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Boss sat for awhile, thinking. "I...don't know. I know I had a real name at some point, or I think I did. But I have no idea what it is. My earliest memory is of Edge carrying me on his back in the rain..."

Boss leaned back and ate his pizza, thoughtful.


"The Whole "Man with no Past" routine?..." David retorted as examined Boss.
"Okay....Did his "Edge" tell you why he was carrying you? Sorry if I'm prying, but there HAS to be a bit more then that in your "Origin Story" Am I right?" He asked, starting to get more and more interested in this "Boss".

Boss's eyes seemed to drift off. "I do know something...About two weeks ago, Edge and I stumbled across this tree...but it wasn't just a tree, it was a tree the size of a galaxy, and it was alive, and psychic. It said that it was constantly reading the minds of every living thing in all of creation, and that it knew me and had called me friend. And there was someone else...there was this man, this old, old man, that acted like he knew me and Edge. I mean, he was old...his skin...was like paper...But he must've killed a thousand people before bleeding out..."

Boss shook his head and sat up. "It's not important. I don't specifically remember anything, but there are times where I feel another, much stronger presence in my mind. And the old man ended up dying, but not before proving he could still beat literally everyone in a swordfight. And no, I don't know who he was, except that his name was Master and he was an asshole."


"...That.....wasssss...Not what I expecting..." David said, clearly weirded out by this story, no matter how many strange adventures he'd had with his crew, he always found something that was just a little weirder.
"...So Edge....Mindreading Galaxy Tree....Old guy with a sword...You sound like you could use a drink..." He said, already regretting pushing so hard for Boss's past.
He got up and pulled a few bottles of booze out of the cooler and handed him one.
"You know...I'm starting to think that I'm the only one here who hasn't got any ties to some REALLY weird shit. Just Primary School, Secondary School, Irish Rangers, here I am. Not complaining, but I feel so....Out of place here at times..." He said as he opened his bottle and took a long swig.

Boss snapped his fingers. Three beers appeared, one before him, one before David, and one before Melethia. "Alright, smartass, why don't you tell us your story?"


David nearly spat out his drink when Boss poofed in more beer, mostly out of surprise.
"*Glup* Ahhh...Little more heads up, though thanks. Didn't know you could do that." He said as he finished one bottle and moved onto the new one, also talking Melethia's.
"That's basically it, Born and raised in Western Ireland, wanted to be a badass, Signed up for the army, became a Marksman. Did a bit of peacekeeping until we had a sorta worldwide Godzilla attack with multiple Godzillas, Long Story so heres the short version. After a less than successful mission to contain one of the monster, I started hanging out with this crowd. And we've been dealing with worldwide threats and shit ever since." He explained as he sat back down.
"Really tough gig, it's hard being a "Super-hero" around here...
And don't even get me started on my lovelife..."

"No" Boss said. "Tell me about your love life. I want to live vicariously through you."


"vicariously?....That's a new word to me..." David said as he recalled his Love Life.
"Well...When I first started there, there this woman. She could make portals, it was pretty cool. Usual psychical attraction, great personality, even better soldier." He sighed as he recalled Elena before everything went to shit.
"...First, she ended up getting caught up in a Nuke Blast used to take down another monster. Then she was kidnapped afterwards, tortured, brainwashed, Managed to get her out of it, but she was...damaged...Then some super-powered jerk off tried to blow up the planet and her people ordered my death due to a...Massacre of a extremely hostile tribe in South America. She came for me and the others with a hit squad...I lived, she didn't...."

It was clear that is was a sore spot for David.
"...So yeah...Last time I pursue a relationship in the workplace..." He snarked before taking a longer drink of his beer.

"Oh. I'm...I'm sorry, I was joking." Boss waved his hand. Another beer appeared before David. "Drink up man. Really, I'm sorry."


"Nah...It's cool...Unless that crazy ass tree told you, there was no way for you to have known. Cheers" David said as he happily got to work on tomorrow's hangover.
"Worse thing is?....That ain't the most messed up thing to happen around here..."

Boss chuckled and opened his beer. "I fought Hell once. Or...a kind of hell. I ended up beating the crap out of it and sealing it at the bottom of the ocean." Boss took a swig from his beer. "Can you top that?"


