now (Devon), Annie's torturer is getting chewed out, The Rising Dawn is in disarray and after this job, I'll have enough money to buy my way out of whatever UNIT decides to charge me with...
...I'll take this as a win...
Deadshot smugly thought as he watched the "Heroes" fight, feeling certain that he could get off the hook for the San Andreas gig now.
He then turned to Annie, while she was the focus of this entire argument, she seemed to have been forgotten as the rest of the crew turned on their "Leader".
Wrapping an arm around his fellow prisoner, he said "You did good. I have a feeling you won't need my help taking him down...Just know this, just because you can't wish for it doesn't mean it can't happen..."
In his near future, Deadshot could see Freedom, Wealth and the legend of being the man to Kill Rugal Bernstein.
(Even if Annie did it, he would take the credit)

Realm Between Realms - Rising Dawn Crew


"Okay. How about we get there, eh? Stuff to do, Personas to try out..." For her part, Melethia went over to Rugal and held his arm. At least he has someone in his family that wasn't mad at him, right?


Cadolbolg found himself being comforted by his soft hair cushion (Ella) as he did his best to hide more in the soft, fluffy hair."Easy, Cadolbolg... It's okay now. Your sisters won't let that happen again, okay? Come on, I'll hold you while we're taken to those two..."

Looks like she'd learned a bit of comforting others over the past week thanks to Devon's problems...


After getting her statement in and hearing out Caim and Ton-Ton, she finished with one brief statement. "Caim, I can not agree with that at all, but we have to go on. And Ton-Ton, we have to set better examples, okay? It's not easy, but it's better than hoping that someone else will."

She hardly glanced at Rugal before turning to Phil. "Straightforward, since I assume they will explain it. Are there any caveats to this? I already feel some things that are much harder to access compared to normal."


As they got ready to leave, Devon held Ton-Ton closer and noticed that the armor wasn't blocking anything. Heck, she could feel the slight trembling as Ton-Ton was apologizing. It was almost like it wasn't there! "Ton-Ton, it looks like we both messed up, huh? At least you can forgive me for what almost happened with the imps..."

She was more than eager to get away from Deadshot and Annie, deciding that now was an excellent time to apologize to David "Speaking of that, thanks for saving Ton-Ton last week, David. I'm really sorry I couldn't get to you before now... Here, let me touch you up."

Only this time, there was no prestidigation... Had Ageha taken out all of her magic? Slindis' talk was a strong argument for something else happening, though, so she'd have to wait it out.

Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi.
Location: Personaverse | Japan, Tokyo | Kirijo Group Building | Penthouse.

Bowing to the two, Yu Narukami was intrigued that the two Shadow Operatives provided him. Smiling lightly he already knew his answer. "Of course I will help, but as you have seen I am only a natural user. I cannot teach them to use ... those things." Yu eyed the evokers that the two still had on them. Yu himself was more interested with what they went through and what other mysteries this world holds, though one important task to him is finding more information about the person who was the master mind of the P4 Tournament.

Yet right now this was about a man with a mask, that world he travelled to once and that crew obtaining Personas. Yet when he remembers anything to do with that group, he feels a pain around his neck, as if he was being strangled out of life itself. Touching his neck, Yu nodded to the two woman in front of him. "You got my support in this. I will help both you and the crew." Yu said with determined of a great leader, possibly reminding the two of that blue haired boy that made himself a seal to protect everyone.

"Before this event happens, it would be nice to catch up on both my Persona and weapon skills." He said to them, the thoughts of training reminded him of the adventures he had witnessed both this year and the year before. Right now he needed to focus on training back to his standard, he also wanted to see if he could summon his Persona outside of the TV, apparently it was possible.

Realm Between Realms - Rising Dawn Crew


Melethia could feel the tension in her father's arm as she held it, clearly this was affecting him.
But Rugal eased when he realized that she didn't seem to be mad at him, even looking down and giving an small forced smile to her.
Unluckily, Jenny had enough anger towards the captain for the both of them as she took Melethia's hand and pulled her away.
"Come on Melethia." She said, not wanting the elf around that man.

David West

"I...don't think you need to do that..." David said, preferring to have Prestidigation cast on him when he actually needed it.
He got his wish as the pair of them noticed that nothing seemed to be happening as Devon attempted to cast the spell.
"...Huh?...Is it not working?..." He mused, feeling a noticeable lack of that tingly cleaning magic.


"That-ta girl, That-ta girl..." Deadshot chuckled to Annie, keen to get some payback on the group that managed to arrest him.
"Just keep friendly with the others though, don't want a war on 2 fronts." He added, knowing how Annie had bonded with members of the crew already

The Realm Between Realms, Philemon & The Rising Dawn Crew

Philemon perked up slightly at Devon's attempt at magic, and spoke up again, "Ah, the bard brings up a second point I must bring forth. Whilst you are in this world, you will find that whatever strange powers you posess, be they magical, supernatural, Divine, etc; you will be unable to use; save for in the realms of Shadows. It is not any fault on any of you, rather, it is simply the laws of this world bringing you to it's standards. I do recall a conversation with an Arceus regarding this property in encountering you before.

That being said, your powers are not lost. Rather, it is more that they are placed in a different portion of yourselves. When you are in the Shadow Realms, your Personas will be able to roam outside of your bodies, and it is in them your supernatural abilities lie. Do keep that in mind when traversing between the realms of mortals and the realms of Shadows.

He opened his arms wide after this, and a swarm of gold and blue butterflies filled the air, obscuring the vision of the Dawn's crew as the mask man's voice reverberated in the air, "And now is the time! I grant you the power I spoke of before! Awaken Personas of the Rising Dawn, and bring an end to Nyarlatothep's darkness. I bid you good luck on your endeavors; I will be watching and awaiting your timely success!"

The butterflies continued their dance, eventually obscuring the crew's vision to white light as they were brought back to the realm of consciousness....

The Rising Dawn - AI Vermilion and AI Dimitri

Vermilion grimaced as she assumed flight controls, the distortions beginning to cover the Dawn being too much (seeing as they never bought the upgrades to prevent such an incident), and shouted, "We're being pulled in, brace for dimension warp!"

Dimitri, on the other hand, seeing that the warping issue was something that couldn't be stopped, brought himself into his home Tablet and cut on the Mental link between said tablet and Teri, "I'll be getting to the bottom of this, Vermilion. We cannot enter a new realm until these users awaken! We'll be caught unawares otherwise!"

"Understood. I'll do what I can to reduce damages. Initiating procedures in case of a crash. Closing windows, checking airlocks...."

As his red counterpart Dimitri did what he could to attempt to home in on His Ladyship's condition, and paused when a new file began to enter...
"Thoth.exe? Requires EVOKER driver? What on earth...?"

However, not much more could be said as the displays were filled with a bright light, and the Dawn was no longer in the Realm of Avatar Adventures.

Airship Rising Dawn - The rest of the Party

When the group awoke, they found the Dawn as they had left it (Vermilion already rolling up the windows after the warp finished), save that the skyline outside looked distinctly different than what they saw moments ago. Urban Japan was a totally different beast that the American city they were nearby moments ago...

Over the intercom, Vermilion spoke up, "Incoming transmission to the Dawn, patching through."

"Greetings. My name is Fuuka Yamagishi. This is the Rising Dawn, correct? I was told by an entity by the name of Philemon that you would be arriving here on this day. Could you please come out of your ship to speak with us? I am in company of Mitsuru Kirijo and Yu Narukami, if those names are familiar to you, and we mean you no harm. In fact, we're here to help explain the situation that's happened here."

Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi.
Location: Personaverse - 1 Week prior to the Dawn's arrival | Japan, Tokyo | Kirijo Group Building | Penthouse.

Mitsuru and Fuuka let out sighs of relief to know that Yu Narukami had decided to aid in their endeavor, and Mitsuru spoke next, "As Fuuka said before, we have one week before they arrive. According to what we've gathered, it will be near the Shadow Operative Headquarters on Tatsumi Port Island. We'll be sure to inform them of everything when the time comes. We've even been given instructions from this Philemon on what kind of Evokers we will need, and we've been working non-stop since...

