The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Canteen: Jenny, Angelus, Caim, Matt, ???, Storm, Alpha

Caim had wandered off at this point, animatedly sending messages to Furiae on the PDA while Angelus maintained cordial conversation with Jenny. Upon the sight of the new arrivals, the dragon gave a nod of acknowledgement, and kept an open ear to any response.

"As always, this ship has it's tendencies to draw in all sorts of men...."

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

Teri watched with held breath as NIDHOGG and the lich continued wrestling about; as well as Dimitri firing off the rounds, he finally got a readout on the Lich:

Strong against acid, cold and electricity. will regenerate if just killed.

"Uh oh... Milady? There seems to be a small issue... It says on the scouter that she won't remain permanently deceased."

"Shit! I forgot about the phylactery..."

Dimitri's brow furrowed in confusion as his mind went through the common defintions of the word, "A Jewish prayer scroll pouch? why would this being have one?"

Teri shook her head as she began typing vigorously, already beginning to feel the toll of Authoring on her, sweat beginning to bead on her forehead, "Different meaning. Liches keep their souls locked away in seperate objects, called phylacteries. They're a real bitch to kill cause of that; cause they'll regenerate if it's not destroyed. Now, I'm going to give you an upgrade.... It requires a command word to activate, destroys ANY data it hits; so be careful about that; and has a 15 second recharge. Be careful with this...."

Dimitri felt a surge of power wash over him, as well as an itching feeling in his throat as the command words for the attack filled his mind... WHAT KIND OF COMMAND WAS THAT?! With indigination, he called out to his Lady,

"You cannot be serious! This is... So undignified!"

Teri wobbled a little after the upgrade was Written into existence, and growled, "Deal with it. It was the first thing I could think of. Now get NIDHOGG off of her and use the command!"

Shaking his head in disbelief, Dimitri did as he was instructed; as well as directing PRINCIPALITY and YAMATA_NO_OROCHI in herding the armies to ATOMOS; and commanded NIDHOGG to get out of the way. When the dragon releneted, and the lich looked at Dimitri in confusion; the AI had already begun reciting the command words, his mouth hanging a bit wider than usual when he cried out:

"Activate Upgrade: Data Killer - Shoop da Whoop; Access Key: 'IMMA FIRING MAH LAZER'!"

Upon the activation of this command; a brilliant light began to build from the back of the AI's throat; and a shining LAZER began to speedily make it's way to the Lich's path; and quickly.

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Cadolbolg matched blades with Melethia; using his sharp tail as an adequate blade, using his airborne status to keep up with the elven child. After another close parry; Cadolbolg breathed in deep, and shot a bolt of lightning at the girl.

Meanwhile, as Devon patched himself up, Ton Ton wandered over and gave him a pat on the back, "You did very well, Mr. Devon. That dance of yours was the key to your victory there. Tell me, where did you get the idea?"


Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

The blast from the LAZER completely annihilated the Lich, simultaneously deleting her followers in the process. Dimirti's fellow programs had been rather injured, but it was nothing that couldn't be healed off in time through that newly found CHANSEY.EXE doing her magic. With that, the simulation began to stabilize again, bringing a semblance of peace to that mess.


Slindis took a moment before speaking up as they moved over to a small campsite that had been made. Nothing too extravagant, but it was still somewhere safe.

"Rugal, thank you for doing what you did there. And since you're going to be her father, it's time that you know a bit more on her. Now, I know it's odd, but what I am about to discuss can't leave here. Don't even tell Teri." She gave some time for Rugal to think on it as the younger Slindis faded off to leave Melethia there.

"Now, this had happened at separate times, but this is where I found Melethia. And the Death you're speaking of probably refers to her Mark. Take a look here on her left shoulder blade. See that design right there? That's the Dragonmark of Death. I didn't know it until I did some research in the older libraries of Thrane when I was called there on official business, but it's a bit like my own in that it would make her known in some circles were she not careful." Some time was spent healing some of the various injuries on Melethia, and it was amazing that Melethia had even lived through all of this.

