The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal nodded as he went to hide, hoping to get the jump on the enemy.
Settling on a blind corner, he watched as the field got closer and closer to the end of the corner.
Once it was there, he pounced, grabbing the goon from behind and slitting his throat with his Slashing Aura before going to repeat the process with another goon.


David looked a bit dismissively at the small lizard when he offered to train with him.
"....Er....Okay....Don't know what you hope to gain from watching me though, I just shoot at people with really big guns!" He stated, wondering how the hell Ton Ton would use a Sniper Rifle with his little arms and legs.

Jenny meanwhile nodded as Caim asked for a link with his sister.
"Yeah, I bet if you just let me set it up on your PDA, it won't be an issue." She said as he took the mute's PDA and began to fiddle around with the non-existent Contacts list.
"To answer your question, Just...Devon showed me this..."Move"...and I only managed to use it once or twice, I'm still getting the hang of it. From what it did to that mining boss though, I'd say it's rather powerful..." She then answered, somewhat frightened by her new "Power".

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

It wasn't until after he killed one of them that Rugal noticed that the person he killed had an aura similar to Slindis' and the light metal plating on the man had the engraving of a scorpion. There was also that same kind of faint sheen that was on Slindis' aura, so there had to be some kind of connection.

When Slidis caught up to Rugal as he was in the process of attacking the next one, she stopped him. "Rugal, there's something off about this memory! It's not accessing the right one here, and that scouting mission was only supposed to have four!" The one Drow that had been captured sneered and hissed to the two in a language Rugal couldn't understand. However, no matter who you are, insults travel very well across the language barrier.


Devon nodded and walked over to David. "Well, I think he meant me, but maybe you could help me as well here. After all, Caim did suggest having new people help out in that training, and maybe Melethia's ready to show you that thing she was working on. I understand if you would rather not want to help me with that, but it's certainly an idea..."

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal seemed confused by this so he just punched the Drow's lights out before saying "Mmmm...Alright, Just keep in mind this is just a simulation. Nothing here can hurt you."
He then began to pat down the Drow he had knocked out, hoping to find something of value that might be able to help them.
"So you recognize these people?"


David looked at Devon and said "Hold up...She's done already?....That fast?...", clearly underestimating the elf's skills when he first made that commission.
"...Eh, So what would you be after? Learning how to shoot straight or killing people from a mile away?"

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Slindis shook her head on that mention, and all Rugal could find was some armor and weapons with especially cruel jagged edges. "I knew every other person at that temple, however small it was. This isn't one of them at all. There's not much here besides their equipment, but it's nothing we used there... Our shortswords were supposed to have clean edges like the sting of a scorpion..."

As they went further in, Rugal could faintly faintly detect a few auras, although they were closer to the feeling of a graveyard than anything else. They could tail the rest of the group which Slindis pointed out to be her tem or they could try to intercept those auras before the scouting team approached them.


Devon nodded. "She's pretty good, I'd say. But why have me go on about it when you can see her work yourself? When it came to that training, it might be a lot more helpful if I knew how to fight against someone using your style if they were in close to mid range. All we'd need to do is switch to rubber bullets, and I'd still learn the lesson without running the chance of a bullet in between the eyes or becoming sterile." It was around that time that Melethia called David to let him know that the weapon was ready to be tried out.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

"So there is a different group here, then?..." Rugal said, starting to realise the sort of trouble he might be in because of his hasty killing.
"Okay...Might as well go and introduce ourselves..." He said before stashing the body in a hidden nook.
He then proceeded to intercept those auras, certain that no matter what happened, the safeties would ensure

Canteen: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss

After Devon finished his piece, David nodded in agreement.
"Alright, guess it can't hurt...Well...At least hurt me..." He said with a cheeky laugh.
"Come on, "Boss", might learn a thing or 2..." He said to Boss as he dragged him off to this "Training" as well.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Dimitri frowned and unzipped his usual power trio against threats such as this: PRINCIPALITY, YAMATA_NO_OROCHI, and, SEIRYU; and readied THE_NINE_IRON as the group began to charge the attackers.

"And here I thought Viscus did a thorough job! I see I am clearly mistaken!"

Canteen: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

When the group arrived in a training room, and the appropriate precautions were taken, Ton Ton walked up and down the small line of people and spoke in the best 'battlemaster' voice he could manage (which still sounded a bit odd, considering the child-like voice he possesed),

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we're practicing dodging today. Particularly, the art of dodging multiple attacks at once. What our procedure will include is the lot of us ganging up on one another; and taking turns being the dodgee. Now, since Mr. West seemed to be so confident a few moments ago; we'll start with him, as well as Mr. Devon.

If you have any questions, now, speak now or forever hold your peace!"

At that, the Tonberry lunged at the Irish sharpshooter, knife ready and extended; and Cadolbolg took to the air after Devon, the bladed tail ready to land upon him.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

As they split off, they encountered some Zombies - weak in their own right, but Rugal hadn't felt this at the start. Maybe something had warped them in? Still, as Slindis took down the first ones, Rugal noted more of those same presences heading into the Temple. If Rugal couldn't see the auras himself, he wouldn't know about it due to the absolute silence of said warps.

