The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location: Med Bay | Rising Dawn

David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

Cz turned her head toward Jenny, but kept her eyes searching the room. Constantly she would catch glimpses of darkness that sent shivers down her small frame. "Is is scared," she sputtered, trying to wrench free of Jenny's grasp. The more time that seem to go on, the more terrified she seem to become. Her eyes were darting across the room feverishly, and her entire body was shaking. "Not safe! Not safe!"

This feeling... that creature... it was a proxy. But a proxy made of what?

Cz started to cry, tears streamed down her face. "Dark. Dark. Cz no want to see Dark! Cz no want to be near dark!" This time Cz grabbed Jenny and buried her face in Jenny's skin. There was some comfort in staring intently at the pale white sheen of the Gardevoir. Cz refused to blink, afraid that she might find the same black beast within the dark of her lonely head.

Is this how a human feels in our presence? Adult!Cz thought quietly. Is this how they feel when we turn them into proxies? Adult!Cz shivered at the thought. But she was now trapped inside her own mind. Locked away, ironically, by the childlike Persona of Siz. And even deeper in her mind was her "Persona" Veles, or in actuality, the artillery unit CZ.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

The Hug was unexpected, Jenny avoided it after remembering how she reacted the last time she hugged her, after the Battle in Las Venturas.
Still, now knowing that it wasn't taboo, she gladly held the shaking Cz, doing her best to calm her down.
"There, there. It's okay. You don't have to be in the dark if you don't want to. I'm here. It's okay..." she calmly repeated as she sat down on the end of the bed.
"Now then...Why don't you tell me what scares you about the dark?..." she then asked as she reached over for a tissue to wipe Cz's tears away.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

I still like this one.

Seeing all or most of his shots being blocked or destroyed by Deadshot, his Persona, Annie and her Persona. The Puppet Wanderer sneered, this was also reflected upon his Shadow. Both the Shadow and Wanderer was thinking about attacking Annie and Deadshot head on, but then another attack was launched against the two. Yet as the Shadow said, the link between light and dark in a person cannot be shattered ... at least by others.

The chain was attacked again by the wolf and ... dragon turtle thing ... combo. A strong combo came from Cadolbolg's persona, this did attack the chain and once more it did not work on the chain, but it did work on the Shadow and Wanderer themselves. Both small and giant figure were overcome by the lightning going along the chain, the Wanderer actually started to look charred and the Shadow began to sizzle again, right until Garm used a freeze attack on the chain which cooled them down.

[EDIT]The Wanderer did not flinch with pain as his pinky toe was presumably smashed by Ella and then shot by [Null] in the leg[EDIT]. Little did they know that the true Wanderer on the inside was screaming due to the pain. The Shadow decided to do the unthinkable, he was going to use the Wanderer as a weapon, literally. Lifting up his arm with the dark chain attached to it, he began to wildly flail it, this was to try and get Garm off, but the Wanderer was began thrown around too.

Switching his weapon to his flaming sword (Shishkebab), the Wanderer was being thrown around at hoping that Garm will get off and to hit a target. The Shadow then made a whipping motion with his arm which made the chain with Garm and the wanderer suddenly launch down toward the ground with a lot of momentum. The worst part is that Devon was right in the way of the path of the chain with the Wanderer at the end. The puppet Wanderer saw this to his advantage and pointed his nice sword at him.

With both and the Wanderer slowly dying or getting weaker, Yu was staying back with amazement, he did not know what to do, he did not want to hurt this man, but he wanted to beat him up. After hearing the Wanderer speak for a first time, he knew what to do. Yu had to attack the Shadow and try to weaken him so that the bond between light and dark will be severed. Since they are connected it would work both ways, if the Shadow weakens it would free the Wanderer and if the Wanderer is weakened it would free the Shadow.

It was a lose-lose situation for the group's enemy.
Why would he do this?
Did the Shadow actually want to die?
Did it want the group to kill him?
These were questions that would never be answered.
Yu tired to think, but ended up launching another spell towards everyone in the group to raise defense once more.

The Shadow also gave a few swings of his blades which launched flames, not just to the front group, but black flames began to consume the whole room.

Deadshot, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

"...Huh...Guess that didn't work..." Deadshot mused, not really to bummed that his plan didn't work (After all, he got to shoot Wanderer).
Still, [Null] was in a good spot to take aim at the Shadow and hammer it with Ice elemental bullets from that Platinum Rifle of his.
Aside from that, from what Deadshot was seeing, this fight wasn't going to end until either the Shadow or Wanderer was down for the count.
Seeing as Wanderer was being used as a weapon, he smirked as he got another excuse to shoot at the Doctor, aiming for center mass this time around.
"I could get used to this..." He smiled as he sent another hail of lead towards Wanderer's torso.

Melethia, David, Jenny, Constance, and Siz.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

"You ended up drinking some poisons. Got lucky with surviving after that, but I don't think anything else happened there. Mind if I say that surviving all of that was really impressive? Although she kept it to the point, Even the semi-sober David could only hear a bit of awe in the elf-s voice. Not exactly something that was worthy of awe, for sure, but Melethia always had odd ideas of what to be impressed by.

Siz's arrival brought in more than a bit of concern for Melethia, though. After all, that human was far too weak. Didn't they know she'd need training to not hold them back? Still, they'd have to keep the frightened kid safe somehow. "Jenny, give me some time and we could try setting up light sources in here so the trainee can at least rest well. Just some in the corners and near the beds could work, but they don't have to be that bright.

How does that sound?"

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Buffs, wonderful buffs!

Inspire Courage: Damage, accuracy, and morale increase.
Everyone in the group has it. It won't boost damage from Spells, though.

Perhaps it was the boost from Yu or maybe it was the fact that she'd skirted dying only a few minutes ago, but the blades didn't hurt all that much. "Thanks for the cover, Annie... I'll pay you back. This should patch you up!" Mengde's firm hand was placed on the Titan, making her feel invigorated again and healthier as well. In addition, the healing bounced back to Annie to make her feel better as well.

Devon casts Cure Serious Wounds on Annie! Pretty straightforward: Heals her for a good chunk of health.

24 seconds before the next level 3 spell

Devon was getting ready to rush in and attack the Shadow more, but Annie's cry of pain drew her attention to the more important fact of the fire to her attention. More important, the gout of fire that was far too close to Annie "That'll take her right out... I worked way too hard to make sure she lived for that to happen!" Perhaps it was from the surprise factor or the timing, but Devon was easily able to tackle Annie out the way of one of the dark fire blasts. From the cry of pain, though, it was clear that it was rather painful. As a matter of fact, from the way she and Mengde both collapsed, it was clear that she was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the second time in an hour.

Devon is now taken out of the fight again. Luck isn't smiling on out bard, is it?

This passion to get up close wasn't lost on Ella, though, and she knew that Devon was going on again with that macho 'let me take the front lines' bullshit. Damnit, AGAIN?! What is she trying to prove?! Why does Devon want to act like some knight in shining armor?! Doesn't she know what would happen to those around her if she did die!? In a moment of focused clarity, she pulled out her evoker and squeezed the trigger to summon Ishtar.