"Sure can." David chuckled before another swig.
"Satan's second in command, he was the one causing all the Monster Attacks, me and gang here managed to put him down. Hellva a fight. Messed up as shit." He stated, laughing as if it was a joke but it was clear that it wasn't.

Boss downed his beer. "Can't beat that." Standing up, he said, "So what's the plan? What are we doing next?"


"I dunno, Chill, wait for some baddie to try something stupid and then stop him-slash-her-slash-it?" David answered, after all that time in another realm, he just wanted some peace and quiet before the world most likely went to hell again.

Notice: I'm now offline.

Devon, Melethia, David

She shook her head. "Look, we're gonna hafta work somethin' out, because that bracer's not gonna hold a lot of rounds, and the kickback from a long range thing could break your arm... The bracer could be interchangeable packs, but there's also gonna be some weight training to get ya used to that kinda motion."

She was only partly listening to the conversation with Boss due to the tunnel vision, so she didn't respond to his talk.

Devon thought about it and put his words in as the imps popped back up with some pizza that he shared with them. "Well, we'll trip over something, I think. After all, who else will do something when it's all going to hell?"


As Matt fell he thought he would do a frontflip for style. When the altimeter on his HUd said that he was 250 feet, he grabbed the ripcords of the parachutes tied to his ATV. They soon deployed and he was gliding to the ground. When he landed he cut the parachutes loose, revved the engine, and began to have fun.

Devon, Melethia, David, Boss

David nodded in response to Melethia's suggestions.
"Alright, guess I could do some weights. Just keep in that that this is a add-on to my equipment, not a replacement for my M500. Just...Well, just in the case, you know?" He said as he enjoyed his beer.
"Say Boss, You any good with this sort of thing? Making lethal gadgets?" He asked, wanting to get a wide scope of opinions.


Jenny let out a massive sigh of relief as Matt managed to land safely, though she had to question why in the name of god he decided to drive out of a airship several hundred feet off the ground on a ATV.
Lord, some of the people on this ship... she thought as she watched him drive off.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Afternoon

Lucieon | Slindis

Luke was taken by surprise that there would be a Dark Elf in the airship. From his world, they were seen as an omen of chaos and misfortune. A lie propagated by the monarchy of Candor. Luke slipped backwards when Slindis addressed him and his his face in the shadow of his hood. Her soul was white, inhuman, indigestible by his Dark Hand.

"... Dark Elf," the merchant began, wary of the Paladin's aura, "I am Lucieon of Candor. I was just checking the airship for lacking inventory." Luke eyed the wolf suspiciously, since he had had bad experiences with direwolves in the forests outside of Cataclama.

"Is there anything that you need? I am already placing orders for new ship parts and "drop ships," "drop pods," and such things I have not seen before."

Devon, Melethia, David

Melethia heard David's request and nodded. "Sounds good. I think I can find something with that in mind, but what would you say to a focused everbright blast on it as well? it'll be a good light, and it could also be a good way to stun someone before you give them a few new vent holes."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Noon

Lucieon, Slindis

Due to the discomfort that the man was Clearly showing, Slindis decided to Detect Evil as she continued to talk with him. "The name's Slindis, Lucieon, so I think we should stick with that. Although Lupito here may be intimidating, he won't attack on a whim. He's far smarter than that." It took her a few moments to finish writing down the inventory in a crisp style, and she handed it to the merchant.

"That should be the list of what we have and what we should have. I know those blood amounts sound abnormally high, but the ship needs that much on standby. In case I'm not here, Cleric Gravel is the other main person for here, and she can receive the supplies when they're delivered." For a so-called omen of Chaos and Misfortune back in Lucieon's Candor, Slindis was surprisingly calm.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Noon

Slindis | Lucieon

Being in his dark, undead body, Slindis' detect evil came back very positive. "Thank you. I will see that these are sent to the hold as soon as possible." Lucieon shifted backwards again after taking the piece of paper, still eyeing the wolf and Dark Elf suspiciously.

As soon as he swept out of the room, he broke into a silent run, determined to finish his inventory as soon as possible.

Devon, Melethia, David, Boss

David shook his head at the idea.
"Nah, just put in a Laser Sight, wouldn't want to give away my position too much. That's what Night Vision Scopes are for." He said as he enjoyed his beer, somewhat glad to have someone so experienced with weapon's production talking to him.
Heh, maybe that's why Rugal is so into her! He joked in his mind with a cheeky smile.