That was when the Kirijo heiress gave a mischievous smile and asked, Now, for that training...?"
If what Yu remembered correctly, this was going to hurt.

1 Week Later - Persona Verse Time | Shadow Operative Building, Airstrip | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan
Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi

The trio stood at the airstrip, waiting quietly for the foretold events to happen, Fuuka bearing a laptop and a transportable radio system in order to contact the group once they arrived. From what Narukami understood, Fuuka had been given very specific instructions regarding the arrival of the Dawn, but that didn't belay the nervousness of the group. This sort of event was incredibly unorthodox manner for the Shadow Operatives.

However, that did not last long as the massive Airship appeared in the Airstrip, a pair of golden and blue butterflies heralding the arrival of the ship before disintegrating into dust. That was when Fuuka took to the radio and the laptop, typing some stuff into the computer before speaking into a microphone, "Greetings. My name is Fuuka Yamagishi. This is the Rising Dawn, correct? I was told by an entity by the name of Philemon that you would be arriving here on this day. Could you please come out of your ship to speak with us? I am in company of Mitsuru Kirijo and Yu Narukami, if those names are familiar to you, and we mean you no harm. In fact, we're here to help explain the situation that's happened here."

[u]Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal

Rugal awoke right back where he was, face down on a bunch of Insurance Documents.
"...uhhhhh....what did...huh?..." He mumbled as he realized he was back on the Rising Dawn.
"...It was a dream...Does this mean that-"
"No. Highly Unlikely, don't even lie to yourself." his inner voice was kind enough to point out, making the Former Crimelord realize that now everyone know about what happened with Annie.
"ohhhhh God why?...." He groaned as he buried his face in his hands, knowing for a fact that he would most likely get lynched if he so much as left his room.

David West

"zzzzzzzzzzzz-*Snort* mmmmmm....ehhhhh?..." David groaned as Philemon kept his word and left David exactly where he was.
"...Huh...must have passed out..." He mumbled, thinking that what just happened was some sort of Dream or something (Which it was)
"Ohhhhh...Never chase Vodka with Rum..." He said as he picked himself up and began his usual routine when it came to passing out at bar, forgetting that he was part of a effort to save the universe, least until he finished his hangover cure.


Jenny awoke in a fright, the transition between Dream and Reality was always a little jarring for her.
Still, she knew what she had to do and began making her way out of her room and went about finding the others, Bumping into David West on the way.
"Uhhhh...J, I just had the weirdest dream..." He began, causing the Gradevoir to instantly roll her eyes, this happened EVERY time something strange like that happened.
"Just shut up and meet me outside..." she said, using a rather rude Tone that she wasn't really known for.


"Frankie......pass us the bong....I wanna hit that shit......Shit?..." Deadshot slurred as he woke up back where he was left off, dismantling the toilet in his cell in a bid to escape Shawshank Redemption style.
Only thing was, when he passed out, he was standing over an open sewer pipe so when he did drift off-


He cursed loudly as he found himself covered you want me to spell it out?
While he knew of the events of his "Acid Trip", that was secondary objective at the moment as his first involved a bath.

1 Week Later - Persona Verse Time | Shadow Operative Building, Airstrip | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan
Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo, Fuuka Yamagishi and others

Devon yawned, realizing she was still holding a snoozing Ton-Ton in her arms when the communication came through with a name she'd only heard in games... "The others here are still sleeping from what I can see, Miss Yamagishi, but I can get down to the bay area pretty easily. Am I right in guessing we're at Tatsumi Port Island? I'll at least try to wake up some of the others on my way..." After finishing that, she nudged Ella awake and held back a small chuckle at the nest that had been made in the Succubus' hair.

The light prodding caused Ella to wake up, and she easily scooped Cadolbolg out of her hair. "Cadol, I thought I asked you to not sleep in my hair like that again? It's a lucky thing that I know how to get this untangled so easily." It took a few once overs with the brush, but she touched up her hair as they made the rather short trip from the dancing hall down to the exit of the ship and waved hellos to those that were waiting for them.

"It's nice to meet you, and the others should be off the ship soon..."


Melethia sighed as she got a feel for the gems she'd been working. Sure, she could try to do more to enchant them, but she still needed the small catalyst to get it to work. If she couldn't get that normally, then she'd have to find out a way to get that open to her. "Forget what the others said. They won't stop me from bein' around Wheathair."

disregard. was editing character sheet and that happened...

[u]Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Melethia

For several more minutes, Rugal gazed blankly at his desk as the people Philemon talked about began hailing the ship.
"...Well?...Aren't you going to save the world again?...."
"...Really?...Huh, I thought you called yourself a hero these days?..."
"...Well, Alright, be that way. I'll be right here when you get your priorities right..." his other-side taunted before seemingly shutting up, leaving him alone for now...
A series of knocks at his door failed to animate him from his trance of sorts, but the tell-tell sounds of the panel on the lock being opened followed by some hot wiring quickly got this attention as the door opened.
"...Did you keep the locking mechanism intact this time?..." He asked Melethia as she walked in, hoping he wouldn't have to replace his door lock.

Location - The Rising Dawn's Hallway: Annie

For the most part, Annie didn't seem to bump into anyone from the Rising Dawn, though she did notice that the Airship was in a competely different location (It was no longer flying for one).
In her search, she did hear some "Interesting" Comments coming from the brig.
"ARGH! Why is there only one roll of paper?!" shouted a familiar voice as she heard the sound of someone kicking metal.

Inside the brig, after getting knocked out and landing in his un-finished escape tunnel, Deadshot began trying to break off the small sink in his cell in order to access the water pipe contained in it, both to wash himself off and hopefully clear the waste pipe a little.
While Andy Dufresne crawled though nearly 500 yards of shit, Deadshot would at least like to get rid of SOME of it.
"Come on! Break you piece of shit!" He ironically said as he managed to break it off, revealing a pipe that was shooting water upwards.
"That's the one!" He rejoiced as he began to clean himself off with his makeshift shower right as Annie walked in...

[u]Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Melethia

"Nah, kept it intact. Just did a bit of tweaking on it that would only hit someone breaking in my style." She casually strolled into the room showing once again that she didn't really care about what had been done by Rugal. As a matter of cact, she seemed to have a bit of apathy towards it - something that was hard to see until she pulled out the gems that she'd received from S'zami.

"Wheathair, a drop of your blood will be worth a gallon of hers if she tries anything. We know she relies on her transdforming to do most anything. There's no magic involved in what I do, and we both know that."

...perhaps it wasn't the best praise that Melethia was so with Rugal...

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Melethia

"Oh her, you're little protege. Almost forgot about her..."

"...Melethia, come here." Rugal said before picking her up and sitting him down on his lap.
"...I know you would. But I'm asking you to not...You know...I wasn't always a-...No...I'm not good man. I was Never a good man..." He admitted, not really sure just how much she knew about his past dealings.
"...Before...Before I came here, I was-...I was one of the worst human beings on the planet. I sold weapons, To Armies, to Warlords and "Kin-Slayers", to anyone who ever wanted to harm others. Why?...Because I wanted power and a Merchant can kill more then any soldier could. Even to this day, the name Rugal Bernstein stands for the worst humanity has to offer..."
"That's not what you were saying back then..."

"Then...One day...I met you, You're mother and your sister. I realized that...That...There was something other is being..."Me". And from that day forth, I swore off my old ways, To spreading death and misery, to seeking the death of others who opposed me, To finding joy in the suffering of others."
"Oh come on, Those things were fun! I get you wanted to bed that sweet ass, but you didn't need to have to take all the fun out of your life!"