"Tesla that nomad, Ishtar!" I response, the persona winked at [NULL] as it blasted the Wanderer's back with a strong bolt of lightning, giving Ella the time needed to barely leap over some of the Hellishly hot flames and deliver a leaping slash to the Shadow's left arm to try and cut it off and the chain in the process.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow RealmSlindis, Dimitri

After leaving, Slindis made her way to the area of the ship that held Dimitri and checked on him. "Dimitri, would you mind aiding me in some studies? There's been some oddities I want to look into, and you're the only one I can trust." She wasn't exactly explicit, but it was clear she had good reason for keeping this discreet.

Meanwhile, Sadei confirmed the suspicions with Teri. It's been way too odd how this has all happened, but I have to agree with Tama. It's just way too crazy how he's been acting, although I wish I knew why...

Melethia, David, Jenny, Constance, and Siz.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay

"...Yeah...Freakin' A..." David sighed, seemingly disappointed with the fact he was still alive.
Sheesh...Can't even kill myself right... He thought, Sucide being on the mind more often then he would let on.
"Uhhh...Just man...I need to find better tasting poison next time..." He coughed before spitting out a wad of soapy spit into one the sinks in the Med Bay.
"So is that all I did or is that all you KNOW I did?" He then asked, hoping that his drunken attempt at Hara-Kiri was the LEAST of his concerns.

Location: Med Bay | Rising Dawn

David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

Cz grabbed harder onto Jenny and stared at Melenthia. "The dark. Dark is everywhere..." her words were a little more than a whisper. They were cold, but carried a great sense of urgency. Still exhausted after spending the better part of four days running on empty, Cz settled back into her cot, overcome by weariness again. The irrational frightfulness had left her body for now.

But Cz knew in the back of her mind, that the fundamental wrongness still existed. That evil which she saw in her nightmare. How such a creature had gone unnoticed for so long, and had been able to consume so many people was baffling. That thing which called itself BlackHarte did not belong in the world. It belonged nowhere in any realm of existence where reason ruled over madness.

"Please." Was all Cz could say before she closed her eyes again. Anticipating the sudden chill when her eyes came shut. "give Cz light."

Rising Dawn: Med-bay: David West, Melethia, Jenny, Constance, Cz

Jenny was starting to worry with how frightened Cz seemed to be, This wasn't like her.
"...Yeah, if you wouldn't mind Melethia. Not too bright mind, don't want to blind her." She said to the Elf as she began to set up a series of lights to keep Cz's cot lit up.
Jenny meanwhile turned on the bedside light before softly brushing her hair back.
"Okay...Cz, your energy levels are low so what I want you to is just get some rest and then eat something. You can't live of fresh air...Least...I don't think you can..." She said with uncertainty.
Knowing the endless amounts of Pokemon back in her world, there was bound to be at least one that could live like that.
Seeing how Constance seemed okay for now, she sat down on a chair beside Cz and watched over her, still trying to figure out what had her so scared.

The Truth.
Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Final battle

Taking more attacks to his own body, the Wanderer was stunned due to the pain of his body stuck in deciding if the lightning or rain of bullets was worse in the pain section. This was obviously tracked back to the Shadow who knew what pain his counter-half was going through, yet no joy came from that ... it was the possibility of the emotion of sadness. Then suddenly two attacks struck the Shadow himself, once more connected back to the Wanderer who fell but got up with a large amount of falling to the floor.

The Wanderer stretched his arm out as if he was going to grab something, then a rather large weapon fell into his hands. This weapon was well known to Deadshot, it was the Fatman that Deadshot came to know well with his last 'adventure' with the Wanderer. Back to the Shadow's point of view, the large punch of Annie's Persona shattered his black mask surrounding his face. The Shadow did not have a face in this form, but his eyes jut screamed pain, he even took a knee. Looking up he saw the Persona with broken hands in front of him. Did the user suffer the same pain just like his counter-part.

Right now the Shadow was thinking more then ever before in his life, he did not have the urge to kill, but his determination to finish his mission was still there. His mission was to end all bad life on Earth, the true mission of the Wanderer. The truth of the Wanderer. The Shadow was the true self, the self that the host did not want anyone to see. The Wanderer had a fear, he had a urge to kill and to kill more to make the world a better place. He did not want anyone to know this so he hid this intention by doing other good tasks by being a Doctor and all around good guy.

Yet his urge to kill was still there, and it branched to the little of tasks which probably included everyone here. Everyone here was a target for him, yet the strong fact that this was not his world hit him. This was not his world, not everyone was bad, even if there was bad it was not the bad that existed in his world. The Wanderer was scared, scared of this world and yet jealous of everyone. There were too many faults in the Doctor that he did not want to admit, yet he had to. Not to stop the pain for everyone else, but to stop the pain for himself.

The Shadow got up, exhausted of all this battle and pain for himself and his now insane light side. The Wanderer part of himself actually had a weapon posed to take out the man shooting him. The Shadow quickened his pace, it seemed everyone prepared for a attack as well, but instead they could only hear a gasp.


The Shadow yelled with all of his dark might. Yu was about to launch a electrical attack from Izanagi, he held the card in his hand yet it faded away just as he heard the Shadow yell for everyone to stop. At the back of the room where the Wanderer was he froze and turned to his Shadow. The dark chain broke and the veins that hung from the Wanderer faded back into his body. The Fatman fell to the ground and faded away too which probably made Deadshot have a sign of relief from not becoming BBQ-ed once again.

Melethia, David, Jenny, Constance, and Siz.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

"It's all that you did, from what I know, And honest? There's lots worse things you could have tripped on while drunk. Just don't go looking for them, since they're all pretty miserable ways to die." Blunt as always, Melethia seemed to let David know in her own way that she was concerned with her as she began making small marks on the wall for added night-lights.

"I'll try to do all I can here for those lights, but I think she could also use some food. Jenny, could you please try finding Siz something to eat? No matter what, she'll need something to keep her going..."

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

If Devon was conscious she would have been touched by Annie's taking her off to the side, but she was unfortunately still on that threshold. The stopping of the combat for a bit, though, gave her a small chance to start recovering.

Ella'd thoroughly had enough, though, and she went to contact the only other person she could readily trust over the rings: Teri."Teri, are you busy tomorrow? When we get back from this last fight, I want to talk to you about something involving replacing Devon's wardrobe with one that DOESN'T encourage bullshit macho headlong charges." It may be catching Teri at a bad time, but she needed to work this out NOW. She wasn't about to let this happen a third time, and Ella watched Ishtar go away as she held her halberd in a defensive position. After all, there could be a chance that this was done with.

"Annie, would you mind helping repay Devon's favor tomorrow night? It won't be too much." Her walk led her back to near where Annie and Devon were, hoping to keep the pair defended. Unlike Yu, Deadshot, Cadolbolg, and Garm, these two were hardly in a position to move around.

Deadshot, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

"And there's the Safeword..." Deadshot cooed as he climbed down from his Sniping Spot as [Null] left to rejoin the Darkness.
A quick few vaults over chairs and audience barriers, he had rejoined the rest of the Crew, Citing "See...This is why I always need Ammo in fights..." as he marveled at the number of hits he scored on Wanderer, If it wasn't the for the face he was a freaky ass mutant, he would have been dead by now.
He also ignored the presence of Annie for the most part, giving her the cold shoulder treatment.

"Alright Doc, Get facing your Inner Demons before I give you a Prostate Exam with this thing..." He threatened as he motioned to this gun, kinda hoping he could use this as a chance to get a few more shots in on the man who more or less stopped him from getting his paycheck for San Andreas.

David West, Melethia, Jenny, Constance, Cz
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay.

