The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Airship Named Rising Dawn: Som Waterford and Teri

"Looks like I'll be needed in my post after all. Apologies, Sir. Thank you for the ointment. I made sure that it wouldn't be contaminated by my wounds, so the rest should still be usable."

Watching the Airship's Medical Officer pack her belongings and presumably leave for the Medical Bay, The Hunter simply nodded and took the Healing Salve, placing the container back in his Alchemical bag. It was not until after the Ship's Doctor left the Mess that Som Waterford began analysing what had been said versus what had been observed. The wounds the girl sustained were certainly not deep but they would have been painful long before they had gotten to their current state.


A blue plate was set in front of the Hunter as one of the Fire Imps placed the food that Som had ordered in front of him, the smell of roasted meat covered in spices assailed the Hunter's nose causing him to sneeze profusely.

"Too much spice." The Hunter muttered as he took a bite of the sandwich, the morsel of food causing him to cough seconds later.

"Totally inedible." Som concluded as he flagged one of the Imps and shoved the plate of food into his grubby hands.

"Try that again, only with no spices or seasonings." The Leather Clad Hunter ordered before returning to his previous realm of thought.

"For a cleric, she does lie much." Som muttered before banishing the thought from his head. He was starting to over analyze the conversation. All humans were entitled to their secrets.

Shadow Operative's Building | Training Room #2: Constance, Cz, Jenny

"Now then...Listen to me, If we can, we will help your world. I promise you that once we are done here, we will do what we can, But I need more to go on. Why is the end coming, is there a war going on between the different worlds?"

The crying Vampire had said nothing as Jenny the Gardevoir hugged her. Instead, Jenny twin points of pain upon her shoulder as the vampire sunk her fangs into the Gardevoir's shoulder. At the same time, Jenny felt Constance's arms lock around her, keeping her in place as the pain subsided.

"Sorry. It's better if I show you." The Vampire's voice said in Jenny's mind as the bite caused Constance and the Gardevoir's minds to link.

Mirian Capital City of Sanctum | Imperial Palace:
Jenny stood on top fo a parapet far above a burning city, knowing somehow that the city was called Sanctum and it was the capital City of the Realm that Constance had called Mir. Despite the appearance of a seige, The Gardevoir could not see any motion down on the streets, nor could she hear anything other than the roar of the flames that consumed the once magestic city.

A noise, the sound of gurgling, behind her called out for her attention, but not before she caught sight of twinkling light in the sunlit sky.

Behind her, Jenny saw Constance and Som, each holding a blade that had been plunged to its hilt into a creature whose rotten and putrifying flesh was so black that it seemed to absorb the very light that surrounded it.

"You're too late. There's not a thing that you can do." Mal stated through gritted teeth and with the last of his strength, he pointed towards the belt of rocky asteroids that orbited Mir.

From the heavens came a fleet of machines that dove upon Mir like a horde of locusts consuming everything in their path. Watching as the Deconstructors reduced everything down to their molecular components, Jenny could not move. She could only watch as one of the flying machines headed towards the parapet where she, Som and Constance stood.

Jenny's eyes opened when she felt the Vampire's grip upon her body abate and slowly, she felt Constance fell to the floor, unconscious but still very much alive.

"Now you see? We never had a chance." Constance muttered as she slid onto the floor, her mind drifting off into the oblivion of sleep.

Shadow Realm: Deadshot, Annie, Wanderer

"Taurus, Don't fail me now!" Deadshot shouted as he speed loaded the gun he was handed before sending a few shots of hot .44 lead at the Robot(?) as he charged at him.
"...Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" he shouted as he dived on the ground and out of the way of a swipe the robot took.
"YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT THIS PLACE BEING HELL!?" The assassin whined as he rolled on his back and returned fire from his prone position.
"SHUT UP!!" Annie then shouted as if response to him.
"ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I'M SORRY! I SORRY I GOT US ALL KILLED!" he shouted back defensively as he went for cover beside her.
"I'm a warrior; not a worthless scum of the Earth.. i've already betrayed my fellow crew mates back in the academy and I will NOT do the same to these people!"
"I never said you were! I just thought you needed some fun in you life after what happened in the last week!" He added Annie realized that she had been talking out loud that whole time.
"... Deadshot, don't worry about me. Get the gun on the floor..."
"Way ahead of ya! WANDERER! It's gunning for me, I'll draw it's attention. If you let it kill me, I'm haunting you ass!" He shouted to the "Good Doctor" before coming out of cover and firing, faking a reload to get it to attack.

Rising Dawn: David's Room: Mel, David

"Old Family, huh?..." David mused as he realized that she had another influence outside of the pirates and Slindis.
"So...Who were they? Sorry for prying, but this is news to me..." He added as Melethia more or less finished the drawing.
"Damn...You should try going into art!" He said as he awed at this new gun.

Shadow Operative's Building | Training Room #2: Constance, Cz, Jenny

"OW! Sonofa-" Jenny let out, not expecting to get bitten by a Vampire.
The pain faded as Constance revealed what was going (Or what had) happened to her world.
" god..." She let out before Constance seemed to pass out, The pokemon holding onto her and gently laying her down rather then let her collapse.
"...Constance...Cz, help me move her." She then asked, if the Cat-Girl was going to be out of it, she might as well move her someplace that wasn't the floor of the training room.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay Rugal, Teri

Taking twice the dosage recommended, Rugal quickly downed the pills and took a large drink of water, exhaling as he felt the pain in his head numb, the first bit of peace he had gotten in a long time.
"Ohhhhhhhh....mucccchhh bettttter....." He sighed gladly as it seemed to shut up the voice in his head.
"Thank you, urg, must have been something to do with that attack on Venturas, I recall having such migraines as part of minor Shell Shock once. I'll hang unto these if you don't mind..." He explained, hoping she would buy his story.
"...Huh...This stuff really works..." his other side mused, no longer able to give Rugal an intense shot of pain with every word he said.

The unbreakable and the unkillable.
Doctor S/Wanderer, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Zone.

Seeing how the robot efficiently quickly escaped the rather aggressive and hot encounter and got past the Wanderer who had just struck her spear with his two burning weapons, he was surprised but grit his teeth as he spotted boosters on the person who he just tried to fight again. A robot, a type of enemy that the Wanderer killed with speed usually since they are built of a harder material then the squishy subjects he usually fought again.

He knew some weakness of theirs. The good Doctor's weapons were super-heated, especially the flaming sword of his. That and knowing that he had some pulse grenades in his invisible inventory made him confident again. Wanderer had hoped that he would be able to pin this one down and try to reason with it by hacking into it's system, but just like everything with this world it might be a whole different system then the one he was used to.

Being in a neutral zone state of mind, the Wanderer just wanted to get this over and done with.
Hearing a couple of words, the mind of the Doctor did not bother to read them. Yet he was already dead on the trail of the robot, the Wanderer threw a couple of pulse (EMP) grenades down the hallway to do something to it before it re-engaged with the robot once more with his weapons.

Even if he was physically at his strongest at the moment, his mind was fragile just like wet paper.
All the more reason to just get this over and done with. After throwing the grenades the Wanderer charged with speed and when he was close enough he would do a soccer like sliding tackle. If they could not beat her, they had to escape.

Training Room Slindis, Angelus

Knowing that her words STILL weren't getting through to her, she began almost pleading with the thickheaded student."The big flaw in your argument is that you aren't in dragon form right now, and you won't be in dragon form as long as you're here. You're like a human sorceror with your capabilities. Although the two are close, they're far from the same, and I'm not going to have you get killed because of your arrogance! Or have you forgotten that you won't be the only person killed if you die?" At this point, though, Slindis was seeing that Angelus was just like one of her hotshot students that thought they knew everything about combat. And she knew exactly how to fix that little problem; she'd have to let Angelus experience someone actively attacking her.

