The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Yu Narukami, Ella, Cadolbolg, Devon and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, shadow room 1 | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Before leaving the room, Yu was suspicious just like when he had to share a tent with Kanji ... just without all the caution. Undoubtedly there was a girl in front of him, yet the name only made him more confused and suspicious, with the quotes he remembered before did not help that. Mentally shrugging, Yu was tired along with everyone else from today and some bonding will surely help this doubt lingering inside his head.

When they left the room another girl came along, "Ella" is what Devon said before. Cracking a small smile, Yu was comfortable for about a second, then he remembered that one incident back in the Inaba case. Risa took them to a club and they apparently had alcoholic drinks which changed Yu ... but they were not at all alcoholic. In the end of that night the gray haired boy listed it as "Getting drunk off the atmosphere".

"Hopefully they will allow me in, I'm still underage ... and I don't exactly have good memories of clubs." Yu laughed, he wouldn't mind whatever would go down. "But first, we need to get some funds off Kirijo-san." he spoke to the group following him. They began to travel to the office where Mitsuru was, as they climbed into the elevator the tight space got to Yu. Two girls and himself, this does not seem good for him, he was forever going to remain loyal to Chie ... or he would get his ass kicked.

The elevator started to travel upwards and the view of the city was witnessed. "Uh, nice view ... isn't it?" Yu Said nervously, he had no idea if he made it worse for himself or not.

Rising Dawn: David's room: David West

"...Right, just...Hard to be open when the even the fucking gender of the people you are working with are competely subject to change..." David sighed, wishing that something on this ship would be static and unchanging.
"...Okay....Super Weapon...lets start there..." He then said as he fixed back up his desk, clearing it of all the junk that was on it.
"...You want it one or 2 handed?" He asked, hoping to change the topic from his own mental state for a while.

Nightclub: Deadshot

Taking a moment away from his date to return the toast, Deadshot then said "So what was all that stuff about being weak?...because, all I'm seeing is a floor full of people that seem to be a LOT weaker then you. What about you? Think my friend here is weak?....
...Also, what is you name? I feel like I should have asked that earlier..."

Then, it happened.
A huge Semi Truck crashed into the side of the building, ending up on the dance floor beside the dozens of bodies Annie and Deadshot had just racked up.
"....Well, this is a second..." He mused until he watched the man get out: Doctor S.
"...oh shit..." he said, clearly un-nerved by the fact that crazy asshole managed to track him down in the first place.
"Hey, keep those eyes to yourself or I'm taking them with me ... with him." Shawn warned before he sat down, frightening the poor girl before he began his binge.
As the mad on explained that his only goal in life now was to the constantly track and screw Deadshot over, the assassin borrowed his date's phone and texted something on the screen.

As the doctor and Annie taked, he held it up where she could see it and it read:
Taking the truck, getting out of here before shit goes shit. Coming?
He was keen on getting out while he still could.

Practice Room #2: Jenny

"...Yeah, I can see that..." Jenny said as she watched that flying mecha effortlessly take down the weak Shadows.
"Just was wondering what was going on. Usually a machine shouting "Exterminate" is a bad thing...I think I have one, but I've too busy to really check. Besides, I think Shadows won't be a problem with the likes of THAT around." She explained as she watched the flying Kill Bot overhead.
It was then she finally noticed Som and Constance.
"Oh hey! Wow, Thought you had left. What happened? eat some more Sushi that didn't agree with you?" She teased, remembering the last time that they disappeared.

Location - Nightclub: Annie, Deadshot, Wanderer, Izami

Taking Izami's hand, Deadshot sprinted to the Truck after Annie got him an opening.
"No. We're seriously stealing that guy's Truck, There is a subtle difference!" He laughed as the trio go in before starting the engine.
"Hold on! This might suck!" he warned before kicking it in reverse, the tires squealing as they drove over the tiles of the dance floor and the rubble of the crash, leaving the building before Doktor Von Buzzkill could jump onto the truck or something like that.
Don't fire, don't fire, don't fire, don't fire He thought as he did this, knowing Wanderer's large collection of explosive weapons and praying that the public area (And the fact that a Civilian, Izami, was on board) would be enough to stop him from using one of them.

Once he was out, he kept reversing before spinning the truck around 180o before tearing up the road away from the Nightclub.
"They have my Credit Card details, they can charge it out of that." He chuckled as his getaway seemed to work.
He would REALLY late to be the owner of that card right about now...

You chose ... unwisely.
Dr. Killjoy (Shawn/Wanderer).
Location: Bar | Partly ruined nightclub.

Drinking the Whiskey had no use on the Wanderer, he was mutated to a point where he cannot get drunk or high.
All the perks he had gained for all of the years of were the reason why, this was so he can combat easier since such drinks and drugs bring up his stats. The bottle of alcohol was easily finished and the Doctor just shrugged off the taste. Noticing the truck's sounds made him only wonder. "Hmm so it still works ... hopefully they don't find the corpse of that Japanese mob member. Hehe~"

The Doctor mumbled in a happy state, little did they know that his other self was back. The one who wanted to do something ... fun. The one that was insane, although he could control himself he was not bothered to. Pulling out another drug from his back, he easily inserted the needle and plunged it within himself. It was the drug known as Psycho, essentially this can make him even crazier if it had a effect on the Doctor, lucky enough it doesn't make him go evil psycho crazy bonkers on everyone.

"Hey ... wait for me! I just want to talk ... I think?" He questioned himself. The actual owner of the club busted into the club with not just himself, but with a whole group of Yakuza. They surrounded the Wanderer and started to blast their own comments at him. One even dared to try and pick up the Wanderer ... but seeing how he is carrying a whole armory on him, they had little luck. The good Doctor decided to take action. Picking up the man who tried to pick HIM up by the neck, he decided give him a little nap ... a dirt one at that.

Plunging him down for a choke slam, the Yakuza that the Doctor had was actually already dead. Stopping before the slam, he sighed, he had crushed the windpipe of the poor bloke already. Letting him go the Wanderer began to skip away, "Sorry about that guy, he had one hell of a weak neck. Have that faceless asshole pay for all of this. His name is Deadshot, look him up and do something, I dunno ... just don't go after me. CAUSE I'LL FUCKIN' KILL YA!" The Good Doctor laughed crazy-like as he left.

[Terrifying Presence Activated]

Shortly as he left the Doctor could here many scream of terror as he left. It seems he not only scared the mobsters.
Shrugging and noting that the truck is totally gone, the Wanderer could only laugh as he equipped his jetpack and shishkabab and started to follow the trail of a smelly "Deadshot ... I'll give him a fucking truth shot when I grab him ... maybe all of them.." He pondered as he boosted all along the roads to find them.

He had already placed the three of them on his "I don't give a fuck about" list. Betraying the Lone Wanderer was probably the dumbest thing you could do seeing how he could survive bullets to the head. Igniting his flaming sword, he sighed.

Big Rig: Over the road, Racing: Wanderer, Deadshot, Annie, Izami

Deadshot's trademark optimism quickly faded as he saw Wanderer in his rear view mirror, flying after them with a Jetpart holding a flaming sword.
"...I forgot he had tha-OW! Hey, I'm working on it! Be more worried about that crazy bastard following us!...
And the fact I had fair to drink before getting in this thing!"
He said to Izami, sitting her down as she was trying to hit him.
"Okay, Don't panic. As far as anyone knows, it's his word against ours what happened and seeing how he rammed this thing into the side of a building, I like to think we have the high ground, at least in this situation." He explained, talking from experience of getting into these sorts of messes before.

Seeing how Wanderer was gaining on them, He began to search the glove compartments and any other nooks for a weapon as they rapidly neared the Shadow Operative Building.
"Oh please Trucker Culture, don't fail me now..." He prayed as he hoped Japanese truckers were anything like American Truckers.
He them got his wish granted in the form of one of the Wanderer's 5.56mm Hand Gun, something he most likely left from when he "Borrowed" this truck.
"Right, One of you take the wheel and hold her steady. Going to give that crazy bastard something to think about..." He said before leaving the wheel to either A. a 16 year old woman who most likely never driven or B. another teenage woman who would most likely crash it for shits and giggles.
Either way, he Leaned out the side window and began taking shots at the Wanderer, aiming for his legs to just discourage him, Each of his 5 shots hitting their marks in his knees and thighs, as per his namesake.

You chose ... even worse, baaaaaaka~.
Dr. Killjoy (Shawn/Wanderer).
Location: The Air behind the truck.

Flying at a horizontal angle while flying did the Doctor no good. The shots to the leg and thigh easily ruined his center of gravity. This send him downwards and fast, this eventually made him to start eating the concrete of the road. The jetpack itself was stilling powering along the road, as the face of the Wanderer was being shredded fast. This was all due to the Wanderer himself actually overclocking the jetpack's power.

"(Owowowowowowowowowowowowow~!!!)" Were the only thoughts in the Good now injured Doctor's head. Still not giving up, the Wanderer's body began to catch up to the truck since he was in the truck's slipstream. Finally looking upwards from the ground, the Wanderer was actually under the truck. Smiling, well trying to smile with his now disfigured face he clung to the underneath of the truck. Next he deactivated his jepack and started to climb along and started to pop the tires with his flaming sword.

He wanted them to see the face of fear. Although his face would heal in a hour or so, even faster if he used a Stimpak.
The blood was still trickling along the exposed bone and muscle of his face, he felt SO much pain, all the more to return the favor. So he made a list ...

2 arms.
1 leg.
Both eyes.

Random chick:
Witness, possible broken bones.

Annie: Witness.

With the mental list finished, the Doctor was happy in a insane way.
The only tires left were the front.
And soon, promises will be broken.