Cringing slightly at his other-side's words, he continued:
"Now...What Annie did was terrible, that much is certain and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But what *I* did? I used our...Friend's (S'zami) death as an excuse to break the vow I had pledged against my old ways. That is my sin and she has very right in the world to bare ill against me. Does that mean what she did was wrong? Yes. But what I did to her was no better. And more importantly, I think we can both agree that it's not what S'zami would have wanted..." He explained as he picked up the gems that belonged to the woman.
"...And it's not what your mother and sister would have wanted...It's not what any of us would have wanted."

Placing both of his hands on her shoulders, ensuring she was paying attention for this next part.
"I know you would do anything for me, just as I would for you. But...sometimes, I worry for you. That you might become what I have tried...and reform. It's a lot easier to get into that life then it is to get out. So Promise me, that even when I am gone, by age or by battle, that you will NOT become what I am. That you won't become what I try to fight against, what We fight against. Annie mightn't be a good woman, but I had no right to treat her that way."

"Do you understand me?..."

"Jesus H. Christ, look what you've let us become? From the De-Facto ruler of the underworld. To a disappointing father..." his other-side crooned as sweat began to bead on the side of Rugal's head.

Location - The Rising Dawn's Brig: Annie, Deadshot

Deadshot froze when someone finally walked in on him trying to wash himself off.
Once the shock of the situation had passed, he gave an honest answer as he resumed cleaning.
"...Abandonment Issues, Substance abuse, getting the right side of my face blown off, the poverty that comes with being a Mercenary without a pay check...You know, usual shit..." He said rather matter of fact manner as he managed to get most of it off his face before bending the pipe towards the sewer pipe he would end up going .
"Besides, You seem to have forgotten, what with all the perks and not-actually-being-in-a-small-metal-cell-for-the-past-week, is that they are just holding us until even BIGGER assholes pick us up. Didn't you ever hear the word "UNIT" get thrown around once or twice, between the meals that aren't made of total 200 year old crap?" He added, showing that while Annie was getting to know the rest of the crew, Deadshot was rotting down here and getting increasingly bitter for it.

"But, While it's not pretty, I'm pretty certain that if I get to the Septic tank, I can undo a few panels and get off this flying madhouse. I mean, unless you happen to have a key-"
Right as Deadshot said that, Annie unlocked his cell, holding her nose as she did, leaving the Assassin with a confused look on his face.
".................You had....a Key...This whole time?...." He said with a look that said both:

"I am going to make mad passionate love to you right now."

as well as


Location - The Rising Dawn's Brig: Annie, Deadshot

"...Huh...Gee, I-er....Thanks..." He merely said as she explained what happened when Shawn drugged him the first time around, his recollection being blurry at best.
He seemed a little confused about just why she stuck her neck out for him, but he wasn't going to complain.
While he wasn't AS bad as he was before his attempt at showering, he still wanted to take a proper one as he edged over towards the exit of the brig.
"Feel free to leave... but...If this crew took me down when I was a 14 meter class titan... what are the chances of you escaping here? As I recall... you broke your leg leaping off the airship. If you really seek freedom, you might want to just bid by the crew's regulations and show you're trustworthy."
"Well, Sorry to break it you ya, but even if they hang onto you, I don't think I'm going to make it past the auditions. See, you wrecked one city while I attempted to wreck 3, which in most numeral systems is a larger number. While my attempts at making a mess weren't very successful, the fact of the matter is while you Godzilla'd the shit out of Las Venturas, I was basically attempting to wreck The Entire Region." He said as he peered into the hallway looking for any witnesses or cameras.

"On top of that, unlike you, I'm a massive nonredeemable cunt who enjoyed that shit a lot more then he should have. Hell, second I get out of here, I'll most likely take up another job and end up in a situation like this one by the end of the month. But such is life, Eh? Get rich or die trying."

Promises are promises.
Doctor S, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

"YES, you are correct! But I never said I wasn't going to have fun with him!!!"

A loud voice came through the brig's door as it slammed open. Of course it was the Doctor himself, dressed in his elite riot armor that Deadshot knew all too much about. Stomping in with big metal boots a long hose dragged in behind him. "Geez, I could smell that from all the way out there." He commented on the smell before turning to Deadshot with said fire hose. "I thought it was going to be something to do with you." The Doctor rubbed some salt in the poop wounds before throwing in a bar of soap at Deadshot.

Opening his Pip-Boy radio the Doctor contacted the AI of the ship. "Hey this is brig, we need a septic system shut down and possibly a repair crew?" He asked the radio, soon enough the waste stopped flowing and a few robots flew in behind the Wanderer and started to patch up the toilet and clean the waste, they were wearing a raincoat. Smiling, the Wanderer could do what he wanted now. "You might want to strip." The voice in the riot helmet commanded him as he unleashed the cold waters of the fire upon the captured assassin.

"Having fun yet? I heard from some people that you guys were contacted during that ... 'sleep'. Seems you guys are needed for something, but I wans't ... it looks like me and my pals are staying and looking after this hunk of metal." He said towards Annie as the hose sprayed inside the cell, it also drowned out a lot of sound from Deadshot.

"I would hate it you didn't look good when you meet these people!" He yelled over the water.

One week later.
Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Airstrip | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Standing on the airstrip next to the two ladies only made him nervous, Yu Narukami only could think about what could happen. Every party involved in this is probably nervous, yet Yu still wore his calm and normal face it would be quite expressionless to many people. "Giving them time is a wise thing, coming to our world would be startling to them ... especially if they are going to receive Personas." Yu said to the two as he was reminded of the time in Inaba he spent before, the pain all of his friends went through to gain their Personas, yet both natural users and evoker users go through some kind of pain to use the power of a Persona.

Yu was taught many things during his 'training' at the Kirijo building. Evokers, you practically had to shoot yourself to summon your Persona, that would be a hard feat for many people. Yet curiosity was something lingering in the gray haired young adult's mind, what has happened to this group ever since the time he went to their universe. The three waited until everyone who was needed was out of the ship.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Melethia

Melethia spoke rather bluntly as Rugal tried to guide her. "Way I look at it, you have to hit back against those that go after you or family. If you want to do something, just do it and make it quick. Give them a clean end. Might not be popular all the time, but it's better than flip-flopping around. Now the people on the ship? I'm gonna stick close to them. If they're not with the ship and try something? I'll strike back so there isn't a third attack. Simple as that.

Now, ya may not have done the best stuff in the past, but one thing that would be good from there is decisiveness. It's hard to see."

Unfortunately, it seemed that she was just as stubborn as her mother... Still, there was some hope. And it seemed that she wouldn't let anyone take her away from Rugal.

Doctor S, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

"Wait, Wait, WAIT-" Deadshot protested before getting blasted with the high pressure hose by Doctor S, knocking him back into the cell he had worked so hard to get out of.
Drowned out was the part when the Assassin's skull smashed against the water pipe before getting pressed against the wall by the sheer amount of water, going limp not long afterwards.
"I would hate it you didn't look good when you meet these people!" The "Good" Doctor shouted over the water.
He then noticed that Deadshot was really, well, Moving and that once the brown was washed off him, there was a worrying shade of crimson flowing into the run-off, coming from his head...

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Melethia

"...Young and Malleable, always a good combination..."
Rugal seemed to zone out again as his message seemed to be lost on Melethia.
"...Alright, just-...Run along. I need to prepare to meet Philemon's people. Among other things..." He then said, before letting Melethia down off his lap and rubbing his forehead as if he had a massive head-ache.
"Come on, a few modifications, the right programming, you could have yourself one helluva a Weapons Designer!"
"shut up." Melethia could heard him barely say under his breath.