"Now then, one of us needs to start taking this seriously. If you won't, I will." It was a subtle shift in how she fought, but seeing Angelus fighting gave her a very good idea of how to fight back. If she had to beat some humility into the Dragoness blow by blow? She'd rather have a wounded pride than having Angelus and Caim die, since she knew how Teri, Devon, Cadolbolg, and Ton-Ton would be utterly devastated.

The Airship Named Rising Dawn: Sadei and Teri

"It doesn't mean we can't try. Don't forget, we can force him into a Shadow Zone and cast Hold Person on him to make him listen!"

David's room: David, Mel

"They were into a lot of combat stuff. You know, sneak attacks, arcane spells, necromancy... nothing too bad if you knew how to handle it. After all, the undead were how we trained in combat, and they weren't really all that hard to fight after you learned how to hit them." Her family must have been filled with psychopaths if they all trained against undead...

Newly Made Shadow Zone Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg
In the zone? Get the music.

"I'm sorry, Ella, but I don't want to leave this up to chance. If we can't find them after a bit I'll be glad to leave, but I still don't want them to have to go through that." After turning to the others there, she put on her most determined face to strike out to find Annie and the others. After all, Annie was one of the few people on the ship that had treated Devon as a regular person after what had happened. Jenny had certainly tried, but she'd been almost too sensitive with that.

Of course, Ella made her opinion of her rather stubborn companion's choice clear. "The second you look like you're about to fall down, I'm dragging you out of here myself. Heck, Cadol, your persona could help get her out!" It didn't matter what her companion wanted; she wasn't going to have her die. Not after what had happened, because Ella had a strong feeling her mom would try some shady stuff to grab Devon then.

Devon went and turned back to the others with her as she made her way to the stairs, short sword at the ready.. "Fine, fine... Still, let's get going." If Devon wasn't focusing so much on getting Annie out of there, she would have been a bit deflated at the pronoun that she was being referred to now.

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Mel

"Ahhh...I gotcha....So who were they? Surely they had a name, Details Mel!" David asked, tapping on the Elfs head as she seemed to avoid the question.
"Go on. What were they? Royals? Knights...Raiders?..." he then asked, focusing as much as he could on this topic to get his mind off the countless other issues he was having.
Odds were, the second she left, he'd nearly instantly relapse into his depressed state, but for now, he didn't worry about that.

Location - Shadow Realm (What was wrong with how Yu-Gi-Oh did it?): Wanderer, Deadshot, Annie

"Yeah, come on you son of a-...huh?!" Deadshot shouted as Gaea was summoned right behind him.
"WHOA HOLY SHIT!" He cried as he got out of the giantess's way (Though he couldn't help but look up as it sprinted overhead.)
"...Fuck, I forgot about those crazy things!" he admitted, instantly patting himself down for his own Evoker, finding nothing but lots and lots of company pens.
"Damn it, did I leave it?!" He shouted, thinking that he would do will to call in [Null] for this.
Making his way over to Annie as her Persona got to work on the enemy robot.
"Right, how long can you control that thing? She might be able to give us a hand getting out of here." He asked as he reloaded in cover, thinking of the dozens of practical applications having a 25 foot giant on demand.

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Mel

"Well, they were called House Vol... I don't really remember much more, but they were being chased by dragons and kinslayers from ever since I could remember... Food was never really that much of an issue, though. THe younger members aided in hunting animals where we could, and after that came the training in fighting with and against the undead. Sure, it was a bit hard, but nothing unusual..." It wasn't unusual in her eyes, but living like a bunch of murderhobos was far from any kind of norm. And what kind of parents trainers drill sergeants bastards would train anyone to fight alongside undead, much less young children! The fact that they had armies of Angeluses trying to kill them meant that this House Vol had to be strong to piss them off to that extent, too.

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Mel

"Whoawhoawhoa, backpedal a little. Dragons? Kinslayers? Undead? Christ, that sounds almost as bad as here!" David said with disbelief, starting to understand why he always felt like he didn't measure up to her.
"...But..."With" Undead? Mind going into detail there? Just...Usually armies of the undead sound like something a total asshole would use...Um, No offense." He asked, hoping that he wasn't insulting her real dad, though from what he was hearing, he most likely was a total asshole.

Shadow Realm:
Deadshot, Annie, Wanderer, Robot(?)

It's whoopass time!

The robot shuddered when she was hit by the electric energy, allowing the Wanderer to get a swipe with his blade. Interestingly enough, the heat didn't seem to do nearly as much damage as the electric energy. Was there a connection there? After taking both blows, the robot moved back with a shaky step, calling out,

"I-initiaing summoning procedure, Bellona! Casting: Maragi!" and a blue smoke filled the air as a masked woman (bad shop incoming~!) bearing a pole ax appeared. Gaea's blow was brought down, but it landed on the Persona rather than the wielder. Either way, the robot gasped in pain before the Persona twirled the weapon, and a column of flame rose from the ground beneath each assailant. After the Personas disappeared, the robot re-set it's stance,

"Enemy threat level: High. Proceeding with caution. Assessing weakest target...."

Seeing as Deadshot was still rummaging around like a sitting duck as compared to his comrades, the girl with the spear charged again, and tried to bring the spear down like a glaive on Deadshot's head.

Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg
Keep that music running!

As the group began wandering in, Mitsuru's voice entered the party's minds again, "Hold on... I'm getting something. Something's happening on the floor above you. It could very easily be your friends, but my vision is solely focused on your group. Make your way up there ASAP. I'll be here if you need me."

At the sound of that, Garm gestured towards his back, "Get on, I can carry the both of you, and Cadolbolg can fly. If we need to make haste, I suggest yooou dooo so!"

With hearing Garm's plea, Cadolbolg took to the air as well, "I'll get any shadows with my Persona if things get rough. You can count on me!"

Rising Dawn: Med Bay Rugal, Teri, Sadei

After Rugal relaxed from the painkillers, Teri settled in a chair, and kept probing the question Rugal refused to answer, "You still haven't answered my question. What was that about a voice? Really, you need to tell me everything. A self diagnosis can be flawed by bias, after all, and those pills are just a quick fix. Eventually, you're gonna get used to them, and not to mention that dosage you took wasn't healthy either... Please, just let me help you. Is that too much to ask?"

As the Cleric tried to break through to the equally stubborn mule that was her adoptive father, Toyotama spoke again (so much for staying quiet), "Munchkin, I appreciate the effort, I really do, but there's one tiny problem with that plan. How are we gonna get him in the Shadow rooms to begin with? You saw what happened when we tried to heal. Our magic ist alles weg. All gone, save for when I'm out. We need more to the plan... But what?"

Training Room Slindis, Angelus

"What is her angle? Jeez, can't she make up her mind?!"

Angelus growled again, irritated by the mixed messages she perceived she was getting from Slindis. One moment she was being taunted about needing Caim to aid her, and the next, was being reminded of the consequences of her demise, "I AM taking this seriously, why else do you think I'm trying to learn at all?! And do you think you could make up your mind about how you're going to go about this?! One moment you're telling I need Caim, and then next you remind me of a fact I've known for quite some time! Either cut out the taunts, or take my learning seriously!"

The dragon lowered her dagger, and simply stood still before Slindis struck, "Do you not think I loathe being in this position, Slindis? To be reduced to this caricature of what I am?! My fire is what I am. To be without it, I-

Angelus paused as she heard the words in her mind, "A mockery. A fake. False. A convert to a lesser form", and shook them off, trying to make herself clear,

"I feel... Empty. And, I would appreciate it if I wasn't being mocked while I'm trying to learn your ways!"