Shadow Operative Building

Most Awkward Elevator: Devon, Garm, Yu, Ella, Cadolbolg

Devon certainly seemed to agree with Yu's idea of meeting with Mitsuru. "Well, I think we could work something to get you in. It wouldn't be too crazy as far as nights out go, after all..." She shifted around in the Elevator, having a VERY good feeling Yu knew exactly what had happened to the former man a week ago. Oh please, could we keep this night as normal as it can be? Nothing bizarre happening? ...knowing the Rising Darn, there's no chance of that...

However, to most others observing Devon, it was just clear that she was incredibly nervous and somewhat downtrodden.

"Oh, it's a fantastic view! I'm sure we'll have a good time out there as long as nothing too bad happens." Ella began to grin at the thought of driving to the various clubs, unaware that Mitsuru would likely arrange for someone to drive them.

Before long (ALthough it was a rather long elevator ride) the small group neared the top.

Rising Dawn: Mel, David, Teri, Toyotama, Sadei

she was able to calm down a bit more as she helped David get his equipment placed back on the desk. "We should go with a good twin for the Mossberg. Making some silly big two-handed gun is bad in case CQC does pop up... Unless you want some kind of longer weapon, and I could add a blade to the tip to work some kind of CQC stuff.

As I said, this is for you. Where would you be most comfortable fighting? I mean, you did get good use out of those wrist guns a while back. We could take that kind of flexibility and move it to something else. And when it comes to that Bard? She shouldn't have pissed off that bitch, I say. Tough luck for her."


On The Run: Deadshot, Annie, Izami, Shawn

Deadshot, Annie and Izami's ride, seeing as there was reasonable cause for the car to go out of control, did in fact lose it's abilities of moving properly and found itself slamming into an innocuous looking warehouse. This action, aside from the obvious connotations that followed from crashing into a building with a truck, was followed by the sound of grinding metal and everything around them begin to change. The colors and shadows of the night inverted, and the reality they knew peeled away, almost like a piece of paper being shredded into long strips. What took it's place was not something any of the occupents knew to be familiar. Patches of color and shadow seemed to wander everywhere in the field, almost like a Dali painting gone mad (if such a thing could be possible). As the varying members of the innebriation quartet rose, they saw the sillouette of a young woman rise, and then disappear into the shady enviorns of the strange place. Now, where was 'here'?

Cue the Music!

Awkward as Fuck Elevator ride to Mitsuru's office: Devon, Garm, Yu, Cadolbolg, Ella

Garm, even as a normal wolf, picked up on the awkward atmosphere building in the Elevator, and let out a low whine, "Why is everyone so on edge at the moment? I know the Persona business wasn't the cleanest, but that's no reason to get down, right? We're about to go out, so that's something to look forward too...
Hmn, that sounds like something encouraging Tear-ri would say, right?"

Cadolbolg shrugged at the question, and before any could answer, they were at the top of the elevator's track, and saw Mitsuru talking on the phone, "Yes... yes... I understand. I'll be there in a few."

Hanging up, the woman in the catsuit gave a sigh and looked up, "Hello there, Narukami-san and the rest of you. I will learn your names in good time, I promise. Now if you have a reason to be here, please make it quick. I've just received a troubling report.."

Devon, Ella and Cadolbolg noticed that Mitsuru seemed to give the party a once over, almost as if she was trying to assess them as she spoke... Did something happen?

Rising Dawn Training Room: Teri

Teri brought another strike into the punching bag, still channeling Fire Stance (the bit of hypocrisy in realizing it was what Rugal taught her not being lost in the least) as she chained it into a kick, practicing on initiating a Flurry as the voices in her mind continued debating,

"I'm a muthafuckin' princess, that's why! That's what the 'hime' part of my name means. Yeah, I double checked that shit in Our brain. Loved me a fisherman, then his ass found out what I was, then I turned into a dragon Or some kind of crocodile and moved my fabulous self back into the sea with the Dragon King, aka, Daddy Dearest. Shame the real thing ain't so up to snuff at the moment So yeah, kinda important to mention the 'Hime' bit. It's my title and shit.

As far as the spells go, I still think this is Our chance to stretch out and release some aggression. Just look at that shit we're pulling off on that punching bag. Some Shadow tries anything funky with our ass, we'll Flurry the FUCK out of em, and make em wish they didn't do jack shit. That or freeze em where they're standing. That sorta shit is good too. Whatever makes em stay down, I'm happy with."

This was punctuated by Teri finally initiating the Flurry on the punching bag, a cloud of fists[1] rising as a raw, angry cry issued from the Cleric's throat.

Yu Narukami, Ella, Mitsuru ,Cadolbolg, Devon and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Top Floor | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Looking at the serious Mitsuru, Yu made sure to get to the point quickly. "The natural Persona users were successful and it seems the the Evoker users are the same. Although there seems to be a drop in morale, especially in David-san's ... he accepted his Shadow but I don't know if he will be able to summon his Persona." Yu said to Mitsuru in a formal tone for the mission report.

Becoming serious in his tone as well, Yu asked the question. "What is the problem, we should be able to help?" Sensai Yu asked, little did he know what had actually happened, yet he knew it could be something to do with the thing they were training about. Were they ready for this kind of even though?

Doctor S/Wanderer, Annie, Deadshot and Izani
Location: Personaverse | ??? | Abandoned Warehouse.

As the girls jumped out of the truck, they were shocked as they turned around and saw the Good Doctor slumped again some crushed metal of the truck. His face was torn off, his facial muscle was missing and most of his face was bleeding. Yet the focal point was the unlit sword sticking out of his head. Coming closer, a loud laugh came from from the insane survivalist.

"Haha, least it wasn't my car!" He said to the two as he jumped out, blood still trailing out of his wounds. Spotting another body in the distance, the Wanderer became disappointed that it wasn't Deadshot, he wanted a finger of his. Instead he found the dead Yakuza truck driver he killed before and his own gun that Deadshot found. Picking up the gun he had a flash back to them not just betraying the Wanderer, but shooting him as well.

Betrayal did not sit with the Wanderer well, many people have done this to him. From random people, to his own father.
Bordering the line of insane Good Doctor and harbinger of death and darkness, he turned to the two girl with the gun in hand. "Why would you run from me ... I said I would kill anyone who did!" He yelled with them and pointed the gun at them.

Grabbing the hilt of the sword with one hand, the Wanderer pulled the bloody unlit sword out. The wound started to heal quickly, it was like layers of bark protecting and healing it's tree master. The key to this was a injection in the leg of the Doctor, this would heal him faster then waiting for an hour.

Still, this did not decrease the anger within his eyes. It was as if he became Death in a instant, aiming the gun he pulled the trigger at the two. The bullet hit the ground in front of them. The hand of the Wanderer was broke and so he could not fire the gun well, that would heal in time as well. "Why won't you just DIE. Everyone who betrays me deserves it!" He yelled with truth and passion on this side, like a flaming horse that War rode.

Yet a small voice in his head.

(Revelation 21:6.) I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Liam Neeson His father's voice called out to him.
This made Shawn look down.
The sword, "Alpha".
And the gun, "Omega".
The beginning and the end.
He was the one who begin life for many people and end it for many others.

Lowing and holstering both of his weapons, he looked towards the three, half of his face was healed thus far, making him look like half Angel and half Devil. "I will spare you for now, but do something bad and my wrath will rain down upon you all. I am the giver ... and I am the taker. Use your life wisely or I will be the one to end it for all." His poetic voice ran out and soon his gaze of seriousness faded from his eyes and went to his usual tone.

"So where are we?" He asked in delight, checking his Pip-Boy it said nothing but "Unknown" on the area's information. Checking his clock he wanted to know what the time was.

Shadow Realm (No, not THAT one): Deadshot, Annie, Izami, Wanderer

Deadshot began to stir as he picked himself up from a pile of boxes, As he was leaning out of the window when the truck crashed, he was knocked aside when they entered...where-ever this was.
uhhhhhh...what happened?...Where are the lights?...Wait, Am I dead!?...I don't feel dead!? If this is being dead is like, then being dead sucks! He thought panicked as he was unable to see anything but pitch black darkness.
"...Hello?!...ANYONE?! ANNIE?! WANDERER?! GOTH CHICK!? OH MY GOD! I'M REALLY DEAD AIN'T I?! OH SHIT! OH MAN I AM SO FUCKED!" He screamed into the darkness as he began to go mad from the dark abyss that greeted him.

What everyone else saw was Deadshot flailing around with a large black plastic sheet cover over his head, bumping into walls and boxes as he embraced "Hell".
That was until Annie was kind enough to pull the cover off him, causing him to realize that he wasn't in Hell. Yet.
"Ahhh! Ha!....Holy Balls that was terrifyin-...ohhhhh..." He realized as he looked around, THIS was the Hell part.
"...Okay...I don't mean to alarm anyone...BUT I think we MAY have died in the crash....and this is the afterlife..." He said to the others, despite the fact it was competely wrong, but you'd have to admit, he made a compelling argument, what with all the shadows around them.
It was then he hear Izami imply that he crashed here for the sole purpose of having Sex.
"Oi! I ain't like that!...I'd at least get a motel room or a more comfy Automobile....Just...Stay put for a moment until I figure out how the hell to get out of here." He ordered as he looked at Wanderer.
"BTW, this is totally your fault. Me and Annie just wanted to do Recon of the City, then you had to show up and run us out of the club and off the road. Now just stay sane for a moment and help me find a way back to the world of the living!" He berated the Wanderer before taking back his "Borrowed" gun and scouting ahead.

Rising Dawn: David's Room: David, Melethia

"Have it under the barrel, Won't interfere with the weight and balance as much then. Also, see if you can both retractable and detachable, That way, I can still hold it by the barrel and use it as a club and I get a handy survival knife." David dictated as Melethia drew, already seeing if she could fit an enchantment.
"Still, Not Devon's fault his In-law is a total bitch. Just...when to get to you late teens, believe me, stuff like that can get EXTREMELY distracting...Although, in your case, It'll be for dudes." He added, avoiding the "Birds and Bees" talk if possible.