"I would have spent more time keeping an eye on her in Stormreach, but it was right after that when the Emerald Claw made a huge presence in the city - looking for her, no doubt. I never found the connection, but whoever it was had an incredible amount to gain through gaining it. Thanks to their presence, I couldn't keep a good eye on her, either. Considering I'm here with you right now, you can guess how well that turned out..."

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Melethia was able to instinctively dodge the lightning bolt and went in for some more swipes, showing Cadolbolg that maybe using his breath weapons wouldn't be good with such a dodgy opponent. SHe also went in for a few more slices which were again parried by Cadolbolg's tail. It was a fun little test of Cadolbolg's abilities, and Melethia also got an idea of how to fight a flying opponent that wanted to stay in close.

Devon finally finished healing himself up and started patching David up as he talked to Ton-Ton. "Well, I wanted to find a way to use what Caim taught me, and somehow I think I overthought the whole thing. I was looking for the tells when I realized that just like everything, battle has a rhythm. It's a bit tiring to focus on that rhythm, but while I can keep it up, I think it could catch people by surprise." After taking a bit, he picked up Ton-Ton and put him on his shoulder.

"Feel like wrapping this up and getting a bite to eat?" He spoke loudly enough so the others could hear him, and he felt it was a good idea considering how much was put into the training.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

Rugal seemed unfazed by the confession, They had stranger encounters, that's for sure.
All he could think about was Melethia as the Holograpic copy in his arms also faded.
"...I see...and I understand. Thank you for telling me, For showing me all this. Couldn't have been easy..." He said as they sat in their simulated Jungle camp.
He offered his hand to hold hers for a moment before he added "Know this, nothing that occurred then was your fault. It was their, no one elses. Remember that. Now...We can't change the past, but we still have our future ahead of us."

The Jungle then faded back into the metal confines of their training room.
"Now then...about those memories we planned on making..." He smirked as the pair of them left the training room, his arm wrapped around her.
As they left, They saw a tired looking Teri slumped on Garm.
"Oh, Evening Dear. Miss us?" He asked, completely unaware of what she and Dimitri just went though.

Training Room Simulation: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

"Oh, Evening Dear. Miss us?"

Teri snorted at the question, and waved a weak hand to Dimitri's Tablet, "If you'd be so kind?"

The AI easily took to the task, and explained in full the recent turn of events whilst Slindis and Rugal were in the training room,

"...So as you can imagine, Her Ladyship and I have been quite busy while you're away."

Teri laughed at the AI's comment, and answered sarcastically, "Oh, you know, just destroyed a digital lich, no biggie! I gotta start somewhere, right? Speaking of, Dimitri, use the Scouter to find the phylactery. If she functions like the real thing, then we need to get rid of that too. Otherwise this whole BS will start up again...."

"Understood... Also, there appears to be a new member in our ranks. A CHANSEY.EXE; which is a repair program. I've already scanned it, and it has no malignant attachments or functions outside of repair and a high tolerance against deletion. It's actually quite friendly..."

"Noted. Let her in the Tablet if you'd like."

Turning to her parents, she gave a tired smile, "You two holding up alright yourselves? Gimme a sec and I can call up the Aura...."

Before they could protest, Teri had already burned the turn attempt, and positive energy began to seep into their wounds. However, it looked like it made the Cleric feel a little bit worse in the process....

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

"Feel like wrapping this up and getting a bite to eat?"

Ton Ton gave a happy grunt in the back of his throat, "One of those submarine sandwichs sounds yummy... I could go for a footlong myself. What about you, Cadolbolg?"

The turtle dragon baby gave a polite bow to Melethia after the sparring ended, "You are very good at weaponry Friend Melethia. I can see why Father likes being around you."