She spat that last bit out with an extra hint of venom, almost as if she felt afronted to having to learn a mortal's way of fighting. But, that last sentence did bring up some questions. Did the dragon really feel so wounded in her pride when Slindis was simply stating fact? Perhaps that could account for some of the thickheaded attributions Slindis originally gave the dragon. Then again, it said a lot in the negative direction when the dragon mistook such justification as personal attack.

Reposting this shit to be all in one place.
Also, I forgot to make Teri's new Spell list after the level up. Whoops!

Shadow Realm:
Deadshot, Annie, Wanderer, Robot(?)

"OH YEAH! SUCK NAKED FIST YOU ROBOTIC BIT-...?!!?" Deadshot shouted as Gaea seemingly smashed the Robot into pieces while the ground under him started to heat up and glow.
Without thinking, he leaped out of the way as a large pillar of flame shot up from where he used to be standing, gently scoring his jumpsuit in the process.
"JESUS CHRIST!" He shouted, doing a quick roll on the ground after his jump in order to help shake off any embers on his suit.
Then he saw a similar glow under Annie's feet...

The next thing Annie knew, she was shoved off her feet as he sprinted over and pushed her right before the spell had gone off.
He wasn't so lucky as the force of the fire pillar shot him upwards less then a second later, as if he had stepped on a landmine full of napalm.
"FUUUUUUUUUUCK-OOF!" He screamed as he landed harshly a few feet away before rolling on the ground in a bid to put himself out.
At the same time, The robot was charging at him, keen to finish him off as he tried to stand.
"OH COME ON!" He groaned as he kept firing from his prone state, his suit still burning onto his skin as he did.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay Rugal, Teri, Sadei

"So keep lying?"
"Teri dear, It's fine. It's happened before. Standing too close to a test fire or just a large Sonic Boom. Always leaves a nasty ring in my head." Rugal somewhat absently answered, clearly relaxing from the large dose as his mind wandered a little.
"Keeeeeeeeeeeep lying..."
"Heh, there was even this one time when it sounded like a vuvuzela. Oh those damn crazy African warlords..." He chuckled slightly as part of his ruse to try and divert the topic.
"You know, she could help you, you know? Unless you really want her to see who you really are inside..."
"...Still, I'm fine, just Shell Shock and prolonged flight in an airship can be a nasty combination." He lied some more, wondering how else he was going to get rid of that voice.

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Mel

"Whoawhoawhoa, backpedal a little. Dragons? Kinslayers? Undead? Christ, that sounds almost as bad as here!" David said with disbelief, starting to understand why he always felt like he didn't measure up to her.
"...But..."With" Undead? Mind going into detail there? Just...Usually armies of the undead sound like something a total asshole would use...Um, No offense." He asked, hoping that he wasn't insulting her real dad, though from what he was hearing, he most likely was a total asshole.[/quote]

She didn't seem too offended by the whole statement. "Yes, we fought with them as well. After all, our numbers were dwindling, and the attacks were getting fiercer. We were trained to take them out should any clerics rebuke them, but the magic users of our family were usually sufficient to keep them targetted towards the kinslayer armies. Besides, those that couldn't keep up were dead weight, or sometimes undead weight. We really did all that we had to to keep alive, after all."

The last mystery that was involved was who these Kinslayers were, although there was a thought that crossed through David's head: Melethia was usually fond of nicknames. Maybe this term was some way to dehumanize some of her enemies? That was usually when said enemy looked alike, though, so perhaps it was other elves outside her family?

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg
Keep that music running!

Mitsuru got a quick response from Devon, "Got it, Mitsuru. We'll do what we can to get there, although I'd be surprised if we didn't encounter any Shadows on the way."

After that bit, Devon went over to Garm and patted him on the head while somewhat apologizing to him. "I appreciate it, but I'd rather be able to fight without risking hitting you, okay? Caim's told me enough about how using blades was completely different when not on foot."

Ella was having none of that as she pulled Devon by the hair over to Garm. "I'll get any shadows with my Persona if things get rough. You can count on me! We will, Cadol, and Devon's getting on Garm. After all, we need to get out of here as fast as we can!"

"Gah, fine! Garm, let's get going!" She summoned Mengde and instructed him to keep tossing blasts of air at their back to keep them covered while they ran.

Training Room Slindis, Angelus

Slindis opted not to strike and insteas spoke in a rather frank tone. "I have been taking this seriously the whole time, and I was using the best way I know to get a rapid response in the short time I have. Part of that is making you want it as much as a starving man wanting food. For this, it involves making you want to shut me up. But if you think my ways are below you, then clearly you've still failed to learn a single thing.

If you want to take this seriously and mean it, you know where to find me."

With that, she turned to the door and got ready to leave, leaving Angelus to her own issues.

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Mel

"...I...See..." David said, growing more and more uneasy as he learned more and more.
"Right and just who where the "Kinslayers"? You talking about those angels we fought a while back? I remember you throwing the term around then." He asked, masking his real question as he began to realize that Melethia might have been working for the bad guys in this situation.

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Mel

She didn't really seem to notice the unease as she answered his final question. "I consider those angels Kinslayers, but they weren't the first that got that name. No, the first to get that name were the backstabbing elves that were trying to eradicate us. They even went and teamed with the dragons after fighting so long against them, and I don't know how I even managed to live after the last encounter... I thought those attacks would have killed me..."

With that in mind, it was easy to see how Slindis had struggled to keep Melethia in check. After all, it was hard to keep any kid Melethia's age from getting in trouble. Not to mention that the elves her family was fighting were even stronger than her.

"If I were to see one more of those Kinslayers, I'd do to them what they did to my family and then some."

Come to think of it, perhaps the Rising Dawn wasn't the best place to keep kids... Then again, where else would be good for someone like her?

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Mel

"....Right...Okay then, maybe we should stop..." David awkwardly said as he let what Melethia said sink in.
"Still, Um, Great work on the gun. Just...take a break and we'll reconvene later. It's getting late anyway." He added, realizing that it was nighttime outside.
"And uh....Thanks for...Picking the lock to my door...Just...what happened to me really made me put my life into perspective..." He added, bringing that ugly fact back tot he forefront.

Location - Shadow Realm (Me neither, but I still think that the Shadow Realm idea wasn't that bad.): Deadshot, Wanderer, Annie, Android

"...ANNIE!" Deadshot shouted as he watched her get impaled right in front of him.
Despite the fact that his back in was massive pain from the whole getting lit on fire thing, he began to force himself back up, seeing how both of them would die he if didn't do something.
"WANDERER!!....LITTLE HELP?!" He shouted as he took Annie's arm across his shoulder and began to limp the two of them out of the open before they were cut down.
"Gonna...have to borrow this." He said as he took her other hand, the one holding the evoker and pressed it against his skull before pulling the trigger.
"WHAT?! THIS IS REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT YOU PRI-" The assassin raged before gunfire filled the air as [Null] stepped out of the shadows behind the robot, dual wielding a set of Platinum handguns and firing at the attack's back.
"YEAH! SUCK IT! WANDERER! STIMS! NOW!" Deadshot then cried for joy before laying Annie down against one of the walls in the hallway they were in.
"Just...stay with me. I'm not killing us twice in one day." He urged as he awaited on the mad doctor to get over here while [Null] kept the robot busy.

Location - Shadow Realm (Getting your soul taken is still dark): Deadshot, Wanderer, Annie, Android

Deadshot looked extremely uncomfortable when Annie began to speak to him, pouring her heart and soul out, Usually people only do that when they are about to kick the bucket.
"...Look, just...Shut up for a moment. WANDERER! HOW FUCKING LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET OVER HERE?!" He shouted as he tried to prop himself up on the wall, wincing as his burnt flesh rubbed off the wall.