"As for those wrist guns, just...They were Deadshot's idea. I only did it for a spell because I really thought he was dead. It'd be like using one of Caim's swords, it ain't as much of an issue if he's dead, but it'd be more awkward if he was alive. That and all the arguments over hoarding the ammo for those guns..." He then explained, handing the elf a ruler when she requested it.
"...I know we might have talked about this before, but doesn't this stuff bother you?"
"What stuff?"
"You know?...Weapon making, Bomb making, Seriously, you're a Terror Cell's dream gal. I mean...Don't you want to do something else?..."

Shadow Operative Building

Most Awkward Elevator: Devon, Garm, Yu, Ella, Cadolbolg

It was clear that their trip had been canceled by other business, and Devon began getting down to brass tacks. "Is it anything we could help with? We were going to get a feel for the town, but if it's enough to get you concerned, it might be best for us to help with this instead." The Bard at least seemed willing to help out Mitsuru at that moment where she could, even throwing out a joking apology to Ella in the process
"Sorry, Ella... Looks like no sushi tonight as well..."

"If I didn't know any better I'd say there was some kind of curse that's keeping us away from a good sushi bar." Ella chuckled before looking over at Devon's face blanching. Seems like joking about curses was still a horrible idea, considering how her companion was trying (unsuccessfully, mind you) to put on a calm and unaffected face. It didn't take a mind reader to see that Devon was still rather traumatized by something.

Rising Dawn: Mel, David, Teri, Toyotama, Sadei

"Under the weapon? Could work, although a bigger knife might need a heavier counterbalance at the other end. The enchantments won't be keyed until I can get to a Shadow Zone since the small spark of arcane magic from my wand can't be used otherwise. I can still work the weapon otherwise, though." The young elf was at it again, and one thing that was evident was that the weapon really wasn't too flashy even by military standards. Since it was being made for combat with David in mind, she was ensuring the weight was distributed so David could use it like an extension of his arm.

"I heard about it from some of the ladies on the ships and way back home, although they talked a lot more about using it to bluff someone out or using it to your advantage. They said something like a little leather goes a long way to a lot of sneak attacks, although most of the people on the ships saw a little girl as a non-threat. Showed them how wrong they were before they were tossed overboard." Although it was an off-the-cuff remark made as she worked the blade-s retractable feature, the fact that her first thoughts towards the difference in genders was how to weaponize it was a rather telling fact in itself.

"Making weapons? It's not a big issue. After all, it keeps us ready, keeps me honed, and ensures I'm ahead of what we're against next. After all, you know peace is a luxury here, so it's not too different for me. Just less sailing, less magic, and less Dragons trying to get us. Oh, and also less Undead. They were always a pain, especially when it came to easy takedowns. Still, when in a war of attrition, you have to use every tool available to outlast those you're against." This 'war of attrition' talk... Well, David may have not known many pirates, but it wasn't a phrase that was really ever attached to the swashbucklers at all.

"I don't call Teri anything other than Teri, so don't expect me to throw on that Princess title. It just isn't happening. Shame, that, and if you want to be treated as an equal, that's what's happening.

If you want to talk spells, we can work something that controls the area. One Fog Cloud is worth five Inflict Spells, after all. Maybe a mix of both could be better.

Teri! Look at your hands! They're getting really torn up!" Sadei hoped that her message was able to get through to the Flurrying CLeric before some bad damage was done to her hands. After all, Teri couldn't easily heal them with a spell now that the spells were all attached to Toyotama...

Shadow Realm (4kids made up the Shadow Realm. In the original, they just died): Deadshot, Annie, Izami, Wanderer
Mood Music

As the four began to look around the new dimension, a few things tipped off the fact that they were obviously not in Iwadatoi anymore. The first being that instead of a usual warehouse, this one had windows. And looking out said windows, it appeared the group was several stories high, and them some. The more any cared to look, the higher up the building appeared to be. Aside from that, there was a yellow moon hanging high in the sky with similarly hued clouds floating around in a cobalt violet sky. Aside from the clashing colors, it looked equal parts unreal and part of a school design team. Either way, it was painful on the eyes, and cast interesting shadows into the room around them... Whatever the hell you could call this room.

A fountain bubbled in a corner, pale water flowing from it's spickets. An investigation of the feature however, one was to notice that the drink contained within did not sooth any thirst, rather, it seemed to make it worse, as it was like sand to the taste and touch. This reminded the party very clearly that they had no food or water to work with at all, save for the scant amount of items Wanderer carried on his person (and if he was willing to share)... A set of stairs indicated the only way up, seeing as there were little other paths to be had.

Finally, almost as if to punctute the point further, the sound of metal grinding filled the air again, and the group saw as their vehicle and the floor under it gave way, and plunged into some kind of unknown. There was nothing like the outside world they had seen in the hole that swallowed the truck had nothing in it. It was only neutral, toneless, nothing. Nothing upon nothing filled the party members vision the more they looked into the abyss... until it disappeared. There was a hole there a moment ago, they were sure of it. But it was gone now. Which left the different paths to take... But which one?

[ You can take two paths up, or one down. Make your decision. ]

Shadow Operative Building Most Awkward Conversation: Mitsuru, Devon, Garm, Yu, Ella, Cadolbolg

Mitsuru got up from her desk, and waved a hand to follow after her as she walked into the elevator with them. Pushing a button, she continued, "I just received a phone-call from one of my operatives that three foreigners and one under-aged native woman were reported in an incident of drunkenness, grand theft auto and then crashed said stolen car into one of the Shadow Operative's buildings, which in turn became a Shadow zone. Given their descriptions, which are as followed, one man with hideous scars on his face in a jumpsuit, a young blonde who appeared to be around ages 18-23 and wearing military gear with a currently unrecognized symbol, and a man in some kind of cosplay armor fitting of current gaming trends and a...jetpack?"

She sighed in a manner that said "I don't even wanna know" and continued, "For now, I'm taking the group of you with me to the site to see if it's currently penetrable by your forces alone. If not that, we'll have to call in Fuuka and myself to open the way to your group. Either way, we will begin extraction tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I want your group in tip top shape when this begins. Are there any questions before we move out?"

Rising Dawn: Teri, Toyotama, Sadei

The Shadow gave a reluctant nod, knowing Sadei was right on both points, "..Fine. So long as we get a decent mix of spells, I'm alright with it- WOAH SHIT! Jesus, kiddo, you fucked us up good. Damn, that hurts like a bitch... Don't you know I feel your pain too?"

Hearing the intervening shouts of both her Shadow and the Staff, Teri stopped her flurry, her hair mussed and her eyes wide as she began to come off the high of the attack...And then the pain set in.
Teri bit the inside of her cheek to prevent from crying out, and took her hands away from the punching bag, leaving a red residue in their place. After taking a moment to breathe and get adjusted to the sensation currently burning in her knuckles, the Cleric re-established communication with Sadei and Toyotama: "Ow...I've flurried before, but that really hurt..."

Toyotama answered back through the wincing, picking up the gloves and exiting the room on the way to the Med Bay, "You know they told you to wear gloves. They warned you..."
"Shut up. I don't have the kind they were talking about anyways."
"Bullshit. I know you. You liked being able to hit something with your bare hands. You didn't even notice it hurt until we said something. We both remember that incident with the mech, Miss Rage-a-holic. Even if your strikes can be non-lethal, you like the sensation of your fists hitting that punching bag... Not so different from Dad now, are we?"
"Shut up. I don't. I'm not like that, I- I was just careless. Fire Stance does that to me, makes me reckless. A quick bandaging job and a summoning for the healing Aura should be more than enough to fix this. It means nothing."
"Keep telling yourself that. We all know it's a lie, don't we Sadei?"

Yu Narukami, Ella, Mitsuru ,Cadolbolg, Devon and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Top Floor elevator | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

At the mention of the cosplay soldier, Yu Narukami instantly remembered the airstrip and the man who dropped of another man and stepped into the side. "I'm guessing we know them?" Yu asked but he was sure that everyone knew that already. "But I'm up for it. Shadows are their only threat until we arrive." Yu said to Mitsuru, she could see the true emotion in the boy's eyes, he wanted to save these people before it is all too late.

Looking back towards the whole group, Yu asked them for what they were going to do. "So what are you guys going to do. Shortly after this I plan to too back to training." The gray haired boy said, this time he was going to tackle the higher levels of training as he had done before the group arrived. If the others were smart, they would too. Turning around once more, one more question was asked the leader of the Shadow Operatives. "But ... what is this building and zone you are talking about, why is it there?" Yu acted cautiously.

Doctor S/Wanderer, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Zone | Abandoned Warehouse.

The disappearance of the girl and truck did not faze the Wanderer in the slightest, but he did feel bad for the girl. Looking around the room and at the weird things that have happened, he could confirm that they were not in the world they knew and clubbed in. Turning around gracefully, he good Doctor's face was mostly regenerated, apart from a large patch of cheek flesh that was still being patched up by the weird bark like skin of the Wanderer.

"Okay ... how about we kill Deadshot and then get out of here?" He said proudly, in a insant he could see the disapproval on the two 'friend's faces. "Okay, how about I break his fingers slowly ... then take my gun back?" Shawn said still bright as a peach, the other two were still not budging for the deal.

3 Minutes later.

"So I can't wait until we get back to the ship ... to skin him alive?" He said his second last offer and gained the same reaction just like his other 30 offers he said in the limits of three minutes. "Last and final offer. I kill or harm anyone until later and I'll get the gun back later." The Good Doctor finally said as he turned around without even looking at the two.

"Okay, moving forward I suggest we go up ... because going up is ALWAYS better then going down. I have personal experience in this aspect of adventuring." The Wanderer announced with glee as he looked at the staircase going up.