There was a lot more to that supposedly simple mission, and Rugal recognized it the kind of ambush he'd set up for some poor schmucks back in his heyday. Someone had clearly wanted the group to get in, but who? Slindis noted the odd silence by being more on guard, but Rugal could notice that she only thought of th Zombies as nothing to really worry about.


Some of the warriors went for the rather large Dragon, their acidic weaponry biting into the Program as the Mages started launching necrotic blasts at Orochi. They were clearly very well organized, although a bit of chaos could be spread in their ranks...

Canteen: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon rolled to the side of the low-sweeping attack out of instinct before trying to swing at Cadolbolg with the blunted training blade, It wouldn't be easy by any means, but he wanted to learn all he could while he was here. Caim had mentioned close range was one area the bard had to focus on, after all...

okay, this won't be too bad. Just focus on your movements and try to get that pattern down so you can pull that off. He glanced over at David to see how he was doing before he was deterred by a blast of flame from Caddolbolg's mouth.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Zombies?...Here?... Rugal thought as he casually dispatched all undead attempting to eat him with some quick Slashing Aura strikes to the skull
It was around this time he sensed the other auras entering.
"More people coming in. Are you sure this is how you remembered this mission of yours?..." He asked, starting to get confused by the current situation.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

After getting his Wrist Gun from Melethia, David was keen to try it out as he popped from rubber bullets into it and readied for some target practice.
Then Ton Ton said he'd be the one dodging.
"Wait, What-" he managed to get out before the Tonberry attacked, attempting to slash him.
While David wasn't as fast as the rest of the crew, he was able to avoid most of the attacks via ducking and diving.
"WHOA WHOA WHOA! WHAT THE HELL!? I THOUGHT I WAS SHOOTING!" He protested as he tried to stay alive.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Dimitri saw the enemy forces banding together as such, and directed PRINCIPALITY to do what it did best,

"Convert them, quickly! Get some of them to do repair work if you can!"

The faux-Angel gave a nod, and pointed it's staff at one enemy, beginning the conversion process of the files while YAMATA_NO_OROCHI and SEIRYU did their best to quell the forces attacking them; SEIRYU's cloying effect beginning to seep into some of the units attacking OROCHI...

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

"WHOA WHOA WHOA! WHAT THE HELL!? I THOUGHT I WAS SHOOTING!" David protested as he tried to stay alive.

There was a small glint in the Tonberry's eye as he attacked at David, and a somewhat sarcastic tone exited the Tonberry's mouth(?), "Then shoot at me! Were you not trained to do so under pressure? What kind of fighter are you if you cannot defend yourself when your opponent gets too close?!"

Clearly, the little guy had spent too much time around Caim. At least, this much could be David's opinion. Ton Ton was just trying to rile the Irishman up, as he had seen his martial superiors do.

Cadolbolg nodded with approval when Devon clanged off his tail with the training blade, but decided to follow up the fire with lightning, curious to see how the bard would react to the changeup.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

"Alright! You asked for it!" David shouted as he went to try out his brand new weapon on Ton Ton.
After avoiding another few lunges, He took aim with his new Mounted Gun and fired it at Ton Ton, however, As Melethia warned, the recoil and kickback was too much.
His shot went astray as the Rubber Bullets bounced off the steel walls of the training room.
Cursing this development, David then went back to just dodging.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Slindis stopped after a Turn Undead which sent a good chunk of the zombies fleeing and responded. "It's not quite how I remember it, but, and I know we onlty entered in here with just the four of us... Unless those two were invisible, that is. Still, the whole affair struck me as a bit odd even then! Come, let's get downto the core. That's where it all went to Khyber."

As Slindis led her way deeper down, Rugal sensed that the various auras were there as well... along with the auras of the younger Slin's group. Things were about to get very messy down there, that much was clear. If this had happened in the real event, how had Slindis survived? Was it luck, or was it something else at play...


The conversion process was notably slow, but the cloying effect was taking hold better. The way they all moved as one unit brought up the possibility that he hadn't met the master program, shown as some of the men went to kill those being subdued. The slowed units were still chipping away at Seiryu, but Orochi was managing a good bit better...

Canteen: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon was sligntly jolted by the aftershock of the thunder breath, but otherwise unharmed. Still, it reminded him of the lesson that Caim had beaten into his head: Focus on the bat-

His line of thought was interrupted by a rubber bullet and another lightning bolt hitting him. He'd certainly be feeling that in the morning...

Still, He grit his teeth and went for a few stabs at the Turtle-dragon, avoiding an opportunistic swipe at him form Ton-Ton in the process. As always, the training would take his all, and there was still the matter of Boss not jumping into the training at this point...