""Deadshot, the reason I allowed myself... to remain a prisoner of the Rising Dawn instead of escaping the first moment I had.. was because I owed you. I... owed you for stopping Rugal from continuing his methods of torture. Who knew, what'd happen if you weren't there.... and then, you hugged my body trying to calm me down....You're someone.. who I can't understand. You claim to be a selfish, low life who'd do anything for easy access to wealth but.. you, stood by me and helped me fend off security back at the nightclub, and you took upon yourself the fire in my place... I don't think that qualifies for... Someone being a 'bad' person..."

"Yeah well...If you showed up in San Andreas a few days earlier, you wouldn't be saying that. WANDERER!" He kept shouting as he fiddled with his gun: Out of ammo.
"....Yep...This is Hell alright..." He sighed, still thinking that this realm was the afterlife.
It was then that Annie seemed to start passing out.
"Oh come on! Where is that awesome healing factor?! Shit!...I JUST WANTED A NIGHT ON THE PISS! WAS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK!? Come on, you lived though worse I bet!" The assassin cried as he began shaking her awake.
"The Rising Dawn is something else... getting me to talk like that. Jeez... Devon and Teri, with you and the Doctor making me go soft.... Tch..."
"Oh get out of it, anyone will say anything when they are dying. But it's a good think you aren't dying...Right?..." He half threatened, attempting to discourage her from dying.

The evil within.
The Lone Wanderer, Annie and Deadshot.
Location: Personaverse | Shadow Zone.

After the Wanderer struck the Android with his weapons, he was at the other end of the hallway now, he had swooped behind the robot due to him still in a diving tackle motion. Getting up he began to dust himself off, yet when he looked up he could only see darkness, he told himself that it was an illusion but it was all too late. The evil within the Lone Wanderer began to play it's game, the environment suddenly transformed into the cave where the door to Vault 101 lays half opened.

Thinking that this is not good he looked down, his eyes did not meet his Pip-Boy but the Wanderer was dressed in a Vault 101 uniform and it feels like he was a young teen again. Becoming worried, he looked to the door, dead bodies looked like chunky tomato soup as the liquid dripped onto the metal framing of the door. Yet suddenly loud thumping came behind the came and then ... a giant hand pulled the door away, revealing a head that was bloody with guts and flesh of the humans inside the Vault.

Yet the actual surprise was that the mouth was open, his Dad was in-between teeth. "I am disappointed son." Was all he could say before being swallowed by the creature. It was the biggest yet horrifying creature the Wanderer has seen. Meanwhile in the actual Shadow zone, Deadshot just called for a Stimpak (How he knew what it was called I don't know) but the Wanderer was trembling. The world began to twist as suddenly the shrieking horror of a giant's roar almost burst the Wanderer's ear drums.

Taking even more steps back, the Wanderer did the only thing he could do in such a situation.


His own scream tried to rival that of the monster's but in the Wanderer's world it was unfazed.
Simply he did the thing he needed to do ... survive.
Making a immediate turn, he began to run.
The only thing Annie and Deadshot could hear was the loud pitter-patter of his shoes run off into the distance.

Rising Dawn: David's room: David, Mel

"I'll see you around, then. If that gun has any problems in use, let me know so I can fix them." She waved before leaving the room, leaving David to his demons.

Location - Shadow Realm (Me neither, but I still think that the Shadow Realm idea wasn't that bad.): Deadshot, Wanderer, Annie, Android

THe group was met with the Wanderer fleeing in fear, leaving Devon to mutter to him(or was it her? hard to tell)self about the sight. "If he's running without them, then that means the others are in trouble..."

"And let me guess: THat's where you want to be? Fine, but if it's too dangerous in there for us, then I'm getting us out of there." Ella seemed less enthused, but she got serious when she saw the sorry state that Annie was in.

"Ella, Garm, Cadol, do your best to keep that machine off of Annie. I'm going to need all the help I can get here... With that, the plan sprang into action. Devon and Mengde did their best to get over to the dying woman, although they were assaulted by a few rather painful burns on the way.

"Deadshot, give me some room to work with! If you want her to make it through, I need to patch her up now. Don't waste my time!" SHe tried her best to get through and called out to her Persona. [b]"Mengde, lend your aid! Cure Serious Wounds!" The tall persona seemed to give a confident sneer before channeling the energy into Annie, although it was hard to tell how strong it was...

Location - Shadow Realm (Yeah, I mean, it kinda works better in context. Like that Joker Serum in Batman: TAS because they couldn't have him actually murder people.): Deadshot, Wanderer, Annie, Android

"OH YOU FUCKING COWARD! I HATE YOU TO PSYCHO PRICK!" Deadshot shouted as Wanderer...Wandered away from the fight as [Null] Faded after spending his clips.
"Oh this is fucking messed up!" he cringed as the robot managed to line up it's sights right as his action high faded and pain began to re-enter his body.
"...Eh....guess this was bound to happen sooner or later....Though I wasn't thinking I'd die in something like this...." He sighed as he sat down beside Annie and awaited for the end to come.

It was then that Devon and the others showed up.
"...what the piss?! You guys are dead too?!" He exclaimed in disbelief, leaving the others to wonder what the hell he was talking about.
While the others engaged the machine, Devon set about reviving the Titan Shiftier, though when Mengde offered to give him a shot of healing juice, he answered "Sort her out first. This ain't my first time getting lit on fire, most likely won't be the last." as he leaned out and watched the fight, revealing a nasty burn on his back.
"Did you bring any ammo? I'm out."

Shadow Realm: Nice to see the little party together
Annie, Deadshot, Wanderer, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Android
Bit more fitting for the mood

The Android winced in pain as she was hit by the shots, and the smoke appeared again as she called out, "B-Bellona! Initiate: Agi! Target: [Null]'s User!"

It was at this point Garm, Cadolbolg and Ella charged in to aid, as per Devon's orders. Garm was the first to call for aid, barking his Persona's to ward the blow, "Protect us, Gelert!"

True to the Wolf's calling, the disembodied armor appeared to take the column of fire meant for Deadshot, giving a whine of pain as Gelert disappeared. After a few heavy breaths, he asked, "Are you alright? I did not have ammunition for your weapon, but I will protect you from her assault."
The heart was certainly there, but it sounded a bit more confident than what the wolf's posture gave off. Like the Android with the Lightning attacks, Garm looked distinctly shaken by the fire attack hitting his Persona.

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, took the offensive, the collar around his neck working it's magic as he cried out, "Lei Zhenzei, Show her who's boss!" The human shaped dragon appeared again, and the twin mixture of fire and lightning being shot at the robot from it's blades. The Android winced again from the lightning strike, but didn't seem to mind the fire nearly as much, to Cadolbolg's disappointment as the Persona disappeared.

Looking among the group, the Android backed away with a shaken step, clearly battered by all the Persona users attacking her, "This is not the end, Shadows. I will return yet." and began to run off. Following that, Mitsuru's voice entered the party's minds, "Good, you found them. I'll try to get an extraction point going on this floor. Just look around until you can find it. And no, Deadshot, you're not dead. You and your group has been transported to the Realm of Shadows. Now, where did the doctor go? I know he was among your number..."

Rising Dawn: Med Bay Rugal, Teri, Sadei

Teri frowned, knowing full well Rugal was lying, and in a way she was familiar with: changing the subject. Crossing her arms, she kept her gaze locked with Rugal's as she spoke, "I'm not stupid, Dad. I've used that tactic before, changing the subject. You're lying to me again. Not to mention you already said that this started happening a week ago, with the voice you seem so adamant about not telling me a thing about!"

She paused, not sure if she should mention her suspicions about what was coming to pass, and heard her own Shadow sneak into her mind, "Gonna tell him about me? You think that will help your case?"
"I dunno. He might just use that against me. I don't know how he'll react. Do you feel okay with me mentioning you?"
"You're asking my permission? That's new! Go on ahead. I like people acknowledging me. Makes me feel special."