Outside the Rising Dawn: David West/Jenny

Not long after Devon, Ella and the Bruisers met up with the Welcoming Committee, Jenny could be seen dragging a half asleep David off the ship.
"Come on! Come on! GOD! Why are you always like this?!" the Normally friendly therapist kept pestering at West as they touched ground.
"Well, Sorry I didn't plan for some shit like this happening! I mean, HOW do you plan for this sort of shit happening?" He protested as he saw Yu and the other two.
"...Whoa, Yu!"
"...What about me?"
"No- YU! As in that guy! Didn't think I'd see him again." David explained as he walked over to the group.
"Sup, Yu? Last time I saw ya, I think it was it just before the...errr, The Angel War, Correct?" He said as he went to shake the man's hand while Jenny went to the others.
"Right, there is no time to waste, I've encountered Shadows before in my own Realm, I'd rather not again. So tell me, What will do have us do?"

One week later.
Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo, Jenny, Devon, Ella David West, and Fuuka Yamagishi.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Airstrip | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Yu found the shorter Blond haired woman holding Ton-Ton approaching to greet him. "I never thought I'd see any of you in person, I have to say... Word of what you three managed to do spread around if someone wanted to hear about it. Let me be the first to say that I'm glad to be working with you..." She walked over to the high school student and gave a light wave, still a little bit weirded out that she was meeting with what she remembered to be a video game character.

Ella was in agreement with Jenny and continued the Gardevoir's talk with Fuuka. "I have to agree with Jenny: the one I fought was a rather nasty one, and it was a miracle we managed to hold out before Devon could defeat him. What's our next course of action here?" It was clear from how she placed Fuuka in between herself and Mitsuru that she was a bit uncomfortable around the heiress.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Melethia

Melethia shrugged as she went to gather some new clothes for her dad. "Still, if ya want it, I'll hold to it. Just don't expect me to not reap any harm done to you unto those that did it, okay? Now lemme see if I can help you get ready." For better or for worse, she was more devoted than a good chunk out of his former employees, and not out of any fear. Perhaps he could use that to help shape her?

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Melethia

"Get your coffee? Your reports for the day?"
"Thank you, But I also want you to be able to say "You are going too far." or "You shouldn't do that." Sometimes, stopping someone from doing something foolish can be a lot better then defending their actions." Rugal explained as he took the spare suit she handed him.
"...I just don't know what I can do to make it up to you mother and sister..." He sighed as he quickly got changed into a fresh suit.
"Now then...I guess we better be off..."
"Yes, we better. There is Profit and Conflict to be had!"

The more Melethia looked at him, the more distracted and sometimes distressed he seemed.

[u]Rising Dawn: Training Room: Teri, Slindis, Garm

Slindis was the first out of herself and her student to rise, and noticed that she had dodged the arrow Teri had shot even while falling asleep. With a shake of her head, she tapped her student's shoulder to rouse the trainee archer as Fuuka's announcement rang in the air, "Wake up. We are to meet Philemon's aides. They've already established contact with us."

Following that, the Paladin brushed herself off, and waited quietly as Teri collected the arrows that she could, requivered them and followed her mother with Garm in tow.

Dimitri pipped up from Teri's tablet as they walked, sounding rather relieved as he spoke, "Ah, you're all awake! That's good. We were beginning to worry..."

"It's probably a side effect of the world warping... Like the partial loss of our powers... I can still feel God working through me, so no worries, right?"

As Teri walked with Slindis, she looked down to her bow, which was now fixed in that form, it seemed. No matter how much Teri tried to convince Sadei to change, it wasn't happening, "Looks like you're stuck like this for a while, Sadei. It's okay, we need the practice anyways... I remember Mitsuru and Fuuka... I wonder how they've been? Which reminds me, THAT'S the reason you took Chihiro's form in my mind, isn't it? You saw my memories with the Persona games..."
The Shadow's prescence shivered in Teri's mind as well, commenting, "So this means I'm gonna be a Persona... Shadows do that in the games, right? Does this mean I'm not gonna be me anymore? Wonder what I'll become..."

Rising Dawn: Caim and Angelus' quarters

The Pact duo arose from their bed, looking equally parts confused and embarrassed. Just when they were about to have that talk that they had been meaning to had, some jerk with a mask had to screw all that up. Add on the realization of the torture to Angelus (who had been kept in the dark about it) and it made for less that romantic lighting. Angelus only shook her head at Caim before turning and leaving, the warrior mutely following after to get to the newest quest (and hopefully go home).

Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo, Jenny, Devon, Ella David West, Fuuka Yamagishi, Teri, Garm, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Cutie Bruisers.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Airstrip | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

As more Rising Dawn members greeted the trio, Fuuka gave a nod to Ella and Jenny, "We'll go over the complete details of the mission once the rest of your group shows up, so we can tell all of you what's going on completely. Philemon probably didn't say too much, but I believe that's because he was afraid that hard to pronounce adversary of his would have been listening... Oh my, that's a big dog you have there! It explains why we had a couple collars made..."

As for Ella's distinct discomfort to her appearance, the Heiress raised an eyebrow and asked, "Is something wrong? You seem to be avoiding me at every turn..."

Angelus took it upon herself to stand near Devon in an attempt to be something of a calming presence for the transfigured Bard. Only a week had passed since Devon's transformation, and the dragoness was to be certain that her student would be alright in the new world.

Teri too was struck by the fact that some of the video game characters she remembered playing with were in fact right before her, and kept it quiet, save for when Fuuka brought up Garm. Patting the wolf on the head, Teri only smiled at Fuuka in an attempt to ease the Seer's fears as the wolf only continued his gentle panting.

Ton Ton gave a wave to Narukami as well, "I remember seeing you briefly, when we fought a bunch of enormous monsters. I don't recall us meeting properly though. My name is Ton Ton. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Caim found himself drawn to Narukami as well, and gave a wave, "You speak the truth, Ton Ton. He was with us when we warded off those large beasts from our world. I remember you distinctly when we fought that beast of shadow... Your's and my lightning magic allowed it to be kept at bay, if I do recall."

Cadolbolg, as he was resting in Ella's hair, gave a wave to Mitsuru, "Hello~!" to which the Kirijo heir gave a small wave and smile back. If anything, the turtle/dragon baby was rather cute...

[u]Rising Dawn: Training Room: Teri, Slindis, Garm

Sadei seemed a bit disappointed that she couldn't change back, but otherwise kept her upbeat tone as she talked to Teri."Yeah, I think so. It's still really confusing to me, though, and I hope we can get this done with fast enough. You'll be fine though, Tama. Just looking a bit different~!"

Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo, Jenny, Devon, Ella David West, Fuuka Yamagishi, Teri, Garm, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Cutie Bruisers.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Airstrip | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Ella nodded and brushed off herself and Devon before calmly responding "Okay, Fuuka. That won't be too hard to do, although it's odd how you needed us to help here. I thought you'd have someone else here that could help."

After that, she then sighed and began to explain her discomfort as best she could. "It's not you, it's just you're reminding me of someone that I'd not want to see so soon... or ever, really. I'm sure you're more pleasant than she is, that's for sure."

It was clear that Angelus standing nearby was helping her student a bit more with the confidence issues. Then again, it'd taken a while for her student to really even start heading out of her room, so it was some form of progress.

Before too long, SLindis and Teri were out there only to see Melethia alongside Rugal. "Let's get down to what needs to be done, shall we?" It was rather clear that Slindis wasn't too happy with Melethia staying near Rugal, but the young girl wasn't budging.

Trololololololol ...
Doctor S, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Rising Dawn | Brig.

Seeing the water turn red, the Doctor shrugged as he turned off the water to the hose. "Haha, but both know that is wrong. You could easily get those cuffs off and we both know that ... and, you can turn into a giant." He Wanderer said as he opened the flooded cell of Deadshot. The repairs to the toilet had already finished, now with a more unbreakable plating. "Now you start walking out there because ... if you are called, you are called. When that happens, it seems that you will get pulled into it no matter what. Like me ... I get weird radio signals all the time and I somehow always follow them." The armored Doctor hummed as he pulled out a Stimpak and injected Deadshot. "He should be up and running soon ... I'll carry him out I guess. Follow us." He said as he picked up Deadshot and left the brig.