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal heard the Zombie's flee thanks to Slindis's intervention as took a moment to dust himself off.
"Okay...There is something wrong with this picture alright..." He commented as he followed the Drow deeper, keeping an eye on the fields of Younger Slin's group.
...I wonder how she would react to seeing me?... He thought, wondering just how many years this was before Evergreen.
With these thoughts in mind, he kept his guard up for any more surprises.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

"Well, the rest of them had wanted to get out at the time, but I was so damn insistent on following through on my first real mission! Rugal, please We need to get there so I can see what actually happened that day!" The twinge of weakness in Slin's voice could clearly he heard by him, and this was something that she felt she had to see no matter how painful it may be.

The fields of the younger Slin's group had gotten fully in the midst of the undead auras, and the sheer presence from these auras was much greater than the ones Rugal and Slin had been fighting. THey'd be a match for the current strengths of the two, but the Past Slindis was about to witness a slaughter.

The current Slindis ran on with Rugal, with Rugal using his guidance to help her avoid the other enemies that were subtly flocking to the area.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

As the evidense mounted up, Rugal soon began to realize what this memory was most likely about and why Slindis wanted to relive it.
"...This mission of yours didn't end well....did it?..." he asked as they got nearer and nearer to ground zero.
If she said yes, then he would be glad he couldn't see this.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Taking note that SEIRYU's cloying effect was a bit off, Dimitri took it upon himself to wade into battle himself, THE_NINE_IRON at the ready as he whalloped an enemy seeking to harm SEIRYU. The poor dragon looked a bit droopy after the continuous assault he had fallen under; but his cloying proccesses remained. At this rate, if Dimitri had to call out NIDHOGG, he knew things would be grim indeed. Instead, he called for YAMATA_NO_OROCHI's aid,

"Cover SEIRYU! I'll work to fix him up in the meantime! PRINCIPALITY, rejoin us with that soldier. We are far better as a unit than divided!"

The called for programs did as they were told, and converged around SEIRYU and Dimitri as the butler worked at fixing up some of the damage to the wind dragon. He was hardy, yes, but the assault on all sides had proven painful indeed.

However, with PRINCIPALITY's new pawn in place, he could begin the second half of his programming: Ally to ally conversion. Pointing it's scepter at the opposing forces, the pawn wandered ahead and began to tap the enemy forces, beginning the contagious process of spreading the Trojan's influence upon the others.

In the meantime, YAMATA_NO_OROCHI worked at tearing into the forces that drew too close to it's allies.

Canteen: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Ton Ton gave a small giggle at David's efforts, in hopes that it would bolster him further, and 'sent' to Cadolbolg, "Switch it up with me!"

and then began focusing on Devon more, as Cadolbolg began spewing bits of fire at David's head.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

She shook her head and spoke rather quietly as they got into the staging area. "I haven't been back to the monastery where we were raised since because of this..." They could see a mummy scold a younger looking Slindis as the other drow in her group silently had their throats slit and were having their blood consumed by the other ambushers. Now, Rugal couldn't see this with his own eyes, but it doesn't take a genius to make the connection that the lessening scent of blood with that decaying force meant that they had to be vampires.

There was also an aura welling up within the younger Slindis as she went to defend against the mummy and the vampires, but there was something off. For all the intimidation, they hadn't attacked her yet, even though her form with the blade was competent at most. Why hadn't she been killed?

Although it would be perfectly reasonable to head in, Slindis was near stuck to the spot partly in shock and parttly to see what would happen next.


Dimitri's efforts all around were gaining a lot of headway when he felt the small lag spike in the coding indicating there was a fairly massive program, and the shift of some of the code into null space was definitely not a good sign...

Canteen: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

The swap over to Ton-Ton was a bit unexpected, but by this point he'd had to learn to work around it from the previous training. The stabs, while they did hurt a lot each time Ton-Ton connected, weren't meant to kill. They'd still leave Devon in a lot of pain, but it just pushed him on to get this right.

During one of the Tonberry's stabs through the shin, Devon tried to counter by swatting Ton-Ton's head with the flat of his blade. Devon would have to heal that up when he got the chance, but for now, he had to focus on the footwork.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

One by one, each of the fields of Slindis's group faded as they were systematically killed by the Vampires.
"....I'm sorry..." He said, knowing that there was nothing he could do to change what happened here.
He went to comfort her as her younger self was surrounded below them, still covered in her comrades blood.
"....Are we just going to watch?..."
"...Well, Mind if I change the channel then?" He then said before leaping down to the area below, making an extremely dramatic entrance, enough to get their attention.
"Attention, Undead. Allow me to fix that..." He said, somewhat satisfied by his one liner before firing up his slashing Aura and getting to work...

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

"OH COME ON!" David lamented as he started dodging the incoming fireballs, successively.
He lit up like a Christmas tree, least his famed jacket did, forcing him to discard it as it burned.
"AHHHHH THAT WAS MY FAVOURITE JACKET!" He shouted, clearly not amused.
Taking aim at the Dragon, he tried his new gun again, holding his wrist with other arm to steady himself, causing a notable improvement.
While Rubber Bullets didn't go well against fire, if it did hit, it'd sting quite a bit.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

With a grim expression on his face, Dimitri was able to finish the repairs on SEIRYU, and moved to YAMATO_NO_OROCHI as the last insurgent forces were taken down by PRINCIPALITY's conversions and YAMATA_NO_OROCHI's brutal efforts. SEIRYU flew around the parameter, cloying any resistant forces as PRINCIPALITY's pawns made their way; rather like the zombies Rugal and Slindis faced now....