Teri swallowed again, and continued, "I...I have an idea of what this is that's bothering you, because I- I sort of went through the same thing. What I mean is, if this started a week ago, then I think that points to the obvious, doesn't it? It started after what happened with Annie, right? And... you feel guilty for what's happened, and a voice in your head is beginning to berate you for every little thing that you've done wrong, right? It's a Shadow. It's every bad you had, and it makes you feel terrible for existing! Sometimes you want to die because of how cruel it is. Mr. Narukami mentioned them at the meeting, and Philemon mentioned em too. I know all this because, not just cause I'm an Author but-"

She paused again, afraid of spilling the truth completely but forged on ahead, "I don't have to use an Evoker to summon my Persona, because I have a Shadow in my head right now. She talks to me every day. She started talking to me during the Angel Wars, because I enjoyed killing the Angel forces with my powers and the guilt nearly drove me crazy. It's the same for you, isn't it? Because of the things you've done to Annie, you have a Shadow too."

After admitting her line of thought, as well as the fact that Toyotama was a constant in her mind, Teri tensed up faintly, not quite sure what to expect next.

Training Room Slindis, Angelus

Angelus stewed in her rage after Slindis left, and yelled out, "FINE! I didn't need the blasted training anyways. When we're fighting Shadows, I'll have Tiamat on my hands... This blasted condition is temporary anyways. Once we find what we need to, I'll go back home and be myself, right?"

Leaning against a wall, the dragon sighed as she tried to think things through, that familiar tiny voice in the back of her mind, "You don't need a human invention anyways. You never have. Your fires are all you need, even in this strange world. Forget what the Paladin said, she needs her puny swords and fists to get by. You're a dragon, not a mortal. Well, perhaps not at the present moment, but that's not what matters, right? Then again, you're missing your fire... Are you even a dragon anymore?"

"SILENCE!" Of course, Angelus realized that she was shouting at thin air. But the voice had a point... Was she still as she claimed to be? Shaking her head at the ridiculous notion, the dragon simply turned her attention to a dummy and began the motions taught. She'd show that Paladin she had learned something, if only to spite her new teacher...

Rising Dawn: Med Bay Rugal, Teri, Sadei

"...I can't get anything past you, can I?..." Rugal admitted with a small smile, slightly glad his lies were seen though.
"...It's more then a Shadow...I...My life was..."Driven" by a desire for power. To be stronger...Typical Egotism and Narcissism. While...I try to move away from it...Since S'zami was killed..." He sighed, had that the painkillers were in effect to remove the pain that usually followed a taunting.
"And if you stayed with that desire, you wouldn't be in this situation, would you?"
"...At the time, I...was so full of...rage. I had brought her onto the Rising Dawn. If I hadn't, she would still be alive. On top of that, If it wasn't her who died, who would it be? You? Melethia? Slindis? The fact that...Woman could so easily take one of you away..." He added, the implication of what could have been being clear as day.
"...So I..."Cut loose" and...Well...You saw..." He finally confessed, knowing full well what he did to Annie.

"...Worse thing is...I know what it's capable of...And...It frightens me..."
"...Explain to me again how God-like Power is a bad thing?..."
"...So how do to keep it in line?...Is there anything that I can do to silence it. Using an Evoker works, but...I'd really prefer to not give it a physical form to work with..."
"Tch, Killjoy..."

Rising Dawn: Med Bay Rugal, Teri, Sadei

Teri visibly relaxed upon hearing Rugal admit the truth, and put a comforting hand on his shoulder, "Well, you got over one of the hurdles of it already: Admitting the problem is there at all. Most of the time, Shadows react very badly to being denied. And, frankly, it is the Shadow. It's the strongest and worst feelings within you, especially the painful ones. But that doesn't it has to define who you are."

She paused for a moment to figure out how to best put the words, and continued, "I have it a little bit easier, considering Sadei helps me keep Toyotama in line.
"Yeah, and she's bossy as hell too."
"I'm talking to Dad. Hush."

"But, if you want to bring your Shadow under control, first you have to face it head on. Only then will you learn to co-exist with it. It'll take some effort, but I'm sure you can do it. And if you need help, I'm more than happy to lend myself and Garm to aid you. I had Mum and Lucifer in my head when we took Toyotama down a peg."

The hand was lifted away, however, when she continued thinking about Annie, and where this all lead where she was concerned, "What worries me in all this is whether Annie will incite the attacks further from your Shadow.... I know this isn't the most popular thought, but what has happened to her, wasn't right. What she did wasn't right either, but that didn't call for what has passed. You're going to need to let go of your anger at her if you want to succeed with bringing your Shadow under your control.
"Like you ever let go of what Bruiser did?"
"Fair point, correction incoming."

"Or, at bare minimum, reign in the impulses that come with those feelings. S'zami is dead and gone. As sad as that is, it is the truth. But I don't think she'd want you to keep on like this.

Does all that make a little bit more sense?"

Rising Dawn: Med Bay Rugal, Teri, Sadei

"...As much as anything on this moronic ship..." Rugal sighed as he already began plotting his otherside's downfall.
"...What?...Really?...You want some of this, old man? Our Room in half an hour, I'll be waiting..." It taunted, prepping itself for a duel.
"I'll face it myself. It seems to want to prove it's strongest, I beg to disagree. And I'd rather do it alone, Lord knows it'd never let me live it down..." He explained as he finally got up.
"...I understand I can be stubborn in my ways...But thank you...I feel this approach would be better then what I had planned..." He then said, leaving Teri to ask "...And what would that have been?"
"Full Frontal Lobe Lobotomy. I know of several Black Market Clinics."
"....Ah..." The cleric blanched at the idea of someone removing part of her fathers brain as Rugal got up and began walking towards.
"Hey, where are you going?"
"...I owe your mother an apology." He merely answered before going down the hall towards the crew quarters and Slindis's room, Waiting outside it for the Drow to arrive.

Location - Shadow Realm (Damn Straight): Deadshot, Wanderer, Annie, Android, Garm, Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg

Glad that the crew managed to scare off the Android, Deadshot then watched as Devon managed to heal Annie's wound, seeing how the wound closed and the bleeding stopped.
"...So this isn't the land of the dead?...could have fooled me..." He quipped to Mitsuru as the Titan Shifter stood again.
"Well...If that isn't a Deus Ex Machina then I don't know what is...The Wanderer is down that way, but we did lose one of our group, a Teenage girl by the name of Izami. Just...So you know" He sighed, still not happy about how this night had ended up.
"AAAHHHGGG!!" Annie then screamed as she collapsed holding her head.
"Whoa! Hey, What's happening?! Did you do something to her?!" The assassin shouted defensively at the Cursed Bard before the pain suddenly stopped as quickly as it arrived.
"... I'm sorry.. it seems, I.. just lost to much blood and lost it. Don't worry about me... I'm okay..."
"Yeah, might have been some sort of Shock or something. Can you walk?" He then asked, offering a shoulder to lean on before they set off looking for the Extraction point, leaving the others to find Doctor S.
Pausing for a moment, he looked over his shoulder and said "...Hey, Girl-Devon....
...Thanks for saving our sorry asses..."
He admitted, fulling expecting some sort of Moral Speech once they were out of here.
Deadshot also silently vowed to stop making fun of her curse behind her back.
He would be more honest and say it to her face.

Suddenly a portal appears from thin air. Out steps Anastasia Romanvesky. A middle aged woman with short red hair.
"Hey guys, Didnt mean to interrupt, but I just wanted you guys to know that we have opened a omnicross-dimensional Pub for any and all, you should come check it out when you have the time. First round is on us!"
She smiles and gives a wave.

"Again, didnt mean to interrupt. But I figured dimension hoping was your guy's thing. See you later"
With that she is gone.

The Lone Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone.