A few minutes later, the Wanderer came to the large group. "Well, here is one guy you need. Now I'll be over there since I am not involved in this ... at all~" He said whilst pointing to the side. The good Doctor walked outside the group and began to examine the scene. He could already tell that everyone gathered around three strangers.

Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Airstrip | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Waving casually to everyone, Yu Narukami's memories were not triggered by this. Bowing shortly afterwards, Yu looked confused. "Sorry, but I do not remember any of these events, I have the feeling that they are true but the memory from your world I remember is being choked almost to death by a dark figure ... other then that I do not remember much." His face still looked calm and neutral as he admitted the truth from his mouth.

Yet Yu saw an armored figure approach the group, he became cautioned because it also carried a body. Coming to the group he dropped the person on the ground who groaned with either pain or embarrassment. The figure moved to the side, Yu simply shrugged at this as he awaited for everyone else. "I believe we should be introduced to each other, my name Yu Narukami. Here I am the person who will teach a group of people about natural users." Yu said as he was reminded about his mission and why he was here.

Location: Airstrip


Cz held her head, the world was spinning around her and the harsh thump of her heart pounded pain into her skull. What's going on? She thought to herself. Her mind was sluggish, and the processes seem to run slower as well, and only two or three processes seem to be running concurrently. As she stepped out onto the landing strip, the cool ocean breeze cut through her robes and into her flesh, sending chills deeper than anything she had before felt. Cz gasped. It hurts. Everything's raw. What the hell.

In the midst of all the stimuli, Cz recognized the ocean here. This was Japan. She had spent the better part of eight hundred years floating around guarding this place from within aetherspace. Cz looked up and gave a deep glare to all the people gathered before her on the landing strip. She counted off; Jenny, Devon, Ella David West, Teri, Garm, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton, Cadobolg. Then she turned her eyes toward the three strangers and lifted a finger to point at Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi in turn. "Who are you, and what have you done to me and all the people in this place."

Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi and the Rising Dawn.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Airstrip | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Fuuka blinked in confusion, her brow furrowed when she asked, "That's strange... Philemon spoke with all of you, didn't he?"

Ton Ton gave a nod, "Yeah, tall guy. Wears a mask and likes butterflies. He gave the intel about what was going on, Cz. I do recall when he asked you your name, you called yourself a 'guardian of humanity'?"

Mitsuru spoke up after that, "None of use have done anything to you. If anything, it was Philemon who brought you here and... Well, I don't know all of the details, but I know he was able to grant all of you Personas. Which brings us to why you've been called by him at all. Now that all of you are here, please follow me. Narukami-san, you can explain your form of Persona use in a moment."

Mitsuru lead the group inside the building close to the airstrip and into a lavish conference room, lined with chairs and several pitchers of ice water. After waiting for everyone to seat themselves as they wished, Mitsuru, Fuuka and Yu went to the front of the room, where a projector screen was. It was then that Mitsuru began speaking again,

"Greetings. As you probably know by now, I am Mitsuru Kirijo, and I lead a group of people called the Shadow Operatives, an offshoot of my corporation, the Kirijo group. The Shadow Operatives work to keep the beings known as Shadows under control, so they don't leak too far into our world. As Philemon has probably explained, Shadows are the offshoots of humanity, the embodiment of negative emotions. So, so long as humans exist, so do Shadows. However, this does not mean that their activity cannot be monitored and kept under control for a time.

That all being said, we've had a recent problem with them. Unlike the Shadows we're used to dealing with, there is a new source of their growth. We suspect that this Nyarlatothep has gained the means to synthesize a virus that has forced human beings to revert to this form of being, rather than the collective forms we are used to dealing with. As you can imagine, if this spreads beyond this town, which has been quarantined at the current time, the results could be catastrophic. As far as we have been able to gather, there is a 100% mortality rate. Anyone infected will become a Shadow. We've only been able to find those with the advanced forms of the disease, and they turned shortly after."

She made a small sigh and held up a clicker for the projection, "I will warn you now, what you're about to see is fairly graphic, but it should help you identify one of the infected if possible."

Mitsuru closed her eyes as she pressed the button, and images began to flash upon the screen. What they group saw on the screen was nothing short of grotesque. From what could bee seen, there were several men, women and even a select few children shown laying in hospital beds or clawing at the glass walls of containment areas as their sickness was readily apparent. Black spheres where eyes should have been, pale degenerating flesh that exposed bone in some instances, hair long gone from having fallen out of it's roots, teeth and nails missing and only leaving stumps where it once was... It was hard to call the subjects human at all.

After getting rid of the slideshow of the grotesque, Mitsuru took charge again, "As I've said, this is the most advanced stage of the virus. What we've been trying to do is isolate where this virus is being released, as well as try to find those in the earlier stages of the virus. The Shadow Operatives have found that those in the latest stages have an aversion to light, and were found bundled in several layers of clothing well beyond what would be necessary for this weather. Their eyes are unusually dilated, or somehow blackened as well, so do check for that if you find someone suspicious.

Fuuka, I'll get the Evokers. You explain the next section."

"Of course. Hello, my name is Fuuka Yamagishi, another Shadow Operative, as well as a Persona wielder, like Mitsuru."

Fuuka took center stage as Misturu began to pass around to the party (Mainly) what appeared to be guns. However, with some, the objects were different. Caim, Melethia, and Angelus were given daggers of varying shapes, a collar for Garm and the Cuties, Slindis a bladed glove, and Teri was given a gun alongside a miniature USB drive?

"Someone named Dimitri is supposed to get that, from what I'm told.."

As Teri began to gingerly put the USB into the tablet, Fuuka began her portion of the explanation,

"Now, while we do say this is a virus, I think two things can be deduced. One, that the virus is not biological in nature, seeing the final product is a Shadow. The second, is that Persona users are immune to this virus. I think that this is most likely because we've already become part of Philemon's 'side', so Nyarlatothep can't touch us with it.

Now, what needs to be done to solve this problem is that we need to find where the virus is being made, and stop production. In order to do that, we need to find a few living sufferers of this disease, and investigate from there. We also suspect that the areas the virus are being spread from are zones where the Shadows are able to roam about. If you should find such a zone, you will need to go in and find the source of it's creation and eradicate it. That's where your Personas will come in to aide you. And in order to call them to help you, we've lent you is called an Evoker."

She held up a similar gun and pressed it to the side of her head, "By using a device shaped like a gun, or in some cases, with collars or knives etc, it invokes a fear response, and the Persona is able to come forth. At least, we suspect that to be the case with most of you. We don't know how many of you are or will become Natural Users like Narukami-san, who can summon his Persona with the force of his will instead of needing an Evoker.

We've also provided several training rooms that will enable you to practice using your Personas before going out into the field. And that, Narukami-san, is how you can train the current Natural Users in that form of summoning. But before all that, is there any questions?"

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room: Rugal

Listening quietly to the Operative's explanation, Rugal picked up his Evoker, unknowingly judging the craftsmanship of this weapon.
"Pffffff...Ruger Mk. III semi-automatic pistol, Doesn't have anything on one of ours..."
Wincing from his headache, he pocketed his one before saying "Give us the file of the last Infected you've found. Name, age, Routine, Address, anything we can use to find out how he or she came into contact with this virus so we can follow the trail from there. Unless you already have a lead..."
"~Ohhhhhh, ~Unless you already have a lead~ Tsh! Man, look at you, Captain Picard and his merry men and women."
"Shut your mouth, before I shut it for you!" He could be barely heard saying to himself.(?)