The Airship Named Rising Dawn: Som Waterford

The Hunter had been wandering the Shadow Operative building, or what the signage claimed was called the Shadow Operative Building, for a number of hours and felt hopelessly lost amid the Scamperer's Maze of offices and corridors before he realized that he was no longer inside the building but had somehow ended up in the corridors of the Airship known as Rising Dawn. A bit confused but thankful, he found that he was able to more easily navigate the metallic corridors of the Airship as it was becoming somewhat familiar to one of the latest members of the crew.

"(I believe that the 'Canteen' should be in this direction)" The Hunter stated to himself as he turned a corner.


The impact with the crew member took the Hunter by surprise, an emotion that would have normally been followed with drawn weapoon, especially in light of being in a still unfamiliar , though not as unfamiliar as previous, setting. With his eyes locked on the crew member he had knocked to the floor, he assisted the woman back to her feet as his mind attempted to remember who he was about to speak to.

"Beg pardon." Hunter Waterford said to the Airship's Medical Officer, noting that the woman's hands were an angry red color with bloody open sores in some spots as if she had been repeatedly punching an object.

"I remember how painful those were when I first joined the Hunter's Authority Youth Training Program." Som stated, indicating that he had noticed the Ship's Medical Officer's wounds. Opening his bag used to store Alchemy supplies and premixed potions, Som handed the woman what small container of a healing salve.

"This will take away the pain and assist in the healing." Som stated, looking as if he were about to ask something else but did not.

Shadow Operative's Building | Training Room #2: Constance, Cz, Jenny

"Oh hey! Wow, Thought you had left. What happened? Eat some more Sushi that didn't agree with you?"

The question left a momentary hint of confusion upon the Cat-Eared Vampire's face as she tried to remember what sushi was.

"Ohhh! No. No I haven't had any Sushi recently." Constance stated as she wondered what Jenny was thinking in regards to her and Som's disappearance.

Constance was aware that she was having visions that were followed by her finding herself in a different location than where she was previous to the vision but she was quite unaware that she was disappearing entirely. She was also finding that some of her visions were drifting out of her memory like sand falling from a closed hand.

"I - that is - I don't know what happened to me." Constance admitted as she sat down on a bench located on the side of the room, her eyes turned towards the large Persona in the middle of the room.

"You said I keep disappearing?" COnstance asked as she settled in for a moment, trying to forget that there was a voice in back of her head telling her unkind things.

"(Unkind? You think this is unkind? There are so many more things I could say to you about your usefullness and how your family would be so proud of you if they learned what you know.)" The Voice that sounded like Constance's said in the back of her mind, the statement and the sound of the voice evoking an image of a mouth filled row upon row with razor sharp daggers.

Shadow Realm (Eh, you could argue that getting your soul taken can be worse then death): Deadshot, Annie, Izami, Wanderer

Despite everything they knew of the Assassin, Deadshot was legitimately concerned when the Truck began to fall, especially with Izami in it.
"IZAMI! GET OUT OF THERE! NOW! MOVE!" He shouted as he sprinted towards the truck as it fell into the shadows below.
"NONONONONONONONO! IZAMI!" He screamed as the Goth and the truck she was in vanished off the face of the...whatever this place.
He knelled down at the ground where the truck was swallowed up, clearly saddened by the passing of his date.
This was then followed with 3 straight minutes of the Wanderer explaining how he would kill Deadshot in several extremely painful manners.
Once the Wanderer was done, Deadshot finally stood up and walked over to the Mad one.
"You know what?...Go ahead, Do it." He said before taking the gun and putting it in his hand.
"Go on then! Do you have the minerals for it? Or where you all talk? And DON'T! Even THINK of going for the arm or the leg. Naw, one though the head or one though the heart! Go on! Show me that you are as bad as you think you are! Because if I'm spending the rest of my days in this....WHERE-EVER THIS IS! I do NOT want to spend them with you!" He shouted to his face, clearly having a deathwish.
"...Right...Now, I'm walking up those stairs to find a way out of here and if I don't feel a bullet go though my head or though my chest, I'll know just how tough the "Good Doctor" is when the chips are down." He then said before walking away from the Wanderer and marching up the stairs, seeing if he would either shut up and get something done or shoot an unarmed man in the back.

Rising Dawn: David's Room: Mel, David

"Oh! Use denser material for the Chamber and Hammer. Balances the gun while making those parts last longer without being repaired." David advised, shoving the weight issue as they talked, kinda glad to escape himself and just fall to the charms of gunsmithing.
He paused as the conversation got a little confusing for him.
"Undead? Dragons? I thought all pirates did was raid cargo liners and cruise ships?..." He asked, figuring that the pirates she was with couldn't be any different from the ones he saw on TV.
"...Also...I don't think Pirates fought "Wars of Attrition", 90% of the time, they are basically highway men in boats...Am I missing something here?"

Shadow Operative's Building | Training Room #2: Constance, Cz, Jenny

"...Well, yeah, don't you remember?..." Jenny asked, wondering if Constance even knew herself what was happening to her.
"Well, I remember that you appeared in front of us back on the Strip in Venturas. Involuntary Teleportation perhaps?" She added, wondering if there was any way to fix it.
"Just don't you just be in one place one minute and then end up someplace else the other? Do you recall anything like that happening?"

Shadow Operative Building

Most Awkward Elevator: Devon, Garm, Yu, Ella, Cadolbolg

"I don't think we'll be able to just head back to the training after this... After all, those three managed to trip right on a Shadow zone. Better see if we can make some headway here, I think." Thanks to nobody seeming to have noticed the rather noticeable reaction, Devon was able to put a poker face back on. Not that it was going to work for too much longer if things like this kept happening. I need to keep a strong face on here... my issues can wait here, especially with what's at stake.
"Oh yeah, keep telling yourself that. At least we found out that Succubi go both ways, am I right?""

"If we can't, I'm fine with seeing how Ishtar works in the trainning rooms. That and I know Cadolbolg might want to see a bit more of his Persona. Am I right, Cadol?" While she got ready to leave, she also looked at Mitsuru to see if she could get another self-defense weapon. She'd have gone for her chained scythe, but it was a lot harder for her to access the Wheel due to her having taken it from a copy of Caim.

Rising Dawn: Mel, David, Teri, Toyotama, Sadei

"Hmm, good idea... I was thinking a lighter but more durable alloy, but if you want a bit of weight to it for that, then I can make it work. Should also help keep those grooves in the barrel intact a lot longer. I think that might end up being where the enchantments will eventually be placed since all of the bullets go through it." The young elf was at it again, and one thing that was evident was that the weapon really wasn't too flashy even by military standards. Since it was being made for combat with David in mind, she was ensuring the weight was distributed so David could use it like an extension of his arm.

"Well, they do do raids, but you have to watch out for other pirates. When you're in a place with necromancy within reach, you'll have some crews using undead in their ranks. Makes it a challenge, but then you'd just have to have the right tools for the job. Dragons, though... Angelus was the first dragon I've seen in ages that I could call a friend. Cadolbolg's kind of the second one, although I still hardly know him. The others, well, I'd be looking to pelt their wings with Arrows while staying out of reach of their breath weapon." While she pulled out various metals to test them for the weight ratio for the chamber, she elaborated on her last comments.

"Oh, that wasn't with them... it was those dirty kinslayers that started it way back when... Preparation for their unceasing assaults made what happened after child's play, except for those damn dirty angels. Then again, considering what was happening, it was that or be dead weight. And I don't know how it is here, but there was no room for dead weight back home. And I'll go to Dolurrh and back before letting anyone here give up so easy. Got it? I know you can do better." At this point a few things seemed rather obvious if David took a moment to connect the dots.

1. Melethia was Slindis' adopted daughter, so she'd lived with someone prior.
2. She had no qualms with killing and fit in well with a pirate ship, so she was more used to killing than even those on the ship.
3. Her skillset was completely opposite that of her mother's, so her prior family had to have wanted a good deal of training in skullduggery.
4. The undying loyalty to those she was around on the ship was like a child soldier - her old family must have wanted this to make her easier to control.
5. Her remarks about knowing how to kill dragons meant that at some point in her life, she'd been fighting more than a few of them.
6. Mentions of a 'war of attrition' made it clear that she was always under threat from the moment she was born, although it was hard to tell from whom.
7. The way she casually interlaced the ship with so many traps meant that she'd had a great deal of experience with them, making it almost certain that this old family would have had them as well - possibly a large amount of enemies from that 'war of attrition'
8. No pirates in their right mind would ever accept an untrained brat on their ship; it was another confirmation that she'd not gotten her training from Slindis.

"Teri, just because you like being able to work your frustrations out doesn't make you a bad person. I might not like all of the anger, but it's something that we all have to work with. Now, Toyotama, stop trying to give some kind of Hannibal Lecture to Teri. We all need to work together to get something done here, so cut it out." Tama's snide comments had gotten on the nerves of the rather stout staff, and she wanted to be sure that Toyotama knew it.

Yu Narukami, Ella, Mitsuru ,Cadolbolg, Devon and Garm.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Operative Building, Top Floor elevator | Tatsumi Port Island, Japan

Shrugging, Yu felt that his practice had weakened from the time he fought in the P4 Tournament. Practicing Persona use in real life is extremely hard, even if you can summon the Persona in the real world it would take a huge toll on both body and mind. Remembering the time he revealing Izanagi as an example in the meeting, it did take a large amount of energy, nothing too large, but Yu felt like he needed some sleep first and possibly something to eat.

"I might get some sleep before dawn then ... I would have liked to train more, but if you are tired on the field you would become pretty useless." Yu's eyes spoke with a lack of energy, he was really hungry. "I might be able to tackle the mega beef bo-" Yu was about to say but his stomach retaliated with resistance, it wasn't that hungry. Next topic up for debate in the mind of Yu Narukami was ... where his room was, even if he was in this building for a week the map still had not burned into his mind.