After that, he flew over to Devon and Ton Ton's side and landed on his favorite spot on any person (the head) and gave a yawn; "Hmn... I want something hot and spicy. I wonder what applies?"

Outside the training room: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

When they got out, Slindis heard Teri and Dimitri's story and calmly said, "Teri, we're fine. The Vampires hardly touched us... Still, I don't know why you were fighting Raiyum in the datascape." Dimitri already knew that wasn't the same person he'd fought and could see it was a barefaced lie.

She stood near Rugal and put a hand on Teri's shoulder. "You should get some rest so we can train you properly. Is there anything else we need to talk about?"

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Melethia nodded while she lifted David up. "Thanks for trainin' with me, Turtleskin! It helped with me an' seein' how we can make that gun better." With that, she carried him to the Medbay, and he was more bulky than heavy. Until he woke up, she stayed near him while doing some work on the gun bracer.


Devon nodded. "I was going to invite Mel, but I think we could get some spicy toasted subs. Sound like a plan?"

Boss raised his hand. "I like subs!"

The other five battered, bruised, and injured people with unspeakable contempt.

"Well...I...don't like fighting. Food is good, though."

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon calmed down after the man brought up the idea. "I'm up for it. Thanks for watching at least, man." He was still more than a bit worn out after the fight, but otherwise in a good mood.

Outside the training room: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

Rugal watched as Teri grew more and more faint-looking.
"Teri, just go and rest up. If you have been using your powers, you should give yourself the chance to recover before doing anything else." He said as he helped to steady the cleric, hoping she didn't over do it.

Medical Bay: David

Melethia worked on as David rested, a large bump now on the back of his head from getting whacked so hard.
Anyone with even minor first aid training could see he was alright, His pride took more of a beating then he did.

Outside the training room: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri
"Teri, just go and rest up. If you have been using your powers, you should give yourself the chance to recover before doing anything else."
"You should get some rest so we can train you properly. Is there anything else we need to talk about?"

Teri could already see Dimitri's silent protests on her Tablet screen, and she took them into account quietly. However, as she forced herself onto Garm's back again to avoid falling over; she remembered the staff in her hands, and the questions that came of it. If Melethia felt a connection to Sadei, then there had to be something with Slindis... Right?

After finding secure seating on Garm she gave a small nod and released the concentration of positive energy from herself, allowing her aura to revert back to normal.

"Okay... I'll go to bed then. But first, Mum? Can I talk to you for a little bit? I'll give her back soon, Dad, promise."

With that, she patted the wolf's side lightly in a motion to go, and looked to Slindis to follow her.

In the meantime, Dimitri set to work fixing up the bit of a mess he made in the digital scape; the Scouter working effectively in locating the Phylactery to destroy. With that out of the way, CHANCEY made things a snap; and Dimitri soon found himself at the surface of the programs, where CERBERUS waited faithfully. Re-storing the dog with the rest of his old companions along with his arsenal, Dimitri closed the hole to the core of the programming, and began his digital wandering of the ship once again... Perhaps he'd visit Vermillion and give her the story on what had recently happened?

Training Room: Devon, Melethia, David, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

The two Cuties gleamed happily at the thought of food, and waited impatiently for Devon to take them to the Canteen.

Boss and Edge's Quarters

Rain Art: Heal - Level 5 Art:
Precisely what it sounds like. Rejuvenating water, when used properly, has the power to heal all wounds.

Requires cool, clear water to preform.

There was no better cure for a hangover than Heal. Literally none. Edge would know, he tried all of them. Not for years, not since...well...but nothing had ever come close to actually curing a bad hangover like Heal.

Edge was sitting on his cot; his bandolier of throwing knives, a pair of daggers, and several other sharp things were lying on a small table beside his cot, his swords were leaning against it, and his mask and gloves were sitting on the cot next to him. A large basin, three-fourths full of water, was at his feet; Edge was leaning over it, and a glowing tendril of water appeared to be going from the basin to his forehead.