As this happened, Dimitri kept an eye out for the massive spike in coding to show up again, wanting to keep his allies at the ready for the next threat... What was going on here?!

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Ton Ton let out a grunt as he was batted away by the blade, the weight of the object sending the little Tonberry flying; followed by a bounce and then a skid to a halt. Ton Ton picked himself up off the floor with a little laugh, "Nicely done, Devon! Using my minute weight against me... Now, Ms. Melethia, I think it's time we step up our game. If you would be so kind to join in the sparring. You too, Mr. Boss. It's counter productive to sit there!"

In the meantime, Cadolbolg croaked in pain as David was able to hit the baby turtle right in the chest; but he did not fall from flight. Rather, he faltered ever so slightly, and left himself wide open for attack...

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Slindis' mind was trying to comprehend the massive setup that had happened... especially since it was a mummy and not one of the Venerated like that was supposed to be there. For one, they were sustained by positive energy! She hadn't had much experience with them then, but it was clear as day to her now. Still, she had to get down there, and the Young SLindis had already fainted covered in blood. To anyone that came in, it would seem that Slindis had slaughtered her brothers and sisters.

The Slashing Aura from Rugal cleanly cut off the head of one of the Vampires, killing it outright. However, the others took note of this and got their space as one tried unsuccessfully to dominate Rugal with a stare while the others sent rather large strikes of Flame near him, making sure the Young Slindis wouldn't be hit in the crossfire.


The spike in the coding was a good bit more than just a spike, and Dimitri saw an extremely gaunt woman that radiated power approaching him.

"You know, it's rather rude for mechanical beasts to try to interfere with my designs...I think I'll start by getting rig of you." She started by launching a rather huge gout of acid at him while she called some more of the Emerald Claw to keep the pawns out of the way.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Melethia jumped in on David's side, going in for some flanking attacks on the same arm the gun was strapped to. She needed to see what kinds of compensations needed to be made to the gun, and now would be the best time to do that.

Meanwhile, Devon went in for some more swipes at Ton-Ton, trying not to do anything that would leave any lasting marks.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal brought up a "Dark Barrier!" as the Vampires attacked, using it to block their Fire Strikes as well as send them back to their casters, forcing them to dodge and giving him room to advance.
To cover his approach, he threw out a few "Reppu-ken!"'s alongside the path he dashed along before discarding his Barrier, flinging it at the mummy.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

David grinned somewhat evilly as he lined up his shot on Cadolbolg, while he wasn't completely used to the New Gun, he knew to watch out for the recoil.
However, before he could bust off another few Rubber Bullets, Melethia attacked his flank and he was forced to act.
Grunting in anger, he pulled out his M500 with his free hand and began taking shots at Melethia as he tried to hit Codolblog, the division of his attention throwing off his aim.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

The Mummu lost an arm and a leg, greatly hindering its mobility while the vampires laughed at the Fire Strikes hitting them. Apparently they had prepared for that possibility in advance, and they went in for an attack when the Reppukens shattered the legs of one of them.

Still, they were far from out of it, and the one with the Shattered Legs was trying to get up even though the legs shouldn't be working... ALthough Rugal could see that the legs were somehow regenerating.

Slindis was beginning to focus in more to try and find out who the vampires were working for. With the numbers they had here, there was no reason they shouldn't have drained her blood. The force behind this had wanted Slin to live for some reason, and Slin racked her brain to find out why.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Melethia jumped and darted around the bullets, grazed by a few but they didn't do too much against the plating. Still, it was teaching her a bit about how David fought, how the gun could be reworked, and how to fight against someone trying something similar. And one thing she felt was that David needed his vision for multiple things here, and she swapped over to the Screaming Hammer and blasted him with some light to hinder his vision for a bit.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

"You know, it's rather rude for mechanical beasts to try to interfere with my designs...I think I'll start by getting rig of you."

Dimitri's jaw dropped at the sight of the Lich, and inadvertently let out a shriek of terror; given that he had never dealt with a threat of this sort of magnitude before. Viscus? A pushover. This... THING, whatever it was, was certainly far worse. A virus that knew she had power. Trying to gather his wits, Dimitri dodged to the left of the acid attack, and shouted commands to his allies as he quickly unzipped NIDHOGG, knowing full well that if the shit had hit the fan, then he needed to throw as much as he could manage to clog the gears. The Root Eater advanced upon the forces, easily toppling the lesser beings as it made its way towards the lich.

Using this distraction; PRINCIPALITY waved his staff and directed his pieces to the enemy forces, hoping to convert as many as it could before the Lich broke free from her tussle with NIDHOGG. SEIRYU ascended, intending for his cloying effect to hit all the enemy forces, and YAMATA_NO_OROCHI stuck by it's master faithfully as he began dialling for some outside help...