"Yeah, they usually are..." David remarked as he poured cold water on his face to wake him up a little as Mel got to work.
"Here, I'll make the lunch run. Who wants what?" He then asked as Jenny answered "I think there are some High Calorie Rations in the back of the pantry in the kitchen. Mightn't be the tastiest, but they'll work wonders."
"*Shudders* God I remember those from Boot Camp...ewwww...And yourself?"
"Just a Poffin or two, bring one for Cz, if she doesn't have the Ration, she can have that."
"Fair enough. Mel, Constance, Want anything?" David then asked before he set out.

To make oneself equal.
The Lone Wanderer, Shawn Vs Shadow Shawn.
Location: Shadow Realm, Operation Theatar.

Sad music to fit the theme.

The room's lights came on and the atmosphere began to feel a lot lighter to everyone else. The Wanderer started to walk back to his Shadow, he knew what was happening since they were linked. Still everyone was cautious but as the Wanderer walk past them still heavily bleeding, his glowing eyes were clear just like the blue sky of the Wastes where the two travelled in one body. When the Wanderer was on stage he coughed a bit, blood included.

"Stop ... stop fighting. This now is my battle." The Wanderer spoke with honesty towards the crowd in front of them. The Shadow's body began to fade away into black smoke and all there stood was a clone of the Wanderer. "I am the Shadow ... the true self." The Shadow said to his lighter half, the Wanderer smirked back at him. "Yeah ... I knew that from the beginning. We have a mission, a mission to make our world a better place, this lead to killing many people and soon this was the choice we took most. We masked it with good deeds and this make us the 'Messiah' of area. Yet soon we began to have a urge just to kill ... soon we killed people who did small tasks such as robbery. Yet that was our world, everything bad was met with force. When we came here we were scared just like the people back home, we wanted to kill bad people just like in our world. But one thing we must admit is that this isn't our world, this world is different and not all people are bad ... and with that we can learn to not kill them." The Wanderer and the Shadow looked towards Deadshot, the crew captured them and not killed them.

This was not the best thing about capturing Deadshot, the Wanderer did have an urge to kill him, yet they resisted, they forgot that they proved to themselves that they can resist this urge, thanks to a promise. "But we resisted this urge thanks to a small, single promise." The two looked towards Annie next. "I do admit that I have the bad habits from our world ... and I'm scared of this world all the more, but we can learn, we can improve just like before. We can be good, we can be the Alpha, we can be bad, we can be the Omega ... but only according to this world. Mercy is something we must grip more ... and as usual, we must learn more about this world." The Wanderer and Shadow looked at each other just like a mirror.

"That is the truth ... scared, angry, paranoid, we can learn to live with this and now in the way we know how." The Wanderer's smile grew and the Shadow nodded with him. "You are all of this, and I accept that. Together we can become a better person and protect the world once more, just like what Dad would have wanted ... what'cha say partner?" Wanderer thrust his hand out and the Shadow smirked evilly, but not too evilly. the two shook like honest men.

Finale music.

Yet the most unexpected happened at that point, the two figures began to step back while still facing each other. "Still ... we have to play by the rules of the wastes in this special circumstance. I must serve justice and you must survive." The two took a barehanded fighting stance. "We must fight to truly end this nightmare!" The Wanderer called out. "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, known by many titles ... but the true name is Shawn Pitt! We must fight!!" The Wanderer called and the two ran at each other.

Their movements were mirrored perfectly as two fists flew past each other's heads. Taking this chance the Shadow immediately made his other fist fly towards the Wanderer, but there are differences in their fighting styles. The Shadow represents the urge to kill and survive, his movements consist of energy and pure adrenaline, while the Wanderer had more control over his movement and had heightened reflexes and control over his fighting. With this the Wanderer used the momentum to push the fist somewhere else and then began to unleash a flurry of attacks on the Shadow.

With five successful hits on the Shadow's torso and head, the Shadow simply smiled as black blood ran down his face. Yet a combat knife appeared in his hand and quickly took a swipe at the Wanderer, it was successful as it cut his cheek and another for his arm. The Wanderer smiled too seeing his desperate side fight. Jumping back with a handstand and multiple athletic maneuvers the Wanderer had thrown multiple throwing knives at the Shadow whilst doing this.

Seeing the knives the Shadow dodged with speed, but without control some hit him directly in the legs, arms and torso. Shortly after the knives faded away back into their invisible inventories. The two then pulled out two pistols onto each other, giving a sly wink the Shadow began to fire away, but it was an easy task for the Wanderer to mirror the shot projectiles, the bullets flew into each other and bounced off in multiple directions. More bullets flew as the speed of the fight picked up.

They began to use many weapons from their giant stockade, from machine guns to as massive variety of melee weapons, changing to grenades and mines. At the end they were firing laser pistols and miniguns at each other. The two were huffing and puffing as they saw many cuts and wounds scatter on the body. Bones were broke and bullet holes bled, even critical damage was scored on each other with burnt facial flesh and brain matter scattered over the operation stage.

Still, they smiled at each other impressed with the other half. It was as if their fighting was a intense argument unfolding in front of the rescue/rescued crew. Knowing the last weapon that they had they looked at each other and gained their fighting stance once more, but both side had the intention to finish it. "The end is here" They said at the same time, they lifted their Pipboy's and began to doing multiple button presses.

With on button push it looked like that multiple portals had opened up around the two figures.


Was the two words the two yelled at each other, soon all the weapons in their invisible inventory began to fire out of the portals in a seemingly infinite amount. The two figures could not be seen as bullets, grenades, spears, swords, knives and all the ammo and weapons they seemed to have just flew into each other but disappeared as it hit where the other stood.

Then suddenly silence.
Two figures still stood.
Each had many holes and weapons sticking out of each other.
When the weapons began to fade the bodies fell to the ground.
Blood began to pour onto the stage but it was attracted to each other and met in the middle.
The two knew that each other was still smiling. Though a sudden light filled the stage as the Shadow smiled and began to fade into a blue light. The Wanderer looked up as the light moved over him, it was a single card, the Wanderer did not know what the card meant, but it spoke to him. It was the Justice arcana. With the card hovering over him it spawned a rather large being over the body of the wanderer.

Looking at it in amazement the Wanderer saw the Gundam fade into the card which slowly drifted into the Wanderer's hand. He had accepted himself, finally. It felt warm. Closing his palm the card was gone and the light faded away.


Was a loud laugh that emitted from the Doctor as he stared at the ceiling with a smile.

Deadshot, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu, Wanderer
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater

"...Okay, that's my dose of weird for the day..." Deadshot mused, not really sure what the hell Wanderer just did, but it seemed to work.
Considering that Mission Compete, he said "Hey! French Red Wine! (Mitsuru) Mission Compete, now get us the hell out of here!".
After sending that order, he then hung back away from the group, not really knowing what mood they were in after he more or less left them to die.
"Hey, Wanderer, When you are done, The Tranny (Devon) could use a hand and seeing how you were the one who put him there..." He then snarked, doing his best to kill his enemy's Buzz.

Yu Narukami, Wanderer/Shawn, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg, Garm and Annie.
Location: Shadow Realm, Operation Theatar.

Looking back to see Deadshot making fun of the Wanderer, he remembered that Deadshot did run away and cause more problems for Mitsuru and the Shadow Operatives. "If anyone caused a problem it was you." He gave the coldest stare to Deadshot. "You weren't injured at all, in fact in the last battle you ran away ... if anyone needs to do something it is you." Yu called him out, Izanagi faded out behind him and Yu placed his double-handed Katana in a more relaxed position.