The day did not get off to a good start. He had woken up with the mother of all hangovers, and had thrown up twice before actually getting enough water to heal himself. Beer had always been his one weakness, especially terrible beer. He should have healed himself before he went to bed, and maybe he shouldn't have drank as much, but...

Edge looked down at his hand. Bright purple tattoos, arranged in a beautiful waving, looping pattern, ran from his fingertips to his forearms, and maybe longer; his sleeves covered the rest.

Some wounds just can't be healed. Not by time or fate. Edge thought. He would remind himself of this from time to time, although he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was just moping. Maybe it was The Tree. Maybe it was Master; his death had hit Edge pretty hard. It was almost like the end of an age, even though it technically wasn't, and that age had ended maybe 400 years before.

It doesn't matter. Edge thought. Learn from the past, don't regret it. There's work to be done, and soon. I just have to get rid of this damned hangover first. Just a couple more minutes...

Outside the training room: Slindis, Rugal, Dimitri, Teri

Slindis let Rugal go off to catch a break as she went to a side hallway with Teri. "What do we need to talk about, Teri? Me and Rugal just had our fair share of fighting in that memory simulator, but I'm not so tired that I can't hear you out."

Training Room: Devon, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon walked with the Cutie Bruisers and led the way to the Canteen. "Thanks for helping me with bit, guys, I was stumped on that, but you didn't give up on it. It means a decent bit to me, and I'll return the favor by getting you something good to eat."

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Slindis let Rugal go off to catch a break as she went to a side hallway with Teri. "What do we need to talk about, Teri? Me and Rugal just had our fair share of fighting in that memory simulator, but I'm not so tired that I can't hear you out."

Teri gave a grateful nod to her teacher, and waved a hand for Slindis to follow her. After a few minutes of walking, they eventually ended up at Teri's quarters, to which the trio entered without difficulty. Sitting on the bed, Teri patted the side for Slindis to follow suit; and Garm took his usual spot at Teri's feet, head sitting on paws instead of it's usual spot on the bed.

Teri took a look at Sadei, and sent, "Here goes... Hey buddy? I need you to do me a favor. I want you to talk to somebody with me. I'll be here the whole time, promise. Just trust me, okay?"

That was when she rested the staff on both of their laps, and motioned for Slindis to grab on, "Hopefully, she'll listen... But the reason I brought you here is because I think there's someone in this staff who knows you. She seems to recognize Melethia, and the applied to Mel herself. Since you've had her long before I did, I figured the two of us could try to work this mystery out. However, I'm gonna need you to grab a hold of the staff to talk to her. She can't communicate otherwise. Isn't that right, friend?"

Training Room: Devon, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

As they wandered towards the canteen, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg gave happy cheers at the thought of treated food; and Ton Ton turned back to the stranger who did not spar, "You know, you never answered my question, Mr. Boss. Are you friends with anybody on the Dawn? Your presence seems well received..."

"Oh!" Boss said. "Well..."

"I was on this ship awhile back, but most of the people were different. There's still Matt, but there was a guy named Phoenix, There was Dillion, there was a guy named Tomoya, a girl named Toumu, a french snail, Solid Snake was with us for awhile, and...a handful of other people I never got to know. Does that answer your question?"

Outside the training room: Slindis, Teri, Garm

Slindis nodded as she grabbed the staff, hesitantly thinking out. So, what exactly's supposed to happen here...

It was around that time that Sadei chimed in to the both of them. ...I know you. ANd not from the shoving me in a bag with that vampire, either.

Slindis was more than a bit shocked because the voice felt extremely familiar. If you don't mind me asking, what do you call yourself?

Sadei, Slindis. That's my name. The Paladin slowly backed up, doing her best to conceal her shock at what had been found out. Still, Teri could see that her teacher was more than a bit rattled.

Training Room: Devon, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon responded to Boss' statement, musing along the way. 'Must have been a while because the only name I recognized there was Tomoya. Long story short, he's at his home now."