Med Bay - Teri

As the Cleric minded her own buisness in the calm Med Bay, her brow furrowed in confusion when she saw that a message appeared on her Tablet, and opened it to find her AI looking panicked, mussed and a great battle between various programs raged behind him. Before Teri could get a word in asking what was going on, Dimitri burst with a hurried,

"None of what you are seeing behind me is normal! I was checking the Animus program, which is currently in active mode for Ms. Slindis, as I checked some strange readings, this terrifying dragon woman appears! Milady, I NEED YOUR HELP! Vermilion is probably running the ship, so I do not dare call upon her. Please, Milady, this program has made it an explicit intent upon killing me! What do I do?!"

Teri felt her jaw drop upon seeing NIDHOGG wrestle with the forces behind Dimitri, and brought up a keypad, typing quickly, "Here, this should help. It's a scrambler. Hit something with it, and it's code will start going haywire!"

Dimitri bounced up and down in anticipation for the gift, and looked down in confusion when he saw something materialize in his off hand.

"Use that to hold her off, I got some research to do...."

Dimitri looked at the weapon with curiosity, but shrugged, and pointed it at the Lich, firing off a few rounds in an attempt to get used to the dratted thing.

In the meantime, Teri typed away on her computer, consulting Google for shrunken dead dragon women from Eberron...

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg was happy to have some of the pressure off of him finally, and decided that giving David range was the last thing he wanted at this moment, and swooped down, the sharp tail at the ready for David...

Ton Ton didn't let it on, as he was a tough little bugger himself, but Devon was indeed starting to get light hits on him... Most likely on part of him going 1 v 1 with the bard. This needed to change quickly. With a little shake of the lantern, Ton Ton 'sent' another message to his pact partner; letting him know to start dive bombing between the two men while shooting something out of his mouth, be it fire, lightning or nothing at all. The change in routine was what mattered.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

The Lich immediately started by sunnning a massive amount of Acid Rain on the area with the converted troops, burning through the coding with ease and crippling those forces while she sent a massive bolt of necrotic energy at the charging Nidhogg.

The shots from the Scrambler hurt a fraction, but the massive amount of death in the air, most of it from her fallen pawns, revitalized her. Even if this was just a fragment, one didn't get to live for over 2600 years without learning a few tricks. Honestly, it didn't matter to her whether or not the Emerald claw members fell - They would hinder the programs, and any damage they took would heal her.

"Come now, wisp of man! You think your pitiful efforts will change anything? That hand guiding you... Teri, was it? She will not help you at all here. This is my domain, and you will not stop me. And soon, I will show that pathetic attempt of a demigod what misery is." Her scornful voice radiated power, and she chanted a quickened barrier spell to resist the weaker attempts to tear down her code.

Med Bay - Teri

After a short search, Teri came across the webpage of Erandis Vol. It was a relatively easy search, but it didn't offer many weaknesses for Teri to exploit. Still, if that were a memory, why wouldn't Slindis mention it? One would think killing a Lich would be something notable.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon decided to focus more on the movements he was taking in the battle again. If he was going to perfect this, he'd have to get more experience with that and learn a bit more of the flow of a fight. With that, he gave another swipe at Ton-Ton, but he was stopped by a blast of fire from Cadolbolg, scorching the jacket of the outfit in the process. Even though he'd somehow managed to get Kurumu to make a few extra suit outfits, he still had to be careful.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Taking advantage of the injuries he'd caused thus far, Rugal pressed on, managing to get where he needed to be: Right in their faces.
Using his famed skill, he managed to parry several incoming attacks before pouncing on the downed Vampire with the broken leg and plunging his fist into it's throat with enough force to allow his slashing aura to part his head from his neck.
Once he was finished, he looked towards the Younger Slindis and stated "Go! I have this!", keen to get her out of possible harms way.

While the real Slindis knew that they wouldn't harm her, there was no way for Rugal to know that.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

David let out a cry of pain as his eyes were blinded by the Light from Melethia's hammer.
He was forced on his knees as he tried to ease the stinging in his eyes with no-success.
This added to the growing anger and frustration, resulting in David using his Wrist Gun to spam bullets in all directions, uncaring of who he hit.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

"Come now, wisp of man! You think your pitiful efforts will change anything? That hand guiding you... Teri, was it? She will not help you at all here. This is my domain, and you will not stop me. And soon, I will show that pathetic attempt of a demigod what misery is."

Dimitri decided to ignore the lich's comment, or at least, try really hard to; and began sending coordinates to the terminal that he was currently investigating to Teri; in hopes that the transfer process could go a few microseconds faster if she jacked in directly to the place of the problem. After doing this, he sent YAMATA_NO_OROCHI to the front line (repairs fully done) and took note of how the dying soldiers were bolstering the lich's strength. With that in mind, Dimitri called out to PRINCIPALITY; "Heard them away from the commander! I'll quarantine them in a moment! Madam, a quarantine program would be nice right about now!