"Beside ... your face said that you enjoyed shooting him, but look at him, even after all of that and that last battle. He is tough and I haven't seen much from you. It even seems your Persona wants to kill you." Yu tried to burn him more deeper as he walked slowly to the Wanderer to see if he was alright, but he saw everyone else tend to Devon. Yet the Wanderer was on stage, with a strange syringe in him and began to move. Blood was a puddle deep around him.

"What are you doing?" Yu asked with concern and the Wanderer shook his head. "Ah ... I'm fine, I just need to stay still for a minute or two ... " His face then twitched with pain. "Stay still, I'm sure you will be find." Yu said with a calming smile. "Thanks ... the name is Shawn Pitt by the way ... just call me Wanderer or ... Doc S." He stretched a bloody hand to Yu, in which Yu shook. "Yu .. Yu Narukami, nice to meet you. Yu said and sat beside Wanderer ... mostly away from the pool of blood.

The Wanderer himself felt like kicking Deadshot in the balls ... with the "Bloody mess" perk activated. Yet the only thing that came into his mind was the name of his persona. "Kannon ... huh. Lets ... do ... great things, together." He said as his eyes closed.

Melethia, David, Jenny, Constance, and Siz.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

"Oh, I'll take the same thing as Jenny if that's okay."Like it or not, she did need a bite to eat and David was offering. And as David left, Melethia quickly got the night-lights set up in the room. They weren't extravagant, but they ensured there was at least a bit of light in the whole room.

"So Jenny, are you feeling okay here? I mean, most of my compounds don't quite seem as strong, but it's nothing compared to you losing your more esoteric talents." Again, there was that odd way of her showing concern.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Deadshot's comment didn't go unheard, and he was met with a rather pissed-off Ella. "Deadshot, could we make it rather clear before we have to go to violence that you need to pick a better name for her? Last I checked, that wasn't any choice that she made, and she did patch your hide up when we first got to you. Hell, if it wasn't for her, we would have just left you in here for the night." At the end of that statement, there was a bit of stirring over near Annie...

Lo and behold, Devon's luck seemed to finally pull through, although it was exceedingly clear that even with healing that having her in any fight would be a horrible idea. There's only so much someone can get attacked like that, you know?

"Okay... maybe I should try to be a bit tougher...I know I could have made it if I had more stamina..."If I just had the balls to shrug it off... It was hard to tell from people that weren't too familiar to Devon, but she was on a turning point in her mentality. After all, the only thing that was making her at least part of a man was how she acted, and she was trying her best to keep that going. Too bad for her Ella already had some plans to change that before the Bard went for a hat trick on dying tonight.

Deadshot, Yu Narukami, Wanderer/Shawn, Devon, Ella, Cadolbolg, Garm and Annie.
Location: Shadow Realm, Operation Theater.

"And There it is: The Reason I actually wanted to go to Prison. Fan-fucking-Sastic..." Deadshot rolled his eyes as Yu and Ella began to berate him for desertion and his choice of words for describing Devon.
It was then that Annie made a stand for him in a bid to maybe win him back(???).
"Hey Annie!...If I want your fucking opinion, I'll ask for it. Look, you guys do whatever. I'm just going to find the portal I used to get back here. Good night." He then said before turning his back on the crew for the second time that night as well as violently rejecting his former friend.
"Well, There goes any chance for Backup or Emotional support."
Ahhh...Still knocking about in my head, huh?
"You know it. They could help you, you know. Hell, Annie needed Help, Wanderer needed Help..."
And I need it?
"It helps."
Didn't help in Moscow, did it?...

Thus Deadshot started to backtrack to the Portal Mitsuru set up for him to get back here.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Jake, Akane, Imps

"Alright, Be right back." David said as he got his list of orders and went down to the Canteen, letting out a large depressed sigh once he was out in the hallway.
Floor Cleaner...what was I thinking?...Shoulda went with Varnish... He thought as he turned the corner and entered the canteen.
"-So there I was, Covered head to toe in Mud and Pigshit and surrounded by, like, 20 South African police guards. And The CO walks over to me right and is all like *Ahem* "Rugal Bernstein, I place under arrest.".
So then I say "Yeah, And I'll place MY Foot up your ass!" And even though I'm covered in Mud and shit, He STILL let me off without so much as ticket. God I love Africa!"
Rugal loudly laughed as he talked to the Imps about his exploits before joining the Rising Dawn.
"Well, you sound cheery." David remarked, this having been the first time he met up with Rugal since the two of them faced their Shadows.
"Loving Family, Good Company, saving the world, what's not to be happy about? Heheheh..."
"...Yeah...yeah indeed...." the Sniper moped as he went to get the food for the Medical bay.

Before Rugal could start another zany story, He saw a pair of the Ship's regulars enter.
"JAKEY! AKANE! God, how the hell are ya?! Man, Feels like forever! Hey, Scorch, get the high flying Duo here a drink and a bite, huh?" Rugal loudly shouted as the Pilot and the Kitsune entered before offering the pair of them a seat.
Right from the get-go, they noticed that Rugal wasn't...well, Rugal.

Rising Dawn: Medbay: Jenny, Melethia, Cz, Constance

Jenny was at first confused, but soon copped on to what Melethia was saying.
"Oh, you mean my powers? Well...Truth be told, I haven't really noticed..." She said, avoiding disclosing the fact that she hadn't even seen her Persona yet.
"Besides, I'm not really a "Front Lines" sorta gal anyway so it doesn't really affect me..."


Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps
Jake put his glasses back on after rubbing his eyes. Either he had been dreaming a really long time, Or Rugal was changing powerlevels again with his now white hair. Turning to Akane, she merely shrugged.

"G'day Rugal? You bleaching ya hair or did ya go supersaiyin or somethin'? And feels like forever? It has been forever if me watch and PC ain't lyin'. I'm debatin' going after Red Mage and killin' him, again just for mixin' our worlds up and fuckin' with me head. So, ya still a good guy then eh? Give us a rundown on who's who in tha zoo, and tha bad guy of the week eh? Oh yeah, bottle of sake fer us I guess." He said as he jumped on a stool and placed his hat on the bar.

Akane sat beside him, her head hanging low. She still felt empty, she had no clue where her knights were.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps

"Yep, Still Good and Just Bleached, Figured if I'm going to go Grey, I might as well do it now then later, you get me?" Rugal joked as the Imps brought over a nice warm bottle.
"Besides, our powers went to our Personas. Granted, I could still beat a man to death, just without my Ki skills. You guys get yours sorted yet?..." He asked as he poured them all a shot of Sake.
"To Health!" He proclaimed before knocking it back, letting out a sigh of pleasure afterwards.
"Ahhh...Ain't Red wine, but it doesn't have to be. Say, were you even with us when we met with Philemon's people?" He then asked before refilling his own glass.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps


Jake and Akane both toasted as they downed their shots as well. Jake was the first to speak and in a tired and defeated tone.

"Mate, you are far too happy to be Rugal Bernstein. Dafuq happened? As for us... We both pretty much just came to in my room, Akane in the bed and me taking a dirtnap on the floor with a blanket and not much else. We both agree that I'm not the highest tier of Author out there, to which I owe Red Mage another fucking beatdown, and explains our absence. Now then, Persona... Videogame series, Japan, bad guys are the evil side of yourself known as a shadow, gotta "kill" yourself to summon your own persona to kick the shadows arse... Nope. Count me out, I've done enough of that shit fightin' me own shadows and those of others. I remember that friggin' temple, I ain't goin' down that road again. If I gotta fight, I'll have to bullshit something with me Author powers."