Sighing mentally he pressed the button to one of the sleeping floors, hoping that it may contain his room. Remembering that he had a keycard, the protagonist pulled it out and remembered his room. It was on the floor he had pressed for and was the number of "178" was on the card.

Forces of his nature.
Doctor S/Wanderer, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Zone | Abandoned Warehouse.

After gaining his pistol from the jumpsuit wearing Deadshot, the Wanderer flicked the gun easily and it placed perfectly in his palm. In a instant the mutated wasteland-born human had pointed the gun on the assassin and jumped back several feet. His trigger finger just itching to pull it, yet gripped it with a finger covered in a sweat. This sensation reminds him of the first time he got his hand on a real gun whilst escaping Vault 101, shooting the first guard was hard but he had the skill ever since his father had granted him a BB Gun on his tenth birthday.

Hearing the Assassin demand that he would shoot him and take his life and shortly insulted him made the Wanderer half pull the trigger, but not ultimately do the deed. Next thing that came was Deadshot walking up the stairs in a defenseless state, not even wanting to defend himself from the now mad and conflicted Doctor. His duty called to the side of mercy and justice, right until the words of his Regulator comrade called to him.

Sonora Cruz (Leader of the Regulator group):

"We're the Regulators. We've dedicated our lives to bringing the evil to justice. And out in the Wasteland, there's only one brand of justice: the gun."

It said to kill him but the keyword in the speech was "Wasteland", this was not the Wasteland, this was an untouched world that has not been touched by the nuclear fires of war. Killing was something less here, people took bad people to prisons and educated them or locked them up. Killing served less of a purpose. Yet this is someone who has spend his whole life in the deserted Wastelands of America, where killing was custom and nothing new.

Even so, the insanity, the beast of the Wanderer called to him his mystic words that only his mind could read.
It was almost even too cryptic for the host to read, driving him almost to a whole new level of this insanity. He could control it in bursts, but if it fully got out. A dark karma-ed killer will break free and cause unknown destruction to not only his world, but multiple worlds. ("Free me, we will kill, we will kill all. Freeing them from the pain of the world. You of all people know how that feels.") It sounded not insane, but completely sane and the sanest of anyone he has met.

But ... that was his dark side. Persuading him to do something that he should never do.
Being the Alpha and Omega of his world was a hard job. He had to kill and he had to help to bring balance to the uncivilized and dangerous world of Wasteland America. Yet out of all of this, he had killed many people, but mostly he had helped many, many people, many groups to help that Wasteland country. Carrying it to a better tomorrow.

These two forces were pulling him apart.
His insanity was one of the powers that aided him to help others.
And his sanity was the one who could access skills that can help many.
Killer and Helper.
These two sides were needed for the Lone Wanderer, yet the radiation and perks he had gained has changed his body in more then one way. Sure he may look human but his insides would look entirely different to a Scientist's point of view.

The most unexpected thing had happened, his Pip-Boy crackled to life and played a simple song.
The song that he heard when he hid by the fires of his camp, to keep himself warm.
He had heard this song from the younger days of his survival to the days to where he had to lead many groups to victory.
To many it was a song, to him it was the voice of the Wasteland, his Wasteland.

This spoke to him, he did not want to hurt these people, yet he had a duty to kill them if they caused any evil.
Not wanting to do both, the cold sweat of the Wanderer's hands trembled and shook. If the two looked behind them as they went up the stairs, they could only see a shaking, terrified Wanderer which could only resemble his younger self. The first self that stepped outside the vault to find his father.

The most unexpected happened and the gun trigger was not pulled, but it was lifted higher and turned towards it's owner.
The Good Doctor held that gun to his head, wanting to end it all. The killing, the helping, the good and the evil. The trigger of the gun also trembled, as if it did not want to kill it's owner. Darkness, shadows where the things that the Wanderer could see, either his own mind was doing this or it was the world ... but he did not know that.

The trigger was slowly being pulled as if the insanity controlled the arm. It wanted to die, dying would be the best thing that could happen, it wanted this. Before the last movement of the trigger was pulled, voices, voices poured into the head of the Wanderer, no, Shawn was his real name and they responded to him as if this was a emergency process.

"Revelation 21:6. I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning... and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life, freely."
"You're a good person, and it shows"
His Father said.

"Make no mistake; your father would be proud of what you have done."
Said Star Paladin Cross.

"Tis better to be alone, then of bad company."

"That crazy kid from Vault 101... "

And they carried on an on, until the first beads of not sweat ... but tears trickled down the cheeks of the now healed Wanderer. Lowering the gun down, it disappeared into nothing, just like the sweat, blood and tears of Shawn. The song still played as Shawn began to play his part as the Lone Wanderer again. Placing upon his helmet with the song still playing, the music died out as the Wanderer began to climb the stairs with these accomplices.

Sanity had won for now, but how much longer until his own shadow claims him.
" ... "
The Wanderer would now not talk, he would not respond, he just continued down his lonely path.

Shadow Realm (Guess 4Kids dropped the ball on that one, eh?): Deadshot, Annie, Izami, Wanderer
Let the exploration begin!

As the group made their way up the left set of stairs, they noticed that after they ascended, the staircases and the room below simply vanished into thin air, and in it's place, a hallway that stretched in equal parts in front and behind them. That being said, it gave off the impression that whatever this place was, it didn't like the idea of them being able to double back...

That being said, the new walking area wasn't the most welcoming either. A checkerboard patterned floor with misplaced stains of... Blood? Was that blood? It certainly looked like blood. Regardless, the area was dark, illuminated by a scant few candles here and there along the walls of the gloomy decor. But, one other new thing decided to show itself... The floors echoed in the hall as a figure began to approach, the sounds of footsteps approaching, and revealing a young woman((Bad homemade shop incoming!)) with some strange metal ornaments. Pausing at the sight of the party, the girl pulled an enormous large spear out of what seemed to be nowhere, and pointed it at the group, and the words:

"...Enemy detected. Gather data on subjects for further use."

and readied a combative stance. Was this the figure from earlier..?

Shadow Operative BuildingOut of the Elevator and into the investigation: Devon, Garm, Yu, Ella, Cadolbolg, Mitsuru

With a wave to Narukami as he parted ways with the rest of the group, Mitsuru walked the rest of the group around as she began to explain the situation, "The main reason for concern, aside from the obvious bit about the shadow zone, is the location of where it arrived. That was a Kirijo storage unit they crashed into, and the contents of it I was hoping to have transferred here..."

Garm wagged his tail in confusion and asked, "What's the problem with the box?"

Mitsuru continued walking, and paused to grab a...motorcycle? As well asE4 some other equipment; which in turn gave Ella ample time to find a weapon of choice, before having various operatives lug it to the back of a van, continuing her talk with the group as they began driving to the site, "It contained what we believed was being used to generate the Shadow Zones by Nyarlatothep's forces, as well as an Anti-Shadow weapon, one of several we thought was already destroyed... It seems more of them have been turning up. However, this one was shut down initially, due to belief that it was too wild for proper use. It goes by the codename Akontia, or Javelin, for those who don't speak Greek. We recovered it and the machine after a raid on a place where we believed our enemy's forces were hiding out, and we were going to transport them in the morning to aid your group but.... Well, we know what's happened now."

After a bit more time (and then some to set up equipment), Mitsuru directed them to the entrance of the Shadow Zone and pointed at her equipment, "This equipment will allow for a portal to be made in the Zone, as well as allow me to extract you at a stable point. I can provide you with support out here in the meantime. All I want to see is whether you will need this equipment to enter or not, as well as whether myself or Fuuka's Personas will need to support you as well. I'll be here in case anything goes wrong. Now, please enter when you are ready."

Rising Dawn Hallway: Som Waterford, Teri and her consortium of mental inhabitants (Sadei and Toyotama)

Toyotama gave a loud "HMPH" at Sadei's putdown, and muttered, "But I'm so good at it! It's a talent the both of us share, I mean, look at what it did to that Annie chick? ...Anyways, I only tell the truth, Sadei. She keeps up with the bloody knuckles for kicks thing, We could end up just like the bloodthirsty maniacs We don't want to be. Now, while I'm all for the rage and the violence, the angst that comes with it is plain straight annoying!"
However, with Sadei's calming words, the Cleric found her resolve again, and further rebutted the Shadow as well, "Sadei's right. I am angry, and a mixture of other unpleasant feelings, which I channel through Fire Stance. You making me feel guilty about it is kinda counterproductive, if not outright petty. You like me being angry and violent, right? Then let me be that in my own stable, 'no one's getting hurt but me' manner! I can channel Flurrying, and Fire Stance with you involved. You even promised me you'd ease up on my brain if you did. If you don't hold your end of the deal, then I can take back mine too. Now, if you'll excuse me, this guy just bumped into me..."

While the Shadow was in the process of realizing that she got slammed back by both Staff and Wielder, Teri turned her eyes up to the much taller hunter and gave a small bob of her head, "Sorry bout that, I was on my way to the Medbay to bandage my hands, and I guess I didn't see you.. Er.. I get lost in thought a lot, especially if I'm going somewhere..."

She laughed nervously as she was helped up, and then found the vial of medicine being given and she blinked in surprise, "Oh. Thank you, but you really don't have to. We've more than enough medicine in the Medbay, and in the Shadow Realms we're going to traverse soon, you never know if you're going to need your medicine yourself. This,"

She indicated to her hands, "This is nothing." A lie, clear as the lights in their eyes, but Som could see that the Cleric was trying to be courteous, "Some bandages and alcohol, and I'll be good as new, promise!" Another bad lie, with the same intent. Then again, with the way she was expressing herself, Som was almost certain she was wanting to hide something about those hand wounds, and quickly... But why?

Shadow Operative's Building | Training Room #2: Constance, Cz and Jenny

"Just - don't you just be in one place one minute and then end up someplace else the other? Do you recall anything like that happening?"