As for you, rude dragon woman; I will not stand for the petty threats you spew! Begone from this place!"

In the meantime, NIDHOGG tanked the necrotic blasts as it continued it's charge. Whether or not it hurt the dragon, was apparent from the wounds, but the creature certainly didn't show it. Tearing through the forces, the beast slammed it's bulk against Elanis, and began the withered wrestling match this side of the digital sea. YAMATA_NO_OROCHI began doing what it could to aid PRINCIPALITY in hoarding the Pawns, converts and Elanis' hoards away from the Lich; both using their combined powers

Med Bay - Teri

Getting the coordinates and the small plea of help, Teri had already begun her advance to the terminal; climbing atop Garm and patting the wolf to get him to speed along. As this went on, she couldn't help but shake her head and mutter aloud, "A lich! Jesus Christ, what did he get himself into?!"

Stowing Sadei under an arm, Teri pulled out the stylus and scribbled in a quick idea for a program; and upon hitting "Enter" (and feeling another portion of energy drain away), she had sent to Dimitri the quarantine program desired; it appearing off to the side of the battle between Elannis, Dimitri and NIDHOGG.

As various troops began wandering towards the great beast, they found they were being absorbed, and subsequently deleted; but not in a manner that aided in Elannis' growth...

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Ton Ton used the opportunity to wallop David in the side with his lantern; a move that was no doubt painful to the already blinded marksman. However, this was not without a price. Upon hitting David a few times; it gave the Irishman ample time to feel for where the Tonberry was, and was able to get a few shots on Ton Ton. The chain and the feather under his cloak held firm; but the Tonberry could not deny the pain of the strikes, and a light grunt escaped his lips(?) as he felt the bullets strike him.

"Too sloopy! Goodness, I shouldn't be getting hit so much!"

Cadolbolg swooped in to help Ton Ton, and brought his tail down on David's head to show what for.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

The younger Slindis had glossed-over eyes as Rugal could feel the energy from the left arm building up and issuing forth in a burst, sending grease through one of the ceiling stones and giving some much needed natural light to the room. Now, Rugal may not have fought Eberron Zombies before, but he knew well wnough that Vampires did not like light. ANd unfortunately for another vampire, it was directly in the sunlight and dissipated into a rusty smelling cloud.

With that move, the younger SLindis fainted as the real Slin jumped down there and tossed another Vampire into the light. They had to finish this up soon, and Rugal could detect the ripples of a fairly powerful magic spell in the sky above.


Erandis began scorching Nidhogg's hide to get it to release her, throwing blasts of acid and necrotic code at its hide while she waited for the boost of energy from her minions deaths. However, due to the forced march of the large majority into Atomos' maw, she was found wanting in vain. She'd been figured out, and all before she could gain access to the rest of the computers!
"That's it. If I must fall, then so will the rest of the ship!" She gathered even more necrotic code, trying to struggle out of Nidhogg's grasp so she could demolish Dimitri.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Melethia was caught off guard and hit with a few shots from the wrist gun, and she went to sweep David's feet out from under him.

Meanwhile, Devon finally stopped watching the fight and just got in the flow of the fight, feeling its motion as he swept in and went for some more accurate strikes on Ton-Ton. The timing of the strikes also lent a good bit of unexpected force behind the blows, meaning it would pack a good bit of force.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

David let out a satisfied grunt once he finally got a hit on what could honestly be the slowest moving target in the entire room. (I mean, even before the pact, Tonberrys were never really the most mobile...)
Despite this, Melethia managed to land the sweep and down him, giving him her position as his vision returned.
Getting back up to take the shot, he shouted "SUCK ON THIS YOU, STUPID LITTLE BI-"
A shift tail to the back of the head was enough to finish the job as David's face reunited with the ground.
"....Mr West?.....Mr. West....
Ton Ton walked over and lifted the Mark-man's arm, watching it flop lifelessly back onto the ground afterwards.
He was alive, but out for the count.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri

Rugal's eye-sockets stinged a little when the light came in and above his sunglasses, prompting him to push them back up as the sounds of burning undead reached him.
He also felt the energy drain out of Slindis's younger self before she fell on the floor.
Moving to assist her, something big was incoming, he wasn't sure what, but he didn't want to find out.
Keen to clear house quickly, He added onto the property damage that she caused by firing off a few Hado-Kens around the breach, widening it slightly.

He then rushed over and picked up the passed out paladin before shouting "Something is happening. We need to get out of here, Now!"
He then went to make his way out, holding Slindis's younger self as he did.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

Teri finally made her way to the Terminal and wasted no time in plugging in her Tablet; calling up Dimitri in the proccess,

"Everything holding up alright in there?"

Dimitri shot a glance at the wrestling lich and dragon; as well as SEIRYU attempting to spread it's cloying effects on the lich. Whether or not this was successful, Dimitri was not certain; but he didn't like the threat the woman had sent a moment ago,

"Some more aid would be nice! Preferably more range, if you'd be so kind!"