"Matakun... Jake is right. I've got enough on my mind without fighting myself. Have you heard from the Order or Aftan or Gabrielle? Anything?" Akane asked sadly.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps

Rugal chuckled slightly as he sipped his second shot.
"You're right, I am too Happy to be Rugal Bernstein. See, Rugal Bernstein was able to FINALLY put down the parts of his mind and soul that stopped him from being "Happy". And I'm loving every second of it. Like I was born again." He answered as he leaned back in his chair.
"Still, It's annoying but the "Killing" yourself thing isn't too back. It's literally just pointing a toy gun to your head. Ain't nothing special. As for Shadows, We're more about prevention then sure. Someone made a Virus that turns normal into Shadow Demon, we're going to help find that person and...Well, you know yourself. Heheheh..." He coyly laughed as he took another sip.

"Still, I know Teri and Devon were having a hard time summoning anything with their Author Powers, outside of a Shadow Realm at least. Just stick close and keep a gun handy and you'll be Graaaaaaaaaaand." He explained as he thought about the Order.
"Nah, still haven't heard anything from them. All I know is after we captured Deadshot and a Woman named "Annie" nearly destroyed Las Venturas, we were brought here." He added, leaving out the part where he brutally water-boarded the latter.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps

"Soka..." Akane said sadly, downing another shot of sake. She jumped as Jake placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Oi, don't be so down. We'll find 'em eventually. We'll help out here then drag the crew to help us, Gods know it's about time we lead a friggin' quest fer once." Jake said to the Kitsune. She sighed.
"I know. It just feels like loosing home again..."
"Oh cool, we captured Deadshot? Pity I stand by the Geneva convention, I'd love to kill that bastard... Right then Mr Happy Rugal, who tha fuck are on the crew this time round?"

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps

"Yeah...Damn Geneva Convention, takes all the fun out of war..." Rugal cursed, clearly seeing that Jake didn't know of what he did with Annie and that can of Petrol (bit of reading if you are up for it).
"Well, now that I think about it, Philemon DID mention granting us all a single wish once this was all over. Seeing how he was able to bring us here, I can't imagine finding your "Bedmates" would be too much trouble for him." He then said to Akane, remembering his own Endgame in the process.
"As for Deadshot, I think he might also have been recruited as part of Philemon's effort. He just got dragged along while we were trying to get him to UNIT so...just keep that in mind. If you do take a shot at him...Well...Accidents do happen..." He smirked, it seemed like "Happy" Rugal wasn't too hung up on the Rule book...

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps

"Heh, well funny thing 'bout that, technically I'm a merc at the moment, a vigilante, so Geneva don't apply to me if I get caught. Still, got my morals..."

Akane let her glass hit the bar hard. "A wish? Where is this Phile-" She started, fire in her voice until Jake suddenly cut her off.
"Do you forget just who I am?" he said coldly. "An Author of the Avatar Adventure. I wrote you, I created you. No. I will not let you face your Persona. DO you know what would happen? You would be beaten certainly by her grief and wrath. Whose daughter are you? Huh? You think I would let your wrath, that of the daughter of Jack, Grim Reaper and SIN OF WRATH free after your world was destroyed by your hand, and your knights lost by your inaction? This world, and the next, and the next, and every world after would BURN in your search after it consumed you. I will not-"

The sound of the slap echoed through the Canteen as Jake was sent sprawling to the ground. Akane stood over him, tears welling up in her eyes as she held a flaming hand aloft.

"I can't. I... Can't. They are locked to me, I can't just summon them out of thin air. I need Dissie. They're his characters." Jake said, defeated.

Akane let the fire die out from her hand and slumped back onto her seat, sobbing. As Jake got to his feet he sighed. "Take solace in the fact you found someone. I highly doubt I'll ever find love again. I'll be on the bridge if anyone wants me."

Akane turned to the bottle of sake and started drinking as Jake stormed out of the room.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Jake, Akane, Imps

...He Honestly found THESE people better then the members of the Cartel?...Tsh, I'm starting to wonder if he got hit in the head too many times...
Rugal thought as he shook his head as Jake stormed off, leaving him with Akane.
"...If it's any help, He has no idea what he is talking about. Just letting Emotions get in the way. Shadow Fights aren't that bad, provided you know what you are going up against. Hell, look at me." He said, making the case for Akane competely disregarding Jake's advice.
"And even better, All we need to do is just find out who was making that Virus and Philemon will have to follow though on his offer. And on top of that, Just use an Evoker. Persona in a Can. Get the facts before you make a decision. It's clear he didn't..." He added as he took another sip, seemingly slightly smug about knowing more then Jake did.

"...You really miss them, don't you?..."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Akane, Imps

Akane dried her tears on her sleeve. "I do miss them. They are the first people I opened up to since I was rescued by Jack... When I caused the destruction of my world. Jake's not wrong you know. We both had bad fights in the Angel War... The shadows in the Temple of Light forest... I don't know. I will have to think about it all. And to top it all off, we've just been floating because of another level of author above us. It's just not fair..."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Akane, Imps

....Hm...I don't think I'm needed for much tonight... Rugal thought as a plan formed in his mind, seeing how he was finally in control, he might as well make the most of it.
And seeing how Slindis was still mad at him for his actions with Annie, Akane would have to do.
"...Indeed...Such a insane world, isn't it?...Must be hard, being without someone to bare though it with..." He started as he refilled Akane's Sake before doing the same to his own.
"....Heh...Wouldn't think you walked among us for 6 centuries...would you?..." He complimented before brushing part of her hair behind her ear as he looked into her.
"While Aftan and Gabrielle mightn't be here, you shouldn't dwell on it so much. Does that mean you stop looking? Of course not, but I think I would speak for them when I say that they wouldn't like to see you like this, in a near constant state of despair."

He then placed his hand on top of hers and added "If you'd like, I do believe I could help you with that." before smiling and tapping his glass with hers.
Her years of experience allowed her to see what was going on: Rugal was hitting on her.

[quote="Sgt_Jakeman214" post="540.101127.20409047"]

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Akane, Imps

Akane looked down at Rugal's big hand covering her own. She looked back up at him, letting the sadness fall from her face into a mischievous smile. She winked before leaning in close, letting her lips brush his ear tantalizingly. "Ara ara~... You are different Rugal-kun~! But you made 3 mistakes... 1, I'm not that old! 2, I'm not looking or you would have known and 3, I'm not alone. Jake always looks out for me, even in his odd ways. I am a Kitsune, a trickster goddess of love, so they'll understand of course, but right now, do you really want to go through with this~? Are you man enough to handle even just one of my tails~?" she purred, sweeping a fluffy golden tail across his face as she pulled back, never letting her hand move from underneath his. A second and third tail coiled around his legs, working their way up, teasingly warm...

Maybe too warm. Rugal could feel the heat in his hand as well, but was slightly more worried about the two tails rising towards a certain delicate spot...