The question that Jenny the Gardevoir posed seemed a strange question to be asking. There were points in time in which she did find herself in strange places and situations, though she did not quite remember how she got there. These attacks always seemed to follow the visions from her Realm's past and future that had been plaguing her as of late, though she barely remembered the dream-like visions.

"I-er-didn't know that I was teleporting. I've been having these - dreams - that steal me away for a time. I don't know what's happening to me when I have them." The Cat-Eared Vampire admitted while trying to shake the apprehension from her mind, the apprehension that she was going insane, the apprehension that she was already dead and this world was some sort of afterlife.

"But you're saying that I disappear and reappear at random?" Constance asked her voice filled with uncertainty.

The Airship Named Rising Dawn: Som Waterford and Teri

"This is nothing... Some bandages and alcohol, and I'll be good as new, promise!"

If the Airship's Medical Officer had been expecting the Hunter to simply dismiss the fact she was declining the Hunter's assistance was seen as rude in his culture and the fact that he had noticed her failed attempt to mislead him, she would have been sorely mistaken. Through his brief observation of the woman, he could tell that she was mentally preoccupied in a manner that differed from a woman attempting to navigate through a long set of corridors.

Aware that the Medical Officer was disembling the thoughts and emotions that ran through her mind at that moment, a notion that bothered the Hunter greatly.

"Is it common in this realm to decline the offer of assistance from someone that is supposed to be a member of the same crew as you are?" Som's flat voice asked, devoid of emotion as his eyes bore holes into the Medical officer. As he finished his statement, Som mentally slapped himself as he realized what he had just said. Even if she was lying to him, he did not have a right to treat her in such a disrespectful manner. Hoping to cover up his faux pas, The Hunter started laughing as if he had been messing with the Ship's Medical Officer.

"Beg pardon but I did not mean to offend you. But I am afraid that the vial of salve will go to waste should it not be used soon. Besides the alcohol will only serve to dry out your skin and the bandages will not allow your wound to breathe as needed. In the end, you will be doing yourself more harm than good as you will only tighten the skin over your knuckles and make such wounds more commonplace" The Hunter said as he pressed the vial back into the Medical Officer's hands.

"Now that you do not need to go back to the Medical Bay, could you assist me in locating the Ship's Mess? I am afraid that I have not eaten in some time and if this Shadow Realm is as dangerous as you state, I would be more than happy for any assistance that you could lend me." As he finished speaking, the Hunter continued to look at the Ship's Cleric, curious to see if she was going to reveal the truth about the wounds on her hands now that he had displayed some modicum of medical knowledge.

Shadow Realm (Not really, kinda makes more sense then people just dying): Deadshot, Annie, Wanderer

After taking a few dozen steps, Deadshot quietly exhaled as he found himself not shot dead on the stairs as Annie joined him.
While she seemed pleased(?), he quietly whispered "I make some really dumb moves, huh?...", revealing that he was totally bluffing, but his luck seemed to pay off.
A few more steps, he was starting to wonder what was the hold up, I mean, The Wanderer seemed more then keen to do horrible just a minute ago.
Glancing back, he saw him pointing the gun at his own head(?).
"!!! Just keep walking, keep walking. Don't look, keep walking." He said as he led Annie away, seeing how he might have just talked a total nutcase into killing himself.
Not long after, Wanderer began to follow them, hearing the sound of his heavy boots on the stairs.
"Right...Last time I give a gun to a mentally un-stable person...." he sighed as they entered the room at the top of the stairs.

"...So this Purgatory or something? I mean, I've yet to see either Golden Gates or Plums of Hellfire..." He then said as he looked around, still thinking that they were in the afterlife.
When the strange woman showed up, he asked "Oh Hey! Excuse me, We seem to be a little lost, mind directing us to the exit?....Hello?..."
The woman then pulled out a really long spear and said "...Enemy detected. Gather data on subjects for further use."
"...Oh...Fucking A..." He cringed as he realized that the only gun he had on him was now in Wanderer's hands.
"Wanderer!...Going to need that gun back...LIKE RIGHT NOW!" He shouted as he slowly began backing up...

Rising Dawn: David's Room: Mel, David

"Oh carve some Runes inside the barrel, good thinking." David interjected before Melethia explained the parts he clearly missed out on regarding her life.
"...So...You were trained BEFORE getting on with....oh, what's-his-name..."
"Captain Cage?"
"Thank you. So you learned how to...Do what yo do before you showed up on that ship? I mean...Most demolition men I knew don't have all your fingers and all yours seem intact...
Unless you used something to hide missing a few..." He joked to keep the mood light despite the can of worms he might be opening.

Shadow Operative's Building | Training Room #2: Constance, Cz, Jenny

"Hmmmm...Maybe when you have one of these..."Dreams"..." Jenny said as she believed she was starting to understand what was happening to the cat-girl.
"Right...Where do you do on these "Dreams" if you don't mind me asking?" she then asked, thinking it might shed some light on the situation.

Shadow Operative's Building: Office 1099 Rugal, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Seeing how "Well" Angelus's training under Slindis was going, the duo wandered around the building until that came to a slightly open office door.
"zzzzz....the virus has no target demographic and is highly contagious...zzzzz" They heard a familiar voice snore as they walked past.
Rugal had passed out on a desk after spending much of the night reading reports to try and drown out his inner monologue.

The Airship Named Rising Dawn: Som Waterford and Teri

Teri flinched initially after the staredown, seeing as the only other person or persons who really did that to Teri was either A) going to try and kill her, or B) Really wanted to kill her, but felt unable to (Read: Caim, assorted baddies). However, after Som tried to play it off, she could hear a low whistle in her mind as the Shadow commented, "Oh wow, he saw through our vaguely alright lie. Most dumbasses believe alcohol and bandages fix everything... Something still seems off though. That laugh sounds kinda fake."

Shaking off the comment from the peanut gallery, Teri allowed her shoulders to droop faintly and tried to give a small smile, "You certainly know what you're talking about. I know quite a few people who would have believed that. Very well, I'll show you the way to the Canteen. However, do keep in mind we have two AI's on hand who could easily have answered that for you. You needed only to ask, and they'd have answered."

With a light wave of a hand (and an attempt to hide the wincing) to indicate following after her, Som eventually found himself in the Mess-hall with the Cleric, as well as a couple of Devon's imps running around doing basic duties. Seeing one, Teri walked up with a smile and tried to speak in some harsh sounding tongue, but the dictation made it clear that she was not yet a master of the language. Either way, the point seemed to come across well enough, and the imp gave a nod and went into the kitchens. Turning her head back to Som, she said, "You're familiar with the Imps, right? Just ask them politely and they'll make you almost anything! Just be sure to tell them to go easy on the spice. A few crew members learned that the hard way."

Following that, she settled at a table and began dabbing the medicine on her wrists, still keeping mum about what had happened earlier to cause the need for the medicine at all. Why feel the need to hide it?

Shadow Operative's Building: Office 1099 Rugal, Ton Ton, Caim

Ton Ton looked over "Wow, I heard some snores in my life, but that one takes the cake... You we should just close the door?"

Caim shook his head, "Nah, too many parties will voice concerns, be they honest or not. Come on, let's try to wake him up. No way I'm gonna drag him, he looks like he weighs far more than Hymir's Finger..."

To that, Caim gave a firm rap on the door, and his PDA vocalized, "Rugal, wake up. Unless you like the idea of ink leaking onto your face with all drool running down it, I suggest you get up and out of that chair."

"I guess the posture of the chair can't be good either..."

Shadow Operative's Building: Office 1099 Rugal, Ton Ton, Caim

Caim's efforts were successful as he disgraced captain of the Rising Dawn began to stir, picking his face up from a pile of postmortem reports.
"Uhhhh...How long was I out?..." he groaned as he picked himself up from the desk, having a massive headache from his other side's constant barrage.
"Status report: Did I miss anything important?...Also, know where I can get an aspirin?..." he asked as he held his head, much like he did when he left the Training room on Caim.

Shadow Operative's Building: Office 1099 Rugal, Ton Ton, Caim

"Status report: Did I miss anything important?...Also, know where I can get an aspirin?..." he asked as he held his head, much like he did when he left the Training room on Caim.

Caim shrugged, "Dunno how long you were out. Me and Ton Ton here wandered around the place for a bit after you disappeared. As far as the medicine goes, I haven't found anything, so you'll either have to ask Mitsuru, or if you're wanting to risk it, your kid in the Medbay....You alright? You've been having a lot of headaches lately."

Ton Ton spoke up at this point, his voice a little softer as he made his point quick. Clearly, he was still in the camp of those unhappy regarding Annie's treatment, but he was a bit less hostile about it (perhaps on account of Caim being there?) "You were slumped in your chair as we explored, so we came to check on you. As far as anything important happening, I don't think anything has; unless it was under our noses. What were doing in that chair anyway? I've no idea how yo managed to sleep like that."

Shadow Operative's Building: Office 1099 Rugal, Ton Ton, Caim

Rugal shook his head at the idea of asking Teri.
"No...I'm certain I'm the last person she wants to see...Gah, I'll swipe some from the restroom or something." He sighed as be left the office to find on.
"Hey, Good doesn't mix with Bad, what can I say?"
An extra sharp jolt of pain filled his mind, causing him to collapse on his knees and hold his head before growling in pain.
"GAHHHHHH!....aaaahhhh.....Ohhhh, this is going to drive me insane..." He said as he picked himself up.
"It's the strangest thing...Like...someone inside my head is crawling it's way out or something...been like that since I-...Since a week ago..." He explained, omitting the whole "Since I waterboarded Annie" part.

Shadow Operative's Building: Office 1099 Rugal, Ton Ton, Caim


Caim offered a hand to help Rugal up and frowned, "At this point, I don't think you avoiding the on call doctors is going to do you any good. Isn't it part of their oath to help those in need or something?"