"Oh." Boss said, obviously disappointed. "Well that's good. I think. Is that good?"

"Probably a good thing, yeah."

Edge walked out of the hallway in front of them. "Heading to the canteen? I could use a bite."

"How's that hangover treating you?" Boss asked. Realizing the others might not have met Edge he turned around and introduced him. "Uhh...this is Edge, a friend of mine. He travels around with me."

"Howdy." Edge said. "And ninjas don't get hangovers. We going?"


Sighing as Slindis and Teri walked off, Rugal made his way back to the Canteen, somewhat annoyed at just how often something always came up when he tried to get some alone time outside of the usual Adventure crap.
He wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't certainly something that'd make her feel even worse.
Still, there would be another time.

So he entered the Canteen, in plain sight of Boss and Edge, unaware that they were part of the team that raided the Blacknoah back in the day.
They watched as the former Super Villain got a water bottle from the cooler.


"...uhhhh....ohhhhhhh....aaaaahhhhhhhh...." David groaned as he felt himself in a similar situation.
"...Man....Thursday already?...." He groaned as he painfully opened his eyes, the light of the Med Bay blinding him.
Getting up from the bed, he ignored all else as his head was ringing and he was dead set on making his hangover cure (Despite the fact he was only knocked out)

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Canteen.
Time: ???.

When the duo entered the fine-smelling establishment, Storm immediately began to look around the kitchen to find himself something to cook, though in the end he seemed that he finally grabbed himself a nice 'healthy' pack of five minute noodles and shove them in the microwave. "Is it me or do we need to restock?" The Spartan said as the fine mechanical machine began to spin around indicating it had began to cook. "Looks healthy. Gonna pack on some new pounds?" Alpha teased.

A growling like face appeared on Storm as he sighed and pulled the finished noodles from the microwave and set it on a tray, the two began to walk across the room, anyone could spot that the two were close and in a very close and deep relationship. Though Jenny caught the two out by asking "Have a nice rest?".

Quickly the holograph fazed away from reality into Storm's pocket.
He sighed as he put down he tray and sat down onto the table and pulled out his phone.
Storm tapped the glass twice, "You can't stay in there forever!" He said to the object.
Another sigh was breathed out and Storm faced Jenny. "Sorry about that, she is still scared of people it looks like ... ah, and I thought this kind of environment would help her ... I care about her a little too much." He winked as the phone on the table vibrated slightly.

"Heh, I got a reaction out of her." Storm had a satisfied smirk as he pulled out some chop-sticks and began eating his noodles naturally as if he was actually Japanese. (Well he is half Japanese)


Jenny couldn't help but smirk at Alpha's "Shy Girl" routine.
"Yeah, I remember when I was like that...I wouldn't worry about it. She'll open up when she's ready." she said, personal experience and clinical training (More personal experience) thought her that much.
After finishing her salad, she wiped her hands before handling Storm's phone, prompting Alpha to panickly bring up the "Slide to unlock" screen, minus the Slide to unlock.
"Heeheehee, Amazing isn't it? How so full of life and personality most of these "A.I."s really are..." she said before putting the phone back down on the table.
"So, you two been together long? She seems quite attached to you."

"So tell me, what's your name?" Matt asked the stranger after the last monster disappeared. "Well I only give my real name to my most trusted people. For now you can call me Gamma, like the radiation. It's from my study of gamma ray bursts, one of the most destructive naturally occuring events in the universe. Even one that only lasted about four seconds would annihilate Earth. First it would punch through the magnetosphere like it wasn't there and then just fry all life on Earth. But enough about that, who are you and the rest of these people?" Gamma asked him in return.

"Well them plus some others are the heroes of the Rising Dawn, defenders of Earth and all that nonsense. I am Matt Hargreave, assassin and leader of an army of mercenaries and just along for the ride," Matt said with a little bit of pride. "That's interesting. You know I heard a rumor that a villain still eludes them. I think his name was Kenneth Black or something like that," Gamma said with a slight smirk.