After some walking and talking with a man that most likely wanted him dead (Although he reckoned slightly less than he should do), Rugal remembered this part of the ship: The medbay.
"Mmm...I guess we'll finish this later then. And....errr...Congratulations...with the...Twins." He awkwardly said to Dillon before the pair of them parted ways, him going towards medical, though nothing was stopping Dillon from following.
On the way in, he walked past Lucieon making a somewhat hasty exit.
Being blind though ensured that Lucieon's condition wasn't revealed. Yet.

The door opened as Lupito watched him come in walk towards the drow as she ticked off a list of medical supplies.
She then found a pair of arms wrapped around her from behind and a pair of lips on the side of her neck.
"Home Sweet Home, am I right, my love?..." He whispered in her ear.
Oh Rugal, ever the charmer when he isn't A: Killing people or B: Trying to Kill People.

Devon, Melethia, David

Melethia nodded. "Okay, I'll add that onto it! It won't be too bad, so just come back with me here when you're ready, mmkay?" She began walking to a relatively safe area so she could make the first prototypes of the sidearm. SHe already knew a big challenge was having the recoil not cause his aim to veer off to the sides.

It took a bit of time, but she eventually made the first prototype and started testing it on a makeshift target course.n She could handle it, but th massive kick threw off her aim a lot. It would be a wash as to what she could get from this first test other than showing the concept could work.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Medical Bay | Rising Dawn | Origin Plain
Time: Noon

Slindis, Rugal

She jumped a lot on Riugal's surprise, and for a moment, she almost went in for a fierce elbow to the gut. However, Rugal's voice stopped the counterattack, and she composed herself before responding. "Rugal, please don't surprise me like that again... I nearly took out your intestines!"

It took a bit longer before she was fully calm, but she stood up and Looked Rugal in the eye, somewhat focused on something elsewhere. "Rugal, do you think that training simulation can imitate an enviroment from memory? There's something I'd like to go back on, look at it with new eyes."

Slindis, Rugal

"Is that right? I figured you'd go more for Judo throw onto that trolley in front of you, strike to the skull, one new patient in intensive care." Rugal teased, grateful she didn't attack.
"Besides, You always seem so..."Tense" all the time. I figured I could "Help" with that..." He said, wanting some alone time before the next asinine adventure started.
"....See, that's what I mean. Even now, you are so...distant...Tell me, what is on your mind?"
"Rugal, do you think that training simulation can imitate an environment from memory? There's something I'd like to go back on, look at it with new eyes."
He thought about this for a moment, recalling all the pain her past had caused her.
"...Well...It'd take someone more talented with computers then I, but I'm certain the AI's could set up something....Why do you ask?..."

Slindis, Rugal

She got up and started walking with Rugal to the Training room. "I know it sounds off, but it's about something far back... Back when I was far greener. Perhaps if I give it a sample of my blood and let it pull the memories from there, we could check that way..." It was odd that even Rugal, the person she's opened up to so much, knew so much and yet so little about her at the same time. Although this was a long shot, perhaps he could find out a bit more about her. After all, it wasn't like she'd open up to him all too easily.

A pinprick pf blood was processed into the computer, and it took a few minutes to fully process the data that SLindis typed into the computer, and the doors opened up into a black space. "So, would you like to help me with this? I know the concept sounds insane, but if I can find some way to enlighten me on this, it would help a lot..."

Rugal could catch the whiff of a very rich, earthy smell from the training room. Slindis had mentioned much of jungles in Eberron, and the smell was a bit too wild for the Everfree Forest... Unless she'd been somewhere in between, it was likely from her home.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

"Seeing the level of Technology and Magic get run into our daily lives, I'd almost be surprised if there isn't..." Rugal stated as the pair of them made their way over.
Once they arrived over near the Training Room, he said "Dimitri, Can you bring up a list of Simulation Programs? namely something for recreating the past based of DNA?"