Shawn or the Lone Wanderer as he is commonly known still ran, he had shut his eyes to get away from the nightmare that poisoned his mind, heart and eyes. Yet he heard nothing as he came to a stop and decided to see again, nothing was behind him and he had gathered his thoughts ... at least he thought that. Sighing he removed his helmet once more and saw a window with nothing behind it. "What is wrong with me?" He asked himself as he remembered the scene back there, he had ran away from those people.

"They do deserve to die though." Called another voice behind himself. Turning around quickly he could see himself except the clone in front of him had half of his facial flesh missing as the Doctor had before. Backing up to the window frame the looked to the sides quickly. "Don't you even ... DARE to think about that." The voice trembled the certain passageway they were in. "Who are you!?" The Wanderer demanded as he pulled out his ranger pistol on this Shadow of his.

The Shadow laughed like a innocent child as he pulled out his own gun, yet the body of the Doctor began to follow his Shadow's movement. Slowly the gun was lifted higher, until the gun was at head level, pointing directly at the head. The two bodies held the guns to their heads. Tears started to trickle down their cheeks, the true Doctor caused this. "Sad? ... why don't you just end it all, a bullet is all it takes. I'm the one who wants to escape this fate of killing and unhappiness." He said seriously towards his true self.

Taking up the challenge, the Wanderer pulled the trigger quickly ...


Another noise echoed through the hall.
Blood covered the window.
Yet the Wanderer still stood, except there was a clean bullet hole in his head. The Shadow released the mirrored control and the true Wanderer fell to his knees, shaking with fear. "But ... I won't let us die that easily. I'm going to speak to you and you will listen ... and I ... will ... make it HELL for you. You will be begging me to die soon!" He yelled and then began to laugh madly, the true Doctor just sat there in his sad state, wanting this to be over.

The worst part was that he could not tell was if this thing is real or just another hallucination.

Was this his mind or reality.
Anyone who discovered the scene would only see the Wanderer kneeling down and trembling.
His Shadow did not want to reveal himself, but he wanted to have some fun with not only the Wanderer ... but also those who will came for him.

Re-done in colour!
Yu Narukami.
Location: Shadow Operative building | Yu's room.

Before everything.

Coming to his room Yu gave a sigh, of relief or annoyance ... no one knows. The gray haired protagonist was glad that most were successful but yet some people failed, got scarred and worse. His thoughts of David came up, he still has not seen the cop after his little incident with his own Shadow. In Yu's case it was the first time that event has happened, they actually managed to not fight a personal Shadow for once, in the time Yu was in Inaba for the case of the mist murders his friends fought and won all of their fights against their Persona.

But ... did David actually win his?

Shaking his head, Yu fell onto the bed behind him. It was late, the clock was a minute to the next day. Looking outside, it was not raining. Yet Narukami still gazed into the TV in front of him, it was not turned on and it did nothing like the Midnight Channel back then. Yet looking at the time it suddenly turned twelve and the TV screen moved as if it was water and made a ripple of infinity.

Immediately getting up Yu touched the screen with haste and soon he fell once again. Yet, not to the Midnight Channel, this was different. Once the usual black and white went past Yu's face he opened his eyes to see Mitsuru. " ... hi." He answered in his usual manner as he gathered himself from the floor. "So ... where are we exactly?" He was confused that the TV lead him here, yet he could feel something in the air.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Rugal

ALmost on cue, Slindis entered the Med Bay. After all, it was where Teri usually went and Slindis wanted to work with someone that actually wanted to work with her. "So, Teri, are you ready for some... What's Rugal doing in here? I thought he was feeling well..."

Yup, looks like Slindis still wasn't too happy with what she'd found out.

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot
Keep that music running!

"We're going to have to hold off on that retreat, Kirijo. Looks like we've just had some more problems pop up here... I'll do what I can with the others here, but I'm going to have to keep a sharp eye on this one!" Devon called to the others around and began some preparations as she pulled out her blade.

"Say what you will, but I'm not going to have her get abandoned like this. Deadshot, work with Cadolbolg at range to keep the pressure on. Ella, stick with Garm and try to flank it. Keep that pressure on, keep it mixed up, and don't give up. We'll make it through this, and we'll most certainly get her out!"

The Demi-succubus readied her halberd as she got ready for her first flanking moves and shouted out to Devon. "You know you're insane, right?! What on earth will you be doing here?" The first swipe from the Titan came far too close to her as she had to leap back to avoid most of the damage from the blow, and she looked over to Devon and Mengde.

"It'll take me some time to really get a good idea for how we can really slow it down, but for now we need to keep going. She needs us, damnit, and we aren't going to fail her!" Perhaps it was due to the sheer conviction in her voice, or maybe it was because of Mengde glowing and pointing his blade at Annie's Shadow, but the others all felt the call to greatness. This was one fight that they couldn't give up on for anything.

Yes, even Deadshot felt this call to glory. Funny how Bards worked, huh? She must be killer at Karaoke.

Devon has Inspired Heroics in the group! Until the fight is over, the group is more accurate, a little bit more durable and agile, more skilled, and unshakable in their resolve.

Bardic Songs Left: 14.

After the rather bold statement, Devon tried her best to focus and see if Mengde could give an idea of what this Shadow's weak spots could be. It wouldn't be too easy, though, so she'd have to keep that group going at their peak.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Rugal

"Ooooh- fuck all kinds of duck. It's Mum!"
Teri blanched further upon seeing the Paladin pop in the Med bay, and right in Rugal's path, knowing full well that relations between the two weren't on the best term quite yet.
"Calm your tits, Toyotama, and let's see if I can pull of the same kinda miracle I just did with Dad. Mum's gonna be a bit harder to appease than Dad though..."
So, the Cleric cut between the two and spread her arms out, hoping the surprise would push both back, rather than brute force before she spoke (and heard one last comment from the peanut gallery in her mind),
"Ah shit, you're sounding like me now!"
"Only because of the desperation of the situation. You know I curse only when I'm particularly upset. Now let me try to work my mojo, and you kindly shut the fuck up."
"Heh Heh Heh, only cause you asked so eloquently~! Damn, I like Us mad!"

Taking a deep breath, the Cleric hastily said to the two adults, "Okay, before anyone tries to kill each other: Mum, I just had a talk with Dad. He's probably gonna repeat what I said anyways, but I might as well say it. He told me he was sorry for taking some Evil actions and being a general crazy man for the past couple of days. He's also got a bit of a problem in the noggin like I do. You know, the one where you and Lucifer had to cut in? That one. And yes, Dad, I know you wanted to keep that hush hush, but you really need to be a bit more honest with this family, Mum and Me especially. All that being said, we're gonna work to fix some of that, right, Dad? Atonement, and reigning in that Shadow, and all that good stuff. Now, since I've explained some things, I think you were about to give Mom an apology? And Mum, please don't try to kill Dad and be a bit willing to hear him out? I know you're upset but- please?"

There was a cackle in the back of Teri's mind after all that, Toyotama rolling with laughter in her Wielder's mind, "Dude, I had no idea you had the balls! This is gonna be good!"

Shadow Operative Warehouse: Border of Shadow Zone Yu Narukami, Mitsuru Kirijo

After Yu landed flat on his rear next to Mitsuru, the Kirijo leader barely batting an eyelid at the Fool's sudden appearance. In a serious tone, she pointed to the inside of the warehouse and said, "There are several members of the Rising Dawn inside of there, and their currently facing a Shadow like the ones you've described to me before. It would do them some good to have additional reinforcements. I can guide you along, but hurry if you intend to help them! We cannot spare a moment where these sort of things are concerned."

((Just auto along Yu in his next post and he can arrive on the battle site.))