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room: David West/Jenny

David was the most uneasy when he was handed his Evoker, examining it a distrusting look on his face.
"...You're SURE these things work?...Sorry to sound paranoid, but I'm in the business of blowing people's heads off with guns so I'm a little uncomfortable with doing the same to my own..." He asked as he meticulously checked out his, the device feeling more like a toy gun then anything he was used to.
As David asked, Jenny just kept looking over the pictures of the infected, showing a drive that was mostly absent for most of her stay on the Rising Dawn, as well as a temper.
"She said invokes fear, it's supposed to make you feel like that. Dunce." She explained, thinking David didn't pay attention during the Lecture, like always.
"Hey, I just know what I don't like pointed at my head, alright?...Sheesh, J. Lighten up..." The Sniper protested as he slid his evoker away from himself on the table.
"...So what was that about "Natural User"? Sounds like some classy "Chosen one" Bullshit..."
Jenny merely sighed annoyingly before saying "If we counter any Infected, should we report them to your people or put them out of their misery?"

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room: Deadshot

All the while, Deadshot was Loudly Munching on a packet of crisps he picked up at the Vending Machine on the way up, pocketing a company pen or 6 when no one was looking.
"Hm {question for the red-head} (Mitsuru Kirijo) {...ummm...Are we operating within local laws or is it a "M.I.B." thing where we can kick the shit of anyone and you'll people will make it so it never happened?}" He asked with his mouth pull of potato crisps.
*Gulp* "No, But seriously, how Public is this operation? I mean, those were some pretty fucked up looking victims, can't keep something like that under wraps for long. I'd like to know if we need to keep a low profile or not." He then asked before stuffing his face again, his chewing visible though the part of his face that was missing.
"{...Wait, did you guys want one?...Cheese and Onion...}" He said before offering a few of his crisps.

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room: Devon, Angelus, Ella, Annie, Bruisers

"Um, I'm still not really comfortable with pointing a gun to my head... I'm not that desperate, but if we have to... SHe glanced over at Angelus and then down at the gun (Which was on the handily-provided hip holster) nervously. Sure, they said it didn't have any bullets, but who's to say that people couldn't swap it out for a real gun? She didn't want to be sent to Ageha at all!

Meanwhile, Ella approached Annie with a kind enough greeting. "Would you mind helping me and Devon? I'd ask someone else, but Devon's already having a hard enough time getting used to her body, never mind puling the trigger and 'shooting' herself."

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room: Slindis, Jenny

After taking a good number of notes on the condition of those affected, SLindis gave an affirmative nod. "It's eerie how you got something that works so well, but I doubt there's no way to cure it once infected. I'll have to try something first, but if it works I might be able to stem the tide a bit or keep it away from key people in your group if I bring my Persona out." The Drow seemed somewhat confident as she looked the notes over while she let Teri find out what it was she planned on doing, and responded to Jenny's rather straightforward question

"I'd like to give my idea a try first, because if we can save some it's less we have to kill." For many others it would have sounded naively optimistic, but Slindis was trying to keep the idea that they could help some of the infected in the people's minds.

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room to Shadow Room: Melethia

Melethia had heard enough about the talk and shrugged before bluntly calling out to Mitsuru. "Look, just point me to one of those training rooms. If they can do what I think they can do, I'll need them for what I'll do for my Evoker. After all, if I have to use this, I'm gonna make it a real weapon." With that, she went off to a room and took a good long look at the Evoker.

Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi and the Rising Dawn crew.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, conference room | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Nodding to everything, Yu knew about this all already seeing how he was here a week before training and learning from the Shadow Operatives. Seeing how this group is new to Personas and their world, he was thinking that they will have a hard time not only accepting Persona knowledge but training with Personas and using them. The knowledge that was on the top of his mind was about Nyarlatothep and evokers. The Evokers force the Persona out whilst the natural user learns to control and accept their shadow which becomes a Persona.

Yu was a special case in all of this, he held the power of the wild card and the Arcana of the Fool. Under normal circumstances he would be able to summon multiple Persona, but that was when he gained the social bonds and other Arcana of his friends. Without them he only had his trust initial persona Izanagi, even then his own Persona had become an ultimate persona at one time, back then when they faced their final enemy.

His other friends could upgrade their Persona as their bond with Yu increased. It reminded him of the time with his once friend but now lover Chie, her Persona was upgraded when their bond was at maximum. Maybe with these people he could form bonds and gain their Arcana's to help with this ordeal. Making a fist, he misses them dearly, he still has their Arcana but as said before they are useless to him.

Coughing to attract attention to himself, Yu began to talk. "Basically, Evokers force the Persona within you out. Little do you know that everyone in here has a Shadow within them. To people who have the talent of becoming a natural user like myself, that Shadow is talking to you right now and making you uncertain about yourself ... probably talking about things you don't like but are true. If that is happening, at one point it will try to control and kill you, but instead you will have to face your hardships and try to accept it. If not ... you have to fight it." Yu said to everyone as he opened his palm and focused all his will into it. Yu learned that at veteran Persona user doesn't need special needs and can summon it at will, but being in places such as the Midnight Channel or Dark hour can help newbies. Another bit of information he learned is that a evoker user can summon their persona naturally at one point, but he doesn't know since he has never seen it himself.

A blue light filled the room suddenly, upon focusing the light everyone could see a single card hovering above the hand. Soon other cards started to circle Yu. "These are Arcana, the one I hold is mine ... it is the one of "The Fool", I also hold "The World" arcana but that is something else. All of you have a arcana and a persona belonging to one of them." He said to them. Shortly he began to talk about all of the Arcana.

Hanged Man
The World

"These are all the arcana, now I will show you what is a Persona." Yu said with a slight smile as the cards around him faded into nothing, crushing the card with his hand. Yu was covered with blue flames which turned into a rather large figure right behind him.

The figure wore a black long coat with red trimmings and other dark clothing beneath it.
It's feet were blades and it's fingers were long and sharp looking.
The most notable things about this large figure was the large weapon it held and the white mask with yellow eyes hiding behind it. "This is Izanagi, my Persona."

The large figure soon disappeared which left it's master still calm and expressionless. "Now the people who have already fought their shadow ... and people who think they have a shadow, should follow me. Learning how to use the Persona should be simple, but controlling your Shadow is the hard part." Yu said whilst standing by the exit to the training rooms.

Location: Shadow Operative Building | Conferance Room

Rising Dawn Crew and Associates

Cz looked skeptically at the presentees, and even more so when they presented her with the 'evoker.' To her it just looked like a primitive projectile weapon, easily classified with flintlocks and other low grade weaponry that was lost to archives of human history. Or likely, as the high council would have deemed, to prevent humans from using these weapons to inflict terror and death upon one another.

"These are suppose to summon 'powers' forth from us?" Cz asked with an air of annoyance. She picked up the evoker and placed it upon her temple as she had seen the others model. "And these powers are to serve us in eradicating some sort of alien disease crafted by a creature of darkness?" As far as Cz knew, that 'darkness' seemed an awful lot like her own 'proxy' ability. To destroy a human and reform it into an amorphous devouring substance that carried the will of a Peacemaker. Could this Nyarlathotep be a Peacemaker of old?

Cz pulled the trigger, her eyes unflinching from the presenters before tossing the evoker back at them. "I have many doubts about this operation. But firstly I suppose you would have to get me another type of 'evoker." Cz rubbed her eyes, she was tired all of a sudden, "Something for someone that has no reason to fear dying."

She sighed and closed her eyes to rest them for a moment. The salt air has agitated her. What a pain it is. She laughed silently to herself. Almost as if I was human.

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room

The two young women began to answer back forth for the party, taking the questions like champs as they came their way, Mitsuru starting with Rugal's question,

"Give us the file of the last Infected you've found. Name, age, Routine, Address, anything we can use to find out how he or she came into contact with this virus so we can follow the trail from there. Unless you already have a lead..."

"We can get those documents ASAP. For now, we're going to be proceeding to the training rooms, so you and your party can be prepared for what is to come. If you have the energy afterwards, you're more than welcome to peruse them as you need to."

"...So what was that about "Natural User"? Sounds like some classy "Chosen one" Bullshit..."
Jenny merely sighed annoyingly before saying "If we counter any Infected, should we report them to your people or put them out of their misery?"