Despite the unusual request, they managed to find just the program: Abstergo Entertainment Animus Version 3.0
Slindis selected it, gave her blood sample and they were underway.
"So, would you like to help me with this? I know the concept sounds insane, but if I can find some way to enlighten me on this, it would help a lot..."
"Compared to what we've seen already, "Insane" seems rather tame. Just promise me this: These memories of yours? I have a feeling that they will be unpleasant. If that is the case, when this is over..."
He wrapped an arm around his partner and said "You and I. Are going to make some good ones. And I'm not taking no for an answer! Dimitri, load up the Simulation when you are ready. Oh and tell Teri and Melethia that we are in the Training Room if they are looking for us."

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

"Dimitri, load up the Simulation when you are ready. Oh and tell Teri and Melethia that we are in the Training Room if they are looking for us."

It only took a moment before the duo heard the familiar AI speak up cheerfully (as he had recently been allowed to run amock in the Dawn again, and as a result, spend time with Vermilion)

"Ah, but of course, User: Mr. Bernstein. As for Her Ladyship and Melethia, the message will be sent accordingly. Furthermore, Her Ladyship has been inquiring about pursuing further training with either of you. However, she does understand that you two are very busy people, and should not feel pressured to see to her right this moment... At least, if I am to correctly understand the logs...

Regardless, the simulation will run shortly in 3...2...1..."

And thus, the scene began to melt away as the world of the training room began to reflect Slindis' memories...

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

As the scene shifted, Rugal noted that for such an earthy place, the only real life around was the two of them. Of course, there were the extremely faint energy fields from the trees to help maneuver around, but the fact that the Jungle was so quiet was a bit disturbing in itself. "Rugal, I'll work to make better memories... But no matter how long it's been, there's always been something about here that's disturbed me... How could a simple clean-up mission go so wrong? It's probably nothing, but It's always nagged at me." The way the soil almost seemed to bounce beneath their feet made it clear that nothing living had been in this area of the jungle for years.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal leaned down and laid his hand down on the ground, his eyes widening at how realistic it felt and the fact it could be felt at all.
"Mmm...This certainly is a extremely advanced program. Dimitri, keep the safeties on. I have a feeling this "Animus" Program involves input for pain reception if they have this much detail..." He said as he and Drow marched on.
"Tell me, What is this "Clean up Mission" you speak of?" He asked, stopping to use his sense every once in a while.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal could hardly sense anything in the damp temple walls, even with the multiple hallways. The most he could sense was some faint bouts of Positive Energy being opposed by the same energy that he could also feel off of Melethia, but it was so faint that it had to have been from years ago. Still, outside of the twoof them, there was absolutely nothing living in these halls.

"Back when I was just coming out of my training, the temple priest sent me off with the rest of the adopted brothers and sisters to investigate a temple that had supposedly been attacked by minotaurs. He'd said something about some light-skinned elves giving the request, but we didn't care much of that. We were just eager to prove ourselves, and I was a bit more impulsive then. Still, I'd been made the leader, and I wanted to ensure that I completed the task assigned to us."

Slindis sidestepped a few broken vases as she continued, searching the area for anything that she'd missed before. She'd have to move somewhat fast, since there would be something happening later if she had the incident right

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal nodded in acknowledgment as he followed Slindis, being careful to watch his step in case for traps.
"I see, So what is so important about this memory?" He asked as he stayed right behind her, It was only a simulation, but it certainly felt real.
"Also, how many years ago was this? If you don't mind me asking?"

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

As they proceeded on, Slindis responded while Rugal could sense five or six Fields entering the ruined temple from a different direction. Even with their numbers, the power level would prove to be no threat to either of them, and the Distance was too far to gain much more other than the simple facts. With the spacing, they would have to be a scouting group of some kind.

"Well, there's a great deal here that I still don't know about, and the events that happened here changed a great deal. Still, the oddest thing was that for a temple that had supposedly been attacked, there was hardly any life. Now, we knew the area well due to living and thriving in it, so that in itself was the first warning sign there was more than Minotaurs."


Meanwhile, Dimitri noticed a small alert on the possible merger of two memories. Even though this had been rarely used, there should be no reason for anything like this to happen... It could be because of the shared location, but then the fact that two massive events happening in the same location wasn't just coincidence. It wasn't logical, after all!

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal raised his hand to motion for her to stop.
"Hold on...6. Entering from the South Entrance..." He said as he seemed to be blankly staring at a wall, in reality, he was watching these fields enter the temple.
"...Safety's are engaged. What am I worrying about?" He then said to himself as he gently facepalmed to himself.
"Well...Seem like an advance group. All I can tell from here."