"I think you're talking about the Hippocratic Oath? I don't know if they took it..."

"Damn. Either way, regardless of the opinion of the crew, there's no point in letting you suffer like this Rugal. Come on, we're getting you this 'aspirin', whether the crew likes it or not."

After opening the door for the man who was clearly in pain, Ton Ton brought up the elephant in the room, "What was that about voices...? Hmn... That does remind me that some of Mr. Devon's imps were possessed by Daemons a little while ago. You're not infected too, are you? I haven't seen what the Daemons do to adults first hand, but I know it's not good. Unfortunately, my powers don't manifest save for the training rooms, so I'd have to extract it there."

Shadow Operative's Building | Training Room #2: Constance, Cz, Jenny

"Right...Where do you go on these "Dreams" if you don't mind me asking?"

The young black haired, cat eared wearing Vampire sighed for a long moment, her mind trying to remember if all the visions or dreams that she was having revolved around her home world.

"Home." The Girl said simply at first.

"Everytime I have these dreams, it's about my home world and how it's going to end unless I can stop it." Constance continued, looking forlorn at Jenny.

"My world is comprised of three realms. Fir is the realm of the Firians, a people who are strong in magic. The Mirian Realm is the Middle Realm. It's a world comprised mostly of humans that work the land to grow the world's food. There are other Mirians, like me, that aren't quite human. The Final realm, Om, is located in the Heavens. The Omians are a people that have Technology far beyond you and I can dream of." The Sorrowfeld Vampire explained, pausing to allow the information to be absorbed by the Gardevoir.

"I see through the eyes of members of these realms. I see how their actions shaped the past and how the past affects the future. I see that all of this is leading towards the end of my world and - and" Constance studdered for a moment, her tongue tied up by a sob that lurked somewhere in the body.

"And even with what I know, I can't stop it since I'm stuck here." Constance concluded, her face was awash in red as the tears from her crimson eyes began to flow down her cheeks.

"(You're leaving out the part where your child is going to die before the end comes. Why would you leave out a piece of information like that?)" The voice at the back on Constance's head said mockingly before laughing at her weakness.

The Airship Named Rising Dawn: Som Waterford and Teri

"You're familiar with the Imps, right? Just ask them politely and they'll make you almost anything! Just be sure to tell them to go easy on the spice. A few crew members learned that the hard way."

Seeing the Imps made the Hunter's frown deepen as he watched the denizens of The Pit run about the Mess with impunity.

"(Ask them politely?)" Som thought to himself, reisting the urge to toss the nearest Imp out one of the view ports. Inspite of himself, Som consciously made an effort of remove the frown from his face and signal one of the Imps approach to take his order.

"Would you be kind enough to prepare a sandwich of Roasted Beefsteak with a side of - um - fried?" The Hunter asked, his mind attempting to remember what type of food animals were available in this World. Beef seemed to be the closest animal available to Mir's main source of protein, the Carbonak.

Returning his attention to the Ship's Medical Officer, he watched as she dabbed the salve onto her wounds, which were consistent with the kind of wounds caused by repeated close fisted strikes. Were the wounds deeper, The Hunter would have concluded that the Young Woman had been in a fight. However, the wounds that she suffered appeared to be scrapes and open blisters, the kind that Som had seem among Hunter Trainees when they were practicing their strikes and grapples. The trainers did not consider the day complete until each and every Hunter Trainee's knuckles were battered and bruised and bloodied, hense the need for the salve.

"I would hate to see the other person." The Hunter quipped, his mind hunting for more clues as to why the Ship's Medical Officer would be training that intensely. To a hunter, everything was a HUnt, even this conversation.

Shadow Operative's Building: Office 1099 Rugal, Ton Ton, Caim

Rugal realized that he would most likely have to seek medical attention from either Teri or Slindis eventually.
"...Right...We'll check in with Teri then, I'd rather not have Slindis know I'm losing my mind on top of everything else..." He confessed as the trio began to make their way towards the ship.
"Yes, wouldn't do to fail to preform in front of her, would it?"
Clenching his fists and teeth as another jolt of pain entered, he took a moment before resuming his walk.
"No. I don't match any of the know symptoms. It feels less like a procession and more like...Something in my mind is trying to cause me as much grief as possible. It's the the strangest thing..."
"Oh really? You know EXACTLY what this is, don't play dumb with me!"
"...Mind if we get a move on, these flare ups are starting to get worse..."

Shadow Operative's Building | Training Room #2: Constance, Cz, Jenny

The second Constance began to cry, Jenny gave her a hug, "There there...let it all out..." she said softly as she waited to her friend to compose herself.
"Now then...Listen to me, If we can, we will help your world. I promise you that once we are done here, we will do what we can, But I need more to go on. Why is the end coming, is there a war going on between the different worlds?" She then asked, wondering what, if anything, she could do to help.
She'd rather not have a repeat of Slindis's and Melethia's realm...

? Vs Mutant.
Doctor S/Wanderer, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Zone | Abandoned Warehouse.

As the Wanderer came to the top of the stairs, his heavy boots were the last sound before he had heard this new enemy.
A suited girl with some kind of spear, although right now the Wanderer could not care more about this new enemy of theirs, but he knew that he wanted to hurt them and blocked their path. As with every other kind of person, animal or object in his way, the Wanderer paused for a brief moment to examine the target.

" ... " Wanderer still stayed silent, especially after Deadshot demanded a weapon.
Yet not a second too soon the Wanderer dashed forward quickly, if Annie compared the skill of the Wanderer and the Spartan she faced before, she could see that the Spartan could easily outmatch the speed, but a fierce aura surrounded the now silent Doctor. He was not playful, he did not want to bring justice, it was just blank fury heading towards the girl.

Yet as he passed Deadshot, a loud clatter hit the floor. It was a gun, a very big black gun, with plenty of ammo too. Yet this was nothing like the Wanderer's arsenal, it was a weapon from the real world. Judging by the Japanese words engraved into said gun, it probably belonged to the deceased Yakuza Truck Driver that the Wanderer did in. Luckily enough he took his gun with him.

If they had looked at the weapon for the slightest time they could hear two clanging noises echo against the spear.
The Wanderer held his infamous flaming sword in one hand, in the other laid a knife which had a orange colour as if it was burning. From their point they could see that both weapons were very hot.

As he was about to engage the fight with the girl, the only thing he wanted was her to get out of his way.
The only way he would regain his ... himself was to go forward unto the light in the future.
Death or life, he did not care.

Shadow Operative Building

Most Awkward Elevator: Devon, Garm, Yu, Ella, Cadolbolg

"I should be good to go now... " Devon found that although it felt a bit odd, she was able to enter the area with rather strange architecture rather well. "Feels like I'm in a Dali painting, but I should be fine. Ella?"

"It could be a lot worse... We just need to watch out for the Shadows." Keeping her newly-found halberd at the ready, Ella kept an eye out for any Shadows/

Rising Dawn: Mel, David, Teri, Toyotama, Sadei

"Of course I learned it before then. That kind of training takes at least 5 years, maybe 76. It's not that hard to see, and I put in my fair time." Her statement was rather simple, but if she started that long ago, she would have had to start that when she was three or dour years old. Even for a child soldier, that was a bit much!

"And do I need to remind you that Teri's yourself as well? Take care of her, and she'll take care of you."

Shadow Operative's Building: Office 1099 Rugal, Ton Ton, Caim

Caim pulled one of Rugal's arms over his shoulder to help speed things along, and tapped his ring to contact Teri,

"Cleric, can you hear me?"
"Caim? Since when did you talk to me?"
"I don't, on preference. However, this matter has lead to a change in that circumstance. Get in the Med Bay, now."
"Okay. Who's hurt?"
"Rugal. Look, I am well aware that you and the Paladin aren't on great terms with him at the moment, but-"
"He's hurt... I can put aside my feelings for now."
"Good. Be ready."

"She'll be waiting for us when we get there, Rugal. Hold on a little longer..."

Ton Ton followed after Caim and Rugal quietly, not really knowing what to do in the situation.

Training Room Slindis, Angelus

Compared to Teri's transition to the fighting arts, Angelus was a breeze, not that Slindis would have said anything like that. Rather, she was more akin to shouting insults to further goad the dragon's spirit, to which Angelus returned in kind, her slashes and strikes becoming more fluid as time went on. Perhaps what Caim said was indeed true, and the blade would somehow become something of an oversized talon?

"HMPH! As if something so ridiculous could become true. Nothing is a proper substitute for MY claws and fangs. To insinuate otherwise is rather...human, don't you think? Heh, I suppose you are the one who's forgotten what it means to be a dragon, being stuck in that flesh suit for so long."

Shaking off that angry thought, Angelus returned to the form she was taught, and brought the blade down against the Paladin again, hoping to assert SOME of the draconic dignity she had left.

The Airship Named Rising Dawn: Som Waterford and Teri

-Before Caim's call-

Teri had already finished placing the salve on her wounds and was beginning to put on knuckle bandages by the time Som came back around, a feat punctuated by her need for speed and efficiency on the field, and perked her head up regarding the quesiton, "Oh, these? I was practicing the techniques my teachers showed me over the past week. I overdid it on the punching bag when I was practicing my flurry, and well... This happened. It probably didn't help I didn't put my gloves on either. You see, they're pretty nice and have some good buffs cast on them, but I wasn't entirely sure if they would come out A-Okay if I practiced my flurry with em. So, you see the result before you. And now, in retropsect, I realize that magical equipment usually is more durable anyways, so my fears were probably unfounded."
"More partial truths again? Well, at least this time, your lie has more truth in it. It's just a matter of omission. We'll see if he believes that one, and doesn't find out how much you like to beat shit up when you're pissy."

At Sadei's further straightening up, however, the Shadow receeded further into Teri's mind, muttering something or another about how she was the one who looked at things objectively yada-yada-bitch-bitch.