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Akane, Imps

Beats Hookers in Shanghai, that's for sure. Rugal smirked as the foreplay began.
Sure, the heat was tough to bare, especially with Akane's application.
"1. My Statement still stands. 2. That's still not a No. 3. You definitely won't be tonight..." He said as he stoked one of her many tails, Never breaking eye contact and his expression not changing in the slightest.
"Finally, you assume that you are talking to a mere man but..." He said before gripping one of her tails firmly and tugging on it, just enough to give her a jolt and take her out of her comfort zone.
"...{You are actually talking to a King.}" He finished, adding a little Japanese to the end for the Culture Bonus before he finished his drink and sat up.
"If you think you are up for it, you know where to find me." He finished before walking away from the Kitsune, intent on playing the role of "Hard to get".

The second he was out of sight however, he let out an amused gasp at how those tails just where to go.
hoooooooolllly shitttt.... He silently stuttered as he returned to his room, shaking his hand from how hot that Tail was.
All the while, he felt his head begin to hurt slightly...

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, David, Akane, Imps

Akane let him leave the room before letting her grin turn feral. She began to giggle, then laugh openly. Letting the brief moment of happiness fade, she sighed. What a man, thinking that because he had power he could best her at her own game. With any luck he would merely pass out due to touching her tail so violently, not be consumed by a desire to touch fluffy tail. She picked up the bottle of sake and stepped out of the canteen, her feet taking her to the bridge on autopilot. Silently she took her place next to Jake, offering him the bottle as he gazed out the main window. He took it, a long swig before handing it back.

"One day, we'll find them won't we? And someone for you?" Akane said softly.
Jake didn't move, keeping his gaze dead ahead. "One day, yeah. I'll find them for you. For now, we fight shadows once more." He deliberately ignored mention of someone to love him. His mind was dwelling on the past and another being of fire.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: David ,Imps, Teri

Teri, who was previously unnoticed due to her helping with the Imps (as well as getting some more lessons in Infernal), had walked out with a plate containing some roasted beef and an assortment of vegetables to see the pseudo-courtship go down between Rugal and Akane. As all involved parties left, the Cleric put the tray down, her jaw still on the floor as she tried to process the whole scene,

"What did I just see...? And hear for that matter... Sadei, I think that about tears it. Something's really weird about Dad, but I don't know what's causing it...
Does this mean my parents are getting a divorce again?"

Toyotama stirred in the back of her mind, seeming to rouse as Teri began to eat (a measure to help with the "does not compute" nature of what just happened), "...Yo... I taste roast beef.. Sweet! Morning, Kiddo, I'm back! Well, more like the food brought me back. Hey, you're awfully quiet. What's up? ...Kiddo?"

There was a moment of silence as the Shadow looked through the events Teri had processed while she was sleeping, and then promptly rose to her normal levels of vigor, "BLOODY FUCKING HELL, what the shit happened while I was sleeping?! And what was that Dad said earlier? 'あなた は この 王 に はなします。'[1] Sadei, why didn't you kick this sad sack into shape and stop what was going on? WHAT THE FUCK?! Kid, gimme access to the rings. NOW. I need to have a talking to with Daddy Dearest."

Teri didn't think about the entirety of the ramifications that were to be had with allowing that request, seeing as she was quickly distracted by Ella calling her via the rings as well,

"Teri, are you busy tomorrow? When we get back from this last fight, I want to talk to you about something involving replacing Devon's wardrobe with one that DOESN'T encourage bullshit macho headlong charges."

Seeing as Teri had been able to repress her bad feelings for so long in face to face conversation with others, Ella didn't even notice that a thing was wrong when Teri sent her message back, "Ella? What's up now? Calm down and tell me what happened from the start. Er, if you're near the Dawn, I'm in the Canteen? Also, have you seen Garm around? I haven't gotten hide or hair of him since I got back on the Dawn."

Rising Dawn Hallway: Rugal, Toyotama

Whatever the source of the headache could be, Rugal had realized it was only going to get worse when a voice entered his mind, "Sup, Dad? So... Care to explain to me why you and Akane were essentially making the clothed beast with two backs in the Canteen? Especially after mentioning having a, and I quote: "Loving Family, Good Company, saving the world, what's not to be happy about? Heheheh..." Oh yeah, I saw, and I heard. What little bit of Japanese that stuck from college helped that along too, '王'.[2] So, what are you trying to pull?! Mom's mad enough at you as is, and now you're gonna go cheat on her?! THE HELL?!"

It was odd. The voice that was speaking to Rugal sounded like Teri, talked like Teri, and yet, it wasn't. If words were to explain the tone of the voice properly, it would almost be like if the generally soft spoken Cleric had grown up to be a delinquent instead of, well, herself. Oh, perhaps this was the Shadow his daughter had mentioned before..? But, if she was able to speak with him over the rings, what did that mean for Rugal?

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm: Slindis, Dimitri

Dimitri gave a small nod over a visual display, "I see no reason for quarrel regarding that, User: Slindis. I shall assign your querys to "Confidential" status, with vocal access required on your part to gain use of your findings. What are the items you require in your search? I can either use my mobile appartus' connection to the User-based web, or the Dawn's archives to gain any sort of information that you seek."

Shadow Realm: Annie, Devon, Ella, Garm, Yu, Deadshot, Doctor, Cadolbolg,

"Good... Follow Deadshot, and he should lead you right to the exit route. If he gets too far ahead, let me know."

"Pheeeew. It's over..."

Cadolbolg slumped, landing on Devon's shoulder after the fight subsided. Rubbing his little head against Devon's cheek in a gesture of comfort, he added, "You okay? You look like you really got beat up out there. Not to mention it looked like you almost...."

The little turtle-dragon baby kinda hushed up at the thought; not really wanting to entertain the possibility that Devon was almost killed... Twice. Cadolbolg gripped Devon's shoulder a bit tightly, speaking again in a quieter, softer tone, "It looked really bad. Please don't let that happen again. I don't want you to get hurt like that..."

Garm had come by and gave Devon a lick on her hand, "Agreed. Throwing yourself in front of every blow is not good for staying alive. I know there are many who'd mourn your loss if you passed away, Bard."

That being said, Garm took the lead (with whoever decided to join him) in the walk to the proper edges of reality...

Outside of the Shadow Realm Annie, Devon, Ella, Garm, Yu, Deadshot, Doctor, Cadolbolg, Mitsuru

After the party made their way outside of the Shadow Zone, Mitsuru gave a small nod of relief, "It's good to see you all in one piece again. The Operatives will bring you back to your ship, and, Mr. Narukami, to the Shadow Operatives Center; so you can rest up before the investigation."

She gave one look over to the whole party, and the particularly envenomed talk she wanted to have with Annie, the Doctor and Deadshot....Could wait. With a small sigh, she pointed to the three, "Do not think I've forgotten about what started this whole mess. I will speak to you three bright and early in the morning, so get plenty of bedrest. Dismissed. And to the rest of you (the Shadow Operatives), let's square off this area, and get it kept away from public eye. We need to make sure no more civilians find their way in."

And so, after some driving, the harried party finally found themselves back at the Rising Dawn.

[1] SOMEBODY took some basic Japanese in college, remember? I took what diabs wrote for the dialogue and gave it more or less a close translation. Literally, it comes back as "You speak to this King." Given the context, I would have added でも (but/however) at the beginning, but it would have been redundant with the English "but" before the bit of Japanese. Really though, that is some super basic vocab to be knowing, so I gave her that one. More complicated/fluent Japanese in the future, not so much.
[2] "King"

Rising Dawn Hangar: Annie, Devon, Ella, Garm, Yu, Deadshot, Doctor, Cadolbolg,

"Mitsuru, thanks for giving us these cards. It'll help with tomorrow, especially since Devon here's in no condition to fight. Take care~" With that Ella left a somewhat confused Mitsuru as she went on the ship.