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Upon hearing Rugal's call for safeties in the systems, he answered, "But of course, sir. I wouldn't want anything to happen to two. It'd greatly upset Her Ladyship."

After that, Dimitri's attentions turned to the merger capabilities, and frowned. He'd need to investigate the cause of this. Unzipping his copy of CERBERUS.EXE, and THE_NINE_IRON, Dimitri commanded CERBERUS to guard that spot while he investigated the enviorns of the programming, and possibly find the reason behind the kinks in the system. Thus, the AI wandered in...


Teri wandered into the Med Bay, coming in to hold down the fort while Slindis was away. With no one around, she took a quick looksie at Inventory, which Slindis had already fulfilled, and settled into a chair, awaiting whatever would come her way. Garm, on the other hand, made it his personal business to slump against the Med Bay's entrance, and guard the place from any possible intruders.



Caim, Angelus, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg wandered into the Canteen without ceremony, the Cuties detaching themselves from Caim's shoulders to go wander to Devon's table. Cadolbolg landed happily on Devon's head while Ton Ton leaped up to the table, catching himself on the lip before pulling his small body onto the surface.

After the two gave their greetings to the bard, Cadolbolg looked up at The Boss, the dragon-turtle-child waving a friendly claw, "A friend of Friend Devon's? Hello!"

Ton Ton on the other hand, continued on his 'mission', his objective still in mind when he called Devon's attention, "Hello Mr. Devon! Since we're not doing much, and Mr. Caim and Miss Angelus are occupied elsewhere, we figured you could train up some more, provided you're not already busy. In fact,"

he looked to the figures gathered near Devon, The Boss and David West, "You two could help out if you'd like! You fight in different ways, yes? It could help to prepare oneself against various combat types; Mister West and Mister... Er... What's your name, sir? I don't believe we've met...."

As for Caim and Angelus, the duo made their way towards Jenny, each with differing objectives. Jenny needn't ask when she saw the warrior's face, eyebrow creased faintly with worry. Even when he began to 'speak' she already knew what he had wanted. He was concerned about his sister's current state of being.

"Hello Jenny. I'm just going to get straight to the point, and ssy that while I understand that the Striders are fairly secretive, I would still like to know if there's a way I can contact Furiae on a mostly consistent basis. Or, at the very least, is there a way I could speak with her now?"

Angelus merely shook her head, "Not even giving her a greeting... How are you doing, Jenny? We haven't seen much of you since you've gotten back from that venture in the mines. Everything alright for you?"

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Slindis was clearly confused. After all, that had been the entrance... "Rugal, we need to ghost that group. Be ready for some others appearing in here, because I'm certain that they'll be there. Worst comes to worst, we'll be coming into a dangerous combat." Her tone, although it would sound just like a leader trying to adapt to the situation to others, was seen through by Rugal. From the slight wavering and the way her breathing subtly shifted, he knew that this was not what she'd intended to see again.

Meanwhile, the 6 energy signals fanned out slightly to cover the area around them, and they were clearly searching for something. It was an okay search, but amateurish compared to some of the operations he'd slipped through in some of Rugal's days on the streets before he rose to infamy.


As Dimitri wandered about, he found multiple warriors clad in ornate Emerald armor arriving on the outskirts of the controls of the Animus in the Dataspace. It was more than a bit rude to do so, but considering that they seemed incredibly hostile, he pulled up some basic information on them from Slindis' mind.

Emerald Claw - Troublesome, cutthroat, other Flame members want them gone so they can't be ignored unless I want them going on a crusade. Clearly connected to something else, but highly skilled in their own right. As dangerous, if not more so, than the Serpentine Table.

Judging from the various bolts and acidic arrows, they wanted him gone.



Devon finally finished up his food and offered Ton-Ton some of the coffee as he thought about it. "Well, that does sound like a good idea, and Ella did say she wanted some alone time... Sure, I don't see the harm in it. It'll also help me with some of the movements I've been working on. You know the ones. I think I've been making some real headway! Now if one of you two would like to help, it would be much appreciated."

If Ton-Ton went to get a drink of the coffee, he would see that Devon had his coffee with nothing else in it, providing for a slightly bitter experience.

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