In waiting for a response from Som, that was precisely the moment that Caim's message came in. Som saw her tap one of the three rings she bore, a simple metal ring on her right middle finger, (two fanciful looking bands on either ring finger as well) and concentrated for a moment before getting up from her chair and beginning to put on her gloves, "Looks like I'll be needed in my post after all. Apologies, Sir. Thank you for the ointment. I made sure that it wouldn't be contaminated by my wounds, so the rest should still be usable."

With that, she quickly packed up her things into the satchel, and bolted off in the direction of the Med Bay.

Med Bay: Caim, Rugal, Ton Ton, Teri

As Caim helped Rugal into one of the beds, Teri sat in her chair anxiously, awaiting for the trio to explain what exactly was going on. Even if she had appeared to be mad earlier, Rugal could see the concern clear on her face (whatever small comfort that could bring).

Newly Made Shadow Zone Devon, Garm, Yu, Ella, Cadolbolg
In the zone? Get the music.

Garm gave a sniff of the place and sneezed, "I doo not believe my nose will be of much use here. Toooo much smells of blood, sweat and dead things. I don't like it."

Cadolbolg gave a sniff and sneezed as well, freezing in terror when he thought a jet of flame was going to shoot out, as it had before. When it didn't the turtle dragon baby gave a small sigh of relief and looked around, "This place is kinda weird looking... I wonder how high up the ceilings are?"

As the group began to advance, Mitsuru's voice rang in their minds, "How are you holding up in there? Is everything stable? If yes, then please proceed forward with caution, at least on the first floor. In my experience, these sort of places have multiple layers, and I'd hate to lose you if you went up a floor."

Garm gave a surprised bark, "Hooooow are you speaking with us?! Is it your Persona?"

"That it is. My Persona can enable some communication and placement for you, but this is all I can do unless I explore the zone with you. Now please, keep going."

With an air of disquiet, the group began their exploration. After a few moments, Garm's ears perked up, "I hear something. Prepare yourselves."

The wolf was too correct, as a pack of Shadows skittered out from the darkness!

Rising Dawn: David's Room: Mel, David

" you were getting training from age....13-5 8 years old?!" David exclaimed, he found that the training for the Irish Cadets was harsh enough, but doing that at 8 years?!
"...Christ damn, Who the hell taught ya? Doesn't seem like something Slin would do..." He asked, starting to feel even worse about that comment about Melethia being screwed up.

Med Bay: Caim, Rugal, Ton Ton, Teri

Holding his head for the entire trip, Rugal was glad to lay down for a moment, sweat going down his brow as he did.
"Right...I'm not sure what it is, but for the last week, I've been having rather nasty migraine headaches that just keep flaring up. Just feels like something is trying to crawl out of my head..." He explained, hoping that Medicine would be able to get that voice to put a sock in it.
"Hey, see if you can score some PCP while your here. Remember that night in Brazil? With the Military Base? Woooooo!"
"THERE! There it is again!" He said as he held his head in pain, no chance in hell that he was faking it.

Med Bay: Caim, Rugal, Ton Ton, Teri

Teri shot up immediately after seeing Rugal's spasm, and pushed Caim out of her way to get to Rugal's side. After beginning to make the motions for a healing spell, she then mentally kicked herself when she realized that her spells were locked, exclaiming "FUCK!" in frustration as she tried to ponder her options.

So, she did what she considered the next best thing, and went to the sink to grab a washcloth, and wet it with ice cold water. As she did so, she asked, "Are there any other symptoms? Any at all?"

That was when Ton Ton spoke up in his quiet voice, "He said something about a voice in his head. He called it 'someone' before it became 'something' trying to get out."

Teri froze for a brief moment, and moved to put the washcloth on Rugal's head, cautiously asking, "Dad... You didn't mention a voice. Please, tell me everything that's been happening to you. I know I'm mad about what happened with Annie, but that doesn't mean I want bad things happening to you too..."

In the back of her mind, there was a hiss, and Toyotama reared her head again, "Dunno bout this, kiddo. Shit's sounding awful lot like my grand debut in your think pan. Well, I just made you look kinda zombie esque, and David is a vegetable at the moment, I think... I'm a bit worried we might have a fight on our hands if we're not careful..."

Med Bay: Caim, Rugal, Ton Ton, Teri

"Welcome to another round of "Shit Rugal pulls from his ass!" Will our contestant be able to hide the fact he's losing his mind or will we be treated to another showing of weakness from the "New" Rugal? Place your bets!"
Yet another cringe from Rugal revealed another flare of pain, He could shrug off bullets if he needed to, but it was a lot harder to hide pain coming from within then it was entering the body.
"...Just...pass me some medicine for my head. Can't even think straight with this constant pain..." He requested, dodging the question and buying himself some time to think of a explanation for this.
"Don't forget the PCP!"
"...Double the dose, please..." He added as Ton Ton stared at him.
"You know, this is the second time he's screwed you over...Might want to...I dunno...Lizard skin boots?"

Training Room Slindis, Angelus

"You're certainly getting up there, just keep in mind that you'll have to keep Caim near if that Evoker malfunctions. Happened all the time when I worked with arcanes in antimagic fields; the crippled casters had to stick near the men and women that had lived with the blade if they had only a cursory knowledge of melee combat or crossbow use." That was meant more as something completely genuine, although the fact that Slindis kept cranking up her defenses, reducing what would be otherwise serious injuries to nicks and bruises she could work through the next day.

In addition, it was clear to Angelus that the attacks she was making would easily be lethal on most humans she'd face down. Shame she was facing someone that'd lived through hard combat without any kind of pact to enhance her skill.

The Airship Named Rising Dawn: Sadei and Teri

"If that happens, we can always ask the others for some help. I mean, I'm sure that Mel or that silly Bard might help if we let them know."

David's room: David, Mel

"It was my old family while they were still around. You know, before I met Slin. It wasn't too bad. After all, we all went through it, and look at me now!" Not exactly a resounding praising of how she used to live, but there was a family that raised everyone in it to be heavy trap kinds? It would be hard to have any kind of childhood with that.

Newly Made Shadow Zone Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg
In the zone? Get the music.

"It's not too bad in here, but it'll be hard tracking down what's happened here... Still, it's something we have to do..." Although Devon seemed a bit fatigued, it was clear that she'd press on despite what had happened. She wasn't going to leave Annie in there with no aid.

Ella was more than a bit skeptical about this considering the day they'd had, though. "Are you sure it's a good idea with the state we're all in? I know you have to be a bit tired..."

Mitsuru could clearly hear the fierce rebuttal from Devon as she began proceeding. "And they aren't? If we leave them in there, they might not be there in the morning."

Training Room Slindis, Angelus

Angelus growled at what she perceived to be another crack against her growing strength with the dagger, and mentally quipped back, "Verily did I see your same bladesmen cower in awe of my fire! Both are equally matched, especially coming from the belly of a dragon! If not that, I'd crush them with my talons and break them with my fangs!"

A swipe and another glanced blow, and the dragon answered back properly to the Paladin, "I find it dreadfully irritating that you care to bring up that thick-headed pact partner of mine time and again! Is there really so little to me that you perceive aside from my choice in company? I'll gladly show you I am more than that idiot's steed!"
"Yes, show her our true strength! Make her fear the skill you are gaining! We never needed Caim to begin with, we are more than enough on our own! And maybe get some of that draconic pride back in your system!"

Well, if there was one thing apparent, it seemed the taunts had a mixed effect. They certainly incited the dragon to go onward, but Slindis wasn't quite sure if Angelus was taking them as some kind of personal advice or as insult...

Rising Dawn Med Bay: Caim, Rugal, Ton Ton, Teri

"That is true Sadei... But... Dad might not let me help him, and that is a problem unto itself."

Teri looked over her father's pained face, and Rugal could see that she was visibly hurt by what he said, "You can't even trust me when you're in pain... I see how it is."

Mutely, she got up to grab the medicine in a cabinet, and spoke to Caim and Ton Ton, her voice sounding hollow as she did, "You two can go. I'll keep an eye on him."

Ton Ton gave a single look to Rugal, and words via the ring entered the German bodybuilder's mind as the two exited the Med Bay, "You really should tell her the truth. The doctor can't heal you if she doesn't know what's wrong."

In the meantime, Teri settled in her usual chair that was close to the bunks, and kept staring at her adoptive father; which was more than enough to say "I can wait." And consider how stubborn his daughter was (especially accounting for that week of hell called training she endured)... This could take a while.

Shadow Realm: Annie, Deadshot, Wanderer
Battle time!

"Target acquired. Begin combative procedures."

The girl did not delay, and whirled the Javelin before thrusting it at what was determined to be the most vulnerable of the group, Deadshot. However, what tipped off the group right away about this girl was that instead of running like a normal person did... This girl had rocket boosters in her legs and back. A robot?! What was a robot doing here?!

Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg
Still in that zone, ladies and gents!

It was at that point Mitsuru's voice went over in their minds again, "I beg to differ. Fuuka was able to last in this realm for days before gaining a Persona, and she never had the combative ability you posses now. Even Narukami told me of how those forcibly brought to this world were held there for a span of a week before rescue.

Aside from that, time flows differently between these zones and our world. Meaning, you're welcome and able to return for the night should you choose to do so. We'll be putting your group in the zone to extract them ASAP in the morning, alright?"

Garm gave a snort, being similar to Devon on this front, "I am torn, Devon. I wish to aide in the rescue attempt, but Ella is right. Yooou look absolutely pooped. I doo not want to force you onward. Tear-ri would be very upset with me if she knew I did that to you. I will follow and aid you where you'd like, but I will not allow you to hurt yourself. Understood?"

Cadolbolg fluttered down and landed on Ella's head, "I'm fine either way, really. I feel ready to kick some butt with Lei Zhenzei if the occasion calls for it. Isn't that right, Ella? I'm supposed to have your Persona on mine at some point!"

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