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Deadshot
The REAL mood music for this battle. :P

Mitsuru's voice echoed in each of their minds after Devon's considerable display with Bardic Music, her voice giving away how serious she took the whole situation, "Understood! Also, Narukami literally landed on my doorstep. I'm sending him in to help you. It'll take him a minute or so, but with the path you've carved, I can give him a nudge in the right direction. Let me know if you need me."

Garm felt his wounds from the fire earlier begin to sting a bit less, and stood tall, "You are right, Devon. We must help our pack, even if they're less than perfect! Gelert, to me! Ella, please mooove as I attack!"

The Evoker around Garm's neck set of, and the Armored Persona appeared, giving a bestial howl before the icy shards floating around it shot at the Shadow, attempting to pierce the Shadow's hide with them as it gave Ella the chance to maneuver around the Shadow.

Cadolbolg, in the meantime, took to the skies, and maneuvered to be at eye level (In terms of height, not closeness) at the beast before shouting, "Hey, you big meanie! Take this! Lei Zhenzei: Burninate!"

At the call, the draconic warrior appeared, and one of his swords lit aflame. With a sweep not unlike what Caim was partial to, the Persona launched a single large fireball at the Shadow before disappearing from view.

Prefers the title "The Wild Card"
Yu Narukami.
Location: Shadow Operative Warehouse: Border of Shadow Zone

Noting the urgency of this event, Yu immediately nodded and ran off into the dark corridors of the Warehouse.
With Mitsuru guiding him, Yu easily managed to run towards the battle quickly. If it was the Shadows he knew about, it was obviously someone's own Shadow.
Yu kept running with speed and pulled out his two-handed katana presumably from his coat, ready to slash at minor Shadows.

A couple of minutes of running and slashing.

Soon enough Yu was on the edge of the battle, entering the ring with everyone else he gave a nod to each member as he noted their opponent.
A giant, weird enough it looked like a skinned human. Pushing the image aside he readied his weapon but asked for some information.
"Who's shadow is that!? We need to weaken it and then hope that they can accept it." Yu said to the others on the field, but he has the feeling that some know this information already.

Summoning his own Persona, a card formed in Yu's hand and he instantly crushed it while saying ...
Soon enough his coat-cladded Persona was summoned in front of him, yet it still it could not match the giant's size.
"Zio!" He commanded Izanagi and a second after a bolt of lightning went forth to strike the large Shadow.

Location - Shadow Realm: Deadshot, Wanderer, Annie, Android, Garm, Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg

".....Uhhhhh....O.....okay...I-....Huh...." Deadshot mumbled as Annie's Shadow ripped into her, his lack of knowledge of Annie's past, history, how shadows worked and basically everything that had happened to them since the truck crashed left him standing there confused.
"...Am...I the only one here not really getting what's happening here?...." He rudely asked as the two sides yelled about how Annie was going to kill off all of humanity in their home realm.
"Wait-WHAT?! Whoa...Dude! You were going to do that?! ALL of Humanity?! The Fuck, Annie!? Who fucking does that!? I mean...Christ! Killing a few thousand people for a buck, That's one thing, But fucking EXTINCTION!?! What ARE you?! Some fucking...alien....planet killing....BITCH!?" He finally snapped, Sure, he wasn't a saint and he would Genocide large amounts of people, but killing off the entire human race was something he drew the line at. (I mean, Who would pay him then!? O.O)
"Christ...I fucking took a Flamethrower and nearly got invited into Baron Von Murderlust's (Rugal) Torture Camp for you! Hell, he even had the right fucking idea...You know what? You! Nega-...Bizzaro-...WHAT EVER THE FUCK YOU ARE!...You can have little miss Hitler here. I'm fucking out...Christ damn..." He stated before he start walking away from the group and went looking for the exit, disgusted at the fact he even associated with her.

".. Tch!" Annie snared, her eyes beaming with fueled angry towards this girl. Annie sprung up and did a low kick, but the Shadow Annie knew this. Then again, she knew everything about Annie so she countered with an elbow to Annie's face making her fall back again. "Hahaha!! HAAahhaaaa hhaaa!! That's cute, Annie!"

Annie was on fours, spitting some blood before looking up and yelling, "You- YOU ARE NOT ME!!"

The second she said those words, Deadshot felt the entire ground shake as a large shadow cast over him as the realization set in.
"...Other Annie can also do that Godzilla thing too, can't she?..." He closed his eyes and cringed as The Shadow Titan ate Annie and went to finish the rest of them off.
".....Ahhhhhhh....Piss..." He finally said before sprinting out of the open and into cover.
"ALRIGHT EVERYONE! STAY CALM!....I'LL COVER THE REAR!" He shouted as he revealed his inner coward.
"...Seriously?....Thi-this is what we're are doing?...Hiding while everyone else fights?..."
What?! I'm out of Ammo and she's like 40 feet tall, what do want from me?!
"...*Sigh*...Just use the fucking Evoker..."
A Voice inside him said before he saw Annie had dropped hers.
"...oh yeah...[Null], Yer up!" He remarked before he summoned his Persona, not paying any heed to the guy who told him to do so.

A quick shot later....
"....Annnnnnnnnny time now..." The Assassin whined before his Persona stepped out of the Shadows again.
"Christ?! What takes you so lon-" He asked before getting a Gun Barrel shoved in his face
"Shut it. I have other concerns you know." [Null] answered before he pulled out his Platinum Handguns and opened fire, Aiming for the Titan's eyes and face.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Rugal

Rugal stopped dead in his tracks at the fact Slindis turned up right in front of him.
"Ah...Slindis. I'm sorry, can I borrow you for a mo-" He started before Teri preempted him and said very fast.
"Okay, before anyone tries to kill each other: Mum, I just had a talk with Dad. He's probably gonna repeat what I said anyways, but I might as well say it. He told me he was sorry for taking some Evil actions and being a general crazy man for the past couple of days. He's also got a bit of a problem in the noggin like I do. You know, the one where you and Lucifer had to cut in? That one. And yes, Dad, I know you wanted to keep that hush hush, but you really need to be a bit more honest with this family, Mum and Me especially. All that being said, we're gonna work to fix some of that, right, Dad? Atonement, and reigning in that Shadow, and all that good stuff. Now, since I've explained some things, I think you were about to give Mom an apology? And Mum, please don't try to kill Dad and be a bit willing to hear him out? I know you're upset but- please?"
Once she was done, Rugal bit his lip and looked at her with an annoyed face as she basically said everything he was just about to say.
"...I'll leave you two alone..." she meeped, realizing she might have said too much before leaving the Med bay, though standing outside and listening closely.

"...*Sigh*...God, Life was much simpler before the Angel war..." He sighed as he sat back down on one of the beds.
"...What Teri said is true. Over the last week, I've been suffering from a Shadow attempting to drive me insane."
"Wanting more then being a lowsy captain isn't insanity!"
"...I think....What happened with Annie...Might have...Triggered it...I still haven't answered for that, have I? I know this isn't an excuse, but...Remember that new Member I told you about? S'zami? Well...When Annie raided our ship, She managed to use a poisoned blade on her. While we were engaging her in her Titan form....S'Zami succumbed to that poison. I then found her dead the hallway, Body was still even warm...

Melethia met her first, did the introductions, offered to...heh, make her some enchanted necklaces...I was the one who invited her on board...I'm the reason she's dead...And...Just the fact...That..."Woman" could so easily have hit Melethia Or Teri or even you?...That...I couldn't stand for...At first...I was just going to do it for Information, Find out why she attacked us...By the end of it, I felt like...I was back in my Cartel....

...I promised you I would change....And I've failed...I know it doesn't justify what I did, but....I wanted you to understand why...."

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Rugal

"You know, I really shouldn't forgive you with your violent tendencies. After all, you've proven yourself to be hotheaded more often than not, and sometimes it's hard to see why you'd want to change.