Med Bay (Surprisingly more popular than the Canteen) - Melethia and David

As David woke up, Melethia dimmed the lights in the med bay a bit and handed some pills to David along with a small drink. "Here ya are, Keeneye. The drink's a bit bitter, but it an' the pills should help the headache. Sorry about the flash in there... I just wanted how ya'd work around that. Ya did pretty good for that.Still, I went an' added somethin' like that on the wristgun."

The drink would be like having an orange juice that had the rind included - bitter, but still easily drinkable. The pills would also help a lot with the soreness. Apparently on a ship where alcohol flowed more than water, hangovers were a common occurrence.

Training Room: Devon, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon nodded, looking rather comical with the Tonberry and dragonn riding on him. "I don't see why not." He walked in the canteen to see the scene already in process and shook his head bemusedly as he went to take a seat next to Storm.

"So, what kind of noodles are those, Storm?" His clothing was still torn up from the training earlier, but otherwise in a good mood.

Med Bay - Melethia and David

"Uhhhh...Thanks kid..." David groaned as he quickly knocked back the pills and juice without a seconds delay.
He then used the cool glass as a crude ice pack for the lump on his head as he watched Melethia bring out the wrist gun.
"You've been working on it while I was out?...And I thought I was the "Keen" one..." He joked as he took another look at it.
"Well, the gun works, hellva a job you did there. I say any faults were user error, I mean, How else does this thing miss the slowest moving person on this ship?" (Ton Ton) He said, sighing that the Lizard got the better of him.

Med Bay - Melethia and David

Melethia shook her head. "Nah, ya did really good out there. I just didn't think to balance it out well for up close an' personal. Besides, it was the first time ya'd ever used somethin' like that. I took a look at some guns when we were on that thing in the desert, an' the kickback doesn't throw off aim like that."

She handed him the wrist gun, and it was a good bit lighter than before. "We wanted it to be lighter, but it still needed to be tough. So, I went an' did a 80-20 mix of Mithril an' adamantine. Reworked the recoil dampener, so that should stop the kickback. Not to mention that Everbright flash along with that laser ya were talkin' about." Although the talk was enthusiastic, she did make sure to be quieter than usual to help with the head pain that she thought David might still be feeling.

"An' if ya don't like how it works, we can redo it. Maybe we can also pull out that shotgun we saw at that base, huh?"By that, she was meaning the gun that the two had seen at the Lightbringer base before.

Med Bay - Melethia and David

"Yeah, because all halfway decent soldiers get KO'd by kids and lizards...." David grumbled, not really in a mood to by patronised.
Quickly snapping the gun back on, he began aiming it at a line of bottles, half tempted to shoot them up.
Nah, Slin would have my ear for that... He thought as he just focused on the feel of it.
"The gun works, it's just the user. Give me some time, I should be able to get this to work." He said, though he did admit, this thing could use a laser sight.

Then Melethia brought up the Skullmasher they saw back in the west.
"...That was still technically a Sniper Rifle, just so happened to work like a shotgun...Actually, You get a look at what rounds it uses? Might be able to work in a "Skullmasher" mode of our own on this thing..." He said, remembering how much damage that thing did off a single shot.

Med Bay - Melethia and David

Melethia pulled out two packs of ammunition and handed them to David. "I was already thinkin' of that option. Sure, the stuff'll have a bigger kick, but it should have that punch ya want. An' before ya wanna throw your dignity offboard, how many other soldiers fight angels an' come out of it alive? Just try thinkin' outside the box, do somethin' amazin' with that gun I made ya. I'll work with ya, maybe we can both pick up stuff from each other."