Teri wracked her brains at the thought of what weaponry to give the AI, and then thought that perhaps upgrades would prove a bit more fruitful than out right creating new things; and worked to typing up what her ideas were in mind...

A moment later, Dimitri noticed that the BARRETT had somehow gained a clip that stuck out of the side; and a SCOUTER materialized over one eye.

"I think zombies hate fire; so I gave you some flame rounds; aka, concentrated firewalls. Hopefully, if you get enough in her, they'll start freezing up her processing cycles and you'll be able to shove her into ATOMOS. As for the SCOUTER, you should be able to use that to exploit whatever weaknesses she has about her. Just weaken her and get her into ATOMOS. Then we should have this under control. Lemme know if you need anything else!"


And with that, Dimitri took aim again, and began firing off the Flame Rounds at the lich; in hopes that it would do as Her Ladyship said...

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

After David was dragged to the side of combat, training resumed again; Ton Ton finding himself under assault of Devon; and noticed that his footwork had greatly improved; as well as his swings! While the Tonberry was used to hurt, it was a tad unexpected from Devon; who he had known previously to use weak but quick strikes. Add a bit of power, and the Tonberry knew he was getting a run for his money. However, this did please the little green guy; as it meant Devon had vastly improved!

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, moved to fight in conjunction with Ton Ton; not knowing if Melethia would take his side or not. Reverting back to lightning, Cadolbolg opened his maw and began zapping whereever he could manage.

Matt had gotten his fill of adrenaline and was ready to get back on the ship. The problem was that the ship was about 250 feet above the ground. Just then someone who's face was hidden behind a black helmet with an atom design on it pulled up next to him on dirt bike. "Hey man, nice riding out there. Especially the move you pulled while in falling through the sky,"the guy told him. "Thanks; of course now I can't get back on the ship," Matt told him a, little distressed.

"No problem. I have some powers that could help you out," the stranger told him. Just then a very large but thin platform made of some material that was constantly moving appeared in front of Matt, instantly making him cautious about the stranger. "Just drive your ATV onto the platform and I can take you to the ship," the stranger said as he himself drove onto it. Matt slowly drove his ATV on it and when it didn't give way or explode beneath him he relaxed a little. Then the platform began to lift off the ground and move toward the ship.

Matt directed him to the hangar where he got off the platform. "Come inside with me, I want to get you a drink for helping me out greatly," Matt told him. The stranger agreed and drove into the hangar, the platform disappearing behind him. He got off the bike but didn't remove the helmet. When Matt asked him about it, he said he liked his anonymity. Matt shrugged off as some eccentric CEO wishing to stay hidden. Matt led the stranger to the canteen. What he didn't see was the mysterious man planting a small device out of sight.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

Rugal and Slindis were able to flee with the Younger Slindis to see what exactly Rugal had sensed earlier - a fairly large magical shockwave followed by a young child with forest-green hair badly wounded by multiple slashes to her body. The two immediately recognized the girl for who it was - Melethia.

In addition, Rugal could see some text through his Aura Sense, and there was a rather large amount of magical energy behind it. The Aberration returning to the Tomb coated in the blood of allies heralds the return of Death.


Meanwhile, Erandis' strength was being drained by the Nidhogg, and she conjured up another Acidic Rain spell. It did rather well at eroding the casing of the Firewall bullets, but those that got through hurt Erandis quite a bit. There was also the Cloying effect of Seiryu quickly taking hold making it even harder for her to conjure up more necrotic blasts. Those she did fire off had much less potency now, although getting access to her followers again would only serve to revitalize her.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Melethia jumped in to face Cadolbolg, more than willing to test her reflexes against the lightning while the Bard still had the energy to fight Ton-Ton. That and it was a lot of fun to see what her Allies would work with. They were good, that much was certain.

Devon continued in that trancelike dance for a minute, striking Ton-Ton with a sizable amount of force and taking a good bit of damage as well before he finally wore himself out. The main thing was that Devon had finally learned the technique that he'd been working on since he'd started with Caim. After that, he plopped Down and Cast a Cure Serious Wounds to patch up his injured legs as he took a breather.

Devon has mastered the Snowflake Wardance! For a number of rounds equal to his Dance Ranks (12, or a minute and 18 seconds), Devon adds his Charisma modifier as well as his Strength modifier to attacks while using a one handed slashing weapon! Afterwards, though, he becomes fatigued for the next ten minutes.

Uses one Bardic Song.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

Rugal stopped dead in his tracks in awe of what the message said, it WAS all just a set up and she was right in the middle of it.
But most of all, the fact Melethia was involved.
"...the blood of allies...heralds the return of Death..." He repeated to himself, Slindis being able to hear it.
He then quickly doubled back to pick up the young elf as well as still holding her soon-to-be mother, carrying the pair together in his arms as he and Slindis made their way out.
"...I think I understand now...Whatever Melethia had...they needed you to awaken..."

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Archangel Wing | Room 1789.
Time: ???.