The fact is, you're still seeing this and you're trying to get better. That's the important part. None of us have gone this far without doing something we aren't proud of. Trying to do better is what's important. And as long as you're still truly willing to do that, then I should at least grant you that hance. After all, you've likely got darker demons than most anyone on this ship."

It wasn't a complete pardon, but Rugal was going to at least have some kind of chance.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri, Rugal

"...Amazing...Even after all this..." Rugal smiled, not thinking he was going to be forgiven so easily.
"I assume she was talking about me in that last sentence?...You know, you never introduce me to any of your "Friends"...
Though I'm starting to see why you switched sides...Those robes really show off her hips. *Tiger Growl*"

His face soured as the pain returned though the haze of those painkillers, making him dread what it would have felt like without it.
"She's just our type, Experienced and yet just still innocent enough to put up with us. Aged, yet looks not a day over 20. God, I can't wait to finally be in control and just absolutely Ruin her all night long...Hehehahahahah..." His other-side taunted, being the straw that broke the camels back.
"...That's it..." He said out-loud prompting a "...Excuse me?" before he marched out of the Med Bay, nearly knocking Teri out with the door as he stormed out.
"Dimitri. I want a Private Training Room, Cross reference the specs with the ones used in the Shadow Operation's Simulators and apply them to our own."
"Where are you going?"
"To kick my own ass!" He shouted without shame or context down the hall as he made his way towards the training room.
"Oh about fucking time. So what Rules we using? World Warrior? Mortal Kombat? Art of Fighting? Traditional KOF?..."
...None of them...
"Ohhhhh...Look at Mister Hard Man over here. You know where to find me..."

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: Slindis, Teri

Teri moved out of the way as Rugal burst out of the Med-Bay, thanking her lucky stars that she had paid attention to Slindis when it came to dodging blows. Still, the way Rugal was making his way to the training rooms, Teri was under the suspicion that things didn't go very well. However, upon hearing: "To kick my own ass!", the Cleric found her curiosity piqued. Did Rugal intend to face the Shadow now? She considered chasing after him, but considering that Slindis was still in the Med Bay and probably wanting her attention (as well as Rugal adamantly stating he wanted to go it alone), the Cleric wandered back into the Medbay cautiously, and cleared her throat, "So... Before that happened, you were looking for me?"

Hallway Rugal, Dimitri

As Rugal made his way down the halls, Dimitri's voice crackled in on the intercom: "Sir, if I may. What you're asking of me is incredibly dangerous, moreso than the usual training methods. What will literally occur in that room, should I go through with this, will open a portal to that realm. Keep in mind I hear everything that Tablet does. I know full well what you are intending to do... Are you certain you want to go it alone? If what I understand is correct, that would be ill advised..."

A single glare to the camera was more than enough confirmation for Rugal's desires, and the AI sighed, "Very well. Commencing configuration of settings to Training Room 1011. You need to enter it before I can finish it and begin the safety procedure. Locking down the room before the portal is closed and all that."

The Airship Rising Dawn | Airship Mess Hall (Canteen): Som Waterford

"Hey guys, Didnt mean to interrupt, but I just wanted you guys to know that we have opened a omnicross-dimensional Pub for any and all, you should come check it out when you have the time. First round is on us!" A strange voice cut through the air of the empty, discounting the eternally toiling Imps, Airship Mess Hall, waking the slumbering hunter, who was still seated at the table where he and the Airship's Medical Officer had last spoken, his fingers curled around a bottle of "teh-kill-yah." If there was one thing that one should never do unless one was feeling rather suicidal, it would be to startle a slumbering Hunter.

As the woman disappeared into whatever dark realm she came from, the Hunter was already in motion, his right hand had already drawn the firearm from its holster and his finger had already pulled the trigger a number of times, sending a volley of silver tipped slugs towards the unknown assailant.


The bullets impacted against the thick glass of the view ports, causing cracks in the material to spider outwards from the point of impact.

"Damn." Som Waterford cursed as he realized that he had totally missed his intended target before he realized that all eyes, counting the Imps, were fixed upon him.

"Time to train." The Hunter muttered as he found himself in a rather fowl mood at having been woken by what he would later be informed as spam and by the fact that his attack salvo had missed.

Standing up, the Leather Clad Hunter walked towards the Training Section of the ship and opened a door at random and found that he was not the only one in the mood to train as evidenced by the dragon female located in the room he had chosen.

"Pardon. I did not know that the room was occupied." The Hunter stated before starting to leave.

The Airship Rising Dawn | Enroute to the Airship Medical Bay: Constace, Cz and Jenny

The Airship Medical Bay was the only logical place to store an unconscious Sorrowfeld Vampire that had passed out after giving the Gardevoir a glimpse as to what Constance bore witness to each and every time she disappeared into the ethers. Despite having broken the blood link that had allowed Jenny to see Constance's vision, the visions did not stop for Jenny as she and Cz dragged the Cat Ear Vampire towards Medical assistance.

Fir | Haven Rock | The Great Hall:

Some say that the process that created the Great Hall of Haven Rock, capital City of Fir, took the lives of one thousand Firians and one thousand years to complete. Others say that it was through luck that the Revered Mother found an empty magma chamber floating in the midst of the Red Seas and shaped it into the place that it was today.

The Great Hall was as vast as one could imagine, having the ability to fit every member of every tribe that comprised the Firian Kingdom and it was the only place in Fir where Firians could drop their shells and reveal their true form.

On this day, the Great Hall rumbled with the cheer of all Firians that had gathered within its walls as they observed the battles that raged in the arena like structure that had been erected in the middle of the Great Hall. While there had originally been one thousand and one contestants that had started in the clash, each one of the thousand representing the house of one of the Firian crafters that had helped create the Great Hall, only two remained. The match would go down in lore as the first time that a shell-walker had been allowed to compete for the right to mate with the Revered Mother and it was this shell-walker that was one of the two remaining combatants.

Watching from behind the silk veil that concealed her from the eyes of all her children, the Revered Mother watched the Shell Walker known as Malys easily deflect the multiple fire strikes that his opponent had unleashed upon the frail looking human, a move that won approval from the gathered audience. As his opponent gathered his strength to unleash yet another flaming torrent, Malys took the initiative and charged his larger opponent, unleashing a flurry of strikes that rained down upon his opponent, causing his focus to faulter.

Seeing that his opponent had been stunned by the attack, the human pressed forward and pointed towards the ground beneath his opponent's feet at the same time as Malys' opponent completed his spell.

"AAAAAAAUUUUGH!!!" The scream of pain that passed through the human lips echoed through the now silent chamber as the magically fueled fire appeared to consume the human. It was joined a moment later by the pained screams of his opponent as he was impaled upon a stone pike that had errupted from the ground.

"A draw?" The Revered Mother asked herself as she watched the Firian Combatant spasm and die, sure that the human had already met his fated end and had been consumed by fire.

"No. The human lives." She continued as she watched the charred humanoid form that was Mayls begin to move and stand on his two feet, a feet that must have taken a tremendous amount of will power.

The assembled audience thundered their approval at the human's display before a silence settled over the Great Hall.

"Mayls. There as never been a shell-walker that had dared to enter the Great Hall of Haven Rock nor has there ever been one that has competed for the right to be my mate. You have done both and have proven yourself worthy." The Revered Mother said as the silk veil was removed, revealing her for all to see.

She was the most beautiful of their race and standing there, Mayls understood why so many would compete for the right to mate with this "woman." However the smile that he displayed was not the smile that one gave at the completion of a goal, it was the knowledge that a piece of the larger picture had just been moved into place.


The door to the Medical Bay was pushed open as Constance placed into a bed, the machines automatically detecting her vital statistics and recording her brain activity. Strangely, the machines showed that there was absolutely no activity within the confines of the Vampire's mind. It was as the old saying goes "The lights were on but no one was home."

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