Med Bay - Melethia and David

David quickly changed the ammo types, growing annoyed with Melethia's little speech.
Yeah, not like I could have stopped some of them from dying or anything... He thought, recalling the massacre in DC that he let happen.
"...You done?...Good." He said before firing off a round of "Skullmasher" bullets at a poster of the human anatomy hanging up on the Metal wall, giving the poor bastard on it a lead vasectomy.
He held his wrist afterwards as the kickback hurt it slightly.
"Okay....It works, just to re-work the chambering a little to suit the round a bit better...

Training Room; Heading to Canteen

Edge never forgot a face. Ever. Especially when that man had come within half an inch of killing him, Boss, and half a dozen other people. Especially especially when that person had such clever one-liners as, "That's more than they'll pay for your funeral." That had been a good one. However, it was also immediately obvious to Edge that Rugal had been...changed. He wasn't sure how, but he wasn't...well, he was still a mass-murdering psychopath, but he wasn't the SAME mass-murdering psychopath. More importantly, Edge was sure now that if it came down to it, he could beat the man in a straight fight.

Boss, however, was totally oblivious. And Edge knew it. And it made him furious.

"Hey," Edge said, tapping Boss on the shoulder. "Are you getting a bad vibe from the blonde guy?"

Boss looked right at Rugal, then to Edge. ", why? Are you?"

Edge had to stop himself from slapping Boss on the back of the head; he settled for slumping his shoulders. "No, not really. A little, but it's nothing. Probably my imagination."

Boss looked at Rugal again, squinting. "Could be the red he's wearing. Red's a bad-vibe color."

Med Bay - Melethia and David

Melethia got the hint from the blunt way David responded and looked over at him. "Look, how about we make a deal, 'kay? You teach me some stuff in training where it comes to those guns and I'll show ya the real way to fight. No bowin' or stupid stuff like that, we're talkin' about stuff like making sure there's no thing as a fair fight for your enemies when you're involved." She eagerly awaited his response as she sketched out a chamber with a larger holding capacity.

Canteen: Devon, Boss, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Devon overheard the conversation and mistook their chat about Rugal for them not liking him. Of course, it didn't help that the Imps had just pulled out some freshly toasted subs and were in plain sight. Not to mention his outfit had lost the pale green jacket to reveal a charred and bloodspattered white shirt and a red tie.

"Look, just because I was in that room fighting doesn't mean I'm some kind of bloodthirsty douchebag. It's honestly a self defense thing, okay? So chill it." he sighed as the imps checked on the food of the others there.


In the canteen, there was a very odd swirling vortex that some would recognize and others wouldn't as the space time ninjutsu that Amaya and Akasumi used. It was a few seconds before the portal spit out someone.

They were draped in a black cloak with white and red clouds on it as people would first notice before realizing she was a female. The girl got up and ran for the vortex. "LET ME BACK IN!" she shouted, running through the area it had just been, just after it had closed up. She ran into the wall, punching it with her fist. "Damnit!" shout shouted and spun around to find most of the canteen looking at her.

"Shit..." the girl comented before pulling the cloak to the side a bit, so she could rest her hand atop the katana's hilt. the rest of it was majorly obscured from view by the cloak itself. "Stay back..." she said slowly.

Boss and Edge craned their necks around to look at Devon.

"Not you. Blondie over there." Boss pointed to Rugal. "You're cool. No bad vibes from you."

Edge, as though to re-inforce this, gave a double thumbs up, and appeared to be smiling under his mask. "Yeahhhh...."

Suddenly, a swirling vortex opened up for a few moments before spitting someone out and closing again. It was clearly a young woman, dressed in a black cloak; she immediately got up and ran for the vortex, screaming as she ran; she appeared to just miss it.

"Stay back..." the woman said, showing her hand on a large katana.

Boss pointed to the new arrival. "Bad vibes?"

Edge shrugged. "Not so much. Also?" Edge drew both of his longswords and stuck them in the ground, leaning on them. "No need to fight, lady. Do you have a name?"

Storm (and Alpha).
Location: AA universe | Rising Dawn | Canteen.
Time: ???.