Fuuka smiled and gestured to Yuu, "As Narukami-san has explained and demonstrated, a Natural user is someone who doesn't require an Evoker to call their Persona. However... The process is difficult. Dealing with one's Shadow is very dangerous. Which reminds me, Narukami-san, how do you suspect these people will know if they have Shadows to deal with or not?"

That was when Fuuka realized she hadn't answered Jenny properly, "As for your question, if you feel that you can bring them here, than do so. The more we can learn about this disease, the better. Otherwise, if you think they're too far gone, bring them their peace. It would be better to die with what little humanity they had left than to become a Shadow completely."

*Gulp* "No, But seriously, how Public is this operation? I mean, those were some pretty fucked up looking victims, can't keep something like that under wraps for long. I'd like to know if we need to keep a low profile or not." He then asked before stuffing his face again, his chewing visible though the part of his face that was missing.

"It would be best if you kept a low profile, or as much as possible. Japan has some very strict gun control laws, and we skirt by as is. If too much trouble arises, just drop my name and you should be alright. However, I would prefer that your group work within the law."

".. Why did you, or the man who calls himself Philemon- want the Rising Dawn to take part in this mission of yours? If you could really, truly reach out to other worlds, there is bound to be a infamous number of alternative people you've could of.. selected to.."

Fuuka shook her head, "We didn't have any choice about you coming here. As far as what Philemon told us, someone else recommended your group to him. Who that was, we've no idea. We've just had to make due with the force we were getting, even if they were from another world. With our usual forces scattered taking care of other Shadow related incidents, we can take all the help we can get."

After taking a good number of notes on the condition of those affected, Slindis gave an affirmative nod. "It's eerie how you got something that works so well, but I doubt there's no way to cure it once infected. I'll have to try something first, but if it works I might be able to stem the tide a bit or keep it away from key people in your group if I bring my Persona out."
"I'd like to give my idea a try first, because if we can save some it's less we have to kill."

Mitsuru shrugged, "We've tried the healing magic from out Personae before, but it didn't seem to do anything aside from calming the infected down. If you think your magic could do better, than you're more than welcome to try. However, the last subject we had has perished. I'm afraid you will not be able to test your theory until either of us finds another patient."

Melethia had heard enough about the talk and shrugged before bluntly calling out to Mitsuru. "Look, just point me to one of those training rooms. If they can do what I think they can do, I'll need them for what I'll do for my Evoker. After all, if I have to use this, I'm gonna make it a real weapon." With that, she went off to a room and took a good long look at the Evoker.

Mitsuru gave a nod at Melethia's acknowledgement with a faint smile and added, "Don't you have a sense for timing? We're just about to go do that."

"Now the people who have already fought their shadow ... and people who think they have a shadow, should follow me. Learning how to use the Persona should be simple, but controlling your Shadow is the hard part."

Teri sat up after that comment from Yu and gave Devon a nod, "Well, I think that means us, Devon. Mr. Narukami, I do hope you don't mind if my friend Garm comes along too. Him and I are particularly close. The name is Teri, by the way. Teri Gravel.
The wolf only gave Yu a single look to indicate he had no intentions of leaving his Pup and Friend behind. As Teri and Garm drew closer, Dimitri chimed in, "I think it is only fair I introduce myself as well, User: Yu Narukami. I am Dimitri, an AI in the service of Teri Gravel: 8th level Cleric and 1st level Monk of the Christian God. I will be accompanying her Ladyship wherever she may roam. I do hope I can be of assistance on this endeavor."
As Teri talked with Yu, the Shadow shifted anxiously in her mind, not liking the idea of Envoking the more it was talked about,Well, better get her ready, Sadei. Looks like we're going to be using our Personas soon..."
"Can we get this over with quick? I don't like where all this is going..."

"I have many doubts about this operation. But firstly I suppose you would have to get me another type of 'evoker." Cz rubbed her eyes, she was tired all of a sudden, "Something for someone that has no reason to fear dying."

Fuuka blinked for a moment, and then made a small gasp, "Oh right! My mistake, that wasn't the Evoker for you. It must have been one of the spares.. Mitsuru-san, could you please get that Other one to her?"

"It's alright, Fuuka. We're bound to make a mistake or too. And here you are." Mitsuru had walked to a compartment of sorts, grabbed a realistic looking doll with shiny black hair and handed it to Cz, "Highly unorthodox, but whatever Philemon commissioned for the specialty Evokers, we weren't going to object. He'd understand your groups needs for these moreso than we would. Now, to the training rooms everyone?"

Shadow Operative Building, Training Rooms

As the party milled in, Mitsuru spread an open arm and explained, "These are the state of the art training rooms that we have mentioned before. In these rooms, we can open a temporary portal to the Shadow realms, and allow Shadow Operatives to train in fighting against Shadows in a monitored environment. Now, we have 8 rooms to choose from. These seven smaller rooms, and this one large room. Pick whatever rooms you'd like among yourselves. Once you do so, the doors will close and lock behind you. This is to enable that the Shadows won't leak through into the rest of our world. Narukami will be instructing the current natural users in one room; but for the rest of you, when the Shadows arrive, ready your Evoker,"

She pointed the gun to her head, "And set it off in the manner befitting the form your Evoker has taken. So long as it simulates harming you in some way, the process should work and the Persona will be unleashed to aide you. This process will be tiring at first, but that's why we're here. We will be here to watch every step of your learning process, so don't be afraid to call upon us if you need to. Best of luck to you all."

Shadow Operative Building, Conference Room

Slindis gave an affirmatory nod before making her way to one of the rooms, having got the instructions. It was a bit odd, though; unless she was supposed to throttle herself with the glove, it wasn't the best option available. Unless it implied... But how in Khyber would Philemon have known that? He'd said he was merely told who they were by someone else. "You can begin at any time."

It was clear that Devon was very hesitant to let Ton-Ton go, but she eventually set the tonberry down to the ground and followed after Teri and Narukami. "How exactly are we supposed to have the Personas come out if we're Natural users?"

"Exactly the way you think they're supposed to come out, Double Dipshit. Just give me a name so we can get on with this and get closer to getting that Queen Bitch back for this, preferably without becoming her bitch in the process."

Tama also found herself being reassured by Sadei. "You'll only look a bit different. Think of it like a different haircut, except this one allows you to keep Teri alive."

Melethia went off to the nearest unoccupied room and immediately began working on the rather dull Evoker.Ugh... why's it got to be like a Kinslayer's blade? Odds are I can't ask for another one, so I'd better make this one count... At least this weapon was of high enough quality to actually work with, despite how dull the blade looked. She'd have to start somewhere, though.

Better start with the base enhancement for it before going to anything else. After all, there could be something else that pops up here in the meantime, and I don't want to add the fire to it yet. Thanks to how she worked, she was getting a bit of tunnel vision thanks to all of the focus she needed to get this blade right. She knew there was definitely a risk with the area. It didn't mean that much when the alternative was hamstringing her offense.

Ella called over to Annie, wanting to ensure that the woman would have a bit more than just herself and possibly Deadshot in the room. "Looks like we'll be finding out together, then. Did they really have to make it Silver, though? When I see the smartass that suggested that, I'm going to punch them in the kidneys."

Location:Conference Room | Shadow Operatives

Cz and the Presenters

Cz picked up the doll and gave it a look over. The skin felt warm and soft in her hand, and the hair was light and airy, yet had a very real weight to it. The face... the face resembled a small girl she once knew with a thick mob of unkempt hair and big innocent doe-eyes that looked up to everyone.

And before she knew it, she had been herded into a training room with Melenthia.

How did... she looked back and saw one of the Presenters wishing them luck. Had I really been so taken by this doll as not to notice? Moreover, what was a shadow, and how was this little doll suppose to evoke anything from her? All these things seemed so foreign and unexplained.