After Ella left, Devon did her best to reassure her younger brother of her being okay. After all, she was still kicking, right? "It'll be okay, Cadol... sometimes people just get unlucky, okay? I'm still alive, and we got those guys out okay without anyone dying... We'll be okay. Maybe you can check on your brother or dad?" However, even Cadolbolg's young age didn't misguide him: Devon's fighting style wasn't okay. It was like Cadolbolg's brother...sister...sibling was fighting with the strength of a pact partner but none of the durability. And there was one nasty thought that wormed its way in: what if Devon was even more unlucky next time?

Finally, Devon got off of Garm inside the hangar and tried negotiating with the wolf. "I had to, Garm. I wasn't going to let those fires scorch you, after all. Teri'd kill me... Anyways, Garm, go ahead and head to Teri. We both know she's got to be missing you, and I can walk just fine with Cadol by my side."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: David ,Imps, Teri

Flagrun (who wasn't too fond of the weak nickname) got the other five imps to whip up the foods to the specifics requested and handed them to David in easy-to-carry little totes. They didn't even smell that spicy - perfect for the younger kids. "Make sure they eat all of the food; we heard about the poor conditions of the shifting divine weapon, and we'd like to avoid her dying or targetting us in any anger."

Meanwhile, Sadei had an oddly snarky response to Teri's question. "It took you this long to find out? I mean, sure, I had to talk with Tama, but there's definitely something up with him! And what's a divorce?"

Once she left Mitsuru (Leaving with a rather odd statement, although it was true that this Devon was filled with far more guts than brains), Ella passed on a message to Teri after expositing the two shadow fights and the extremely reckless (and almost Caim-line) actions that had led to Devon nearly dying in each fight; "Garm was with us, and he's looking far better than Devon is. I just got back, so I'll run over to you. Devon's probably not going to charge off on any more attacks, so I think she should be safe for tonight. Just grab your food and take it with you if you're eating and meet up with me by my room. Please? I'll be needing your help for tomorrow."

After that, one of the imps went over to Annie and prodded her to see if she wanted something to eat or drink. It couldn't wait there all day, after all.

Rising Dawn Hallway: Akane, Devon

"See, Cadol, I'm perfectly okay... just a little bit dizzy. Kind of happens after a long night of fighting... Devon was certainly pretty unsteady on her feet, and for good reason: she'd taken a really big beating that day. And yet she was still walking around the ship? The only person she was fooling was herself, although it looked more like a drunken staggering than anything else.

With all of the focus it took for her to walk steadily and talk to Cadolbolg, though, she forgot the most basic thing about walking: keeping an eye out for other things in the area. This time, the said thing happened to be the large mass of tails turning the corner and cutting her off. The natural reaction would have been to stop and let the other person through, but in this case the stopping only led for her to fall forward due to the dizziness and directly into the mass of heavenly tails.

"Cadolbolg, I know why you spend so much time in our hair now..." When Akane felt the impact onto her tails, she was able to quickly see and hear the woman that had landed there. She certainly looked like she'd seen better days with all of the just barely healed up injuries, though. What had happened to her?

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm: Slindis, Dimitri

Slindis knew that Dimitri might be one of her only unbiased sources for this and decided to start by asking a simple question, "Rugal went into the combat with his shadow alone, correct? If I could get some kind of recording on what happened in there, that would be fairly insightful."

Rising Dawn Hallway: Rugal, Rugal?, Toyotama

Rugal was slightly annoyed as his hand started to feel numb from Akane's tails, but the Headache was getting worse, even before Toyotama got involved.
"This is payback for last week?...Isn't it?...." He said out-loud as he stopped and looked at his reflection in the mirror.
"....Hey, you had your chance and you blew it. So don't be a sore loser and just let me be...well, Me." He then spoke, as if talking to someone even though it simply seemed like his reflection.
"...So?...You did't want me near Slindis and I figure she was still pissed over that "Fun" with Annie. So I looked elsewhere for a good time..." He added, only for his headache to get worse.
" that's what that feels like...Listen, you might as well get used to it because I think I made it PRETTY clear who is in charge here....Well if you want another round, so fucking be it! And it'll end just the same!"

It was then that Toyotama managed to get though to him on the rings.
...Teri? Is th-
Shut it! Who the fuck are you?" How did you get in here?!....Ah...
His mind raced before he realized what was up.
Rather then explaining himself, he merely slipped off his Ring and put it in his pocket, cursing at how hard it was to get any "Fun" around here.
"Great...Another piece of micromanagement...As for you...
You are going to get out of my damn mind. You need to remember, Teri, Melethia. They don't have powers anymore. But me?...Well...You wouldn't want to get front row seat of that, would you?....
Good...Now you are thin fucking ice, my Pedigree Chum. And I will be under it when it breaks...Now Fuck off."

Rugal then resumed his walk to his room, still shaking his now numb hand to try and get some feeling back into it.

Rising Dawn Hallway/Med Bay: David, Imps, Jenny, Melethia, Cz, Constance

"Cheers. Just the one. Thanks man." David said to the Imps before he made his return to the Medical bay, Food in hand.
Less then a minute later, he was back in the room.
"J, Mel. Thou feast has arrived." He said as he handed Jenny a white takeout back, stopping only to grab his own bottle of soda, not feeling up for eating after drinking so much floor cleaner.
"Thank you. I'll feed it to her the second she wakes up." Jenny said as she handed Melethia her poffin before digging into her own.

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Slindis, Dimitri

Unluckily for Slindis, Rugal's obsession with keep his "problem" quiet meant that for the 3 hours he was in the Shadow Realm fighting his Shadow, there was no trace of video or audio, save for him entering and leaving, followed with him more or less skipping down the halls gleefully.

Rising Dawn: Annie, Devon, Ella, Garm, Yu, Deadshot, Doctor, Cadolbolg,

Deadshot couldn't leave the building fast enough, but he paused for a second before he pulled out his Handgun and walked back towards the Shadow Operatives.
"Here, give this back to yer man...And tell him to get his balls checked. Might have pulled something out of place that time..." He said before handing Mitsuru the gun before walking off again.
Once he was back on the Dawn, he pondered where the hell to go.
$5 says they'll kick me back into the brig.
"Your on."
His other-side said as they mentally shook on it before he began looking for a room in the Crew Quarters that wasn't already taken.

Rising Dawn Hallway: Deadshot | Jake | Akane | Devon | Cadolbolg
"Ara ara, and just who might you be? Oh hello little Cadolbolg, who's this friend of yours?" Akane said as she bent down to help up the intruder. "Wait a moment, you smell different and familiar... Like you've been to Hell?"
"She doesn't look like a succubus... Wait a tick... She's an Author... Brimstone and Hellfire, and Imps in the Canteen? Devon, is that you? And why the fuck are you a chick?" Jake put two and two together, even as he swung the girl's arm over his shoulder and steadied her. "C'mon, lets get you to a room..."