Storm smiled a jenny talked about the A.I and Alpha.
"We met when I had finished my advanced training and was about to be sent into the field ... if I remember my world's timeline it when before the Human and Covenant alliance crumbled and started another war (Between Halo 2 and 3)" Storm said but pondered for a while until he nodded.

"Yeah, yeah it was then ... if I forgot that time her mood would plummet, hehe." Storm chuckled and his phone vibrated once more. "Shy yet easily embarrassed. We know each other like a book you could say. Do you have anyone like that?" Storm said with an uncertain face, the funny thing about this situation is that Storm did not know Jenny and Alpha denied him access to the database on his phone.

When Devon came along in what seemed wrecked clothing, the spartan was in the middle of slurping some noodles of his own.
He put up his finger to jester that he was eating and hopefully he can wait until he is done with the mouthful he is currently chewing.
"*Gulp* Ahh, sorry about that." Storm said with a satisfied smile after he gulped down a glass of water next to the phone on the table.

Next thing Devon could see was a package of noodles Storm put on the table. "You are welcome to these if you want."

"I was looking around storage for something to eat, they are unhealthy but nice ... my training sargent would make me do three to five hundred push ups if I was caught eating these. Though they can never beat the real dish ... it would be nice if we could do some shopping soon." Storm began to think up of an imaginary grocery list, he liked to cook and he was alright at it.

(Sorry for the wait, and on another note Storm & Alpha's sheet updated.)

"Kurakumo Uchiha. Or Kura for short." The girl said taking her hand off of the katana slowly. "Who are you and where am i?" she asked, rather nervously. They could tell she was in her late teens, if not early twenties.

That's when what boss had said earlier hit her. "Bad vibes?" what do you mean bad vibes?" she said getting rather curious.

Edge looked to Boss, nodded, and quickly sheathed his swords. Boss stepped forward. "My name's Boss." he said. "This is my friend Edge."


"As for the bad vibes? You were thrown in through a black portal, kicking and screaming. Clearly you don't want to be here. Ergo, bad vibes."

"Well, don't know if you know my mother or my aunt. My mom is Akasumi Uchiha and my aunt is Amaya. My mom thinks i need correction so she sent me to the rising dawn. I assume this is what it is?" the girl assumed, giving a quick look around the canteen. "Doesn't seem that impressive."


Devon looked the packet over and took it, getting close to accidentally knocking off Cadolbolg as he nodded in gratitude. "I'll have to try it out sometime. Not too sure when we can do that shopping, but I'm sure we can make something happen."

A quick adjustment ensured that Cadolbolg didn't lose his delicious hot and spicy sammich as he responded to Boss. "Rugal's his own man, and even with him backing us up, I still wouldn't want to make him mad. Anyways, I'm Devon. Pleasure to meet you..."

He stopped for a second as he watched the woman in the Akatsuki outfit walk out and ate a bit of his sammich to ensure he wouldn't mouth off in that first moment. So, Sakura went and finally got with Sasuke, and the daughter joined the Akatsuki?! I've seen weirder things, but it's certainly up there... Probably better to not make her mad. Even after she explained her family, the fact that he didn't know many of the names was enough to cause him to be careful with how he spoke.

The bard in the bloodied white shirt took a drink from his glass after finishing his bite before greeting her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Kurakumo. I know the ship here isn't as ornate as you may have expected, but if you need something to eat, it can be arranged." He whistled, and one of the imps poofed over to him wearing a oversized chef hat and an apron saying Don't Kick The Chef.

The reverse psychology kicked in and Kura got the worst urge to punt the little fucker clear across the room.

2 seconds later

The little imp was clear across the room. "Lady Kurakumo? i'm no-...." she began but her head clicked ideas together. "...not surprised to see the ship in this state of affairs. Order one of the servants to get things tidy around here. And bring me the largest slab of cooked meat in this excuse of an airship." the girl ordered with an evil smirk.

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