That is until the session started and she tightened her grip on the doll. The little thing had a heartbeat and a breath. Cz came to a grim thought, "It's alive...?" The Peacemaker bit her lip and waited for whatever shadow that would come to appear.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Teri and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, shadow room 1 | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Yu nodded as they walked towards the Shadow training rooms. "Nice to meet you all. You can bring him, in this situation the more friends the better." Yu said as he was reminded of the times he encountered the first personal Shadow of his BFF Yosuke. "Apparently almost anyone can have an arcana, I met a fox who had one once ... so I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was called to." He said as he slowed down to pet Garm, slowly and cautiously.

"And I am guessing that the voice is coming from a piece of technology ... nice to meet you too Dimitri." He said in his usual polite tone as he moved to the front again. The corridor was long but the group was almost there. "You gain a persona after you accept your shadow ... if you have done that you should be able to summon it, just be reminded that your shadow will always be there and it can go out of control again. If so ... just keep accepting it. If the shadow does go out of control, we will have to fight it." said the high school boy.

Coming to another corridor full of doors, with windows looking into the chambers, Yu stopped at the chamber marked "One". Having a communicator hooked up on his jacket, Yu called the control room. "Open chamber one for the natural users, lock it after we get inside." He asked and soon the chamber was opened. The group quickly went inside, the room was pretty natural looking, pretty big too. Although when the training begins it will take a whole other form, with fog and different surroundings. "Okay are we all ready ... being prepared is important." He turned around to the three behind him, Yu himself was still calm and deadpan yet he pulled out a two handed sword from his coat ... how can that be possible?

Mir | Ruins of Sorrowfeld Manor | Constance#token:0#s Hideout:

In the pre-sunset afternoon, the gleam of Som Waterford's Blade clashing against the matte black finish of Constance Sorrowfeld's shotgun might have made an interesting contrast were inclined towards such thought as Teddy was. Sitting on a charred and cracked parapet that lay in ruins next to the area where the Hunter and the Vampire fought. To the Teddy Bear philosopher and backpack, the weapons gave a rather Mirian-Centric view of humans and non-humans. Pondering this line of thought, Teddy concluded that it was all a matter of perspective. Humans viewed themselves as children of light and non-humans and the children of darkness and vice versa. It was through the observation of his Owner and her Captor fighting that Teddy has decided that both sides were incorrect and just plain stupid.

Another clash of arms brought Teddy's attention back to the skirmish that was occurring before him as Som rolled forward, his blade lashing out and extending into a bladed whip that wrapped itself around Constance's shotgun. With one quick motion, the firearm was sent flying into the air, leaving the Cat Eared Vampire helpless, at least that's how it used to be.

Celerity Channeling the blood within her veins, Constance's movements became faster, her limbs a blur as she unleashed blow after blow towards the Hunter who was put on the defensive as he tried to dodge and block the lightning fast punches and kicks as he worked a vial loose from his vest and shattered it on the ground at the ultra quick Vampire's feet.

In a matter of seconds, Constance found herself being slowed down by a series of vines that had sprouted from the ground and wrapped themselves around her ankles and wrist until she was rendered defenseless and unable to move.

"Do you yield?" Som asked simply, his blade pointed at Constance, who nodded in response.

"Better. You did much better today." The Hunter commented as their sparring session came to a close, "But you still have a long way to go if we are to avenge your family."

"No. It's not just about my family anymore." The Raven Haired Little Vampire commented as she ripped the vines from the ground and from her body.


Practice Room #2


And thus was the sound of Constance and Som's return to the AA Realm as the two of them appeared in the middle of the Training Room that container Melethia and Cz.

"Ugh. What happened?" The Black Haired Blood Sucker asked as she picked herself up off the ground and looked around at her new surroundings once again.

"I am not sure but it appears that we have been shifted around the Airship once again." Som stated as he looked at the chronometer located inside the training room, a chronometer that noted that they had been gone for some time.

"H-Hey! What in the Hell is this?" Constance asked as she picked up a set of cat ears off of the ground, ones that did not belong to her.

"Perhaps someone is trying to mimic your fashion sense." The Hunter said coldly as he tried to shake the sense of uneasiness that wormed its way through his body. His mind trying to determine where he had gone.

Looking around the room, the two noticed Melethia and Cz standing there, most likely wondering where they had come from.

"Oh. It is you again." Som said towards Cz.

Training Room #3: Rugal

Taking the chance to try out his new powers, Rugal booked a Training room for himself (Unless someone else joined in) and waited for them to spawn in some easy opponents, just to get things moving.
Settling on the "SWAT Unit #321" Template, He then pulled out his Evoker and fiddled with it until the enemies came in.
"Alright...Here goes..." He said, not really used to the idea of Shooting yourself in the head to summon something.
Just as he pressed it to his head, the SWAT came in, yelling at him to put down the gun.
...I really hope I just attack them instead...


Aside from feeling the kick of a gun against his head, he didn't...feel any different as the SWAT went to disarm him.
Suddenly, a Large Claw shot out of the ground in front of them, seemingly tearing at reality as it craved a gash large enough for it's owner to crawl out of.
Rugal, Meet your Persona: Hercules.
"...What the hell..." He said as a massive 10 foot being with huge claws climbed out of the Gash it made before letting out a brutal roar that fazed even Rugal.
Needless to say, this had a mixed reaction from the SWAT, some members peppering it with bullets to no effect while one just ran towards the exit and began hammering on the door.
In a single swipe, Hercules managed to vaporize half of the unit, his claws shredding them into a fine pink mist before slowly advancing on the remaining half like something out of a horror show.

All the while, Rugal looked at the towering monstrosity and then to his Evoker.
He then silently holstered it and vowed to limit using it as much as possible as he watched the carnage.

Training Room #1: David West

"...I'm REALLY hoping you didn't pull that from where I think you did..." David West cringed, remembering that talk he had with Shawn and the Bloody Combat Knife.
"Right, Summon...Here we go........
Annnnnny moment now..." He began saying at he stared intently at the ground in front of him.
"............Isn't there a phrase for this:....Klaatu......barada....Barada..."
"Nikto?" Dimitri keyed in, having seen that film while he was on Stand By once.
"Thank you. Klaatu! Barada! Nikto!"
This display was starting to get sad now.

*43 Straight Minutes later*

"KALLTU! BARADA! NIKTO!" David shouted in the corner of the room as everyone else actually, you know, did stuff.
"OH COME ON! WHAT CAN A DOG DO THAT I CAN'T!?...Oh yeah...*Sigh*..." He said, finally giving up as he watched the teenagers flawlessly summon Shadows and Persona's, rubbing more salt into the wound that once again the "Badass Military Type" was getting outclassed by Magic Teenagers who actually went to college.
"...Awesometastic..." He moped as he watched, unaware that this very action was being the catalyst he needed as a dark pool slowly opened behind him...

Training Room #4: Deadshot

"WOOOOOOOOOOO! YEAH! I STILL WISH YOU HAD SKIN THOUGH!" Deadshot shouted the second Gaea faded from their realm.
"Man, I wonder what my one looks like!" He said, pushing Annie aside as the next Shadow was sent in before rushing them in a manner much like before.
"Alright! Lets do this!" He said before dramatically spinning the Evoker in his hand before shooting the bottom of his jaw.
The second he pulled the trigger, a dark silhouette appeared on the floor before a Man in a Suit with a Strange Blood Stained Mask began to form from it, right in the middle of adjusting his tie no less.
He was competely expressionless as he glanced over his shoulder at the incoming Shadow as it raced towards him.

The second it lunged at him though, the man moved extremely fast as he turned around and pulled a platinum gun from his jacket and effortlessly capped the Shadow in the dead, killing it's momentum and leaving it laying dead at his feet.
"Whoa...Nic-EHA!?" The Assassin said before his Persona flash-stepped in front of him and brought up his gun to his scarred face.
"...Call me [Null]...And only call me when it's important..." [Null] merely said before disappearing, leaving a somewhat shaken Deadshot in his wake.
"....Okay....Uhhh...My turn is over!" He said as he attempted to shrug off the fact that even his Persona seemed to want to kill him!

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