After a large numerous hours of sleep. The superhuman Spartan known as Storm-178, who is not of this world opened his eyes to a non-shocking image of his AI partner, Alpha (Who was Hatsune Miku) was lying on the bed next to him. "Morning sleepy head." She grinned but somehow her cheeks were pulled by a sleepy Storm. "Mmmmnnnnnnnnn" She moaned as her partner fell off the bed and got up from the room's ground.

"Good, I thought you were a dream." Storm said with an angel like smile and he strode into the bathroom to get ready. In a few minutes the Spartan and AI began to walk to the ship's canteen, "I wonder if they have miso soup?" Storm's apatite began to come forward in his mind.

Yu Narukami.
Location: Personaverse | Japan | Tokyo/City.
Time: 3 Pm.

The sun was starting to lower and Yu Narukami (Protagonist from Persona 4) looked upon the city landscape and then back onto the ground. He had started missing Inaba a long time ago, not just because he misses his friends, girlfriend, the adventure or the super meat bowl challenge, but he missed the landscape and peaceful setting too. A sigh emerged from our protagonist's mouth, though a small calling came into his mind.

"I am thou ... Thou art I... The time shall come once again."

Yu quickly shook the thoughts off quickly but some how naturally his fist was clenched just like when he summoned his Persona, he only wanted to never repeat those events again. "We were lucky. Those Persona could cause more trouble then good." He said coldly to himself as he began to walk to his family home.

Shaun and Tomoya.
Location: Key Universe | Japan | Hikarizara (Tomoya's hometown).
Time: 5 Pm.

The sun was at the border of the horizon in this growing town. The blue haired man and the younger boy were looking outside the balcony. "You are really lucky. You have a great child, a great wife and was granted mercy, I wish I could at least get the second one!" Shaun's head started to hang but was comforted by Tomoya who laughed quickly.

"Don't worry, one day you shall find the one you seek." Tomoya offered these words. The boy author and writer known as Shaun nodded towards his first creation and smiled with determination. In the next couple of minutes and Shaun was now outside the Okazaki family's door and the small three person family were saying goodbye. Shaun was glad to meet the people who Tomoya cared about.

"Shaun-san have a nice trip." Nagisa, Tomoya's wife said.
"Shaun~" Ushio their daughter said as she pulled the author's top.

Shaun offered a smiled as Tomoya decided to walk him down the stairs.
"So, are you going home now?
"I'm going to try, though I have no idea what can happen. If you need to get some protection you can get it from my room."
"See you later." Tomoya said with a smiling face as the author began to disappear from sight.
"Indeed~!" Shaun gave a thumbs up as his partials had finally faded from that world.

Location: Fire Emblem Universe | Ylisse | The Ylisse Army camp (Outside Fort Steiger).
Time: 7:45 Pm.

The Ylisse camp was quiet as camp came around.
People trained.
People learned.
Families gathered.
And husband and wife were having a romantic evening together.

Though for one person in the Ylisse army, the work was never done.
"So if I combine these two that will ... good." A smiled appeared on Shorn the grandmaster tactician, as he had finally formed his plan for tomorrow. A rustle came from a near by bush.

In a blink of an eye a silver blade was pointed at the bush, and a person who looked almost like him came out of the bush. "Who are you? Shorn said to the boy. "Umm ... wrong dimension ... and a bad one at that." Shaun sighed as he got up slowly. "Dimension? Did you come here with the others? Shorn asked him another question.

"This may seem weird but ... I kinda created you. The name is Shaun."
"Huh, Shaun ... but I am Shorn." Shorn said back to his creator, he could sense the truth coming off his words. "Let me explain."

30 minutes of explaining later.

"That ... is a strange story indeed, I must take you to Chrom."
"Wait ... WHAT!?" Shaun said as he was dragged along to war.
A sigh spat out in both men's minds.
Shorn wanted to see his wife.
And Shaun didn't want to be involved in this war from this perspective.

Canteen: Jenny, Angelus, Caim, Matt, ???, Storm, Alpha

After some idle chat with the Pact Partners, Jenny was enjoying a rather nice salad when Storm and Alpha waltzed in.
"~Mhmmmm-hello you two~ *Glup* Have a nice rest?" she asked with her mouth full.
It was also around this time that Matt and his unknown guest took a seat towards the back, she dismissed it as him just talking business with a client, she met a few merc types before, though it was mostly for help with Shellshock back at her clinic.
"So Tell me...How have you two been?" she asked as she kept eating, hoping to start a conversation.

"So tell me what else you can do with your powers," Matt asked the stranger as he handed him a beer. While Matt thought he was going to remove his helmet, he instead only removed the part that was covering his mouth, still leaving his face hidden. "Well I can make simple weapons like a sword or an axe without too much effort," the stranger said as a sword and an axe appeared between them. "I can also make miniature monsters that require all of my attention," the stranger said. Just then a small orb appeared before them on the table. It then began to take the shape of a monster no taller than a beer bottle. Every 20 seconds it would change to a different one. Of course if anyone was paying attention to them, they would recognize the monsters that someone had unleashed on the world.

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