Crew Quarters
Once he was back on the Dawn, he pondered where the hell to go.
$5 says they'll kick me back into the brig.
"Your on."
His other-side said as they mentally shook on it before he began looking for a room in the Crew Quarters that wasn't already taken.[/quote]

That was when Jake, Devon, Akane and Cadolbolg came round the corner, spying the man trying to break into a room. "Oi fer fucks sake just ask the AI to unlock the room. Vermillion, Blackhearte, Dmitri, unlock this bloke a room, and see if you can make Akane and my room have a bunk bed or two singles. Cheers!" Jake said as they continued on past.

Akane stopped for a second, then stalked past. "You seem familiar..." she said in passing, her voice low.

Rising Dawn Hangar: Annie, Devon, Ella, Garm, Yu, Deadshot, Doctor, Cadolbolg,

Garm's tail kept to a level height at Devon's suggestion, his head turning a few times to before deciding that what Devon said, in the end, was true. The had been worried about his Pup a good portion of the time he was gone, "...Very well. However, I do suggest you go see one of the medics soooon. You look pretty roughed up."

And with that, the wolf followed after Ella, in hopes of getting a lead. As for Cadolbolg, he kept holding onto Devon, deep in thought about what Devon said. He didn't want anything bad happening to his adoptive older sibling....
"Maybe Father would know what to do in this situation...", Cadolbolg thought to himself-

Rising Dawn Hallway: Akane, Devon, Cadolbolg, Caim, Ton Ton

-right when himself and Devon crashed into Akane. However, Cadolbolg was far more familiar with the Kitsune, and flapped his little wings to get to eye level with the Kitsune. Giving a happy wave, Cadolbolg croaked out, "I remember you! You're Father and Mother's foxy friend. Hello~!"

And speaking of the devil, Ton Ton and Caim were making their way down the hallway, having wandered about and finding various things to amuse themselves with before the rest of the group got back. Ton Ton was the one to point out the commotion, "Mister Caim? It looks like Cadolbolg and Devon are back! And is that Akane and Jake..?"

Caim broke into a smile, and made haste to catch up with Devon and the others, "Careful, Devon. It's rude to trip on mystical fox women's tails.... Man, you look like you've been through the wringer. Trained yourself out in the simulators, haven't you?"

"Hello, Father!"
It was not too soon for Caim to be tackle-hugged by his turtle-dragony son, almost knocking Ton Ton from his perch in the process; and the recently arrived Jake and Akane could see that Caim's bond with his 'sons' was still well in place, especially in the way the warrior carried the two Cutie Bruisers on himself.

That all being said, it was readily apparent that the tone in the 'voice' of Devon's master was more than enough to acknowledge that some part of Caim's comment was in jest. In fact, Jake noticed there was something almost familial with how Caim acknowledged Devon; kinda like a big brother looking out for his younger sister... It was well off from how Jake remembered being acknowledged when he was under Caim's wing.

After greeting Devon, Caim gave an acknowledging nod to the fox women in question, "It's good to see you back, Akane, Jake. When did you return?"

Ton Ton gave a similar nod, and wave his lantern happily at the Kitsune and her Author as he gave his greeting, "Hullo!"

At Jake's request, however, Vermilion was the one to speak over the intercom: "Access granted. As for your request for another room, there should be adequate furnishings for yourself and Akane further down the hall. Or, if you so desire to have separate rooms? Both can easily be taken care of..."

Rising Dawn Hallway: Rugal, Rugal?, Toyotama

"...Teri? Is th-"
"Shut it! Who the fuck are you? How did you get in here?!....Ah..."

Once Toyotama heard the both voices from inside the rings, she paused with wonder and muttered, "Dad?" before the ring was removed; leaving the Shadow alone in the space between the rings. Of course, that's when she realized what had happened. Toyotama broke the connection to the rings, darted to a dark corner of Teri's mind and screamed (warning, loud Nightmare Fuel) in a mixture between fury and frustration, as she now realized that she knew what she had predicted to be true; and possibly lost the one chance to properly connect with what could have possibly been the Rugal herself and Teri knew so well....

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Imps, Teri

"Okay, Ella, I'll be right there in a - OH DEAR GOD!"

Teri literally fell out of her seat when Toyotama's screams reached her proper cognitive functions, the pain of the oncoming noise in her mind rendering the Cleric's vision black after she fell. As the noise died away, and her vision returned, a throbbing headache came in the noises wake, Teri weakly reached to her Shadow, who only stated, "Sorry bout the noise, but talk to me after you're done with Ella." before forcing Teri back to the Ring space. With a shaky sigh, the Cleric forced herself up and put her food into a 'to go' sort of tray, and sent back, "Sorry bout that... Toyotama was acting up about something. I'll be there shortly."

As she walked, the Cleric could only rub her head with a groan and wonder quietly to herself as to why Toyotama acted up all of a sudden, as well as answer Sadei properly, "Ow....As you asked, Sadei, I kinda got some hints, but I guess Tama was right. I wanted to believe things were A-Okay, even if they weren't... I just want Mom and Dad to get along again, you know? ...That kinda ties into the second one. A divorce is when two married people split up from one another. Think of it like what happened between me and Lucifer, except with a lot more legal work behind it... So, when I mentioned Mum and Dad and one of those... I lost my family once already. I don't want it to ever happen again."

Ella's Room Teri, Garm, Ella

Teri, even with the headache, finally made her way to Ella's room, and with a knock, found herself welcomed by both Ella, but Garm as well. The large black wolf gave a happy, "Tear-ri!" before rubbing his fuzzy head against the Cleric's side, a gesture the Cleric had become well familiar with as a greeting. After settling down, (and Teri getting over the intial excitement of a talking wolf friend) Ella got into the nitty gritty of the ordeal, Garm throwing in his own two cents as well, "Your friend looked as if Death had attempted to take her several times. Naturally, it's distressing for all..."

Teri blinked a the sudden influx about the whole ordeal with the robot and the Shadow fights, and took a bite from her meal as she tried to contemplate all this, "So you fought a robot and two Shadows? Wow, no wonder you two look so pooped! Man, and I thought keeping Squishy from near death was bad enough..."

When Garm's ears perked at the comment, Teri continued, "Constance had a Shadow fight herself. Me, Mum, Cz, Jenny and Dad had to fend her off. When I summoned Squishy to help, she almost boiled him alive. Naturally, myself and those with me put a stop to that. Sadei and several enchanted arrows were involved. That all being said, I understand why Ella's so upset. Nearly losing someone you care about does a number to your system, much less more than once."

The wolf's ears flattened, and Garm barked in addition, "Not to mention she's being too reckless! Gelert and myself are built to deflect heavy blows like that; not her! Really, pushing me out of the way of the fires... I'm meant to be a guardian, she is meant to act as support. I do not know what has possessed her so, but in my old pack, reckless youth like that were usually the first to die."

Rising Dawn: Training Room: Slindis, Dimitri

As there were no proper visual or audio files, Dimitri sighed, "Apologies, User: Slindis. User: Mr. Bernstein specifically asked I did not take in any audio or visual data from the bout. The only thing I do have is what Thoth, my Persona, was able to gather during the battle. User: Mr. Bernstein and his Persona/Shadow are resistant to Physical based attacks, and weak to Light based attacks. I can give you a few other logs though, of events before this occurrence...?"

That was when Dimitri booted up the logs that followed after Annie's interrogation....

"If her Ladyship's statements earlier to User: Mr. Bernstein are to be correct; when she spoke to him in the Med Bay regarding Shadows, then this would be the triggering event, I think...."

Pre-Mature, Ignore.

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